Newspaper of Evening Star, October 16, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 16, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL IKTRLL1QENCE Bbmmaxisatio!! or t?k Fiaa f)n Monday wight last. the special committee to which ihe subject wai referred, repotted a bill to reorganise the fir* department Section 1 provides that the lire department shall consist of the Engine, Howe, and (look and (.adder Companies now in existence (namely, the t'olmMa. the I'nion. the Anacostla, the Frank lin. the Perseverance, and the Northern Liberties Fire tympanies. the Western Ho** Company, and the Metropolitan and the American Hook and Ladder Companies,) ami MH-h other engine, bo?e, or hook and ladder companies an mar fi?ye after 1* instituted, and that the officers shall'bc one rhief engineer, three assistant engineer*,nine wardens, (one for each company,) onfc secretary aim one foi etuan. *f Section i enacts, that all the property anno-, tainlng to the lire department shall becoJne the E?K7. <!f Corporation of Washington, by wfcieh it shall be kept in good repair and be ac commodated with proper houses and protection Section 3 requires that every company shall rMKPOW'ri,? ?ra,"? * constitution and by-laws for the regulation of thecondnet of its own me,n lu!*;SZT of d'"" ""endsnce, for the i ion of officers, and for the punishment, by floea or otherwise, of Infraction of its own laws, provided that none of the provisions of such con stitutions or by-laws he incompatible with the enactments of ffcia Corporation, and that thev ?ball receive th? approval of the .Mayor before they go into effect 1 Section 4 establishes three flre districts, to 1* designated the first, second, and third fire dis tricts, as follow,: The first'district toligiu a the western limits of the city, and extend east wards to the middle of Twelfth street west: the ItlZ"'wist'and'e JTfiT "l ,h* midd1'' ?f Twelfth street west, and extend eastwardly to the middle Sin^at^h!SVi(l thr th,rd district to eTtVnd to ti ? Second street west, and one th? * eastern limits of the city; and that ttrc <?'I*rt?nent shall cJ t?P2M,??m each district, and be a resident be district from which he is appointed. alifl 1*11 #pr?iidPI thal there shall be a flre f T .U >r ^ ?llX' P,actd ?n ?be top Of the h J_ t l? heafaneh size and tone loJLJr. in every part of the cltv, and to i* m ?u*Plc.,? be erected for that purpose, wnich will command a view of the whole cltv and that the said be|| i?e placed In charge of tWo ^ aPP?,nt?d '?y ?he Mayor, each lo of dollars j>er annum, pav whon!m>hJn Y t0"/. ?f ,he S,n*'al one of honTd li ,h , Vn**'",?ht *** d*Y' ,K" "?? Jiontd In the steep'.e. and give aa alarm on the !3"rrr"fe wfa flrp? ob^nring such signs as may '"dlcate tbpd htrict and Ihc dl Sr. lion 6 p ovides for the appointment of a IT a .r^r'^/,??*hal' bave "*rved eight years h t," as? one *u't?lb'e per.son fron: e.v h eng7n?, hose, and hook and ladd;r compan- . to perform me duties of wardens nolS1'^7 ^mPower^, ^ chief engineer to ar IT.L* J ^ aaawtant engineers, w^o shall also have served eight years as firemen. Section ? lnv? sls'the chief engineer with police poixm, and fixes his salary at ?I.WO per annum irtaTan? If'i th*1 at a" thr "?*<? en con,l'anj?? *h?H be under the iZsr *???trct to the order, of the chief en ^ineer. whose directions for th?? preservation of tiZTiZST* efficiency to the operations lbe* *hal1 Promptly *Xe u They may, with his approval, whenever the assistance of bystanders shall be deemed necessary in the extinguishment of any flre.sum Jss;n:r^2,h"n (,ni',or,, "nd except,-d) to labor and as?*t in the work o? th. S'es aT; Tht'y 9ha11 d!"c *war from dl',0rdrlr or suspicious perji?,|*fc> aild ^r"l.'kUCK t0 enter *ny hou*e that may be on fire or be otherwise endangered ; and they eoallprevent any and all p?; sons from oocupv.n" po*iUt>tu around and about a fire that would in any manner embarrass the firemen in the per loimance of their duties,es are defS SKiafisir7 per!,ons ??etiou 10 dtiines the duties of the chief en il*.r' ,ion H of the w ardens Pen""" dienrdrrly -dS'^'p^'K"^ "" "> d"""d di' nree.o^n ",ake" I* a fln?able offence to dra^ are apparatus upon the sidewalks Section 15 makes it unlawful for minor* or ne Sroea to run with fire apparaUw. oo7rfi,?^I|rl5.CXll'Hl" ?te police laws of the Cor the. ,f *'n% antl eivr? P?w?r chief "g nZ' ?.{'^ flre d?P*rtment, the the ctiZLE?* %' iH,1,ce officers, and to ?nd Bomber, o/ the auxiliary guard. io enter said engine-houses whenever thev h*ve t'b^mw^'rthat rrr? ?pISLJIS therein who have no lawful business th-re or law" hare T'?lating any of the laws of this Corporation or of the United States and to arreal ail such perwn,; and if uwrn ex ^ av:erta,IM>d that any one or rr/he Jfl ET *"i"* arre",pd are not members Tn or a^nt??ra7 charK* of *?>? -ngine-house ?bo"*wl,W> fhey were arrested, or. I>eiuv: ineml?ra of such flre company, that thev were Z*J~* by-law* a,Hi regulations ?,f such fire com S^noi if W,^ met?ibers of such fire company 11 V* ascertained that th^v were idling hhIv. g "V,0' a>,oat ",,:h ?-n??ne house, or d.inking, gambling, carousing, or guilty of ln ?r no,*y t^nduci in or i.lx.ut in. same. si*. b j*rson or personsshall each, up.m conviction thereof, be fined no less Than ten uo: more tkaa twenty dollars for e;tch office rr^J f,Lr7?ulr,rSMLat aI1 all n^ K'e shall Cr,r,d- I oa '*??? city Hall, and that m..i "iSTS ^ uiven bjr ,Uat UU aU nre 111.11, W| h their officers, shall proceed lo their ?fpr"pr,ate ?,!Kln?-t*<>?,?^s. and from thence to loLike '?* be lawful for any person fTn^ u "?K?ne, hose, or other fire apparatus from its appropriate bowse until sliCu alarm Is g v n , and no engine, hose, or o!her fire aiinii,.-. tus shall l-e removed fiom its appropriate engine Louseby any person th?n the officers and members of the company for whose use it is pro. Tided, anl.-,s case of the refusal of th- offlrl K f* meiul*-r? of ??Mi company t-> take its eiHWra JorvioUlioiis of these reguintions. De^n^n?M ,[l Arable for any person or ??.hJVT hauling or following any engine ;? k5 w:*"" ?r rrotu a Ire, .?r at any !^,?il^r,0i*> ,lr",,k or d'Morderly. or .o ?"e rbK ,7 W?'d< "^'al'd to creat. or ? ?i peace, or to throw stones or other missiles, or t?> fire oir or discharge snv gun. pistol, or other fire-arms, and ??tion * forjmy person to injure any fi^e opparat is ' sim 11 tbr dll,-v the Commts sloners of Improve,ueou of the several Wards on the neglect or refusal of the owner or occupant Zzj'irr"tw dw ti,o re,""v- "r Whi i J. 1 respective Wards, any euee fro,, whu-h danger of fire tnav b- apprehended section -^1 authorizes th? Mayor to off riewards for the detection of incendiaries. t.iou ??? gives the r.Ln [ engineer power to of ??"??' ?o?li bold .t?t<d c?'"^ny "??a? ?>? entitled lo a represenu IZyf kW members, to be annually el-ct-d, ' i.'the Pre*ident of the com ?i.i ??eer of the firedepa t ^i.ri ti'i l? r ' f **"?",e-r. and In bis ab TJS, "tembers present shall appoint a presi , rrn fmin among tT.eir nnmber TUe U?