Newspaper of Evening Star, October 10, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 10, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL 1WTBLL18EWCE. T?* Xtw Dont ?Stnco the work on the new dome bu boon returned great progress baa born made by tbo bricklayers and iron workers. The wall has been filled up between tbo heavy east 1roa brackets to the top, and some of the plinth* forming the base of Ihe heavy iron columns have l>een fitted in place ready to receive the columns. The immense pilasters have begun to arrive at the works from the manufactory; and prepara tions are being iirwie to commence putting them up by the first of neit week. As fast as they go up, the columns will follow, and before the sea son closes, there will be a sufficient number of them up to give the spectator an idea of the grand proportions of the dome when it i* completed. The drawings for the first section are about com pleted, and will furnish a sufficient amount of ' woj-k to occupy the hands through the next en tiro working season. It is expected that the drawings will go into the hands of the founders some time next week. The wall on which rests the massive weight of iron composiag the dome, is laid In hydraulic cement, which, when dried, becomes as hard as the brick itself, and between every other course of brick lock strips of sheet iron are taid in the wall and lapped at Ihe ends to prevent any possibility of the work crackta?u or ?threading apart It is estimated that when the Ironwork is all put up, the weight wblch will rest on the wall will be on* hundred pounds to the square Inch, scarcely a tithe of what It is ca pable of bearing. The corridors to connect the wings with the main building are being ereeled with all convenient dispatch. The second story of the walls is more than one half erected, and the marble workers are called into active requisi tion to trim and place the blocks in their appro priate places. i ? Tax River ?Early this morning a great flight of wild pigeons were seen extending over the river, and the Virginia shore, as far as the eye could reach Sportsmen were out in all direc tions, popping away at them, and many were shot. They first made their appearance on the Virginia side of the river above <?eorgetown.and took a course across to the Washington side; v hen near Alexandria, fairl)Wlarkening the at mosphere by their numbers. They finally disap peared, going in the direction of the Eastern briatb. Mr Thornton Jones, an experienced sportsman, brought up f.-om Virginia on Thursday morning, the resnlt of one day's shooting?four wild tar key*, twenty-tight squirrels, twenty ducks of va rious species, a large number of ortolan, several wild pigeons, pheasants, and other game. Arrangements are being negotiated for the transfer of the great Southern mail from the in terior route to the old route via Aquia Creek; and it is understood that the change will be made (if at ?ll) about the 15th inst. The great ship Thayer. Capt. Fousland, Is at the wharf of the Messrs. Fowle 4 Co., Alexan dria. r^he is the largest merchant ship ever seeu at that port, and ia considered one or the crack ships of the merchant service. I. O or O. F ?The R \V G. P. (JohnThavi^ announces the following appointments for the semi-annual visitations of the Grand Encamp ment to its subordinates: Columbian Encampment, Wednesday, Oct. 14. Mount Nebo. Wednesday, Oct. 21. Ma^enenu, Friday, Oct. 23. Ridgely. Wednesday, Oct. 28 Lodges ?The G rand Master,( James A Brown,) with the firar.d Lodge of the District of Columbia, will make semi-annual visitations to the subordi nate Lodges, as follows: Harmony Lodge, Monday, Oct. 19. Washington. Tuesday, Oct 20. l inOD. Wednesday, Oct. 21. Colombia. Thursday, Oct. 22 Central. Friday, Oct. 21. Covenant, Monday, Oct. ".?>. Kxcelsior, Tuesday, Oct. 27. Mechanics', Wednesday, Oct. 20. Friendship, Thursday. Oct. 29. Eastern, Friday, Oct 30 Beacon, Monday. Nov. 2. Oriental. Thursday, Nov. 5. Metropolis, Frit-ay, Nov. 6. Cai'tLiv* is Washihgtox oji Six Thoc. sasd a Viae ?It will be remembered that Judge Curtis resigned his seat upon the Supreme Cour* )>enrb upon the ground that he could not live upon Sfi.WJO a year. "The salary attached to the office,*' he says, '? is utterly inadequate to afford a comfortable home for my family at Washington, while in at tendance on the Court there, and to pay my other necessary expenses There has not been one year since I was in office that I have not expended my entire private income, and some years I have ex* reeded il; and certainly you will agree that at Washington 1 have not lived extravagantly. In. deed I have lived in such a way as neither my family nor myself have ever been accustomed to; and I must be allowed to think In such a way as is not consistent with the dignity of the office 1 Lave held." This is rather appalling intelligence to those lu Washington who kmre to live somehow on a dol lar a day or lew. Win Pigxoms?Early this morning several large flocks of wild pigeons passed over thij city, traveling ina northeasterly direction. From prox imity to the ground many supposed that they had but recently left the woods in Which they rested last night. After the passage of the large docks numerous ?mall ones followed, some of them alighting for a while on fees about the city One of theiu lit among a number of tame pigeons on the street near the canal, between Four-and-a half and Sixth streets; but the tame birds, seem ing not to fency their company much, instantly kit, appparently much frightened. Mvbiit Tmavis ?Last night, the dealers in the Centre Market were disturbed by a gang of thieves, who prowled through the market, se creting themselves under the benches and be hind the stalls, stealing produce, Ac., whenever an opportunity was offered by the temporary ab sence of the dealers The thieves contrived even to steal heavy articles and escape. These inroad* of thieves call for the speedy erection of lamps in the market space, and the passage of a law for the arrest and puuishment cf persons lurking about the markets after ten o'clock at night, who are not employed there, and cannot give a good ac count or themselves. Ay Al(xa3dbia5 is thi CaxaL.?Last night, between ID and 11 o'olock. a gentleman walking near the canal, on Eleventh street, was startled by the cry of ?? .lelp me out'" uttered by some one evidently iu distiess. Hastening to the canal, he discovered a young man splashing about in the mud and water at a great rite, aixi shouting explosively. He was hauled ont. and stated that he, with several Alexandria friends, arrived in the city last evening, and got on a '? bust."' He wanaered off, missed his way, and got ia the canal. Wbenask^d his name, he re d '? Oh. no' if them fellows find out 1 have en overboard, they'll laugh me ont of Alexan dria ? Hold Villaias.?About one o'clock this mov ing a gang of men rushed into the room of Mr. David Reed, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets, where they alarmed the inmates by firing a pistol, and commenced searching for 'money or valuables, in which they itmtl with little success. They made a speedy exit befo e the watchmen on the beat heard the alarm. They were evidently strangers in Wash ington. and it will bediffirult to identify them Roasiai Ann Ablest.?At>out 8 o'clock last night James Williamson and James McCuen were arrested in the Sixth Ward by officers Ver million. Plumsill and Little, for stealing a mo ney-drawer and its contents, from the counter of Jame* Cross They were taken before Justice Cull, of the tfixth District, and committed to the county jail. " A Novel Rack came off at Manchester, New Hampshire, last week, between the horses Cllf ton and Young Morrill. It was a vnlkimg mnlrk of five miles, for a purse of fin, and won by Clif ton."