Newspaper of Evening Star, October 13, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 13, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR IKILLIA wri. 1 Phillip Fernau is the author of a.poem on an " In dian Hortinic Omand," m e-fiieh characteris tio utantM #ccur: Kv midmcht niooM, o'er moistena; dews, |? vestineui* lor the chase srrajed, Tli? hunter still the deer pursues, Tiio hunter ai.J tho deer a shade. A u<i ion * ?hall f unoroui fanoj *?e Tit* paiutod chief and pointixl spear. Ar.<l Reason's self shah bow the knee To shadows and delusions here. AUTIMN. Then came the Autumn, al! in yellow clad. As though he inyed in tits plenteous store. I.sden with fruits that ntade him mush, full glad Thai he ha<i lmn:shed hunger, which to-fore Had lit the beiiy oft him pinched sore : I pon his head a wreathe that was enrold ith ears of eorue of every sort, he bore, And in his hand* a sickle he did holde. To reepe the ripened fruit the which the earth had fvio. . i Sptntrr. LINE? BY BCSTKR. l*OT ?T OOLI'S MI TH ? J When merchants fondly trust to paper, And fend too late that nanks betray, *> hat art can help through the scrape, or Hu**est the means wherewith to pay ! ThaaoW war to stop each eroaker. And pa) the Iwnks to whom they trust; To bring repentauoa to me broker. And WiiiiK hi* bosom, is, "to bust I" [Evntng Pott. A BOLD FIGURE. Punset ia burning like the seal of Qod Upon theolosoof day. (AltxanJtr Smith. C7" The qn-*tion ot a National Bank it be ginning to be discussed. [\y Whvisa chicken-pie like a gunsmith's ?tore ? Because ,t contain* fuwl-in-pieces CT" A man was arrested in Brooklyn for play ing the fiddle oil Sunday, thereby no/-a'ing the Sabbath. C f There is a man in Greesbush whobe'levee In rotation of crops One yea: he raise* nothing, the next year we?*d*. tLT" The London Time* thinks that the ?l?oU tion of slavery was the ruin of the British West lndisu colonics LC7" The dry good* stores of Wheeling, Va., have resolved to close doors at seven o'clock p. m hereafter. ID" The German Raptists are holding their annual meeting in Roanokeand the southwestern counties of Virginia. iD* E. F. XV hittemore A Co., exchange and ?>ill brokers, of Torouto, Canada, closed doors on tb? 7th in?t. ID" The Siamese twins, now nliout 43 years of a^e. have fourteen children. They are about to proceed to Culm tb exhibit themselves II .7" W hile endeavoring to arrest a desperate villain, named Harrv llall, on Tuesday night. City Marshal Hess, of L tica, N. V., was danirer oasly stubbed ID" 1 or the tlrst time in many years, not a ves sel has hfu pli'^l on the sto-k? in the ship yards of Buffalo, N. V., where usually l,.?oo men are employed ID" The '? hard times'7 ate operating oppres sively upon the poorer classes at Ellzabethport, N J. A large number of men have been thrown out of employment during the past three weeks. ID*" Th" Secretary of the Treasury of Me\iro says that it requires annually to meet the current expenses of thetjovernment "and that the annual d^ib it is not less than nine millions ?7" It is sa;d the flre that destroyed Columbia, t alifornia. snd *:^>,i?^i worth of property, orig inated from an opium smok?*rin a Chinese brothel. The fire proof Imlldings were all saved ID" Several of the manufacturing establish ments in Newark. N.J, and vicinity, design re comnien. ing ope i at ions this wi k. and will em ploy a iai^e poiliou or their old hand*. Tun# i* encouraging. ID" Father O'Reilly, pastor of St. Paul's Church at Blackstone. Mass., died on Tuesday, aged for ty five years It is a little singular that he died on his birth-day. and at the very hour of the day ou which he was born. ID" A Dan vers correspondent of th# Salem Gazette kays that several shoemakers in that place have bought land in Virginia at one dollar i?er acre, so of some of tha mamifactu: iii" bauds about Haverhill. Mr lu London, a fortnight ago, John l>ean and V\ m. Cushway were sentenced to one montb in tha House of Correction, for torturing a <at hv setting a dog upon her in aggravation oftheof lenco, it wan proved that she wa* a cat of good character ITT" The steamer Knicker^r* ker was raised on Friday, and i? brought to New York for repairs It is **id that Capt. Bennett will make bv the j?!' ?0,000. He lost by raisiuy tha Isaac Newton 3c,000. ,,r UJ" The firm of G A D. Cook A Co , in New Haven, cyrriage makers, are trying to make h*-ad against the speci* panic bv issuing a notice that they will discharge any of their hands who ap ply to the bank* ior specie ! iu~ The cpringfleld (Ma*s.) Argus states that the Lyiii ii Mill, at Hoiyoke, has commenced running again six days iu the week and ei"ht hours In the day. If there is such an improve ment in financial matters as to warrant this move ment, it w .11 be likely to attect other mills in a similar way. |H^ The [mpers are publishing a strangft ac of a woman at Horiran, \\ arren county, New \ ork. who has been aick since the tfJth of eepteuibex la?t, during all which time she has not eaten any food. Indeed, since the *J>th of June, lSi5. she ha> not e?teu more than enough for a single meal C-T Cato the elder, when many of the Romans had statue* erected in hvnor of I/it in was &?ked by some one? "Why do yon not have one "1 had much rather men shuuld a*k and won der why i bod no statue than to ask whv 1 had a ?tatue,'' he replied. CT" A western editor thus sums up the peculi arities of a cotenifKirary: II*' is ton Ihzv to earn a meal, and too mean to eat on?; lie never was generous but once, and trial was when he gave the Itch to an apprentice l?oy ; and the only timeheever worked was when he look castor oil for honey." irr I he Boston Post occasion!y furnishes ftome striking incidents of the prevailing tlnan F'roin the police rejiorts in last ednesdat * issue, we clip the following : ' James Fleming, assault on his wife F:ib-n. originating in the hehiou* offence of taking a bill on the Providence Bank, which she lailtd to get rid of, was sentenced to two months in the house of correction." ir7" '?f the rival rmit?-? l^fseeen Concord, N II . and ? hica^o, Illinois, a distance of ten hnn (Xr-iX and fifty-two rutins, one leasts over the otlier of ten inirmies shortest ' This isnf.tir ? prv imen of American character ; it is a true sb-n or the times \\ hat amount of monev hria iieeti sunk in <~'?nstructing these rival roups'; and what i o gu a thousand miles ten unuutes sooner than your neighbor AKKIVALS AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL?Win 11 Higgius and ladv. Md; G fl Patterson. Ind; J W Taylor. I,a; W Biewin. Lugi E S Ellis, do; J E LIIih. do, B (j Brook'. Mi?>; P Pnowden. N V: J S Snowden. do; T A R?ad and family, N(% W T?*esiuller, and ?iste' >ld; Capt L B.irney, Mo; J B Wade >li?; 1) W Johnson. NY; S A Brooke. Md; C 11 Carter, do Mim M Carter, do. L J Clear* and lsdy. Va. * Hellen, Md; E O IVrrin, KT; H II Baiber, N ^ , J Wither^p<?on a id ladp, SC. R W B"rr. NC; J B Bid!o? k. Pa. Mrs E J Kted, Mrs J *tarr. N f; Mr S ?iont*trert. Cal; Ja* C iongb Rev Ij T Pir.kney, IK,'; W II Swift KT: Com Perry, t J*\ M A Forbes, O; Margaret E Hull', Md, H E U 1?it*-. do; J C Stanard. Va; C Lip* eomb, do; O J Herrlngton. do; O Bent ley, NY; J U liaine*. Ala, B B Drake, do; 1. I' Cowdery* (is- \f r? lam*. '"*? w J . , ? ? , siv, i. r cowaery. iitr, Mr* Jasne*? Combe*, d<>; W Lamping and sons Md: L F Harv:', NV;C Kaill, do; E It Wilson, do; D Pa il do; |)r J c Bragg. Va; B F Mitchell, NC. T L Snead, Mo UL-Ii I *D -- ? . -v.T? ? c- - vH l?eo May and son. Mass; Ml?*w J and F. May, do; Th A < lark. La. li H F'ord. NV"; F K Middleton.84'; 11 M Cadv, Wis; Lt Col S Ca*e> and lady, USA; G D Trenchard FSN: K T T Spence, Md, W H Gardner. R M Hawett. NY; M W Chandler,Wis; 5 Ke?r, NY; R T Howard and fain, S C; L Sto?l dard. I'e.V B N VVestcott, do; J B Peachy, Cal; W K Calh?'Uii. SC; J H Shepnerd. La KIRKWOOD HOF?E?E II Ritchie and Mother. Va; J M Rislev, Pa, C S Brow n. NC; J Loi'g, A a; \\ Until, Va; A J Poo?, Md; J W J \\ Boweinan an<l Brother, Mil. J > Buck. Va; A Bowueaii and lady. Mass. J irMaston. NY; E St John. Pa WASHINGTON IIOFSE ? F: I ?. T SS- 1?