Newspaper of Evening Star, October 17, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 17, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATIKUAY- October IT, 193T. I'llK WEEKLY STAR of this day's date contain* the history (which has attracted so much attention) of Walkers career in Nicaragua, prepared tor the Ftar by 41 one who knows" The New?, Literary and other departments aro remarkably complete this week. Price?Single numbers 3 cents, or $1.25 per year SPIRIT OF THE MOKNWG MUSS The Intelligencer regrets to observe that wmc of its cotemporaries are endeavoring to find, in tha financial distress and ruin which ?re now spreading throughout tho land, a rouree of sectional gratification in the alleged security of the Southern States from the disas ters which hare overtaken Northern trade and industry. Among the hardships of the crisis the Intel ligencer mentions that which has befallen 4*an old and well established firm, in our own neighborhood, and of which the business honor, always untarnished, had become a heredita ment ^more precious than wealth) from father to son. but which, compelled now to yield for the first time to the pressure, has been able to rescue nothing from the wreck save that which money cannot enh.ince nor poverty depreciate, the mens sibi cons eta recti V The Union continues its able series of arti cles upon Banks and Banking. Fe<>m Kassas.?Kansas advices to the 13th have been received at St. Louis. Both parties were stiki claiming to be victorious in the recent election. Gov. Walker defend* the voting of the soldiers on the gronnd that l?eing in the territory six months makes them citizens. There are noof llcial returns. The Goods or the Stiimir Norfolk .?The Norfolk Day Book states that a part of the hull and some eight thousand dollars' worth of the goods of the Norfolk had washed ashore. The goods were sold in the different districts. From 30 to 60 per cent, salvage was allowed on the gross amount of sales. ID" Speculators in s ugar, who have recently met with sudden reverse* in their profession, must have been driven to their wit's end in order to procure place* where the sweet article might be stowed snugly away*for future use. At the present time there are hundreds of hogsheads of the article stowed in and about a stable, situated at Reed street and Jefferson avenue, Philadel phia. Naw Word?The last English journals all contain a new word, which will doubtless rome into immediate use on both sides of the Atlantic. In speaking of a telegraphic dispatch thev call it a telegram But this is not a term of English coinage; it was used by some of our country co temporaries a year or two ago, the Syracuse Jour nal. if we mistake not, having invented it. it has a rather queer look, at first; but it is a very convenient term, and it will soon become familiar to the eye. No Extra Sr^>sius.?The banks of New York have concluded they c>>n get along without the in. tervention of the Legislature The Committee of New York merchants, bankers, and others that visit Albany to have a talk with Governor King about the financial crisis and the propriety of call ing an extra-session of the Legislature, telegraph ed h:m during Thursday after reading the flat of the Judges of the Supreme Court that the extra session would be unnecessary in the present aspect of affairs. Thk Ska - V i r w Hovsr Thagedt? Donn'ily Sentenced.?Judge Vredenburgh, on Thursday, sentenced James p. Donnelly to be hung at Mon mouth Jail, on the *?th of January next, at three o clock, p. ro ,,for the murder of Albert S. Moses He received the sentence with great firmness Being asked the usual question, before sentence passed, he delivered a speech concluding as fol lows : 44 And I now declare that I am innocent of the blood of this voting man. and am no' afraid to meet my God, or Albert .Moses; and if what 1 have uttered is not true, may my tongue cleave to the rocf of my mouth.7' Skrioi-s R ailroao Accwrxt ?The mail train ou the Central Railroad was thrown from the track vest of Syracuse, N. Y., on Thursday evening, in consequence of a piece of the road bein? Washed away. The whole train, consisting of a baggage car. mail car, and four passenger ears were thrown down an embankment twenty feet deep and all shattered to f.agneat*. Th<re were sixty passenger;, in tLe cars, of whom a MNs Brow.i, of Toronto, was drowned. Mr. Bron aon. of New Britain, Conn , was badly injured and has since died Twenty other passenger* were injured, six seriously The mail car and mail bags, excepting one, were burnt, the tar having taken hre from the furnace of the lucomo tin. A Bmoszr Charged with Fkaid ? James O'Conner, banker and broker, of the firm of O Conner Brow., of Pitl&burg, was arretted, on Wednesday last, on the charge of obtaining the sum of 3i>3TUJU from the Merchants and Manufac turers Bank, of P.ttsburg, by fraud. A prelim inary hearing tot'k place and the accused gave bail in f^iu.UJO for further hearing before Judge Hampton. He was immediately after arrested on a charge of conspiracy with Wilson Blackeney. late a book-keeper of the bank, in obtaining *310, 000 from the same !,ank, upon which charge he also gave bail The allegation is that Mr. O Con ner overdrew his amount to the extent of *310,W)0, aud that the book-keeper concealed the fact from the Directors. On Thursday three young girls, named An na Maria Jackson, alias Yankee, aged 14 Wrin fred Murpby.aijed 16, and Hannah Leary, aged 14, were arrested in Philadelphia, by offi^r James Conway, and taken before Alderman Enen, on charge of larceny It appears that these girls, who were engaged in vending matches, went iato the store of Mr. James Proctor, and found him asleep. They then, it |? alleged, stole two five dollar notes When Mr P woke up he found them there, and asked them what they wanted, when they used some very indecent language, too gross for publication. They were also charged with prow ling about the streets for improper and vicious purposes The whole party were sent to the House ?f Refuge. Extrrsior* Asian by \\ kalthv Bosro* Horsz. ?Mr. Edmonds, <A the Pacific Mills, pnbltshes a card asking far a renewal of lite obli gations of the corporation for six months after maturity, under which arrangement, he says, no creditor ran lose by them, as their property is ample, and their mills can I* kept in operation Messrs LiUle. Aiden it Co are thesellimrai/ents of the Pa* lfi< Mills, and have not supended, and will not If the Pacific Mills can obtain the exten sion asked for They have very limited liabili ties in this country. X) tsars J C Howe ft Co . of Boston, publish a statement in the papers of that city. that though thelrissets are nearly equat to two dollars for one of indebtedness, owing to the present panic they are unable_ to borrow money enough to meet all a" ,bev hereafter mature. Before th? V ; ? ?? protested, they propose to ? 