Newspaper of Evening Star, October 12, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 12, 1857 Page 3
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L 0 ?A I. t.NTKI.MUENCE. Tut Riv** ?Three lumber schooners from Fort Deposit arrived ai the mouth of the T.her Cret-k vesterday. At Gait A Young's wharf, arrived schr. Jo* Parker, Cap! Cock, fiom Havre de Grace, with 1 lotor.s of coal tor T. II Worlhingtai ; schr. Mary Johnson, Cai>(. JonP** from with l*JU ton* of coal for Acker. Stuart A Emery; schr. J. H Jone*. Capt Fisher. from Philadelphia, with 182 ton* coal for Gait A Co ; and schr. Caroline. Capt Hatton, from Havre de Grace, with 69 ton* coal for Riehie. At Riley's, arrived steamer Columbia, from Baltimore, with consignments for Wm. Lord. Jackson A Bro . Thompson A Hamilton. Sam'l Putnph-ey, Wrn Bryan, Hon. J. B Floyd, Mur ray A Seuimes. J. Norbeck. G. & T Parker A Co . Chas White. H A Goldsmith, F. Steiger, Peter Fegan. Fowler A Co.. McDevitt. P. F. Mitchell. Capt Barron, I.' 8 N.. J it Gideon, Howell A IMoisell, B.J. Ne?ilc, and C. Slotf. Riley'* wharf to-day 1* lined on all sides with oyster pungles The ov*ter trade seems to be on the Increase, the demand being well up with and often ahead of the supply. Every man who can command a puny y seems to be engaged In the bl Talvnlar trade At Stone A Maoruder's wlia-f, arrived achr. K. Segar, Capt Paull. from Philadelphia, with 15o tons coal for Chas. Mitchell. At Alexandria, arrived last night. brig Roliert Reed, from St Johns. N. B , with plaster and staves for Cazenove A Baltimore steam-tug ar rived at Alexandria this morning to tow the oark Golden Era to Baltimore. Yesterday morning at 4 o'clock, a Are broke ant In a row of eight frame houses on t'uion street, near rbe fish wharves, which communicated so rapidly that they were all consumed before the lire engine* could be got to work Tbey were all occupied, and a part of them are said to have be longed to Robert Jamieson. Esq Th* Great Gcaso Ship.?We have jit*t paid a visit to the ship John E Thayer, at her wharf, Alexandria; and, besides being courteously re ceived by her commander, Capt. Poosland, (who Is as hearty and gentlemanly a specimen of the homo as ever walked the decks of a sub ntantial threc-ina*ter.) we had the pleasure of a walk throughout the largest merchant vessel that ever plowed the waters of the Potomac. The Thayer was built in lw54 by Paul Curtis of Bos ton for the Liverpool packet service, and is regis tered for 1 .(Jill passengers. The tonnage is up ward of l.SIUOtohs, but her cargo is about 3.0UU tJns. She is -JM feet long and .11 feet hold.draws ?Ai feet water with full load, and Is in all respects a crack craft. Her cabins are more like our me tropolitan drawing rooms than anything else, lieing finished in the most beautiful style, of ma hogany and papier mache, and furnished with ? very comfort and convenience that modern inge nuity could devise fhe is a first-rate sailer.and being lightly sparred, works admirably in a heavy breeze, answering her rudder readily, and flying over tiie waves like a prize yacht. She was managed by thirty hands on her home pas sage; something under her complement. >?*veral hermaphrodite and other brig* ariived at Alexandria during Saturday and Sunday; also a Boston packet schooner, together with various river craft. About the coal wharves quite a large number of Philadelphia and New York schooners lay at anchor, waiting for return cargoes of coal. About the wharves there seems to be every in dication of a brisk business, notwithstanding the general depression and the tightness of the money market. . Disorderly Conduct.?On Saturday night, a number of rowdies armed with guns. pistols.&c. went to that portion of the Fourth Ward, known as ',Swauip??odle." built a bonfire, and commen ced stoning house* tiring pistol* and guns, and to mislead witnesses, using the names of the Franklin. Colunibin. ami State* Hose Companies as rallying cries. Those companies did not as semble or go out. it was evident, from the fre quent attempts to create an alarm during the night, that it was the purpose of those rowdies to get up a fi'e riot, for they were armed for such a purpose. The material for the bonfire was a stack of hay belonging to Mr. C. Wendell, in the ileid adjoining the Government printing office. Several police officer* and guards got among the crowd and disarmed several of them, bul could only disj>erse the crowd without being able to secure their prisoners, and carry them to the guard-house: the number opposed to them being too great. Among the weapons taken is a very tine double-barrelled gun, heavily loaded, and capped, taken by officer Mcllenry from a man who was preparing for a shot at one of the officers. The police force must be enlarged. Cacoiit htm XarriXG.?On Saturday last, a man. O. Shunger, met with a slight mishap at a place called '? Bull Frizzles,'" just above George town. on the Falls road. He had got sleepy from some cause or other, perhaps from the cigars which be had been smoking. and lay down nti a stone wall near the a>*ovt* house for a nap. How long he slept he not know, but when he awoke he found hirr.?elf minus a very fine gold watch, some small change which was in his p<?k?t. and triakats a# ?"tne value. He Im mediately charged the inmates of the house with the theft, but a strict examine on was in stantlv* instituted by the landlady of the house upou tLe pr son* of sundry boys attached to the premise*, and nothing turned up to substantiate tue charge* ; so t!.e v. anger sleeper was advised to o to Georgetown ..:id communicate with the constituted atithoriM** there with a view to the recovery of the abst: sr led property. W hethcr he did so or not is not known, but the probability is that feeling rather fool. <1: at the manner of losing Li* valuables, be has pock.ntd the !t>*s quietly, and will look out for a better sleeping place when next ne becomes oppressed with cigar smoke Bcrqt arv?La*t night. Mr. AlvaDenharr,re ft.ding on F street north, near Thirteenth,discov ered a colored man in L.s house, concealed. Ha tried to a'rest him, but the fellow escaped to the street, and hegan an attack upon the house with stone*, and assaulted various individuals on the streets The guards on the adjoining beats went to arrest him. and a desperate fight ensued. The fellow was a powerful man. well known for hi* desperate character, and hiding himself behind bote* aad trees, when the officers approached L.iu. l.e would knock them down with stones Three of the auxiliary go trds were badly hurt by him?Messrs. Hempler, Cariire, and Bird. It is probable that lie would not have Ijeen taken, but for a shot whi<*L took etf?