Newspaper of Evening Star, October 10, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 10, 1857 Page 1
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i : ? J h h V *<? Ir+ttl/iJ -i? >4 I* . - ' " * ' mi | ^ 8^1 ? *i ? dv ? , '.?f' V ? <W\\ W?n V - n aj'J jr ?? ??r VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C.* SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1857. NO. 1,475. THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR Bl 1LDIJOS, Corner ?/ Pm mvemue and El*rer-tk street, By W. D. WALLACE, ud i? aerved toMbMnlwntiravntraM SIX AND A qlARTBR CENTS, payabie weeklj to the Agents; p*p?r* served ia pAckn?es at 37S rente per month. T? m>d aubeoribera the subscription prioe m THKbB DOl.l.AKS AND FIFTY CENTS year i* advanc*. TWO DOLLARS for aix months, and ON B DOLLA R for three month*: for W'aa than Iki? m<>ntha at the rat* of 113* oe^Xa a w?k. C7"SI\GLB copies onb cent. ' POOR PILLICODDY. (Pounded on the popular theatrical play of that name ] [COSCLCDED ] The new arrival was a large man, of rather salt appearance, dressed in a rough poa-jacket, bell-muazled duoh breeches, a tarpaulin hat. and armed with a long spy-glass ii? entered on the ran, took aim with hia telescope, looked earnestly and earefullj about the garden, and began paaing rapidlj to and fra on on* of the walks " I can't be mistaken !" he mattered to him self. " No. I aaw a female enter thii bouse: a amart. rakish-looking little craft, iust the nme build and ringing a* Mrs 0 Scuttle; but for the life of me I oouldn t distinguish her figure head. However. I've traced her to Southamp ton, and. by the powers. I'll not give up the chase till I discover her latitude and longitude (Suddenly he aimed his glass again.] Hullo ! ?top! I'll trouble you to shorten sail and bring to.'' " Bring two!? two what ?" asked Mr. Pilli coddy. who was the person halted, as he re turned to the garden. " So, air, it seetns I've found you at last !" ? danger. " I believe your name is Pilli?something or other ?" "No. sir, it is not Pilli something or other? it's Pillieoddy?John Peter Pillicoddy !" ^ (7 well, sir; listen to me,"' returned the stranger, in a voiceof thunder. '? She's here'" ' There s no necessity, sir, for exercising your organ in that absurd manner," said Mr. Pilli eoddy, rather taken aback by the stranger's peculiar style. '* I repeat, she's here!" continued the stran Jer, very rapidly and fiercely. 44 You can't any it. Don't speak; you haven't a word to say; don t^ interrupt me ! JIuw did she come here f When did she come here ? Why did she come here ?" " Really, my dear sir. the pronoun she being applicable to the entire female sex, I must trou ble you to clearly define the particular she Von mean by she ?" " My wife, sir !M yelled the stranger, louder than ever. "Your wife, sir ?" echoed Pillicoddy, con- I silerably staggered. " Your wife, pooh, pooh I I beg to observe there's nothing personal in my pof h, pooh; therefore, a* I said before, pooh, r?h I know nothing of your wife; how should There s only oue married female in thie house, and she happens to be my wife." *? Don't trifle with me, Pilli?whatever it is. I saw her, distinctly saw her, at a window on that side of the house; and that must be the room, and he started towards the door through through which Julia had vanished; "so. sir, if you ve no objection, we'll have her out." " Beware, mariner, beware !" exclaimed Pil hooddy, throwing himself before the stranger. "Ira small, but desperate; diminutive, but de termined ! And yet, as Anastasia is at this mo ment in the parlor, and you insist that your wife is in that room, have her out by all mean*. T%ere don't happen to be any body there?never theless, have her out." "0, there s nobody hero, eh?*' said the stran ger, trying the door, and endeavoring to look through tae key-boie. " then how happens the door t?. be locked on the inside of it, eh ?" '? Hullo, sir' No looking through the key hole; delicacy forbids !" said Pilliooddy, pull ing him away. " Hark ye. Pilli?whatever it is ! Don't pre sume to trifle with me any longer, or, by the blood of the O'Scuttlee-' 3 14 The w-h-a-t?" faltered Pillieoddy. "The O'Seuttles! Captain O'Scuttle stands before you." 44 Are you that man ? Does this hand really and traly grasp a Scuttle?" murmured Pilli coddy, in a very plaintive tone indeed, as he sank upon a bench and burriod his face in his , *? " ^ " 'top?wait a bit!'" he suidenly exclaimed. aUrding up with considerable ani mation; ?' my dear sir, allow me to call your at tion to a trifling but important fact, that seems to ha** entirely to have alippod your memory, and that is,yuu are drowned !" "Ob, Ira drowned, am I ?" sneered the cap tain. 44 You knew you are; you are at this very mo ment at the bottom of the sea. And yet I see no barnacles on thee! Thero was no ond of tears shed for you at first; but now you are for gotten, the world gets along very comfortably without you; so why destroy the agreeable de lusion ' Now go back from whence yon came. 1 have considered the point in all it bearings, and I should be neglecting a duty, a sacred duty, if 1 did not advise you to go back from whence you came." Thark you; bnt I've had enough of thfc sea for some time. Let me tell you, shipwreck's' no joke, it a no trifle to be wandering about on an island, like Robinson Crusoe. However, sir, I once again beheld the white cliffs of old Eofjnad. forgot all troubles in contem plating the affectionate, loving welcome of my wife, but it wasn t to be, sir! Excuse these tears? 44 Don't mind me, sir," returned Pillicoddy. w..h emotion; "get rid of the superfluous salt water, by all means. I really feel for yoo; to me there s something peculiarly touching in the oontemptation of a jolly tar when he's not jolly." ^ 8?nttle has left her home." continu ed tae captain, sighing deeply. " He calls her Mrs O'Scuttle !" thought Pil jimuWy. " Then he s not?he seems so entirely broken down bv xrief. physically as well as mentally, that I think I may venture to tell lus. My dear ?ir, ho cootinued, turning to the captain. " will you allow me to mention to you in confidence, that when you presented yourself before me for the fint time, I immedi ately made this observation to myself, within myself, ? If there ever was a man cut out by na ture to bear a shock like a Briton, that man is the man I don't wish to flatter you. but to mjself, within myself, I made that observa tion " ? r*turn*i the captain, marching to rillicoddy very fiercely and threateningly; " and pray, sir. didn't it ever ooour to you, at the same time, that I was just the sort of man to cut your throat, or any man's that dared to do me an injury .'" " W by. no. 1 can t say?'" "Cantyoa? Then, by tbe powers, I'll show you it is so. if you don t immediately and satis factorily explain how it is that I find my wife ia your house " ;? Yeur wife ?" returned Pilliooddy, endeav oring to assume a conciliatory aud patronising manner. 