Newspaper of Evening Star, October 26, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 26, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASiiiN U TO N CITY: Octaker ?6, 1MT, SPIRIT OF THE MOKNING PKES9. The Intr//igtnc*r advise* that the United States shall import. for a year, net mere than half as many dollars' worth of iron. mauufac tares of iron or steel. silk, cotton and woolen goods; by whieh means the editor conceives that the effect ot the panic will be ?oon counter ? . tk h acted. . . yu i . ThtUmon continues its discussion of ' banks and banking' to-day. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Wheat.?The fall sowing of wheat in the Piedmont region of Virginia?the great wheat-growing region of the Old Dominion? looks far better than ever before, the season far getting it in the ground having been most pro pitious so far, and the drill having been re eorte^to by perhaps ten farmer* where one in that region ever before used such assistance to starting their crop*. The main advautage of the wheat drill is. that it necessitates a much more thorough and neat preparation of the land than according to the old system of put ting the seed in the ground with double-shovel ploughs or harrows Properly managed, the Bickford and Hufimnn drill, which this year is universally preferred where it can be obtained, and alsrt the SeynK ur drill never fail to deposit the seed and fertilizer where wanted, and to cover it as wanted. Thus, either ensures a good "stand'' to start with, and that not an ounce of the fertilizer .'own with tho wheat is wasted ; a desideratum absolutely unattainable past pemdventure when planting wheat broad cast, as heretofore, in the fruitful and beauti ful region of Virginia named above. ?? On Saturday last, and yesterday, we noticed carefully thousands of acres of drill-sown wheat that has just come up. and can safeiy say not only that we never before saw such uniform and thrifty "3tands" in the same tract of coun try?but that we never before saw so well cul tivated. thrifty-looking ai.d promUing com mencements of profitable crops of the great agricultural staple of this region We have yet to find the fiist farmer who has availed himself of an approved drill this season who is not more than satisfied, that with less expendi ture per acre for seed, for fertilizers, and for the labor of planting, be has secured a far bet ter promise of a large yield than he could have counted on had he planted in the old way. We regnri drill eulture, from our brief experience with it, as being sure to increase the erop an average of twenty per centum over what it might be without it. But even if the increase of profit through tho ijse of the drill Were but five per centum that difference would convert farming for a bare liviug. into, on the whole, a business so sure to prove profitable, a* that those following it would emulate each other in the work of improvement much more than up to this time. All reflecting and well informed persons com prehend the importance of the subject, and will rejoice with us that the introduction of the im proved wheat-drill into general use in tbePied ment region of Virginia, is doubling the care heretofore exercised in seeding down land to wheat there and promising to do away in a great measure with the effects of the Virginia farmers late disabilities from the various in sect peets by which his labor has been rendered almost profitless, for the most part, for some years past " Anticipated India* Teocqles. ? Advices have been received here, that an individual named Buster, when lately crossing the great plains with a drove of cattle, very unnecessarily killed a woman and child of the Snake Indians, and fired at the war chief of the tjube His acts have gieatiy incensed the tribe, who up to this time have been rem&rkr.bly friendly to the whites, and have also steadily refused to take part with t?ie Mormons The anticipation on the frontier is. that they rauy now change their heretofore so praiseworthy conduct: for they are loeated within striking distance of the Mormon influence The Interior Department will, of course at once do its best to repait the iujury done by the man Buster Naval Courtsoi IxgriBV.?To-day, before Court No 1, the defenceof Lieut Whiting was read and submitted : and the judgment upon it having been made uj> and transmitted to the Navy D irdment. the said Court took up the case ofex-Lt. William II No]and. the trial of which will be proceeded with to morrow morn ing Before Court No 2 the case of Liut Morgan is still being tried. To-da}*. Assistant Surgeon Taylor and Surgeon Duval was examined in it, the former for theUoveruunt and the latterfor the applicant Before Court No ?. to-day *heea?e of Capt Ritchie beit.g -till under consideration. Sur geon Dillard. Lieut Sieven", Capt. Pender grast and Capt. Ilollins were examined The Fah.i res of the Week.?The la't number of the Iml'ptM'hnt newapaj^r recorded one hundred and twcuty--!x cou. uicrcial fail ures as the result for the weik before, of the panic. It is again worthy note that they "ccurred almost entirely in the so mnch "more prudent and thrifty North,''but ten of them having taken place south of Mason's and Dixon's line Five of thee were in New Or leans. and were of houses dnigged down by their Northern business connections, rather than by their bucines* in the South. Commissioned ? Mr. Cha? E yuecn und Richard It. Shekel), of Georgetown, have been appointed and commissioned by the President as Justices of the Peace for the District of Co lumbia and county of Washingtou. Appointed.?Andrew .1 Denby, Surveyor of the Customs at Norfolk. Virginia vice Dennis Dawley deceased. ?? Kevoved.?Mr ."ttphen Kearney, a watch man in the Patent Office, ha" bce.i removed, we hear Th? Weather ?The following report of tie weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The Uu<e of observation is about 7 o'clock a m : October 'J6. 1-5T .Nes* York, N . Y. ?tormitic heavily Philadelphia, Fa... cold aud stormy Baltimore. Md heavy rain, Ligii wind Wa?btn|/toa. I). C... Iiigli w!ud RtrLn.ond Va clear windy. t>ter?i?arg, \ a eli. jdy, cool. Haiet^b clear, pl>-a*ant. WilBi artcn. ,\ c clear, cool Columbia, J* i: cool. ChUlftlWl, C..... clear, COOl. Augusta, t?a..............Hear, cool At W a*hingt??n thN morning at 7 o'clock. the barometer u-, MM, tLe,*lrr W. Ilitfb wind from N \V iLT Mea?rs Keiiii k A !'? |i"ion, hanker*, of St Louts, have !