Newspaper of Evening Star, October 19, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 19, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1837. NO. 1,482. THE EVENING STAR x? PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner of Pa. avmus and Eleventh strut, By D. WALLACH, Md ia aervad to aubeonberaby oarriaraat SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, parable weekly to tii? Acants; papers served in peoka?ee at 37H oenta par month. To mail aubaoribera the subaoription pnoe ta TH-RHE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CKXTS year ia ndrnwe, TWO DOLLARS for aix m?>ntha, ar>4 O.N h^DOLL AR for three moatha; for .en than three montha at the rate ef 12)6 cental week. fD-SLNGLE COPIES ONE CENT. A REMARKABLE STORY OF GARRK K. A Paris correspondent of the Boaton Travel ler writes as follows : The date of this letter ia enough to let yon know that Paris ia abandoned by the few thou sand people called '' everybody " All the beat writers of the press have flown with them The charming M. I.ugcne Gainot aend3 us weekly letters from one or another ??f the charming Tillages in the vicinity of Paris. In a letter from the Forest of Bondy he telU the following singular story, in exhibition of the wonderful pnwara of Garrick : The celebrated English actor. Garrick. made ? trip to Paris in 1757. when he was at the height of hia talents and fame. He did not, as many of oar artists do now, make the excur sion for th* purpose of speculation ; he did not coma to Paris to perform and make money Ha traveled for amusement, a mere tourist, anxious to visit a beautiful country which he might partly claim for his own. Tho family of tha English actor was of French origin ; they tied the country upon tha revocation of the edict of Nantes. In the uiail coach which bore him from London to Dover, Garrick found tor a fellow traveler Sir George Lewis, a gentleman he had met several times before in company, and had known for a constant frequenter at l>rury Lano Theatre. They took advantage of this casual encounter to improve their acquain tance ; each was delighted with tho other. Af ter crossing the channel togethor, they cama to Parii in the same vehicle, and when here they separated. Tho actor went to the houso of the fnands who were expectinghim. and Sir Ge<>rg? Lewis took up his lodgings in one of those splendid furnished houses of thet^uartier de la Ciiauss?o d'Antin. which then began to be a Tery fashionablo quarter of the town The two traveling companions had promised to s< e a great deal of each other during th?-ir stay in Paris, bu* the very different life cach of them led rendered it impossible for them to execute their resolutions. Sir George Lewis was a man l>etwoen forty-five and fifty years old. with a very singular face, whose irregular and prom inent features made his physiognomy most ec centric aud expressive. Daring the whole journey Garrick had ad luircd that countenance, thinking what an of lect it would produce on the stage Despite his ago?which should have cooled the ardor of his character, and have engaged him to abandon the follies of youth?Sir George Lewis lived in the midst of dissipation and pleasure. He had C'>uie to Paris to amuse himself by gaily spend ing a large legacy, unexpectedly bequeathed to him. lie was passionately fond of gaining, aud tha satisfaction of this passion led him into n very mixed oompany. as indeed are all c>m paaies where gambling is indulged, since these men are valued by the sum of money they are able or willing to stake on the cards?a test which allows many shaij>ers to slip in. The actor lived in a vory different sort of society, and during the four months of their stay in l'aria the two traveling companions scarcely met above two or three times. Just as he was about leaving for London. Garrick called ui"<0fl ?ir George Lewia, to bid him go ?d byo and in quire if ho had any commands for London To his horror he was informed that the unhappy gentleman had been assassinated the previous evening. His boly had been found that very morning in the Forest of Bondy, covered with wounds, and lying bathed in blood. De-ply touched, Garrick exerted himself to ascertain as much as possible of the details of this deplorable event He found that Sir George Lewis had been one of a party of pleasure to visit a chateau in the environs of Bondy, where a large company of sportsmen and gamblers were assembled. He intended to remain there some days. The first evening of his vieit he won a large sum of money at trie gaining table. In the afternoon of the second day he received a note from Paris, engaging him to a gallant rendezvous, and immediately on receipt of it, he bade adieu to the company. They tried to retain him, leas out of politeness, perhaps, than the desire of winning back the u?on?*y he had taken from them, and this dosire was so v?hc meiit as to carry them to the resolution of dis mounting his carriage. But Sir George Lewis was a man of will, and he determined to return to Paria on hor?-eback Ho leaped on his horse aud galloped away. Further than this Garrick eouid learn nothing The police ware inclined to believe the catastrophe one of the usual ad ventures then frequent in the forest of Bondy ; hut Garrick pointed out to them that Sir George 1 Lewis's pistols were found loaded and in his bolsters. and that while his purse had l?cen taken from hiui. his gold wuU-h. gold ouuff box, and diamond ring were found untouched. from which he concluded, firstly, that Sir G^.rge Lewis had not Lceu attacked by banditti, but by some acquaintance, who perfidiously took him off his guard . aud aoconulj, that the per sonal property lay untouched men-ly because the robber was afraid of compromising himseit Therefore the as.-as.ou wa? an acquaintance of Sir George Lewi*, and moved in tne social cir cle to which tho knight belonged, ihe soeicty assembled at the chateau was then secretly scanned by Garrick and the police, and sus picion alighted uj?"n an I taiian called the Chev alier Gaeian. Ihis Italian was proved to havo quitted the chateau shortly after Sir Gorge Lowis, and despite his explanation* he was ar rested ; but no direct evidence could be brought *gniii?t him. and the noble proprietor of the chateau, who was naturally very anxious that no such cloud a* a crimc should rest up?n hia ??friends,"' used every exertion to procure the liberation of the Italian. At the moment Garrick intervened. He bagged the police to allow him to make an ex periment which he declared was decisive. Gar rick. as every b <dy knows, was famous for his play of his feature ; he oould assume whatever countenance ho pleased Sir George Lewis had his portrait taken by Eaiour. and Garrick went to Latour s studio to study the portrait and " make up himself The police fetched the Italian from the jail and carried him. well es corted. to Sir Lewi* s rooms. I'neaav and per plexed at this move ;for he had been a visiter at Sir Georgo Lewis's house,) he questioned the police agent# what they were going to do with him No reply was made to his inquiries until they reached the de-eased s house, wheu the chief of the police taio: ?? Sir George Lewis i? not dead lie accuses you of attempting u> assassinate him 1 am going to Confront you both *' The Italian trembled, he could scarce ly ?peak. his confidence all forsook him He was carried into the room where Garrack stood; the great actor represented Sir George Lewis to the life ; he had his face, features, expres sion. gesture and it was in the very totie of the deceased knight Garrick exclaimed: '* You wreteh ' you assassin ! Do you dare deny your crime before me The Italian was thunder struck, and falling upon his knees, confessed hi? crime and prayed for mercy lie was hung National Pbodi i tio.ns.