-ct in the fellow's leg He was taken to the guard-house and ga<*e his name as Joe Jenkins, and was sent to jail for the bur glarious act at Mr Denhnm's, and for his despe iate resistance of the otB ers Tbbasvbt Extvjsiox ?The south front, in Its progress, present* some new features daily. The long heavy pilasters are being set at a rate of from two to three pi-r week; the labor of pre ra'iiig each of these gigantic blocks of granite for Loisting generally o< < upies the grea!e?t part of two days, and is tiie most dangerous part of the Lusuies*. each rope and blftck requiring to l<e watched with the closest scrutiny, and with great regard lo the proper capacity of sustaining the Immense we.gbt of the stone* Some ten of the pilasters are set, ar.d the liiterveniug sj?aces built up as fs*i an i be hoisting process is continued. "Iti* lm*ement of the west wing Is nearly com pleted. and tLe went ai.d north area wills have been carried up to a height of ten feet within the last three weeks. A va t laljor has been accom plished on the Tieasunr Extension during the past summer, and of a character to command ad miration from all quarters. ImuvMnTf.?Among the noticeable pri vate residences in the cour?eof erection is a three story brick, iu process c.f construction by C. F. Wood, on ludiaua avenue, between Third and Four-and-a-half streets, for Franck Taylor, bookseller The building I* fortv-one feet eight Inches In front, with an i. If set of ten feet, and one hundred nnd seventy-nine feet deep. Every part of the work is very plain and sul*?tanlial. with little or namental display, either externally or Internally, but in accordance with the correct t ste of the proprietor. ?'A Vukbb'' In Washington writes to ns complaining of the dangerous condition of our utreets by night through piles of brick and simi lar obstruct ton* being left without any warning lantern or railing. On a late dark night he came near losing his life by driving his carriage over such a brick pile. In New ^ ork city, h? says, the person or persons guilty of leaving such dan gerous obstruction* on the street would be hauled up with s jerk, by the authority. Bmxoia Pa?va?.?.i. Who is to appea- at the Academy of Music on Thursday next, is spoken of in term* of warm praisr by the London Time* ami the Mexican papers, In which country she has just had a most successful career. Her style Is marked by extraordinary facility and correct ness In the very rh h programme for Thursday, are selections fiom " Lucretia Borgia,'' " Semi ramide." " II Truvatore,'' and brilliant mauu scrlpt music of her own composition. Assault asd Battnii ?Saturday, Mrs Eliza Moosel was arrested for an assault and lottery on Mrs Moore. She was also charged with sellini/ liquor Without a license Justice Donn. who tri?d the cases, held her to security to keep the peace in the assault case, and fined hsr g-JU and i j?Is In the Corporation case. Sfo.ioB Bmtz stays another week to keep the town amused with fun ?nd slight of hand These blue times It is really a God-send to have a place to drop In at and laugh dull car? away An hour or two at <Md Fellows* Hall enables ttie nio*t despondent to lay iu a stock of good spirits suffi ?tent to maintain a plucky fight with adverse for tune Hurrah for the magician Blitz, who exor cises the blue devils ' Chphcu Matters?The Rev Dr. Pinknty was installed as pastor of the Church of the As cension yesterday. The morning service was interesting and impressive. Sermon from the text "I ask, therefore, for what intent ve have sent for rat '-Acts 10th, ^Jth. The Rev.'Doctor, in his discourse, stated that he wished to have a fair understanding between the pastor and the people of his congregation at the start: h? stated that it was not his intention to preach from eclec tic culling* of the Scriptures: tnat he should, ac cording to his strict line of duty, preach every thing in the -'Word," and nothing which was n.?t; lie should expound no strange or erroneous doctrines, for if strange they were erroneous He dwelt upon the fact that he had parted from a congregation over which he had presided for up ward of twenty rears; that his parting from those many of w'ooui he had known from their earliest infancy, was a duty of a painful character; he gave the congregation to understand that he had not sought them, but they him; that he should, with Divine assistance, discharge all his duties faithfully for the good of his flock. The congre gation present was very numerous, and deeply interested in the eloquent and strightforward words which were spoken. The Chnrch is now in a very good condition as regards members, some ?fry-two news are rented, and applications come in every uny. In a short time the seat* will scarcely be sufficient to accommodate the wants of the growing congregation. Doubt is kxteesseo If sufficient time will l>e allowed the people of the District to read and de li Iterate upon the new Code of Laws prior to l>e. lng called upon to vote on them; also, if the twenty-five hundred copies to )>edistributcd wll[ s.iffic-to effect the object of the law which re quires that su. h " a sufficient numlier of volumes of said code oe printed and bound as may be ne cessary for the amplest distribution of the same among the people of said District, and for the preservation of said code; and a copy thereof shall he furnished to every justice of peace and every jud-re to each court, to each clerk of said court, to each coroner, to the levy court, to each public school, to each public llbiary, toeach public De partment of Government, and to the Mayor* aid each of the Councils of Washington and George town.'' Street Improvement.?A large number of men. under Commissioner Espey, aie grading N street south at its junction with Sixth street west, near the newly-purchased mansion of Mr. John Miller. The old and rusty-looking locust trees, which have stood the test of time for a long space, alonir the line of the street, have been cut down, and the grade lowered six to ten feet below the old grade. This will furnish one more con venient approach to the Sixth street wharves for many citizens in that vicinity. About Mattinoly's new Wharf soiii? com plaints have been made that the proprietor is ex tending the wharf out beyond the point which the law specifies. Mr. M., to settle the matter, has requested the Commissioner to bring an au thored Surveyor and have the place surveyed, to prove to those complainants that he has not exceeded the bounds required by law. The new wharf is a commendable enterprise on the part of Mr. Mattingiy. who has done much during the last eighteen months, to improve this portion of the Seventh Waul. Littlk bots sometimes ask droll q nest ions. George C) , a little four-year-old, was riding with his father past Richards'* schoolhonse on Friday, just a? the rather lengthy-visaged credit ors of l'.tiro A Nonrse were assembling to hold their consultation as t?