Newspaper of Evening Star, October 24, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 24, 1857 Page 1
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... ?t* njtuHM *?iJ aidf ? -? ."??*<> od bfnoit >ti*t ? n?t ?i !l-,?> rtr ?? ' k*f? ? ; ?? VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1857. NO. 1,487. THE EVENING STAR ' it PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDING*, C?rn*r ?/ Pm. ?v*nu* and EUp*r4A strut. By W. D. WALLACH. and ia rred to sitaorthera hy oarnera at 81X AND A QUARTER CENTS, pajreble weekly to the Arenta; p*p?ra aerved in paeka?M at 37* oents per month. To mall sebecrib?rs the snbeonption pnoe ia THRKE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS year ia adrtmrt, TWO DOLLARS for six months. and ONE DO LL A R for three mum ha: for less than three montha at the rata of UKoanUi week. CLTSINOLB COPIES ONE CENT. THE TELL-TALE HEART. BT EDGAR k. VOX. Art I* long and Time la fleeting, And our hearts, though stout Mid bravs, Still, like muffled drums, are heating Funeral marches to the grave.?Longfellow. Trt>a'?nermus?very. rery dreadfully aer ?ou9 I had bean, and am; bat why will you say that I am mad ? The diaeaae had sharpened my senses; not destroyed, not dulled them. Ahore all was the sense of hearing acuta. I hoard all things in thehearen and in the earth. 1 hoanl many things in hell. How. then, am I mad? ll?arkea! and obeerve how healthily, how oalmly, I can tell you the whole atory. It is impossible to aay how first the idea en tered my brain; but, once conceived. it haunted me day and night. Object there was none Passion there was none. I loved the old man. lie had rarer wronged me. He had nerer given me insult. 1tor his gold I had no desire. I think it was his aye?yea. it wa* this! He had the eye of a vulture?a pale blue eye. with a film orer it. Whenever it fell upon me ray blood ran cold; and so. by degrees?very gradu ally?I made up my mind to take the life of the old man. and thus rid myself of the eye forever. Now this is the point. Tou fancy me mad. Madmen know nothing. But yon should have seen m*. Tou should nave seen how wisely 1 proceeded ' with what caution?with what fore sight?with what dissimulation I went to work! I was never kinder to tha old man than during the whole week before .1 killed him. Anu every night, about midnight. I turned the latoh of hia door and opened it?oh. so gently! And then, when I had made an opening suf ficient for my head. I first put in a dark lan tern. all closed, so that no light shone out, and then I thrust in my head. Oh. yon would have laughed to see how cunningly I thrust it in I raored it slew! y?vory. very slowly?so that I might not disturb the old man's sleep. It took me an hour to place my whole head within the opening eo far that I could see the old man as ho lay upon his bed. Ha ! would a madman have been so wise as this ? And then, when head was well in the room, I undid the lantern cautiously?oh. to cautiously '?for the binges creaked. I undid it just so much that a single thin ray fell upon the vulture eye. And this I did for seven long nights?every night just at midnight?but I found the eye always closed; and eo it was impossible to do the work, for it was not the old man who vexed me, but his Evil Eye. And every morning, when the day broke, I went boldly into hie chamber and spoke courageously to him, call ing him by name in a hearty tone, an! in quiring how he had passed the night. So you see he would have wen a rery profound old man, indeed, to suspect that everv night, just at twelve. I looked in upon bim while ne slept. I pon tha e.^hth night I was more than usu ally cautions in opening the door. A watch's miuute hand moves mora quickly than did mhie Never, before that nizht. had 1 felt the extent of my own powers?of my sagacity. I could scarcely contain my feelings of triumph. To think th&t there I was, opening the door lit tle by little, and the old man not even to dream of my secret deedi or thoughts. I fairly chuokied at the idea Aid perhaps the old man heard me; for he mored in the bed sud denly. as if startled. Now you may think that I drew hack?but no His room was as black as pitch with the thick darkness, (for the shut ters were close fastened, through fear at rob bers .) and so I knew that he eouM hot see tho opening of the door, and I kupt on it steadily, steadily. I had got my head in, and was about to open the lantern, when my thumb slipped upon the tin fastening, and the old man sprang up in bed. crying out *4 Who a there ?" I kept quite still and said nothing; for an hour I did not move a muscle, and in the mean time I did not hear the old man li*? down. He was still sitting up in the feed listening; just as I have (June, night after ni^ht. hearkening to the death watches In the wall. Presently I beard a slight groan, and I knew that it was the groan of mortal terror. It was not a groan of pain or of grbf, Oh. no ! it was the low, stifled sound that rises from the bottom <*f tha soul when or?rvhi*rged with awe I knew the Sound well. Many a sight, just at midnight, when all the world slept, it has swelled up Irom my own bosom, deepening, with its dreadful echo, the terrors that dis tracted me I say I knew h well. I knew what the old man felt, and pitied him. although I chuckled at heart. J knew that he had been lying awake ever since the first slight noise, when he had turned in tho bed. His 1'cJrs had been ever siice growing upon him. He had been trying to fancy them causeless but could not He had been saying to himself, ?? It is nothing but the wind in the chimney; it is only a mouse crowing the floor;" or, *? it is merely a ensket which has made a single chirp."' \ es. he had been trying to comfort himself with these supposition*; but he had found all in vain. All in vain; because death, in approach ing the old man, had stalked with his black shadow belore him. and the shalow had now reaehed and enveloped the viotiia. And it was the m mrnful influence of the unperoeived sha dow that eausid hira to feel?although he neithor saw nor heard me-to Jeel the pressure of my head within the room. hen I had waited a long time, verv patient ly, without bearing the old man lie down, I re solved to open a little a very, very little crevice in the lantern So I opened it?you cannot imagine how stealthily, stealthily?until at length a single dim ray, like the thread of the spider, shot from out of the creviea and fell upon the vulture eye. It was opeu, wide, wide open; and I grow fu rious as 1 gazed upon it. I saw it with perfect distinctness?all a dull blue, with a hideous veil over it that chilled the very marrow in my