Newspaper of Evening Star, 24 Ekim 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 24 Ekim 1857 Page 3
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Sy sod or Vtaotjtu.?Wt yesterday gave ? outline of the report of tbe commute# on tba minutes of the late General Assembly at Cleva land, Ohio, and, as a matter of publle Interest, now publish It la full: The committee on the ml notes of the General A*scmblv report tbat they have examined the sain- to pages 101-2-1-4, and as It la Impossible for them to rnnror with tbe view* therein ex P'cwd, and which the member* of tt?ls Synod are expected to carry on t. In the administration of tbe affair* of onr churches. we are, therefore, left to the alternative of dissolving our connec tion with tbe General AanMnbly; and tbe com niitti-e ,?cco-dinyIv recommend that the Synod of Virginia do withdraw from all further connec tion with the General Assembly of tbe Presbyte rian Church In the l*nifed States, which held it* sessions at Cleveland, Ohio, in Mw, 1^7- 1" recommending this course to the Synod, we be lieve that we are expressing the sentiment of the great majority of our churches, deliberately for mod after the moat ample discussion, and when all tbe means of reconciliation and all the efl<?rts f,?r united action have been exhausted. While we take this ground, with a firm trust In tbe justice of our principles, and an unaltera ble reliance on the gracious support of tbe great Il> ad of the Church, we do ao with unabatea af fection for our brethren in the Lord, who have compelled us to ?epnrate from them, and on whom we would invoke tbe choicest benedic tion* of our common I.ord. Signed by?J. N- Daufortb, J. D. Mitchell, O. Tread well, A il H Boyd, J. K. G rattan, mid William Herring. Subsequently, the Rev. Mr. Carotbers offered the following resolutions: R'sxlrtil. That the s'ated clerk of the Synod be directed to retain iu hi* possesion the record* of the Synod till called for by the unanimous vote of the SvhkL a? at present constituted. R'tol-fl, That the Synod of Virginia are on posed to the agitation of the *lavery question in ecclesiastical bodies, and have no sympathy with either Northern or Southern extremists on this nbject, and are opposed to political preachers ami preaching. K'*olrrd. That we have heard with regret that *he sentiments of the Declaration of Independence arc opposed by some minister*; and tbat we re gard tbat national document a* an honor to the bead ;tnd heart of its author, and believe that it ought to N? the pride asd glory of all Presbyteri an*. :?nd of the American people. H inlvft. That the Synod of Virginia, believ 5i _ that from her territorial position *he ha* a great mission to perform iu binding still stronger the c. -d* tbat bold together the I'nion of tbe*e 1'u:ted States, earnestly depr?. ate* all agitation of the ktavery question m ecclesiastical bodies. The resolutions being nnder consideration,Rev. Mr C stated that be wis a Southern man, op posed to tuc agitation of slavery, and was opposed to the actlou of tbe Cleveland Assembly, and also to t!?e action for a new assembly; lie would give b'> views at another tune, but remarked that the K'?oxvillr movement was not wtiolly Southern, a large majority, he thought, were opposed to tbe new organization. The resolutions were laid on the table. Rev. Jouathau Cross, tbe General Agent of tbe American Tract Society for the State of Mary land. made remark*, on invitation of tbeSvnod. showing that through the Society the g?*pel had been preached to the poor who would never have tx-en reached in any other way, and that the So ciety had, through the late proclamation of the Tract Society'* executive hoard. *hown that, not withstanding the action of the Society last spring, they should sanction the publication of nothing on which the whole christian church of tbe United State*could not agree Mr Jacob Gideon (elder) moved to insert all tbe document* in the Assembly's mlnntcs In the report; carried. Sir Crempston offered tbe following resolu tion : Rr'olrci. That, since tbe recent action of the Ttecu'ive committee of the Tract Soc-Jety to ?d ere strictly to the letter and spirit of the cor ti ution of said Society. vre recommend the objects ?id agents of tbe Society to the continued eoufi ence of our churches. Carried. Rev. Mr Haskell wanted time to prepare bis (opinion* for expre**lon; rot to form them. They were now what they bad always bren: but a* a member of the District Pre?by tery and as an in dividual pastor, he thought too little time had been given for consultation. It was not the n*ual custom for yoiiiig men to move too slowly; but he feit now tbat, like Moses by tbe Red Sea, be could recommeud the Presbytery to stand still and see tbe salvation of the Lord! Ilis mind was irwide up; and, like Dr Sunderland, be would sacrifice his relation to his beljved charge, the comfort of his fan. ly?but be could not sacrifice hi* conscience to fhe*e relations. R?*v Mr. .Nourse thought time enough had been given for consultation, and. while feeling for the D.strict Pienbytery, there was no other course, in his opinion, than the one recommended for them to pursue As to conscience, we were not to be gir.d?*d by that. We were guided by the Word of God. Conscience was to be educated. The Northern part of the Church bad given up their ,conscience to the guidance of their fallen in stinct*. We mu*t be guided bv the Bible?and \e was prepared to eut loo*e from Jhe Cleveland Assembly, they had presented a set of Abolition resolution* wbich they were called upon to endorse or repudiate. And as to tbe fi aaiit ial point of view, although they were to lo*e every dollar which the North bad been accus tomed to [H>ur into the So-ithern treasury, yet let the >vnou *rand on principle, and God would stand by theiu. Rev Mr. .V-wlin. President of Delaware Col lege otler-U the following as a substitute for the sport of the Committee on .Minute* of the As Ewibly: \V hereu*. it has been the rule of this Synod, at our annual meetings, to appoint a Committee on \be minutes of the Geneial Assembly to report such matter* as may require our attention; and whereas tbe action of the Assembly on certain eubjects, ha* occasioned much discussion and ditlerence of opinion ; therefore K?*otctil. saiu committee beeicua*d from reporting on lUe minutes of the A*eeu>olv, aod that we reserve anjr definitiv^nction on the rela tion we sustain to tbe Assembly uutil our next Synodical meeting. Mr Ne\*|,u stated in substance that he had no expectation, when lie came into the bonne, of ta k>n-.'any j?art in the discuHsiou of this subject, and he was induced to otter this snimtitufe, not a? an expression of individual opinion, nor to call up the uv-rit* of tbe question. nut simply a* a e od-nn;' It \va* very apparent from the p'oeredlngs of the morning. that *ome members of lhsSyiii4 were not prepared/ for der isive ac tion on points which bad Iwen discussed, and he fea-ed it ui.gbt imperil the integrity of the Syn ??d. winch all desired to b- p-e-sTved intact. The only aim and purpose of the substitute was to let this matter rest; and, iu bis prove ?teiM e. would, hefoie their ue*t imeting, more ch arly indicate what would best promote tbe well being of all the ehnrehes R?v Mr. Mit.-hell m?