10 lrnrw 11 at as '? easti?they holding .l-d* tL^! r P ?"1 ln 'heir hands, or the pro Messrs r ' *knner 5 'co'^/m U re"ew',U n&rnM-J' * habilitua by more than *1 factuiing compsii'ler' UUUM!;oua mauu caa : fnprovoked Homicide, Outrageous Assault *4ore Ontmgea. Daring Robbery, Assault witL l..ieat u> la II, Violating City Ordinances, ** ?<?., Of a similar character, but theae are ordinary ci: cunrs ta tie ?a. . A" attempt haa been nude at Chiesgo to ' I?* J pOneipal witnews against Bravinao. w,th robbing the Chicago f? iTV* tcT FarU unknown A sc heme J',, fhrthe purpose, but the witneas WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. A Proposed Corr-RiGHT Treatt.?It is in timated in the Washington correspondence of distant newspapers, that tbi* Government is about to enter into an international oopy-right treaty with England. We doubt the fact, be cause it would be difficult to arrange any suih convention, the result of which would not be injurious to ^e general interest# of this coun try Treaties arc xuade for the benefit of the community at large Not for that of any small class of the community at the expense of the great mass of their fcllow-citiiens. In this case, the injurious effect* of t^e enactment of a copy-right law by Congress, as the remit of the formation of a copy-right treaty with Britain, ore positive and palpable. For every American work for which there is a demand in England there are fifty English works for which there is a demand in the United States ; and for every oopy of a work written by an American, sold in Great Britain, there are two hundred copies of works written by Eng lishmen sold in the United States. These will doubtless be unpalatable facts to the mass of our readers. They are neverthe less true, however, and should be reflected on ere the enactment of a copy-right law by which every American reader of current English works shall hereafter be taxed for the benefit of the English author, when, without the enact ment of such a law, it is certain that the Amer ican reader may obtain the woik without pay ingany such tax. Some of ourcotemporaries will scold us for want of esprit du corps in refusing to advocate 44 protection" for those who, like ourself, live on the popular demand for the emanations of the brain. In this case, however, we have a higher duty to perform than a duty even to our own class in society. That is, to Amencan society at large. We are for keeping good books cheap. For keeping the laws of the United States in that connection so that our fellow-citi7.cns of all degrees may have the ad vantage of the republication of all foreign works worth republishing in this country, at as low prices as possible. We would not quarrel with American authors who desire to be able to copy-right their works abroad; but wo would not tax the American reading public sixpence to enable the former to accomplish that object. The Usios.?The inen who mike the objec tion that the existence of slavery in a region unfits it for the purposes of white labor, taunt the South with the fact that there are only three hundred thousand slaveholders in the whole South. Thus, we see, there are more than five millions of non-slaveholders living in slave holding States. If we recollect rightly, the last census, too, discloses the fact that there are dou ble as many persons from the North who have chosen those States as their residences, in pref erence to non-slave holding States, as there are slaveholders in the Union. Again, large portions of Delaware, Maryland, Tennessee. Kentucky and Missouri, are practi cally non-slaveholding. Such would be the case in any northern territory, and northerners set tling in such sections would be no more affccted by slavery than tho northern border States. They are affccted by it, but beneficially affected. They find the bordering slave States excellent and extensive markets for their merchandise manufactures, mules, hogs and other prodnc tions. The South is the great market for the North, as the North is for the South. Practi cal men understand this, and are annually ex pending millions to open main lines of commu nication between the sections. The closer you bring the two forma of society together, the bet ter markets they afford for each other; and they closest when both exist in the same State. But this is not close enough Thousands of the most adventurous northerners annually em igrate into tho very thick of slavery, as teach er*, merchants, lawyers, doctors, clergymen and mechanics, aud some of them are among our most useful and enterprising citizens.. We would like to see this imiu/gration continue and increase. It would knit the Union more closely together; for those who visit cither section very generally return cured of all sectional preju dice. It would not continue, however, a day under Republican party ascendancy. If even now, while an immense party at the North is engaged in deadly hostility to the South, endeavoring, many of them, to excite ser vile insurrection,?if even now, northerners find the South a pleasant and a profitable resi dence. how inany more would come if Abolition ism would but cease its wicked machinations. As many from the South go North for business or for pleasure as come from the North to the South. This union and the intercourse is pleas ant, profitable and natural, afid we regret the prevalence of the doctrines of Abolitionist, which contain the seeds of its dissolution. We have shown conclusively ihat the admis sion of slavery will not operate to the exclusion of non-slaveholders, whether they come from North or South. It remains to consider, the effects of slavery extension on the resident citizens of non sUvebolding States. Here the advantages are still more manifest. They will not have their scruples, their tastes, or their consciences affected by being brought into juxtaposition with slavery, and yet will enjoy the benefits of purchasing slave products at cheaper rates, selling their own at dearer rates, and obtaining a more extended market. At present there are more ihau enough slaves on the comparatively unproductive lands of the Atlantic coes ;?dif fuse these slaves over the West and Southwest, and, without Increasing the number of slaves at all, the amount produced by