> affairs in general, and the assets t>f the aforesaid house in particular. Four year-old detected something lugubrious a I tout the atl.iir. and turning to his father, inquired: "Pa, isn't that a funeral ?" Pnter fatniliat answered that at all events there were a good many ?? mourners' about. Larceny.?Bill Boston, a notorious colored in dividual. was arrested by officer J. M Lloyd, on a charge (ft the larceny of two quilts, the property of Mary J. Howard, colored. Boston had with him a pair of new shoes, supposed to Ik- stolen, but which he s.iid were given to him l>v Town send Ferguson alias llard-and-Tongh. The shoes are at Justice Goddaids office to Ik* identified, and Boston was sent to jail for trial at Court. Maimixo?Last night, James Reed, colored, was arrested for l?eing drunk and disorderly. He was taken to the central guard-house, and this morning it came out that during his frolic he seized a colored girl and struck her on the mouth with a heavy pie< e of iron, knocking her teeth out. He was fined *5 and costs in the Corporation case, and was held to hail for his appearance at the Criminal Court in the United States case. Two or Th km .?Saturday night Watchmen Evans and Neitx arrested, in the Seventh Ward, James Barret and William White for using ral lying cries and being noisy In the streets. Others were with them, but escaped. Barret and White were held to security to keep the |>eace, and re leased upon paying the costs of the case Rev. J. P Byrne, j?astor of St. Matthew's, has left for Philadelphia, where it is understood he is to be ordained In a few days as coadjutor bishop of Pittsburgh It is understood that Rev. Dr. \\ hite. of Pikesville, Md., is ts be the pastor of St. Matthew's. Watch Return*?Oct. 10?Margaret John sou, colored. D. C., profanity in the market; workhouse GO days. James Barret. D. C., using rallying cries, \Vm White, Md , do.; security and 91.19 costs each, peter Cokely, Germany, disorderly, costs, v-1 19 HenrvMaland, Pru^ta, d*> : dismissed Oct. tl?Jame? Reed, colored, Va . drunk and disorderly, and mayhem: fine and cost, ???4I in the Coipo*ation, and security for Comt In the I s ca?e Joseph Jenkins, colored, Md , housebreaking and resisting the officers: jaii for Court. In the western lock up?Charles Thompson, Md , drunk ; workhouse :?? days. Weddino Cakes, of every kind, at very low pri ces, made to order,at the P hiladelrhta Ice Cream Depot, corner 12th and F streets. se 17- Im* Coats, Pant?, ani? Vests. lire** Smitt. Amhm'm Suits. Noah Wat.kkr A Co., MarbU Hill Clothing Store, Urowns' Hotel Building, respectfully an nounces mat their annual display of Fai.L am> Wintkr Clothing is now ready for inspection, comprising an assortment of (ientlrnitm\? ami Youth*' Clot hint of the newest and richest de?i?n in material, trimming, and workmanship. Totnose who study excellence, with economv, in fashionable articles of du ss, an opportunity u now offered for select.** from oi.e of tne most attractive stocks of Clothii.* in this city, at very redttoed prices. Re 15 1m .tlAKHI 5 l?. On2T*h Sep'er?:her!a?t,a? Fort Gibson. Ark..Co! W.M. II. GARRETT, I . S. Agent for the Creek liKliaim. to M A R V, daughter of Col. James Lo;nn, of So?'tt county. Ark. 1)1 Kl>. At Arlington Honse. Virginia, on Saturday ir.orn mi, Mm* "thHi'iAiit. (iKoRiiK Washington PA RKK CI STIS, F.s<|., in MieTJth > e ir of his ate. Hi* friends and those of the famil> are invited to a* tend his funeial at Arlington on 1 uesJay next, at 12 o'clock. I in i he 1't ti instant, ANN AM F.RICA MILLER, aged V' years. Her funeral will tako place This Evening, at S r.'cloek. from the residence other husband. Geo. Miller, on l.s'reet, between (ith and lUth streets. Thi frten'tsand acquaintances of the family are iu Vited toai tend. * Onthe 11th instant, CIIA R LES CLARENCE, infant son ot Thomas and Martha A. Anderson. His luneral will take place from bis lather's resi dence. near liood Hope, on Tuesday, the 13th inst., at in o'clock a. m. * Ontbe-*bin.ta.,t, ESTHER AMELIA WOOD WAR l>. diug'.ter of Mrs. I*risetil? S. and ('lias. J. Woodward, a?e<i 3 >ears. 5 months, and l(> days. (Alexandria liazette please copy.) Onilth instant, WILLARD T. DRAKE, in the 23d year of his ace. ?ln the li*tli instant, DA VI I) H EDRICK,formerly Editor of the Valley Democrat, Virginia, in the Mth year of his age. R EG1.MENTAL IIEA Of)FARTERS VOL UNTEERS, Washington. Octolier 4th, 1RV7. The Regiment will assemble for the Annual Pa rade, a* prescribed bv law, at tho iihiisI parade ii ? ground, at tiio Ci'y Hall, at 10 o'clock a. in., on JL J. MOMJAV.the i:)th instant, (being the anni-FSf" versary of the bstr'e and viotory i fYorktown it All Officers of the Regiment are required"**"1* to be punctual in their at tendance, sod those having cominsnd of Companies will give each meml>er of them the proper notice, previous to that time, and have them in liue precisely at that hour. By order of Col. Hickkv : poi nt H. N. OilF.R. Adjutant. Av? "I STILL LIVE," N D will not tie outdone by any in the P&inting Line. Having secured the servicos of an expe rienced J*urn and Ornamental Painter, I till prepaid to do SIGN:*, BANNERS, TRANSPAREN CIES, A o., m the latest styles. Also, continue to do HOUSE PAINTING, GLAZING, and GRAINING in a superior manner, at ,\n. 53 Louisiana aveuue, between t*h and 7ih streets. se t-eotl ? V. T. PARKER. J|OLSEKEEPERS, ATTENTION \ 1 have just received a fresh supply of new and im proved HISIN?i STAR ConKlNU HTOVKS. They are ea?t of the l?est Pennsy Ivania uuilahle iron, and made very heavy and strong to aland hard knocks and rotuh usage. For sale only at ^ C.WOODWARD'S Metropolitan Stove and Grate Worker, Pa av., between loth A lltb sts., oc 7-eotw Noe.3ia A SO. EW CATHOLIC BOOKSTORE. The suhserilier will l?e readr, on and after Satur day. the i?th inst., to supplj the public witk Catho lic kooKS and PEKIODlCALR Alw w.nkeep on hand, a general assortment of ST A riONfcR\ , uoM of H, M1TCHELU GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. CtrresponJfnet of Tk? Star. Gkoksktumnr. Oct. 12, l?57. The following report of the number of pauper* and vagrants received, discharged, died, and eloped for the quarter ending September 30, ha* ?>een handed to us by the gentlemanly superin tendent, Mr BntTv: Numl?erof inmates on the 1st of July, 22; received during the month, 10? making 23 ; eloped 4 ; died. 1?leaving 27 on the 1st of August; received during the month, 6? making r>3 Of this numlier 7 were discharged and tt eloped, leaving on the 1st of September, 20; received during the month, 7?making 27; dis charged during September. 3; eloped. 1?leaving 23 remaining on the 1st of October. The whole numlter of vagrants committed during the quar ter was lb; discharged, 12; eloped, 3?leaving but 3 of this class of inmates remaining on the 1st of Octol>er Of the numl>er committed 14 was taken up by Officer Gross, 2 by Officer Trunnell, and 2 by Officer Howard The news of the death of the venerable G. W. P. Custis, of Arlington, was received on Satur day with very general regret by our citizens, es pecially by those who have heretofore been in the habit of visiting Arlington Springs for the pur pose of seeking recreation and amusement. Not withstanding. it inav he possible, from what we have gathered of Mr. Custis' intentions in rela tion to this proj>et ty, he may 1 ave provided in his will, If he left one, for the citizens of the three cities using It as beretore. Still the absence of the venerable former owner will tend in no small de gree to lessen the pleasures of those who may hereafter visit this very popular place. Several colored youths, among them one named Ma:tin, and another Brooks, supposed to have i>een concerned in the violent assault and battery on young William* were arrested on Saturday and taken before Justice Reaver For the want of sufficient evidence, however, to implicate th? m in the matter they were released. Mr. Williams is. we learn, gradually recover ing from his Injuries. Another meeting of our citizens will f?e held this evening at Forrest Hall, to discuss the pro priety of our Corporation subscribing S200.00>>ol the Alexandria, Loudon Ac Hampshire Railroad stock. The deleterious effects of the prevailing drought, last frost, or general bank suspension, seems to l*? no where more visible than among the loaves of bread offered for sale in the city. They seem to have litsen so completely stunned by one or the other of the liefore-tnent toned or some other cause, that any thing like growth in size seems to Ik- utterly impossible. We can t see that they have advanced in stature one cubit since the raw material came down from *10 to 66.50 per bbl. No change in the Hour or grain markets since our last. Arrivals?Sloop Delaware, 100 tons guano, to Jos Waters A Co.; schr. Mary Haley, Boston, 226 tons plaster to same. Spectator. GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMTS. JUMBER, LUMBER, LUMBER. Tho subscriber lias just received per brig Maria, from W ilnuugtou, N. C., a lot of G1K DKR, of the following sizes: ? I'T 12,10 by 12, :t by 12,6 l>y 12, and 10 by 10, from 10 to ??