>v?d to lay the matter on tLe table, a* all present are convinced it was of n ? use to argue?they weredccided, and ought to li?e-t tbe issue boldly. Ilev Mr Sunderland expressed himself wholly opp? sed lo the adoption of the report, and In voked the eon*eq>?enc*? of th?* act aboot to be perf. -ined upon the heads of those who had made up 'h? ir uiiud* to tbe Synod The Synod uight be able to separate him from his church, hi* (>eopie, but tliey could not separate uim from the course pointed out by his conscience. A de*nlto'y debate now took place upon a point of order connected with the *uD*titute offered by Rev Mr N'ew'in. which was ended by tbe witc drawal of the motion to lay on tbe table. Rev. C. H. Nourse thought it better to meet the n<ie?wwn now than to avoid It for a year longer. In 'Lis ease to do nothing was to do everything? \? s to endorse the course of the Aswnibly Gen tlet:i'T? had eooiptained of want of time; didtbey w nit more than had elapsed since the acLon of the rrne.-jl Assembly * R v. |?r B>vd wanted to know. If they did not w.'hdtsw f oui the Assemtilv. what ennrse were they to take .1 regard to tue Richmond Conven tion and the Synod wbich had taken p^.rt in that Condition?were they to irmaiu in <-onvention w<th le>tb. - Again, it Ui<<;ht as well be said as thought that no man could p ea? h iu the South who remained in connection with the Cleveland Aseeiiilily, for it was now regarded a* an aboli tion Assembly the issue come llsrefollowed an animated and latherdennltory conversational deb-ite, led by Dr Heed, the main subject of wbich was tbe necessity of a with drawal from tbe Cleveland Assembly, in which Rev* Carothers, Haskell. Sunderland, Handy a. d others joined, and in which some warmtu was shown, but all courtesy observed. Rev. Dr Smith, of this city, expressed hi* at laet.ment lo the St noil of Virginia and determi nation to remain in it if possible But the main point with him. for he d d not care for ;-!avery or tfee general A-seniby, was tbat be wishea to kMTvW course wx* to lie pursued in regard to the Washington Church property whi'h was rleetind to th? General A**eiubly. he also asked of Dr H*yi1 in regard to a committee which was sppatfited in Cleveland by tbe Southern member* who were to investigate the maiiucr in which tbe Washington church property was held. \ ii luu* gcutiemen responded to the interroga tory made by Dr. Smith, t? tbe effect that such a eoinaaittee had been appointed to lake into con nld-rsiion the manner in which all the church pn poetv at the South ws* held, but not particu | lnr.y wjtli reference to that of Washington R? v Mr .Mitchell believed that in all Missouri not ten mfni?ters could be found who would ad here |o tbe tjti veland Assemble. Rat. Mr Giatlan now moved that the Svnod taken recess uutil five o'clocki which motion an tarried trix:x? sassiov. The ?ynod met again at 5 o'clock, and the Mod orator announced that tbe subject liefore the meetinig ???? tbe re-solution offe:ed by the Rev i i>r ?f?wli : a* a ??it?ntute for the report of the I I.MlatUre tu tbe Minntrsof llie General A?*ern t ^ k At frw ret)io>t of several members the resolu I tU>? Jmv again rend F* Mr Jauies Edwards, of the Columbian Col l*fe, ?ld that In noMcctiM. with the autyttt be wlabed It to be understood tbit there vn not A gonthera km who would bold fort momnt wllb the faction who had effected the action of tho General Assembly. Tba Presbytery had nothing whatever to do with the subject. The Synod could make no progress In Virginia unless the y repudiated the action of the Cleveland As sembly The District Presbytery would not sanction that action. The difficulty of obtaining fund* for the church wonld never be obviated by adhering to the measure* of the Cleveland As sembly The objection about the church prop erty amounted to just nothing at all. Rev. Mr. Grattan remarked that the gentlemen who brought up plea* of precipitate action could not reasonably complain of want of time to con sider the matter; they had bad abundant time. There had l>een a convention at Richmond, which lasted he could not *ay how long, and thev all left it In disgust He had not understood Brother Haskell to sav that his own mind was not made up as to the tlnal issue. Objection had been made to postponing the matter, and he thought that the argumenta in favor of decisive action were conclusive. What was the object to be attained by postponement? Nothing but leav ing the strife, which must be met, face to face, aome dav, to grow and ripen under the influence of agitation, ia circumstance* calculated to au" ment the divided state of feeling in relation To the matter. The man who would hesitate to act, in a matter *o seriously compromising the Inter eats of the Church in tbe South, held himself up a it subject for contempt. Tbe minds of the Presbytery of Virginia were made up, and It only rfmaioed for th^ District Presbytery to deride whether they would go off with tke South, and thereby repudiate the action of the abolition fac tion. It w i.k to be hoped that thev would do so at once. The Virginia Presbytery would be ex tremely reluctant to part from their District brethren, whoin they loved, and to whom they felt bound by strong ties of brotherly affection. It was clear that the District Presbytery and the whole South h?d nothing now in common with the General Assembly. None of tbe churches in Virginia had any connection with the General Assembly, in a financial point of view; therefore, they were decided to go. There could lie no pos sibility of any hesitation in transferlng the prop erty of the District Presbytery to the South The faction which bad brought about the division in the General Assembly were willing and anxious to he rid of the South In the Assembly. What ever the General Assembly of Virginia might do, he would never go info an assembly of the Pres bytery again which had any connection with the Cleveland Assembly. Mr. Daskelf Wished to give more explicit rea sois why he did not feel called upon to art at ou :e in this matter. One was that he had been deeply engaged as recording clerk of the Synod ana b;;d had 110 time to collect hi* ideas in a propir manner to decide upon the matter with so great precipitancy. He wished to do right and not to violate hisconscience in the matter. While he regarded a man without a conscience as a fraolion of a man. he regarded one with a con science improperly exercised to be equally so. He had too high a regaid for the conscience of the Christian world to take the step which had been advocated under the auspices through which it was presented Toe gentlemen bad all spoken their opinions at tbe Richmond convention, and they h*d none forth to the world. Two Presby teries had already arted in the matter. He con sidered the difficulty so as to what position the Presbytery would occupy in ease they receded from the General Assembly that he felt it neces sary to hesitate gravelv before taking such a step Three-fourth* of the material support which he had received Jo aid him in establishing the work of the Gospel in a destitute part of this city had been the gift of those who would not like to see his church become an extreme Southern church. He went on to say that he could not conscien cionsly endorse the sentiment* contained in the report. When he thought of the claims of every human l>eiug on the Gospel he must repeat that he entered his solemn protest against the project of