Newspaper of Evening Star, October 28, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 28, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING8TAR A MODERN SCENE. it.. . ra ? tha aidnifbt hour i? but'oini on. The clock will soon annoonoo the night half <One. wh,n^?*?? "??wkt trnm tb,it io7 \Vn, i other* sweatly sieep. their oares forgot. Brhap* '>>? some poor student. pons* o'er me Eucud my?t?ry. or claaaie lor?( Or it may he a seamstress sittsth there. Who thus must toil to gain a soantj rare; Perhmf a some .oneiy one. oppressed with oar*, feeoeth unbroke her rmdmgnt vigils there, ?ndiag with anxious look a friend distreased, Supplying every want before expressed. Let ua approach, benevolenoe may auggeat Some kindly aid to cheer a heart diatreaa'd ; Kind w?rda we verily will not withhold. They oft are worth far more than glittering gold. A fragile form sits bending by the light. Plying her needle ou the niualin white; Wruird her looks' and weak her straining eye, Yet still aue ftopa nut e'en 10 heave a aigh. "Kind l%dy. are you thus conpelled," wj? aaid, "To labor iate to git:n your daily bread . ?he amiimgly replied?"Oh, deer me. no . >n I'm working me a akirt?tkev'rr all tk? #? ? I Middle town demiintl. The Last Crisis. A gentleman dined with a friend one day. And above, he heard sobiwns and cryiu* ; He inquired of his friend 1a an anxious way, "If tii^re ?rst any ??ae sick or djing * "Oh. no.** he replied, and smiling tua best. While they were discussing the icea, '-I've jiat refilled Helena new ailk dress. And produced a financial cry?aia." Sgctssio* To thi Church or Romk ? The English papers report that four Puseyite clergy men have recently left the Church of England for the Church of Rome, and several other* will soon follow. The names of the ?' pervert*'* are Rev. H N. Oxenham. M A. Curate to the Rev. Mr Denton. Vicar of St. Bartholomew's. Crip piegat?. and a very distinguished man at Oxford; Rev D. Nicolls, Curate of Christ Church. Al bany street, forn erlv of the church of the Rev. Mr Dod?w%irtb. now a Roman Catholic; Kev. Walter Richards, of St. Mary's, Oxford, well known as a Trastarian at Oxford; Rev. Mr. Brown. A London paper call* thi* in ?vemeut a ?' (jrcat Protestant .secession to tha Church of Rome," and adds. It is a curious fact that at least ten of the cler gymen in the category to which we allude, who are determined to throw ihe'insclves into the arras of the Romish Church, are unmarried, no that they will at one become Popish priests We be lieve that a majority of their number are mein t<ers of the University of Oxford ; and on Tues day the propriety of' postponing the step was matter of serious deliberation oinong the leadiug Tractanans in Oxford. Some Puseyite clergy man left London for the express purpose of at tending the private inwtinij referred to. Among the laymen whose counsels have been sought in this matter is a well-known Tractarian who oc cupies a high position in monetary circles. a:id wno has t?een at the head of the affairs of the Bank of England. Several of the 't?*rjro seced ers a<e clergymen of standing in the literary as well as ecclesiastical world. In a few days we ?hall beat liberty to be more unreserved ir? our revelations on tiie subject. ILr The Chess Tournament is continued this week in New York eitf. The Tribune says: '? Messrs. Lichtenhein and Morphv have al ready fought two out of their three battles, and in both of thera the latter was successful. Mr. M. is a prodigy of chess skill and genius: for not merely has he not lo?t a single game in the Tour nament, but, in addition, he has beaten everyone roundly who ha* tried his skill with him in an off-hand game. The most eminent amateurs from ail parts of the country have been check-mated, g-une after game, and declare ?? they don't fcnow fcow ue dies it.*' These. too. are gentlemen who have won games from t'oe great players of Eu rope, and who declare that the btauntons, An de.-saens and Lower.thals of the Old World w:ll have to low^r their fligs to this " Young Phili dor'* of Am-rica. 44 Since .Mr. Morphy's arrivzi three w^k' ago, he has probata played near one cundred games, two only of which be lost. .Vo other piaver in ar.y c. 'intry can show such a per ceutage of *nc a*?. and vet he is but 2U year* of age. With ?ur h an anateur over the board, and to wonder ful a biindf >ld player as Louis Paulsen, we can well afford to challenge Europe on Caissa's tfe'ds and oeat her ^ ith chess combinations if we nave TK>t done it yet with horses *' v )!T" The principal avenue of ourcitjr," writes a 1-arned f. iend n Detroit, ?? has a tou-^ate ju?t by the Elmwood Ceinrtery rood. As the ceme tery Lad t?een laid out some time previous to the eonst-uction of the planK road, it w:is made owe of the conditions of the company' i charter that a:l funeral procession* should go back and forth fr?*. One day. as Dr. Price, a celebrated physi stooped *o pay hie loll, he Remarked to the gate-keeper: " * Considering the benevolent character of our profession. 1 think you ought to let us-pavs free of charge * 44 4 No. no, doctor." the keeper readily replied, ?' we couldn't afford that. You send too many drad ktadt through here as it is.' '? The doctor paid Lis toil, and never asked anv favors after that.'' J?7* The New York Tribune admits the defeV ftf tue Republican* in Minnesota. 1^7" Cannel coal, it i* said. has been found on Piekett's Creek, in Marion county, Va. Ten sLaves a'e said to have escaped frcin Norfolk, Va, on Monday. Som; heartless villain is prowling about the pastures of Ea?t Falmouth, Mass., cutting out the tongues of horses. 177- Recruiting for another Nicaragua (filibus ter? expedition is said to going on in Cincin nati. rrr The B'Wton Daily Ledger, heretofore inde pendent, comes out in support of the democratic State ticket rinooke's w.f- and old Mrs Stubbs were taiCing about Oabiei*. ?? W hy, said Mrs Snooks, " wben I was a Ijabv they put me in a quirt pot and then put the lid on." ?? And a.d you livewas the astonishing in quiry of M s Stubbs ?4 They tell me 1 did."' was the a?touishing re Pl7 '? Well. d:d you ever!"' and Mrs. Stubbs fell to knitUug lik" one po?e3sed. 1&r '* Mother Where's Bill 4* Mv *<>n. don't let me hear you say Bill again You should say William." 44 Well mother. Where's William ?'? 44 In the yard feeding the ducks." "Ob, ye*, 1 nee huu now But mother, what mak?*s the ducks have sucti broad williaiii* !"' 14 (jo out with your brother, you little scamp, or 1*11 cultyour ears " ITT A shocking tragedy occur'ed last Mondav In Hallowell, Maine A inau named Ryan of FarmiuijtOT), hnd t?een paving his ndtl*e*ses to a tourig w >in n who worked in a factory at Ilallo wel; Sue had recently declined to receive hi? attentions. An inie> view took place on Monday, at ber ?use, when he attetnpred tc shoot her, a;.d failing in this, turned the pistol upon himself. fl'?d, and fell dead. He had arci dentally p it both ualls into one barrel, by wiiich the youn^ wopian's life wa^ saved. He received both >>alis in hi* The barrel he discharged at hra lnt<"ndefl vtiim contained only powder. AKRIVALS AT THE HOTELS WILLARDS" HOTEL ?S ti Bogert. N Y; J A Westervelt. do; Major Ileint7?