> feei lengths. Has also on hand WALNUT PLANK, from 2 to 6 inches thick. Also, seasoned PAN N KL WHITE PINE l'LANK, from 1'4 to a inches thick. The attention of carvers is espccialk invited to the aliove. Also, a larje anil well-selected assortment of BI II.DING LUM BER, wliioii I Trill sell low lor os?li, or on accommodating terms to punctual cus tomers. \ ard No. 37 Water street, Georgetown. oe 12-eolw F. WIIEATLY. iM U 8 I C A L CARD. I rof. A. SOU VD.of Georgetown, taket. pleaMira in announcing to his friends, and the citizens of liii- District, that !ia has resumed his coursei?* of M USICAL INSTRUCTION on the Pihiio^k* Forte, Flat". Violin.and Guitar. He will also give lessons in Thorough-Bass or Harmony, cither in classes or t<> private pupils. MRS. A. SCHA D will reopen her Cf.ASSI'S IN SI \? >I \G. and w;!I a!?o form a Ju venilc Class for iMgmners on the Piano Forte,(jjrj per quarter, in advance.) Mrs. S. is also prepai#d to receive a few private pupils on the Piano Forte. Applicitiou c*u !?e made at their residence, on Fayette street. n?ar 8th. < Heights ol Georgetown,) or through the Post Oilico. oc7-eo2w IJ'OR KENT.?'I hi OWKLLIN6 Mit of House No. ?> Bridge street, Georeotown, D. C. In quire at the Confectionery next door. oo3-2w RESOLUTIONS PI EDGI NG~THECor" poration of Georgetown to make s suhscrip ti'?n to the^ Alexandria, Loudoun, and Hampshire Railroad Company, upon certain conditions, passed 22d August. 1:<57: Retolved by the Board of Ald'rmrn and Hoard of Common Counril of the Corporal ion of lieorge tui/'it. That, 1:1 the event of an appropriation of mo ney by Congress to build a bridge over the Potomac at the Aqueduct, or near said Aqueduct, and west thereof, this Corporation b* itself, and the citizens of Georgetown, pledges itself to sut*?erii>e. or I ave subscribed, to the stock of the Alexandria. I.ou u.?un,an<i Hampshire Railroad, a sum not exceed ing two hundred thousand dollars, sufficient to con struct a branch of said roiuf from the bridge herein before referred to. to the main line of said road, and to intersect the same at such point as ma* l>eagre*?d upon by the Directors of said road and this Corpo ration: Provided, hmcere.r, That tins resolution shall have no force whatever, or tie many manner binding on this Corporation until it shall have been submitted to the consideration of the legal voters of this town, according to the provisions hereinbefore made, and be sanctioned by a majority of votes at the polls. ?? Mayor s Or mcr, Georgetown. D. C. By virtue of the hls>ve resolutions, on Tuesday, the tlut!>?>-,itli dav of Octolter next, between the hours ol a o'clock a. hi. and sunset. '* the polls will be opened at the Town llall, that the sense of tlie legal voteis of the town may be taken upon the pro priety of the subscription as aforesaid, with the lim itations therein, and those in favor ol such sub scription. i-nail vote Ate. and those opposed shall vote No. R. R. CRAWFORD.Mayor. Be /2-Stawtd ?U FONT'S GUNPOWDER. .AW times supplied with all the various kmd? of DU PON l"SGl > POW DER, and am prepared to supply the same in any quantity to parties wanting, on the moat favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, No. 36 High street, mat 15-tf (Intel.*States Georgetown. D. O. Buckskin shirts and drawers,high , ly recommended for colds, weak chests, breasts and consumptive pn sons. Also, BUCK LEGGINGS, for riding, long and short; BOXING GLOVES,and all kinds of goods in that line. Sole agent for the District at the Bazaar, corner of Gtli street and Pennsylvaniaavcuue. oe!?-eo2w __ IfOpKINS. I^HK EMPORIUM OF FASHION. ~ OPENING OF FALL A WINTER GOODS. The undersigned would call the attention of citi zens, and strangers visiting the Metropolis. to their extensive assortment of Goods formal gentlemen's wear, viz : lam French and English Cf.OTHS and CAS SIM ER KS of the hnest grades and textures; superb Velvet VESTINGS; Cashmere do.; Silk, Plain, and Fascv <1%. A Iso. a h up article of BASKF.T CASSIMF.R P, for Pants, very elastic and pleasant to the wearer, w.tli Cashmere V ??sting of the same make to match: which, together with a splendid assortment of (Jen tlemcn's FURNISHING GOODS such as Silk ami Woollen Undergarments, fine Shirts, Stocks, Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, Cravats, Scarls, and Gioves, of every description, with every article ne cessary to a complete outfit, which will be sold oheap for cash. ... . HJ N TON A TKEL, Merchant Tailors, No. 4'*; Pa. av., se tn-ootw between and 6th sts. Wm. Mi Lean. Gko. A. Mcnko PMel.EAN Ar MUN'RO, LAVING MILL AND LUM BKR YARD t'ornrr I3ta and B *m.. near the Canal, have constantly on hand a general assortment of 4 4 a il S-4 Dressed Flooring; 4 4, 6 4,and 3-4 Dressed ?V'hite Pine, Dressed Seprung and Weather Board ing. Rough Lumber, l.athet, Ac., which we now otler for sale at low prices. ne 12 eolm l^joUSEKEEPERS, ATTENTION ? I have this day received nnother supply of the COAL (JAS BURNERS. This Stove [?u rns the gas and smoke from the coal, thereby making a sav ing ofono half the fuel from the ooinmon coal stoves; suitable to ali apartments, Stc. For salo onlir at C. Woodward's Stove, Grate. Furnace, and Uookinf Range Factory, Nos. Sl.tand S-V Pennsylvania avenue, between loth and Uth streets. oe7?w?4w C.WOODWARD. T;ti yyASHINGTON, OCTOBER 3, 1&S7. Sir: The Piano I purchased of you iii the rail of ItM. manufactured l?y Ifallett. Davis A. Co., of Boston, has Iwen in daily use since that tune, and 1 am happy to state has fully sustained the very fa voiable ojnnion I had formed of these instruments. I he Pianos of this manufsctory are not, in my judgment, surpassed b> tbo^e of any other. For volume and sweetness of tone, prompt action.dura bility, l-eautv of workmanship, Ac., Ac., they are not excelled by any others with which I amacquaiut ed. Respectfully, your obedient servant. i i. i'ii . O. R. Merrill. J. r. Kills, Esq., W ashington, ? o JVash;notoji, D. C., May L MCT. Dear Sir: The Piano I purchased of you of Hallot, Davis &. Co.'s manufacture, some eighteen months' since, continues to give entire satisfaction. It is a clenr, lull, iwoet tonn, and of heitutiful worknuin ship; not being a judge of such instruments, I trust ed to your word, and feel plea.sed in saying I have not regretted it. Yours, respectfully, . ., AIrs. 1'i.tkr Call an. J. F . Ellis. We have now a large stock of these Pianos, se ieeted personally when in Boston last week. ? oe S (1 JOHN F. ELLIS, av Pa. avenua. POI NDS WOOLLEN YARN just opened. W lute, Gray, Black, and Fancy-oolored