Newspaper of Evening Star, October 19, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 19, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. BRILLIANTS. autumn. fBTnmer's tone and over, Fufinre fallinadowt. And with russet tnu^s Autnmu's doiiu brown. Bongha are daily rifled. Hi the custy thieves, And tne Book of Nature Oetteth short of leaves. Round the tops of houses Swallows,as tney Hit, Give, like yearly tenants. Notices to quit. Pki?e of fickle temper Weep by turns and lsu*h ? Nmht anddsv tocetner Taking haif-and half. I Tom Hotd. AUTUMN WOODS. Ah. 'twere a lot too bleat Forever in thy colored shades to strav ; Amidat the ki s? of the soft south-west To rove and dream tor aye. And l?v? the rain, low s'rife That makes men mad-the tug for wealth sod power, The passions and the cares that wither Iite^ And waste it* little hour. \brvant. AUTl'MN. Fled la the b'aated verdure ofthe'? And shrunk into their l*?da, the tt^wory race Their eunny robes resign. hven wnat remain d Of atronser fruit* fa.'la from the raked tree ; And wood a. helds. cardena, orchards, alt around The de*oUUed prospect thrilla the souK rik#fj|j#j| doing without food. Every now and then we hear of some wonder ful case of a man or a woman existing for a long time without food or drink. Sometimes th? re is an appearance of suspended animation, during which, of coarse, the digestive functions are suspended. At other times there are oonvul sions or spasms, as in the marvellous case, lately reported, of Mrs llaya, of Warren oountry, N. Y.. who has had *' fits. c -avulsions, spasms, contortions and tremors" for more than two yean. luring all which time, says the veracious chronicler of the oaae. she has not eaten enough to make one ordinary meal for a healthy person ! Lately, too. she has taken to doing without breathing for a considerable length of time, and altogether Mrs Hays must be a very extraordi nary woman, and, barring the fit*, must be a very eheap and economical wife for the hard time*. A lady who don't eat or drink, and whose breathing?and, p*r eonstquene*. talking too?have gone into suspension, would be a treasure to a merchant threatened with sus pension. But all suoh cases are, if not totally fabulous, at least much exaggerated, and they prove nothing in regard to the general ability of hu man nature to do without food. They are uet to be mentioned, as philosophical illustrations, at the same time with the marvellous and au thenticated case of Tice, Dawson and Orant, who existed at sea for eight days and twenty bours without food, and the greater part of the time without water also. During all this pe riod their physical powers wero taxed to an ex traordinary degree to keep themselves ad >at, and ttey mast have been still more embar rassed and exhausted by the constant dashing of the salt wafer in their faces and down their throats. How any man could live in this way. for a day alone, is astonishing; but that they should live thus for nine days fairly Confounds all pre-conceived notion of human endurance. If one man had survived such a fearful ordeal, we might have set it down as an exception case, and treated him as something superhuman But when three men in. almost precisely the same situation, live through so long a period without food or drink it is proved that the human system can endure privations exceeding any that have ever been imagined. We may ?uppo?o that the immersion iu salt water may have enabled them to absorb some kind of sustenance: but the vtomaoh and the digestive organs, during all that period, raeeivea nothing whatever except ?alt water, whirh was nauseating and at laat a little fresh water oollected during a rain. Here i* something for medical men and phil osophers to inquire into, for there has evident ly r>?en a miscalculation of man s powers of en durance. not only of hnager but of fatigue and exposure. If the stories of Tice. Grant and Dawson are true, then death from starvation cannot tome half so speedily as has always been supposed. A man may be tossed about and bu netted by the waves, with sleep as unattain able as food or drink, and yet live through it for days. Solve us this wondrous problem, and in so doing. convince us that we, who cat our bread, beef and vegetables daily, are doing so maeh more than the actual necessities of exis tence require, that we des?rve to be classed Among the intemperate ?Phtla Bulletin. Hour vo tu a Woman's Aok?Br Ox? or Til cm?Iii telling the age of another woman you multiply by 2; but if you are telling your own a^e vou divide by 2. ?7-1.. consequence of the paralysis in all sort* of tiuainen*. it 1* thought tbat the *>urplu\ in the National Treasury will be exLau?t?d before the end of the Uscal year. f^T" Governor Wine has pardoned Watklna, who had la-'n sentenced to the penitentiarv. by the Ctfnii Court of lit-nry county, for one year, for stabbing. fp* The Danville Register states that there baa been no suspension in either of the b-tnk* located in that place, nor amongst the merchants or manufacturer. J ?7" The W a* hi tig ton correspondent of the Philadelphia Pies* think* tbat a Bankrupt Law will he submitted to the next Congress. It may be submitted. butjt will hardly heroine a law. flU" A "Yale College*'correspondent of the N. Y Tribnne. state* that there are seven Southern students in Vale College, and thirty-three in the Academical D"partruent err a certain druggist was recently heard to declare Ibat an article of medicine, of which he largely disposed at two dollar* a bottle, cost him only sixteeu cent"?bottle and all ITT A Western customer owing a bill which be wished to pay, and Adding it impossible to oh tain exchange forthe purpose, 1 ruined lately wrote to his creditors that be would forwaid leather in au ffl-ie ?it quantity to pay the demand, ex penses of transportation and commission for sale included. {J7~ The prl?-e of milk has ben raided in Ron ton. to si* cent* a quart, and in New York, to "?"?n cents a quart. Anticipated drought and the consequent low run of springs and wells i? ascribed as the chief came or this advance Chw i* rr.R CiiaN'.e ?We hear that some of the publication* in the lower part of the city are giving their dinner-check* in change for bill* This 1* a new kind of shin-plaster, and m^y lead to a price-current something like ?? Fine French delaine, one breakfast per va d ; Grand Concert, admi**ion roe*t i<eef arid plum pudding ; child ren padding only?Mew York Tribune. JJy" Voltaire was in the habit of keeping a book, in which he paMed the seals of all his cor respondents. and underneath each wrote the ad drees of the person whose it happened to be If he received a letter, h?* would examine and ascer tain from whence It cauie, by referring to his book ; and if from a quarter he did not like, he placed It in another envelope, and returned it, unopened to the writer. arrivals at the hotels. WII.LARDS HOTEL.?Dr W Guion. U rtN; R S Hit' hcock. Md, P Greeley, Mr Hopkins, K Belknap, W () Nixon, Master A V Scott. Charles Delaiyle r.nd lady. Mis* Deialgle, H D iMitgle, ti LI Newki'k. do. Mr A Paul, Ya M ra B Owen, H Dims, Mr* J K Arnand. Pa; 7. I. Taylor. K>. Lt W T Oia^fll. USN; Capt Wilson, do; Hon J |J _ 1* s - a o. e?i iinn >ir* White Md, Pam'l Grigg, Va; II S Magraw, K M Mo Unv, jr, R J Dobbin, Pa; Capt ECavendy, NY. BROWN*' HOTEL ?R H Simmon* and Iv, NJ; Mis* Simmons, do, C Dickson, Kv; Wm Blake O; E Maule and lady. Pa; Tho? s llasrep and family. Va; Mrs A, do; B Compton Mo; J Tin ton. Kng; T F Tavlor and ladv. NJ; Hon J B Clay. Ky; Hon '/. Kidwell, Va; M Benson. O: J B Allworth. Va; E Brooke, DC; I, II Early Va; Lewis Vastlne. Pn; C Moore. .NY F Caa s--d. Md; Dr W Powell and lady. Ml*s; W 11 trainee. Ark; E T Baron, Mass; C H Osborne. NY, J M Farran. Cal; W A Jarl>oe. Maryland; Cap* Hopping, XV ; C L Gray, Pa ; J B Arm strong. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?Mrs J L Arnand. Pa: M?f Hopkins. NY; Dr J F Harrison, US.N; W Butrher, pa; J flarrell, DC; II L Gallaber, Va; i Ca-s.n. Pa. O a Blakely NY; J C Lyons. DC; J \% Cutts, Va, C Cirsxou. T?-nn; V P Dwinie, (|o K II L'?n.n! II i/- ?? " " imii, v Y uwmte. do; K li Camph ll. Va. H M Br.-wn, Cal; W R (?lover. Ky; K V Mitchell. Ala P II GritBn, (? i; J >1 Stone. MT W ??hiniinlii.Md, T Powere,Va; h Esaiu, Md; G Crawford, Pa; C M Gilbertoti, Pa Jtf# fSM KNTS OF OCKAN STEAMERS. Faon tub UaiTBB Statss L??e? For Dtps. rttv Wash'toB..New York...Liverpool.. Oet 15 F if'en New York...Havre Oct 17 N?w York New York...Glasgow Oct 17 Faon Kcbop*. Rnrn?*la Hamhurg....New York..Oct 1 Oen'l William*.' iverpool...Quebec Oct Vsnd-ihilt..... Havre.......New York...Oct 3 Kdlnburg iiim^ow... .New York...Oct 'J No th S'ar Southam'n. .New York...Oct 7 The California mall steamer* leaen New York en the *th and *Otfe ot each nu>r.fy Miscellaneous. SEVENTH STREET. TOBIAS, O F T I CI A M, * O?o* Seoond 9tnr|, lkr*t door* from Odd Fellows' Hall. Sfectaoles and Classes auited to every eight; Opera, Reading, and Watchmakoi Glasses; Telescopes. Mioroeoopes in*?^ great variety; Coiu-oanuc Stereoeoopea with views of superior end oboi-jo piotureaon band. boo adver tisement ra National Intelligenoer. Thsti monuu. No*folk, September 7,1854. Pi*: The SpecUolee you made for me suit me very well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other i have lately tried. 1.1 TT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Speotablea obtained from Mr. Tobias, and hnd them of great assistance to my sight, and oorrespoMkug with biadescnphonof thoir foous. 1 recommend kim as a skillful optician. HENRY A. WISE. .. 4, Pktkhburb, October 21, 1864. About five years ago, 1 obtained from Mr. Tobias, 'V' ashmgtou, a pair of Glasses for the spectacles which I used, and found them of great assistance to my decay ins vision ; and my opinion of him is, that lie is skillful in tho preparation of Glasses for eyes not loo far gone to be benefitted by such aid. J. F. MAY. ? Lynchbchg. November 7,185t. r rn,71 *" ?*amination of Mr. Tobias' Glasses, and irom his observations and remarks, am coavineed that ne is a skillful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. Ltnchbceg, Nevember 10. 1854. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished me with Glas ses, by which I have been greatly aided,(my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night in my earlier lile,) it affords me the highest pleasure to say that 1 consider him a skillful praotioal optician, and well prepared to aid those who may need his professional services. WM. B. R < ?L'ZIK, Elder ot the Methodist Conference. .. Wilmington, N. C., June *7, 1354. Mr. J. Tobias?Utar Sir : I am happy to say that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from you last week are er.tirrl) satisfactory. From ax inequality in the visual range of iny eyes.l have heretofore found treat difficulty in mtting glasses of the proper focal dis tances. It atfmds me pleasure to state, that by tho aid of your optometer this difficulty has beeohappily obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished nie are deoidedly tho best adapted to niy eyes of any 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfully yours, R. B. DRANP,. Rector of St. James' Parish. Having been induced by a friend to visit the estab lishment ?f Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try ing his classes I was furnished with a pair slightly colored blue, whice have afforded me more relief and gratifi cation than any I have ever tried. My sight, origin all* very good, was injured by writing and reading at night, frequently to a very late hour: but with the aid of these glasses I can study almost as late ss ever, and that too without the pain 1 have previous ly suflered. JOHN WILSON. Late Cominissioaeor Geu'l Laud Office. Dec. 11,l!i55. 1 have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleasure in saying that I am much pleased with them. I have been muoh benefited by them. UEO. 1*. SOAR BURGH. May 5th, M58. I was reoornmended to Mr. John Tobias as a skilful optician ; and as I have eves of rutnarkal>le peouliari ly? ? gratified to hmf tljfit Air. T<?l/;Ab sotiiutd to comprehend them l?y iri>[????;?i<>ri and eonie slight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Specta cle" that suits me admiral.:). A. P. BUTLER. July 11, 1856. ? . . Washington, Aug. I, iiw>. Having been for vear* nndor the necessity of hav two sets of glasses?one for use in daylight, and one lor lamp-luiit?I proeured one set from Mr. Tobias which answered both purposes. 1 have used his for several months, and liud them exocl'ent. EDWARD STUBBS, Of Departmopt of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectacles you furnished me Tester.lay aro par! icularly satisfactory to me. Th-y are very decidedly the best I possess, an?t 1 ?m tne owner of eight or nine pairs, carofully selected ini different places and from opticians rec ommended to me on acconnt of their professional standing i? I ranee, Hug land, and the United States. I have heeu.iiso pleased with your remarks and di reetions on the treatment of the e*es, for the pur pose of preserving and improving the sight Respeotlully yours, CHS. CALDWELL. Professor orM. C., Louisville, Ky. Brookltm Ortiiopahdic Institution, April, 1854. After most careful examination ot Mr. J. Tobias's Masse*. I am enabled to testify that their hardness, c.earuess, p< halting. and exact optical shape render them particu.arly reoommondahle to those whose inereiy optical impairment of the eyes are in want of snch auxiliaries. 1 oonsider, moreover, Mr. To!?ms fully qun.ified to determine the focus?d the e)e,t>oth by hia optical knowledge and expenenoe, and l>y mean* of his optometer. In addition, I can further str.te th?t Mr. I'obiiH has supplied aoine of my pa tients with Glasses, to their and my satisfaction LEWIS BAUER. M. D.. Physician and Surgeon, Berlin: Member of Hie Ho?a. College of Surgeons, England; Momlter ? t the Medical Society of London, and of tne 1'athologioa! Society of New York; late Sur geon ef the Royal Orthopaedio Institution of Manchester. Lng and, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. , At_ NoRror.g, Va., July 77,1854. In the experience of even two years, I have found great difficulty in obfainineSpectacles that wore ex actly adapted to the weakness nf my sight. This in convenience Mr. Tobias seems to have removed for the present by the substitution for me of better and more suitable Glass**. They are olear, ehrystal-like and eomfortnb'e to m> eye*. | would commend him to tho*e who from age or other infirmity require ar tificial aid ii this wsy. J.J. SIMKlNS, M. D. Wilmington. N. C., June !?, 1x54. To persons who Lsavo had the sight oftheireyes so impaired as to require the iis? ef Glasses. J would rceommcni Mr. John Tobias as a suitable person from whom to obtain such Glasses as thev may re ?|uire. as he has suited me with a pair of Spectacles or a far and near sunt. My sight ban been impaired very much by a service of years in the Pott Office Department, which berth required me to be on duty from 11 o'clock ft night till after day, during which time 1 used but one light. W. A. WALKER. Uktarthest or Intkrior. May 8, 18.*?. I- rom natural dafects and the unequal range of my e> es, I have been compelled to use glasnes for seve ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my esca. Four months since Mr. Tobias iruide two pairs especially for ine. which I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer lie is enabled to adspt glasnes most minutely to the eve. I most oheorful ly recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasKes, and bear mj testimony as to his skill aa an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, se 25 Ass't Sec'y to xign I,and Warrants. PROPOSALS FOR SUPPLIES. C^t AR rnK.y ?stkr's OrrtCR Marine Corps./ Washington, October 10.1897. V Sealed Proposals will lx> received at thisoffice un til 3 o'clock, p. in., on Fr day. the 13th Noveml?er, ? PA", for siipplvin*; the Marine Corps with the fol ow ing atficle* during the fiscal year ending juth Juuo, law, viz: 5?m to nAO uniform capM, oomplet*. l,'r'' to 2.'1"* marine pompoons. 