Newspaper of Evening Star, October 24, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 24, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. A FIRST SORROW. Anw! ihia day ?hail shine Forever mot*. To thee a (tar divine On Time's dark snore. Till now thy eeul baa beea All t *ti and ?a? : Bid it awnke, ami look At grief to-day. No shade has come between ThM and the aun; Lute some ioajt elierished dream Thy life haa rim. Mot now the stream haa reaehed A dark, deep aea. And sorrow, dim and crowned, la waitiug ttiee. Kaon of God's soldiers bears A swonl divine; Ptretoh out thy tremhiiug bands To day for thine. To each anointed priest God's summons earn*: On. soul. He *peaks to day. And (at !s thy unit. Then, with slow, reverent step And ltaatinx heart, Fr<?in out thy joyous days Thon must <f?part; Ami, leavinx all behind. Come forth, alone. To j??in the chosen nsnd Around the throne. Raise up thine eyes?be stront ? Nor cast away Th" crown that God has given Thy soul to-day. \rr The .Medical College, at Winchester, Va I* In a Nourishing condition. ' ID" Though -brevity" is the soul of wit, it is '?no joks" to l>? "short." ID* " I say, my little son, where does the right kal^ roadRO " Ooa't know sir, taint b?en no where since we lived here.?* ID" London is bwdthker than New York, the ^r*'oiie'iz*'31 ou?f In 41; in thelat w^LT''^ry WM an ?*press1ve pfara?e, but the boys lu the street* have found a better one. Now they say, "Suspend !'? -C^Mr Christion Lapp.of Lancaster county. Fa., lost a stallion valued at fl,A*i on Friday night Hi* death was the result of overfeeding. ID" Banks of Issue are unknown In California Tbe currency is ail haid money, and for larire transaction drafts s Ellen O'ConnHl. an insnne woman, bO years old, was last week found on the stoop of her son's residence, in Lee. Mass., with her throat cut in a shocking manner. ID"Mr. Garrick. a leading citizen of Dnnlellh. low.., while crossing the railroad track at that on rhursday last, whs struck by an engine and fatally injured. ID" A correspondent writes to know, in case the Great Eastern steam*hip cannot come over the ba-s about Sandy Hook, why the people do not go and let th ? bars down. ID" Johu Kandoiph. a venerable aezro, f,?r m-uy years oressaaaa iu tbe ?a?;* of the HunU vIlle (Ala ) Democrat, wo;k-*i off Lis last forma few day a ago, having oeen locked up in the em brace of death. Kossuth closcd career for the present at Auchteia.-dec, Scotland, and left Glas gow for the South, having been joined there by Madame Kossuth and daughter from Arrow eUar. Jam"8 C^PeUad. charged with the killing of Jmns Harvey, whi. h has been pending for near ten years, was tried a few days ago at Augusta Mia. , aud resulted In hia con viction of inurdar ?rJ^T?TW%] young men went out gunning in Taunton, Mass , on Saturday, when one of them named James Durf~?. was accidentallv ?hot by the premature discharge of hia companion's ID" A man named Charles Nash was killed on ^ af?<frMOOn attempting to get 011 boa.d a t.ain of cars on the Eitchbu g railroad at South along"' MM*chuBett"? wh'le they were moving ID* A writer on domestic economy, in giving instructions for keeping egga fresh, says "Lav them w:tn the smal; end down." He due* not issAst^*1 - <?" tu. ?; ''Afe those belle ringing for fire *" In quired Simon of Tiberias " e ' ,n "No, inoeed," answered Tibe; they have u-ot water7'^ ^ h?11* ar* ,,ow "??'ng ?or Among the ancient Germans "it was cer ? exchange paper tells of a parson who f fr w ^ h fer,m,,? ^th, "My Mends, let us say a r*w word? before we This is about equal to the chap who took a short nap before he went to sleep. ? ^.rjarr,e!! vromJ,n- ? Kaston, Mas. , re . ^ *dJn,nja^" of tho temporary ab sence of h-r'husband, decamped with a young 2S-TS . Ite' tLC P^'^^king with them the injured W hite is a graduate from the State prison B*ow"* ?At Hitchcockvllle, is. i? ^eW eve,V0lC? aiuee, at a corn husking, ?>u?hela were husk.d. 4u guls kissed. 3 "en aaged. and everybody at home Wore 10 o'cUv k The Springfield Republican thinks ?? Hitchcock vllle must be a nice place to live in " ID" Three young men, a few days ago adver t.sed a concert at Bristol, R | AW one hun dred persons attended, but the scamps, pocketing the proceeds, lrft through the back d.wr They played a similar gaxue at Warren, with even greater success. ' " 'V 4 tri?l of three-year-oid colts, at the Oneida County Fair, yesterday, Jolj Crocker was lad ff such ^n' **Unt' e?lt at f,,1] "P0*"'1 . . i? j . eager manner, with bis Lead fKfW,rd V,d hi' ,n"uth w"leop?n a* Jo attract the crowd. wt,#n Donaldson out TO'! ho^1' "1 rr T /' ?r th" 'J'*"ght Will stop your ? ' ticu Telegraph% VJ. C (LL^llJ^Zrfel^lathan' of Wilmington, N. . ' on evening l-rv we^lr preparM a vial of chemical composition, of which "nitric .eld ? *"tl w?'s?e conversing vi in a irMd tbe pbial exploded. *. a"-?'in" th^ Onein'? ,h" Ur" and ?jes of Mr s d^fi-d o' -d L. was ID* On the banks of the Missisaippi. inShelbv si uu.y. eighteen iri,iP% froart Memphis Tenn two men n ;m-d Slaughter and .M-rriwea'her be" m a di.putrw.7h 'two siTflgh ,a^rlwrevwhici1 e"dca in a h?fri aff av w ith ti ll. . ^PP^'* ro"?m-ncsd the astray with their a*em. the other two men u?ed ?>v ireirolv,,r?; they were also assisted eolithr?! * Slaughter's bead was n,:irk|v ?ied the fl.-ht. Memwenthe"' weral he anaged^o'e*raw 1 *away 'and*iThii'fl? '",t do. P,??, ARRIVALS AT Tllh HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL E K Hsskfn. v.." t &?"-r L ? ? t ??? mJ tvan?, do: Miu rv.n? a? n ? S-s-wJi^^V v G.lkev. NC " >1.V-V,l?^,/.ne-,?*?; A J Green and G lk?r \("n '' 'J '*',4,rne. d Mdr \ V r \'*'',"rrV Bailey. NV; j ( rlv W^.v^M2r.i1c?vrr;'Siv: hf. do: N A Tho.ipL,? Vh . m 'i, ' S VVr.i^rt .to i ?d' , ?? *? Mchennv. do; R '??<? Mentraa. La. ' ' P*r 0re^n? 1 *i A D WILLARD B HOTEL _\V t ci..l K G Banks, do, T J C-r?on. do \ \v u,"" \a F M Camper, do; M s j? Lvrtn' and sister, do, J M:ldiuin \v ? Ij n.7i "n K M Arrh.tald, <lo; H B Helpi; doP^*: d?' T. M Vard. J Cock and UdvT\ j T Stew,,^' &K' R?*i * '?? rSi? ??d uSTw^i ^ HC' JZ*** Va; N II Wiltberl.1 a p m', ' ** "'or,"n. Ga; Juntas Daniel S-? A. P H Smtib. WJs: S J Tild?n \ V K \v ri ?SCS: s H Striker, jr NY ^,fTV Dow> KIRK WOOD HOirSR-RB Bartlett Kv T H cT^d'-'O *?** '? M-? H n'r, J1' . J.'.np, I'j I, Itrowu. A', bun. u . do; M,? '? Ganlden. E W h,? "; J;,. } WM,f0rd Ca,s; T K b"ct*D>n wVJrer' v , W H 0aJn?. Wi, r t i ' Y Mason. NV; Dr VV Hi-pe botir, Vn. \V \|4d L' ?oi>lrT' **d; k ^tr' J Winston di, w j? ' ' ? H HandbiIght, do; .ger. I *N h W V./',M\Ton d" Gie! family, do ' 1 #!n#' Ma". L T Wis# and WASHINGTON ll<>r*h ? M . The? S Cltaeev. sr ? u VfiN; Halt; O IIuat. N \ ork H I Th ' Hnpk'os. Dolman E J RoUrts! PhlladH ^^?hL?; K M Orleans ' 1 nuad- 11 C Cle k, New "OTEMMXTS OF OCMA* STRAMEHs F?o* thr L'airm Ststis v.^rr,r,; " lora. ..Havre r>?? ?< " ft New York. ..Liverpool.. .Oct 21 . fans y.rton Th. " ?.?*?? V<rk...Oet 7 .?... "rw v..k Miscellaneous 514 SKVKNTH ITREKf. ? tobJas, OPTICIAN. . Offioe Second Story, thro* doert from _ Odd Fellows' Hall. Spectacles and Glasses suited to ?very sight; Opera. Reading, and Watchmakei's^e^kji^^ Glasses; Telescopes, Mioroeoopes in'fj'" great variety; Cosinoramio Stereoscopes with views of superior and ouoi e pictures on baud. See adver tiseiueut m National Intelligencer. Testimonials. Norfole, September 7,1864. Sift: The Spectacles you made for me suit me very well, and seem to have unproved my sight more than any other 1 have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair ef Speotables obtained from Mr. Tobias, and hud thfin of great assistance to my sight,and corresponding with his description of their foous. 