them may be dou bled This will cheapen slave products, which the North needs, and increase tho market for northern products; for the purchases of the South will only be limited by her ability to buy, if Abolitionism will but let her alone. Could Abolitionism succeed in blotting out ne gro slavery, how fatal would it be to the inter ests of a large portion of their own section ? She may effcct the same thing by provoking retal iatory measures, and driving the South to car rying on her own eommerce and her own man ufactories. The present and past teach that intercourse between the sections has been and is mutually and equally beneficial, or it would not have existed. Either section can live with out the other, but non-intercourse would affect injuriously each region, and soon lead to dis union. After all, the certainty is, that if slavery ex tend, its extension will only be permanent where it is profitable, useful and natural, and, of consequence, to all sections. The Cra.sii is Wai.l Street.?The New York iVw.i gives a graphic description of the scene in Wall street on Tuesday last, when the 4,run" was being made that forced eighteen of her banks to suspend before the close of busi ness hours, and the rest unanimously to resolve 44 not to pay specie over their oounters on the next morning/'?that being the phraseology in which they promulged the fact that they had 44 gone the way of all flesh'' financial, in these times. We entertain no sympathy whatever with the New York banks, because their re fusal to take the step whioh they were com pelled U> take at the eleventh hour ruined hundreds, if not thousands, of the moot enter prising and us?ful business men in New York quite as sound in the way of substantial assets as themselves. They played the part of the dog in the manger, and in the end found that kaeping the merchants from the food (financial) in their guardianship did not suffice to make that food trail able for their own preservation. But we will let the News tell the story of the result of the just furore of excitement against them, brought about by their conduct to the suffering mercantile interest generally, as fol lows: ??Wall street Itself presented a strange scene. One deoite mass of human beings filled the street extending from Broadway to Pearl street, mostly of our first business men, with careworn looks, despair depicted in every feature, each question ing eageily his neighbor, seeking information which no one could give. "The work had fairly commenced. There was no child s play h?re. No hard-fisted labor ing men, no flaunting servant girls or "anxious mothers" running the banks or seeking to ex change bank notes into the Constitutional cur rency, only to be laughed and sneered at for do ing ?o, but the "merchant princes" were there in myriads thronging every nook and corner, and long lines of these extending from the bank coun ters far into the street, with "evidence of depos its" in hand, each anxious to "draw" before the linal exhaustion took place. "There was in this vast throng no disturbance, no unseemly haste, but a positive determination apparently to pay off the banks for their niggard ly, senseless, and cruel course, which resulted in crushing every business man, but the object of which was to save themselves. Had they pursu ed a judicious course in ma*king loans, it would have averted this disaster, and not only insured their own safety,but protected the merchant also. There has lieen, up to within the last few days, the most kind ana generous feeling toward the banks, a feeling entertained by the whole mer cantile community, and every confidence was placed in them. With such a state of feeling th?*se institutions might have increased their loans even beyond their usual line, and no dan ger need have been apprehended; but pursuing a directly opposite course, while the crisis was upon us, refusing the least aid to the country banks, calling in their loans, reducing their line of discounts in the spa;e of a few days to an un heard-of extent, their very acts carrying fear and dismay to the heart of every business man, what was to have l>een expected from such a policy but a general blowing up? The bank presidents themselves planted with their own hands the magazine under their own vaults, and even light ed the match, and to apply it was the easiest,and the mou natural thing in'the world." Ddcision.?Subjoined is the de cision of the Acting Commissioner of the Gen eral Land Office in relation to the refusal of a Surveyor General to approve the survey of a donation claim: Genkbal La so Office, Oct. 15,1R7T Fir : In your letter of the 22d of July last, now before me, you stale that the Surveyor General has refused to approve the survey of a donation claim, made according tb the abstract furnished, on the ground that " it was not in a compact form, as it crossed a meandered stream;" and you ask the attention of this office to the condi tion of a numlHTof claims which have been per mitted by former Surveyors General, lying on both sides of rapid streams, the disturbance of which claim would work gieat injury to claim ants. 4c. This office has decided against the right of a claimant to f ross a i% nnvigciblc str'fitti" in order to get the quantity of land to which he may be entiled in virtue or his settlement, &c., but what you describe as rapid mountain stream, scarcely navigable with a canoe, cannot be considered as coining under that bead; and the location of a claim on both sides of a stream of this character should not be considered cause for rejection, where the improvements lie on both sides, and the claim is in a compact form, even though it may have t??n found convenient or nec.essaiy in the prosecutiotiof the public suiveys to meander such stream ; nor should one passage of such a stream through a claim render it liable to objec tion on the score of compactness of form. The sixth section of the donation act of INM) is liberal in its provisions with regard to the loca tion of claims. Whilst it provides that claims "shall be in a compact form, and, where it is practicable so to do, the land so claimed shall be taken as nearly as practicable by legal subdi visions," it also. " where that cannot be done," makes it the duty of the Surveyor General " to survey and make cach claim with the t>oundaries as claimed." y?u do no1 present a particular case in which tuis difficulty exists, these general views are mere ly thrown out for your consideration, and are not laid down a* a rule for vour government in any particular class of cases , That will be done when an actual case is presented for decision. It is desired that the most liberal course con sistent with law be pursued towards the settlers, especially of that class to which you refer, who settled early in good faith, and have completed their four-years term of settlement and occupa tion, and that every facility he afforded them for the settlement of their claims and quieting their titles 1 ? In reply to the closing paragraph of your letter. In which you inquire " whether it is the duty of this (your) office or the Surveyor Gencial to de cide in what shade claims may be taken," I have to state that it belongs to the Register and Receiver, under theftth net tion ol the amendatory act of l?tti July, 1K54, to make such decisions, and to the Surveyor General to see that the surveys are properly executed in accordance therewith. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, Joseph S. Wilson, Acting Commissioner. O T A1?S,,ER' Winchester, The Ckaft.?We regret to say that the cur rent financial troubles bid fair to fall with per haps more disastrous weight uj>on the printers than on any other branch of mechanics. Book publishing every where at the North is coming fast to a stand-still. In New York on Satur day evening last, seven hundred journeymen printers lost their situations, and our private advices nay that to-night quito as many more will be thrown out of employment there, while in Boston, Cincinnati. Philadelphia and Bal timore the book publishing business will sj?ecd ily be brought to a close for the time being During the cra*h of 18o7, the effect on the in terests of the craft was very similar, and the craft did not rccover from it for four long years, if our memory serves us. That ephemeral newspapers, too, must stop in such time* as we arc about to have, is very certain ; for people will not buy any thing they can fairly do with out for the time being. We shall see in Wash ington more palpablo evidence of tho condition of the times in tho multitude of journeymen printers out of work flocking hither for em ployment in printing offices doing Government work, than in all else besides. In the most prosperous times they come hith er to that end in undue numbers for the inter est of their resident fellow craftsmen, who rarely fail to aid Buch of them pecuniarily as are in want here. In the numbers in which they bid fair to flock to the Federal Metropolis next winter to get work (under the patronage of members of Congress) they bid fair, we fear, to seriously impair the circumstances of their fellow craftsmen residing in the Distriet, who, we prcmime, will feel called on to share with them to that end tbuir small means on hand, as heretofore. North-Western Boundary Commission ? The Interior Department has received a letter from tho North-Western Boundary Commis sioner, in which it is stated that the party were comfortably located on the shore of the Serni Ahmoor Bay, east of Point Harbor, Pacific eoast. near the 49th parallel, and hope soon to be ready for a start into the interior. The English commission bad not yet pre pared for the start, the surveying party not having arrived, so that the U. 8. party are just so far ahead of them. The English Commis sioner was there in a screw-propeller carrying 21 sixty-eight pounders. One of the American party had gone on an exploration to Fort Lungley, on Frazer river, in the British possessions Commissioner Campbell and Mr. Warren, Secretary of the U. S. Commissioner, had gone in the Active to Puget's Sound for lumber to boild huts for winter quarters. Patent Qrricm.?T/ie Nn+ve drape of Ar kansas? Some time since Major H. C Wil liams was sent to Arkansas, by the Patent Of fice, to investigate the native grape of that State. Ho reports the impossibility, this sea son, of collecting any seeds of the grape, as they have notmatured this year in consequence of the frosts in the spring. He has no doubt, however, of the success of the grape of that part of the country ' in any place where the summers are long enough to permit the ripen ing of the fruit." In Texas he learns that the drought has en tirely cut off the corn crop. The prairie lands suffer most. The squirrels, it would seem, hare become alarmed, and are emigrating to Ar kiMU, swimming the Red River by thousand* One woman, in one day, killed lire hundred, with her washing implements on the banks of (he river. t PmiPABATIOV* FOR TBS IStVIJO Of TRK Blcb Book ?Tho General Land Office bus completed the list of all employees in that branch of the public service, whose names, compensation, etc , are required forinsertioa in the next Biennial Register. This list in cludes not only all the officers here, but the va rious Registers. Receivers, Surveyors General, Clerks in the several land States, and all the printers employed by the office during the two years ending the 30th ult. lion. Thus. A. Hbndbicks, Commissioner of tho General Land Office, has returned to this eity. and resumed the dischargo of his official duties this morning Naval Courts or ?Court No. 2 was occupied to-dny with the case of Lieut. Murray. Chaplain Bsrtow and Dr. Grier were examined on behalf of Murray. Promotion.?Chief Engineer, Samuel Archi bald has been appointed Engineer in Chief in placo of Chief Engineer Daniel B. Martin. The Passengers of the Lost Steamship Cen tral America. We have received by the Northern Light a full list of the passengers who were on board the lost steamship Central America, including those com prised in the supplementary way-bill and those taken on board at Asplnwail. The name* are as follows: First Cabin ?Judge Manson. Mrs. Lockwood, daughter, and two children; Mrs. B. Thayer, child, Infant, and servant; Albert Priest, Mr. Farmer, A. J. Easton and wife, F 8 Hawley, wife, and two infants, nurse and servant; Wm. McNeil and wife. Captain F W. Badger and wife, Mrs. F. A. Thomas. E. Kirshtleld, M. Lh siski, T. O'Neil, G. G Ridway, Peter Brown, Wm Birch and wife, Mrs. Pahtid. two children, and infant; Jaltez Howes, J. A. Foster. N Mont gomery, 8. F Parker, J.N. Van Hngan. wife and infant; Mrs. Eliza Carothers, Samuel 8. 