44 W ken you say your wire, of course you are naturally and powerfully impreased with the pleasing but slightly erroneous idea that she t a your wife! Did it never occur te y->a. as you were wandering about your island I'ke a wretched Kobinson Crusoe, that your wife might naturally fancy herself a widow, and fancying herself a widow. ?he might tonal ly naturally endeavor to console herselr for your bwsby?in short, marrying again; for in stance, me ?" 44 What?' yelled the captain. 44 You don't mean to tell me you've married my wife ?'' " Certainly not, sir; I've married your wi dow " 4' Widow! How can this be when I'm alive'*' ?' Bnt you have no business to be alive; it's the beight of absurdity on your part to be alive !" 4* Faithless, perjured woman!" groaned the captain. slabbing his forehead. "But I'll be tbe death of her ' he continued, furiously, as he rushed out of the garden gate. 44 Tell her to pack up instantly, aud prepare to follow her lawful husband !" 44 What's to b?done?" exclaimed Pillicoddy. in das pair. "?i*? up Anastasia' ? never' W bat would life be to me without my Anasta ?ia??nothing What would Anastasia be to me without life?? oothinger yet. Bo let my cry An?tasia or death " with a decided piefrr tmer for Anastaria. What s to be done. I ask' Ah, ye*?if we aould only aaake our eauape to r'tber, before the infuriate* Seuttle returns; II try it; it's now ao dark be oould not see us! "j?n the door!" be shouted, going to the room where J?lia wae soaceaied "Open the door, I my ! The home ia on flro! It's I. jour Pil lieoddy?-Tour John Peter!" be continued, clasping Julia in his arms, as the came ontfrom room. 44 My dream?my nightmare has come true!?Robinson Crusoe has turned up again! I mean your hu?band; do, not your hus band?" 4; I thought so; I was sure I heard the good for-nothing fellow> voice,'- returned Julia. 44 Can it be possible? Does he lore mo still? 44 He says he adores you; so much so, that ho swears he 11 be the death of you, and me too; so lot's fly, beloved of my 9?>nl. let's fly together." 44 Who can this be'" said Julia, alarmed at his somewhat demonstrative stylo of grabbing hold of and clawing her- 41 What watch I ess impudence! Let me go. sir!" And breaking from him, she rnn across ttfc gardou and disappeared in the green-house. 4* She breaks from me!" murmured Pillicod dy, staggering against the wall, supposing Julia to be his wife. '4 1 understand it all; she loves her first?she said so. She'll follow hor first through the world; she'll put down her Pilli coddy and take np her Scuttle?she said so. O, what execrable! to say nothing of the base ingratitude of the woman, after the no-end of new bonnets I've bought her. What will be come of me? Curiosity is not naturally one of my failings, but it would be satisfactory to havo some faint idea of what will become of me." And again he sank down upon the bench and hid his face in his hands. 44 Surely I eannot be mistaken," said Mrs. Pillieoddy, s? she entered the garden on tip-too and groped her way along the walk; 44 the gen tleman that I caught a glimpse of a few mo ments ago. walking about the grounds. I have not seen Cant. O'Scuttle for four years, and it's almost too dark to recognize any one to a cer tainty; yes I am quite sure?ah, there's some body hero! Can it be he' If so. I will inform him at once of Julia's arrival. Is that you, eaptain?" she continued, raising her voice, ''is that you?" "Captain!" murmured Pillieoddy. 44 Sho thinks it's Robinson Crusoe; she take* hor sec ond for hor first. Yes," he continued, raising his voice, and tryirg to talk sailor: "A3*, ay. my hearty! Shiver my timbers! Haul awayi my O, boys'" 44 Then listen to me," said Mrs. Pillieoddy, hastily approaching him. " Your wife is here; she may have acted a little imprudently, but I'm sure you'll forgive her, like a dear, kind, affectionate husband that you are. Believe me. she loves you as dearly oa ever; so lose no time, but take her away at once, before Mr. Pillieoddy knows anything about the matter." "Ha, ha, ha!" shouted Pillica'ldy, wildly. " Ha, ha. ha ! Go to your first! Resume your Scuttle! Follow your Scuttle throughout the world ! tlo, perjured, capricious Anastasia. go' Don't think to break my heart; no, no, hero I'll stay and calmly witness your departure. Ha. here he comes !"' he exclaimed, still more wildly, as the captain entered through the gate. 44 Crusoe comes to claim his wife; the gentle Robinson approaches! Come in. Baruaclcs, don't be shy; come in, I say! There, take her, arid my ble.??ing along with her!" And pushing her into the qaptain's arms, he rushed into the shop, and closed and bolted the door. 41 And now?now" he continued, lighting a candle, 4> what has Pillieoddy to live for .'? nothing? Ergo. Pillieoddy dies. But the means r I can't swim, so there's 110 use think? ing of drowning myself; and apothecaries won't dispose of arsenic, except for rats; and although the majority of apothecaries are pro verbially credulous, still I feel it would be use less for me to pass myself off for a specimen of that species of vermin. Ha, yes, one of those numerous and long uegleotcd drawers oontains poppy-heads, and poppy-heads taken incessant ly tor several weeks produce immediate disso lution. Happy thought! Here are the poppy heods; what whoppers ! Fortunate Pillieoddy. that thoy should happen to be whoppers!"' And he munched them ravenously. '? Any thing much more unsavory. I might say nasty, I never tasted. Never mind, it'll soon be over, and then an inquest will be held upon me. T welvc of my most intimate friends and fel low-townsmen will?but stop?the worst of it is that all this will add considerably to the per fidious Anaat&aia's worldly happiness. Oh, if I could only do something to destroy the per fidious Anastasia'* worldly happiness before the poppy-hoads produce their effect. Ha! what do I see?" he exclaimed, as Julia en tered the shop by another door. " A lovely feu.ale !?and shall I hesitate ??no. Anasta sia thus do I cast you off forever?thus do I tear your loved image from my bosom, and supply its place with yonder exquisite stran ger. Happy idea! Ill about it straight." And approaching Julia, he fell on his knees before her. 4* Enchanting being, pardon the eandor of a stranger, a total stranger, hut I have a request to make, a trifling one, and that is that you will from this moment enshrine me in the innermost recesses of your heart!" "Mr Pillieoddy'"' ejaculated Julia in aston ishment. "Yes, your Pillieoddy; so take me ; all I have hi yours; my house, my shop, my grounds, my flowers, my very cucumber frames! I'm only following the ]>erfidi<?us Anastasia'e exam ple. Sho has recovered her Scuttle, and is nappy in that Scuttle. In short, give her a eottage and her Scuttle, and I believe she would be content! Yes, she loves the eolossal mariner?she told me so. They are now to gether in the garden?no they ain't; here they come." And springing from his kii*:cs. much moved by the sight of his wife, he rushed to wards the captain. 