1 recommend him at a skillful optician. HENRY A. WISE. .. _ PBTBHsacne, October 21,11154. About five years ago, | obtained from Mr. Tobias, in W ashington, a pair of Glasses for the spectacles which I used, and found them of great assistance te my deua> nig vision ; and my opinion ??f him is, that he is skililul in the preparation of Glasses for eyes not too lar gone to be benefitted by auch aid. J. F. MAY. _ . Ltmcbbtteo, November 1,1854. From an examination of Mr. Tobias'Glasses, and from his observations and remarks, am oonvinoed that he is a skiliful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD, M. D. Ltnchburo, November 10.1854. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished me with Glas ses. by which 1 have oeen greatly aided, (my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night in iny earlier liu\) it affords me the highest pleasure to say that 1 consider him a skillful praotioal optician, and well prepared to aid those who may ueed his professional services. \VM. B. RoUZIE, ?. der ot the Methodist Conference. WlLEIXOTO!!, N. C., Juue 27, lU54. Mr. J. Tobias? l)*ar Sir : 1 am happy to say that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from you last week are eu'.irel) satislnctory. From a* inequality in the visual ranged'in j eyes. I have heretofore feund great difficulty in jrelting glasses of the proper focaldis taiioes. ' it ailord* me pltasi^re te stale, that by the aid of your optometer this difficulty has been happily obviated, so that tiae <> lasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to "my eyes of an# I have ever vet used. Very respectfully yours, R. R. PRANK. Rector of St. James' Parish. Having been induced bt a friend to visit the estab lishment ef Mr. Tobias for the purpose of trying his glasses I was furnished with a pair slightly oolored blue, wliioe have afforded me more relief and gratifi cation than any 1 have ever tried. My aisht, origin ally very good, was injured by writing and reeding at nifht. frequently to a very late hour: but with the ait! of these glasses I can study almost as late as jv?r. and that too without the pain I have previous ly sutJered. JOHN WILSON. Late Commissioseer Gen'l I?and Office. Dea. 11.1ft w. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleasure in saying that I am much pleased with them. I have lieen muoh benefited by them. GEO. P. SCARBURGfl. May 5th, 1838. 1 wss recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skilful optician; and as I have eves of remarkable peculiari ty, 1 was grntiiied to ftuu that Mr. Tobias ssemod to comprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement, and lie has made in* a pair of Specta cles that suits me admirably. A. P. BUTLER. July 11, liS56. Washington, Ang.S. 1T35. Having been for years under the necessity of hav two sets of glasto*?one for use in daylight, and ose for lamp-light?I prooured one set from Mr. ToHias which answered both purposes. I have used his for several mouths, and had them excellent. EDWAK I) STUfeRS, Of Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. 5tr: The p?ir of Spectacles yon furnished m-? yesterday are particular!* satisfactory to me. I'h 'y are very decidedly the nest I possess, ar*' | (,iu tne owner ofeignt or nine pairs, carefully selected in diilercut p'aces and from opticians reo oininended to me on account of their professional tranding in Frsnce, Kiis'and. and the I'mted States. I have been Also pieisea with your remarks and di rections on tiiu treatment of in* eyes, for the pur pose of preserving ai.d improving the sight Kespeotfuliy * ours, CHS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. Brooklyn Orthopaedic Institution, Aprn, 1U54. After most careful exsminetion of Mr. J. Tobias's Glasses, I am enabled to testify that their hardness, oiearneie. polishing, sud exaot optical shape render them particularly reoommendable to those whose merely optical impairment of the eyes are in want of such aiixi.iaries. I oonsider, moreover, Mr. Tobias fully qualified to the focus of the eys.lioth by Ins optical knowledge and experience, and hy means ol his optometer. In addition, 1 oan further state tnat Mr. Tobits has supplied some of my pa tients with Glasses to their sud my satisfaction LEWIS BAUER. M. D.. Physician aud Surgeon, Berlin; Member of the Koyal Coilc.-e of Surgeons, England; Member ?f the Medics Society of London, and of tlie Pathological Sooiety of New York; iate Sur t??u of the Royal Orthopaedic Institution of la? Chester. England, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. Nobfole, Va.. July ?7,1154. In the experience of even two years. I have fnind great difficulty in obtaining Spectacles that wereox aetiy adapted to the weakness of my sight. This in convenience Mr. Tobias ?ecm* to have removed for the present by tne substitution for ine of better and more suitable Glasses. They are o!e*r, ohr) stal-like and comfortable to m> eves. I would oommend him to thnsi? vrho from age or other infirmity require ar tificial a.d in this way. J. J. SI M KINS, M. D. Wilminoton, N. C., June 16, lft>4. To persons who have had the sight oftheir eyes so impaired a* te require the use ofiilasses, 1 would recommend Mr. John Tobias as s suitable person from whom to obtain such (iissses as they may re quire. as ho has suited me with a pair of Spectacles lor a rtraiui near sight. My sight has been impaired very much by a service of years in tho Post O/fice Department, which berth required me to be on dutv from 1! o'clock at night till after day, during which time 1 used but oiialulit. W. A. WALKER. Dkpartxknt or Interior, May 8, 1855. From natural defects mid the unequal range of iny eyes, I have been compelled to use gmsses for seve ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months 11110.1 Mr. Tobias'insds two pairs especially for ine, which I have fouiul to serve me perfectly. Hy the use of his optometer he is enabled to ad.tpt glasses most minute!) to the eve. I most cheerful ly recommend Mr. Tobias to ail having occasion to use glasses, and bear in* testimony as to his skill a* an optic an. HENRY E. BALDWIN, se 25 Ass't Seo'y to sign I?and Warrants. pROPOSALS FOR SUPPLIES. Quartermaster's Office Marine Corps,t Washington. October 10. 1JVT7. \ Sealed Proposals will l>e received at this offioe un ti! 3 o'clock, p.m., 011 fir day. the 13th Noveinl>er, IRT7. for suppiv ing the Marine Corps with the fol ow ing articles during fhe fiscal year ending 30th June, UiVi, viz: 5?>? to hoo uniform oaps. complete. I f**) to 2.'**' marine pompoons. 1.0 0 to 2/ 00 patent-leather stocks. if) to 8D0 privates' uniform coats, eomplete, of navy blue cloth, lodigo d?e?to be chemicali) tested. SO to 100 sergeants' uiiiform eoats, (same as above.) 50 to 10C* musici ins' ooats.soarlet eloth.ochuieal dye? to be chemically tested. 1?? to Sfripaiisnou ooinimssioned ollicers' epiu lettex. 560 to 8->o pairs brass centre straps. M to .5" r?d worsted sashes. 1,'*<> to i>airs ln,?n overalls. 1.000 to ^.tw? linen shirts. to S.oisi pairs brogans, Nos. 5 to 11, 51O to a**! marine blankets, (gray.) V-1 fo knapsscks. 2.V"e to S.noo pairs woollen socks. 500 to 3?