-iman, L'SA; A Helmer, C Dc>nt>bne. \ V'k H Latbrop, <?a; W H Dickers^ 11 Ky; W J Collins. A Srtje! I. .N Y: Mr^ And'ews iind daughter. Mass; II E Brush and isdy. O Wm C Whittle. I'SN; T A Ives and Iv, NY; M;m S Brown, 1); Capt S Van Vleit. I SA. Mr tiray. Bog. M Crosbv and family. Callao; F L Cros>'\ La. I M Dunn. Pa, J P Sheldon Ma Be Ian. V I'areden. Cuta; S Ballet. N York; E T Nichols. L SN. T l.atin>#and ly, I'a; J R -now den, do; Hou Joseph Randall, W J* Randall. F Fillmore, Pa; Col Porter, l"r*A; K 11 Jarmati.Va; J C I.oiig, I SA; Hon J Batson. Me; Hon E Crom well, NY; P Barry Have*. E J B ddle, pd; Ca|K M D L Simpson. J C Davis. I'SN. D Rickets Md; E M Brace, Ky. BROWNS' HOTFL ? J fierrv. Md; Jno Lee, do, M Lyon* and family, Va; John M Hogg Md. II D Smith and family, NC ; E Stonestreet do; M??s E Ston??ireet, do; M D? Val. .Md; John H Thomas. Kr; Cba* Sbelton, NY; H E Brush and lady. O P M Craijjmile*. do ; R Orav arul l?dy, Va, '? T William* and ladv, do; M^j Sutherland Pa, D M Thooia*. Md; H D Barrett. Ky; L Hall man. NY; J D Washington. Ha; P Wilrner Md; II T Union, Va Dr Dick-on and lady, SC. Mis* Dickson rl?; S S Eyre, NY; Mr Scott, Md; E A Creoie, NV, J H Baldwin, Ha; F A (isle, NY; U ??? Gale do, Jouiis S Yeilaud, Md L Zunmer Mo KIRK W'M?1? HOI SE.?Miss D Watson. V?; Mi** E King, do; Mis* A King, do; W S Chllds, do; J McMiekaoa, Tex; W R Page, V?; Dr Lem kins- do. I>r Harrieon. U.^N; T G Johns'o 1. Md, J * Garrison. Va; J II Tboma*. do; W B Reany Pa; J H Ing. Md; J Fo*ter ar.d lady. Mass; J Blenshcom, NY; J C Harrison,Va; Dr G Ganabl, Ga, J Ackerman. WASHINGTON HOUSE ?H C Bevens. Pa; J C Tillmen. B Moouey. Md; T F Chip>en. SC; J M Berrien, I SA, Dr B? rnhlsel I tab; J F Rich ardson. Mo; D P West. Bait; H Tbomis and ly, A Williams, Va; P Slaysman, La; D Pierce and lady, NY; J R Johnson, Louisville, Gen George Smitb Mobile. MO*EVENTS OF OCKaN STEAMERS. Fiom thi Unitud Ststm L*?es Pkr. V?i?. VanderbiJt......New York...Havre Oet at Atlantic N-w York.. .Liverpool...Oet 84 f-'soH Kciori rdiebnrg Glasgow....New York...Oet 3 North Star Soutbam'a..New York...Oet 7 The California mall steamers leave New York ?a the gtb and t> of mck month MiiOilUn?_ 514 ifcVENTHjJTRliKT. 5|4 o wmi. , Ueond Storr. three doart! OAm Second Story. thrM Odd Frllowb Hi from ALL. Bpeetaoiea and~Ula?aae suited u> every sight; Opera. Rending. and XVatchmafcei a G leasee; Te4*seopes. Mi?roeeo?ee in3 Ire?t variety; Coeinotemio SlirtoioopM of lUMrior and ehot ? firtimoo hand. S(6 adver tiMOitci ia Nktioni |uwlii|<Doer. Tistixoni alb. Norfolk, September?,1154. Sim: The Speotaelea you made for ma auit ma rary wall, and team to have improved my aigbt mora than any other 1 have lately tried. ^ LITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair ef Spectablea obtained from Mr. Tobiaa. and hnJ them of treat aaaiatanoe to my aight.aud corresponding with hiadeacriptionof thair fooua. 1 recommend him aa a skillful optician. HKNKY A. WISE. Prtersburs. October 21,1854. About five yeara ago, 1 obtained from Mr. Tobiaa, in Waahington,? P?ir of Glaaaea for the spectacles which 1 used, and found them of great Resistance te my demy ing vision ; and my opinion of him ia, that be ia skilitul to the preparation of Glaaaea for ejea not too far gone to be benefitted by auch sid. J. F. MAY. Lthchbcro,November 7,1854. From an examination of Mr. Tobiaa' Glaaaea, and from hia observations and remarka, am oonviuoed that he ia a akillful optician. m, _ J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. Ltnchbcro. November 10. 1854. Mr. John Tobiaa, having lurniahed me with Glaa aea. by which I have been greatly aided, (my vision having sudered greatly from reading at night in my earlier lite.> it affords me the highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful practioal optician, aud well prepared to aid those who may need hia professional services. WM. H. Rdl'ZIK, Elder ol the Methodist Conference. Wilmington, N. C., June 27. 1854. Mr. J. Tobiab? Juar Sir : I am happy to say that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from you laat week are entirely satisfactory. From ai inequality in the visual r*n?e of my eyes. I have heretofore feund rreat difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal dia tances. It affords me pleasure to state, that by the aid of your optometer this difficulty has lieen happily obviated, so that the <? lasses you lurniahed ine are decidedly the best adapted to my eyeaof any 1 have aver yet used. Very respectfully rours, R. B. DRANK. Rector of St. Jamas' l*arish. Having been induced by a friend to visit the ?Ktal>- j liahmcut of Mr. Tobias lor the purpose of trying hia glasses I was furnished with a pair slightly colored bine, whioe have afforded me more relief and gratifi cation tluumny I have ever tried. My sight, origin ally very good, was injured by writing ana reading at night, frequently to a very late hour: but with the aid of these glasses I can study almost aa late as ever, and that too without the pain I have previous ly suffered. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner Gen'l Land Office. Dec. 11,1<?5. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and tako great pleasure ia saying that i am mueii pleased with tnem. I have been much l>enehte?l by tiiem. OEU. 1'. SUAKBl'RGH. May 5th, IH56. I was recommended to Mr. John Tobiasasaakilfui optician : iuid as I havoetesof remarkable peculiari ty. I was gratified to linu that Mr. Tobiaa seemed to comprehend thein by inspection and some slight measurement, and h? has made me a pair ol" Specta cles that si.its tueaduiirably. A. I . BUTLER. July 11, lajfl. Washington, Aug. 8.1 ISA. Having been for years under the necessity of hav two sets of glasses?one for uae in daylight, and one for lamp-light? I procured one set from Mr. Tobias wlucli answered both purposes. I have uaed Ins for several months, and hud them excellent. EDWAMDSTUBBS, Of Department of State. 'Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectacles you furnished me yeoterday are particularly satisfactory to inc. They are very decidedly the beat I possess, a??^ I i?m tne owner of eight cr nine paira, carefully selected in different places and from optieians rec ommended to me on account of their professional ataiiding :n France. Knmand. and the United States. I have lieeu a so pleased with your remarks and di rection* on the treatment of the eves, for the puf p<>i.e of preservine aud improving the sieht Respectfully yours, CHS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. Brooklyn Orthopaedic Institctios, April, 1854. After moat careful examination ol Mr. J. Tobiaa's Glasses, 1 am enabled to testify that their hardness. oitirneHs, polishing, and exact optical ahape render them partiou arijf reoommendable to thoae whoae merely optical impairment of the eye* are in want of such auxiliaries. 1 oonsider, moreover. Mr. Tobias fully qualified to determine the focusof the eye.both by nis optical knowledge and experience, and by means of his optometer. la addition, I can further state tint Mr. FoN -a has supplied aome of my pa tients with Glasses, to th?ir and my satisfaction LEWIS BAUER. M. D . Physician and Surgeon. Berlin; Member of the Koyal College o. Surgeons, England; Memlter of the Medical Society of London, and of tne PathoWioal Society of New York; late Sur teen ot tne Royal Orthopied.c Institution of M*"Chester. Fogland, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. Norfolk, V*., July Tt, 1854. la the experience of e\ en two years, I bare f >und great difficult} id ohtainia^ Spectacle* that were ex actly adapted to the weakness of my aight. This in convenience Mr. Tobias s win? to have removed for the present 'iy the substitution for me of better and more suitable Ginsses. They are clear, chrystal-lika aud comfortable te my eyes. I would commend Mm to thobc who from age or other infirmity require ar tificial aid in this way. J. J. Sl.MKfNS, M. D. Wilmington. N. C.. June 16, 1&>4. To person* who u.ivo had the sight oftheirayes so impaired as to require the use or Glaaaea, I would recommend Mr. John Tobias as a suitable person from whom to obtain such Glasses as thev may re quire, as he has suited me with a pair of Spectacles lor a far and near sight. Mr *icht ha* '>eeu impaired verv much by a service of years in the Post Office l?epartmenf. which berth required me tol>e on duty from II o'clock nt night till after dav, during which time 1 used but one light. W. A. VN ALKER. Dep.a vtmkni or Interior, May 8, 1855. From naturaldelect* and the unequal range of my e> es. I iiave Uren compelled to use glasses for seve ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glass*--perfectly fitted to my eves. Four months since Mr. Tobias'made two pair/ especially for me, winch I have fonnd to serve m? perfectly. By ttie use of Ins optometer he ia enabled to ad*pt classes most minutely to the eye. I most cheerful _y recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses, and hear my testimony as to Ins skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, ?? 