Newspaper of Evening Star, October 22, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 22, 1857 Page 3
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LUC A I. INTELLIGENCE. The Prk?b\tkrian Stsod or Virginia com mence it* sessions last night in the Assembly'* Church, and was ojeced with a sermon by the moderator, Rev C H Rrfd,P D .ofRichmond. Va The Church was crowded with an audience composed of members of the various Presbyterian churches, and other*, who listened with interested attention to the excellent sermon of the Kev Doc tor. from the words of Scripture fbund In Romans, loth chajiter. 7th *er?e: ^Receive ye one another ?? Christ also received ns. to the glory of God After tbe seiuton had rl???ed the congregation w^s dismissed. and the Synod was called to or der for business The roll was then called, and the Synod entered upon the election of otticers. The following delegates answered to their names : Hmwtr Pr*i\ytrry. ? M inlsters?Revs. Dr. Read, li. W Leybrun, L P. l.edrux, J. O. Slo.i* J \V K Hmdv, R Gray, E. H Cnmp sfon. J D Mitchell. /. I<. Mc.Mahau. Klders? i?r I, I'. Gaines. Hon. P. R. G rat tan. K. L. liranbtn W ? ?t ke*t*t Prt>b\itry ?M inister*-?Rev*. Dr. Boyd. T. D Bell, J. L Frany, II R Smith, C II Nonrse, a D Pollock Elders?Mes?rs G11 ke?>n and Denning. Disirt'n Prfibyt'Tif.?Ministers?Rev* Dr*. Smith,DatifortbandSuiiderland. A. G Carotbers, H Dunning, T. X. Haskell, W T. Eva. M. Jewell. Elder*?Jacob Gideon, K T Mi-Lain, 0 W. Treadwell, T. Dutton, CoL J. X. Ed ward*. W S Hopkins, E I'. Wltmer R. Crom well W Slade. Rev. 11 Mathews, of Winchester Presbytery, was chosen moderator; Rev. L. P l.edriix, of Hanover Presbytery, and Kev. T. N. Haskell, of D. C. Presbytery, were elected temporary dark*. On motion of Rev Mr. C a rot hers, it was re solved that the tlrst half hour of each morning pension be devoted to religious services, and that the ?)ncd adjourn to meet at 9 o'clock, a. m This morning the Synod met at 9 o'clock The tlrst half hour was posited in devotional exercises; after which, the roll was called. On motion of Rev. A. G Carotbers, the Rev D II Emn.erson, of the Pennsylvania Presby tery. ar;d Rev Dr. Stephen P ifiil, of the Poto mac Association. who were present, were invited to nit as corresponding member* of the Synod. The ininu'es of the last meeting, held at Rich mond, Virginia, October 51, l?3lf, were read and adopted. Rev. Dr. Smith laid on the table an extract of th* uiinutes of tbe ^ynod of Tenn***ee in relation to transfering that body to the Synod of Virginia, In which the Tennessee Sv/iod were adverse to the transfer; which wis read. On motion of Rev. A. G. Carotbers, Rev. John Butler, who was present, was invited to sit as <*t)rre?|>oirdiii4; mem'oer of the ?vnod Statistical report* were then made from the representatives of the various churches of the Svnod Ti e statistical reports of the Presbytery furnish ?>>me interesting it?-ms. The Presbytery of Winchester reported to the Sn#od that tbev con*, is ted often ministers, eigh teen churches. three licentiates, and bad under the care of their churches Ave candidates for tbe ministry. The Piesbytery of iianover reported eighteen ministers, seventeen churches, two licentiates, and one candidate for the ministry. Thev report ed further. tl. U on the tith of .March, I-7T, th?y received ?r,der their care Mr. Olive* 1 Sloan li centiate of the Fourth Presbytery of Philadelphia, and on the same day thev ordained him to the full work of the G.?pel Ministry, and installed him pastor of the New Kent church; aJ.o that, on the l.tti day of April last, they granted the Xew Kent church leave to chauge their name, and to he hereafter called "Olivet. ' Also that, on the same day. Philip B. Price, a member of the Third Presbyterian church. Richmond, and Mr. Mi chael D Kalofathakes, a licentiate of the NVw > ork.ind Brooklyn Association. w> re takeu us.dei thetreareas candidates for the Gospel Ministry, and that thev ordained the lasl-nnmed candidate to the full work of t..e Gospel Ministry on tbe 2?ith of the sMne month. They further reported that on tbe OCth of April l-\? thev installed, hya committee. Rev. IsaacVV. K H.t.dv ;?alor of tue First Presbyterian church. ? ort"in..nth. Va Th-y reported, further, that ou tbe Irtth in*t.iiit they licensed car.didatc Tboina* 1,1 liaTwr. and on the l?tb iii.stiut candidate I'h'l'p H Price, to preach the Gospel. At tbe la-t-aamed date they also reported that thev dis II *srd Kev. Robert liray. to join the Winchester frtsbytery; dissolved, at the request of the pas tor ..ikI by con?etii of tbe church, the pastorafre l.iti<Hi* existing between Rev. Carson W. Adams ai.d tbe I'ale Green and Salem church, and also revoked the license of the licentiate RoK-rt D l>wy er. The Presbytery of the District of Columbia re po>r-d that they consisted of thirteen ministers, end have under their care thirteen churches and two licentiates They also reported that thev had dissolved tbe pastoral relation between the Rev E J Xewlin and tbe Second Church. Alex andria; had licensed Rev James D Thomas to i.rearh tbe gospel, and had dismissed Rrv S. G. IJamner. D D , to the Presbytery of Baltimore. various reports the committees on home missions were lead. It wo* then determined. l?y vote, that the next place of meeting of the Synod sbonld be at Ports mouth, Va., on the tLird Monday in October. lr> . ?>n motion, i: was determined that the SGth day of November next, or on any other day set apart by the civil authorities for a day of thanksgiving should be observed by the Synod as a day of fisting and praver. It was moved that the last Thursday In Febru- < ary next should be set apart as a day of prayer by th?? an i ted Presbytery for the various colleges w ith:n tbe limits of tlie r>vnod. It was moved to amend by inserting all other Institutions of learning within the limits of the S\ i??*l I tie Synod were discussing this point whtn this report closed. Monthly Kkpokt or Deaths it this cut, *' injT ?Accidents, 5; apoplexy, 1; bowel*. ulceration of, 1; brain, congestion of, 1; brain, disease of, I; brain, softening of, *? ,a ? lies la. I; cholera iiifaiitum. 14, congestive chill 1. consumption. II: contusion, lj convulsions. 2" c.ainp. 1; decline, I; dentitron, I; diarrho-a Q; diopsy. I, dropsy of ovary, 1; dysentery 6; dysen tery, acute. 1, enteritis, 5; erysipelas. 1; f*?i r. l- .ioiis T f. ver, congestive, 1; lever, typhoid, 5. <lfy, lj L?.*art, valvular diHcuk* of. 1: hepatitis, chionir, I, hydrothorax, 1; inanition, | iii leu.perance, a; kidney*, inHammation of, I; kill's*, I; marasmus, I; old age, 3; pertussis. 4 pneumonia, I; pneum<.nia. tvphoid, 1; utrofula, I; taues mesenterit'a, 1; not reported, 5 ??f this numTjcr there were, of the aj;t of 5 years ar;d under. 41. from 5 to 10 years, 1; 111 to '20, 4; 2t> to 441. 11; lu t > bo, 13; to ?<)1 (; over ?>() years 5 a-e not report*.d,4; still-lwirn, 4 Whole number of death*, from all causes. <j\ WA?lf'N,;Tr.