?E*.rk nmge. Our Reuben has read the above and offers to bet bil money on a Washington nag?the proper ty of one of our butter merchants? to beat anv thtng living on a walk?In fact, "he can't do anything else*-' Wi caLI. attk*tio5 to the advertisement of Mr Baker, In another column. His new book. reriodkal and stationery store,on Seventh street, sland, will undoubtedly prove a great conve nience to the Seventh Warders D toiDKiLT Pa btiks.? Last night two parties of disorderly persons were noticed in various parts of the city very much tinder the influence of liquor and inclined to be disorderly. One forty was from Virginia, the other from Mury and They were watched by the guaids during the night. Poor A sitt?James Hughes, colored, was ar rested this morning, for using grossly Indecent and profane language in the street He was taken before Justice |>??nn. of the fourth police district, and fined 92 and costs RkaL Estate.?On Thursday, A Green, auc tioneer. sold lots H and II of subdivision of lot 17 in square 217, on Massachusetts avenue, be tween Thirteenth and Fonrtreuth streets, to Ab ner Brush, for 19^ cents per square foot. Tub Oi d Srn at it Cm am Is b?iag rsnovated aa*l rrbikd la handsome style for the comtug session by Contner, upholsterer. Ov Trr.??4T bvbubo the Washington Butch er Club, No I, have their cotillon party at the Northern Liberties' Hall. A Murine O til OttDitm of Patio 4 afterneoa, M l a Ion Acade my, corner of New York avenue and Four* teenth atreet. , ,*v- w cASFbuI*"!! 1*?"}???emhled, 1*. *" eifrted prenideat, and Henry Esq., secretary ' Mr Cnllan, on taking the chair, stated that he wa? not a creditor himself? that be waa only th?x representative of parti en who held certlfloatea of deposits. Several addresses were delivered, expressing confidence in the honesty of the parties As surance were given that there would he ulti mately little or no loss, and that the suspended house wm willing to fnrnlsh all reasonable facil ?ties for the entire satisfaction of creditors The general impression seemed to be that a committee ought to be appointed to thoroughly Investigate an3 re,K>rt the aflaira of the s?sp?nd it? firm, and that a representative of the creator* firm associated with the assignee of th" <to motion of Col. Wheeler, tbefollowing reso lution wa-s unanimously adopted: Ktsnived, That it la due alike to the denositora as wel. as to Messra. Pairo k Nourse tha^a fnil investigation into the atTairs of the coUJwn bU made, and, as invited by their letter of the 5th IRv** * coniII1?ttee of three beappointed, Who fail* thorized to eiamiue into the Mid af Idio.'.rni ^^ the result of their labors lo an adj turned meeting of the depositors to be held at this place on Monday the 19th inst., at 4 o'clock, . ?e?hj)ir "Printed Colo'x,l John H. Wbtel r, Thoma*' Jo??n H. Smith to consti tute the committee. Moat Rowdyism ?The night before last, the Seventh Ward, in the immediate vicinity of Four-and-a-half and 1) streets, was the scene of a series of rascalities perpetrated by a gang of fifteen of our t?:y regulators, who commenced aijout II o clock to announce their presence by firing pistols and making diabolical noises to the alarm of- the citizens living thereabouts. Not content with disturbing the rest of the citizens. ' Yjf ^ to the ?pothecarr shop of Mr. 1 . "n , ,^W *t?"?es through the windows. ? Inch, lodging among the glass bottles and show cases caused no little damage. They then pro ceeded across to the opposite corner, where they tore down the large new sign of Mr. B. F Clarke wood merchant, and split it into fragments', rhese acts of vandalism committed, they went to the house of a respectable family living near by, where a marriage had taken place durinn the evening and attempted to force an entrance, and were only frightened oft by the representation fom the lady of the house that the family were sick a contagious disease. After creating a great disturbance here, they assaulted a hack driver and caused his horses to run away, doin<' I considerable damage. ? CaSTEE Maeeet.?The attendance was large, as usual on Saturday, and the supplies average in quality and quamlty. The hay market was well supplied, bay selling at 90c.a$l.12 per cwt. The prices in the provision market were about aa fol lows : Beef, per lb 12 j Shorts . ...??* 18 lajShlpstuirs 35a55 Mutton 12 Kgcs. per doz.... 19 Lamb, prqr 75al <A> Sausage, pr lb.... 12% Lard 16 Veal 12al5 Beef tongues 75a#l Roll butter 25a31 Phira print 40 Honey, per lb 25 Green corn 12 Egg plants 4 Calves heads,each 25 Onions per pk37a50 Bacon Ifiaia Tomatoes, pk .... 10 l?al3 Shoulders 14al5 Breast pieces .... 16 Dried beef IP Chickens, pr pair. 5fa02 Ducks 5Pa75 Turtles, each... 12a? 1.25 Granes, per pk... 81 Cabbage, pr nead. 6 Butter beans, qt.. 12 Quinces, per p k. 62 Apples, pk 25a50 Peaches, per pjt... 50aSI Corned salmon... 151 Beets, per bunch. 3 Herring per doz.. 2?all Terrapins, each... 37.I Irish potatoes, pk. 37 Sweet potatoes, pk 25a37 Corn, pr bush.... 85 Corn, ear, nr bush. 50a60 Beans, pr bush.... #2 Rye, pr bush 75*00 Carrots 2 Turnips, per b'ch. 3al Chestnuts, pr qt.. 25 Chinquapins, qt.. 12^ Cucumbers, pr 100 50 Sturgeon cuts 12a.*) Hock, per bunch.. 25 Trout 25 ii*1* 4t?a451 Taylors ao Meal ?7a90| RE VISION OF Tilf CiTT Cha?ti*?The fol lowing Is the resolution introduced by Mr. Brewn at the last meeting of the Councils relative to a revision of the City Charter: Be it resolved, \r., That there be appointed a joint committee, to be composed of three mem utri of th? Board of Aldermen and four meuiliers of the Board of Common Council, acting in con junction with the Mayor and Attorney for the Corporation, whose duty it shall be to prepare and present to the Councils for their considera tion and action a revised City Charter, contain ing all the important feaftires now embraced in the several acts of Congress upon that snbjt-r-t. and also such other and fuxther grants of powei as the actual necessities of the Corporation will speedily demand. 