-p*,t,ueiii turn, constituted ?haU have power to make by-lav*s and regulations for its own irov the'^.Ulnd ',,al' ?ries and penalties on the thed^rtment, as wHl d.? ?f !^ws Wh?r*l"? 'or infrarti. 0f ,t< i?n^'nd|,'MltiM il U empowered SEtiZZYhV 5 ?eerrUr? aml '^asurer It haii e?ublisb a .mid, to br derived from flnen donations and such oth**r sources as they mav deem Proper for the relit-f and supp.,rt o/dlX Indoorflrr,n""-a< SectMm 2i authorizes the chief engineer and Mi (Th"Lu?va?l^de k"V ?,dl^*nora' against burning h iinieys aod keep,of gunpowder, shall l>e S?^lZ5r lr' d'P?rtmont far the WrSt of phTw orthT firpo,en, their widows and or Section V> defines the conditions under which Are may be instituted ' Section Ti requires the Mayor to make an est - mate of the amount nece?sarv to support and keep in repair the apparatus of the lire depart ment established by this act. and communfTatr toe same to the Councils as soon as possible Section IF* appropria'es the sum of - dol lais for the purpos- of organizing and support! the flre department of this eity. * ? Serttoi, "j?i reoeals all arts inconsistent with Ifce provisions of this act. Hamvack's.?The restaurant kept by ourfriend ll.imnidi k. on Pennsylvania aveni?*,ln Wlllard?; Hotrl landings, Is really a model institution in lt? w?y, being surpassed by no other similar es tablishment in the country In its cuts I ne. good or"'r> promptness of attention on the part of Its ??l, ,ndttd J,? anything going to make up the comforts and conveniences of a fl'sf-d?i!>s ralmg house V\e advi-e ,11 who patronlxi socb establishment* to g,ve llamoack a trial. la oca ADvearisi^a columns will he found the advertisement of "Magic's An^rlcan Juve niles We have seen various notices of the press. In other cities, speaking In the warmest term* of I heir merits as uerfo-mers Th?-y an pear at Odd Fellows" Half >n Momiay night The National Gdibd have postponed their their parade, from Monday next to the following .Mcndav. During next week, thev will resume their d ills We are desired to call the attention of tne Guard te the necessity of attending these drills. a fliHTU C**m?Th1? Qhvrch tdiflce bu been recently erected on the Columbian turnpike near it* junction with the County road, about two milen AlMUUkdria CW?ty, *Whodl4F It it a nint. plainly-constructed^bulldiag. of .wood, capable, of containing an audience of some two hundred persons, and wm framed in Washington, and transported to the site which was given to the Society bv Mrs General Hunter for the purpose. The members of the Chapel held a fair at the Church during last week, by which tljey eb?ared upward of *WK>?qnlte a handsome sum for the loeality. This sum is to be applied towards de fraying the ex]>en*es of building -the church The members being anxious to pay the debt still owing the builder, invited some, of the good am ateur performer* of Washington to Wye a Con cert at the ncW Church, which Is still Unfinished inside; and. accordingly, a Concert was adver tised for Thursday (last) night; and several friends of the Church, to the number of a dozen or more ladies and gentlemen, proceeded yester day evening from this city, to Hunter Chapel, to lend their voice* to this laudable object. At the new Church all wa? dark wbfn the party arrived; U having rained during the day, and those living near the place concluding that the affair would be postponed. Very toon, however, lights ap peared, and messengers were dispatched to hi rbrm the neighbors that the singers had arrived; and soon aftwward the audience l>egan to drop in by twos and threes', until quite a crowd had coltectrd together. The lady concertixers in the mean time retired to the Church gallery, where they filled up the interim with the usnal tying up of tbeir Imu k hair, and adjustment of drapery The male performers remained outside and smo ked cigars, while several persons interested in the Church, were busllv engaged in removing various reminiscences of the late Fair, In shape of crockery, iabMfs, doll babies, etc At half-past 8 tho concert began, the preacher having just previously announced from the stage that the audience who had cot in without tne usual form of depositing a 25 cent piece at the door would be expected to pay their money. A hat vai passed round, and the requisite right to hear the concert being obtained by the audience, the performances we.e opened by the national hymn?"Let every heart rejoice and sing,"? which was very well rendered by the dozen or so singers, with the help of a big and little fiddle and a diminutive ruelodeon. Several* los. duet", quartettes, Ac , were performed in very good style indeed, considering the circumstance*. At the close of the performance, the Choir re ceived a kind invitation to adjourn to the hous<* of Mrs. General Hunter and partake of a lunch, which they accepted Arrived at the hospitable mansion of Mrs H ., the com|>any were treated to coffee, hot rolls, broiled hain, cold ditto, pickled oysters, corned beef, fresh butter, (such as we don't buy in the Washington market,) various kinds .of ?ind, in short, almost cverythingin the wTJ^df eatables to tempt the apjxitite, p^viously sfiarj>eni^ty>y a jolting ride over a rough road, and augmented by the recent performances In the church. While doing jus tice to the tempting viands spread before ns. we could not help thinking, if tliat was excellent Mr*. Hunter's idea of a lunch, what must her dinners l>c ? Bidding adieu to the kind-hearted hostess,the partv started homewards, and during the lide to the city the fun and good humor was universal. Borer.?The press gets bored In more ways than cau be enumerated in a hurry, by all sorts of people, who a*k and expect answers to every conceivable question. The Associated Press tel egraphic agents are particularly the victims of these people of an inquisitorial turn of mind Their ofli-e in Washington, on the night of the Baltimore election, was the scene of somecuriou.s incidents, one of which we give i?elow. Tlie gentlemanly auent, whose time on occa sions of that kind is far more precious than gold to niin, had just received a dispatch of vital im portance to parties living in Richmond, Va., who were anxiously waiting at the office iu that eity to receive it. He had just written it out, and j starting full-tilt for the Southern otticc. was met on the threshold of his door by Air Bore-em, who asked, with a countenance expressive of the | liveliest curiosity, " What's the news from Bal timore V' " Nothing sir, of importance," said the polite functionary. " Isn't there T that strange.': said Bore-em ; " 1 was just told some astonishing news about the carryings-on in that city. No truth in it, eh ?" " W nat was it, sir, if 1 may be so bi Id ?" '?Why Sell-em just told me that the Know Nothings had just murdered an Anti in the most brutal manner, and had cut oil his head, which they had stuck on a pole, and were marching in procession about town with. No truth in it, hey?" *? I have received no such intelligence,said the a^ent; "excuse me sir, 1 have an important matter to attend to, and?" " Ha ! what is it; anything 'bout the riots, say, what's?" '? Really sir, it Is a private matter," said the a^ent disappearing down the stairway, " and you must excuse me.