44 My Anastasia!" he ex claimed, imploringly ; 441 can't give her up?I won't give her up ! Scuttle, my gentle Scuttle, my gallant Scuttle, don't take her from me!" 1 "Confound Anastasia?who in thunder wants her ?"' growled the captain. "I want my wife; that woman there." " Anastasia, he doesn't want you! shouted Pillicaidy, clapping his wife in his arm*. "An astasia. the great bcuttle doesn't want you!" " Captain Fitzgerald O'Scuttle," said Julia, as that gentleman approached her, 44 as you have forced yourself into my presence, be good enough to explain that P. S.; in its present state, that P. S. reads anything but pleasant ly ." 4' What, jealous of little Jenny ?" exclaimed the eaptain, with a loud laugh. 44 Why, that mysterious female happens to be the most ele gant little Brazilian monkey that you ever f lapped eyes on. and I intended to surprise you with it!" i " A monkey for me ? O. my dear, dear hus band !" murmured Julia, allowing him to em brace and lead her from the shop. 44 Hurrah ' Crusoe has stepped eut! Rob inson has traveled ! Barnacles has departed !" shouted Pillieoddy. sinking into a chair, over come with joy and poppy-beads, and th?; next moment he was fast asleep in the allied arms of Morpheus and Mrs Pillieoddy Th? Proposed Tkrritorv or Carsox ?The people of Carton Valley, and other valleys adja cent, savs the Alta California, held a public meet ing at Uenoa. on the 8th ult . to consider the pro piety of petitioning Cont;re*? for separate Terri torial organization So far as \vu can learn from the repwit of the proceedings published by t 1 er?ons who were present, the meeting wa* unan imous in favor wt ? new Territory of their own. The reasons for demanding a separation from the dominion of Utah are, that they dislike the Mor mons, and have now no political communication with the authorities of Salt l.ake, and, during the whiter, could have tut communication If they wished it. A government is nec?*sarv to them, their population Is large and rapidly increasing; and thev need protection against rascal* within and Indians without. The majority of the inhab 1 ants of Caraon and the adiacrnt valley* are Gen tiles, and do not wish to have Mormon officer* over them. A Pixart.A* Casi or Distress.?A man of i tall Mature, we!ldr*??ed, and apparently forty or foriy-Ave years of age. and with every appear anee of sanity, honeafv, and respectability eame I Into our office, on Monday, nave the Providence Journal, and stated that he had about UO which he wished to invest on bond and mortgage He weat to a broker, who administered Immedi ate relief. OFFICIAL. Tihivit Dbpantmbrt, I September 23, 185M NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN to the holdera or stocks of the Un.ted States that this Department will purchase auoh certificates as stall ba raceiTad bare, duly assigned to tha United States, previons to tha lat day of November next, at tha rataa here tofore offered and paid, viz: 10 per oent. premium on tha loan of 1S42; 16 per cent, premium on loan* or 1847 and 1848 ; &ad 6 per cent. premium on Texaa indemnity 5 per cent, j ?took, together with the interest accrued in oaok i aase frota lat July. n Certificates of ?took received hara on or after tha j lat day of November, until further notice shall b? given, will be purchased at the following rates, viz: 8 per cent, premium on tha loan of 1B42; 14 per cent, premium oa tha loans of 1K47 and 184J1; and 5 per cent, premium oa Texaa indemnity 5 per aent. stock, with the aoorued interest payable there- 1 on. respectively. Where certificates of stock inscribed and trans ferable on the books of the Treasury ahall be re oeived here, assigned to the United States, between the 1st December, when the transfer books will ba closed, and the 1st January, when the half-yearly interest is payable, the aocrned interest for the half year must be expressly assigned to the United states by the stockholdor. as no interest for the current half year can be included in the aettlement. but the same will be payable the Assietant Treasurer on the intereat schedules aa heretofore. In all eases the purchase sums will be settled in favor of the lawful holder of the stock, who shall assign it to the United States in tha mode prescribed by the regulations of assignments of stock; and re mittanoe will be made of the amount by draft on the Assistant Treasurers at Boston, New York. ?>r Philadelphia, at the option of the party in whose favor the aettlement shall be made. One day's addi tional intereat wiii be added from the day of receipt here for the draft to be aent by mail. HOWELL COBB, se 25-dtf Secretary of the Treasury. FOE KENT AUD SALE Farm for sai.k.?a,i.o,of fin. landed Hock Creek, in Montgomery oounty. Md., six miles from the height's of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry. Wood, Bestor, Nowtes, Bohrer. and Hawkins. ll2Kacres. a beautiful loca tion: partially improved; new house; 13 acres rich creek nottom. and some fine yellow-pine timber. It can he divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to prrchase. je 4-tf 1iM)R RENT.?A modern built HOUSE, contain ing 12 rooma, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful and airy location, fronting one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view of the oitr, the river, ami Georgetown. It har gas through out; vrater and bath-room. Te a careful tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at 4i>4 1 street, sec oud door from 12th s'reet. je 24-tI ARW 'V CO N F ECTI ONE RY F?7r~ SAL E. Tins well known and popular establishment is now offered for Sale, thus presenting a rare opportu nity fi>r a good Confectioner to enter into a safe and profitab.e business. Possession cau bo had 1st No vember. The three-story Brick Hoii?-e, now occu pied as above, is offered at private sale, or will be rented or leased as may bedeeired. For particulars inquire on the premises, No.R4 Bridge street, Georretown. I). 