Newspaper of Evening Star, October 9, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 9, 1857 Page 3
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L0CAL INTELLIGENCE. The Rite*.?The Georgetown correspondent of the Star,"' in bis letter of yesterday, gives an account of an accident to the schooner Molt Be dell, while passing through the southern draw of the Long-bridge on her way to that port, wLirh throws considerable Manic on the draw keeper. aud very unjustlv so 'Spectator' should thoroughly post himself as to the facts pitching in so strongly to the Injury of a fajtbfnl servant of the public The truth is a* follows : The Belle Haven, as stated. was towing the Matt Bedell to Georgetown. and the draw-kevpers re reiving timely warning of her approach com menced to open the draw, on one side the draw opened as usual, and Mr. Leach, the keeper, after opening his side, and looking out to see if all was iignt, was astonished to And the other side about one-half rolled hack He instantly gave warn ing to the approaching vessel, and next proceed ed~ to investigate the cause of the mishap On looking at the slip, it was found that one of thw rails ?f the carriage was broken of! and cocked up. and the wheel had run against the obstruc tion, and stuck fast. The vessel being quite near ran agarn?t the slip before shecould be hauled up, and was slightly injured in her lower rigging The rail breaking just at the moment when the draw was being opened, no blame can be attach ed to any one in the matter. Mr. Leach sent im mediately to tli? iron founders for a new casting, which is being laid down to-day in place of the old one. This morning * dense fog lay over the river, and up tu 9 o'clock the mail boat bad not made her usual appearance at the wharf She was due ?t 4 o'clock this morning. Neither of the steam bota* plying between our city and Alexandria had left their respective wharves up to the hour sta ted above; and the fog seeming determined to resist all the uiist dispelling efforts of old Sol, Lugged the river's surface with an appearance of resolute resistance, which put that luminary ef fectually out of countenance for a period of seve ral hours Some four men, belonging about the wharves, came up the river this morning from a day's skirting at "Hog Island." bringing, as the re sult of their labors.7 dozen or'.olan. 12 partridges, 1J woodcocks. I pheasant and three pair of blue wing. ? There are some Jti> long boats now plying on the river bctweeu the thiee cities and various points on the*bores, their trade I?eing principally confined to the tiansportation of wood. some Jew t>eing engages! in conveying sand and lumber. The amount of cord wixkI which comes up the river during nin? mouths of the year contradicts the notion that fuel is getting scarce on the Po tomac. The l>oats coiue from out the numerous river creek* in Heel*, and dispense the fuel iu all directions, not more than one-half of which comes up the river As one passes down the river large piles of split w.kmI are seen at the mouth of every creek, corded up for the northern marke* Vesaels take it to Baltimore, Pbiladel rhia. New Y oik. and even to Boston iu returning rom the District cities. On yesterday some 3Uf co-ds of wood arrived in our city canal from the lower river during the day. Othfllo's Occcpatiox Go.ik?The Wash ington wood sawyers will have to hunt up other occupations. The Messrs. Gait A Brother, coal and wood dealers, have purchased the right of ashington for one of Bonner A Cowover's pat ent wood-sawing and splitting machines, which they have set up in the building adjoining the tlour mill of Mess's Duncanson & Coltuian, when they have it in full operation, sawing and splitting through hard knots with th? facility of a table knife through a GosLen cheese, requiring the constant attention of two men at each saw to satisfy its c.avings This machine^ like every other improvement to which steam is made sub servient, tends to cheapen the price of wood, and has many concomitant advantages The cord of pine wood of the ordinary length of four feet, costs, to have it cut by the ordinary process. G2k cents per cut: that is. if sawed twice it will cost *1 Vo |H?rcord, and extra pay for having it badly split, to say nothing of the impracticable piecc's one always buys of which no use can b? made. So the cord of wood costing W) will cost 81.25 for sawing and an extra dollar for splitting?ma king the cost of purchase and preparation amount tu ?T *5 per cord The machine performs the work in much bet ter style a' a saving of seventy-five cents per cord Besides the saviug in price the purchaser receives good wood free from knots, everr stick of which can be used in the stove. One man at the ?w. with a boy to feed the splitting machine, can prena'e. In the ordinary working day, fifteen cords of wood for the stove. The wood passes trom the machine to a conductor which conveys it to the second story of tue building, from whence It is d'opped by means of a trap-door into the c .rts to be hauled away. The Messrs Gait in tend to ose this machine exclusively forthelrown customers, and on the cash principle entirely. The machine is driven by a fifteen-horse-power engine from the inaiiufactory of Messrs Ellis & Brother. A Wiit x j OF THI Nsw Boa*o or School T ic?tie* ?At four o'clock p rn , yesterday, the iiewly-appointed T.usteesof Public Schools as sembled in the Aldermen's Chamber of the City Hall Mayor Magruder took the chair as Presl dent The following member* were present: First District?VV B Raudolph, T P Mor gan, K B Ironside. Second District?Krastus M Chapin, Peter F. Bacon, \% m P Young. Thud District?John 1> Brandt, W. F Price Kouith District?J K Willett Robert Ricketle. Secretary, and V H-ubam-h. Ti?asurer, wne aiso p esent. Trie vacancy iu the Third District was tilled I y the uppo iiti::erit of Francis S. Walsh, that >u tt.e 1 ourth District. James ti Mo oan. A communication froiu k Hand was received. rc.'d. and ref-rrod to a committee of one from rjc?t Hrhool Diitrirt. The Chair tocvk occasion to suggest that after election of President pro tcm the U.mrd should a Ijoiirn to allow that ofli<cr an opportunity of se lecting committee* to L? ap|>oinr> d I he Hua'd proceeded to ih? election of a Presi dent pro tem and Col. W || Randolph, was uuauimously elected The Preo.deut vacated the Chair for the Presi dent pro teiujMire On motion of Mr. Pnce, Miss Jane Morse was fonfl ined as tea. her of Mole Primary School of the rhird District. Kepo.ts were received from the various schools and laid on the table Thf Ckairsiinuuiireit as the committee on the eoiiiiuunicationof K. Hand. Messrs Price, Iron ?:ne. Chapin and Willett. There being no further business the Board ad journed to the regular meeting, the first Wednes day In November, at 4 o'clock p. m. Coipoiatios Case ?Yesterday, a case of the Corporation a-ainst John J Keefler for selling without license, was laid before Justice Donn for trl?l, and attracted considerable attention. Ahout two months ago, W. D. Bell sold to Johu J keefler the good will and his stand in the eentre mark* t for *4<A, ten dollars cash as nn earnest, and the remainder to I>e paid in a short tune. Jacob K?wles hiving a court judgment against Bell, attached the S in Keefler shands. Bell, finding himself disappniuwd in getting the money, tried to eject kerflTer from the stand keefler ha* since endeavored to obtain a license to sell at the stand, but the |*w requires a transfer from Bell, approved by the Mayor end tL?