Newspaper of Evening Star, October 20, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 20, 1857 Page 1
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1**ll VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1857 NO. 1,483. THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, C?rn*r of Pa. mv*nu* and Elevntk strut, By W. D. WALLACE, and la served to sul>sonl?rs bv earneraat SIX AND A Wl'ARTKR CENTS, wwkl/ to the Acents; papers served in packages At 373ft cents per month. To mail aubaortbera the auhaeription pnoe is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTV CENTS tear ta ndvanrt. TWO DOLLARS for six montha, and OMR DOLL A R for three montha; for teas than three montha at the rate of 12X cents a w<?ek. irr-SlNGLK COPIES ONE CENT. FACT STRANGER THAN FICTION. Some rears ago. an artist-mechanic, residing in New York, while in straightened circumstan ce*. lost his wife, and felt it necessary to place ono of his children in the half-orphan asylum The lad conceived a strong ambition for an edu cation. and at hia own solicitation, was appren ticed. by the managers of the asylum, to a mer chant at the eastward, who promised faithfully to furnish the means for the long-coveted edu cation. As the lad grew up and became useful to his employer, the latter evinced an indispo sition to fulfil his promise in the matter of edu cating him. the end of which was. that the lad. now grown grown a young man, ran away to se?-k his own fortune T?> avoid pursuit, he paiwod by another than hi? own name; and, not .neeting with the ^uc ce s in Boston and other places in the Eastern "fates which bo bad hoped for. he at last found himself in New York, and almost penniless. II? sought in vain for his father, or for any other friend in whom he dared confide. By dint of persistent effort, however, he obtained a <]ua*i employment as canvasser (in the neighboring country for a weekly i>aperof good reputation, ami that Wept him in oread and salt for a few ?wcrkf; but, eventually,even that failed him. He then I..ok to the sale of books and periodi cal" from do>>r to door, laying off the city into d"?trict*. and resolutely offering his wares to every one he met. Among the well-to-do and wealthy, he met with <ev? re rebuffs, which wounded his sensitive filings terribly, but. nevertheless, he strove on. He must literally " do or die." But he ft It compelled to pass xonu of the fine houses. lie c?uld not nerve himself to constant refusals. In thi< state, though unusually depressed, becau-c lie hail sold nothing the whole day. be was pass ing a stately dwelling up town, one afternoon, a lew days since, when his absoluto want of f<*> 1 led to a renewal of his determination not to omit calling at every door, palace or hovel lie rang the bell; the door openod. and the ser vant was about turning him surlily away, when a young lady, wh > could see biin from her seat in the parlor?the parlor d>>or being also open? tpraitc up and running to him. exclaimed? " Why, "Zcke, what brought yon back so ao?>n ? But I'm glad to see you though!" ^nr adventurer drew back from the proposed greeting, modestly saying there must be some mistake, and adding? - My name is not Zcke, but I used to have a brother socalled." Kxplanations followed, and he found that he was ia the house of that brother. Ilis father had. fo* some cauae. changed his name soon after his revert" an 1 his wife's death, and his brother went only by the new name. The father, though getting along comfortably, was not wealthy; but the brother Zeke, between whom and himself existed the strong resemblance which had led to the discovery, had been very sucecsaful. He hr.d started with hi- wife for a country jaunt two or three days before this occurrence, leaving his wife's sister in charge of the house: and -he i wa*. who bad. by mistaking the identity of her sister's husband, brought the wanderer homo. He sold no more book? that day. nor ever since. Pi nch s Defence ok Lame* Dkesses.? There are two sides to the Crinoline question; hear b?>th?what may he said for, as well as what has been said again.-t. ladies' present at tire. Equity to everybody, but especially fair ness to tnc fair. The superfluity in length and circumference ><i dresses, so much complaincd of, i? good for trade; and against excess in the milliner's bill a set-oil is afforded by diminution in that of the laundress blockings may now be worn for any length of time Moreover, they mny be made of the very cheapest and coarsest material? tb??r? being, as far as they are concerned, no longer any necessity for even so much as com mon neatness. It is very true that the length and expansion of the fashioiiaMe drc-s gives its nearer the f rui of a bell-mouthed glasa tumbler with a stein to it. turned upside down No doubt, a lady might be a fiih from the wai.-t downward, and stand upon a caudal fin in that dress, with out looking at all the worse than she looks in it now But this is precisely its recommendation: that of serving to conceal those perfections of form whi<-h. *u?n allowed to be perceptible, attract an arnountof observation which must le unpleasant to the object of it. and which can do the observer no good. Many men. now living, are old enough to remember the time when the style of ilress. in consequence of being calcula te to exhibit, and not to hide, personal advan tage*. young men with very frivolous and vain impressions. Dresses were then worn so short as not quit* to sweep the street, and wherever you went, if there were well-dressed girls there, you were continually catching a glimpse of a much too dainty foot and nn?*le, twinkling with a far too elegant little sandal. Thi? trivial nbjeet continually attracts*! the at tention of young meu. who ought lu have been thinking of other thing* Now ynu never sec anything of the sort, and at the same time a la ly can bold her clothes at any elevation she likes, when she simply shows a piling swell how to -tcp out like a man. in boots the same a? hia own?except that they are not so inter esting to him. Every hu*ban<l and fa'ber ought to approve < f the fashionable dresses, for they pre lude his wife from attracting unnecessary attention, and if they tend slightly to hinder him from getting his daughters off his hand?, they hare an exactly equal tendency to prevent his from marrying for mere beauty, so that if tftev marry at all. they marry prudently, looking to the financial aod not the bodily fig ure itod thus become comforts instead of bur dens to their parent* and triends. And sons who marry imprudently arc infinitely more ex- . pensive than unmarried daughters Lastly. the-"e dresaej arc considered very pretty by toe great majority of the wearer*, who think ^>? ?ut dress, as they <lo abont every- { thing else, giegariously. and have no other ; idea of what t? pretty than what is faxh ona- ' hie. Shrouding their charms in excess of mus 1 lin. they indulge in a harmless vanity, and ! flatter themselves that they are creating a ! great sensation, whereas they create none but | what is excited in the masculine mind by a bundle of clothes. BAi?risy View or Baptis* m Pk? xv ?The Illinois Bantist gives an account of a ingular baptism it soems that one William Evans, a preacher of the M E. Church, re-ent'y had oc casion to baptize a number of candidates near .Scottsville. 