0., or to WM. BRIDGES,313 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, ail 27-tf rOR RENT.?The STORE-ROOM \o.51tj7th 17 street, immediately opposite the office of the National Intelliienoer. ami now occupied by W. Clendenin as a Host and Shoe Store. Possession given the 16th October. For terms, Ac., apply t? ?;KO- W. corn RAN, next door. a> f 1 ?f fTHJR R KNT?The two oomfortable and conveni I ent BRICK HOUSES on Farette street, ad joining the Convent,are now undergoing complete re pair, and will be for rent on the 4th of August. The Houses are very desirable, particularly to parents having children to educate. Apply to JOHN L. KIllwKI.L. Hirh street. Georeetown. i* 71 Stoves, &c. MC . W O O D W A R D' s KTROPOLIT AN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. The Greatest Cooking stoves in the United States. I have just received from Phi'ade'phia a few of the new Risjno Star, or double Oven Cooking Stove; ft decided improvement on the old Morning Star; patented IR57. I had them rot up in Philadel phia tins last summer, exclusively for ibis market. They are very heavy and strong, and cast of the very best Pennsylvania Malleable Iron. All the Cookuig Utenaiia aro made extra heavy. K. 11. Church, Esq., manufacturer. I have also. The Liberty Star, made by Messrs. Abbott & Laurence of the same place. The Light Street Double Ovks Cook, made by Messrs. Haivan Rartlett tc Co.. Baltimore, together with the very beat A'r Tight Flat-Top Cookixs Stoves that can be found in this or any other market, souio of winch are the celebrated Scjjrise. Improved Globe, Flora Cook. Noble Cook, anu the Blue Ridgk Air-Tioht Cook. If any man can produoe a l?etfer Cooking Stove, to excel the above Stoves, for roasting, baking. Ac., I will give him SWoo eaoh one. Piease oad and examine them, it will cost you nothing, and you will see all kinds and torts of Stoves,Ao. For sale at C. WOODWARD S, Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory. No 318 and 322 Pa.ave., bet. lOti, an?< Hth sta. Balcony in Front full of Stoves. N. B. As to the Sea Smell flat top Cooxito Stove. I "have examined it thoroughly, and think it has a very appropriate name?Shell. Yes, shells will burn out in a few fires. It is a ro?>d name for them?good for the makers. And as to the old Morn ing Star. I sold them last fall, but will uot sell them again. They are as thin as pasteboard. I can prose that the maker's agent urged me, for almost a day. but summer in my counting room to Mil them this Fall; saying that if 1 would take twenty-five of them he would give me the exclusive agency olthem for five years. I told him I would not have them at anv priee, they are ?o thinly made. They are hand Billed over town by one th't said laat fall that they were not worth having. All the altove I oan prove, se 17- tf P R O 8 T KING. C. WOODWARD'S METROPOLITAN STOVE AND GRATE FAJCTORY. iVo. 318 Pa.avenue,iettreen 10th and seS eoSm 11 rA streets. Medical department of george TOWN COLLEGE. Washington City, corner of Fund 12th streets. Session 1857-'8. j FACULTY OF MEDICINE. N, Yocno. M, D., Professor of Principles and Praotioe of Medicine. C. H. Liber* an, M- D., Professor of Surgery. J. Eliot. M. D.. Professor of Anatomy. J. E. Moeoan, M D., Professor of Medical Ju risprudence and Hygiene. J. M. S.nydkr, M. D., Professor ol Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. B. F. Craig, M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Physiology. G. C. S< haeefkr. M. D., Professor of Materia Medicaand Thentpeutics. J. S. Smith. M I).. Demonstrator of Anatomy. The session will commenoe on the lUth of Ootober and end in March following. The Lectures will lie delivered at the College Buildings, No. 3M3 F street, during the hours of the afternoon ai d evening. This time of leo'urinK has been customary in the College ainoe its establish ment, and is found to be advantageous to the student. Fees: The fee for the full oourse is.._. $90 Matriculation (paid only onoe) .......... 5 Demonstrator's ticket 10 Graduation 25 The expenses of living in Washington are as moderate as ib any o?her citj in the Union. For further information address J. ELIOT, M. D., Dean of the Faculty, se 26 Mw No. 4S*5 Seventh street, west. j^OTICE TO SPORTSMEN. Just reoeived. and keeps constantly on hand, a large supply ef the best quality ujf GUN POWDER, SHOT, and CAPS. Cheap for oash only. JONAS P. LEVY, se 22 tf No. te4 12th street, corner of B. Fall and winter goods. Now in store? 20? pieoes rich Dark Calicoes. 50 do. Blue and Orange Heavy Calicoes, for servants, lflO do. Manchester and Pacitc Mills DeLaines, Rich and handsome styles Merino and Valencia Ptaida, At wood, Arkwright. Lansdale, and New York Mills Shirtings, Brown and Bleached Sheetings, or ell widths. Customers may rely on setting good Goods, and at the lowest pnoes. WM. R. RILEY, ae 16 Im oorner 8th St., oppo. Centre Market. TVIOTICR.?The following Money will be taken at IN these rates for Groceries, Wines,aad Liquors: Cits at Par Baltimore at 5 per cent, discount Virginia at 6 par eent.disoouat Philadelphia at 10 per eent. disoount State Banks of New York at 6 per oent. discount Eastern Banks at 10 per cent, discount At No. AM 12th street, corner of B. ??? _ea3MI_ ___ JONAS P. LEVY. |?C|.R PRpSERVkR, PICKLES, fce.-All varie M 24 Cor. Vtmoat avenue and Ifta street. Vocal and Initrnmental Music. jyj u ? i c A L CARD. Prof. A. F. LITTLE takes pleasure in announc ing to ius friends and to the citizens o(? \\ a-hington, Alexandria.And vioinitT.thatfcfeSS he is prepared lo receive pupus for the'll*.!! Pianoforte, Guitar, Flute, and other instruments. Orders left at the Muaio Store or Mr. Metzerott, Washington, D. C., aiui the Muaie Store of Air. Parrot, Alexandria, Va., will meet with prompt at tention, Residence, Dr. Hunt's, 301 Penn. avenue. ?eaytawlin [\?RS. CECILIA YOUNO will resume her les L" I sons is Yocal Muaio. either in classes or private pupils, ou Thursday next, October let. For terms, dcc, appiy at No. 4titt Tenth street, be tween D and K streets. ae 23-3taw4w |N8TRUCTION IN VOCAL MUSlcf" C.IRYING'S Vcwal Mukio Classes moet for in struction and practice at Tempcrance Hall, on E street,ahoveStn, on,Wednesday ard Friday evenings. Afteruoon classes at 4V% o'oiock, and meht oirsb at 7^. Terms, (in either claaa.)22 lessons, $5. Private instruction, vocal or piano, per quarter, #5* l<adies and gentlemen deairoua ot receiving a thorough knowledge of muaio will be gratified by uniting with either ofthese classes. Application oan be made to Mr. I. at the Hall or through the Post Office. so 21 tf MR.W. HENRY PALMER'S PIANOFORTE CLASSEPare daily adding new member* Per sons desiroua of avaihnc themseivea of Mr. PaLM ir's services are requested to enroll their names aa sarlr aa possible. This CUas system is morn advantageous for the ad vancem*nt of Children, than any other system of ito?trweti?m. It ia equally advantageous for the perfecting of the moat brilliant performers. T*n*s in Advance. Primary Class $5 per quarter. Advance Classes ft 10. All applications to l>e made to Mr- W. H. PALMER,at his residence. 800 F street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. JIT" Georgetown Classes meet every Monday and Thursday at 1> o'clock, at Misa Harrover's George