1,f? 0 to**) patent leather sfocki. *si to 8**) privates' uniform e<>ets, complete, of navy blue cloth, indigo dye?to b? chemically tested. 9) to 1<*? aergesnts' uniform coata, (same aa above.) 30 to 10<? musicians' ooats.scarlet cloth,oochineal d*e?to bfl chemically teste*!. 110 lo ^onpairAnon commissioned cffioera' epau lettes. 5"n to s''*! pairs br.?ss centre atrapa. ao to Si red worsted sashea. toS.e(Ki paira linen overalls. 1 ,<?*> to linen shirts. 2.^0 to 3,iinn pairs brogans. Nos. 5 to 11. 5"" to 3i*) marine blankets, (gray.) V?> to 3f> knapsacks. 2.*1" to3,nne pmrs woollen sooks. 500 to 800 rn-Tine fatiguo eaps. the cloth tohoaavv r Nue,indigo dye,and ohemically toetetf. .V*)to 8?0 fatigue frocks. I .coo to 1 ,V>e fl.mnM shirts vif to I.'** wt.oiien overaila, blue keraov. V? ?o \,'*?) woollen jacket a, do. SW to y)n watch or great coats, do! .y>o io I,eon pairs Cau'on flannel drawls. S3 to 60 musiciana' jaeket*. scarlet cloth, coolii . dye?to he chemically tested. I ,oro to ?.ono yards 6 t sky - hi ue kersey 1,'ion to 2,000 yards navy-blue oloth, to be chemically teated. 300 yards soarlet cloth, ooohineal dye, to )>e chemi cally tested. Samplea of the alx*ve articles may be seen on appli cation at this office, or at the office of the assistant q tiai t?r master marine corps, Spruce street. Phil adelphia. It is to b* iinders?oo<i that the accepted bidder la to take all material used for manufacturing coats,, sc., on hand at the time of entering into ooutract. at the contract prices thereof. Hids will be received fer the whole or in parts for theartieles required.and it must beexplicitly under stood that a ci iticaI inspeution will he given all arti o!e? furnished as to (it and quality, asd that articles which do not come up to the sample will be rejected and thrown upon the hands of the contractor The quartermss'er reserves tohimseif the right to increase or diminish the quantity named afiove, as the exigeaciea or intereata of the serviee may de mand. Proposals te be addressed te the " Quartermaster ef the Marine Corps," Washington, D. C., and en dorsed *? Proposals for Supplies." oe l2-eot:3thNov J>ROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR 1**. CJrABTRBMABTKK's Or rir r Marin* Corps,/ Washinotom. Octol?er 10. 18.T7. \ ^epsrate Sealed Proposals will fm received nt this ofT;e? until Tuesday, tne l?th of November next, at 3 fi'cloek p. in , for furnishing rationa to the United States marine eorps, at the following stations, for the year lk*, viz : Charleatown, Ma>sfteliiiaetts ; Port ?mouth. New llsmpshire: Brooklyn. Island. New \ ork; I'lnbdelpiua. I'ennsvlvsiiia: (loitiofl, near Norfolk, Virginia; ?\ arrington, Florida ; ami \\ aaliiugtoii. District o| Columbia. Fach ration to consist of one pound and a quarter ot fresh !>? ef. or three-iiuarleis ol a pound of mess pork ; eighteen ounces or bread, made of best ?u perhne flour, or l<e?t superhne flour at the option of the government; luid at the rate of six pounds of g.iod colJ?*e, twelve pounds or best New Orleans sugar, eight quarts ol best white l>*ans, four quarts of vinegar, two quarts of salt, four pounds of gi?od liard brown swap, and one and a halt pound of good hard dipped tallow candles to one hundred rations. The l?eef required shall he delivered on the order of the commanding officer of eaali etatioiatepither in bulk or b> the single ration, and shall consist of the l??st and most choice piecea of the enreiss ; the p >ik to lie No I prune mess pork, and the groceries lo he of the best quality of kiada named. All aubjeot to inspection. ... . . , No b.d will he entertained unless accompanied by the nemesof two sureties known to this office, or certified to by some official person. To be endorsed " Proposals for K at ions for l?.W." and a?lJres8?d to the Oij'.rteriii.-iStcr of (he Marine Corps. Washing t n, O. C. D. J.SUTHERLAND, oe Hi eotXovin C/uartermaster. PF.A Nirrs. 80 bushala PEA NUTS for tale by . ? JONAS P.X.FVY, ?? 9 tf 164 12th street, oorner of B j&Mlhuwus. 58: By T|IE PRE?\^^t' THE UNITED aent of the United States of Amenoa, do here fry de olftre and mike known that pub] 10 sales will be held at the undermentioned land oftooa in the Slate of California,at the periods hereinafter designated. to Wit i At the land office at Lot Axokloi, commencing on Monday, the tenth da* *r May HfTt Tor the dia poaal of the publio lauds within the foliarin* named townships, via: ? South of the ban line and tvest of th* San Ber nardino meridian. Leonora one to twelve, inclusive; the north half or seotion thirteen: the north hair and the eouthweet quarter of aeotion fourteen: aeotiona fifteen to twen ty-one, ino.'uaive; the north halfof section twenty two; the north went quarter of seoUou tweuty-three: aection twenty-five; the aouth liajf of sectioa t wen - ty-aix; the southeast quarter of aeotion twenty ?even: aootiona twenty -nine to thirty-two, inclu sive: the ??uth half of aeotion thirty-three: tne northern quarter and the aoath half of aeotion thir ty-four; and aeotion thirty-five, of township three; aeotiona three to nine, moluaive; the north half end the aouthweat quarter of aeotion ten: the southeast quarter and the northweet quarter ofaection eleven: the northeaat quarter and the aouth half of sectioa twelve; aection thirteen; the east half of aection fourteen; aeotiona aeventeea to twenty-fonr, inelu eive; the north half or aeotion twenty five; and sco tiona twenty-aix to thirty-five, inclusive, of toten sh\>pfour, of range three. Township three, of range four. Sectiona one to twenty-lour, inclusive: the north half of aeotion twenty-five; and aeotiona twenty-six to thirty, inclusive,of township one; and aeotiona one to twenty-aeven, inoluaive, of townsh ip three. or range Jive. Sections one. two, ahd three; the eaat half of aeo tion four; the eaat half and the aouthweat quarter of aeotion nine: aeotiona ten to fifteen, meluaive; the southeast quarter of aection twenty; aeotiona twen ty-one to twenty eight, inclusive; the east half and the aouthweat quarter of aection twenty-nine; the aouth half of aection thirty: aeotiona thirty-one to thirty-four, incluaive: and the north weat quarter of aeotion thirty-five, or township one, of range six. North of the base hne and wegt of the San Ber nardino meridian. Sections one to seventeen, inoluaive; the north hair of aection eighteen; the aouth hnlf of section nineteen; sections twenty to twenty three, inclu sive; the northwest quarter or aection twenty-ft.ur; the northweat quarter of aeotion twenty-six: aeo tiona twenty-aeven to thirty, incluaive; the eaat half of aeotion thirty-two; the north hall of the northeast quarter and the. northweat quarter of aeo tion tbnty three, of township three, townships four, and hve; aectiona one to eight, inclusive; the north half of aeotion nine; auctions ten tn*hirtcen, inoluaive; the wist half of section lugrtoen; the west hall or auction aeventeen; aeotiona eighteen and nineteen: .the weit hallofaeotiontwenty:the south wast quarter or aection twenty ene; anil sections twen y-two to thirty-five, inclusive, of township sir, and townsh ip .seven. of rang' four. Sectiona one to fifteen, inclusive: the oast hair or aeotion aeventeen; the eaat half of aeotion twenty; aeotiona twenty-one to twenty-seven, inclusive; the north hair or aection tweuty-eisht; the northeast quarter of taction twenty nine; the northeaat quar ter of aection thirty-four; and the northweat quar ter of aection thirty-five, of township three, and townships four, Six, and seven, of range fire. Sections one and two; the north half of aeotion three; I he north hall or aeotioa