Newspaper of Evening Star, October 30, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 30, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 80, 1857. NO. 1,492. THE EVENING STAR li PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAB BCILDIUGS, Comrr of Pa. m/vtnue and EUver-tk strict, By W. V. WALLACE. Papers served in packaeea by carriers at $4 a year, or ST Mnti month. To nail aahaonbera the auh ?oTtption pnoe 11 9&5Ja year, m adra*ct. 52 for six month*: 91 Tor three months; and for lata than three montha at the rata of IS oenta a week. Single copiea. una cent; in wrappers, two oenta. AtrnmixnTa (of eight lines to tha square) :nserted three times for 91; every other day or ??mi-wexk'jf, 25 p<H ceut. advance; once a week. 50 per cent, advance. REMARKABLE <AREER OF CRIME. [From the N Y. Evening Post .J Seven*! months since the Bank of New Brans wick wiu broken into and over $70,000 stolen from its vault*. The details of this audacious robbery have already been published: and after being traoked for a long time, and through many places, its perpetrators have at last been captured, and are now awaiting trial before tha Court of Assises in Nova Scotia. They are three in number, and their names are Phil Stanley, Jack Rand and Bell Smith. These three men apparently are none of your small, vulgar rascal*. They display the trophies of no lass than sixteen memorable achievement*, of which each of them boasts; and whether they exaggerate the importance and recklessness of these from a love of boasting, we will not stop to inquire. The leader of this trio is Phil Stanley, alias Phil ^andtori. who prides himself upon being one of the most artful villains in Christendom. Uu was born in England, and is over 32 years ?<ld. His manner is affable and quiet, yet he is * T*>ry devil in hardihood, and gifted with al most unparalleled finesse He has the eye of a lyux. the subtlety of a cat. the quick decision ef a consummate general, and a force of execu tion which sets all obstacles at defiance. He first became knownon thi-*continent in the pity ot Buffalo, where in a single iiight he com iu it ted threo burglaries. He was arrestod for the crime. tried- convictcd. and sentenced to nine months' imprisonment. Unfortunately. | his ecnteoee was soon after commuted, and. true to hid instincts,, he hastened to deserve an other. This fellow is aristocratic in hid trade. He entertains a hearty contempt for small rascali ties and aspires to great projects and achieve ments. Scarcely had he got out of prison, when he planned a grand cnterpriso against the Milton Bank of Dorchester: und one fine morning that institution missed $32,000. Hav ing succeeded in this great project, he carried on his operations In Albany. Rochester. Buffalo and Springfield; sometime# alone, sometimes with his associates. But in Buffalo the bird was caged the second time, the Grand Jury found a true bill of indictment, and he was sentenced Auburn Stato Prison for another period of nine years and nine months. In the meantime Phil had married the widow of a Jew, who kept an obscure hotel in the city of Albany When ho found himself a second time under the restraint of iron bars and heavy loeics. he set hi* genius to work to'devise the means of recovering his liberty. He drow up a fetition to the Governor of the State for his paidon. signed by all the employes of the pris on, m l having counterfeited the signature of th? Judge, sent it on to Governor Seymour. Hta excellency was ensnared by the trick; he promptly sent on an order for his release, aud in a tew days Phil found himself outside the prison walls. The fraud was afterwards dis covered. and officer* were dispatched to find the criminal, and after a long and fruitless search, they listened to the proposals of his wit'#, who agreed to discover his whereabouts upon certain conditions. The bargain being consuinmed. Phil got off with two years and six monthsconfinement This inadequate pun ishment only whetted his instincts, and gave bun new faith in his lucky star; and he soon after robbed ihe Windham County Bank of He next turned hi* thoughts upon Canada, aud went to Montreal, where he com mitted many robberies with impunity?among others one of a thousand dollars from the office of the Grand Trunk Railroad A police officer, getting a clue to bis proceedings, tracked hiin Buffalo, where he succeeded in capturing him He was locked up two or three months, and then 1 at off for want of sufficient evidence. After getting rid of thi* annoyance thus for tunately. he went to New York.'where his wife was then living Scarcely had he stepped out of the cars wuen this adorable creature de manded a fur mantilla. Could he refuse such a request to a loving angel who had turned aside the poisoned arrows of justico aimed at his devoted head ? The thing wa* not to be thought of. though Phil had not the fund*, be assured he was not the man to spoil his dignity by pilfering so petty a tuing To relieve him self of the embarrassment, he signalised the ni^h't of Lis visit to the metropolis by breaking into a atore and stealing a quantity of rich furs which he thought could not fail of satisfying the most extravagant wishes of his beloved But unfortunately for him. he hal not obtained the article ready made; he bad >nly taken the raw materials; and thougn the skins were magnificent, his wife upbraided him in no gen tle terms for this oversight. 4 They must do,'" said Phil; ?' they must be made up." They were accordingly sent to a furrier, where, as luck would have it, they were seen and recog nised by the lawful owner, and Phil was ar rested when he called for the article. " So it has often happened." philosophically remarkod poor Phil, on his way to the Tombs ; *thes? cursed baubles of women have often ruined great men.'' But he did not content himvrlf merely with giving utterance to the maxims of wisdom; but while on his way to that venerable penal institution he slipped from the officers, outstripped them in the race, escaped from the city, lied to Michigan, robbed the State Bank of $11,000; wont to Connecticut, plundered several jewelry stores in that State, rot.bed an Indiana exchange agent of a consid erable sum plundered several of the principal ?hoj>s. and joined Jack Rand and Bell Smith. The trio next attempted to rob moil com pany By means of false keys the rascals got into the company a sate, but to their ehagrin found the coders empty. For two or three nights they continued the experiment, but still f? :n 1 no money Eura^.d with his ill-success, Phil resolved not to have all this trouble for nothing Hn\ ing carefully examined the com pany s books and acquainted himself with their method of doing business he forged their name, and personating one of their employee", got it di*-?