Newspaper of Evening Star, October 23, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 23, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. THE EVENING STAR la PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BCILDHOS, Corner of Fa. avenue and Elever4k street^ By W. D. W ALL ACH, ud is ??nr?d totabeenbers by earners at SIX ANO A QUARTER CENTS. payable weekly to tbe Acenta; paper* aenred id paokacee at 37H oenta par month. To nail aubeeribera the subscription pnoe la THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS 1 ear ta mdTimet, TWO DOLLARS for aix montha. md ONE DOLLA R for three month*; for leae than thrae montha at tha rata of 12K centaa *tak. IT7*SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. AMERICAN SHIP-Gt'NNERY. The I". S. corvette Plymouth. (says a late London paper.) which has been lying in South ampton water for the last few weeks. will, it is expected. take her departure thence in a few dayi. Her commander. Captain DahlgTen. the inventor of the monstergun that hears his ntnto. ha* been visiting the gunnery establishments of thia country, where he has received the most courteous attention from the various authori ties Capt Hewlett, the head of tbe gunnery establishment on board her M ijeaty's ship Ex cellent at Portsmouth, has paid a visit to tbe Plymouth, and minutely inspected everything ?n board of her. He appeared particularly pleased with the new and improved small fire arms The officer* of her Majesty's ahip Me lamput. lying in Southampton water, have alao \tailed the Plymouth. On Tuesday last, souie experiments were made with the small flre arrna on board the corvette, before a party of viaitore from Southampton. Tbe rapidity and accuraoy with which these arms can be fired are extraordinary. The most prominent im trovementa in these instruments of warfare are nown as Maynard's, Perry's, and Sharp's pa tent*. thepo being the names of throe American inventors. Inoneof tbe carbines tbe fore-fin ger moves a spring, and the chamber for the cartridge is exposed, which having been filled, a spring ia moved again, and the chamber is covered; a primer, which corresponds with the percussion cap, is forced out. and the gun is ready for firing. This primer, which is ingeni ously concealed, is rolled round like tbe rnain apring of a watch, and lasta a longtime In another carbine, the chamber for the cartridge is lifted out of its psoition. upwards; it is then loaded, and on being forced again into proper position, a spiral spring, in connection with a concealed row of caps, ia touched, and the gun ia primed. The ramrod is. of course, done away with by these inventions. There are wveral improved naval and military muskets on board the Plymouth. In one of the bayonets, when taken from the musket, is a very handy and formidable abort sword. The King of Portugal was so pleased with the boat-howitzers on board the Plymouth when that ship visited Lisbon that he ordered some like >hem. with a alight modification, to be manufactured. Such is the rapidity with which these howitzers can be fired, that three balls fired successively from one gun have been in motion at the same time The boat carriages of these howitzers exhibit some improvements of Capt. Dahlgren. Some interesting experi ments have made on board the Plymouth, on ropes, cablet and cordage Some of the ropes are made of American cotton, others of Manil la, of Swedish and of American hemp The cotton ropes aro remarkable for their softness and flexibility, and. what it very singular, they are found not to imbibe more moisture than rojKM made of a much harder material, and it ;s believed they are e^ual to the latter in streugth ai.d durability. Metallic blocks for tbe cordage to run up>>n are used for va rious pur poa?s on board. The monster gun of the Plvuiouth weighs 16,0<>0 pounds avoirdu pois. It ia covered with a coating of Vermil lion and beeswax, and therefore has a red in stead of tbe usual black appearanco of ships guas. The heavy Dahlgren guns have two vents, whieh facilitate their rapid and safe firing. The weight of each shell tney discharge is about 13> pounds, and that of each solid shot is 170 pounds. The sound of the shell and shot traversing a distance of three miles, is lost in the enormous space which it traverses. One peculiarity of the Dahlgren guu is it? enor mous strength and thickne&s where tbe great est force <t the powder is expended. In ex periments made to test the strength of the^e uns one of them had been fired of nearly .000 times, with a large proportion of solid shot. without bursting. Capt- Duhlgren is of Swedish origin. Thb PariKR M.uhe Aut ?It was towards the close of the last century that iron tea-trays began to be imitated or superseded by papier mache. and from tbeee trays has gradually sprung up an important department of industry, in which the city of Birmingham, England, ex cela all other places. The true papier mache. that which was introduced about thirty year* ago. and from which such a woudrous variety of decorative ornament* ia produced, it almost entirely paper; there may be a small percent age of other material to impart certain minor qualities, but it ia essentially paper, of any and every detcription. The usual kind of pa pier macbe is a pastelike mass farmed of paper pulp, and pressed in moulds to aity desired form Tbe paper, be it what kind it may, or of aa many different kinds as it may. is mois tened. an 1 chopped and minced, and routed about until it becomes a perfectly homogeneous mass of pasta, or rather a mass having a con tittency like that of dough or of putty. A trifling portion of other substances is then in troduced, but not sufficient to change the gen eral character of tbe mass as a paper substance Then comes the moulding or pressing The material ia too thick to be poured into a mould like plaster of Paris, or like moulten metal; it it pressod into flattish moulds, like clay, com poeition. or gutta percha. Apiece it cut off, about enough for the article to be made; it is pressed well into the mould, a counter mould is placed upon it. and tbe toree of a powerful press is brought to bear upon it. to as to drive the material into every minute crevice of the moulJ. A knife is employed to dexuerousiy loosen the paper at tbe edges ; tbe greased state of tbe mould allows the paper to be re in >ved from it Then the imperfections are re moved, and the adornments are put on. How tri Lamks 1>re*s m Kashas.?A Kan?-is letter writer, who recently came down tbe Missouri on the ?teamer Omaha, aaya : At Atchison we took on a young Kan.