*' " Say," continued Bore-em, " can't you let a fellow know what it is?" And the man of curiosity followed on, intent on finding the. matter out, and probably succeed ed?over the left! The ayent desires us to say that he distributes his intelligence to none but those who patronize I bis cthce and pay for telegraphic information The city newspapers do this, and they get all the news of public interest from other cities through hiiu; and he recommends that the large family of boies who take up so much of his time, when busy in his otfiee. subscribe to a daily pape.", and pav for it, and then read it. I'retty good advice. Tub Rivkr ?Arrived at the Long Bridge, yes terday, a large load of piles, to be used in the re pairs now going oil there. At Riley's wh.trf, schr. Chief, Capt. Ather, with wood for Riley. The s? hr. Yankee Doodle, which get ashore at Holland Point a few days ago, was hauhd off yesterday by the Jaui- s Guy. The mail boat made her usual time up the river last night. The steamer Page brought on this morning, on their route for the corning fair to be held at the Maryland Institute, three oxen from Loudoun county, Va., weighing iu the aijgregide 7 2U?lbs. They were raised by Richa'd ueiauey, and were in charge of Mr. Nelson Gibson, himself an en terprising agriculturist of the same county It was Gibson who raised, and exhibited in this city on the 1th of March last, the two famous uxen, 11 tii.k and Hreck, which weighed ."j.UUOlbs ' lie has now a bull calf, seven months oid. which weigh 7p0 lbs. The bark Golden F.ra, from Alexandria, ar rived safely at Haiti more yesterday. A vessel, supposed to be a Baltimore schooner, laden with flour and corn, got ashore at the Saud dhoai, near Cape Heurv, and instantly went to piece*. The captain and all the crew except one man, who was lost, were picked up the next morning ??? Sixth District Pottc*?Bifort Jwstitt Cull. S Brown (colored) was brought up by Officer Little on charge of disorderly conduct In the streets. It seeins that the dispute arose between Itrown and his near neighbor,all about a favorite dog, and running very nigh, the noise created a disturbance in the vicinity; and, of course, drew the usual crowd of idlers to the spot. The offi cer came also, and arrest'd Brown on tbeabov complaint, lie was fined S3.1M, and discharged Officer Kdelin found Elizabeth Smith in the street without ativ lodging, or any visible means of support; so she was kindly sent to the work ho?is?* for f*0 days. The night before last some persons entered the groeery *tore of Francis Perkins, near the Fast em market, during the evening, and stole therc three larue hams, and departed ntimo lasted. So skilfully was the theft committed, that, although Mr. Perkin* who was sitting in an adjoining room with his wife, and a uoor of communication Wtw-'eii the two rooms open, yet neither of thein heard the noise, and the sharp fellow* got off undetected. The officers are on th.-ir tra?-k, however. Tux Covrt or Claims Yesterday.? Adverse opinions were delivered by J udge 0 Ichri t nth cases of Ellen Martin vs. the United State?' and Thomas Ap. Catesby Jones vs. the United States; by Judge Hlackford in the case of Dickson, ad ministiator of Hugh Hughes-and by J udge ^car bough in the case of James Thompson Frank Marx Ettlng, Esq., of Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, was appointed a commissioner of the court. The argument in the case of the heirs of George Vales vs the United States in favor of the claim ants was opened by A H Evans, Esq. Mr. McPherson replied in behalf of the government, and the case was submitted. The argument In the case of Henry J. A-nder son vs the United States was opened by E. E Anderson, Esq., who had not concluded speaking at 3 o'clock, wiieu the court adjourucd till 11 this morning ? A Job roa Vaoram*?It has i>een suggested that it would greatly improve the appearsn?M* of the south front of the City Hall to have the por tico tnd area swept and cleansed once or twice per annum. During the fall and winter the workboase is usually crowded with vagrants, at a U'eat expense to the 4'orporation, and there is little to keep them employed 'I hey come to this city and go to the work house to live vasy dining the hard weather. These persons might be kept employed during the season when there Is no work at the farm, in cleansing the streets, re moving snow and ice from the fiagways, and keeping the gutters and sewers fresfrom 6l*Uruc tion Cit* iMrRiiVKXtsTi.-For several days the Ward Commissioners have received no orders to proceed with any new improvements. The work now under their Rupervislon, or chiefly that contracted for, commenced several weeks a^o This work is progressing rapidly and will 1* completed according to contract?much of it I before th? season closes. Nic* MER .?Yftortof a party of four ^oung uiea, lb a drunken condition were moving about the city in a kick, ewpplng at various bar room* to*'Hq nor " They paid avHit to Adam*' reetauraat, in the Second Ward, and while there got into a quarrel among themselven, which promised to come to blown but for the Interfer ence nf officer Ward, of the Auxiliary Guard. The officer, on searching their carriage, found two remarkable implement* of warfare, in the shupe of musket*, with the barrel* cut off about half length. Th?*y.%v?rfl heavily loaded and all rteady for use. These innrderous and cowardly weapona are of the same description as those no ticed in the band* of some of the parties ensraged . in the late firemen's riot at the corner of Four and-a-half stre**.'' One of these young men, named Jos. Birch, was pnt in the hack and sent off; the other was taken to bis home by officer Williamson ; his name was given as <t+o. Monroe. In a short time Munror was seen approaching, and his manner of walking having aroused suspicion th*t be had something concealed in his clothing, officer Wil liamson arrested him and took him before Jus Clark, who held him to bail for a hearing this morning. At ten o'clock to-day the Justices took up the cc*e and the witnesses not being present the Uni ted States case was dismissed, and the corpora tion ease also dismissed, the defendant paying the cOsts. The arms are retained to await the direction of the Mayor. - " How Blessings brighten as they take their flight/' Only three more of Blitz's capital per formances: one on this evening, and on to-mor row afternoon and evening. W*Tcn R?TrRX?.?Bridget Carol, Ireland, drunk and disorderly ; dismissed. Charles Wal ters, Massachusetts, drunk and disorderly; secu rity ?nd costs #1.19. Eleven lodger* in?not one from the District of Columbia. Aora ScffeHkrs Pi.kask Read This! Dr. Erenon'* Great Akm* Kemedy. Messrs. Ford A Bro. have secured the agency for this City ?