>ti?peiided Their asset* are ample to cover all lial.ilit!e? (p- The Nirginia State Ag'ieultnral Fair be KiM at Richmond, on Wednesday, and promise* to be largelv attended C7" Two Democratic I'nltrd State* Senators are secured from Mione*ota, the Legislature elect ur.der the State constitution being Demc Srtui >1 Bono*?The report of the Bostoa Bet. k- for la?t we. k ? bow them to have irf.rtfc.WiU la their vault*, being au increase, since the sus pended of rsRsomfb .... Hon. Caleb Crushing is to deliver the open ing lecture before the Boston Mercantile Lib.ary Association I Got. Flovd, Secretary of War, who has been on a visit of inspection to the fortifications ' of New York harbor, exafnined the forts at the Narrows on Friday laM. accompanied bv Gen. Totten, Col. Layilfiajor Barnard and Lieut. McFnraton Gen. Scott intended to ac company Gov. Floyd, but lie was too uu?*ell to ' go with the party. The Kansas ConstitatkXl&l Convention is-, to meet on the 3Hth Instant/* V ? Hcrrmi tor Oca Side?By our telegraphic dispatches it will be seen that an American horse has gained a race at last on English ground. Prioress, the mare which was defeated at Good WiMHi. l^ewes, and Chester, has won th? great Cesarwitch cup at the New Market races. ThkCkmtral America Rkmkf FcTO?The Boston executivecommittee of the Central Atner ca relief fund have decided upon distributing among the captain and crew of the brig Marine, of Boston, also, to present to Captain Ilnrt a gold watch, and to each of bis officers a silver medal. Firk im nut Ohio Peisos.?A Are oc curred on Friday in the State Prison at Colum bus, which destroyed the shops at the northern end of the yard For a time it threatened the entire destruction of the building The loss is about SvJ^UUO. The fire originated in an act of incendiarism. CI/" The earthquake, which wars Mt at Buffa lo, N. V., on Friday afternoon, was so severe that the people rushed out of their houses. No damage, however, was dune. At Forrestville, N. Y.. the shock lasted about live minutes, and was accompanied by a rumbling noise like the rolling of an engine. At Dayton the shock was also felt: The Associated Prkss.?The New Orleans pirayune, which has for a number of years bat tled manfully in opposition to the Associated Press, has finally adjusted the diflerences with the association iu that rity, and will hereafter heartily co-operate with its cotemporaries in that a;id other cities. "Great Applavsk" to Ordir.?The Boston Post, of Wednesday, says : "lion. N. P Banks,of Massachusetts, deliver ed the annual address iiefore the American Iristi tute in New York, last evening. Judging by a printed synopsis, received in advance, it is rather difficult to understand what there was in it to call forth the "applause," "great applause," Ac., with which the synopsis is interlarded in advance." H7" The Chicago conflagration falls with ter rible force upon the city at the present time, when trade is stagnant and all clauses of peoi'le suffer ing from thejmonctary troubles. Only #250,U00 of insurance was upon the propeily destroyed, the larger portion of which is in othces^n Phil adelphia, New York, Hartford, Providence and London. We find, in th* Chicago papers a list of eight een persons who were killed by the falling of a wall during the tire. IO"" At the annual meeting the stockholders of tin* Orang" and Alexandria railroad it was stated in th* report that three-fourths of the graduition and masonry of the Lynchburg extension is com pleted and built iu the most substantial ma.nier, out, in view of the necessity for raising a million of dollars for its entire completion, and the pres sure in the money market, a su*|>ension of the work is recommended. Rut should the company determine to continue it, the committee advocate a considerable reduction in the engineer force, stating that it has already cost the company sixty thousand dollars for this service. The report favors the Washington and Alexandria railroad as a connecting link with the Northern lines of travel A committee was appointed to memori alize the Legislature of Virginia for further as sistance. and a resolution was adopted to reduce the freight tariff from the B.iston and Manassas stations to Alexandria. Latf.r from Utah and thi Plains ?Captain Van Vleit, from Utah, with dates to the 14th ult., arrived at St. Louis on Saturday night, as we learn by telegraph. The dispatch states that Capt V V met the United States troops on the 22d of September, two hundred and ninety miles beyond Fort Laramie, all wait He also met Col. Johnson, on the 1st of October, ninety miles east of Fort Laramie, ai:d Gov Cummings on the Sth of October, ninety miles beyond Fort Keam-y. Some supply trains were within one hundred and fo ty miles of the Valley of Salt Lake, while others were tar behind, and not likely to arrive there this season Captain Van Vieit has traveled over 2,400 miles since August 1st. He was treated with much consideration by the leading men of Salt Lake city, but heard the expression of only one opin ion?that the troops and officers of the Govern ment will never gain a foothold in their dominion A heavy snow fell at Fort Bridges on the 15th ult. Mr. Bernheisel, the delegate from I'tab to Congress, accompanies Capt Van Vielt on his w*y to Washington. Messrs. Nicois and Rel?er, engineers of Ma graw's wagon train, have also arrived. They left Pacific Springs on the 7th ult. They think the train w ill winter at Fo:t Laramie. The cat tlr of the government trains were dying fast, and the mules were breaking dowu. Grass was very scarce. Col. Hoffman, the commander at Fort Laramie, denies having caused the Mormon train to be overhauled (1 f The woolen mills of the Messrs Duncan, Franklin. N J , have kept running up to this date, in spite of all ditlicuftlcs. ID- A man named Frederick Hainan was ter ribly staboed >.t a lager bier saloon in Newark, N . J., on Sunday, by another man by the name of Kern. [t.j~ -Mr. Janics Adams, of Robinson Town ship, Pa., was on Saturday caught by one of his arm* in a threshing machine and ho badly in jured asto cause iiis death on Sunday morning. Fr\c:>i'LEXT Rank Notes.?It is stated n<??rs are in circulation in parts of the West, on the " Potoniac River Bank, Georgetown. I). C.;" C Spauldnig, president, and T. L. Bacon, cash ier There is no such bank f~ The Democracy would vote for the Devil if be w?rethe nominee of the party?Errhann*. Yes ; but he rouldn t be the nominee. The Democrats always nominate men of their own party.? Bit rut Hfuzt Ailrocitt. NOTICE.?The members of the \Vashu14 > ? ton Savuus Fuud Ruildi'ig Association are herewith notihwd to meet on MONDAY next.JKth October. at 7 o'clock, in ths tierinan Hall, to make the hum arrangi ment for closing mod association. All members are expected to lie there without fail, anil pay up tlieir dues in lull, otherwise the laws and r>-<u atious will lie enforced on them, according to tne constitution, By order of I lie Board , of Direc tors. CHARLES WALTER, oc 24-21 * Secretary. REGISTER'S OFFICE. ! I _3 October 17,1837. To ALL WHOM IT MAY CO XC K K X.