25 Ass't S?o'y to aign Land Warrants. )RO POS A LS FOR SUP P LI ES. Qca&termaster's OrricE Marine Cores,i Washington. Octol?er 10. 1897. { Se-i'?d Proposals will !>e received at thisoffice un tii 3 o'clock, p. in.,on f rday. tha 13th November, i i37. for supply in? the Marine Corps with the fol ow ing article* dunug the fiauai year ending 30th June, IH5H. viz: 5*v< to uniform caps, complete. I,***) to 2,0??> marine pomp<K?ns. 1.0 0 to 2.'<10 pa tent lea' her stocka. 5uo to tuo privates' uniform coats, aompleta, of navy blue cloth, indigo dye?to ba ctiemicaily tested. 50 to 100 sergeants' uniform eoata, (same aa above.) so to 100 muxici ills' coats.scarlet eloth,cochineal dye?to l?e clieimcaliy tested. 100 to 2no pa.ra non-ooiniiiisaioned offioars' epau lettes. ,y?) to 8 *' parrs brnas centre atrapa. 3D to 5're?l worateil saaliea. . 1.t*" to 2,01*1 pairs linen overalls. I 1.000 to J.OO') linen shirta. 2.*>0 to 3.o<i pairs brorans, Noa. 5 to 11. yv> to #"0 marine blankets,!gray.) 5**1 tn Hiio knapsacks. < B . to 3,0?10 pairs woollen sock*. ? ? Son to 8UU marine fatigue sui. the ololh to benavv I<1 ne,indigo dy e^&i.d chemically taatoa. to 800 fatigue frocks. l.Oi'1 to 1 Jrtoliannel shirta * ? 5:*) to !.'<*> pairs woollen overalla, blue keraer. 900 to l,<>?0 woollen jackets. do. 3"?) to 51*) waieli or great eoata, do. yy) to l,"*0 pairs Canton fiannel drawers. 3i to 60 musicians' jackets, a^arlet cloth, aoohi - neal dye?to I e chemically tested. 1,000 to 2,io<i yard* S-4 sky -blue kersey I,'**to 2,0rt) yard* navy-blue doth, to be chemioaily tested. 3fo yards scarlet cloth, eochineal dye, to be chemi cally te^rd. Samples of the .il?iii^irticlea may be seen ou appli cation at tins office, .>rat*the office of the assistant quitter master marine corps, I*} Spruce street, Phil adelpma. It is t?? l>* understood that the accepted bidder is to tak?* all material used for rmnufneturing. ooats, overalla, Ac., on^and at the time of entering into contract, at the contrnrAprices thereof. Bids will l>e received Tor tiie whole or in parta for theart.o'es required, ami it must lie explicitly under stood that a critical inspeation will l>e given all arti cles furnished as to fit and quality, and that articles which do not oorue up tolli** sample will be rejeoted aad thrown upon the hands of the contractor The quartet iiKut'er reserve* tohiuisell the right to incresse or dimmish tiie quantity rmmed above, as the exigencies or interests of tne service may de mand. Proposals to l?e addressed to the 44 Quartermaster of the Marine Corps," Washington, D. C., and en dorsed *" Proposals for Supplies." oelt-eot'Sth'Vov ; pHOPOfiALS FOR RATIONS FOR 18M. OCARTIRMASTRR'a OfFICE MaRINR CoRI'S,/ Washixotor. Dctolier 10. IWTf. \ ^eparat" Sealed Proposals will l?e received at thia office until Ttiesday. the I'-th of Novemlier next, at ^o c.oeic p. m , f?r furnishing rntiona to the United . tates mnrin** ? orps, at the following atationa, for the year law, vir: ? I Warrington, Florida ;and Washington. District of Columbia. K^cli ration to consist of one pound aud a quarter of fresh b*-ef. or throe ouarters of a pound of mesa pork ; eighteen ouiico* of bread, made of beat su perfine flour- or best superfine Hour at tha optiwn of the government; and at the rate of aix poundaof good aoff-e. twelve pounda of beat New Orleena aagar, eight quarts ol beat white beaua, four quart* of vi-egar, two quarta of sajt, four ?<?uuds of sood hard brovu aisip.and one and a half pound of good liA/d dipped tallow eandlea to one hur dred ration*. Toe fxM'f required shall lie delivered on the order of the e^mmaixlinc offie^r of eaeh station, either in hulk or b? the single ration, and shall eonsist of the best and most choice pieeea of the earo<as; the potk to he No t prime mess pork, and the groeeries to be of the l??*t vitality of kinda named. All subject to tuapectioii. No bid will he entertained nnleas accompanied by the mmxsof two sureties known to tin* office, or eertiRe^ to h? s,ime offii>ial pernon. To be endoraed "JProposals for Wstn-ni for Ih/Sk." and ad iresa -d to the Ou^rtetnisster of the Marine Corps Waslnng o D. J. 6UTH ER LAND, |ft eotNovin Cjusrjtertnaater. i^ENUlNE ITALIAN MACCAHONI. ?mp<?rted.a supply of Italian Maooarom of tba very best quality. Of H Cor. Varment KING A BURCHKLL, eat ava. and l?th at. ptorOftAU rot INDIAN GOODS. Dbpasthikt of t?i iKmioi, I Orrtci INDIAN Ar?Aia?, October 15, iatfr.t Sealed Proposals. andoraad ** Proposals for In iiaa ffiw tit fis?jri?w SB incton Cits, until 1# o'oiook, a. m.,on Saturday, the 14th OAT of November ne*t, for furnishing Roods for the Indian department for fulftllioc treaty stipula tions with various Indian tribes, ana for other IncQuui purposes, as lollowt,: Clam No. 1. Mackinac Blanket*, Cl?tk?, and Dry Good*-+ 3.000 pair* S-point white Mackinac blankets, to m?a sure 6 < by 71 inohes, and weigh V pounds 3,000 pairs SH-point white Maokinao Wanketa, to measure 54 by M inohes, and weira ? po? ads 1,500 pairs 2-point white Mackinac blankets, to mea sure 42 by 56 inehss, and weigh 5* pound* 1,500 pair. iH-point white Maokinao blankets, to measure 36 try 5" inches, and weigh <A? pounds 1,300 pairs l-point white Mnckinac blankets, to mea sure ^ by 46 niches, and weigh 33< pnunda 300 pairs 3-point scarlet Mackinac blanket*, to measure fl? by 72 inohes, and weuh 8 pounds 400 pairs *X-potnt scarlet Mackinac blankets, to measure 5t b? 66 inches,and weigh 6 pounds 200 pairs 3^fc-point are^n Mackinac blankets, to measure 66 by R4 inches, and weigh 10 pounds 400 pairs 3-point green Mackinac blankets, to mea sure ??? by 72 inches.and weigh 8 pounds 400 pairs 2X-point green Mackinac blankets, to measure 54 by 66 inches, and weigh 6 pounds 200 pairs 3Vpoint mdiro blue Mackinao blankets, to measured by 84inches, and weigh 10 pound 2&1 pairs 3-point indigo blue Mackinac blankets, to measure *i liy 71 inches, ami weigh H pounds Sim pxirs *)?-point indigo blue Mackinac blankets, to measure54 by inches.and weigh 6 pounds ami pairs 3H-pmnt CJeotinella blue Mackinac blank ets, to measure66 by H4 inchrs.and weich lolb*,. Snopairs3 point tientincllablueMaekinaebiankf (a1 to measurel>v 72 inches.and weigh 8 poll' jds 350 pair*2H-point (ientinella blue Mackinac bl- .nk measure54 bv 66 inches,and weigh' j lbs. 3 5W yarda lancy list blue cloth 2,i*? ?' b ack cloth 5no " " green cloth 4,5011 '? grey liat blue cloth " saved" blue cloth 3,ooo " " " scarlet cloth 1,000 " " " green cloth l,0n0 pounds worated >arn, 3 folds 1?0 dozen cotton tlag liandkerohiefs HO ?? Madras 250 " fadcy cotton 51 " blue silk " 50 " 8 4 ootton shawls loo "64 M 100 "44 " .*? " 8 4 wcollcn shawls l,nno pounds linen thread 75 " aewmg silk 500 pieces riimndt l.?i gross worsted gartering 75 pieces silk liandkerohiefs 35,ono yarda cahoo 2s,iO> " Merimao calico 15,1** blue d.tiling I5,i*i0 " white " 5tKin " Georgia atripes 3,<*?