Newspaper of Evening Star, October 17, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 17, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. WASHINGTON. D. C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1857. NO. 1,481. THE EVENING STAR la PUB LIS RED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner of Pa. a venus and hltver-tk tfrHt, By W. D. WALLA CH, aud la Mnr?d to aahaonbera by atrners at 81X AN D A yt'ARTKR CENTS. payable weekl* to the AihU; papara aerved in paoka?ea at 9TS eenta per month. To mail aubtcribera tha auhecnption pnoa ?. THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS year ?? a4r??ce, TWO DOLLARS for six aeontha, and ON E DOLLA R fur three moot ha; for leaa than three month a at the rate ef ttfc oeota a week. C7-SIN0LE COPIES ONE CENT. SALLY GRABATIT, Or, Beware ef .Meddlers. BT KATE CARROLL. It was Saturday and no mistake; a truth which the almanac declared, as also the day be fore, that happened to be Friday; the little wo man wbe set in her little chamber weeping, likewise endorsed the fact with tears and sighs. 44 Only one year ac^. and I was so happy; now. oh dear!" and sobs checked b?r utterance, fur the alarming apace of a few momenta. ?' Only owe year ago ! I didn't think then I should ever be the miserable being I am now; oh no, no. indeed." she murmured between her tears and sighs, after an indefinite pause. Just taen. the baby in the cradle, on one rocker of which the troubled woman held her foot, opened :ts eyea; and. as if determined no body should outdo it In tho orying business, set up ?nch a loud strain of music, that it could not bo listened to unmoved. So the little mother put down hor apron and took up the young musician, who testified his reluctance to stop the strain until he was a mind to, whioh seemed a long timo coming, and showed the obstinacy at the young pug's dispo sition The mother didn't look at in that lignt, but mingling her tears with the young urchin's, groaned? 44 No wonder yon cry. pretty baby, whose papa don't love it anymore!" when, as if ns tonishod at the information, or. determined not to cry when she did, the baby stopped all of a sudden, and looked as sensible out of its eye-? a* an individual, aged a few weeks, is expoet cd to. 44 Precious little fellow is thinking of what its poor miserable mamma told him, isn't it?" sho observed in admiration of its precocity. The urchin replied by a very awry expression upon his pretty phis, as if to say he had not quite hit the subject of it* thoughts. Then, eridaatly thinking she had finished her crying lit. re-eemmenced it with new vigor; kicking its foot and turning very red in the face; all of which proceeding, its little paront set down te tha great troubie which had lately befallen them. '? Mother will always love her baby, and never leave it for any other baby, nor woman nor man," here the comforter broke down, and the baby, who landed safely on the floor, striking its rosy nose against the rocker, when it cried the louder, and apparently with more reason for so doing than it had previously. In the midst of this new distress, a light, riuiek, prying step entered the chamber, the Joor of which a skinny hand carefully closed. 44 Good gracious ' what ails the baby?" a^ked the visitor, in a harsh, dissonant tone, while casting a nervous glance all over the room. Ho fell down, and I don't know but what he's killed himself, at any rate his little nose ia," answered the young, miserable mother in the most hopeless voice imaginable. '? Poor creeters. poor creeters!" responded the new comer, settling herself on a chair; and her 4 ridicule' on the table, from which she quickly saatehed it. ana opening the lid with a jerk, pulled out a narrow bordered linen handker chief and wiped her eyes several times, during which she kept up a series of sniffles and sighs highly edifying and pleasant to listen to, and wonderfully contagious to the distressed little mother, who cried and sobbed the louder for this proof of sympathy in the thin visitor before her. 41 Such a trying time as baby and I have had ef it ever since you were here the first of the morning " More tears and sobs followed this announce ment immediately. *4 Don't doubt it; I don't doubt it a mite; this is such a deceitful world to live i?; so full of qaicksands?" said the visitor,44 and pitfalls,'' interrupted the young mother. 4* And artful women." 4* And vile husbands." 4> And unhappy wives.' said the visitor, look ing in tho deepest commiseration iu the direc tion of the cradle. ?? Oh dear, oh dear ! that I should have lived to respond to that sen.iiuent; when only a year ago I was the happiest bride iu the world Are you sure it was him you saw ?" cried tho little woman, clasping her hands. 14 Sure?of Coarse I was sure I)o yeu s'poee if I hadn t a been, I could 'a come over here and told you about it in your nervous, weak state' No, I couldn't a done it for a dollar tor more But if you think I could, I'll go right away home and you can pick up another friend somewhere else," answered the indig nant and wounded woman, picking up tier hand kerchief and again applying it to her eyes. " Don't go don't go. my dear Miss Grabatit; for who would console me under my afflictions if yon shoukl cast me off?" 441 s'tnose you could find a better friend " ' No, 1 know it would be impossible. You take such a motherly interest in me " 44 Sisterly, you mean." interrupted Mi* Gra-, batit, who had no fancy to be thought older or a* old as sho was 44 Well, I meant sisterly, but somehow my thoughts aren't sound as usual." 4* 1 don't wonder at it. Mrs Greer; I don't know who could 'a sv-od it as yon have." '? If w.%* only my baby that kept me up." 44 Poor, fatktrj?\? baby"' put in the con siderate Grabatit, looking aakance at its mother to see how she took the worl^ vile as in this sense it was 44Yes. fatherless baby, and husbandless wife," responded Mrs. Greer, In a heart-broken man ner 44 \ou seem so broke down here, I'm a good mind to stay with you, and p'r ap* I cau sort o cheer yon up a bit," said Mrs Grabatit, re moving her shawl from her head and shoulders; for in these neighborly visitations she disdained the ase nt a bonnet altogether. 41 How kind you are ! Well, if I am to be lieve the sad story that poets and novelists ars Rlways telling, that man's heart never knoes true love, I can appreciate the lastingneau of friendship, which they as often write about," said Mrs Greer, making a faint attempt at com poeure, so slight in itself that it immediately toppled over, leaving tears in its stead. w hile Miss Grabatit was folding her shawl in its creates and laying it on tho bed the baby with its chubby fists tried to get near enough to his ejes to wipe em but instead of which, it only reached the little pug nose with the bruise on the end ot it, which it essayed to measure, staring in the meantime at Miss Grabatit, whose green specs, and singular countenance were {he greatest sights he'd seen since he was ushered into existence. 