- market commissioners, and this Bell refused to gi\<*. Keefler has, however, been at the stand; aud the warrant was issued upon complaint bein? made of the violation of law Mr Lenox appest-ed for the Corporation, and M r W hat ton for the defence, and after a lengthy hearinjr. Keefler Wo* orde.rd to pay a fine of five dollars and coots. It was regarded as a Lard case. Siesoaa Biasca Fa?avalli.? This lady comes accredit d to us, uut only by the press generally, but by the highest musical authorities. As a vocalist, she is equal to any w? have heard, and sings with fi ency all the songs of Jenny Lind and Mad > .:i?ag. To these qualifications Is added is add*-d ti.e superior advantages of be ing a brilliant p.anist, as well as composer. Her flrst soiree nmsicale takes place on Thursday next at the Academy of Musfc, under the auspi ces of Mr Crouch, who.? known ability in all musical matters is univeisaliy admitted The Signora comes to us from the gr'aitd opera of Mex iso. wheiesl.e p ayed with Vestvalii, Semiiamis, l.ucretia. aud Norma. Tm* Piimcii ix Alexa51>bia.?The w^ll known Alexandria banking house of Fowle, Snowden k Co , yielding to the pressure of the times, were r ompelk-d to suspend pay ment They will at once go into liquidation, arid make their assets available at the earliest j osslbie period The announcement of this sus pension < aii?cd great excitement ou the street ? belr assets are ampl* to meet all tbeir liabili ties and lcavs a surplus. They continue to pay all suiali rtrrposites lon>; established firm of Fowle A Co . of that city, is >n no way connected with the bank ing house of Fowle, Snowden A Co., afi'ected by l:s suspension. Por.tcB ' Ait*? Btfon Jn-tirt Clark?Henrj' kendsll, Ann L. Williams, James Butler, Chas Carter, Kebei < a N>e:iol?on aud Klizabeth Web stir. were brought up for bad behavior and pro fane swearing iu the streets The latter two women wi ie fined <o eneh, and 91.10 ewsis, in ilefstill of which they were sent to the workhouse for sixty days, the first four delinquents, with the eicej,;ion of Jaiue*Better, who paid tine and t?l IU costs, weie srut to rusticate at the farm for eixtydays. Llutiox or OrrictBS. ? Last night, at a meeting of Potomac Circle. B I'. H. P. C. A , the following c fleers were elected for the ensuing term A. W Grinder. C W : I^evi Jones. C J : Vfm Bi.d, C F. Wm VV Tucker, C Wn.; J W. Grinder. C Fn ; J H. Acton. C. G.; J O. Dnd.o K j G W Good*.!!, H T Libel Ca?r ?Thli morning, the case of W. H. Snyder, who was charged on the oath of A. E. L. K<ese ? with uttering and publishing ? certain false and libelous publication In a newspaper calltd Th' States, on the 'Mth day of September. 1857, headed -Abducted Slaves R'gainedS said libeioii* publication intended to reflect upon the character of him. the said A K. L. Keeso," came up for trial before Justice Ooddard. The arrest was made by Officer Kimball, and the accused with his friends. and bis counsel. Mr. Jackson, appeared at the office The case is not under the civil law for damages, but the criminal law Justice Goddafd heard the evidence before him. and required Mr. Snyder to give security in the sum of S50ti for bis appear ance at the December term of the Criminal Court. Mr. \V T Hook offered himself as security for Mr. Snyder. He was required to make oath that he was worth 8500 after all his " inst debts are Eald." which he did, and was taken as bail for [r. Snyder.* [communicated. Mr Editor: lu your report of the proceedings of a trial before Justice McKenna, of the Fifth Ward. Mut? liinjfson r.?. Cook, Mr. James Cran dall is made to say that he divorced the parties. Such was not the fact. He only stated, that at the request of the parties he drew up articles of agreement between them to live separate and to know each other as man and wife no more for ever. Such was the import of what he stated, and not that he gave a divorce. Jab. Ccll. Those Deeds.?We are happy to be able to Inform those who are interested in the matter, that the papers in relation to the purchase of the grounds for the Arsenal extension, have been examined, and the report on them will be trans mitted to the Department at ail earty day next week?probably on Monday next. The labor of the investigation has been very great, and many delays have been caused by reason of parties owning lots in the neighborhood, living at a dis tance. Signor Bi.itz continues to make Odd Fellows' Hail the centre of attraction with his performan ces, ho comical and wonderful. On to-morrow afternoon, at half-past three o'clock, he gives a special entertainment for the benefit of the little folks, when it will be worth while to attend, if only to see so many happy children. A New Directory.?In our columns will l>e found the advertisement of Me*si?. Boyd aud Brothers, of New York, who are thoroughly ex perienced in the business of getting up directo ries. and who are now preparing such a work for this District. They expect to issue their book about the 1st of January, 1^53. Throwing Stone*?This morning, John McCanley was arrested for throwing stones at children in the street* of the Fourth Waid. J u Mice Donn released him with a line of 91 aud costs. Police Reports?The reports of the fifteen Corporation officers for the week ending on Sat urday last, show that there were fli'ty-four cases in all. Appointment by the Mayor.?George Don aldson, to be a member of the auxiliary guard, vice J. Twomey. The Alexandria Sentinel continues to pitch into the issuers of the shinplaster corporation %ptes in that city. We call attention to the card of Prof. A. F. Little, a gentleman favorably known in this city as a teacher of music. Prof. Mtnder had a brilliant soiree on Wed nedav evening. Now is the time to join his classes in dancin<?. We are Hatty to learn that Mr. Win. J. Stone has recovered from his daugerous attack of apo plexy. To-nioht, Carusi gives one of his fashionable soirees, at his Saloon. Watch Returns?James Butler, colored, D. C., disorderly, S3.19; Charles Carter, do. do , GO days: Elizabeth Webster, Va., un lawful gathering, do ; Rebecca Nichilson, D C , do. do.; Ann Eliza Smith, coloied. Md.. do do.; Henry Kendall. D. C . do. do. Wkddino Cakes, of every kind, at vary low pri ces, made t? order,at the Philadelphia lee Cream Depot, oorner 12th and F streets. se 17-lm* Coats, Pants, and Vests. bres* Suits. Business Suits. Noah Walker <Sc Co., Marble Hall Cloth in* Store, Browns' Hotel Building. respectfully an nounces that their annual display of Fall and Winter Clothino is now ready for inspection, au assortment of Utnlltmen's and Youths' Clothing of the newest and richest