10HT ?This morning two laboring men ^ot intoa qua/rel on Maryland avenue near the?ga* works, and determined opon a settlement by a fight. They went at it, and the larger of the two finding bimwelf nnable to subdue his littleoppo nent bv k*fair play'' seized a large stick and struck him a blow on the head, cutting him bad ly. Intimation l^ln^ given that wafehman Hor ner was in the neighborhood. the partle? agreed to go and take a diink, and quench all angry Sloso* Blitz?Everybody will lie glad to know that this inimitable performer is to stay another week at Odd Fellows' Hall. A inan who contributes >>0 much to the innocent enjoy ment of the public must be looked upon as a pub lic benefactor, and probably no man iu the L'nlon has n wider circle of wuiin friends than Blitz To-night his programme is to be exceedingly Rev Da. Teaspale ie In the city, and will, no doubt, preach to hie people to-morrow. ?? To-xoaaow Dr Pinkney enters upon his min Istratlor 1 at the Church of the Ascension. The Feaselix Statce Committee of the Columbia Typographical Society meets to-nlgbf. The Cihccit Court commences its October term ou Monday next. V\atcit Retubjis.?I.ast night the occupants cf the cells at the ccntral guard house were lodg ers. and these were dismissed at an early hour. Dr*. Hcktem it Williams, Phusi'iani/or Diteases of Throat and Lm*k?, Stt North Charles street, Baltimore. , XV,iam* V1'' Vl"lt Washington on t Ltrt &nd 23th of each mouth. 1 He uaxt visit will 1^ on Monday, the !2th inst. Office Peausylv&aia avenue, over Mrs. Voas's Jewelrj Store. "t WsnniMtt CAKir*,ot every kind, at very low pri oes, made to order, at the Philadelphia let Cream Depot, corner 12thand F streets. ee 17-lm* Coats. Parts, axd Vests. Drett Smitt. Bu-iinesi Suits. Noah Walees A Co.. Marble Halt Clothing &torr. Browns' Hotel Building, respectfully an n-mnces that their annual display of Fall asd iN iiTft Clothiin is now ready for inspection, ttMiiyrisinf an assortment of ant 1 outhi Cloth mt of the newest and rioliest desun in material, trimminc, and workmanship. wbV Wlth eoonomv, in fashionshle article), of dreSM, an opportunity is now offered for ??^ctiuj fruin one of the most attractive stocka or Cloth ins in this citj. ut very re?luce.| _ se 15-1 m uieu, v p/orcetown. an the 8th instant, ANN VIR ! ^ wife of Sim??n (isrratt. snd i*r 1 * 'ate I hos. Ball, of Georgetown, in th" ?tth year of her a?e. The friends of the tamily are respeotfully invited to attend her funera! on Sunday Afternoon, at 4 o clock, f om her late residei oe, on Hish street, between 31 and 4th streets. No. I7??. ? '"stant. Mrs. MaRGARF.T FER R ISS, sged F3 years. JKN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Daverport, '"**? paying l<? per cent, interest by Coupon in New ? ork. Bond* ol fW each. The growing city of Davenport has now aliout inhabitants, and is "?piu y increasing in wealth ami population. Its municipa; debt is only ,f lfitt.irti, and its railnsid debt only 9i^$,nn>i, and cannot now lie increased. The ?t\ii?ti?sof the <!ity were published in the Jntelli i i *ilth . Septemlier. We reonMnend .'n! iJ! .,<*vinK them to be as a^la as an) Mate or city bonds. -ocs - CHl'llB BKOTHKRS \W.?^ NOW ON HAM) AT OUR i, arerooms. corner of Ith strict -itv' mi I enn. avenue, and under CaruPi'e Sali^.n |c3El \ft*l uiTkov"1 "ff'ANOFORTESMI tl! J ^. A * ^ ??full d^?cripti<?n from If# plainest lo the most ir.agruficent. l,ouis X|V sfvle ^om tbeeHetwated laotory of Erard, Rosenkrana Perso is wishing to purchase a cood article are'r'e queste<f to give usaaall. v We have also, on hand, seven second hand Pianos whieh we will sell very cheap, to make room for others. oo7 W. G. MKTZKROTT. T NOTICE. H E Cndersifned having entered into Copartner ship, the business of HAlR CUTTING, DKKSS* IN G, WIG MAKING, are.. Ao., will he Oirricii on uader the name* ot JOSEPH HEAKD. ch \REEs watson. N. B.?WIGS, TOITPEES. SCAI.PS, Ac., made to crier, at the shortest possible notice. A select asenrtmant always on HEARD A WATSON'S, oc 5-1 w N atiouai hotel and f>tn st. G JS 0 It 0 B TOWlt I AffA IRS. Ctrutfudtne* Tht Stmt, y u IT?/ Omiaitowi, Oet. 10,1987. Th? meeting of our cltliens at Forrest Hall laat night, called for the purpose of dlscnaetng the propriety of oar Corporation subscribing ?906,000 to the stork of the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire railroad, wax tolerably well attended, Jos N. Fearson, Esq., wu nailed to the chair, and Jenkin Thomas, Esq., appointed secretary. The proposition was advocated at aeme length by R. Otild, Esq., of ourclty. and Mtun. McKen ne and Funsten, of Alexandria, and opposed by MetMra. A. Ilyde. Dr. Mann, and Chas. Stitnmer. At 10^ o'clock, on motion of \V. H. Tenny, F.sq., tlie meeting adjourned to meet at the name Saee on next Monday evening at 7 o'clock, when r Tenny has consented to address the voters of the town in favor of the enterprise. From present indications, and we hare taken some pains to post ourself upon the subject, we think it more than likely that the proposition will be carried by at least a two-third vote, if any thing like a full vote of the town shall be pollen. We regard this project as one of vital import ance to the future prosperity of (ieorgetown, and think it is the solemn duty of every man who may desire to nee Georgetown take her proper po sition among the comineicial cities of the Union, to consider the matter well before they cast their votes against this project. We have endured the iron reign of eld fogyism, we think, just about long enough A most villanous piece of conduct was perpe trated by a parrel of colored youths, near the cor ner of Montgomery and Dumbarton streets, on Wednesday night last The partieis alluded to made a violent assault on a young white man by the name of Williams, with stones, several of which struck him about the head, inflicting some two or three dati?rrous wounds lie was taken to his home, where he lay in a state of insensibil ity for some thirty-*!* hours. He was, however, by the skiifnl treatment of Dr. Riley, restored to conscionsness. and was yesterday afternoon considered out of danger. j The captain of the canal boat Tifl'av City, ! while in a state of intoxication, fell ott' the stoiie i wall at the canal bridge, near the collector's otflce, yesterday afternoon, and injured himself auite seriously. When taken up, the blood was flowing profusely. lie was taken on board his boat, where he was attended by Dr. Ritchie We would inform 44 Ites'' that we obtained our information about the accident to the Mott Bedell at the Long Bridge from the Captain. If the accident really occurred as 44 Ites" says it did, we regret having charged the drawkeerer with neg ligence. If, nowever, such was the fact, It would have been an easy matter for the drawkeeper to have informed the Captain of the cause of the accident while in conversation with him. His failure to do so naturally led the Captain to be lieve that he was either absent from hia post or asleep. We sincerely hope the police will be on the lookout to-morrow evening when the butter wa gons shall commence arriving on High street. Pemons living in the neighborhood and many of thedealers have complained long and loud against the practice of having on every Sabbath afternoon and ?