witbdiuwal fiom the General Assembly He held out the olive branch of peace to the Synod and hotted they would give a few day* of "race to the District Presbytery, who were rather alow coaches and desired to move rightly iu the mat ter Mr. Mitchell made some strong remarks sus iaiuiag the report, and stated that he wished to know wbet her tbe District Presbytery would go oU with the proposed new Synod Three Pres byteries would form a Synod, and they had al ready two. If the District Presbytery would go with them, they would thereby preserve the in tegrity of the Synod; but if they did not, they were prepared to meet the C'isis ' He held iu his hand the papers in connection with the Hanover Presbytery, whereiu they proposed to form them selves into two Preabvteiies. Tbey would then be p-epared to meet the issue W bile tbey would deeply deplore the dissent of the District Presby tery to the measure, they could get along with out theni if they were adverse to the withdrawal from the Genera! Assembly. Mr Carother* stated, in reply to Mr. Mitchell's remarks, that the congregations bad not been hea d in this matter In the District; that at tbe last meeting of that Presbytery there were but four ministers present, and that the great major ity of that Presbvterv were elder*, so that it was v?ry evident that had they any desire to move on ' this subject they wvre not prevented by any over bear ing movement. Mr. Mitchell had reference especially to the congregations. Dr. Sunderland felt a strong desire for a short recess; stating as a reason the fact that he was quite uungry, uud wanted his supper. (Laugh Mr. Carother* moved a recess till after evening service. ? Several gentlemen opposed this, on the ground that they had just got up from dinner. Dr. Sunderland thought that, notwithstanding these reasons, be wanted his supper. Dr. Reed moved that a committee be appointed to b ing It to him (Laughter.) 1><\ Reed, in reply to a remark of Mr. Haskell, said that he had seen good omen* attending this movement; and he stated a number of conversa tions resulting from tlT-uts made during the ses sion of the Richmond Convention, which he regarded as marked and striking evidence Itoat the Lord was on their side, and that His f.ivor rest.*! upon the attempt to cut loose from the Cleveland Abolition Awmhly. Mr. Cumpster seconded l)r Reed In this idea, also giving instances which he regarded a* the same. He then went Into a general discussion, urging a unanimous vote in favor of the s-cession, thinking that all tinancial and mo ral considerations should how to the plain intima tion ..f the will of tbe Almighty iu completing thl* jt'?ces?] iw. 1 6 Mr. Ley bum of Richmond, wanted to know If .i I contemplated in his substitute to cont me connection with tbe Cleveland Assem bl\ because in either case an immediate sever ance from the Cleveland Assembly would leave then: alone for a year until the A^embly should c >uie into artive operation. ,\* to the question that money had been contributed at the North lor the IJi*?rirt churchy, it wits jjivpn where It wa? w<-ll known that the District Presby tery pursued the course recommended now by tbe Ri hmond Convention, that it would be uo breach o: faith for them to go with the seces *;at?d that he had been looking at the Methodist and Daptist churches. and had found that while the Southern branches of thesechurchea bad increased in membership and contribution* to all benevolent olrjects, the Northern branches had been steadily decreasing in these point*, and he thought that this was another evidence of the favor of God on such a movement, and of bis dis approbation of an agitation of this vexed question. Mr Haskell wished to know of Dr. Reed whe it was a religious or secular paper which innieted that tirade upon him for his statement that he bad seen the favor of God upon the seces sion movement; also, be would ask of the la*t speaaer his authority for his remarks on tbe rela tive positions of the Northern and Southern branches of tbe Methodist and IJaptist Churches. A motion was ur:de and seconded to have a re ce^< and was withdrawn for? Mr. Mitchell, Who suggested that in conformi ty to the enstotn in such case*, that previous to the vote on the main question, a short season be spent in silent prayer for the blessing of God on the contemplated movement. The sesMon then adjourned for tbe religious exert ii?es of the evening After the religious exercises of the eveniri" were elcsed, the j-'vnod came to order, and re sumed the subject which had been under consid eration when the recess was ordered. The ques tion was called on the substitute which had Itoen presented by Mr. Newlln. and resulted iu its rejection by a vote of 5 to Then the previous question was called, vi* ? the report of the committee on th? minutes of the General Assembly, which resulted In Its adop tb-n by a vote of :f0 to 3. ? The following revolutions were then adopted, tip# : Rttolrtd, That the Synod.of Virginia approve as a whole of the resolutions adopted by the con vention or a portion of our church, which lately Ui''t in Richmond, Va. R>?oU+d, That we will cordially co-operate in be organization of th. Unite,! Synid of the Pres bsterian t burcb. which i?. to meet in Knoxville, Tenn , on tbe first Thursday in April n-xt. iJM* ,!n0'"inK' rH>??lou* exercises Mr. r V*.! Pr*~"l?-d the petition of the Presbytery *' ' "over, askiu-r that U 1* divided iuto the Presbyteries called Hanover and Piedmont and p escribing the boundaries ?f the two proposed n w Presbyteries, and moved that the petition be g anted, and that the Presbytery be divided ? *o ordered. The new Presbytery was ordered to meet at Lynchburg, Va , on the Saturday before tbe sec ond Sunday in December next. On mr?ti?n. the Second church, Alexandria w* set ell from the District Presbytery to the V.'l nrtester Pmsbytery. The committee to whom bad been referred tbe appeal "f Dr. (J. H Van Patten from the decision of the Piesbytery of the District of Columbia?by which decision the act of the session of the West eri r burch, cutting oil the said C. II Van Patt?n f'*"ii tb* communion and membership of said church was conll med?made Ihe following re port: '? That, after examination of the case as spread out ou (he minutes of Preabyterp, and exhibited la tho voluminous extract* rwerda of tfeo mmIod at l 1m WMtvrn Churrh, fclxteh wu laid before the committee, ttooy im bo rmoo to question the propriety Of the proceeding* old ruling of the Preftbyterv In the premises, and consequently recommend that tho Synod decline to entertain the appeal. The committee farther wl to he discharged." Signed by?C W. Read, P. Fletcher, and P. Gaines. The report wa* accepted, and the committee discharged Dr. Van Patten, who was present, now gave notice of hi* intention to appeal to the higher judiciary. The Synod then went into free conversation on the state of religion, and was thus occupied when this report closed Centre Market ?This morning, the supply was amply sufficient for the demand. The at tendance of countrymen was not very large, but the quantities offered made tip for the absence of dealers. The officers were on dnty at the market, and prevented disturbance by one or two drunken persons, who were promptly ejected from the market. Prices were about as follow* : Beef, fresh, pr lb. 8al2 Meal 87aP0 " aalt ? Shorts SO Pork 1*2 Shlpstufl* 35a?0 Mutton ?