> marine fatigue eaps. the nlr th tnhenavr blue iridiRodye^nd ohemically tested, to aee fatigue lro<*ks. l/o? to 1,50ft llanne! nhirfs to l.noo patrs woollen overalls, bine kersey, 500 to 1,000 woollen jackets. .??? lo .500 watcli or treat eoats, do. 500 to 1,000 pairs Canton flannel drawers. 35 to GO musicians' jaskets. scerlet cloth, eoehl nea! dve?to be ehemieally tested. l.hOft to 2,000 yards 4 sky-hlue kersey I/""0 to 2/siO yards navy-biua cloth, to l?e chemnselly tested. 300 yards scai let cloth, eoehineal dye, to be oh imi cally tested. Samples ofthealiove articles mar be seenonappli cation at this office, or at the offiee of the assistant quartermaster marine oorps, 189 fpruce street, Phil ad"lphia. It is to lie understood that the accepted bidder is to tsk? a.I material used for manufacturing coats, overalls, 4c? on hand at the time of ci.tenng into oontract, at tho contract prices there<if. Bids will be received for the whole or in parts for |er arU articies . .. jple will l?e rejeeled and tnrown upon the hands of the contractor The quartermaster reserves tohimseif the right to increase or dimmish the quantity named shove, as the ezigeooics or interests of the sorviee mar de mand. Proposals to he addre??ed to the " Qnartermaster ef the Marine Corps," Washington, D. C., and en dorsed *? Proposals for Supplies." oc 1J eot 5thN'ov U NIT ED STATES MAIL. florTda, Post ?)rricE, 1857, Proposals for osrrring the Mails of the United Stares from tst Decemner, 18J7, to 30th June, I8Si. on t tje following routes in the State of Florida, ana in the manner Serein specined.wri lie received at ti.e Contract Office of the post Office Department, in the cit? of Washington, until 5 p. in., of the 15th Noveuil<fr, 1H.57, to <iec:ded on the following day : ^875 From Prescott'* Store, fori the line of the Florida rstlri>ad, fiy Fort Harlee, Gainoa vil'e and Micanopy, to Ooa'a and Ivtek, three times a week, in four tior?e ooaches. Bidders will state the distauoe, name other in termediate offices, if nn?, and propose a schedule of d'partures and arrivals, making close oonnexions with the railroad. 8816 From Prescctt's Store, (on the line of the Florida railroad,) b* N?w Kiver and St. Louis. t<? .Newnansville, 36 miles and liaek, three timrs a week, 111 four horse ooachea. Bidders w.ll propose a schedule of departures and arrivals, making elose conssxions with the raiboad. OT77 From Preseott's Store Inn the line of the Florida railroad) to M iddlel urg, 13 miles and heck, twioo a week intwo horse ooaeli. Bidders will propose a schedule of departures and arrivals, making close connexions with fheroelroad. For forms ?f proposal, guarantee, and eert ifieate: also, instructions and requirements to dh einbraoed in tlie ormtracts, see advertisemei t af January It, 1?55.10 pamphlet ihe principal A. V. IIROn IN. rmJ-Uvtv Postmaster General. JJ A M S! H A M S !! H A M 8!!! We hare a ohoioe lot of Family eured HAMS, whiots are uusnrpassed >u excellence. KI NG A BI RCH ELL, ?e 24 Corner ef Vermont arenoe ftod IMh street. pR0P09AL9 FOR INDIAN GOOJIK DirAKTMXNT OF TH? lWT?aiOB, i Orric* Indian Avpaiks, October 15,1857.f Sealed Proposals, endorsed ?? Proposals for Indian Goods," I class 1. J, S, or 4, as the case may be.) will ba received at tha Off)oe of Indian Afla rs. Wash ington Citv. until in o'clock, a. m., on Saturday, the ?<tn dar of riovamber next, for furnishing goods for the Indian department for fulfilling treaty stipula tions with various Indian tribes, ana for other Indian purpases, as follows: Ci ass No. 1. Mackinac Blanktts. Cloths, and Dry Goodt. S.OUO pairs 3-point white Mack mac blankets, to mea sured1 by 7? inches, and weigh 0 pounds 3,000 pairs 2*s-point white Mackinac blankets, to measure .54 by bC inches, and wsigh <i pounds 1,500 pairs 2-point white Mackinac b auEets, to msa sure 4J by 5* inches, and weigh i*u pounds 1,500 pairs 1 *5 point white Mackinac blankets, to measure J6 by inches, aud weigh <>? pounds 1,500 pairs I-point white Maokmac blankets to mea sure Si by inches,aud weigh 3*% pounds 800 pairs 3-point scarlet Mackinac b'ankets, to moasnre 60 by 72 inches, and weigh 8 pounds 400 pairs 2^-point scarlet Macktnno blankets, to moasuro 5t l>? C6 luchcs. and weuli H pounds 800 pairs appoint r reen Mackinac bankets, to moasnre 66 by 84 inches, and weigh 1" pounds 4?0 pairaS-poiutg rem Maokmac blankets, tomea sure ?o by 7? inches, and weigh B Bound* 400 pairs 2)f-point green Markinao blankrts, to measure 54 by 66 inches, aud w?igh 6 (founds 800 pairs 3>*-point indigo blue Markmao blankets. to measuren* by ?4 inches, and weigh 10 pound 800 pairs 3-point indigo blue Mackinac blankets, to measure AO by 72 lnohcs, and weigh 8 pounds 800 purs 2,H-?oint indigo b!ua Markmao blankets, to measureM by 6 ? inohes.and woigliB pounds 300 pairs .s>?-point (jentinella blue Mackinac blank - ets,tomeasure66by fl4inohea,and weigh M?lbs. 800 pairs 3 point UonMnellablue Mackmaoblankets to measured by 72 innhes.and weigh a pounds 860 pairs 2S-pomt Gentinella blue Maukinto blank measure54 bv 66 inaliesjind weigh t> lbs. 8 5(0 yards fancy list blue cloth 2,ono " ?' b'ack oloth 5"u " " green o'.oth 4.500 " grey list blue oloth ?i-s"0 " saved*' blue oloth 3.000 " " " scarlet oloth 1,000 " " " green oloth l.UV pounds worsted )arn, 3 folds IK) doien ootton ting handkerchiefs 100 " Madras ?50 " fadcy cotton " 5n " blue Bilk " 50 " k 4 ootton shawla loo " e-4 *? 100 " 4 4 " 5?> M 4 4 woollen shawls 1,000 pounds lm*n thread 7.5 " sewing silk Vio pieces ribaodt 15" gross worsted gartering 75 pieces silk hamlkerehiefa t5,ooo yards ealioo 5,ooo " Moninac oalieo ls.noo " blue dulling 15,Oiio ?? white " 5tnon ?? (>eorg<a stripee 3.000 " bluedenins 3.000 " oottoriflde 15.o<> > " bed ticking ?ooo " Kentucky jenn* 3.50" " satinets lo.ooy ?? plaid 'insev *,o?jn " flenched shirting 80,000 " domestic shirting,(unbleached! ?? ?? sheeting, 10,mm " checks, stripes and plaids doaen woollen socks 2,o?o yards flannels, assorted pounds oft'on thread 0 "0 dozen spool ootton 9"o pounds ''Sat Chinese vormillimi son '? ?' American " l_V>o '? brown gilling twine. No. 30 I,oon " ootton ma lire 2,4^0 flannel ahirts 2,400 ca I,eo " in dozan Canadian belts. Cl ? ss No 9. n - ady-Mad*. Clothing. Soo frock cos s. indigo blue broad doth 2oo pant loons, " ** 2no v??ts. M ?* inn frock coats. " heavy twilled 100 pantaloons, " " loo vests, " '? loo Mackinac indiyo blue blanket capotes )(?? b!ac* satinet o* "rooais, Oo.ll loo aheeps K'ay oloth overcoats 10? " " ?? o-'ats 100 " " " pantaloons loo b.j?ck satinet emts 100 " pantaloons 100 " veals blue satuiet ooais too " pantaloons 21*) " vests I'oo oA/!et mixed satinet cf>ats 2on " ?? pantaloons 801) " " vests. Class No. 8. Hnrjtfart. Atrimltural J/nfitmtntt, mnd Axtt. 0,m?i pounds brass kstties 1,0>.?J till kettles. (6 sizes,) 8 xi nests Japnnned kettles,8 in a nest 9' dozen 10-quart tin pans 75 " e '? 76 " 4 " ?? 10(1 '? 2 M ?? '? butohsr knives 800 ?' scalping " 25 M s?ni flints 5" gross gun worms 181 " squaw awls 185 *? fish nooks, assorted S'O doaen fish lines 3^ gross needles l-Sod'-ceii coarse teoth combs 1?? " fine 180 " scissors l& " bush scythes ' la " grass ?* 15 " grain " lo " adxss So " grubbing boas 60 " weeding " leo pairs hamea 8H0 " trace chains 100 leg chains tr?j drawing knivos, lo mid 18 mshes in length 251' augers, ine<|ual proportions of 1>?, 1, >?, sisl^, inch 3<xi hand saws 3> cross-cut saws, 7 fest in length 8 * " '? 