Newspaper of Evening Star, October 30, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 30, 1857 Page 3
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local intelligence. A NlTIO^iL jKUlClVlAT WabHISuTOM ? The subject of the establishment of such an in stitution?all thing* are Institutions " now a' day**'?Is attracting even more attention among turfites abroad t ban at home, as much as It is dis cussed among our friends prone to be seen of afternoon* behind fast 'unit far out on Fourteenth street A correspondent of ?' Porter's Spirit of the Tinie*"* places the snbject in a light wherein It shonld command attention from all here?as follow*: " D P." O* A XATtOSAL JOCMT CLC? AT WASH I*GTOX. W.vsBisaro* City, Oct. 19. Gkxti.kmkx : Public attention has been fre quently directed to the importance of having a *? Jockey Clnb"' established at this place XV bet her we shall succeed in gettlngone, Is rather problematical; but ! sincerely hope we never shall have an institution of that kina unless it be one of the very first class. Let us have no Jockey Club at all unless we caa have such a one as would !>e creditable to tho nation, and a proml neut embellishment of the Federal .Metropolis. Having long ago most reluctantly abandoned all hope of ever seeing such a club here, I ven tured to advocate the early establishment of a well regulated racing organization at Richmond And I must now say, in all candor, that my only hope, in that regard, still lingers around that time-honored racing locality. But I am, nevertheless, confident that w? have la this cltv and its vicinity all the materials requisite for sncli '? a Jockey Club*' as I* impera tively demanded by the Spirit of the Times. It may tie of rather questionable propriety to use the names of distinguished gentlemen in this couuertion; but a* it has been already done by others. 1 feel impelled to follow the example, for once only. If such gentlemen as Col. W. W Core ran, Gen. George Gibson. Benjamin Ogle Tayloe, Esq , and other prominent re*idents in private life.and ?otters of vreat otfii ial distinction. would take the matter iu hand. we would very soon have a Club the like of which has never existed in this coun try. 1 do not mean that the whole burden of the undertaking should fall upou their shoulders They would at once attract powerful and most 4oogeaiat auxiliaries by scores and hundreds. The very title of the accomplished and wealthy circles of Maryland and Virginia would come to their aid. and by their counsels and contributions make th? whole anything hut burden some or oppressive. Should a meeting of such gentlemen ever l>e in vited. thev could not do a better thing than to consult I h living. Esq , of South Carolina He could give them suggestions and advice that would be absolutely invaluable. Indeed, if he would consent to take the position, they could not do a better thing than to make hiin their perma nent Serretary, tocouduct their correspondence, and to have charge of all matters of detail, and the curreiit and constantly accumulating business Of theClnb placed in his experienced and accom plished hands He would preserve its affairs in a sonnd and intelligible condition, and keep the Association out of a world of trouble. It must be kept in mind that 1 am talking about 4,a national institution," of real magni tude, of enduring basis, and to be inherently and exclusively under thecontrolof grntltmin. Such a Club would require a capital of uot less than fifty thousand dollars to begin with A suitable tract of land would have to be purchas ed, and graded projwrly. There must be an ap propriate cluli-bouse. public and private stands, a::d all such fixtures and appointments as would conduce to the comfort, and comport with the presence of thousands of refined ladies and ac complished gentlemen. Vulgarity and ruffian ism would, of course, be excluded from the in cioaure. and no scene* permitted that could shock parity or taste. What would be the results of such an institu tion as that? One great point gained would be legitimate horse-racing. Taking, it for granted ttML4Le purses and stakes would I* of the most attractive character, we would have contending nags of the best blood and speed