* MOfKMENTS OF OCKAS STEAMER?~ From thi Initio States. Sttimer J. Z.??e? For. ^?V< Arabia New York...Liverpool.. .Oet 44 Argo New Yora...Bremen t>et 14 I'itv Wash tou. .New York... Liverpool.. .Ort l& Fulton New Yoik...Havre Oet IT New York New Yoik...Glasgow Oct 17 FaoM Ermopt. ...? uavre Naw York...Oct J Fxliuborg '?!js^.w,...New York...Oct S North Star "?outhain'n. .New York.. .Oct 7 The California mail steamers leave York ootteMt and Wtk of each ntontb By the prb?iI>knt*J>f thk united BTATKH: la ponruanoe of law. I, J ami* Bre*****. Preei* deal ?f the United State* of America, do hereby do clare and ra*ke known that public sales will be held , at the undermentioned land offices in the State of California, at the periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the landofftoeat Los Ajigblos. commencing on Monday, the tenih day of May ntrt, for the dm ? posal uftho public lands Within tho followuig-nnnied townships, via: South of th* has* line and wttt of th* San Ber nardino me r ultan, Sectiona one to twelve, inclusive; the north half of section thirteen: the north ball"end the southwest quarter of aeotion fourteen: seotions hfteento twen ty -one, inclusive; the north half ol aeotion twenty two; the north weat quarter of aeotron twenty-three; aeotion twenty five; the aontb halfol section twen ty-aix; the southeast quarter of section iwenty aeven; aeotiona twenty-nine to thirty-two, inclu sive: the aouth half of section tbirty-three; the northeat quarter and the aouth half of aeotion thir ty-four; and aeotion thirty five, of township three: sections three to nine, meluMve-.the north half and the southwest quarter of section tee; the southeast quarter and the northwest quarter ofaeotion eloven; the northeast quarter and the aouth half of section twelve; section thirteen; the east half of seetion fourteen; sections seventeen to twenty-four, inclu sive; the north half of section twenty five; and ?po tions twenty-aix to thirty-five, inclusive, of town ship four, of rami thru*. T?wnamp Ihrtt, of range four. Section* one to twenty-lour, inclusive: the north bail ol section twenty hve: aud aoctiona twenty-six to tlurty, inclusive, of township on*; and sections one to twojity-seven, inolusive, of township Ikrn, of ran$*fivt, Sections one, two. and three; thO oast half of soo tiou four; the east half and I ho southwest quarter of section nine- aectiona ton to htleon, inclusive; the southeast quarter of section twenty; sections twen ty-one to twenty eight, inclusive; the east half and the southwest quarter of aeotion twenty nine; the south linlf of aeotion thirty: sections thirty-one to thirty-four, inclusive; and the northwest quarter of section thirty five, of township on*, of rant* six. North of the bast live and west of th* San Mcr nardinw meridian. Sections one to seventeen, inclusive: the north half of suction eighteen; the south half of section nineteen; sections twenty tv twenty throe, iiiclu sive; the northwest quarter of section twenty-four; ttio north west quarter of aeoiion twenty-six; sec tion* twenty-seven to thirty, inclusive; the east half of section thirty-two; the north half of the northeast quarter and the northwest quarter of aeo tion thirty three, ol townsiiip thru, townships four, andjirr, sections one to eight, laolnsiva; the north half of soetion nine; section* ten to thirteen, inclusive; the east half of see t inn fourteen; the west half of soetion seventeen; seotioss eighteen and nineteen: .the weat hal I of section twenty; the south oast quarter of section twenty one; mid sections twenty-two to thirty-hve, inclusive, of toicwhip sir, and ttnrnsh ip seven, of rang* four. Actions one to fifteen, inclusive; the east half of section seventeen; the east hall ef aeotion twenty; aections twenty-one to twenty-seven, inclusive; tho north hall of section twenty-eight; tho northoaat quarter of section twenty-nino; the northeast quar ter of section thirty-lour; and tho northwest quar ter ol section thirty-five, of totmship Ihret, and h ips ve, sir, and seven. of rna|i fr<. Sections one nud two; tho north naif of seetion three; the north half of seotion four: tho northeast quarter of section hve: tho west half of soetion six; the north half, the southeast quarter, and tho north half of the southwest quarter of section seven; the we?t half of the northwest quarter and tho south half of section eight; the northeast quarter of sec tion eloven; seotion twelve; tho northeast quarter ami the east half of the southeast quarter of seetion seventeen; the east hn'f of the northeast quarter and the southeast quarter of section twenty; the west halfof the northwest quarter and the ?euth west quarter of section twenty-ene: the southwest quarter of section twenty-six; and the northeast quarter of section thirty five, of township thru and township* four nni fire, of ranee sir. Sections o:ie to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of section nineteen; sections twenty to twenty-five, inc'nsivo; the northeast quarter of section twenty six; the northwest quarter of section twenty-s^ven; and the northeast quarter ef section tweyjrr-oieht, of townsh >p four and township five,nf ranee seven. Sections one to six. iiic'us:ve;ltie northwest qiiir ter of section seven; rhe northeast qnart??rof section nine; the nortli half of section ten; seotions eleven, twelve,and thirteen; the northeast quarter of soo tiou fourteen: and the iK?rthe-ist quarter of section twenty -three, of towns h ip four, and township five, at rang* eight. The northwest quarter of section three; sections four. hve. and six; the north half of section seven; sections ei*lit and nine: *ud the northeast quarter of section seventeen, of {?ir/i < A ij?/our; and townsh ips hve aud sir, of rant' nine. Sections <mo and two; the northeast quarter of sectiou three; the west half of section e.oven: the northeast quarter of seetion twelve; section four teen: and the southeast quarter of section fifteen.of town < kip four; sect ions owe to twenty -eight, inclu sive: the northeast quarter of section twenty-nine: tho northeast quarter of section thirty-three; and sections thirty-four and thirty-five, of township fire: and township sir. of rangten. Sections one tu c.^Uteen, inclusive; tho northwest quarter of seetion nineteen; the northeast quarter of section twenry-otie: the northwest quarter of sec tion twenty-two; and the northeast quarter of vee tion twenty-foiir. of township five; and township si r, of ranee eleven. Sections one. tw ?. and three: the northeast quar ter of section teu; sections eleven, twelve. thirteen, and fourteen; the toutncast quarter of seotion fif teen; the southwest quarter of ffctien eiihteori; seotion nineteen; t he southwest ^narter of section twenty; the east haif of section twenty-two; the northwest quarter of section twent v-three: sections twenty-seven to thirty three, inclusive; and the uorth halfof section thirty-four, of township five; and townships jirand seven, of rnnte twelve. Seotion one; the northeast quarter of section two; the southeast quarter of seotion ten: the south half of seotion ell ran: section t we! ve; the oast half of section thirteen: the northwest quarter of section fourteeu; aud tlic north half of section fifteen, of townsh ip four; tho southwest quarter of section seven; the south haif of section eight; the south west quarter of section nine- the west half of section hl teen; the north half of section seventeen: section eighteen; tne northeast quarter of sect.on twenty two: and sections twenty-three, twenty-four, twen ty-five, twenty-..ix. and thirty five, of township fir*: section* one to seventeen, inclusive: the north haif ol section "ightcun: the north'ast quarter ol section twenty; section* twenty-one to twenty-five, inclusive; the northeast auartr.rof section twonty six. of town ihip sis, and township seven, of rangt thirteen. Section thirteen; the southeast quarter of seotion fourteen; tho s?