*tMt?>d and lett the city When the note l?e?*ame due. the unfortunate employee who?c name he had assumed, was tried for forgery and sentenced to Sing Sing for five years The ace the confederates went to Quebec. Their exploits in tuat city having alarmed the people and waked up the vigilauce of the offi cer*, they left 1 ?r >i >va Scotia. A few weeks after their arrival there, the Bank robbery of ?7.?.0<i0 was committed In tois atupenJoja affair, Phil employed all his devilish genius. His manner of proceeding is sometimes slow, but always sure With a bit of wax he took au impression of the outside <i'?or-look, ac l from this model they constructed a key. Another night the robbers entered the building and took impression* oi the locks of the drawers and vaults, and made other keys as i>efore ; and were now sure of success, it ia assertul that Phil has often devoted six months study to the plan of an enterprise, and when it promised largely, has not scrupled to cpend $J iHf t in maturing it He possesses great | overs of strategy and in vention At Auburn he made a key for secur ing the grates, and gave it to the jailor, who aold the secret to a house in New York. They got it patented, and have realised large profits 1 fro a iu sale. Ordinarily, Phil managed an affair and let j his confederates execute it But in Nova Sco tia he departed from this prudent custom ; aud to this negligeuee he owes his detection Jack Rand, oue of his accomplice*, was horn in New Hampshire, where he exercised the trade ef a locksmith He began his career of] crime with stealing ?)09. for which he suffered J two years i m prison me ut. Atter the expiration of his term, he figured In the mb?>erv of the Portsmouth Bmk. and received $7?.?*>0 as his share of the spoils. He J sent ? part of it to his father, who being found with of is in his possession, was arrested ' tor the crime Jack, not altogether forgetful [ of the obligations of a too. coaf mtd himself the guilty party to the p>lioe. He was impris oned. and his father set at liberty ; but the ras cal oiaJti his eseap* in about four month*. At Conuerd be was arrested for larcenv. He got oat ageiu; and in New Jersey this mouern Jack -ueppard committed a heavy wharf rob bcry. They caught and imprisoned him and for the third time he broke jail. He was, how ever. recaptured in Philadelphia. and sent back to N?w Jersey. where he was acquited in somo unexplained manner. Disgusted with the States, he went to Canada with Stanley, and the two traveled up and down the St Lawrence. Steamboats expresses, Ac., were the theatre of their operations. One time they attempted to steal a box containing $j(i,000 in gold du^t, but failed. Phil was arrested for the attempt, but was discharged for want of competent evidence. The last of this diabolical trio is Bell Smith, whom we may regard as the servant, or rather slave of tho other two. l?e does the most dan gerous and servile work, and receives the least PV A Sihollar SpiotTrs?In the little town of Dover, which is situated on tho Cumberland river, in Middle Tennessee, there lived, some time ago. an ecccntric and intemperate old bachelor by the name of Kingston. On one oc casion. when prostrated on nis bed by excess, and suffcriug acutely from those things and hor rors peculiar to his situation, he sent for one of hi* old boon companions to come and visit him. Shyrack, for that was the other's name, came duly into Kingston s room. " What's the matter, Kingston V " Shy rack, shut the door. 5 " Yes my dear fellow." "Lock it." " Eh ?" " Lock the door!" " Certainly, my dear boy." " Sliyrack, I'm going to kill myself!" 44 My dear fellow, let me enlreat you not to do it!" "I will." "No. no?oblige me. and don't." " Must do it!'' " Don't?it'll be the death of vou !'* Shyrack was quite cool aud jocose, little dreaming that so terrible an event was actually going to take place. Kingston had, as the last eccentric act of bis life, taken a chisel and mallet to bed with him, and now. with desperate resolve, he seized the extraordinary tool? of death, and in an instant dmve tho blade of his chisel into his breast. The hair roseupon Shyraek>head. and fright spread like a sheet of snow omer his face. ? Kingston! Kingston! my dear fellow?you d d rascal Kingston! do you want to have me hung? Hold on! don't you die till I call somebody!" Shyrack ran to the dorr an d called liko a mad man to some people across the street: ? Hallo! here! say! you. mister! all you stupid people ! make haste over here, or there will be a murder !" The people crowded into Kingston's bouse. 14 Don't die, Kingston! Don t chisel me that way ! Don't die till you tell tbeui who did it!" '? I did it myself." said Kingston, faintly. ?'Thefp. that'll do; now, my dear fellow, you may die." replied Shyrack, taking a long breath and wiping the perspiration from bis forehead. And King-ton did die, in that extraordinary manner, leaving his fate to be recorded as a sui cide. tha'. was almost a murder. Loris Napoleon at Cka^onr.? A l'aris correspondent, who has been amusing himself by visiting Chalons, to observe a grand review of Louis Napoleon's troops, says : Louis Napoleon recently reviewed, at Chalons his Imperial Ouard. a body ofm-irethan 20,000 men. of which nearly 6.000 ar& cavalry But this is merely the preliminary to the military establishment which is to bo founded there, which will consist, it is said, of SO.noo men. A permanent camp is to be instituted, and a circus is to be built for tho amusemer.t of the soldiers and the neighborhood. The Emperor himself resides in a pavilion pitched upen a hill, lie is said to lead a complete camj>life. From noon to three o'clock, during tbe exercises his Ma jesty is on horseback ; the remainder of the day he m engaged in his Cabinet, und up to this time he has taken no walking exercise to any dis tance At half-past six his Majesty dines, covers being laid for thirty. There are about one hun dred and fifty superior officers in tho camp, but they are eath invited in their turn. Afterdin ner. some whist tables are formed, but the party does not remain late, as the Emperor retires to rest at an early hour. Every morning he is engaged in his Cabinet, and the telef.