*? Eggs. per doz.... 18a20 Larab,prqr 75.^fc^Toll butter 25a31 Sausage, pr lb.... L/w^hil'a print 40 Lard 10i Honey, per lb.... 25 Veal 12al5 Beef tongues 75a#l Calves beads,each 25 Bacon 16a IS Shoulders........ 14al5 Breast pieces .... 16 Dried beef lf? Chickens, pr pair. SOrA-' Ducks 50a75 Turtles, each... 12afl.25 Corned salmon... 15 Herring, per dot.. 20a3l Terrapins, each... 37afl ? _l_* _ * ? ? Am Green corn 12 Egg plants 4 Onions, perpk... 40a30 Tomatoes, pk .... 25 Grapes, per nk... 25 Cabbage, prnead. <> Butter beans, qt.. 12 Apples, pk 25a75 Be*ts, per buueh. 3 Carrots 2 Turnips, per pk .. 25 Chestnuts, pr qt.. 16 _ .Chinquapins, qt.. Id Irish potatoes, pk. 371 Cucumbers, pr 100 50 Sweet potatoes, pk 37 Sturgeon cuts 12a50 Corn, pr bush-... 90, Rock, per bunch.. 25 Corn, bush. 50|Trout ? Beans, pr bush.... S2 Rye, pr bush 65a75 Oats 4uu45 Tavlors 25 Wild ducks, pr .. 50 44 red necks. 75 Sermons To-moriow.?Yesterday, at the sit. ting of the Virginia Synod, the following ap pointments for preaching on the Sabbath were announced : Assembly's Church?Morning. Rev. A. II. H Bovd, D. B.; Evening, Rev. T. D Bell. First Prebyterian Church?Morning Rev. C. II. Read. D. D.; Evening, Rev L. P Ledoux. Fourth I'resbvteriau Church ?Morning, Rev. J. D Mitchel; Afternoon, Synodical eoinmnnion. Sixth Presbyterian Church.?Morning, Rev. I. 0. Sloan. \Ventern Presbyterian Chuch.?Mo^nlnrr, Rev. L. P.Lndoux; Evening, Rev. J. J. McM-thon. F street Presbyterian Church.?Morning, Rev. E H Cumpston ; Evening, Rev. R. Gray. Bridge street Church, Georgetown ?Morning, Rev J. J. McMahon; Evening, Rev. H. R. Smith Seventh street Presbyterian Church.?Morn ing, Rev I. W. K. Ilandy. M E. Church South?Morning, Rev. J. N. McMurray; Evening, Rev P Fletcher. Tenth-street Baptist Church?Afternoon, Rev. 1. W K Handy. E street Baptist Church.?Morning. Rev. P. Fletcher; Evening, Rev. C H Read, D. D Wesley Chapel?Morning. Rev. T. D Bell ; Evening, Rev. A II II Boyd. D D. Gorsuch Chapel?Morning, Rev. J L. Frany. Union Chapel?Morning, Rev. G. W. Leybour; Evening. Rev. J. D. Thomas. English Lutheran Church?Morning, R?v. R. Gray; Evening, Rev. I. O. Sloan. M E. Church, Georgetown?Evening, Rev. I. W. K Handy Naole's Comkdian* ?The charming little troupe of juveniles now performing at Odd Fel lows' Hall, drew theirbest house of all last night, showing that they have the worth to wear well; and among the audience we noticed not a few who very rarely visit Theatrical performances, but who make an exception In favor of these tw witcbing little folks, who perform their parts with such spirit and unexceptionable good taste. T<?-nigbt they have a Hue bill, including the laughable farces of "The Day After the Wed ding" and "Crossing the Line." By the way, we hear that the managers of this company have it in contemplation to tit np some suitable build ing (perhaps the Washington Assembly Rooms) for Theatrical purposes, to enable them to bring out a class of pieces which the capabilities of their present quarters will not permit them to represent. We think the project a good one, and these gentlemen are admirably fitted by their en terprise, judgment, and good taste, to succeed In it. Robbing a Blind Man.?Nancy Phillips and her son Wm. G. Phillips, who Is blind, csm? from Baltimore to this city on Thursday night, and took lodgings at a German bouse near Third street and Maryland avenue. The son had with him over S100. The mother missed him, and on search found him at a hou?e on Third street of rather doubtful character, and while here the old lady saw Catharine O. Rose, one of the intimates of the house, pick her son's pocket of his money. Mrs. Phillips thereupon procured the assistance of Officers Yeatman and McHenry, of the Fourth district, who went to the house and arrested Catharirif. In conducting her to the magistrate's they were set upon by a man named Allen MRomp son. who attempted her rescue. He alw was taken in charge, and both were carried to the office of Justice Godda'd, who sent th'Mntoiail for trial at court?one for stealing, and the other for attempting a rescue. F'Riso Pistole.? I.aat night a number of young men were amusing themselves In street pistol-flrlng practice. Captain Mills came upon them and tried to find out who fired; but the young men seemed inclined to throw off; and one wanted to know what right the Captain bad to interrogate him? The Captain, knowing that the pistol was fired from the party, arrested two of them, and took thein to the Guard-house, inform iug them that, after a night's rest, they would probably be more willing to answer the qu?*stlon. This morning Justice Donn held them to bail to answer the charge of riot and disorderly conduct. Lively?Last night the auxiliary guard came upon a number of young ineu, who having been indulging ratber freely were so very mirthful as to disturb the peace and quit t of the city. The advice of thoir friends to l>e more moderate in their mirth having no effect, the guards arrested them anil placed thein in the guard house This morning they were released with a fine and cost* of S3 41 each, The Codkt or Claims Yesterdat.?The ar gument for the claimants in the case of Henry J. Anderson f.i. the United States was resumed and concluded by Hon. George E. Badger, when the case was submitted for the decision of the court, after wbich the court adjourned till 11 o'clock this morning. Phlebitis ?A man died recently in Alabama from the nail of his toe growing into the flesh. The trouble is teehnicallyfralled " phlebi is "? Exchange. Our Reuben says his trouble is untechnically called " flea-bites " Blitz concludes his successful performances in Alexandria to-night, and on Monday and Tuesday nlaht will unfold his budget of wonders at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard. Our friends in that quarter must give him a good reception. Watch Returns?Mrs. Ifonora Moriarty, Ireland, drunk and disorderly; workhonse 60 days Win Galloway, colored, do; do. Chas. McDonald, D C.. do; do M. If Campbell, Ire land. mania-K-potu; released to bis friends. Win H. Eaton, Pa .disorderly and riot; security for further hearing. John Carr, D. C , do; do Henry Dorfridgc, Germany, disorderly; fine and costs. S3 11. .Charles Giegory, Prussia, do; do. Fred erick Whttmor", Md . do: do. Adam Lippard, Md., do; do. J no M iller, Germany, assault and disorderly; security for conrt Six lodgers, all from other cities . They were saved from the workhouse by promises of Immediate departure. A Card to the People at Labor.?All persons that have neglected to oall at the establishment so well known as lbs " Odson Hall," to supply them selves with Fall and Winter Clothing, will please oall and examine our most Iteautifnl and careful se lected stock of Men's. Youths' and Hoys' Clothing. We take pleasure in saying that our stock, now on hand, is uusurpassiUe in style, workmanship, or quality, and oaa be sold at leas prine than hy any other similar house in the Union. We also oall at tention loour large stock o| Gentlemen's Furnish ing Goods, such as white and fancy Shirts, Under shirts, Drawers. Comforts, Neck ties, Suspenders. Souks, Gloves. An?., Ac., at the great Odeon Hall Ci'rttiiiiK Liepot. corner Peun. avenue and ?H street, Washington. D. C. oo 21 ?o2w nAKRlRI), On the 72d instant, br the Rev. Dr. Cummins, OSCAR F. BI'Ll.OCK, Ksu, of Spottsylvania county. Va., to Miss CATHARINE E. KYLE, of Alaliama. At Carlisle. Pa, on the 22d Oetolter. by the Rev. Dr McCliutock. Mr. CH \ R LES W. CARRIG AN to Miss LIZZIE C. K.SEYMOUR. IMKU. Suddenly, on the 28d insmat. ALBERT GA BRlKL.aged five years, sou ol Nicholas and Chris tina Van Ness Callan The friends of the family are invited to attend the faneral on Sunday, at 2K o'elock p. m. On <tne 1st instant, iu the oounty of Gooohland. KABIUS M I.AWSON, ks*., formerly Treas uinr of the State of Virginia, in [fee SAl year of Ins age. CR^v^MilVi^ C A * K ?YRUP. from wlst?r a suMnor QuJjt,, li now |W A WTIW wat/m I; Si iV^KSJOMlB8' A?atiOB?art. /*?kbale op household ru*i? b^yolsf?) tsa: y "f ' eV Auetion Booms, on 7th street. ^ 1" 2^' T"rlf aBd C*??r*l a* sort meat of Household and K itohen Furniture, aush as ? m Sofaa, Bureau a. Wardrobe*, Medateada T'bloa, Mahogany and Cane Chaira Sideboard, Feather B*da Carpeting*, Oilolot h. Mattresses Waehsiaada, Toilet Setta, Looking Glasses A large l<* or Cooking and other Stovea, Together with a central assortment of?