four: the northeast uuarter of aection five; the weat hair?r acetiou aix; the north hair, the southeast quarter, and the north half of the aouthweat quarter of aeetion aeven; the west half of the northweat quarter and the aouth hair or section eight; the northeaat quarter or aec tion eleven; aection twelve; the northeast quarter and the east hair or the aoutheaat quarter of aeotion aeventeen: the eaat half of the northeaat quarter and the southeast quarter of section twenty; the west half of the northwest quarter and the south weat quarter or aeotion twenty-one; the aout hweat quarter of aection twenty-aix; and the northeast quarter ofaection thirty-five, of township thru and township* four and .Ave, of range sir. Sect ;ona one to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of awe"ion nineteen; aeotiona twenty to twenty-hi e, inclusive; the northeast quarter of section twenty - aix; the northweat quarter of sect ion t won ty - seven; and the northeast qi.aiter ef scction twentv-eicht, or town s h ip four and tmms hip fire, of range se.ret,, Soot ion* one to si*, niciuaive; the northweat quar ter or section aeven; the northeast quarter or section nine; the north half of aection ten; aeotiona eleven, twelve, find thirteen; the northeast quarter of aeo tion fourteen: and the northeast quarter ofaection twenty-three, o( town sA ty four, and township Jive, of range eight. The northvreat quarter ofaection three; scction* Tour, five, and six; the north half of aection aeven; sections oight and nine; and the northeestqiiarter of ?eci ion aeventeen, of township four; and town.*/11 p.s hve and six, of range nine. Sections one and two; the northeast quarter of aection three; the weat half of section e.even; the northeast quarter of section twelve; kection four teen: and the southeast quarter of section fifteen, of township four; sections one te twenty-eignt, inclu sive; the nort hoast quarter of section twenty-nine: the northeast quarter of section thirty-three; anu section* thirty-four and thirty-five, of township five; and township six, of range tin. Sections one 'oeiifhtecn, inclusive; the northwest quartor of section nineteen; the northeast quarter of section twenty-one; the northwost quarter of aeo tion twenty-two; and the northeaat quarter of sec tion twen! >-four, ?/ township Jive; and township Six,of range eleven. Sections one, two. and three; tlio northeast quar ter or scction ten; sections eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen; the i-oiitheant quirter of section fif teen; tho southwest quarter of section eithteen; section nineteen; the southwest quarttr of section twenty; the east half of section twenty-two; the northwest quarter of section twen'y three;aeotiona twenty ee\ en to thirty three, inclusive; and the north ha If of section thirty-four, of township Jive; and townships sir and seven,vf rang' twelve. Seotioa one; the northeaat quarter of section two; the aoutheaat quarter of section ten; the south half of aeotion eleven; aection twelve; the ea^t half of section thirteen: the northwest quarter of section fourteen; and the north hair or section fifteen, of township four; the aouthwepi quarter of section seven; the south hall or section eight; the southwest quarter of seotion nine- the west half of section fif teen; the north half of aeetion seventeen; section eighteen; the northeast quarter of aection twenty - two; and sections twenty-three, twenty-four, twen ty-hve, tweitly-kix. and thirty five, of town-hip five: scot ions one to seventeen, inclusive; the north hnIr of suction eighteen; the northeast quarter i>r section twenty; sent tone twenty-one to twenty-five, inoluaive; tho northeast quarter or section twenty six. or township six; and township aeven, of range thirteen. Section thirteen; the southeast quarter or section fourteen; the southeast quarter of section twenty two; the east hall and the southwest quarter or sec tion twenty-three; the northwest quarter orseotion twenty-Tonr; the north half of section twenty six and the eaM hat for section twenty seven, or fovn ship fire; sect ions one, two, and three; the north eaat quarter and the north half of the northweat quarter of scution four; the iiorMiPfint quarter of section eleven; section twelve; and the m>rih halfor section thirteen,of township six. sections one to eighteen, inclusive; the north half or section nine teen; the north hi.If of section twenty; sections twenty one to twenty-eight, inclusive; the south hair of aection twenty-nine; the southeast quarter or section thirty; the noith half ol the northeast quarter or section thirt> -one; the northeast quarter and the north hnlf or the northwest quarter of sec tion thirty two; and sectiona thirty three, thirty four, and thirty -five, of township seven, of range fourteen. At the land office at San Fit*acjeco,commencing on Monday, the third day of May next, for the disposal of the publio lauds within the following named townships, viz : North oj the base line and east of the Mount Diablo meridian. r ractional township three, of range one, North of the base line and west of the. Mount I*iahlo meridian, F raofional townsh ip* four and ftve, of range one. South of the base tin* and east of the Mount Jtiablo met idian. Seotions one to eighteen, and twenty-two to ?Tie^ * lno,u?,ve? "f l?w**hip ten, of range Township ten; and aeotiona one to six. incluaive; eight to fifteen, inc usive; and twenty-two to twen "f township eleven, ?f range en. lownaiiipa ten and eleven; sections one to six, inclusive; eight to fifteen, inoluaive: twenty one to twenty-eight, inclusive; and thirty four and thirty - hve, or township twit e; aeotiona ono, two, three, and aine to fifteen, inoius vc; and twenty-two to twentj sevea, inclusive, of township thirteen, of range eleven. ' Fractional township ten; townships eleven, twelve, and thirteen; sections one to five, iiolusi ve euht to seventeen, incluaive; twenty to twenty nine, inoluaive; and thirty-thieo, thirty four, and thirty five, of township fourteen; eeotn>na one to four, inclusive; ten to thirteen, inclusive; and twen ty -rour and twenty five, of township fifteen, of range twelve. Fraot.onsl township eleven; townships twelve, Ihirtem, fourteen, and township fifteen, except section thirty one; and sections one, two, and twelve, of township sixteen,of range thirteen. townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and hf teen; sections one to seventeen, inclusive; twsiity one to twenty seven, inclusive; and thirty four and thirty five, or township sixteen, or range fourteen. I ownships thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and six teen; tho south hair of seotion four; the south half or sect ion five; sections seven, euht, and nine; the west hair of section ten; and sections thirteen to thirty - hve, inclusive, of township twenty, of range Fractional township.ii>/efn, and township twen ty, or range sixteen. Fractional township sixteen: and townships ?ar enteen. eighteen, aineteen, and tweaty.or range seventeen. ' F ractional townships seventeen nnieighteen sad townships nineteen and twenty, of range eighteen r rictlonal townships eighteen, nineteen, aad twenty,nf range nineteen. At the land office at M**Tam.i.r,eomtyieneing on M on lay, th? g* centre nth day of May ne:rt. for 11, o disposal or the ptiblio lauds withiu the followms namrd townships, viz: North of the base line and east nf the Mount Diablo meridian. Fractional township four; township five; frac tional townships twelve, thin,en, and f-mrt,*n towiulups seventeen and eighteen, of range Fractional townships twelve, thirteen, and four teen; and townships seventeen, eighteen, and nine teen, of range two. North of the base line and west af the Mount Diablo meridian. Townships eleven and twelve, and fraetioual township thirteen of range one. Townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fif teen, or range two. Townships fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen; frac tional townships seventeen, eighteen, and nine teen; and townships twenty and tweuty one, ot range three. ' Soe'iwne one, two, three, ami ten to fourteen, in clusive; the east half of section fifteen: the east half of aeetion twenty-two; aeotiona twenty-three to twenth-eix, inclusive; and aeetion thirty hve. ??r ikPUr*TJ"ni eeotions o?e, two and three; the cast halfof section four; the east halfof ssstiorl nioo; sections ten to fifteea,inclusive; the east half"