8hreve, J. V. Dobbin, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, J. Peil, wife and two inf.tnts; C. A. Low, G. C. Farn hain, 8. D. Dement, H H Child*, M. White, F. Jones and servant, James E. Kirch, F. A. Bokee, Mrs. J. McKim Bowlev and two infants, Dr. O. Harney, A. J. Alston, N. Sawyer, Charles Gibo, D. Yauney, C. Moore, A Doiid. S. Aiker, A. B Smith, wife, child, and three infants; Theodore Paine, II B. Beach, E. M. Williams, Mr. Saroni, Dr J Travis, wife and two infants. Second Cabin?D. B. Raassi, Charles Blum, D. Levick, L. Fallon, daughter and infant; G. N. Gaul. M Gittcrniann, Robt. Edmann, J. F. Reed. J. W. Tompkins; Isaac N. Tompkins, George Manott, S. G. Wheelwright, E Strauss, P Hol ler, L. Dorsey, J . O Sb'vens, G. W. Hutchinson, J C. Clow, Peter McChardy, J 11. Adams, II. B. Kent. Mr. Barrhman, George Lee. Steerage.?W. B. Van Natter, E Ford. A. W. F.astman, F. Henrv, L. A. Follus, A P. Man love, W P. Deahond, J. Vanhorn, C. Simon, T. Sigel, T Ravenna, R. E Roberts, W Van Reed, E. Spobn, W. Flangan, S. Caldwell, G. Narra niore, D. 11. C Chapman, J. Bovnton, C Mr Cr-rmick, P. Moran. 1). Moran, J Morris. B Sheldon, W. Young, W. Del van. J. McLelland, R. C. Farnham, J Kerr. J. H. Foster, P. Kron, Mr. McGrenery, C. Berks, J. Callakian, B. L. Smith, J. Schendinann, A Stakl, H. M Fish. J. Mangold, II StiiichfMd, W. Newman, J Chap man, Jean P Chaillan. 11 Frank. F. Ash. A Mack, E. Wiley, J. II B'.ackman, Mr. Carter, J. Wiley, S UicLads, James Whalen, P. Barr, S. Durett, N. Barr, J. Leech, R. Hutchinson. B. A. Anderson, 8 B. Murch, W. Geary, C. Gilkey, J. B Gilkcy, W J Ree*c, J. Queucer, G Simon. .1 Woodworth. C Kilburn, J George, D llowe, J .Chort, W. Ede, L Davis, D. Beaver, R. L. Garrison, R. H. Horn, J.N. Horn, B P. Colt, 8 L. Gahn, H. Hoadlev, Ja? Sullivan. W. Brown ing, Mrs SUaw, H. W. Crohn, H Adains. B Se wur, wife and infant; Mr. Spaulding, E Wells, T Willett, Mr. Maynard, J C Mite hell, T. Hicks, H Bunnell. E.Hihbs, R Short. H.Frank, C. Zinimerlin. W . Falconer, D. D. Smith. 11 Hutchinson, W. Stevens. R. Reese. N. P San born, W. M. Kendrick, W. Bell, W. Welge. W. Lee. W . Gorley. W. Chase. D Buckway. Mrs. E O'Connor and son; G. Ceyello, F Fe*tu, D. Casta, L Daley, B W. Bagwell. A Moseley. D. Young, B Casey, J. M. Casey, A. Crist, L Gti shee, fc. Cfider. B Palmer. R. Wiltou. D. H. Ridley. H A. Berry. F G. Van Waldlieim, Mr. Bacteudzortt, Mrs. Bull, T. IIvan, R Reed. J. Stetson, J. Tanner, J. D. Home. R Wade, A. F. Crowen, L. Wood, J. Emond, L. Murray, F Murray, A. Tb. bcrgo, G, wife and son; G. Pop*, 11. Halting*, J. Kubbe, J Klus, W. Prohert. N. Lcpper, L M. Young, E. H. Burt, M L. MoCloy. r Finnigan, G. WT Brainard, A. Greenlee. S Look. P S. Look, C. R>-ed, P. But ler, J. W. Cross, G D Siteppard. II. D Porter, T. Barber, C. Kirk. D Fisher, jr., J. W . Sun bo; n, J. Kav, J L Weeks, J. L Buchanan. S B Swan. wife, and Infaut: W C Owin;;*, C 11. Tuck, Clias. Lagan, H. llart, Mr. Yillat, Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Shaw, B. Loring, J.Sawin, 8. Christinan. W.S. Eaton. J. H. Kagland. F. Sim mons, W. R. Fenncr, M L. Montamion. R.J. White. D Willett, J. Schiiber, T. R. Hughes. II. Sibbot, A. Closer, L. Miller, W. G Berry. J. Biound. P. Lean, Mr. Fullen, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Guild, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Steward, Thomas R. BUnion, Mr. Bianton, Mr. (juerpon. II. 11. Be dHI, P Pomery, M D Spaulding, V. Mitchell, Mr Ilaag, John Harris, It. Hodn?*, C.McGogan, H. Bcashier, Mr. Mor>e, F A Wells, E Meron. M Murphv, J. Stevens, E. Luckeniau, M Cri mins. P. Ball, F. Matby, H Hallnrd. J Rodwell and wife; G. Let>ee, P. S Smith, J. Powell, W. Bum*. J E. J ones, E. F Jones, H. F. Hoadky. J 11 Strom, R P. Lugd?-n, Mr. Dunl>erg, J Detiiaau. G. Biuyn. O. \VcGuire. John C) Conor, A. Strueve, R. Burdlck, E Condos, J. F Houg land, Daniel Alabonev. B. M. Lee, J.N Harrell, D Clark, Mr. Pool, John Taylor. St'PrLEMI.NTAkl WAV-BILL. Cabin.?Mrs. Dr. Kittridge, Chas. A. Va*e, R T. Brown. Second Cabin ?J Bassford, J. W. Mullen, Noble Fish, R Richman, J N Monger. Steerage.?J. Meyer, J. B. Wells, H. G An derson, 11. II. Miller, Mary Garnet, Benjamin Hassey, James Smith, Mr. Anthony, John Kelly, J. B Gucrher, D. Rutherlord. Thos. Brade and brother, II. Kimltall, Mr. Robertson, E Freler ick, J. Rubb, J. Forrest, P. Dngan. J. R Chc n-y, D Kecr, W. G. Thomas, D. W. Foust, L. A. Wells, Charles Taylor, J. Christie, G F. Good now, T McNash, J. Loweuthal. J. Wal lace, C. Prltchard. M. Fredt. R W (>t>den and brother, II. Y Cahell. D. F. Shipman. E. R Merry. T. B. Ball, J. W. Anderson, R. Taylor, A. J. Goastree. TICKETS SOLO AT ASIM'XWALL. Senor Jose Leguin, consul-general for Peru in New .York; Nicholas Tirado, hi* secretary; Adolfo Oltague and brother, of Peru; Senor A Richon, consul of Belgium at Lima, partner in tte house of Montane A Co , Paris, from Peru for New York; J A. Thune, for New York; Sr. Escurda, for New York; S. de la Cova, infant and nuise, for Havana; Dr. Corpancho, for Ha vana; Santiago Olivia- for Havana; C. de Lasola, for Havana; Charles Taylor, for New Yoik; J. VoCarthy. for New York; F. M B. Smith, for New Yo k; William GrafTns. for New York; Captain Walter, G. Dyer, for New York; J. Sel lamer, for New York; George Ganie, for New Orleans. ^ Steerage.?Otis Barlow, New York; James O. Nell, New York; E. Flii?ad?r, Havana; M Ber land, New Orleans; Frank Carpenter, VV. Hem mel, Wm Plasso, Mr. Olfur, A Amm, C.VV. Griffith*,T. J. Morrl*. Win Osl?orii, F. Griffith, Thos. Maloney?:ti. [?7? Thos. J Hardy has V?eea tried and con victtd l>efore the Circuit Court of Richmond, for i<?pe upon I lie perwin of l?aura A Bennett, a small girl only ulne years old, and sentenced tc the penitentiary for 40 years. TH E FI FTKKNTH ANNIVERSARY in i , _ Nt?ON. at 3 o'o ock. Aduressei will lie delivered by the Rev. Meaars. Bittincsr and Haakstl, of thu ctjr, and the Rev. L. G. Bay, a retained Missionary from India, wlio, with hia family, had a narrow ea cape from the hands of the murderous Sepoys. Mr, Hay will also preach iu the same Cliureh Itotn morn