>n?hes?it quarter of section twenty two; the eiist half and tne wouii.weat quarter o| seo tion twenty-three; the north w<-?r quarter of section tweuty-four; the north half of section twei.ty-six; and the east halfof section twenty-seven, of town ship fire; sections one, two, and three; tho north east quarter and t;io north half of the northwest quartor of section four; the northeast quarter of section eleven; seetion twelve; ai.d the north halfof acctiou thirteen, of township .sir. sections one to eighteen, inclusive; fhe north half of soetion nine teen; th'* north half of s? etion twenty; sections twenty-ouc to twenty-oi^ht. inclusive; the south half of seetion twenty-niue; the southeast quarter of section thirty; Iho north half of the northeast quarter of section thirty-one; the northeast quarter and ttie north haif of the northwest quarter ot sec tion thirty-two; and sections thirty three, thirty four. and thirty hve, of township sum, of ranee fourtttn. At the land ofhoe at San Fr ancisc.-),commencing on Monday, tht. third day of May nef I. for the disposal ol the public lands within the following named townships, viz: Xortk of tti* base tme and ta<t of the Mount L>itiblo meridian. Fractional towi.slnp th rn , of range one. North of the base tine and west of the Mount htablo meridian. Fractional townships four andjirr, of range one. South cf th* base line and -ast of the Muunt ffinblo trier id in n. Sections one ty mght<nn, and twenty-two to twenty hve, inclusive, of township ten, of rang' nine. Township ten; and aections one to six. inclusive; eight to bfteen. inclusive; and twenty-two to twen ty-six. inclusive, of townsh ip eleven. ef range /. n. Townships f?n and tie few: sections one to six, inclusive: eight to fifteen, inclusive: twenty-one to twenty-eigb', inclusive; and thirty four and thirty five.of town* hip ' we I re; sections one. two. three, and nine, to hl'teen, inclusive; and twenty-two (o twenty seven, inclusr.e, of township thirteen, of range eleven. Fractional township ten ; townships eleven, twelve, and thirteen; seotions one to five, inclusive; euht to seventeen, inclusive: twenty to twanty nine,inclusive; and thirty-thiee. thirty-four, and thirt> township fourteen; sections "lis to four, inclusive; ten to thirteen, inclusive; ai. ' I wen ty-four and twenty five, of township fifteen, of ras|? twelve. , - - - ?t "? . > ., > < t r r n , Townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen, And fif teen. seotions one to seventeen, inclusive; twenty one t<> twenty -seven, luoluaive; r.nd Ihirtj - four and liorty hi e, of township sijeir.*a. of range fourteen. Townships thirtien, fourteen, hfteen, and sir t"n: the south half of section four; tho south half of seotion hve; sections seven, eight, and nine; the west halfof sec.ion ten; and sections thirteen to thirty five, inclusive, of township twenty, of range fiftten. Fractional township sixteen, and township twen ty. of range sixteen. Frac> township sixteen; and townships sev enteen. tigkteen, nineteen, and twenty, of range seventeen. Fraalionai townships seventeen and eighteen,nn(\ townships n meieen and tirenty, ot range eighteen. Fractional townships eighteen, nineteen, and twenty,tif range nineteen. At the land office at Ma arsvn.t. r. commencing on Monday, the seventeenth day of May next, forthe disposal of the public lands within tho following named townships, viz: North uj ik* base line and east of the Mount Diablo m? rid:an. Fractional township four; township hre; frac tional townships twlrt, ( h i rte, n, and four tee n ; and townships seventeen and e ithtreii, of range one. Fractional townships twelve, thirteen, mid four teen. and townships seventeen, eighteen, and nine teen, of range two. North of th* base I m* and w-st of th* Mount liiabla meridian. Townships elevm and twelve, and fractional township inirtern of range vn?. Townships twelr e, thirteen, fourteen, and fif teen. of range two. _ Townships fourteen, fifteen, and <irteen; frac tional township* seventeen, eighteen, and nine teen; and townships twenty and Iweaiy-one, ol range three. , - . Sections one. two, three, and tea to fourteen, in clusive: the east half'if section fifteen: the east half of sectiou twenty two; seotions twenty-three to twenth-six, melnsive; and section thirty-five, <>[ township fourteen; sections one, two. and three; the east half of section four; the east halfof seetion nine: sestions ten to fifteen,inclusive; the oast half of section twenty-one; sections twenty-two to twenty-seven, inclusive; tho northeast quarter of section twenty ei^ht: and sections thirty four and thirty - hve. of township fifteen; sections one to four, inclusive; nine to hltnvn, inclusn ?; twenty-o^e to twenty eignt, inclusive; and thirty-three, thtrly four, and thirty-five, of township sixteen sections one to <ieven, inclusive; the north half and the south west quarter of section eight; sections nine to fif toea, inclusive; the wast naif of aection seventeen; sections eighteen and nineteen; the northwest quar t#r of eeotkon twenty J MitdBI tWffttr on to tweaty-aifht, inoluilve; the vast hair ??r seotiou thirty; an<l sections thirty-three, thirty-frar, and thirty-fcve, ul township tiventttn; sections on* to ninetou. uietasive; the wnt hall of section twenty j , the aut naif of section twenty-one; sections twen ; ty-two to twenty-sev?a, inclusive; the eaat half of section t wenty-eight; the west half of aeotion twen ty-nine; sections thirty and thirty-one: the west half of aeotion thirty-two; the cant half of section thirty-three: find sections thirty four nnd thirty - hve, of township tighittn. and townships nintteen, twenty, and twenty one. of range/our. Section* one. tiro, throe, anil ten to fifteen, Inclu sive; the northeast quartor of eection twenty two; sections twenty thrsn to tWunty-six, inclusive; the southeast quarter of section thirty-four; and see tion thirty-five, of township strentem; sections one, two. and three; the southeast quarter of sea Hon nine; sscMoua ten to fifteen, inclusive; the northeast quarter of section twenty-one; sections twenty-two to twcnty-seveii.iiiolusive; and sections thirty-four and thirty-five, of township tighten*; sections one, two. and three; the northeast nuarter ol section four; aectiota ten to fifteen, inclusive; sections twenty-two to twenty-seven, luc'usivo: and aectiona thirty-lour nnd thirty-five, of towuship nineteen; and townshipsrirrn.'vand ticenty-une,o( ratige kve. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, and other purposes, together with those "swamp and overflowed lands, mnde thereby unfit for cultivation." if any. granted to tho State by the act entitled "An act to enable the State ol Arkansas and other statea to reclaim the swamp lands within their limits," approved September 28, 1W, Will lie ex oluded from the ?No "mineral lam/%" or tracta containing mineral deposits are to lie offered at the publio sales, aneh minerat land* being erprestly trceptrd ander tluded from sale or other disposal l>> the require ments of the act of Congres* approved ad Maroh, 1K5S. entitled "An not to provide for the survey of the public lands in California, the granting olpre emption rights therein, and for other purposes.' The uttering of the above lands will be commenced on the days appointed, and will proeeed in the order in winch they are advertised, until the whole slmll have hern ottered, and the sales thus c'oscd; but no sale shall he kept open lenger than two weeks, and no private entr> of any of the lands will be admitted uutll after the expiraiion ef the two weeks. Given under rov hand, at the city of \\ oshmgton, this sixteenth day uf September, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and lift* seven. JAM KM BUCHANAN. By the President; Thos. A. HKNrWteKS, Commissioner of the General (And Offico. NOT1CK TO PRF.