\ II.'HTII li-TlRal. Sk IKTT.?Last ! '-U a staled Meetiag of this Society was held ??t Corcoran * new building on H street. Mr Turton in the Chair. Pr,*vrn',,,l the name* of H. Hemken and TiiO* Hrown for memt^ia^jp ?)n mot.on. ail bills were referred to the finance committee for inspection The committee reported them ail correct and Were oidere?i to >e* j?a;d The following gentlemen were ele? ted to rnem bership: M--i- Mallard, J. H. U heeler, Wm Thomas. J R Peale. M r W att then ?>tf? red the fvliowing resolution. Wi.ieh was laid over Rttoice.t. That the time cf the election of offl eers b? c> an^^d from the third Wednesday in Ap"il t?? ?l?e thi.d \\ >-dui'?d*y in January. And thru the Soc iety adjourned T?* Rivan.?A)*ut the Bridge and the wharves tl e pre-en- e of Mr. Ja. k Fro*t was this morning ohnervable. A beautiful white carpet, wiiich gliMened in the rays of the morning sun, w.tb quite a novel and pleasant i lltct, overspread the surface of the?*rth. Aii along the liver, at ?h? city wharves, busi ness was very dull, and. With the exception of the oy*t'r trade, w :s growir?? duller. At Stone and Magruder s wharf?arrived *chr May, < apt. Armstrong, from Alexandria, with J?o tons of caniiel roal, lately arrived from Eng land at that rla- e. for the Washington Gas Co." Tbe stockholder* of the Oiange and Alexan dria Railroad meet at Alexandria to-day. Thi* we believe, is taunual meeting, the time for the election of ofll't is for the enstiibg yrtir. Foeeii..i Pacpkr* ?During the week past, a number cf poor creature*?aged cripple*, have i,een wandering about the city, living upon the enarity of the rltixens They arc strangers in Washington, and where they make their home* at night no one appear* to know If they have 1 teen lent to thi* city to liecome inniste? of the city almshouse, they have been imposed upon, for the new building is no* erecb d. and the tempo Vary one w..l not ari-otijiitodate them. If they expect to llv# by the charity of tbe citixeus it 1* piolmhle li ry will be disappointed, for the peo ple heie w.ll have their hands full to sustain the woilhy poor, aged and inUrm of our own city during the approacLinv winter. There are also ??sturdy Ix'ggars" about the city, whoran l~- maUi- to support tbeiii?<-lve*. Sucl.*, coming Iindarthe vagiant f t can I*- m i.t to the woik hoiise atul n.iilc work fj< their sut>?tsteiice. Wnsuincro.* Xews iron Arroaxi Tha "special" Washlarttou telegraphs correspond ent of tbe New York Tribune say* "it is rutno ed ??n aptta-euily good authority, that directions have tjrrii ^ i veil to Marshal ilo<>ver to aid tbe authorities in r*p>e*.sing riot and violence, and that an add.tional company of tn*ops has lm>* ordered to tb; marine barracks to assist him.*" Hat Bit\tas.?4 in Tuesday night, some ma licious per>on or (>ersoim *ct tire to a number of hay ?krk< on the fa^m of \V. I Stoue. near Col lege Hill This otfVuce was committed beyond tne limits of the city, and out of the beat* of Ihe Auxiliary Gua:d Cisth Markkt tbu morning presented in animated scene, the attendance being large and tbe movements of the assemblage unusually b[Jsk in consequence of tbe somewhat bracing air Prices were aa follows : Beef,fresh, prlb. 9al3 Aborts .... salt 6,Ship?tufts 35a60 Pork . if Mutton 12 Lrmb.prqr ?5aVM) Sausage, pr lb.... 12K F.gqs, per doz.... iSaio Roll butter 25a.ll Phll'a print 40 Honey, per lb.... 25 l.ard ...I lJ] Green corn 12 Veal. 12al5 Egg plants....... 4 Beef tongues 75af 11Onions, pr nk... 40450 Calve* beads,each 251Tomatoes, pk .... 25 Baron I6a1?jGrapes, per pk... 25 Shoulders 14al5|Caboage, prLead. 0 Breast pieces.... 16 Butter beans, qt.. 12 Dried beef 18|Qninces, per p k. SI Chickens, pr pair. 50a6-2 Ducks 5Ha*5 Tnrtles. each.. .12aS1.25 Corned salmon... 15 Herring, per doz.. 9Qa3l Terrapins, each... 37a-?l Apples, pk 25a5o Beets, per bunch. Carrots Turnips, per pk .. Chestnuts, pr qt.. 15 IChinquapins, qt.. 1? Irish potatoes, pk. 37 'Cncninbers, pr 100 50 Sweet potatoes, pk 251 Sfnrgeon cnts .... l-a-*' 1'? ? 1?*- " Corn, pr bush.... 00 Corn, ear,pr bush. 50 Beans, pr bush.... 92 Rye, pr bush 65a75 Oats 40a 45 Meal S<?a90 Rock, per bunch.. 25 Trout 25 Taylors 25 Wild dorks, pr .. 50 44 red ue< ks. 75 1 hi Weatuer ?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon, Oct. 15, to this morning : Morning. Noon. Night. Thursday ? 72? V>4J Frtdav ?f?? 0 i 54 Saturday 50 53 54 Sunday................... 4a 60 54 Monday 55 61 66 Tuesday..... 52 4^ 44 Wednesday 3w 44 4*2 Thursday.* 36 ? ? Average heat of each day from Oct. 15th to 21st Inclusive: 15th. 66? 02; 16th. 5lP: 17th, 53'; 18th, 54 01; 1tth,64P02; 20th. 48"; 21st, 41? Ol'. R'tnarkx?Oct. 15tli?rainy, finished line and cooler, wind NW; 16th?cloudy, much cooler, rain, wind fresh trorn NW; 17th?fine, clear ana calm, much colder; lbth?cloudy, cold and raw, but came out tine and pleasant: 19th?cloudy and airy, but milder and warme>; 4Mb?clondv, wind blowing a still gale throughout, much colder; 21st?calm, ice made, lightly cloudy and windy; 22d?fine, sharp rime frost, much colder Pull moon Sunday, Nov. 1, between 7 and 8 p. m. B Georgetown, Oct. 22. 1S57. The Pkksbytery or the District of Co lumbia met in the Assembly '* Church, (Rev. Mr. Carothers.) oti yesterday, to consider the request of Rev W. T. Eva, of Rockville, to resign hi* Sastoral charge. The Cburc.b of Rockville and tethesda apj?eared by its Commissioners, Hon. Jobu Brewer, Greenbury M Watkins, Isaac il.twn, and O. W Tread well. Esq . and gave seasons against granting the request Various seeches were made by the Commissioners, and Rev. Drs. Smith, Danforth, Sunderland, and Rev. Messrs. Eva, Dunning, Jewell. Carothers, and Haskell; and, with great reluctance, the Presbytery acceded ito the request of Rev Mr. Eva. and dismissed him to join the Presbytery of Newark, N.J. Tub Wasuixstox Aqueduct is now receiving daily large numbers of additional hands. Still there is room for several times as many as have come, for it is the purpose to set not less thau two thousand men to work this winter, il'they can be had The des< riptiou of men most wanted are qitarrv-m??n and stone-masons, with a proportion of ordinary lalvorers. With these tbe object is to d-> all that can l>e done in the winter time, and so to put the woik in readiness for an at my of bricklayers and stone-masons all alou^r the line at the opening of next spiing. Buildings for the arcomiiiiidation of new coiners are erecting Tiik C?-.n? tax of Signora Paravalll, at the \cad-.