bones, hut I could see nothing else of the old man s face or person for I had directed the ray. as if ?r lastinet. precisely upon the damned spot. And now?have I net t<?Id you that what you mistake for ina4toes* is hat over acuteneas of the senses '?now, aay. there came to my ears a iow, dull, quick ?ound?much su?rh a sound a* a wat?'h makes when enveloped in ootton I knew taat sound well. too. It was the beat ing of the old man's heart. It increased ray fury, a? the beating of a drum stimulates the soldier intoeourage. But even yet I refrained and kept still; I searoelr breathed. I held the lantern motion less. I tried how steadily I could maintain the ray upon the eye. Meantime the hellish tattoo of the heart increased. It grew quicker and louder and louder every instant The old man s terror must have h*en extreme! It grew louder. I say, louder every moment! Do you mark me well > I hive told you that I am nerveus? a> I am. And now. at'the dead hour of the night, and amid the dreadful silence of that bouse, so strange a noise as this excited me tr> uncontrollable wrath. Ye*, for some mi nutes longer, I refrained and kept still. But the beatiwg grew louder, loader. I thought the heart mast burst' And now a new anxiety seized ine, that the sou nd kiwU he heard by a neighbor. His last ht-ur had come ! With a louJ yell I threw open the lantern and leaped into the room He shrieked once?only usee. In an instant 1 . dragged him to the floor and palled the heavy bed over him I then sat upon the bed and ; s.jiled giuiy to find the deed eo far done. But I for many minutes the h<mrt beat on with a muffled sound. This, however, did not rex , me; it would not be beard through the walls, i At length it ceased. The old man was dead. I removed the bed and examined the corpse. Yes, he ww atone, stene dead. I placed my hand upon the heart and heid it there many minutes. There wa* no pulsation. The ?4d man was stone dead His eye would trouble iae no more If you still think me mad you will think to mo longer when I describe the precautions I took for the concealment of the body. The might waned, and I worked hastily, bat in wi lenee. First of all I dismembered the corpse. I eat off the head arms, and legs. I then took up throe planks from the flooring of the cham ber, and deposited all between the scantlings. I then replaced the boards so cleverly, bo cun ning! y. that no human eye?not even his? could have detected anything wrong. There was nothing to wash out?no stain of any kind ?no blood spota whatever. I had been too wary for that. A tub had oaaght all?ha! ha! When I had made an end of those labors tt wad four o'slock, still dark as midnight. Al the bell sounded the hour, there oirni a knook ing at the 9tre?t door. I went dowu to open it with a light heart; for what had I now to fear ? There entered three men. who introduced them selves with perfect suavity as officers of the po lice. A shnek had been heard by a neighbor during the night; suspicion of foul play had been aroused; information had beon lodged at the police office, aud they (the officers) had been [ deputed to search the premises. I smiled. for what had I to fear ? I bade the gentlemen welcome. The shriek. I said, was my own, in a dream. The old man I men tioned, was absent in tha country. 1 look mv visitors all over the house. I bade thom search ?aeirch well. At length I led theiu to his chamber. I showed them his treasures, secure, undisturbed. In the enthusiasm of my confi dence I brought ehairs into the room and de sired them hero to rest from their fatigues; while I. In the wild audacity of my perfect tri umph, placed my own seat upon the very spot beneath which reposed the corps*of the victim. The officers were satisfied My manner had convinced them. I was singularly at ease. They sat, and. while 1 answered cheerily, they chatted of familiar things. But. ere long, I felt myself getting pale, and wished them gone. My head ached, and I fancied a ringing in my ears; but still the) sat aud still ohatted. The ringing becamo more distinct; I talked more freely to gat rid of the feeling, but it continued and gained deflniteiiess. until at length I found that the noise was not within my ears. No doubt I now grew very pale; but I talked mora fluently, and with a brightened voice. Yet the srund increased?and what could I do? It waa a low, dull, quirk sound?much such a sound aa a watch makes when enveloped in cot ton. I gasped foT breath; and yet the officors heard it not. I talked more quickly, more ve 'lementlj; but the noise steadily incroascd. I ajm<ie and argued about trifles, in a high key and srith violent gesticulations; but the noise steadily increased. Why woitld they not be gone ? I paced the floor to and fro with heavy strides, as if excited tofuryby the observations of tho men: but the noise steadily increased. 0 G<id ! what could I do7 I foamed?I raved? 1 swore ! I swung the chair upon which I had sat, and grated it upon the boards; but thts noise arose above all and continually increased. It grow loudar?louder?louder! And still the men chatted pleasantly and smiled. Was it possible they heard not! Almighty God!? no ! no ! They heard?they suspected?thay Lnero. They were making a mockery of my horror ! Thts I thought, and this I think. But anything better than this-agony! Anything was mare tolerable than this derision ! I could bear those hypocritical smiles no longer. I felt that 1 must scream or die. And now?again' ? hark! louder! louder! louder! louder.' ' Vil lains." I shrieked, ' dissemble no more ! I ad mit the deed ! tear up the planks !?here ! here!. ?it is the beating of his hideous heart!" A Romakcb 05 thk River?On the 19th in stant, as tho flne steamer Florida was about starting on bar maiden trip from Omaha to St. Louis, a tall, gaunt-fellow, of about twenty-six autumns, came on board with a bloomingcoun try girl, of apparently not more than fourteen gentle summer*, lie informed tho clerk that she Was his sister, and so timorous that it would be necessary that tkey should oocupy a state room together. The clerk saw that their mu tual concern was deeply sincere, and aligned thera a room?one next the captain's?register ing them aa Mr. Barbour afad sitter. The sub ject beinir incidentally mentioned to the cap tain. J. II. Baldwin, he remembered that a young l?ui> much resembliug the fair passenger, had come on board to see them away. The statetneul of the kind brother that they had no relatives in that part of the country, and were bound to Joliet. therefore excited bis suspicion. A plan was formed which resulted in converting suspicion into certainty. The captain, whose