6 ?? ?? y< dozon hand-saw tiles lo " cross-csit saw files lo " w -od ra?ps 25.? quarters socke- chisels, Hi 1, and 2 inch 70 pl.-tnes, fore and jack 25 dozen shovels !5 " spades bo>j oamp kettles. '3 sizes) 8,0i*> short-haixiled frying pans list dozen (Mating spoons 2*<) " iron table spoons 2<hi " tin mips 15 " scythe snaths !! to WPUh from 4^ to 3S pounds hr> ( az^s. to weizli S.l4 pounds 70 ' hatchets,to weigh Impounds 15 " brourl fixes,oniiu&ry tize m " zinc mirror* 7S " nre steels Ci. %ss No. 4. Xurihwrst Hum'. 1 ,ooo northwest ruas, tiint look 2,10 *' " percussion lock. Proposals will be received for the delivery of said go<?U at Boston, Now Vors, Hhifadeiphia. Halt! ?nore. New Orieaiis, St. I.ouis, Memphis, or Cin cinnati; but in oonsidoring the bids, the oost of the transportation ot the yams to th*ir respective des tinations from the p!noes proposed lo t>e delivered will lonn an element iu deciding upon the proposals. The right wnibe reserved to a greater or ,o*s <|Uaritity of any uf the articles naineothan that ?pcioi?iin the above schedule; and also any others oI a ditlerent description thiit may Us needed, at the lowest market prices. (jouds of American manufacture, of the required styles and quality, will t?e preferred; but as tbosam plos ol blankets and cloths are foreign fabric*, it will l>e necesi ary, in propoaine a domestic article of either o| those kinds, that a sample theieof snail ac company the bid. The articles to bo furnished must, in all rsspects, conform to and he equai with the samples recently selcotrd. which may lie seen at this office. Th?y will be idly inspecteaand cmparod w:tn those samples ny an agent or agents appointed for tiiat purpose, "uch as ma? f?e unequal thereto in any particular will '?e reiecti-d; in which case the contractor will be bound to furnish others of the required kind or qusli ty withiu three days; or, if that be not done, they will be purchased at his expense. Payment will be made for the goods received on invoices thereof, certified by tJie az^nt or aicentfl appointed to mspeot them. It w li be understood that all bids for furnishing the goods above spccihed may be rejected at thu op tion of the Department, parti?ularly if matle by one who is not known as a manuiacturer of, or reculsr dealer in, the article proposed to be furnit*hod; which fact, or the reverse, must be distincth stated in tbo bids oflered; ar.d that the fcidsofallpe s>ns who may have fmle<l to comply with thaco ditions of any contracts ihsy may have previously entered into with the l ui'.ed States shall, at the option of the Dep irfment, be rejected, in sooordance with the letter and spirit of a joint resolution of Congress relative lo bids for provisions, clothing, A c., for the U40 of the Navy, approved 27th Marth, 1)154 Uoisds will be required in the amount of the bid 'or the Uithful performance of the oontract. with two or more sureiifs. whose sufficieney rnuM l^oer tlfiod by a I nited States Judge or District Attorney. I tie proposals must embrace the articles wi'h tlie qiiaiititie? i|,< reef, as they sre arranced in the fore 5omg M.hedule. wi'h thep'ices aunezed to each, in ollars and c?nts. at which they will be furnished and the amounts must tie carried out and footed up f >r each class. I hey should be submitted with the headina: ?'IJor wel horeby prr.poao to furnish for the ser vice of the Indian department, and acoordn.r to the terms of its a lvertis ment therefor, dated 'Ictoltcr 1.Vh.r.lT. the prions the eto amxsd, | here mnert the list according to the class or clas es proposed for,J deliverable in the eity of I Hoston, New Yoifc f'hilndelpina, Baltimore, N?-w Orbans, St. l-oun, Memphis, or Cincinnati, as the case may be| by the fir?t da* of April next, or at such tune or times during the *ear IR5?as may l>? ordcrwd l?y the ?'ommissioner of Indian Affairs; and I lor we) will also furnish, at the vrnie prions, ?>uch ad litiorml qu witi'i s of the same kinds and qitalitirs o| goods, and at the lowest murket prioes, such other artules of a different description a? ui*t let re quired for the service of the Indian department dur ing the yenr I85H de!tverahle fs ala?ve stated; and if this proposal bo accepted, I here insert the words, 'in whole or in part,' if more than one class be piopoicd for, 1 I [or we J will, within twenty days thereafter, execute a ooufract accordingly and give secnr ty, satufactor* to the Conimissioner of Indian Atlai-s. for Die faithful performance of the same." (Hero insert wh-th*r theparty propoaias isor is not a man ufacturer or regular dealer in the artioleVropoaod to be furnished.) Fach proposal muat also be accompanied by a guarantee, in the f allowing form, lo be signed by tw? or more respouamle persona, whoseauffioieney must he certified by one or more persons personally or of ficial y known to ?ho Department: *1 (or wcl hereby cuaian're that the above bidder, nrbiildera,] ifaoontraot phsit be awarded to him. |or thei*,) according to his |or their) foregoing bid or proposal, will execute a contraat, and give secu rity f?'th? perfirmanca toereof, as pre>e.-ib?K) in the advertisement for Proposals for Indian Ho..ifn, d?tfd October 15, i&57; and I |or we] agree to pey any and ail damages or Ioskcs which the (tinted ^ 1<,r e. Indians may tufferbv reason of failure so to do on the part of the said bidder for bidders."] No propossl will bs considered that does not st net I v conform to the tanns and diraotions of this advertisement. By order of tha Secretary of the Tntarior: _ CHARLF.H E. MIX. ?s ^0 ?*Hi*atawtUNov Aettng Cemmissieasr. Miic elianeouy. PHOPOSA 1.8 FOR FURNISRINO TilK PA FUR FOR THE PUBLIC PRINTING. OrricE Spf*?i^TERO**T of Public Pr sti*q,< Washington, October 1st, 1857. S In pursuance of the provisions of the "Act to pro Tide for executing the public printing," 4c . ap proved Awtu*t 26, IMS, Mealed proposal* will be reoeivod at this offioe, in the Capitol, until the first Monday <7tB day ) ol December ??xt. at 12 o'mook m., for furnishing the paper that may be rer|iiir*-<l for the public printing fer Uis > etu ending on the 1st day of December, 1858.

The subjoined list nearly as can be ss oertainrd. the quantity, quality, and description of each kind of paper that will be required. Class I. 10.000 reams fine printing paper, unoalendered. to measure 24 by ;i8 inches, and to weigh forty five pounds to the ream of 48' sheets. Class II. 4.000 reams fire printing paper, calendered, to measure 24 by 38 inches, ami to weigh fifty-cix pouuda to the ream o( 480 sheets. Class III. 5.000 roams superfine sired and calendered printing paper, to measure 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh fifty two pounds to the ream of 4*? sheets. Class IV. ym reams superfine hard-sized and calendered printing paper, to measure 34 by 32 to weigh forty eight pounds to the ream ol 480 sheets. Class V. l.oon reams superfine sized and ra'.eadered map pa per, of saoh sizes as may be reqiu^?(e"rre- ponding in weight with paper moaanring Tfrtr 24 incites, and weighing twenty pounds par ream of 430 sheets. Clams VI. 300 ream* superfine plnte paper, (calendered or un oalendered, as may be lequireid.) 