of section twenty-one; eeotions twenty-two to tw?nty-seven, inoluaive; the northeast quarter of I:* "? ,wen'f ??ght; and sections thirty four and thirty five, of tnwnnhip fifteen; sections one to four twent*V*i?h?'* fifteen, inoluaive; twenty-one to twenty eight, inclusive; and tlnrty-threo ihnu four and thirty five. of UnVi g.ile.n ?Jctio^ weVt^nVrTU; ,h^"orth hairand the south west quarter or seotion eight; sections nine to fif toen, inolusive; the west half'of section seventeeii; sections eight eon and nineteen; the north weet quar ,k^s arwa? thirty; MOUOU tturty-thrM, thirty-four, and tbirty-i??.of townahif Motions one te uinetMn. ibo1?mt?; the vtit half of Motion twenty; the M4t hair of Motion twenty-one; aeotiona twen ty-two to twwty-fevh?, inclusive the Nit hall of MoboD twenty-eifht; the WMt half of Motion twea .ty -nine; sections thirty and thirty-one; the west Tialfof section thirty-two; the east half of section thirty three: and sections thirty fbor and thirty five, of township tighteen; and townshiptniaeUta, twent*. and twenty-oae. of ranae/onr. . Sections one, two, three, and ten to fifteen, inoiu aive; the northeast quarter of eeotioa twenty two; aeotioua twenty three to twenty-six, inc.usive; the southeast quarter of Motion thirty-four; and aeo tion thirty -five, of township $even.uen; sections one, two, and three; the southeast quarter of sec tion nine; sections ten to fifteen, inolusive; the northeast quarter of seotion twenty-one; sect ions twenty -two to tweuty -seven, melusi ve; and aectiuns thirty-four and thirty-five, of township tighteen; sections one, two, and three; the northeast uuarter of section four; sections ten to fifteen, inclusive; sections twenty-two to twenty-seven, inclusive; and sections thirty-four aad thirty-five, ortownship mi Httttn; and townships tvenlv and tier nty-oiie.ef range Ave. _ , , . Lands appropriated by law for the nse of schools, military, and other purposes, together with those "swamp and overflowed lands, made thereby unnt for cultivation." if any. granted to the State by the aot entitled "An not to enable the State ol Arkansas and other State* to reolaimthe swamp lands within their limits," approved September S, 183#, will be . iNo "mineral lands" or traotsoontaining mineral deposits are to be offered at the public sales, such nnntral land- bring expressly txcepHd and ex tluded from sale or other disposal by the require ments of the act of Congress approved 3d faaroh, 18.V1. entitled "An act to provide for the survey of the public lands in California, the granting of pre emption right* therein, ar.d for other purpose*.' T he ottering of the above land* will be commenced on the days appointed, and will pri?oeed in the order in which the> are advertised, until the whole shall have hern ottered, and the Bale* thus closed; but no sale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, awl no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this sixteenth day of September, anno Domini one tnou.-uJ .,?? hundred and ^VSuCHANAN. By the President: Thos. A. Hendricks, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. livery person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships aliove enumerated is required to estab lish the siine tothe satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the proper land office, and make pay ment therefor as soon as prartirable a/.er seeint this notiee, and before the day appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the lands em bracing the tract claimed: otherwise such claim will he forfeit ml. TH^iS. A. H KNUR ICRS. Commissioner of the General l^and Office, ae 18-law3m PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING THE PA PF.ll FOR THE PUBLIC PRINTING. OrncK ScrEni^TKXDa^T or Pmlic Printing,* Wasiiisrton. October 1st, 1&57. S In pursuance of the provisions ol the "Act to pro Tide fur executing the publio printing," .Va , ap preved August W. 1852, sealed propoaala will I* received at this office, in the Capitol, until the first Monday (1th day) of December next, at It o'olock m., for furnishing the paper that may be required for the public printirg fer the year ending on the let day of I ?sc?iinber. 1F.S8. The suborned list specifies,as nearly as can be as certained, the quantity, quality, and description of each kind of paper the twill be required. Crass I. in.OfO reams fine printing paper, urcalendered,to measure 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh forty-five pounds to the ream of 48' sheets. Class II. 4.of,o reams fine printing paper, calendered, to measure 24 bv 38 inches, and to weigh fifty-sii pounds to the ream o| 430 sheets. Class HI. 5,noo reams anperhno sired nod calendered printing paper, to niesauie J4 hy .13 inches, and to weigh fifty two pounds to the rcain of 480*hoels. Class IV. 3*o reams superfine hard-sized and calendered printing paper, to measure 24 by 32 incl.ea, and to weigh forty eight pounds tothe ream ot 480sheets. Class V. l.oon reams superfine sized and calendered map pa per. of such sizes a* may be required, corre? ponding in weight with paper measuring 1!? by 41 indies, and weighing twenty pounds per ream of 480 alieets. Class VI. jno rentna piiperfir.e plate papor, (calendered or un cnlei'dtred, as may be required.M9 by 24 inches, and of such weight per ream as inay be required. The lihreof tne paper of each of the above clas ses to be of linen and cotton, free from all adultera tion with mineralorolliersubstances.ofn fair white ness, and put up in uuires of twenty-four sheets each, and 111 bunoles of two reams each, each ream to contain 4?i perfect sheets. Uniformity 111 oolor, thickness rind weight will be required ; and no bun dle (exclusive of wrappers) vaiying over or under five per cent, from the standard weight will be re ceived, and the gro*s weight will, in all cases, be re^ quired. Mixing of variousthioknosses in the same bundle to make up the weight will l>e oonaideied a violation of the oontract. Class VII. No 1?'reams quaito post writing paper; No.2?2,1**' ream* flatcap writing paper: N'o. S? ^ reams deini writing paper; Ne. 4?2/** reams foho post writing paper; N?.5? 300 re ms medium writing paper; No. R? 50 reams royal writing paper; No. 7? 30 roams super-royal writing paper; No. R? reams imperial writing paper; So. 9? 100 reams colorod inedinin (assorted.) Class VIII. No. 1?6,onft reams writing paper, 19l?y 26 inches, to weigii twenty-eight pounds per ream. N'o.2?1,>? reams writing paper. 19 by 2fi inches, to weigh twenty -tree pounds per ream. >o. 3.? 3,100 reams writing pa per, 18 by 25 inches, to weigh twenty-six pounds per ream. N<?. 4.?!<*' reams writing paper, 18 by 22inches, to weigh twenty-lour pounds per ream. No. 5.?IM" reams writing r^per, 13 by 18 uiehes. to weigh twenty two pounds per ream. No. ?>? 4"0 reams writing paper, 12 by 18 mohes, to weuli twelve pounds per rsam. A ll the paper designated in classes 7 and I are to be of the li!?st materials. free from adulteration, and finished in the Iwst manner. The papers in class 7 are ti> t>e white or blue, of the regular standard sizes of the respective kinds,and of such weights as may tie required bv this office; those in class 8 are to bo white, and of the sizes and weight spcuihed 111 the schedule. The right is reserved of ordering a greater or less quantity of each and every kino contracted far at such timer and in such quantities as the public ser vice may require. Fnch class will be considered separate!