heart is ih the right place, consulted with his officers, and it was resolved unanimously that the pair should be wedded. Tha happy intelligence was ootninunicatod to the parties in the most considerate and appro priate manner. T'uey were called into the cabin and their mutually delightful destiny unfolded. The young lady at once rushed te her fraternal o mpanion's arms with more than sisterly fer vor, crying?"Ob! Jim, didn't I tall you we couldn't paas for brother and sister ?" and clung to him in a transport of grief and joy. It was evident that sne would perform, with out prompting, her part of the marriage cere; mony, but he appeared to think her " too wil ling." Ilo was. however, informed succinctly I of the captain's ultimatum?he jnu*t marry her, or one should be lauded one side of the river, and the other upon the opposite side. To this ho suerned not unwilling to assent His Hero, however, would nflt trust her Leander across the Mississippi. But his reluctanpy was overcome by the clerk's solemn and confiden tial aaaurance that the captain was in a terrific passion, waa a in ?st desperate person, who would sooner shoot a man than eat, and that he had a pistol iu his pocket, which, it was plainly to be seen, his band was burning to use. The young gentleman, feeling thus compelled to volurteer, explained that he would have married before starting, but that he should have missed the boat, and, (,so kelp him God." he would have married her in^t. Louis. Ar rived at Brunswick. Mo., a Justice of the Peace was summoned, who shortly appeared in the ladies' cabin, where a circle was formed with the happy twain in the centre, and they were made one. The bride was the beaming picture of delight, he the saintlier one of submission. Capt. Baldwin and the clerks?Messrs. John sou and Dill?each gave appropriate advico and kissed the bride, whose gratitude was un bounded. The boat arrived here on Saturday, when Mr. aud Mrs. Barbour took the cars for Joliet, having so far fulfilled the reasonable expectations of their friends?LomtrilltJour. Ohess Congress?.Tho tournaments are going forward slowly. The third section is not yet commenced of the Grand Tourney. The astounding performance of playing five games at one time bliadfolded, was performed yesterday afternoon by Louis Paulsen, of Iowa. His antagonists were Messrs. Frere of Brook Ivn, Dodge of New York. I>r. Hawe* of Provi dence. K.J. (Asoanyun of Canstaa'.iuople, and Mr, Ilellbuth. The secne was one which will be long remembered by chess players. The five players, with the boards, occupied a quad rangle in the centre of the spacious saloon of Des^oanbe ? Rooms, where the congress is held, ^oaspiscnus amg the players was Mr. <>soany y>o, with a red tei on his head, looking like the very genius of this oriental game. Mr. Paulsen sat on the raise 1 platform, at the end of tbe rootu. about thirty feet from the nearest honrd, and with fixed attention ana lysed the moves almost without a single move spent. He commenced this arduous feat at >*bout .H? o'clock in the afternoon, and though he played even more rapidly than when the ffcur games were played about a week ago, the games occupied the whole svening until a late hour. Among the spectators w? noticed Dr. Chas. MaeKay of th? Loudon Illustrated News, the Hon. Jojin Van Buren, James R. Whiting, Thalberg. the-celebrated pianist; Capt. i'pte graf, ditinguished in the Mexican war ; Capts. Chauncey and Bullus of tbe Navy; Hickson W. Held. , Paul Morphy, EsqJohn Jsy. Esq , and other distinguished chess amateurs and ' gentlemen. The greatest silence pre vailed, except when broken by the annonncc ment of - the moves. Whatever eonversation ?>ok place was carried on ia whispers, and whenever a gentlemen with creaking leather it. his shoes moved over the floor a universal ?? hush ' warned tbe delinquent of his offence. " l.Vrtr York N?r<, Oct. 22 For Sent and Sale. FOR rent.?One three-story BRICK HOLSE oontaininj six rooms. situated F ?tr?ft. be twMn ad and Sd streets. Inquire of J. ROVER, on let. between 1 and K atreeta. oo IS-w FOR RENT.-The STORE ROOM No.5i?7tk ?treat, immediately opposite the offioe or |H National Intelhgenoer, and now oooupied by . ' Jlendenin as a Boot and Shoe Store. Hoaa^iaion iven immediately. For terma, ft o , apply teOF.p. COCH RAN, next door. oo 15 tf T O RENT.?That new three atory Brick Ho,*".4? _ with hack building, with bath roomvgas, and a'1 the modern conveniences, situated on h street, Be tween Seoond and Third streets. Inquire of J. \w, ARNOLD.C atreet,between I bird and Four-And a-half; oo '?* " FM)R RENT.-A modern-built HOUSE, on 8'k. between D and K streets. The house wookl ?uit a member of Congress. being * ahort distance from the Capitol. It la nearly new and bnilt in the beat manner: heated by furnace. liclited with una. bath room, ?o. Poaaesaion given by the krst of November. Apply to TfrOMAS PARKER, oppo site Browns' Hotel. Q014-TW FOR KENT.?My HOUSE on F atreet, between 12th and 13th. ......... ? y>-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. TO LET.?Four large ROOMS, north aid* of Penn. avenue between 9th and Wli atreeta. Inquire of R. C. STEVENS, No. II Penn. avenne, between 3th and ffth ata. ae g-tf IMKM FOR SALE.?A pieeeof fin# LAND?n I Rook Creek, in Montgomery oonnty, Md.. am miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Beator, Nowlea, Botrrsr.and liawkina. I l2>4aores. A beautiful loca tion; partially impreved; new houae; lSaoresnoh creek rottom. and some fine yellow-pine timber. It can be divided, if desired. Call and see the premi aee those who desire to purchase. je 4^tr RNV8 CONFECTIONERY FOR SALE. Tina well known and popular establishment is row offered for Sale, thus presenting a rare opportu nity for a food Confectioner to enter into a safe and profitablebusiness. Poaaeaaion can l>e had 1st No vember. The three-atory Brick House, now ?oe? piod aa above, la offered at private sale, or will be rentrd or leaned as may lie desired. For particulars inquire on the premiaaa, No. M Bridge atreet, Georgetown, D. C., or to WM. BRIDGES, 313 Weat Baltimore atreet, Baltimore, ju 27-j? ' OF F ERED FOR PRIVA+F. SALE, and if not aold before the Jfith of Ootohcr next. Will he ao.d os that day (the ?th of Octo??er>nt 3o'clock p. m., by a public sale or anetinn, to be made on the prfjb" lscs. the lieautiful country resideaoe called " SUM-. MKR HILL." wbinli is situated in Virginia,on tkp turnpike road leading from Washington eity, D. C. to Alexandria,three miles and a'halffrom eitljercity consisting of a new comfortable dwelling house, eel lara, and out-buildir js, with 1.y> aeres of very rieh land, of