design m material, trimming, and wmlunar.ship. To those wno study excellency with ooonomv, in faslnonahle articles of dress, an opportunity is now offered for selecting from one of the most attractive stocks of Clothing in thia city, at very reduced prices. se 15-1 in MARRIED, At Pleasant Lrove, near Hagerstown.on the6th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Heck, JOHN C. NOERR, of this city.a?i MALINDA M., daughter ol G io. Beard, Est,, of the fjrmer place. * DIKD. On the ith instant, after a protracted illness, Mrs. Kl.IZA BETH C A M PBEEL, w:fe of P. Can.pbeJ, in t no 43d > ear ol her age. Her funeral will take place from tl.e residence o| her h lis I And, on F, between 13th and Uth streets, on To morrow (Saturday) Afternoon, at S o'clock, wh<*r? the friends of the family are lequested to at tend without luith<-r notice. On the "f'tli of September, at Jacs sonvt'le, F'?., Mrs. ELIZABETH DREW, wife of the late Solo mon Drew, a native of Cornwall, England, hut for the lust IT7 years a resident of this city, aged *2 years. I?l KN I T U R E AND HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. We have in store a \ ery extensive assortment of C.i*>i ei Furmtnreand other HouseL.-ep og G>>?jds, which we otier to our fnends rnd customers at the verj lowest prices for txish or i<hm1 paper. We deeru it unnecessary to enumerate articles, as our stock is very full and nompiete. Persons desiring to pur chase will please give us a call. McGREGOR ic CO., se *> eo-tw San 7th street. ^ FASHMAN, k?? DEALER in DRV GOODS A ND .MILLINERY, informs his friends and Uie public that he hujust optined a new store of im k nds of DRY GOODS, MILLIN ERY, Ac., assuring the public every arti cle to L?e a? represented, and to sell witha verv small advance. Coine and examine my stock, and judge for yourself. Store?No.391 7th st., between II and I, next door to Mr. Tr'on'H hard war e store. oc2-eolm* H Ol'SEKEEPERS. ATTENTION Just reoeived, a new stipp'y of tho improved cele brated Sl'N RISE AIRTIGHT PLAT TOP C< >OR ING ST< >VES, four sizes. For sale only at C. W.HMtward's Metropolitan Store and Grate Fac tory, Nos. .Tn and C2 1'enusy Ivatua avenue, between 1Atn and 11th streets. oc 7-e?<4w C. W(M)DWARD.^ VTTENTION, IIi ?!'SEKEE PEKS! LATE IMPKOVEMENT. Just out, and for sale onl* st ? '. Woodward's Me tropolitan Stove and tjrate Factory, ihe PARLOR COMPANION FI'RNAt'E, made heavv and stioiiK oI nut iron. The improvement is the letting in of the eold air through the bottom of the Furnace and throwing it acainst the hot tire cham!>er and heating it, and throwing the hot air from it to the parlors. C. WOODWARD. Pa. av., tietwcen H>th and Dth streets, r>e7-oo4w Nos. iilH and 'J22. rpEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa, paving in p-r cent, interest by Coupon in .Mew ^ ork. Bonds of 3V?? each. The growing city of Davtfiiport has now al-out an.tHM inhabitants, at.d is rapid y increasing in wt-a th and population. Its municipal debt it on I) .*l.'J?,u?i. and its railroad deirt only %i25,i?iu, and eannot now be increased. Tho statistics of the citv were published in the Intelli gencer of the S'tii September. We reoonmiend these bonds, be'ieviug them to lie as sate as any S'ale or city bonds. oc6 CHl'BB BROTHERS VIRGINIA MONEY TAKKN AT par.-We v will continue to receive all kinds of Virginia and Cit? paper st par for all kinds ef Clothing, which we are Belong at the lowest prices. WALLA STEPHENS. D street, between Ninth and Tenth, se28 dlOt rear of our old stand. / s|.l NTON'S ALCOHOL COOK, for oooking ? and h?atir.g irons, at oc7-Jt L\MMOND'S,7tb street. TOYS. TOYs. 'I 0\'S, of ev ery description, at oc 7 St LAM MON D'S. 7th street. Ww. McLean. Geo. A. Munbo P Mclean a mi nro. LANING mill AND Lt'MBER YARD Corner IS th and Ti it*., near th' Canal, have (Viustautly on liand a general assortment of 4 4 ar>d 5 4 Dressed Flooring; 4 4. 6 4, and 8-4 Dres&od White Pine, Dressed Stfpp>uK and Weather itoerd inc. Rough Lumtier, Lnthes, Ac., whieti we now otfer f??r at low prices. Me 12-eolm 7|t7rSEKEEPERS, ATTENTION ! I have this day received another supply ofthe COAL ?iAS BtRNERS. This StoveTurns the |a* and smoke from the coa!, thereby making a sav ing of oiio half the fuel Iron, tiie oouiiiion coal stoves: suitable to all apartments. Ac. Fog sale only at C. Woodward's Stove, Grate. Furnaee. and Cooking Range Fauiory, Nos. Slftaiui Hi HennsyIviuiia avtuue. between Itth and Uih #to?7*eo4w C. WOODWARD. ^TTKNTION. IIOLSEKEEPERS! I rasneetfully call the attention of housekeepers to Spenc- B ELEVATED HOT AIR COOklNG RANGE, that he.tB the parlor above aud chambers like the Parlor Companion. For sale only at C. Woodward's .Metropolitan Stove and Orate Faeto if, Nos. 3 * and Pennsylvania avenne, lietween n.t'i and Dth streets . N. B. -Hot-Air Furnaces of the lateat improve TW "c'^oobwaru, GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Corrttptmienct ?/ Tkt Star. Giokgxtowx, Oct. 9, 1857. An article in a New York journal relative to the high prices demanded for the necessaries of life is very applicable to the state of affairs in our city at the present time There isoneexcuse to be found for onr dealers, however, that cannot be pleaded to the same extent for any other com munity Three-fourths of the paper currency of the District is. and has been for many years, of a depreciated character. Tradesmen, therefore, Sener&lly have l>?en compelled by necessity to enip.rid rather more than reasonable profits upon their goods to enable them, without loss, to meet the rates of discount upon the depredated fund* when exchanging it fur bankable paper. At the present time this difficulty bears with almost crushing force upon all classes of our citizens, j There is a remedy, however, which we think might be applied that would certainly rid us of the evil, and tend in no small degree to reduce the exorbitant prices which are in many instances charged for the necessaries of life. At least, would strip all who might endeavor to keep up the present rates of prices of all excuse for pur suing siirh a course. Let the dealers, and the people generally, resolve that the)' will receive the notes of no bank for anything more than they will command in gold and silver. The matter 1 will at once be equalized. The mechanic and laboring portion or the community will not be requited to pav ten per cent, more (the difference between Virginia money and gold and silver) for the necessa'ies of life, because retailers could afford to sell for the ten per cent, less profit. If this course was generally adopted, we verily l?o lieve that it would require but a very short time to give us a much better currency than we now have, and reduce the various articles of living to a much lower rateof prices than we are now pay ing We are pleased to learn that Mr. J. McIIenry Holliugsworth, the former efficient assistant col . lector of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal office in our city, was yesterday elected collector, to (ill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. Win. Mathews. Mr. TI has heretofore served in several important positions elsewhere, with great satisfaction to those whom he served, and credit to himself, lie was a lieutenent of volunteers during the war with Mexico; was one of the del egates that foiined tlie constitution of California in ls|!