town Female Saminary. se 24 tf Dancing. pASUlONABLE DANCING. PROF. If. AY. MI NDER most respectfully an nounces to hia fneiida, former patrons, and nft puhiio generally, that his Sehool. oorner9?h zCL and Dstreet, is now open fur instruction in/ the above beautiful and aece*?ary accomplish ment. overy Tuesday and Thursda* afternoon from 4 until 7 o'clock, for young Ladies. Misoes, and Mas ters, and on the same evenings from 7X until s^a lor Gentlemen. Prof. M. ia prepared to introduce some of the fin eat new Dance* ! bat has ever been introduced in this or any other City in the country. All those who wisn to prepare for the approaching gar season, would do well to join the above classes a* early as possible. N. B.? Ladies and Gentlemen who desire to form private ClaRees, or to receive instruction singly, can do so on Tuesd.-ty. Wednesday, or Thursday morn lug from S? until liy? o'oiock. oe5-eotf |\ A N 0 I N Q ACADEMY. Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DA I'GHTFR have the honor to announce to the l.adies and Gen tleinen of Washington and Georgetown that jra he will re open hia Classes for Dancing in A Washiugfon on Friday, the 9th of October. Mr. Crouch's Hull, corner of Uth st. ard Pi. a v., over Farnhani's Bookstore, f?r Misses and Masters, from 3 o'clock p. ni.; for Ladies and Gentlemeu, front 7 o'clock p.m. Go >rgatown ?on Wednesday. the7tiiof October, at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sem inary, from 3 o'clock p. in. For terms and particulars application can be made at Mr. G.'s resnk-uce, 4"7 E street, l>etween 3th and loth streets. ae 12-6m Dentistry, 4fco. OR. VILLARD, DENTIST, LATE OF CHI CAGO, wouln respectfully inform the eit-^-^g^ ' s of the Disiriot and vioimty, that hav-HiK * *1 looated himself in Washington, he is * '? prepared to perform ali operations in hia profea ,?fn, fn the moat approved style. Office, No. 25?, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier*s jan 30 1 r izena ing I noW atoti HE IMPROVED BETS OP TEETH. M. LODM1H, M. D . the inventor and patentee ef "l.oomis' Mintrnl Piatt T"tkhaving sueoessfullj introduced hi* improvement ioj various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth consists chief- , Iv in making a set of but one pieoe of material, and I that indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and they are therefore free from j galvaeic action and meulic ta*tc. There are uo I joints to become filled with moisture or particles ol food, hence they are e*r? and rlf*n. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their app?sranoa. 1 will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produces similar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durrbility, artistio exceMesoe or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 276 P?nna., between 11th and 12th streeU. ap 13-ly Dentistry. DR. STKPHF.N BAILY, Of?ick No. 198 Avbncs, Thrtt doott from 14t& Street. D*. BAlLYbegs leave to inform the pnbliothnt he aan be seea at all hours, at his offioe. loieted as al?ove, He feels assured that an experience of fifteen year* practice, with the large nsmber of patients.and great variety of difficult oases that he has treated)success fully, will enable him to surmount any difficulty, scientifce or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming the opinion of many mei. eminent in theprofession, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. Parmly, has led him, long since, to dis card all mercurial preparations for filling Teetti.also all Enamels, Gutta Peroha, India Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction ol Continuous Gum Testh, and that Percehan, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substanoe that aan be worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from hie long resi dence anu practioe in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends and patrons, he b?fs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: Prom the late Rector of the Chureh of Epiphany this city Dr. STXFHKif Bailt: DearSit^I desire to express my esteem for jou personally, and my oonfidence u> you as a superior dentist. The operations executed for me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you may reoeive the patronage from my friends and the yublio that your skill so well deserves. Yours very truly, Washington, Ang. 36,1S56. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs Bozgs, Cotman A Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant and difficult pieae of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the faot that one of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives me reat pleasure to express my entire con&aeuoe and lgh estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore,Jan. 12,1857, HARMANN HOGGS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. U. S. Sknati, Aug. 19,1856. The teeth you made for me work admirably ; noth ing oould be better. Very gratefully, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, 1 oan cheerfully reoommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist; he made a set of poroelian teeth for one of mr familv.and plugged several teetb foj myself, and the work has all stood well for more thas ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the V&. Oonf. of the M. E. Churob South. Apnl 19.1?56. We. the undersigned, having had oocaslon to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having been cogniz ant of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of his artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory nuwinei in wnioh he performs the most aelioate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respeotfully re oommend him to the oonBdenoe and patronage ol the puhlio. of which we oonsider him eminently worthy. Thomas U., Architect U.S. Capitol. Thomas,M. D,,of Washington, D. C. H. J*. HoHrkr, M. D. of Georgetown. D. C. N. S. Linoolh, M. D.. of Washington. D. C. Jos. H. BiAnLKV.of Washington, D. C. Gkokuk Walton, Ex-Governor of Florida. Waltkb T.knox, Ex-Mayor of Washington. Hknry Bai.uwim, U. S. Patent Office, ioht. Principal R ittenhouae Aoademy. fob 20 tf UNTING PARK TROTTING COURSE. At Ikt soutK end of the Long Bridge. The Proprietors of this new,complete and elegant Course take pleasure in t>eing sble to say that their arrangements are ali n plete, and that their track is now open^^W. to the public. In all its arrangements it^**""^* is unsurpassed in the United States, offering as many advantages for the trial of speed as any other Amer ican Trotting Course. It is procisely a mile in cir oumferenee, fifty feet wide, graded and prepared with oare and judgment, and is in perfect order. . The House oonneoted with it, too, is unsurpassed in its oomfortsand accommodations, mid for the lux uries always to be obtained there. The public may rely on it thfU, under ai/y and all circumstauces, good order will be maintained and enforoed upon Uie premises. au i2-2m C'UBA HONEY. * The subscriber has iast reoeived. and for sale, ten heroes of ohilled CUBA hONEV, at his Oro Cy and Provision Store, No. AM Itth street and uisiana avenue. leia tf JONAH P. LEVY. Watches, Jewelry, 4c. BALTIMORE, Wa?iTiNgTON. AM> VIR cinm Hank Notes taken m Mr for ail kn.a? ..f ?uvi vuv.uv j?ij a ? t* w a ?ys. I have just received a fen* assortment of n?