*, and lie subject to a separate contract: but bidder* n?ay offer for one or more ot the classes in 'he same propo-a!: and the privilege is reserved of requiring a bidder who may have more than ?i.o clasa assigned turn to take all such classes, or forfeit his right to any olass Samples (not less than one quire) of each' kind of paper bid for. and but one sample in rarh ktnd, must accompany e?:nh bid ; and 111 classes 7 snd H, be numbered to correspond with the number of the pa per proposed for in that schedule ; sud. 111 the first six Classes, to be properly designated on the sample, or it wi I not be considered. AII proposals ai.d sam ples must bo transmitted to this office fiee of post age or other expense. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making it, and must specify the price per pound laud but one priew f..r each) of every kind of pa per contained in the elas*? proposed for. All the paper 111 the several olasscs must he deliv ered at auoh place or pi ices a* ina* bo designated in W ashington City, in gtunl order, freo ef au and ev? ry extra charge or expens#, and subject to the in spection, count, woight and measuroment of the S11 periuteadcnt, and t>e in in all respects satisfac tory. Hlank forms for proposals will be furnishedar this r ffiee to persons apply ing for tbein : and none will be taken into consideration unless substantially agree ing therewith. Bonds, with approved aecurities. will l>e required; and the supplying ef au inferior article in any of the ?'ns*es, or a failure to supply the quantity reqmrod at any time will be considered a violation ofthe oon tract. Each bidder is required to furnish with his proposals satisfactory c\ idenee of his ability to exerote t hein: ar.d proposals unauoompanied by such evidence will i>e r>-jeoto'i. The proposals will be opened in th? manner re auiredby law "on the firs Tuesday after the first Monday in neeember" next, 8th.) at in o'clock a, m. at the office of t he 5upermtendenl. Proposals will besddressed '? the " *unoripte!id ent of the Publio Printing, Capitol of the f nited States, Washingtou," and endorsed " ProposaJs for Supplying Paper." A. <?. SKA MA N, Superintendent of Public Printing, ee 1-2awt|)e?l Proposal* fob marine BA B RACKS AT PKMlAC^LA. FLORIDA. Natt Dkpartmkxt. Washington.Sept.21.1897. Healed l'ropoials. endorsed "I'ropossis for build mg Marine Barrack* at I'ensaoola. Florida." will he reeeivod at tins doiiartment until thenthilayof I\ovemlisr, ia*>7. at 3 o alook p. m., for the const rue tioneftho Marino Barracks authorigetf to be erected at Pensaeela, Florida, according to the plan* and specifications prepared by I he direction ofthe Navy Department, copies of winch may be seen at the offices of the oommsad&nts of the Navy Vnrdsat Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Boston. New York, Philadelphia, Norfolk, aad Peasacota, and at the Navy Department. The proposals must be for furaishiag all the mate rials asd completing the work in a manner satisfac tory to the person who msv l>c appointed by the Nav? Department to auperintend the same; and the De partment reserves the right to reiect or aocept any of the proposaJs herein invited, wnen it deems the 111 tereot of the I'mted States requires it. Ninety per oeut. of the amount of work done and the materials delivered will l?e paid for from tune to time, a* the work progresses. 11 pvn estimates inade and certified to by tne xuperintendent on the part of the United States, and ton per cent, retained until the completion of the con tree* and aoceptance ofthe woik h> the said superintendent and department, anil he forfeited in tho event ol non-fuifilmeut ofthe contract: provided that no bill shall bo mane for an amount less than five thousand dollars. Koch proposal must be accompanied bv a written guarantee, signed by two responsible persons, (cer tified to be so by a navy agent, postmaster, district judge, or some other officer of the United States.) in the sum of five thousand dollars that the bidder will, when required, if his oroposat be accented, enter in to a contract and bond with proper aad sufficient se en' itv for its faithful pcrformatiee. Bidders are invited to examine tho plans and ?posifioations at the offices herein before mentioned. The proposals must I* sealed and addressed to this department, aad plainlv endorsed ?* Proposals for building Marine Barracks at I'entaoola, Flori a?." The bidder oaly whose offer mat heaecopted will tie notified, and the contract will be forwarded as sons thereafter as practicable, which he will be re quired to execute within ten daya after its receipt at the post office named t>y him. All the above work ra to be completed in all re spect* aceor<Ung to (he pla.ia and apecifiontmu* within twelve months from ami after the date of the contract. ISAAC TOIJCEY. se24 2awtfit h Nov Secretary of the Navy. Ci RE EN (ilNGER-fiR EF.N GINGER - I GREEN GINGER rece.ved 'and for eaje fi* If I vn ? DirOniiVii ? 9 ?riat?I:f'lUwa ior wu Q RANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD Leavea Washington at 8 o'olook a. m. " Washington at 7 o'oioak p m. For lynchburg and"the SOUTHWEST. Washington at 6 o'olook a. 'm.. arrive ia Li NCHIlL'KU next morning at 4a. m., connecting with the train* on the Virginia and Tenneaaee FiuJ Road for MEMPHIS. Mail Stagee from Char ottesville to Lynchburg a diatanoe of? mile*. r arc from \\ aalwngton to Ly nohburg, #7.75. Tkeateamer GbliKuFPAGK, foot of Seventh atreet, being owned by the Railroad Company, runa inoonneotjon with the traina. iPfrA ? '?T '-ynohburg procured oc the Boat. nlST irVL *??eBiPd Waaona will beat tb? Depot of the\\ aahington Railroad, to oon rey pa* 5?,/'1*^ h*?H? to th* Steamboat, for Alexan for meaia ?? ,lx ??!?a, alkowing ample time . i . . _ , JAMES A.EVANS. Agent, Alexandria, July, 18J7. irs-tf WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. ~ TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: From \V ASH1NGTON at 6 a. m.. oor.nectiag at R*'M With trains for the We?t, Mid at Baltimore with tboae for Philadelphia and New York; at 8.SP a.,m lor AanaaoUa, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and - w > ork ; at3p. m. for Baltimore and Norfolk ani^oRoei?IJr,,? Frederick tram. K 5*SS ?t ??*? f ? m. at Relay for the Weat, "ew York"0* Baltimore, Philadelphia, aad On Sunday at 7 a. m., and 4 JO p. m. *KTnZ%AhVx^JkAfSr Washington at ?.is and 9.1.5 a. m., 3 and 5.15 a. m. On Sunday at 4.15 a. m. and5.15 p. In. Je u tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent. STSkTOl eforge page. jt?T I J10UXS OF 1) FrAhTU J\EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR all parts or the west. Baltimore and ohio railroad. i ten a ion and improvement of it* lead ing[connecting, Iinea at the \\ e*t required an en b. Vh.^h'h," !>f the r,,nnln,r wranteroenla oft hi* road ! " ^iy important advantages to the trav ? MONDAY. June ?'iiS7VirHfll"<|,',DA,l'V TRAINS will be run ia both direction a for UirourU rat*ei.*er?. r F'rf-T,"? ACCOMMODatION TRAINatarU S?Sha?(!ei1 Station, Baltimore,at 7 A.M..(except I erft ?t\ *a' ?t*t,on* arrivea at Cum ceD?Sd",ar?'^\M^,L TRA,N ?t9rt" <Sunday ex cepted )at 8 30 A. M., and arrive* at Wheeling at 4 85 trim?V.?JT" ?r "t Kenwood with Central Ohio Isvi 7? 7m??fC,nc"'"'lt 1 ? ludianapoh*. Lou ?? t>hi<wgo,St. Louis. Ac., and at name rlaoe Cie vehTnrf'll 'ra 1 ^v'^?* *>?troit. Ao.. by ne'ta Rosd^' '* ? at Farkershurg with foV E X IM?F?s T R ai*,V>Uk", ""d CINCINN ATI nAi | KAIiN If^veidailr at Mrt P M r*m necting at Benwoodat?A. M.with expreaa traina r?. ?,e^, t(l Cincinnati, tu?ulio*t tknrt, 0f h f and reachii<k there m l?ut 25 hours from Ba,timore and 3B hour* from WaahiBR at OraHon Kdo''ctJy* Ln ,H'th di recti one, niadL forn?r.u?J?irB Farkersburt and MarietU roads lor Chillfoothf. Cincinnati, ere. The*e train* C. . i fr" r '"dianaroliB, Chioa*o and St, l.ouia, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio ^nd Expreaa for Loniavilla. Cairo and St. I Ralf.morT"^! t<;,S,-.I'?uls than 42honrafrom Baittmiire. B? this train the time to all the central ' Thl rfVSri"Prn r , ,n the Wcst '? n.uch \iL. w l hi ?hnr?