-So t.ce is here y fiven tiiat licenses msueil to taverns, retailers ol spirituousnad fermented liuuors, wines, cordi.'ils. itc , groceries, dry goods, hardware, uiedi c nes, perfumery, watches and jewelry ; lumber, wood, c<?al, anil eoiMinssion inercli nts; also, to keepers of naeknet carriages and omnibus**. brltard table*. ten-pin allets, and confectionery, and for hawking ami pe?ld!ing. and dealer* in old iron, bra s, copper, A <?., will expire on Monday, the 2d day of November next, ami that said hcciues must be re ii-wed at this otlice witluu ten days after that time. oo IS dtNov2 WM. MORGAN, Register. 822 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 322 Httwt'n Xiitth uhiI Ttntk ilrett Rh-OPENING EXTRAORDINARV. BRILLIAVF DISPLAY. Fin'- r.<-h at?l elegant assortment of Gentlemen's ri;au\ madeclothing andftrnish |\t> GOOl'S. Our ihw and Mtincious natesroonis y.ill 1-e reopened l?? I he public on 1*1 fiSDAY EVE NING, the 27th instant,at 7 o'clock, brilliantly illu m inted, snd music by the Marine Rand, to which we cordially invite tiie public. ?o3>- W * I.L & STEPHENS. K H. STINEMETZ, HATTER A XI) ?URRISH< Pa. av., near ihe corner o| un, ?tre?t, has r.-?* ?!veil his assortment of Ladies' and Chil dren's I'ANO FI RS, in all their variety, to which he invites a'ten tio . Having selected them himself from the import lug houses in New Noik, *nd taken advantage of the tun s l>v purchasing for cash, and s< lug for cash, he will Is* able to sell < at more moderate prices than any heretofore ottered in 'his city " 1111 ' Fur rrinimu>i;s. Misses' Reaver Flats, and Chd dren's Fancy Hats now <?? iia>id. Fur Culf? as low a* 75 cents, and Viotonoes #3.50 and #-4 &>. HATS, HATS-CAPS. CAPS. R lack press Hats 53 ?, ^3, and #2 j|i, of superior quality for the money. Also, Felt Hats and Caps for men's and hoys' wear. Terms exclusively cash -1nereby being enabled to buy lor cash and sell for cash st a small proht.mest mg With no losses by bad debts. oC 26-ti f>r MAfT^cuiu wfw?. Proposals for convening the mails of the Ui ited ?? *? fH.,mr"?,e ut July. 185*? to the 1st ol July ioT SnJ^e route* 111 the State of CAL l5Vfi,V!2 Territory? of OREGON, 1 i^S.UJ0T?^? t rAH,aud NEW MEXICO, will be received at the Contraot Offica of tbia De Crtment nntil 9 a. m. of the IMh day of March next, be dec:d_d by the t2d of the tame month. CALIFORNIA. 12503 Ftorn *an_F?anciseo. by Benicia and r.eorri niento City. 120 milea and back, L'i^A V in at aa iniuMi f ? f . _? wt O?? a week, in ateninboata. LeaveSin F \ LenveSan Francibco daily, exoept Sunday, at 4 pm; X' Arnee at SMtmmento City next day br 5n m; I.eavf Sacramento City daily, exoept Sundtf; " >i"L, , . . s at Senl'rpncisco aarr.e day by 12 p m. ' San Prnn cisco, by .Martinez, to S'ock at 2 p m A rnve 12504 From! TO.. ton. Jit) uiiies and .back. aix Umai a w?ek. in steaml>onta. I.eaveSan Francisco daily, except Sunday, at 4 pm; . . Aruveat day br 5n m; Leave Stockton daily,except Su[>dsv,at4 p m; Arrive at San Francisno next day by 5 am. ItBOS !? rom Sen Fmndaoo, by Belmont, 1le?iwiv>d city, May field. Mountain View, and Santa Clara, to Han Joae, 54 nulea and back, ?ix times a week. __ heave San Franciaco daily, cxeopt Sanday, at 8 a m: Arrive at Joae by 5 p m; Leave San Joae daily, except Sunday,at 6 am; Arrive at S in Frnncisco by 5 p m. 12iCj I'fom Sun Francisooto Petaluma,6<l mileaand back, three times a week, in ateamhoata. Leavw San Franoiauo Monday, Wednesday and Frida* at ill a in; Arrive at Petri I u ma l?y 5 p uk Leave I'etaluma Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday at 10 a m; Arrive at San Franciaco by 5 pm. 12507 From San Franeisoo, (by sea,) via Santa Bar l*ir* and San Pedro, to San Diego, 45 > milea and back, twice a month, in ateamboata. Leave San Franciaco on the 2d and 17th of eneh month; A rnve at San Diego by the 5th and 201 h of same month; Leave San Dic^oon theCth and 21st of each month; Arrive at San Francisco by the 9th and 24th of same month. 12506 From Sau Francisco to Oakland. 9 miles and l?aek. six times a week, by water. Leave S?u Francisco daily, txoeiit Sunday, at h h m; Ainvea! Oakland by f?a m; Leave Oakland daily, except Sunday,at 3 p m; Arrive at San Fraucisoo by -1 p m. 125^9 From Oakland, by Brooklyn. San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Alvarado. .Mission San Jose, Centreviiie, and Milpitas, to San Joae, 45 milea and tuck, three tiroes a week. Leave Oakland .Monday, Wednesday and Fri day at 8 a m; Arrive at S?n Jose by 5 p ni; Leave San Jose Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday at 6 a m; Arrive at Oak a:sd by 3 p m. 12510 I* rem Oakland, by San Pablo, to Martinez, 23 miles and Uuk, onoe a week. Le.ivo Oakland Monday at U a m; Arrive at Martinez by 4 p in; Leave Martinez Tuesday at On in; A rnvo at l >ak land i>v 1 p m 12511 Fiom Petainma, by Lb.omfield, to Temalles, 21- miles and hack, onoe a week. Leave Petatum*Tuesday at Bam; Arrive at Temalles by 4 p rn; Leave Teronlles Wednesday at i! a m; Arrive a1 Petaluma bv 4 r> m. 12512 From Pctaluma, by Bodega, to Smith's Branch, 27 miles at>d liack, once a week. Leave Petaluma Thursday at a a m; Arrive at Smith's Branch by 5 p ni; Leave Simth's Branch Friday at 6 a in: A rrive at Petal um * br 5 p in. 12513 From Petal tuna, by Santa Rosa, to Russian Kiver. 3J r?'ii?js and hack, twice % week. Leave Petainma Ttiosday and Thursday at 8 a in: Arrive at Russian River by 5 p m; Leave R ussian lliver Wednesday and Friday at Haiu; A rrive at Petaluma by 5 p m. B ds to extend via Oak \ alley, Anderson Val ley, and Albion Mills, to Cm River, V> miles luall. are in viled. 12514 From lMaiuma, liy Novato, to San Rafael, 20 miles and !?ack.once a week. Leave Pe'a! uiim Tu?slt?? at Ham; Arrive at S-tn Rafael by 2 p m; Leave S?n Kaluel Wednesday at Ha m; Arriveat PetaJuma bv 2 p rn. 125:5 From Nspn City, by Sebastopnl, Oskville, St. lielei.a. Hot Springs, t'ayote Valley, and Lower L tke. to I pper Clear Lake, 75 miles and hack, once a week. Leave Napa City Monday at 7 a m: Arrive st I'pper Clear Lake next Jav bv 7 p m; Leave l pner Clesr Lake Wednesday ai 7 a m; Arrive at Napa City next day by 7 pm. 12515a 1-rom Napa C?tv, by White Sulphur Springs, Knight's and Alexander's Ranch, to Santa Rosa, and l ack, once a wev. Bid ders tostnte d sfnee and schedule of arri vals and departure*. 125:6 From Benicia, by Cornelia, Barton's Store, Vacaville, Buck Eye. Cache Creek, and ? ?>lo, to Gralton. 