111., who would b? immersed, con trary to all that could be said against scriptu- ! ral baptism Having said so mu h (gainst the practice. Mr E would not go into tlie water ! Siimself, but secured the services of a Rev. Mr. i Butcher, of the Campbellites. who took the Can dida te? into the water and immersed them, i whii'- he ? Evansi stood on the bank and said, " 1 hap'ize thee in the name of the Father, and j the rivn and the Holy <?host We l-anaot understand what possible gain in principle '-one William Evanr' eonld have ex peu|ad to make by thus //M/rAs/ing the boauti- j furtferl impressive ceremony of scriptural bap- | tism If the words he pronounced from his stand point on the bauk of the stream were true, he certainly baptised the candidates by immersion, and thu? sacrificed the principle for which he contended ; if they were not true he manifestly chose the greater of two sins. In either ease his conduct was a compromise l?e tween ligo-.ry and expediency, which we have rarely seen equaled. It reminds us of a ques tion in casuistry which agitated the Catholic 1 achooltnen ?>mc centuries since ; a case having beta suppoee l of a deaf and dumb priest who, | being called up >n to baptise an infant, h Id the uitci in his arms, while his colleague, who had ao arm? read the service; if, they queried, baptijm is a personal ordinance, c >uId a bap tiaji thus performed be valid After due con sid??a< iou by the grave doctors, the question was defiled in th* negative. We commend this decision to Mr. Evans's consideration.? .V'*e Yurie Ck ouir/f, ( BnpH tt ) AnVEKTISEW^T ETTRAORniXAHT.-The N. \ Evening Post publishes the following adver US^ment I| ,s a little out of the ordinary run ?r ?k? r ??nU Thc ?ufferer tells his r fceIinS!y- and leaves the imagination freo to supply any deficiency : * M'gantly KrnhflltnhM Wall Pnprr f?, ^aif. About thirteen bushels of engraved paper, ready to ?? go to the wall," consisting of Kaiiroad Bonds. secured and unsecured by 1st. .1 and 3d mortgages, Income, Construction! Interest and Sinking Fund bonds, with and without coupons, of an endless variety of pat terns? perspective*, landscapes and water views ?liquidated and unliquidated. Together with railroad share certificates of every variety of color, design, pattern, size and hue. the par values ranging from fire dollars to a thousand. Also, the scrip and bonds of c?al and iron, nfo and trust, foreign steamship and inland navigation companies; stage coaches consoli dated and unconsolidated ; city railways, tele graph, balloon, steam road-carriage pennv bridge, ferry, and every other known water conveyance association. Also, powers of attorney, revocable and irre vocable ; powers to collect dividends, earned and unearned, and to transfer stocks; proxies to vote at regular and special meetings: Cull contracts and contracts of Bears, very spirited in style and execution, with horns, hoofs and jaws pro|ierly distributed, but without thc, and on all terms from " buyer sixtv'' to ?? seller ten." The signatures to these work* of nrt arc - clitrrlir and unique, and characteristic of the age we live in. The whole comprising an as sortment of variegated shadows and styles of figures, colored aud plain, size and variety of line and mezzotint engraving probably never heretofore and positively never hereafter to be met with in any country, age or dime. Sonic of the bonds are slightly creased by the eternal fold, which time and a damp brush will eradicate, so that they will, with the institu tions whose memory they perpetuate, go readily to the wall, and take to it kin?My. ? *bovc assortment is the scrapings of a lifetime passed in ? the street," and comprises the crumbs of the '? bread of carefulness ??eaten by the advertiser 1 hey will be sold at wall-paper prices for nard cash, and are recommended for the up holstery of Wall street oflict3 after the present crisis ' i or terms, Ac , which will be reasonable, ad dress hi all confidence, Bvco.nes The Mam ka. ti i:k or Wound.-The follow ing sensible remarks arc extracted from Era ser s Magazine : No permission has been so much abused in our day as that of Horace for the manfacture of words He allows men to mould one now and then, with a modest discretion and caution* but he ia addressing poets, not venders of pa tent leather or dealers in marine stores. Would he not have stoud aghast at the term ? antigro i? ?1! > /'H1'1 !t not puzzle a Sciliger or Bcntley It is time, we protest, to the.-* vile coinages when every breeches-maker or black ing manufacturer invents a compound word of six syllables as expressive of his wares. Ladies Petticoats now-a-days, but crino Mnes. \\ hat is their new name for garters ? Men do not ride on horseback as aforetime? they take equestrian exercise; women are not married like their grandmothers?tbev are led to the hymeneal altar. A bookseller, tor-ootb, becomes a biblopole ; and a servant is convert ed into a manciple. Barbers do not sell tooth powder and shaving soap as their lather s did. but odonto and dentifrice, and rypophiifon ? hairwash has passed away?it is capillary fluid! Can any one tell us what is the meaning of ?'diagnosis as applicable to disease' ff it has any signification at all, we will garantee to OikI balf-a-doxen Saxon monosyllables ex pressive of the same idea. Medical gentle men. too. talk of phlebotomy ; we know that it has some connection with blood-lcttin", and lor our own j>art. we always associate the term with a night wo once spent between the sheets, all alive 0! in an Irish hotel. Who would believe that ?? epistaxis' means simply bleeding at the nose? Eancy one schoolboy doubling his fist, and telling another to look out for " epistaxis ' We fake up the first book within reach, and open it at random. It is W llliam Wardsworth ; a Biography, by Ldwin 1 a.xton W wxl. Well, what do you read ' ?' By :rJthetic biography,'' he says, :,i- simply intend ed a life in its ideal attitudes ' Simply in tended Did ever mortal man listen to su'-h verbiage run mad ? What again, arc we to understand by the words "objective* and "sub jective, which every goose with his *ham met aphysics has now-a-days on bis lips { Specie Incioent.?A working man in this vicinity having saved quite a sum from his earnings deposited fifteen hundred dollars some months ago in a bank near Boston, one of theof fi jersof which was an old acquaintance. A few days since the depositor concluded to withdraw his money, stating that he wished gold as ho was to expend it in Maine, and there mitjht bo some trouble about he took them. He was informed that the Cashier's che- k on Boston would boas good as the gold for the purpose, and in case of loss, be more secure, as piyment could be stopped, lie concluded, however, to take the gold, which was at once counted out to him. The next the bank officer heard of him he wu under arrest, aud the following facts wereelicited. Thestory about taking thc funds to M nine was a ruse to obtain specie. The gold bid been secreted under the hay in the loft of a stable, and the man visiting it in the night, had t iken a lantern, the light of which had arrested the attention of ar.other party who watched the movements. sup|io.sing thc owner of the gold to I* an incendiary, took the man and his bag of double eagles to the police station houso. After considerable parley and protestations of inn?