>t this highly celebrated Medioine for Ague or Chills and Fever. No other article ever acquired so great a celebrity hs| this for the euro of insurious diseases. It is the article ho extensively known all over the South and West, as the "Ague King." So certain and lasting is us results, that we venture to predict, that if each case in the Dis trict would at once use it. we would hear but little more of Ague this season. Call and get a circular?29", corner of Pa. avenue. oc 14~ I w W annum Caeks. of every kind, at very low pn oes, made to order,at the Philadelphia Ice Crtam corner 12th and F streets. se!7-1m* MARRIED, At Mount Ararat, the residence of Roht.C. Clag ctt, Ksq . Prince Georsa county, Md., on the 15th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Roife, JOIIN W. l.Y ONS.of Georgetown. D. C., to Miss AMELIA J. DORSETT, ol Anne Arundel. In Baltimore, on the 14th instant .by the Rev. Mr. Williams, HENRY THORN,ol Washington, to MARION STOCK DAI.E. of Baltimore. At Brownville. New York. ??n theBth instant, by the K *v. A. Oliver, Dr. JOHN C F AI K F A X, of the Distrief of Columbia, to MARV, daughter of the late Col. E. Kirby, ol Brownville. DIED. On the I6tb instant. MARIA SPENCE, wife of Christopher Spence. in ?he filth year of her ate. Her friends and acquaintances are rospsctfullj in vited to attend hT funeral on To-inorrow (Satur da* ) 3 o'clock, from the residence of her husband. No, 507fith street, Island. * On the Wth instant. WILLIE TIMON,aged5 years, 1 month, and 15 days, the youngest son of Andrew and Josephine A. SessO-rd. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited toatterd the funeral on Saturday Afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the residenco of his parents. No. 499 E street. * On the 14th instant, Mrs. EPHY PRICE, in the &7?h year of her age. GEORGETOWN ADVERT ISEMTS PUK BOSTON.?The superior fast sailing Gilp in per schooner Searsville, Scars, master,^* has arrived, and will be receiving freight forV^^ the shove port on Monday. Apply to IIA RT-*-*? LEY & BRO., 101 Water street, Georgetown. D. C. oc 16-tw DUCKWUEAT. BUTTER, Ac. 1.eo> pounds new hulled Buckwheat. 2,f**i do. prime Goshen and Glades Butter. 3' hoxes New York Cheese. tjim Ihs. Hake and Codfish. 10 half barrels No. 1 and No. 2 Mackerel. SO hoxes scaled Herring. 5 bills. Golden Syrup. With a full assortment of Grooenes for sale as low as the lowest, and Corporation Virginia, Mary land, and District notes taken af^par. When less than five dollars is wanted, ?2 willoe given in Gro ceries and 53 in specie for any of the aoove notes. Also, Agent for the sale of Kettlewell's Manipulated Guano. Terms, for Guano, oash, in Distrief tnnds. W. H. TENNEY. 00 lfi-3t (Intelligencer) _ REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on Thurs Jay October 8th, a red BL'FFA LO nM COW. Face and belly white; also hind afrMf feet, near the hoofs. She had on her neck aAadaa leather eollar. The atmve reward will he paid tor her delivery to A BU.MttAUUH, Warren street, between 2d and 3d, near Georgetown College. on U-.'ff fj^OR BOSTON.?The pseket ling A ndover, Cro well. master, from Boston, has arrived,-^*, and will have dispatch for thealvve port. For f'-ight apply to H A KTI.K\ fc BROrilER.^1 101 Water st reet. Georgetown. D. C. oc. 13-lw UMBER, LUMBER, LUMBER. jy| U 4* 1 C A L CARD. Prof. A. SCHAD.of Georgetown, takes pleasure in announcing to his friends, and the citizens of the District, that he has resumed his coursel,-^# of MUSICAL INSTRUCTION 011 the PuuioTS* Forte, Flute. Violin.and Guitar. He will aJ*o give lessons in Thorough Bass or Harmony, either in ciasses or to private pupils. MRS A. SCHAD will reopen her CLASSES IN SINGING, aud will ai?o form a Juvenile Class for l?-gtimers on tlie Piano Forte, (Sj per quarter, in Hit vsnce.,' Mrs. S. is also prepared to receive a lew private pupils on the Piano Forte. Application can be made at their residence, on Fayette street, near 8th, (Heights of Georgetown.) ?w through 'lie Post OlTioe. oc7-eo2w L The subscribe has just received per bri; Maria, from Wiimington. N. C., a lot of GIRDER, of the following sixes : 12 by 12, 1(1 by 12, 8 by 12,6 by 12, and 10 by 10, from 40 to.Vi feet lengths. Has also on hand WALNUT PLANK, from2 to 6 inches thick. Also, seasoned PANNEL WHITE PINE PLANK, from 1>? to 8 inches thick. The attention of carvers is especially invited to the above. Also, n large and well-seleeted assortment of BUILDING LUMBER, which I will sell low for rauh, or on accommodating terms to punctual cus tomers. Yard No. 97 Water street, Georgetown. ocl2co3w _ F. WIIEATLY. C*OR HF.NT.-The DWELLING part of Home I No. W Bridge street, Georgotown, D. C. In quire at the Confectionery next door. oe S^tw ("MlY STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILL. I s Economy ani> Convk.mencb. We are now read) to deliver WOOD SAWED and SPLIT at 20 per cent, less than the usual rates, and better prepared than it can lie by hand. Knots auii wood of inconvenient size not sent. All orders for less than half a cord will bedelivered in crates Io any part of the house at 110 further ex pense to the purchaser. Pino wood in cntes 35 cents. Oak wood do. 40 cents. In this part of our business we will open no ac counts, as we have come to the conclusion to make it exclusively a cash business. Aim., on hind, HICKORY. OAK, and PINE WOOD and COAL of ?ll kinds, which witl be dis posed of on the asnal accommodating terms. Now on the wa* ? One '-argn White Ash Broken Coal for furnaoe. One cargo White Ash Egg Coal for radiators. Coal 2.24U lbs. to the ton. All undor "over. Orders promptly filled. T. J. A W M. GALT. northwest corner of 12th and C sts.. No. 547, oc7-tf one square south of P??nn. avenue. ]VTOTICE.?The following Money will l>o taken at is these rates for Groceries, Wiues, and Liquors: City at Par Baltimore at 5 per cent, discount Virginia at 5 per oent. discount Pliiladelphiaat 10 per cent, discount Stale Banks of New York at 6 per cent, diaoount Eastern Banks at 10 per cent, discount At No. 554 12th street, oorner of B. seSO tf _ JONAS P. LEVY. CABINET FURNITURE, BEDS AND MATTRESSES, PLATED GOODS, CHINA. GLASS. AND CROCKERY, JAPANNED GOODS. BRITAMA WARF. BLOCK TIN GOODS. TABLE CUTLERY, BRONZED IRON GOODS, LOOKING GLASSES. WOOD A WILLOW WARE, BASKETS. BRUSHES,Ae., forming an immense variety of Us-ful and Fancy Articles, embracing a'inost every thing required to furnish the Parlor, Chamber, Dining-room and Kitchen, all of which I will sell at very low prices for oash, or on time for approved paper. C. W. BOTELKR. General House-Furnishing Store. oc 13-e<?flt Iron Hall. TTENTION, HOUSEKEEPERS! _ LATE IMPROVEMENT. Just out. and for saleouly at C. Woodward's Me . . . "notory, ,he PARLOR '"?* made heavy and ... . ...... . .. ement is the letting in of the cold air through the bottom of the Furnace and throwing it against the hot tire-chamber and hewting it, and throwing the hot air from it to the C.WOODWARD. Pa. av? between luth and litli atreeta, oo?-eo4w ,i Noa. 318 and 322. C A j ujm uui. nnu ior iaio omr hi 1/ tropolitau Stove an<! Grate F'aet< COMPANION FURNACE, strong of oast iron. The improvi ATTENTION, HOUSEKEEPERS! I respectfully cell the attention ofhouaekeeper* to Speiioe'a ELEVATED HOT AIR COOKING RANG K, ihst hu&ta the parlor above and chamhera j e Parlot Companion. For Bale only at C. Wo?dward a Metropolitan Stove and Grata Faoto and 3U Pennsylvania avenue, between ^MflDth atreeta . B-?Furnaeea of tha latent improva u tlM "horteat notice. C, WOODWARD. AT70TI0* BAlte. By WALL k. BARNARD, Auctioneers. Household furniture, *c., at Arc tiom.?On SATURDAY MoRNlNG.Ooiober o'eiuok. we will sell,is frost of our Auo Uon Rooms. a ?ood assortment of Hou??bold Fur niture. A o.. l*ing the effect* of families declining housekeeping. such \a? Mahogany S fas, Sideboard, Curd Tables D" Dressing ud Plain Bureaus, 8ide Tabies Dming. Dressing, Mid other Tabies, Clock Lounges, Bedsteads, Feather Bed* and Bedding