> " bluedenina 3.0OO " cottonade 15.110? '* bed ticking 2noo " Kentucky jeana 3,50.? " satinets ln.000 " pis id Imsev 0.015) ?? bleached Blurting 2n,i*? M domestic shirting, (unbleached) 20.i*? " " sheeting. " 10,?*v? " checks, stripes and platds 21"' dozen woollen socks 2,000 yards tlannels, assorted 1,t?J0 pounds ootton thread 6'*? dozen apooi cotton 3"0 pound4 Lest Chinese vermillioa .ym " '* A merman " 1,500 " brown gilling twine. No. ?) 1.noo " ootton inaitre 2.?'*> flannel shirta 2.4nfti-alico " 10 dozon Canadian belts. Class No. 2. R>ady Made Cloth tag. 200 frock coats, indigo blue broad clotk 2nr pant loons, " '* 2novots, " " 10i> frock coats. " heavy twillei 10(i pantaloons, " 100 vests. " " ino Mackinsc indigo blue blanket capotes ion biacs satinet overooats, < Ao. 1) 100 sneeps gray cloth overcoats inn ?? " ?' cats ino " " " pa.nialoens 10?i black satinet eoata loo " pantaloons loo *' vests 300 blue aaunet eoata 200 " pantaloons 2i?r> ?? vesta i-oo oadet mix ad satinet ooafe " M pantaloons 200 ?* " vests. Class No. S. Hardware. Aerirultnral Implements, *t%d Axes. 6,'n?> pi.iiuds brass kettles 1,'K*? 1 in kettles. (5 sizes, > 2 si nests Japan "wd Kettles,8 in a nsst 5' doaen 10-quart tin pans 7$ 6 * 75 " 4 " 100 " 2 " " 3f>o ?? butcher knives 2u? " s'slpins " 23 M gun flin'a 50 gross gun worms 150 " squaw awls 125 " fish hooks.assorted 3 ?i dozen i-h lines 3MI gross needles 15n dozen coarse tooth combs 15> " line 15o " scissors 16 " bush cc)thes It " grass ?' 15 " grain " l<l " *ifz 'S 30 " hoes 10 " weeding " loo pairs hames 2"*? " traco chains l'iO|of nliains H>?? drawing knives, 10 and 12 inehea in lenrth 250 augers, m c<4ual proportions of l>fe, I, %, and inch 2^0 hand saws 3? cross-cut saws, 7 feet in length 3) ?* " 6 " '? 50dozen hand saw files 10 " cross-out saw files 10 " w >od rasps 2V? quarters socke chisels, >*, I, and 2 inch 70 pltues, fore and jack 25 dozen shovela 25 " spades 60^1 camp kettles, <3 sizes! 3.i*"0 Khort-hamiled frying pans ion dozen bastuir spoona 2D0 " iron table spitona 20n " lineups 15 " acythesnatha 25 " axes, to weigh froin4>^ to 5H pounda l<g) " hail axes, to weigh pound* 7<> " h\tch?ts, to weigh IS pounds 15 " broad axes,ordinary aiza 3T " zuic nurrora 75 " hre steels Class No. 4. Xorifitctst (inni. 1,000 northwest iruns. Hint lock 2"*) ** " percussion lock. Proposal* wil! I>e receiv.d for the d elivery of seid goods at Huston. Now York, I ht'adelphia. Haiti more, New Orleans, s*t. Louis. Memphis, or Cin cinnati; l-ui in considering the bids, the cost of the transportation ol tn? same to th**ir respective des tinations from the plaees proponed to lie delivered will lorm an element 111 deciding upon the proposals. The ruht will l?e re?erved to re?iu re a greater or less quantity of any of the articles nsmed than that speuito d in the a'?ove schedule; aud also an] others of n dilterent descrtptiou that inay be noeded, at the lowest market priors. i?oods of American mannfscturs, of the requirctl stales and quality, will tw preferred; but asttiesam plus of blankets and cloths are foreign fabrtes, it will b? necestary, m pritnitsing a domestic article of ?tther ol those kinds, IMR a sample thereof shall ae ieotni any thi bid. The articles to be furnished must, in all resseets, canloru. to and beeqna with the samples reSentlt seleored. which may l>e seen at tins othee. '1 hey will be rigidly injpecte.. and compared with thoseaatuples l>y an agent or agents appointed lor that purpose, ^urli as hiay l>e unequal thereto io an* particular wt:l ?>c reteet?sl; in winch case the aontracfor will lie Itound to furnish others of the required kind or quit 11 ty within three days;or,ii that l?e not done.they will be purcliaaed at ins expense. Cayim/it will be made for the K<>ods r?*esiveil on invotona thereof enrtthed by th'? agent or agents appointed to inspect them. It w li l*i understood that all bids for furntahing the goods aliuve specified mav be rejected at the op tton ofthe Department, rnrttcvlnrly i| made by one who is not known as a manufacturer of, or regular dealer in, the arttole propose*! to |>e fit itislted; whieh fact, or the reverse, must be distinctly staled in thi luUs offered; and that the lnds of all pe<a >ns who may have failed to oomplywtth theco dit.ona of an) contracts they may have previously entered into with the United States shall, at the option of the Department, ?>e rejected, in aooordsnce with the letter and spirit ol a joint renolution of Congress relative to bids for provisions, clothing, ft o., for the use of the Mavy, approved 27th Monde will Iia required in the amount of the bid for the fiithful performance of the oontract, with l woor more aureties. whoae euffioieno* uiuft lie cer tified by a I'nited States Judge or Diatrict Attorney. The propolis must embrace the articles wi'h tlie quantities thereof, as they are arranted in the fore *oing sclndiile. wuli the prices annexed to each, in dollars and cents, at which they will be furnishe<l, and the amounts muat be carried out and looted up lor each class. They should be submitted with the following h'-adinz: "I for wel hereby propose to furnish forth* ssr vice of the Indian department.and sccordina to the terms of its advertis inent therefor, dated October I V b, IH57, the following articles. At the prions the. eto affixed, [here insert the list according to the elnsaor ciaa ea proposed lor,] deliverable in the eitj of I Hoeton, New \ oik.P hiladelphia, baltunore. New OrlsAns.ftt. Louts, Meinphi., or Cincinnati, sa the ease may be | l?y the fir?t day of April next, or at such time or tunes during the year 1856 as may be ordered by the Commissioner ?.J Indian Art ira; an i I lor w-1 will also furnish, at the same prices, moh sd Ittional qusnti'i a of thi same kinds and qualities ol gotwU, and at the loweat market prioes, such other articles of a d fT?reut deecriptoti as may lie re quired the service ol the Indian department dur i"g the year IH5H deliverable as aliove stated: and if thix proposal lie accepted, I here insert the words, 'm whole or in part.' if more than on* elass be proposed for.l I (or we J will, within twenty days thereafter, execute a contract accordingly and give secur tt, ?Uisfac'??r? to the fjommistioner of Indian Atfai s. for the faithful aerformanoe of the same." (Here insert whelhar the party proposins isor isnolanmn ufseturer or regular dealer ui the article proposed to be furnished.] haeh proposal muat also b? aocompan ed by a cuarantee, in the followinf form, to be signed b? two or more rssponsiMe persons, whose suffieieney must ?e eertified f>j one or more persons personally or of Seial'y known to the Department: r J5I wsl hereby truaran'ee that the above bidder, jor bddera.l ifa eonlraat ah"?ll lw awarded to him, |or them.| according to his |or their] foregoing bid . ' w,il^*eeutoa con'raef, aed give aeoa rityforth'* performance thereof, aa prescribed in irf'stment for Prepoeels for Indian Goods. October 15, 183(7; aid I |or we] igrree to par any and ail dainaxes or losses wlnen the ''n,ted 8'a esor the Indians n>ny , nffer bjr reason of fsilnre soJo ?lo an the p?rt of the aaid bidder (or bidders."] No propyl will h? considered tkat does not st'letls eo!ifV?rmfo the terms and diraeMona of this advert iseraenf. By order of the Seeretanr of the Interior:

CHARLR9 E. MIX. o?3n d9lA9tawtl4Nav Astmg OenumsaMner. XitceLUneout. Orrci Srr**nrn?o?*T or Public P?tifrni?,( WilltMTOI, October Ut, 1197 | la pnrsnanoe of the provisions of the "Act to pro vide for executing the publio printingko . sp proved August ?, lk*, Mtlwl proposals will be received at this office, in the Capitol, until the first Monday (1th day) of Deoeinb'r next, at 12 o'clock m., for furnishing the paper that may be required for the pubiie printing for the year end ids oh the let day of December, llflk. The subjoined liat nearly aa can be aa oertajned. the quantify, quality, and description of eaoh kind of paper th* twill be required. Slab. I. nting paper, nnoalendered. to measure 94 by 98 inches, and to weigh forty-five pounds to tha ream of tt sheets. Class II. 4J** reams fine printing paper, calendered, to measure 34 by 38 inches, and to weigh fifly-six pounda to the ream of 480 sheets. CLiaa III, 5,000 reams auperfine aised ami oalendered printing paper, te mensure 24 by 38 inches, aad to weigh fifty two pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. CLAsa IV. 300 reams auperfine bard-sued and oalendered printing paper, to measure 24 by 32 inches, and to weigh forty-eight pounda totheream of 480 sheets. CLAaaV. I.oon reama auperfine sized and oalendered map pa per, of anch sixes a* may be required, cor re ponding in weight with paper measuring 19 by 24 inches, and weighing twenty pounds per ream of 4itt sheets. Class V|. arm reams superfine plate paper, (oalendered or an c*lend?red, as may be required.) 19 by 24 inches, and of such weight per ream as may be required. The fibre of the paper of each of the abora claa sea to t>e of linen an't cotton, free from ail adultera tion with mineral or othersuostanees.ofa ftir white ness, and put up in quires of iweuty-four sheets each, aud in bundles or two reams each, each ream to contain 480 perfoct sheeta. Uniformity in color, thicknesa and weight will be required; and no bun ' die (exclusive of wrappers) varying over?' under five per ccnt. from the atandard weight will l>e re ceived, and the groaa weight will, in all oases, I* re quired. Mixing of various thioknerses in the same bundle to make up the weight will be considered a violation of the oontract. Class VII. N's 1?? reams uuarto post writing paper; No.2?2,i**i renms fNtcap writing paper: No. 3? fton reams demi writing paper ; No. 4?2,oi# rfcHii n folio post writing paper; No. 5? Sim re ms medium writing paper; No. 6? SO reams royal writing paper ; No.7? w? reama snper-roj* writing taper; No. a? 50 reams imperial ?riling paper ; No. 9? 100 reams oolored medium iassortod.) Class VIII. No. 1?5.000 reams writing paper, 19by 2G inehes, to weign twenty-eight pound* per ream. No. S?1,500 reams writing paper, 19 by 26 inehet, to weigh twenty-tree pounds per renin. No. 3.?3,lon reams writing paper. 18 by 25 inches, to weigh twenty-six pounds per ream. No. 4.?lOo reams writing paper, 18 by 22 inches, to weigh twenty-four pounds per ream. No. 5.?34" reams writing paper, IS by 18 inches, to weigh twenty-two pounds per ream. No. 6?4<*> ream? writing paper, 12 by 18 inches, to weigh twelve pounds per ream. All the paper designated hi classes 7 and 8 are to be of thH b*st inatenals, free from adulteration, and hnislied in the l?est manner. The papers in class 7 are to be w lute or blue, oi the regular standard sizes of the respective kinds,and of such weights as may be required lit this office; those in elass a are to be white, and of the sizes and weight specified in the schedule. The right is reserved of ordering a greater or less quantity of each and every kind contracted for at suoh tunes and in such quantities as the pubiie ser vice may require. Itach oiass will be considered separately, and be subject to a separate contract: but bidders may offer for one or more ot the classes in the same proposal; and tho privilege is roserved of requiring a bidder who HiAjj*ve more than otic cIa?s assigned him to take classes, or forfeit bis right to any class VlF Samples (not less than one quire) af each kind of paper bid for. and but one sample in rarh kind, must accompany e?ch bid ;ar.d, in classes 7 ai d 8, l?e numbered to correspond with the number of the pa per proposed for in ?hat schedule ; and, in the first six classes, to be properly deMtcnatedon thesamp'e, or it wi I not be considered. Alt proposals ai d sam ple* must l>e transmitted to this oftce of post age or other expense. Each proposal must be aigned i.y the individual or firm making it. and inuat specify the prie ? per pourd (aud but one price for each) of every kiud of pa per contained in the class proposed for. AH ilie piper in the several clt.-se* must ho de.iv \red at such place or .pl'cex n* < iay lie deaienatr-d in Vashington City, in good order, freo of alt ar.d eve ry extra charge or expense, and subject to the in spection, count, weight and inrngureiiient of tt>cSu periritendMit, and be in in all respects satisfac tory. Mlank forms for proposals will be furnished at this < flic* to persons apply mg for them ; and none will be taken into consideration unless substantially agree in/ therowrh. Bonds, with approved securities, will be required; and the supply inr ol an i.-.fcrior article in any < f the e asses, or a failure to supply the quantity required at any tuns will be considered a violation of the con tract. Kach bidder is required to furnish with his proposals satisfactory ev idenee of his ability to execute them: and proposalsuuaiioompauied by such evidence will be rejected. The proposals wiM be opened in the manucr re quired by law "on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in ueeemlier" next, ftth.iat 10 o'clock a. in. at Hie office of I he Superintendent. Proposals will 1>? addressed to the "Superintend ent of tie Public Fruiting, Capitol of the Tinted Sta* ??, WaEllington,"and endorsed "Proposals for Supply ins l'aper." A. G. SEAMAN. Superintendent of Printing. oc 1 Jnwt Deol BIN.. 3K.1 Y THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: In pursuanoe of law. I. J AMES BUCHANAN President of the United States of America, do hereby declare and make known that public sales will be hehl at the undermentioned land offices in the State of Missouri, at the periods hereinafter desig nated, to wit: At the lar.d office at Platsbcbg, commencing on Monday, the st day of March n?xt,for thediaposal of the public l&nda within the following-named townnhips, vis: Xorth of the base line and west of the the fifth principal meridian. Fractional townships sixty seven, of rfnges t wenty-foiir to forty-three, lrcluaive. ? At the land office at Milan, commeneine on Mon day, the Hih day of March next, for the disposal of the public iands within the following named town ships, viz: Aorih of the base line and west of the fifth principal meridian. Fractional townships sixty-seven, of ranges eighteen to twenty -three, inclusive. At the land office at Palmyra, commencing on Monday,the fir?t day of Msrfh next, for the dispo sal of the public lauds within the following-naiued townships, viz: North of the base line and west af the fifth prin tipal meridian. Fractional township sixty seven, of range fen. The islands in tho Mississippi riv? r. numbered one, two, and three, in fractional lownsip sixty four, of range five. The island in the D?s Moines river, in sections four and nine, of township sixty four, of range five. The i* nml inthe lies Moines river, inae^tionsnin*, ten, eleven, and fifteen, of fractional township sixty - five,of rany six. At Uia InndVihn* ni St. Eons, commencing on Monday, the first day of March next, for thediBposal of the public lards Within the following-named townships, viz: North of the base line and east sf the fifth prin cipal meridian. Fractional township thirty-eight, of range nine, except the^ortions covered by private claims. At the land office at Jackson, commencing on Monday, th" Kth day of March next, for the disposal of tho pubiie lands wilhin the foliowiirg-namtd townships, viz: Aorl/i of the ba$? line and east of the fifth prin cipal meridian. 