-vening a regular market at the above men tioned point for the sale of butter, eggs, chickens, Ac. There is a law of the Corporation imposing a tine upon all found engaged in it, and we hope it will be enforced. Business upon the canal continues quite brisk, confined chiefly to eel. Since our report of Wednesday 41 boats in all have arrived ; 37 from Cumberland with coal, and 7 from other points with flour, grain, limestone, Ac The receipts of tolls at I he Georgetown Collec tor's office for the week ending to-day will amount to about S3.000 The following vessels have been loaded with coal at Ray's docks since our last report: Schr. Rio Grande, Parker, New York, 133 tons; do. Brothers. Chambers, 44o tons, for New York; do. Carlton Jane. Tyler. 296 tons, for the same place Several others are now receiving cargoes, and will doubtless b? ready to sail on Monday. The offerings of beet cattle at the drove yards yesterday amounted to about TOO head, '200 of which were sold to butchers at S3a?4 50 on the hoof?equal to S<>aS9 The remainder, except St) head, were driven to Baltimore. Old sheep and lambs, $2.50a$3 '25 per head. Hogs, ?9 per 100 lbs. The Flour market presents no material change since our last report. Held at $5 '25a#5 50 for standard brands. Wheat, good qualities of red and white, very readily command *1 10a?l 'JO. The only arrivals since our last report by river, are th<- schooner tjiiail. from Port Deposite. with 70.1**1 feet of lumber, to F Wheatley. and the packet schooner F.mbark, Donolio.from Philadel phia, to Hydr & Davidson, with a full cargo of mdse for the two cities. Spectator GEORGETOWN ADVEBTISEMTS. Alakgk assortment of fall {V GOODS. At t'ry Loir Pries to ( ash Customers. JOHN hTsMOOT, No. 119 Socth Siuk op Bbuigk Street, Georgetown, D. C., has received and now offering at very low prices to cash :uid prompt customers, a large assortment ol FALL AND WINTER GOODS. purchased in Philadelphia and New Y <?rk at the targe recent Auction Sales, and from the importers, at very low price., which will enable in in lo. oiler to purchasers, man) desirable G?<ids considerably Itelnw their value. In the assortment will he found? Kieh Silk Robes and Bayadere Silks Best make of Black Silks Bayadere Valeutias and Valentin Rolies Rich Fruited, all wool. Delaines and Robes Satin Fancoiiies. plain colors, all wool, a very supe rior goods, double width, at 7.Sc. Leepm's and other makes French Merinos, of all the most desirable colors, including \\ lute and Biack Plain Detains, black, white and colorcd. M-t black French Merinos,for Shawls Rich t'nion Plaii Merinos, at 31 *4 cts. Do. all Wool do. 50 cU. Printed Mcuslin Delaines, good styles, at 18s4 and ?> cenis 3*' pieces, best styles. English Prints at 12J* ots. Kich st>le Bonnet and Sasn Kibtsms Plain colors do., very cheap Velvet Riblsmsand Fringe Trimmings Stella, Utocha Shawls, in great variety Super double Broctia do. Chenille and Cashmere Scarfs Bajou's Kid Gloves.ail colors and Nos. Sack Flannels, all colors White American. Welch, and Saxony do. Black Bombasines and 6 4 Delaines Colors and black Coburg Merinoa Black Crape Veils and Knglish Crapes Uust black and brown and white English Prints Long arid square Black Thiliet and Bay State Shawls Ladies and Children's plaid woolen Shawla, mat: styles and prices Hosiery of every description Ladies Saxony and Merino Vests With a full supply of housekeeping and domestic Goods, of the beat makers. oc9 JOHN H. SMOOT. rp Pl/BMC MEETING. I IIE citnenaof Georgetown are respectfully in vited to assemble at Forrest Hall, on FRIDAY KVEN I.NO, the 9th inst.,to deliberate upon the pro posed subscription to the Alexandria, Loudon, and Hampshire Railroad. Addresses may lie expected from several gentle men from Virginia, and otfiers, upon the subject. Meeting will take place at 7>4 o'clock. oc6 MANY CITIZENS. 1?M)R RENT.?The DWELLING part of House No. M Bridge street, Georgotown, D. C. In quire at the Confectionery next Joor. oc 3-2w FM>R SA LE? Handsome residence on the Heights of (ieorgetown. The Trustee,oi lers for sale that spacious and handsome residence in Georgetown, at present occupied by Charles W. Pairo, Esq. The property comprises an entire square of grouud, beautifully improved with walks, trees, shrubbery. (lowers. A c.; a large and well- built green house, with plants in great variety. There are also on the premises, Stahiea, Carriage house, and other convenient out houses. The Dwelling-House is large and roomy, having, with the wings, a front of ninety -five (95> reet and oommands one of the Imest views of the Potomao river and country around. It is heated by a furnace, lighted with gaa, and contains bsth fixtures for hot and cold water; a large cistern, kitchen range; and almost every ooiivemence for a first-class residence. If desired the Furniture will l?e sold with the house. Possession can lie given immediately. For further particulars, terms of sale, Ac., apply to SAM. C. EDES, Trustee, At Pairo A Nourse'a Banking House, se 21-d3w3aw4w opposite the Treasury. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FOL iowing Goods whieh we are prepared to aell at a small advance of cost for oasli : A very large variety of Turner Broe. oelebrated Liquors,via: Turner's Ginger Wine, an exoellent remedy for Dicp-psia _ Blackberry Brandy,a oertain care for Diarrhea and Dysentery Claret. Madeira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaca \V inea, all of superior quality Raspberry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran dies. all of fine flavors, prepared from the pure juice of the fruit Rose, Cinnamon, Anma.and I'epperment Corui&la t'uracoa. Absinthe, Essence of Peppennent Extract of Sarsaparilla, Stoughton Bitters Forest Wine Bitters. We nave also on hand, a supply of Dr. WheeJer'a Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, a splendid article. In addition to the alsive, we have at all times a large supply of the following named stock of Malt Liquors, lietng the only Liquorsof the kind in the District, and which cannot fail in giving satisfaction to all who use them: Philadelphia X A, Burton and XXX Pale Ale,Philadelphia Brown Stout,XX For ter, and a fine article of I?ager Beer. As usual,a supply of Mineral Water, Cider, Ao., on hand. ARNY A SHINN. j* 8 _ _ W G reen street. Georgetown._ ry-^p* NOTICE?Liens**.?All persons whose l.i censes from the Corporation of Georgetown expire onlhe? th inst .are hereby notified promptly to renew the same, and pay the amount to the Clerk of the Corporation, otherwise they may subject themselves to a fine. ..lonm?ir ie zi-3fAwtOotlo WM.^ I*AIR P> Citit. rr"**NOTICE.?Having been informed that oer ; rf tain persons are in the habit of collecting and gathering together the Bottles which oon'amor have contained our beverages, and putting therein an arti cle made by othera than ourselves, and then dispos ing of such article on the faith and credit of oar name stamped ou said Bottles, all persons are nereDy notified that such Bottles are our own property, and not subjeot to sale, and that they are delivered to our oustomers only to be returned, and that it ta oar firm intention to prosecute to the utmost extent 01 the law, auy 1 n f ring men t of oar ^^hU tje^r^nisps. Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, ?e 11 Georgetown. D. C. ATOraar bat.? Ground situated in the City ofWasbuJ&IT^ known and desenbed an part of F,ot ^k!"twSi^l'ieht?f(?in *rf, numberwJ two hundred flet nnnltrflf .i fronting twentv-five (?> ??1h2? ^etreet. running ,melt to fvfiter witti the nppurtffoiinoft. nthr nnvilrrm Tw^.' WiSW1" Ml*r*,,nto beloacing. I erms. One-third cash; (of whieh S.Vi must ha **a rf?JUi ,n " Rnd 12 months. A d?ed given and a deed of tmst taken '""TPM'.Jn"''