44 If I eon Id only see with my own eyes ha wickedness;" '' Yea eeuldotaiW agin it. Mrs Greer; m don't talk that way." The young wife felt so nervous and excited ?he could hardly keep ber seat; till warned by her visitor she had better bathe her eyes and lie dowr a while, as. in an hour her muoh abused husband would come home to dinner; and ho must by no mean? see how agitated she had been Thus prevailed upon, Mrs. Greer tried to look cnlm. while In her breast thvre glowed the fires of 1 esuvius in miniature. With a glad heart Mr Ureer left his store at the first stroke of the dinner hour, for bis pleas ant home, where dwelt his darling wife, whom he had married just one year ago and the baby, the first one, whoee dumpy form and doughy faoe had inexpressible beauty for the delighted fa ther. who thought never wassuch acherubsoeo. "Here he is' cried Grabatit. peeping through the blinds upon the unlucky Greer, who little thought what a tempest was crowded int# his comfortable two story dwelling. 44 Is he ? ' and the wifo ran joyfully fee the door of the chamber and opeead it, before she remembered he was not the worthy object of her love she believed him to be in the morning, when be left her with a warm kias, and the baby ;i:h as warm caress. Now. as she re L membert-d the story of his faithlessness she ber head upon her bosom and burst - Wfeto tears i- * rM Why, Nellie, what ails von V* be asked in apprehension, as be entered the chamber. ' r-he ain't very weli," mu4 Miss Grabatit, by wej of explanation. 44 What has made you worse, Nellie ? You were quite oomfortable when I left you !" ??I Know it, sobbed Nellie, longing to throw herself in bis arms, and a*k hiin if he wpre really the villain she had been told. Fearing an eel air dement, in which she might not appear to advantage. Miss Grabatit remarked, with much apparent feeling, 44 The baby foil, and hit his dear little nose agaiust the rooker: hi* poor mother has worried her self almost to death since." '? l>id ho hurt himself ?;' cried the alarmed father, palling the cheek of bis son. who was crowing and kicking with all hit might to b6* taken out of the oradle, where his mother placed him when she lay down to recover her composure, previous to the return of hor hus band. ?? Nellie, you musn't excite yourself so about bubby's falling, which. I suppose, will happen so often, you'll got used to it. said Mr. Greer, tenderly, as he drew her on his knee, and rucked her and soothed hor lovingly, as if sho had been on infant. Poor Nellie! what a fierce struggle between love and doubt was going on in her heart. From Nellie's relenting looks, and Ebon's devoted anxious face, Miss Grabatit feared the expla nation was coming, and said? ?' Are many out shopping to-day ?" This question recalled Nellie to her previous feoling of resentment; and rising from her husband's knee, she took her baby in her arms and played with him, while on her pretty face th? commingled expression of love and pain had given placo to a stern, hard look, that filled her fond husband with fears for her san ity. and ho brought her to lie down and try to sleep, promising to take oare of tho baby and of her visitor, who folt no compunction for having caused so muoh misery. Hut Nellie declined, and insisted on taking her place at the table once more, sho thought, for the last time. Miss Urabatit, who had been disappointed in lovo many years before, always believed since that under the fairest masculino face a very black heart was hidden; and owing to this opin ion. she favored Greer with an unspoken vol ume of contempt and doubt, highly odifying to imagine, but more so to hoar, if the privilege had been granted one. 44 Are many out shopping to-day?" she en quired again, and with more emphasis. ?*I really have not noticed. ' he replied, without looking up from his plate. Miss Grabs tit and Nelly exchanged glances while the former shrugged her shoulders and nodded her head, signifijantly, as if to say : "See, tho monster, professing innocence; ipc happen to know better, though." Nellie turned pale. as.she leant her hoadover her oysters, pretonding to eat them, while Miss Grabatit seized a chicken bone as if determined to annihilato somebody with it. Mr. Greer looked at his watch, when, starting to his feet, he exclaimed : 441 must go now, as I have engagement! must keep; Miss Grabatit, tako care of Nellie ; don't let her excite her self. I shall bo homo very early to-night, and hope to see ber looking as bright as she did in the morning. After he had put on his hat, and opened theonter door, Eben came back and re peated the charge with affestionate earnestness. Nellie tbougtit, 4,eanIdoubt this man?" Grabatit assured her she could, and all through the afternoon repeated the sight, with her own eyes, by the aid of her specs ; and bade her not relent, and go with her and catch bim, she thought so true, with the object of his later af fection. Nellie complied, arraying herself for the ex cursion vary hastily, forgetting she had not been out of doors for a long time. Miss Grabatit, like all mischief makers, de lighted in what she was bent on doing, without thinking of any course for the young wife to ursue when ."he had separated her from hor usband. a piece of advice she avowed h?r in tention of acting upon. When the clock struck lour the two women set out; Miss Grabatit ras so interested in the object of their walk that she forgot she had said Nellie "couldn't stand it," but hurried her torwards rapidly. 44 Th*re he is !" whispered (Jrabatit, peering into a shop window, where Greor was discovered trying an elegant velvet cloak uj>on a prettily formed lady, whoso smiling face was turned to wards him *4 Look at the deceitful sinner!" exclaimed Miss Grabatit. sntto voce. '?I do. Oh, dear, tako mo home," answered Nellie, completely overcome, and pale, even to ewov>ning. Miss Orabatit took her into a friend1*'bouse Where she was obliged to wait some time till she was strong enough to return ; when they did. Mr. Greer bad already arrived, and the ser vant saul. wa? up stairs playing with the baby. i41 m a good mind to leave the house now, right away; will you ro up and make an ex cuse to bring me the baby?" I can't leave him wilii his vile father and that artful wo? wo ?woman," said Nelly, crying out loud. 44 Where shall you go ?" queriod Miss Gra ba'it. ??Ovor hi your house for the present. Oh., how hapny I am to have such a friend. What could 1 do without you ?" '? 