>, and afterwards l>earer of despatches from Bri"adier General Kiley, then military governor of California, to Adjutant General K. Jones, in Washington. In these despatches General Hiley, when speaking of Mr. II.. uses the following language: "Mr Ilollingsworth has proved him self a faithful and trustworthy officer, ami merits in evety respect the confidence of the Govern ment." We have no doubt but that the atl'airs of the otlice to which he has been elccted will be managed witli prudencc and fidelity. ?>. ? - ? ? ? ? ? - The Ship J. t'. Thayer. CorieiyoHdtHce oJ~ The Star. Alexandria, Va., Oct 9. The long-expected guano ship, J.C.Thayer, lias reached our port, safe and souud, and is now prepared to furnish guano to all who may be iu want of that great fertilizer. She left Blakistone's Island last night, in tow of the steamer James Guy, and through the ener gy and enterprise of Capt. Boweu, of the Guy, ar rived in safety, and was moored alongside the pier, in thevhort space of 16 hours. She draws twenty-three feet, and has now on board about y,bOO tons guano. She is a beautiful specimen of marine archi tecture, and the largest ship that has ever been in our port. GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMTS. LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FALL GOODS, At very Lou> Pricts to Cask Customers. A JOHN II. SMOOT. No. lit) South Siioj or Hkidok Stkekt, Georgetown. D. C., has received and now ofiering at very low prices to oa?n and prompt customers, a large assortment of FALL AND WINTER GOOD*, purchased in Philadelphia and New York at the large recant Auotiou Sales, and from ihe importers, at very low price., which will enable Mm to oiler Jo purchasers, many desirable Goods considerably below their value. In the assortment will be found? Kich ?.>k Rob^a and Bayadere Silks Rest make of B:nck Snks Ra>adere Yaieutias and Valenlia Robes Rich Printod.all wool. Delaines aud Robes Sat in Kancornes, plain colors, all wool, a very supe rior goods. double width, at 75c. Leepir.'sand other makes French Merinos, of ail the most desirable coiors, including W hite and Hack Plain Detains, black, white and colored. 8-4 black French Merinos,lor Shawls Rich Union Fiaij Mei iuos, at 3i *3 cts. Do. all Wool do. Wets. Printed Mouslin Delaines, good styles, at and 25 cents 3>)0 picces, best styles, Laglish Prints at cts. Rieh style Bonnet and Sasa Ribbons P am colors do., very cheap Velvet Ribbons and Fringe Trimmings Mel la. Uiocha Shawls, in great variety Snipei double Broeha do. Chenille and Cashmere Scarfs R?jou's Kid Gloves, all colors and Nos. Sack 1 lannels, all e-lors Whito American. Welch.and Saxony do. Black Bombazines and 6 4 Delaines Colors ai d black Coburg Merinos Black Crape Yeils and Fnglish Crapes West black and brown and white English Prints Look ?nd square Black Thibet and Bay State Shawls Ladies and Children's plaid woolen Shawls, in all styles and prices Hosiery of every description l.ndies Saxony and M en no Vests With a full snppiy o| housekeeping and domestic Goods, of the Lest makers. ocf> JOHN H. SMOOT. IV MRS. WOLLARD. 1NO. H?1 BRIDGE STKKKT, Georgetown. Will open on Thursday, October 8th, at her Store a choice assortment ol aZ/JwW FALL AND WINTER MILLL\r.U'i, To which she mvitcs the attention of tier customers nn<l the latltci generally. oc7-at* np PUBLIC MI LTING. M HE citizens of Georgetown are respectfully in vited to assemble at honest Hall, on FR IDAS' fc. VEN1 NG, the 9th inst..todeliberate upon the pro posed subscription to the Alexandria, t.oudon, and Hampshire Ran road. Addres:,e? ma* tie expected from several gentle men from Virginia, and otners, upou the nuLject. Meeting will take place at 7>? o'clock. qcH MANY CITIZENS. rOH R F.NT.?The DWELLING part of House 17 No. W Bridge street, Gvorgotown, 1). C. In quire at the Confectionery next door. oc3-2w IJH)R BOSTON.?The superior packet schooner Helen Marr. N ickersou, has arrived, and --ri will receiving freight on Monoay. For< freight or pas wig e apply to HARTLEY A' BKO., I'd Water street, Georgetown, D. C. oc3-lw MUSICAL CARD. Prof. A. SCI! AD, of Georgetown, takes pleasure in anuounemg to ins friends, and the Citizens V&'j of the liiatnct, 'list he has resumed his course LuSiz or MUSICAL ! \STR FCTIO.N on the Piano>2? Forte, Flute. Violin.and Guitar. He will also give lessons in Thorough-Bass or Harmony, either in classes or to private pupils. MRS. A. SCHAD will reopen her CLASSES IN SI \G1 NG. and will also form a Juvenile Class for beginner* on the Piano Forte, (>f ? per quarter, in advance. I Mrs. S. is also prepared to receive a few private pupils on the piano Forte. Application can be made at their rei idoncc, on Fayette ;.trcet, near 8th, ( Heights ol Georgetown.) oi thxough the Poet Olfioc. oc7 eo^w LM MtSA LE?Handsome residence on I he Heights r of Georgetown. The subscriber, as Trustee, oi lers for sale that spacious and handsome resident* in Georget?rwn, at present occupied l/y Charles W. Pairo, Esq. The property comprise* aii entire square ol ground, beautifully improved with wuiks, trees, shrubbery, flowers. Ac.; a large and well built green house, with piants in great variety. There are also on the premises, Stallies, Carriage house, and other oonvement out houses. The Dwelling-House is large and roomy, having. wi?h the wings, a front of ninety five (1T>> feet ami commands one of the truest views of the I'otomac river mid country around. It is heated by a furnace, lighted with gas, and contains b?th fixtures lor hot and cold water; a large cistern, kitchen range: and almost every convenience for a first-class rcsideuce. If desired the Furniture will be sold with the house. Possession can l?e given immediately. For further paitieulars, terms of sale, 4c.,apply to SAM. C. EDES, Trustee. At Pairo A Nourse's Banking House, so 21-d3w2nw4w opposite the Treasury. J7ROPOSALS FOR \\n01)T" Matok's Office. Gkoboktow*, D. C.,) Septeml>er iflth. I&V7. < The subscriber will reecive sealed written propo sals until Friday, the lotii day of Octol>er next, for furnishing altout m.xty cords of prime Oak Wood, in such quantities hu ma* be required from time to time, during the ensuing winter, tor the use of the destitute residents of the town. Upou approved security, the money will l>cadv*Ji oed as soon as the oontract is executed. The price per cord, to I* stated in the proposals. _ RICHARD It. CRAWFORD, Mayor. seSo-dtd _ nr'ff-NO I'lCE? Lictnset.?All persons whose I..* ' L i oen?es fr??m the Corporation ol Georgetown expire on the .'t-tii inst , are hereby notified promptly to renew the same, and pay the amount to the Cleric of the Corpoiatiiiii, otherwise they may subject themselves se 22-St a wt Oct lt? WM. LAIRD. Clerk. [yy*NOTICR.