which over ITOacres are under cultivation, the rest being hard wood land, geod spring water, good fishing, good water-power for milling or facto ry purposes. The land may lie purchased in two par cels, about 100 acrea with tbn residence and over 5" acres with a honae, of which over 16 acres are the beat la the neighbourhood for early gardening. City -ropcrty in NN aahington for a part of the eonairt^ra jon would b? areeptat>le. For further information apply to JOHN F. CALLAN, at the Drag S ore corner of 7th aiwl E streets, in Washington,nrat the I<aw Office of BRENT it Alexandria, se 17-eotif ?, For balk or exchange for pro DUCTIVE CITY PROPERTY?Four Farina ranging from AO to Son acrea. A renpuotable remdence and other necesaary out-baildings, Fruit, Ac., to eaeh. Alao, a Hou>e Carpenter'a Shop, with seven or more acres of Land. Thia property lies within a mile of a Railroad Depot in Fairfax county, eight miles from Alexandria, ten from Washington, with turnoike road to each. Further particular* known of TlIOMAS CRUX,297 G atreet north, between 13th and Utti. oo !4-eo2w* Steves, ftc. MC . WOODWARD'S ETROPOLITAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. . The Greatest Cooking stoves in the United States. I have juat reoeived from Philadelphia a few of the new RieiNO Stab, or double Oven Cooking Stove; a decided improvement on the old Morning Star; natented IM7. I had them got up in Philndei Sa tlua Inat summer. exclusively for this market. tv are very heavy and strouc, and,oast of the very beat Pennaylvania Malleable Iron. All the Cooking Utensils are made extra heavy. F. H. Church. Esq., manufacturer. I have also. Tun Libkrtt Sta?. made by Measrs. ft I ,au renew of the same plane. Tmi Lioht St?krt Docat.a Ov'gN Cook, iniwle by Messrs. Haivan BartlettA Co., Baltimore,together with the very b?st Air Tight Fuat-Top Cookixo Siov*a that can t>e found in this or an* other market, ?nme of which are the celebrated Scttris*. Improvkp Gi.ohr, Flora Coo*, Nosi.l Cook anu the Ripor Aim-TtoHi Coog. If any man can produoe a be'ter Cooking Stove, to excel the above Stovea, f<tr roasting, Irnking. Acc., I wiil give him .^TOoneach one. Please oail and examine ttiem. rt will cost you nothing, and vou will see all kinds and tort* of Stoves, Jcc. Foraaleat C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove and Grate factory. No. 318 and Sli Pa. ave.. bet. lOti, an<1 11 th sta. Baloonv in Front full of Stovaa. N. B. As to the Ska Shell flat tof Cooxtjio Stove I have examined it thoroughly, and think ft ha? a very appropriate name?Shell. Yes, sheila will burn out in a lew firea. It la a good name for thorn?good for the makers. And aa toiheold Morn ing Star. I sold them lest fall, but will not sell them again. They are as thin as pasteboard. I oan p'o?e that the maker's agent urced me, for almost a day, last summer in mjr counting room to sell them this Fall; sating that if I would take twentv-fiva of them he would give me the ex oluaive agency ofthem for five years. I told him I would not havo them at anv prioe, they are ao thinly made. Thev are hand billed over town by one th -t said last fall that they were not worth having. All the above I can prove. se 17-tf RISING STAR. , " IIA VF, iust reoeived from Philadelphia a few of the new RISING STAR, or Doubled oven Cooking Stoves, a decided improvement on the old Morning Star. Pstentefl IW7. I had them got up in Philadelphia this last sum-" mer, and they are fully suited to this mar ket. They are heavy and strong oast, of the very hem Pennsylvania malaUe iron; llio cooking utensils are made extra heavy, a"?J are manufactured by r. H. Churoh, Esq. Philadelphia. Please call and see Alao, the largeat vapety of Stovea of all kinds that can f>e found in the District of Columbia. Hang's Fornaeea, Lat robe Fire Plaoes or Parlor Compan ions, Parlor Cumberland .Coal Grates, and other New York latest patterns. All th. ?bov, ... f?'^VUdWARD-H Metropolitan S'ove and Grate Factory, Noa. 318 and TO Pa. av., between b'th and 11th atreeta; heleony in front full of Stovea. ae 14 eortw F R O S T K 1 N G C. WOODWARD'^ METROPOLITAN STOVK AND GRATE FACTORY. No. SIS Pa.avenue, butwetn l(Uk and aeS-eo3m .11 th struts. ^HE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATURIT, Just Pnklithtd, Uratit. the %>th Thousand. A few won's of the Rational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Looal Weakness, Nocturna: Emisalona, Genital, and Nervoua Debility, Pre mature Deoay of the ttyatem. lmpo trtKYy. and Impedimenta to Mairtage B. DE LAN BY. M. D, The important (act that the many alarming oom plaiata. originating in the imprudence and solitude of youth, may be easily removed without Medicine, is in this small traet. clearly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and highly suocessftil treatment, aa adopted by the author, fully explained, by mesnaof whiet) every one la enabled to cure Himself perfectly and at the least possible coat, thereby avoiding all the advertited rostrums of the day. Sent to any addreaa, gratia and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remittmrtwopontage stamps to DR. DK LANKY, s* W dAwtf ^ 17J.ispenard street, New^S BUFFIN'S PRINCIPLES OF PERSPEC TIVE. London; S7 cents Moore's PerapertiTe, principles and praotioe, 2 vola. London. $2.7.s '1 ? Looook's Perspeetive and Drawing from Nature, London, fl n Bolton's Drawing from Objects, London. $2 Williams' Model Drawing. London, 45,V> Krusi's Progreeaiw Course of Inventive Drawing, I.O'Mfon,75centa Girardon : Cour'a Elementaire de Perspective Lineare. 2 v<?|?.. Paris. #l.M Drawing Hook, landscape, Paris. &2X cents Drawing Book, flowera, Paris. 62>. o*i;.t* Drawing Book, animals . Paria, 63;a eenta Drawing Books, human iigur?a. Paris,fl2^ cents <?hevrenl on Colors. Hay on Sy inetriaal Meant v. Pa it on the Kxternat Forms of \ian, Jnplm's Ito im-trirsal Drawing. Jopluig'a Is?>iuetricai Perspeo tivo, Phillip's Lectnres oe Tainting. MerimeeoaOd Painting. Haalittand Haydon on Palatini. Rusk ins Mo< l?rn Painters.Philips on C?l?r- Cleg's Arehiteo jural and Msehiae Drawing, Bnrn's lsom<n ical Drawing. Hill'a Flower Painting. Coe*a Dmwihk, Procresaive Drawing Book, Pyne'g Architectural DSrrv~1'""."?^^KTAvr.oV: Jl?. Call and aae it at the Muaie De-^jg. pot of . MM v m ra h V /a fll' 11 ^r^E SPLENDID PIANO^almost new. for W. G. MKTZEROTT ' oe 10 corner of IH1> atreet and Pa. av. t'OR A FEW DAYS LONGER.?Great Bar r gams.?Closing out at h. i. Mclaughlin a com*. mm an. between ?Ui and ?tk sta. twr Fall* Si.", franae aad Biook street, (klUaaore. Md. < ?ay > lr Georgetown AdvertiiemenU. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FALL GOODS, At very Loxc Prtces to Cask Customers. JOHN H~SMOOT, No. lit Sorts Sid* o? Bbtdob Stbbbt, Georgetown, D. C.. hM received And now offering at very low price* to oasb and prompt ousiorners. a tarte assortment of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, purchased in Philadelphia and New York at the large recent Auction Mm, and from the importer*, at very low prioes. which will enalile him to oiler to purchaser*, many desirable Goods considerably below their value, in the aaaortment will lie found? Kioh Silk Kobe* and Bayadsre Silk*