Knitting Woollen Yarn. White and Biue mixed Knitting Cotton. Also in store,a full stock of Damask Table Linen, Napkins, iluckal?ck, and It ussian Crash Toweliug. WM. R. RILEY. se 15 lm eorncr?th st., opposite Centre Market. PJOU8EKELPERS. ATTENTION! Just feeei ved, a new supply of the improvedfele AIRTIGHT FLAT^TOP ((miRINg STC)\ L?, four sixes. For sale oniyat C. VV oodward s Metropolitan tftove and Grate Fao i2/?' jii.i! *nd aaa Pennsylvania avenue, between IWh and 11th streets, 00' ?o4w C, WOODWARD, AUCTION SALES. II F Bt A. GREU?. Auctioneer. OU8KHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNI "f .AT, Auction.?On WEDNESDAY. the I4tn instant, I sell, at liio'clock a. the re sidence of a gentleman declining housekeeping. NV. , , I" street, opp,.site the latent Office,?n excel lent assortment of Furnitare. consisting of the usual variety to l>e found in a genteel family. Terms of sale: Sums of #15 ca*h. in bankable i funds ; over ?15 a credit of Go and sm dsys, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, t>earing interest. We have not euumerated in this advertisement, not having an opportunity to see the furniture, but presume the stock to lie of a fin* quality. ?"? A.GREEN, AncL_ By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers.

URNITURE and HOUSEHOLDEFFECTS _ at Auction ? On THUHSDaY MORNING. 15th inst., at 10 o'olock, w<3 will sell, at house N<?.? on 9th street, near Fenn. avenue, the entire House hold t nrniture. Ac , as Mahogany Sofa Do Parlor and ArmChairs .Do Centre, Side, and Dining Tables Sideboard, ParlM- and other Stoves Bureaus, Warorobes, Bedsteads and Beds llair and husk Mattresses. Bedding Withstands, Glasses, Carpets aud Curtains W ith other Fumituro Also, at the same time? 1 barrel Copai Varnish, No. 1 10 galls, do. do. No. 2 10 do. do. do. No. 3 Glue. Putty, Bronzes, Vermillion, and other Faints and Colors. _ Also, a lot of Teas, S'aroh. Tobacco Spices. Wood ware. Ac., Ac. Terms cash, in city tunds. oo 12-ts WALL A BARNARD. Aacts. FOR RENT AKD SALE. For other'1 For Kent ami Sale" notice* set \stpatt. IJJUR\ISHED ROOMS TO KENT at No. 452 13th street, between E nnd F. oc 12-fJt* FOR SA LE.?The Stock and Fixtures of a Cirnr and Tobacoo Store. Apply to H. LYLES, corner of 7th and H streets north. Store for rent, oc 12-lw* C.VIALL HOUSES FOR SALE CHEAP.-Four k small HOI SKS, in the Northern Liberties, ssd two Houses on the corncr of G and Cth streets cast, near the Navy Yard. Also, several good Building Lots for sale iow for cash, or on libera! time. Also, for Kent, two Furni-hed Rooms, pleasantly located, in a private house. Apply to J. <i. ADAMS, Real Estate Agent, corner of ttth and L streets north. oc9 3t* A THREE STORY AN D ATTIC BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, in the vicinity of the Patent Office, for rent, and the Furmture for sale at private sale. Apply to JAS.C. McGLIRE. A*"t. and Com. Merchant. oes-l * A GOOD CHANCE.?FOR SALE.-A BRICK IlOl SF.. nearly new, with six convenient rooms. One of? the rooms is fitted up expressly for a grocery. It is tinely situated, filing huh and healthy, and in a last improving neighltorhood. A person with a email capital can do a good business there, as a grocery store is very much wanting. Wa ter of the ver> best, neariv at the door. This prop erty is situated on the corner of 4th and N streets north, and will be sold very cheap, as the owner wants money. Inquire at No. 2*3 New Jersey ave nue, between F and G streets. N. B.?A bargain may be expected. oc7-1w* FOR RENT.?My HOUSE on F street, between 12th and 13th. *?yt-tr W. F. PHILLIPS. rpo LET.?Four largo ROOMS, north side of a Pcnn. avenue, between 9th and l"th streets. Inquire o| K. C. STEVENS, No. 18 i'eiui. avenue, between Btn and 9th sts. se3l-tf f^OR SALE.?A comfortable two-Ftorv FR AME HOI SE,on *ith street, l?etwccn Maud N. A lar^ain may be had if applied for iminrdiateiv. H. N. LANSDALE, Agent, se23-lm* No. iH M street. VALUABLE LAN D IN A LEX A N 1)R I A ? COUNTY FOR SALE.? The undersigned having :V??acres of Land in his farm, will dispose of from l??i to n'-rea, iit lots to suit pnrcliHJerK. S<;id Lan>l is situate ! 3 miles from the Long Bridge,on the Columbia Turnpike, and al-oiit tne namedistance from Alexandria and Georgetown. Those wishing to purchase I.and, near the tliiee cities, will do well touallon the subscriber, pw I deem it unneeessar) to describe the I .and or neighborh<?od,as it is presumed that those wishing to purchase will examine the propeity beibro purchasing. S. B. CORBETT. we IS-eolm (Alex.Gai.2awU) i OFFERED FOR PRIVATE SALE, and if not \ f sold before the 2Kth of October next, will l*e sold on that day (tlm2iith ol October) at 3 o'clock p. in., by a public sale or miction, to be made on the prem ises, the t?eautifiil country residence called "SI M M ER HILL," which is situated in Virginia,on the turnpike road leading from Washington city, D. C. to Alexandria, three miles and a'halffrom eitnercity consisting of a new conilortable dwelling house, cel lars, and out-buildings, with 15" acres of very rich land, of which over lioacres are under cultivation, the rest liemg hard wood land, geod spring water, good fishing, good water-power for milliner or facto ry purposes. The land inay be purcliased in two par cels, about 100 acres with the residence and over 50 acres with a house, of which over Ifi acres are the l?est in the neighborhood for early burdening. City property in Washington for a part of the considera tion would be acceptable. For further information apply to JOHN F.CALLAN, at the Drug Store oorner of7th and E streets, in Washington,orat the Law Office or BRENT A K1NZER, in Alexandria, se 17-eotif _ F'OR SALE.?Two comfortable F R A M E DWELLINGS, Nos. 11*> and 118, situated on north side East Capitol street, l>etween 4th and ith streets east. Terms: ?S00 in cash; halance in 1, 2. and 3 years for either house. Apply at No. 512(2d story > 7th street. se 1.5 POLLARD WEBB. Agent. Millinery, 4c. pALL AND WINTER MILLINERY. Mrs. L. ALLEN. No. 3?5 pern^ylvama avenue, between Ninth and Tenth street.-, south side. wi'l open on Thursdnv. October 15th. a Iteautilul assortment of DMESS HATS for tM>th Ladies and Children. Also, HEAD DRESSES. FEATHERS,' F LOWERS, RIB BON'S. A c. to which she invite# the attention of the Ladies of Washington, George town. and vieinity. oc lt*-5t D R E S S MAKING MISS M. E. WILSON still continues the I) R ESS MAKING in all its branches, at her old stand. Fenn.avenue, between 9th and loth sts. oc5-lm ^ O R M O U N T VERNON. The Steamboat THOMAS COLLYER, having been thoroughly repaired, will make ? Jg*^ I regular trips to Monnt Vernon, leav-J ,r>g wharf, in this citj, tvery""^^^?"