-Hnvim been informed that oer ; "? tain persons are in the habit of col|?ctiug and gathering to<oth? r the Dottles which contHinor have coi,tamed otir beverages, and putting therein an arti ele mode by others thau ourselves, aud then dispos ing of such arlicle on the faith and credit of our name stamped on said Bottles, ail persons are hereby notified that such Bottles are our own property, and not sulueoi to sale, ami that they are delivered to our customers oul* to l>e leturued, and that it is our linn Intention to proseciitt* to the utmost extent of the law, any iMfringiucnt of our rights ou the premises. ARNY ft SHLSN, Union Buttliuc Depot, 57 Green street, ?e 11 Georgetown, D. C. (JARD ENGRAVING. /si J8JTIN(1 MARRIAGF:. AND BUSINESS CARDS ENGRAVED and PRiNTEDin thefirst ?tvle of the art, at oor Fancy Store, No. Pean AUCTIOI BALES. WALL k, BARNARD, Auctioneers. TWO HANDSOME A VALUABLE BUI LD ISO Lotb at Auction?On W EDNESDAY, the 14th inaiant, we snail sell, in front of the premi ses. at4)s o clock p. in.,two deairabie Building Lot*. >?in^,ubdivujon find part of Lot No. 16 m Square No. 4;?. (on the laUnd.i having a front of 24 fret on I irtroet south, and running bacs ltj feet? inches to a between 4}s artd 6th atreeta west. 1 he attention of persons wishing to make a good investment in real estate is called to the above, as the sale is positive. Terms ol sale: One third cash: the residua in two payments of 6 and 12 months. Payments to be se cure* I by a deed of trust on tne property. oc9-ta WALL A BARNARD, Auct'rs.

FOE REJTT AND SALE. For otktf For Rtn: ani Sale" notites */? 1st pa ft. SMALL HOUSES FOR SALE CHF.AP.-Four small HoLSES.m the Northern Liberties, and two Houses on the corner of G and Gth streets .a?t, n?ar the Navy Yard. Also, several good Building Lots for sale low for cash, or on liberal tune. Also, for Rent, two Furnished Rooms, pleasantly located, in a private house. Apply to J. G. ADAMS, Real Kstafj Agent, corner of flth and L streets north. oc9 St* f^OR SALE.-A RARE CHANCK.-Dmil.tTt not.?I will sell, if immediately applied for. the Stock and Fixtures of my Bakery. Confectionery, and Fruit Store, doing a good cash business. For further information inquire at this otfic*. " 3t ATHRKK-STORV ANI) ATTIC BRICK DWELLING MOUSE, in the vioinity of the Patent Office, lor rent, and the Furniture for s;vle at priva'e sal a. Apply to JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auet. and Com. Merchant. oo ?-3t* DWELLING HOUSE FOR SALE ?a Land some three story Brick Dwelling House, situ ated on the east side of >6th street, between H and I street*, is offered fur sale on moderate terms if ap plied for Hummed lately. NICHOLAS CALLAN. No.213 F street, _oc8St* Commissioner of Deeds. FM:RM9HED ROOMS TO RENT at No. 452 13th street, between K and F. oe 7-St* STOllETO LET.?The oldest Fancy Establish ment hi Washington, situated on Penn. avonue, between 9th and lot ti streets. Inquire of Mrs. IIA M lL'1' the passaee door. <>o7 .it* VGOOD CHANCE.?FOR SAI.E.-A BRICK HOI'SE. nearly new, with six convenient rooms. One of the rooms is fitted up expressly for a grocery. It is finely situated, being high and healthy, and inafast improviug neighl>orlu?od. A person with a small capital can do a good business there, asa groccry store is ver> much wanting. Wa ter of the very best, m ail* at the door. This prop erty is situated on tie corner of 4tli and N streets north, and will 1 e sold vory cheap, as the owner wants inonay.* Inquire at No. 293 New Jersey ave nue, between F and li streets. N. II.?A bargain may be expected. ee7-lw* _ V'ALUA BLE LAND IN ALEXANDRIA COUNTY FOR SALE.-The undersigned bavins Sunacres of Land in Ins farm, will dispose <>f from inn to 20-i acres, in lots to suit purchasers. Smd Land is situated 3 iniles from the Lone Bridge, on the Columbia Turupike, and :il?out tne same distance [ from Alexandria and Georgetown. Those wiahing to purchaao Land. near the three cities, will do well | to otili on the Kuhscrilter, as I deem it unneoessary to describe the Land or neighborhood, as it is presumed that those wishing to purchase will examine the property before purchasing. S. B. CORBETT. ae 1 Vaolm < Alex.Gax.Jawtfl OFFERED FOR PRIVATE SALE, and if not aold before the 2fith ol October next. will be sold on that day 11he 2ti:h of October)at 3 o'clock p. m., by a public sale or auction, to be made on t lie prem ises, the beautiful country residence called " 81 M M EK HILL." which is situated in Virginia, on the turnpike road leading from Washington city, D. C. to Alexandria, three miles and a'half from either city consisting of a now comfortable dwelling house, eel laes, and out-buildmgs, with 150 acres of very rich land, of which over I'.Oacres are under cultivation, the rest being hard wood land, gend spring w^ter, good fishing, good water-power for milhne or laeto ry purposes. Tlie land may be purchased in two par eels, about 100 acres wiMi the roeidenee and over acres with a house, of which over lfi acresare the best in the neighbourhood for early saddening. City property in Washington for h part of the considera tion would be aeroptahle. For further information apply to JOHN F. CALLAN. at the Drug Siore corner of 7th and E streets, in Washington, or at t he Law Office of BRENT A KlNZER.iu Alexandria, ae 17-eotif FM)R REN T.?My HOUSE on F street, between 1 12th and 13th. segi tf w. F. PHII.MPq. r|',0 LET.?Four large ROOMS, north aide of JL Penn. avenue between 9th and 1? th streets. Inquire of R. C. STEVENS, No. 18 Penn. avejiue. bet ween Hth and <>th sts. se Zi-t f FOR SALE.?A comfortable two-story FRAME HOUSE, on 6th street, bet ween M and N. A bargain may be had if applied for immediately. H. N. LANSDALE, Agent, ae23-lm* No. 5fi4 M street. 170R SALE.?Two comfortatile FRAME DWELLINGS, Nos. 11?5 and 118, situated on north side East Capitol street, l>etween 4th and 5th streets east. Terms: ?**>mcash: balance in 1,2, and 3 yeara for either house. Apply at No. 612 (2d story > 7th street. _ se IS POLLARD WEBB. Agent. Millinery, &c. pALL MILLINERY AND DRESS MAKING. MRS. A. SPEIR. No. 356 D street, will open new sfvlea of DRESS HATS. CAI'S. and HEAD DRESSES, for Fail and W'mter.oii Thurauay. Oct. 8th. Having procured a competent assistant.^"" she is now prepared to make up every de scription of Dresses and Cl< aks, in the newest and mist approved styles. oo7-3t D R E S S MAKING MISS M.E. WILSON still continues the DRFSS MAKING inall Its branches, at her old stand.235 Penn.avenue, between ttlti and loth sts. oe >1 m \1RS. HELLER, i? 1 No. 34 Pexn. AvFxrr,(TP 'niS'l Informs her friends and customers in gcnard.that she will have the hist opening of Fall ar.d^^V W inter BONN UTS on Thursday, Friday.and" Sat urdl\, and offers tiie lateat and best selec ted stock in the citj , nt moderate p.icea. 30 W.TliA F,lm* A li '?1 Si ILL LIVE," ?.N D will not be outdone by an* in fhe Pa>nting l.iue. Having secured the s.ivice* of au expe rienced Sign and Ornamental fainter. I am prewired to do SIGNS, BANNERS, TRANSPAREN CIES, A o., in the latett sty lea. Also, contiuue to do HOUSE PAIN'IINL. G LA ZINC., and (i R A I N I N G in a superior manner, at No. 53 Louisiana aveuue, between Gth and 7tli ?