-KMPTION Cf.AIMANTS. F.very person entitled to the right <>f pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parte of townships abovo enumerated la required toestab lish the same to the ?Bf isfaof i?n of the R enstor and Receiver of the proper lend office, nnd mnk' pay wnt thef /nr as sesnn as praetieable etf er se?mg this notiee.and before the day appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the lands em brseirc 'he tract claimcd; otherwise such claim will bo forfeited. THOS. A. II FN'DRICRS. Commissioner of tho General LaudOflice. ? e 18-law3in PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING T1IK PA PKIt FOR TIIE PUBLIC PRINTING. Ofvick Svpesintentknt of Pni*Tt!tG.< Washington, Oct. her 1st, \ In pursuance of the provisions ol the "Act to pro vide for executing the publio printing," A o., ap preved August 2 , lew, sealed proposal" will i*? received at this office, in the Capitol, until the lirst Monday (7th day) of December next, at 12 o'clock in., for furnishing the paper t hat may l>e required f<>r th? public printing for tho year ending on the lat day of 11-cenilter. 1RW. The suhioined list specifics,a* nearly as can lie a* .certained. the quantity, quality, and description of each k ind of paper tli* t will be required. Ola as 1. 10,nnn reams fine printing paper, iincaiendored. to measure 24 by oH inches, an>l to weigh forty-hve pounds to tho rcaiu of 43 sheets. CJ.ASS II. 4,nnn reams fine printing paper, calendered. te measure 24 by M inches, and to weigh hlty-six pound* to the ream ol 4?' sheets. Cum III. 5.w ream* superfine sized and onlendered printing paper, to measure b> ;fi; inches. and to weigh filtj ttvo pounds to the ream of tWflieets. Ci.a?-? IV. T*i reams superlin^ hard-sized and calendered printing paper, to measure 21 by .'C inches, and to wci^li forty eight pounds to the rcain of 4 "'chcets. Class V. 1 .ane reams siipwrtin.- siz-d and en tendered map pa per, of such size# a? may he required, corro* ponding in weu'ht wi'h paper measuring Ml bv i'4 inches, and woigbing twenty pounds per ;fam ol *;*) sheeis. Clasi Vf. jno reams superfine plr.te pnper, i <*a!endcrei! or un calet'dered. as may bo required.> IS bj 24 uiehcd,and of such weislit per ream as ina> be require<!. The libra of tue paper of eacli of the alnive c!a? sog to he of linen and cotton, free from ail adultera tion with miueinl or other substances, of a fair white ness, and put op in quires of twentr-four sheets each, and in bundle* of two reams eaoli, each rerun to contain 4?o perfoct sheets. Uniformity in color, thickness and weight will be required; and no bmr die (exclusive of wrappers! varying over or unoor five per cent, from the s'?r.'l*rd weitht will be fe ceivad, and tho Rross weight will, in all cases, !>? td u ii:red. iMixiuk of various thickn.-snes in tiie same tiundle to make up the weight will bo oou&idered a violation of tlio contnet. Class VII. No 1?reams quarto pos? writieg paper; No.2?2,'*?? reams flatcap writinc paper; No. it? W reams demi wriUne paper; N?. ?? 2.P<fl reams folio post writine paper ; Nr?. ft? ,y?ir?vims medium wraine paper; No. rt? X) roams royai writinx p*per; No. 7? Aft ream* supsr-royal writing paper; No.*? in rrams imperial writing paper; No. ?? loo reams colored medium (assorted.) Class VIII. No. 1?reams writing paper, tSby 26 inches, t?? weijtn twenty-einht pound* per ro?im. No. 2?l.?*t reams writing paper, 19 by 2ti mohes, to weigh twenty-tree ponndn perresm. No. fl.?3,li?) rwm* writing paper, 13 by S5 inches, to wcikIi 'wenty-six pounds per ream. No. 4.?luu reams writin< paper, IS by 22 in<-he?, to weiKh tWrnt)-four pounds per reain. No. 5 ?reams writing paper, 18 by 18 inches, to weigh twenty two pouuds por ream. No. 6?V*> reams writing paper, U' by 18 inches, to weigh twelve pounds per ream. All the paper designated in classes 7nnd 8 are to be of thu b?*?t matrriala, free from adulteration, and huished in the best manner. The pspers in class 7 are to be white or blue, ol the regular standard sizes of the respective kHids.aiid ol inch weights as. ina> be required L> this oftioe; thos? hi ciass -I are to !*.? white, and of the sizes and weigat specihf d m the snlied n lo. The ncht is renerved of ordering a ^renter or less quantity of each and every kinu contracted for at such time* and in &uuh quanlities as tho publio scr vic? may require. fcach eia*s will be considered separately, an<l I?h subject to a separate contract: but bidders may offer for one or more ot the classes in the same propoxel; and 'lie privilege is reserved of reiiuiria^a bidder who may have more than sn? eJaxs assurrcd him to take all such classes, or forfeit his right to any class Samnlcsinot less than one qmre) of each'krnd of paper bid for. and hut vnr tample tn earh kind, must accompany ouch bid : and hi ctassev 7 and 8. be numbered to correspond with the number ol the pa per proposeU for in that schedule ; and, in the first six eiacses. to be properly designated on the sample, or it wi 1 not be considered. All proposal* and sim ple* innst I* transmitted to this olhee free of post age or other expense. Kssli proposal must be signed by the individual or hrm making it, and most speeifv the price per pound iand but one pnoe for each) of every kind of pa per contained in the olass proposed for. All tho pnper in the several classes must be deliv ered at such place or pi <ees its rua\ be designated in Washington City, in good order, freu of nil and evu ry extra charge or rxpens#, and subject to the in spection, count, weirht and measurement of theSu perintenilent, and lie in in all respects satisfac tory. ifiank forms for proposals will l>e furnished at this office to persons apply i iik for them; and none will l>e taken into consideration unless substantially agree ing therewith. Bonds, u ith approved securities, will l>e required; and the supplying el an inferior art lele in any of the eiassee, or a farure to supply the quantity required at any time will b?- considered a violation efthe con tract. Fach bidder is required tofurnish wit h his proposals satisfactory e; idencc of his ability to execute them: and propoMiit u/iaucomparicd by such evideuca will be rejected. ^ The proposals will be opened in the mariner re ouired by law "on the first Tuesday after the ftist Monday in liecember" r.ext, HtlvJat 10 o'clock a. m. at the ortice of the Superintendent. Proposals will be addressed r? the "Superintend ent of the Pnblic Printing, Capitol of tho Tinted ftinte*, \\ nfchiugton," and endorsed " Proposals for Supp!) ing Paper." A. O. SKA MAN. StfponetQDdeul ol Publio Printing. ee 1 Snwt l)ecl PKOPO&AJ.8 FOR fcRItCTINU MARINK BAR R AC KB A T P KNriACOI.A. FI.OR11>.