> eenee on the part of the supposed culprit, the funds were retained as security for the owner's appearance in the morning. His statements concerning his treasure being verified thc next day, he was released When remonstrated with for his imprudcnco in mis trusting a sound bank and leaving his money in a place so liable to destruction as a stable, lie replied, that he thought in case the barn waa burned bis gold would ,lrop through, and h* could easily find it among the ruins!? Ho* I ni Trail \crij.t. English Houses in Amekica ?It is stated as a positive fact, that arrangements are in progress, and will no doubt speedily be com pleted, for bringing over to America thc ensu ing spring, a limited number of select English race horses, to contend on our own soil for the supremacy of the tUrf here. The horses men tioned as being likely to be brought over for 'his object are Neville, Commotion. Poodle, Polestar and Leminington. They have all proved themselves good horses, though hardly of a class to be called first rate. Leamington has shown that he can run well a distance of two m.les and upwards, having won both the Ches ti r Lup and Wood wood Stakes, l'olestar is a \cry g'Hrl but unfortunate mare, having gener ally the bad luck to run se ond It will be re membered that she ran second to Tournament f >r the >ussex Cup at Lewes, beating Prioress easily, aud coming out an hour aft.-r and win ning a two mile race over the same course Mr. Palmer, the late trainerof Prior and Pri oress, expresses bis unqualified admiration of this mare, and was desirous of purchasing her to bring to America. Commotion ran second to Impurieusc for the St Leger last month. Neville, at four years old, won the Great N trthern and Flying Dutchman s Handicap at York, b ating Eaqdango and a lot of g.*>d horses, aud subsequently the same year ran ibir 1 for the Chester Cup to Scythian in Ho4. Pood In is a game little horse, and ha won many a well contested race. IP* The Kiyrttevllle, X C , Ar^u.s, noticing th?- tenia- k of a coteiupwrary, that durlut U a ni'inltrer," *ay* that ''lie certainly did not mean a North Carolina duelist?they do not kill!" For Bent and Sale. FOR RKNT.-My HOUSE on F itrwt, l?t*rtn 12th and 13th. se20 *f W. F. PHI LI?IPS._ rlH) LET.?Fonr large ROOMS, north Bide of I Pcnn. avenue between 9th and I'th streets. I nquire o( R. C. STEVENS, No. 18 Penn. avenne, between 8th and 9th stw. we 2? if I .'?ARM FOR SALE.-A piece or fine LAND on Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., nx miles from the heights of Georgetown. adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Bestor, Nowles, Kohrer, and Hawkins. H2Xacres. A beautiful loca tion; partially improved; new house; .3acres rich oreek t*ot torn, and some fine > ellow-pine timlier. It onn l?e divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to purchase. je 4-tf \RNVS CONFECTIONERY* FOR SALE. This weii known and popular establishment is now offered for Sale, thus predentin* a rare opportu nity for a good Confectioner to ditpr into a safe and profitable) business. Possesion can be had 1st No veinhcr. The three-storr Brick House, now occu pied as above, is offered at private sale, or will be rented or leased as ma\ be d?sir?d. For particulars inquire on th? premises, No. 84 Fridge street, Georgetown, I). C., or to \VM. BKI DG KS, 313 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, au 27tf Of FI;H ED FOR PRIVATE SALE, ami if net sold before the 2Kth ol October next, will be sold on that day tthe 2fith of October) at 3^0'clock p. m., ? y a pnbiic sale or auction, to be made'on the prem ise*. the Iteautiful country residence railed " SFM MER HILL." which is situated in Virginia, on the turnpike road letding from Washington citv, B.T. to Alexandria, three miles and a'haif from either city consisting of a new comfortable dwelling house, oel !ars, and out-buildings, with I5n acres of very rioh land, of which over 11?> acres are under cultivation, th? re?f being hard wood land. g?od spring water, good fi.slnng, good water-power for milling or facto ry purposes. The land may be purchased in two par cels. aiMtiit !<>0 acres with ill* result-nee and over W acres with a house, of which over 16 acres are the best iji the neighbourhood for early gardening. Cit> property in Washington for a part of the considera tion woubl he acceptable. For further inforni'tttop apply to JOIIN F.CALLAN. at the Drag S'ore corner of7th and F. streets, in Washington,or at the Law Office of BRENT &. KINZEH, in Alexandria, se 17-cotif I .''OR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR PRO IH'CTIVE CITY* PROPERTY*?Four Farms ranging from an to 2?>n acre*. A respectable residence and other necessary out-buildings. Fruit, Ac., to each. Also, a llonee Orpenter'a Shop, with seven or more acres of I.and. This property lies within a til*lo of a Railroad Depot in Fairfax county, ei?ht miles froin Alexandria, en from Washington, with turnpike road to each. Further particulars known of THOMAS CRUA.2V7 G street north, between 13*h and IIth. ^ oc14-eo2w* Real estate investments.?Thesub scriber has a large nntnli-r of CITV LOTS, s'?'n?of the most desirable, in every section of the city, which he will sell for reasonable priei-g for the piper or certified checks of our Citv li^nk*. Titles all good. J AS. CAOEN. oc 2 2awlm No. 284 F street. I ]3((R R ENT?'The two c imfortabl* and conveni J ent HRICK HOUSES on Payette street. ad joining the Convent,are now undergoing complete re pair,and will be for rent on the tth ol August. The Houses are very desirable, particularly to ji~rents having children to educate. Apply to JOHN L. Kl DWELL. High street. Georgetown. i* 27 Stoves, &c. MC . WOOD W A R I)' S ETROPOLITW' STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. The Greatest Cockins starts in the United States. I havejnst reoeived from Philadelphia a few of the new Ki.ixg Star, or double Oven Cooking Stove; a decided improvement on the old Morning Star; patented IHft7. I had them got up in Philadel phia this last summer, exclusively for this market. The> ja* verr heavy Mid strong, and cast of the very l^t* Pennsylvania Malleable Iron. All the Cooking F tensile are made extra heavy. I*. II. Church, Esq., manufacturer. I have also, I'iik Lirkkty Star, made by Messrs. A!