10 >1 24 inches, and of such weight per ream as may ba required. The fibre of tho paper of each of the al*?ve clas ses to ho of linen and cotton, free from all adultera tion with mineral or other substances, of a fair white ness, ami put up in quires of twenty-four sheets each, and in bundles of two reams eaeu, each renin to ooutain 48^ perfect sheets. Uniformity m color, thickness and weijht w ill be required; and no bun dle (exclusive of wrappers) vaiying over o-~ under five per cent, from the standard weight will be re ?eived, and the gross weight will, in all cases, be re quired. Mixing of various thicknesses in the same bundle to make up the weight Will be cooaideicd a violation of the contract. Class VII. Nc I?'.300 reema quarto post writing paper; No. 2?2.'*"1 roams flatoap writing paper: Ne. S? 5410 reams deini writing paper ; Ne. 4?2,0i>0 reams folio post writing paper ; Nc. 5? .son re ms medium writing paper; No. 6? 5^ reams royal writing paper ; No.7? ix> reams supor-royal writing paper; Rio. 8? 50 reams imperial writing paper; to. 9? 1?0 reams oolored medium (assorted. > Class VIII. No. 1?5,000 reams writing paper, 19by inches, to weign twenty-eight pound', per ream. No. 5?l,5<? reams writing paper, 19 by 26 riches, to wcif h twenty-tree pounds per resin. No. 3.?3,100 reams writing paper. 18 by 25 inches, to weigh twenty-six pounds per ream. No. 4.?100 reams writing paper, 18 by 22 inches, to weigh twenty-four pounds per ream. No. 5.?Mo reams writing paper, 18 by 18 rushes, to weigh twenty-two pounds per ream. No. 6?4?o reams writing paper, 12 by It inches, to weigh twelve pouuds per ream. All the paper designated in olaases 7and 8 are to be of tho best maieriala, free from adulteration, and finished in the best manner. The papers in class 7 are to be white or blue, of the regular standard sizes ofthe respective kinds.and of such weights as may bo required by this office ; those in class g era to l>s white, and of the sizes and weight specifted in the schcdulfl. The right is reserved of ordering a greater or less quantity of each and every kind contracted for at such times rnd in stioh quantities as the public ser vice may require. Each class will he considered separately, and be subject to a.separate contract: but bidders may og^r for one or more o| the classes in the snngr proposal; and the pri\ ileee is reserved of requiring a bid<!or whe may have more than one class assigned him to take alt such elapses, or forfeit his right to any class Samples (not less than one quire) of each' kind of paper tud for. and hut one sample in each kind, must accompany each bid ; and. in classes 7 and 8, be numbered to correspond with the number ofthe pa p?r proposed for in lhat schedule ; and. in the first six eWses, to be properlv designated ou the sample, or it ?i ! not be considered. All proposals ai d sam ples must be transmuted to this office ftee of post ago or other expenae. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making it. and must specify the pne per pourd land hyt one price for each) of every kind of pa per contained in the class proposed for. All the paper in the seveial classes must be deliv ered at such piae? or phces as mav be designated in Washington City, in good order, Tre? of Hland eve ry ex'ra charge or expense, and subject to the in spection, oouut, weight and measurement of the Su pennteadeut, and be iu iu ail rt>sj>eole satisfac tory. Hiank firms fer proposals will be ftirnished at this office to persons apph ing for them ; and none will tie taken into oeiuideration unless substantially agree ing therewith. Honds. with approved securities, will be required; and the supplying of an inferior article in any of the classes, or a far lire to supply the quantity requi.ed at any tune will be considered a violation efthe con tract. F.ach bidder is required to furnish with his proposals satisfactory evidence of his ability to exeeote them: and proposals unaucompanied by such evidence will be rejected. The proposals will be opened in th* manner re Quired ey law "on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in December" next, 8th.) at 10 o'oloek a. in. at the office of the Superintendent. Proposals will be addressed to the "Superintend ent of Ibe Public Printing. Capitol of the Tnit?d States, Washington," and endorsed " Proposals for Supplying Paper." A. G. 9HAMAN, Superintendent of Public Printing, eo 1 2a wt Dee! BINo 5K6.1 Y TilU PRE9IDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: . In pursuance of law, I. J AMES HUCHAN'AN President of the United States of America, do hereby declare and make known that public sales will lie held at the ut dtirrnentioned land offieee in the State of Missouri, at the perioUs hereinafter desig nated, to wit: At the land office at Platsbcbs. oommeucing on Monday, the st day of March next, for the disposal of the pubho lauds within the following uaiu.-d townships, viz: North of the base line and tcett of the the fifth prineipal meridian. Fractional tnymshipt sirty-seven, of ranges twenty-four to forty-three, inclusive. At the Isnd olfioo at Milan, oommencinv on Mon day, the 8th day of March next, for the disposal of the publis lands within the following named town ships, viz: North cf the bate lin? and west of the fifth principal meridian. Fractional townships sixty seven, of ranges eighteen to twenty-three, inclusive. At the land office at Palmyra, commencing on Moi:d:>y,the tir?t day of March next, for the dispo sal of the pub.10 lands w.thia the foliowiug-named towri'hips. viz: North of the base line and test of th' fifth prin cipal meridian. Fractional township sixty seven, of range ten. The islands in the Mississippi riv?-r, numbered on?, two, and thr?e. in friiolioiuU townsip sixty four, of range five. The island in the Des Moines river, in sections four and nine, of fractional township sixty four, of ranee five. The island in the Des Moiuesrivcr.insectionsnine, tan. eleven, and fifteen, of lraotiona.1 township sixty - five, of range six. At the laud oflic" at St. I.orts, commencing on Monday, the first day of March next, for thodisposal ?f the publio lanus within the following-named townships, viz: North af the hns? lin' and fast if the fifth prin tiprtl meridian. Fractional township thirtv-eight, of range nine, exoept tnc portions oovered by private claims. At the iar.d office at Jackson, eommeneing on Monday, the 8th day of March next.' for the disposal of the public lands within the foliowing-namui townships, viz: North of the bast line and /nst of the fifth prin cipal meridian. 1* raeuenal township twenty one, and towcship twenty-two, of range one. Fractional township twenty-one, of range turn. Township twenty -seven, of range irr^s. Fractional towsship sixteen, and township twen ty-eight,of range nine. Township twenty nine, of range ten. F rsctional township sixteen, of ra ge thirteen. Township twenty four, of range sixteen. North of the base. I ine and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Fractional township twenty-one, of ranges one to eighf, inclusive. Fractional township twcr.ty-oue, and townships twenty-five and twenty-six, ef range nine. At the land office ut Sprinufikii, commencing Momlav. the fifteenth day of March next, fo?- tli<? dn-p->salof the public lands within the following nemed townships, viz: North %f the base line and icesr tf th> fifth prtn tipal meridian. Township thirty, of range tiren:y-nin'. Townships thirty, thirty-one, linrty-two, thirty thiee.and thirty-four, ? f rar.^c thirty. I j*nds appropriated by law for the use of sehoola, military, and other purposes, together with those " swamp and oveiflowed lands, made thereby unfit for cultivation," if anv. granted to the State by the act entitled " An act t?