-my of Music last night, was attended bv thee lit, of the city, including the French Minis ter and Various other representatives of the for eign legation*. The debutante was warmly ap plaudt'd throughout. Her execution is distin guish* d by its brilliancy and high degree of fin ish ; and she is a coinpo*< r of no mean preten sions. as was testified by the programme of last night. In concluding this notice we must not fiiil to mention the acceptable manner in which tbeSig iwra was supported by Mr. Crouch. Forthe first tiiue we heard hint siiuj Irish ballads, and we imlst do him the credit to say that his peiform aisce of them was the very best we ever listened to. Re-arrested.?C. A. Burdine was arrested yesterday by Police Olficer Hnrrover upon another charge of larceny of copper from the Capitol The otfleer informs us that jliout 566 pounds have been recovered. The prisoner was taken before Ju?tic?s Mulloyand McKenna, and by them com mitted to jail for Court. Edward Carroll, who was sent to jail for an assaalt and battery upon Mr. Mnriartyon Sunday night, has t>een released on S^JU) bail for Court, as Moriarty's wounds did not prove to be of a dangerous character. 44 J R. P." calls our attention 'o the fact that the new word 41 telegram'' was used in this city years ago at the head of the telegraphic new* column of the 44 American Telegraph,*' which contended that it was a proper term Another correspondent says that it is an old Greek word Verily, as Solomon says, there is nothing new under the sou. ' Not So !?We mean the averment so confident ly put forth somewhere by some calculating somebody, that the stringency in the money mar ket would have the effect to materially reduce the price of provisions. On the contrary, the ten dency is npward. We wish that calculator could bring us to a "realizing sense" of the fulfilment of his prediction. Mrs. "Items" joins With us In that wish. Circuit Court.?The Court got through with the trial docket yesterday, and adjourned. To-day they went into the appeal docket, and after running It over th<*y took up the case of Shadrack Rr-ddin?Gil>erson for plaiutill', Carlisle for defence?on which the Court was occupied when this report closed. W* cali. attext!ox to Mr. Stuti's advertise ment of "unexploslve etheieal oil We have seen it tested and can certify that the blazing wick was brought into communication with the oil in the lamp without tiring the latter. The advertiser claims that the unexplosive article burns much longer than that now in use The Court or Claims Yi>terd\y ?John S. Brenson, Esq , of Ohio, was admitted to practice as an attorney of the court. The argument in behalf of the government In the case ?.f Henry .t Anderson c?. the United Smtes w.vs concluded by Mr. Blair; when the comt adjourn* d till II o'clock this morning CoMirmr I.tkrestiju; is the burlesque of the passions bv the infinitesimal performers at Odd Fellows' Hall. They sing, dance, and per form in dramas, comedies, farce* and burlesques with all the unction and twice the vivacity of players of an older growth. As a means of en Joying a h'aity laugh we recommend a visit to them. Rkv Dk Boyd, of Winchester, Va., preaches to-night, at 7^ o'clock, )>efoie the Presbyterian Synod of Virginia, now sitting at the Assembly's Church. Watch Returns. ? l.ast night there were eighteen persons in the Central Guard House? seventeen fir lodgings and one for street drunk enness, named Charles Vinkley, a native of Ger many. He was dismissed. The lodgers are getting to be particular as to their quarters, some of ihein claim the privilege of using the trial room fur a sleeping apartment; others <0111 plain that the chambermaid don't make the l>edsup; other's grumble about hnnl board ; and on* . a Vnginian, became disgusted his fare ami complained to the landlord, informing Captain Mills that if he did'nt aftotd him better accommodntions he wouldn't patronize him any longer. The Captain admitted his inability to do liet er, and had to endure the mortification of seeing his guest depart for other quarte s. A Card to tiik Pkoi-lx at I.aroe.?All persons that have ue?luoled to call at the establishment so well known as the " Odeon Hall," to tupply them selves with Fail and Winter Clothing, will please call and examine our most beautiful an?l careful se lects stock of Men's, Youths' and tlojs' Ciothing. We tske pleasure in sn> ins tfiit our stock. now on hand. is unsuipassible 111 style, workinansliip, or qua.ity. ami os 11 he s<>l<l at less price than by any oth'-r sun lar Itouse in the (niori. We aJs" call at tention to our larse stock of Ijeiitlemau's Fnrnish 111K G?mMs. such as wiute and fancy Sinrt*, I udcr shirts. Drawers, Comlo'ts, .\eclc ties, tsu?penders. S<>eks, G.o\ es.&c., Ac., at the great Oit*on Hall C otl.inx L?ej?ot. corner Penn. uvenue ami street, Washington. D. C. oc 31 uo.'w To Buy Cmkap Goons ro to Hall's Chesp Cash Store. No. S7"t 7th street, aU?ve I. oc l!he?3t MAKKIEU, On the 13th instant, hy the Rev. Mr. W. H. Chnp man. WI l.l.l A M II. MlGDI.K REBECCA J. K lit; li SON, Loth ol Baltimore. (Sua and Clipper please copy.) ? On the ?ith instsnt, Inr the Rev. Dr. Dnjrett. SAM I El, H l.ATTIMER to REBECCA R.| dauxhter of tbe late Richard I. Moisell, of this city, DIED. On the 11th instant. Mr. JOHN GAI.PIN. of t'Oiibeciioei, axed 41 years, an Assistant Exstmuax Ui the Patent Ofieo. GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. CoTT*$fonA*nc* of Tk? Star. GsoaoBTowx, Oct- 'M, 1*67. If ?? Ites" don't stop associating with the river j>eople about the Long Bridge, *oine Will be tempted to iminuate that he is getting into the habit of shooting out of a long gun. A few days since he reported the brig Fidelia in the river "e? route to Georgetown, from the city of Cowes " The Fidelia has. for some time past( been ninnlng between our city and New York as n packet, and Is. we believe, now in New York, awaiting a cargo. This mistake can. however, be accounted for, we suppose, in part. New Yorlc being the head quarter* of all iinaucialor specu lative bulls and wars, the torments of the coun try. and controlled in many respects by these two c lause* of bipeds,41 Ites" very naturally took it for ({ranted tLat tbis great speculative Sodom must, of necessity, be inhabited by some kind of animals other than real brtman. and ought, tlierefore, to be known by some other name, something like the foregoing. Yesferday lie re por ts a lai^e schooner Iniunrt up the Georgetown channel, with a cargo of iron pijies for the water works. This tiine he doubtless took his obser vations froiu the south end of the Long Bridge? got hold of the wrong end of the glass (spy) and mistook a large scow lecently built Vy the Messrs. {Mmme* for the use of the Washington Aqueduct, laden with cement in barrels, for the aforesaid very large schooner laden with iron pipes. Many of our citizens left vesterday and this morning, to attend the Agricultural Fair and Cattle Show now going on in Baltimore. In what year were the American one-cent pie ces first coined! We saw one this morning in the possession of Mr. Win. S.'Jones, bearing date lTc-'J; which shows that it has l*en in circu lation 74 years. The oldest building prsbably in the District is the warehouse now q,wned and occupied by W. H. Edes on Water street. It was erected in the Iear 17T2; four years before the signing of the kr-laration of lnde|tendcnce,' and has therefore been standing (45 years. For many years, it was the i?rincij>al hotel in Georgetown, and was the headquarters of General Washington when visit ing this city. Mr. W illiam S. Jones has disposed of his two story brick dwelling and lot, situated on l'ros|ject street, to Mr. Wm. Kirkland for 81.100?a few year* ago it was purchased for **<00 It has since, however, been somewluit improved. We hear of no material change in the Flour or Grain markets. The only arrival is the packet schr Fairfax, Mott, New York, to F & A. H. Dodge, with a cargo of merchandise for the two cities. S. GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMTS. UfANTKD.