\. N a vv Dbpartmhit. Washing ten. Hept. 21.18*7. Mealed Propokals. endomed "Proposals for build it>g Marine Parracks at Pencacola. Florida." will he received at tnia department until the (tli day of November, i?e7, at S o clock p. in.. f>r the oonatruc tion efthe Marine Barrackc aut horized to l>eerect e<l at I'ensacola, Florida, aooording to the plans and specifications prepared by tlie cirection of the Navy department, copies of whieh may be soea at the offices of the oommsndaota of the Nary Yards at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Boston. New York, Philadelphia. Norfolk, aad Pmsaoola, and at the Navy Department. The propoaais must ho for furnishing all the mate rials aad completing the work in a manner satisfac tory to the person whomay be appointed by the Navy Department tn superintend the same ; and the De partment reserves the right to reject or aooept any of the proposals herein invited, when it deems the in terest of the 1'nited States requires it. Ninety per cent, of I he amount of work done and the materials delivered will l?e paid for from tune to time, as the work progresses, upon estimatoa made and certified to by the superintendent on tbp part of the Cnited Slates, snd ten per cent, retained until the completion of theeontrac end acceptance of the torn On ihe said superintendent and department, and bo forfeited in the event o| nop fulfilment ofthe contract: provided th"t no bill shall be made for an amount less than five thousand dollars. F.ach prooosal must lie accompanied bra written guarantee, signed by two responsible poisons. (e?y tihed to be so by a navy agent, postmaster, district judge. or home other officer of the United Status.) in the sum of five thousand dollars that the bidder will, when required, if his nroposai lie accepted, enter in to a contract and Iwino with proper and sulhcient so cuniy for its faithful performance. Bidders are invited to examine the plans and specifications at the oflioesherein before mentioned. The proposals must be scaled and addressed to this department, and plainly endorsed " Proposals (or building Marine Barracka at l'cnsaeola, Fion as." The bidder only whose offer ina* lie accepted will lie notified, and the contract will be forwarded as

?oon thereafter as practicable, which he will bare quired tn execute within ten days after its receipt at the post office named tiy him. All the sliove work is tone completed insll re spects sccorikng to the plans and specifications within twelve months frain cad after the date efthe oontieet. ISAAC TOl'CKY, ee W 2?wtaihN?vr Secretary of the Navy. 71 RKKN ? I N U KR - H R KEN GIN G KR. \I GRKEN GIN(?F.R,reoelved^a^djfor sale by 6lNGlrt^^rLL/ toat avenue and iMh itrael Jy S" Vermoat avenue and IMh street. KsosUaaeoai. NEW r and?vabIat vVre r ""V?BOOK .Vo. 598 7th st. ictst, near Maryland av., (Island.) Tke citizens of the I?land, and the publie gener ally, are respectfully notified that all the principal Weekly and Monthly Periodicals of the dav may be had at the ?t?eve store. <aa early as elsewhere is the city.) to*ether with & general assortment of STA TIONERY, SCHOOL ard MISCF.LLANEOUS BOOKS. a variety of Fanoy and other Articles, which will bo pold at city prioea. Alao, CltiARS and TOBACCO of every quality. N. B ? The subscriber oontmnea to attend to Bounty 1 ,find. Pension, and other Claims stains t the Government, the writing of Deeds of Trust, Bills of Sale, Releases, Ac., Ac. <>ef< ro?w J NO. K. BAKKR. General A cent. M ORE RICH URKSS (jOODS. unto morn ft We are now reoeiviog our usual large stock of very rich and cbenp Dret* Goods, which have been bought at th" reoent Auction Sales in New \ ork. \V e name a few articles? Rich figured French Moiwselmes. in new styles. 3,<*m yards handsome Mousselines,at 25 toT<>* oents per ya d. 2,^00 yards beautiGu! plaid Merinos, rrom 37,S to 62>, ets per yard. Very rich Valen?ia Rotes and by the yard. Rich Mack ard oolored Srks Rob*s. ?,'??? beautiful and cheap F.-vnoy Silks. A large stock of handsome Shawls and Souls, in all qualities and prices. With other rich and beautiful Goods for seneral family consumption, to which we ask the spe cial attention of purchisers. COl.l.KY A SF.ARS. 323Seventh street, three doora north oe3-eo2w I'erin. aveane. AH. MAR LOW'S . CI1KAP HOOT AND SHOK STORE, ]Ve>.4R6 Ptnntylrania avenut. I take tins opportunity of informing my oustomors Mid th** public in general tlint. I have on ?ale, a lot of first rate 0**11" skin Gaiters at ??2,5U,] ;*nd a French Calf-*kin Patent Leatherl Gaiter at ?3.V1. as good as are usually sold' _ at .$5, anil a rood Cnllskin Hoot at #*.50. lilies Gait?rs at ?' 25. fine Morocco Hmtkirs at.11, and all other Shoes, such as Hoi's. Misses, and Chil dren, cheap in proportion. Call and see (or your selves. LJou't forget the place, No.4V) Pennsylva nia Hvenne. between 3<1 and 4>? streets. USt-ktrtB pUMPS?PUMPS?PUMPS. The subscriber mves notice that be continues to manufacture his large Iron Pomps. They are strong and substantial, and will raise water one hundred feet perpendicular. For information ! refer yon to the inhabitants who have used themjir.d two oft hem may l>e seen oil F street. t>etwee.a 12th snd at tho oorner of H ai.d I3tli. one near the old Capitol in a deep well, two oii Virginia avenue, between 2d and 4th streets, all put ;n operation by order of the Mayor of Washington. lie will die and deepen wells, build fisterrt-" fhr min water, put in operation Hydrauiian Rams, and repair old pumps of every description. Those desiring his services will l>e ac commodated at the shortest notice by catling mi the subset iber in Washington. D. C? No. 4t*3 Virguua avenue, near tke Carroll Place. I-?d?,n FOSTER HENSHAW. ?P*OPOSALa FOR RATIONSJ-OR Ifeii. QI'AUTHKMASTKR'S ( IFFH K M? Rl** CoKTS.J Washington. Octobcr 10.1*57. { Separate Seniod Proposals will tie received nt this offiec until Tuesday, the loth of November nex?, at 3 o'clock p. in , fur tnrnishing rniioirw to tho United States marine corps, at the following stations, for the year IttW. vis: Cliarlestown, Massachusetts : Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Brooklyn. Long island. New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Go*port, near Norfolk. Virginia; Warrington, Florida; and Washington, District of Columbia. Each ration to consist of one pound and a quarter of Ircsh beef. or three-quarters of a pound of mess pork ; eighteen ounees of bread, made of fust su perfine l!?nsr. or best superfine flour at the option of the government: and at the rate of six pounds of zoi>d coffee, twelve pounds of I.okt New Orleans sugar, eight quarts of best white Imyius, four quarts of vinegar, two quart* of salt, four pounds of good hard brown soap, and one and a half pound of go?wl hard?dipped fallow e<?ndles to one |tu>idre?l rilton?. The rieef required rhn:l b?delivered on the order of tHe ivunmanding r(Tiiv^rofepeh station, either in l*rtk or bv the shikIa rati<M4. aiel ?lnll.CMUUit of lue I it'Ft and most rhojee pieces of the e''^resK^ ; the pork to be No. 1 prime inesg por%.aud the groo??ries tn l.e of I he l?.)g quality of kinds named. Ail aubjcct to inspection. No l>i<i Hiil be entertained unless acoompanied by tiic namesof two sureties known to tins otiico. or e?-rtifie^ to by snine o(fir(?ii person. To tie endorsed " Proposnls for Rations for IH5H."' artd a?ltlreF*??| to the <>ii*rtefm?stcr of the Marine Corps. Wayfnrg ton. D. C. D. J.SliTllKRi.AND, ,.P o ?..fVftvin (Quartermaster. \|l Mrt l l hi; TIlMILlUtV, in iittlo voluuies 1*1 forthe pocket, giit edged. Tt e S'Minon on tlie Mount. Parable* of tlie Saviour. Christ's !a*t Diseourse to his Disciples. The Seng of MobCS. The Omnipotence of God. i'eter's Sermon on the dav of Pcntecvist. Prioe, ten cents each. oc'Jd FRANCE TAYLOR, THF I.F.GAI, ADVISKR, or how to diminish f osses. avoid 1 awsuits. and save Time, Trou ble, ami Money, hy eonduetiog tmsmess aoeor'iing to Inw. as expounded by the brstnnd latest Author iti?s; b> Edwin T. Freedley, author of a Practical Trratiseon Business; $1.?5 Information nUuit Texas, osrefuHy prepnred by I). F. K. Bratnan. of MiifagortLa. Texas;7^c. Minlern Reform trammed: or the union of North and South on the snbjeet of Slavery; by Joseph C Stileh; $1. Just pulilislied. ami for sate by TAYLOR A MAURY, ?e 26- Booksellers, near Utn street. (Intel., Union. States 4t) A ITBER*8 BRITISH POWKR IN INDIA, il V vols., 8vo? London. Political anil Military Events in India, by Major ilouch, Bengal A riny, 2 vo s.; Loi.iton. Jnpon- InMo-Chine, par M. Dul>uics do Janciguy, 1 rot.; l*nns. ? Martin's Statistics 0f t!t?? British Colouies, I vol., 8vo.; London. The I'm ate Life of an Fastcrn Kin?, by William Knichton, I vol.; I oiidon. The Kingdom and People of Siam, by Sir Jolni Browning.2 vols.: Lordoo. Our Anglo-Indian A rmy, by Capt. Rafter, I vol ; I .oiidon Memoir of the Bengal Artillery, by Capt. Buokie, Bengal Artil'err, 1 vol.Rvo.; Lt ndoii. Memoirs and Correspondence of the Marqui" Wellesley, successively ?.overnor General and ('aplain-GetieriU of India. 