1?I don't think I can accommodate you ; my tenant's don't like children?so you Bee, my dear unfortunate creature I can't tako you in, though 1 should bo g!ad to!" and here Miss Grabatit tried to look v?ry regretful about it. ?? Nellie looked at her in great surprise, thinking that perhaps, after Ml, her friendship was but an empty sound- Just then tho baby gave a short baby laugh, and at the sound Nellie bounded over the stairs into the cham ber, where sbolound him dressed in the pretti est cap and cloak in the world ; and her hus band's doar face all crowded into the richest and tiniest of white satin bonnets, ami over his shoulder the eiegaat velvet sack he had been, but a little while before, trying on tho pretty lady in the store. In an instant she compre hended the whole?the visit in the morning to havo the rich presents made, and the afternoon to see how they suited him, and to bring them home. Ob, you dear rogue ; how ugly you do look in them ; let me try them on,'' cried Nellie, kift-dng him. 4* You re an angel in any thing." said Ebcn, passionately. "You do love me. don't you7" said Mrs. Greer, in delirht. ?? Love you ! Of course I do 7 Who said I did nt?" 41 Sally Grabatit." The serpent! She shan't come hore again'. '' And she didn t. temmr Ikcidest.?Owing to the embar rassment* of the New York Central Railroad, the running of the trains i# sometimes attended with great difficulty, and no little eredit is due to the managers for keeping them moving. North Wrentham is a wood and watering sta tion. but unfortunately what wo??d is in the sheds is nnder attachment. To procure more and store it there wonld be to subject it fco the same pvocess. J?ut the ei.gine must have wood, aud when it arrived at Blackstone this moruing a load was waiting, and was hastily thrown on to the tender withowt being cut. To have stopped U> have it sawed Would have been to plac? it at the tender mercies of creditors. Fo a woodsawer waiftaken on board the engine, and he plied his saw vigorously all the way into Boston. The sight was a comical one. The monster which the woodsawer had under taken te feed was almost too voracious for him, but he acquitted himself of bis lark like a good nurse, and when the monster halted, the self satisfied hiss of the escape steam showed that he had not suffered ? Bmtoti Journal, I3f&. ftp* There is nothing funnier in Cookney vernacular than Jeames's letter, when ho is in doubt which to prefer of his two lady loves. Mary llann and Jiangelina. Jle writes: "There tiiey* stood together, them two young women. I don't know which Is lha ansomest. I eoodn help tfoMpnring them; Mid I co >dn help com paring myself to a eertain bannimle I've read of that found it diffiokll to n*k? * choice b? t-wifft 2 bandies of A." For Bent and Sale. R f-'NT.-My HOUSE on F street, between 12th and 13th. , i>go-tf W. F. PHILUP9. rpO LET.?Four large ROOMS, north Bide of A renn. *T*B**_fotveeii ^ 4n<^ 1 "> streets. Inquire of R. C. STE VBN9, No. 18 Penn. avenue, DfftwwH 8th snd 9th bm. up 2R-tf (P A KM FOR SA.LE.?A piece of fine LAND on Kock Craek, in Montgomery county, Md., six F1 j* heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Destor, Nowles, Hohrer,and Hawkins. ll2*aores. A beautiful loca tion ; partially unproved; new house; 13 acres rich oreek bottom, and ?oro? fine yellow-pine timber. It can j?e divided, if desired. Call and see tiie premi ses those whodeaire to purchase. je 4-tf ARNV^ CONFECTIONERY FOR SAiTpT I niswe;. known and popu'ar establishment is now ottered for Sale, thus presenting a rare opportu nity'tor a rood Confectioner to enter info a safe and profitable business. Possession can be had 1st No veml>er. The three-story Brick House, now occu | pied as above, is offered at private sale, or will be rented or teased as may be desired. r or particulars inquire on the premises. No. M nii'ifw l-u'^ D. C., or to WM. t ^ Ij Ir We<t lialtimore street, Haitimore. mi n -11 i O ^ i? ? ^ SALE, and if not .u . before the aith of October next, will be sold | on that day ithe 26th of Octolierj at 3 o'clock p. m., o) a pub.ic sa.o or auction, to bo made on the pram . Wifnl country residence called "SI'M M Kii HILL, which is situated in Virginia, on the turnpike road leading from Washington oity, D. C. to Alexandria, three miles snd a'halffroni either city consisting of a new comfortable dwelling house, oel ars, and out-buildings, with 15o aoron of very rich land, of which over lldacres are under cultivation. I he rest being hard wood land, good spring water goorl fishing, good water-power for milling or facto ry purposes. f he land may l>e purchajced in two par cels, about l"0 acres wiMi the residence ai:d over .50 acres " house, of which over Iti teresaro the i>e?t in the neij(hl>ourlio;>d for early gar-.tening. City property in \\ aahiugton for a part of the considera I innv pPo??-i Y'Zr f"r,,,Pr '"f'Tmation I *PP<y to JOIIN F. CALL A N, at the l>rur S'o re ?? rm ' * tracts, in Washington, or at the iaw Office of JJRENT A KINZER, iu Alexandria. i se 17-eotir For sale OR EXCHANGE FOR PRO DUCTIVE CITY PROPERTV-FourFarm. ranging from no to 2?< acres. A respectable residence and other necessary out buildings, Fruit, Aco., to j each. Also, a ilou>e Carpenter's Shop, with seven or more acres of Land. This property lios within a m e of a Railroad Depot in Fairfax county, eight miles from Alexandria, fen from Washington, with ifTiirnr'fa JLur!hpr Particulars known i ) ^ CRUX, 297 b street north. l>etwe*n j 13th and Mth. oo U-eo2w * RKAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS.-The sub scriber has a large number of CITY LOTS, pofnc of the most desirable, in ?very scction of the ci?y, which h* will sell for reasonable prices for the paper or certified ohccks of our City Banks. Titles JAS. CADEN, oc 2 2awlm No. 2Rt F street^ (??.!?."[comfortable and conveni entBRICK HOI f*hS on Fayette street, ad joining t he Convcnt^re now u ndergoinq complete re pair, and will !>e for rent >>n the 4fh of August. The Houses ?re verv desirable, particularly to parents I u li Apply to JOHN L. 1 ? KLIj. Hisrh street. Georgetown. j? 27 Steves. Ac. MC . WO ODWkRD'S ETR0P0LITANr.ST0VE AND GRATE The Greatest Cook me stoves in the United , . States. 11 havejost reoeived from Philadelphia a few of the new Riuno Star, or double Oven Cooking Move; a decided improvement on the old Morning I . patented IR57. I had them got up in Philadel phia this last summer, exclusively for this market. ,2lwT ?_r<\ VorT heVT a,'d*trong. und cast of the r?k,^ rfennr lvmnia Iron. Ail the rooking I tensils are made extra haavy. F. H. Church, Esq., manufacturer. a r,JK Libkrtv Stai. made by .M*"". A l>tiott Laurence of the *ame place. Thk Light ,IITRRBT Douilw Oven Cook, mvle by Messrs. I ?