from ail the ra ciifj regions of the I'nited States. At each of these race meetings, we should have in this city, on a week's visit, not less than five thousand strangers of wvalth and respectability. How much money would such a congregation as that leave in the pockets of the people of this metro polis.' Certainly not less than ?50.UM); and how much more, "the tall son of York" alone can tell. How much money could the .Messrs. Brown and the Messrs. Willard afford to subscribe to an institution which would cram their mammoth hotels with ladle* and gentlemen of the very first class* How much could our prominent mer chants subscribe, when, at least once or twice a year, their stores would be aim *t emptied by the ? ash demands of thousands of strangers from the contiguous ncighliorboods. IIow many people do you think could lie con gregated in Washington, on the occasion of a match race of four miles and repeat, between two of the l?est nags to be chosen in England and the I nited states? fifty thousand atrungers, of the right grit, would swarm in upon ns and leave twice as many dollars behind them. Does any body wish a letter paying institution than that* Everybody knows that great national matches a>e now absolutely unavoidable. The war has 1-eguu. I u to this time it has been nothing but American defeats. That very fact will only give rcuewed vigor and Intensity of determination to the American forces. The result will be the es tablishment of a |?ermanent American stable in England, and a permanent British stable in the United States. In this chivairic and noble con tention the population of both countries will in tensely sympathize: and we shall have snch rac ing excitements as the world has never yet be held. We shall have r? se; ie? of return matches, ai.d a sncre^sion of victories and defeats, until legitimate horse-racing shall become, as it ought to be, one of the most glorious American institu tions Seeing all these things, as I certainly do, 1 must vet < autTidiy confess that I see not even one tayof ti.ipe that iA' ?? timat American J??ckey Club*' will be located within fifty miles of Washington city* You may readily admit that innumerable local, so> national, and even political consid eration Indicate this as ike spot where these great ? ontoU should < ome ofl', but they are all power less in its behalf. it is immaterial how much glorious sport we would enjoy, or how much bard money We would make bv having the Club here; it i.s little less than fatuity to hope for it. D. P. Tan River ?The duck season comes on apace. The gunners about the Long Bridge begin to do quite a flourishing business, bringing up every d iy fine specimens of excellent river fowl. Yes te,day, Cap! Stewart had the good luck to take in the course of the day's sho. ting several pairs of s ijierior can vas backs, together with a Targe ii'imlier of blue wing. Arrived at Riley's wharf schooner Joanna, Hand, Phil id -lp.iia, 175 tons coal for Warder A Stewart. At Alexandria, the ship Zephyr, Capt King, is ne.,rlv ready L?r clearance. She will be hauled out into the stream on Monday next, and will be tow-d down the river by the steamtug Guy She goe* to New Orleans. The boats miming between Washington and Alexaod:ia are very much annoyed by IkiimIs of rowdies who p?aa d*ilv lietween the two cities Ea'ly this wet w a pa;ty of five nice young men weut our city lo Alexandria on the Page, and took a turn through the Alexandria market, \* here th?*y purchased a l<rge piece of raw beef, which they cut into slices and came on board rating like so many savages. The engineer sug gested to thcru that the lunch would be much more palatable if thev were to cook it a little; srhereupou he was taken up very sharply by the party, who advised blm tu eat his meat as he lik?*d if and not interfere with their in<>deof feed ing The engineer, observing demonstrations of a hostile character about them, **came down " It is supposed they eat their meat raw thus, after the fa?b;ou of prize fighters, to " Improve their !uu*? le.