75 niilcs and Uick, once a week. Leave Benicia Tuesdav at C a m; Arrive at Grafton next day bv 5 p m - Leave Grafton Thursday at 6 a m; Arriveat Henicianext day by 5pm. It5l7 From Benicia, by Va lejo.Napa City, and Panta Rosa, to Sonoma. SH miles and W-k. three times a week. Leave Bemoia Toesday, Thursday, and Satur day at 6 am; Arrive at Sonoma by ? p m: Leave Sonoma Monday, Wednesday, and Fri da? a? 6 a in: . Arrive at Benicia by 4 p m. 11518 From Martinez, by Almoand San Ramon, to Mission >an Jose. 40 miles and back, once a week. Leave Martinez Tuesday at 6 a in; Arrive at \Lssion San Jose by 7 p nr Leave Mission San Jose Wednesday at C a m; Arrive e.t Martinez by 7 pm. 11519 From S?n Juan, by Watsonvilleand Santa Cruz, :*? miles and l>a"k, ttiree times a week. Leave San Juan Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat urday at 12 tu: Arrive at Santa Crnz by Tp m: Leave t^-tnta Cruz Monduy, Wednesday, and r riday at 5 a in: Arrive at San Ju*n by 12 m. 12SS0 From San Jose, by Gilroy.San Juin. Nativi dad.and Salinns. to Mon.erey. 75 miles and back, three times a week. Leave San Jose Tuesday, Thursday , and Sat urday at 5 a m; Arriveat Monterey by fl p m: L?ave Monterey Monday, Wcdiiesdar, and r ridny at 5 a in: Arrive at Sin J.-se by f! n m. 12V21 From Monterey to San Luis Ob'aso, 120 nulei and (jack, twice a month. Leave Monterey oti the 1st and 15th ?r each mouth at C a ni; Arrive a? San I .i:is Obispo in four days; J.oave !<?? I.uis Obispo en the 6th and ??th of ? ach r.i'?nth at 6 a in; Arriveat Monterey in four days. Bids to extend to Santa Barbara are invited also bids to run weekly. ; 12532 From Lo? Anzeles. by Tejon. Selmstian Res ervation, and KeVsvtlle. to Visalin,22o miles and hack, twicea month. Leave Los Angeles on the 1st and 15th of each month at 8 am; Arriveat Visalia in eight days; Leave \ imiia on the 1st and 15th of each month at R a m; Arrive at Los Angeles in eiirht days. 12523 From Los Angeles, In San Gabrie! and Monte, to **.ii Bernardino, iMi miles and back, once a week. Leave Los Aneel*s Monday at 8 a in; Arriveat San Hernardino n^xt day by 12 rn; Leave r?.tn Bernardino Wednesday at ft a m; Arrive at l,os Angeles next day by 12 iu . llt>24 From Los Anjcles to Sau Pedro, 2!! miles anJ t<a'-k, two or three times a mouth, in connex ion with the coast mail-steamers. Bidders to stats schedule of arrivals and de pa riu res. 12525 From San Diego, b* Santa Label, lo Foit Yu mi. mi es and back, twice a month. Leave Sau Diego ou the 5th and ?;th of each month. Arriveat Fort Ynn.aby the 13th and :4th of same mouth: Leave h ort ^ uina on the 15th and 23th of caeh mouth; A rrivfl at San Die?;o in one week. Bids toexteud by the way of Arizona. Tucson, and Mcsilla, to El Paso, !>y a schedule to be slaterl by the iMlder.arn invited. l.j-b I r< tu Souora, by Jacksonville, Bu Oak F"lat, Garr? te, Maxsrell'a Creek. Spilt Rock, and Boiidville. to Mariposa, 65 miles and back, twice a week. Leave Sonora .Monday s and Thursdays at 6 a m; Arrive at Mariposa next days by 12 ni; Leave Mii'ipoia Tuecdays aud Fridays at 2 p m: A rnvo at Sonora next days by C p m; 125^7 From Oimrizhurg. br Indian Gulch, Gwtn, Leach'* Store. Miller ton. King's Kiver. and Scotts' urg, to Visatia, 12" nules aud hack, once a week. Leave Quart zburg at Ca in: Arriveat Vis^iiit next Wednesday by p in; Leave Visalia '? hurtday at 6a m; Arrive at <./u^i!zburg next Siturdsy by C p ni. 1252!t From Columbia, by Ansel's ('ainp. Fourth Crossing, and San An J reus, to Mokalumne Hill, Iti miles arid Uirk. throe times a week. Leave Columbia Tu. sdav, Thursday, and Sat urday at 7 a hi. Arriveat Mokaluinne Hill by 4 pm; Leave Mokalumne Hill Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 a in; Arriveat Columbia by 4 pm. 12&9 Fmm Stockton, by Knight's Fen-y, Green Springs, Mriiiti-zurra, Jamestown, Sonora, nnd Stiaw'a Flat, to Columbia. 70 milos ami l?ck, s x times ?i week from the 1st of May to 1st ol Decemtier, and three times a week the re?idue of the year. Leave Stockton daily, exc?pt Sunday, at 6 a m; Arrive at <'olumbia by 8 p m; Leave Coluinl in daily, rxctpt Sunday, at la ni; at Stockton by 3 p in. 12530 From Stocktou, by Foreman's Ranch. Half Way Houre, and Double Sp'ings, to M<>ke 1 uiitntf Hill, 45 miles and bacx, six tunes a week Leave Stockton daily,except Sunday,atCam; Arnve at Mokelumue Hill by 5 p in; Leave Mokeluinne Hill daily, except Sunday, at5aiu; Arriveat Stockton by 2 pm. 12511 From Stockion, by l.oviug'a Ferry. Horr'a Ranch. Snelling's Ranch. Merced haMs.ilor m'as, On?rt?barg, Mount Ophir, and Agua Fri*, to Maripo*a, 94 miiea and istek, twice a weex. Leave Stockton Tuesday a and Fridays at 7 a in; Arnva at Mariposa next day a by 2 pm; Leave Mariposa Tuesdays aud Fridays at 7 a m; Arrive at Stockton next days by 2 0 m. Bids for three trips a wet k are invited. 12532 h rom Doubl* Springs, by North Branch, San A"drea?, Fourth Crtmamg, Angel's Camp, and \ailicit*, to Murphy's, 34 miles and back, th-ee times a week. Arrive ac Murpb,'. by 7pm; Leave Murphy's Tueaday, Thursday,and Sat urday at & a in; , Arrive at Dou bt? Springa by 12 re. i , i.' i M M - s. ... .* / * , WHO Pr?n frryto**, by rhMfctown, Coda-rifle, ai.d Brownsville. to Ind aq Diggings,30 nules and buck, once a week. Lm*? Dry town Tuesday at 6 a m; Arrive at Indian D'?nii? by 5 p. m. Leave Indian Diggings Thursday at Ga. m ; Arrive at Dry town bv 5 p in. Bus to run Irorn Sacramento City, instead of * p?rrT*'? ht,^kt*,i?? bnaft^threatiraes aweek. Leayr Sacramento City Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday at 7 a ai ; Arrite at Stackton Iff 8 p m ;ij <y cSpSrsi rr? ?s? Arrive at Sacramento Ci'y by 8 pm. 12585 From Sacramento City, by Consumne, Michi gan Bay, Dryttwn, Sntter Creek, and Jack lon, to .tlokeluinne Hill, 55 miles, six tin M a week sod back f rom 1st ol Mar to 1st of *,* cember, and three times a week the residue of the y^ar. Leave Ssotamento City daily, except Sunday, at 6 a in : . Arrive at Mokelumne Hill by 7 p m ; Leave Mokelumne Hill daily, except Sunday, Attain; Arrive at Sacramento City by 5 p iu. 12536 From Sacramento City, by Fo.soin Ci'y, Rus vilte, Mormon Islam), Salmon Falls, Puot Hill, and Ureeuw?-od, to Georgetown, 62 . nines and back, six tunes a week. Leave Sacr&me^ City daily, except Sunday, at 6 a m ; Arrive at fe'eorftetown liy 7 p m ; Leave Georgetown uaily, except Sunday, at 3 am. Arrive at Sacramento Citv bv 4 p in ; 12537 From Sacramento City, (?y "Weston, Clarks rille, tldora House, hldor::do, Diamond Springs, PlaeerviHe, ami Cold Springs. to Colotna, 63 miles and lack, daily froin 1st ol April to 1st oi'Decemlwr, and tri-ve<kif the residue ol the year. Leave Saorameuto City daily, except Sunday, at C a hi A rrive at Colon.a by 8 p iu; Leave Column daily, cxcept Sundav?at g a m; Arrive at Sacramtiito tu; by 4 p io. 10538 From Sacramento City, by Fremont. Graftor, Praiiie, Antelope, Grand Island. Coiusi, Princeton, Monroeville, arid Moore's Ranch, to Tehama. U7 miles and Irftck, once a week. Leave Sacramento City Monday at fi am; Arrive at Tehama n--xt W ediiesdu) by 6 p m , I.cave Trhann Thursday atUam; Arrive at Sacramento City next Saturday by G