-aph is actively at work. In addition to tho uscal al lowance. the troops receivo a ration of wine t very day, so that they lead a very pleas:r.nt lit'c at the camp. The Emperor has become a milita ry organizer; under his directions the soldiers of France have learned a rapidity of movement previously unknown to infantry. The common soldiers are trained to run for considerable dis tances. side by side with the cavalry. Tt is said that all arms?infantry, cav airy, and artillery? are to move at one and the same word of com mand. V\ e wore not long since much amused by a couple of Hoosier girls who camc on board the steamer . at the little town of Mount Ver non. Ind. They had evidently never been a thousand miles from home, and were making their first trip on a steamboat. The elder one was exceedingly talkative, and perfectly free and unconcerned, without regard to the many eyes that were scanning her movements. The other wasot theopposite turn of mind, inclining tobashbulnes*. At dinner ourladies were hon ored with a seat at tho head of the table, and the elderone. with her usual independence, cut her bread into small pieccs, and with her fork reached over and enrolled each mouthful in the nice dressing on a plate of beefsteak before her The passengers preserved their gravity during the operation, by dintof great eftort Perceiving that her sister was very forward in helping her selt she turned round to her and exclaimed loud enough to be heard by half the table?-\Sai, dip into thf grary?dud pnv* as murk ax any on cm This followed by a general roar, in which the captain led off. The girls arrived at their place of destination before supper, and wheu they left the boat, all hands gave three cheers for the girls of the liooaier State. Does Voir Mother Know You're Oct ?? A voung lady onee had a beau. One evening said beau Wiis anxious to enjoy some private conversation with bis charmer, out there being two children in the room, rather marred his withes. The gentleman looked to see them sent to bed, but he was disappointed. The youngest child, a little boy about three years old. slept with the young lady, and had no idea of retiring without his bed-fellow. Stretching his chubby length upon the car pet. he watched the twain with resolutely wide awake eyes until the bell rung for nine, when, patieuce becoming exhausted, lie raised his lit tle head and said to the visitor: 41 Nine o'clock is bedtime. Don't you think your mother wants you now !" This was one of the tallest hints the young gentleman ever received in a civil kind of a way. and the mingling of embarrassment. vex ation and mirth, produced by it?which was, indeed, as good as a kick?wan lunny in the extreme. ?' Sonny" was sent to bed every night after that s??lus, and much to tha reliel'of the visiter. fi^Colonel Aaron Finch was ail is anguished democratic politician in Indiana Hu hud stun* thought* of emigrating to Arkansas . and **?et iug a gentleman from that yart of the |ry asked him what were tbe inducr.uuu*m tote move to that State. Particularly be inquired about the soil. The gentleman informed bifc that the land was good, but in some parts very sandy. Col. Fioen then asked n'oout the poli t csof Arkansas, and the prosper of a stranger getting ahead '?Very good," was the replv . "The demo cratic party is strongly in the t uajority ; but to succeed a man must load hiow df down with re volver* and bowie knives, a nd fight hi* waj trough " . , ??<JI?, well," said the O/ionel, "on the whole from what yoti fay I thi ak Ar kansas wouldn' suit me. I rather ttu&k 1beso|l ia a "little U* sandy !'* For Rent and 8&le. RENT.?That new three story Briok House with l4ick l>?ilding, wiUi Itath room^M. and all the modern convenances, situated on E street, be tween Second and Third streets. luquiro ol J. W. ARNOLD. C street,between 1'hird and Four-and a-half. . o? N-tf I^OR RKNT.?My HOUSE ou F street, between 12th and 13th. ... _ ??y>-tf W. F. PHI LI-IP*. IJM>R R KNT.?A three-story Frame House and Furniture, No. MO, north ?ide Massachusetts averme, l>etweea 4th and 6th streets, containing twelve n oms with pnssage. side alley and back al ley. ami a large tlower garden. The house is neatly furnished a*J in the neighborhood of the Northern Liberties Market and convenient to several church es For particulars apply at the premises before 8 o'clock a m. or after 3 o'clock p. til. oc2S tf FOR RENT?Atandsomelj Furnished HOUSE, ( No. 44?. northeast corner of H and 10th streets) containing thirteen rooms. with gas fixtures, bathing room. A c. For particulars apply on the premises,or address Box 513. City Post Office^ se U tf I7?OR R ENT ?One large PARLOR, with Bed rooms attached, suitable for a family or gentle mau and lady, with or without lioard. Also, several other Room*, suitable for single gentlemen. Applv at D'lVERNOIS 8 Hotel, Pa. aveuue, between ITtu and 18th sts. ; oc22 ARNY'S CONFECTIONERY FOR SALE. This well known and popular establishment is now offered fc>r Sale, thus presenting a rare opportu nity for a good Confectioner to enter into a safe and profitable nusiness. Possession can be had 1st No vember. The three-story Brick House, now occu pied as above, is offered at private sale, or will be rented orleased as may bedesired. For particulars inquire on the premises, No. 84 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C., or to \\ M. BR IDG ES, 313 West P.altimore street, Baltimore, au 27-1f 17?OR RENT-Prof. H. W. MINDER having htted up his Hall in au elegant manner, whioh renders it oneoftna prettiest rooms in Una ?ity, wul be rented npon moderate terms for Soireed,Suppers, Dinners. or Promenade Concerts Apply at the Ball on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday even* nigs from 7H until ?>? o'clock.