in< and evening. It ry^?MKDICAL DEPARTMENT GFORG^T L3 TOWN COLLEGE.?A Lecture, introduc tory to the annual ooaraeinthis Institution, will l?e delive ed t>? Dr. Sn*ner. Profeasorol Ohstetrioa, -u MONDAY EVENING.the itfth inst.,at7K o'ot'lr. Meniliers of the uiMdioxl profcu.sion, stuOents ol medicine, and inends ol thesehoolare invited. oc n-?t nf 3"-~NOTICE.?The ooiiKrecationof the i'hurch !L < of thft Kpiphany, Rev. C. H. Hall. Rec or, u Til meet lor Divine Servioe. in the Lecture Ki?<<m ol tke Library Building, on H street, between J3th and Uth streets west, on SUNDAY MORNING uaxtt at 11 o'oiock a. in. and 4 p in . ami at tte same S)ur? and piaoe en every suoceedmc Sui.ilsy until rther notioe. oo Ifi a* A CARD?The Waalunffton 1-isbt Infantry . ben loave to announce to their friends and the 4io, that thay will KiveaU?*i'd Ball iu Novein .7-i, and that tke? are now making the ueoessary armngements for that purpose, and will open the Ball with a Company Drill as dore at their very suc cessful Hail of tne 2ia February last. oo 9 gtA W&Stf i States.) rv^-RKUGlOCS NCJ^riCK?Theondsrsixoed IL< having benn requested, hy several relitious poreoas. to orsaaise theiu into a new African Meth od i?t Kpisoopal Chares, by Divine psrmiMion Die orcaaisation will lake pUeeat No H6 E street aouth, IsEnd, <m next^SUNllAY AFTEROON, the tfith inst., at S o'oloek. All persons fkvorable to Churoh extension la that viemity are rnviied. . r.u o A. WTWAYMAN. 1the 80,11,1 C*??U>i st. A. XL ijh Church. O0 16 IliTB lim. 'aahington, D.~ C.V October17, (Ordered to be inserted u? the Evbribb Stab, it ?iuc the ntvi any daily paper KJT Person* liaTTwill pleaae i *? 1, *r? Je*a RlakS. Mr. M R v ra J 1. Hm??, K Uateth He*. H!m Faaay being the newspaper Ww the"Immi inraSatioii of ~-L '' - sr publishedii M aehington ] rrr Persons applying fo* letters in the following urflMiM advbbtisbb. LADlM* LIST. Hall. *1*1 c a H?4, KIM 9 H Hi?C- Mr* 8 A Ball. Mr. Jena Hiitehl?->n. Mn 1 R : !*? M-d Kir in ? Herri*. MIm F ui-nriiar-t Mr* m 1 III r)m Km K?t? Rradly. Kn S O Howard.Mir* JAB Br*a, Mlaa B BoVrn. KMiaMh HilrhlHO, Nri I R*d,llrH L etark, Mr- A.. it* *l?;1ue, Henore Be*e?, Mary ? <1trk,Mr(Ctiarlot;e Hk Urlaw, fit J A Blfia, III* S toad, Mr* M.ry Hawaii, Mr* B R trai.D. M ?? 8 Cramp. Mra M A Barrlaoa, Mlaa ? Rem a Mr* A h . H.rl-w, Mra 0 Hoalrln, M:*? 8 H : aT?a, Mr* > Ir?,u, Mr* Amalla MnltSt, Mr* 9 Jone*. Mr* E lan C to f., Mr* J W Donald on,MI**MA J .li??ou, Ml'* J M Slow, Miaa M Dart*, Mia* M Beany. M.**J ??*>. N u K 9 l><*Ue. Mra Beta L a, Bct Mr* B f (?'la, Mr* B J Kl.lott, Mlaa M A J I#*. Mr* CI Smith, Mr* t A llraaaboar, Mlaa0 Latham. Sarah Sh -raa, Miai El. en Kraua, Mia* Aana Lcu*f?r1, Mr* B A Scott, Mra J A r>oitl, Mr* 8 B L'Mtan, Mr* Add Rehrlaeijer.MleeAW Fry, Mia* Little. Mr* Margt Rnnmrrrtl, H rranrh.Mr*r l.eylaoe, Mr* M Shorter. Mr* W A trench, Mr* Ells'tli U??it*, Mr* H Trart*. Bridged t Eretwh, Mr* Sarah M xtre.Mra Barbara Tilly. Mra Mary B Craw, Mildred Uhi?a, HUa Ida Cruwe, Mi-. H K Onleman, Mra Cr tlauton, Mra L Ohtply, Mr. S?rah f?r", Mr* E #ea ti dy, Mlaa M D r. Mix, Mr* M A ri((> lt, Ann 8 Pirudir, Mr* rrrklaa, Mr* M Reap, Mr* Jndg* Rc?*ell. Mra B Beger*. Mra J ?kiiar'a**, Mr* I. R ?' fcroeat. Mr* C W Tranch. Madam Fo?ter, Ml'* B Heroin*. Mlaa K roller, Mra M P Flabcr, Mr* B C 'rancls, Mr* 8 F Eenrason, Mlaa F Uraaa, Mlaa Uieen, Mlaa B C Ufeen, Ml** 8 J Oreen M?* H K Oralncer. Mra C Oll>e<?a, Mra Sarah O'Conuer, J or C Ollholy, Ana INITIAL -Bias V V. F. Moore, Mra J?t>n B Tlr'npmii, Mra B Markaa, Mia. M t Taylo . Mra W Malliaa R TaUpaarh. Mra 8 Matliew-, Mra M J Taylor. K Itth-tli I Marrldltli. Mr* I Vio<-etil. Mi* Mary Marrall, U t'iid?rhltl, Mr* A Muzzy, Mr* Ballrn Wblta. Mr* B lan Mm?n. Mra B J Wood", Cathariaa MrD?a?ld, Ann Wile1.1. Mr* H A M-Call. Elian Whaly, Mr* M MrDwall. Mr* J Wa'kar, Mra B F O'Dona ,Mla? Ann _Wllann, Bra M O Web tar, Mlaa J Anderron, 0 0 Abbott, Capi Jera Aruiatrori;. Oan Albright, Fred'k Bryan, W A Barnaa, Or Win Hltke. Wra P Burgnyne. Wm W B<>oih, 8ylraat*r Krooka. P Br..nuaff , Mona Bradford CaptJAJ I tilb*on, Cti*rle* HftOKl, J Bart w, Jdo 1 Barla, I. P 0BNTLBMKIT8 LIST. Oraham R W N?t!a. J W Oiven?,C?t"tN>wt;>n BaU, Han* Oor<ion, rf?T B M U'Salllraa, F (lantt. M <i?Mlloa. Java* B G'rdoii, Jamaa Ur RHli, 8 8 Ollllaa, Lt Jua B Orara, J a mra Uraiiaai, J L Uroaa. B K O'Biloa. Michael D O'Bryou, iao o ealllvaa. Daa'l Ovan*, B T J Pflcl. Daniel Farry. W H B Fortar, Lt W D Farry, W B Frabla. Wm Bohnrer, P Mid'u J Bnrdle. W B Orahain Crlat phar Phelra Lt J 8 Qulnard, Dr C.iaa Parrla. N N W HaTlarn, William* c Ponla flatnlirfoa Brady, Jnlm 2 Bay lea, Capt Jua Bntlar, I*a tc N Helaaar. J no Dm*. Jao lieltzall, Jratth Rogard -iB, B S Bradley, 0<x> Brl'ton Fir baa Boyle, E A Bat* Cha* I rtoa>. Col I' * L Baldwin, R P Hall, W H Borao, Wm Baaana, k N Bollahan. Patrick Benry, Mr F tt?a, Pi itcbatt. F. B Pl-U, Edwin Paraon, Cat t Cyrn* Klchar'f*, Dr Vb B Boblnaon, Wc Halaey, Capt Jamaa Baody Daald H ITman. B B H?oa, Banana Heap, tie<> B Ball. O W B B na. U W Baaalar F B Blmrlna. Capt ? Ca'h an. Col W B 1 11- n. Jamaa 8 Cbamb-ra, Wm Ca rart, lii- * P Crattanden, T R Oolbari, Tlmolhj Cralc, Tluia Ooo|>er. 8 W 4 Cn Oon tall. Patrtrk Campbell. Patrick Crnaa, Mr Cox. Martin Ihrl-, Lt Un F Johnann, Kobait Jrh' aor. O Krlder, Wm K* l.y J 3 Kli>c. Joa Kr?mn er. O W Latliani, R W 1 l.e?kl, W l.y lea. W B Oritten on, Loranxi Llcroln, Jua C bn, 8 J Co'a. J L Calitoun. Opt Jno "a't-r, Jn?i D Omatock, J N fV>r>k. Jno l?i e Jno Lirka.t, Joa J Lnl'gnaro, tilatro Una. E D hlaliltan. Jno Miller, Lt Tboa B Oarvar.Dr Hartwe'l Mnlr. W H O mine*. G?> R M nrpby. Timothy rVinterti**, Geo II Ctrey F.-lm' iid '?tirtl*. Cli*' !e* C l.uia. Calab C'-hen, A C**n m *d, A A Clarke, A E Mae?n. Samuel Mnrria. B B Merln, Fr^*par Malreanan, Patt M **. Mathaw Morelicu e. M Myere, John Daal*. l>r 8 H?rry k'.arr, J 1? Dornin. (; p: F A 3 Mofl>t?, Jno t Da*ia, Rnfaa Mea^Var, Jama* Ikiiinlii.*, Mi- ha-1 M lo.-er. Jaieai Diiickaoii, Dr Jaa 0 Miller. Jno J Davia, Jno W Mag' iidar, Jno F "ii-i, Jnn W Murdaurli Jae W Dean, laa ah Maker, tie > * D-!T.?ar, Gao M?y, Garrllt I.ill, TP Minor, F B iy:?, r M Mrtrc?r. Knaiuil U?m<r,C'i>M Heury M?era, K Eluarda, O G Morriaoa, Chaa 8 Rakla. K B Myeia. Cl.a* F 3 K lelu an, Cbaa > . A II D?ho Fie>t. Th'>* Finn*11. n?oa Fitz<erald, Rtch'd Fran h. Boi ert Forallhe. R ibart Fiak, Layaoder Mar:** Capt F >llf-ha|l, A ?r Mr S amara H M Bugh B' each. Jakob Bathbora.J Henry J Byan. Jao F Robert*, Saary 1 Boduay, Saury Rtjner. Capt David B?a?. B B Hticfcal. W B Stewart, Walter Slneell, W B Smith, Capt W B Stone. Waiter H Smith, Dr Tin a L S' mm are, B Lafa y?tta I S'-rwle B1rliar4 Spaldlag, N B Sla'tary, Jama* Sydnor. Jao M t-t ry. Jaraee ? Smith, Jao - - -? Jaa B hbe.ban, Jno Sytnmea. Lt Jno C S.umv-jil, Johaoa Su iick, J B Stanley. J X Smith, Jaaiee bliarkleford, Jao Sh.fer, R T She man. Calab South. Geo Trnnibu I, Tho* Taylor, R B I nter. Ado'ph Wtl'laaia. W B White. Th ? W Wllean, T W iiiiem* Renbaa WM*e, R.,b? H Weuxal, Phll'tp Weaver, Pli lip 3 W,|*ht. W 8 Weiae ener, M Woreter, i. White, Ju* L Walker, Jno * al ea, Capt B D Werdemaa. B Wlea. Geo D We d, Rao Waldmaa, G Wooda, Dr ? F Wr t.eraon, JaTea Wor-a-ter Fernacdo M- Lire Dr J A rie ring. Lawrence Mc?;ullc-g i, Jamaa r*tley, Jno Flimegan, J a in a* ria g. Ll H C Froment, Audrew Gibbon*. S m A Gra u, Wm 3 Grant, Wm H 1 Glb'on. Capt W M Uowen. Sau'l Oct 17 MrReury, Jaa. jr Mr-Langhlln. Jno MrPhareou Jaa A Weleh E P M'liitmaa A On Wllboara, C C Will*. Chaa Wateoe, Chaa MrCla Und, J*me* Wllaon, CC McClaakey. Jno Welle*. BSC MrKeery, Th?