> ennblo theStateof Arkansas and other States to reclaim the'swamp lands' v irInn their limits," approved September 28,1350, will be excluded from the sales. The offering nf the al?ove lands will be eommenced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which thev are advertised, until the whole shall have lajen ofTered. and the aales thus closed; hut no sale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, mid no private entry olnn? of the lauds will bendmitted un'il after the expiration of tho two weeks. Oiven under my band, at the eity of W ashington, this sixteen'h day ef Soptemt>er, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-?ev?n. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Thomas A. HtMiKims, Commissioner of the General 1 .and Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to tho right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships al>o\ e ruumeratml is required to es tablish th* same to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the proper land oihee, and mnlce payment therefor as toon at practicable after seeing thit notite, and before the day appointed for the eominsKwiiMt of the public aale of the lands embracing the traet claimed; otherwise suoh claim will be forfeited. . THf*. A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner cf the General Land Office. jel?-law*n Furniture and h<>uskkeeping GOODS. We have in atore a very extensive assortment of Cabi et Furniture and other Housekcepmc Goods, which we offer to our friends rnd customers at th? very lowest prices far oaah or (nod paper. We deem it unnecessary to enumerate artioles,as our stock is very foil and complete. Persona desiring to cur ohase will pleaee give us a oal). MeORBGOR 4 CO.. ge 10 eo8w w 7th street. TrtTileri' Directory. QRANGKAND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE Twice Dailv, (Sunday nights exeeptedlbetws^ WASHINGTON CITY and the SOUTH. vis ALEXANDRIA, GORDONSVILLBawc RICH WON I) Lmvm Washington at 6 o'clock a. ** Washington at 7 o'oiock P M. For LYNCH BURG and" the SOUTHWEST. L?vf Washington at 6 o'clock, arrive in LYNCH BURG next morning at 4 a. m.,oonne<*ing with the train* on the Viitiiia TinniiiH Ran Rosd for MEMPHIS. Mail Stages fium Char ottesville to Ljncbkurg a distance of sn miles. Far* from W asiuogton to Lynchburg, f 7.75. The steamer GF.ORGK PAGE. foot ofSerenth street. being o*nH by the Railroad Company, rone in connection with the trains. Tickets for Lyuofthsrg procured or the Boat. _IL/" Omni bases and Bag*see Wncons will beat the Depot of the \\aahington Railroad. to convey pas se ngers and baggage to the Steamlx>at, for Alexan dria. a distance of six miles, allow. ng ample tune for meals. J AMES A. EVANB. Agent. Alexand rta, J c. y. 1M7. < * | . f ^yASHlNGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: From WASHINGTON at 6 a. m., connecting ai Relay with trains for the West. %nd at Baltimore with those for Philadelphia and New York; at 8..* a. m.. for Annapolis, Baltimore. Philadelphia. anC New York ; at 3 p. m. for Baltimore and Norfolk and at Relay with Frederick train. EXPRESS at 4J0 p. m. at Relay for the West, and lor Ancaaolia, Baltimore, Philadelphia, aso New York. On Sunday at 7 a. m.. and 4 jo p. m. From BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 4.15 aixl 9.15a. m.. Sand 5.15 p. m. On Sunday at 4.15 a. m. ana 5.15 p. m. jetf-tf T. H. PARSON?.i STEAMER 6EORGE PAGE. O HOURS OF DEPARTURE. Leave Alexandria at Of, 7*. 9. WX.1 12S. S. i\. e*. LeaveWaehington at 6.S. 9*, 11*. 1M, 4.5H. 7. ap?-4 ELLIS L. PRICE, Captain. J^'EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULK. FOR ALL PARTS'OF THE WEST. , A cent. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The reoent extension and improvement of its iead in* connecting lines at the West has required an en tire revision of the ru lining arrangementsofthis road by which highly important advantages to the trav eler are secured. On and after MONDAY. Juae 15. 1R57. THREE DAILY TRAINS will be rue in l>ofh directum* for through pssseurcrs. First?Toe ACCOMMODATION TR AIN starts from Camden Station. Ba.Jjm<? 7 A.M.,(except Ssnda>.) ?t"D? at w.i) stations and arrives at Cum iierland at 4 P. M. Second?The MAIL TRAIN starts (Sunday ex cepted ) at i> Imi A. M.. and arriv es at Wheeling at 4 26 A. M., connectinjc at Benwood with Centrai Ohio trains for Coiuinbus. Cincinnati. iMu'ianapolis, Lou isville. Chicago. St. Louis. Ac., and at same place with trams for Cleveland. Toledo. Potroit, Ac., by Cleveland Road, and also at Parkersburg with Ma rielta Road. Third ?The ST. LOL'i# aud CINCINNATI EX PR ESP TRAIN leaves daily at 5.05 P. M., <vn neotint a?. Benwood at 9 A. M with cxpreas trains from Mcllaire to Cincinnati, (rcifAear thante a.t Carf at Columbu.?,) and reaching there in but 2f hours lr?m Baltimore and 26 hours from Washing ton. ft also connects directly. in both directions, at Gralton with cars by Parkersburg and Marietta roads for Chillioothe. Cincinnati, eto. These traiss oo?-nect at Xeniw for Indianapolis, Chicago and St. Louis, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio and Mississippi Express for Lomsville Cairo and St. I .on is through to St. Louis in ;es? than 42 hoars from Baltimore. Bv this train the tiw? to all the central and southern places in the \\>*t is much less. whne the dixtanr* is from 40 to 100 im e* shorter thaii liy the shortest of other routes. From the West these connections are equally close and satisfactory, ar riving at Baltimore at 8.3f' A. M. frr Baggage checked through to all points. THROUGH TICKKTS soM at lowest rales at Camden Station and at Washington. D. C. Passengers from Baltimore or \\ aching ton may vt'gtr Ike tnurt road by dayhtkt, by taking morn ing trains, ai.d Ijuig over at Cumlterlaud or Oak land, and resuming aext morning by Wheeling Ac commodation train, leaving Cumberland at 8 and Oakland at 10.5ft. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. The Cumberland Accommodation Train at 7 A.M.. will stop at all Stations east of Cumberland, and the Wheeling Accommodation at all Stations beyond Cumberland going West. Eastward!?, the Mail Train leaves \\ heeiinc at 8.S0 A. M..and Accommo dation leaves Cuinl>eriaiid at 9, reaching Baltimore at 5 30 P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRANCH, between Graty'ii mid Parkersburg, way passenger* will take the bxprsss westward>y and ihe Mail eastwards. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M . stopping at way statiopB. Leaves Frederick at?.15 A. M.. arriving at Italtimore 1J n?x?n. The KLI.ICOTT S MILL TR AIN leaves at 5.45 A. M., and P. M. Leaves Eilioott's Mills at 7 A. M. and 7 P. M., except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THF. SOUTH. Leave Ba.timore fur Washington at 4.15 and 9.11 A. M., Sai.d 5.16 P.M. On Sundays at 4.15 A. M.. and 5.15 P. M.only. Leave Wa* hi niton fsr Baltimore at 6 and 8 JSP A. M. and Sand P. M. On Sundays at 7 A.M., and 4 2n P. M. orly. The first and fourth trains from Ba timore, and the sesond and fourth trains from Washington, will tie axprgvs mail trains, stoupmg only at vYashingtos Juncti'Mi and Annapoiis Junction. The 9.15 and 5.16 trams from Ba.timore and the 8.S and 4 tJ trains from Washington connect with the trams from Annapolis. For tickets, information, fare, Ac., apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, at toe Ticket office, Camden Station. WM.S. WOODSIDE. Jy !