? TUESDAYand FRIDAY MORNING, at 9o'c!k. Dnnns the intervening time she will run regular trips to Alexandria, as usual. ?Jc8tr_ THOMAS BAKER,C-.ptain._ D. HAMMACK'S RESTAURANT. , No. 2?G Pa. av? under Willards' hotel. The proprietor is now fully , J i ne propritfiwr m ii"w ihmj ^ ,JKV prepared to supply the pub-^ <i tie with everything that the ? " various markets will atford. _JJ ^rMswri anj f,,r<y>nstant supplies bis house shall be sccond to none. Bv siving it his un divided attention, he hopes to merit the patronage of the pubiic at larg^ ocG lm* I^HE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATUR1T., Just Publish? J, (jratic. the ZSth Thousand. A few wonis of the Rational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Local Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions, Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pre mature Dcoay of tne System. Impo tMicy.aud Impediments to >Iamage gcnerallji, by B. Dfc? LANEY.M. D. The important fact that the many alarming com plaints, originating in the imprudence and solitude of youth, may boeasily removed without Medieme, is in this saiall tract, clearly demonstrated ; acd t.'ie entircl) new and higlilv Hiic?jesHful treatmeiit, as adopted by the author, lully explained, by means of whichever) one is enabled to cure llimsull perfectly and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all the advertised rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remitting two uostage stamps jo DR. DK LANEi, se23-d&wtf 17 Liapcnard street. New ork. BAN KIN G II OUSE OF SWEENY, RITTEN HOUSE, F ANT A CO. We will ortn Gold, furrrtiry,iin<l VirttHt'a nr eouMs for depositors, and crtnlit 11,e ditference be tween currency and Kold. Those drawing Virginia or currency will mark their checks accordingly. Those depositing specie wiii be paid in gol<[ or wViiope in a few days to quote regular ratos for foreign Bank notes, as well as our home currency,as "SWEENY. RITTEN HOUSE, FA NT* CO. ?e 29 dim "Bankers." C ITY STEAM FIRE WOOD MILL. j Economy ano Convkniknck. We are now ready to deliver WOOD SAW ED and SPLIT at 2" per cent, less than the usual rates, and better prepared than it can be by hand. Knots and wood of inconvenient size not sent. All orders for less than half a oord will be delivered in crates to any part of the house at no further ex pense to the purchaser. Pine wi?od in crates 35cents. Oak wood do. 40 cents. In this part of our business we will open no ao oounts. as we have come to the conclusion to make it exclusively a cash business. Also, on baud. HICKORY, OAK, and 1 INE WOOD and COAL of all kinds, which will be dis posed of on the usual accommodating terms. Now on the way? , One cargo White Ash Broken Coal for furnace. Ono carfco White Ash Egg Coal lor radiators. Coal 2,240 lbs. to the ton. All under oover. Orders promptly filled. l\ J? Af '? ? 1*1. uA l? 1 i northwest corner of IZtii and C sts., No. 547, oc7-tf one squaro south of Penn. avenue. MERINrf> PLAIDS, all wool,at 5U cts. per yard. 4-4 Union Plaid*, at 31 cents; Shawls, of every kind. District and Virginia money tnlcen at Far, and Goods sold at the very lowest cash prices. WM. R. RILEY, o?2 2w eorner 8th at., oppo. Centre Market. JJREPaITe FOR COLD WEATHER 1 Ribbed and Plain Woollen Shirts and Drawers; Merino and Cotton Half Hose, plain and ribbed; Buck Gloves and Buck Gauntlets; Suspenders, Black S lk Cravats, and Silk and Linen Cambric Pocket Handkerchiefs. Customers may rely on gettintcood Goods, and at the lowest prices. >VM.R. RILEY, , mi IS-lni eorner *th at., oppo. Centr* Market RYE AND BARLEY MALT, for sale at the cm' MALT HOUSE, oorner of W?al FaUe ?venue and Bloat street, Baltimore, Md. Mr My TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM TUB ASSOCIATED PKBSS. THREE DAYS LATER IHOM ECEOpFj Arrival ?! the Atlantic . Sandy Hooe. OctoWr 12th. a m ?The Collins steame^tlantic, from Liverpool on the 30th ult ., ha* j us^wssed up. Later advices nad been received from India The insurgent* still held Delhi. The Imperial interview at Stultgardt had ter minated. London?Money was very active. Consols at 90 [?ECOND DISPATCH ] The Asia arrived at Liverpool on the 27th, and Kangaroo the 29th Calcutta dates of the 2nd. BombaySlst August, and Delhi dates of the 1'iJh, have just lieen re ceived. There had been nnmerou* sharp encounter* be tween the English forces and the insurgent*, in which the latter yre d'feattd Luropean reinforcements were arriving, and an attack on Delhi was expected on or ai>out the '^(Hh. general Havelock reached I.ucknow after two more victorious engagement*, but owing to hi* weakened force, was compelled to return toCawn pore. A doubtful dispatch sav* he reached I.ucknow, the garrison of which at 111 held out. and that the garrison at Agra was still secure, but quite pre carious. Admiral Seymour had proclaimed the blockade of the Canton river The imperial interview at Stuttgardt lasted four dav*. during which time the Emperor and Czar had several private interviews Hoth the F.mperor and the Czir had "tatted en route for Weimar. A meetly of the British Parliament would 1* shortly agitated The French decree forbid.ling the export of corn has been extended to Septeinl*?r, 1~5* A moderation of the Spanish ministry is still being agitated Sardinia is making advances toward a recon ciliation with Austria The Markets Liverpool. Tuesday.?Cotton?Sale* for three day* 12,500 Slow of sale, but price* were un altered The market closed qiiiet and steady. Speculator* took 1.0U? tales. Bieadttufls closed steady. Flour was quiet, and the maiketwas easier, but price* were un changed Wheat closed buoyant Corn quiet. Provisions were dull Beef was heavy, and holders were pressing on the market. Bacon closed firm. I.ard was dull. Groceries?Sugar was quiet. Coffee steady K ice quiet. Naval Stores?Rosin closed firm, ai.d Spirits Turpentine steady. Consols clou* d ;it 9Ua90;, for money Liverpool,Wednesday afternoon ?Estimated sales of cotton to-day, ti.ono bale*, closing quiet. So;at had declined ',d Other articles were un changed. London Markets?Money closed very active Flour was dull. Sugar closed steady, but infe rior qualities had slightly declined. [THIRD DIsrATCH ] New Yore. Oct 12, 12 m?Goolah Sing died at Cashmere on the 2d of August. More mutinies have Ix-en discovered among the Bort0>ay troops, and it is supposed that several suspected regiments would l>edisaiined Lord Elgin had transferred the frigates Shan non and l'ea11 to the service of the East India government, and was Hl?nt returning to China. Martial law had Men proclaimed at Belgium The Paris Patrie says that a serious disseution had arisen lietween Lord Canning, Governor General of India, and Sir Coliu Campbell. Lord Elgin siding with the latter The latest account says that General Havelock'a position is regarded as precarious. S.r B W. Cardcn his been elected Lord Mayor of London. An linglish officer reports that he saw Xcna Sahib and his family swamj>ed m a lx>at on the Ganges, and ail drowned A telegraphicd- ? patch from Marseille* to Paris says that the |>opu!atioiinf Bengal was l?eginnlng to rise and were killing the English; also that the revolution was becoming general. No mere liqui dize was reaching Calcutta. Imports were a<*eu iruilating, as there were no buyers. Money in the Kast was disappearing. and the paper of the East India Company was at 25 per cent, discount. The Atlantic arrived at her dock at Ida. m. with 120 passengers, including Charles S Spen<e, l>eaier of the ratified commercial treaty with Per sia; F. N hrceder, late Minister to Sweden; W. R. Oshorn, President of the Illinois Central Kail road. and G. F. Train, of Boston The Atlantic also brings ?17.000 in specie. Thk Latest. London, Saturday noon ?Consols 90Va90?, for account The Bombay Times, received by the overland mail, do?s not mention the arrival of Gen Have lock at Luckuow. It designates the intelligence as of a disastrous character. A letter from Ai*>o says that the king of Delhi has offered to make terms, provided his annual stipend was increased ; but he was informed that nothing but an unconditional surrender would be accepted Numbers of mutineers were leaving Delhi un armed. The Punjaub was tranquil The organization of Sikh legiments was lapidlv progressing The Kind's magazine at Jodhpoore had l?een stuk by lightning ; 900 persons were k ited, and ? 