-as belle, whose only attendant wa? a young Missouri btood. The young l^dy was apparently dieted in tbe latest agony of style aud fashion?the etiasle straw hat?the innumerable flounces and wide-spreading hoops of her gay striped ?ilk dresa. set off her commanding figure v?nr graeetuliy. Her stature tall?aa Byron says. I hate a lumpy woman Hut the richest scene in relation to this young belle was behind the curtain, ami is to come yet. At Leavenworth our fair one let! us. an i as she was standing on the bank "casting a last. lung, lingering look back, w<> were tempted to a<Juiire her delicately turned analee??' who can resist a nicely laced gaiter or a peeping ancle'' ?ahen, behold' the hadn't any stocking* on ' I am unable to aay what the fashion ia in Kansas ? whether it it fashionable for ladies to go without hose or not. bat eertain I am that the finest dressed om whotn I saw in the Territory didu t use the Article. CJF-In India (write* an English correspond ent) with the exception of the tra lesmen and the artisans, every man is a powerful swords man and athlete, and more than a match in a sword eowibat for any British soldier, with the exception of our cavalry and horse artillery, perhaps I have no doubt that in three months 110,99# horsemen could be raised against us lie twe?-n Cape Coin >rin and tbe Sutlej. should this terrible insurrection becoinc general, and that the mutinous sepoys, now in arms agaim>? ut, will in that case be reinforced daily by ex actly tin* same stamp of mcu who fought against us at Plasty. Assayc, and in other well-known fields. In many parts of India every one of the cultivators (at the ptou^h!) may be seen with ?? his sword at his side ; and, moreover, they can all use this weapon with great vigor and deiter-ty. Every man you meet in traveling, particularly those on horseback, is armed witn matchlock. snear, and sword. Ciive, and Wel lesley. and N'apier, fought against no better men. C7* The bank |uper circulation of t'ae I'ni'ed State*, at the prcaeut tiuie, U estimated to be aa follow*:* of a l>-<* denomination than Ave dollar*, ?even millions; of tivr dolLara, forty million*, I?mi dollar*, thirteen millions; twenty dnlltra. thirty flvf mlMion*; fifty dollars, thirty million*, of tbe denomination of one hundred dollars and upwards, forty-flee milliout. THE MAPI WITH A COLD IN HIS HEAD. By dabeisJodes?Daddle Jodca I ab tbe bost aiserable bad odder the aud. I ab eterdal ly catcbig cold; by dose is overiastigly gubbed up, so that I dever cad talk plaid. I have tried ?every tbig id the world to prevedt it; but the oold will cub id spite of be. Subber ad widter it i* all the sabo I breathe through by bouth frob Jaduary to Deoebber?frob the begiddl^ to the ed of the year. I've tried allopathy, uy dropathy. hobeopathy. ad Tobsodisb; every sys tem of bedicid. nut id void All kidesof teas, drops, ad old wibbed's dostrubs have bid tried; I've swallowed edough of theb to drowd be; but's do use. Dothig udder heaved cad keep uiy feet warb. dothig icoep be frob catchigoold. I ab dot tick. I ab dot poor; but I had rather be a beggar, au orgad grider'a badkey?the beadest tbig you could dabe?ady tbig?rather thad >>e a bad with a atopped-up doss. I ab very fud of wibbed's society, but I dare dot go idto cubpady; people are too polite to evidco disgust, but everybody becubs udeaay wlied evur I vedture dear them. I to barry, but doboddy will have be with by dose?dever! dever! Oh, I ab ideodceivabiy udhappy! Sub years ago I fell id love with a charbig girl, iler father was a had of beads, ad she whs the host widding little dabsel id the world. Ad she alodeef all the world seemed dot to bide by bisfor'ude Ad I loved her with a love of un ibadgidable idoedsity; every atob of by boig adored her! I detcrbided to seredude her. Ac cordigly I shut byself up id by roob ad waited a log time, udtil my dose cot albort cdtirely will. At la.-t. wud fide Autuh dight I vedtured forth, wrapped ut> to the eyes id cloaks, over coats. shawl*. hadaorcbiofs. ad what dot: od by feet I wore thfr thickest kido of gub shoes. A had of busioiads wedt alog with b??. "Iwa* after elored o'clock wbed we reached her residodce, id a fashiodable ad retired street. After tbe bnd had played a dubber of fide tudes. edough I thought to have waked her, I ordered theb to stop, so that [ bight si? I hvl studied several sog?, all bore or lonssedtimedtal ad boladcholy, udtil I thought I was perfect But do sooder had I pulled the hadkerchief off by dose ad bouth thad I caught cold. I cobhedcod, " Twas ted o'clock wud hotxlli^ht di^ht;" it souded very badly, so I thought I would try " ^ lied twilight dews arc falling faat; bud thnt was albo.?t as bad as the first. But I had cub there to si(j and sig I bust. So I ?ug at the top of by voice, " Cub, oh cob with be, The b->?wi i* beaVo^ ; C'lb, oh cub with be, The Mars art- eleabi^, And all a rood, above, With b?anty teabig; Boonli^bt hour* are tbe l?*st for love ! Tra la lala la, ad so forth." While I wan goidg on with " tra la lala la." codgratulatig byself bedially ujion by auc-css, a yug fellow iividg id the badsiod adjoidig by sweet-heart threw up a wid low and shouted, " BItttn your dozs. you <!uh fvolUuiu your dozr Ad all tho bad of busiciada laughed log ad udfeeligly. Fadcy by feeligs! Shakig by cledched fist at the yugscoudrel id the wid dow, I adathebatized hib with tho host awful ibbreoatiods I could thtdk of, udhideful who bight hear or who bight dot. Of the iddecedt and udfeelig busieiads I took do further dotice thad to hurl theb their p:?y upod the groud. Thed I barched hope ad retired to by apait bedt, frob which I did dot eberge for budths. Thk DrTCHMA* axi> thr. PA*ir.?Everybo ly will remember the ''money panic" they had at Sau Francisco some years since?and the story ?' John Phoenix" used to tell of the effects? individually illustrated. Before the fright, a frugal old Dutchman, by dint of hard labor, bad accumulated some which ha cau tiously deposited in on* of tho banking houses for safe keeping. Ruiuor soon came to his ears that they were not very safe?some said they had '? broke." Next morning, he trem blingly drew his balance aud put the shining g <ld in his pocket. lie breathed decidedly treer, but hera was a dilemma. What l hw do with it? He did not dare to keep it in his shanty?and as for carrying it about him, 'twas too precious heavy So. after a sleepless night or two?in constant apprehension of bur glars?he deposited it iu another "banking office." Another day?tbe pauic increased? there was a run on his bank?be pushed in? drew his gold?and felt easier once more. Ano ther anxious day and night for his " monish." and again it wus deposited in a safs bank. This time he felt safer than ever before, and went ouietly to his work. But the panic reached that bank, and anxious depositors be sieged the doors. Mynheer heard the news, and put post-baste, book in hand, for tbe scene of action?jammed in with the orowd?drew hi# gold, new and bright?put it safe in his cordu roys?and was happy once more?hot here was the dilemma again?wkrre to put it. lie had gone pretty much the rounds of the banks, and having hud such narrow escapes, could'nt trust them any more. He sat down on a curb stone. and soliloquized thus : '? 