>l:ottA Laurence of the same place. Thk Light Strekt 1?ocbi.e OvKTf Coon, made by Messrs. Haivan Martlet! ,V Co.. Baltimore, together with the very best Air TiiHT Flat Top Cookinw Stove* that mn be found in this or any other market, some of whieh are the oelebrated SrsHHUt, Iviprovko Glore. Flora Cook. Noble Cook. ana the But* Ri|m;e Am: Tight Cook. If any man can product a better Cooking Stove, to excel the nliove StoveB. for roasting, baking. A-c.. I will give him SvtonePch ore. Please will cost you and you wi'l see rill kinds and ?orts of Stoves, A- c. For sale at C. WOOD WAR D'S, Metropolitan Stove and Grate 1 a< tory. No. 318 and .122 I'a. rive.,! et. mti, ant 111 !i *t*. Balcony hi Front full < f S'oves. \. R. As to the Ska Shell flat top Cookivg Stovk I have examined it thoroughly, and thii k it has a very appropriate name?Shki.i.. N es, sheila will burnout in a few lires. It is a km<mI name fur them?good for tho makers. And as to the old Morn ing Star. I sold them Inst fall, but will not sell thern acain. They are as thi'i as pas'elionrd. I can prove that the maker's agent ureed me, for almost a d.iy, last summer in my counting room to sell them tins Fall: saring that if I would take twentv-five of them he would eive me t tie exclusive agency of them for five years. I told him I would not have thern at any price, they are so thinly made. They are hand billed over town by one th'-t said ins? fall that they were not worth having. All the aliove I can prove. se 17 I f I RISINIi STAR. I IIAY'E inst received from Philad -Iphia a few of the new RISING STAR, or Doubled oven Cookins Stoves, adeeided improvement on the old Morning Star. Patented 1(157. I had them got up in Philadelphia this last suiu-,-B?i?, nier.snd thev are fully suited to this mar ket. They are heavy and strong ca .t. of the very best Pennsylvania malable iron; the cooking utensils are made ext ra heavy, snd are manufactured b* F. II. Church, Esq. Philadalphia. Please call and see them. Also, the largest variety of Stoves of all kinds thatean tiefonnd in the District of Columbia. Ranges Furnaoes. I^vtrolie Fire places or Parlor Compan ions, Par'or Cumberland ,Coal Grates, and other Ne w Vork latest patterns. AllthoaUive are for sale at C. WOODWARD'S Metropolitan S ovn and Grate Factory. No*. 3!R and 322 Pa. av., between l"th and 11th (streets; balcony in front full ol Stoves. se 14 e?*w 1 4* R O S T KING. Wf?(7b WA R D'S METROPOLITAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. iVo. 3x8 1'a.av* nue, brtieten 10tk and, se3-eo3m IDA streets. PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Painting and Photograph* Combined. PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on CocvaG, Miniature or Sizk or Lin. 8. WaTkER'S PORTRAIT AyD PICTURE GALLERY, Odeon Hall, corner 4>i at. and Pennsylvania avenue. S. YVALKER has fitted up the above spacious apartments at a verv great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of tho inostcom plete and handsome in the whole country. He has a large Gallery for h*e, exhibition of upward of 2iH? fine Oil Paintings, by some of the best ancient and modem masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. Walker has also ht.ted up a com rdete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments for ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru ments, and encaged a first class operative artist to assist bun in the department for taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC, AMHROTYPE AND |)A Mt KRREOTYPE I'ORTKAITS, from the smallest miniature to size of lift. S. Walker, by combining the Photographic Pro cess with the art of I'aintine. of which he has had 25 years' experience, and whose specimens of life size portraits may be seen in soine of the first fami lies of the citv, as well as those exhibited in his Gallery, he will be able, by the combination of the two, to produce portraits that have never been ex cel I ad for their fidelity and life like ex press ion. Can vas and tsiards prepared by himself expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or I if* size, from small pictures of dertnstil friends. Photographs taken from eorpses, or sick persona takeu at their own residences, on immediate notice. Committees and classes taken in anv number In groups, and anv quantity of oo*ies from the same sold at reasonable charges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, carefully Lmok lined and restorer! to their original freshness. Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully solicited to call at the Gallery, over Shillington's book store? entrance4H Btreet. two doors from Pennsylvania iTsnns. i? ii fim |/ALL STYLE FOR IW. Now ready at STI N EM ETZ'S, 2S6 Pennsylvania avenue, near the corner of Thir teenth, the most popular Fall styles of Dress, or Moleskin HATS, to which he invites particular attention. Having established the cash sys tem, ami hading it to work well, he will continue to make a rtiscouut of< I2K per cent, upon tho actual market price, making the hat sold for ?4 (nud not unfrequently for for the low price of jbi.tO; a slight variation in quality for $3, and for ?2..5n a superior quality for the money. A good assortment of FELT II ATS, CA PS, Ac. always on hand. B. H. STINEMET/. aug 21 tf W Prnn, ?ve. near 18th ?'root k>7(| UNDER HR<T\VNS' IIOT1.1 '' ' " Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring and Summer R P. A DY-M A DE CLOTHING and Gent's FURNISHING 600DS of the finest make, at the Rinponnm of Fmhmn, No. 57" Brown*' Hotel, next to private entrance. may 3" (Intel&S tates) Georgetown Advertisements. AL A R G E ASSORTMENT OF F ALL GOODS. At very Lotc Prices 10 Cask Customers. v , ? ? JOHN H. SVOOT, No. 119 South Silk of Briiigk Street. , Georgetown, D. C.. ~ S/eCj,v m,w ?flertn* at very low prices to cash anderonipt custom ersa large a>soitmenl of ? ALLi AND WINTER GOODS, purchased in Philadelphia and \>w York at the large recent A uction S-ilcs, ami from i lie importer* at veir low prices which will enable him to otter to purchaser*. many desirableGoodsconsiderably below their value. In the assortment will he found? R ich >ilk Robes and Bayadere Stlks Best make of Black Si;ks Bay adere Valentiaa and Valentia Robe* Hicli Printed, all wool, Delaines rind Rol** Satin F anconie*. plain colors, all wool, a very aupe rior goods. double widtn, af "Sc. Leepin'* and other make* French Merino*. of all the most desirable color*, including White and Black Plain Delaine, black, white and colored. ?-4 black h rench Merino*,for Shawls Rich I nion Plail Merinos, at 3i >4 cts. Do. ail Wool do. *<cta. i'. lilted Mi.uslin Delaines, Rood st vies, at 18V and 25 cents 3Tn pieces, best styles, English Print* at 12>i ct*. Rich style Bonnet and Saati Ribbons Piaia colors do., very cheap Velve' Ribbon*and Fringe Trimming* Stolia, Broeha Shawls, in great variety Mipcr double Brocha do. < 'honille ard t 'sshmere Scarfs Bajou's Kid Gloves, all colors and Nob. Sack Flaaaels, all O"iors | W hite American, Welch, and Saxony do. BUck Fiomlmztnes and 6 4 Delaines Colors aid black Coburg Merinos | Black Crspo \ oil* and English Crapes