-"7 !r ,n? '"'i"" "'">r,<,r than l.y j the shortest of other route*. Krom the West these connections are equruiy elosa ^nd satiafactorv sr rivina at Baltimore at 3,?. A. M. tau8iaolorJr? M lily checked thn-ugh to all point*. THROUGH TICKETS *<>rU at lowest ratea at Camden Station and at Wa^hKucton. I). C. I assencers from Ba'timore of Waahinrton mat ??#ie the snttre real by daylight, by takinc nu.rn in* traina, and lyina over at Cumberland or Oak J"n", and resuinu.p next niomjna l.y Whrehna Ac Oaklwd at WJ0.rain' loavjn* Cumberland at 3 and Th.r WAY PASSENGERS. _ 11 nmnorland Accommodation Tram at 7 A M ^ heefir^'yfiv. 1* M8tdumber and. andtbe ri,njSirV.?^ '.^Wlon at aU Srat!<in* l^?ot,d (uniberland *<>irc \\ eat. Eaatwardly, the Mail Tj?'"yV heeline a? ?.*' A. M..and Aconmmo ??5?S rw,ohin? ??'tunore ? IN thk NORTHWKSTFRN VIRdvit Blv ANCH. between GralVn and Parkerabnrr, way fKTiSri'aaTwird!?!' the^Pr'M weatwardly and ? F""i?>KRlCK TRAIN atarts at 4 P. M. "PPiii* a. way stations. Leaves Frederick at9 1^ ti "i?ir,iVi'/V5 SiJl" t,mor? I? n?N>n. AM M'lLtRAIN learns at 5.4* a. ??>- ?' for Washington and thf soi th A M'sandsVVp'M^ <Y"2ih"15,on ftt' <-'^nd 9At and's/lsV.'NLonly". 4.15 A. M.. M^and SindsjUPlP'ffi at *nd 8jn a 4^ P M otk Sundaya at 7 A. M.. and I lie first and fourth trains from Baltimore and th# tra,n.s /r<>,n fi&SSSS ^Sii s ripren mail train*, vtoppinr on!* at Wiuinnitnn J?not.?ma?i AHnapolis junotion. a,,'| Sr15 1 r"^oni Baltimore and tlie P.3r train* fro.H" ",,JU?u,n ??>r.ect with tlie T or hck^ts.ii^.r,nation, fare, Ac., apply to J. T. St,, :.nAND' ?":lt' Vl.l'r Ticket -ffic^ Canider J* ?-tf M,., r\ .M S. U OODSIDE. ' Master of I ransnortation. Baltimore. 'J'HE PACIFIC MAIL steamship com * iw Y ? One of the Stt^mshipr of th<S Potrnsnw Mrniii. l"ananoi t i' ' K KGON . leave* L i ?. ?""? ,n"n"1- on the arri ^SfclWlftb ?r? ?k ?! i""0 States Mail S. S.Company sateant era. which leave \cw Orleanaand N, w York reVj i r?y j'h and ^>1 h of eaoto mouth with the nmil* roaos!lieer" 0v",nfc,1"? v;tt Panama rail-* nr/.vh^i??".,|!%,v*h,p"..h*va mapected and ap ' 0#l*rt,n?0t,andKuaranty spiii sll>,l"a'T,n Railroad <47 miiea lonic>ia now oom pleteil frwn oo<>a2i to ooean. and is orosond in S>?r 4 Iiours The IwiKKaco :?/ t>r.HnrnK*ra is checked in New emlirkrd?"tKlCi',Vfcr / ran,oi"v'-,,,d pa-senter. are VL ?'M?'??r at the c<*(iipiuiT'a e^Xof'th" Mp0' paMl Naw V,,rk -?ver. all Reacrvestenmcis are k^pt in port in Panama and ?n,h rX,.V'H.CV;pr*v"nr detention in ?i"e o?aoc, dent, a?? tliat the route la entirely reliable no fkil ure having occurrwl in eight yoara fiSKus&isr*"?the ,a,ne day ConducT.-ra to through by each ateamer, and take to**r" w,,n,fn,lnd oniWren without other proteo .For through tick eta at the loweat ratea apnl*?t the a*eacy, 177 West *tr#et. New York t * 1. \\ . R A \ MON D,?or to ARMSTRONG, HA R R IS A CO., ir !< tf C. L. HA RTI.KTT:?B".VoiM?"'" THE NKW_YORK AND LIVERPOOL STAa es TKt Skil\^^r"t0."im'tkit Tile BaI'tIC1"10 ??rPV,i ?!,ver F.ldndKe. Tne a i)R IA TIP Capt. Jeserh Com*t<K>k 1 lie ADRIATIC Capt. Jame* Weet. frT!]^r 8hlp* llBV,nK built by oonfract axpre**l? J^rt ? Governmentaervice.even oare hn* l?een t?ker in the:r oonstruotion. a* alao in their ennaee to in jure strength and ep??ed. and their aooonnno-lati.^ n* for pawen^era are un^ua)ied for elefan?Sid Price of passage from New York to Livernrvni ?? fir?? oebin.f 130; in seooiid do., j|75; exo oaire use of New VorC Vfin in?' ***? f"? ? V?[ 20cum^na. Au exn#r>anc?? J ^ur geonattaohed to each ship. No berthsvUn il' J PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. FROM MR' Ton. Saturday, June ?? !M; raoii livirpool. * SrtS' JuliV ? ? 115; vv^ne"'!ay- jD?* 241897 Sa'urda* Jiilw \n " * 55 M. J"!y ? Ift^: ??. , JU i ' ! ,JW7 edneadsy. July 22 I8.VJ Saturday, Aug. 1 la*; Wedne*dar Aur \ a? Saturday. Aug. 15 \vn U ednen^ay' *u?' *2 >a urdsy, Sept. 12 ..1 iTT u Jdn./dM, Sei', 2 ^ Saturday, Sept. ! Wednesday. Sept 30 aS SsSi'ffiS *2! i? ' V: 1857; \\ ednesdar, Oct. 'sa? Saturday, Nov. 7 1857! Wedneadav, Nov. ]| iv^j Saturday, J^,,v. 21... .1801 Wedneaday, Nov is '<ur Saturday, Dec.5.__. i?7j WedneedaJ'. nee." 9 ,?j I ^ eda<-?day, p?c. a iEJJ 3?a-irras:r*sr ?grv Au' Fnara, London. 3r7, Auatin B.G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO Paris JSsrwff b:i"? MrsK?" atone* or metala, urle*a bill* of Pre01ol*i >k.r.r?r .,1 ,h. ,?rb^ JJNITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINK AltD without FAILrXK roa KlfiHT VCaR* >ol CALIFORNIA AND OREGON ' Manama railroad. Rttular Sailing Dmyt.jtk 19tk <f sack mtmtk. ?So many frauda and imnosi. ? ? - - Pero*tr!itwdf'?D?* kir!. beer latr'vti^PRK A rent f!ir ??? ? S ?"heoriber. J he only aul horned ma in thifV.??**i i[r Vr 5: k",! via rana oietion ?LIo1 N?w >ork. feel* it hi* duty to ?h?t n< ""?kln* pa**age t?? California, fi.wl ?u- ?A,ro,?''"^oajTiojr. they must l>e careful to *f-;it'}?. trueoffioe of the Steamshipa of the r. s inTv: via Panama Railroad. a? no other otTioe tl ? ""thorite*! to engage passara. I he i.oinp.'iiiiea hava only one oftoe in ork whioh la at 177 We*t street, corner of Warrenstr^L SmJv?'Wharf* U Rlv#r,at "fine Com.' iCr Obetnra mj ami oyer the <V>or. 1d 1 ? _Dmnn?,4*. gANKlNti HOl'BK SWEENY, RlTTEN&OlSE. F ANT 4 CO. Wt will ???? (fold, twrrtufy.mmd er eetiaU for depositor, an<i credit ths n.fT<reaos hs Iwmb ourrenoy and ioA These *rawi?g Virginia or ourrency will nark their checks aecordiafly. Thoae depositing apecie wilt be paid "> teid "*? tilrer. If - a. -=-? * ^ . ?n-uiw "Bmtwt." WASHINGTON INSIRANCK COMPANY? CHAKTEKEl) BY COKQkksS Ca*t*aL . ... , faor.out Tki? Companyia now prepared to reoelre applica tions for INSTr ANCE X>NBlfII.DINOS. Mkr. CH AN DISE, Ac., at the usual City ntn. without any charge for Potior, at their olhcs, corner of Tenth Street and Pennsr Ivania AftuM, over to* W ubioftun City tevim* Hank. _ ? ? , DifckCToas. W?. F. Bayly, Samuel Bacon, Joseph Bryan, Jamee F. Hslidag, W ?. Oryne, Hudson Taylor, riMMlMMa, W W. Gait. Beoj- Bwll, James c. mcgiire. Preset. ?1A.FTON P. HaK?0!i. Seorsiary. a* U-ly AN KIN 6 HOUSE OP " " _CHUBB BROTH MRP. D*fosit? ? Deposits received and Clients paid Without charge. Drafta <?n the northers eea;.?rd cities received on Deposit at par. and KxrUancc <>n said Cities furnished to depositors without chart*. Imtirxst on Dxposits.?Interest will l? allowed on Deposits at such rates as may I* agreed up?-n. Deposits iji Virginia akd I Jtora rkftt <1?'Mty. Deposits in Virginia and other I'ncurrsnt Money re osivsd to bscheoked for. payah.eiri aame funds. ?.r in specie, we charring the regular Exchange. SiacomTB.?Notes. Draft*,and Bi Isof Exchange bedisoounted.and Lo?ns madcon Stocks, 11 rwT?, and Securities, at the market rate. Lxttkks or Ci?i>;r.-Letters of Credit w 11 t* fhrr.ished, negotiable in the different Cities of the I'nited States, on Deposit of Money or Coitalem!*. and interest Allowed if M*h ey la deposited. an<T charted if Collaterals ,od sucti terms as may Leagreed upon. TitrtLiNS Bills or Exc?a*s*.?Travelers will be furnished with drafts in such sums as may he de aired negotiable in the different Cities of the In ion. Bills and Let ran*or Ovrpito* Emolakii. Ii.f laisp *md Eenor*.?Wilis of Exchange and Letters of Credit on Engiand, Ireland and Europe, furnished at the market rats for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bo*tpa, Stocxs, Ac.?Bonds. Stocks, and Securi ties (vayine from ?? to 12 sr. wit., a wau for sate.?^ bosrnt in the different Cities at a eoaimvami of a % pr. cent. Where Stocks are hoagfct B{*>n orders, we reserve the right to call for a <iep<>eil of !'