1 put mv mon ish in von bank, ven he preak ; 1 put liim in te oder bank, ven ho f>r?ak too; I traw him out; I can no keep hiui to home ; I put him in dis bank, now dis one preak ; vat ta tuyvil shall I do * I take him home and aow him up in my frow's petticoat, and if she prakes I prakes her head !"' , IUohtom Roric.? The Providence Journal copies the statement of tho Tall Hirer Star relative to the l>ighton Rock, recent purchased by Ole Bull, the violinist, and adds : " Every now and then we hear some news about the Ibgbton Rock and its unknown in scription. That any parchment has been dis covered in Norway with a copy of the Digbton inscription on it, is all nonsense; nor 'has it bcon pretty correctly ascertain d that the in scription dates ba^k ks far as the tenth century, and was ruado by some emigrants from Nor way.' The Danish antiquaries claimed for it such an origin, bat their claim was never estab lished. On the ether hand. Mr. Schoolcrnt't. who it* high authority in all that relates to In dian matters, attempts to show that the hiero glyphics on tho bighton R -ck were probably the work of the Indians, and that they had re fcreuac to their hunting scuues. Wo believe that the Northmen visited the shores of New England in the tenth century and frequently afterwards. Toe evidence <>f this, however, doss not rest upou the isightoii Rock and its inscrip tion, but upou the ancient Historical images. pAVIHii rOH CoJI.HTKt.TTI VP SEDCrTIO*.?A tailor at Vienna came to the Em|?eror Francis oa one of his public days, and laid a complaint against ene of bis highest nobility?a Schwartz eubnrg?that he had ruined tho character of his <laughter '? What has he done ?" asked tho Kinperor. "Oh, ' replied tho plaintiff, 4*I own bo has no acquaintance with ber, but everyday he rides down the street and kisses his hand to her,-inducing jieople to surmise strange things, which has compromised her reputation very much, and impedes her marriage.*' The Em peror sent for the noble gallant, and uotwilh stmidirig it was proTed that he had never ex changed a word with the girl, ordered him to nay her a compeasutiou of 2 llOO florins(f I,DUO) lie might have resisted, hat as he felt it might make htm hi bad odor at eourt. he paid the money. ? I'jp Mr Charles White was engaged to ba 111*1 nod b> M isi1 Mary Hale, daughter of a most respectable citizen, iu Columbus, Ohio. Ou the evening fixed fur the wadding and at the ap|K>int?d hour, the parlors of Mr. Hale a resi dence were thronged with ladies and gentle men, beaux and belles, assembled to witness tbe ceremony, but hour after hour passed and Mr. White appeared not A search was insti tuted for him, by parties indignant at his con duct, aud he was found at his own residence under the ministrations of no lees than three physicians It appeara. that before starting for the wedding he was troubled with a cramp iu the stomach and to roliare himself he took lawdanum, which instead of r.dioviog hipi, proatratcd him 11? U not flpttUd to fMortf? For Sent and Sale. IJM>R R ENT.?One three story HRICK HOUSE oontntmng six rooms. situated on F afreet, be tween 2d and 3d streeta. Inquire of J. ROVER. on Ut. between I and K streeta. oc !5-5?t* I^OR RENT.?The STORE-ROOM No.5:67th ? street. immediately opposite the office of the INiitiona! I nt^lh*encer, find now ocoupigd by \V. Cieudenin a* n Boot and Shoe Stor*. I'osseRftion fiven iininedwtejy. For terms, Ao , apply to G EO. door. oc 13 tf TO KENT.?That now throe story Brick House with t4ick building, with bath room, gas, and all the modern conveniences. situated on E street, ba V*!Vt!V?.econJ an<1 Third *trcets. Inquire of J. \V. AK.NOLU.C street,between 1 lord and Four and * - nialf. oo 14-tf FOR HE NT.-a modern-built HOUSE, on 6'lT. between I) and K stree s. The house would suit a inamber of Congress. being a abort distance from the Capitol. It is nearly newand built in the best manner; heated by furunc9, lighted with gus, bath room. Ac. Possession given fcv the first of Nev ember Apply toTHOVIAS FARKEH. oppo site Browns' Hotel. oc 14 2w RENT.?My HOUSE on F 4treet, between 1 12th and 13th. tf W. P. HIf,I IPS. rpO LET.-Fonr targe ROOM 47 r*?rth aide of * renn. avenue between Stii ;u?u Mh streets. Inquire of R. C. STEVENS, N?T9< enn. avomie. w*en 8th and 9th at j. so 2!t tf SAl.E.?A pieoe ofc.hne LAN Doc i "i,c" Vre#ki m Montgomery ir?:.r?r, Md.. six i:n,e* froin the heights of Goorgaiowti, adjoining the fowls of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Beetor, Nowles, Bohrer.and Hawkina. l!2H;iores. A I.'.tutiful loca tion : oart'ally improved; now hottitt: ISacrearieb creek bottom, and some fine yelio*-{>mo timber, it onn he divided, if desired. Cflll ni.d ^0 tin? prfotii sesjhose whodestr*to purchase. j? 4-tf ABNV'S CONFECTIONER . for salfT known and popular establishment is now offered for >ale, thus presenting a rare opportu nity Kir a good Confectioner to enter into a safe and prohtao.e business. Possession oan bo had 1st No vember. The three-story Brick House, now occu pied as above, is offered at private sale, or will be ranted i?r ieaaed as may be desired. h or prirtionlars inquire on the premises, No. 84 Sniff* JiT"1- G*??rretown, I). c\. or to \VM. BR iDGKS,313 Wast Baltimore stieet, Baltimore, flu 27-lf 0FF,FP?D FOR "PRIVATE SALE, and if not * ' sold before the 3Hth of October next, will be .old on that day (tlieJrtrh of Octobftrtat lo'clock p. m., oy a public sate or auction, to be made on tho prem ?ieiS?? ?'?ountry residence called "SI'.M ?MKR IIILI,.' which is Bitua'ed in Virginia, on tho turnpike road leading from Washington cilv, D. C lO Alexandria,three mile* and a'halffrom eifi.ercity consisting of a now comfortable dwelling house, eel tare, and oti'-biiildinrs. with !>? acres of wry rich land, of which <?ver I l^acrea are under enlfivatmn, the rest being hard wood land, geod spring water, go<*1 h slung, good water power for muling c,r facto ry purposes. The land may be purchased in two par oels, about 100 acres with the residence a;?il over acres with a house, of whieh over lt>ii^reaare the l>est in *he nei^hlmurhood ("or earl* eardeuing. CitT property hi \\ ashiugton for a part of the eousidera tioa would^l>eiaooeptald?. For information apply to JOHN F. CAI.LAN. at the Drug Sore corner of7th a.ul E streei?. in Washington.oral 'he L '?*,V?7 "f HRENT A KINZER,Tn AlexLTdr a *? 