^J^eotf M. T. PARKER J|iIU3EKEEl*EIIS, ATTENTION ! 1 have just received a fresh supplv ofnewand im proved RISING STAR COOKING STOVES. Thev areca?tof the best Pennsylvania malable iron, and uiaile very heavy and strong to stand hard knocks and rough usage. F^;^7)W A R D'S Metropolitan Stove and (irate Worker, Pa av., between 10th 11th sts., oe 7-eo4w _ Nos. 31S A 32?. riiWO WEEKS LONGER ! We shall continue selling off for two weeks longer and beg all who really want Uirgains to wall and se eure them, as everythiug we have on hand must be so'd out. Persons who buy to sell again will find it to their advantage to give us a call, as we promise t)tem great liareams. We have yet ou hand a very large stock of line goods. h. J. Mclaughlin a co.. ,lC 5 No. 20. between 8th and 9th ?ts. t|\ NOTICE. I HE Undersigned having entered into Copartner ship. the business ol HAIR CI 1 IINli, DR ESS lN<i. WHi MAKING, Ac.. Ac-, will I* carried on under the name, ol JI j.^LIH, H E^AK IL^, N. B.?WIGS, TOUPEES. SCA LPS, A c., made to order, at the shortest possible notice. A select *lw*vMVi,|i'i?"i WAWCIN'S, ??e5-lw IS a I unia I hotel and <Hh st. AN KING H OU SE SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE, FANTA CO. IPr trill op'ti Hold, currmcy, anil rirgtma ar fount* for depositors, niwi credit the dindronce ">o tween currency and gold. Those drawing Virginia or currency will mark their checks accordingly. Those depositing specie will be paid in koui or We hope in a few day a to quote regular rates for foreign Bank notes, as weil as our home currency,as " SWEENY. RITTENHOUSE, FANTA CO. ae 29-dlin "Bankera." i|TY STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILL. Economy and Convenience. We are now ready to deliver w00f)SA\\ E0 "and SPLIT at 2<? per cent, less than the usual rates, and better prepared than it can be by hand. Knots and wood of inconvemcnt size not sent. All orders lor less than half a cord will l?e delivered in crates to any partofthe house at no further ex pense to tho purchaser. Pine wood in cratca 35cents. Oak wood do. 40 cents. In this part of our business we will open no ac counts, as we have com? to the conolusioii to maks it exclusively a cash business.^ Also, on hand, HICKOR\ , OAK, and PINE WOOD ami COAL of *11 kinda. whicn will be dis posed of on the usual accommodating terma. Now on the way ? One oargo White Ash Broken Coal for furuac*. One cargo W'hite Ash Egg Coal for radiatora. Coal 2,240 lbs. to the ton. All under ^over. Orders promptly filled. T. I. A W M. GALT. northwest corner of 12th and C sts.. No 547, oc7-tf one square south of Penn. aveuue. NEwI'ARI.OR HEATER OR improved FEINOUR STOVE. Thia is the best stove for heating two or more rooms extant, and for beauty and style of ^ ti in w h cannot be surpassed. It is soconstruc- r' ? ted that the fire pot t an be changed from oiihJ holding half a peck of ooal to one holding hair a bushel, thereny increasing the capacity for heating t<> any required degree. These stoves will be pnt up by experienced work men. and guaranteed to work well. Send in your orders before the cold weather seta in, to avoid confuaion and hurry, aa the demand la increasing, particularly for the enlarged tire pot. Alao, improved PortaUo Furnaces just received, for heating Italia, parlors, Ac. W.h. HARROVF.R. se 10-eolm 7th St..opposite Patriotic Bank MERINO PI,A1DS, all wool, at 5u ota. per yard. i?l 4-4 Union 31 ceuta; Shawla. of evarjr kind. ? , Diitnrt ind Ktrgtata money taktn mt Par, ana Good* aold at the very low*at cash prices. WM. R. RILEY. ?c J Jw ooraer Ith ?t,, opto. Cantre Markat, ^ c AUCTION BAUS. TO-DAY It TO-MORROW MORNING By W\LI.4 BARNARO.iiKtMiMiN. Gi ROCEKIES. Ll?UORS, ,fEGARS TO I B4CCO. Ac . at Annus.-On SA1 I RIMY MORNING. Octoo->r V J, commencing at '?>? o olock. ire will Mil, in front of our A action Hu.nn?, without reserve, a larne assortuient of (?roofjifi? Liquors, Clears, Ac.. the effects of a Grocer declining busi ness. We name in |Mir|? lo i>ags Burnt Coffee 1? Boxes Starch 10 barrels Molasses. rood artic e 25 boxes Whiteaml Yellow Sor.pi in kaskets Salad Oil Macaroni. Yernuce'i a, Pipe* Mustard, Cloves, Alspice, Mice, Nufmegt 5 dozen superior old Boornon Whisky IOI*irrels fine old Hourton Whukjr 6 barrels Monongahsla Whiskx 5 octaves Cognac Brand* 10 quarter box?s line Chewing Tobacco 5 half boxes Jenny l.ind Sweet Tohacco 10 barrels Herrings |ii (sni Cigars, assorted brand* With many oi her articles in tb? Grocery line. All of which will be sold without reserve. ?cu ts WALL A UAKNARD, Ancts. FUTURE DAYS. B? K. l*. WRIGHT ?, Georgetown. FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN.?This splondid building not baring l>een sold at private sale, will be offered at auotion ou the Wth inst. at 4 o'oiock, in front of the premises. B. FORREST, K. S. WRIGHT. oc6 4t* (IntelA Balti.Siin) Auctioneer B> JAMES C McGUlRE. Auctioneer. I EXCELLENT FIRMTIRE AND HOUSE i k KEPI Ml EFFECTS AT PtTBLIC ACCTIOX.?On TUESDAN MOH NINO, October 13th, at 1? .'e?k., at the residence of Mr?. Hamilton, on Indiana ?ve nue. nearly opposi'e the City Hall, I shall sell all the Furniture and FfTects, comprising ? Suite of pltish-covered Parlor Kurniture. comprising pair of medallion back Sofas, two arm and six parlor Chairs Pair of walnut carved hrccatelle oovered Ariu chair* Walnut reclining Chair. F.asy Chair* Rosewood maihie top Table. (anc> Chairg Walnut Whatnot, mm m<rt !e-top Table Bronze Mantel Ornaments. Vases, Centre Lamp* liilt Window Shades. Curtains Brussels throe-ply.ard iiici.tin Carpets India Mattinr, Oilcloth, StauCarpet Thrte mtliogar.y hair spring Sofas, Arm Cham W alnut Extension Dlmng-table, Sideboard Walnut and oak cane-seat Chairs China. Glass.and Crockery Wsro. Table Cntlery -liver-plated Waiters, plated Tea Set Mahogany, French,and cottaee fiedstfads Dressing mid plain Ruienus. Washstands Wardrolies. Lounges, Toi rt Sets Two full marbled Cottage Chamber Sets Feather fled*. Bolsters end Pillows, Bedding Hair and |Tu*k Mattresses, Toilet Set Excellent Refrigerator, wainut Ann Chairs Cooking Slove and other fixtures Six open-fiont Coal Stoves Together with a general assortment of household and kitchen requisites. Also,at 2o'clock. two excellent Mileh Cows. Terms: >i> and under, rash, in linkable funds; over that sum, a credit of six tv and ninety da<s, for satisfactorily endorsed note*.hearing interest, oc 6-d J AS. C. MoGI'IRE. Auctioneer. !%f ARSUAL'S SALE.?In virtue of three w-its i"I of Fieri Facta*, issued from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of t lie District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to public wile for C^Sil.iu front of the Court-house door of said ooucty, on WEDNES DAY. the 28th day of 12 o'oiock m, the following described properly,to wit: ail defendant's ri^ht, title, clhuu. and inturest in and to that part of Lot.No. 17. in Square No. 374, commencing 22 feet a inches from the northeast cornor of said lot, front in,: 16 feet 8 inches on I street North, between 9th and 10th streets West, and running back that width the whole depth of the lot, together with al! and sin gular the improvement 'hereon, seized and levied upon a* the property of Wil lam 1). Acken, and will i>e sold to satisfy Judicial* No*. 