*' The operations on the Washington and Alex andra Railroad are going on kwiftly under the auspice* of Col French We learn to-day that the track has l>een all relayed, except about a mile, which will be completed so as to allow the passage of trains in aiiout fifteen days. The road is to be in first rate order, and it Is expected that a brisk travel will, during the coming winter, re|>ay the h*-avy outlay which has been occasioned by the rcpaiis. ? What it Costs to Ktitr a Dog?Justice Mc K?*nna, of the Fifth district, deserves a gold medal for his rigid enforcement of the dog law The reeord for the past few days show the fol lowing cases of persons fined: Charles Hicks, for harboring a doo without pay ing a license tbrrefor; being the lowest amount within the law, fined. $5 5h Tobias Simpson 5 5h Beu Newton ... 5M James Gunt 5 58 James Howard i5 M. Lucas 5 5H Ed. Carrol 10 5H *44 U? Johanna Ke\o wis brought up liefore Justice Mck. eharg.-d with selling whiskey iu smaller do^es than the Corporation statute allows; she Was fined Sid and tuoto. * AfiMiT TO A WasmwTOMAJi ?The Port TuUmcu Time* states that at the races near Cen treville, Md., on Friday last, one of the riders?a youth named Clark, about Irt years of age?was thrown violently against the Judge*' stand and killed almost instantly. The borse be was rtd lug bolted, which movement caused the acci dent. The mother of Clark, who is a widow, resides in Washington city. Ofr Uoxbat irnus, Novemlier*. the United Clnb, eoinposrd of a fine, gentlemanly set of youag fellows, gives its first annual ball at Island Hall Srhad does tlx* catering Look out for the ball of the United Club A N?m to Co!mirs Br ?Whether Justly or injustly the new Are company known an the 'States Hon**," I?eai4 a particularly hard name about town, we have beard of a rather amusing Illustration of the terrorism prevailing in regard to It: The other day a German friend of our*~-? right good fellow, but who looks a long time at his inonev before spending It foolishly?was ap proached in his restaorant by a young man, with the remark? "I would lik?, sir, to sell you a ticket for our ball '? "Nein ? Neln! I don't got no money to give away?don't never go to der balls !>? "But," persisted the yonng 'an, "I reckon you'll help the States Hose, won't yon?" A change came over the face of the Teutonic Boniface ''Oh! der Staats Hose,'' he gasped, dropping his hand into his pocket the same tune, "oh. yes, I help der Staats Hose ?" and the dol lar far a ticket was fished np and passed over with the greatest promptness He says, though, he "didn t go to der ball for all dat!" The Gajhj of Pickpocket* spoken of >? the Star, a few days since, as having passed through Washington on their way to Richmond, seem to be reaping a rich harvest in that city. The Rich mond Dispatch says that on Wednesday Col. Eppea, et Petersburg, had his pocket picked of at the Fair. A lady lost her porteuionnaie, and a gentleman's pocket, containing S050, was cut out by a thief in the crowd outside of the grounds. A young man. who registered bis name as Cbas Cornell, from Washington, was detected on Wednesday niubt. at the Central Hotel, iu the act of picking the pocket of Mr. Jesse Bond ley, of Goochland county. After disgorging his plunder, he was taken to the upper station house. Real Estate.?On Tuesday, A. Green, auc tioneer, sold lot S, in subdivision of square 45s? near corner ot Sixth street and Massachusetts av eun*, for 41,V cents per foot, to E F. Queen. Lot T, at 40 cents per foot, to J. II. Smith. On Thursday, by the same, Lots D and E, in square No 33?, on Tenth, between P streets and It node Island avenue, for 12 cents per foot, to T. Putney. Lot 3, in square 7S1, for 12 cents per foot, to Timothy McCarthy. J. C. McGuir'e. auctioneer, ve*fer<lav sold sub division D, in square 547, on "Thirteenth street, lietween I, street and Massachusetts avenue, with improvements, to II. M. Lowry, for ?