11 eotif OR F.XCilANtiE FOR PRO I Dl CTIVKCITV PROPERTY I ?"our Farms ranting Hi* to 2UPaores. A respectable lesnlence and other neresaary out buildings, Fruif, Ac., to ea?h. Alao.a Hon?e CarpenUr's Shop, with seven or more acres >>f I.and. This property lies within a m eof % Railroad Depot in Fairfax county, eight froin Alexandria, <pt< fr??in \\ hmhi'utun, with f* u, thor Particulars known of THOMAS CRI X, Wl ti street north, lietweeu 13th a?iu l tth. pQ 14"* Stoves. &c. Ml , _ C . W O o l> WARD'S IETROPOLITAN STdVE AND GRATE I - FACTORY. I The (lreatest Cookixg Stoves in tin United States. I have just retired froiq Philadelphia a few of the new Rnt\-? Star, or double Oven Cookiug Stove; a decided improvement on the old Mornng Star, patented IW7. 1 had them rot tip iu Pluiade! p|iia this last summer, exclusively for this market, rheyare very heavy and strong, ar.d cast of th.j very l>est Pennsvlvaiiia Malleable Iron. All th? Cooking I. tensita are made extra ii?avy. F. II. Church, Esq., minufa<;turer. I have also. Thp? I.ibkktt Star, made by Messrs. AoiMitt A Laurence of the same place, in Eight St?mt J)oiti.K Ovkm Cook, innd* l?? Mc^rN, mhiv an Knrtlett fc Co.. witii tli8 very l>est Air Tight FuT-Tor Coiikina Stovks that can t<? found in this orsfiy other market, soma of which are the celebrated Sunkisk. Improvkii 'ii.oBK, r Loll Cool. Nobi.k Cook, and the Blck AiB-riaHr Cooc. If any man onn produce a better Cooking Move, to cxcel the above Stoves, for roasting, leaking, Ac., f wiil give linn fSOon each "tie. Please call and examiue tliein. it will cost you ?oChing, and you will see all kinds and ?orta of Stoves, A o. For kite at C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory. No- 313 and izi Pa.avs., bet. Kiti. and nth sts. LVo?inv in Front full of Stovts. N. B. As to the Ska Shkli. flat top Cooxtxs Stove. 1 hav? examined it thoroughly, and think ,l *?.*? R var, M???f??Umau?e?Shell. Yes, shells will burn out in a few fires. It is a good name for th*m? go.wl for tbe makers. And as to the old Morn in? Star. I so Id thein last fall, but will not soil them again. They are as ttiia as pastetmar 1. 1 oan prove that the maker's agent urged rne, for almost a day, last summer in my counting room to sell them this rail; saying that if I would take twenty-five of them he would give me theexclusiveagenoy nfthem for five ye*r?. 1 told fum I would not have them at any pnee, they are so thinly made. They are band billed over town by oneth-t ?aid laat fall that they were uot worth having. All the aliove 1 oan prove, se 17-tf I . R 1 8^N. ? S T r ! " ? IIA \ r inst received from Philadelphia a few of tlienew RISINO STAR, or Doubledoven Cooking Stoves, a decided improvement on the old Morning Star. Patented ia?7. I had them got up in Philadelphia tlus last sum-' mor, and thoy are fully suited to this mur kot. They are heavy and strong oast, of tho very best Pennsylvania malable iron; th? cooking utensils are made oxtra heavy, anJ are manufactured by F. H- Church, Esq. Philadelphia. Pivase call and see them. Also, the tartest vajety of Stoves of all kinds that can ha found in the District ol Columbia. Rang -a I* urnaei's. I.atrobe Fire Place* or Parlor ('ompaii ?on*. F*nor Cuml??rtiu>d .Coal Grates, and other New > ork latest patterns. All the aiiove are for sale at C. WOODWARD'S Metropolitan S ove and (irate Factory, Noa. 313 andai'2 Pa. av., between Inh and 11th streets; bnleonv in front full ofHtovns. se 14 oollw P R O 5 T KIN C. WOODWARD'S MKTROPOEI I AN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY, No. 313 Pa.ur'nw, beticee* 10iA a*J SfJ-eo.1m Htk streets. I^HE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATURIT,, Just PvLliskr J, tiratie. the 25<a Thousand. A few wocjis of the Rational Troatmeut, without Me^fie.ine, of Ssermatorrlioa or Local Weakneas, Nocturnal Emissions, rlglmk (>eui'al, and Nervous Debility, Pre ; ? matuie Deoay of the liystem. Impo-^ teacy.snd liupeOunents to Mairiagu generally, by B. Dfc LANKY. M. D. The important faot tiiat thn many alarming orili p'aints, originating in the imprudence and aolitude of yontti, iaa* ??e easily rem?>ved without Medioiije, is in this small tract, clearly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and lughlv suooesBful treatment, bb adopted by the author, fully ex p.ained, bv menus of which every one is enabled to cure Himself perfectly and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all tbe advertoed rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remitting two postage stamps lo ? II ,f , , D,R- l)fc laney. wM-dtttf 17 Lispenard street. New York. Buffin's principles of fkrspkc" Ti vs. London; XI cents Moore's Perspective, principles and praotiee, 2 vols. London. I|2.7S I knock's Perspective and Drawing from Naturs, London, ?1.50 B.dton a Drawing from Objects. London. $2 \\ illiains Model Drswmg. Loudon, .?5,V Krusi a Progressive Courseolluventive Drawing, I.ordoii.75eentB tJirardon ; tloiir'i Eleinentaire de Perapootive I.inoHre, 2 vols.. Paris, ( {Drawing Book, landaoape. Paria. 623i cents >rawiug Book, (lowers, Paris. ?52>, ocuts Jrawn.g Book, ammals . Pans. cents Drawing Books, human hgursa. Paris.e^ cents Chevreul on Colors. Hay on Symetrioai Henuty, Pan on the External l-orms of Man, Joplm's Iso nietricMl Drawing. Joplmr's Isometrusf Perapec live, Phillip's Lectures ou Paintnig, Memneeon O'l Punting. Hazlitt and llaydou ou Painting. Ruskin's Modern Painters.Philips on Color. Cleg's Arehitsc torsi and Machine Drawing. Rum's Isomet-ieal Drawing, lii'l'e Flower Painting. Coe's Drawing, Progressiva Drawing Book, Pyi?e'a Arcluteeluial Diawing. l?op'?rtedr with othara, from London and Paris by oa l? FRANCK TAYLOR. ONE SPLENDID PIANO, almost new. for ^ J?. Call and aee it at the Muaie De-^? W. U. l\ I "c iwtreer of llth street and Pa. i . av. FOR a FEW Days LONGER.~Grant Bar gatua.?Closing out at h. i. Mclaughlin a co s. ** " ?!. Mv?*b ??h *nd Ofh sis. Georgetown Advertisements. Alakuk assortment of fall GOODS, At very Low Prices to Cask Customers. JOHN hTsMOOT, No. 119 South Silk or Bridgk Stuxkt, Georgetown, D. C., has received ai d now offering at very low prices to oash and prompt cuatomera, a large assortment of FAL.L AND WINTER GOODS', purchased in Philadelphia and New York at the large recent Auction Sales, and from the importers, at very low pnoes, which will enable him to oiler to purohaaera, many desirable Goods considerably klow their value. In the assortment will be found - Kioh Silk Robes and Bayadue Silks Best make of Black Silk* Bayadere Valentias and Valontia Robes Kich Printed, all wool. Delaines and Kobca Satin Fanoonies, plain eolors, ail wool, a very supe rior goods, double width, at 75o. Leepin's and other make* French Merinos. of all the most desirable color*, mc.'uJmg \\ hite and Black Plain Deiams, black, white ami colored, 8-t black French M*rino*,for Shawla Rich Fnion Plaid Merinos, at 31 ota. Do. all rt ool do. M eta. Printed Mcuaiin Delaines, ?ood styles, at 18?^ and 2T, centa 3*) pieces. I?est style#, English Prints at 12f* eta, K ich atvle Bonnet and Sana Ribbons Plain eelor* do., very cheap Velvet Ribbona and Fringe Trimmings Stella, Bmcba Shawls, in great variety Pupor double Biooba do. Chenille and Cashmere Scarfs B jou'* Kid Gloves, all colors and Noa. Saek Flanaels, all eMors White Ainorioan. Welch, and Saxouy do. Black Bombazines and K 4 Delaines Colore ai d black Cubtirc Merinoa