Seat make of Black ttuks ayadnrAValeulia* and Valentia Robes Kieh Printed, ail wool. Delaine* and Robe* Satin Kanoonies. plain eolors, all wool, a very sups rior good*, double width, at 7-So. Leepui'sand other makes French Mertnos; of all th? moat desirable oolora. uioiudmg \\ hite and Black Plain Detain*, black, white and colorod. 8-4 black Krenoh Merino*, for Shawl* Rich Union Plaid Merino*.at 3lJi? etc. Do. alt Wool drt. fleets. Printed Mtuslin Delaine*, Rood styles, at 18K and 26 cent* am piece*, best style*, English Print* at ots. Rioh style Bonnet and Sash Ribbon* Plain eelors do., very cheap Velvet Ribbons and Fringe Trimmings Stella, Hiooha Shawl*, in great variety : Super double Brocha do. Chenille and Caahmere Scarfs Bajnu's Kid Glove*,all oolora and Nos. Sank Flaneels, all ?"lore .White American. Welch,and Saxony do. Black Bombagines and 6 4 Delaine* roiora atd blank Cobunt Merinos Blaek Crape Veils and English Crapes West klack and brown and white English Print* tjomg aad aqsare Black Thibet and Bay titate ?< Shawl* Ladies and Children'* plaid woolen Shawls, mall style* and pnoes ?[osi?ry of every description adies Saxony aad Merino Vasts With a full supply of housekeeping and domestic Goods, of the beat makera. oe9 JOHN H. SMOOT, L^OR SA LE? Handsome residence on the Heights r of Georgetown. The subscriber, as Trustee, oi lers for sale that spacious and handsome residence inGeorgetown, at present ooeupied by Charles W. Pairo. Kaq. The property eomprisesan entire square ol ground, Iteautifully unproved with wall, trees, shniwbery. flower*. Ac.; a large and well- built green house, with plants in great variety. There are alio on th# premises. Stable*,Carriage-house, and other convenient out house*. The Dwelling-House is large and roomy, having, with the wing*, a front of ninety-five <!?) feet ana oommands one of the finest view* of the Potomao river and country around. It i* heated by a furnace, lighted with gas, and oontain* bnh 6xture* for hot and ooJd water; a large cistern, kitohsn range: and almost everv conven.ence for a first *las* residence. If desired the Furniture will be sold with the houae. Possesion can lie given immediately. For farther particular*, term* of sale, Ao., apply to SAW. C. KDES, Trustee At Pairo A Nourse's Banking Houae, ?e a dswgawtw opposite the Treasury. NUTIC E.?Having t?een informed that cer tain person* are in the habit of oollectmg and gatherlm together the Bottles which oontauior have contained "ur leverages. and puttiiu therein an arti ol* inrute by others than oiiraeIvos, nod then dispos ing of suili arliole on trie fiutli and oreditofour name *t:u;iprt?f on aaid Bottles, all persons are lierel>y notified that sum Bottles are our own property, and not subject to sale.and tliat the* are delivered toour oust outers only to he returned,and that it is our firm intention to proseoute to tuc utruoat extent of the law, any lAfr^ng merit of our right* on the premises. 7 itttNT A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, se 11 Georretown. D. O. DU FONT'S GUN POWDER. I am all times supplied withall the various kinds of DC FONT'S Ut Vl'OWDUR, and am prepared U. supply the same in any quantity to partie* wanting, on the most favorable terms. ? W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, No. 35 High street, Dentistry, 4c. EIMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOM IS, M. D-. the inventor aad patentee of "tsoinii' M>*'ral Plat* Teeth," having, suecassfully introduced his improvement ing various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Set* of Teeth oonaist* chief ly in making a set of but one pieoe of tnaferial, and tnat in<Uatruotible mineral. No metal la used in their construction, and they are therefore free from falrauioaction and metaiie lasts. There are mo. joints to beoome tilled with moisture or partiole* of food, heuoe they are pure and clean. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy. far more durable, ana witural in their appearance. 1 will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine in parity, beauty, durability, artistic exooT.enoo or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. ZK Penna. avenue, between 11 th and 13th streets* ap is-lj Dr. vii.lard. dbntist. late of chi caoo, would respectfully inform the cit izens of the District and viduuty, that hav-l trig losated himself in Washington, he is now prepared to perform all operations in hi* profes sion, in the moat approved style. Office. No. 250, P^nn. avenue, adjoining Gantier's jan y> It Dkntistrv. DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Owes No. 198 Psnnstlvania Avians, Tkrtt doors from 14tk Stress. Ds. BAILY begs leave to inform the pnWIo that he can be seen at all hisortioe, lonated asabove. He feels assured that an expenenceof fifteen years' praotioe, with tho large numl>er ?f patients.ana great variety of difficult oases that he has treated success fully, will enable him to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming the opinion tif many men eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. Parmly, has let! him, long sinoe, todis oard all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.also all Enamels. Gutta Perclia, India Rubber, ana Ce ments for the oonstrnotion ol Continitoim Gum Teeth, and that Poroelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substanoe that can bo worn in the mouth, as was most oonolusively shown by the last Ameriaan Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his long resi dence ana praotioe in Washington* he is favorably known to his numerous friends and patrons, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Reotornf the Churoh of Epiphany this city. Dr. Stbpbsn Bailt: DearSir?I dew re to express my esteem for you personally, and my oonhdenoe in you as a superior dentist. The operation* executed for me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you may receive the patronage from my friends and th# publio that your skill so well deserves. Yonrs verr truly, Washington, Ang. 26,1866. J. W. F RENCH. From one of the oldest firms tn Baltimore, Messrs. Boggs, Cot man A Co. Havirnr employed Dr. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of Wasninston oity, to execute for me an im portant and diffrouIt piece of work, wbioh he did to my entire satisfhotion, and in view of the fsot that one of the most distinguished members o| the Deutai College of Baltimore, tailed, after repealed trials, to perform the saine work gives me great pleasure to sxprees my entire ootifideiioe and nigh estimation or his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1857. HARM ANN BOGGS. Extraot from a note received from the Late Hon. Joha M. Clayton. U. 8. SitNATB, Ang. 19, 1896. The teeth yon made for me work admirably ; noth 0O.I1 b.W. V?>7^"j!f.'CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I can ohearftiUy reoommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist: he made a set of poroelian teeth for one of my fainilv, and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood well for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Oonf. of the M. E. Churoh South. April 18.1156. We. the undersigned, having had oooasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Snrgeon Dentist of this city, or having been cognis ant of his operations on our families or friends, tske pleasure ta expressing onr admiration of his artistic skill, as woll as of the umlorrnly satisfactory manner in wnioh he performs the most delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respeotfullv re oointnend him to the oonhdenoe and patronage of the public, of which we oonsider him eminently worthy. Thomas U. W At TBS, Architect II. S. Capitol. Thomas D..of Washington, D. C. B. S. Bohbbb, M. D. of (Georgetown. D. C. N. S. Limcoln. M. D., of Washington. D. C, Jos. H. BaADt.ST.of W sahington, D. C. Hsobob Walws, Ex-Governor of Florida, Waltbb Lk?iox, Ex-MaVor of Washington. Hk*rt Baldwin, U. S. Patent Office, O.O. WieHT, PrmeipeJ Rittenhouse Aeademr, feh* tf _ *pKN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa, par ins 10 p*r oeat. interest by Coupon in New York. Bonds of #Sno eeeh. The growing eity of Davenport has now atout *i,nno inhabitants, and is rapidly increasing in wealth aad population. Its municipal debt is only $19,000, and its railrosd debt oply 9125.W*'. and cannot now be increased. The statistins of the oitv were published in the Intelli genoer of the S1h September. We reoommend these bonds, believing them to be as sate a* any titate or oity beads. 006 ? CHUBB BROTHERS KINO k BUSCHEU It VennoBt avenue ana ISM street. _ Vocal and Instrumental ITnair hm h*,i m* ikl lT : } wy n?rnb#r of Muiieitiii to rv^r * fboptmti notice. * 19 corner 6th and G .treats, Navy Yard. o^C' j jYJ U S 1 c A L CARD. ' Prof- A. F. LITTLE takns pleasure in anaou?c 1 ?'a hinrt". 17 aUd to_^? OltlXens [ ? * hingten, Alexandria. and vieimtv thtifcsiB he U dtp pared U> receive pupi a fur ttie^^^^i ' 0^?le<^*J?iL MUt"' ^ other m?ri,meBt?. i til l tlif Muiic Dtort of Mr WMb'ort,... D ^ and the Mull. HtSTTftl!' rfirrol, Alexandria, \ &, will meet with Rrnmnr ??* lYI"^^!^ ^ *iH nnm? her lea Dtiniia S ti, Muaic either in olaeaeaor private ^ e T^u^dair next, Octot>er l?t. twVen n'-nH*#'?i' Rpp'T at Nw- "* 1>n,h *? i *??*!! ?S5i.t-Jtr***. INSTRUCTION in vocal music. C.IRVINO'9 Vocal Musie C'uif* meet for in *t ruction and practice at Temperaoc# Haii om F e\7nin*a?VVft?;?n Monday. Wednesday anJ FndaJ njXtcZ.JyX?000 * " ?* ?,0i0*k' Terws.fin either e^ass.) 22 lessons. ?s. ^Private instruction, vooal or piano, p?r quarter. Ladies and gentlemen des irons ol remirnr * I thorough knowledge of raasic wul he k! uniting with either of these clasps. ** IVl Cl".." t?LIf-"VS AN < > F O R TK ,l!r. A ASSEFL*r" daily adding new members Per sons desirous of availing themselves of Mr pALM . ".iV,"V?iM.7'''ue,'*d u ?? Tfi's Clasii system it more advantageous for the umriiotiT.i'11 ch',dr,i*than "J other system of miiiusKi sassr* "? I _ T?rms in AtrvARCR. ? inmj*57 J-1*," ?5 ??r quarter. Advance Classes ! $Al Mva PP.^?at,onB he made to Mr W. H. I r AliMKR, at his residence. 26-1 F at reel between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. ' Detw?*B ?J'V ^m*ftown Claasee moet every Monday and n't- emale Semi n*rr** M"* Dancing. I) A N C I N ft ACADEMY. ?h2& T r. ?A?ZVNRKT?nd DAUGHTER Have the honor to announce to the Ladies and Gen- *>a rlemen of \\ ashmgton and Georgetown that 5/* be will re open his Claases for Dancing ir/A VJ Ashin?ton on Fridaj, the 9th of October, at ?& Mr. Crouch s Hall, corner of Jlth at. and Pa av over Farnham a Bookstore, for Missesand Masters! from 3 o c.ock p. m.r for J^idios andtJentlcmcn, terhofn?^ ,p ?- ??e?*rKow,.-nn Wednea<iaTt the 7th of October, at Mi&s U&r rover's Indies Hem' issry, from S o dock p. m. .?'si"" 'f?*"*1 particular^ applioauon oaa be made wwh ro#l(le??*i ^ E street, between 9tb and l?tti utreets. M ,2^m R\' 1 ^ ? CLASSES are i:ow tiirmmc at tbe ? ^ Ocntral Academy, oorner of E and lotb streets. 7> f w ^mmeiroe Wednesday evening, uctuDer 14tn. ^ A ooinple-e system of Figure* is taught in a new, concise, aud sinifwe method. "es-lm S. MERCHANT, Principal. PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. A Paintixc akd Photogr apht CoxBiirrs. P HO TO G R A P hTc PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, MrjriATTR* on S12* or Ltrs. A W k I IT PR ?? PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY, Odeon Hall,oornerOt at.and PennaylvaaiaavenRa, 8.W AhKRR haa fitted up the above apaomna apartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most com plete and handsome in the whole country. He haa f 5ve,rJU*rJ ?or/r?? Tktbttio* of upward of 2W hue Oil Paintings, by aome of the beat ancient and modern masters, to which he intends to add freab importations. S.Wilker haa aleo fitted tin a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments tor ladies, and purchased the fiuest possible instru ments, and engaged a firat claaa operative artist to aesut bin. in the deoartment lor taking ailkindaof P11(' TO oR APH fC, A NJ H ROT VPK A\U D V OUF.R R KOTYPE WlHTRAl TS, from the ,T!lallJitt rnimaiur* to lui of lift. S. WautKR. by oombining the Photographie Pro ceas with the art of Pamtiof. of wtueh ha bas had 25 years' experience nnd whose specimens of hfe aue portraits may be seen in someefth* first femi heaof tbe city, as well aa those exhibited in bia Galiery, bewil! be able, by the combination of the tw?*i1 Produoeportraita that have never been ex ooiied for their fidelity and life like exoression. Can vas and t>oar<la prepared bj himself expreaslj for the purpose. ? Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or life-aixe, from small pictures of dictated friends. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persona takee at their own residences, on immediate aotsoe. Committees arid classes takii. in any number in groups, and any quantity of 00a iea from the aaine aold at reasonable charges. Likeneaaea painted oa Copper for Tomb Htonee. YaliMvbteOilPainUnga, and Old Family Portnwts. oa re fully back lined and restored to their onainai freshness. I*adies and gentlemen are reapectfnlly aolieited to call at the Gallery, over ShiHington's book store entrance Oi atreat, two doora frorn Pennsylvania avsniia iriur ^ALL STYLE FOR I8?.~ Now ready at STINEMETZ'S, 838 Pennsylvania avenue, near the oorner of Thir teenth, the most popular Fall stiles of Dress, or Moleakin HATS, to winch he invites particular attention. Having eatabliahed the caah sys tem. an<l finding it to werk well, he Will continue to make a discount off per cent, upon the actnai market price, making the hat sole ft.r 9?iat d not unfrequentiy for #5) for the low prioe of frS.V; a Slight variation in quality for #3, and for ? superior quality for the money. A good assortment of FEI.T HATS. CA PS. Ao. always on hand, Jl. H. fcTINEMETZ. aug Sl-tf 238 Penn. ave. near !3th street. OPOBAlai FOR ERECTING MARINE ARRACKS AT PEN8AC#LA, P LOR I DA. PI' _ Navy Drpartmr-nt. Wiwhington,Sept. ?1. 1MT. Sealed Proporals. endorsed "Prop, >sa]s f<?r htuld ? lag Marine Barracks at Pensaoola. Florida.'" will be received at this department until the 6th day of November, IHCT. at So'elook p. m.. for the (K'Rstrnc tion ef the Marine Harrack a authorized to be erected at Pensacola, Florida, aocording to the plana and specifications prepared by the direction of the Navy Department, oopies of whioh may be seen at the offices of the oommsndaj^ts of the Navy Yards at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Boston. New York, Philadelphia, Norfolk, and Peusaoola, and at tbe Navy Department. The proposals must be for furnishm* ail tbe mate rials aad completing the work in a mariner tatiafnc tory to the person who may be appointed by tbe Navy Department to superintend the b&me ; and the De partment reserves the right to reject or accopt any of the proposals herein invited, when it deems tbe in terest of the L nited States requires it. Ninety per cent, of the amount of work doneand the materials delivered will be paid for fnom time to time, as the work progresses, upon estimate* marie and certified to by the superintendent on the part 01 the United Statea, aad ten per oect. retained until the completion of the contrao and aeoeptanoe of tbe work bv the said superintendent and department, and he forfeited in the event of non fulfilment of the oontract; provided th?t no bill shall be maee fori amount leaa iuaa five thousand dollars. Each proposal must be aecompnmed br a Written guarantee, signed by two responsible persons,(oer t.fied to be so by a navy agent, postmaster, dutriot imlge. or aome other oiUcer of the Triced S?ates.)in the sum of five thousand dotiara; the bidder wili, when required, if hia proposal be accepted, erter in to a eontraot ai d bono with proper and sufficient ie cu'itv for its taithful pcrformanoe. Bidders are invited to examine the plana and specifications at tbe oHoesherein-tiefore mentioned. The proposals uiuat lie sealed and addressed to tbis department, and plainly endorsed " Proposals for buildiug Maria* Barraeka at Penaaeo.a, Flori da." The bidder oaly whoae off er may he accepted will be notified, and the oontract w>ll be forwarded aa aoon thereafter as practical,|e, which he will be re quired to ex*-eute within ten days after its receipt at the post oniee named by him. VI the above work is "te be completed iaaHre tpects according to the plane ar.d specihcafions within twelve mouUn (rem and after the data of the oontract. ISAAC TOUCEV, sei4-8awtflthN?v "liasretarr ft the Nn\ y. TM HK LEGAL ADVISKR, or bow to di?rai?h LoKaes,avoid Lawsuits,and save Tuno, irou Me. and Money, ?v oondnctieg business accordtng to law. as expounded by the hest and latest Aiuhot; by Edwin T- Freedfev, author of a Practise! TreatiaeoR Hnainess: (>t.? In format io?eMiout Texaa, oarcfully prepared by D. E. E.tlramaa (if Matagorda, Texas: TSe Modern Reftwm K**mia*d:er the onson o^NortH and South os the au^eot of ftavery: bt Joaeph C. Sn'??? SI J ust published, aad f?*r aale t?y Stiles, ?l. J w TAYLOR A MA CRY. a? S**- Rooksellera. nearOth street. fAMILY BIBLES?Larce quarto aixe, in fu I I* Family BiUee, full honod in emboaaed maroon leather, ? 1.25. J"? FRAWCK TAYLOm. A MAGNIFICENT CHURCH ORGAN, It .WEEKLY) /STAR. ifiunreetioecof e w., Mrd.uwm be pwofVNi.ii per flwt.ofTii Wmn Sta* will It invariably gontaipi the 44 ITti?i^rM Nrtrt ifctt am Ma* TiiEtivm otraa **? ?? leaeraJb Umnirhotrt the t*nm. J^ssas^jpaff r... ?'? of u? ?r. Pnc*?three cents. Po?lmut?r?*bo ut aa agents will he ahowe4 n lesion of* Mat. * Watches, Jewelry, 4c. DAl.TIMORK, WAfHINu|^>N n*in rut* other c hot re food*. fWr ? few days. ' 41x1 *'* I hav# >?et rwivW * ins **sortwisnt of &??' W 1 ?" **9"* to eetl at very ~w J&WjL?"-- """? " "?w" " H. O. HOOD. Pisnos, Ac r^OLD MEDAL PREMIUM . VI PIANO FOKTRS. WILLIAM KNABV, (Secior partner in the lata In *f _ MASS. QtOU A Co.. Ccctiraaa the man a met a re and sals of grand and saaare PIANO FORTES. under Mi* DMMKjBk 01 W illi&m Knabe & Co.,at ttie old stand . Ifcfltf* Noa. 1. S, 5 and t North Putaw street of 1? I posits th* Eutaw House. Baltimore. ^ *rh*y have alto just opened a new Sal*s Room at No an Baltimore alreet, between Charles and L^abt etreets, on the prem.sea partly occupied by Mr Hor.ri MoCaffery aa a mueic store, where thej w Jl Ifffp constantly on hand a large assor imeDt of pima and highly-finished crand and eqaara Piano Fertes also. Mslodenns, from the beet maker*, from 4 to% octave, aome with d"ut>ie key boards, doabis rssils, an<! ttop? to suit aiwl ehsrenes. Bnn? extensive!? enlaced in the man a fact are o Pianos, we will sell wheiesnlennd retail, oa the moo liberal terma. Our Pianos were awarded the highest vrois'an (gold medal?at th? Fairs of the Maryland Institete two suocessive years?October. 1M&, and lUf>?