1* motional township twenty one, and township tw?nty-two. of ranee one. Frretional fownsnin twentj one, of ranse lire. Township tweut* -seven, of range ren. Kr ictioual towimLip sixteen, and township twen ty. eijht.of range nine. Township twenty-nine, of ranse ten. \ Fraction*! township sixteen, of ra go thirteen. Township twenty four, of range sixteen. ? North if the base line and west of the fifth prin *m>al meridian. Fraotional township twenty-one. of ranges one to eight, inclusive. Fractional township twenty-one, and townships twenty-five aud tw? uty-fix, af range nine. At the land office at SpRiNnriKO, commencing Monday, the fifteenth day of March next, for (he disposal of the public lands within the following named townships, viz: A'ortA the bast line and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian. ?ownship thirty, of range twenty-mint. ownships thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty three. and thirty four, ? f range thirty. I Jinds appropriated by law for the uae of sehoola, military, and oth?r purposes, together with those " swamp and overflowed lands, made thereby unfit for cubivation," if any. granted to the State by the not entitled "An net to enable the State of Arkansas aud other States to reclaim the 'swainp lands' witlun their limits," approved September 28, 135?i, will l?e excluded from the sales. The off ering of the alieve lands will be commenced on the days appointed, and will prooaed in the order in which the* ar* advertised, until the whola shall have been offered, and the sales thus closed ; but no sale shall be kept open longer than two war ks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted un'il aftar the expiration of the two weeks. fj iv?n under my hand, at the wty of Washington, this sixteen*h day of September, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred ami fifty-a*ven. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Thomas A. IIiNomris, Commissioner of the General l^nd Office. NOTICE TO PRK-KMPTIQN CLAIMANT*. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships above enumerated is requir dto es tablish the same to the satisfaction of the register end receiver of the proper land otflee, and mahe payment therefor as soon as practicable after seeing this narite, and before the day appointed f.r the eominenoement of fhepnbltc sate of the lands embracing the tract claimed ; otherwise sueh elaim will be Atrfeited. THOS. A. HENDRICK!*, Commissioner ef the General Land Oftoe. se fO-fawSm JJ4?U?KKEEPKR8, ATTENTION! I haveiu"t received a fresh supply of new sod lm proved RISING STAR COOKING STMVFS. They areoa?tofthe best Pennsylvania mahble iron, and made very heavy and strong to stand hard knocks ai<d rough usage. For sale only at C/WOOL?WA R D'S Metropolitan Stove and Grate Worker, Pa av., between loth k. lit h sts., oe 7-co4w Nos. 318 k 322. trmlan' Plmtary. QSAMSS AMD /LUUUN D*U KAILS OAS GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL L I It M WAS??I b(NBcl^'n|^Ut jU^XANDRlA. GORDONSVILLE abb RICH Leavee Washington at 6 o'oiook a.?. Washington at 7 o'oiook 9 m. Por LYNCHBURG uA tha SOUTHWEST. ? trtSTA.5.Win*ton ?* ? o'?io?k im? ia LYNCHBI^RO next morning at 4 a. m.,oonceoUnx with the trains on the Virginia are Tennessee Ran Road for M KM PHI?. fcail Stages from Cl?r ottesvilie to Ly neb burg a dislanoe of 60 miles. Far# from Washington to Lynohbnrg, #7.75. The steamer GEORGE PAKE, foot of Seventh street. be in* owned In the Railroad Company, rasa in connection with the trams. Tickets for Lynohhurg procured ot the B<*?. lL/~ Omni bus JBand Buiut Watone ?ul beat the Depot of the " aahington Railroad, to oonvey pu eengersand haggace to the SteamiN?t, for Alexan dria, a diatanoe of aix milee, allowing ample time for meals. JAMES A. EVANS. Aient. Alexandria. July, 1857. t> itf yyAVHl.NGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: From WASHINGTON at 6 a. m.. connect in* at Relay with train* for the West. and at Baltimore with those for Philadelphia and New York;at f J a. m.. for Annapolis. Baltimore. Philadelphia, anr New York ; at 5 p. in. for Baltimore and Norfolk and at Reia; with Frederiok train. EXPRESS at 4in p. m. at Relay for the Weet. and for Annapolis, Baltimore. Philadelphia, anc New York. On Sunday at 7 a. m., and 4.20 a. m. From BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON al 4.1.r< ami 9.14a. m.. Sand 5.15p. m. ? .... SON8.A*#Bt, On Sunday at 4.15 a. re. and5.15 p. ie W-tf T. H. PAR STEAMER GKORGK PAGK. HOURS OF DEPARTURE. Leave Alexandria at 436, 7Jtf. 9,iOJtJ Leave W'asiungton at 6.8, 9%, 11H. lkf, 4, W. 7. ap ?-d ELLIS L. PRICE. Captain. J^'EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARtTOF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD The recent extension and improvement of its lead ing connecting liues at the West harrequired an en tire revision of the running arrangements ofthis road by winch highly important advantages to the trav eler are secured. On end sHer MONDAY . June 15. lft*J, THREE DAILY TRAINS will be rur in both directum* fi?r through passengers. First?The ACCOM MODATION TRAIN starts from Camden Station, Baltimore,at 7 A.M..(except Sunday,* stops it way stations ard arrives at Cum l-erlaad at 4 P. M. Se<x?nd?The MAII. TRAIN starta (Sunday ex cepted) at 8 3ii A. M.. and arrive* at Wheeling at 4 A. M., connec'irg at (tenwood with Central Okie trams for Coiumhaa. Cincinnati. Indianapolis, I.oa isvtlle. Chicago.St.. Loins. Ac., and at same place with trains for Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit. A c., fey Cleveland Road,andal?? at I'arkersburg with Ma rietta Road. _ Third?The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EXPRESS TRAIN leaves daily at 5J15 P. M? oon necting at Benwood at 3 A. M with express traici from Bellaire to Cincinnati, (without eh'tng* oj Cars at Columbus,) ai d reaching there in but 2i hours from Baltimore and % hours from Washing ton. It also connects directly, in both directions, at Grafton with care bv I'arkersburg and Marietta roads for Chillioothe. Cincinnati, etc. These traiaa oornectat Xenii lor Indianapolis. Chicago and St. Louia, and at Cincinnati with tlie Great Ohio and Mississippi Express for Louisville, Cairo and St. I .outs through to St. Louts in less than 42 hours from Ha.timore. By this train the time to all the central and southern places in the West is much less, while the distant* is from 40 to l?i miles shorter than by the shortest of other roufeH. F rom the West these oonnections are equally close and satisfactory, ar rivmeat Baltimore at 1.9' A. M. IL^" Barrage checked through to all points. THROUGH TICKETS eoM at lowest rates at Camden Station and at Washington. D. C. Passeugers from Baltimore or Washington may rirte the entii* toad oy daylight, by taking morn ing trains, and lying over at Cumberland or Oak land, and resuming next morning by Wheeling Ao oommo'Jation train, Iteviug Cumberland at 8 and Oakland at 10JO. FOR WAY PASSENOERS. The Cumlterlainl Aooommodatior. Train at 7 A.M. will stop at al! Station* east of Cumlierland. and the Wheeling Accommodation at ail Stxtiona beyond Cuinlierlaml coin* F-aetwardlv, Mai Train leaves Wheelifl)Pn 8.3f> A. M..and Aecommo d.i'ton leaves Cumberland at 9, reaching Baltimore at 5 3f" P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRA NCH. between Grafton and I'arkersburg. way passengers will take the Express weatwardly and the Mail eaatwardlv. Ti.e FREDERICK TRAIN s'arte at 4 P. M . stopping at waj stations. Lea ves Frederick at'.If A. M .arrivinr at Maii;more 1J noon. The ELLICOTT'S MILLTRAIN leavea at 5.45 A. M? and 5.19 P. M. Leaves EUioolt'a Millaat7 A. P. M.. except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore for Washington at 4.15and9.U