China. Glass, and Crockery Ware Dry Goods, Fancy Arricles.&c. Tenna at salo. Jt . PONT2 & COOM B3, Aocje^ Hy JAS.O.MrfJl lRK.Anmionw. DESIR A BLE TWO-STORY BRICK DWF.L mkg Hoc*e ik*n Lot in the Vicinity or Fra.nkl \ Row.?On THURSDAY AFTfeR NOON. October 2). at 4% o'clock.on the premise. I nhnli sell subdivision ** D," in square No. 247, fronting 23 feet on 13th street, between L and Mas sachusetts avenue, running hack 1?4 feet i% tuches to an al>y, with the improvements, consisting of a neat and well-built two-storv brick dwellisg-house, containing four rooms and kitchen, with back porch, wood sheds, Ac. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in six, and twelve mon'hs, with interest, seenred by a deed o| trust on thepremi*ea. oc24-d J As. C. McGCIRE, Auctioneer. FOE EEHT AHD BALE. Ferotktr " For RtnlanH Kale" notion *tt 1st jmim. AF1RNIKHKD HOUSE FOR RENT, either to alaraily or a club. Hoarding inav be had at the next d<>or. Inquire of Mr. FISHER,at Mc Gnire's Commission Store. oc?S-St* HK STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A RES TAURANT are < flered lor sale, the owner wishing to chance his business. The Bar-room and Cellar are also for rent. Inquire at 537 17th street,* between F and G. oc 23 2t* Ij^OR RF.NT.?A three-story Frame Houae and Furniture. No. 5ie, north aide Massachusetts avenue, between 4th and Mb streets, contaimrg twelve r cms with passage, side alley and heck al ley. and a large flower garden. The house is neatly furmched afd in the neighborhood ol the Northern Liberties Market and convenient to several chnrch es For particulars apply at 'he premises before 8 o'clock a m. or after 3 o'clock p. m. oc 23 tf FOR R KNT?A I andsomel* Furnished IIOl'SE, ( No. 4lfi. northeast corner of H and 10th streets* oontaining thirteen rooms, with gas fixtures, hat bug room, &<? For particulars apply on the premises,or address Box .M3. City Post Office. se 22-tf |.M)R RENT.?A large three-story BRICK t DWELLING, with brick. Staliie, carriage house. etc., situated on F street, between 13th and 14th streets west?a most desirable and healthy loca tion. This is a first-class house, finished in the very best style, withall the modern improvements and comforts. Apply to Dr. TIlOS. MILLER, No. 246 F street, between 13th and 14th streeta. oc20 e<i2w I^OK SALE OR RF.NT.?One of those handsome 1 RESIDENCES on C street, between 1st and 2d, containing hot and cold water, gas fixtures, and every nccessary c<?vcmence. The house will l?e sold at a sacrifice if apphed for soon, ami District Columbia or Virginia currency taken for the cash payment. Inquire of J NO. B. WARD, oorner 12th street and Canal. ecZ2 eo3t (Intel ligcnc*r.l F7?OR RENT.?One large PARLOR, with Bed room* attached, suitable for a family ?r gentle man and lady, with or without Board. Also, several ott?er Ronm*. suitable Cor single gentlemen. Apply at D'lVERNOlS'S Hotel, Pa.avenue,between 17th andJRth s'a. oc22 FOR RENT ?Prof. H. W. MUNDER having fitted up his Hall in an elegant manner, which renders it one of the prettiest rooms in this city, will be rented upon moderate terms for Soirees. Suppers, Dinners, or Promenade Concerts. Apply at the Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday even ing* from 7,'? until 9fi o'clock. His School is now open for the reception of pnpila on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening. ?e2g If REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS.?The sab sen Iter has a large number of CITY LOTS, some of the inost des r-?ble, in every eec'ion of the eity, which he will sell for reasonalrfe prices for the paper or certified chceks of our City B*nk*. Titles Ml good. J AS. CADEN, oc 2 2aw1m No. 2R4 F afreet. A HOUSE FOR A FIVF.-DOI.LAR BILL.? Notes of the States of Virginia, Maryland. and others, of the Corporations ol Georgetown'ard Al exandria. and of our City Banks, will be taken at par for chance* to a Raffle of a House and Lot, title indisputable, in Square Si. part of Lot 15, front mg 15 feet on 271 h street, between li and H streets, First Ward, and no i'eel deep. There are chrnce* at five dollar* each._ The drawing will fake p'aceat Charles Werner's, is soon ns all the chances are t^ken. A certificate with a number on each will begiven is receipt for the money, and as a chance for the (rawing. ? , The time wh?n the drawing fHkes place will i>e inarte known through this paper. This in a goo't opportunity to get rid of all the pa per money at CHAR LI'S W EH N ER'S, .*V?r> Penn sylvania avenue. oc 2i?-2w* Millinery, &c. ^ M R S. C. KINfi I AK ES this opportunity to inform her customers, Irierds.and tiie public in general,that xbeha* op?netf i store on Pa. avenue. Iwt ween !ith au<i^><Tk QBUii'th streets. No. where she wn always keep a full r>s-ortrnent of SlucO F A N C \ li O N N E T S, *atin^nd Velvet BONNETS* Uark-Straw BO\ N F, I S, a fine and extenMve aaawrtinent ol French and Anieru^in FLOWERS AND FEATHERS, ind a new and splendid variety ol RIBBONS. Children's Embroidered Cnps, Ladies' Cnpa.white ind !tlack Laces, Embroideries, all oolors, Satin and Velvets, Ac. KetnmiiiK her sincere thanks to those who patro nised :ierat her former stand. No. 4ii l<ouisiana ave nue, she hopes that they will continue to do the uun^fit the new Store, No. 2513 Pa. avenue, between ?th and H'-th streets, no -3-3t MRS. C. KINO. MISS S F. HANKY A SISTER respectfully lulorm the LidieH of Wasinn<toiu that they w 'I open on Stiurd?v, Octoficr 24th, a liesntiful asao'tuieflt of FALL and WIN-. rEK MILLINERY. U. _ No. I7J Pa. avenue, between 17th and 18th streets, Kirst Ward.' OPENING WINTER MILLINERY (>.s Monday, October 1?>th. The subscriber has just returnei'eV from New York, where he purehase<1|'' for cn*h one of the most varied aloeks ? of FRENCH BONNETS, BON h'f MATERIALS. FLOWERS, FKATH F.RS. RIBBONS, HEAD DK ESSES, DRFSS TR I M MINGS, Ac., Ac., ever brought to thia Ci?y. which he ia determined to sell at pricea to auit the money panio. |XT He would call the attention of the ladies to his fine assortment of CLOTH CLOAKS, BASQUES,and CHILDREN'S CLOTHING N. If.?He gives his particular attont ion to DR ESS MAKING in the latest French sty les. M. WILLI AN, oc 15 2w Opposite Centre Market. Madame Pribram a daughter inform respectfully the Ladies that they will open on Saturday, October 17th, in their es tablishment, with which no other mi linery can be compared, a select ntoc* of Fall and' Win'or BONNETS. RIBBONS. FLOW-' ERS. and SWISS EMBROIDERIES; also, the finest assortment of new style HEAD DRESSES, received direot from Paris. No. 277 Pa. av., botweeu ;10th and 11th eta., south aide. oo 13-14t* HESS MAKING. D MISS M. E. WILSON atillcontinuea the DRESS M A KING in all ita branches, at her old stand. 