?fest hlaek and brown and white English Print* Long and square Black Thibet atid Bay State SIlH Wis Ladies and Children's plaid woolen Shawls, mall styles and price* Hosiery of every description l-adies Saxony and Merino Vests W ith a full supply of housekeeping and domestic Goods, of the best maker*. _1119 _ JIiM* hsmoot. >R SSA I.E? Handsomeresidence on the lleignts of Georgetown. 'I tie Trustee, of lers lor ante that spacious and hamtsome Ksidenm in lieonretown, at present occupied l.v Charles W. Fairo, f- ?n The property comprises,v,i entire square ol ground, beautifully improved with walk"', trees, shrubbery flowers, Ac.: a hrgcand well built rrrcn house, with plants in great variety . There are also on t,.e premises, Stables, Carriage bouse,ami ot'ier convenient out houses. The Duelling-House is large and roomy, having, with the wings. a front of unci y -li ve <!tji feet and command* one of (he finest views of the Potomac river and country around. It is heated by a furnace, lightvd with ens. and contains fixtures for hot and cold water: a large cistern, Mtchen range; and almost every convergence for a nrst-ciass residence. If desired the Furniture will be sold with the house. Possession can he given immediately. For further particulars. terms of sale. Jcc.,apply to SAM. C.ED ES, Trustee ?, At Pairo Sc. Nourse's Banking House, se ?tw4w opposite the Trensury. "VI O 1 1 C F..? Having been informed that oer i. i tain persons are in the habit of collecting and gathering together the Roti es which conta in or have contained our beverages, and pitting therein an srti cle n>*de bv others thsn our?e|ves, an'i th"n <1 is pos ing of such article on the faith and credit..four name stamped <>n said Bottles, ail persons a.e iicrebv notified t hat such Bottlea are our own property , and not xnbject to sale, ami that they are delivered to our customers on'v tr? lie returned, and that it is our firm intention to prosecute to the utmost extent of the law, any infriiiginent "f <?iir ntrhis on the premises ARNYASIIINN. L nion Bottling Depot. 57 Green street. " Georgetown. D. C. nUFONTSeUNPOWDK K. I am all times s^pphof' witbail fhevarions kindt ol Dl P( lN'i"S GL S Pi>W DI-.R, &ud am prepared to supply the same many quantity to parlies wouting, on tn? most favorable terms. W. ALKF.RT KING, Agent for fie District of Columbia, , No.? Hieh street, rofcF 12 tf (Tnt^l i.pfirpofuwn, I). O. Dentistry, Ac, r|MlF IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOM IS. M. I>., tf?? inventor and paten tee of l.oomn Mineral /'/it* Tttm," having. sMcc-^^iili\ introduced m* improvement inKm v?no:i* cities. !ias now permanenll) ettab ^ lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets ofTeeth consist*chief ly ;n inikmg a set of but one pieno ?,(' materisl. and that indestructible mineral. No meta! is u?ed n> tb?ir construction, and they are therefor* free from galvanic action ar.d metaSic taste. There arc no joints to beeooie liile.l with inoixfure or particle* of food, lience tlie> are rvre nn<l cl-nn. Tney are li-hter. stronger, less clumfj, far more durable, ami natural m their appearance. I will give a reward o One I'nousand Dollars t<i anv one who will pnxfuce a siiniiar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. A:! work responsibly warranted. Per,na. avenue, between I Ith and 12th ttreet*. ap 13-1 y 1|K. VILLAR L>, DENTIST, LATE OF CHI ? ' cago. would respectfully inform theoit izens of the District and vicinity, that hav-| ing located himself in Was lung ton, he is n-.w prepared to perform all operations in hi* profes sion, in the most .ipproved style. Office, No. 2V?, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier's tail A* iv I \h.NTISTR V If HR- STEPHEN BAILY, Orricj: No. Ii? Prnn?vi.vama Avitsri, DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Sio. IOR Pknxsvi.vama Avi Thru doors from 14<4 Street. Da. BAILY beg* leave to inform the public that he aan be seen at all hour*,at his orticc, located as altove. He fceU assured that an nxpenenoeof fif>eeri years' practice, with the large number of patient*.ami great variety of difficult oases t hat he ha* treated snecess fuily, will enaUe him to surmount any di^Ticultr, scientific or otherwise, relating to tho Teeth. His owr. experience coi firming ihe opinion of matir men eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Harru and J.aud E. Parmly, has led him, long since, torli*. ca-d aH mercurial prenn rat ions for filling Teeth, slso all I'.namels, Gutta Percha, India Rubber, and Ce m"nt? for the construction of Continuous Hum reelh, and that I'orcelian, mounted on fiold Plate, is the only reliable substance that twin bo worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown by tho lasf American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his long resi dence aud in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends ar.d patroaa, ho begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Reotorof the Churoh of Epiphany thm oity. Dr* Stephf.n Uail?: DaarJ^ir?1 deftir^ toozprAif my esteem for you peisooallv, aud my oonfidence in you as a superior dentist. The operation* executed for me have beeu highly satisfactory. 1 hope that you may receive the patronage from my friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. Your* ven- truly, Wa*hinfton, Aug, 36,1&56. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messra Boggs, Cotma-i A Co. Having employod Dr. St tist, of Washington oity, portant and difficult piece I i Stephen Baily, Sargeon Den execute for me an im . piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, aud in view of the faot that one of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the snme work satisfactorily, it give* me reat pleasure to express my entire confidence and mh estimation ol hii professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12, law. JlARMANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon, John M. Clay ton. 17. S. Sknatk, Aug. 19,18*5. The teeth tou made for me work admirably ; noth ing oould be bolter. Very gratefully, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that aeek relief from the maladies of the te?th, I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Bnily ns a superior DentiRt: he made a ret of porcelian teeth for one of my familv.and plunged several teeth (or myself, and the work has all stood well for more than ten ienrs. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19. IRVi. We. the undersigned, having had ocoaaion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Br. S. Bai'y, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or naving l?een oogmx ant of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of his artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in which he performs the most delicate ami difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respectfully re ooiiimend him to the confidence and patronage ol t he public, of winch we consider him eminently worth?. Thomas IT. Wai.tkr, A reinfect !'. S. Capitol. Thomas M ii.i.kk, M. l).,of W ashington, D.C. B. S. I (on k k r , M. D. of Georgetown, I >. N.S. I.incoi.n, M. D., of Washington. D. C, Jo*. H. lis ADi.RV, of \\ ashiiigion, D.C. Grorgk W aton. Fix-Governor of Florida, Wai.tkr I.knox. Ex Mayor of Washington. Henry Baldwin, IJ. S. Patent Oifice, - W'laitT, Pnncipai Rittenhouse Academy, feh-20 tf T'HE LEGAL ADVISER, or how to diminish ? l osses, avoid l awsuits, and save Tune. Trou ble. and Monet, by conducting business according fo law, as expounded by the best and Isrest Author ities; by Edwin T. Freedley, author ol a Practical Treatiseon Business; 191.36 Information about. Texas, carefully prepared hv D. E. E. Bra man. of Matagorda. Texas: 7>c. Mcnlern Reform Examined; or the union of North and South on the subject of Slavery; by Joseph C Stile*; .^1. Just published, ami for ?n'e by TA\ LOR A MAURY. ?" Bo<ik?cller8, near sib street. I^OR A FEW DAYS LONGER .?Great Bar * gains.?Closing out at II. J. McLAT'GHLIN a CO'S. _*? 23 an. between Hih and *th sts. A MAGNIFICENT CHl'RCH ORGAN, 12 stops, 7 ootave the warerooms of oc 13 W. V. METZEROTT. Educational. EEVENING CLASSES are now forming at the A Central Academy, corner of Kami !"th streets. Tlie exercises will conuncnoe Wednesday evening, October 14th. B A comple'e system of Figures is taught in a new. concise. and simple method. oc9-im MERCHANT, Principal. ROOKEVILLE ACADEMY. Mostgomkrt Cot-ntt, Mt?. The ?ours? of study embraces Anei?*nt and Mod ern Language*, Sciences, Mathematics, and ordina ry English {tranches. Tern s for Hoard and Tuition ?jl3" per annum. Catalogue# may he obtained at Rallanlyne's Seventh street, or by add-es^ing the Principal .at lirinikeville. Md. E. B.PRETTYMAN, K. M. se23 1m Principal. Vocal and instrumental Music. ftl U S I C A L C A It D~ Prof. A. F. LITTLE takes pleasure in annonne inf to his frierds and to the citizens o' \\ a hington, Alexandria, ar.d viemity, thatRSSEa he is prepared to receive pupns for Hie'u It 1 Pianoforte. Guitar. Flute, ?.n<1 other instrument?. Orders left at the Music Store ot Mr. Metzerott, Wnbhington, D. C., ar.d the Music Store of Mr. Parrot, Alexandria, Ya .will meet with prompt at tention. Residence, Dr. Hunt's. 9M Penu. avenue. se2R3tawlm AIRS. CECILIA VOl'Mi wiil resume her les 1*1 sons in Voinl Music either mi classes or private pupils, on Thursday next. <Ictober 1st. For terms. A-c.. appty at No.468 Tenth street. i?e tween I) and K streets. lie 2R-:itaw4w |NSTKl'C'1'1 ON IN VOCAL MUSIC. C. IRVING*!* Vocal Music Classes meet for in struction and practice at Temperance Hail, on E slreet,alH>ve9tti.on Monday.Wednesday and Fr;day evenings. A Iter noon classes at 4>i o'clock, and Uight class at7>s. I crins. ( hi eiiher class.) 22 lessons. .*5. Private instruction, vocal or piano, per quarter, Ladies and gentleman desirous ot receiving a thorough know'edge of music will l?e gratified by unit>iik With either of th^se classes. Application can be made to Mr. I. at the Hall or fiiri.nrh the Post Office ae 21 tf VTkTvN . HK.NH V PALMER'S PIANOFORTE ? CLASSKSare daily adding new ine;iii*i? Per sons desirous of availing themselves of Mr. Palm er's services a-e requested to enioll their names tis e'irit a* possible. This Clans system js more advantageous for the advancement of Children, than any other sj stem of instruction. It is equally advantageous for the perfecting of the most brniiant performe?s. Tr.K.Ms in Advance. Primary Class ? 5 per quarter. Advance Classes *10 All applications to be made to Mr. \V. H. Jus residence. 2(k> F street, betweeu Thirteenth and Fourteenth. IfT" Georgetown Classes in?ei every Monday and Thursday at L o'clock, at Miss llorrover's George town Female Seminar*. ?e a4 tf Dancing. P A 51110 N A BI. E DAN CIN G. PROF. H. W. MI NDER moat respect(Vy an nounces to ins friends, former pa'ions, an 1 pubiic generally, that ins School, corner 9th SM and l> street. in now open for instruction in ilu! aUtve beau'ifuiavd |i?-oe?wiry ?cc< 'iiiplisli m>*ii?. even Tuesday jmuI Tliursda? afterm?on from 4 mitii 7 o'clock, for young Irfidiea. Mis and Mas ters, and on the same tveungs from 7.'? until :?>? o'e'oek. f'-r Prof. M. is prepared to introduce some of the fin es:. new iI'liices tliat his ever l>een introduced in th s oran* other City in the onunlrt. All those who wish to prepare for the appror.chiug ga? s- -i?on, would do well to join the a!<o'.-o classes a: e*r'> aspnuiUt, N. H.-liViiPiand Gentleman who de?tre to form private (Masses, or t" receive instruction s ? n 1 y, can do so on Tuesday. Wednesday , or Thursday morn it : frwia'' nntil M?t o'ldoek, ?*?.? ?If jj) A NCI HQ A t: A D K M \ . Mr. T F.GA?ZYNSK1 and DAFGHTER have the honor to announce to t he Ladies and (Jen- rl tinmen of Washington and Georgetown that he will re open his Cia??es for li:incin^ in A * Washington on Friday. the Oth of t letotier. at Mr. < roueh's Hall, corner ol litii si. and Pa. ?v., over PanhMi's llook??orc. fV.i Mi MM and Masters, from -1 o*e|???k p. in : for Ladies and tientleinen, from 7 o'clock p.m. l<eorgel?iwn?on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Mis.s Harrover's La<l:es Sem imrv, from .1 o'cliK*k p. in. For terms at?f pirlienlarsapplication can be made ; at Mr. U.'s residence,4ii7 E street, tietween ''tli arid l"tli streets. se 12 tm HI^IIE SECRET INFIRMITIES OP YOUTH 1 AND M ATI'KIT ?. .Tint Publtskt't, (iratir.thr Z'ltii Thauta*'!. A few wopm of the Rational Trc;ttinent. without Medicine,of Spermatorrhea or l.t^ai j* trfKi W eakness, No-tumal Kteiss ?( s. ^' lie ncil. -.hd N'Tvohs l)e, :::t>, Pre ^ ? mature D? '*ny of iii? System. Impw vJB. t'ncv.snd Impednnents to Matna;e gei.era.'> , by U. DE LANEV. M. D. The important fact that the many a'arnnrg com p'aiuts. original mi: in the imprudence and solitude ? if" youth, may easily remove I without Metlici-'e, is in this small tract, clearly demonstrated : and the et**irel> ne w and highly successful treatin>-rT. as *dopte'd by the antlior. fully exp 8.ned. t>\ mesns of which ever* one u led locure Hnnseif f 'rM* and at the [east possilne est. thereby u'.