361. i78. and 379, to Oblotter term. lto7, in favor of Charles Kooces. usa of Parker P. Clark. Peter J. Ste?r, and Fielder M. Mieruder, i >. W iliiaiu D. Acken. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal for the Dtf'nct of Columbia. oc3 dtda MA RSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of two writs of Fieri Facias, issued froiu the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court oj the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and t>f me directed. I shall expose to public sale tor CASH. i:i front of the Court hrmie dor r of said County, orr S.vTI' R DA Y, the 24i li <?l Ootot^r next, I lot, at 12 o'clock, m., the following p;r.;>eity, to wit: all defendant's right, title, claim, and interest in and to one undivided half part of lot No. i in Square No. 518 in the City of Washington, D. C.. together with all and singular tLe improvements thereon, soured and levied upon as t h*? property of David A. H-!!, and wi'l be sold to satisfy Judicial* No*.'U and 34, to March term, 1857, in lavor of William W. Corcoran. J. I?. HOOVER. Marshal for tho District of Columbia. is 30-dts 1MRG1NIA AND DISTRICT MONEY ? TAKEN AT PAR tor BOOTS. SHOES. A\[) TKUXKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IROV HALL BOOT .SHOE AND TRUNK EST A BI.ISHM ENT. P'nntylreaia avenue, between "*?* l?'-f4 ?f*. I have just returned from the North, Mat | with a ^pleiniid assortment of all] v ?Kl kinds of Lndfe?. tientlemens. Mis 1*^. tea, Brnt1, Chtldrens', and Servants' BOOTS and SHOES. Also, a laree stock of TBI INKS. CARPET B A<?S, VA LICKS, and SA'I CH ELS, all of which I will sell for the above money. Call early, at SAM'L. P. HOOV ER S. ?e3? Iron Hall. T\f\ STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES l<eirg 1*1 (?!icul tha lar^e^t in this city at this^^t time, '?nd having !xsen purchased beioretiiej nse in Leather, can be sold at about 16 to per rant, leas tnan go.>ds purchased at this1 time. Call and eiaimne for yoarselves.ct S. P. HOOVER'* lell Irns IImII. Pa. av? li#t wli imi, r-.s i<eirt I^ANKIN G II O f'S F. CJTUE F ItK 0 Til K i: S. Depositors deuosiiimc i#..i k Notes will please mark their Checks phk:ui!e m currency. Depogitesof Gol.l will be pud in Gold. Accounts will be opened v. .th deoositors a' them to deposit (told and Check for curiency. the depositor Leiiitf credited wi'h the dideience. seSHU' CHI BB BROTHERS. on A POINDS WOOLLEN YARN just *?*?*? opened. White, <?niy. Black, and Fancy -colored Knitting Wcollen Yarn. White and Biue mixed Knitting Cotton. Also in store,a full stock of Damask Tul le Linen, Napkins, liuckaliaok, and It ussian Crash Toweling. WM. R. RILEY, se 15 lin eornerSth at.,opposite Centre Market. DC FONT'S GUNPOWDER. 1 am all times supplied u thai' the various kinda of Dl* PON'rs ?il SPoWDER.andam prepared to supply the same in any quantity to parties wanting, on the most favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, No.Sft High street, may 12-tf (Intel .A States Georgetown. L?. C. SC RI BE?COM E1H ES. Sunbe?Comedies, Vaudevilles. De Gifardin?Poesies completes. D? Girardin?Marguerite. On Deux Amour*. Rej baud?l.e Cog du Clocher, Rey baud?[/Industrie en Europe. Gozlan?Le Notaira de Chautmy. E<ma?Lea Pcaux Noires. Mairnier?Au Iwrddela Neva. Kadiguet?Souvenirs de L'Ainenque Espa^note. MiisbCt ? La Bavoletto. Chabrillan?Lea Volcurs d'or. Sou vest re?Un Pntlosophe sous los toits. Sooventre?Coiifcfc.;mns d'un Ouvrier. Each in one volume, price :?? cents, just imported fioiu fans, with niuiy ? M-ti _ I'RAXCK TAYLOR. ^yASHlNGTON, OCTOBER 3. 1857. DkaV Sia: The Piano I purchascil of you m the Fa.1! of IK54, manufactured tiv llallett. Davis A Co.. of ISoston.has ticen in daily use since that tinie.and I am happy to state has fully sustained the very fa vorable opinion I had formed of these instruments. The Pianos ol tins iiiauuUctory are nor, in my judgment, surpassed bv thote of any other. For volume and sweetness of tone, prompt action, dura bility, hnnli of workmanship, Ac, Ac., the> aie not excelled \y auy others with which I aril acquaint ed. Respectfully, your obedient servant. O. R. Merrill. J. I-. Ellis, Esq., Washington. Wash WJTO*. D C., May 1.1?57. Dear Sir: The l*iano I purchased of you of Hallet. Davis A Co.'s manufacture, some eighteen months' since, continues to give entire satisfaction. It is a clear, full, sweet tone, and of beautiful workman ship; not being a judge of such instiurnents, 1 ti ust ed to ynur word, and feal pleased in saying 1 have not regretted it. Yours, respectfully. Mks. Fetus Callax. J. F. Ellis. We have now a Inr^e stock of the?e leclod persouallv when in Boston last week. oc&d JOHN F. ELLIS, 3>?> Pa. avenue. f GENTLEMEN'S DRESS HATS FOR THE "I Fall Tradk ? W e orter this season to the?^* hat-weaung pultfic a decided iinnrovcin?">t i..\B ventilation from the mauiifactory of BetiV York, of French invention, and a decided improve ment on ail easy-fitting and ventilating hats. Geu tleinen are invited to call and see it at STEV K\ oc3 Ctif Snlee room. Browns' Hotel. pREPARE FOR COLD WEATHER ? R ibhe?l and Plain Woollen Shirts and Drawer*: Merino and Cotton Half Hose, plain and nfct>ed; Buck Gloves and Buck Gauntlets; Suspenders, Black S ik Cravats, ami Silk and Linen Cambric Pocket Handkerchief*. Customers may rely ou getting good Goods,and at the lowest prices. WM. K. RILEV, seH tin corner 8th St.. oppo. Centre Market THE LEGAL ADVISER, or how to diminish I.osse*. avoid t awsuits,and save iiine, I rou ble. and Money, by eoudttchsg I usiuess accoruu.( to law, as exi?oun<l?l by the best and latest Autbor Mies;by Ed^ iu'1'. Freodle* ? autnor ot a Piactical Treatise on Business; ."51.^5 Information about Texas, carefully prepared Lj D. E. ETBrHinan. of Mstago;?la. 1exas;7Sc. Modern Ref?,iii Examine.!: ?r I he union of N j?rth and South on the subject of Slavery- I * Joseph C. vfiies- ft I. Just aublished, and for *?.e by Miles, *i. TAVLOR ft MAURY, ,e 26- Booksellers, near irth stitiet. (Intel-. I nion. States 4t) Q-r/\ UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. ~ OIH Just opening a af^ndid assortment of Spring and Summer R EADY M A DE CLOTH ING and Gent's Fl RNISHING GOODS of the finest atyle and make, at the Emporium of Faahioa, No. ?l^rovnt' Hotel, n?*n? jnvata eotraoot. v??IEJk!:0RAPH,c wkws. PROM TUB ASSOCIATED PKB3B v Financial liiiit, Ire. dcV'.VLi 1*?' ??ct * ? There la a gloomv and '"Patent feeling here The Cot?meretil. of ?riin.ernoonregards this as the wo-at day vet P^ure upon tLe )>aiika to e? ^ -'? ** ,lie ?nly means for preventing ^ntr?.k,"rtr ?lrr*nlclrcamrtaicw out Kre M of ">*??*?*. Wt. thrown wm >l?o lb,own ,Ti? ,r>1 B"nk *Brookly., i u"Um^r?f fhi,ur^ ??noonred for tbe wet mE Twit b'"?d^ aud twej.ty tbree Tba V\ m r ^ ?f Bowen A MrsZof, and extension. ThMaUeVL.1?^ d7 Kr>odv ?