*. !?* Co., Baltimore, together with the 7S'J L i* Tight Fi-at-Top Cooxixa Stovrs that oan be found in this i?r any other market, some r-,W!ll.c c-ar* 1 ?. ce,eI?r*ted ScxRias, Improvrd d..L1 ?.V Co<?*' Nobl; Cook,ana the Blcb Cook. If any man oan produo* a letter Cooking Stove, to excel the abov? Stoves, Tor roasting, baking, Ac,, I will give him 8 Von each one. 1 oajl and examine them, it will eost you nothing, and you will see all kinds and rorts of Stoves, <to. For sale at ... .. C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory, No. 313 and322 Pa. ave., bet. I0tl. and 11th sts. L'aioony in Front full of Stovas, \. Ff. As to the Sf\ Shwx fi at top Cooki>o St.<vk I have examined it thoroughly, and think it has a very appropriate name?Shkix. Yes. shells will burn out m a frw fires. It is a go?)d name for them-good for the makers. And as to the oi l Morn irnc Star. I so! I them last fall, but will not sell tliera a,;ain. They are as fhin as pasteboard. I can prove that the maker's agent urged mo, for almost a day, '*?'*"mmor in my counhng room to sell them this Fall; saying that if I would take twenty-hvo of theni he m ould give me tho exclusive agencv ofthem Tor live )ears. I told him I would not have them at any priee, they are so thinly made. They are hand billed over town hy one th?t said !a?t fall that they *se'l7<tfVOr ',svlns. Al! the above I can prove. I n.vr . r,8ING STAR* .1 MAA Ph.i?H-lphia .tfewof the new RISING STA R, r.r Doubl-d ovon rookine Stoves, a decided improvement on the old Morning Star. Patented IW7. I had them got up ;n Philadelphia this last suin-? mer, and thiy are fully suited t?? t^H mar ket. iney are heavy and strong ca*t, or the very 'iest r eonsy"vama malable jrf>n' the cooking utensils are made extra heavy, and are manufactured by F. M. <-hurch, Esq. Pluladftlphia. Piuasc call and s?e them. Also, the largest vajfetr Qf Stoves of nil kinds that oan oe found in the District ol Columbia. Ranges Furnaeof. Latrobe Fire Places or Parlor Compan ?2n*' ^Hr'or Cuiril>erland ,Coal Grates, and other New York latest patterns. All the above arc for sale at C. WOODWARD'S Metropolitan Stove and <?rate Factory, Nos. 318 and 322 Pa. av., between l"th and llth streets; Iwlwmy in front full of Stoves. se 14 eofiw P R O ST KING. C. WOODWARD'S METROPOLITAN STOVE AND tiRATE FACTORY. No. 318 Pa.ivnu', between 10M and se3e<.3m lltAj/r^?ts. PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS, -a f AI.1TIMO AND PlIOTOORAPHT CoMBINKD. PHOTOGRAP hTc PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, en Canvas, MlNtATCRK OR SlZK OF Ltri, 8. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND P tCTV RE G ALL B RY, Odeon Hail, corneriS it.and Pennsylvania avonae, 8. WALK BR hu fiited up the above spacious apartments at a vary great outlay of enpital, thereby rendering Ins establishment .me of the most com plete and ha.uda.une in u>9 whole country. He has a .argo tjaHery for frtt exhibition of upward of 2no finaOil Paintings, by some of the best ancient and nhvtern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. *. Walkkr has also fitted up a oom plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments for ladies, and purohased the finest possible instru rneriti, intl enr*ge<i n nr?t cIhik operaii\a artist to bira in th? denartiu^nt for takinc ail kinda of r".<!TO?iRAPHlC. AMHKOTVPh AND DA m ?' ? ^ ?> R TRAIT?, from the smallest miniature to size erf lift. 8. Wai.RRE. by combining the Photographio Pro cess with the art of Painting. of whieh ho has hed 25 yeaca experience, and whose specimeas of life sixe portraits may be seen in some of the Brat fhmi lies of the city as well aa those exhibited in his GaJl#T|r91\6 will al>;e, by fhe combination of the two to prorfuocipnr^ait/ that hav? never been ex ceiled for theirfidelily^ndlife-fikeexDressiorj. Can vas and boards prepared by hiinwlf expressly for the purposa. r ' Particular attention paid to the painting or Por tracts, Miniaturt or lifa lice, from ainall piotures of deceased friend*. - Photographs taken from oorpses, or sick peraons taken at their own residences, on immediate notioe. Committees and oiassus taken in any nRml>?r in groups, and any q uantity of ooj>i?s from the same sold at reasonable charges. on C(/PPfr f?r Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, freshaess 1111 r**torod lo thair "rigmaf I^dus and gentlemen are reapectfnlly solioited to cai! at the Gallery, over Shillington'a book s?ore? two doors from Pennsylvania J,>ALL 8TYLE FOR iajT. Notr ready at 8TINe"mETZ'S, 396 Pennsylvania avenue, near tho corner of Thir teenth, tiia most popular Fall styles of Dress, of Moleskin HATS, to which he tnvites particular attention. Havint established the oaah sys tem, ana finding it to work well, ha will continue to make a msoountof 1'H per oant. upon the aotnai market priee. making the hat sold for #4 (and ' ?ot unfrequently for #5) far the low pnaa of ASJO; a slight variation in eualitjr fur #3, and for #2>t a superior uaalifT for tne money. A.ug71-tI CT Penn. aye, near 19th street. EL. assortmant of iOTHING Georgetown Advertisements. LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FALL At very Low Prices to Cask Customers. M o JOH2 hTsmoot. No. 119 South Sid* or Bbiugk St?*et, , , Georgetown, D. C.. naa received and now offering at rerj low prices to oash nn?11 prompt cus'onaers. a large assoitment of FALL AND WINTER goods, purchased In Philadelphia and New York at the large recent Auction Sales, end from the importer*, at very low prioes, which will enable him to offer to purchasers, many desirable Good* considerably below t.V y0.'.ue- *n Hie aaaortment will be found? Rich Silk Robes and Bayadere Silks Best make of Black Silks Bayadere Valentian and Vnlentia Robes Rich Printed, all wool, Delaines and Robes Satin incomes, plnm eolors, nil wool, a very supe rior goods, double width, at 15c. Loepiii's and[other makes French Merinos, of all the most desirable colors, including \\ hite and Black Plain Delaina. black, white and colored. 8-4 black French Merinos, for Shawls Rich In ion Plaid Merinos, at 31J*,' els. Do. all Wool do. si cts. Printed Moualin Delaines, good styles, at 18V and 25 cen?a pi, oes, best styles. English Prints at 12,'J ota. Kich ?t? le Bonnet and Sasn Ribbons Plai* colors do., very cheap Velvet Ribbons and Fringe Trimminra Stella, Biocha Shawls, in great variety Super double Brocha do. Chenille and t'ashmere Scarfs Bajou's Kid Gloves, all colors and Noa. Saok Flanaels, all colors White American, Welch, and Saxony do. Bltck Bombnzines and 6 4 Delaines Color* ard black Cobtirg Merinos Black Crepe V<'ilsand English Crapes West black and brown and white English Prints Long and square Black Thibet and Bay State Shawls Indies and Children's plaid woolen 8 ha wis, in all styles and prices Hosiery of every description ladies Saxony and Merino Vesta With a full supply of housekeeping and domestic