-oidiug all the advertitcd rontrums of t iic da*. Sent to niiy address, gr'itis ar. i post free. ,u a sealed envelope, by rcm.ttin^ tW'. j>.>stn-r> stsmps to DR. DE LANKY, ?e wtf 17 f.ispera^d street, New \ ?>rk. 15 V THE PR I'Sl fiKN'T AF THE UNITED STATES: In pursuance of the provisions af the 3d section of the aet entitled "A n aet to authorize the i'resident of the I'nited Stat> s to caii?c to f-e surveyed the tract of land in the Territory of M innesota tielongtng to tfie lialf-l>reeds or mixed-bl(M>dsof'the Dacotah or Siaiix nation of Indians, and f"r o'her P'irp?.ses. approve,! .I nl v 17 1P5I. I.JAMI.S 111 ( 11 A \ AN President, of Un? Fniied Stale* of here by declare and make known that public sales will be held at the undermentioned land otfiees 111 the Ter riterj ol Minnesota, at the periods hereitpllwr de sigunfed, to wit: Af the laud office at Himdkrson. eoi^mencinc on tin) eulitli da\ of \tarc!i next, for the disposal of t he vacant publi - lands situated within Hie following townships ami fract lo.ial towusiups in tlie late reserve for the half-breeds or mixed-bloods of the Daeotah or Sioux nation of Indians, viz : XortU of tkt iii J' /im and trrnt of tht fifth prin ttptl trcriffinn. The unlneated tracts m fractional township one hur.dted and ?*leven. of ra ugo ten. I he unloaated tracts in fractional to*-nship one hu ndred and eleven, of range eieven. 'I'ho unlocated Iractn in fractional townships ene hundred and eleven and one hundred and twelve, ol range twelve. 'I ho un!-?*ated tracts in township one hundred and eleven, and fractional townships one hundred and twelve and one hundred and thirteen, of range thir teen. The unlocated tracts in township one hundred and eleven, and in that part of township one hundred and twelve, ami fractional township one hundred and thirteen, within the aUtve-meiitioiied reserve, of ran?re fourteen. The unlocated tracts in that part of townships one hundred anil eleven and one hundred and twelve, within the a!>ove-iiientioued reserve, of range lif teeu. At the land at FAR'B\rt.T. commencing 011 the hrsi il*\ of March next, for the dispoits, of the puhlic lands situated within the following named townships and fractional townships in the late re serve for the lialf-lirceds ?r mixed blomlsof t he l?a eotrtli (.| Simix nation of Indinrs. viz: North of iht ta*' line nff ?e??f of th? f.fth prt'n e if-al on 1 if inn. The unlocated tracts in that part of fractional township one hundred and ten. within the at??ve mentioitcd resnive.ol range nine. The unloeated tracts in that part oftownshipsone hundred and eight, one hundred and nine, and frac tional township one hundred aid ten, villiiuthe ahove-menlioned reserve, of range ten: The un.oeated traets inthal part of township one hundred and eight, within the alH?ve-mentione?l re serve, and in townships one hundred and nine and one hundred and ten. of range eleven. The unl?M-*ted tracts nil hat pari of townships one hundred and eight and ?ne hundred an4 nine, within the alMrve-menttoned reserve, and in lowiisiup one hundred and ten. of range t u elve. The unlocated traet* m that part oftowuships one hundred and nine and one hundred and leu, within the above mentioned reserve, ol range thirteen. 'I he unlocated tracts in that part of township one hundred and let, within the aliove mentioned re serve, of ratine fourteen. The imloented trials in that part oftownslup one bundled and ten. within the aUivc ineiitloned re serve, or ranire filte"?. n accordance Willi the provisions of theactof July 17, IH.%1. herein b?foi?? 1 ef?-reil to, pre ??inplion claims will not he allowed to an> of tlieahme-iwentiond Ian !< until af>?-r they have been offered at public sale and liecome subtest lo private entry . The oH er ing of the aliove land* will he commenced on the da> s appointed, and will proceed in the oi'ler in which thev are atlvertised until the whole "hall hare been oflered, and the sales thus closeo: out 110 sale shall be kept ?pen longer lliiiv ,wnl*/'?". atid no private entry of a ay of the lands wi l>ead initted lint::, alter I he expiration of thetwo weeks. Given under my hand, at the cit> ol W ashington. Hut sixteenth dav of September, anno Lonnni one 'houaaad eight hundred BFC? AN AN. Bv the President Twos. A. llESUEicita. Commissioner of the General Land Office. *e It* lawSin rpHK CLOTH II AT just out and univer<ally ad I nun I as a Gent's fine drets Hat requires ? lira 0 inmeuts, but an examination will guaranty the **Afso. a*new invoice of F R ENCH SOFT HATS per last steamer. At the Basaar. corner of fith street ami Penn. avenuf, oe?eoJw HOPKINS. the weekly star. Tlito excellent r*ml, and N.?, jomrml?a+: rr*at*r *?**??* of u>t?rMtiac reeding [feta ^rmi? ^ h #i? Ten oopies ~~ ?? * ? Tw-*, .-w ? :: uS S - ? wuvj ??vp|0? ? _ .. ^ ( terenaii* i? w,t^<>uV^?\nV* ventu^f?**' *mou* neighbor* Perceived,#! r* Tv ??" *? tap4*!? E^s^L" at ih9 ontniiT.K^ajawg?.' "** ,roeu'M paper. Price?THKKK cVNTs l*"ue of "*? a o?mmi?iinn of2" r>?nt. agents will be allowed Watches, Jewelry, &c. Baltimore, ?n a<hinT;TtiV a\'i? vi ? rima Bank Notes take* at par for ail Wind..?# rich and fashionable Goui) JKWki uV r,? G U L 1) and < I I, V K K \V AT< H ES iu !\ CHAINS. SKA 1.9. KEYS. LOCKETS. Ml M* other choice good*. for a few days. I have just received a fine assortment of n?v rr'o>? '' Wll,oi> 1 atn PrrP*r<*; U? set. at very low Piease call at 3? Peer.. avenne. mm of the (arc* t*preaU I a?le. ft. O. HOOD. ( J01-4, AXi) SILVER WATCHES. JEW El.: RV, ANI) FANCY ARTICLES. ' ? J"8' received another addition to my large fl T fV,0,rt *"d Silver WATCHES, of the it!1.". ,,,.Kur??r',i An... ?iold Chain* ,.( ?\ er> at)!? and price. Jewelry in sets mid m AZf SatSiS"?-??'fu|"*ry ?nd Fancy Articles. S*Tcr J t*, Spoons, Castor*. A e., at J. ROHrXSOX**. 349, opposite Brumm' hotel. X. B -WATCH RKP j^lXG^done Int he tot "nil'Srim a "kll,ul *V)ltchmaker. and warranted. LOCUM! CL<?Cks7i ftLOCKS !!! A good BR ASS CLOCK for f. | hare just re ceived snd opened all the new style Clock* from $| up to .4^5. The trade supplied is> usual i at wholesale prices. Also, r|ock \ta teria... such a* Cord. K?s Baiia. ll.inds. W ire* Oils, Ac., at the Hook and Wstch ?ureof J. RORIN'SOX. _ 84!?, opposite Browns' hotel. ?" T ?m J?ien Ijuce Gilt Watnh Pianos, Ac. ( 'OLD MEDAL PREMIUM * PIANO FORTES. ta WILLIAM KXAKK, (Senior partner in the late firm of K*apk. Garni.k A Co., Continue* uie manutacture and ?*ie of grand and square i IANO I- ORTES. undfrWi# mtni. . ol W itliain Knat* A Co.. at the old Ktand.K73Ct Aug. |, J, ii aud 7 North llutaw utreet op 111 % ? I P"?ife the Eutav Noune. Haltimore. v 1 '?^'?"ve aluo just opened a new Sales Room at No 2i. Ba.timore street. Iw-r-^een Charlna ai.d Liicht T. V,"?- !.he Pr"m""*" l-'rtly occupied by Mr JJenry MoCaJlery aa a iii.j-ic *Uho. where iii?t wiM keep constantly on hand a iar*e itntui imcnt of pla.o and hichly timxhcd icrand nr>d aquare Pmrio Kortea nl-o, M? huleon*, from The l<eat makers, from 4 to V octiive. ?or;i> vith doU?.'e kc?