* Welg rt, Dr B v?C*alay. Wm Wetnple a Nerji *. Jno 8 & Toang, W W Nepp, MhBael JA8 O BERRRT. F. M. CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON SIX per Cebt.Stoce, for ssls in mmt to turt. gc I7-3t J AS. C. MotiL IRE, Auct. I (Union) NIJNN A CLVRKKV, New York, aid Ha Is Dsvi? A U?.'a*or B' aloti, uiieauai.ed f'linoa csn !?? obtfiineti aiwAyt at No.??? i'a. avenue, be tween 9th and li*th atreeta. oc 17 JOHN F. ELLIS. THE MOST AWFUL TOOTH-ACHI' i-ursd Ly a moment'a nuplicatioa*??f Or. VAN PAT TKN'S Forceps. Otticoovcr Puleulmi'a, uppuaite MoGuire's Auction Sturo. oo 17 <Stn?sa> I3AMII.V 111BL.KS? Lar^e quirto aizc, in fu ! r leatherHiudinp, i}'. Katrilv HiMsk, full bouud in emboAsed msrooo leather, if 1.26. _oo 17 FR ANCK TAYLOR. NOTICE.?No person incepting mr wife) ftoni this date is suthonxetl to otjiain Kooda on my account, uniVKR l?y written ord"r from tinder m> hand: and no p?r?on ha* anthoritf to ?*oilert del>i? due nie. excepting ?s al>ove, or when placed in the iiaiida of regular coilecora, orthe prnperffficera of the la?r It i W. C. HARPER. TK P??nna?!vaniA avenue. RESITMEO I TI.LY : Mini all the fond Virginia. l>i*tr:ct. Rnllimore. nnd Eastern Imnk-notcA r?? oetveil at par either for Proloastonal Servicca or for City Huildine Lots, of vUich he ha? many, and t?o whole S'4urir?'8, viz; 146 and 174. tboth near the Pres ident's" \Vhife-ho?T^e,"l for sale. Ofhe<i ??ver Potentim'a, J79 Pennay Ivania Avennw. opposite McUlire's auction store, liourm Tom In ' oo'lT-at C. H. VAN PATTEN. Qertiat. Jt'ST .ARR1VEO. from Havre de Grace, per schooner lo'ic, !l?i tow 1oiib ( UroWen. Eag. and Stove siz??*l of free burning R EO AS*II I.OAL. which will Im sold low for cash, ii delivered from the vessel, which will be di5ciiari;iiis the first of uext week. Current funds tnken in payment. CH AS. W. MITCHELL. 7th at., adjoining the Canal. oc !7-2t south of the bridge. ACARO TO THE PCHLIC.? We shall oo* tinue sell me out at?out one *e?k mors, and hence lie* our friends who are in want of bariains, not to let the present opportunity pa?s by. Those who owe us small aooounts will greatly obUge ua b? set time up before we close. Ouring the fewdsvs remaining we shall offer our goods at great discounts. H. J. MaLACGHLIN A CO.. oo 17 20 Pa. av., bet. 8th and 9th ats. MMENSE R E ncCTION~~fM THE IPR ICES OF KEAOY MAOE CLOTHING. Havinr on hand an uniiausUy large stock of READY-M ADE CLOTHING and FI'RNISH INti GOODS ofth" latest and most approved stvUs we have determined to rednae it lnr oaeli asles, re rardless o| sacrifioe. Witli this object in view, ws h*ve marked our prices to nieet the wants of all in search of good articles. NOAH WALKER A Co. Marble Hail Clotluug Store, No.SRh Pa. av., oe 17-2w Browns" Hotel Building. | OOK TO VOI R INTEREST! ^ro THE CASH Ct?NSrMERS OF COAL AND WOOD. . We have now on the way. 2 large cargoes of R ED and wHlTE-ASH COAl., which we purchssed in Philadelphia for c?tah. sinoe the great pressure la money matters. We can sell it cheap for cash. We have on war wharf, the largest and best supply of WOOD in town, which we will also sell low for cash. WARDER A STEWART. Office corner of H and 12th atrseta. oc 17 2w* Wharf at. and Caaal, south side. WATCHES. JEWELRY, SILVER AND WW PLATED WARE, Ac. PRICES REDUCED! M. W. GALT A HRO. have gone through 'heir entire stock and made heavy reductions in the pnoea ofalmoat every article Thia reduction upon a carefully-selected fc 1 j stork Of moat deairable roocs. pnrchasedMkafr this fall, enables their to offer unusual ^inducements to those in anarch of superior Gold Waiehe*. new s'yle of rich Jawelry. pure Silver, and extra-heavy Plated Ware, Ac. tT^ The lulls of all the solvent Virginia banks, as well as all other current BMMM), taken in pajmsnt lurjlie above. M. W. OALT ft BRO. oc 17 3t 324 Pa. a v., list ween 9th and 10th sts. |/OR SALE.?A Pair of fine joung r The owner having no nse for them i the reason ftr dtsposuig of tbstu. Can be seen at NAILOR'S Stable oe 13-5t* ' rpO THE TRADE. Just reoeivsd, Ijondon Brown Stout and Sootch ALE, of various brands, at $1.75 per dozen by tbe casks or 3 and lo dozen. __ JONAS P. LEVY. Cornar of ISthand It streetsstoutfc, oo 13-lm Grooery and Wine Stors. J^OTICE TO HOUSEKEEPERS. & a/Ti C. R L. CROWN ft CO ha vine received ajarge and well selected stock lor tne Fall vitSs Housekeepers snd '* .IJVb ? FI'HNITLRE or CROCKERY WARE* to ezamme their a too*, aa they aredete.m< >iu to sell to attit the times. . ' Mnk paper of the ^?tp?tct?owt>Ta' CO, oo I?-tf No. im. oomer <th at. and Pa. ar. II iUBl MA_M8M HAMS"! We have a olioioe lot of Family, carsd HAMS, whiosare *? KINO 4 BullCHELLf mm Corner of Vsrmont avenue aod 15th stTeet. B ake I T NOTICE. HE Members of the HIBF.RNIA CI,l'B'?k? pleasure in announcing to their friend* and the public that their Seeond Aaraal Ball will be given at the Ws-h ngton Ass rrt\> Rotnii on WKL?Nfc*DA V'. November ?ih. 1*57. | So* future advertisement. By order of the Committee. oe!7-3t* F CONCERT. ORREST HAIL fiKflRCKTOWN - W? notice the pnbhe that, on account of tkt had asaiSr - theConoert in tbeai>ove named pi ace will ha bald THIS EVENING. \N a inform the pub!ie that this Conoert promises the greatest enjoj ment. " TVROLF.IN JODLFRS. pORRLST HALL. GEORGETOWN. GREAT ATTRACTION. THE LEARNEDCANARY birds. VKNTRILOQUISM, NATURAL MAGIC AND SPIRIT RAPPING ThkEF EVFNIXOS AND TWO AFTERNOONS. S FG NOR BLITZ Will (in hi? amusing Perf .rmanoes at the ahore piaoeon MONDAY. Tl?L)AY,aad wednks day Evenings. October loth, sotii. aud ant. and Tl ESDAY and WEDNEsbAY AFTER NOONS. Admission 29 eta.; Children 15ets. Doors opes ia the evemsgs at 7; oommence at 7V A^erix < n? at oc '7-tf QDD FELLOWS' HALL. N A G~L E ' S American Juvenile Comedians Will make their brut appearance in Waebington, OnMOMiAV EVENING. Oct. 1Mb, 1*57, ami remain for one week only. This Company of talented Children, all aader tt year* of ace. I?r their wooderful del meat i<n?s of character, have called forth the unlioui.ded applanse of large ar?: fashionable audieoces in the prit.oipal Cities of the I n inn The Press, without a single exoeption. endorse them as unequalled. The Rev. Clerg) pronounce them moral and in structive. Dont fail to nee the most beautiful, instructive, ana moral exhibition ever brought before the pubuo. Doors open at 7; commence* at R o'clock. Admission 25 een s. No half price. or 1? 3t Academy of music, former 11/A ft. and Pa. sr. THREE SOIREES Ml SICAI.ES. WEDNESDAY. THUUSHAY, A *.