Cane and wood seat Chairs and Rocker* Hair and Shuck Mattresses, Chamber Sets Large and small Glasses. Crockery. 4 o. fVvdr, Parti r. and other Stores With many other Housekeeping Requisites Al?o, 1 liarrel Tirr pontine 1 box Starch 1? gallons No. 1 Varnish. 1 keg Potty litgalions No. 2 do. 2 Nixes Crome, Green and 10 sal <his No. 3 ?lo. Yellow 4 il"zen Varnish and Paint Brushes. Glue. & c. Terms at sale. ocifi-rs WAblA BARNARD. A nets. Millinery, 4c. o PEMNG WINTER MILLINERY . On Moxdat, OcToura 19th. I he subscriber has just returnedeiA from New York, where he purchaMdttlM^ for cash one of the most varied stooks^/UM of FRENCH BONNKTS. BONNKT MATKRlAliS. KLOWER9. FKATH t??*i5.W*5? "kAD-0"Ks?Slif?, DRESS I KIMWINhS, A c., Ac., ever brought to this City, winch he is determined to sell at prices to suit the money name. fD~ He would call the attention of the ladies to his fine assortment of CLOTH ri.iuKS BASQUES, and CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. vi^Vi v/?? P*r'imilar attention to DRESS MAKING in the latest French sr?!es. ... _ M. WILLI AN. oc '5 2w Opposite Centre Market. MA DA M E PRIBRAM A DAI GHTER inform respectfully the Ladies that they will "P?n on Saturday. October 17th, in their es tablishment, with which no other mi linery can be compared, a select stoo* of Fall and' Wintor BONN KTS, RIBBONS. FLOW 1 ERS. and SWISS KM BR OIDERIES ? also, the finest assortment of new style HEAD DRESSES, reoeivrvl direct from Parts. No.277 Pa.av., between,10th and 11th sts..south oc 13-141* Mr e m o v a l . RS. CHARLES PREI'SS most respectfully bers leave toannonnce to her friend' and the public in general that she has r kmovf.t* her Mil. LIN FRY and LADIES' FI'RN ISH IN G STORE, two doors above her old stand (Comlm' building.> She ik iatw prepared to lay before the pub lean as sortment of Goods rarely ottered for inspection, se lected with the greatest care from tlio New York and Philadelphia stores. Having purchased the as sortment for cash. alio can readily avow that those purchasing of her will save at least 2i? per coat, oc 12-1 w * MRS. HELLER, ? No. |?KTt. AVENTK,(Vr STAIRS) Informs her friends and customers in conerf.l. that she will have the first opening of Fall and Winter BONNETS on Thursday, Friday .??td( Saturday, and oflers the latest and Iwst selec-. tedjstocb in the cit>, at moderata pnoos, se .?< W.TfiA F.lin* |J R E 88 MAKING. LSS,M-l?SON still continues the DR F,SS M AKING in all its branches, at her oid stand. 236 I enn. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. oc 5-lm ^ FISHMAN, _ TIKALKR TX DRY GOODS AM) MILLINERY, informs his friends and the public that he his just opened now storo of all k.nds of DRY GOODS. MILLINERY. Ac.. assuring the public every arti cle to be as represented, and to sell with a very small advance. Come at.d examine my stock, and judge for yourself. S'ore?-No. TM 7th st., between If and I. next door to Mr. Tr*. > hardware store. oe 2-eolm* ~A~~ ' "I STILL LIVE," I xa.ND will not be outdone by any in the Painting Lino. Having secured the service" of an expe rienced Sign and Ornamental Painter, I sin prepared to d? SIGNS. BANNERS, TRANSPAREN CIES, Ac., in the latest styles. Also, continue to do HOUSE PAINTING. GLAZING, and GRAINING m asuperior manner, at No. S3 Louisiana aveuue, between 6th and 7th streets. sc 4-eotf M. T. PARKER ^LOAKS, MANTILLAS, AND SHAWLS. HARPER A MITCHELL. The Cloak Rooin connected with our new store wiil be opened thisda) .and we take pleasure in rail ing the attention of our friend* and purchasers g n er<tlly to our weli assorted stock ofihe above goods, embracing all the novelties of the season, consisting in part of Embioidered, lace-trimmed, and plain Lyons Velvet Cloaks and Mantillas Super Black French and Beaver Cloths, plain and full-trimmed, in every variety ofstyle A large and full assortment of Black and Grey Cloth Dusters and Mourning Cloaks. SHAWLS. SHAWLS. SHAWLS! In Shawls we have a rare and beautiful stock Camels' Hair Shawls and Scarfs Long and square Brocha, purchased at the late large auction sales in New York Stella in all colors, with Cashmere and Chenille bor ders L<>ng and square Bay State and Scotch Plaids Black Cashmere with silk liorders, for mourning. oc fi eofit _ _ B NOTICE. O O K AND JOB PRINTING. The undersigned, having purchased the interest ol the la?'* John T. Towers in the Book and Job Print ing establishment lately conducted b> John T. and Lemuel Towers, corner id'6th street ?nd Loutsia-ia avenue, will continue the business inall its branches with increased facilities. The large room in the third story would tie rented to a competent Book Binder, or an arrangement would be made with one to establish a bindery. _oc]33i LEMUEL TOWf RS. (""AST OFF CLOTHING BOUGHT AND j SOLD. LADIES \ND GENTS' APPAREL. HIGHEST PRICE PAID. Call oraddress MELICK. 7b Louisiana av? opposite Hay Market. N. B.?Waxtko. a Hawi at Repairing, oe.V?w* VIRGINIA AND DISTRICT MONEY TAKEN AT PAR FOB BO OTP, SHOES, AM) TRUXKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IRON HALL ROOT. SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and WtA sts. gU| I have just returned from the North?wYVO ? if I with a spb-ndid afsortment of nllBtip T kinds of Ladies. Gentlemens. Mis ^StArl* * ses. Boys', Childrens', and Servants' BOOTS and SIIOES. Also, a large stock of TRUNKS. CARPET BAGS. VAL1CES. and SATCHELS, all of which I wiil sell lor the above mtiney. Calf early, at SAM'L. P. IIOOVF.R'S. seSn Iron Hall. RANKING HOUSE CHUBB B*KOTHEliS. Depositois depositing Bank Notes will please mark their Cheeks payable in curreucy. Deposites of Gold will lie paid in Gold. Accounts will lie opened with depositors allowing them to deposit Gold and Check tor ourrenoy, the depositor lieiiig credited wi'h the diilerence. se2>'.