1,MNUM> of prope.ty destroyed Tie whole province of had Income alarmed, and the civilians at Gigah had fl^d to Pa n , leaving'he titasury in <h ;rge tf theG4:h r -gin, which was iuaj.rc<a ions situation Calcut a was crowded with fugitive* from ail pa:ts of The financial Crisis, Ac. New York. October 10 ?The East River Bank hr.s suspended. Boston, October 10?Financial nr.a'ters con tinue much depressed, the merchant*, however, are generally meeting the payment of ttieir notes No new failures are announced. The evening papers of to day represent money matters as les* favorable than >esterdav, but there is no apparent eiciteinent lrbe stock mar ket ha* again commenced to decline under orders from holders to sell at the liest rates offered. Bank stor ks also share in the depression, and there are far more sellers than buyem. The prin cipal decline to-dav, how. v *r. was in the snares of the Merchant"' Bank, which fell off three per cent., closing at 95 bid. The report of the failure of the Boston Belting Company?Tappan \ McHenry agents?was in correct. and probably originated troin the fact that they stopped their works for the periodical cleaning of the machines It is said their assets exceed their liabilities $5fi0.tftJO I. on is v i li.k. October 10 ?The failure Of a. D. Mansfield, clothing Waiehouse, is announced to day. Mr. Smith, the proprietor of Owens'* Hotel, also found it necessary to make au assignment this forenoon. \V heeling. Oct. 10 ?The report of the failure of th< .Manufacturers' and Farmers" Bank of this citv is entirely false. That bank had only S25. OUt'iu circulation previous to the suspension, and are now drawing in as fast as possible. The other banks of this city are in a sound condition KicnMoxn, Oct 10.?The Governor ha? issued a proclamation prohibiting the notes of the Bank of Kanawha from being received in payment for money due the State, that bank having refused to red -em its notes and removed a large amount of its assets beyond the limits of the Stale. Aprcsta, Oct. 10.?Reliable telegraph new* from Charleston announces the suspension of the Bank of the State of South Carolina, a State in stitution. of which C. M Finnan is president. New Orleans, Oct. 10 ?The cotto l m .rket has further declined < ne cent per pound since Wednesday, and middling is freely offered at 12 cents. The total decline within the past ten da\s has been four and a quarter cents per pound. Sterling has also declined, and the liest hills on London are nominally ieia96, orfromfourtoseveu percent discount In freightsthere i* uo change, and engagements are limited. Detroit, Oct 9.?Produce is fast accumulating at this port Very little is going forward, on ac count of the derangement in currency and the uncertainty of the eastern markets. The stock of flour ou hand is larger than at any previous pe riod of this season. The receipts of flour by rail road yesterday amounted to 2,250 barrels, and of wheat to 10,1100 bushels The Michigan Central Railroad boats plying lietween Detroit and Buffalo will be laid up as fast as they arrive at this port. [second dispatch.] New York, Oct 12 ?Messrs Corning \ Co., baukers, suspended on Saturday. They were lar?'e stockholders in the Southern Bank of New Oceans. Kansas Election?Conflicting Reports. St. Loin a, Oct. 10?The Republican ha* re tain* from Kansas which put down the Demo cratic majority in Leavenworth at '241, in Atchi son 63, and Doniphan 50. In Johnson county the Democrats are reported to have a large majority, and the Democrats are understood to have been successful likewise in Jefferson In Douglas county the Republicans are said to have a majority of l,lt>5, and in Shawnee a ma jority of 350. The Legislature, according to the same authority, is certainly Democratic, while for Congiess. Parrott, the Republican candidate, is alleged to have been successful. Leavenworth advices state that by the returns of the Kansas election, receded up to the ?tU, only Leavenworth couuty had so far given i ocratic majority. Returns, given as authentic give a Republican majority in six counties of Later^adv ices from Kansas state that Parrott. ,F1 state.) for Congress, ha* a majority or from not) to b.UUO. According to the estimate of the <taie men the legislature stand* *. Council Republican* 9, Democrats 4; House - Republi cans 24. Democrats 15. Johnson county gives a Democratic majority of 250. tvniisylvanta Lpgiiiflturf ? Haebisecrg, October 10.?'This morning the House agreed to take up the relief bill pa*sed by the Senate yesterday, and dispense with the for malitv of going into rommlltw of the wtiMr and placed It on a second rending After n long delate on the queetlen'ef lengthen liij; the time fortbe resumption fioiu April to tbe third Monday tn January following. It waa last yea* 19, nava 75. A mutton wm made to shorten tbe tttne to Jan uary B?*t, i?vV>. and for this a substitute w*? of fered. fixing July 1st. 1*>. which was lost bv a vote of :a ioM A motion I earing tbe time for tbe resumption of specie payment indefinite, by leaving tbeques tlon to tbe next Legislature was defeated?yeas 34. nava 55 The original motion (liing tbe third Moadav In January next was lost ?yeas 10. na>-a 7S A motion to strike out all after the enacting TluU*^ 'n fh* ***n*te loll and Inserting the H<w?? bill with the la*t amendment.requiring tbe banks to pay spec ie, was rejected A motion that tbe hanks stia! 1 red^ein their issues of five dollars. In specie, was ajiirrxl to. In the dilate a political discussion arose from a resolution deelaing that tbe whole of our finan cial d ocilities result, tl from the tang of 1*44 and its uiodlicstions by th?- last Congress Tbe sub j *ct was finally postponed Pntl.APFLFHi a, Oct. II ?The Honseof Rep resentative* yesterday afternoon ps**rd on a sec ond reading the Senate relief bill with several air? iidments, one ?.f which struck out tbe provis ion requiring the banks to pay specie at present for their*", notes The effort to change tba time for the resumption of specie payments proved Little. ?? 1 be New lark State Fair. Btffalo. Oct 9th ? Notwithstanding tbe fog that prevailed this forenoon. amounting almost to rain, the fair ground was well tilled with |>eo ple The fog broke away In tbe afternoon, when there wa? a large audience in attendance to Lear the oration of the Hon Edward Everett Tbe fair closed thi* evening..having been very suc cessful. The total receipts amount to flfi 000 Sudden Death, Ire. Bostox. Oct. 10 ?A stranger stopping at the United States Hotel, in this city, was found dead tn bis In-d tbls morning. There were pap??ts in his pocket* having on them tbe name of jiVoult nev Smith. During an nfl'ray at a drinking saloon last night. Jeremiah Agin was shot d?