3 vols., Hvo.. LonCen. Military i? perat ions at t'abul, and the retreat and destruction of the British Army in 1842, by Lieut. Kyre Bengal Artillery, 1 vol. ocR FRANCE TAYLOR. pROPOSALS FOR SUPPLIES. carthbhastrk's Okfu k Marinf Corp?.# VV asH'.motox. October in. IH.V7. \ Sealed Proposals will Uc received at thisoffjce tin til 3 o'clock, p. in., on Fr day. the 13th Noveir>l>cr, Ii07, for suppi) nii the Marine Corps with th" fol ow ing articles during the fiscal >ear andiug 3>>th June, 1KB, viz: 5?f>to 8W uniform caps, complete. I.Ond to 2,(Mi marine pomprMUis. l,(k? to 2/-no pateut leather stocks. V*i to 3<si privates' uniform ooats, oomplete, ?J navy blue cloth, indigo dje?to be cliemienily tested. b' to lWi sergeants' uuifoim (x>ats, (same aa a'xtve.) V to 1(<> muiiciaus' (Miats.scarlet clotb.cochincai dye?to be chemically tested. lun to psirs nou coinn'issioucd ?>iteer*' epau lettes. ,vm to ?nn pairs brass centre straps. 3n to 5? red worsted sashes. 1,ftm to 2.'?ai pairs linen overalls. 1 ,nno io 2.ono linen shirts. 2.'W to S.'SSi pairs broaans, Nog. 5 to II, */i0 to 8no marine blankets, (gray J Ut too knapsaoks. 2.VW to 3,'*" pairs woollen socks. 5W to (**? marine faticne eeps. the cloth tobenav* blue,indigo dye,and chemically tested. 5o? to >|on fatigue frocks. 1 .ene to !,.y>a flnnr.el shirts VI to l,f<m j.a rs woollen overalls, blue kersey. 500 to l,?ioo woollen jackets. do. jjfi) to 5no watch or great ooats. do. y<0 to l,wm pairs Canton flannel drawers. 3a to 60 musicians' jackets, scarlet cloth, cochi neal dye?to be chemically tested. l.fme to2,{*0 ynrds t' 4 sky blue kersey 1,1*0 to 2,oeii jards navy-blue cloth, to be chemieaMy tested. 3i*i yards scailet olotti. cochineal dje, to be eheini oally tested. Samples of the nlsive articles may l?e seen on appli cation at tins office, or nl riie oilice of the assistant <1 int; lei master marine cot , lKt* Spruce street, Phil adelphia. It is to be understood that the accepted bidder is to take all material used for manufacturing oonts. overalls, Ao., on hand at the tune of entering into contract, at the contract prices thereof. Bids will lie received for the whole or in parts for thearliclos required,simI it must l?e explicitly under stood t.liat a critical inspect ion will be given all arti ? cles furnished as to fit and quality. and that articles which do not some up to the sample will lie rejected and thrown upon the hand* of the contractor The qjartemiaster reserves to himself the right to increaa?w6r diminish the quantify named above, as the exigenoiea or inlercats of the servioe niaj de mand. Proposals to be addressed to the " Quartermaster nf the Marine Corps." Washington, D. C.,and ac doraed *? Proposals for Supplies. ' oe l2-oot:3thNov IJNITED STATES MAIL. florTda. Post Office DRrARTMisT, Sept. 33, im?. Propoitals for CNrryiug the Mails of the Ciuted States from 1st December. IKJT. to .mth Juno JtflM, on tke following routes in the State of Florida, and in th* manner herein speoined^wni lie received at the Contract Ofhea of the Post Oflioe Department, in the city of Washington, nnti! 6 p. in., of the I5ih Novciutter, 1R57, to decided or the following day : 6875 From Preacott's Store, (on the line of the Flortdn rsilnnd, by Fort Harl?e, (ramcM viP.e.and Ocelaaml back, three times a week, in four norse coaches. Bidders will stale the distance, pame other in termediate offices, if any, and*propo?e * schedule of departures and arrivals, making close connexions with the lailroad. 6370 From Presnott's Store, loi^ the line of the r'lotiila railrnnd,) by New River and St. .cuts, to Newnansv llle. 35 miles and liaek, three tiinss a week, in fonr-horse e? aehes. Bidders will propose a schedule of departurca and arrivals, making close eonnexions with the railr<?d. film From Presoott a Store (or the line of the Fle'ida railroad) to Middleburj. ISmileaar.d neck, twioe a week in two horse coach. Bidders all| prop.iy % schedule r.f dt-partures and arrivals, making oloae connexiorrs With the roalrtHid. For fortns of proposal, guarantee, and certificate; also. in*truetioaa aad requirements to he embraced in the contracts, see ndvertisemeit of Januar. tt, 1*55. in pamphlet form,at the prir.eipal aost oftie-?B, . ?!_ . A. V. BROWN. oea-l*w4w Postnuater 6#Ml. ' TrtTtltr*4 Directory. Q RAttWi AND ALKXAN DRIA RAILROAD ORE AT 8 0UTHMRN MAIL LINE Twioe Daily, (Sandny nights excepted, ibetweet WASHINGTON CITY and the SOI TH.tii ALHX ANDK lA, GORDON8VILLE a>c KICH Nt' ?N i), Lttvet Washington at fi o'clock a. m. " Washington at 7 o'cio?k p m. For LYNCH BURG the SOUTHWEST. Leave Washington at 6 o'c'rck a. Tm., arrive it LYNCHSURG rcxt mornng at 4 a. m.,onnncctinf with the train* on the Virginia and Tennessee Rail Road for M KM PHIS. Mail Stare* from Char ottesville to Lynchburg a distance of SO mile*. rare Irom V\ as ii in* ion to Ly nchburg, 57.7j. The at earner GEORGE~~PAGE, foot ofSevenfh atreet, being owned the Railroad Company, runt 10 connection w ith the trains. | !^*j* for Lynotibur* procured ot tt?e Boat. |[/"(>muknmau4 Hacgage W scons wilt beat th# D*pot of ihe Wuhiniton Railruiui, to coriT^y mi sergerssnd baggage to the SteamNiat, for Alexan dria. a distanoe of six nulei, ainp'e time for meal a. . , JAMES A. EVANS, Acwit. Alexandria. July, 16J7. ii 3-tf W ASH1NGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAIL'S RUN AVFOl.LOWS: From WASHINGTON at ? a. m., connecting at Relay with trams for the Weat. and at Baltimore with those for fhlliulclplua and New York: at 8.*i a. m.. for Annapolis. Baltimore. IMoiadeiphta. and New Y?>rk ; a' > p m. for Baltimore and Norfolk arJ at Reia* with I- rctlerick tr*m. EXPRKSS at 4.2" r. m. at Re'ay for the Weat, and for Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, aac New York. On Sunda* at 7 a. m., and 4jr p. m. From BALTIMORE f?r WASHINGTON at 4.15 a nd 9.15 a. in., .1 and 5.15 r.. in. On Sunday a: 4.15 a. m. and 5.1 => n. m. je 12-tf T. H. PARSONS. Agent. CJTEAMER GEORGE PAGE. ? HO tfi.S OF I> EPA H rut: r j Leave Alexandria at 4K, 7V?, I'li,' I2H,3,4X.?* Leave W ashington aU6. 6, UK. 1*. 4. 5H. 7. ap an d F.LLIS L. FKIUK. Oaptain. J^'KW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Simmmmzim api B ALT! MO RE A SD OHIO RAILROAD. The reoant extension and improvement of it? lead 1 nic connecting lines at the West oae reguired an en tire revisiou of the running arrangement s of this road by winch highly irapor'ant advantages to the trav eler aro secured. On rwl alVr MONDAY. June 15, 1H37, THREE DAILY TK MNS will be run in both ilireniitM for through p??H.*n;e's. First?The ACCOM M<?l)ATlON TK Al N atarta from Camden Station. Baltimore,at 7 A.M.,(except Sunday,) stop* at way fetation* arid arrives al Cum berland at 4 P. M. Second?The MAIL TRAIN stsr's (Sunday ex cepted >at 3?? A. M.. and arrives at Wheeling at < & A. M., connrc'ing at Benwood with Central Ohio trams for Comiobus. Cincinnati. Indianapolis, Lou isville, Chicago. St. Louis, Ac., and at same place with trains for Cleveland, Tob'do, Detroit, Ac.. I?y CInve.i"nd Road, r.nd at i'lirk^buri; with Ma rictta Koad. Third?The ST. LOUIS end CINCINNATI EX P!? F.SS TR AI N lc:tveK daily nt ">.'?> P. M.,?"fi iwctineat Banw-ood at9 A. M.wth espresa trains Irfini Bclliire to ('incui'iati, (filhnvt rhutc at Cots nt ColutnLus,) and r?aclunz there in Lilt J?5 hours fro.ii |{n!'miore and ?V houi< fmrn \Ya*hir:t ton. It also ^nnccte dircctl*. in both dir?rtiona. at (irafton with cxr* bv Parkersl-nrg arid Marietta roads for Chillicothe, Cncn.nnti, ?t<-. Tries -1r*.:bs cornect nt for Ind rwnpolu, Chicago and St. I.ouis. ami at ''irciruviti with thf Orc?t Ohio and Mississippi Kxprf* lor L<m;->vi- e r'airo an>! St. I oiiis throne it to Sr. Loins in losthan 4^ hours Irom Baltimore. Bv this tram t:?e firwr to all the cci.tra. and >ont hern places in the West i* much :?