-tf ' CHUBB BROTHERS. IT* O R M O U N T V h R N O N . ;rf;i The Steamlioat THOMAS COLLYER, having been thoroughly repaired, will make regular trips to Mount Vernon, leav : her wharf, in this city, 'very* JESDAY and FRIDAY MORNING, at <J o'clk. During the intervening time she will run regular trips to Alcxaudria, as usual. oca tf THOMAS BAKER. Captain. PARTICULAR NOTICE. We would respcetfull} announce to the citizens of Washington, Georgetown, Alexnndria.and environs that our Fall supplies of CARPET1NGS. CUR TAIN MATERIALS, and FURNITURE LIN ENS are now perfectly complete in all their varied departments ann analilies ; and that honk notes, the issue of any or all of those in our immediate neigh borhood, will betaken in sales at our usual prices, or in liquidation of debts due us, at par. We cordially invite all in want of good Goods in the m?st select and elegant designs to our rooms, promising that no pains sliail lie spared to please. CLAGETT it DODSON. Dealers mail kinds Furniture Dry Goods, se 29-eo3w No. 4. Market spaoa. jstomers NEW GROCERY, VARIETY, AND PRO VISION STORE. I* Thk Northern Liberties. Tho subscriber has iust opened a Store of the alnive description. No. 344 north M street,. near 9th, and rospectlully solicits the patronage of las friends and the public. Thf articles are fresh, and will be so.d as low asJ at any other store it the City His stock corsisH r>f suoh artioles as are usually kept in a Grocery Store. Also, Combs, Brusnes, Toilet Powder, Pins, Need les, Sewing Silk and Cotton. Thread, Suspenders, Pens, Ink, Paper Cakes, Candies, Ac. Fo* Rkxt.?A Briok Stable, with hay loft and room for carriage and two horses. oc 1?-eolm* THOS. N. A DAMS. AH.MARLOW'S . CHEAP BOOT AND SHOP. STORE, No.416 avenue. 1 take this opportunity of informing my customers and the public, in general that I have on sale, a lot of first rate Calf skin Gait*tk at $2.y\l and a French Calf-skin Patent Leatherl Gaiter at 9^.30, as r<?>d as are usually sold at $5, and a good Calf skin Boot at 9 *?*". Ladies Gaiters at fine Morocco Buskins at 91. and all other Shoes, such as Boy's, M uses, and Chil drens, cheap in proportion. Call and see lor your selves. Don't forget the place. No.4H6 Pennsylva nia avenue, between 3d ana 4H streets. au 2V2aw3m NEW PERIODICAL,STATIONERY, BOOK AND VARIETY STORE, Mo.XKilth it. west, near Maryland au., (Islatui.) The citizens of the Island, and the pttbiie gener ally, are respectfully notified that all the principal \\ eekly aud Moiithl) Periodicals of the day may t>o had at the sbove store, (as early as elsewhere iu the city.) together with a general assortment of STA TIONERY, SCHOOL aed MISCELLANEOUS BOOK8. a variety of Fancy end other Artioles. which will be sold at city pnoes. ?Also, CIGARS and TOBACCO of every quality. N. B ? The sulwcnber continues to attend to Bounty l.and. Pension, and other Chums against the Government, the writiug of Deeds of Trust, Bills of Sale, Releases, Ac.. Ac. i'Ct>-ro?w J >l(). E. BAKER, General Agent. ONE SPLENDID PIANO, alnwit new. for 9150- Call and Me it at the Music Da-K^B^ pot of IMfl W. G. METZEROTT,JTyw~" oo 10 comer of 11th street and Pa. av. AircnOH BALS8. TO-DAY TO-MORROW MORNlffU. By J A8. O. McCUI R R, AsotionMr. pOVBiltMEXT SALE OK WROUGHT VI ijidCut Lao*. Ac.?On FRIDAY AFTER NOON. Ootohar It, at 4 o'clock, in the mux rard of the ('tpiiol, near the north wine. I shall ?oil t lot of Wroughtand ('Ml Iron. lately the largeaiid tn*mr? heloony on the north end ol the oentreCapito4 build ing. Also, two fine Cast Iron Settee*. Term* cash, m specie. ? oc U J AS. C. McGUIR K. And. By JAMES C. MeGF IRE. Auctioneer. SUPERIOR STORK FIXTURES AT PUB Lie AucTti.Pf.?On SATl*RDA\ MORNING. October 17th. at 10 o'clock, in front of the Auction Rooms. I shnM seM a quantity of superior Store* Fixtures, Ac . comprising? Giass Casing, Shelves, and Drawers MronzH Iron Counter Stands "^Wea with Drawer*. Ac. K V\ indow Fiames ami Sash complete. The who.p hemi; admirably adapted forastationery or fancy store. Term* ; A credit of.m and flhdays, for satisfhcto n y mwmq notes, liwnng int*r*iit. ??'W J. c. McGPflg, iMft. By JAMKS C. McGL'lRE. Auctioneer. Executors sale of furniture, Ca*pets. Bedding; CA**iAr,a?. Ac.?On SAT URDAY MORNING, October 17th. at 10 o'clock, in front of the suction rooms of James G. McGiure. we shall sell a large lot of Furnitnreand Houseke?p in* Ellects, belonging to the estate of the late \\ il liam Hu!>, comprising? Mahogany hair Spring Sofi and Chairs Marble-top Centre and Sofa Tables Dressing. Dining, and Card TaUes. I .ounces, cane and wood scat Chairs Bureau, WashMnnds. Tahles, Bedsteads Carpets, Oilcloths. Rues China. Mass. and Crockery Ware Together with a large quantity of articles in the House-furnishing line. Also, at 10 o'clock, an excellent Family Carriage, suitable for one or two horses. Terms: S^'acd nnder. cash ;o*-er that stimacred it of two. three, and four months, with interest, for satisfactorily endorsed notes. T.C. DOW. , , THOS. J. FISHER. Trustee. ?e15-d* JAS. C. McGUlRE, A net. FUTURE DAYS. Uy BARNARD A BUCKKV; Georgetown. CTOCKOFA WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Grotkry at Ancrto*.?On MONDAY MOR NING. the KHh instant at to o'clock, at the at ore of Mr. W.8. Jones, on Water utreet in 'ieorgetown. we will sell, without reserve, the entire stock and hxtures. as? ftarrels Itrown awl refined Sugars, chests Teas Barrel* Molasses, barrels Flour, Rice Bars Rio and other Coffees liroimtl and iNirnt do. I-"**' l>n>hels Turk's Island salt, Ground Alum, and fino Salt in Sacks, Barrels old Whiskey, Wine, Kum, Brandy, Gin,and also, Im>tt 1 *?d Liquors Hariris Herring and Mackerel. Codfisli Brown and line SJos^s. Starch, Sjucca Chew uii; Toliaoeo. Cigars, Snnfl Bacon. T-ard, Cheese, and Crackers Brooms and Wood ware, Twine, Wrapping Paper Powder, Shot, and Notions Also. Manilla and Hemp Rope,Oakum, Ro.siu, Pitch Wlnte Lead, Paint Briolies Sp?rm. Whale. Linseed, and Paint Oils, wi!h such goods as arc kept by ship chandler* Also, the patent and counter Scales, Shelves, Fins, Counter", and all the fixtures. Terms: ?3',and under, cash, in par funds or in Vir ginia money, at SfJi per cent discount ; over ?i\ a credit ofOh ?'ajs, ana 4jnonths. for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, and without interest. W. S JONES, oc 15 ts BARNARD A BUCKI.Y. AucU. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. EXKCCTOR'S RALE OF VAI.I A RLE IM TROVED and Unimproved PkopkbtV.?On FRI DA Y, the .3-1 instant, I shall sell, at my ano tiou 4 o'clock p in., the following-described valuable property, viz: Ha f of Lot No. 1. in Souare No. W. improved by a good Briek House. This property is siluatod at the comer of South Capitol and R st reets. All of Suuaie No. fi62. This propeity is hounded by South Capitol,South Sand Water streets. ? ots 2, .*>, an** 4. in Square son'h ofSqtrwre No. 70S. Tin* property is iKJunded by Soutii Capitol, R and S streets. Lot No. I, in Square 6S2. containing SS.TC feet. This property is at the corner ol South S and Water streets. Lot No. 1. in Square south of Square south of Square KK7 This property fronts on south NY, be tween First street weft and Water street. AII of ?*?inare cist of south of south of fi?7. This property fronts on Wafer street, between South V and W street*. Lot* 1 and 2, in Square No. 707. This property fronts on Georgia svenne and Half street east. Lot No. 2, in Square No.WL containing 16.1CT feet with the improvements which is a gwd Frame House. The above water property is considered th? most valuable of any now for sale in Washington, and th? sale will be well worthy the attention of persons wishing to make a good inve?tment. Ternli: Orte-lburth cash : bilance in 6. 