Black Crape Veils and English Crape a Ueift black and brown and white English Punts Loag ami square Black Thibet and Bay State Shawls Ladie* and Children's plaid woolen Shawla, in all styles and pricea Hosiery of ev?ry description l.adies Saxony and Merino Vesta With a full supply of housekeeping and domestic Goods, of the beat makers, oe9 JOHN H. 8MOOT. I^OK SA LK?Handsomereaidenoe on Ihe Heights of Georgetown. The Trustee, oi lers f'?r sale that spacious and handsome residence in Georgetown, at present occupied by Charles \V. Pairo, Esq. Th^ property comprises an entire square ol ground, beautifully improved with walk*, trees, shrubbery, flowers. See.: a large and well built green house, witii plants in ^re&t variety. There are also on the premises, Stabiss, Carriage house, and other convenient ont houaea. The Dwelling-Bouse in large ami roomy, having, with the wings, a front of ninety-five (15) feet and wmm?ni!a one of the fincat viewa of the Potomao river and country around. It is heated by a furnace, lighted with gas, and contains bi?h fix lures for hot ana ooid water; a large ?:i?tern, kitchen range; and alinoat ever* conven-enoe lor * firttt-cina* i<-sidenoe. If desired the Furniture will beaoldwith the h?>nse. Possession can Ke Riven immediately. For further particulars, terms of sale, k c., apply to 9AM. C. F DFS. Trsntss At Pairo A Nourae's Banking House, *e 51 d3?2awtw opposite the Treasury. ]VI O T I C E .? Having l?een informed that oer 1* lain persona are m the habit of collecting and gathering together the Bottles winch contain or have contained our beverages, sod puttmc theroin an arti cle made by <>there than ourselves, and ih-n dispos ing <>f snoh article on the faith and credit of our name stamped < n said Buttles, ail persons are hereby notihed thai such Bottles are our own property, and not subject to tn'e, and that I lie> are delivered t?? i.ur customers onlv to be returned, and that it is our tirm intention lo prosecute to the utmost extent of the law, an) infringment of our rights ??n th? premises. ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 37 Green street. sell Georgetown. D. C. DC I'DNT'S Gl'NPOWDER. I am all times supplied withall the various kind* of DC PO.NT'8 GCS POWDER, and am prepared o aitppiy the aatne in any quantity to parties wanting, on tao must favorable terms. W. ALBERT KINO, Agent for tne Di^'net <>f ('niuinbia, No. 35 High street, n>a? li-tf (Intel.AStAtes fieorsetown. D. C. Dentistry, &o. HE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOM IS, M. D . the mventoi sad patentee of 'JL#(i?ii?' Min-rnl Pitte TVr'l " hnrm - ? _^r~ j. successfully introduced his improvement uim&y^) various oities, has now permanent!} estab-^* ' *E> lished himself in Washington. This iiuprovemeut for Sets of Teeth consists chief t in making a set of but one picoj of material, and that lndestrnotibie mineral. No metal is usftil in their construction, and they are therefore free from jcalvanic aotion and metalio taste. There are uo joints to beooins bllod with moisture or particles of food, herioe thrfy are pure and clean. They are (liter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. I will give a reward o )ns Thousand Dollar* to any one who will produce a mili ar work of art to equal mine in purity, l>eauty, durability, artistic ejtoefleuoe or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. I'e'rna. avenue, betwoen 11th and 13th streets, ap 13-1? DR. VILLAR D, DENTIST, LATE of CHI CAGO, would respectfully inform thecit-^ izens of the District and vicinity, that hav-nwSsar ing l<?cated himself in Washington, he ts^* *' rp now prepared to perlorm all operations id his profes sion. in the most approved style. Oihoe, No. &0, Penn. avenue, adjoining Can tier's jap j" Iv IIKNT1HTR v. 1/ DR. 8TKPHEN BAILY, OVVICX No. l'J8 rKNNSV I.VA MA Avt.111, Thru, doors from. WlK Street. Da. BAILY hers leavo to inform the publio that he can be seen at all hours, at his office, located as above. He feels assured that an experienoeof hftesn vears' practice, with tiie large number of pal ients,and great variety of difficult oases that he has treated success fully, will enable htm to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming the opinion of many mer, eminent in the pi'<>f?Msioiu auii es|,eeially Drs. (larns and J. and F. Parmly, has led him, long since, todis oard ail mercunul preparations for falling Teeth.a!so all Enamels, Gutla Peroha, India Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction ol Continnous Gum Teeth, aad that Poiceliau, mounted on Gold Plats, is the ouly reliablo substance that can be worn in the mouth, as was moat conclusively shown by the last Amerioan Dental Couveation. Although he flatters himself from his long resi dence anu pniotice in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous fnei.ds and patrons, ho begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Churoh of Epiphany this eitv. Dr. Stxphk* Bailt : Dear Sir?I desire to express my esteem for you personally, and my confidence in you as a superior dentist. 1 he operations executed lor mo have been highly satisfactory. I hooe that >ou may receive the patronage fr -m my friends aud the publio that your skill so we.i deserves. Yours very trulv. Washu.g'.oa, Aug.SC, las.;. J. W. F RENCH. From one of theoIJest firms m Baltimore, Messrs Boggs, Cot.nan at Co. Having employed Di. Stephen Baily, Ssrgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant ana difficult pieco of work, which he did to my entire satisfa?!tion, and in view of the fact that one of the most distinguished mombersof the Dental College uf Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work sctisfaotorily, it gives m< great pleasure to express my entire oonfidenos and high estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. I J. iaS7. HA RM ANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon, John M. Clayton. U. S. Sknatb, Aug. 19,1856. The teeth you made for me work admirably ; noth ing could be better. Very rratefull*, JOHN M.CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I can cheerfully reoommend Dr. S. Baily a? a superior Dentist: ho made a set of poroelian teeth foroaeof mi fhrails.and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood well for more that ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON. of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19.1856. We. the undersigned, having had oonasioo to *vail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily. Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having been oognix ant of ins operations on ?ur families or fneuds, take pleasure la expressing our admiration of Ins artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in which be performs the most delicate and dilTicaK operation* in Denial Surgery ,and we respootfuliv re Oommend him ti> the confidence and patronage <>l the pablio. of which we consider him eminently worthy. Thomas Jt. Walter. Arehiteet U. S. Capitol. Thomas Millkk. M. D.,of Washington, D. C. B. S. Bohhkr, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Liscolm, M. D., of Washington. I), C, Jos. If. BRAPLKT.of Washington, D. C. Gkoruk Waltom. Ex-Governor of Florida, WaLTRR Lbnox, Ex Mayor of Washington, Hrwry Balhwi*, U. S. Patent Office, O. C. WiaHT. I'riuoipal Rittenhouae Aoadsray, febao tf rpEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa, paving Ifl p"r cent, interest by Coupmi hi N4w Vnrk. Bonds of each. The growing eitv or Davenport has now at>out 2i?,rtnn innabi'iiuTs. atd is rapidly iitereasing hi wenith an4 population. |ts munieipal debt is only f IMMUU, and its railroed del?t only I|l25.iinn hihI cannot now l>e inoreased. The atatiatica of the aity were publtshwl iu the Intelli genoer of the 3?h September. e recommend these twinds. I>elieving them to l>e as safe as any State or eity tiouds. CHITRB BROTHERS> filKKN GiNGK R-GREEN GINGER. .^??asaaE' Educational. EVENING CLACKS are now I.?rm t;*? at tk* Central Academy. coruer of K and Hah streets. The exercises will commence Wednesday evening. October 14th. A complete system of Fuures is tau&ht in a nev, concise. and sinip.'e method. oc9-lm S. MERCHANT, Principal. BROOKEV1LLE ACADEMY. Momtgomkby CoraTT, Mo. The course of study embraoea Ancient and Mod em Languages. Sciences. Mathematics. ami ordina ry English Branches. T?r.iis for Hoard and Tuition *180 per annum. ( atalognes may be obtained at Ballaiityr.e's Seventh street, or uy aud esur.g the Pnnoipalat Brookeville, Md. E. B. PRETTY MAN. A. M. as23 1m principal. Vocal and Instrumental Music. jy J lt di c al card. Prof. A F. LITTLE tnkes pleasure in announe injc to ins friends and to tfce C:tizwus ??t \\ a- hin?ton, Alexandria.and vicinity. that he is prepared to reoeive pupils for the'"?'? Pianoforte, UuiUr, Flute, ami other instrument*. Orders left at the M usic Store of Mr. Metzerott, Washington, I). C., and the Music Store of Mr. Parrot, Alexandria, Vv, will meet u itli at tention. Kerideuce, l>r. Hunt's,t'enu. avenue. *c 28 Jtawlm \|KS. CKCII.lA YOl'NG will resume her Ies 1?I sons in Vo?al Music either in rlassesf>rprivate ;>upils.o.i Thursday next, October '? st. For terras, Ac., appiy at No.4bS Tenth afreet, l?e tween Dand K street a. ae 2x-Ha w-iw tnstructTon i n"vocal mi sicT C.IRVING'!' Vocal Mnaio Classes meet for in struction and practice at T?Mnperaiio? Hall, on K street.aliove Oth. on Monday,Wednesday and Friday evening*. Afternoon classes at 4>? o'clock, and mi; lit class at 7>$. Terms,(in either class.) 22 lessons, .*5. Private instruction, vocal or piano, per quarter, 4*2 Ladies and gentlein?n desirous of receiving a thorough knowledge of music will be gratified by ?attlM with either of tiiese classes. Application can be made to Mr. I. at the Hall or through the Poat Office se 21 tf \f K.\vVH K\K V PALMER'SPI ANOFORTE 1?1 CLASSES are daily adding new raomltere Per sons desirous of availing themselves of Mr. Palsi kk's services are requested to enroll their names as etrly as possible. This Class system is more advantageous for the advancement of Childrea, than any oilier system of instruction. It is equally advantageous for the perfecting of the nioit brilliant performers. Tr*ms in Advascr. Primary Class 35 per quarter. Advance Classes 5'rt All applications to be mad?? to Mr. \V. H. his residence.260 F street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. ^["7" Georgetown flashes meet everv Monday and ursdav at I- o'clock, at Miss Harrover's George town Female Sriiiicnry. se 24 tf Dancing, i) ANCINli ACADEMY r. K liave ?n- fKL nt jn Mr. T F. GAS'AYNSM and DAUGHTER hare the honor u> aunouroe to the Ladies and ti??u tlstnen of Washington and Georgetown that ho will ie open Ins t'lasses for Danciug \Yssl:int,t.oti on Frida?, the it h of tOctober. Mr. i"ro?t-h's Hall, corner ef 11th St. and Pa. av., over Faraliam's Bookstore, for Misses abd Masters, from 3 o'clock p. tn.: for Ladies and Gentlemen, from 7 o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of Oetolter. at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sem inary, from 3 o'clock p. in. For terms and particular^ application can I*' made at Mr. G.'a residence, 4?*7 E street, between Wh and I nth streets. se It-Cm V>K.OGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. I Painting and Pu'.ito&raput Combined. PHOTOGRAP hTC PORTRAITS. In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Mimattjrr or Sizk or Ltr?, S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND PICTUR E GALL ERY. Odeon Hall, corner 4>? st.and Pennsylvania avenue, S.WALKER fitted up the aSove spacious apartments at a very great outlay of capital. thereby rendering ins establishment one of the n.ost c^in p!ete and handsome m the whole ooiintry. He has a large Gallery fur free rrkibttton of upward of 2"" fine Oi! Paintings, by some of the best aneieut and modern masters, to which he intends to sdd fresh importations. S. Walkkr has also fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments fur ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru ments. and cnipged a first ciass operative artist to axsist kirn in the department for taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC, AMBROTYPE AM) DA GUF.R R EOTYFE P O R T R A I T 8, from the tmallftt mmtatvr' to ?i*e of lift. S. Walker, by oombinuig the Photographic Pro oess with the art of Faint log. of whieh lie has had 25 tears' experience and whose specimens of life size portraits may l>e seen in some of the first fami lies of the city, as well as those exhibited in his Gallery, he will lie able, by the eombiuation of the two, to produce portraits that liavs never lieen ex celled for their fidelity and life-like expression. Can vas and boards prepared br Liinsell expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or life-size, from small piotures of deeeas* J friends. Photographs taker from eorpses. or sick persons taken at their own residences, on immediate notice. Committees and classes taken in any nnml>ei in groups, and an* quantity of oopiea from the same sold at reasonable charges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portrait*, aarefully back lined and restored to their original freshness. Ijadies and gentlemen are respectfully solicited to call at tne Gallery, over Shilling ton's book store? entrance 4K street, two doors from Pennsylvania ??mine. i> 11 -fin* I< 'ALL STYLE FOR 1867. Now ready at STINEMKT'/'S, 2* Pennsylvania avenue, near the corner of Thir teenth, the most popular Fall styles of Dress, or Moleskin HATS, to wuich lie invites particular attention, Havinx established the cash sys tem. ann finding it to werk well, he will sontinue to make a uisuouiit of( 12V per cent, upoii the actual market prise, making the hat sold for $4'and not uiifreqiiently for for the low prioe of a slight variation in ouality for 93. and for 92.