- Nations are char acterised not more by their people than by their other and inferior pro luctions. Here aie aome of the most notable "specimens ' offered by several countries China has tea. porcelain and long tailed mandarins; Germany, clocks, print ing. ghost stories, lager beer and transcendsutal iihtlosophy: Russia, emperors, hemp and the ;nuut; Fran-e". cooks. ca|?ons. compliments and crinoline; Austria, carpets diplomacy and two headed eagles; Prussia. Frederick the Great, schoolmasUers and tall grenadiers; Switzerland, watches. w<*elen toys and Calvinism; Italy, popes, poisons, paintings, music grinders and revolutionary manifestoes; Spain, chivalry, e?>art etiquette. Corte*. Columbus and Cer vantes. England has produced statesmen, poet*. orators, generals, roast beef, tha -Times ' newspaper, poor laws, taxation, fogs, spleen, grumblers, colonies, cockneya and ?? Punch.'' America has produced Washington, a model republic, the electric telegraph, anaesthetic eth-r. General Jackson, and several thousand '? live \ ankeea ?who produce everything that is w >rth producing, and something over! All Riles Some of the Western 1 Uave pl.j. ?*d 'heir uion^y columns in mimrr. li{. by inverting the column ?? rul?,:'and puttli g ?*' obituary Lead at the top. THE KOI CATION OF FARMERS* SONS. son ? rVftW* a farm We wer? ? farmers' on a farrn U- 1?!WunVfour ,ife ???> received tainsSITt W* ? l?? farm and aI1 that Per" fetna to it. We regard it as not seoond to any worldly purM,t, not second in dignity, in im portance and usefulness. Henoe we fee! that W u*SY0 a.r,?kt *? sPeak for farmer's sons. We sarin the outset that all people should l>c ?' aoatod. especially in a county like ours, where the people make the country, the law*, the customs, the states of society, and do every' thing that pertains to political government and social order, most especially should farmers' sons Reeducated. The times demands it; thecountry demands it. There are governmental abuses to reformed, there are questions of principle and political economy to settle. There are produ cing interests to be represented in the legisla tive nails. There are real estate laws, boundary laws, lhat affect almost wholly the farmer and his family. Then there are the great commer cial interests of the country and everything that relates to improvement in travel and trade, all of which vitally concern the farmer. There are tax laws, the school laws, the laws directing the p >ace and order of society ; there is the conduct i{ 'he State and county government. JIow shall these things bo rightly attended to so as not to jeopardize tho farmer's interests ' Professional politicians are dangerous. Wo do not need a horde of hungry politicians to g" around every office liko eagles around a carcass. We want the people educated in all the great dnties ot life.?educated to bo wise, jmicions, calm, high-minded-educated to lot 0 theoountry and honor it with virtuous and die nified lives?educated to believe as the first ar ticle ot theircreed, "that righteousness exaltoth a nation. A people educated will have a knowledge of politic* equal to any emergency ur fathers were not professional politicians, and they framod a government wiser than tho w .rid ever saw. They knew what they needed, it the people are wisely educated they will know enough of politics. Wo want to raise our presidents, governors, legislators, judges, and tore'go ministers on our tarms. We want to quality farmers1 sons for those p-sts ofdutv. \ c want at least to have the farmers completely represented in every legislature in the country. >> e want the whole governing p ower made up from tho whole producting classes. They are the soul and body ot thecountry. and farmers come in for a large ?'hare of representation We want speakers, writers, editors, thiukers. actors, polished, high soulod. gentlemanly men from the heartof the farmers family. Sh;?l! we have u farmers. We cannot do well with out them If every uian wa? educated enouzh to act a respectable part in Congress, wo should ? tb? ^bole people to choose from, and could eend our best meu there. As it is. there is only here andthere one educationally qualified to Co or serve his country in any way. Let us have farmers sons educated and we can usher in a new order of things in the management of our government. But it is not for political objects only that wo would have farmers sons educated. It i.s for their own good, that they may conduct thoir business with the strength and wisdom of educa ted minds, rear their tHinilies intelligently, and surround them with tho comforts, opportunities, and excellencies of educated and refined soeic J' V'"7thlIJ? ln ?ur day calls for the educa tion of farmers sons. Agriculture is becoming a science. In all it* departments it is being reduced to scientific principles. It is become a necessity that the farmer should be a scientific man. and possess a cultivated, well-informed mind. As a man it makes him nobler and stronger; as a citizen, worthier of trust; and as ajarmer, more productive and trebly success There is no place were intelligence pays a larger per centage than in agricultural pur suits. r The country and the world, as well as thoir own interest demands of farmers the education ot their sons in the principles of sound learning sound morality and sound life. Let those who are soon to come upon the stage of active life he well qualified to discharge any duty that mav devolve upon Ihcui.? Va/let/ i'arnifr. THE PATK.NT IMBRELLA. Good rou a It amy Lav ?Our friend Beard, o. Cincinnati, the artist, has invented a plan to s op tnat most inconvenient and unpunishable crime?umbrella thcfi: which we intend to ui.ike gublic. at the ri?k of violating ihe patent laws We will tell the s'ory at he related it. ?1 had just bought a hue silk umbrella, and started tor the Burnett House on a rainy day when I began to reflect upon my extravagance, and u> wonder, as I tripped along proudly under tts broad and safe cover, whether or not it would go the way of all umbrellas, and leave me to the ? pitiless peltings of the