12, and 1ft months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. By oider of the executor. oc 14 d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE PROP krty.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Alex itnHvr Tnnn?? ?aH wo'e. dated the 27th day ol duly recorded in I.itier J. A. >o. lios^'t, Ac., one of the land records for Washington County in the District of Columbia, lite sul?scrit>er will sell, ou MONDAY, Noveml>er 16. at 4o"clock p in., on the premises, all that piece or parcel of tiround mtuated in the City of Washington,and known arid det>cril>ed as part of Lot numbered two (2)ui sut>divi.|'<n of Square numl>eie?l two hundred and tweatv-einht fronting twenty-five i?0? f.iet on D street, running I ack sixty-five(fi5) fe?'t. to gether with the appurtennnoes. right, privileges, a d other hereditaments thereuntolielonginr? Terms: One-third casli ;<of winch 8V must be paid on the spot.) balance in 6 awl 12 months. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Couveyancingat purchaser's expeiite, E.C.MORGAN, I Trustees ALFRED SCHLCKING < trustees. oclft1na ts A. GREF.N. Auctioneer. MARSHAL'S SALE.? In virtue c.f three writs 1*1 of Fieri Facias, issued from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I Will expose to public xaie for CASH, in front of the Court-nouse dtior of wa-.d couniy. on WK.DNF? DAY. the ^::ltday of 12 o'clock m, the follownik descrirerl property, to wit: all d'fe"dirt's, right, titie, claim, and interest in aiul to thai, part o| Lot.No. 17. in Square No. 074. eomnen'-ing 22 feet H niches from the northrast corner of said lot, fr??nt ing 16 feet # niches on I street North. l?etween'?th and 10th streets West, and running Kick that width the whole depth of the lot, together with all and sin gular the improvements 'hereon. s?i*?*d and levied upon as the property of Wil i.nn D. Ackon.and will l>e sold to satisfy Judieials N'oe. fJ5l. 3TS, and 379, to Obtober term, lRi7, in favor of Charles Koones. use of Parker P. Clark. Peter J. Steer, and Fielder M. Maeruder, t\?. \N iliiam I). Aoken. s J. D. HOOVER. Marshal for the District of Columbia. oc 3-dtds MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtueof two writs of Fieri Facias, issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I shall expose to pubiie sale lor CASH, in front of the Court-house door of said Count*, on SATUR DA V. th? 24th of October next, 1*57. at 12 o'clock, m., the following property, to wit: all defendant's right, title, claim, and interest iu and to one undivided h?If pirt of lot N'o. I in Square No. 518 in the City of Washington, D. C.. together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of David A. HaH, and will l?* sold to satisfy Judieials Nos.33 and 34. to March term, 1857, ia favor of. William W. Corej>iwu yoov^s. Marshal for the District ol Columbia. se y-dts rpHE EMPORIUM OF FASHION. OPENING OF FALL tr WINTER GOODS. The undersigned would call the attention of citi zens, and strangers visiting the Metronolis.^?^ totheir extensive assortment of Goods lor gentlemen's wear, viz : fVl French and English Cl.4(THS and CAS- ' f SI MF.R Es* of the finest grades and textures: superb Velvet VEST1NGS; Cashmere do.; Silk, PAlMfa L^Narf?>Ve of BASKET CASSIMERE, for Pants, very elastic and pleasant to the wearer, with Cashmere Vesting of the sa;iie make to match: which. tox?'ther with a splendid assortment of t;cn tlemen'a VURNISHING l.OODS. such as Silk and \S'??ollen Un'lergarments, hue Shir?s, St<icks, Handkerchiefs. Suspenders. Cravats. Scarfs, and Gloves, of every description, with ever> article ne cessary to a complete outfit, which will l>e sold cheap for cash. HfNTON A TEEL, Merchant Tailors, \o.ini Pa. av., se 18-eo4w between 4X and fith sts. UCKSKIN SHIRTS AND DR AWERS. high ly reooininended for holds, weak chests, breasts and consumptive persons Also, BCCK LEGGINGS, for riding, long and short; BOXING GLOVES, and all kinds ol goods in that line. . Sole agent for the District at the Bazaar, corner of 61 h street and Pennsylvania avenue. oe 9-eo2w H'tPKIM*. jrTOUSEKEEPERS. ATTENTION ! J ust received, a new supp'y of the imnroTed cele brated SUNRISE AIRTIGHT FLATTOP COOKING STi IV ES, four For sale only at C. Woodward's Metropolitan Suive and Grate hac tor* , Nos. 3'" and322 PennsyIvauiaavenue,lietween lOth ami 11th streets. PC 7 eo4?- C. WQQDWA R D. U R N ITl'RE AND HOUSEKEEPING 4 GOODS. . We have in store a very extensive assortment of Cabi et Furniture and other Ilouseko-p ng Good", which we offer to onr friends rnd customer* gt the very lowest prices for cash or g;>od p^pcr. *? y ?teem it unnecessary to enumerate articled, as onr stock is very full ana complete. Persons desiring to pur chase will please live us ^'kEGOB co.. se Y< eo^w 3gP 7th street. Fiousekeepers, attention : I have this day reoeiwed another supply oflhe f'OA I ?J A< HUkNERS. This Stove burns the gas and Mno'ke from the coal, thereby making a sav lng of<!ne halflhe fnel from the commonooal stoves; suit^?le^o ali^apartment^. ^^wSrd's Grate, Furnace sml ? 'ooking Range Factory. Nos. 31RaikI i ft? I'emuyIvauia avenue. I?etwecn loth and 11th ?lS?7%o4w C. WOODWARD. UNDER BRAWNS' HOTEL. O ( U Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring and Summer READY-MADE CLOTHING ??1 Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the finest style aad make, at the F.mporium of Fashion. No, J7c Browns' Hotel, next to private entrance, may 39 (Intel AS tat es) TELEGRAPHIC Wwi n? Ai<MlatH Prm Afr>t. The Financial ?'rial*. Niw Yoax, Oct. IS ? RusineM affair*art look g more cheerful to-dar The hank* are going on asuaual, excepting that they par ?nt no spe lk* * ?f Rothachild. ia !** v "**"??". will* order* ta ^ "curtlte* to * large anionrit em!f * n?W *bund*r" ?<t lark* buyer. at 1 ?n^i272S?re1!r^e,r *grrd ?" ??? together. .nd ??? reM unit ion of confidence and !?f Bo?r..* Oct. 15 ?Mnorr continues *tri?_a? here, nearly as much M ,t ,nv ^ A11 the mill* at F*M Rl JTSTlSSSSm ?d iiVMit ?P*T*tira* are out of employ An adjourned meeting or the b*nk president* was held t. -day to arrang. a plan for flcll Hating the lntsine*s of the clearing.home Their rro noscd courae to discount undoubted paper will furnish great relief to our bn*ine*s meiT/who ara h-ginning to bend beneath the preuMir?. Messrs Little, Alden. 