*ad by Thomas Mead Roth of the parties are said to be gambler* The Ohie River. Whffuvg, \, Oct 12 ?Tha river bereron tinues to fall New Yark Markets. N?.w Voag, October 12?Flour has declined, sales of 5..r>ti0 bbls: State *M 43afc4 Ohio ?4 401 S5 "S,; Southern *5 3fU*5 ?0 Wh??t is unsettl^-d; sales 12.51V bushels; white ?1 25a?1 *i.; red *1 15af1 22 Corn has dec lined, sales 15.6WI bush; mixed &is:iT<. Pork has declining tendency. Beef do Lard Is unchanged Whisk)' declined; Otato2lc. Financial. N*w Yott, Oct. 12 ?Stocks are dull: Chicago and Kock Island, 53; Cumberland Coal Co 5*, Illinois Central Railroad stiares 7i?; do bonds X, New York Central .%3\; IVnnsylvania Coal Co. 16; Rending Railroad 23; Virginia 6's 67 Mi? souri 6*s. 61. AUCTIQ1 SALML TO-DAY 4- TO-MORROW MORNING Bt JAMKSC McGUIRE, Auctioneer. EXCELLENT Fl RMTI RE AND HOl'SE * kkki-i.N'. Kffk' ts at Prsuc Acctioi.?On TUESDAY MORNING. October leo'ck., at the residence ofMrs. Hamilton. on Indiana nve nue, nearl) opposi'e I lie City llsll. I ahail sail all the Fwrniliire and Effects. comprising? !?uite of plush-covercd I'arlor Furniture. comprising p.tiroi medallion lack Sofas, two arm aa>d *ix par .or Chairs Pair of walnut carved brocatelle ooverod Arm chairs Walnut recl.ning Chair. Easy Cha,r? Rosew'Mid niarii.e topTaUe, fancy Chairs Wa'nut Whatnot, iron marMe-top 1 al e Bronze Mantel O'nemeata, Vases, Centre lanps l.iit Window Striae*. Curtains Brussels. three-ply.and inerain Cnrpeta India Matting, Oilcloth. xaoCarpet Tlirre mahogany hair spring Sofas, Arm Chairs Walnut Extension Dining tal ? Sidel??ard Walnut and oak cane-seat Chairs China. Glass, and Crockery Ware. Tahie Cutlery Silver-plated Waiters. plated Tea S?t Mahogany, French. and cottage Bedsteads Dressing and plain Bureaus, Wa*hstands Wardrobes. lounges. Toilet Sets Two lull marbled Cottage Chamber Sets Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows. Bedding Hair and Husk Mattresses. Toilet Set Excellent Refrigerator, walnut ArmChairs Cooking Stove and other fixtures Stx op?*n-front C<*l Stoves Together with n general assortment of household and kitoben requisites. Also,at 2 o'clock. two excellent M>leh Cows. Terms: ?&' and under, cash, in bankable ti<nd?; over that sum, a credit of sixty and uiueiv da? s, lor satisfactorily endorsed notes. hearing lu'er^st. oc 6-d J AS. C. McG I'I RE. Auctioneer. FUTURE DAYS. By WALLA BARNAR D, Auctioneers. TWO HANDSOME A YAH ABLK RUILD ivi Lots at ArcTtov.???n WEDNESDAY, the Uth instant, we snail sell, in Iront of the premi ses, at 4% o'clock p. m., two de.?irah!e Building Lots. I?eing a subdivision and part of Lot No. 16 in Square No. 4*?. (r>n the Isla-id.) having a Iront of 24 feet on I street sonth. and running 'kick !"2 feet inches to a 30 feet alle*. between 4S a<id Cth streets west. 'I lie attention of persons wiahingto make a good investment in real estate is caned to the above, as the sale is positive. Terms ol h*le : One third cash ; the residue in two pajinentsof 6and 12 months. Payments to;be se cured l?f a deetl ? t trust on the ymperty. _ocvts WAI.l. A BARNARD. AueCrs. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of three wits Oi" Fieri Facias, issued from the Clerk'e <?ffiee of the Circuit Court of the District of Colombia tor the County of Washington, and to me direete?1. I \?:l! exp<>?e to public sale for CASH, in front of the Court-house door of said eoartjr, on WEDNE** I) VY. the^Kth dn> of Octolier, at 12 o'clock m. tne following dcscrit^d property,to wit: all delendani's right, title, claim, and interest tr and to that part o| l.ot .No, 17. in ^qnar? No. S74. oommen^inr 22 feer 8 irciies from the northenst corner ol aaid lot. front ing 1C loet 8inches on 1 street North, I*etween9t'i and 1-th streets West, and running iMck that width the whole depth of the lot, together with ail and sin gular the improvements thereon, sc.ied and leviod upon as the property of Wil lam D. Actren. ard win ne fold to sstisls Judicial! Nos. W. SIT', and 3T>, to Owolier term, 1HS7, in favor of Chariea Koonea. use ol Psrker P. C:ark. Peter J. Steer, and Fielder M. Maeruder, rs. v\ illiain D. Acken. J. D. HOOVER. Mnrshal for the District of Columbia. oc 1-dtds MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtueol ts<>writ?<.i Fieit Facias, issued fr< m the Clerk's offir-eof the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for trie County of Washington, and to me directed. 1 shall expose to public s??te lor CASH in front of the C<?urt-b?uae d>H?r of sanl County, op S Al'l ?' R DA Y, the 24* h of October next, 1 s,t 12 o'clock, bi., tne fol'uiwiiig property, to a ?!: all defendant'* right, title, claim, and interest in arul to one undivided half part ?>f lot No. l in Square No. SIC in the City ol Washincton. It. C.. together w;Hi ail and eiugn ar tbe improvements thereon. seiT",! ami levied u?>.?n as tli* property ol David A. Hall, and will lie sola to sa'isf) indictals Nos. and t4. t t March tenn.l^", iu favor of \\ ilLatn W. Cwasm, J. |?. HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Co uudva. ?e3ft-?lt? M IN'IATURK TIlCtiLuiiY, in little volumes for the pocket, gilt ^dge<l. ? The Sermon on the Mount. PanMes of the Saviour. Christ's last Discourse to his Disciples. The Song of Moses. The Omnipotence of God. Peter's S^nnooon the day ol Penteo<iai. P> ice, ten cents tmcii. _oe9_d FRANCE TAYLOR NTLEMEN'S DRilSS HATS FOR THE ' ' FaLI. Tb\iie ?We otler tbi? season to ihera hat-u-eaunr public a de<-nled improvement m^L ventilation from t he maim factory of Beet*. N? w*^ York, of Prenvii invention, and a decided improve ment on ail'-ass-fitting an<l ventilstinf hats. Geu tlemen are invited to call ami see it at STEVEN'S oc3-6t .f Saies room. Browns' Hote1. ^TTENTION. HOUSEKEEPERS' I respectful!* call Speuce'e ELEVATED HOT AIR COOKING K ANGK. tnat hosts the parloral<ove and chaml?ern like the Parlor Companion. For sale only at C. Witodward's Metropolitan Stove and Grate Facto ry, N "?s. St4 and 322 Pennsylvania avenue, between loth and llth atre?-ts. N. B. ?Hot-Air Furnaces of the latest improve ment put up at the shortest notice. oc7^w_ C. WOODWARD. yiseiNiA asu wsrssy^s^ pAK rut POO T5, SHOES. A\D TRUNKS. S P HOOVER'S IRON HALL BOOT,BHOt AND TRUNK EST A BLISHMENY. PmH$vlramta avenme, ketwfem and lltrA ttt. li* ' have just returned from theNortker-r-^xa l|l with a splendid assortment of allKrrst^ ? II kinds of Ladies, (ient'.emens. Mis ^*l"ii * f^^ses, Boys', Childrens', and Aervauts' ROOTS and SHOES. Also, a large stock o| TRUNKS. CARPET BAGS. VALICfcS. and S\TCHELS, all ol which I will sell lor the above money. Calf early, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S, se 30 Iron Hali. MY STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES ben* about the largest in this city at thiSM^i time, and having been purchased before theBS J rise m Leather, can l<e sold st about 15 to per oent. less than goods purchased at this time. Call and examine for vourseives. at ft. P. HOOVER ?? lett Iron Hall. Pa ave W *h>? ??>' ""*? ??a LOTUS, CASSlHIEIlT^, AND VKSTINGB. In store, a fuil stock of Black, Brown, Bine and Green Cloth, , , _ Black Doe skin and Faney colored Caasuners, Velvet. Silk and Justin Vestings Customers may rely on fating J<M^/'OOd.?.?id at the lowest prioes. " *? *? K', se I.S-lm eorner stk St.. onto Ceotre Market AST OFF CLOTHING BOUGHT AND LADIES AND GENTS' APPAREL. HIGHEST PRICE PAID. Call or address ME LICK. * Louisiana av? opposite Haj Market N. B.-Wamiu, a Hand at Repairing, o# 5-2w* C