storm" before the day was over. True, I could keep it ?u my nan I but then I was occasionally so absent minded that I would be just as apt to set it down in a public bar-room, or oven to have it taken quietly out ot my hand by some adroit r/i vain , ,l uuhtUrte. I felt eoneerned. Sud denly an idea occurred I stepped into a hard ware _e tore and purchased a small padlock. On arriving at the hotel I closed my umbrftia, dipped the lock on to the wire spring which koepj it shut, and deposited it with perfect con fidence in the public rack. I wns not Ion-,- wait ing f ?r a customer. A splendid-looking fellow, with a goatee and mustache, (you see his like ness as Augustus Tomiinson when my picture of l'.iul Clifford is exhibited.) ?tep|>cd up with the most perfect tionrJutlaure and took mu nl'ntiml umbrella. I quietly sauntered to wards the door, giving a casual glance at tho weather; my hero endeavored, to spread tho sheltering silk; but alas* it was no go?again ' ??'" w"r-,e ^ hat the deuce was tne matter' Ho looked?saw the trap, and the fall in his countenance was exactly that step the sublime to the ridiculous I had so often heard of hut nev?r wpti before. .My umbrella was quietly deposited in its p!a-'c, and my gentleman meekly sauntered to w ?rds the reading room, and t k pped out of an other door umbrellaless. I was by no means satisfied with one experi ment. In a little while I saw one of tho most brazen appropriations of smnll things (he was especially hard on lunches and drinks?free) in all Cincinnati. " Now,' said I, 4* is my change." This customer had an article in his hand which might in courtesy be styled the " ghost of an umbrella," and cotton at that. With a grandiloquent air he deposited it right along side of mine, and went to the bar There ho picked Bp a treat (it was eloction time.) and eat crackers and eheese enormously. Thence to the reading-room, with my eye still on him, and in less than a minute, with a shrug, and buturning up his coat an extra button, he passed in a rapid business manner to the door, picking up my umbrella, with scarcely a clanco| as he went along. I was on hand. With a sudden movement he attempts to raise it; no go! Again! still a failure. With a decision |?*rfeetly Napoleonic, and worthy of tho occa sion, he was about to tear away the slight ob struction, when I stepped up and said : Don t do that ! J // Irttrf yon the /'cy Ah .Mr. Beard. Ha! ha! Strange mis t?ke7thouKht it was my own ; %good device; devilish good ' Think I'll adopt it." And with tho most perfect case he put my umbrella down, took bis own. and vamottd I was satisfied. I had found oat how to keen an umbrella, and now I am on my way to W ashing ton to get a patent for it. lHT A new coek every month is no nnnmial av erage for seven familie* out of ten In reply to oiu asking, on one occasion, why It was not ad verted that employers must bring reference* a llilierniaa replied?' Oh, when thin'.'* 1 >oks agreeable, we often take 'em without " "X friend was accosted in the street by a ylrl, wh > ?' ??ir?*d to have a particular numlter pointed oul He did so, and saw her going down the are* of the u adjoining. \Vh?*n lie told her of the *up po**d rnisfike. abe said, "Ob no?it is no mis take. | always inquire the character ot a lady f otii her neit door neighbour before goln^ to live with her." For Bent and Sale. IT'OR RI.NT.-Mj HOUSE on F street, between , 12th and 13th. ,M sey>-tf W. P. PHILLIP*. TO LET.-Four large ROOMS, north side of 1 Penn. avenue between Mth end Hth streets. Inquire of R. C. STEVENS, No. 18 Peuu.avenue, bet wee: 'th end 9th at*. ae 28 tf l^AKM FOR 8ALE.?A pieoe of fine LAM) on I Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining tiie lend* of Messrs. Perry. Wood, Bcstor, Nowles, Bohrer. and Hawkins. 112V*acres. A boautiful loca tion ; partially improved; new house ; 13aoresrieh oreelc bottom, and some fine yellow-pine timber. It oen l?e divided, if desired. Call aud see the premi ses those whodesireto purchase. jo 4 tf Arnvs confectionery for sai.f.. This well known find popuar establishment is now otfcred for Sale, thus presenting a rare opportu nity for a good Confectioner to enter into a sale and profitable business. Possession can be had 1st .No vember. The three-story Brick House, now occu pied as above, u offered at private sale, or will be rented onessed as may be desired. For particulars inquire oil the premises, No. !!1 8 ridge street, Georgetown, D. C., or to \VM, RIDGE4, 313 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, an 27 If OFFERED FOR PRIVATE PA l*E, and if not sold before the 36th of (Ictober next, will he sold on that day (tho 2fcth of Octoberjat So clock p.m., by a public sale or auef ion, to be on the prem ises, the beautiful oountry residence called "Sl'M MEll HILL." which is situatod in Virginia,on the turnpike road leading from Washington city. D, C. to Alexandria, three miles and a'haiffrom either city consisting of a new comfortable dwelling house, oel lara, and ont-buildings, with l.V> acres of very rich land, of which over 1 loacrea are under cultivat ion, the rest being bard w<?e*l land, geod spring water, good fishing, good water-power for milling or facto ry purposes. Th# land inav bo purchased in two par cels, about inn acres with tlie residence and over 50 aorns with a house, of which over 1G aorosare the best in the ueighlioiirhnnd for ear!) gardening. City propertr in Washington for a part of the considera tion would be acceptable. For further informed ion apply to JOHN F. CALLAN. at the Drug S'ore corner of7th and E streets, in Washington,orat the Law < >ffice of BRENT A. KINZL11, in Alexandria, ae 17-eotif 1?OR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR I'RO 1 DUCTIVE CITV PROPERTY?Four Fnrins ranging from 3fUo?no acres. A respectable re"idenoe and other necessary out-huildmgs, Fruit, Ac., to caeh. Alao, a Hou>e Carpenter's Shop, witii seven or more acres of Land. This property I in within a m le of a Railroad Depot in Fairfax count*, eight miles from Alexandria, 'en from Washington, with turn oik" road to eaeh. Further particulars kn^wn of THOMAS CRU X, 297 ti street north, between 13th and Mth. oc 14 eo?w* R~EAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS.-Tho ?ub . senior has a large number of CITV LOTS, aoine of the most deairablo, in every section of the citv, which he will sell for reasonable prices for ' he panor ' r certified checks of our ?'ity B*nks. Titles ail Rood. J AS. CA DEN . oc ? 2aw1m No.84F Mrcof. 