295 Penn. avenue, between 9th and toth sts. oe 5-1 m waitts. WAN'TEI)?Two firat class DRESSM AK F.RS. Apply at M. WILLIAM'S, No. 31 Pennsy lva nia avenue, opposite Centre Market. oc 23-tf WANTED.?A COOK for a amall family.?No one need apply that has not a thorough knowl edge of her business and can coine well reoommend - ed. A pplv at 240 F street, between tith and 7th. oo 23 3t* WANTED TO RENT? By a inemlter of Con gress,forSorB months, from the2'Hhof next month, a comfortable Furnished House, in this city, containing a parior, dining-room, kitchen.ami ulxiui four sleeping rttoms. Address, stating terms. Ac., J. B. H,, Columbia Hotel, oorner 8th and E streets. _oo 23 3t * WANTED TO PURCHASE.?A LOT, with or without Building, on 7th street. I*etween Post Office and Northern Liberty Market. Address A. G. A.. Star Office. oc23 4t* ANTED?A loan of #.r>,Wio on property worth $3u,nno. Enquire at thia office. ocl7-tf W 1U) STONECUTTERS ANDQUARRYMEN \\ anted, at the Seneca C{uarrie?, for the Waah lngton Aqueduct, fifty good Stone Cutlers and one hundred Hand DrilUrs, The work will last over a year, good wages will be given,and payment made >n gold. Apply at th? Quarries on the Potoin*e R iver, 25 males west of this City. A Canal Pni ket Bon! leaves (ieorgetowu every morning at 7 o'olock. for the Quarries. oc 12 141 H. L. GALLAHER. 117 A NTED? In the lamily of a gentleman residing " two miles from the oity. a good plain (TOOK. One who can bring recommendations for skill, hon esty, and oleanlinaaa will find a good situation and regular wagea. Apply to J. P. CRUTCHETT. eor ner of 6th and D atreeta. jy 15-tf J. 1). HAMMACK'S RESTAURANT, No.2"6 Pa. av., under Willarda' hotel. ^ The eroerietona now fti'ly _ Prepared to anpply the pub-J^^^^ 1 I lie with everythiug tha? the varioua markets will afford, ' H ? ?and for constant supplies hia"' ho sue shall be seoond to none. By giving it his un divided attention, he hopes to merit the patronage of the publio at large. 2? 6 1m* ("1 ENTLEME&'S UNDER DRESS. 1 Foa the Fall Tbadi. Oar assortment of Gentlemen's warm Under Shir<a and Drawera is now complete in every varie ty of sixes and of the tiest quality, prof-ahly the largest assortment ever offered at retail, vu : Silk Shirts nnd Drawers, alt suet Meriuodo ilo do / I .amlMiwool do do do Shaker Flannel d? do Jean and Canton Flannel de Buying exelusively for cash, we offer the beat goods, at the loweat and uniform priees. at - STEPHENS oc2?-at Sales Room Browns' Hotel. qj Atronog TO DAY f TO MORROW MORNING. By WALL * BARNARD, Auctioneers. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OP PURNI A. Till AND HOCiWIOL? E?f?CTS?Op BON DAY *'h in?t.,at 10 o'olodl a. in., at ?te recj. denoe of David Finch, aco??ad, on 19th street, between New-York tfMNand Tstreet nortk.we will sell the entire persona! effects, M? 1 Inc rosewood-case Piano ana "tool . Mahogany Snfi?, do. Arm and Parlor Charrs Do Rocker*. Ottomans _ Do Centre, Mde and Dining TaWaa Parlor, hall, and chamber Carpets Parlor, chamber. and oooktng Stoves B dstaa*s, Beda. Mattresses Wsrrirt?lH?a, Bureaua, Withstands Sidolxiard. Extenaiou Tables Feather Bed a, Blankets, ami other Bedding Curtains, Lounge, Fire Irons Crockery and (iiaas ware. Knives and Forks Iron and Tin ware. Kitoken Reccisitea, Ac.,Ac. Terms: %S sad under, cash; over that amount a oredit of 8R and ?? da) a, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed, and bearing luteraat. oaa-u vVall a Barnard. Anots. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE OF HORSK8, CATTLE, CiitiuGn, Ccrh. Foddek. Hat, Farminc IMPLEM K5TS. HOUSEHOLB AND KlTrilXN FcRXI Prince Ge?ei.r's Covrtt, Mb., at Auc tion ? On MO.* DAY. the2P?h instant. 1 ahall sell, at the farm of Mrs. Margaret 9. A. Cumminga, on the right of Rock Creek road, IS mile from the Rock Creek church, oommeiicng at fcJ o'olock a. m., all of the stock, consisting of Work and Carriage Horses Cow? and Cattle. Family Carriage Carts, Farming Implements Some of the cattle are very fa*. ANo, a l<?t of Corn. Fodder. Hay, Cabbage, he. Alao, a good lot of Houaehold and Kitchen Furni ture, amorist which will 1# found a first rate Pi ano. Terms <?f sale: The Corn. Hay awl Cattle will l?e ao|<l for rash in lainkahle funds; the fmlanee will be sold as follows: *11 sums under ???, cash, in banka ble funds ; *?Ver *,T>," credit oft And 4 months will be given, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing in terest. oc2l-d A. ORE EN. Auctioneer. FUTURE DAYS. V By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. AM'Alil.K BUILDING LOTS FRONTING os 10th street west ano Rhode Island av exck at AccTiox.-?-On THURSDAY, the*Uh in stant, I aha'l aell, in frontof the premises at 4 o'c'k. p. in., II lwtndsoine building lota, bring Iota D. E, F, G. II, L, M,N.O, I', and Q, insoltdivisiou of oast halfof square No. ST7. Tl>is property is handsome ly loeai<*J. some of which front on >0<h street weat, between north P street and Rhode Island avenue, and some on the avenue. Terms : One-third cssli. Iialance in in, 12, la and 24 moat he, the purchasers to give notes for the deferred payments, liearuig interest from day of sale. A deed ? ivenanda doed of trust taken. Title undisputa bie. oc 23-d A.GREEN, Auctioneer V By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ALl'ABI.E BUILDING LOTS ON K strfkt ? North, krar Fraxxlin Square, at Auction. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. October 26'.h, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell parts of sub divisions No 24 and 25, in Square No. S85. fronting 51 fret 2 inches on north K str??et, between 12th and 13th streets, runniug back VI feet 8 inches, with the privilege of an alley rnnnimr out to !2th street. These are Uie most eligible aiul desirable Building I?ts for sale in that delightful part of the C;t?: to the sale of which special attention is invited. Title indisputable. The property will be sold entire, or m Lots, as is desired. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in fi andtt months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. oc 21-d J AS. C. MeGUIR E. Anet. E By A. GREhN, Auctioneer. XECUTOR S SALE BY ORDER OF THE ? Orphans' Court, of Horses, Mules. Cat tle, Farming Utensils, Negroes, ash House hold Furniture, at Auction.?On WEDNES DAY, the2Kth inrtant. at 10 o'clock a. m.. I shall sell at the la'e residence of Washington Berry, de ceased,on the road leading from north Capitol street near Gler.wood Cemetery,a'l ot the stock, consist ing of Horses. Mules C?ws. Carriages, and Farm ing Utensils, Ac. Also, two old servants, slaves for life ; one Servant woman for a term of three years and cine months. Also, such Household Furniture a* may not be required by the ftnuly. Terms: All miiu.s of and under, in bank able funds ? over 83". a credit of two and four months will be given, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed bearing interest from day of sale . By order of the executrix. oc2l-3t\VSAT A. GREEN. Auctioneer. MARSHAL'S SA I.E.?In virtue of three writs ??f Flen Facias, issued from the Clerk's Office of t! 9 Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for tii? County ot Washington, and to me directed. 