pm; Buls embracing tri-we?*kly service in atenm Imata on the jiart to Calusi are invited. 12539 From Sacramento City, bv Coon Creek. John aon's Ranch. Round Tent, Rotuhand R?ady and Grans Valley, to Nevada Ci'y, 65 miles aiid back, six times a week from 1st of April to 1st oi l>eoemher, three tunes a week the residue of thu ye ir, Leave Sacramento City daily, except Sunday, at C a in; Arrive at Xevad i City by 8 p in: Leave Navada Cit) daily, except Sunday, r.t 2 u in ; Airive at Sacramento City by 4 p ir. 12510 From Sacramento City, by Nicolas, to Marys villo, 4j miles ami back, six tiuios a week, io steamers and coaches. Leave Sacramento City daily, cxcept Sunday, at H a hi ; \rrtve~at Marysviile i>y 2 p in ; Leave Maryaville daily, except Snnday, at f am; Arrive at Sacramento City by t p m; 12541 From Auburn,by Neilaburg, Lisbon, Illinois town, and Mountain >pniija, to Dutch Flat, 84 miles and t>ack, twice a week. Leave Auburn Tueadav and Fiiday at 3 a m ; Arrive at Dutch Flat by 6 p in; Leave Dutch Flat Wednesday and Saturday at 6am; Arrive at Auburn by 3 p in. 12542 Fr>m Mary sville, by Iloncucut, Hansonville, Forbestown, Strawberry Valley, hangor, Woodville, Rabbittown, and St. Louis, to Gibsonville,75 inilea and back, twicea week, from 1st of April to the 1st of November, once a week the remainder of the year. Leave Marysviile Mondays aud Fridays at 6 a m: Arrive at Gibaonville next days by 5j> m; Leave Gibsonvillo Wednesdays ana Sundays a! (i a m; Arrive at Marvsrille next days bv 5 p m. 12513 F roin Marysviile, by Charley's "Ranch, Oro villc, llamilion, Hio Seco, Chico. Ibsen's, Tehama, Red Itluifs, Co'tonvv ood, and Ameri can Raucii, Io Shasta, 1.14 miles and hrck. six tunes a week from 1st of April to 1st ol Decem ber, tri-w>"k!v r h" residue of rhcyear. Leave Marysviile daily, except Sunday ,ai 3 pm; Arrive af Shasta next uay by 5 p in; Leave Shasta daily, except Sunday, at 6 a in Arrive at Marysvil.e next day by m. 12544 From Marysviile, bv Johnson's KancU,Cox ? Ranch, Virginia. Oro City, Gold Hill, and Ophirvdle, to Auburn,3G miles and i>ack, twice a week. Leave Marysviile Tuesday and Friday at 6 a m; Arrive at A uburn by 5 p m; Leave Auburn Wednesday and Saturday at 6 a m; Arrive at Marysviile bv 5 p in. 12545 From Marysviile, by Oregon House, Green viiie, Foster's liar, (amiitonville. and Good years Far, to Duwuievllle, <0 miles and beck, three times a week. Leave Marysviile Tuesday,Thursday, and Sat urday at 5 a m; Arrive at Downieville by 8 pm; Leave Down.evilla Monday, Wodnesday, and Fnday at jam; Arrive at Marysviile by 8 pm. 12546 From Marysviile, by Dry Creek, Park's Bar, Owsiey's Bar, Fmpire Kanch. Rough and Ready, and Grass Valley, to Nevada City,45 miles and l?ek, six time* a week froin 1st of April to 1st December, three times a week the residue of the year. Leave Marysviile daily, except Sunday, at 6 a m; Arrive at Nevada City by 5 pm; Leave Nevada City daily, except Sunday,a: 7 R yO r Arrive at Marysviile l?y 5 p in. 12547 From Diamond Springs, by Newtown aa4 Henry's Diggings, to Gnrrly Flat, 34 imJei and l?tek, one.* a week Leave Diamond Sprints Tueeday at 6 a m; Arrive at (>rizzly Flat hy 4 pm; Leave Grizzly Flat Weducsday at ? a m; Arrive at Diamond Sprin/s l.y 4 pm. 12048 F rom Plaoerville, by Kelsey's and Sranish Flat, to Georgetown, 18 miles and tiaofc. twice a week. Leave Placerville Tuesday ar.d Friday at 7am; Arrive at Geor<etown by 2 pm; Leave G<.>orgi town Wednesday and Saturday at 6 a m; Arrive at Placcrville by 2 p m. 12'<49 From Placerville to ( arson Valley, Ftnh Ter ritory,7S miles and i>ack, once a week Irom 1st of May to 1st of N<?v?;i(?l?er, aud once a month the residue of the year. L'-ave Placer ville Mondav at 8 a m; Arrive at Carson Valley next Wednesday by 12 in; Leave Carson Valley Thursday at M a m; Arrivent PlaeerviHe next Saturday by 12 m. Proposals to run liy a seliedirte giving the rest Hinoai Carmui Valley will lie considered. 12150 From PlaeerviHe, by N<<u town, to Indian Dig gings, and back, once a week. Bidders to Ktate schedule and distance. Bids for more fr?<|iient service will be considered. 12551 From NevadaCily .by Hoyt's Crossing,f^weet Jand,Seldistopol,S<in Juaum Nevada county, and 1'iumaiis <'r<>SMiig, to CamptonviJIe, once a week and !?ck. Bidders to state distance and schedule of arri vals and departures. 12t?2 From Nevada City, by Patterson, Kinory's Crossings. Plum Valley, and Forrest City, to Downieville. 4" miles and luiek. three tnnesa Week from 1st <>f April to 1st of January, and once a week the re?idue of the year. Leave Nevada City Mondav, Wednesday, and Fridav at 6 a in; Arrive at Downieville by 8 p m: l*eav* Downieville TuegUay, Thursday, and Saturday al <> a m: Arrive at Nevada City by it p in. 12V5j From ()r<>\ ille, l,v Biilweli k liar. Pea Vine, Bru?h Creek, and Meadow Valley, to (.fuin cy, Ui miles aiid Inrk, once a week. Leave Oroville Tuesday at 7 a m; Arrivent ilmiirr next day by 4 p in; Leave Q uiucy ri)tir<?dH\ at 7 a m; Arrive at Oroville noxt day by 4 p.m. 12551 Froin Shsata, by Whiskey I'reen and Lewis ton to Weavcrvihe, 40 miles and back, three times a week. Leave Shasta Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur day ai 6 a in; Arrive at_ Weaverville by 3 p m; Lna\ e Wcavcrville Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at B a in; Arrive ai Shasta bv 8 pm. 12550 From Shasta, by French Gulch. Minersvilie, Trinity Ceutre, and Ottitjpwa, to Vreka, ion miles and hack, twice a w^ek. Leave Si.axt.'i Mond-iv and Thursday at 12 ni; Arrive at Yreka uext Weduesdny and Satur il iy by 6 p m; Leave Yreka Monday and Thursday at fi a m; Arrive r.t Shasta next Wednesday and Satur day by 12 in. Bids I or more frequent trips are invited. 125>? From Lutoiitown. by Cox's Ranch ami Big Bar, to Weaverville, H ? miles and bick, once a Week. Leave Uimmtown Monday at fi a m; Arrive at Weaverville next Wednesday by Ha , ni; Leave \\ eavcrvilin Thursday at fi a m; Arrive at L'nioiitown next Saturday bv 8 a in 12557 Fiom Trinidad, by Orleans Bar and Forks* f Salmon, to Restvillc,'.Kl miles arid back once a week from 1st of May to 1st of November, aud onee a month the residue of the year. Leave Trinidad Monday at 6 a in; Arrive at Rest vine next Wednesday by 6 p m; Leave Restville Thursday at 6 am; Arrive at TriLidsd next Saturday by 6 p m. 12558 Froin Crescent City, by Waldo, Kirbyville, and Cloverville, to Jaegsonvide, Oregon, 90 miles anil back, once a week. Leave Crexoent City Monday at Ga m; Arrive at Jackson ville Wednesday by Cp m; ?, Leave Jacksonville Thursday at 6a in; Arrive at Crescent City Saturday by fi p ni. OREGON. IS701 Froin Astoria, by Ca hlamet, Wash. Ter .Oak Point, Rainier, Oregon, St. Helen, l.ake River, Wash; \ ancouvvr, Souvi?'s Island, Or.. I'ortlaud, .Milwaukio, ard Oswsgo. Wash , Ter., to Oiegou City, Or , 144 inilea and !