-2,175. A Number of vagabond pedlars are hawking their trash about town, and the unwary need a remiuder lest they get victimized in purchasing ??at a bargain " One of these fellows called at the honse of Mr. T. J . Forrest, a day ortwosince, stating thai he had been sent there by a neighbor to sell some of his stove varnish. M s. Forrest then stnt to enquire of the neighbor if she would recommend the varnish, and the reply was that the man was an impostor, as he had not been seen there. The scamp vented hi* rage at being detected, in a tiiade of abu?e, and left to seek other fit-Ids of operation. Fines for Pkofajtl* Language.?'The old law of Maryland requires all magistrates to impose a fine on any person giving utterance to profane language in their presence; the fines thus im posed to be collected, and paid over to the Levy Court. It would seem that the provision of the law has been very much neglected heretofore, but the treasurer of the Levy Court (N. Callan, E^q ,) received yesterday Irom Justice John H Clark, the sum of six dollars thus collected, which that gentleman has very promptly paid over to the proper depository. Street Improvement.?A five-foot sewer is being constructed in Thirteenth street, from G to the main sewer in E, under the direction of the Street Commissioner. The ground was opened on last Tuesday, and considerable progress has been made already with the excavation, The sum of S3,>10(1. we believe, was appropriated for this work, and it will require a similar appro priation to complete it. Di?r?ARr,KD.?Yesterday, Matilda Smith, eol ored, who some days ago was arrested by Officer Suit as a fugitive slave, and committed to jail, was discharged by Justice Smith, she having given bond for her apiiearance at the Circuit Court on her petition for freedom. She is the same who was at the North for al>out five years, and was arrested by the officer on her return. Goxe to Work.?This morning seven of those strangers, who have been stopping at the guard house during a week past, on the pretence that they intended leaving the immediately if they couldn't tiud work, were sent to the work house for ninety days each, as vagrauts. Bt the fiie, yesterday, at C. W. Mitchell's Coal Olfif-e, the books of Mr. W. Stone were con sumed, which were deposited there while Mr. S. was settling his late business. Mr. Mitchell loses his coal scale and office by the fire. Circuit Court.?The case of Jones vs Der m<>tt is still under consideration The examina tion of the witnesses for the defence is being still continued to-day. The Pleasing Juvenile Comfoiaxs perform at Odd Fellows' Hall to-night, and to-morrow afternoon and uight. Watcr Returns.?Gerard Eggerton, Ireland, vagrant, workhouse 00 days; Henry Austin, Eng. land, do do.; Cornelius Keller. Ireland, do do.; Wm. McCorinick, .Md , do. do ; Charles Davis, D C , do. do.; George Berg, Fa , do. do ; Chas. Collins, Mass . do. do ; Wesley Hyer, Md., dis orderly. fine and costs. 44. Kive lodger* were accommodated, all of them strangers in Washington. To the Ladies.?Man?mr Dubois, Phrenolo gist. PAyiiolotist. Sir., has taken rooms. Air a short No. ?7 Pa. avenue, (south side, ouposite W illards'hotel.)and is prepared to give to Ladies, lioth married aiul auntie, lufuruiatiou nidi* pen sable to their welfare and happiness. Hours of consultation, from ioa. in. to u p. m. t'hsrtres tnoderaie aud perfect satisfaction (?uar antied. iSo i*ady should fail to call on Madame I)., as, for a trifling sum, tlie> will obtain iiiforina'ion that they would not part with for any consideration. oc A Totty's Superior Tokip Bitters.?These Bi ters are tome. stomachic and aromatie.and will be found to excel an? now in use. Prepared from pureijr vczetab c remedied, possessing the power to curediseasu without injury to the health or constitu tion. They are highly recommended for the cure of Dyspepsia, Ague and Fever, Cholic. Cramss of the Stomacl and fiowels. Nervous and General Debility, l.angor, Lowness of Spirits. Diarrhoea A o. Persons whose systems have l*eooine deranged by imprudent eating or drinking, will hnd these Bitters a uuick and excellent restorative. Neatly put up in pint l>ottles. .None gonuine with out the iithograpn of the Proprietor, and the fat ftnilt ot his siguature upon each bottle. Full di rections accompany each bottle. Price Vc. Prepared ami sold wh?ie?i!e and retail by B. W. Totty. No. Ufi Cary street. Rioiuuond, Va. A liberal disoonnt to the trade. J. C. Kill, Druggist, corner 4}? and D street south, sole a^eal for Washington, Geoigetown, and Alexandria. (Alex.Gazette) oo23-eotw A Cakd to the Peofle at Largr.?All persons that have neglected to call at