? ALFRED SCHl/CKINO.i Trustees. oelft lawts A. G H KEN. Auctioneer. FOB REST AHD SALE _ tor other-' For Ntnt*nd Smle" no tire, ?? Uf ,*g,. S^ma^HnV KV,R 2A 'VK CHKa P.-Four ,_ *[? nUU8h8,in the Northern Liberties, and nLr^Ui7??'v5l??or!?r of ? "nd ,,h "'??ts ens>, near the Navy ^ard. Also, several good Building Lots for sale low for cash, or on liberal time. i ?Hi ? two Furnished Rooms, pleasantly located, in aprivate house. v 7 Apply toJ. R. ADAMS, Real Estate Agent, 0 >rner of Bth and L streets north. oo9 at* rOR SALh? A RARE CH ANCB.-DoWu ?. l :~J sell, if immediately applied for. the ??dCFr?,???,tares of my Bakery. Coufectionery. and Fruit Store, doing a good cash busiuess. For lurtwer information inquire at Hits oflic. k>o 8-3t A mvl-^^?Yw^ D A r'nc BRICK pT?.nf r?fc r HOUSE, in the vicinity of the 1 atent Office, for rent, and the Furniture for sale at private sale. Apply to JAS.C. McGUIRE. A act. and Com. Merchant, oc8-3t* I \ WE I.LING HOUSE POR SALK.-A band itsome three story Brick Dwelling Hous*. situ ated on the east side of 16th street, between H and I 18 ?"erC(lT?r wlo on moderate terms if ap plied for immmediatelr. NICHOLAS CALLAN, No. 213 F street, oc ? * Commissioner of Deeds. A (i/<)^,iSHANCiK ~FOR S^LE.-A BK1CK HUUSh. nearly new, with six convenient rooms. One of the rooms is fitted up expressly for a gr??oery. It is finely situated, beine high'and healthy, and in a fast improving neighborhood. A person with a small capital can do a good business there, as a grocery store is very much wanting. Wa ter of the very best, nearlv at the door. This prop erty is situated on the corner of 4th and N streets north, and will be sold very cheap, as the owner wants money. Inquire at No. 293 New Jersey ave nue, between F and G streets. N. B.?A bargain may be expectod. ec 7-lw* FOR RFN'T.?My HOUSE on F street, between i<th and IStb. seg?-rf W. F. PHILT-irs. TO LET.?Four large ROOMS, north side of I enn. avenue betwee;n 9th and Hth streets, inquire of R. C. STEVENS, No. 18 Penn. avenue, between Bth and9th sts. se 28-tf Real estate INVESTMENTS.-The sub scriber has a large number of C1TV LOTS, some of the most desirable, in every section of the city, whirh he will sell for reasonable prices f?>T f he paper or certified oheeks of our City B?nks. Titlee , J AS. CADEN, ?*?w1b No. V* F street. F ppii^'unroL- well furnished three story ? BRICK HOUSE, with tiack building, on 12th street, between G and H streets, No. 444, with all the convenience ? ofwa'er. gas. and heaters in the house Apply to JOHN ALEXANDER, No. 240 I en", aven'ie. se .T0-2ww3w rRENT ?FOR A TKRM OF i LABS?A Farm of 60 acres; one half cleared and under cultivation, situated in Alexandria com. tjr. \ a., ad mining and north of the Farm of G. W. P. Custis, and about a quarter of a mile from the Georgetown Aqueduct. The land is of excellent quality. It is w<*T! enclosed, with good dwelling, statues, and other houses. For particulars inquire on the premises, or to HENRY Bl RCH, 19th street, between M and N, Washington citfr, D. C. au 2^-Sfiw* FARM FOR SALL.?A small FARM, contain ing 18 acre* of Land, will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, or the whole of it disposed of to any one wishing to purchase. It is within two miles of the e* or information inquire of GEO. L. MOORL, east of the Park Hotel, 7th street. se 19 w3w* FOR SALE.?A comfortable two-story FRAME HOUSE, on 6th street, between M and N. A bargain may be had if applied for immediately. _ . H. N. LANSDALE. A**nt, se 23 1 m _ No. 564 M street. F*OR SALE.?Two comfortable F R A M E dwellings, Nos. 116 and 118, situated on north side Eaat Capitol street, l?et ween 4th and 5th streets east. Terms: $200 in cash: balance in 1,2, and 3 years for either house. Apply at No. 612 (2d storv > 7th street. se 15 POLLARD WEBB. Agent. Millinery, &c. pALL AND WINTER MILLINERY. Mrs. L.ALLEN. No. Pennsylvaniaavenoe, between Ninth and Tenth streets, south side, wiil open on Thursday, October 15th. a lit-autifiil assortment of IJKESS HATS for, both Ladies and Children. ' Alao. HEAD DRESSES. FEATHERS.*5" F LOWERS, R1BBONS. A c. to which xbr invites the attention of the Ladies of Washington, George town. ar.d vicinity. oc 10 5t |) R E S S MAKING. MISS M. E. WILSON still continues the DRESS MA KING in all its branches, at her old stand. 295 Penn. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. oc 5-1 m \| KS. iii.LLER, i"I No. .1? Pkvs. Avenue, (up statiis) Informs her friends and customer* in reneral,tha* she will have the first opening of Fall and Winter BON NETS on Thursday. Friday.and^ Saturday, and oil* rs the latest mid l>est selec-., ted.stock in the citv, at moderate nnces. se J?-W.ThA F.l'm* P OR MO U N T V t R N ON . The THOMAS COLLYER. having been thoroughly repaired, wiil m;ike regular trips to Mount Veiinwi, leav- , ? ng her wharf, in tins e:tv, ?ver?* TUESDAY and FRIDAY MORNING,at9o'clk. During the intervening time she will run regular trips to Alexandria, as usual. <>c R tf THOMAS BAKER, Captain. I D. HAMMACK'S RESTAURANT. J ? No. 2f6 Pa. av., under Willards' hotel. The proprietor is now fu'ly ^ Prepared to supply the pub- ff. A ! lie with everything that the wrn various markets will afford, and for constant supplies his house shall be second to none. Hy giving it his un divided attention, he hopes to merit the patronage of the publu) at large. oc6 1tn* THE SECRET infirmities OK YOUTH AND MATUR1T i. Just Publifhtfl. (iratir. thr 2btk Thousand. A few worm of the Rational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Local mjmfm Weakness, .Nocturnal Emissions. jEffi Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pre-, mature Decay of the System, lmpo ^ teucy.and Impediments to Marriage generally, by B. Phi LANEY.M. D. The important faot that the many alarming oom p'auits, originating in the imprudence and solitude of youth, may l>e easily removed without Medicine, is in this small tract, clearly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment.a? adopted by the author, fully expiained, by means of which everv one is enabled to cure Himself perfectly and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all the advertised rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remittiru^two^ostage stamps se28-(JAwtf 17 Lispenard street. New York. B ANKING HOUSE or SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE, FANT& CO. We will open Gold, currrney, and Virginia ar counts for depositors, and credit the difference be tween currency and cold. Thoae