Gooda, of the bost ninkers. JOHN H. SMOOT. FfQRRA LE?Handsome residence on the Heights of Georgetown. The subscriber, as Trustee, oi lera for sale that spacious and handsome reKidcnoe in Georgetown, at present occupied by Charles W. I airo, Esq. The property comprises an entire square ol ground, beautifully improved with walks, tre?s, shrubbery, fldwers. Ac.; a large and well-built green house, with plants in great variety. There are also on the premises. Stables,Carriage house, and other convenient out houses. The Dwelling-House is large and roomy, having, with the wings, a front of ninety five (<V>) fee t and commands one of the finest views of the Potomac river and country around. It is heated by a furnace, lightvd with gas, and contains bath fixtures for hot and cold water; a large cistern, Kitchen range; and almost every convenenr-e for a urst class residence. If desired the Furniture will b>? sold with the house. Possession csn he given immediately. For further particulars, terms of sale. Ao.,apply to SAM. C. EDF.S, Trustee AtPairoA Nourse's Banking House, se gl-iitwSswiw opposite tho Treasury. TV OTIC E .? Having been informed rhat cer *? ' tain persona are in the habit of collecting and gathering together the Bottles which contain or nave contained our beverages, and putting therein e.n arti cie made by othera than ourselves, and thee dispos ing of such article on the faith and creditofoumaine stamped on said Bottles, all persons are hereby notified that such Bottles are our own property, and rot subject, to sale, and that they are delivered toour customers onlv to be returned, and that it isonrfirm intention to prosecute to the utmost extent of the law, any iiifrmgtuent of oar rights on the premisea. .... ARNY A S H IN N, union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, a* 11 Georgetown. I). C. DU FONT'S GUNPOWDER. w?tha.11 thevanoua kinda of DL PONT S GjL'NiV)W 1>ER, and am prepared to auppiy the same inanv quantity to parties wanting, on the moat favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, .. . . No. 3? High street, mav 18-tf (Intel.A Stales George'own. D. C. Dentistry, &c. ^pHE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. ? LOOMIS, M. D . the inventor and patentee of Locmt* Mineral Plait Teeth" having^*^^ successfully introduced his improvement irmKM vanoua oities, haa now permanently estab-^ 111 n listed himself in Washington. Thia improvement for Sets of Teeth oonnsts chief ly in making a set of but one pieon of material, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and they are therefore free from galvanic aotion and metalie taste. There are no joints to become filled with moisture or psrtio.ea of food. Iienoo they tire pure on-/ cl>an. Tht-y are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. 1 will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars toanyone who will producoa wiwilr.r work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. PeuuR. avcr.ue, between lith and 12th atreeta. ftp 13-1 v DK. VILLA RD. DENTIST. LATE OF CHI CAflo, wuld respectfully inform the cit izens of the District and vicinity, that hav-J ins located himself in Washington, he isv now prepared to perform all operatioua in hia profes sion, iu t:ie most approved style. < >mce, No. *5", penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier'a Mil 20 ly DKNTISTRV. OR. STEPHEN BAILY, Or?1^ No. 198 Pknnsvlvania Avrnvx. Tkrti doors from 14(4 Street. D?. BAILVbega leave to inform the publio that he oan l>e seon at aii hours, at hia ottice, located as above. He feels assured that at) expenenceof fifteen' pnw-tioe. with th? large number of patients, anif great variety of difficult oiuscsthat he has treated success fully, will enable him to surmount ati? difhoulty, aoientibo or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. Hia own experience confirming the opinion of many men eminent in the profession, and especially Dra. Har^a and J. and E. I'armly, has led him. long since, to dis card all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.also all Enamels, Guita Percha, India Rublier, and Ce ments for tha construction ol Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Poroelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable subatance that oan be worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himaelf from his long resi dence and practice in Washington, he ia fhvorably known to hia numerous friends and patrona, he begs leave to rafer them to tho following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphiny this city. Dr. Stkfhvn BAtLT: PearSir?I desiretoexpress my este&in for you personally, and my oonhdenoe id jou as a superior dentist. The operations exeouted for me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you may reoeive the patronage from my friends and the publio that your skill ao well deserves. - Yours very truly, Washington, Aug. 26, l86fi. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Meaara Hotga, Cotman A Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Baiiy. Sargeon Den tist, of Washington city, to exocnte for nie an im portant and dimcnlt pteoe of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that one of the most distinguished membersof the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work gives me great pleasure to express my entire confidence and high estimation of hia professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1857. HARMANN BOGGS. Kxtr&ot from a cote received from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. . . U.S. Sknatk, Aug. 19,1866. The teeth ron made for me work adriTii*bly; noth ing oould be better. Very gratefully, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of th? teath, 1 can cheerfully reoommend Dr. S. Baily aa ? superior Dentiat: he made a set of poroeliaa teetk for one of inw ftimilv.acd plugged several teeth Tor myself, and the work has all stood well for mo'n tha* ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Chnroh South. April I?. IM6. We, the undersigned, having had oooaeion to avail ouraelves of tho professional skill of Dr. S. Bajly, Surgeon Dentist of thia oity, or having been cogniz ant of his operations on our families or friends, take Pleasure ia expressing oar admiration of his artiatic skill, aa well aa of the uniformly sntuhc'ory mannei in which he porforms