*?>. vi h:ie I he rti Mtrif is from p to Ms^ nn'es shorter I Inn ly thcshortCKt of?ith<T r-Mitcg. Fr?*!n the Wt-st th.<-*e oonneotione are e?|iia!lv c't'se ar;i satisfactory, ar nvnarnr Ba!t!in<>rc ar 8.'?< A. M. II y Bagcage oheckcd tiirouieh to all points. THROUGH TICKETS wird at lowest rates at C.'tmilfti Station and nt Wnkindvii. L?. C. PasseiiKers frcin Baltimore or W nsliii^tim ir.ay the mtirf. i oitl ilnylitkt, le. tIf itm mora iuc trains, and Jying i'?er al (;uirdM*r :? rvl or Osk land, and resufmr.p n?:xt morning by Wheeling Ac oonnnodntioii 'rum, leaving Cuinlieriand at f and Oakland at - FO R WAY PASSE Sfi F n S. TheCumlier.and Accoinnt??dB5H'r.Tr*inrt7 \ ..V. will stopat all Slaimr.s east of Cumberland, and the Wiieeiiug Acco;ioiHx<aiion at all >t.-lions l<eyorid Cumberland going West. Eastwardljr, the Mai; Train leaves Wheeling at *."*> A. M..and Ac?*??mmo dation .oaves Cumi>eri^nd at 9, rfictiu.g Balttu??>re at 5?i P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRA NCH, between GraPxtn and IVirkersburg, wsy psssengers witl take the Kxprees westwardly and the Marl ?ustwardtv. Thi FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. Jl , stopping at way stations. Leaves Frederick al .*.iS A. M.. arrivinc st Baltimore U' noon. The ELLICOTT'S MILL TRAIN leaves at 5.4* A. M., and 5.15 P. M. I^eaves L4ioott's Mills at 7 A. M.and7 P. M., Pieept Sunday. FOK WASHINGT4)N AND THE SOUTH. l.eava Baltimore i<>r Wasnuigton ar. 4.55 and 9.16 A. M., 3 and 5.15 P. M. Ou Sundays at 4.13 A. M.. ar.d 5.15 P. M. on! j. Leave W ashington for Baltimore at fi and S.Ji A M. and Sand 4.2ii P. M. OnSundajsat 7 A. M.. aa?i 4 2?i P. M. only. The first and f???irth trains from Ba tim<>re,and the second an<l lourth tn.ins fiotu W asiiington. will be express mail tmins. Kioppnir on!) al VYaniiingtoc Junction and Annap "in Junction. The 9.l5and 5.15 tr.nns fiom Baltimore and the s.y and 4 3' trams from Washington connect with the trains froin Annapo'is. %For t:f*eiB, irifiirmation, fare. Ac., apply toJ.T. ENGLAND. 'he Tieket oftic. Camden Station. \VM. S. WOODS IDE, jx 13- tf Master of Trun?oortation. Baiiimore. THE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM TANY. One of the S'.eainships of (1,18 Compnny, narrrirg the United SthT^e .Sla. s for A iL' A PU LO. f-~r* CALIFORNIA.and OREGON, lesves^^K^ Panama 'wiee each rrc nth, "n the r.rn -?* - val rd the United Mates .Mail S. S. Cop-;psr.*"ssresni era, which leavs New Orleans and New S'ork regu larly on 5thaiiu SMhof oacli month with tne mai s. and passengers oonnooting via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. Thene steamships have t>een inspected and sp proved b> the Navy Drpar'ment. ai.d guaranty sptrd aw/ fnfrty. The l'siinma Railroad (47 miles lone i is now con? Eleted from ocean to ocean, and i* eroshfil ii 5 m 4 ours. The haggareof>assenger? is checked in New York through to San Fraricisrwi. and pisscnsers are eml-arked at Panama by steamer it Ui ? con.pauy't expense. Tfie monej pnrd :n New Y?irk covers all rtjensesof the trip. Reserve stenmers are kei>t in port in Panama and San Francisco, to prevent detention in ceseof ?eei ent, so that tne route is cutrreir rtl itbit ? no fail ure having occurred m eight yenxs. Passet g?rs leave Panama the same day they ar rive at Aspinws'l. Conductors go through by each s'cr.mer, and take charge of women and ohi.dren witliout other proteo tors. For through tickets at the lowest rates appli at theagenoy. 177 West street. New I. W. RAYMOND.?or to ARMSTRONG, H \HRI?A CO., Ne* Orleans,- or Ij 24-tf C. L. BART LETT. Boston. I^HE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL CSITEn STATES MA IL STEAMERS Th$ Ship* fcrriMiii i/ki5 lis* ort : The ATLA NT1C < art. Oliver F^dri<ie?. Tlie BA I.TIC Capt. .leseph Comrto k The ADRIATIC^? Crpt. James West. These ships havmg !?->en built I? oontrarr etpre ? r for the Government service.evert cere hr.s ! or?n trkeg in their oonstriiction, as also in their engines, to in sure sirenglii and apeed, r.nd 'hen acooinitK for passengers are unequalled i>-r e egar.oeand o-rn fort. Price of passage from Now York to Livers<M?! ir. hrst cabin, .^13"; inseoonddo., #75; cxciusivo nseol extra size state rooms. c-ti5. From l *verp?xd tc New York. Si and ifl guineas. An expe*.enoe l Sur geon attached to er>ch ship. No berths car: be seni.rei until pn:d for. Tuc kl :ps of tins 'itr- liivc irprgvtj water tight bulk heads. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. WHOM NKW TOBX. I FROM L1VKKTOOI.. Saturdav, June 20 . .ip?nl Wedncs^BT. June 2t 'av: Snturdaj , July 4 1**7? W'ednesda* , July 8 l?7; Saiurdair, Jnly 18 l?.*7 W ednesday. July 22 li-ofl Saturday, Aug. 1 1477 , W?diiesd?y, Aug. ft |S~ Saturday. A ug. 15 tfT7 W'ednes?ta> , Aug 19.185J Saturday, Sept. It . '**11 Wednesdsj , Sept. J IW7 Saturday, Sept. S6. I8T7 Wednesday, Sept. Saturday, Oct I* 1PJ7 Wednesday. Oct. 14..1WT Saturday, Oct. ... IftoT, W]ediie*d*>, Oct. 28 'W Saturday, Nov. 7 1857 Wednesday, Nov. 11.189} Saturday, Nov. SI... 18571 Wednesday, Nov. 2.5 1857 Saturday, Dec,5 1857 ,v? " Wednesday, Dec. 9 1ST} Wedsesday, Deo. 23.18.T; KPUA^1^^ No. w. Wall atreet, NewYora. ? . BR OWN, SHIPLEY A ?'<?., Liverpool. STEPHEN KFNNARD A CO.. 27, Aastm Friars, London. B G. \YAIN WRIGHT A CO.. Pans. The owners of these ships Till not bo acoountah * for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, prec.iou? ?tones or metals, unless bills of lading ar? si-ueti ther?^forand tho value thereof exptesied therein. je ' 5 ?TNITED STATES MAIL LINK ONL y R E(Tvi. AR 1.1N R awn WITHOUT FalI.tJ*K FOB KlOHT Ti>AM, 70? CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rttular Sailing Vays.S'k tZHk <J i?(k wi?ntk. Caution.?So man? frauds and imposi tions of various ki;.ds have been ?Te porpflrM:<-d oniravellers bound toCAL FORNIA.that the suescrilier. the only aiithoriaed Agent for passage hj the U. S. Vnil Lit e. rial aua it.a, in the city ol New York, feels it his duty to oaation all persona seeking paesace to t alrfornis, that, to *TotD iMroalTie*. they must be tsirefiil to hi id the true oAo? ol Iks St?in?lHp? of ihe I , S. Mail Line, via Panama Railroad. ?s no ?>therortio? in New S'ork is antbortied to en^c fassage. The Companies have only one office in Mew \ ork. Which is at 177 West street, oorner of V\ arren street, fronting on the North River, at the heed of the Coib pany's Wharf. . ,6- of~".?' ?{%*: suite's -. je ?- N#w ^ ort. V ' J Cam al. Thw Commui DOW prepared to reaei*. t>HA^DISF,4o. at the usual C.t* rates. wTtL.. ?,??? J* f-fry ?t tfte.r Tfutft Street and Prunsylvania A vvl.Uf o?? r W uiiinatou Citj Savings Bv.k. ,? ? _ . DiAKlTOfc*. ^ m. F Burly, Sjubb*I i<*epb Bryan. J?mN FTHvmL. . ? ? J11' "PJ'? Hirtnii, ISytof _?*arTo?t y. Hak*o*. Secretary. ap u jy U A.N KING HOUS*k7>F ~ " ** CHUBB RROTHKR9. Deposits received u><I Checks Mud Without chars e. i>r?.J:? on uie northern *<<iU?ard '.VJSW&oK5T2 without entree. m .,??r ,fll; i!Interest ??rift be >??'..wet! n"f t!lch ? nMl ??rreed ur.i, I'FW?IT* IK \lft<i1KlA *tr> t >rt |?B.?T <ln%?. Deposits in Virainwfind other Incurreot Mr >'?, rI* oeived t.. be e.ircked for. peyab.emsnme fund., J?<a apt-cie, wachartiiif the rn?;%r Lxofcaoca - M?i.,? R"*"7.5iot*V.T>mf?,',,nd BiilsofiKxchatire Wil bedjseonnted.and IjOansmadeorStocks lUn? and Securities, at the market rate. Bn*' Larraas OF CRaniT.-l-etters Of Credit v?i he nirnsshed, nerotiM.!? m the different Citiee ?f tuo L nited St. ie*. <mj deposit of.\|<.,?e> or Collateral*. !w"wwl '* Mtmejr '? deposijed. ttfii if Coiia.terala.wD suoh terir.a aa mr ue agreed u p < n beVnrnirMU'' ^'Llr* 1* K*r?* "?