drawing Virginia or currency will mark their checks aosordingly. Those depositing specie will be paid in told or silver. We hope in a few days to quote regular rates for foreiin Bank notes, as well as our home currency .as usual. SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE, PANT* CO. se29-dtm "Bankers." CITY STEAM FIRE WOOD MILL. Economy and Convexikxce We are now ready to deliver WOOD HAW ED and SPLIT at 20 per oent. less than the usual rates, and better prepared than it can lie by hand. Knots and wood of inconvenient size not sent. All orders for less then half a cord will l>e delivered in crates to any part of the house at no further ex pense to the purchaser. Pine wood in crates 35 cents. Oak wood do. 40 oent*. In this part of our business we will open no ac counts, as we have come to the oonelusion to make it exclusively a cash business. Also, oh hand, HICKORY, OAK, and PINE WOOD and COA L of all kinds, whioh will be dis posed of on the usual accommodating terms. Now on the way? One cargo Wlute Ash Broken Coal for furnaoe. One cargo White Ash Egg Coal for radiators. Coal 2.24<t lbs. to the ton. All under "over. Orders promptly filled. T. J. A W. M. GALT. northwest comer of 12th and C sts.. No. 547, oc 7-tf one square south of Penu. avenue. IVf ERINO PLAIDS, all wool, at 50 ots. per yard. ItI. 4-4 Union Plaidr.atai cents; Shawls, of evorjr kind. Distritt and Virginia money taken at Par, and Goods sold at the very lowest cash prioes. WM. R. RILEY, oo2 2w oorner 8th St.. oppo. Centre Market. pREPARK FOR COLD WEATHER ! Ribbed and Plain Woollen Shirts and Drawers; Merino and Cotton Half Hose, plain and ribbed; Buok Gloves awl Buck Gauntlets; Suspenders, Black S Ik Cravats, and Silk and Linen Cambric Pocket Handkerchiefs. Customers may rely on setting good Goods, and at the lowest prices. \VM. R.RILEY, sa 15 1 m oorner *th ?t.. oppo. Centre Market. rpWO WEEKS LONGER ! We shall continue selling off for two weeks longer and beg all who really want bargains to call and se cure thein, as everything we have on band must be soM oat. Persons who buy to sell agam will find it to their advantage to give'ns a call, as we sromise them great bargains. We have yet on hand a very - - of fine goods. H. J. Mclaughlin a co , No, 90, between 8th and 9th sts. large stook oc 5 AV< TO-2AZ+ TO-MORROW MORNING. Br E. *. WRIGHT: GcergctowmT ?701RK8T HALL. GBORGETOWIf.?ThU r ulead id building w?t having been ?old at privau ?ale, will be offered at auction oa t he 10th inst. at 4 ? clock, ia framl of tke prtauaes. FQR R ^ K. ?. W RiGH r. oc6 4t* (Intel* Baiti.Sun) Auctioneer. FUTURE DAYS. T?I WALL At BARNARD, Auotioneors. WO HANDSOME A VALUABLE BUI LP Lots at Atttio* ?Oa WEDNESDAY, L?C ,nail In frnnt ?f the pr?m| . ?! JL<c,ock in.,rwo desirable Building Lots, No i j1 ?*rt ?f Lot No. Ifi in Square Kthaving: a front of?4 feet on I ^ running heck l"i feet 6 motes to a Th-M-y; betw,eep filh ?t'^et? weat. invp.fmin ^'l.i ^r,on? wishing to make a good "hesale?.p!,.?i Mt<lte " C811^ to the above. aa p?S^''rtnd T* ? T cured by a deed oftrust on the propV^T1' "C t' 'vA'.r ? BARMA^O. Anet'ff. I?Lf?*!S8C Me,ii;iRK- Aaotioneer. ! XCKLLEN'T FURNITURE AND HOUSE ,rat PrBi r ArcTiox.?On M (> R NING, October ISth, at lo'o'eik.. at the residence of Mr$. Hamilton, on Indiana ave nue, nearly opp<-si?e the City Hall. I shall sell all tha Furniture and Effects, comprising? Suite of plush-covered Parlor F umiture, comprising ptir of medallion bsck Sofas, two arm and six . parlor Chairs Pair of walnut carved brocatelle oovered Arm chain Walnut reclining Chair. Easy Chair* Rosewood marMe top Table, fancy Chairs \\ alnut W hatrot. iron marble-top Table S-'RPS? Mantel Ornaments, Vases, Centre Lamps ?*'t W/ndow Shades, Curtain* Brussels, three-ply,and ingrain Carpets Irdia Matting, Oi'cloth, StairCarpet Thrfe mahogany hair spring Sofas, Arm Cliairs alnut Extension Dining taWe, Sideboard ? alnut and oak cane-seat Chairs China, Glass and Crockery Ware. Tabl* Cutlery *ilver-p!ated Waiters, plated Tea Set Mahogany, French, and cottage Bedstrads Dreaaiug and plain Bureaus, Washstands \\ ardrobes. Louiices. Toilet Sets Two full marbled Cottage Chamlier Sets Feather Bed?. Boaters and Pillows.. Bedding Hair and H??,k Mattresses, Toilet Set Excellent Refrigerator, walnut Arm Chairs Cooking Stove and other fixtures Six open-front Coal Stoves Together with a general assortment of household and kitchen requisites. AI so, at 2 o'clock, two excellent Milch Cows. Terms: ?30 and under, cash, in bankable funds; over t hat sum, a credit of sixty and ninety da> s, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. fl<* 6~d J AS. C. Slcfil1!R h. Auctioneer, MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of three writs i*l of I- len Facias, issued froai the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of W astiington, awl to me directed. I will expose to public wile for CASH, in front of the Court-house doof of said county, on WEDNES DA\ , the 28th day of October, at 12 o'clock m, the following described property, to wit: all defendant's riglrt, tHJe, claim, and interest in and to that part of i<ot.l\o. 17. in Square No. 374, commencing 22 feet 8 inches from the northeast corner of said lot, front inr 16 feet 8 inches on I street North, between 9th and lWh streets West, ai d running beck that width the wholp depth of the lot, together with all and sin gular the improvement* thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Wil lam D. Acken, anil will t>e sold to satisfy JudicKils Nos. 361, S78, and 379, to term, 1867, in favor of Charles Koones. use of Parker P. Clark. Peter J. Steer, and Fielder M. Magruder, vs. W illiam D. Acken. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal for the Disttict of Columbia. oc3-dtd? T?..Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. RI STEE'SSAI.EOF BRICK HOUSE AND Lot OX JIORTH C ?TRK? T, BITWIFS 12TH AND Hth RTREKT4.-On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, October nth, at 5 o'clock, on th* premises, f rhall "ell, bv virtue of a deed of trust, duly recorded. Ac., part of Lot No. 2 in Square No.2?3. with the improve ments, consisting of a two-story Brick Honse and hick building (slate roof,) situated om.orth C street, betwen 12th and 13tli streets west. Terms: One-fourth ca*h; the residue in six, twelve, and 18 months, with interest secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conve) ancing' at the co?t of the purchaser. oc2-eodiVds JAS. C. McGUJRE. Anet. ]%|"ARSHAI,*S SALE.?In virtueof two writs of i?I Fieri Facias, issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me direeted. I shall expose to public cale for CASH in front of the Court-house door of said County, on SATl'R DA V, the 24'h of October next, 1*57, at 12 o'elock. m.. the following property, to wit: all defendant's right, title, claim, and interest m and to one undivided half part of lot No. 1 in Square No 5'8 in the City of Washington, D. C., together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized aDd levied upon as the property of David A. Hall, ami will be sold to satiify Judicial* Nos.33and34, to March term, 1867, iu favor of_Williain W. Corcoran. J. D. HOOVER. # Marshal for the District ol Columbia. se T-dt? VIRGINIA AND DISTRICT MONEY TAKEN AT PAR FOR BOOTS, SHOES, AND TKUXKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IROAN HALL BOOT. SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. Pennsylvania act nut, btlwtin 9th and 10 th sts. (tb) I have just returned from the Northi *R| with a splendid assortment of a:lJ W Iffv kinds of Ladies, (ieuleincns. Mis V^??ses, Bo>s\ Children*', and Servants* BOOTS and SHOES. Also, a laige ?t<>ck of TRUNKS. CARPET BAGS, VAI.ICES. ar.d SATCHELS,al] of which i wiil seil lor the above money. Ca.'i earij, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER S. ??8" _ _ Iron Hail. MY STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES beinf al-out the largest in th:s city at t;n*agL| time, and liavinr been purchased before thelB I rise ui Leather, can t>e sold at al?