the uaost delicate and difficult operationa in Dental Surgery,and we reapectfullr re Ooinmend him to the oonfidenoe aud patronage of tht public, of which we consider him eminentn worthy. Thomas U. Waltir, Arehiteot li. S.Capitol. Thomas Millie, M. D..of Washington, D. C. B. S. Bohrrr, M. I), of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D., of Washington. D. C? Jos. H., of Washington, D. C. Gkorqk Walton, Ex-Governor of Florida, Waltir Lbnox, Ex-M?.or of Washington, Hknrt Baldwin, U. 3. Patent Office, O.C. Wi?ht? Prinoipal Ritteahouae Academy, feb SO tf THE LEGAL ADVISER, or how to diminish l-osaea, avoid Lawsuits, and save Time, Trou ble, and Money, tey eonduotiag business aocor<ting to law, aa expounded bv the beat and lateat Author it lea: by Kdsrin T. Freedley, author of a Prastie&i Treetiaeoa Business;jBi-ib -Information about Texas, carefully prepared by D. E. R. Bra man, of Matagorda, Texas: 7>c. Modern Reform Fxanained: nr the union of North and South on the subject of Slavery; by Joaeph C ?tiles; ill. Just published,and for sale by - TAYLOR A MA DRY. *?- Booksellers, uear S?th street. FOR a FEW DAYS LONGER.?Great Bar gaina.?Closing out at ii. J. Mclaughlin a cofi. ***' W. wwt weep at hand rxh sta. A WAGNIFTCENT CHURCH ORGAN. 1* mS***" "T7: . 1 Educational. E'VENING CLASSES are now forming at the x!i Central Academy, corner of K and loth streets. The exeiois?s wiil commenoe Wednesday eveuiug, October 14th. A oomple'e system of Figures ia taught in a new, concise. aud simple method. oc9-lm S. MERCHANT, Principal. Brookf.ville academy, Moxtoomikt CorsTT, Md. The oourae of study embraces Ancient aud .M?d ern languages. Sciences, Mathematics, and ordina ry English Hranohea. Teri; a for Hoard ai 1 Tuition *18" per auaum. Catalogues may be obtained at Ballniitvne'fc Seventh atreet, or by addressing the Principal at Brookevilte, Md. E. B I'RETTYMAN. A. M. ne 23 'm Principal. Vocal and instrumental Music. UUICAL CARD M Prof. A. F. LITTLE takea pleasure in announc ing to hia Irienda and to the citizens ol?? \\ a lungton, Alexandria. ai>d viciaiU,tbsi|ESEl he is prepared to receive pupi's for the''!*'' Pianoforte. Guitar. Flute, an<l oilier instruments. Orders left at the Music Store ot Mr. Metzerott, Washington, I). C., and the Music Stnro of Mr. Parrot, Alexandria, Va., will meet with prompt at tention. Rendeucc, Dr. IIlint's, 3t?l Penn. avenue, ae 28 3!awl ni \IRS. CECILIA YOUNG will resume her leu i" I Bona in Vocal Music either in classesorprivate pupils. on Thursday next, October 'st. For terms. Ac., appiy at No. 4i>8 Tenth street, be tween^D and E streets. so28-3'aw4w |NSTRUCTiON 1 N VOCAL MUSIC? C. IRVJNG'S Vocal Mumo Classes meet for in struction and prac'ice at Temperance Hall, on E street, above 9th. on Monday.Wednesday and Friday evenings. Aflernoou classcs at 4S o'clock, and nieht class at 7%. I'erma,(in either class, >22 lessons. $5. Private instruction, vocal or piano, per quarter, *?"2 I/idles and gantleman desirous ot receiving a thorough knowledge of music will be gratified by uniting with either of these classcs. Application can be made to Mr. I. at the Hall or fhron<rh the Poat Office ae 21 tf i\f K.w' llKNRV PALMER'S PIANOFORTE i?I CLASSESare daily addiug uew members Per sons desirous of availing themselves of Mr. Palm ER'a services are requested to enroll their names as early aa possible. This Class aystem ia more advantageons for the advancement of Childien, than any other system of instruction. It ia equally advantageous for the perfecting of the moat bniliaot performers. Terms is Aevakce. Primary Clasa *5 per quarter. Advance Classen 810. Ali applications to be made to Mr. \V. H. PALMER, at his residence. 26" F street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. rj~ Georgetown C'aases meet every Monday and Thursday at 1". o'c' Miss Harrover's t;eorre lown Female Seminary. wii tf Dancing, FASHIONABLE DANCING. illy an $ ' Lum PROF. H. W. MUNDER most, respectfully an nounces to bis friends, former patroui., and public generally, that his School, corner 9?h and D street, is now open f?>r instruction in, the above l*y?u?iful aud necessary accomplish-{ ment, every Tuesday and Thurfda* afternoon Ironi 4 until 7 o'clock, for young Indies. Misses. and Mas ters,and on the same eveiwngs from 7until ?S o'clock, for Gentlemen. Prof. M. is prepared to introduce some of the fin est new Dances that has ever been introduced in th's or any other City in the oountry. All those who wian to prepare for the approaching gar season, would do well to join the above classes as eirrly as possible. N. B.?Ladies .and Gentlemen whs desire to form private Classes, or to receive instruction singly, out do so on Tuesday. Wednesday, or Thursday morn in* from 9 nntiHl^ o'Hook. ooS-eotf 1) ANC1NGACADEMY \ hava A Mr. T F. GAPZVNSKI aad DAUGHTER hava the honor to announce to the Indies and Gen tlemen of Washing ion and Georgetown that he will re open hia Classes for Dancing ini Washington on F riday, the 9th of October, at J Mr. Crouoh's Hall, oorner of llth st. and Pa.av.. over Farnham's Bookstore, for Misses and Masters, from 3 o'clock p. m.; for Ladies and Gentlemen, from 7 o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Miss Harrover'a Ladies Sem inary, from 3 o'clock p. m. For t?rms and particular^ application can be made at Mr. G.'s residence, 4"7 E sliest, between 9th aud loth streets. se 12-6tn THE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH 1 AND MATIK1T, Just Published,' 2jth Thousnnd. A few woriia of the Rational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrlica or l.ooal VV efknes". Nocturnal Fn<issl<>ns. Genital, and Nervous Debility, 1're-^ mature Decay of th?? System. Impo-^ tencr.and Impedimonis to Marriage' generally, by B. Dfc. LANEY. M. D. The important fact that tho many alarmius oom p'aints. originating in the lmrrudeuce and solitude of yonth, rony beunsily removed without Medicine, is in this hinsll tract, clearly demonstrated ; and the er tiie'y new and hi-lity tiiiccossful treatment, aa adopted l?y the author, fnliy exp atned, bv r.osMo| which every one is entl'ied to cure Hi mself perfectly and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all the adveiioed rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a seaicd envelope, by remitting two postage stamps lo DR. DE LANEY. se 2E-dA wtf 17 Lispenard street. New York. BlNo. W7.lT Y THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: In pursuance of the provisions af the 3d section of the act entitled "Ansit t?i authorize the Presidmt ef the I'niied States to cause to K? surveyed the tract ot'land in the Territory ?{ Minneama tielonging to tii- naif breeds or mixed b!o<Klsof Ihe Dacotali ?.