* His School is n>>w open for the reception of pupils on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon aud evening. oc *.t2-tf A HOUSE FOR A FIVE-DOLLAR BILL.? Notes of the States of Virginia, Maryland, and others, of the Corporations ol Georgetown and Al exandria. and of our City Hanks, will be taken at par for chances to a Raifle of a House and Lot, title indisputable, in Square 51, part of Lot 15, front ing 15 feet on 37th street, between G and H streets, First Ward, and 8?? feet deep. Them are I5n chances at five dollars each. Thrt drawing will take p!ace at Charies Werner's, as soon as all the chances are taken. A certificate with a number on each will he given as receipt for the money, aud as a chance for the drawing. . . ... . The time when the drawing takes place will lie made known through this paper. This is a good oppm tunitv to get rid of all the pa per money at CHARLES WERNER'S, 3>5 Penn sylvania avenuo. oc 20-^w* Stoves, &c. MC . WOODWARD'S ktropolitan STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. The Greattst Cooking atoves in the United. States. I have just received from Philadelphia a few of the new Rising Stah, or double Oven Cooking Stove; a decided improvement on the old Morning Star; patented IB57. I had them got up in Philadel phia this last summer, exclusively for this market. They are very heavy and strong, and cast of the very l*est Pennsylvania Malleable Iron. All the Cooking Utensils are made extra heavy. F. II. Church, Esq., manufacturer. I have also, Thk Liberty Star, made by Messrs. Abbott A Laurenoeof the same place. Thk Light Street Double Ovk* Cook, made by Messrs. Haivau Bartlett A Co.. Baltimore, together with the very best Aik Tight Flat-Top Cooking Stovks that can be found 111 this or any other market, some of which are the celebrated SfjiRisK. Improved Globe, Flora Cook. Noble Cook, anu the Blcb Riogk Air-Tight Cook. If any man can produce a better Cooking Stove, to excel the above Stoves, for roasting, baking, Ac., I will give him #Vioneach one. Please oail and examine them, it will cost you nothing, and vou will see all kinds and sorts of Stoves, Ac. For sale at C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory, No 318 and Hi Pa. ave., I>et. I0tt. and 11th st s. Baloonv 111 Front full of Stoves. N. n. As to the Ska Shell flat top Cooking Stove. I have examined it thoroughly, and think it ha? 11 very appropriate naina??iiKf.L. ^ e?. nhelia will burn out in a few fires. It is a good name lor good for the makers. And as to the old Morn ing Star. I sold them last fall, but will not sell them again. They areas thin as pasteboard. I oan prove that the maker's agent urged me, for almost a day, last summer in my counting room to sell them this Fall; sayinz that if I would take twentv-fie* of them he would give me theexclusivengeney ofthem for five years. I told him I would not n.ive them at any price, they are so thinly made. Thev are hand billed over town by one th?t said last fall that they were uot worth having. All the above 1 can prove, se 17-tf ti* LOR A, JI ST OUT.?I have this da? received my new AIR TIGHT FLAT-IO! ^ COOKING STOVE, whioh I got upin Phil adelphia last summer expressly lor this mar ket, inid- very h?avy and strong of the beat! Pennsylvania uialeablc iron. I have called it the Flora Air-tight Cooking Stove, patent IK>7. hea vy and thick, for lainily uae,and destined to be ths 000k'a delight. I will guaranty it to bake roast, l*?il. Irv. atew, broil. Ac. superior to any Cooking Stove in this mar kot. and has attached to it a summer arrangement, j'or sale only at C. WoodwanPs Metropolitan Stove */jd Grate Factorv, No. .118. three-stor* brown stone fulit. lsiloonT in front full of stoves : al*o, next door to Savage's Hardware Store, No. 3W Pennsylvania (vwue, betwoeu 10th and 11th streets. <ve 27 fit C. WOODW A R D. ni ST K I N* G . C. WOODWARD'S METROPOLITAN SToVE AND GRATE FACTORY, A'o. Sit Pa. at'?**', between WfA and so \ith ttrteis. 1*IIE SECRF/r INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND UATURIT, Just published, Gratir, the 25fa Thousand. A few words of ttie Rational Treatment, without Medicine, if Hperinaloti hen or Local Wflkl Weakness, Nostnrnal Emtaslons, xTff/#/ Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pre , mature Decay of ih? System, linpo ^?7^i;^',', B^UKrLANKY. M. O. The tmportan* factlhat the many alarming com s aints. onginstmg in the imprudence and solitudo irt youtn.iuay i>e easi!* removed without Mrdicuie, is in this small tract, clearly demonstrated ; aud the entirely new and highlv Mioceasfbl treatment,as adopted by the author, lully explained, bv nutans ol wbic ii everj one is unabled to cure Ilimself perfuotlr und at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all the ad verlued rostrums of the day. Saiit to any address, gratis and post Iree, 111 a scaled envelope, by renuttinr two poHtasre stamps DR. DE LANEY, se28-dAwtf 17 Lispenard street. New York. I C*AMI LY Bl IILES?Large quarto size, in full 1 leather binding, % I. Family Bibles, full bound in embossed maroon l", ^1 ^ F R A.NCR TAYLOR. ONE SPLENDID PIANO, almost new. for ?I5U. Cull and see it at the Music De-. P?t? 1 W. O. METZEROTT,* ,,c |ft| corner of 11th street and Pa. av. |~0< >K rif YOUR INTEREST ! TO THE CASH CONSUMERS OF COAL AND WOOD. We have mar op the way. 2 large cargoes of RED and %V HITE-ASl' COAL, whiah we purchased in Philadelphia f?r ca?h. sinc^ the grent pressure in money matters. %Ve oan sell it cheap for cash. We liave onr wharf, the largest and ?>est su sply of UTQMJb in town, whioh we will also sell low fur KR a STK\vART, Office t%rut?> ol 11 aiid 12th streets, oc 17-!2w* Wharf ifth si. an l Canal, south s^de._ ry en PER CENT. IN VESTMENT. (Corporation Bonds of tfce City of Davenport, Iowa, paying 10 per cent, interest l?y Coupon in New York. Hoods of $W easlu Th*? growing city of Pnvenport has now about tiihabitaiits, an?l is rapidly increasing in wealth *nd population. Its municipal debt is only *IStt,n0ii. and its railroad debt only *125,one, an4 cannot now be increased, rhe jstacistics of the city were publwtied m tbs Intslli teuoer of the 3?cii Septeiol?er. We reoomiiiend these homls, believiug them to be a? sale as any State or eity bonda^ CHUBg BROTHERS Boors from London. Jesse's Memorials of London. 2 vols, Jesse's London and its Celebrities, 2 vols. The Obstructives and the Man. I vol. Lord Uroughaui's Colonial Policy. 2 vols. Mills' Colonial Constitutions, I vol. Ileum's Cities and Cemeteries of Etmna,2 vols. Mrs. Gray's IIistor* ol Etniua. 2 vols. Fronde's History ot England, .' vols. Hsrtslet's Commereialpind Sla\e Trade IreatieB( volume^. _ Roebuck on the Colonies. 