* " ton utter La* connections la Charles Tbeamount of grain on board of vessel, bere ?rl)Jr!. .nCr t0: f'^pool It :mmw bus belt rb* payments at the aul/tremsurv to-dsv wer, Mbd,UUi. and tbe receipu ?ij?, mu The Albany bankers have l>een in consults!'on with Iue New \otk bankers to-dav to lnduc?i them to ?xpaad s anciently U> bring forward tbe produce from the lake potts. l nammltv ot k-' tion was, however, found impossible, aod tbe project tail.d. trucks, after second board, further declined Bank stocks are excessively beavy. Tba Amer ican Ktthange declined 10 per cent since yester day. 1 bere are numerous failures to-day. but tba names are not made public. I be Vhfritt mis morning seised tb?- books and papers uf the Milwaukie and Mississippi Rail road at tbe instance of the President or the Mil waukie flank. Pit t L a delpa U, Oct S.-An umerousl v attended mass meetiuk was held bere this afternoon by r.L rf n" B ?? l?tive to the financial dl* c iltie*. The call, which was sii>n*<d by most of m^nV^'T"1 W>" ol,,y <*?""? tba u"1* posted ,n every pr ^niueai pos.M,,,, throughout tbe city, atlra. ted gene,at attention, aad, notwithstanding tbe short notice otrsuus IJ--BWS r.r.H. i i ,r A ,,U!n*^r ?* speeches were made, ami various view* expies-ed It was be lieved tlM York ra^ cause of aH ihe present diffl. ulties. Iif.,Xt-w ^ ^ank^ ,,ad expanded t7.<??i,tk*i lu thirty-one days, while an expansion of *17 . w*U0i> in live months broke the United St*te* Bank B? coming fii^htened they ruita led lu two months SI2,0U?,MM-?uflcieat to produce, pan e in the strongest community The condi tion of tailoring men was deplorably presented. 1 liousand-s uoiild starve if there was not imme diate relief. Kxtracts from letters from tba "'-jest manufacturers in tbe country were read. Men implored aid for the payment of wages or n*C tlify would li.ive to diikhargf thousand* of .lands. Notwithstanding it was tbeirown inter est to stop altogether, they were determined to keep on if possible. The remedy was in the re newal of confidence In the bank's Thus renew confidence. ai,d ail would be brought about by a discontinuance of the ton on tue?e institutions and not depriving them of the ability to move. Tomixro.Can ,Oct. 7 ?Messrs E P. Whltte more Ac Co., brokers in this city, suspended to day Much sympathy is felt for them in conse quence of their high character. Xtw Oeleaxs, Oct fe ?First class paper he** is worth per cent, per month. No failures of consequence are reported No movement in bus iness is possible until sterling exchange can bring cash in New York. Tbe banks are extending every facility to fac tors and are cheerful. The excessive stringency In tbe money market has caused a fu'tber heavy decline in cotton, tbe reduction from tbe highest point being now 3u Tbe sale* the past three dars amount to G.OOJ oal.-s, including middling at \3 Receipts continue to pour in rapidlv. and the indications aie that lower tijjures will l>e submitted to All branches of business are more or less aOwt e?l by the pressure, but the merchants are u?inir their utmost endeavor, to brave th?* storm Sterling has still further declined, ard sa!es of bankers' bills are made at 97 Mooer is more In demand and rates dtil?- ha denino Freights are dull nomiually at ^d." [SECOND ni?P?.Tf'H ] New \ osk. October#..?There was a tretnen. dons run on the park Bank It Is ?aid to hav^ o.ilv Sldt'.Ulkl in circulation and neany #3U0.Ui0 in -uecie The houss of Ha-per A Brothers failed yester oav. Th^v are reported to hare amount ing to a Fu-pius of upwards of one million dol lars. New Oblkaxs. Oct 9.?Cotton Is depressed and declining, but prices are too irregular to give quotations, ar.d nosales can be f Seated witt - out a s?ci ificc. Money is tighter, and there is no movement In exchange. FT ?ur Is quiet at f5 ~5. CotT-e is dull. SnicWe in Troy. Taov, N V , Oct 7 ?Col Richard I Knd son, a resident of Sandlake. in this county, and foimerly an extensive ind wealthy busings inau in this city, committed suicide, in a fit of tempo rary Insanity, at 4 o'clock this morning. He if it cut his tb-o t *r.d then threw himself liefore a train of pis-^n^er cars on the Hudson River rail road His body was dreadfully inanpled. The event has caused a profound sensation here Vermont Lt-gislatare. MojrTPrr.tKF. Oct. The Legisidture of this State met here to-day. tieoige t Edmunds, al' KArlington, was < hosen speaker of the .-louse Tbe Governor's message will be received to morrow ? ? . I-nrgeReceipts oi Breadstuff*. Oswego. \ ^ Oct. 7th ?Twenty-two jesfn ladvu vessels arrived this moriiinj. mostly from Chicago, with 22? UtUt hu?bels of wheet. 50,0(W bushels of corn, and 7 1*10 heshels of bai ley Farth<.nal-e m ?t. I. on is. *?t T.ori? .Oc? &?Violent shocks of an earth quakM w? re fc-lt bT* at t o'clock this morning Also, at Springfield and at Cer"-jl;a lllinol?. At the latter placecbimnt-vs were thown down t>eorsia Klections. Atit sn.Oi t.t.?A II. Ht?pbens' majority is about 1 -J47. Mr Jackson is certainlyelectedjta thetith district by at least 1 (nsi majority. I uited States Sruutor K'lecteJ. Vasiivii lk. Oct 3.?Andrew Jubnson wu ta* day elected fbe ?uccessor of Senator Jones in ih? 1'uited States Senate. Baltimore aiarkets HaI timokk. Oct 1?. ?Flour is s eady; sales of i.jliflbbls at %'> 5 ! for Howard street and Ohio, and M.4S i .?>-u for City Mills Wheat lsdnll, r?d SI t?5a!s|,15. and white *1 'JtMSl 3u Com i? heavy; white TllaTIic . yellow T'ia?!*' \V bisky is dull; City 2i?e , Ohio !*?w Verk Markets. Nxw Yoke, Octoiier 9?Flour ha? rm^idera bly advanced: sales of 7.II0I1 bbls.: State *-4 5oat>4 Otii.. Ss1 1iu#j Vlr Southern *5 4Ua*5 ?.r, Wheat is dull; sales are unimportant, prices are easier, but not quotablv changed. '"orn is firm; sales of 15,'iO<^i?usLels?mixed tie ^ a?0c. rork is dull: M?*ss SV3.VMSI 0?t Beef Is quiet; Chicago tepo< ked fil4.Ua5l5.W l.ard is firm at ;4x!."<c. Whisky is improving; Ohio22a*iJc. Kinanclal. Ntw Yoke. Oct ? ?Storks are lower. CW c ago aid K ><W Island 5fi; Ci iii'k r'.tnd Coal Co. .iig: llliiMdsCentral Railr?>ad sbaies 75; do bonds i?i, Michigan Southem lo?, New York Central Xi. Penn>\Ivania Coal Co 45;Rcalin^ Railroad C?, Virginiafi's 77; Missouri 6's, Sterlinir i-xcbansre is flat 'FBH 8KCRRT INFIKMi riKS OF YOUTH 1 AND MATIR1T,. J??t Fuhliskfl, Umtir, tsr 25ts fin??aKi. A lew worej of the Rational Trestment, without Meiiicine, v?t Speruiatorineaor Local Weakness, Nocturna1 Kiatsstobs, Genital, and Nervous lsetxhty. Pre mature l?ee*y of toe System. Irnpo , t??ncy,arid li ipedimeuts to Marnape senerally, by Bv l)K LANKY. M. D. The imprrtant fact that tho many a.aruunK oo? p'aiuts. oruuiatitiK in the imrrudmce and soluuda of youth, mat he easiiy removed without Mtsliome. is in this small tract, oleurly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and hiichly successful adopted liy the antlior, fully explained, b? rnesns of which every one is enabled to cure HMiiserf perfeei!* and at tlio [east possible cost, therelry svoidinc all the advertued rostrums of tins day. 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