>r Si iux nation of Indians, anil for other purpr>*? a." approved July 17 I. JAMES BUCHANAN, Pi e? i J "lit of th? U ni ted States oi A merica. do here by declare and make known that public sales will ha held at the undermentioned laud olfices in the Ter ri'arv of Minnesota, at the periods hereinafter de sigiiated. to wit: At tke land oflice at Hksdbksox. coipmencinc on the eighth day of Maroli next, for the dispoaal o*the vacant public lands sitiiatcd uithin tbe foilowing uamtil tote i.sinps and fractional townships in the late reaerva for tfie hall-breeds or mixed Moods of the Dacatah or Sioux nation of Indians, viz ; Xorth of the bast lint and ?'U of tht fifth prin tipil mrridmn. The unloeated tracts in fractional township one hundied and eleven, of range ten. > he unloeated traota in fractional township one hundred anil eleven, of range eleven. The unloeated tracts in frac'ional townships *ne hundred and eleven and one hundred and twelve, of rante twelve. 'Hie unloosed tracts in township one anndred and eleven, and fractional townships one hundred and t we!vc and one hundred aud thirteen, of range thir teen. ... The unloeated tracts in township one hundred and eleven, and in that part of township one hundred and twelve, aud fraaliotial township oue hundred and thirteen, within the above-mentioned reserve, of range fourteen. The unlooated tracts in that part of townships one hundred and eleven and one hundred and twelve, within the above-mentioned reserve, of range fif teen. At the land office at Fahtbatlt. commencing on the first day of Maroii next, for the disposal of the public lands situated within the following-named townships and fractional townships wn the late re serve for the half-breeds or mixed bloods of the Da eotah or Sioux nation of Indians, viz: North of th* base /??? nnd ictst of th*Afth prin ftpal m<r?(iian. The nnlooated tracts in that part of fractional tewnship >>oe hundred and ten. within tha above mentioned reserve, ol ranpenine. The unlooated t nicts in that part of townships one huudred aud eight, ene hundred and nine, ami frac tional township one hundred and ten, within tha above-meutioned reserve, of range ten; The unloeated tracts inthat part of township one hundred and ei?ht. within the above-mentioned re serve, and in townships one hundred and mne aud one hundred and ten. orrange eleven. The unloeated tracts in that part of townships one hundred ami eight and sne hundred and nine, within the al>ove-mentioned reserve, and in township one hundred and ten. of rauga twelve. The unlooated traets in that part of townships one hundred and nine and one hundred and ten, withia tho aliove mentioned reserve, ef ranjje thirteen. The unloeated tracts in that part oT township one hundred nnd ten, within tha aUive-mentioned re serve, af rnn#e lourtceu. The unloeated trnets in that part of township ene hundred and teg, within the alwvo-mentioned re serve. or range nfteea. n accordance with the provisions ef the act of Jnly 17, '.864. herein before rcforod to, pre-emption claims will not he allowed ta any ef tne above-mcnti<?nd lands until aHerthey have been otferad at public aale and beooine ?ubject to private entry. . . Tlia offering of the above lands will be commenced on tho days appointed, and will prooeed in the orrter in which thev are advertised nntit the wm>le snsii have been offered, and the sales thus closed; Ihut no sale shall be kept apon 1onter ' aud no private entry af any or the leads wijI be ad mit'ed untili after the expira'wn ?f the two we ks. Given under my liund, it th? V .! P thit s?it^nfh day off Tt/niMr. snno L'otrm. o.a thousand eight hundred ^ UC H A !fA N. Ry the Prasidaat T*V*?mm'ssionnrof*tljeGe?eral I And Ofiee. ae 1?-Iaw3in^ ; THE CLOTH HAT jaat out aad universally ad mired as a Gent's fine drass Hat requires ror* e laments, bat an examination will guaranty tlte^L Also, a new invoioe of FREWH SOFT HATS per last steamer. At the Bisaar, oorner of Cthalreat and Penn. avenue, o? 8-?o?w HOPKINS. THE WEEKLY STAR. TUB ?sa?(l?rt FmuIjTSjk Ww ?TT^l ft n wi v?r lety of ?UP*ti?f re*ftift? m be foaai m ftay ?Uftr-tf pftfcUftto* ?? ?ft?*ftJ monuof. TU?. ?iaci* ?rr. ????!" ?,??? Qoptaa., . ?? ..... ? ? " Ten copies * Twentj eopiae ? 19 " Cask. Mrwtcilt ia adea?r e. By subeoribing ia Clabe niNd amoac without the intervention of a inail MWt.M will !>? Mr ?nt. of Tn* WaaaLy in* wt? be saved. It ia variably oontaina the ' W*?k*ntt?n .???*" that has made T?b E*wim Stab aira? late eo generally throathout the ooentry. ir^Sings iia wrappers! eu be prooared At the oonuter .immediately after the isaaa of tfte paper. Prica-THREE CENTS. Postmaotere who aot ae agents Will be alio wed a commission of ft> oeat. Watchet, Jewelry, Ac. B aMIMoKK, * ASHINGTON. AND VIK 1 g.uia Hiuik Note* taken at per for all kinds of rich and lashiormhle GOLD jKWKLRY. hue QO|,U and SILVER WaTCHE*. GOLD CHAINS. SEALS. KEY*. LOCKET*, and ail other choice goods, for a few days. 1 have ju*t received a fine assortment of aew Goods, which I am prepared to eell at very lew pnocs. Pieaai'oallai XX Peon. avenue, >i|i of the targe Spread Katie. ?eaa-tr H. O. HOOD._ / HJLi> AND SILVER WATCHES, J EWEL VI RV, AND FANCY ARTICLES. 1 have just received another additioa to mv large stooft of Gold and Stiver WATCH ES, of the best makers in Europe. Alto, Gold Chain* of CflU ever? style 1 price. Jewelry in sets and *?? duZ t * pifc?. Perfumery and Fancy Articles, Suver pl&ted Basket*. Spoons, Castors. Aat >. ROBINSON'S. 349, opposite Rrowna' hotel. Sign I .arre Gilt \Valoft. N. B.-WATCH REPAIRING done in the boat manner hy a skilful Watchmaker, and warranted, an 21 -2m LOCKS : CLOCKS !? CLOCK* !!! A rood BB ASS CLOCK for I hare in?t re oeived and opened all the new etyle Ciock s^^_ from ?I up to sZS. The trade supplied las^TOl usual) at wholesale prices. Also, Clock MvBH tensi*. unoh as Cords, Ke*s, Balls. Bands. Wf 1 Wires. Oiia, Ac., at the Clock and ""aloft* * Store of J. ROBINSON. . S4fl, opposite Browne' hotel, a* t! 2m Sign l^arce Gilt Waieh. Pianos, &c. f UILD MEDAL PREM1LM PIANO FORTES, WILLIAM KNABK, fSenior nartner in the late firm of Kkabr. Gabulb A Co., CfDtinne* the manntacture and sale of grand and tenure PIANO FORTES, underMie n*m?_ of William Knahe A Co., at the old atand,|BCSKS ftNos. |, 3. A and 7 North Eutaw atreet op- Ml a" posite Eu!hw House, Baltimore. They have alao .mat openod a new Sa'ea Rnna at No 207 Baltimore atreet, between Charlea and Li/tit etrceta, on the premises partly occupied hy Mr Henry M c Puffery ae a music store, where they wiH keep constantly on hand a larre assortment of plata and highly-Lii.shcd grand ai>d square Piano Fortea aleo. Melodeons. fr<>m the t^at makers, from 4 to 5 ootnve. some with double key boarda, double reeds, an<t stops to suit small oiiurohes. Brxng extensively engaged in the manufacture o Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, o? the naoe liberal terma. Our Pianos were awarded the highest eremiam (g^.u mt'daUat the Faire of the Maryland Institnt* two sucoesFive jreara?October, 1S%. and IRK?in <>? p<?