>ut 15 to fT ll per cent. lv>ss than goods purchased at this* Uxue. Call aud exaioine for yourselves, at S. P. HOOVER'S, in 11 Iron Well. P* ??? M. Qih niwl lOtK aft RANKING H O I SE CHI EF KVHOTHKKS. Depositors depositing Bank Notes will pleaae mark their Chccfts payable in currency. Deposites of Gold will be paid in Gold. Accounts will be opoaed witn depositors allowing them to ?L?jx?sit Gold and Check for currency, the depositor being credited wi'h the did'erenc**. iea-tf CHUBB BROTHERS. Q/Wk POUNDS WOOLLEN Y A lt N just A*r\/ opened. White, 'irny, Black,and Fancy-colored Knitting W? oljen Yarn. ? White and Blue mixed Knitting Cotton. Also in store,a full stock of Damask Table Linen, Napkins, Huckaback, and Uussian Crash Toweling. WM. R. RILEY, se 15 Im oornerSth st.,opposite Centre Market. DU PONT'S GUN POWDER. I am all times supplied with all the various kinds of DC PONT'S GUN POWDER, and am prepared to surpiy thesaineinaiiy quantity to parties wauting, on tho most favorabie terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, No. 35 High street, mar 12-tf < Intel.* Georjetown. D. C. NEW PERIODICAL,STATIONERY. BOOK AN D VA RIETY ST<IRE, A'o. *>3 7tk ft. west, near Maryland nr., (Island.) The citizens of the Island, and the public gener ally, are respectfuil* notified that all the principal Weekly and Monthly Periodicals of the dav may lie had at the above store, (as early aa elsewhere in the city.) together with a general assortment of STA TIONER Y, SCHOOL and MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS, a variety of Fanoy and other Articles, which will be sold at city prices. Also, CI6ARS and TOBACCO of every quality. N. H ? The subscriber continues to attend to Bounty Land, Pension, and other Claims acainut the Government, the writing of Deeds of Trust, Bills of Sale, Beleases, icc.. Ae. ocG-eo*w JNO. E. BAKKR. General Agent. M ORE RICH DRESS GOODS. We are now reoeivmg our usual large stock of very rieli and cheap Dress Goods, whioh have l>een bought at the recent Auction Sales iu New Yoik. \\ e name a few articles? Rich figured French Mousse!.nes, in new stiles. 3,Ui0 yards handsome Mousselines, at 25 to 3.}t cents per ya d. 2,000 yards lieautiful plaid Merinos, from 37>? to 62S ets per yard. Verv rich Vaientn Robes, and by the yard. Rioh black and colored Si k* RotWs. 2,t?0 beautiful and cheap Fancy Silks. A large stock of handsome Shawls and Soarfs, in all qualities aud prices. With other rich and l*eautiful Goods for general family consumption, to which we ask the spe cial attention of purchasers. COLLEY A SEARS. 323Seventh street, three doors north oc3-co2w Penu. avenue. C^HEAP EMBROIDERIES FROM Al C ; THINS. Just received from auctions, a large lot of hand some Enbroideries, which we shall offer at reduocd prices. In the lot we name Sou yards rich Cambric Flounomgs, with stripes four yards I"ug, for lad es' skirts. Rich Collars, Sleeves, with sets to match. Also, 10 pieces white figured Pique Cloth. 5 do with Canton Flannel backs, very desirable for Children's Cloaks and Cnpes. 100 worked Di.nity Bauds, one yard long. We ask the speoial attention of the ladies to the above goods, as they are decided liargains. COLLEY A SEARS. 553 Seventh street, third door north ocS eolw fenn. avenue. El.EGA Nf~~\NI) CHEAP HIRB<?NS. FROM NEW VOKK AUCTIONS. Opened To Day. ... 20 boxes l>eantiful Bonnet Ribbons, to sell from 12JfcC to #1 per yard. , ^ 11 boxes Black Velvet Riblwns, from 37He to #6 per MAXWELL A BRO., on 8 eo3t ? P*- 1W1M I^HE CLOTH IIAT just out and universally ad mired as a Gent's fine dress Hat requires ?or-? cminents, but au examination will guaranty Uie^^ ^AUo, a new mvoioe of FRENCH SOFT HATS ?er last steamer. At the Bazaar, oorner of 6lh street and Penn. avenue. o!a t-eo2w_ HOPKINS. QTH UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. Knfent" PtRKISHINO GO,(ll? ?f tV, ?trie and make, at the Emponum of Fashion, No. ^^rowiu ote, Tfc? rtM^l Crlih, *c. Nt* Yoaa. October 9 ?Meesrt Galland*t ft Wetmore, hanker*, have suspended Th* nut ?" the Park Bank subsided War* tk? closln* h*ur. the hank having promptly paid all Che de mands mad- n poo It The Brooklyn Central Baak ban been *njo4?ed, asd a receiver appointed. A meeting of bank officers wan held al the Mer C#n'.^_. *fteraoon, to devise measures . mm reported that the baak* will pro \ Ide a fund of f i.iftili.iro for the special object of foi warding produce. The Dowry Bank closed It* doors to-day, and has been stiapended from tbe Clearing H<?u*e ?,, l however, are abundantly aneured, and will be taken by all the city baak*. The Invita tion 1* a small affair. It i* the settled conviction of the merchant* that there can be no relief unle*aall of th* hank* expand The rumored *uspen*ioo of an extensive pri vate banking house this morning vrm falae Tb* pi ?position of the merchant* for the bank* to increase their loan* to three million* baa been rejected. Harrisrieg. Oct 9.?The Senate ha* passed the bill extending the time of the bank suspaa ?iou to the l*t of April, providing for a May of execution for one year, and requiring the deposit* of the State Treasurer to be paid Tn specie. It will doubtless pass the House. Cleveland. Oct 8.?J. Morris**, broker, *f this city, failed to-day. Boston. Oct. 9.?.Money is easier here, but ae gotistion* are as difllcult a* ever. The hank* gained one hundred and twentr-llv* thousand dollars In specie yesterday, making three hundred thousand this w?ek. Tue Boston Belting Com pany La* suspended. The following failures are reported to-dav ? Messrs L.A George A Co ,straw bonne; Messrs M ilton \ Gale, oil and leather dealer*, and Messrs N??h. French A Co , shoe dealers N urms. Oct 9 ?Money is tight, bat ther* ? re no failures of consequence. Trade is stag nant. [StCOXP ntSPATCB "J New York, Oct. 16.?The report of the sus pension of George Bliss A Co is totally untrue. Tuat tlth is one of the strongest In this city, and ha* no thought of suspending The Illinois Central Railroad and the Erl* Railroad have goue to protest to-day. The l*?w York State Fair. Br ffaj.o. Oct 8.?This is the third day of the fair, and the weather continues good. It is esti mated that 50.UHO peopleare on the ground to-day. Very great interest la the fair is manifested every where F.verv avenue approaching the grounds is tilled with vehicles of all description* fur the conveyance of passengers te and fro. Not an ac cident has happened to mar the pleasures of th* occasion. The receipts of the fair to-dar were *7.