>w Goods, winch I am prepared to sell at very low prioes. Please call at SB Psun. avenue, sign of the large Spread Kagls. se3?-tf H. O. HOOD. Gold and silver watches. jkwel RY, AND FANCY ARTICLE. I have just received another addition to my large stock of Gold and Silver W ATCH ES, of the best makers in Europe. Also, Gold Chains of every stylo snd price. Jewelry in sets and Bin gle pieces. Perfumery and Fancy Articles, Silver plated Baskets, Spoons, Castor*. Ac., a: " !r. RoBixsd.vs, S49,opposite Browns' hotel. Sign Larce Gi!t W atch. N. B.-WATCH REPAIRING done in the heat manner by a skilful Watchmaker, and warranted. au 21 -2m F iMNK WATCHES, RICH JEWELRY,and STANDARD SILVER WARK. H. O. HOOD keep* constantly on hand, and^ is J daily receiving, aH of the richest and most cho.oe styles of best quality GOLD JEW ELRY. Also, th? roost celebrated Tune- < keeping WATCHKS, (in Go d and Silver eases.) and is ir.anufact urine on his own premises, everr description of STANDARD Hll.VKK WARK. 'warranted coin.tand I am seUiue all the shove, and every variety of other FINF. GOODS in our line, at the very lowest New York City prices. Thaw who arc about to uvike their purchases would do well to call at S33 Pennsylvania avenue. Sign of the LARUE SPREAD KAGLE. se tfr-tf [States] Many of my old friends and ac qtiiintnsces hem? under the impression that I have lately d scontino?d business. I take this oppor tunity of informing them, that I hav* einrsced an experienced WATCHMAKER.and am fully pre pared to repair all kinds of fine Wntohes at the shortest notice, and in the bost manner, and war ranted togive satisfaction. The latest styleof JEWELRY GoldandSilrer WATCHKS. and all kinds of FANCY ARTI CLES constantly on hand. Also, all kinds of Hairwork snob as Bracelets. Necklaoes. Breastpins, Earrings, ete., done in the neitest style and tv>st workmanship. As this is attended to by imseif, I warrant toxive entire batis faotion. MRS. L-J. VOSS. oc 9 eoft Pa.ave..het 12th and 13th *t? west._ ^LOCKS : CLOCKS !! OLOCKS I!! A good BRASS CLOCK for ?1. I have fust re ceived and opened all the new style decks froin $1 up to ??S. The trade supplied (as usual* at wholesale prices. Also, (Mock Ma tennis, sneh a? Cords, Keys, BaUs. Hands. Wires, Oils, Ac., at the Clock and Watch Store of J. ROBINSON, S49, opposite Browns* hotel, au 21 -2m . Sign Large Gilt Watch. W~D. EICHLER, Mo.fta SEVENTH STREET, between lland E streets, west side, PR AC- Ix. TICAL WATCHMAKER, keeps oon?tant!y /fTJ on hand a f re assortment of WATCHES a'-o^bS JEWELRY. aeinBrn*^ Pianos, &o. v .1 it u ? r% viia r\ a ix r.i n WITH BY THOSE WHO Wl^H^w? "**1 A^IANO FORTE.?I have now lnstoreR^j-^^-^ the following treat herra-ns : I ? ? ? 1 f^OLD MEDAL PREMIUM v* PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner in the iate firm of Kxabe. GaKHLK ft Co., Continue* the manufacture and sale of grand and square PIANO FORTES, underlie name _ . oj W i tani Knal>e Co., at the old stand. Nos. 1, S, 5 and 7 North nuts w street op- "11 %" ' poaite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. They have just opened a new Sale* Roon at No SH Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly oooupied by Mr Knry McCafl'ery as a music store, where they will ?P constantly on hand a large assortment of plam and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes also, Melodcons. from the l>est makers. from 4 to S octave. with doable key-hoards, double reads, and stops to suit small ohurohes, Rwrg extensively enraged in the manufaetnre o Pianos, we will sell whoie&aieand retail, on Uie mot liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (guid medal)at the Fairs of the Maryland Institute two sneoegaivc years?October, law. and IWfr?in op position to fourteen ami eiriiteen pianos from some of the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were alsoawarded the first prennurn nt tho Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, 1R5S and li^f;. They have a'so been awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at tiie Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 18.57. In addition to this vre are in possession oftestimo niais from the inot-t distinguished proie*>?ors axx! amateurs in the country, vrnich oan be seen at our warerooms. speaking for themselves and others ol the hish appi i-ciation in which our instruments are every where held. All instruments guaranteed for five yesra, a&a I a privilege of exchange is granted within tne first si* months from the day of sale if tLe instruments do not | give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to thtir advantaif to five us a orUI before purchasing. Pianos ? xciianxed, hired, and tur.ed. mar 16-1 r WM. KNABK A CO. ^ C A R _D_? A_CHANCE RARELY MET A the followine grea' h*rrn:ns: - - ? - - Two suoerb Pianos, |mir round oorners. rosewood oases, seven octaves, used only a few months. I will sell them at $136 less than their prioe seveii mcnths since. A beautiful seven octave Rosewood Piano, iron frame, round oorners, for f&O. The above Pianos are sold for no fault, but be longed to famtlie* who have removed to the wesr. and left th?ni with us to be sold They are really and truly great liargains. We are prepared to give a written guarantee with th?m, and will, at any fu turo day, exchange, if parties are not satisfied. Aiso. a fine seoond-hanil Piano of Hallet 4 Davis' make, for $2?', used but eighteen months, and oost A!so. two second-hand Chiekering's for ?17S each, at the Great Piano Warerooinsof JOHN F. EI.LIS, au 19 3"6 Penn. ave.. bet. 9th and !?