>ack, twice a week, in steamboats. Leave Astoria Tuesday aud Satuiday at 9aui; Arrive at Oregon Cit* next days by ;1 p in; l,eave Oregon City Monday and Thursday at 7 a nr.; Arrive at Astoria next day s by 5 a m. BmN to run by a different schedule will bo con sidered. 1*702 From Portland, by Oceola, Hillsboro, Tu*la? tin, and Wapatoo, to La Fayette, 45 miles and liack, once a week. Leave Portlan t Monday at 7 a m; Arrive at I a Fayette uext day by 9a in; Leave Ij? Fayeite Tuesday at 2 p m; Arrive at Portland next day by 4 p m. IJiM From Oregon City, by Yam Hill. Buteville, Champoag, Fail field, Salem, Dola, Inde pendence, Blooiniugton, Liberty And Ailsuiy, to Corvallis, U5 miles and laick. twicea wmi. Leave Oregon City Monday ana Thursday at 7 am; <lrrive ?t Corvallis next days f?y 5p in; .eave Corvallis Tuesday aud Fnd y at 7 a m; Arrive al Oregon City next days by 5 s ia. 12704 From Corvallis, by Starr's Point. Franklia, l^?ng Tom, SiUEplaw. and Youoalla, to Oak land, 90 nulea and back, ooce % week, Arrive at Oakland next day by 6 p in; Leave Oakland Wednesday at(.? m; Arrive at Corvallis next day by 6 p rr. 12705 Frum Co4krsi<ie, i>y Kinney's. Mnrr**'*, ym. SrM<CU*v??nafe?fcova, and Caast Fork of WiAam*ue, to {fcklaMlj iuu mu?. aiMi u?tk. oi.dia week. . Lea ra. c or va Ilia Wadnesdass at 7 a m; Arrlfgat Oaklan I Friday sby 4 p m; - LeawOaklaad Fridays at 7 a m; I at Corvalli# MoedffV by 4 p m. [? end at U'MeitAe invited. l?7*JrrofrCo'Yftllia. tirSoap Cfreek. I?ackemute, " report, lia.!af< LUMU Flam Valley, and >n, \p U:i FayftML/n miles and back. r a weak. re CbrvaTlis MoaMys at 6 a m; Arrive at U t- ayetTe next days by 12 m; Leave 1a Fayette Tuesdays at 1 p m; ,, Arrive at Corvallis next davs by fi a m. lf7C7 From Sait-m, bj J>oak's Ferry nnd Mount Hood, to LaFaystta,45miIasaadbaok.anoe a week. Leave Salem Monday* at fi a m: Arrive at I,* Fayette by 8 p mj Leave 1a Fayette Tuesdsya at? a mi A?1** *t Salem t? 8 p m. 12706 from Sclera, by Seat** Citv, Central, Waali Butte. Cala poo ya, t nion Point, Pine, W i.Umette Forks, Mc lie mi* and Hnsen? City, to | Icasant Hill, no miles and back, ooce a week. Leave Salem Tuesday* at 12m: Arrive at Pleasant Hill Fridays by 6 a tn* 1 .eave Pleasant Hill Saturdays at f. a in Arrive at Sa!?m Tuesdays by !?a m. l?7f?9 From North Canyonvii;*.by Gnl?*viUe,L*land, GpW River, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Ashland Mills, Tlarnath, Cal , and Henley, to Yrrka, Cel., 141 miles mules and back, oncea week. i<eave North Caifyswiville Monday at 7 a m; A rnve at Vreka u*xi Thursday by a p nr. Leave Vreka Saturday at 7 a m; Arrive at North Canyonville next Tcesday by 6 pm. 12710 From North Cas?or*viiic, l>r Myrtle Creek. Round Prairie, Alder Brook. Kc.-.ebiirgh,and Winchester, to Oakland, <7 miles and Lack, - once a week. Leave North uanjonvillo Thursday at 5a m; Arrive at Oakland by 8 pm; Leave Oakland Saturday at 5a m: Arrive at North Canyonville by p in; 12T11 From Oakland by Kel'org's, Klkton, ScotM burg, and Gardiner City, to Crapqtia City, IS miles and taie.k. once a week. Laave Oakland Satnnbiv at ! J m* Arrive at (Jmpqu* City Monday by 2 pm; Leave I'mpuuaCity Wednesday at Ca ui; A rrive at Oakland next day by 8 p m. 12713 From Albany, by Burlington ana fftrrisbnrr, to Willamette Forks, 5J miles and back, once a week. Leave AHiany Thursday at 6 a m; Arrive at %* illarnette Forks rext day by 12 m; Leave Willamette Forks Friday at 2 p 111; Arrive at Albany next day by ;; u m. 12713 From Port Or ford, by Randolph and Coos Bay, to Gardiuer City, 85 miles and back, once a work. Leave Port Orf >rd Monday at 7 am; Arrive at Gardu.P): City Wednesday at S p m; Leave Gardiner Cily Thursday at 7 a m; Arrive at Port Orford Saturday hy 8 p w. Proposals to run, after passing C?>os Kay, via Mouth of Coquette, and cud at I'mpqua City, atx ut tho 8!inii3 distauce as advertised, me invited. 12714 From Port Orford, by Randolph and Empire City, to Winchester aud b&cic, onoe a week. Didders to state schedule and distance. WASHINGTON 12750 From Rainier. Or., by Mnnticello, Wash.Ter., Castle Hook. Cowlitz, Hishland. Newau cum, Grand Mound, and Sutter Creek, to Steiiacooni City, 110 miles and back, onoe a week. Leave Rainier Wednesday at fi am: Arrive at Steilacooin City next Friday at 2 P m; Leave Steilacoom City Saturday at fi a m; 1 Arrive at Rainier next Monday by 2 p in. Hids to extend to Sjattle, 3J ini;e? Iurther, will be considered. 12T51 From Vancouver, by Cascades, to Wascnpum, Orecou, 96 miles and back, ouce in two weeks. Leave Vancouver every other Wednesdar at Iftafn; Arrive at Wascopum next Friday at 12 m; L ave Wasoopuiu every otner MoutUy at 6 a 111; at Vancoiiver next Wednewfay by 8 a m. Bid* for more frequent trips Will be considered. 12752 From Cowiitz to Boi<e Fort Prairie, 15 miles and l*cs. onee a week. Leave Cowiits Thursday at!?a m; Arrive at Boise l'i>rt Prainabr 1 p in; Leave Boise Fort Praine Friuay at 9 a m; Arrive at Cnwlitr, by 2 p m. 12753 F'-?)m Oak Point, by Boiae Fort Prairie, to Grand Mound, 54 nines and beck, onoe iu two weeks. Leave oak Point every otfr Friday at 6 a m; Arrive at i.rand Mound next day by 6 p tn; Leave Grand M >und every other W ednesday at 0 a in; Arrive at Oak Point next day bv fi p m. 12754 From Olympi*, by Haton's and Velni Prairie, to Fort Montgomery,40 miles aud back, onoe in two weeks. Leave Oiympia every other Monray at 7 a m; Arrive at Fort Montcoruery by 8 p m; Leave Fort Mouigoinerr every other Tuaaday at 7 a in; Arrive at Olympia by 8 pm. 11755 From Olympia, by Brnoeport, Oystervilla, Chenook.aud Pacific C<t> . to Astoria, Ore Kon, once in two weeks and lack to Chenook, and once a week the residue. Bidden* to atate distance and schedule of arri vals and departures. Proposal! to run the entire route once a week are invited. 12756 From O'ympia. by Arcadia, to Oakland, and hack, onoe n week. Bidders to state distance anil aoliedDie of arri vals and departures. UT \ H. 12801 F10111 Sal; Lake Cilyj b) Lehigh City, Ameri can Fork, Provo City. Spriugvibe, Pavson, Santaquin, Salt Creek. Fillmore City, Par ? wan. 1 ort Joltiis^n, Cedar City. Brincliurst'a. N'. Mex.. Santa Clara, California, s*an Ber n irilino, Monte, San Gabriel and Los An *elee, to Sen Pedro, 917 miles and back, once a month. Leave Salt LakeCityon the Vhof <v?cti inonih; Arrive at San Pedro by tne 1st of the following month; Leave ^an Pe<' ro on the 5th of each maoth; Arrive at Salt Luke City by the first of the foi {?iwiint month. Bid* to rm> *\ricc a month wiil b? eon*ide**d: a so, bids lor tne separate parts to and bev.rnd Cetiar Ci'y, (2??iintfes from ^hIi Lake City.I 123C2 Ficin Salt I.ake jWfi'g Mills, Mill Creek. Mormon, and l|ol>ada\'s Settlein^ut, trt Alpine City,4J miles ami tack, ouce a week. Leave Sail I aka City Thursday a' 6 a m; Arrive at A!p neCitv next <lay i>y li-ani; Leave Alpine Citv Thursday at S p m: Arrive at >ait Lake City next day t?