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some of the beet makers from New York. Boston and Ba! timore. We were aiao awarded the fret pretrial) at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, \ ir ginia. IW and 1RV-. The* have aleo been awarded th* highest premium <ailver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanica' Fair for 1857. In addition to thia we are in poaaeeaioa of teettmo ntaJc from the most distinguished profeeeora and amateurs in the eoentry, whioh oan be s**n at ost warerovmh, speaking for ttiemaeive* and others of the high appreciation in whioh our instruments arc every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for fiv* years, and privilege of excbance is grarted within the irst six lonths fro months from the day of Mi* if th*ta*tr*meote4*n*t give entire satisfantion. Wholesale dealers will find it to thsw advantage to r ve ns a call Mm pvrehnetag. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tencd. mar 16-lv WM. KNABK A OJ^ New groceryTwine, and LIQUOR STORH. The subscriber beg* to inform his friends and th* public. that he has opened a NEW SToR E, oomer ut 12th street and Ixmiftiana avnne, where he Hi tends to keep constant,y on band a tarce and varied assortment of For?ign au?i Dome*t le *n INES.L1 HI.'ORS, CIGAR?, and FINE GROCERIES, oorsistinr of Fine Tcaa, Sugar, Cotfe*. Flour Soap, Olives, Raiains, Firs. Sardines. Anchoriee. Otard. Marrett A Co., Pieet k Co.. and Col. Cnahnrd'a Brandies in oases, demijofcns. and anska. Old Jar maioa Ruin. Sherries. Madeira, Port of variaaa de scriptions, St. Jalien Clnret. Chateaux Margaax in ?naea. Champagne Cider, Brandy Fraits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Annisette, Marasohino, Curuc*. Absrnthe, Champagne, and a large and varied 4* scvription <.f Havana C??nra. Also, Stoughtoa Bitters, and Fever and Aga* Bitters, Porter^ Ale, and Cider.M Families are pertieularty invited toeal 1 and exam ine tn?* stogk before purctesing eiaewbere. Mem hers of Congress are aiao inf rmnd that their orders wui be promptly attended to. and delivered at tbe?r residenoss at the shortest notice. A geaeraJ assortment of fine Havana Cigars, im ported direct by the wholesale and re Canal Boats supplied oa reasonable terms, and produce taken in exch&nre. Levy's Old Whiskey, oonstaatty oa band, of I Me. Country ordnrs punctually attended to, and *oaa try rroduoe of all desenptiuns received on oonstgn , sect. JONAS P. LEVY, ie a-tf \'o..W Twelfth stroet. The largest assortment of piam OFURTESutob* found at th* Muaio ?>*? pot of K oe 13 W. O. M ETZEROTT. AIBKRS BRITISH POWER IN INDIA 2 vols., 8vo., lx>ndon. Political and Military Events in India, by Major i Hoogh, Bengal Army, 2 vo'a.: London. Japon-Indo-Chme, par M. Duboiesd* Janeigay, I ??A.: Paris. i Martin's >*tatutic8 of the Bntiah Colotuee, 1 vol., 8vo.: London. The Kingdom and Peopl* of Si am, by Sir John | Browning, 2 vol*.: Lordon. Olir Auglo Indian Army, by Capt. Rafter, 1 rol.; Lnn<k>n Memoir of the Bengal Artillery, by Capt. Baakl*. Bengal Artillerr, 1*^ Lindon. Memoirs stirf Correspondenoe of the Marqsie 'Wellesie), sueorssively Governor-General and Captain-General of India, S vola., 8ro., London. Military Operations at Cabnl. and th* r*tr*at an* ilcstruetion of the British Army in IMt, hy LkMil. i Cyre Bengal Artillery. 1 vol. 1 oc 8 TAYLOR. ? INIATURE THEOLOGY, In little volumes I for the pocket, gilt edged. Rl e Sermon on the Meuat. irabies of the Saviour. Christ's last Discourse to his Diefltples. The Song of Moses. The Omnipotence of God. Peter's Sermon on the dsy of Pentecost. Price, ten cents each. oe?> A FRANCE TAYLOR. M New buckwheat mkal. A ohuioe lot of new Buckwheat Meal ree*ived to-dsv. KING A BURCHP.LL. oc 15 Cor. Vermont ave.and Kh st. QEORGE PANDi' NOVE14ft. Consuelo, three voKimes. La Marie Au Dtable, 1 vol. Jeoqeea. I vol. Le Petite Fadette, 1 vol. Valentine, 1 rol. Le Peehi De M. Autoine, 3 vote. ?leanue, J vol. Horace. 1 vol. Franoois Le Champi, 1 vol. Fevenno, 1 vol. ., Man prat. 1 vol. Indiana. \ vol.. ?*lia, 2 vol. Lucrexian Florianj. 1 v?l. Lettres D'im Vovageur. 1 vol. Price SU oents per volume. Imported from Pans hp oc 13 FRANCE TAN LOR |_j o m e m a d e carriages. We have on hand, of oar own mansfhetar*. a fine assortment of all kinds of CARRl-, AGES of the very !>eet. lateet, and mostV approved styles,and warranted ia point oP workmanshis and material, to b* equal to any mad* in the city of Washington or any other city lath* L'nitod States. We respectfully solicit a cal! m>m the citixera and strangers to examine oar work ; aa we S"S determined to let none surpass as either in gualitv of work or in low ericee. Weals* do every kind orR EPAIRING ma work ill ke manner, and at reasonable pno**. ??J?.SVn'S." Uk" mar 12 6m ____________ ASHINGTON, OCTOBER S, 1857. I)kab Sn: The Piano I purchased of yea la the Fall of last, manufactured nv Hallett, Davis A Co.. of Boston, has been indaily use since that time,and I en bsppy to state has fully sustained the eery fa vvmble opinion I had formed of theer instramcnis. i Phs Pianos of this manufactory are net, ia mp judgment, surpassed I>t ttio?e of uny other. For volume and sweetneas of tone, prompt notion, dura bility, beantv of workmanship. Ac., Aa. they are not excelled by any wthers with which I am acquaint ed. Respectfully, your obedient servant. O. R. Mutiu. J. K. Ellis, Esq., W ashing ton. WashiSgtoh, D.C^ May M?? Dear Sir: The Piano I purchased of *ou of HaHe?, ?'.vis A Co.'s manufacture, some sif nteen months since, eontinnes to give entire eatisfaetioe. It is a clear, full, aw*ct ton*, and of beautiful w?i*msa ship: not l>eing a judge of aueh inatruments, I trust ed to your word, and feel pleased in saying 1 hev* not regretted it. Yours, rsss*otfally. Mas. Pint Caalax. J. F. Ellis. . . , _ We have now a targe stock of thw Pmnos. se ssraosillif wh^Il 111 B^PtOII iMt WMs* JOHN F. ELLIS.3MPa.ave?. f j^QODS FOR YIROINIA SANK NOTES. R H. MILLES. ,S<>N A_.CO^ WiM -B nfl fffiraii!: gVs- FVATkEf.w Ae.. Ao .attbeir usaal regular low pn*M,m^? vith a disoount of five per eeut. for aneh as heretofore, and receive in payments notes of nay nf the Virginia Banks inxoept the Bank of Ksoahwai st par. Any and all dabls dus tii*m, oan b* paid m the same carrency. With thanks to such or their debtors as ehooee to avail themselves of thia prop osition. Alexandria. Sept. 2Q. 1SW aeS tf ^?HINA, GLASS, AN?BARTHEN WARE. R. H. MILLER, SON~A CO- IMPORTERS, Albxasdhia, Va., **ryiave reo*iv*d two instalmMts *f th?rQ #^/hui suppiiet fro*i the English Pott*ri?e,W mjV and will oontinue to reeeivs aeesssions to f X!W ?eir stock till the business season setsin. IT H. Mill**, So* A Co. ean asssra tbctr fnswda and customers that their stock she* h* of t*s desirable deaenptma. and that their eneee wjl pare favorably withtVo*s mf ear 1? tfc* tn any other market in the Pmtcd ****** , RH. Mitle*. So* A Co. have prspfdf 'aelvea to offer to merchants ^every induoemeci to taeke their pure has? in their line WINDOW GLASS. be** jast r**eived via Antwerp ram th* grsat maneAftpry ei *^Ros