1 vol. Lewis oa the Government of D-'pfiMioneies, 1 vol. Blakey's History of Political Literature,2 vola. Kenriok's Phanioia, I voL . Lord Palinerstou's Opinions and Policy, 1 vol. FRANCS TAV. OR. CAREEN G I N G K R-GREEN GINGER^ . ok AX Jy 10 Varmoat avaoue Md loth atnMC Georgetown Advertiiementi. A'-ARGE ASSORTMENT of fall goods. At vtrI Lov rri(t? io Cask C it turner t. ^ , john H. smoot, Mo, U9 Socth Silk of bbiuge St*Ki?T. Georgetown, D. C., liasreceived and now offering at very low prices to oaeli and prompt customer*, a large assortment of fall and winter goods, purchased in Philadelphia and New York at the large recent Auction Sales, nnd from the importers, at very low prices, whioh will enable him to oiler to purchasers, many desirableGoods considerably below U,ei? y,*''1?; /n the assortment will be found? SRioh Htljt Robes and Bayadere Silks est make of Jttaok Silks ayadere Valentia* and Vaientia Robes Kich Prialed, all wool. Delaines and Ru!im Satin h ancouies, plain eolora, ail wool, a van anpe nor goods. double width, at 75a Leepia s and other makes Frenoii Menace, of all the d * sii*Mc oolors, including White and dum FLain Detains, black, white and colored. ? -4 black h reuch Merinos, for Shawls Rich Union Plaid Merioos, at 3lfe[ ots. Do. all Wool do. aicts. Printed Mouslin Delaines, good styles, at 1?*? and S5 ooq'i 3 >0 pieces, best styles, English Prints at 12K cts. Rich style Bonnet and Sasu Ribbons Plain eclora do., very cheap Velvet Ribbons and Prinze Trimmings Stella, Uloel.a Shawls, m great variety

Supordooefe Brooha do. Chenille and <>siimere Scarfs Bnjou's khi Gloves, all oolers and Noa. Sack F lannels, all colors JN hite American, Welch, and Saxony do. B.aok Bombazines and 6 4 Delainea Colors atd black Coborg Merinos Black Crape Veils and English Crapes Uest black and brown and white English Prints Loag and square Black Thibet and Bay Stale Shawls Ladies and Children's plaid woolen Shawls, in all styles and prioes Hosiery of every description l.adics Saxony and Merino Vests W aii a full supply of housekeeping and domestic Goods, of the best makers. ; t>q John h. smoot. \T O 1 I C K,? Having t>een informed that cer , f arsons are in the habit of collecting and [ garnering together the Bottles which oontainor have I Oontained1 our beverages, nnd putting therein an nrti C'O 1'iade by others than ourselves, and then dispos ing of such artiole on the faith and oreditofourname stamped on said Bottles, ail persons are hereby notified that such Bottles are our own property, hihi not subject to sale, ami that they are delivered to our customers only to tie returned.and Hint it is our tirin intontion to prosecute to the utmost extent of the law, any infringinent of our rights on the premises, ,t . ARNY A SHINN, Lmon Bottling Depot, 91 Green street. ,e '* Georgetown. L). C. DU FONT'S GUNPOWDER. , ' times supplied with all the various kinda ol DL 1 ONT S G I. N POW DER, and ain prepared to supply the aauie many quantity to parties wanting, on the most favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING. Agent for the District of C^lurntMA. ,o ??? No. 35 High street, may 12-tf rlntel.AStates Georgetown. D. C. Dentittry, ftc. I r*OOTH-ACHR! TOOTH ACHE!! L TOOTH-ACHE!!! Dr. \ AN PATTEN, at Potentim'a, opposite McGuire s, often enres th" most violent. Tooth-ache without extracting.but " bents; the natiou" in extracting without pain. Tooth-ache certainly prevented by plugging and cleaning, if attended to in time. A.\d Now is the Time! IC7" Office at Potentim's, opposite McGuirc's auction store. Hours?from 10 in the morning fo 5 in the evening. P- S.?He believes ho has by far the largest stock of Artificial Teeth on hand in the city,and inserts ? hem in every approved and desired practicable man ner. | States and Union, tf.] oo27-tf Dr. villard, dentist, late of chi caso, would respectfully inform thecit-^-ac^ izeus of the Distriot and vioinity, that har fofcTrJ ing located himself in now prepared to perform al\ operations in his profea aiou, in the most approved style. Office, No. 26n, Fenn. avenue, adjoining Gau tier's jan 201v ET ROPOLITA N j MECH AN ICS' | NSTI - Diploma, of the first class, was awarded by the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute for the nro ntotiou of the Mechanic Arts, to Dr. C. H. VA N PATTP X of Washington. D. C., S U P E R I O R "rDE NTISTRY, SciGK'AL AND MEl H ASICAL, exhibited at the display of artiel?s of American manufacture held in the City of Washington on the loth day of March, 13&3. Joseph Henry, President. Charles Stansburt, Secretary. DR. VAN PATTEN has removed his office, and inav now be found daily, from in a. m. to 4 p. in .over Potentim's (formerly Miller's) celebrated Confec tionery .opposite McGuire's Auction Store,between I"tli and llth sts. 00 ie rJ,HE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOO MIS, M. D , the inventor and patentee of Loomts Mineral Plate Teeth." having ^ i?? ^ sucoc^sful.y introduced his iinprovement ict ?' ~ various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself m Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth oowistaaluef ly in making a set of but one pieoa of m&'erial, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and they are therefore free from galvanic action and melalio taste. There are no Joint a to beoome filled with moisture or particles of food, hence they are Pure nn i clean. Tfcey are ligliter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, end natural in their appearance. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine m purity, beiiuty, durability, artistic excellence or any oth?<r requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. tK Penna. avenue, between llth and Ittli streets, ap 13-17 THE .MUST AWFUL TOUTH-ACHE cu/ed .J57Jl.7,0,ncnt 8 application of Dr. VAN PAT ' t*? " Forceps. Office over Potentim's, opposite McGuire s Auction Store. ool7 (States! Dentistry. i?R. STEPHEN BAILY, orwicm No. 198 pk?(!*rtlva nia Avmvk, Tkrtt doors from 1 itk Strut. Dm. BAILY tiezs leave to inform the publio that be oan be seen atallhours,athisoffice,locatedasal><?ve. He feels assured that an cxpenenceof fifteen sears' practice, with the large number of patients, aiufgreat variety of difficult orisesthat he has treated success fully, will enable linn to surmount enr difficulty, aoientific or otherwise, relating to the Teetb. His own experience confirming the opinion of many inen eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. Parmly, has led him, long rnoe, todis oard all merourial preparations forfillinc Teeth.albO all Enamels, GutU Perclta, India RuhJw?r, and Ce mtnta for the oonstruotion of Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Poroelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substanco that oan be worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from hia long resi dence and practice in Washington, he i* favorably known to his numerous friends and patroca, ha bega leave to refer Lhem to the following