A. M.. 3 and 5.15 P. M. On Sundaya at 4.15 A. M.. and 3.15 P. M.only. I.eave Washington for Baltimore at fiand?J#A M.and Sand 4^' P. M. On Sundr\*s at 7 A. M., and 4 2"' P. M. only. The first and fonrth trr.;ne from Ita'timore. and the sesord and fourth trains from Washington, will be express mail trains, stooping only at Washington Junction and Annapolis Junction. The 9.15and 5.15 trains from Baltimore an4 the 8.5 ?nd -4 2*? trems from Washington connect with the trains from Annapolis. Por tickets, information, fare. Ao.. apply to J. T. ENGLAND. Agent,at tiie Ticket office, Caiudec Station. WM. S. WOODSIDE. jy IS- tf Master of Transportation. Baltimore. The pacific mail steamship com PANY. Ore of the Steam'htvs of this Company, emrrying the t inted States Mai.? lor ACAPULO. . ftr? CALIFORNIA.and OREGON. I eaves Panama twiee each month, on the arri valid the I'nited States Mail S. S.CompenT'ssteam ers. which leave i\ew Orleans and New York retu Isrly on 51 h and 20th ol eactt month with the maiia. and passeugera oouncctn.g via PANAMA RAlL ROA DS. These steamships have been inspected and ap proved by the Navy Department, and guaranty sr**d and safety. The Panrnna Railroad (47 miles long) is bow 00:1; pleted from ocean to ocean, and is crossed in 3 or i hours. Thebaggrgeof passengers is checked 111 New York through to San I- nncisco, ami passengers are cmiiaikedat Panama by st<*amer at tnc company's expense. The money paid tn New York oovers al! exbensesof the trip. Reserve strainers are kept in port in Panama and Sen Franeiseo. to prevent detention in case of acci dent. so that the ronie 1* entirely reliable? no fail ure having occurred in eight years. Passengers leave Panama the same day they ar rive at Aspinwa'l. Conductors go through by esch steamer, and take charge of women and oh;klren without other protec tors. For through tickets at the lowest rates apply at the agenoy, 177 West street. New York, to I. W. RAYMOND,?or to ARMSTRONG, HARRIS A CO.. New Orleans,- or jy 84 tf C. L. BA RTLETT. Boston. - - ? ? I-'HE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS Tht Shir> comparing this L?'*? art : The ATLANTIC .Capt. Oliver Kldridj:a. The B.\ I.TIC ..?Capt. Joseph Comstoek The ADRIATIC Capt. Jiunes West. These slups having l-otw built by oontraot expressly for t he Government service.every care has been takec in their construction, as also in their eiumes. to in sure strength and jpeed. and their accommodation* for paaacngera are unesualled for eleganoe and 00m fort. Prtoe of paasage from New York to Liverpool, it, hrst calun, #130; in sscond do., gT>; exclusive use o! extra sixe state rooms. #325. From Livcrpwl to New York. 3n and 2w guineaa. An exptn<nioed Sar get>nattached toeach slop. No berths can be r ecu red until paid for. The ships of this line have improved water-tight bulk heads. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. mo* NEW TOR g. I FROM LITKRfOOL. Saturdav, June 'JO 1477'Wednesday. June 34 1 Wl Saturday, July 4 1R57 Wednesday, Jnly 8.. IP?^ Saturday, July 18 IW7 W'edneadsy, July ? ltf; Saturday, Aug. 1 18?7I Wednesday, Aug. 5 1??97 Saturday. Aug. 15 1R57: Wednesday, Aug. 19 18.*> Saturday, Sept. IS .. 1tS7 Wednesday, Sept. T 1M7 Saturdav, Sept. ?. .. IRTT Wednesday, Sept. 3" 1K57 Saturday, Oct ia 1U7| Wedneadey. Oet. 14. IW> Saturday, Oot. 2? iaV7 Wedneaday, Oct. 38 '857 Saturday, Nov. 7 18-77! Wednesday. Nev. II 18.71 Saturday, Nov. 21... .ia87, Wednesday, Nov. 25 185? Saturday, Dec.5 18571 Wednesday. Dec. 9 1*0 I Wednesday, Dec. 33.1851 For freight or paasage, apals to EDWARD K. COLLINS, No. M, Wall atraat, NHROWN. SHIPLEY A CO.. Liverpool. STEPHEN KE.NNARD 4 CO.. ?. A us Lit Friars, London. B. G. WAIN WRIGHT k CO.. pana. The owners of thtwe ships will uot be aaanuntabia for gold, aifver, bullion, apeoia, jewelry, araaioua ?tonee or nj'tal'. biUf of ladins are sirred therefor and tha value thereof axpreseed therein je ?5 JjNITED STATES MAIL LINK ONLY REGULAR LINE Ain? withobt raiLtrai roa xisht tkiib, voa CALIFORNIA AND ORKGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rtflmr Smiling Dmys.toh t*th of **th month. Cautjow.?So many (Vauda aad impost tiena of various kinds have been la?elf< Fl'pet rated on travellers bound toCALf ' ORN IA.that the subsariber. the only authorised Avast for passage bj the U. S. Mail Line, via Pana ma, in the eity of New Vork. fpels it his dut* to oeution all persons seeking passage to California, that, to avoid iMrostrtoit. they must be oarefal to find the true oftioe of the Steamships of the U. S. Mail Mne, via Pane ma Railroad, aa no other oftae u> New York is authorised to engage passage. The Companies have oaljr one nftoe in New York, which ie at ITT West atreet.oomer of Warren a treet fronting on the North River, at the head of tha Com Tr Observe ay airn over the door. . ? ' I. W. RAYMOND. Aiaat. New York, IfiftrttM, ft*, DihKINO HOUSE SWEENY, RITTEN&iOUSR, FANT 4 CO. Wt will spra Otli, twrrtnc*, mnd Virginia or reuaIt for depoeitors. ard credit the rt.fsrenee be twrec currency wl ro d. Thoee drawing V irgtaia or eurrency wul mark their check* aooordiagly. Thoee depositing specie will bo paid is fid or tilnr. M'9 hope in a few day# to (note regule, ratao far foreign Hank notes, aa wall aa oar Houie eurreaoy m "WKKNT. RITTENHOUSE, FANT4 CO. *s ?-dlm -Bankers* VV A Hi Cimu.. INl _-JANDISH, 4c.. at the usual City rates. without ar i onarge for Policy. at their tnfcoe. coruer of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, orer Uit Washington City bevings Bank. DlUCTOir. W?. F. Bayly. Samuel Baco^. Joseph Bryan, James F. Hajday. Wm. Oi i?s. Hedeoc Taylor, Braneis Monua, ft. W . Gait. am. Baail, iAMKS C. MeGl'lRK, President, ?urroi D. Hanson. Secretary. ap II-?y Banking house or . _ CHUBB BROTHERS. Dxro* its.? Deposits received and Checks paid without caarge. Drafts <? the northern ???l*ja rd oitie* received up Deposit at par, ami Exchange on said Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Intkhest ???* Dicros its.?Interest will 6a allowed on Deposits at such rates aa may be agreed up<ti. Deposits in Vikgiuia a*d IncransxT Mosrr. Deposits in Virginia and other I ncurreat Money re ceived to be checked for. payable in semefuni's. or ta apecie, we charting the regular Exckuiro. Discochts.?No tea, Drafts, and Bills of F.x hanre will be discounted, and l?oan*madeonSti cks, tt.-nds, and Securities, at the market rats. Lettkus or Cubimt.?Letters of Credit will ha furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of taa United Stales. on Deposit of Money or Collateral*, aud interest allowed if Mooey ts deposited, ai d charg*d if Collateral*, on such t euus as ina* lie ag reed upon. Tumuiw Bir.t.s o? F.xcha *6 E.?Travelers will be furnished with drafts in soch sums as may be de sired negotiable iu the different Cities of the I nn*. Wills a*d Lftteh* or Catr>!To> Kkglamt iaa LAWb AND ErkorE.? Hiila of Excnaiige aad letters of Credit t?n England, Ireland ard Fun>pe.furnished at the market rate for Exchange. in sums to suit. Howns, Srorge, kc.?Bonds, Stocks, and Secun ties paying ? to 12 pr. oent.. always for sale. ?r bought in the different Cities at a commas ion of a % pr. oent. Where Stocks are thought npon ordere. wa reserve the right to oail for a depoaitof in pr. ceat on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by teie oAn, Citt, awd State Hottis.?Railroad. C:ty, ard State Roods nan he piaeed in o?r hand* for negotiation, eithar in tins oountry or K a pope. Asil roaJ Iron pert iiasrd lor aash or with Uoiids. Laud Waiiakth.-I*nd Wermnts laisght at tha marke* ratea. Aii War ran is told iy us are ??*? ?* t?*i in every respect. Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warran* quotations regularly furnished if re quested. Warranta will tie forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on oomouasjcn to roepooeiHe partiea. Rial Estate asd Iksveaik-es.? Real Eet&te bought ar.d sold, aud Insurances efTectod. Clai*!? on Cm Tin Static, Cotet or Clai*?. Cokgekss.?Claims on the United States, before the Court of Claims or Coagreaa. intrusted to as, will be prosecuted by prompt a/td abie attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, jan TT Opprtmte the Treasirr. | NTEREST ALLOW E if ON "DEPOSIT EsT" MONEY to LOAN omYtOCK SECUR1TISS CHUBB BROTHERS. BANKERS, ?aa 27?tf Opy#?'w tk* TV^a'sir*. Hedicioe?. PRIVATE MEDrCAL TREATISE _ on THB PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OF MA HRIAH K. By M. B. La CROIX. M. D., Albany, N. Y. 200 paces and ISO line Plain and Colored Liihograeha and Plalea. > IC^PRICE ONLY 2SCENTS.?QI (E^Siai/rii of j?osfa<u xo mil pmrtt of tuo Union, Dr. M. B. La Croix's Pbysiologiaal View of Mar rtage. A new and revised edition of page* and 190 plates. I'noe 25 cents a oopy. A populr.r and com prehensive treatise on the duties and casualties of aipfle and married life? hnppy and frairful alliancea, mode ?.f aecariug them?infelicitous an?l inlertile ones?their obviation ai d reim val?nervous debility, its onuses and cure, ly a pn>ee?s at once so simple, *afe, ard effecrual, tl at failure ta impossible?rule* for deily management?ane*say on Sper matorrlxpa. withprao'icai obaervatioaeona safer and more successful mode ?<f treatment?prece iti..nary hints or the eril results from empirioal prsutic >; to which is added commentaries on the direases of fr ina<ea?fpoan infancy to old age?ea'-h eaae graphical ly illiiktrated l?y baaeHfuI elates. It'jx' "ut the remedies for those self-ianicted misener and diS?r> pointed hopes so ni.forturc.roiy preva.ent in t^e young. It is a truthful adviser to the married. * vl those ^pntomplatnis marriage. Its perusal is pnrtir alarly rnromn'endoo to persons entertaining secret doubts of 'heir phyatoal condition. ;u:d who are cor scious of liHTirvr liazarded the health, happiness ard privilege to which every human l-eing is er.titied to. Price 25 cents per copy, or five copies for #1. rru.ii ed free of postage to an? part of the United States, by nddrcstsing Dr. LA CROIX, (pout paid.) Albany. Nev; York, enclosing 2f> cents. N. H. Those wno prefer may oonsult Doctor ?LA CKOIX upon any of the diseases upon which hie book treats, either persous'ly or by man. IIis meet Cines often curs in the abort apace id six day*, and eomp'etely and entirely eradicate all traces of Ihoc* d.eorders which ooaaiva and cutiel>s have ao ' 11 been thought an antidote, to the ruin of the health ? f the patient. H:s " French Secret" is the gr^at cot - tinental remedy for that olass of disorders winch u?> fortunately, pfiyaicians treat with mercury, to tLa irretrievable destruction to the patient's cx nstitu t;on. and which all the saraapariila in the worlu cw - not oura. \rr Uffioe No. SI Maiden Lane. Albany, N. Y. feb U? It 1wHE GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOTEA7 OF THE AGE. Mr. Eawaany, of Kozbarr, baa discovered in cm of oar oomrnoc pasture weeds a remedy that earaa Bvgai giftn or uvHoa, from Tk* wertt Sercful* do rem U> a common Ptmplt. He has tried it mi over eleven hundred eases, ai d never failed exoept in two oases, both Thunder Hu mor. He has now in his possession over one hundred certificates of itsvalae.all within twenty mnes of Boston. Tm-n bottlss are warranted to cure a nursing Sore Mouth. Ore to three bottles will oare the worst kind of P.mpies on the Face. T^mot three bottles will clear the system of Two luttles are warranted to oure the wor?l Oer.ker in the Mouth nod Hiomach. 'I .iree to bvr lattilea are warranted to oure the worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two l>ottles are warranted to etire all Hu mor in the Eyes. Two bottles are warranted to cure Running of the l^ars and Blotches among the Hair. Four to six U?ttlea are warranted to cure corrupt and running Uloers. One bottle will oure Scaly F.ruptions of the ?kin. Two or three l<ott!e* are warranted to cure thf worst kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottles are warranted to cure the most moat desperate e-ae of Rheumatism. Three to four bottiee are warranted u> care Salt rheum. Five to eight bottlee will eare the worst eaee of Scrofula. A benefit is always experienced from the first bot tle, and a perfect ours is warranted when the above cuartity is taken. Nothi ig looks so imerohalkle to those who have la vain tri w all the wonderfui medioines of the day. as that a Simmon ~*ed growing on the pr.htures and along oM stone wails, should cure every hiftnorinthe system ; yet it is a hxed taot. If you have a humor, it hae tf start. There are no II'Sn< r ANDS, hume ?or ha i ata?nt it suiting come oasss, Imtlnot yours. I peddled over a thousand bottle* of it in tiie v.einity of Boston. 1 knnw the of it in ermry <sbw+. It has already dona aonie of the greatest euros ever done in Mass&cburetta. I gave it to ohildren a year oid. tooid acopie of sixty. I have seen poor, puny, wormy-looking children, wlioae flea.i was soft and flabby, restored to a perfect state of health lit one bottle. To those who ere subject to a sick headache, ore bottle will always oure it. It gives great relief ta oatarrh and dixsineas. 8ome who have taken it had beei. coative for years, and have been regulated ly it. Uliere the hody is sound it works *uite easy, but where there ta any derangement of rhe functtore of nature, it will cause very singular feelings. Itut you must not be alarmed; thev always disappear is from four days to a week. There is never a had re suit from it; on the eoutrarr, when that feeling is rone, you will feel yourself like a new person. I heard some of the most extravagant enoomams of it ?bat ever man listened to. In mv own practioe I always kept it strictly for ha - mor*?hot since its introduction aa a general family medicine, rreat and wooderfol virtues have been found in it that I never easpeoted. Several caseaofepileptichts?adiaeasewhieh was always considered incurable, have been cured by a few bottles. O, what a mercy if it will prove effec tual id all aaae* of that awful ?a Is it t?there are kmt few who have seen more of it than I nave. I know of several cases of Dropey, all of them aged e?op4e cured tw it. For the vanoua diamaee ??f the ldver. Sick Headache, Dyspepsia. Asthma. I'n? and Agac, Pain in the Side, Disease* of the Spinet aad particularly la Diseases of the Kidneys, Ac., the disoovery lias done more good than any medlciah ever known. No ohange of diet ever neeeeaary ?eat the best yoa eaa get aad enough of it. ^w'tlissii/er U**.?Adulu one table-epooufal per day?children orer ten years dessert 8p?M.nful? children from ftve to eight years, tea-cpooofal. Ae no directions can he applicable to all ooustitutiou* take sofioieat to operate oa the bowels twioe ? 1#B _Pon'alTunn";dy. Jve. 1*) Irarrsw Strtti. Rsxhsrp, Aeiiecisiillk Agents for Washington.?Chas. t*tott A Co., R Silman, Kid well A Lawrenee. J. B. uardner, hurry fc Co.. b. Walsh k Co.. F. S. Walsh. J. P. S?fl?a, Martin King, Nairn A Palmer, ^chwartx A (J*-, O Boewell. Daniel B. Clark. J. P. Milhum, Dyson, Ford A Kro. Agents for Georgeta S. Cissell, O M Lent ham. J. L. Kidwell. ^ t my Wy ? M Y STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES totf* i'l about the largest in this city at this^Ai^ lime, and having been purcnaaed before theMHA rise in Leather, oan be so'd at about 15 to >f Ww Sreent. less than goods pore based at this ne. Call and examine for yourselves, at S. P. HOOVER'S, jo n ireo Hall, P*. hve. bet. 9U and Itofc eta.