-A WOMAN to do gcuernt House work in a small fami y. None need apply without the best of references. Apply at No. 3,1st street, Georgetown, D. C. oc22 3t T. N. KinWKLL. \Vr A NTED?On the Heights of Georgetown, two ** SERVANT WOMEN, OneasaCnok and W a: her.and tlie other a* a Chambermaid and Ironcr. German women will he preferred. Rtcommeiida ?n?ns will be required. Apply at the othce of the S'ar. ___ oe21-at* UM^iTKl) IMMEDIATELY. ?at*) barrels of pure, new, couutry CIDER. Highest cash price paid for a good article. ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, oc ?l e<>2w No. 57 Green street. Georgetown. !%|RS. A. W. THORN will open on Thursday t*l 22d of October, a handsome assortment Of FALL AND WINTER MILLINERY to which sh* respectfully invites the atten tion of the l.adiesof Georgetown. And also is prepared to do all kinds of plain Sewing,1 at the shortest notice, at prices that oannot fail to j!?as?. oeanst* t/OR BOSTON.?The superior fast-sailing clip per schooner Setrsviie, Sears, master,^* has arrived, aurl will be rceemng freight tor^%? the above port on Monday. Appirto llAH-T LEY & BRO., 101 Water street, Georgetown, D. C. oc 16-lw & J.u IIAMMACK'S RESTAURANT, No. 2??J Pa. av.. under Wizards' hotel. The proprietor is now fu ly ? *wK~^ prepared to supply the pnb "jj / lie with ever) thing tlia'the various markets will afford. ,/j >? and for constant supplies It is " house shall he second to none, By giving it his un divided attention, h? hopes to merit the patronage of the public at large. oc6 1m* /M)AL! COAL!! COAL!!! COAL!!! The undersigned respcctfull? informs the public that lie is now receiving lar^f supplies of ('umber land COA 1., in boat loads, which 1 now offer to the trade at reduced prices for (rush. This Coal is of a superior quality, and of a larte sire. Can be seen at my Depot, at the corner of 12th and B struct south, JONAS P. LEVY, oe 1?-1m Grocery and Provision Store. ( ^ENTLEMEVS UNDER DRESS, Ac. % We otter this season for the fall trada our usual supply of superior " Vt se Neckband " Shoulder Seam" Shirts Sootoh Wool and Merino Under Shirts and Orawers Heavy and Medium Silk Shirts and Drawers Canton Flannei and Jean Drawers. Buying exclusively for cash, we are embied toof fer Gentlemen's Under Garments to the trade, or at retail at the lowest and uaiform prices at STEVEN'S ocS-lOtif Shies room under Brown's Hotel. JVOTICE TO HOUSEKEEPERS. C. R. L. CROWN A CO having received a large and well selected stock for the Fall trade, in vite* Housekeepers and those hi want of FURNITURE or CROCKERY WARE, to examine their stock,as the> are determined to sell to bUit the times. Bank papor of the District taken at par. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., oc IC-tf No. 3A7. coruer of6!h st. and Pa. av. mmense reduction in the prices OF ready-made clothing. Having on hand an unusually large stuck of READY-MADE CLOTHING and FURNISH ING GOODS of the latest and most approved styles we have determined to reduon it by c*i?h sHes, re gardless of sacrifice. With this object in view, we hive maiked our prices to meet the wants of all in search of good articles NOAH WALKER A Co. Marble Hall Clothing Store, No.dirt Pa av., oc 17-2w Browns' Hotel Bnilding. V CARD TO THE PI IILIC.-We shall cod tinne sellwr out aliont one week more, ann hance l^eg our friends who are in want of liargains, not to let the present opportunit) pass by. Those who owe us small accounts will greatly oti ige us h* sottling up before we close. During the few da*? remaining we shall offar our goods at great discounts. H. J. MuLAUGI'LIN A CO., oc 17 20 Pa. av., bef.itth andflth sts. I M OUSEKEEI'ERS, ATTENTION! I haveiust received a fresh supply of new and iin ov?d RISING STAR COOKING STOVES. I pre They are eavt of the best Pennsylvania mnhhle iron, ami made vei > heavr and strong to stand hard knocks ai?d rough usage. For sale only at C. WOODWAR D'S Metropolitan Stove and (Jra?e Worker, Pa av., between 10th A llth sts.. oo7-co4w No*. 31H A U22. MM! MCA I. CARD. R. G EORG F. M. A KTII l>egs leave to anuoimee to ai? Irienda of Wasbiagton, Georgeinwu, and Alex'irdria. that he is now prepared t? <tGI furnish MUSIC for Halls. Private Parties,and Soirees. From ore to any number of Musicians to lie Ititd at the ?hortext notice. Orders mn bv IrO at the Musical Depots of John F. Fllis or W. (i. Mi'tzerott. or at his residence, corner nib Md G streets. Navy Yard. oeJU-3ni* rpVLKR'S PLEADING.?A TrtstluM the M.i I r\land Sirnplihed Preliminary procedure and Pleading in Courts of Law, b> Samuel T>Ier, of ti e .Maryls^Kt Bar. This work is designed to simplify thepiesent system of pleading in the c uirts ?1' law ? I \|ar?lHinl. au<1 \? id be found avaluat le treatise (or the lieiieht of the sftiden' and the asrititance of the practitioner of the law. Price S"J. Free by mail on reerti pt < ?f i?t' in stainps. Just published ami for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S li.M.kstor<?, oc2? It nfar'Jtli street. \1 etropolitan MECHANICS7" INSTI i>J tute. Tuts Diploma, of the hrst elnss, was awarded by the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute for the pro motion of fhe Mechamo Arts, to Di. C. H. VAN PATTh N,?.f Washington, D. C., for his SUPERIOR DENTISTRY, SlRfilCAL K Nil mkchaxral, exhibited at the d splay of article^ ()f American maiuifsoinre held in the City of Wasluugton on the Kth day of March, l&id. Joskph hknrt, President. Charles Stassbcry, Secretary. ma* now be found daily. Inun W a. mi. to 4 p. m .over Potentini's (formerly Miller's) celebrated Conleo tionery. opposite McGui re's Auction Store, bet ween Ittth and llth sts. oc 16 I UMBER, LUMBER. LUMBER. The siibscriKer has just received per brig Maria, from Wilmington, N. C.,a lot of GIRDER,of the following sizes: 12 b* 12, 10 by 12, 8 by 12, Cby 12, and 10 by 10, from 40 to 5>> feet lengths. Has also on hand WALNUT PLANK. from2to 0 inches thick. Also, seasoned PANNEL WHITE PINE Pl.ANK. from I to 8 inches thick. The attention of carvers is especially invited tq the alsive. Also, a lar/o and wo'.l-seleeted assortment of BUILDING Ll'M BER, which I will sell low for oa>h, or on acojimnodatiuK terms to punctual eus fto triers. Yard No. 87 Water street, Georgetown. ?>c 12 eoSw V. W1IEATLY. IIOUSEKKEl'KKS. ATTENTION ! Just reocivcd, a now supply of the improved cele hrajod SUNRI-F. AIRTIGHT FLAT TOP COOK IS fi S roV i'S, four sizes. For sale only at C. \\ mid ward's Metropolitan Stove and Grate Fae torv, Nos 3't and 322 I'eunsy Ivauut avenue, between linli and llth streets. oc7-e<>4w C. WOODWARD. |,MJR A FEW DAYS'LONUER.-Groat Bar" I. gams.?Closing out at