*? -Tmvrtw Will a: r?*l u*r?'.nim! IT* .? in "''c,, ?utns aa may be ?Je iT iTa Vi i ?lll of the l iMOtt. a?i Ll.f A > I? I<KTTKK.*o| C*/<Ki "TON K vi.i > vn I ? ? - of Cr^t wtliVfr'?,"iH|l:'I ?f Hachanite and La'Jera *1 the nirklrViV- t * s/0^*1 e"<l at the marker nte for hxehanre, in aem* To suit Bo*ds, Stoci*, fte.? B .,<(? <*?ooka. nr<\ Secnri [i? l?Tiiif frai?? to II ?r. (vut.. ,Jr ??? for *%* or mr'aJ ii!" U'h ' M of a fc pr. Cil.. \\ liar* >t.*-ka fire lawght npori order? we reaerv* the;i?r.: to?U |..r 8pw,aJr^celton th. oo*L Lun?ia or Ftocla *r4li be ordered t>? te.e f mpr*. C^'ZKZSZL,*"* \T'TI B"ft-.-Uar?r^l. ttf. n^n?l t*tr.t? Hot d< can ?* ptao?o m orr tuuida u?r n^roMation, either in this ooi:ntrr r?r Kurop*. Aoti toad Iron pnrcbaxed for o&ati or with Hond*. L.*#p \ ??i?T? -Lui(( Warrsuta i<ouctit at tii<s J* J ' rates. Ai! V. arraiita told bj ue are faatna Utd in every respect. batjd T.ii11r" rm'-d on corrmiramn. auested "r?"t*Bota,i<>n? r?tu!&r:y furnirhad If re \\ nrranta Wiil he fr^var.led to V.V?teT> Honwsa pTrfiSi ?r *eilt e wa>nuillwa lo HKAL h*TATK AKP IktIAN t-t. ? K ?v> boapht and ^o ?t, n? H Ir.aumnoe. ^.'''ecte*'. p/ ' A'*J* I >'tki; Statr*. CrraT o* Cui?<, X ^""*"f. 1 m* "n ?h? ? tilted S'vte*. r>-J?.t-tb?? yourl ?? Cta?a??r Contre'^.lntr??t?K| toa*,mjiJhe yrottoutMl by prompt ?p?l aliie aftorneva. CHCBHBRotnCM. ^ Op?:r|4i? .i? TfvmiMr) ? JNTERKST ALLOWKi'(IN DKlMlAITKH MOyKY to LOAN n STOCK SBCUMTJM8 CHUBB KKOTiKRS, R\NKKR8. *1j Oprnsru 1k* Tfrur*. RIVA'I K mkwcal treatihk ON THE I? PHISIOLOC.iCAL View or MAtiHlAtiB, By M. H. I .a CRtHX. M. |>.. Ali-iny. N. V. 2f*i p'ij;ot! and I3f? bne f'laiP ar>d Colored l.ita"rrncNe a?d -Platrs. trr-FRICK (>MiYfiCK\ia^]| JlT"Stnt/rtt to all rn*t* vf tkt Cn*tm. !>r. M. ft. lAt'ruii'i rtiyaioiozioa' Visit of \la: ryee. A i.^w ai.d tevu>ej ? or^'pncifsand l?" p ^ie?. Price a oeT ts \ Copy. A popular M.d com prenensive treatise tin r?ie duti^a and eaM>altie? of Fir.clr a?id married .lie?b:inj.T f,rd fruitlui el *noe?, ?invie of ^ecnrinc them?infr-!ie toua and :;itertiie onea?otiv.K'ion and ieinoval?nervosa jeUlit), t>* causes and cure, bj- a n r.t or.c?? ?o stn.f;?, ar?I tii<-ctu?i, tin* fa:i*ire is impnftw'i e ?ru<?>* for liaii* mHiacement?anesr>ay on Mi-er ?naforrfcira. with pracnoai ol?erv?ti?rs ori n wtfor iM.d ? Tore iikkIp of;pr?l--piu? hir.te oi: the evil retu'ts ;'rorn tmpirim, praaiiCe; to vajck i* addrii ounuusiitsnu on th? disceaea of fe from Inf'ncy Iftdd fee?each ^ase (mefcieai ij l !ihtr?t>-d K befsntify; r'at?a. it *p* 't-*?. o.?t H,e rometliee for thi>e? eeff -iarif*l?d mi?ertea ^nd (t;Mr pointed hopos so nrrortunntely in Iho your*. It is a truthful mh iKT to the marr ed, aed those c<?ntempiaf ine inarriace. Its p?- u^! is turtle Uiit .y ro?3?>P".ir.erdca to pcrrc^a t ntertamii.i. s?? ret doui-ts >?; their p!i> stcaj oondititn.and w'io are oor. acioBa of havine hazarded the h?aith, l.*rrme?a ??nd pnviierea to arhtch every hnman I fine ,s er.fitled lo. t nee ? cents per eopy. or five copies tor J|| i??eil edlreeof pohUceto a:iy parr . ! t,,e I'nted State*. by aildrcssin* L)r. LA CRoiX. (poat pa,d.t Ai!*ny! New ) ork, e!?c.os.ii* 25 cents. r?t>s;i i v1,,06<' wno PreI'r p?* eons?;t Doctor |LA v/n t?I \ up<Tr. mj rf the dtmcec upon which Im bo?k treats, e:th*r peraoeally or !?v nr.:;. Bis ra*-di cities often cura in f.'ie s?or- space ot six dars. and c??.npietety and entire y eradicate ai ttaoea *4 ?ti?fc diaornera wtucti o?Biva end oal-elis have so i>tnc been thoucat in antidote, to the riun of the hea.'u of tlie patierT. Ilia4* b r^cch Secrrr" ?? the rrcat oot iiieutil r''tii?5r for that ciikb oliJin rdera ? hieh p? - lortiinat?- y, Phyaietans treat wirh mer/n-rr. t. the irretnevatve deatrnet:oti tf. th* patient's ooLStita not c^i * ^ '",B ?tu'B''lPariii?i in Uie w>r.d uAtt fetTu??l?r N?'81 Mv<Ien Altaii). N. \ . THK ^FEATKMT 1 MKU1CAL DISCO Fi A y OF XHF. A6fc. Mr. Kiniitii, of R ->*bnry, hav d:aoo*erod ir o? ? or ocr ooraiQon pv?tnr- a^eds a ren>edy tfcat caret ?v**T *iwn or nrwo*, _ from *?? *orst Scr-fmla dotrm to a common Ftmplo. He taw tried it in over eleven hundred en?*a, ard ?ejermiiedaaoe^tuitvooasea. both Thtnd-r Ha ?'r> iff ^*?siow m iua poaaeaaioa over <tue ksuittd iT I'rlT "f ? ?^'n twet.:, m. ea o? Mom'h ,K'M e" *'e warnu'tr<J 10 Soro rlXZJSXuZ1ft? **"? '"?< <?' *i" ?'?*? 111' <?! Rum. I wo bf'tir.? are warra^i^l to tr,e wo,-. t '^r'k "r ,n "'g Month and StonNUMi. Wo^Ti^of^ryiS^ Warnnt^ tocreu.4 tror'in iheT'Via.1 ^ Whrn-^ ?<> cur.all <!?. I wo bi?Ulea are warra-iied t? cure Kui.t uu of tt.a K^j's aii?> Rlotchea anitii:* tiie Hair. J*''reMi^Vl^7#'*warrM,l*d U onr? oorrupt <Jpe hottje wi.l cure Scaly F.mptiona of the Skiu v^rlr'k?nd f r' ?Vo to cure iaa worst ktn4 ,.f r ineworm. Tw ior thr-c botties are warranted to cure the moat moat ^pcratr of Kheanninni. piT.,1 r ,,r lK,trl"? * a. ru;t??d lo oure ??:t r i a" .1 it j ? Scn'^li0 W<kl h"U'ea Wl" 9919 *** wof A hewtit always expertecced from the brat U.t Jv^^rtaUn0'1'* " ^ ***? LUe ^bov. ?^a?tkv;?iw-?.tara tlvit a eoinmon v-?e.| crown* on the east urea ami ah>rip old stone wa. -. i>!,i>uid ctiteaver* hunior hi ifee ?': T'? >t?? ? h*e.l fact. If you hav.- a humor, i tas to sfr.ri. rtirre ar?* no ||> nor AMIS, uuma eo? hsi sat.-u; it suiting tome ci?? *, Nirii.<>' tours. I peduied over a thousrmd boitiraofii in the vicinity J. i1 |j''0W tiie effeois ofV :n ev^ry cnee. It has already done mmei f th? yrrate?t ^uieaever dojie m >fask.nchuKetts. 1 cave it to children a rei o-d. to O.d "eop . of aixty. I have si-en r<w. rMi,y' woriiij -jookins cliudrm, whose li?sh wa^ *or; an<{ bottli' ored to & perfect ctate of 1 vth b? on* Soltu'tT.wI' ar# fr & ?'' k haa-'ache. or,? ? . k 'fj core it. Jt ctves trea* )R KL^2L^? ?*?tl?e who aare taka-. ,t h d toen coat ire for yrara,Bt:d .-mve l^en reCu!ated ^ it. \\ ce.e the .nniy i? ?.?uiid it worka unite ea?v of ,tier<,.,1* n"? derany emeuf of the fc.notini a f" will cause ve;y singular fe< lin?a. hat yoi! must not lie alarmed;ther aiway. ,|i*anr^ir ,n from focr days to a week. Tliere ia never a re suit fn.m it; on the eontnry, arhen tlmt feeiinc s rone. >o? will feel y on reel f itkea uew-r,a.,r, | f t ',M,,;f?*trava?Ju.- eaoi Uiia:'?aof tt dKf t\6f IlLHn I ?t6i)r,i lo. In in* own p-^iico i :t rfriot.% for li*i mors oat sm. ? i?a mtnwiact-onaa a fktcii* m?<.icire, *rea* ar.d w-'ndrrfn! -irtu-e ' heci fttiMKl in It that I . ever au?reeted " .HcTeraJ ca?sol -yileptwftta-adiaflaf wlneb waa r iy aowdored laoaraiue. have t* u cute) In a faa i-oulea. O.whatan^rct .f it will .* .TedVo i'1*1 "I ' -"l aw fill tnalad) ?-tfere are but few who have seen inor^ of it thaa I hive ?S f>rt'P?i-. ??! of them rH kk-.^$A '"".fm-.'aI-p te'SU- ?"" '?<* ^ '?i%,77. brr ^V^lfi'yy**-~Af,Mlt* onp tjU?le-apo?ami per da\ ?ca.Mreo over ter years dessert spoonfui? fl! l1l?n.^r0m *,l? ? yar*. tea spoonful. Aa tiike ,?*' applical.1* to all cousUtHtiona. take suluceitt to operate on the U>wr:? tvioe a day! ... "ASirf ACTCR C5 B V V ion JMI N A I. D KKNNHDV. no. ian ititrea .Vr?*?/. Horbnr^, M*<?ar4???fr*. AReota fo; U ashinnton.?I'has. Sfott ft Co 7 G?Himi. Kidwfi ft Ieawrrnc% J I? fannin ?> d*' ft Co.. l?. Walab A V* * Wai.lT iV.iitiu kiii^, Nairn A i'xIiriY.Hvlivan ft Ce (i BoKwelt. I*:ui:ci R. Clerk J P i\^"f lly-on. Ford A Hro. A Rem a fof CeiS^? ? "Ml -entbanT. J. ui?33!"*?'-*' HKk WACARKI.\tJKS. workmaushia and material i""t '* ? in the eit? of Wa*binMon' ? c,5Ul *r'T United Staiia v\ l ' 11 r, ",h"r ?'?> the eitir.ei.a snd atn?r **T a ce I from we ar? det "rm-n^d ,r**f ? l" ? ur a rk ; *u*'fy of w^-k S ,1" }l l1ori<' ?? ?ither in \ W la Iwr nr>eea. KJLA' * 1 N? ? work f ii * , < ,an??r, Ann at rfsstuiumf pi ices ?ta fair^i^f*" 411 ffll' ^"V"'4 .' r-w and may I? r.m ' >l !y?^1 f'LV.NN A CO. 3(H) gK^sTuTVKLVKT KIHUoSTa J Hoop Bairtai white and store eolored. ?WJi^S^ Ol-W w I51ni ooreet ?tt ?t.,oppo. C#otr? UaiMt.