1 wil; expose to public sale for CASH, in front of the Court-nous* door of sard county, on WEDNES D \ Y, the2Kth day of October, at 12 o*e!<?ck in, the fo'iowing described property,to wit: all defendant's rirht, title, claim, and interest in and to that part of Lot So. 17. in Square No. 374, eonimencinif 22 feet 8 incbes from thi- northeast corner of said lot, front ing 11? feet 8 inches on 1 ?treet North, l?etween??th and iftth street* Went, and running l?ck thai width the vliole dep! Ii of the lot. together with all and sin gular the improvement* thereon, seised ?nd levied upon as the property of Wil D. Acken.and will be sold to satisfy Judicial* Nos. 3C1.37M. and 379, to Obtober term, IH57, in favor of Char!es Koones. use of Parker P. Clark. Peter J. Steer, aud Fielder M. M.-igruder, t*. \V illiain D. Acken. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal for the District of Columbia, oc 1 dtda a ' |<'Kl IT, ORNAMENTAL TREES, Ac. The undersigned oal's the attention of planters to his extensive gfook of FRUIT TR EES. which aw are of the huest quality, guaranteed as to accu-^P' T >ey,and verv cheap, vix : ? 2n,i*?i Hwarf Pears, elmiceat variety, native and Eu r'tpean. #25 to per 1<*>. 15 0?i Pencil Trees, standard kinds, per ion. l?,?s? Apple Trees, bast Southern variety, 513 per 1W?. 2,0',0 l.awton I?lackl?erries. Apneots. Cherries. Plums, ({nincea. Grape Vines Straw'?erries. Raspberries. <>oos*l>erriea. Currants, Ac ,an immense stock of all the finest variety. Shade Trees, Evergreens, Roses, Rhubarb and Asparagus Roots. VV it h alt articles pertaining to the Nursery and Seed business. JOHN SAUt , 3567th street, corner H street. ocl3 eodt Washington, D.C. CABINET FURNITURE,^ BEDS AND MATH!ESSES, PLATED GOODS, CHINA. GLASS. AND CROCKERY, JAPANNED GOODS, BRITA M A WARE. BLOCK TIN GOODS, TARLE CI TLERY, BRONZED IRON GOODS, LOO KIN ft GLASSES. WOOD A- WILLOW WARE. BASKETS. BRUSHES.Ac. forming an immense variety of Us ful and Fancy Articles, embracing a'nicit every thing re?i 111 red to furnish the P.arior, 4'namber, Dining-room and Kitohen.all of which I will sell at very low prices for oash, or on tune for approved pott. c. w. r<tVeler. General House-Furaishing Store. oel3-eof.t Iron Hall. p U M PS-P U M l'S-P L M PS. The subscrilier gives notice that he continues to manufacture his large Irou Pumps. They are strong and substantial, and will raise water one hundred feet perpendicular. For information I refer you to the inhabitant* who have used them^nd two ofthem may tie seeu on F street, between 12th and <Sth. one at the oorner of H and >3th. one near the old Capitol in adeep well, two on Virginia avenue, between 2d and 4th ttreets.all put in operation by order of the Mayor of Washington. He will dig aud deepen wells, build cistern? for ram water, put in operation Hydrauliau Rams, and repair old pumps of every description. Those desiring his services will he ac commodated at the shortest notiee by callinr on the aul>scriber in Washington. D. C., No. 46S Virginia avenue, near the Carroll Plaoe. se 2-eoim FOSTER HENSHAW. | OOK TO YOUR interest: TO THE CASH CONSUMERS OF COAL AND WOOD. We have nowon the way.2 large cargoes of RED and WHITE-ASH COAL, which we purchase# in Philadelphia for cash, sinoe the great pressure in money matters. We can sell it cheap for cash. U e have on band, at our wharf, the largest and best supply of WOOD lujtown. which we will also sell low for cash. WARDER A STEWART. *> Office corner of H and 12th streets, oc 17 2w* Wharf 12th st.aud Canal, south side. jr?OAL! COAL!! COAL!!! COAL!!! The undersigned respectfully informs the public that lie is uow receiving large supplies of CuuiIht land COAL, in boat loads, which T now offer to the trade at reduced prices for cash. This Coal 1* of a superior quality, and of a large size. Can be aoen at my Depot, at the corner of l?th and B street south. " JONAS P. LEVY. ocl2-lm Grocery and Provision Store. N OTICE TO HOUSEKEEPERS. S. R. L. CROWN A CO.. having reoeived a large * % and well selected stock for the Fall trade, in , vites Housekeeper* and those in w.aut of FURNITURE or CROCKERY WARE, to examine their stock,as they are determiued to sell to suit the tirnea. Bank paper of the District taken at par. C. R. I.. CROWN A CO., oc 16-tf No. 2L'7. corner offith st. and Pa. av. IMMENSE REDUCTION IN THE PRICES OF READY-MADE CLOTHING. Having on hand an unusually large *t*>ck of READY-MADE CLOTHING awl FURNISH INli GOODS of t lie latest and most approved sty lea wo have determined to reduoe it b> oa?h *ale*. re gardleas of sacrifice. With tht* object 111 vow. we hue market! our pnoes to meet the wants of .all in search of good artic es. NOAH WALKER A Co. Marble Hall Clothing Store. No.3W Pa.av.. oc !7-2w Browns' Hotel Building. CHRISTIAN'S CORNET AND COTILLON > BAND. . rl? . We take pleasure m informing the publicof \\ smj mgtou thai the acknowledged l>eat iiiiisieians of this wiotropoii* h%\e united under the al<ove( nnnit* nml und^r the direction of Mr. i.ihiii-i TIAN, a* a MusieBand. otfer their services rooet respectfully to l>arade?. Concerts. Soceaade*. Baits, Pn vat <i laities. A e. ... We liave in possession ?il th" newest and i>est Music, as well h?r Concerts .a* any other ?erl??riii aure. and are omiiUmI that uisb r tweal known ability of our leader we can jtvo the highest satis Avation to all. ? Orders will be promptly attended to when 5*ft at Mr. metasrott'a Muaie,Depot, at Mr. M. I o?wen atein'a. near Adam's Kxpress, or T. Christian. O street, between 5tk awl ?h, m-ar the Navy Yaid. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS tke Aa riMMlkl llttm, be. New Yoei, Oct ? -The Metmpslltaa ittk H Mid to h?w dlwenntfd to day ell tbat Waa of fered. a* s renersl thta*. Wvmr, aaoaey Im tight aa at hiv tint* during thr vrwk It is stated by fip-fw authority of prtnto ad ? vto* that the English underwriter* haw de clined to insure any more specie aa beard tbe *'e?mtr 1*""U; and tbat ahe a ad the .hip of tbe 4*th of Oetoltrr wmrid have on board ? 1 .nuo.efln sterling The same authority states tbat tbe Vlaak of Rug I and had noticed the bill-broker* tbat they skould dlacount nothing having over thirty days to run. ' the feeling la eery gloon.y and desponding Bank stocks. State stacks, and ratlwaea bareiU declined A gen?ral tevuUlon throughout Eu rope i? anticipated. Tbe P.nropa brings back aeernty thousand pounds aterllng. nnder protect Rol?b. Hallett k Co hare suspended, In ronse qttenr# of t he d fflcnlty in exchange preventing tbe follfrtlon of large loan*. Tbe noose baa connection* in New Orlean*. California and Liv erpool. The New Orleaaa bow* baa a capital af six hundred thousand dollars, and ia regarded a* strong unless a general suspension of tbe beaks of tbat city ukea place. Sailing at tbe Bark El lea. KoaroLx. Ort 23 ?The berk Ellen, which res cued tbe survivors of tbe Central America, mailed to-day, having been repaired and ilted out at the goverament rxpenae. Capt Johnson ha* not ra reload one dollar of the subscriptions raised at Norfolk and Portsmouth. ? Parade of the Tray Fire Departmeat. T*i?t, N. YOct. K ?The annual parade of the fl.