> 7 p in. 12a*3 Froin Salt Lake City, b* t iuon, Liraper. L? hirh City, Gardner s Mills, American Fork. Pleasant Grove, Provo City, Sprmgville, Spam*!! Fork. Pavson.Sai.tannin. >aliCreek, ami Kphraim, to Manli, 14J inilcs and back, once a w? ek. Leave salt l,ake City Thursday at 6 a in Arriveai Manti Saturday by Up m; Leave Manti Monday ai i? a 111; Arrive at Salt l.akeCi!y Wednesday by 8 p in. 12*M b rom Salt l.ake City, by Stoker, Centreville, h armuiKtun. K.ay <ville. and O^den Cm, to Briciiam City, miles and Uatk, twice a week. Leave Salt I.akeCity Monday and Thursday at 6 a m ; Arrive at BriKham City next daya bv 12 m ; Leave Brighaiu City Tuesday anu I nd?> at 2 p m; Arrive at Salt f.nke City next days by 6 pm. lS'JH'i From Salt Lake Citv, by Toocie City, to Grantriville, .55miiea and l<aca, once a week. L?'a*e Salt Lake <"ity Thursday at uiu; Arrive at (irsn'uville n?it da> at 12 ai; Leave Grant sville Fridav at 2 p in ; Arrive at Suit 1 ake Cuj n? xt d>y by C p m. 12.liC From Salt Lake City. Iiy Tajlorsvi'ile, Slount Pleasant V\'ett Jordan. Fort Herri man .Sand Gardnor'a Mils, to T'alar Vailey, (St.u'h Fort, mnesaid back.oucaa week. Leave Si'.'t Lake City I'iiursday att>a tu : Arrive at Cetiar Vadej next day by I.' in; Le?v? t'edar Valley 1- riday at i p 111; Ar lve at Salt I a!?<? C;ty next day by fi p tn. 12&7 From Cedar City,by Harmony and* Pine Val ley. to Santa Claie, 711 miles aud l<at k, ouce in two y**e?-ks. Leave Cedar City every other Thursday at 8 a m; Arrive at Santa Ca'ri next Saturday by 3 p in ; Leave Santa Clara every other Mor;d: j at 8 a tn; Arrive at Cedar City nrxt Wednesday by 3 p in. NKW MEXICO 1S851 Froin Santa Fe, by .\lanieda, Albuquerque, Algodoiies, Socorro, Fort Craie. I,as Crucen Bernani'lo. Los Lunas, Fort FillnnT", and Frontero, Texas to F.I Paao. Texas, SW miles and back, twice a month. Leave Santa Feou the loth and 2?th of each month ; Arrive at FI Paso in eight days; Leave El Paso on the 7>h .and 23d of each month; Arrive at Santa Fe in e:*ht days; Bids for weekly trips will l>e considered ; a'so, for separate parts to and lieyond Albu querque. 12li52 From Santa Fe, by Los Lnceroa, to Fernanlo l>e Tao*,7i? miles and haek.imce a week. Leave Santa Fe Monday at 8 a m; Arrive at Fernando He Taos Wednesday by 10 a m; Leave Fernando l)e Taos Thursday at 3 a m; Arrive at Santa Fe Saturday by 10 a in. 12851 t rom Las Cruoes. by .Mesilla, to Tuoaon, and back, once r. week. Bidders to atate the distance, and schedule of arrivals and departures by they pro pose to run. 128.54 From Tucson, by Arixona and Colorado City, to San Diego, Cal.. aud lieek. twicj a Bidders to state distaiiceand schedule. Proposals to extend, by commencing at Kl Paso, Tt-xas, will l>e considered. 12855 Froin Albuquerque,by / Viaalia^ WimkI villeiCal., I.2>w miiesand back, onoe a tnonti. Bidders tw state schedule, which is to oona. c closely wnh route 12K5I. Proposals for more frequent trips will l?e con sidered. . . INSTRUCTIONS, ConttitHini rondttioH* to btiH'orpotatfd tn the coHtmrts to the extent the department may deem proper. 1. Seven iniuutes are allowed at each intermedia'# om :e, when not otherwise specified, for assorting the mails. 2. Hailroad and ?iteaiii!>oat companies are required to take the mail Iroin.and d -liver it into, the post otfic *a i.t the commencemeut and end of their routos, and to aud from all offices not more than eighty rods from a station or lanoing. Proposals inay lw sub initted fur th? performance of all the aide servtoe? that ia, for otfiocs over eighty rods from a station or landing. S. No pay will b? made for trips not performed; and for each of such omissions not satisfactorily ex plained three tunes the pay of the trip may be de ducted. For arrivals so Tar behind time as to break oonnexioa with dependiug mails,and aot sufficiently excused, one fourth of the compensation for tba trip is subject to forwiture. Oeuuotioa will also be ordered for a grade of performance inferior to that ?^4?fiafi2Kr ?B0? of Ho........ ...... ',,+TT^ ^ ?MiftiSiiiii,, nit) ^TT^iXi;n^r ? qu; rtar's say mart* deducted * U* !mi1' <5 I" Ihi s Wj* S41t*t<X?Bl U. UJ.MI tfc* 4* IMS MM W?: nepe?**^ (?*,.?? to MriM ,?^trM^iin#. mL into totheur ?.. >?<.".7~T' "** "f* 5,:*^ "mwt "l oarryiiif i?t ftir rgfuTiki ^n^',1-!* . " r"W*<1' ??" >??*: aa l *L .???!!*' *P#I datnaijo. to o. nve> tit* n?^j| t. m rtwTw VnfL??i0?yr*r>0ri rBRfvor '? ?*c me2 Sflw fw?|?^a? ?'7t",ct W'hout th* MH,,( ?! ? tra*fer General; forrauuui to eiaytu ?? ???& s^?r?iSH?C aE^'Ssek smsskss ,?rr: increase on Uie oontrsct pay. fli ^ ti en tarty to nskl them aonfonn to oonnexipns wl'h rnilroads, wit txH.( tmraaa* of My. prov.dJd tb. n , t:nff tun- ha nut al)rid<te?i. Ke m*y *.0 ordeVa i increase of speed. stlowing. * ithm the restricts J of the taw. * pr* ratn moreaae of p*, fortheaddi" tionai at,*k or owmrs il may. J h.-?.Mr?c?..r may . kowarer, in tne cam of the increase ol speed. relm - Suish tr.c contract Uy giving proiript'notioe to the department ifcui he pr*V?r* dounr ?n 'o curry u.g the onler into effect. Die Pnstmuter Woaeral may alto SH*.#01.<,l?c""ll?!,? t-1"* ?cryice. ui ul.oie or in pr1 r"t" decrease of pat. leaving one ? r,itri ^ h" ' ",n *??*? *??????? d? KS2.T f7.?h'n#T?'. ,0 opinion, tli- public ^ou'>l ,'equira the u?c, or in c*i*e he de pi>rtn*!onUpCr ? 11 a Jlffcreut irade of trans ? ?1 Will l*# M()d for thf l* vio^ Nr T il lection* fro:;4. or on, pm tiniiiteri or utfu-r wile after .he expiration .7 <i!h^gut^STIm *?b!2?r> ? Ma>' A?e??t. NwemV" 1 9. The dtttanoes are nr?n aceordmc to the heir information: tut no .i.offiued pay will 1* h ,.,??d ?hoa:d they Wes er tkr.u sdvj^?ed. SrThSt^S to he supplied be correctly stated. Kiddrrf^nu W?~f*msclT-r, in tk*? point; art! ?i?o ?.??' ference to tlie Wf i^li? of tiie niatl, the em^l tioi. ?r fads, hills, * i r.i! ,s. A, o.. ?n<i aJi toij l-r.<)*???. frr rirs, or of *r<r k nd tn which eTt>en>.a m*y t>e incurred. \o e ami for ad<titioi.aj put Uu.~d on such xrouu<i? uui to <vn?idored ; n..r l<>r ail?Ked mistaken or misaptreliSnKion a* to the deirreof service: nf>r forbrn/res destroyed, or other ol*trur tions increasinr uikjoic*- oecurrmr durine Iheoon tract term. < >fi)ccs estati'ishid after t*i? ?<]vertise meat is i-su*d, and c uring the contract term, are to l>e rtsitc:l without extra pa>, if the distance )? not ID C i ? l?. A Ind after tiie iaat <lar ai,.l hour nai:te< , cr v; ithout th^ fcuarantoe re^aired by law. or tuar core bines afrera! routes in nn>. sum of com sen sation. cannot be owKider*! iu <-omp<M ti?Hi with a regalar proposal rea<?onnbie in amount. 11. IJiJders should 6rst propoMe for aorri^ strct i> aooordini; to fbe advertisement, and then, it th"? d-tsire. \tpmrntety for dttfarent service; and if the *? f a. a r Ud be the loa'est oil. red for the advertised th? '^".rA opoMtions nj.i> ooiiMJorod. 