>th streets. J^HINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE. K. H. MILLER, SON* CO.. IMPOKTFRS, Alexandria. Ya., lwnH?v? rec-ived two instalments of their^? fall supaiies from the English Potteries,W ?W and will ooutinue to receive aocessions to ? u their stock till the business season sets in.? R7 H. Miller, Sox A Co. can assure their friends and customers that their atock shall be of the most desirable description, and that their prioes will com pare favorably with those of any dealers in their line in any other market ir? the I mted S'ates. R. H. Miller, So* A Co.have prepared them selves to offer to merchants every inducement to make their purchase* m their line. WINDOW GLASS. They have just received via Antwerp and New York, from the great manulactory of "Roux." New Brussells.INo boxes French Window Glass of supe rior quality and el ditf erent thicknesses, which they have imported under such circumstanocs as to enable them to otfer a superior article at very moderate pjic.s ng 21 tf PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Paixtimg ard Photography Combined. PHOTOGHAP hTC PORTRAITS, la Oil Colors, on Canvas, Mimatcric or Size or Life, S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT ASH PICTURE G ALLERY, Odeon Hall, corner 4>? st.and Pennsylvania avenue. P.WALKER has fitted up the above spacious apartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of th^most ooin plete ana handsome m the whole ooun^. He has a large Gallery for frt* erAibilion of upward of 3W? fine Oil Paintings, hv some of the best anoient and modern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. Walkrr has also fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments for ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru ments. ami engaged a first class operative artist to assist him in the department for taking all kinds of photographic, ambrotvpe and da GCERREOTY PE PORTRAITS, from the trnalltst miniature to sit* of lift. S. Walker, by oombining the Photographic Pro oess with the art of Painting, of which he has had 25 years' experienoe and whose specimens of life sue portraits may be seen in some of the first fami lies of the citv, as well as those exhibited in his Gallery, he will be ai?le, by the combination of the two. to prodiioe portraits that have never been ex celled for their fidelity and life-likeexpressiou. Can vis and boards prepared by himselt expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or hf'?sixe, from small p.ctures of dtceastdfrund*. . Photographs taken from eorpses, or sick persons taken at their own residences, on immediate notice. Committees and classes taken in an* number in groups, and anr quantity of oojiesfrom the same so.a at reasonable charges. _ _ . Likenesses painted on Copper Tor Tnmt> .Jones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Portraits, carefully l>aek lined and restored to their original frLadies* and gentlemen are reepectfelly .olioited to call at the Gallery, over Shillington s book i'ore entmnce street, two doors from Pennsylraaia avMiue. I'Uies When i was in boston last week I purchased very low for cash, twelve vt rj rood second-hand PI \ N OS. ranging in pr>ee frr m #tk> to <2<*i, whioh I flier ^very iow f ?r a^le or rrnt, at our Extensive Piano >\ arerooms, l'enn. avenue, between Mh and loth streets, 3M. oe 1 JOHW F. ELLTg. wo PIANOS FOR RENT at *2p?r mooth. Two do. do. at k?iNr month, . ? JOHN K. ELLIS' oe i Piano Store, bet. ftb and loth sts. | THE WfiEKLY STAR. Tkia oanb* Mud in any mn. ftMcl* oopy. pes i Ten eop?? . - - TwerUj Cuk, 4m itfrnri. ir sshs _ *1 f? ?T?d. It 'nra-mMy c?mi?m 1 he " IfesA imt rea News" that bas mad* Til Kri>.x? UtaJL atten tate so genera..* throughout the Ooaatn . ?i IMU U ?"r** (,B *"?****? mm I ~ ?? ooenter.,inm><liiueU p>n?r the u paper. Pr.ce-THREE CllNTS. Cr1 Postmasters who net aaagecte will be allowed EDUCATION AX. PRIMARY fCHOOL-Terms #1 par nratk. Music lDeluded, I'aucht hy a sond teacher < per mouth. Appiy at i* H iumi, Mwwr, unr. and lithsts. ni?m p ITT ACADEMY. FROF. J. FILL, who ha* been a rwiiful tr?oh?r io Washington fW Iwsit! Its mrt.sM fur the last seven years principal of <?e of the Pub lic Grammar Schimls of this Cl?y. will ?P*n. (k*w?t Acedeint. at his residence lOtb Sir act, for a limited number of young gentlemen. . I he oourse or study embraoes tba ?rmaerr Km Us Branches. Mathematics, tteieaoes, AcweLtsnd ??Mb languages. Night Soh -ol. oat-1w' BROOKEVILLE ACADEMY. .. , Muxtsomut Cvcxtt.Md. The oourse of study embraces Arciant and Mw ern languages. Scteuoes. Mathematics. and or Jin* ry Eng isfa Hranches. Ter<i ? for Board and Tuition *llfj3 per unrnm. Catalogues mav l>e of tiuned at lis autyne's Seventh street. or by add'easing the Principal at Brookeville.Md. _ . E. B. PKETTYMAN, A. M. JJWJ Principal. 514 SEVENTH STREET. ri < tob7as, o r tic i ax. Office Second St?>ry, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall. Spectacles and Glasses suited to every sirht; Opora, Reading.and Watchm'-ke *s Glassy; Tele ??op?s, Microsoopos in great variety ; Cosmoamie Stereoaeopea with news of snpcnnr and ch??ioe Diotnrasoa hand. Wee advertlaement to National Intelligenoer. TesTIMORLALS. S _ tl. a Nob vol*. September 7, its*. - The Spectacles rov made for ma auit me very well, and aeem to have improved my sight more tlisn any other i have lat?lr tried. I.ITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Speetahiea obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find tiwri of great assistance to sir s:ght. and corre* ponding with fci? description of thetr loous. l rtoornmend him as a skillful optician. HENRY A. WISE. PxTEBSBrao. October *1, !?*?. About five years ago, 1 obtained from Mr. Tobias, in \\ aahington, a pair of Glass*-* for tha apeotaolea which I us*d. and found them of great assistance tit hiy decaying vision ; and my opinion of him la. that he is skillful in the preparation of f>laaae? for eyes not too lar gone to be benefitted by auoh aid. J. F. MAY. * Ltjichbcbo November From an examination of Mr. Tobiae' Glasses, and from b:s observations and remark a, am r si isusd that he is a skillful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. LT*cnBr*o, November in. i?m. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished me with Olnt ses, by winch I have t>een greatly aided,<my visfn havin< suffered greatly from reading at iwgnt iu my earlier li'e.I it affords me the hithesr plet^aure to say that I oonsidt-r him a skiiiful practieal optician, snd well prepared to aid those * ho mar need hie professional services. WM. B. R??T'ZIE, Eider of the Methodist Conforenoe. Wii.minoto*. N. C., June 91,1?H. Mb. J. Tobias? i>?ar ft'ir : 1 am Lapp) t??*r that the Spectacles which I obtained from yoc last week are entirely satisfactory. Fiom an inaqiialttr in tho risnal ranee of my eyes, I have heretofore found great difficulty iu getting glasses of the proper f.