-e department of this city took place to-day It wo* a brilliant display. Thousands of oiir citizens turned out to witness tbe parade. It clones with a grand hot! to-night. Street Flgbt la MnapMl. Mrnr?m, Tenn.. Oct. 21 ?In ft street flgbt wb'rb occurred in this city this morning Colonel Cockrell, proprietor of tbe Coaiinerrlnl Hotel, ww Iwdly wounded by a pistol tn tbe band* of Dr. Hooke ?? Inspection af tbe Defeat**. New Yr?m. Oct 23 ?The Secretary of the War a-c-?mpanled by Lieutenant-General i?cott. and others, made a" visit of Inspection to-dav to tba vox tons forts def< ndift^ tbe city of New York. Disaster aa tbe Lake*. Chtago, Oct 23?l.?The steam propeller Rein deer, tunning between here aad Montreal, went tn pl?*c? s at I'oint Ansable on Monday, nad ftll hiU'ds were lost except two. Iowa Eleetioa. Chicago, Oct. 23.?Returnaof flfty-sli coanUea in luWd jtive tbe Bepublicau* a majority of up ward of 2,0t<0. The Republicaua b*ve carried both bruacLes of the Legislature. Ea thqaake. Niw Yoax. Oct. 23 ?The shock of an earth quake was felt at Rulftln, Forr?t Hill, ?nd Day ton, in this State, this afternoon Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, Oet #4 ? Floor is generally un changed : Howard street and Oblo 85 25; City Mill* *5 12K for cash and on time Wheat is flrnier; r*d fl.lMI <0; white 91 81 39. Corn is steady; yellow aud white l^a&-c. Whisky ia bettor; Ohio 21a'?ic. New York ?ark?U. New Yoek. Oct 24.?Flour advanced, sales of 6.UU' bbls. State 84 ?Ue84.80; Ohio 85 20a#5 M; Southern 85 3?>a8j 5t). W heat declined ; sales of 42,UU0busb; Chicago SI u-afl (t) ; red $1.21*81 30. Corn quiet , sales unuuporianL prices nominal. Turk is dull; mess 82U Beef lower at 812 5ft afl3 for Chicago repacked. Lard is beavy at 12 aUfce. W bi?ky Is lower; Ohio 2la21Xc. Flaaacial. New Yoke. Oct. 24.-Stocks are dull. Illinois Central RR shares TO; do bonds W; Michigan Southern #; N Y Central 62; Reading RR 26: Vir ginia 6'bTT GEO RGET 0 W HAD V ERTISEMTS. (Milh TO THK I'KLMISESol the suliscriber. / one siMtiit 'he lest of A "gust, *"d[the m&vtb other early in !<epteml>er, two COWS; one n red bulla o. with wnite sr>>ts. add the* other a red. homed Cow, witli white back, ami a lest her collar around her neck, with a name upon it. Tnc owne or owners will come forward, provo property, pay charges and take them away fW?m r'os>t; s lm>ve Vard. Little Fal's Hoed. oet4 9t* WANTED.?A WOMAN to do genernl Hoaso work in a small fnmi'v. None need spaly without tho t?est of references. Apply at No. 3,1st strwt. Oe??ricetown, ll. C, at T. N. Kin\VKl,L I^tiR K KNT?The two ooinf<>etable aM conveni ent 1JKICK HOL'SKS on Ksyoite street, ad joining the t'onvont^re now undergoiaf ooniplete ro rair.and will l*e for rent ou tlie 4th of August. Tho louses are very desirable, particusrly to nsreats haviar children to e?lncat?. Apply to JOHN L. Kl DWELL. High street, tieorretown. Jv ti jTl'MBER. LUMBER. Ll .MUKR. The subscnl>er has jnst reo^red ser hrif Maria, fa>m W nrnuigtou. N. C.,a lot of GIRDER, of the following aizea: 12 (7 12. iU by 12.8 by 12,6 l>y 12, and 10 by 10, from 40 to5i' feet lengths. Has also on haul WALNUT PLANK, from2 to * inches thick. Also, seiaoned PANNKL WHITE TINE PLANK, from l'4 to s inches tbiok. The attention of carvers is especially invited to the ai>ove. Alan, a large and wen-aeleeted a*sortment of BUILDING LUMBER, whiob I will ae(l low for rue l?, or on acoomoHNlatiuK terms to punctual oas koaiers. Yard No. 71 Water street, Georgetown. oc !2-eoS? F. WHEATLY. \Vtantku IMMEDIATELY.?? barrels of " pure, new. oonctiy CiDKR. iiisbest (nab price i>aid for a good article. ARNY A SHINN. UnH?n Hottlinz Depot, oc?l eo?w No. 57 Gnen street, Georgetown. CITY STEAM FIRE-W(K)D MILL. Economy akpC?mvKjitKi?c*. We are now ready to deliver WOO DP A It ED and SPl.IT at jn per <wnt Itiss than the nsaal rates, snd better prepared than it can be b> band. Knots and wood of inconvenient size not sent. All orders lor less ttian halfacord will be delivered in crates to any part of tbe house at ao further ex pense to tho purchaser. l'ine wood in cratcs Si oents. Oak wood do. 40 cents. lu this part of our basinets we will open no ac oounts, ss we have come to the conclusion to make it exclusively a'Oash business. Also. ?m hand, HICKORY. OAK, and PINE WOOD and CoALofsli kinds, which will bo dis-" posed of on the usual scoomaiodating terms. Now unthe wa> ? One cargo White Ash Broken C<ial for furnaoo. One cargo White Ash Egg Coal for radiators. Coal 2,24ft lbs. to the ton. All under ?*ovor. Orders promptly fllied. T. LA W M. GALT. northwest corner of lS?b and C sts.. No MT. OS 7-tf one square south of P*nn avenue. \EW GALLERV OF ART. No. 9a Pennsylvania A venae, (or'r Davit't Pimm* MoriJ The Sul>scriber, induced l?y Ins suocess in Phil.i delphis. and tiie aumerous orders hs roeeives from tin* section of the country, has t>pened a Sat class gallery in thia city for the production of AMKRO TYPES, DA^UKKREOTYPES, and PHOTO (jB*PHS. sflording the cititens of Washington and the pultlie an opportunity of procuring aa hne a work as is n>nde in xew York or Pans. Portraits is Oil, from Life or IMguerreotypeej and Photographa finished ia India Ink. Crayon, see Natural Colo s, by s distinguished Parisiaa artist, enrnged expressly for this estsblisbm<nt. Persons residing St a distanoe wishing to here liaguerreoty pes enlarged and painted can send them iwith ciesci iptior of person) and have them aooa raiely copied, and returued l?y express. All L kertessee are guarsn-eod. and an examina tion of specimens is solicited. J. E. Met'I.EES, Photographer. 9* Pennsylvania avenue, 00 23 Iw K3R Chestnut street. Philadelphia. VVirginia and district money TAKEN AT PAR voa EOOIS, SHOES, AND TRUNKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IRoV HALL BOOT.SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. Pesaiylrasis arena', krtwen 9th ssrf lot* ?t?. 11 I have jnst returned from the North arrets rill * aaaortiaent of a Ktwl? kinds of l^adies. GentJemens. Mis ^UTLi ? .. ... , H? a. Boys'. Children*', snd Servants' ROOTS and t?HOES. Also, a large atock of TRUNKS. CARPET BA?iS. VALICES. aad SATCHELS, all of which I wul sell lor the above * Calf*early, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S. ? , Iron Hall. \fKTKOPOI.ITAN .MECHANICS* INSTI i?| TITE. This Piploma. of the ferst class, was awarded by the Metropolitan Meehamce' It stitnte fbr the pro motion t>f the Mechanic Aits, to i?r. C. II. VA N PATTI- N.of Washington, D C.. for his SUPER r O R dentistry. St ar.icai. sxr Mfchsmcai., exhibrted at the ri>splay of artielea ojf A men nan Hiantfcciurs held in the City of Washingtwa on tho l?th day of March, 1153. _ ? , Joseph Hkmv, President. Chaslxs St a ms ar a t. Secretary. DR. VAN PATTEN has removed his oftaa.aed may now be feuwl dany. <rofa ma. m. te< f ? /wer Poteritini s (formerly MiMer's) eeJel?ratet Coeler tionery.opposite MeGaire's Aaotieo Store.l-etweett i 'th snd llth sts. ?e < FISH MAN. s~? nt?i tl tw DRY GOODS A%U MIM.INF.tY, informs his friendsbss|BBt oesned a new storftUE^ll s f?dsal GIKiDb, MILLINERY. Ac?aasuriax th? aubbe evei j srtx ol* to be as represented, aad to sail with a very smslt advanoa. Coaie and easimee my stock, aad jod,o ^0^0. *1 7th at-, between H aad I. aext doao > to Mr. Tyana's hsrdwara atore, 00! eoita*