&1 a superior quality for tne money. A good assortment of FELT H ATS, CA PS. Ac. always on lusud. B. H. STINKMETZ. aug 21-tf 236 Penn. ave. near !3th street. ROPOBALS FOR ERECTING MARINE BAH RACKS AT PENSACOLA, FLORIDA. Navy Dkparthknt. Washington.Sect. 51,1857. Sealed Propoisls. endorsed "Proposal* for build lug Marine Barracks at Pensaoola. Florida." will be received at tins department until the 6th <fciy of (November, KV7. at So'elosk p. m.. tor the eonstruc tiouefihe Msiine racks authorized to be erected at Pensacola, Florida aocordmg to the plans acd specif] antious prepared by the uirection of the Navy Department, eopies of which may t>e seeu at the offices of the oom-nsndarits of the Navy Yards at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Boston. New York, Philadelphia. Norfolk, and Pensacola, &:id at the Navy Department. The proposals muct be for furn:slung nil the mate rials and completing the work in a ms-iner satisfac tory to the person who mat be appointed by the Navj Department to superintend the same;|M the De partment . eservesthe right to reject or accept any ol the proposals hereiu mvited, when it deems the in terest of the I'mted States requires it. Ninety per cent.of the amount of wr>'k done and the inulorials delivered will l>e paid for froin time to time, as the work progresses, upon estimates made and certified to by the superintendent on the part of the I'mted States, and ten per cent, returned until the completion of theoontrae and acceptance of the work k\ the said superintendent and department, and he forfeited in th? event <d non-fulfilment of the contract: provided thHtnobill shall I* inaee for an amount less th&~ five thousand dollars. ? Fach prosoaal mtisi M aoeoinpNmed by awritten guarantee, signed by two responsible persons, (cer t.ficd to be so by a hi.vt agent, postmaster, district judge, or some other officer of the I'mted States, I in the sum of five thousand dollars that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal lie aecested. outer in to a contract and ts>nd with proper auj suftoient se cu'itv for its faithful perforiuanoe. Bidders 'ire invited tn examine the plans and spesitiivitions at the offices herein-before mentioned. The proposals must It* sealed and addressed to this department, ami plainly endorsed " Proposals for building Marine Barracks at Pensaeola, Flori da." The bidder only whoa* offer may be accepted will be notified, and the contrast will be forwarded as soon thereafter as practicable, which he will l?e re quired to execute within Jen days after its reeeipt at the post office named try him. . .. All tLe alx>ve work is to be completed is all re spects according to the plans awl "JJ within twelve moaths frem e?d contract. ISAAC TUUCKi. se24 2awt6tliNov Seoretsry of the Navy. THE LEGAL ADVISER, or how to diniii.ish Losses, avoid l awsuits, and save Time, I>oU ble sad M.mey. kv ootrduotieg business aceording to law as expounded Ly the host and latest A uthor Uie^l^Edwm T. Frendley, author of a Practicel Troa'tiseoa Business^ Information Texas. earefii[ly prepared I y D E. Bramaa. of Matagmda. Texaa: 7'.e. Modern Ref*?rm Fxamwied: ?>r the anion of North nd South oil the subject of Slavery; by Josepli C rt. ne9fl- Booasellers. near *?th street. Family bibli-id-Lvii qivto sue, m fu i leather binding, %L Family Bibles, full bound ia embossed maroon HI w? r, 91.25, f RANCK tatldh THE WEEKLY STAR. TUa cxotflOTt FftnBt ftad Nw Uuubc ft neater variet r of liiUrMtuc r??diB( than eu be foand ib U} othar?ts pabushed on Saturday morning. I mil*. . '? OOff, Hf Bnnem "?! * ive ey.pj^j * "en ooptea ? ? rent j oopiea .1* ? Ce?4, wuriwt ?a ?rf??r?. D Nacrtbtug ta *ZL- ' CSS ? sc,k* u,*?^??? IT^ Post masters w ho aet as ax* A ooinmission of So oent. Watches, Jewelry, Baltimore, washington. am> vik finis Bank Notee taaen at ear fr>r ml, hied. of rich and Jethionab.e GOLD JEWELRY. bn* GOI.U and 9ILVKR WaTCHEH? OOI |> CHAINS. SEA 1.8, KFYS, MlCKkil, and alt other choice good*, f r a few daye. i have just rwivfd a hue assortment of saw Gooda, which I am prepared to sell at eery low prices. Please call at SB Penu. avenue, sign of the large Spread Eagle. ?e *>-tf H. O. HOOD. Pianos, *c. ?JOLD MKDAL PREMIUM VI J UNO POKTES. WILLIAM KNABK, (Senior partner id the late fina of Knabb. G a. bulb A Co., Continues the macuiacture aod aa.e of grand acd seuare PIANO FORTES, underHie roar _a^ of William Kti&be & Co., at theoid stand flESRSl Nos. 1, S, 5 and 7 North Hutaw street op- HI 11 ' pomle the Lutaw House, Baltimore. Tney have also just opened a Sales Roonat N<> AT Baltimore street, between Charles and I.iiM streets. on the premiaea partly cooupied by Mr Henry McCaffery aa a mna.oitora, wterethey *1 keep constant'? on band a large assortment of plma and highly-hnished grand aod aauare Piano Fortee also, Melodeona. from the l?est makers, from 4 to V ??otave. aome with double ke? hoards, doable reeus, acd atopa to auit small churches. B?ng extensive Iv engaged in the iaanafhoft><-e a Pianos, we win se(J wuoleaaeaad retail, on the asoa liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal i at ths Fairs o( the Mar*.and lnstita'e two aucoesaive years?October. law, aixl l&V?in ??r po'ition to f?urteet: and eithteer. piano* from aome ol the leti makers from New York, Boat on and Be' - tin.ore. We were alao awarded the Lrst premiuokat the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir gmia, 1H55 and 185K. They bare alao l?en awarded th* highest premium tailver medal) at thsMetro po itan Mechanic*' Fair for 1(157. In additiou to tlna we are in poeeession of teetlmo run.? from the moat distinguiahed profeaaora an.1 amateurs in the oountry, which can lie laen at our wareroonia. for themseivea aud otseraof the high appreciation in which oar .r.atranienla are ever* where held. Alt itiatrnmeuta are guaranteed for five yeara,Mi a pi of