\Tl RDAY, October 21 st^ 22(1, aud 24th, SIGNORA PA RAVALLI. Prim* Donna, from the (Queen's Concert Rooms, Loudon, and receutly from Grand Opera, Mcxiqo. and MR. F. NICHOI.LS CROUCH, The Composer. Reserved S<*is fl. Tickets V? cents?to l?e had of Mr. Crouch, at the Academy of Music, the M?>?>o Stores, and the Hotels. oc ie> |?^ FR ! F.\ D sliTPTO ALL! r IRST ANNUAL BALL or rit Island Friendship Club, to be given at ISLAND HALL, on THURSDAY EVENING. October 22d, IHS7. The Committee of Arrangements pledre them selves tint n-?? it nc shall be wanting to make this one of the most pieahant Balls of lite season. 1 Prof. Withers' Celebrated Brass and String) Band has been encaged for the occasion Arrangement* have been made a li'te of Um nil?ii!>e? to run from the following named peaces, vir. Odd Fellows* Hall, Navv Yard, aud Noithern I .in ert ies Marget. The oaches will leave the above mentioned places at B o'clock p. m. The Kefieahment and Supper department is in the hands of that prince of caterers. Reynolds. No Hats or Caps, except those worn by the re spective C nba.allowed in the Bali room. Commute of Armn$e?n'nts. V. R. Bishop. J. W. Webb. W. H. DoweH. R.G.Gunnelt, J. Smith, oc w* T NOTICE. HE memliers of the GOOD WILL CLUB take pleasure in announcing to tueir friends and the pnblio. that their Fochth A kmc a L iiS B?i.i will t>e given, at CaruM's Saloon, onf"W WEDNESDAY. Nov Mth, 1W7. For partteu'ars see future advertisement. By order oc 14.17.A2" COMMITTEE. , T DEDICATION BALE. HE F R A N K L I N FIRE COMPANY announce to their friend* and the citisens, <01 that the* intend giving a m GRAND DEDICATION BALL, in their New Hall, t-A On MONDAY EVENING. Nov.*.l*i7. Tickets 91, to be had at th? door on the night of the Ball. W. H. FANNING. Chairman of Com. of Arrangement*. < cl5 2awAd THE NATIONAL BOYS IN THE FIELD AGAIN. Th? members of the National Club most reelect fully announce to their friends and the pub ic in general, that they give one of tbe?r <? a >?n ft% SoiRsrson MONDAY',the 1 ft h of October,/^ at Tho'ii's Building, on 7th street, to whiohuA they are moat rrspectfully invited. Committee nf Arranttwu?tt. W. Huchinson, J.Tajlor, J.H.Davis. oc 13-eo4t* QDD FELLOWS' HALL SECOND ANDLAST WEEK! COME, A\D LAUGH'! NEW FEATS IN MAGIC. NEW SCENES IN VENTRILOQUISM. Thk Lkarnkp Canary B? rA Spt*tt RarriKc. SKiNOK HI.TTZ WILL REMAIN ONE WEEK LONGER, and give his rOPllAB EXHIBITION* EVERY EVENING. Commencing at a quarter before*, and" on WEDNESDAY A SATURDAY AFTERNOON at half past 3. Admis?i.?n 25 cts.; Children IS cte. oe 10-tf fiOIftlfe DANSANTE. PROF. H. W. MUNDER takes great pfea?ure in ann< **' - ? - ? ? the hit \ I 1 .. .. . . ... nn, IMI..H 8 0 clock preeiaely, and oontinue every Wednesday throughout the season. These Soirees have always enjoyedthe reputation of t>euig the most social and agreeable entertain menta of the kind ever given in Washincton rity. Prof. M. will eudenvor to rcod?r tnem y attractive 1>j the introduction^ f many newand t<er.u tilu. Dances, which wi'l prove very instructive to th<??e who favor with their patronace. Gentlemen can ol4aio sen sou tiokets, upon ver? reasonable terms, by making application at the Halt on ruesday and evening from 7S until 9S o c ock. MHf A WAHT8. \\T ANT ED.?A GIRL to Nurne and do Cham 2 A*r?^1ork- APP1' *No* north A street. Caintol Hill. It* ANTED?A loan of #5/wo on property worth yy.nwo. Ermnre at this office. oc 17-rf W WANTED.-* CANDY MAKKR.?Steady work and g??od wages given. Apply at M. BR I EL'S. Hth street. I?e'w?sn Hand E. oc >7 St* UU ANTKD?A respectable Vsasg Man. of rood address, wishes to go traveling with a gentle man. Can come well recommended. For mlorma t.on address Box No.7, Star Office. 00 17 .It WANTED.-* BOY Hi or 17 y ears of age.toss Mst 111 the Kitchen acd inake himself general y nsefnl. Also, a MAN as Ovster Hhncker. App'y D'l V E R NOIS* Restaursut. Pa. avenue, betw * L _ J s t ? 17th and IWb sta. " ~ ~em~l~w'a WANTED?To olttain a Situation a* Manager " upon a Farm, by a Man 0/ requisite ^uaubca tions. Can fttmish good references, Ac. Address applicant City Post Office. oc 14-4t* TO STONE CUTTERS AND (.IUAKRYMEN Wanted, at the Seneoa (Quarries, for t*e Wash ington Aaueduot, hfty good Stone Cutters aad ere hundred Hand Drillers. The work will last over a vear. good wages wilt be given.and psymeyt made in Sold. Apply at the Qoe.rries on the Potomac R iv? t, > miles west of this City. A Canal Packet Beat leaves Georgetown eveiy morning at 7 o'clock, for the Quarries. oe 12 H I.. OALLAHER ANTED.?One or two utifnrniahed ROOMS, near Peuu. avenue, where there are no t>oar<i era and uo other lodgers. Address Box IX Star Of Bee. oe 5 WANtKD?lu the family of a gentleman residing two miles from the city, a good plain C04IK. One who can bring recommendations for ekij. hon esty. and eieaniiness will bnd a good situation and regular wages. Apply to J. P. CRUTCHETT. eor ner of fith and D streets. jy 15-tf LOST AHD FOUHD. I^OUND?Trespassing on my plaoe, near t tie tlol r dier's Home, a white and red having a l>eit with brass nails aroni d her neck. The owner iV requested to eome for u-a wA ?? a - ? 1 v^wv-niCV IU WHIIP lU^ ? ,rof5Ul ebargee. and lake h. r nlT ''UoAKD'S Grocery Store, ein ofjwii and C streets, noar the Centre Market. 00 i7 2t* A | a> LOS T.?Oil 1 esterday mornint. in the neirhbf?rho?.t nf the Bank of Metropo'is, two notes of f2? each,and onentf #4.all of theaiove balk's issue H the finder wrU leave ihecn at ihe oftceof LLOTD & CO., Claim Agents. 15th stree', oppos.te the Treasury, he vei l receive a reward 01 live dollars. The said uotes beiMi numbered, paTinent will be ?topped on their prestation. Also Ix>st?JV>me eight weeks sines, a WATCH KEY and SEA L. having theCoatof Arms ? ngiav. d tLereou, vial: A Liou aud Croas, with letters h L. L. Reward $t oc 17 it* riUKEN U P?By the wWonUr, on the Ma tuati, J a dark sorrel HORSE, wi'b white left hind f?M>t, blase nose snd forehead, and cn>? tast The owoer will please onmr forward.^^"'-* prove property, p? y charge*. aed take atia sway. ? ' WILSON SCOTT. Sandy Spring P. O., Montgomery 00., Md. oe 17-?? C? trt REWARD.-Was Stolen. Trom the Siwp son House, on tar morning o( the 1Mb ??*'?? the Ltlmnng articlesOne Masonic Breast Pm and Stud; one pair ladies' I'ju Rings; one {Mf* Gold Pin, enciroied by thirteen links; two ijiwt Pencil Cases, with Gold Pens; one Indies' FMI monoaie; and a new Uack eloib Coat; aiao, se^ era] other of Jewels*. The abeve reward will be paid for the return of the goods and detection of the thief. wm. a aiMPtpN, oc Its?9< loth St. aadPa. av.