testimonials: From the late Reotor of the Churoh of fipiyhsny of tbia city. Dr. Stephen Baily: DearSir^-I desire to exprcaa my esteem for you personally, and my oenfidenoe in 7ou as a superior dentist. The operations executed or me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that yon may receivo the patronage from my friends and the publio that your skill so well deserves. ..... . __ Yonra very traly, Washington, Aug.2G, 1S56. J. W. FRENCH. From one of theoldeat firma in Baltimore, Meaara. Bocgs, Coiman & Co. Having employed Dr.Stephen Baily, Sargeon Den tist, of Washington city, to exeoute for me an im portant and difficult pieoe of work, whieh he did to my entire sat is fket ion, and in view of the fact that one of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it rives me great pleasure to express my entire eon&aeuoe aud high estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1W7. HARMANN BOGGS, Extract from a note reoei ved from the late Hon, John M. Clayton. , JJ. S. sum ate, Aug. 19,1F.A6. The teeth ron made for me work admirably; noth ing ooald be better. Very gratefully, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To thoae that aeek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I oan cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist; he made a set of poroelian teetb for one of niy familv, and plugged several teetb for myself, and the work has all stood well for more thai ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19.1856. We, the vuderaigned, having had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or navmglieen eognii ant of his operations on our families or friends, tnk< pleasure ia expressing our admiration of his artistic skid, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory maunei in which he performs the most doliaate aad difficult operations in Deatal Surgery, and we respectfully re OommMid bun to the confidence and patronage of tin public, of which we eonsider him eminently worthy ' momas U. walt**. Aretutect U. 8. Capitol. I w alter ubboe, EI Ma*or of WashtngMu Vocal and Instrumental Music. jyjOKMAL MUSIC SCHOOL. I'J KlttL"': '.TVi^^lsa noV.?!S1T.?, ^?5^""'"'"-4"> The object of this Softool is to hmUa ladies a^ fha FU.,en }borou*h5?' ?o?uainted with Music from inony * priDC,ple* *o Composition ami Har ^ for the afternoon and even f%o2kand7? ?? Friday?. at 4 eI,l>e.<i?or*e*ow'> Class "?**tsat Mias Harrover'a sgssi ^cioci afterno?"?f TuMda> ?rhur? vaTs quaJter,.:2Jles*OB?> >n c!*88. f5; pri 1 ? ? 7 ^oci'* PitBOfOrOiian, $25. H?.?saraLte rrmd5to *??? ?**?!*? m the k""'' Mo^2'r M*' frESP 4^'^?!? uioouno. sw:nh^%ssr?:jfc *? B.I1., Print. Nr?,.Tuvl?S? sks ? irajsyssKr ??f M ? F ilkCiv*!1'11!;',"" ?.I,,"?I D'Polmf John 5 "!L?r ,? "? MtUerott, or nt hi* resident** corner 6th and G streets. Navy Yard. oc 20-3m* ' M CLA'HSKsi^^L?tKR'8 ''IA NOFORTK Srt" "ir*,r, In is Class system ia more advantageous for the r?n'"?> "J <x??r of mo.iujr.'.; sar?<?"? p,.? /.I t"*b"?Adva!?c*. ? Primary Class 85 per quarter. Advance Ciaaaea Af MV? PJ, IS1 ""i" U m*,# to N,r- W- H. Thirtwint^V^i'v* re?Mlenoe. 260 F at ret t, between v. r_5ent" an" ?" ourteenth. eo,??J<T? c'""?s meet every Monday and J,w?r'&2 'ioVrtek- at Ml" Harrover'a GeJrge town r emalp 5eminnry. ge 24 tf Dancing. | J A N C I N O A C A D E M V . ?h?fi'T F* GAR^YN?KI?n<l DAUGHTER hsve the honor to/uinounce to the Ladies and Gen- ra tJeineii of \\ &fiiuiu;ton and Georgetown thiu rfi ui? Wt'" re"?PPn l"s Classes for Dancing in^M aahington on F riday, the 9th of October. arCJt J,r" 8, M?"\ cwner of "th af. and Pa. av? over Farnham a Bookstore, for Misses and Masters, ivI'IH -l ?? p> nl*i,for Ladies and Gentlemen, ? m- Georgetown?011 Wednesday, the 7thof October, at Miss Harrover'a Ladies Sem inary, from 3o clock p. m. Vs"n* an^ Particular; application can be made tmli ? .8 re,'dence, 407 L street, between 9th and loth streets. ,e )?.6m P'VKNJNU CLASSES are now forming at the Central Academy, oorner of E and loth streets. A * **?^C!8C8 wi!i coinnieuce Wednesday eveuiEir, October 14th. A eomplete system of Figures is taught in a new, concise, and simp.'c method. ooi)-lm __ S, MERCHANT, Principal, PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. *? PAIXTING AND PHOTOGRAPHT CoXBlNKS. PHOTO O RAP hTC PORTRAITS, In Oil Colore, on Canvas, Miniature or Sizk o* Lif*. 8. WALKER'S PO RTRAIT AND PICTV RE G ALLE RY, Odeon Hall,corner4X it.and Pennsylvania avenoe, S.WALKER has fitted op the above spacioua apartments at a verv great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most o.?m plote and handsome in the whole country. He haa a large (Jailer) for/r#e rxkibttion of upward of 2i>n fine Oil P8intings, bv some of the best ancient and modern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. Wai kkk has alao fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments for laditfb. and purcliased the finest poasdile instru ments, jnd engaged a first class operative art:st to assist bun in the department (or taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC? AMBROTYPE AM) DA GIJEKK EOTYPE VoR TRAITS, from the Smallf tt miniature to size of life. S. Walkkr. I>y combining the Photographic Pro cess with the art of Painting, of which he has had 25 years' experience, and whose specimens of life su*. ? portraits may be seen in some of the first fsmi li?*of the eity, as w*ll as those exhibited in his GaJiery, h" will be able, by the combination of the two, to produce portraits that have never l^en ex celled for their fidelity and life like expression. Can vas and Itoards prepared by lumself expreaaly for the pvrpose. Partiouiar attention pnid to the painting of Por traita. Miniature or life-siae, from ainall picture# of dtrettttii friend*. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persona taken at their own residencea. on immediate notioe. Comtniuees and classes taken in any number id groups,f.ttdany quantity of copieafrom tlie tameaold at reasonable charges. I.ikeupssea painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, carefully tack Uued and restored to their original freslineaa. Ijuiies and gentlemen are respectfully solicited to call at the Gallery, over Shilluurton'a book atore? entrance VK street, two doora froua Pennsylvania avenne. ivll-fim B UY YOUR GOODS FOR CASH! And Savk T?N Pxr Cknt. GREAT INDUCEMENTS OFFtRED TO cash purchasers. R. BRJCE HALL, who for the past ten yrar# ha* l?cpn so very liberally patronised bv the ladies, i* tfaairous of tendering his grateful t hanks for p*at favors and Would respectfully inform Ins friends and customers that he has added to ins already exten sive establishment, CARPET AND SHOE ROOMS. on the Second and Third ftoors, where we have an exquisite arrav of CARPET IMiS, Ki;<;s, OIL CLOTHS, BLANKHTS, and DOMES ! tc HOODS bv the pitr*; h!so, UENTLEMEN'S. BO\S\ and SERVANTS* HOOTS and SHOES. In xtur Retail department, on the first floor, we are prepared to exhibit a verv large and beautiful assortment of FALL and WINTER GOODS, at unusnahy low prices. Ourassortment of Fa scy and StaTLK DreM Goods, for Ladies, will lie found very large aud *?