the establislimoiit so well known as the *" Odeon Hall," to tupply them selves with Fall and Winter Clothing, will please rail1 and examine our most beautiful and careful se leci-d stock of Alan's, Youths'and Bo>s' Clothing. We take pleasure in saying that our stock, now on liand. is unsurpassibie in stylo, workmanship, or quality, and oan be sold at less price than by any other sirn.lar house in t'ie Union. We also call at tention to our large stock of tieatlemea's Furnisii ing Goods, such as white and fancy Shirts, I'nder shirts. Drawers. Comfo'ts. Neck ties. Suspenders, Socks, tiloves. ito., Ac., at the great Odeon Hall Clothing Depot corner Penn. avenue and street, Washington. D. C. oo2l eo?w flUKIII KD, On t)ie2<Hh instant, by the Rev. John C. Smith, BEKNARD SEARS. Esq., to Miss MARY E., daughter oi the lata David Miller, Esq., all of this city. On the 2Dth instant, by the Rev. John C. Smith. Mr. JAMES E. COOK to Miss MARY ELLEN WILLIAMS,both of Pntice (icorse's county, Ma ryland. , ()m the 2'.th instant, at tue re->idenocof Dr. Jas. Chestncy, by the Rev. 'ieo D. Cummins. Mr. WAR DEN W.SPKRR Y, of Winchester, Va.. to Miss FANNY P. FAIRBANKS. On the 2tth instant, in'he Fourth Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Johh C. Smith, JOHN A. BORLAND, Esq.,to Miss MARY JANE CON NELL, all <?( this city. MIA. On the 30th inst., of typhoid pneumonia. JOHN AYI.M KK < id I. DEN. in the 5Mh year of his age, a native of Dublm, a resident of this city for the !ast eighteen years. The friends of himself and family are invited to attend his funeral on To-morrow < ?*atiird*y ) After noon at one o'eloek at his late residence on Eighth street east near the Navy Yard. * On the 90th instant, at 8 o'clock, EDWARD L. ROBE Y, in the I6tb year of his age. Hi* funeral will take place on Sun lay aftern-*on, st So'ci .ck. from the residence on Htn street, near the corner of G. at which time his friends and ac quaintances are invited to attend. How short the race our friend has run, Cut down in alt his bloout! The course Ihu yesterday begun, Now hnish'd in the'omb. ? U N EX PLOSIVE ETHEREAL OIL. The undersigned has ETHEREAL OIL UN* EX Pl.< 'SI Vh in ite character, and which gives a ausenor light, burns lunger, and smokes less than t h the real V>i! n sua! ly-old in this c.ty The right to sell this Oil iu the District of ColumUa is *uar an'e-d to the undersigned, and is sold only at the Depot, No. 4HI, northwest ?oraer of E and lith Streets. Where its superiority will be shown at any tune. Toe pnoe is the same as the exsh^ivs- <>r_ ders will lie ps actually tiled by leaving them at the uTii-toSm FR. STUTZ, Gro?or. . GEORGETOWN ADT%RTI8BltTS. WANTED IMMEDIATELY.-2<*> barrels of pur#, new. country CIDER. Highest oaali pnoe paid lor a good article. ARNY k BHINN, . ^ Union Bottling Depot, oc2l eo2w No. 57 Green street, Georgetown. _ 'OR *A LE?Handsome residence on the Heights r of Georgetown. The subscriber, as Trustee, oi lers for sale that spacious and handaome residence in Geo---* Pairo, , ol ground. -- ?? ? ????* ?>ww?uvi niiu iianuiuiiif rowuruw xir^ present oooupied by Charles W. >, Esq. The property comprises an entire square v. Kiound, beautifully improved with walks, trees, shrubbery, flowers. Ac.; a large and well -built green house, with plants in great variety. There are also on the premises, Stables, Carriage-house, and other convenient out houses. The Dwelling-Housc is large and roomy, having. With the wings, a front of ninety-five (S6? feet and commands one of the finest views of the Potomac river asd country around. It is heated h> a furnace, light?i with gas, and oontams bath fixtures for hot and ooid water; a large cistern, kitohen range-, ami almost every convenience for a brst-ciass residence. If desired the Purmture will tie sold with the house. Possession can he liven immediately. For further particulars, terms of sale, tic., apply to SAM. C. EDES, Trustee. At Pairo A Nourse's Hanking House, ae 21-dSw?sw4w opposite the Treasury. I^LMBER, LUMBER. LUMBER. The subscriber has juat received per brig Maria, from Wilmington, N. C.. a lot of GIRDER, of the following sizes: 12 by 12.10 by 12, A by 12,6 by 12, and 10 by In, from 40 to 5*1 reet lengths. Hits