12. 1 herv should be but one route bid for iu a ?ro posaJ. F IS. The route, th# service, the yearly mt the aimt-tid residence of tl,;- bidder, (that is hTs iisuaJ f<wt oriu e addre?s.)aiNl those of eac.i member of a Srni. wnere a <t?mpnny oders. should Ite disf r,rt?T i .i Ri^' ?*? conveyance, if a t uber niode tuau horstluc k le int<*iide<l. Tlie'trorili "aith an<l inserted to * ,n.V #< f ?"" ??*?'*e. will e.^?t!tute a star b,d. \\ btn a kiar t>id" u int. nd.?d. no ap? U'^'TMoe must beuame<t. '*? B' n, pnu.,, eiMe. the printed form of proposals fnrnished l.? the 'leaartnient, to write out in lull ih? cum t?f their bids, and to retain copies ol them. , Form of Propo sal. . 1 ? ? ?? . county of . jtiate of . Propose 10 convey the ntaiis of the l-ruted Matei from July I, 184};. to June ?i. istt:, on route No. , ln>m to , azreeablr to the silver. fj!r*,7-tnt "i l.h* Pof'masfer Oenorx!^dated Oet.?i er iaj?, and 1 y tbe lo lo? mc mode ot convrv.-inro. VS*L . w>r the annual sum of doLaia I hi* proposal is made with fa|) knowledge of the distiineeor the route, the we^ht of tin- vwii to >? o-.rned, and all other particulars m referenee to the route ai d service, at>d aleo afrer car-ful . tion ot the lav. ;, aud iustructioua attached r.. the ad "SET* (5*1* ned J _ . GwamMtt4. Tt e nnd?rvif:ne<f. residme a1. , State, f . undertake that, if the foregoing bid f.>r earrt it k the nisi on route No.- l^aee prod by the H. str.tas .I'id^'-rsliaii,prior tt? the latitat of Aug list, I.,*!, enter into the required oUuation.M coetraet. to perf.<rm the acr\*ice proposed, with coed and Hullii-ient sureties. 'Ihis ic? Ho umUr-rUandtng dutmrtlu tk> obit cat tans am*! I tubilir it$ tmtd 6y twiruntc r * "ul 'Sz \Xii *?**'<* *V tk* art cf Cottftns #/ < Sim?d by two Kuaimatora. > Th- .,~i j Cert&cmit. rhe nndersifned. post master of State of " ?.certifcea, under ht\ oath, of e/Ar?, that be is k! * Ub V1? <b#v* lfu*n?t??ra, and know a the ?uai*ntTel,a pro,>*rly' 11041 *w* l? m?ke fo?.d DlU*^ I io. Altered bida ahould not b? submitted; uor t'lr "ne? ?Bl>nntted be withdrawn ? Derl^S.^ rlSl1 Ji* euftr?nt'?<l ??* two reseomible % ???!? ';en?,a, suaran ees cunot be admitted. iSi f n Rn *u*rsn!,,? should be ntn*d Aia.aW ? .tn the full name *.f each person. r r b.rf w the richt to reject any uia W.iich ir.ay l>e deemed extravagant, and also the w? of fiilinx contractors and Udders 16. 1 he bid should be sealed ; auperscribed " Mai I Prop^ai.. state ,,r Tarritory' of<a. the oasernay 1 e?' Contr?ct ?'Ac?. and seat I*, not r.VfiV f will not enc.ose ?^ri" of any kind in their quarterly I . i'e to be executed and returned ir? K^?t'.P?rf"",n J or ,*[or?' ">? >?t of August. li?? .""rv.,T mu,f be c enmtneed on the sr J u y, or the mail day i.ext after that dale, whether the contracts t? executed or nor. So proposition for transfers will be considered until th- coot ac;? we executed and retired at tt e department ard De tran,,cr* w,;l ^ ^" e. odS.l reasons tnerefor are tirtn. to be ue>. - mined Inr the department. ?'?*"? woede.e, 18. Heetion Is of an act of Cutiire'i, aosroved 1ft*? 3-"4^ Prov:d?-? that contract* lorth.. rrans ?>rtation of the mail shall be Ut ?? in ever* oa<te to fs.rhfhlVi r' r tJ, derj"f ?uffioicnt guaran ee; lor taithru. perform vice, without ,.ther reference to t^e t?! tueoue ?eleritT, ^ertaiuty, and sees 7 - ' ?.uck tr.nww rtation. Under ttua la> amw description of bid* has been reoeivei. The> do no? tHe?^ r*-"?" ?f ro?v?J"ln',?. ??ut enga -e to take LV^i e,,At, tn^ w,lu oartnint*. at,il semritt. using itie erms ol tiie la*-. i'Lese bids are styled, from the manner in which llto are t/W:!,?" ???* departniert ?* *o*r 4p?<m, and tin y *_lll t? construed tui providing f..r the conveyance of the entire mail, huu -vtr iai ?. and vhourrr may be tk, ,nod, m,rtt,ar, ton'* tts' C.,lrr"*' ?rta,ntv. ond ttrmr,t? ?> ? A ? . i ? ' ??v? " ' 'I y i 19. In ah oitses where the lowest grade of aervire T Tv-V k^fiicient. the lowest b:d u iii be nr I --P -C- ' > coarantied.fn preference to a or Rpf*ciDc rud \\ hen the iowest bid is not a star bid.and snecihes s.Uier n? m>>du or an mud'tu itt mode ol o. nve* 2ni?k^W,U nct *co?'Pted, t>ut set fc??sl!. Pfoposmc the necessary service ' vJ-.~!Vre **dossoot hpecny the mode Hfrr>a. veyance, a so, when it pmpo^en io earn "ae<H?rtl.i * 'w,,"out ie" ice. eoamdered as a P-..Psal f.,r horsohaei A n odifioaiionof ir.anyufits e^eendal terms is taniHiiiount to a iip? bid, and camn<>! lie re - ee.v ed so s, ?? interfere wit'i ?. r-c r ^npetT'n . a^er the last liour set lor reco.v.n* bide. - *?.' ^ost?w?t< r?are t?> 1* o^relui u<.i ... certify the ?ftt7tL(:l/^,!f r'ilr Witliout kn. w inr that they are persons of smheient re?r (??O.iVf U1 ? ^ L'l !TrV *uan,,:T',r*.??idsurt t as at. distinct ly n 'titled thiit, oili a Itu.ure to enter . .to or L-erbn in ! nte contracts lor the mtvi -e f>r..|H?sed f..r h -h'. ? c aiSi'-iet"???" 2- 1 resent coutrac'ors. at J persons kwwnat the Department, mnst. equally wtl, otb*rs, pr..e;.rij filnn") " aV? ?* fr" "'?'r ""dicietict ub c J iM tlj? loriue div.H ptesenbed. The cer lifieates of ?ulfieu?i!e> mn t U si<oed by u. Ilt orajudgoul u c<?urt ?#i fc rj. AARON V. CROWN, IW Ufr;i k Vkvlitm**:*1***" ?eB#r*1 Oetob, r Zi. ^57. _ o,- 3R-law l^w CHRISTIAN'S CIKNI.T ANU COTIULOK \Ve take pl.?sure in in(..mumr the pnMteof Wash ol i,"" J iacfb"'st musicians ytgfj ol than luetroDolis lis ye uiuttsl Under the aUitxiS* ?-? s"^-' ?sss \\ e Iwve in possession all the newest and l,e. t Music, a* well lor Concerts as ant other ^rb'rm' an I are oonfidem that under lhe m ell known i;"r ?' ?"mu ????""? ?i.. ? ?? '? "-ar Adam's Kxp,Us, or T Chrt^TsV?* oe?f ?'iWceu 5111 *?(1 bt"' lh**l ths Xavy \ ant.' J-JOl ShKKiil'fclls, A l l tM lll.N ! " rOAhfrf- "?'"her supply of the For sale oaly at C. Windward's 9tovs. Grate Furnace, snd Cooking Range Kaoiory, \<>s. Ssand' ^reetsnil*y *,Ua av#uue? l*tweeu 10th and Utk , oo 7 eo4w C. WOODWARD. chased C and twenty-I,ve per cenU le^^hsn pri^V two months aco. we a ill, snd can offer Istrrsins not to t ? *ot in this city; also a fane and spieudid stock of Clothing u iiuist Im* mild for c^ii Wu.,VAl,L k STKI'Hl!N9, tA.i ; . nn; av?'u,,? between Hrh and 10th streets, and under Brown's Hotel. No. 16-ltneod 2B. batwei, ma ?^".kV, 'po THK TRADt. ~ Just received, London Rrown 5tout and 5*oteh d25S-' at *''75 r.r dosenira , IS 1m Corner of 12ttjJR>streefs!sh?Mth, _0?J3Jhrn f? roeery and Wiae Stors. P O M MOIIN T_V fc K NO N. tmSuOSS!?* T"0*A9 COLLVEW, hsv.n* nT^?i-r ^Mhiy repaired, will make . 55 s trips to Mount Varnoa, leav iff, her Wharf, is this sit*. rt ertflEHB. ??<?FRIDAV MORNING, at ?o'alk ,k* '?'?rr#nlB? W"*e she will rna regalar 4 triH^to Alexandra^!as usaal, oc t tf THOMAS BAKER. Capt^a,