-U arde, double reeds, and at ops to suit sinail churolies. Ke-ns exfer??ively ei.raced in the manufacture o pianos, we will se,l who;esaleand retail, on the m<>* literal terms. Our Pi>?n..? were n^aHH the behest rremmm (fo. J mroa. I at the K airs of the Mary land l nst it u'e two itucofMve years?<'3toSei, ISM, and 149R- in op position to foiirteet: and euh'een ptano* from aooe ol } ;c best makers fr-?m New York. Boston anu Bal timore U r wore vo awrwde 1 the firsf the Industrial Exhibition |;e.d in Richmond. Vir em:a, Ijtto and ir'*i. Thry have also iieen awarded tb? htKhoat prcmMim (siU-er medal I at the Metro ?Ircimiiicfc Fair lor 1857. In addition to this we are in ?<>ssefsion oftestimo nitis from th<? HH'st distinei':ahed professors and amateurs in tm? country, which !>e seen ;U our wirerooms. rpeakmK for themselves and others of the hieh appreciation in which our instruments am eve-i where held. All instrument* are maranteed for five years, and a privilege of exchance is tranted within tne first six months from the day of sale ifthe instruments do not give entire *a?isf;iction. no.eraie dealers will find it to their advantage to e;ve us a cali before purchasiur. Pianos excljkt.ted, hired. *nd tuned. mar lR-ly WM. KNARKACO. sen a,l & ^JKORGE SAND?' NOVEL*. Corsnelo, t hree volumce. La Marie An Diable, I vol. Jacuues, I vol. I.e Petite Fadette, 1 vol. Ysientme. I vol. Le Peciu I)e M. Autouae, 2 Tola. Jeanne, I vol. H??rac??, I vol. Franctns Le <"hampi, 1 vol. Fevenno, I vol. Manprnt, I v??l. Indiana. 1 v??l., lel?,2vot. I.ucrexian Flonani, I vol. Lett res |)'iin Vovaneur. 1 vol. PrieeStcents per volume. Imported from Pansbv <>r'^ FRANCE TA \ LOR || UNfc-M AUE _CA R R I A U E?. We have on hand, of our own manufitcture. a fine assortment of nil kinds of CARRl mi !? i i A <11- of the very l^at. la'eirf. and lO^'stVSfPL'R^ approved st) es.ard warrants m point*.I --w' workmnnship and material, to l? equa. to an? made in the city of Washington or any other city in the I nited Mates. \\e respectiusolicit a call from tlie nnd stmnir?rs ti? pxiirun^ <mr work ; nt we are determined to let none surpass ui either m aiiP ifN of work or in low*. Wealso do every kind of REPAIRING ma work manlike manner, and at reasonable prices. O.d Carriages taken :q p?rt ptjmcut tor new and at a fair price. Si M(?N F LYN X A CO. may 12 6m \V ASHIXGTUM, OCTUKKK 3. MR I?ear Sir: The Piano I p?irclia?e<l of rou in the hall. I PM. maiiulactured t,y Hallutt, L>h\ is A. C?<., or Boston, has l<een indail* use that time.ami I sin happy to state has fill * sustained the very fa v'iP?":e1VP',;|ou I formed i f the*e instruments. I he I laiioa of this manufactory are not, ?? mr judgment, surpassed by th?>-e ??f *ny otbor. For v??lume and sweetness of tone, prompt acti???i.dura odity. beautT of workman-h.p, Ac.. Ac.. the? am not excelled !>v any others with which I am ac?i. Lut ed. Respectfully, > our obedient servant. ? l I'n' .. *?? . O. R. Merrill. J. t. Ellis, Esq., \\ ashington. ,, W'**?!>iit.iii, I).C_M?t I, IftST. l)ear>ir: rhe Piano I purchased of? on of H n <??, Davw A Co.'s manufacture, some eighteeu irHM.ths* since, e<it:fiiiiies to give entire satisfnct <on. It is :v eiear. full, sweet tone, and of beautiful workman ship; not Ih ing a judge of such instruments, I trust ed to your word, and feel pleased in miviiic I have not regretted it. \ ours, respectfully, . ,, .... Mas. 1'tTi.R CAkL*.\. J. F. Ellis. We have now a lar?e stock oftheae Pianos, se lected Personally when in Boston last week, oc 5- .1 JOIIV F. ELLIS. ?? |>a. avenue. /^JOODSFOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTES. R. H MILLER. S(?X A CO.. will sell all descriptions of r III N \ . GI.A9S. iiH IM KENS WARK, GAS n\TI RKS.1 Ac.. Ac., at tti^ir usual regular low prnes.l vith a discount of fivo per eer:' for cash as heretofore, rtrxl receive in pay inert s notes id am of the Virginia Banks (except the Bank of Kanalnrai at par. Any and all debts due tnem, < an Ite panl in the same currency, with thanks to such of their debtors as choose to avail themselves of this prop OSltlOll Alexandria. Sept. y. 1?T7 >s T* tf ^HIXA, GLASS, AXD EARTHEN WAKK. R. H. MILLER. S*)N A CO.. IMPOKTWS. Alkxaxpria. Va., ^??TXIIave received two :n*talments of theiT?rr? falI supplies from the English Potteries.^/ and continue to receive accessions to ? their *iock till the business season set* in."^* R II. Millkr. Sox A Co. can assure their friends and customer* that their stock shall he of the most description, and that their prioes will oom pare favorably with those of any d-aVrs ,a their line in ynv other market in the I nited States. R. H. .Millkr. Six A Co. have prepared them selves to offer to merct:Mit? every inducement to make their purchases in their line. WINDOW GLASS. They have just reeeived via Antwerp and New York, from the great manufactory of "Rou*." .New Mrusse Is, 114" l*ixeK F rcrch W indow G lass of supe rior quality and of different thicknesses, which they have imported under such circumstances as toeuebie them to ?>fler a xuperior article at very moderate prioes ?r?l tf f|>EX PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Dareaeort. Iowa. pa\ ing 10 p?r oent. interest by Coupon in New York. Honda of f.Wl eech. The (trowing city of Davenport has now about W.hnn inhabitants, ard ia lapitlly increasing in wealth and populatioa |?? miinicpnl debt is on!) ^ I ", and its ran road debt only ami cannot now l>e increased, rhe statistic* of the citi w?re published in the Intelli gencer of the '*,tn Septeml>er. ?e reoommend th"*? l*>nd*. i^iieving them to be as safe as any SlMeorc.O bonds. cm BB BROTHERS ^('KIIIE?COM EHI ES. ^ S<Tit?e?Comedies. Vaudeville?. I>e <?irardin?Poe*iea completes. Me Girardm- Marguerite. <?u Den* Amnnn. It e*liaud?I.e Cog du Clocher, Ke\ lAiid?L"li?1ustrie en Europe. tJorlan? I.e N'otaira de Chantilfy. Eyina? Peaux Xoire*. Marnner?An bord de la Neva. Radignet?Souvenirs de i/Amerique Etpaxno'e. Musset ? La liavolette. Chabriltan?Les Voleursd'or. Souvestre? Fn Philosophe sons les toits. Soil vest re?(Confessions d'un (hivner. Eaeh in one volume, prioeai nents, just imported from Paris, with inauy others, by oc? FR ANCK TAVLOB ? _ 'pWO WEEKS LONGER ! We shall continue seiluiaofT for two weeks longer and l?eg all who really want bargains to eall and ae cure theiu. as every thine we have on hand must !>? sold out. Persons who buy to sell again will find it to their advantage to give una call, as we promise them great terrains. We have yet on hand a very large stock of fine eoo?1s. H. i. Mcl.AI t.HLIX k CO., ,^5 No. t>etween 8th and ?th ???? nilBA HONEY. I / The subscriber has Inst reoeived.and for m e. ten tieroe. of chilled CU%A HONEf.athis Gro cery and Provision Store, No. 664 lttk street and Louisiana svenee. . s?w j?IS-tf JONA8P. LBVV,