H. }, m. laughlin t co's, ? ao, b?tween ttib and 9th sts, AVCTIOB SALES. By WALL A HAKXARI), AiictinBCfri. ADMINISTRATORS BALE OF FIRM aniJ H?WBHpi? E'twrw-On WON 1)A\ ?7th inst.,at in o'clock a. m,at the late resi dence of David F inch. deceased. on 19th street, between New ^ ork avenue ami I street norlO. we will sell the entire personal effects, aa? 1 fane roievnod-oMe Piano and Stool Mahogany Sofa, do. Arm and Parlor Chairs Do Rock its, Ottomans Do Centre. Side and Dining Tables Parlor, twill, ai.d ohamber Carpets Parlor, ehamtar, and Oookiug Stoves R dateaJa, Beds, Mattresses Wardrobes, Bureaus, Withstands Sideboard, Extension Tables Feather Beds, Blankets, nud other Bedding Curtains, Lounge, Fire Irons Crockery and Glass ware. Knives snd Forks Iron and Tin ware, Kitchen Requisites, Ac., Ao. Tonus: $5 aud under, cash; over that amount a credit of ?i nnd 90 day*, fur note* satisfactorily en dorsed, and bearing interest. ocg-ts WALL A HARNARD. Aucts. FOB. KENT AND SALE. For other" For Kent and Sale" notice* 1st pate. 170R RKNT?A tandsomelf Furnished HOUSE, (No. 4to, northeast corner of H and loth streets) containing thirteen rooms, with gas fixtures, bathing room, A e For particulars apply on the premises.or address Box Sia. City Post < imce. se 22 tf l^OR RKNT.-Ons large PARLOR, with Bed I rooms attached, suitable for a family or gentle man and lad> , with or without Board. Also, several other R(Kim?. suitable for single gentlemen. Applr at D'l YERNOIS'S Hotel, Pa.avenue,between 17th and 18t h sts. oc 22 IT'ORSAI.F, OR RKNT.- One of those handsome RESIDENCES on C street, between 1st and 2d, containing hot and cold water, gas fixtures, and every necessary convenience. The house will l>e sold at a sacrifice if applied for soon, and District Columbia or Virginia currency taken for the cash payment. Inquire of J NO. B. WARD, corner 12th street and Canal. 00 22 e<>3t (Intelligencer.) nOR RKNT-Prof. H. W. MI'NDKR having 1 fitted up bis Mall in an elegant manner, which renders it one of the prettiest rooms in this eity, Will be rented upon moderate terms for Soirees. Suppers, Dinners, or Promenade Concerts. Apply at trie Hall on I'nesday, Wednesday, and Thursday even ings from 7}3 until o'clock. His School is now open far the reception of pupils on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening. OB^-lf I-OR RENT.?A largo furnished front ROOM, lighted with cas, in <1 private family, convenient to the Capitol, Avenue, and Patent Office. A pplv at this office. ? "T I.MIR RENT-A small HOUSE, 111 a good neigh I 110rhood. Rent .*!<? per mpnth. Inquire at SIBLEY A GUY'S Hardware Wore, No. W Penn. avenue. _ oc2n-3t_ REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTA-Theisub scriber has a large number of CIT\ LOTS, some of the most desirable, in cver> section of the city, wjiicli lie will sell for reasonable prices for the pnper or certified checks of our City Rsnks. Titles all good. J AS. CADEN, oc2 2awl m No. 234 F street. A HOUSE FOR A FIVE-DOLLAR BILL xV Notes of the States of Virginia, Maryland, and others, of the Corporations of Georgetown'and Al exandria. and of onr City Hntiks, will be tsken at par for chances to a Raffle of a House and l.ot, title indisputable. in Square S!, part of Lot 15. front ir,g 15 feet on 27th street, between G and 11 streets. First Ward, snd 81) feet deep. There are 150 chances at five dollars eaeh.^ The drawing will take piaeo at Charles Werner's, as s?H?n as all the i-hanoes are taken. A certificate with a number on each will be given ns receipt for the mouey, and aa a chance for the drawing. . . ? , The time wheu the drawing takes place will be made known through this paper. This is a good oppoitunity to get rid of all the pa per money at CHARLES WERNER S. iS5 Penn sylvania avenue. oc S0-2w* HOUSES AND LOTS TOR SALE?ROOMS TO LET.?For rent two Room-*, furnished or unfurnished, in a private dwelling. For Sole seve ral small Houses an<! Lots. Also, several unimpro ved Lots in choice locations, at prices to suit the times, low for cash, or on liberal time. Virginia fumls received in payment. Apply to JOHN G. ADAMS, Heal Estate Agent, corner of Eighth and L street* north. oc i7-eo3t* I.iOR RENT.?A large three-atory BRICK DWELLING, with brick Stable, carnage house, etc., situated on F street, between 13th and 14th street* west?h most deairnble and health* loca tion. Thia is a first-class house, bmahfd in the verv l e?t style, with all the modern improvements and comforts. Apply to Dr. THOS. MILLER, No. 24*> F street, between 13tn and 14th streets. oc2"eo2w f^OR R E N'T.?One three story BRICK HOUSE containing six rooms, situated on F street, l>e tween 2d and 3d streets. Inquire of J. RO\ KR. on 1 a t. between I snd K sfeets. oc !5-9t I'/OR RENT.?The STORE-ROOM No.SlfiTth atrcet. immediately opposite th? office of the National Intelligencer, and now occupied by >V . ClendTin as a Boot and Shoe Store. Possession given immediately. For terms, 4o., apply to GEO. W. COCHRAN, next door. 0015 tf r|M) R ENT.?That new three story Brick House 1 with l?ack building, with bath room, gas, and all the modern conveniences, situated on E street, be tween Second and Third streets. Inquire of J. v\. ARNOLD. C street .between lliird and Four-anl a-half. oeM-tf FOR RENT.?A modern-built HOUSE.onSth. between D and E streets. The home would suit a meml?er c?f Congresa. being a short distance from the Capitol. It is nearly new and built in the best manner; heated by furnace. Iishted with gas, Uth room, Ac. Possession given by the hrst of N'ovemlier. Apply to THOM AS PA R KI R . oppo site Browns' Hotel. oc 14-.w FViR SM.E.-A comfortable two-storr FRAME HOUSE,on Pth street, between Mand N. A l? may be had if applied for immediate y. II. N. LANSDA1.E. Agent, se23-1m? No. 564 M street. Millinery, &c. rp o T H E L A I) I E S We would etll the attention of ttie Ladiea to nur Ihrre and ts-au'iful assortment of Fait an.I Winter HATS, wliicti, for eleganoeof style and richness of material, cauuot be. surpassed 111 this city. .... Also, a large stock of Sua and \ elvet R iblions, Flowers, Rusches, Head-dresses, ?C-. which we are prepnred to sell at very iow prices. Ladiea in w:?nt of such goods wrl hnd it to their advantage to ei\e us a call and examine our go<nla. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, oc 21-It 3"> I'a.ave.. bet. ttbMM H'th sts. IM1N I N OWINTER M I I.LI MB K V Ox Monday, Oi tober 11>th. The subscril?er has just returned*)A . from New Vork. where he purchase.M^^ tor cash one of liie most varied stock> aUlfefl of FRENCH BONNETS, BONNET MATERIALS. F LOWERS. FEA TII RIBBONS, IlkAD-DRESSES. DRESS FRS ... , TR I \l MINGS, & c'., Ac., ever brought to this City, wlnci he is determined to sell at puces to suit the MAKING in the latest Frenchatjies. M* \\ JlililAINi oc'5 2w Opposite Cflre Market. m/VRS. HELLER, ? It! No. 34 Pfnn. Avkxck,(rp stairs) Informs her friends and customers 111 general, that she will have the first opening of Fall aiid^#^ Winter BONN I'.TS on Thursday, Friday -indQj^. Saturday, and otl-rs tue late?t and best seiec ted stock in the eiiv, at moderate prices, ae W.ThA F.lm* IVtADAMK PRIBRAM* DAUGHTER inform IT I respect lullr the l.adies that they will . pen on Sntlirdav. Octot?er 17th. 111 their es talilishment, with which 110 other mi linerv, can be compared, a select atoolr of Fall and' Winter 114 >N \ l-.TS. R I BBONS. FLOW F.RS. and SWISS EM BR <?1 l?EK I F.S ; also, the hnei?t. ?*;sHort mrr.t of new st\lo HEAD rcceiveil ?lirect from Paris. No. 277 Pa.av., between l?th and lltli sts.. south aide. JJ R ESS MAKING. MI<S M.F.. WILSON still coiitiiiuca the DRESS MAKING 111 all its branches, at her old stand. 295 Penu.avenue, between 9th and loth sts. oc 5-1 in y UtUlNIA A.ND i?'?TR.0MONKVr pAR COOTS, SHOES *AND TRUNKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IRo\l HALL IIOOT, SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. Pt nn$yl vuni<i avenue, bet tree* 'JfA and I0U sts. vdL* 1 have just returned from the Northcryf^p K- if f with a splendid assortment of alllgr??j\ P J&'7 kinds of Indies. Gentlemen*. Mia-^1"'" 1 rW- res. Boys'. Chtldreus', and Servants' BOOTS and SHOES. Also, a laige stock of TRUNKS. CARPET BAGS. VALICES, and SATCHELS, all of which 1 will sell for the above money. Call early, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S. ae30 Iron Hall. CMTY STEAM FIRE WOOD MILL. / Economy akd Coxvknikxci. We are now ready to deliver WOOD HAWED and SPLIT at 20 per cent, less than the usual ratea, and better prepared than it can be by hand. Knots and wood of inoonvenient size not sent. All orders for le?a than half acord will bedelivered 111 crates to any part of the house at no further ex pense to the purchaser. Pine wood in crates 35 centa. Oak wood do. 40oenia. In thia part of our business we will open no ae counts, as we have corne to the oonolusion to make it exclusively n cash business. Also, on haud. HICKORY. OAK, and PINE WOOD and COA L of all kinds, which will be dis posed of on the usual accommodating terms. Now on the way One oargo WhiU* Ash Broken Coal for furnace. One oargo White A ah Egg Coal for radiatora. Coal 2.240 His. to the ton. All under *over. Orders promptly filled. T. I .A W M. G A LT. northwest oorner of 12tii and C sts.. No 547, oo7-tf one aqnare south of Penn avenue. THIS IS TO GIVE Notice?That the ?ub^ scriber hath obtained lroin the Orphans' Court of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal eatate of SAMUEL WARDELL.Iateof Washington coun ty. deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, With the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber on or before th* 13i h day of 4>etober next: they may other wise by law l>e excludtd from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand thia 13th dav of Oetol?er 1857. B. H. ST1NFMKT'/. 0014-W3W Administrator, AUCTIOH BALES. TO DAY \ TO-MORROW MORNING. By K. S. WRIGHT; DESIRABLE BUILDING I OT AT AUC tios.?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, ad inst.. st 4 o'clock, in front of the prfmnei. I shall sell p*rt of Lots 24 and i5, fronting & feet 3 inches on Prospect street, unl immediate!* cast of ami ad joining the residence of Mr. Poe, witli frame H >use thereon. Terms st sale. EDWARD 8. WRIGHT, Auctioneer. oot20 St" Georgetow n. FUTURE DAYS. Br J AH. C. McGUIRE, Ancttoneer. \TAI.rABI.F. BUILDING L'?T* ON K stkkft IVoKTir, sui Fkaxklik Sqitaee, at Auction On MONDAY AFTERNOON, Oc'ober ^6th. at 4 o'clock, "n the premises, I khan sell parts of sub division No 24 and 25. inSquare Ko.2B5, frooth.g 51 feet 2 inch, s on uorth K street, between 12th and 13th streets, running back 97 feet s inches, with the privilege of an alley running otit to 12th street. These are the most eligible and desirable Building Lots for sale in that delightful part of the Cit>;to the sale of which special attention is invited. Title indisputable. The property will l*e sold entire, or in Lots, as is ite?ired. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on I he premises. oc'21 d ? JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auot. By A. GRKKN, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALK OF HOI8M> CATTLE. Ci&KUClS CcKN. Foi)l>K*. HaV, FaBMIXG 1 Ml'LgMENTS, UottEHOLII AND Kilt Hfc.l h'l'KM it kk. is Prim e Geokgk's Cocktt, Md.. at Arc Tiox.?On MO \ DA Y, the 2tiih instant. I shall sell, at the farin of Mrs. Mnrgaiet S. A. ("tnmnmgs. on the right of Rock Creek road, i>? inile from the Roek Creek church, comineuoing at IV o'clock a. in., all of the stock, oonsisting of Work and Carriage Il<*rses Cows and Cattle. Family Carnage Carts, >- arming Implements Some of the cattle are very fat. Also, a lot of Corn. Fodder, Hay. Callage, Ar o. Also, a good lot of Household ami Kitchen Furni ture, amongst which will be found a hrstrate l*i ano. Terms of sale: The Corn. Ha\ anil Cattle will he sold for cash in liankable lund.<; the balacce will be sold as follows : all sums under cash, in linka ble funds ; over jjJO.a credit of 2 and 4 nun I lis will be given, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, Uaring in terest. oc2i-d A. GR KF.N. Auetoneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. I EXECUTOR'S SALK OF VALUABLE IM A PROVED A\D I NIM FEOVED PuoPKRTY .?On FRI DAY, the 23<l instant, 1 sliall soil, at my tac tion store,at 4 o'clock p in., the following-described valuable property, viz: Ha fof |.ot No. 1. in Square No. (W. improved l?j a rood Brisk House. This propeity is situated at the corner of South Capitol and R streets. All of Squ:irf No.fiW. This property is tmunded b> South Capitol,South Sand Water streets. I .ots 2, 3, aii-l 4. in Square south of Square No.TflB. This property is bounded by South Capitol, R ar.d S afreets. Lot No. 1, In Sqnare Cfi2, containing 2H.772 f?et. This property is at the coruer of South S and Water streets. Lot No. 1, in Square south of Square snath of Square iW7 I'lns property fronts on sutith W, be tween First street west and Water street. All of Square cast of south ol south of OBI. This property fronts dn Water street, betweeu Sonth V and Wstreets. Lot* l and 2. in Square No. 7P7. This proporty fronts on Georgia avenue and Half street fast. Lot No. 2, in Square N'o.7i*5, containing If.,11:7 feet with the improvement* which is a good Frame House. Tl.e sls>v? water property is considered the most valuable of any now for sa.e in Washi?srton. and the sale will ha well worthy the attention of persona wishing to make a good investment. Tei ms: One-fourth cash; I*ilance in 6. 