*-tf Master of Tran*i>ortalion. Baltimore. THE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANY. One of the SteamsMcs r.f this Company, oe.rryic* the I uit*<l States Ma''* for ACAPULO, CALIFORNIA, and ORF.GQN. leavertCz.tTh Panamas wise each month, on the arri ?* valof the I nifed States Mail 8.S.Company'ssteam ?rs. which leave .New OriwAns and New York regu larly on .y h and 2mh of each month with the mails, and pa^engers oonnecting via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These ateamships have been inspected and ap prove<l by the Navy Department,andguaranty rpetd an.d safely. Tne Panama Railroad (47 miles long he now com pleted frosn oocan to ocean, aud is crossed in Spr 4 Hours. The t<agf;nE8 of passengers ts checiked in New ^ ork thmngn to Sun Francisco, snd paasr.<sers are eml?rked at Panama by steamer at the company's expense. The money pa d in New York covers all sxbenaesof the trip. Reserve steamess are kept in port in Panama and San Franciseo. to prevent detention in case of soci dnnt, so that the route is entusiy reliable? no fail ure having occurred in eight years. Pasiencers leave Panama the same day they ar rive nt Aspinwall. Conductors go through by each steamer, sid tnke charge of women and children without othsr protec tors. For through tickets at the lowest rates apply at the agency, 177 West atrset, New York,to 1. W. RAYMOND,?or to ARMSTRONG, H AR RIS A CO., _ _ New Orleans,-or jy 24-t/ C. L.BARTLETT. Boston. I^HE NEW YORK ASD LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. TKe Skips eomroMtng tkts List art: The ATLANTIC Oliver Eldndge. The It A LTIC-- - ? ? .....tap!. J< seph ComEtocs The ADRIATIC ? ... ?..Capt. James West. These ships having been hmlt bv oontrsct expressly* for the Government sen-ioe.ever) sere has l>e?n take? m their construction, is also in their engines, to in sure strength and speed, and their aooommodations for passengers are unequal!*! for eleganoe and ooin fort. Price of passage (Vom New Y?>rk to Liverpool, jr. fir?t onbin, #iS0; in seoonddo., $75; exelnsivenaeol extra sik* suite rooms, #325. From Liverpo<d to N?t York, 3" and ?t) tunicas. An experience Sar ge 'ii attached to ?aoh ship. No berths can be secured un'il pa:d for. The ?hips of this line have .mpro?M water-tight bulk heads. PROPW.D DA*TEB OF SAILING. ?kom xkW tohi. I riox LivsavooL. Saturday, June >' 18*7 Wednesday, June 24 1891 Saturdaj, July 4 ia^7. Wednesday, July 8 18.7? Saturday, July 18 If?7 Wednesday. July 22 .1?TJ Saturday, Aug. 1 1M7 ' Wednesiiay, Aug. 5 Saturday, Aug.15 1*77 Wednesday, Aug. I9.1*.7J baturday, Sept. It .. 1M7 Wednesday , Sept. 2 18V7 Saturday, Sept. ? !*S7 Wednesday, Sept. SO 18.77 SaturdsT, Oct. 10 1?77' Wednesday. Oct. 14 1M? Saturday, Ocf. 24 18.77 Wednesday, Oct.28 iM7 Saturday, Nov. 7 1857, Wednesday. Nsv. Ill aw? Saturd**, Nov. 11 IM;, Wed need .y, Nov. ?5 IRV Saturday, Dcc.5 1897. Wednesday, Deo. 9 1M7 ? I Wednesday. Deo. *3.1457 Far freight or passage, aeply to EDWARD K. COLLINS. No. K, Wall street, New Yors. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO.. 27, Asstis Friars, London. B.G.WAIN W RIGHT A CO.. Paris. The ..weers of theee ships will pot :.e aooovBtabls for gold, silver, bnllion, spec e. jswsin, preaioue ?tores or metals, unless bills of lading ars signed therefor and the value thereof expressed therein, je 15 WJNITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE WtTITOtT PA II.CS B FOB K101IT TRARS, fOC CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rttulmr Sailing Dayt.Stk #90tk of eatk mouth. CaVTtoR.?8o many Frauds and impoai tiens oi various kinds hsve be?n Kiel* mW fli* petpetrated oa traveUers bound to C A1J rORNIA.that the sabssriber. the only astborized Agent for passage by the U. S. Mail l^o#. via Pana ma, in the city of New York, feels it his duty to caution all persons seeking passage to California, that, to A*om mroaino*. they must be earsful to find tke true office of the Steamships of the U. S. Mail litne. via Panama Railread. ss no other office in New \ ork is authorised to engage passage. The Companies have oulj one ernesi in Nsw y ork, Whioh is at 177 West street, corner of U arjen street, fronting on the North River, at the head of the Con pisy's Wharf. . " ? ! ?'? ' Inwumn?,4i. r. gAftJUNG HOUSE SWEENY, RITTEN HOUSE, FANT A CO. Wt will open Gold, rvTTtni-y, and ee ronnt* for depos tors, aod credit the ilifuwii' h? tween currency and sold. Those drawing Virginia or csrrenoi will mark their checks aooor<lingly. Those deputing will be Hid in t oid or tilrtr. W e hope in a few days to geote re guar r*t?? t'r foreign Hank notes, aa we.. ft* our hoins surrt-uoy .as nmI. BWEKNY, RITTEN HOUSE, FANTft CO. se 29-dlm ** HanW rra WASHINGTON INSl RANCE COMPAM. CHARTERED BY CONGRESS Caprrai f?,?**> r* ThJa Compaot is in* to receive nrpliea tiona for INSTR A?CE ONBl ILDINu*. MER CHANDISE, fto.. at the usual City rates. without any sliarge for Policy, at their Office. corner of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over lit Washington Citj Savings Hftnk. DlUCTOt*. Wm. F. Bayly. Samuel Bacon. Joseph BryftA. Jwtwi F. Ha.iday, Wm (trmi, Hud?on Taj tor. Francis Mobu, M. W. btlt. Ilwij Beall, JftMFS C. MeGUIRE, Preeide?*. Giatto* D. H a!*sor. Secretary. ap 11-1y B AN KIN 6 HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. DarosiTs.?Deposits received and Checks pn d without charge. on the northern iMt'iiI oities received on Deposit at par. and Exchange on sa>d Cit tea furnished to depositors without oUrft. hT2*riTos DiPM(Tt.-lnt?re*t will be allowed o.'i Deposits at anon rates as may lie agreed npoti. Difosin is VnfiiMi ami l.vcuRkSfiT Mousy. Deposits in Yirgiruaatid other L'ncurreut Money re oenred to 1? checked for. payable in same funds, or m spec:*, we charring the regular Exchange. DiaoMKn.-NutM, Drafts.and Billi?f Ktahaan will bedisoouuted.and Loans mad eon Stocks. B"Wis. and Securities, at the market rat*. Litters or Crkdjt.?Letters of Credit wijl be furnished. negotiate in the different Cities of th? Un.ted State*, on Deposit of Money <>r Collaterals, and intereat allowed if Money is deposited, and charged if Conaterais.on each terms as n<ay De agreed upon. Tkatbmkb PiLi.aor Kxcbarsb.?Trare'erawiil be furnished with drafts in sucn sums aa n ay l?e de sired negotiable ;n the different Cities of the I nios. Bills a?i> Littkr?op OrriitorEKSLARn.laa Lakd ASt> EcRorR.?Bills of and letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe, fnrr.iaiied at the market rata for Ex char sr. in enms to suit. BMnt, ^T-icna. ft#.-Bonis, Stocks. and Se?"Ti ties pay ing from ??to 12 pr. oei.t., always f<n sal*, or bought in the different Cities at a commissive of a 1% pr. 0"Bt. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, a ? regerve the r^ht to oall for a ilepoait of Ift pr. o?ct on the coat. Boada or Stocks wiil b? orderra by teie grapu. Kaiikoad. Citt. and State Boriw.?Railroad, City, ftr.d St,te Bonds can plaord in our handa fbr neg<? ntion. oitbcr in this oountry or Europe. Rail road Iron purchased f<>r msh or with Howie. Lakt> V.'a*?aKt? ? I And War<anta Uiughtat the ir.arkM ratea. A!! Warrants fold by ua are gaarasi Utd in every respect. (.ami Waxrar.u located on oommisetoa. Lan<^ Warrant gsoiaUous regutany larmehed if r? liwted. Warrants will !?? fm warded to Western Houses no orders, or *sdI for sa.e on oomraisaioD to responsible part,?