(KJU. and the total receipt* tbn* far 913,tOO. A large crowd is expected to-morrow to hear Edw. Everett. Railroad Accident. Buffalo. Oct. s ? At noon to-divaa engine oo the New York and Erie railroad ran into th* way express train, east of the Buffalo and Erie road at the crossing of the two in this city Seven pef s^ns were seriously but not fatally injured No b^tdy was killed The tiain was heavily loaded with passengers, on theit wav to the But* Fair. There were no through passengers on the train. Riot Among Laborers at Bergea Tannel. New York, Oct. 9 ?The Erie Railroad Com pany did not pay the laborers at Bergen tun do! to-day and great excitement wa* produced It is re|>orted that a riot ensued, and that a portion of the track has been toru up. The Kansas Election. St Lons, October 9 ?The returns of th* Kan sas election show large democratic majoritiaa. Bot h branches of the Legislature are also demo cratic. The Ohio River. Wheeling, \ a., Oct 16 ?The river here to day, is falling. ??? Baltimore Markets Baltimore, October 10 ?Flour is unchanged, Howard street and Ohio, 96 5J. Citv Mills, *5.25 cash. Wheat is steady; white f 1 20aSl 30. Cora is ttrm; white T'taTlic, yellow 7\UiT4c Whisky is dull; City 'JUa^^c , Ohio tljfa 2?c,' Flew York Markets. New Yo*k, October 10?Flour has declined; sales of 5,?U0 bbls : State S4 40a? TO, Ohio S5a to 30; Southern *6.40a So 70. Wheat is firm; sales are unimportant; red fl '19 a?l,25. white SI SkaSl.37j$. Corn is quiet; sales unimportant; mixed 5^)fa7Ur. Pors ha* declined 40c: me** S'23 Beef isstnsdy; Chicago repacked ? lie# 15 Lard is dull at 14al5c. Whisky Is dull; Ohto'-H^c. Financial. New Yore, Oct 1??stocks are firmer Cum berland Coal Co.5)f: Illinois Central Railroad shares <1; do bonds .'0 Michigan Southern 10#; New York Central 53tf: Pennsylvania Coal Co 47; Riding Railroad ^1^; Virginia It's 73, Mis souri fi s. 67 ^. ||K(.l M E N TA L R^jAIKK' A R TERS VOL - W asm in* tok.' October 4th. 1*37. The Regiment will assemble for the Annual pa rade. as present t>? in*-, at the u*ual parade a. * ground, at the City Hall, at 10 o'clock a. m.. null MONUAV. the i!Wh instant, (being the anni-W ^ varssry of tire (tattle and \ ie?ory ofvorktown 'l? <1 All Othcer* of tlie Regimcut are required-4 to lie punctual in their atteislaooc. sod those navinc ooinni'tnd ol Companies will give esok member of tiiem the proper notice, previou* to time,ami hn\e tiiern in line precisely at that hour. Br order of Col. IIickev : oc 9-St H. N. OBF.R . A dint ant. j^AMS,SIDES.SHOULDERS.AND LARD. Just received. Ham*. Sid**, an^ Slu ulder* sad I^ard and fre*h Butter; extra *upe ins Flour, brown and white Siirars ; Coflee. Rioe, Soap, and Candies, and Syrup; and a ten era: assortment ol Family Grooenec, >\ uias, aud Liquors, t>v JONAS P. LEVY. iv 31 tf Wo. W t?th * corner of R *treet 1MIK LEGAL ADVISER, or how to diminish 1 .isih(, avoid lawsuits, and save Time. I mm We. aud Mine*, kr conducting ttusines* according to law, a* expounded liy the best and latest Author ?He*; by Edwin T. Freedley, author of a Prsoiioai Treatise on Busincsa; $1.25 Information alvu* Texas, carefully prepared bp D. K. E. Hraman. of M*ia;orda. Texas; 7>c. Modern Reform F xsniined: ?t the union of North and Sunth on the suhjoet of Slavery; t>% Joseph C Stiles; S I. Just publiahed, and for sale ftj TAYLOR A MAURY, ae 36- B<xikse<lers, near Stk atre*t. (Intel., t'nion. State* 4t) Al UBF.RTS britrsh POWER IN INDIA*, 2 vols., 8vo., London. Political and Military Event* in India, by Ms>or Houch, lleutal Army.z vos.; London. Japon-Indo-Chme, par M. Dulstieede Jsiuueut, I vol.: Paris. .Martin's Statistics of (he British Colonies. 1 vol , 8vo.; London. The Private Life of an Eastern Kmc, by William Knuhtou, 1 vol.; 1 ondon. The Kingdom and People of Stam, by Sir John Browrm.r, 2 vols.; Lot don. Our AiikIo-Indian Army, by Ca^t. Rafter. 1 vol.; Loi.don Memoir of the Bensal Artillery, hy Capt. Buckle. Bengal Artillerr. 1 vol. Rvo : L? nd<?n. Memoira and Correspoixlenoe of the Marssis Wellesley. sueoesnvely ?Governor General aud Captain-iienerai of India. 3 vols., Is*., Lonoon. Military Operations at and the retreat and destruction of the British Aiiny in 1S42, by Lieut. Evre Bengal Artillery, 1 vol. oe 8 FB ANCK TAYLOR. AH. MAR LOW'S . CHEAP BOOT AND SHOK STORE, A'o.4W Pemntniranta avnue. I take this opportunity of informing my customer* arid the public in general tbat I have on saie.^* a lot of first-rate Calf skin Gaiters at $2.50,MHJ and a French Calf-skin Patent L?atherF^Ka Uaiter at %3.V<. as cood as are u?ually sold at 45, and a good Calf skin Boot at #*J0. Ladiea Gaiters at $1.25, fine Morocco Kuskins atBl.aod all other Shoes, such a* Boy'*, Mi**o?, and Ckil drens, cheap in proportion. Call and see lor your selves. Don't forget the plaoe. No.486 Pennsylva nia avenue, between 3d and 4H streets. au25 2awSm yyASHl.NGTON, OCTOBER S. 1W7. Dear Sir: The Piano I purchased of yen in tho Fall of 1KM. mannlaotured t?r Hallett. Devi* ft Co.. of Boston, iia* heenindady use fioce that lime.and I am happy to state ha* fully *u*tainod the vary fa vorable opinion I had formed of these matrumsnts. The Pianos of this manufsctonr are not, in my judEment, surpassed by tho?e otany other. For volume and sweetness of tone, prompt action.dura bility, heautv of workmanship. Ac., fte., tnoy are not excelled liy any others with which 1 amaoeaatnt ed. Respectnil'y, your obedient O. R. Merrill. J. K, Ellis, E*q.. Wnahington. Wash<ngto*. D.C.,May 1,1197. Dear Sin The Piano I pureh taedofviniof Hailet. Davi* A Co.'* manufacture, mine eigliteen mouth* since, continues to give entire satislaction. It u a clenr, full, f wt>et tone, and of lieautifnl workrnaa ?hip; not being a judge of such instrumenU. I truat ed to your word, and feel pleased in tajins 1 hsvo nut regretted it. ^ ours, rtapectfully, . ? Ma*. Pkter Callan. J. F. Ellia. We have now a large stock oftheae Piano*, se lected personally when in Boston last week. oc Vd JOHN F. ELLIS. ?? Pa. *venne. CJCRIBK?COMEDIES. ?7 Scribe?Comedies. Vaudevillss. De tiirardin?Poeaie* oomplete*. l>e Girardin?Marguerite, Ou Deux Amours. Rey baud? Le Cog du Clooher. Rey baud?L'lnduatrie en Kuroee. (iox'an? Le Notaira de Chantilly. E?ms ? Peaux Noire*. Marmier?An bord de la Neva. HaJiguet?Souvenir* d* L Awenene Espognoie. Mu*aet ?La Bavolette. Ck?ibril>aa?Le* Volenrsd or. fVuiveatre? I n Philoaophe eoaa lea toits. SoMve*tre-CoUfe.Biooad-niiOBvner. Meh in one volume, priee ? oenU. just muporte,! fart*, with many others, be ^?6 FttaS'CK TAYLOR. FOR a FEW DAYS LONGER.?Great Bar can,*.?Closing oet at H. j. Mclaughlin ft o?*? as ? *>. b*tw**n life aai Mk su.