12, and 13 months, for notes bearins interest from day of sale. Bv order of the executor. ocltd A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Marshal s sai.l.?inmtae of ti.rce wits of Fieri Facns. issued from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to public sale for CASH, in front of the Court-fiouse d.tor of said county, on WEDNES DAY, thejuth day of Oct-?t???r. at 12 o'clock in. the following described property, to ?wit: alt defendant's right, titie, claim, and interest in ar.d to that pirt of Lot No. !7. in Square No. S74. commencing 22 fret 8 inches from the northeast corner of i-aid lot, front ink 16 feet 8 inches on I street North. lictweenOtli andiuth streets West,and running l*ck ibat width the whole depth of the lot. together with all and sin gular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property ol Wil larn D. Aclren, and will lie sold to satisf* Judicial* Not. 3f>l. Sf7?, and 379, to Obtober term, 1857, in favor of Charles Koones. use of Parker P. Clark, Peter J. Steer, and Fielder M. Mai;ruder, vs. \\ illiam D. Acken. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal for the District of Columbia. ooTiltds M ARSHAL'S SALE.?la virtue of two vnu?( Fieri Facias, issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columb.a for the Couiity of Washington, and to me directed, 1 shall expose to public sale lor CASH, in front of the Court -house do<ir of said County, on SAT' F DAY, the 24?h of October next, 1M>7, it 12 o'clock, m.,' he following propertT, to wit: all defendant's right, title, claim, and interest in and to one undivided half part of lot Vn, 1 in Square No. 5 8 in the Cit? of Washington. D. C., together with ali and singular the improvements thereon, seized ami levied Bpon as the property of David A. Hall, and will he sola to satisfy Judicial* Nob ii and 34. to March term, 1857, in favor of William W. Corcoran. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal for the District ol Columbia. se .%? dts ? OOK TO YOUR INTEREST! TO THE CASH CONSUMERS OF COAL AND WOOD. We have nowon the way. 2 latgweareoes of R ED and WHITE-ASH ('OA L, which we purchased in Philadelphia for cash, since the great pressure in money matters. W e can sell it cheap for cash. We have on our wharf, the larfest and best supply of WOOD iu town, winch we will also sell low for ea-h. WARDER A STEWART, Office corner of II and 12th streets, oc 17 2w* Wharf I2tn st.and Canal,south side. HANKING H O U S F. CHUBB BVHOrHEBS. Depositors depositing Bnnk Notes Will please maik thrir Checks payable in currency. D>'positc8 of <io!u ill l>e paid iii tiold. Accounts will l?e r-btfiied w ith depositors nliowing them to deposit G?.ld and I 'heck for currency, the depositor being credited Willi the difference. seat-tf CHI KM BROTHERS. P O K M O V NT V K R N O N . The Stramlsiat THOMAS COI.LYER, having been thoroughly repaired, wi'l make ii ? ? rerular trips to Mount Vernon. !eav ^ ? ng her wharf, in this city, TUESDAY awl FRIDAY MOR NING, at 9 o'clk. During the intervening time she will run regular trips to Alexandria, as usual. ocKJj THOMAS BAKER. Captain._ N ITE1) STATES M A 1 L. FLORIDA. Post <lFK?K Dkta ktment, Sept. 30.1lMf7, Proposals for carrying the Mails of the I'mted Stales from 1st Deceml>er, 1357, to3*th June, 18SB. on the following routes in the State of Florida, and iu th* niaiiner herein specined. wi.l be received at the Contiact (Jffiert ?d the Post Office Department, in the city of Washington, until 5 p. in., of the 13th Noveiiil?er, li>.57, to iiecuied oh the following da\ : 68*5 From Prescott's Store, (on the line of the Florida r"ilroad, hy Fort Harlec, Gaines ville, and Micatioo*. to (? ??!? Hud back, three tnnos a week, hi four horre coaches. Bidders will stale the distance, name other in termediate offices, if an*, and propn? a schedule of departures and arrivals, making close connexions with the railroad. 6SK From Prescott's Store, (on the line of the Florida railroad.I by New Kiver and St. Louis, to Newnansvillc, 3f> miles and Imck, three tunc* a week, in b>ur horse caches. Bidders wdl propose a schedule of departures and arrivals, making close coniiexious with the railroad. 6o77 From Prescott's Store <on the line of the Florida railroad I to Middlehurg. la miles and Iwick.twicea week in two horse coach. Bidders will propose a schedule of ilepnrtnres and arrivals, making close connexions With the roalroad. For forms of proposal, guarantee, and certificate; also, instructions and requirements to l?* embraced in the contracts, see advertisemo, t of January 12, I855.ui pamphlet form,at the principal post offices. A. V. BROW N. oc 3-law4w Postmaster General. J^RUIT, ORNAMENTAL TREES, Ac. The undersigned cat's the attention ttf planters to his extensive stock t?f FRUIT 'I'll Fi4*.S, which are of the finest quality, guarauteed as to accu-^^P r try, and verv cheap, viz : 1 Dwarf Pears, choicest variety, native and Eu fopcan. #25 to ?25 per l'"?. I5 0i?? Peach 'I rees, standard kinds, per 1<*>. lo.nun Apple Trees. I>est Southern variety, $18 per 2.oro Lawton Blackberries. Apricots, Cherries, Plums, (Quinces, Grape Vines Strawberries, Raspljerrics, Oooselierries, Currants, Ac , au immense stock ol all the hncst variety. Shade Trees, F^vergreena, Roses, Rhubarb and Asparagus Roots. With all articles pertaining to the Nursery and Seed business. JOHN SAlU . 3tW7th street, corner H street, Ocl3eo9t Washington. D. C. pUMPS-PUMPS-PUMPS. The subscnlier gives notice that he continues to manufaaturc his large Irou Pumps. They are strong and substantial, and will raise water one humired feet perpendicular. For information I refer yon to the inhabitants who have used thom.and two ofthem may be seen on F stieet, between 12th and l#tli,one at the corner of If and ISth. one n.-ar the old Capitol in a deep well, two oil Virginia avenue, l?etween 2u and 4th streets, all put in operation by order or the Mayor of Washington. lie will dig and deepen wells, build cistern-, for ram water, put iu operation Hydraulian Ram*, and repair old pumps of every description. Those desiring his services writl l>e ac commodated at the shortest notice by celline on the subscriber in Washington. D. C., No. 4&i N irgirua lke Cfcrr0lFOSTkR HF.NSHAW. t"U)R SALE.?AHORSE ami second-hand light 1 ROCKAWAY. Will l?e sold cheap for cash, together or sepirately. Horse1 ?,k. ..II.. __ oc ail eoSt * 14th atroot. ^|AM9! HAMS!! HAMS!!! We hava a choice lot of Family cured HUMS, which are unsurpassed in excellence. . _ KING A BURCHELL, ??24 Cornar ol Varmout avenue and 15th aueet, telegraphic news Frens tk? Pr*n Financ iai Matters, Ac. nrttkut ^ bank., of Cm bave ^r^'i Vo^.tiW^Lke iTT>,e pt**?denta CltiM.n-ff.iv t * lb^ r'rtl??* chc< ks of CH.^rsl.fgfc r payment Of debts The the tu ,-trc?utiaa. but not over two inillior,* ?t rfnii" t banks have lost wrt-k T .dlTn v^-, i"rn,f,b* of last ltii(ifndnl. ' Pr?dtace Las beea nearly rel.ef ?tt 'thr^*'^.'* ,th<r,10,11 al sli-i t. Four urr >??i . ""N^oetoo is very yejp'ay. i.-exrU^c^b^ra^kf ???"* .M.tnv UH. kmeu have l<ern discharged frum awr manufacturing 'Ma Ui* I. u.enis I.