4 Co have not suspend ed. but ask an extension only in behalf of several mills f?r which thev are agents At Concoid, X. II.. thr- banks have not sus p-nded At Manchester, N. II . the bank* hav. suspended. I^wmsci, Mm ,Oct II ?The hanks of thi* city, and also tho*e in Methuen, suspended to day The Pacific corporation was unable to pay off their hands Hvbacisk, \ V .Oct M ?A large meetln* at th- business m*a and other citizens of thi* city was held here this evening Resolutions wete passed approving the suspension of specie par merits by the banks ; pledging themselves to re ceive and to give enrrenev to the bill* of aoun* State banks for the s ike of the business interest* of the country, and joining in the request to the liovernor to couvene the Legislator*. All thn banks in the city, with the exception of the Man ufacturer* and Traders', have suspended *pc*.ie payments * Pratt A Co.. a large hardware house, tempora rily suspended to-day. IUmmii, Me., Oot. II ? At a meeting of hank directors, held here this afternoon, it was voted to suspend sitecie payment during the present crisis. Resolutions were also ii.*?ed expressing confidence in the SnlTalk Bank sys'em, and re fusing to Uke bills not adeemed in Boston. New Orleans, Oct. 14.?There was consider able excitement here to-dav. and three banks wc-e compelled to sus|*>nd specie payment* The announcement of this fart Increased the panic, but no material run on the other banks followed, exempt on the Citizens', which expert enceil a heavy drain dnring the balance of the day, but paid everything promptly. Lc.tsvii.Ln, Oct. 15?The Kentucky bank* await the action or the New Orleans banks If the latter suspend the Kentucky bank* will do the same. The feeling in money mattera i* generally quite cheerful. PcraasBtTua, Oct. 15?The braache* of thn Virginia and hjrbanjf Banks here *uspend#d to-day. Richmond. Oct. 15 ?The Bank of Virginia here suspended thi* morning. (SECOXP DIsrATCH .J New Oemam". Oct 15 ?The I nion and the Mechanics' and Traders" banks, and the Bank of Mew Orleans, suspended yesterday. Sale* of cotton at Oj^alrtc. St. Loci*, Oct. 16?There has been a heavy run on the Bank of the State of Missouri The ability of the banks to hold ont is doubted by some. Nashville. Oct 16 ? Th* Bank of Tennessee has ?n?pended The Legislature la considering a bill for legal it! ng the suspension Nobfole, Oct 16.?The banks here have *u*< pended specie payments this morning. Arrival of the Northern Light. New Yoex, Oct. 16?The steamship North ern Light, with passengers and California mail* of 20th ult . arrived here this morning She has *1 .firto.tWH) in specie, aud upward* of 7?*i passengers. The Northern Light arrived at quarantine at midnight. The following I* the list of treasure by tbe loet Central America: Wells, largo A Co, 9213.300; American El change Bank, $231,510; James Patrick, SlUS.OnO; Duncan A Miemian, Freeman A Co., $4T.UI0: F. M D'exel. *!5.?K>; G. Strau**. Bro A Co., *21,028; Treadwell A Co , fHO.ltffct; John Durand A Co ,S9.02<>; W Appietoa A Co., S5,U9U: E ti Rosenfeid. S'-\oOJ, Ileury Strybing. *t,?00; Robert Hallett A Co , #136.0UI?; do., an order of ?io<,bi?; nowiana* As^iiiwali, SG/.TOJ, E Kei ly A Co.. #41.(C0; Hoss, Falconer A Co., S&.9UL Wm F Coleman A Co.,S2i,5U0; HoweaCrowill, $10,000: Newhonae, Spatz A Co.. &IU.OOU, R Measurler and C Auama. 96.500; Z Einstein A Bro *1.000 G" C Knight A Co.. 92,0*0, S (i Hand A Co*#2.W?. Total ni.?!$.if>9 Marks of Treasiire consigned to orderr W ? A Co., \V H A Co . #15.?00: n A B . *IO.?Mh R L T.,? ?*?; L. In a diamond. *1 (Ml S. A H . W in a diamond, ?H?, ??*; Allan Mr Lain, ftfl J H A B MJBI. S II H A Co.,!!3.ft?i The otti- ial result of ihe State election had been declared ill most of the counties Tbe total vote polled was some lo.Uiti behind the preceding election. The returns show Weller's msjnritv to b? ll.OOti over both Bowie (Amer ) and Stanley (Rep ) The latter leads his competitor about> votes. Tbe Legislature is overwhelmingly D -mocratic. The people resolved to pay the State debt bv a majority ot l,?.l**i against repudiation, but biive refused to call a State convention to revise the constitution. A majority of the vutes cast was nn essary in ensure the convention, but so gr?at was tbe indifteiettce manifested, that a moiety of the people ouly voted on the question. Mining opeiation* throughout tbe State were carii^don vigorously as ever. The various flo<?cn lug companies on the rivers were getting fairly to work, aud many of their enterprise* were re suiting tucce^fiilly. Crops throughout the State had generally been garnered la excellent condition Immigrants by the overland routes were pour ini: into the State in great numbers. A great majority of the trains had more or leas dull ulty with the Indians. Trade was generally dull. The Northern Light arrived In time to connect with the early train. The Ohio Election. Cleveland. Oct. lti?Returns from aixty-two counties have beeu received, showing n Demo, cratic gain since last fall of 10,5tU vote.. The Democrats now confidently claim the State by a kinali majority. Lancaster t ounty Agricnltnrnl Fair. L\v a*tkr. Pa., Oct. 15 ?The County Agri cultural Fair opened yesterday morning, and is meeting with a most complete success The show exceeds by far the State Fair held here four years ago It will continue open four day* Mi***ari Legislature. Sr Lons. Oct 13 ?The legislator, of Mis souri me< ts on Monday uext. The utmost coa fidence p*rva1ls that ample provision will bs made for the payment of the State interest in January next. Later from Havana. N aw Yob e, Oct. lti.?The steamer Daniel Web ster. from New Orleaas via Havana, has arrived The Cuban news is unimportant. Ren.miuntion of Mayor Wood. New Yore. Oct. 16 ? l,a*t night Mayor Wood was renominated at Tammany Hall by 95 vote* out of ll? cast ?? The Ohio River. Wfeeling, Va., Oct. Ifl ?The river here to day is 7 Let and rising. Baltimore Market.. B alt:more, Oct 16 ?Flour la beavy; Howard street sold at S5 37; Ohio was offered at tbe same figure, but found no buyera; City Mills ft&*95 2j for cash and on time Wheat is a littlefirmer; red lair to prime SI 05 a.fl.15, white good to prime *1.10s 1.25 Co'n has advanced ; white at 6la70c , yellow 65a66c. Whisky Is unchanged, City*#; Ohio 91#. Flew York Market.. New Yobe. October 10.?riour ha* advanced; sales of 6.54*1 bbls; Stale *4 7l?a*4 **; Ohio ft5 15a fo f*l; Southern is steady at S5.50aft5 75 Wheat is dull. ?ale* of 15,tut) bushel.; whit* ?l.25afl 3 ; holders demand an advance Corn is higher; sales of 9 5JU bushel*; mixed 73c.. yel low 75 Provisions arc quiet; mess pork *22?*'!* Laid 13 k a 15c. Whiskey Is unchanged; Ohio 21c. Financial. New \ oie, Octoiier 15.?Stcs ks are firmer and active Chicago aud Rock Inland 71; Cumber land Coal Co 7l|; Illinois Central RR SO; do. Bond* 57; Mich'-jnn Southern 11 N Y. Cent ti5\; Rending RR .lrtU; Cantoa Co 17#; Virgiu.a 6?.ft3; Mism>urib s? THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE-That ta. ?.t seril?er hath ohtain^l from th. Orplian.' Court of WashinEton eoanty. in th. DiMnet ofC?>lnmhis, letters of atluiini*tr?(ioa on the person.! estate of SAM L'EL WAHDKLL, lai.of Wa^hinftau ooan ty.deoe.sw'. All perMU h*vi*t oUhmhsimI ik? ?aid droe**eJ are heraby ?arn?l to .x hibit t he mote, with tb* voucher* thereof, to th. *ntMerih.r on nr before th. 13th day of Oaftoher next: thev m*y other vim by law be exciuded from all of th. mid aetata. ? Giv.n under my hand tlmi 13th d^^O^etobjt^iWT. OC 14-w3w Admmisiratv:.