>onl dis tances. It aflords me pleasure to state, that br tha aid of your optometer this difficulty has been hsppilr ohviatad, so that the Glasses you furnished me are dcoidedly the best adapted to my ey ea of anj 1 lave ever vet n*??d. Very respectfully you ra. R. B. DRANK. Keotorof at. Janics' Parish. Having been indue^d bT a friend to visit tho estab lishment ef Mr. Tobias for the purpose of trying his glasses I was furnished with a patr sttghtly colored rlue,.whicc have aflonb'd me mora r?lif fand grstifi cation than any I have ever tried. My ai?ht, origin ally very good, was injured by witinr and roadir.g at night, frequently to a very lata hour: Imt with tha aiu of thcae glasses I can atudv almost as late as ? ver. and that too without the pain 1 hare previous ly auflered. JOHN WILSON, I^ata Commissioneer Gen'l Land Oftoe. Dee. I have n?ed Mr. Tobias's Sp*etaelea for three t four months, and take great pleasure in aarinf .hat I am much pleaded with them. I have been much benefited by them. GEO. P. S^ARBURGHT^ Msy 5th, 1MB. I was r?oom:nend*d to Mr. John Tobias as a skilful optician: and as 1 have ex - a of remarkable paou lian - ty, 1 was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed comprehend them by inap^ction and some alight measurcm^ni. and he has made me apair of Sp' cta elcs that suits nic admiral*)). A. P. BL'TLLR . July 11, ISM. , W*eni???To*, Aug.*. >tfi. Having been for yeara undur t^e necessity of hav two sets of classes?one for use in daylight, and one for lamp-light?I procured ?>ne eet from Mr. Tublaa which autwered both purposes. 1 liavo used bis ior several months, and find fliem excellent. KPWA ?* l> STV RBS. Qt Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectacles >oo furnished me yesterday are p^rtic?larl? aatisfaotorv to me. They are ver* decidedly the t*it I poe?ees, and itin mo o? ner of eight or l ine paira. carefully aelected in diflere'it piacea and 'f'om Opticians rec oinmended to m? <>n aeconnt of their pr'<fee*>ional standing in Fruice. Eugiand.and the Uniteil States. I hava been a'so plessea with jour rema> ks and di reetiona on the treatment of the erea, for the pur p??se of preaervirg and improving the n?ht Respectfully fours, CHS. CA1.DWF.M.. I'rofesfor of M. C.. Louisville, Ky. BaOOSL\? OeTBCPAEPM* l!?STt1TT10K, After moat carcfu' examination?fir. /^Tobias's Glasses, ] am er.alilfej to testify thai their hardnesa. clearness, p'diahmjr. and exact optioal shape r? nder them partioularly ret?>ramer.dal4e to tboee wh<>s? merely op'ical impairment of the eyes are in want <.f snch auxiliaries, i ?onaider. moreover, Mr.T<?h?*e fniir qtwiified to determine the foous o( the rye,both by his optioal knowledge and experienoe, and t>f means of hie optometer. In addition, 1 can fnrtber state that Mr. Tnbi?a has supplied eoina of my pa tients with Glasses, to their and my aatiafartion LEWIS BAUER M. I).. Physician and Snrveon. Berlin^ Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. KngAod. Memlier of the Medioal Societj of London, and of the Patholoncal Sooiefv of New York; late bur geon of the Rmsl Otthopaedie Institution of M.i' ehester. England, and Surgeon of tlie Ii. O. Institution. Nobpolk, Va? July 77, In the experience ef even two years, I have found great difficulty tn obtaining Spectacles that were ex actly adapted to the weakness of my eight. Thia la eonvenionce Mr. Tobias aeems to have removed for the present by the substitution for me of better ana mo-esuitable Glasses. Thcj are clear, earrstal-lika and comfortabie to m> area. 1 wonld oomrm nd him to thoae who from ape or other infirmity require ar tificial aid in this way. J. J. SIMKfNS, M D. WiLHWarow. N. C.. June ia, 1854. To persons who have had the sight oftheireye* so impaired as to require the use ofGlassee. 1 would rcoommend Mr. John Tobias aa a saitaNe person from whom to obtain an oh Glasses ae thev miy re quire, as he has suited mo with a pair of Spectacles tor a far and near sight. Mv sighf ras been impaired verv much hr a eerviee of yeara in tlw Poet Office Department-, * hioh berth required me to be on dutv from 11 o'clock at niebt till after dar, dnnng which time 1 used but one light. W. A. VV ALKEH. Dxpabthext of Itcterioe. Mar 8,1?*5. - From natural defecta and the unequal muse of my e*es. I have t?een compelled to use glasses f?ir s?v? ral rears. I have tried different optieiane without obtaining gkaasoe perfectly fitted to iny eyea. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me. which 1 have found to serve me perfeotly. By the use of his optometer he ib e.uaUed to adapt glasses most minutely to the eve. 1 most cheerful r .1 \f_ a _ _f| It reo<immend Mr. Tohmn to afl havinf lo liac glasses, and bear my testimony as u> his akul ae Ji - HV.NR V E '^erlania. ^opuc^n. AM,t^ to aim ^ yitL r^at'T^ l\rOTICE.-C, R. L. CROWN k CO are ra ceiving diuir some of the fineet FL'RNI- m TL R t ever ( tiered in thia market, whu invite the attention of thoae in war.t, i assure them thev can aave at leaat le par < Namely? ,_ Handsome carved marble-top Bnraaaa and Table* Roeewood and walnut Tete a-Tetee. Some Wardmbee, Chairs of aa kinde. Cherry and poplar Tables. .. . _ _ , Mattrese;. hsT, eorn-top, an ! hnek; ComlertB. Blankets, Bedsteads, h.rb and low-poet. Rocking Chairs, oaoe and wood-aeata. Cushions for Chairs. Settees. Clo<*s of al! kinds. Fxtersion Tables. ?ide!.oarde, \\ hat-not. 11 lasses ?>f all kinds, eorr.e extra fine Oarpeta. Cottage Seta. R n?ra, Waitera. irlasa \Vare. Croeken w areef all kinds. Feather and Fane? 'irtodaof all kinds. And other Goods too numerous to mention to wluek we invite the attention of housekeepers and others, as w? are determined tr ?e" Po? ea?fc or to penotaal oustomers. C. R. L. CROWN k. CO. oor. of Pth street and Penn. ava. P. 9.?We shall still eontinne our regular Mies on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,both moruiagaiid evening, in front of our store. Consignments aoli otted, and ia all oases advanoes made wh?n retursd. _ ^ C. R. L. C. A CO? ap 25-tf (Intel? Auctioneers. PEA NUTS in bushels PE A NI TS for sale by JON At* P. LKVY, bushels PEA Nl TSforaalel JONAS P. se 1 tf l?th ?tr*et. onrner of t? [| A.V81 HAMS!! HAM*!? We have a ehoiae lot of Family.*Tire?l IIAMS. kcHSLU ???< Corner of Termont arenne and l.Vh street. J. MIDDLETON, tct DE1L WF^ Off oe and Depot-Sosthw*st aomer of F .nd Ifrh Streets. Waabtwrtoe ?Pl'-?f ^LOTHS. CASSIMERF.?. AND VE1TINQS. In store, a full stoek of Black, Brown, Bib* and Green Cloth. Ciaek Doe-skin and Faney anlorad Caasimers, el vat. Silk and Satin Veetincs . ? at ustssssss ~ swrrtittg se U-lm oornsr Itb at., orpe Centra Mm muku,