17*0R R F.NT?Th? two comfortable and conveni ent BRICK IfOUSES i>n Fayette street, ad - joining the Convent ,a re now undergoing complete re. pair,r.nd will l>e for rent on the 4th of August. The Houses are verv desirable, particularly to parents having children to cducafe. Apply to JOHN L. K11) WEl.I.. Hich strict. Georgetown. jt 27 StOVG8, &C. M, C . W O O I) WARD'S IETROPOL1TAN STOVE AN1> GRATE FACTORY. The (Ireatest Cooking stoves in the United States. I hare just received from Philadelphia a few of the new Rising Stab, or double Ovca Cooktaff Stove; a decided improvement on the old Morning Star; patented IS-57. I had them pot up in Ptiiiedel and t _ _ n. All the Cooking Utensils arc made extra heavy. F. II. ft hia t Ins last summer, exclusive very beat Pennsylvania Malleable Iron. ley are very heavy and stront for this market, and cast of the e Church, Esq., manufacturer. 1 have also, The Libp.rtt Star, made by Messrs. Abbott A Laurence of the same place. The Light Street Double Oven Cook, made by Messra. Haivan Rartlett A Co.. Baltimore,together with the very best Air Tight Flat-Top Coo kino {*toves that can be found in this or any other market, seine of which are the celebrated St: n risk, Improve? Glprk, Flora Cook, Noble Cook.anu the Blce Ridge Air-Tight Cook. If any man can produo# a better Cooking Stove, to excel the abova Stoves, for roasting, baking. Ac.. I will give him >V>on pach ? aie. Please ca.l and examine them, it will cost you nothing, and tou,will see all kinds and torts of Stoves, Ao. f or sale at C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Steve and Grate Factory. No- 318 aud V2 Pa. ave., bet. !0tt. and 11th sts. Balcony in Front full of Stoves. N. B. As to tho Ska Shell flat tap Cookinw Stove 1 "have examined it thoroughly, and thn.k it has a very appropriate name?Siikll. Yr-s, shells will burn out in a few fires. It is a good name f.?r them?gtKKl for the makers. And as to the old Morn ing Star. I so'il them last fall, but will not se'I thetn again. They are as thin as pastel??ard. I can prove that the maker's agent urged me, for almost a day, last summer in my counting room to sell thein this Fall; saying that if I would tako twenty-five of them he would give me the exclusive agency of'thein for five y?ars. I told him I would not have thein at any priee, they are so thinly made. They are hand billed over town by one th"t and last fall that they were not worth having. All the above I can prove. ae 17 tf It I S I N G STAR. HAVE inst received from Philadelphia a few of the new RISING STAR,or Doubied-oven Cooking Stoves, a decided improvement on the old Morning Star. Patented 1JVS7. Iliad them got np in Philadelphia tlii> last huiii-' mer, and they are fully suited to tins mar ket. They arrt heavy and strong ???', of the very best Pennsylvania malable iron; the co-.king utensils ar? made extra heavy, and aro manufactured by F. H. Church, Esq. Phi.adwlphia. Plonse caII and see them. , Also, the largest vaaety of Stoves of all kinds that can t>e found in the District of Columbia. Rang*? Furnaces, Latrobe Fire Plaeos or Parlor Clompan ions, Parl?>r Cumberland .Coal Grates, and other New York latest patterns. All tho above are for sale at. C. WOODWARD'S Metropolitan S'ove and Grate Factory, Nos. 313 and Pa. av., between l"th and llth streets; balcony in front full of Stoves. se 14-oofiw P R O 8 T KING. C. WOODWARD'S METROPOLITAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. A'e.318 Pa.nvnuf, bftwren lOtA aw/ t?e3-eo3m IIlk *tre*t%. PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Painting and Photography Combined. PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniatukr or Size or Lifb, S. WALKER'S PO RTKAIT AM) PIC TU R E G ALL E RY, Odoon Hall,corner4X st.and Pennsylvaniaavenue, S. WALKER has fitted up the ahovp spacious apartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most com plete ana handsome in the whole country, fie has a large Gallery for free exhibition of upward of 2t*< fine Oil Paintings, by some of the best ancient and inodoru masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. 8. Walker hasalso fitted up a com Jiiete suit of rooms, with privat? robing apartments or ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru ments, aud engaged a first class operative artist to assist kmi in t\e department fqr taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC, A.MBROTYPE AND DA GIJERREOTYPE PORTRAITS, from ike stnall**t miniature to size of life. S. Walker, by combining tne Photographic Pro cess with the art of Painting, of which he has had iS yeare' experience, and whose specimens of life size portraits may be seen iu some of the first fami lies of tke city, as well as those exhibited in hn Gallery, he will be able, by the combination of the two, to produoe portraits that have r.ever been ex oelied for their fidelity and life like ex Dression. Can vas and bo&rda prepared bj himself expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or life-size, from small piotures of deeeantd friends. Photographs taken from aorpsea, or sick persona taken at their own residences, on immediate notioe. Committees and classes taken in any number in groups, and any quantity of oo^ies from tne same sold at reasonable cliarges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, oarefully Imek lined and restored to their original freshness. Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully solioited to call at the Gallery, over Skillmfton'a book a'ore? entrance 4X street, two doore from Pennsylvania %?en?e. ly '' fie J/ALL STYLE FOR 1?7. Now ready at STINKMKTZ'S,23B Pennsylvania avenue, near the oomer of Thir teenth, the most popular Fall stties of Dress, or Moleskin HATS, to whieh he invites particularattention. Having established the e**h sys tem, and finding it to work well, he will continue to make a nisoount-of 11H per cent, upon the aotual market pneo, making tne hat sold fbr $4 (and for a sluht variation in auality superior quality for tne money. A g !.5? i hot iinfrequentiy for ?S) for the low gorn) assortment of FELT H ATS, CA.PS, I always on hand, B. U. STINE.MLI/. aug 21 If $3, and for CAPS. Ac. MET'/ 2.K5 Penn. ave. near I3ih ?ti eet L'NDEK BROWNS' HOTEL. , *9 I \f Just opening a solendid assortment of Spring and Summer R EA DY-M A DECLO THING and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the finest sty.e and make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 370 Browns' Hotel, next to private entraooe, may an (Intel A States) Georgetown Advertisement*. A large assortment of fall GOODS. At vtry Love Prices to Ca*h Customers. JOHN hTsMOOT, No. 119 South Sidb or Bb i i>u r Street, Georgetown, D. C., has received and now offeitng at very low prices to oash and prompt cua'omers. a large assortment of FALL AND WINTER HOODS, purchased in t'hiladelphia and New York at the large rec?nt Auction S.ilea, mid from the importers, at verv low price*, which will enable him to ?>U? r to purohasera, mnn> deairttblefioodseoiisider&hly Lk'Iow their value. In the assortment will be found ? Rich Silk Robea and Bajadere Silks Best make of Black Silks Bajadere Valentiss and Valentia Rob?a Rich Printed, all wool. Delaines and Robes Satin Faneomea, plant colors. aii wool, a very supe rior goods. double width, at 75c. Leepiu'aainl other makes French .Merinos, of all the m<>st desirable colors, including \\ hito and Black Plain Delaine, black, white and colorcd. B-4 black French Merinos, lor Shawl < Rich I nion Plaid Merinos, at SI V eta, Do. all Wool do. in eta. Printed Mouslm Delaines, good st) Its, at and 25 can't 9"<> pi>cos. best styles. English Prints at 12^ ota. Rich atvIn Bonnet and Sasn Ribbons Plata re'ors do., very cheap Velvet Ribl?onaand Fringe Trimmings Stella. Rtoctia Shawls, in great variety Super double Rrocha do. Chenille and rsshmere Scarfs Bajou'a Kid Gloves, all odors and Nos. Slack Flaaaels, all oolors White American, Welch, and Saxony da. Blsck nombazines and ? 4 Delauca