*rnclive. In the Assortment we have Black Srik ht t/< cents; English Merinos at 2a ceuts; l?et.t French Mer;nos,inall colors, at h7 cents; some as low as 1h oe^ta; IVaid Mtrmos, 31 cent.-: Plain and figured DeLainca. very cheap: Krownana black DeBege. I" cents: Gc>od Calicos.6 oeuts; La dies' Merino Vests, very chea{>. Ladies'. Gentle men's, and Children's ShiiWis, in a.l etvles and pn oes; Ladies' Cloaks, T?lii?as aud Mailt lias, of the newest and most l>cautiful styles, at New i'ork pti oea; Good Kid Gloves. 37 ceuts; Gjiildceri'? Waited Hoods, Capes and Talmas, extra cheap; Table I in ?ns. Diapers, and Sheetings, at verT low prices; Lin?n Tc wels.6 cents; Wool Flannels at to ceuU, Bleached Cotton at 10 cents, worth 1.': Blankets. Si cents; Spooi Cotton, J* cents per dozen; Umbrellas, 50 cents. Our department for Gentlemen's, Boys', and Ser vant's wear, offers many inducements, comprising a complete assortment of Cassimeres, Cassinets, Kentucky .leans. Fulled Cloths and I.inseva extra cheap. Lnder-Shirts and Drawers, s't sixes aid prices. Elegant Carpetmgs from3? oenta to $ 1.25; Ruis of new and beautiful dca'gna. verv cheap; Druggets in all widths at low prices; Floor Oilcloths fifty cents. Gentlemen's, Boy's, and Chi.dren's Slouch Hats and Cloth Caps in great variety, at unheard of pneea. Our stock of Boots and Shoes are from the first manufacturer* in the oountry, embracing ail quali ties, styles, and prices, for Ladies. Gentlemen,Chil dren and Servants, all of which we will sell ten per oent less than regular prices, and warraut them to rive satisfaction. OUR TERMS ARE STRICTLY CASH, and as a proof of our determination to sell ten per cent less than (hose who sell on credit, we invite you to call, examine our stock, and comp*re the pricea with those asked elsewhere, as we U l;eve it wil, be to your interest to purchase of us for cash at ten per cent less than the same articles can be bought in nther houses on credit. R. BRiCE HALL. No. $72 Seventh street, o?19-eo2w fourth house above I. UFEIN'S PRINCIPLES OF PERSPEC v tiv k, London; 37 ceuts Moore's Perspective, principles and practice, 2 vols. I^ndoo, .<2.75 Loooak's Perspeotivo and Drawing front Nature, London. !$l 50 Bolton's Drawing from Objects, London, fj/i Williams' Model Dr?wing, London, .f.%5ii Krnsi's ProgressiveCourseof Inventive Drawing. London. 75cents Girardon ; Cour's Elementaire de Perspective Lineare. 2 vols., Paris, #1.50 Drawing Book, landscape. Pans.C23* cents Drawing Book, flowers, Paris, G2^i ocnfs Drawing Book,animals , Pans,S2>t cents Drawing Books, human figures. Paris,?2>? cents Chevreul on Colors. Hay on Symetrical Beauty, Pau on the External Forms of Alan, Joplm's lao metrical Drawing. Jopting's Isometricsl Perspec tive, Phillip'n Lecture*ob Painting. Merimeeon Oil Painting. Hnzlilt aed Hay don on Painting, Ruskio s Modern PMinters.Philips on Color. Cleg s Arehitec tural and Machine Drawing, Burn s Isoinetrical Rrawing, Hill's Flower Painting. Coe s Drawing, rngressive Drawing Book, Pyne's Architectural ^f'rAWCk' TAff.S?" CARD TO THE PUBLIC.?We shall ? d tinue selling out ahout one week more, anu hence beg onr friends who are in want of bargaina, not to let the present opportunity past by. Those who owe Us small aooounta will gr?atly ob'ige ns hr settling ap before we efose. Dnnng the few days remaining we shall ofler our goods at treat discounts. H. J. MCLAUGHLIN * CO., oolT 90 Pa, ??,, bat. 8th and ?th sts. B' THE WEEKLY STAR. Thia aaeailaot Family a taming a greater witty of ou be found in any other?to pabliahed morning. P ingle oopr, per annum ??' ? Five comes , . am Twent?j?%iee\-_w V.1. .Ji M ri>k,?Mn?klf ta ndvmmrt. By throughout theoountry. ^3sstrssya w*"???, jlper. Price?VltREK -,rS52F?S$S.'4* __ . eterswho a ODmnitiiuQ of ? oent. ID" Poetmasters who aot as KMUwill be allowed Watchet, Jewelry, 4c. DAIiTIMORb. W'AHHINGTON AND VIR other oh?>ice goods, for a few daya. I bare just received a fine assortment of Mt (?ood?, which I am prepared to sell at Terr low prions. Please ?ail at 331 Pena. arenae, sign of the large Spread Eagle, se ?-tf H. O. HOOP. Pianoe, 4te. f^OLD MEDAL PREMIUM U _ PIANO FORTES, _ WILLIAM KM ABE, (Senior partner m the late firm of Kjabu. Gaxbi g ft Co.. ? -x- ?? ?????? iwv? ? ' v wiu r vi aiwra w eeuare PIANO FORTES. underrtte of William Knabe A Co., at the old stand. ???? Noe. 1. S, 5 and 7 North r.ttaw street op MimTl posite the Eutaw House. Baltimore. m Tbej have also just opened a new Salee Room at No 2m Baltimore street, between Charles and luxht streets, on the premises parti? occupied Ky Vr Henry MoCaffery as a music store, where they wil keep constantly on hand a larre assortment ofp'*** and hie hly-fimehed grand and sqnare Piano Fortes aiao, Meiodeoua, irum the beet n.aaers, from 4 to b octave. some with doable key-hoards, doable reed*, and stops t? suit small churches. Being extensively fncwixl in the maaafhetare o*. we will aell wholesale and retail, on the mue literal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (cold medal i at tha Fairs of the Maryland Institute two auooessive yeara?October, littt, and IK.*.?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some of the l<est makers fWxa New York. Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first premium *t the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir fima, 1SV> and 1(136. They have aiao Imd awarded nt huhest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for IB9T. In addition to this we are in possession of teetiaio mals from the moat distinguished professors and amateurs in the oountry. which can be seen at our ware rooms. speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instrumeats ara avery where heid. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a pi ivilere of exchange is granted within tne first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tweed. mar 16-1? WM. KNA BK. ft CO. yyr ALDINGTON, OCTOBER S, ItSt. Dxa* Six : The Piano I purchased of yoa in the Fall of l&M. manufactured h> liallctt, Davis ft Co., of Boston, liaa lieen indaii* use sinoe that time.and I am happy to state has fully sustained the very fa vorable opinion I had formed of these instrameats.t The Piauos of this manufactory are not, in ray judrment, surpassed by those of any other. For voiume and sweetness of tone, prompt action,dura bility, beauty of workmanship, Ac.. Ac., they are not excelled br any others with which I am acquaint ed. Respectfully, your obedient servant. O. R. Mbbbill. J. K. Ellie, Ksq., Washington. Washington, D.C.. May 1.1C9V. Dear Sir: The Piano I purchased of yoti of Ha'let. Davis A Co.'s roanufaciuie. some eigatren months' since, continues to give entire satisfaction. It is a clear, full, sweet tone, ar.d of beautiful workman ship; not being a judge e( such instruments, 1 trusa ed to your word, and feel pteased id saying 1 have not regretted it. Yours, respectfully, Mas. PcmCiLui. J.F. Ellia. We have now a large stock of these Pianos. se when in Boston last week. avenue. ?? c im> c u?i h ?? i?*i pr- at\'v>a ??a inv*. s s lected personally when in Boston last weel oo5-d JOHN F. ELLIS. W Pa. i New grocery, wine, and Liyt'OR STORE. The subscriber begs to inform his friends and tha pnbl.c, that he has opened a NEW STORE, comer of 12th street and Louisiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand a larse and varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic WlJIES. LI QUORS, CIGARS, and FINE UROCERIEg, ounsisting of Fine Teas. Sugar,Coffee, Flour. Soap, Olives, Raisins, Fics. Sardines, Anehovies, Otard, Marrett A Co., Pinet ft Co., and Co*. L' ha bard 'a Brandies m cases, demijohns, and casks. Old Ja maica Rum, Sherries. Madeira. Port of various de scriptions, St. Julien Claret, Chateaux Margaux ia oases. Champagne Cider, Brandy Fruits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Annisette, Maraschino. Curaooa. Al>?.ynthe,Champagne, and a large and varied de scription of Havana Cigars. Also, Stoughton Bitters, and Faver and Agua Bitters. Porter, Ale.and Cider. Families are partioularly invited to call and exam ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Men lierri of Congress are also informed that their orders will lie promptly attended to, and delivered at their residences at the shortest i.ot.oe. A general assortment of fine Havana Cigars, im girted direct by the subscriber, at wholesale and re Cnnal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and proouce tak.-i, in exchange. Levy's Old Wiusney, constantly on hand.of 1M?. Country orders punctual!* attended to, and coun try produoe of ail descriptions received on ensign ment. JONAS P. LEVY, iesutf Nn.Mi Twelfth street. HE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF PIAN OFORTES is to lie found at the Music De ^oc^a W^G. MP.TZF.ROTT. Miniature theology, in uttie voium#s for the pocket, gilt edged. The Sermon on the Mouut. Parables of the Saviour. Christ's last Discourse to hia Diaciplea. The Sonr of Moses. The Omnipotence of God. Peter's Sermon on the day of Fenteooct, Price, ten cents each. oc9 d FRA^KJTAVLOR^ fV E W BUC K W H E A T MK AL. A vhoioe lot ol new Buckwheat Meal received to day. KING ft Bl'RCHELL. oc IS Cor. Vermont ave. and 15th at. G EORtiE SAND#' NOVELS. Consiielo, three volumes. l<a Marie Au Diable, 1 vol. Jacques, 1 vol. Le Petite Fadette, 1 vol. Valentine, 1 vol. Le Pechi De M. Antoine, 2 vole, Jeanne, 1 vol. Horace, 1 vol, Francois Le Cliampi, 1 vol. Fevenno, 1 vol. Mauprat, 1 vol. Indiana. 1 To!., 2 vol, Lucrexian Floriani, 1 vol. Lettres D'mi Vo)a*eur, 1 vol. Price 30 cents per volume. Imported from Paris by ocis- franck Taylor. RANKING HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. Depositors depositing Bank Notes wiii please mark their Check.* payable in currency. Deposites of Uola will be paid in Gold. Account* will be opened with depositors allowing tliem to acposit <iold and Check for currency , the deposUor^ein^ credited wi'h the diHerence. se a?-tf _ CHm BRIITHF.R8. A PIANO for 937, one for and one for #ieu, forsaleor hire upon reasonable terms. Must be taken at onoe from the store to make room for others. JOHN F. ELLIS. oc22 W Pa. ave.. near corner lotli sr. ABEAUTIFt'L ROSEWOOD-CASE IRON frame Pian?>lorte. used one year in a careful fami.j. of Hnllet. Davis ft Co., Bostoa. renowned mai.ufacturers. will be sold at a great bargain, fer cash orcredit, at our great Piano Emporium. JOHN K. ELLIS. oc22 Pa. ave . bet. ftth and 'Oth sta. ?ell all W ^jJOODSFOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTES. J R. H. MILLER. SON ft CO? will aell all description of CHINA, GLASS, audi QCEENS WARE. GAS FIXTl'RES.i Ac.. Ac., at t':eir usual regular low pr.nea.y with a discount of five per cent, for cashes heretofore, and reoeive in payments notee of am of the Virginia Banks (except the Bank of Kaaanaa> at par. Any and all debta due tr>em. ean be paid ia the same currency, with thanks to such of their debtora aa ohoose to avail themselves of thia prop osition. Alexandria. Sept. ?. 18W se >-tf ^H1NA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WAR K. R. H. MILLER. SON~ft C(X, IMPORTERS. Alexandria, Vi, 9nHave reoeived two instalments of theirO k/fail supplies from the English Pottenae.w P and will eonrinue to receive aocessions tof their stock till the business season aets in.^ H. So* ft Co. can assure the* fnends and customers that their stock shall be of the moat desirable deecription. and that their prioes will oon pare fhvosably with those of an> dealers ta their Una in any other market in the I nited States., Sou ft Co. hava prepared indnoen ?elves to offer to merchants every inducement to make their purchases in their line. WINDOW GLASS. They haeejust received via Antwerp end New York, fro in the great manufactory of "Ron*." New Brussels, 1140boxes French WindowGlass of sepe rior quality and of different thicknesses, which thev have import ed under ?uch circumstances as to enal-.e them to oiler a superior article at very moderate eriwes a " ' rpo THE TRADE. Just received, I^>nd<? Brown Stout and SaoUft ALE. of various brands, at 9LTS per dozen by tha casks of 8 and 10 doien. j()NAa p LjjVyf Corner of iHhisd B streets stojth. oc 13-1 m _ Grocery and W ine Store. WILL SK SELLING OI^Tbu' one week more, at No *i, bet ween at hand 9th ste. Mcl.Al'GH LIN ft CO. maonifickst chvkch osoan. It