? pr. cent <>n the cost. Bonds or Slocks will be ordered by ieie graph. Rmnotn, Citt, Attn Statu Boxps.-Ra:?road. City, and State Horde oan l?e p'sced in o?r hand* for negotiation, either in this oountry or Furope. hail road Iron purchased for ossii or with Bonds. Lamp Wam asts.?I?and WVrnuits l?>srht at the market rates. All Warrants neid by us are Utd m every respect. ^d Warrants loeated on eognmission. d Warrac notations regularly lurnished if re gies ted. Warrants will b? forwarded to Weetsrr Hoases <<n ordsrs, or sent for sale on oomimsajoB lc reepsr.sibi* parties. Rial Estatb ahd InsmAiicns.? Real Estate bought and sold, and lD*>uraoor* effected. Claims ow I'^iritD Statu*. Corar or Ci aim*, CoNeEKss.?Claims f*n the UsitW States, bef>-re?rs Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, wilfbs prosecuted by prompt and ab'e attorneys. CHTHB HRoTIU RM. Jan 77 Opposile the Trerixnrs. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DF.I'OSITES*. MONEY to LOAN onlsTOCK SECURITIES CUI'BB BROTHER5*. BANKKKH. an 27?tf Opp??%u tk' Mediciner KIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE ON THI P PHISIOLOU1CAL VIEW OF MAKKIAUE. By M. B. La CROIX. M. D.. Alhar.y. N. Y. VO pages and 19> hne Piain and Colored Lithographa and Plates. irTPRICE ONLYtsCENTS^OI luTSisi/rii of pofiatt to ait parts of tk* I'stos. Dr. M. B. La Croix's Phyaiologioai View of Mar nage. A new and revised edition of ^ pa^es and IW platea. Price 25 cents a c^py. A popular and com prehensive treatiss on the duties and casualties of single and married life? lieppy and frnitlul at'ianoee. mode of securing them? infelicitous and infertile ones?their obviaticn and removal?nervous debility, its oaures and curs, l>y a process at once so simple, safe, ana effectual, that failure ia impossible?ralos for dany managemsnt?an essay on Sper ? matorrh<ra. Willi practiaa oltservationaonasafer and more suoeessi'u. mode of ireatmsnt?orroau'.ione.ry hints on tlie evil results from empinoa: praogise . to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males?fmm infancy to old aee?eech case graph.e*l ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It'pouts out the remedies for th<?se se'f inflicted miseries and disy> po.nted hopes so unfortunately prevaisnt in rhe young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partio ularly recommended to persons entertaining secret doubts of their p*ij sical e?mdition. and who are con scious of having hazirded the health, h'tppiness aud privileges to which every human being is entit.ed to. Price 25 cents per copy, or live copies for Al. ma.l ed free of postage to a?i? part of the I'm ted f j?tes, by addresKing l)r. LA CROIX, (post paid,) Ait?ny, I New York, enHosirg 25cents. B. Those wno prefer may consnlt Doctor |LA | CROIX upon any of the diseasea upon whieh his book treats, either personally or by mail. XIis raedi nines often cur? in the short space of sixda?s, m.d oompieteiy end entirely erad ?wteail trr.jes of those disorders which c^vuva cul>ebs have so been thought auantidnte. to the rum of the health ?T the pstient. His " Freneh Secret" .? the gr??at ?.t tir.ental r?m*l? for that class of disorders which un fortunately, physicians treat with meroury, to tho irretrievable destruntion to the patient's ooiiKtitu tion. and which all the sarsapar..ia in lbs wor.U can not cure. ITP' Office No. 31 Maiden Lane. A!>?ny, N. Y. fob 14?1* T?HE GREATEST 1 mm r ? ? ?- - - 1 M~f. L) I 'c^4 L PISCO VERY OF THE AttE. Mr. Knwwrpv. of Roxbnrr. lias discovered id ?>oe of oar common pasture wm-J* a remedy tha' cores XVBIT KIND Or HIMUg, from Tk* worst Scrofula dorr* to a common Ptmrh. He has tried it in over eleven hundred oase?.?!,d never failed exoept in two naaes. i?>tti Thunder 11m mor. He itasnow in ins possession over one hundred oertihoates of itsraiue.all within twenty ini<es of Boston. Two tiottles are warranted to cure a cursing Sore Month. One to three bottles will care the worst kind of Pimples on the Face. Twoor three botties will clear the syarem of Hnos. Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to live l?o'i!?>s ars warranted to cure the Worst kind of Erysipeia*. One or two bottles are warni ted lo oareall Hu mor in the Eyes. Two Itottler. are warranted to cure Running of the Ears and Blotches among tbe Hair. Four to six Nttries are warranted to care oorrupt and running Ulosra. Mne Untie will oure Scaly Eruptions of the Skm. Twoor thre* forties are warranted to cure tbe Worst kind of Ringworm. Twoor three bottles are warranted to eure the most most ittfperale case of R heuma'tsm. Thrse to four tiottles are aarrantsd to cure Salt rheum. Five to eight bottles will cure the worst aaee of Scrofula. A benefit is always experienced from the first hot tie, and a perfect enrs is warranted when the above quantity is taksn. Nothing looks so improbable to th<?se whe have ia rain tried all the wonderful medicines of the day. as that a oommon weed growing on the pastures and along old stone wails, should curesven liiftn< r in t he system ; yet it is a fixed fact. If *?.u bsvc a humor, it has to start. There are no 1FS nor A N DS, boms nor ba's al*>ut it suiting some cases, t utlnot yours. I seddled over a thousand bottles of it in tlie vicinity of Boston. I know the effects of it :n evsry oass. It has already dons some of the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. I gave it to children r, tear oid. to o.d peopis of sixty. I lisve eeen poor.jniiiy, wormy-looking children, whose flesh was soft aod flal>by, restored to a perfect state of health b? one bottle. To those who are snt^ect to a siok headache, ore bottle will always cure it. It gives great relief m eatarrh and dixziuess. Some who have token it bad been costive for years, and have been regulated by it. WThere the liody le sound it works quite eas*. but where there is any derangement of the |uneti<ns of will oause very singular fee'mgs. but you must not be alarmed; they always disappear in fmm four days to a week. There is never a fy?d re sult from it; oa the oontra^. when that fee ing is Cone, you will feel yourself like a new person. I eard some of the moet extravagant eaoommms of it that ever man listened to. In my own practice I always kept it etnetly for hu mors?nut since its introduction as a general fHmiw medicine, great and wonderful virtues have l?en fosnd in it that I never suspeoted. Several cases of epileptio lits?a disease whioh was always considered insurable, have been cured t* a few bottles. O. what a mercy if it will prove effec tual in all cases of that awful nta'ady? there are oat few who have seen more <?f it than 1 have. I know of several caseeof Dropsy, ali of them tfed ?sople eured by it. For tbe various dise^see of the Liver, Sick Headache. Dyspepsia, Asthma. Fsvsr and Ague. Pain in the Side, Diseases of ten Spine, aad partisularly in Diseases of the Kidneys, ft the disoovsry has done more gin>d then any niedtotne ever known. No ohance of diet ever necessary?eat the best yoa can get aas enough of it. Direction* Jor Us*.?Adults one table-eponrtfol per day?children over ten >?tars dessert epovnful? children from five to eight years, tea spool ful. As no directions oan lie applica! 's to all constitutions, take sulfiotent to operate on the liowals twice a >lay . WAKtPT ACTCXXD ?Y DONALD KENNEDY, If*. Wmrrtu Strut. K?6sry, Jds>*erkuimt. Agents for Washington.?Cues. Stott A C??., Z. Gil man. Kidwell ft I jvw rTioe. J. R. <>ar<, flurry ft Co.. D. Walsh ft Co., F. S. Walsh. J. P. Si.^e. Martin Kiug, Nairn ft Palmer. Schwar's ft Co.. 4? Joswell, Daniel R. Clark, J. P. V J>urn, l>?s!?f !)yson. Ford ft Bro. Agents for Ger>rgetown.?K. ). Cissell. O M Lentham. J. L. Kidweil. mj 5-ly MY STOCK OF HOOTS AND S1I??FS hen? at?out the largest in this city at time, and haviug been purchased te for~ turaMI nee in leather, oan I* sold at al?*ut 15 to i f per eent. lese than go<?de purchased at 4Ms u ?'nnimivKss. le 11 lroB Hail, Pa, ava. bet. 9tk and ltfth ata.