Colors at d black Coburg Merinos Blaek t'r;;pe Veils and English Crapes West black antl brown and white English Prints I<ork and aituare Black Thibet and Bay Sifato Shawls Ladiot and Children's plaid woolen bli.iwis, mail styles and prices Hosier? of every description Ladies Saxony and Merino Vests With a full supply of housekeeping and domestio Goods, of the best linkers. "?> JOHN H. SM<?OT._ F"M >R *A LE?Handsome residence on the Heights of Georgetown. The Trustee,ol fers for sale that spacious and haniiHome residence in Georgetown, at present occupied by Charles W. Pairo. Esq. The property comprises an entire square o| ground, beautifully improved with walks, trees, shrubbery (lowers, A o.: a large and well built green house, with plants in great variety. There are also on the premises. Stables,Carriage-Rouso, and other convenient out houses. The Dwelling-Housc is large and rootny. having, with the wings, a front of ninety five (9Si fact and commands one oi tj.a finest view* of the Potomac river and country around. It is hented hy a furnace, light-id with gas, and contains hsth fixtures for hot and cold water, a large cistern, kitchon range: and almost everv convenience for a firat-classaesidence. If desired the Furniture will b" sold with the house. Possession can be given immediately. For further particulars, terms of sale, Ac., apply to SAM. ('. EDF.S. Ti nstee. At Pairo A Nourse's Banking House, se 21 -<hw?sw4w opposite the Treasiiry. jV" O T I C E .? Having been informed that cer i . tain persona are in the habit of collecting and gathering together the Bottles whichcontainor have contained our beverages, and patting therein an arti cie made by others than ourselves, and ihen dispos ing of such article on th? faith and credit ofour uanri stamped on eaid Bottles, ail persons are her?;bv notified that such Bottle* are our own property, and not subject to sale, and t hat they are delivered toour customers onlv lo be returned.and that it is ourhrm intention to prosecute to the utmost extent of the law, any lnfrnigment of our rights on the premises. ARNVfc SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, se 11 Georgetown. D. C. DU FONT'S GUNPOWDER. I am al! tunes supplied witaall the various kinda of DC PONT'S '?L S PO W DLH . and ntn prepared to supply the same many quantity to parties wanting, on the moat favorable teims. W. ALBF.RT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia. No. 35 High street, mav 15-tf flrifel .A States 'Jeorgetown. I). C. Dentistry, Ac. *pHEIMPROVEDSETSOFTEKTH. M. LOOMIS, M. D . the inventor and patentee of "Loomi?' Plat* Te?th," having aueoissfuliy introduced his improvement mj various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth consist* oh:ef It in making a s?t of but one pieo* of material, and that indestrtctible mineral. Ns metal is used in their construction, and they are therefore free from (talvamc action and metalio taste. There are no joints to l>eoome filled with moisture or particles of food, hence they art* pure ani rlton. They are lighter, stronger, less olumsy. far more durable, and natr rnl in their appoarance. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durability, artistic exoellenoeor any other requisite quality. AH work responsibly warranted. 27S Penna. avenue, between llth and 12th atreeta, ap 1S-1t Dr. villard,dentist, late of chi Caqii, would respectlully inform theoit- * g izcns of the District and vicinity, that hav leg located himself in Washington, he > now prepared to perform ail operations m his profea sion, in tut! moat npproved style. ? ?itiee. No. ?>i, Penn. avenue, a>ljoining (iautier's jan <j>It ? \ENTISTR V. ? / L)R. STEPHEN BAILY, Office No. 198 Pkxnstlvania Avm*, Tkrtt doors from 14/A Str, *l. Dk. BAILY begs leave to inform the public that he can l>? seen atall hours, at his office, located as alxive. He feels assured that an experienceof fifteen years' practice, with th? large number of patients.and great variety of difficult raises that he has treated success fully, will enable hun to surmount any dirticulty, scientific ?r otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience ooulirtning ihe opinion of many iner eminent in the profess on. and especially Drs. Hurria and J. antl E. family, has ie?l him. long since, todis card all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.also all Enam.'ls, (inttu Percha. India Ruliber, and Ce ments for the oonstruotion o( Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Porcehan, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance that oan l>e worn in the mouth, as was moat conclusively shown by the last Amerioaji Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his long resi dence and practice in Washington, he la favorably known to hia numerous friends and patrona, lie bega leava to rafer thorn to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Churoh of Eplphuy this citv. Dr. Stk?hf?i Baii.y : Dear Sir?I desire to ex press my esteem for you personal It, and my eonfidenoe in jou as a superior dentist. The operations executed lor me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you may reoeive the patronage from my friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. Voura very truly, Washington, Aug.36, 1856. J. W. FRENCH, rtom one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Mesara Boggs, Cot inn n A Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen BHily, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington oity. to execute for ine an im portant and difficult pieoe of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that one of the most distinguished members ol the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives me great pleasure to express my entire o-infidenoe and nigh estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12, 1857. HARM ANN BOGGS. Extract from a notereoeived from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. IT. S. Sknatk, Aug. 19, la*. The teeth tou made for me work admirably ; noth ing oould be better. Very gratefulJT, JOHN M.CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladiea of the teeth. I oan cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist; he made a set of porcehan teeth for oae of my familT.and piugged several teetu for myself, and the work has all stood well for more than tenyears. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19. 1MB. We, the undersigned, having had oooasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this oity, or having been cogniz ant of his operations on our families or friends, take piensure is expressing our admiration of his artistic akill. as well as of the uniformly satisfactory in?unei in which he performs thfftaost delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respectfully re Ooinmend him to the confidence and patronage of the public, of which we consider him eminently worthy. Thomas L'. Walti*. Arehiteot U. ?. Capitol. Thomas Millkr, M. D.,of Washington, D. C. B. S. Bohrkr, M. I). of Georgetown, D. C. N.S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Washington, I). C. Jos. H. BsADt.RT.of Washington. D. C. Gkokgk Walton. Ex-Governor of Florida. NValtkr Lknox, Ex-Mayor of Washington. Hfnrv Halpwkn, IT. S. Patent Office, O. C. WiaiiT, Principal Rittenhouse Aoademv, feb2? tf fPHK LEGAL ADVISER, or how to diminish 1 Losses, avoid Lawsuits, and save Time. Trou ble, and Money, fcy eonductieg business according to law, as expounded by the best and latest A uthor ities; by Edwin T. Freed'oT, auWior of a Praenea! Treatise<>a Business; $1.35 Information about Texas, enrefuliT prepared by D. E. K. Braman. of Matagorda, Texas; 75o. Modern Reform Fxamined; or the union of North end South on the subject of Slavery; by Joseph C. Stiles; $1. Juat published, and for sale hy ^ TAYLOR A MAITRY, ?* Booksellers. uc.irSth street. POR A FEW DAYS LONGER.-Great Bar I gains.?Closing out at h. j. Mclaughlin a co's. ** an?1 9th A MAGNIFICENT CHURCH <ORGAN, 1* stops, 7 oot&ve the wareiw>ms of ?8 ^V. G. MKTZEROTT. Educational. f^VKNING CLA8SKS are now forming at U?e a Central Academy, oortier of K. and I' th streets. The exermsoa will eoinmenoe Wednesday evening, October 14th. A complete system of Fignres is tauzht in a new. oonei*e. find limpid method oc'J lm S. MERCHANT, Principal. Brook kvillk acadkmv, Moxtgumkrv Cor\TT, Mn. The course of *tndy fmhmcei Ancient and Mod ern Languages. Sciences, Mathematics. and ordinn r* English It ranches. Tern.s for Hoard and Tuition V18" per annum. Catalogues may he oi tan e>t Ht ffallantyne's Seventh street, or by addressing the Principal at Brookev?lle. Md. K. B. PRETTYMAN, A. M. ?e 23 1 m Principal. Vocal and instrumental Music. M IS I C A L C A K D Prof. A F. I.ITTLE takes pleasure in announc ing to his friends and to the citizens o!_ I t *_ 1 ..^4 t I 1 1 . . I .1 \\ a Kington, Alexandria, aad vicinity. thst|fc3jK^ he is no-pared to receive pups** for the"'*"' Pianoforte, <>uii?r. f lute, and other instruments. Orders left at the Musio Store ol .Mr. Metzerott, Washington. D. C., and the Music Store of Mr. Parrot, Alexandria, Va., will meet with prompt at teution. Residonce, Or. Hunt's, 3"1 Penn. 1i\enue. se 2R 3tawlm MRS. CECILIA VOL XG will rrtumc her 1-s aonsin Vocal Music cither in eiaaaesor private pupils, on Thursday next, October 'at. For terms. A- e., apply at No. ?A8 Tenth street, be 'ween J) and K street*. se 2"i-.1tawlw | NSTR FCTION IN VOCAL MUSIC. C. IRVING'S Vocal Mu?io Classes meet for in struction and practice at Temperance Hall, on K st reef ,al?ove 9th. on Mondav,Wednesday and Friday evenings. Afternoou classes at 4>* o'c.oes, and mciit cia?s at 7}?. Terms, (in either c!a*s,)22 iessonn. $5. Private instruction, vocal or piano, per quarter, 8*'2 Ladies arid gentlemen desirous ot reoeivinc a thorough knowledge of music will he unfilled l?y uniting with either oflheneeiansea. Applanation can l>e made to Mr. I. at the Hall or through tlie P?>st Office *e tf \ S K -W. II K\IT. P A i7m F. R'S PIA NOFOR TE 1*1 CLASSF.Saredaily adding new memliore Per sons desirous of availiuc t tienis?lves 1 f Mr. Pai.m kr's service* a?-e requested to enroll their names as early as possible. T his Class svstein is more advantageous for the advancein-nt of Children, than any other system of instruction. Jt is equally advsntai eous for the perfect iuc; of the most brilliant performers. Tr.itMf it At>vancb. Primary Class per quarter. Advance Classes ?Fin Alf applications to be made to Mr. W. II. 'ALMLK, at liia residence. 260 F utiect, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. jl^T" (ioorgetowr. Classes mret every Monday and Thursday at V- o'clock, at Misa Harrover'a <>eorce town Feina!e Seminary. se 24 tf Dancing. I^ASHIONABLE DANCING. PROF. IV. W. MI'NDKR MMt re-pectfu :> an nounces to Ins frier.ds, former pat>ous. and ~ public generally, that his School, corner 9th and I> street, in now open for instruction ini tho above Ix-autifuiaud necemnry accomplish . ment, every Tuesday and Thursda* afternoon in 4 until 7 o'olock. for young Ladies. Misses, and Mas ters,and on the same evei.m^s from TJ% uutil '.*>? o'clock, f?>r 'ieiitlon en. Prof. M. is prepared to introduce aoine of the fin est new Dances that has ever been introduced in tire orany other City in the country. All those who wish to prepare for the approaching cay season, would de well to join the al>ove classes as esrriy as possible. N. B.?Ladies and Gentlemen wht desire fo form private Clashes, or to receive instruction singly, oan do ?o on Tuesday. Wednesday, or Thursday morn ine from 9 until I1)? o'clock. oc 5 eotf 1> A N C I N G ACADE M T ITF.R hive Gen- ojl 1 that in* in/1? >er. at Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER have the honor to announoe to the Ladies and C tieinen of Washington and Georgetown he will re open his Classes for Dancing Wasnlngtou on Friday, the 3th of October. Mr. Crouch's Hall, corner of 11th at. ard P*. sv., over Farniiein's Bookstore, for Misses ami Masters, from 3 o'clock p. m.: lor l.adieg and fientlenvn, from 7 o'clock p in. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of (lotober. at M Harrover's 1 .adies Sem inary, from a o'clock p. in. For tt.-rins and particular^ application can lie made at Mr. <>.'s, 44^7 K street, between !?th and l<?th streets. se 12-fim 'PHIi SKCKF.T INFIKMITIKJ* OF VOt'TII 1 AND MATI KIT, Jmt Pttbli'b."!, (? rntir. :h* Zlln Thouiami. A f?w wonrs ??(' the Rational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or l.ocal Wenkneg*. Nocturnal Fmisslooa. Genital, and Nervous Debiiity. I're mature Deoay ol the System, I mpo-^ tt ac),aiid Jiupediinents to \far! ace geu-jrally, tiy B. Dfc LANKY. M. D. The important fact that the many al^rmine com p'aaits. orutinatine in the imprudence and solitude of >outti, iua\ 14miilt removed without Medicine, 1a in tins smsll trnot. efenrly demonstrated ; and the entire1^ new and lush!* succesaful treat tnent. as ai'opteil by the author, fully exp a.ned, by means of wh 1 c? 1 e-?<r> one ih en.ii'led t??cure Himsefrpt-rfectlv and at the least posKiblo cost, thereby avoiding all the advertised rostrums ??f the t'.iy. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remittitur two postace stamps to dr. df. lanf.v. seJu-'IAwtf 17 I. i sperard vr^?"t Now \ <>rk. Kv THK PRHPiKnt'Af TIIK I'NITKD STATUS: In pursuance uf the provisions af the 3d section of the r.ct entitled "An aet to authorize tlitf President of the I"nitt-d States to cause to he aurxeyed the traot uf land iu the Territory ol M umeeotal>elotiKiii( to the linif bre.iN or mixed bloixlsid the l>Tcotali ?ir biaux nation of Indian*, and for other purposes." approved July I7-, I.JA.MF.S Bi t IIAVA.N', PresidtNit of t lie I uited State* o| A11 ier:13a, do here by declare and make known that public sale* will lie held at the undermentioned land utiices in the Ter riiei* of Minnvxxta, at the periods hereinafter de suuated. to wit: Af tie land eilice at Hkxdkfsos. oo^imencinc on the euhtli <la\ ol March next, for the disposal of the vacant public lands situated within the following named townships and fractional townships in the la'e reserve for the hall-breed* or mixed bloods of trie Dacotah or Sioux nation of Indians, viz : Xortk of t)if bas* lint ati'l *rr%t of thf fifth prin eipnlfn'ridinn. The unloean?d traets 111 fractional township one hundred an 1 eleven, ol rante ten. The unloeated tracts in fractional township ene hundred and eleven, of range eleven. The unlocatod tracts in fractional townships sne hundred and eleven and one hundred and twelve, of range twelve. I lie unlocntcd tracts in township one hundred and eleven, and fractional townships one hundred and twelve and one hundred and thirteen, of ranee thir teen. The unlocaled tracts in township one hundred and eleven, and in that part of township one hundred and twelve, and fractional township one hundred and thirteen, within the aliove ineutioucd reserve, uf range fourteen. Tlie unlooAted traotsinthat part of townships one hundred and eleven and one hundred and twelve, within the nlHive-iiieutioned reserve, of range fif teen. At the land office at Faribati.t. oommencme on the hrst da> of March next, for tiie disposal of the public lands situated within the followinc-named townships and fractional townships ?n the late re serve for the half-breeds er iruxed bloods oft he Da eotali or Sioux nation of Indians, viz : A'ortk of ikt bn *t lint and \rtsi of iktfiflk prim tipal The unlomted tracts m that part of fractional tewnship one hundred and ten, within the aliove mentioned reserve, of ranre nine. The unlorated tracts in that part of townships one hundred and eight, ene hundred and nine, and frac tional townsh'p one hundred ar.d ten, within the aKove-ir.entioned reserve, of range ten; The unloee ted traets inthat part of township one hundred and eight, within the alsive-mentioned re serve, and in townships one hundred and nine and one hundred and ten.oTrnnce eleven. The unlocaled tracts in that part of townships one hundred and eight and ene hundred anM nine within the above mentioned reserve, and in towuship one hundred and fen, of range twelve. The nnlocated traets 111 that part of township* one hundred and nine and one hundred and ten, within the nbove-inen*ioned reserve. ?f range thirteen. The unlocated tracts in that part of township one hundred and fen, within the above-mentioned re serve, of mnfe fourteen. The nnloonted Iniefs in that part oftownslup one hundred and ten. wifhin the aliove mentioned re serve, or range fifteen. n accordance wuh t he provisions of the act of J uly 17, IK>4. herein before refered lo. pre emplion claims will not he allowed to am of ineals>ve inentn?ml lands until aOerAliey have !>ecn offered at public sale and Iteoome sufcjeet to private entry. The ofl^riug ofthealwe lands will be oomnaenoeil on the days appointed, and wiU proceed in the order in which the* are advertised until the whole sha I hare been offered, and the sales thus ? J?1' no sale shall be kept open lorger 1Hwn J^ks, and no private entry of any of the 1snlis wi. ^ mrftocl nntili after ?he expiation of the two wwekt. (ti,rpn undor ni? itt th? cit> of ?? H8h|njton, th.t sixteenth day ef ?< pte,n^r. anno Lomin. one thuusaad eight hun< re j^M|? BUCHANAN. By the President T*?*otrm"sioner"f the General I.and se 19 Iaw3m THF. CI.OTH H AT just out and universally ad mired as a Gent's fine dreca Hat requires ?nrs 0 mmenta, bnt an examination will guaranty the,^L ?ale. Also, a new invoice of FRENCH SOFT HATS per last steamer. At the Bazaar, comer of ftth street and Penn. avenue. oe 8-eo2w HOPKINS. THE WEEKLY STAR. This nMllMt Family Nrwe Jowrml mm UUUBC ft imtir nriMi of uumbai rwdtx tbaa om be foaod ib Mty oCij?r?u pmMiatod on Sat ardaf mm. Siarle ooff. p*r umm #1 * K I vm r~p,*m | _ ft SB Ten oopiw . , ... I W Twenty oopiM .15 W Ca?A, tia tdtMci. Bt subscribing in Clube raised imoni neighbor# without the intervention of a mail agent. as will t?e ? per o*nt.of Thi Wmit Stab wiH ?5*VW. It invariably contains the " tTatktmtion that hu made T?i Kvi<>im Star circu late so generally thrvughout the oour.try. tl^Sinfle oopies (in wrappers) om be procured at the oounter. immediately after the issue of Uie paper. Price?THREE CENTS. ITT" w h<> act as agents will be allowed a commission of cent. Watchet, Jewelry, ?c, Baltimore, Washington and vir ginia Hank Notes tal *n at par for aft kiuds of rich and la*hionao;e <iULl> /KWKI.RY. kn* lidl.ll and SII.VER WAT?HES. GOLD CHAINS. SEALS. REVS. LOCKETS, and a.; other ohoice goods, for a few days. I have ju?t r?*iTfd a fine a*sortment of n?v Good*. which 1 am prepared to ae?l at very low ^ P>aae ml! at SW Penn. ?venue, sign of the large h. o. hoop. I ?*OLD AND SILVER \VAT?HLSJI.\V EL *1 RV. AND FANCY ARTICLE*. 1 have just received another addition to my s^iie stock of Gold and Silver W ATCH KS. of the Irv b??t mnkert in Europe. Also, Gold Chains of > <a| ever> style and price, Jewelry in sets and kin-^Lsa* gle pieces. Perfumery and Fsncy Articles. Silver plated Baskets, Spoons, Castors. Ao., at 1. ROBINSON/*. S49. opposite Browns" hotel. Sirn I Jirge Gilt W etch. N. B.?WATCH REPAIRING done ib the t.eet manner by a skilful Watchmaker, aud warranted, an 21 -2m ^LOCKsT CLOCKU !! BLOCKS!!! A food BRASS CLOCK for *1. I h*ve iust re ceived ?nd opened all the new style Clocks^^_ from ?1 up to The tm<1e supplied lasjnl usual) at wholesale price*. Also, Clock Mn-EjJjl tcnais. such a* Corda, Keys, Ha- a. Hands.HF9 Wires. Oils, Ae., at the Clock end \\atcli*3* Store of J. ROBINSON. 549,opposite Browns' hotel. au2l-2m Hic? larr?<?ilt \V*i?li. Pianos, fto. ( 'OLD MEDAL PREMIUM * PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNARK, (Senior partner in the late firm of KtKABB, GABULBdt Co.. Continue* th? manufacture r.iie ave of grand and re?are PIANO FdKTIv*, BDii?rMi? _ of William Knshe A Co., at the old aland, fcAa N<?e. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op HI til pestle the Eulaw House. Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Salee Room at No J"7 Baltimore street. between Charles and Light streets. on the premise* partiy occupied by VIr Henry MeCaflery sa a musioetore, where they wiJl keep o<Hi?tartl> on hnnd a larte aasorlment of plnin ai d hichly -hniched efand arnl square Piano Fortes ?lto, Mclndfont. Trmn tii? liest mskere. froin 4 to S ortave. some with douh'e kcj -lioarda, double reeds, and stops to suit small churches. Betni: extensively en*Aced in the manuftwemreo Pianos, we will sell whoieaaleand retail, on the mos lil*ral terms. Our P ian<>s w?re awarded the hichest premium (Bold med&liat tha Fairs of the Maryland Institute two successive years?Oct'?l>er. 1W>. and !???? in op position to fourteen and eichteen pianos from some ol the be>?? makers from New York, Boston and Bsl tfmore. We were als<? awarded the first premium**.! the ludustria! Exhibition held in Richmond. Vir einia, and law. They have also been awarded Fh? hiKli*>?t premium (silver medail at the Metro politan .Mechamos' Fair for 1357. In addition to this we are in posaession of test i mo nials from the most distintuiahed profesaot* and amateurs in the oountry. which oen be seen at our warer>M?(r<a, spcnkinc for themselves and others of thehich appreciation in whioh our instruments are everr where held. All instrument* are cuaranteed for five years, and a privilef e of exchange is granted within the farst six months from the day ofsaie if lliBinsttumBntsdo not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to eive us a cail before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and toped. mar 16-1 w WM. KNARK tt CO. QEORGE SANDS' NOVKLM. Copsuelo, three volumes. La Marie Au Diabie, I vol. Jacques. I I'ol. Le Pe.rite Fadette, 1 vol. Valentine, 1 vo!. Le Pechi De M. Antoine, J vols. Jeanne, 1 vol. Iloraoe, I re!. Francr is Le Champi, 1 vol. F even no, l vol. Mauprat. 1 vol. Indiana. 1 vol., L^iia. 2 vol. I uerexia^ F'oriani. 1 vol. Lettres D'lm Voyageur. 1 vol. Price art cents per volume. Imported from Pan* he oc 13 FRANCK TATTER. j_| U >1 E M A D E CARRIAGE*. We have on hand, of our own mar.nflicfure, a fine assortment of All kinds ofCARRl-. Hil> ?'( tnevery '>e*t. Safest, and most\ approved *ty les, and warranted id point ? T-J workmanship and material, to be equal to any made in the city of Washington or any ether oity in the Fnited S'ates. We respectfu !ly solicit b ob!i from the citizens and strangers to examine our work ; as we are determined to let none surpass us either ia quality of work or in low prices. We also do every kind ofR EPAIRING in a work m&nii ke manner, and at reasonable puces. Old Carne?;es taken in pe.rt payment for new and at a fair price. SIMON FLVNN 4t CO. may 12-6m \v 7 ASHIe\UTUNv OCTOBER a, 1657. ?*ll a]) & IS Dear Sir: The Piano I purchased of you in the Fall of I8.ri4. inaniitac'ured b\ IIa!lett. Davis A Co . of Boston, lia-* d^een indailv use since that time.and I am happy to state has fully sustained the very fa vor-vide opinion I had formed <>f these instruments. - The Pianos of thi? manufactory are not, in in* judgmen'. surpassed la those of any other. For voiuiue and sweetness of tone, prompt aotion.diwa Iniily, l?eaut* of workmfiu*hip. Ac.. Ac., they are not excelled by any others with which I am acquaint ed. Bespoctfui^y . your oliedient servant. O. R. Mbskill. J. h . Eilis, Esq., \\ aslungtoB, Washing to*. P.C., May 1,11". Dear Sir: The Pibiio I purchased of you of Ha let. Davis A Co.'s maniitacture. some eijciiteen morths' sine*, continues to give entire satisfaction. It is a clear, full, sweet tone, and of beautiful workman ship: not t>eing a judge of such instruments, I trust ed to your word, and feel p easetl in saying I hate not regretted it. Yours, respectfully, Mrs. Pbtbr Cah an. J. F. Eilis. We have now a large stock of theae leoted personal!* when in Boston last week. ocs-d JOHN F. ELLIS, 96 Pa. avenue. / "OODS FOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTE*. R. H. MILLER. SON A CO., will sell all descr ptions of CHINA, GLASS, ar.d^ qi'EENS IVARE, <;as FI\TI RKS.| A c.. A c.. at their usual rf^ii ar ;..w prioea." With a dlMOMt sf Iw per cent, for cash as heretofore, and receive in payments notes of ai y of the Virginia Bmks (except the Bank of Kanahwst at par. Any and alt debts due them, can be paid in the same currency, with thanks to such of their debtors as choose to avail themselves of this prop osition. A lex Andr'a. Sept. 2**. '0*7 *e T* t( ^HLN'aT glass, and earthen ware. R. H. MILLER. SO?Ta CO., IMPOKTFKS. Alexandria, Va., ^^?O'lave received two instalments of I heir fl^^fal; supp ies fro<n the English Potteries and will oontinne to receive access.or,s their stock till the business season sets m.* KT H. S<>>- A Co. can assure their fnen Is andeustomcrs that their st<*ck shall l>eof the most desirable description, and that their prioes Wi.i com pare favorably ? ith those of Any dealers in their Una in any other market in the Fnited States. R.H.Millrr, So* A Co. have prepare*! them selves to oiler to merchants every inducement lo make their purchases in their line. WINDOW GLASS. They have just reeeived via Antwerp and New York, from the great manufactory of " Roux." New Rrusse Is, 114" boxes French W indow G lase of supe rior quality and of different thicknesses, a hich th?y have imported under such circumstances as toenabl* them to oiler a superior article at very moderate prices ar gi if rpEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Daveaport. Iowa. pa> inc 10 per cent, interest l?y Coupon in >?* York. Bonds of fWW) each. The growing oity of Davenport has now abont inhabitants, andi ia rapidly increAaing in wealth iuid popoiat'on. Ite municipal debt is only ^IStM'TO.and its railroad debt only *I^S.<*w>. and cannot now be increased. The statistics of tno city were published in the Intelii eencer ol the 9?tn September. \\e reoommend these bonds, tielieving them to be as safe as aay J*^fiOr0"y b0nd"' CHl'BB BROTHERS Scribe?comedies. ^ Scnl>e?Comedies. \ audevillea. De Girardin?Poesies completes. De Girardin?Marguerite. Ou Deux Amoara. Key leud?|.e Cog du Clocher, Re? lend?I,"Industrie en Europe. Gosiau?Le Notaira de Chant illy. F.?ma? Peaux Noires. Marinier?Au bord de la Neva. Ka?liguet? Souvenirs de L'Amenque Espagno.e. M u*set ? 141 Bavolette. Chal?ril!an? Voleursd'or. Souvestre?Fn Plulosopheeous les toits. Smvestre?Confessions d'un Ouvner. Each in one volume, price sn cents, just imported from Pans, with many others. k? _ OP ft FRA\CK tauor. rpwo WEEKS LONGER ! We shall oontinne selling off for two weeks longer and begall who really want bergains to eall and ee cure thein. as everything we have on hand must be sold out. Persons who buy to sell again will find it to their advantage to give us a aaJl. as we promise them great terrains. W a have yet on band a very large .UK-k of firi.^-d.| ArGHLiN ^ ^ ne 5 Mo. IP. between 8th and Pth *ts. C?UBA HONEY. / The subscntier has just received, and tor M e, ten tierces of chilled CUBA HONET.atkis Gro oery and Provieioa Store, No. W lJtk street and Louisiana avenue, . _ _ . jelVtf JUNA8 P. LMV\ ,