exchange is gra:'ed within the first six cr.on'ha from the day of sale if the instruments do aol give eutire satisfy ion. Wholesale dealers will find it to thetr advaata?e to rive na a call before purchaamg. Pian<>a exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar 16-tr WM. KNARH A CO. VKW GROCERY, WINF, AND ia LIWFOR STORK. The subscribe l?gs to inf'>rn< ins friends and the public, tha? he haaopened a NEW STOR E, corner of l?th street and Loniainna avenue, where he la lends to keep oonatautly on hand a larce and varied asaorfmeiit of Foreign and D> nieatic WINES, LI Q! OKS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCFRIF**, <? naistinj; of Fine Teta. Sugar, Cofee, Fionr, Soap, Olives, Kaikina. Fics. Sa,dines, Aiicboviea. < >tacd, Marrett A Co,, Pinet A Co., and Col. Cha hard's Brai.diesin oases, demijolms, and casks. Old Je mai'* Rem. Sherriea. Madeira. Port of \ariena de aonptiotis. S?. Julien Ciaret, Chateaux Margaut in cages. Champagne Cider. Brandy Freita, Reynold a Jviim urgh Ale, Asciaette, Maraaohino. Caraooe. Absyutlie,Cbampagne, and a large and varied de scription of Havaua Cigars. Also, Sfuigliton Bitters, and Fcref and Acae Bitter*. Porter, Ale,and Cider. Famihes are particularly invited toealland exam me the stock itufore puicftM.itg eleewhere. Mem Iters of Congress are also informed that tfteir orders will l<e promptly attended to, and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A gfiwrai nesortinent oi" fine Havana Cigara, ur - p iitcj dircot by the sutaoriber. a: wholeaale aiid rt ta -. Canal Boat* snpplied on reaeonable terras, and produce taken in excliange. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand.oflfttu. Country orders punctual.j attended to, and ooun try produce of all desenptums received on ot?n?itti ment. JONAS P. LEVY, ie *-tf No. W< Twelfth street. 'rHK LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF PIAN 1 OFORTES is to be found at the Mnaie De> rtw w. G. MF.T7I ROTT. AllBKR'fl BRITISH POWER IN INDIA . J vols.. <vo., L??tid?m. Political ai.d Mi itary Event* in Ir.dia. by Major Hoiish, Bengal Ariny,?voa.; London. Japon-lndo-Chiae, par M. Dnboiea de Jancigay, I vol.: Paris. Martin's Statistics of the British, 1 vol., 8vo.: London. Tne Kuicdom and People of Siam, by Sir JoLn Browning,^ vols.: Lor don. Our Anglo-Indian Army, by Capt. Rafter, 1 vol.; London Memoir of the Bengal Artillery, by Capt. Bookie, Bengal Artillerv.l vol.JJvo; L< r.don. Memoirs and Correspondence of the Marqaia Weilesle>, succesnvrly Governor General and Captai?-?>eiteral of India. 3 vols., Uvo., London. Militarr ?'p.?ratio^s at Cabol, an(f the retreat ard desUuctioa of the British Army in ItKi, by Lueat. Evre Bengal Artillery, 1 vol. oet F R A NCR TAYLOR. MINfATl'RE THEOLOGY, in lifUe rolume? for the pocket, wilt rdred. Tl e Shimon on the .Mount. Parahlv'S of the Saviour. Christ's last Discourse to his D.suplee. The Song ol Motea. The ?lininpotenoe of Gud. Peter's Sernion on the flay of Pentecoet. Pnoe, tea oseh. oe? .1 rKANCR TAYLOR. JVEW BUCKWHEAT MEAL. 1 a A choice lot of new Buokwheat Meal reeeived to-day. KING A BL'RCHELL, oc 1'? Cor. Vermont ave. and 13th at. ^JEORGE SANDS' NOVKLS. Consuelo, throe volumes. 1a Mane An Dtable. I vol. Jacques. 1 vol. Le Petite Fadette, 1 vol. Valentine. I vol. Le Pechi De M. Antoine, 2 vole. Jeanne, I vol. Horace. I vol. franooia Le Champi, 1 vol. ev??rino, I vol. Alan prat, 1 vol. Indiana, 1 vol., Le ia. 2 vol. Lucrexinn Flormni.l vol. Lettrea D'lm Vojagenr, 1 vol. Prioe au cents per voiuino. Imp.'rieo from pansbr oc 1^ FRANCK TAVI.Or7 |_J O M k M A D E CARRIAGES. We have on hand, of our own manalftetare, a fine assortment of all kinds of CARRI AGES of the very beat, l&teat. and moat1 approved sty lea. ar.d emrranted in point of workmanship and material, to be equal to any mad? in the city r.f Washington or any other city la the Fuiied Stafea. We rea^ectfully aoiicit a na. froa the citizens and strrtngera to examine our work ; aa we are determined to let none surpass as either ta Quality of work or in low prices. We also do every kind otR EPAIR IN'G in a work-, ke maimer, and at roaaooable prices. Old Carriages taken in aart f ay men for new and at a fair pnoe. SIMON FLYNN A CO. may l2-6m YY ASlFlNGTON. OCTOBER S, 1857. Dear Six: The Piano I purohased of you m the Fall oi IivVt manufactured b> Hallett, Davis A Co.. of Boston, has been ir.daily uae since that time,an 1 I am itappy tostste has fully sustained the very N \ orable opinion I had formed oi these ? nstrumeni s. ? The Pianoa of this ina^alaetor^ are not, m rn> jad^ment, s. rpashed by thk>*e ol any other. I f.r volume ai?! ^weftueas of tone, prompt action,dura bihty, Leauiv of workmanship, he., Ao., tne\ a ? not excellcKl hr any others with which I amacauamt ed. Reapecltui'y, jour obedient servant. _ __ O. R. Mcbbill. J. K, F.l!?s, Esq., W ashington. WasBiKr.Toa, D. C.. May l,l??r. Dear Sir: The Piano I purchased of rou of Davi? ,V Co.'a manufacture, aome eu liteou moeths sine,', contmu-'a to give entire aatisfaction. It is a clear, full, sweet tone, and of beautifWI workman ship: not Iteing a judge of aueh instruments, I truat e<l to your word, ana feel pleaaed in sayinc 1 have not reunited it. Youra, reapoctiully, Mas. Pxtkb CakL^N. J. F. Ellis. . ... We have now a large stock of the*e Pianos. '^V^ j'oHNV" &LL.TsSpTtva^e^ >^OODSfOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTE!. * - ill aell all wiili a discount ol five p< r c?-nt. for aaah as lo retolore. and receive iu pa) incuts notes of any of ttie Virainia Ranks (except the Bank of KanaLwai st par. Any and all debts due them, ran be paid m tb* eatre enrreney. with thanks to such of Mieir debtois as choose to avail themselvoa of thia prop i,ait-on. Al^^andra. Sept. 29. IRspy se 3? t' ^HINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARM. R. H. MILLER. SON~A COv IMPORTERS. ? ALKXAHnatA, Va., WTNHave received two instalments or their #jylall supp.ies frtwo the F.ngliah Poctoeiea, mi9P and will oontinne to reeoive aoaesaione ??? XDs their atock trtl the busmeas aeaa'OJ aeliiui. TT H. Mi LI. KB, So ji A Co. oan asaore rtmir frioade and customers that their stock she It w?f the most desirable deacnptioo, and that thetr piaeeeaml oora pare wKh Uioje of any djaiera ta their line ui any other market in the cmtad Stalea. R.H. Millkb, Sox ,A Co. have prepared them aelvea to ofler to merchants every induoement to make tfaeir purchases in tl.eir line. WINDOW 6LASS. They have just reeeived via Antwerp ant! New York, from the great manuiaejory of "f osi.'' New Bruaseila,!'40 hoxea Frecoh Window Glaes "f supe rior quality and of different thicknesses, which they have imported under saoh oiroamalase^s as to enable them to offer ft snpener artieie ai veer mnderajo prioei