*iti<*n to fonrieer and eighteen pianoe from some of the l>e*t ninkorK fiuin New Vork. Boston and Bal timore. We a ere also nwarded the brst premiumat tUe Industrial Exhibition hHd in Riehmord. Vir ginia. 1K56 and It'.-jh. 1 hey have aiao been awarded the uigi>?-st premium (ailver madallat the Metro politan M?ohanioe' Fair for 1S5>7. fn addition to tins we are in possession of testino m.'ils from the iu->st distinguished professors and UKtrnm in t!>e country , whi"h can be seen at onr w*r. rooms, speatcing for themselves ait.l others of the high appreciation in which our instruments aro every where held. All instrument* are guaranteed for five years, and a privilege of exchange is granted within tne first six months from the day of saie if Ifta instruments do not five entire tatisfaetion. Wholesale <tenlers will find it to their advantage to rive us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hireu. arxl tuned. marL6-l* WM. KNABK ft C*?. r^EORGE SANDS* NOVELS. Corsuelo, three volumes. La Marie Au Diabte, I vol. Jscqiies. I vol. I-? Petite Fadette, 1 vol. VslenUne, I vol. Le Pecht De M. Antoine, t vola. .'eanue, I vol. Horac*, I vol. ' FranoMs Le Champi, 1 vol. F even no, I vol. Mauprat, 1 vol. Indiana. 1 vol., Lelia, J vol. Lacrexian Flonam, 1 voi. Lettres D'lm Vovagetir. 1 vol. Price 30 cents p?r\oluma. Imported from Pans by oe IS FRANCK TA\LOR. H O ME- MADE CARRIAGES. We have on hand, of our own maRnfH?tnre, ? fine Rusortment of a> kinds of CAKRl AGES of tho verj i<eM,.ai"at. and niostj approved sly les, and warranted .a point <i(J workmanship and materia!, to be equal to any made in the city of Washington or any etner citv in lha rni???1 States. We respectful!* aolicita call fn?a? the citizrns and strangers to examine our work ; aa wp are determined to let none surpass us either in quality of work or in low crimes. We also do every kind of R F.PA1 HING in a work man i ke manner, and at reasonato.e prices. Oid Carrisses taken m part n?jineut lor new and at a fair price. SlMO\ F LYNN A CO. may 12 *>m ^yASHINGTON, OCTOBER S. 18?T. Dear Sib; Tne Piano I purchased of you in the FaM of ISM. manulactnre?l 1-y Hsllett. Davis A Co . of Boston, has l>een in daily use sicoe that time, and I am happy to state has fully austatned the very fa vorable opinion 1 had formed of these instruments.' The Pianos of this manufactory are not. in my judgment, suipasfccd by tb'?e of an> other. For volume and sweetness of ton*, prompt action,dnra bilitv, b^autv ??f workman?lnp. Ac., Ae.. the? itra notexcelleo by any others wilh which 1 aiuaoMiiaiul ed. Kespcctfiil'y, jour olied.eni ser\"<nt. O. R. Mbrbill. J. 1. Ellia. Esq., Washington. V-'asiungto*. D.C.. May 1, l?r. Dear Sir: The Piano I purchased of you of flaiiet. Davis A Co.'s maniitacture. soma eichteon mout|.? suyse. ?HMitinncf to give eniira sat^afaot'on. It is a e'ear. full, sweet tone, and of l?eautiful workm%n ship; not being a judge of such instruments. I trust ed to your word, and feel pleased in aa> ing 1 have not regretted it. Voura, respectfully, Mrs. Pbtbb Cah ax. J. F. Ellia. We have now a large atock of these Piaaoa, ae le.-t?d personally when in Boston l?st week. oc5d JOHN F. ELLIS. Pa. avonue. ^jJOODS FOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTES. R. H. MILLER. SON A CO., will i drsrripti?'tis of P It I N A , GI..\SS, sn1^ qCEKNS WAKE, GAS FIXTI>RI-.S.| A o.. Ac., at their usual regular low priccs,I Wit it a disooir t of five par oent. for cash aa heretofore, and 'eceive in payments notes o< any of the Virginia Banks (except the Bank of Kanahwat st par. Any and all debts due them, can be paid in th?* same currency, with thanks to auoh of their debtors as choose to avail themselvea of this prop ocition Alexandra. Sept. 29. 1RT7. ss ?> tf ^*IIIN'A, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WAKE. r'. H. MILLER. SftNlk CO., IMPORTERS. Alexandria. Vi? wanilnve received two iristalinents of theirf=^ supp ics from the English Pott?nes.^r VLjV and will continue to receive aeoeasious to f M their stock til! tfce business seasor sets m.*^ R. H. MiLlib. Son A Co. can assure their friends and eustotners that their stook steal! be of the moet desirable description.and that thair prices will aom parc favorably with those of any dealers m their lino in an* other market in the I'nitwd States. R. H.Millkr, Son A Co. nave prepared them selves tooffcr to merchants every inducement to make their purchases in their line. WINDOW GLASS. They have just reaeived via Antwerp and Naw York, from the ijreat manufactory of *'Ronx," New Hrus?e is, I !4f tK>se? French Window Glass of supe rior quality and of d'tferent thicknessas. which they have imported under sucheiroanistaaoesaa loeaal.ia them to offer a super.or article at very moderate priges er ^EN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonda of the City of Daveeport, Iowa, pay tug 10 per oent. intareat by Coapon ia sew Vork. Bonds of ?5no each. The rrf,win?_el'y **f Pnrenaort has now about jn.eoo lnteabitaata, and ia rapidly increasing in wealth jfted population. Ita muaioipal debt laonly HISi.nA, and ita ran road debt only %12S,(*?, and oannot now be laareaaed, Th# statistics of the ciu were published in tka_ eencer of the yth September. . Wa reoommend these bonds. l<elievin* them to be aa safe aa any ?t*rt'6orClty I'Qhds. CHUBB BROTHBKB ^JCKIB E-COM E DIES. ^ Scribe?Comedies. \ aadeyfllea. De Girardin? Poesies cimpletee. l)e fiirardin? MarjUente. Ou Danx Amours. Re*band?Le Ongdo Clochar, Reibaud?L'Industrie en Europe. Goatan?Le NoUira de Chantilly. ETina?Lcs Peaux Noires. Marnner?Au liorddela Neva. Radiguet?Souvenirs de L'Amerique Eapftffnole, Musaet ?Ia Bavolette. PhabriHan?Les Voleurad'or. Souveatro? Vn Pbiloaophe eon a lea toita. Souvestre?Confeaaione d'un Ouvrier. Eaoh ia one volume, pnoe Si oeats, jnat imported from Paru, with many othera. by ocg FRANCK TAYLOR ^pWO WEEKS LONGER ! We shall ooatiaae aaliiag off for two weeka loager and beg all who really want baryaiaa to eall *k m cure them, aa everytaiaf we have on band maat ha aold oat. Pereona wbobcy to eell acain will lad it to iheir advantace to give aaa aall, aa we aromiaa them great barton*. We ftave yet oa hand ft vary '"""""'STSSLAreHUII * CO, PC S No.?. between ?th and Ptk sta. oery vnd Provisiom Store, No. 564 mil atreet ac.d im"^ jonab r. lth.