*?. Kfal Fstat? and l!*ar*A?vaa. ? Real E?*ate bought and sold, and Irrarann^s effected. Ci.aim> ok UjiiTKr Statrs, CorRT or Claiha. Cororrss.?Claims or the United State*, iieforc'ha Court of Claims or Coagress.intrusied to us, will be prosecuted by prompt r.fc'? attomers. CHUBB BROTHER*. Jar ?7 Opposite the Treasure. JNTKREST ALLOWED ON PEPOSITErtT" MOSEY to LOAN o* ~ST0CK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANRF.RS. ?aa 77?tf Opvasit* tin Tr???sni. McdiciLet. PRIVATE MEDfCAL I REAT1SE on THE PHISIOLOGICAL VIEW OF JMARRIAGE. By M. B. La CROIX. M. D., Albany, N. Y. 300 pages and 19U fane Plain and Colored Lithographs and Plates. IZ7-PR1CE ONLY 25 CENTS.^Cl IZF St*t frtt of pestagt to a11 parti uf tko Union. I>r. M. B. LaCrste'B Physiologies] View of Mar riase. A new and revised edition of 25*' pa* as and l?u pia'ea. Pnee 26 oents a o<>py. A popuu> and sin preii*n?ive treatise on the duties and casualties o| sincle and married iife?happy and fruit/ul sllianoes. mode of securing them?infelicitous and infertile ones?their obviation and removal?nervous debility, its causea and sure, by a process at oi.oe so simple, safe, snu edeotual, that failure is impossible?rules for daily mMiag-ire a?an essay onSper mstorrlKPa. with praotiosl observations onasafsr ar.d more auoA?*SKfui mode of trmtrrent?rreoanrloranr hinte <>B the evil results from empirical praotrae . to wnicb is added ooounentaries on the diaeas*? of fe males?from infancy to oid age?each case graphical ly illuktrated by baautiful p&ten. It'po ats out ths remedies for those self lafliced miseries and diasr pcintsd hopes so unfortunately prevalent its ?ks yong. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those oon temp latins marriage. Its peruaal is partis utar y reoommendeo to persons entertaining asciet doubts of their phy sioa. oondition. and who are oon scions of having l.aznrded the happiness and prix .ieges to wlrch every human l-eing is ant to. Price 2S cents per copy, or five Oopies for $ 1. mail ed fr-ye of postage to au? part of the l'nite<i States, by a dressing Dr. LA CfcOlX, (post paid,) Albany, New Y?rk, enoiwsii'g 25 cents. V H. Those wuo prefer may oonsult Doctor |LA CKOIX upon any of the diseases i poc which nis book t'?nts. either personally or by ma. . His msdi cmfs often curs in the short space o| six days, and oompletely and entirely ermlioete a; tr^c-^sof rho?a disorders whioh oogpiva snd culietw b?va so !onr Ijeen t nought aiianti?u>te. to the ruin it tns health or the pati?nt. His" French Sec'i?t" is the er?>*t roi^. tine .ta. rem^ds for tnat class of disorders wtiich nr. fortuiJitsly. physicians treat with mercury, to tua irre?rie%-abiedostm 'tioi. to ti e patient's eonst:ti Hon. and whioh all the narsaparilla id the world oar not cu re. otfios No. SI Maidan Laos. Albany, N. V. JCAL DISCOVERY THK ?RLATEST MEDICAL OF THE A6E. Mr. KiifRRDT, of Roxbarr, has diseovered in oe? of our common pasture weeds a remedy that earns BVSET XtRt) or BCXOR, from Tkt wort I Scro/nla down to m common Fimplt. He has tn*d it in over eleven hundred ce.aes. and never failed except in two oases. t?>tti Thnnder Hu mor. He has now in his possession hundred oertifoates of itsvalue.all within twenty of B<?f;fon. Two bottles are warrants! to enre a nursing Sore Mouth. One to three will cure the worst kind of Pnnples on tne Face. Tsow three twtties wilt e'ear the svntem of Hiles. Two l>ottles are warranted to cure the worM Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five Unties are warranted to care the worst kind of Ery s.p?-!as. One or two U?ttles are warranted to cure all Hu mor in th? Kyes. Two bottles are warranted to eure Rui ning of the Ears and Blotches anions the Hair. Four to nix bottles are warranted to curs oorrnpi and running Ulcers. One bottle will cure Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. Two or thre. l?ottles are warranted to oure tne worst kind of R ingworm. Two or three twrttles are warranted to core thn most UK st degperate oase of R heumatisin. ThrsctoA'Ur bottles are aarrantsd to eureCalt rhesm. "Five to eight bottles will onre the worst ease of Scrofula. A l<enefit is alwnsn experienced from the first bot tle. snd a perfect cure is a-arranied when the above quantity is tait?n. Notlung ooks so impndable to thoav who have m vain triea all the wonderful mediomes of the da*, as that a Mirmon weed growing on ths pastures, and alone oid stone wft'ls, should cure every hifcnoriathe system ; yet it is a faxed fact. If you have a humor, it hss to start. There are no 1FS nor A N 1>S, hums aor ha's about it suiting some oasws. but^uot yours, i seddled over a thousand bottles of it id the vicinity of Boston. 1 know the effects of it iu every oase. It has already done some of the greatost cures sver done ir Massachusetts. 1 gave it to children a year oid. to o.d r^opie of sixty. I have seen poor, puny. wormy-'ooking children, wliose flesli wr.s noil and tta >t?>, restored to a pow'sot sta.e of hralth t>? one bottie. To those who are suhjoct to a s>ck hoadaohe. one bott.s wiil a.ways cure it. It sives great rei!? f .a oatarrh and duxtnssa. Some who have taken it had l>eer er?stive for years, and have been regut.itsd by it. Where the body is sound it works <)iiiteeas?, but where there m any deranji^ment of the funetiors of will oause very &ui<tuiar fselmgs. but you must not be alarmed; the* aiways disappear ia from four days to a re.-k. Tliere is never a had re suit from it; on the contrary when that is gone, you will feel yourself like a sew person. I heard some af th*- most extravagant eneom.nras of it th*.t ever man !<ntened to. In my own practice i alwayn kept it ntrietly for hu mors?but atnoe its intnxluction as a genera! family iRt-dicine, gp>at and wonderf\il virtues have been fonnd in it that I never snspected. Several cas?-aof epileptic fits?a disease which was always oenstdered insurable, havs be^n eu red by a few ImUles. <^, what a mere? if it wai prove effee tua! in ail cases of thatawfu. malady ? friers are t>nt few who hsve seen more of it than I vs. I know ofseveral oeses of Dropsy,all of tUMn ais4 psople cured br it. For the various diseases of the Liver.Siok Headache, Dyspepsiv Asthma, Fever and Agae. Paisi in the Side. Diseases of th? **pina, and purtieularly ia Diseases of the Kidney a. A c.? tfcn discovery hss dons mure good tuan any me<fiaian ever known. No change of diet ever neoesaary?eat the beet yon oan get and enough of it. Direction* for Vrr.~Adalts ore table spoonful per aay?children over tea years dea?ert spoonful ? chddreu from five to eight years, tea-spootiful. As no directions oan be applicative l? ail constitutions, take scScieat to operats on the howela twice a da# . MANTRA) TTRRV ST DONALD KENNEDY. No. ISO Iriarrsw Strut. Horbmry, Mauackumu, Agents for Washington.?Chan. Stott & Co.. 2. Gnmaa, Kid well 4 1 Awrenee. J. B. Gardner, Barer A CoTTb. Walsh 4 Co.. F/S. Walsh. J. P. *oee. Mirtic King, Nairn ft I'almer, Schwnrts ft Co^O Hoswell. Daniel B. Clark, J. r. MilLurn, Duni -.r Dys?in, Ford ft Bro. Agents for Georgetown.? K. S. C.ssell. O M Lent ham. j. L. Kidwell. in? Wy MY STOCK OF BOOT!4 AND SHt.ES oeiut ahout ths Isrgest in this aity at thi*g_An time, and having been purchased before theBM ri?e 10 Leather, can tie sold at about IA to Bl per eent. less than goods purchased at this' u? <w???u^ks-s. ie n Iron Hall. Pa. are. bet. Wh mi loth sta.