* Pokti. Oct. ?? -It la aa'd that an arrange incut wan closed ye?tcrdav between tbc Michigan ^outUein and Central Railroad*, which ?IU hsve a tendency to prevent a luiuotis comneution h*. Iwceu these two road* Mnssni fcaantts State Agricultural Fair. Houtos. Oct -JO ?The lirsi exhibition of the ?a?"*chus*l(s Board of Agriculture (Hon M P ' I' I'^lleat,) to-day at the city fai* grounds The weather w? exceeti Wlycold aid ?k iui11*' 'Kl' "lf> attendance was tood The eabibitloa embrace rattle i.or^, itrru. swine *u<f aomp*ttr n^arii* Fvprv vuiH* .i^. JS.ic.,1.,.,.1 p,^u products weic also exhibited in atmndaare Tb? s??rn?s- v the fimotn horses K'T 5.nU";, ad^ Ml1- Hector. Tret J ' J ? Du?>h\ Trotting Ch11d**rs \onnar?ii It"' Van ?"d Gipsy 7f M ' Bowland Shaw, ?f Jamaica Plata, haian tLe ground four beautiful Euxlieh tu>i sulliotis. jaat imported * ,l*oroughbr*d The Iowa Stale Elrctlan. rtj cACo, Oct 20?Tl?e dispareb aent f^-i Dubuque, on Saturday, in rtfrrenre to the law election, was corrert Twenly-ninronnties only haw Wen hea-d from, In which Lowe, (Repnb. Iw .tn.) for Governor, was 500 ahead The sam? counties gave Fremont 6.2^1 majority la th?M* c umties the Democrats elect fourteen members of the General Assembly. Nothing ha* yet been received leading to the belief that tUt (.eiMsU ture is not probably Democratic. I'iri In Boston. i 1?'?*' <^ct ~A ?re occurred this eveninr " ^w,le ?treet which destroyed the propertiTfr A \\ ebster and J. Johnson, both confectioners to the amount of *o (M^The building* were damoged to the ameunt ofyi.ugo. Monetary. \?w 0*l?a5s, October 21 -The city i. flnan cully more K.ouniy to-day, and manyarVln favor o. * *r?pen?.on r.r the Hanks as the only relief A sullen ai d bad feeling prevails There is no tbiax delnite regarding the Banks, but moat of them are weak. Mnrine Disaster. NoifrtLi, Oct. 22 ?The schooner Ann H */ the Mott Bedell packet line, from Washington, D. C , bouml to New York, arrived b?re this moMiinR, leaky Her cargo will have to be dt?. charged. She reports havi been ashore A Vessrl Abandoned. /?kT V?*"' ?ct a -Tke Sloop Brandtwine ? or U ilminnton, from James River, was found alnndoned aad Kinkiiig otf Saudy Hock ve*ter <t -y. Her bouts were ^one. She had oa taard n ca'go of wheat. Arrival of the Meamer North Star. Nnw ^ ?ikk. t)rt. 22 ?The steamer North Star, rrom Southampton on the Tth. arrived here this morning at S o'clock Her news was anticipated New Orleans Markets. t ?rt 22 ?Cotton-The market !R kiiKhtly cheafx-r; sales of f.nuu bales, middling Oileans to good middling *)%. pridn^' 19 9tead> - doing in Western l.ard closed buoyant, with a large export ia qulry for Havana; lard in kegs 17al?a ? Balttmare Market! r,?wAv.T',?,0!c.c<--t ??K1?L'r l" s"'?; ??*?or City Mills at j| for cash and SS 37S on tine; Howard street andOhio at So 2Caf^3 37 w ^Uh?at is unsettled; white fl.lSaSUt^ red ?1 . Corn sieady: whit#- 65a6T, yellow (VSaGhc Whisky Is dull; Clty?^a21; Oino2l*s ^ Vark Markets. ?Ct ?2 ~Fln?r ?? lower; sales of 9A?li bbl?: State *4 G5a*l fe5; Ohio 5o. Southern S5 25af5 Id ^ r/rt.n'v ljiijV.; ta,:,of bushels, white or V,Ll^ 51 M Co,B" fir?i or l*?.?nn> bushtla; mixed TUaTlr 50 B?ef ?? heavy at -'.V? ^ Ch|cag0 ke4 Lj4j<t b(|j timed lr ; m bbls lJj|al<?. Whisky Is qui. t; Ohio 22c. Financial. .llVWr>??"' ?fi ?r- >?wer pene ffii r? R^k l^ud Cumberland fiw Mi ; 4' llllD0.i: C"n,raI HR ?? do Bends Reld.n. 1b Zttbfu 9A" N V c?"r*1 <*V; Rtadina RRh \ .rginia r,^ Skt, Mi aonri 6 s Sterling exchange is dull. ^T l hNTluN. HOVSKKKKrHMS? VN oodMr&nl a Atetropol.ian Siove sn.f lirate Facto ry. .Noa. j>iii ?,.j 3-'^ relink) iv&uia avenue, between l"t? and IItii streets. 'wiween B. ? Hot-Air Furi.ricoa ?.rthe latest iniiiro??. men' put np at the shortest notice. ?r7"*w C\ WOODWARD. 'P O THK TRADfc. , recaired, I.or<!on Crown Stout and *snotn? JONASP LEVY oe 1 <1 in. Corner of 12th Slid B Street? stout'b, ? orn im i.riH^ry arid Wine Stora. CABINKT Fl RNITI'RK, ~" A N D \l AT I KKriSES. IM.ATKD GOODS. ' chiva. tii.ass. and rRorK^uv JAPAN NKl? GOODS. * BR IT A.MA WaKF. BMICK TIN (iOOOS. TABI.l: CI TI-F.HV! B1 1 ??N GOODS, LCH?K I N <* I' AS^K^ WO(?D A WII.I.O\V W * R F. . BASKKTS. BKIMIF** J. r-rminitan inuncnsfl vanct> of I s ful and*KsB^* Artie es, emhrsicjiis a.most every thinir r*auir?<t 7?? n.rnish the Parlor. Chamber!^ Kitchen, nil of which I w;!i ?,>|W? very |< w di.i*. lor c&nli, or on time for approved p*p#r p>'?-?s , J . W BotKLKR. i" <jeneral H??use-h urnisiiinc Stora. ? no *?? ^^ Iron Hall. f|OLSKKKKPERS. ATTENTION ! " <.7ks* :s mi Hal.I.- to all apartments. A,-. *'? For aale only at C. W.KKlward's Stove, lira'e V^rnncc.smi ( ?K,kin? Rante Faotory. N^Slsaod !C2 tennsylvania avenue, between iutta and IIin SI I> Pi He oel ootw_ C. WOODWARD (lT'ken' Vvll,N|-K-V,r?,,'Ul Vd t.-keu. t.reat lwr^,ni:s in Kood?. Havioc >u - very superior slock of YFI VT "ri Cl.OTHS. h.hI CASSIMF.KES at a *?nt Ucr a.Kl twenty h,e per cent, less than pn^s tao Lot"IllVl""' *r * I an<l ^U1 0,,#r >a*rR*n.s not to I a f'l ik l". ,*: *'MV * hn? nnd splendid stock of Clothing which miikt l?e sf<id for r*?h v ???? WAU. k STEPHENS. ?* s--- * enn; avenue. Ijetween :ih ami ?'*? streets, and nmler Brown's Hotel. No. lo-lmcud 232.J?tween 6th and 7th streets. tP L* RN I T F R E AND IIOLSKKEKPINU GOODS. v e ?4*v*a in store a very extensive aasortmrrt of Cahf et Furniture and other House keep tig Gouds, which we oiler to our friends mil cu?towe?-s at th?? very lowest prioes h?r cash or g<?*l paper. We deem 1> unnecessary to enumerate articU*. as our ttork s very full and oomplete. Persons desirinc to pur chase will please givs us s oa'l. MetiREGOR A Ct?.. _se?? ^7thjtra?,t. AH. MAR LOW'S . CHEAP BOOT AND SHOP. STORE \o.40ki Penn*tlrnm'a nt-fHue ' I take this opportunity of inlornnug m? customers and the pul.oc in general that I have on sale? a lot of first rate Calf akin JJa.ters at J?2.5n,Elll and a French Calf skin Patent Ecatiierr ICl Gaiter at $3.50. as good as are usually a?.i?j^ inL at Si. and a good Calf skin Boot at g* jn iTbTs Gaiters *1 ?i 2S. fire .M<>rricoo Buskirs at*I a'ld all other Shoee, suoh a. Boy-.. Ch" fSR2S iTP.!nrKl ^MH,1 Call and s. e ui ,o?r se!\es, Don t forget the place. No.4*; ponbsiiva 2iw3^,W"eL 1,1 au5 4>' not bo "Utdone hj sliiir in the Pmrnng r" ,'',"lvlri(t aeenred the services of an expe rieuced Sign and Oniamental Painter, I am prepnreJ SIGNS. BANNERS, TRANSPARFN l/l r.S, ?o., in the latest style*. Also continue to do HOFSF. PAINTING, Gl-AZINli, ai.<tf, HAIN ING in a superior mnnanr, at No. 63 Louisiana aveuue, between 6tfi and 7th streets. se 4 eotf M T. PAW KEN BICKSKIM SHIRTS A\D ORAM KKS.high ly reooinmended for oolds. weak ohosts, brtasts ami oonsumptive peisoas. Also, BUCK LJKGGINGS, for riding, long sod short; BOXING GLOVKS, and all kinds of goods in that Iioe ^ . a Bide agent for the District at the Bssaar. earner of 6th street and Penasj Iraniaavenue. oo?-eo2w HOI KINS,