also on hand WALNUT PLANK, from2 to 6 inches thick. Also, seasoned PANNEL WHITE PINE PLANK, from 1J* to B inches thick. The attention of carvers is especially invited to the alN?vc. Also, a large and well-selected assortment of HI'ILI)ING LUMBER, which I will sell low for ca*h, or on acc^mibodating terms to punotual cus tomers. Yard No. 57 Water street, Georgetown. oc 12 co3w P. WHEATLY. Millinery, &c. PENLNG WINTER MILLINERY ()i Moxday. October 19th. The subscrilx-r has just rel urnedfHt^. - from New York, where ho puroha8caMSn? lor cash one ol the most varied stock*xiia# of FRENCH BONNETS*. BONNKt MATERIALS. FLOWERS. FEATH ERS, RIBBONS, HEAD DRESSES, DRESS TR I AlMINGS. Ac.. Ac., ever brought to this City, which he is determined to sell at prioes to suit the money panic. JUT* He would call the attention of the ladies to hi* fine assortment of CLOTH CLOAKS* BASOUES, and CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. N. It.?He gives his particular attention to DRESS MAKING in the latest French stvles. M. WILLIAN, oc 15 2w Opposite Centre Market. MRS. HELLER. No. 34 Pis*. Avexvk, (rr stairs) Informs her friends and customers in general, that she will have the first opening of Fall and^^gN Winter BONNETS on Thursday, Friday .andGHkA Saturday, and offers the latest and best selec-.^^? ted.stock in the city, at moderate prices. seSi-W.ThAF.Im" ? QRES8 M A K I N gT~ MI^S M. E. WILSON still continues the DRESS M A KING in all its branches, at her old stand. 296 I'cnn. avenue, between 3th aud W'tti st*. oc 5-1 in ^TTENTION, HOUSEKEEPERS! 1 respectfully call the attentionofliousekeepers to Spence's ELEV ATED HOT AIR COOKINt. RANG K, that heats the pirlorabove and chambers liko the Parlor Companion. For sale only at C. Woodward's Metropolnan Stove and Urate Facto ry, No*. 3(2 and 3.T2 I'ciuisylvania avenue, between loth and Ifth streets. N. B. ?Hot Air Furnaces of the latest improve ment nut up at the shortest notice. o? 7 eo4w C.WOODWARD. THE MOST ELEGANT VOLUME EVER 1 PRODUCED IN AMERICA. World Noted Women, or Types ol Particular Womenly Attributes of all Lands and Ages ; by Mary Cowden Clarke author of "A Concordance to Shakspesre," Ac. Illustrated with seventeen steel plates. One volume, larne octavo, got up in an en tirely new and magnificent style of binding, hitherto uneuualled. Price *1*. Garden Flower*, colored Illustrations, K5c. Language o| Flowers, do. 65c. American Views. do. 4f"c. 'I he Wonders of Nature, do. 4*?o. Sccnes in Many Lanas, do. 4?c. Views in Asia "Minor, do. 4i?c. Views of the English Lakes, do. 4"c. Eastern Manners and Customs, 4'c. Sorrowing. Yet Rejoicing; a Narrative of Succes sive Bereavements in a Minister's Family ; by the Rev. Alex. Beith, D. D., of Sterling ; 25c. The Race for Riches, and some of the Pits into which the Runners Fall. L>y the Rev. William Arnot: 3t?c Environs of Edinburg, exquisitely tinted illustra tions ; 2Sc. The Lakes of Killarney, exquisitely tinted illustra tions: 25c. Eastern Manners and Customs, exquisitely tinted illustrations; 25o. The Trosachs and Loch Lommond, (with Map l>y YV. A.K.Johnsou.)25c. Environs of Jerusalem, exquisitely tinted illustra tions; 25c. History of Five Little Pigs, beautifully illustrated; 13 cents. Just reoeived at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Book and Stationery Store, o?29 31 near Ninth street. C^AH D.?Those of our customers who are indebt / od to us for accounts rendered 1st July and silica, ami for notes past due. will greatly oblige us ifthe? will call at once and pay. It is well known to every one in the community, that these are *? trying tunes" with the merchants, and is it not the dutv of every one during a financial crisis like the present to pay promptly their just ?(et>fs. and perhaps save the credit of th?* merchants who have always heretofore shown a willingness to wait the convenience of their customers. We confident y hope that they will not put us to further lucouvenience, but will, without delay, pay U,W^LAGETT, NEWTON, MAY, A CO. oo 2a lot corner of Penn. ave. and 9th street. ?*OAL! ~ COAL!! COAL!!! "COALM! The undersigned respectfully informs the public that he is now receiving lar*e supplies ol Cumber land COAL, in ix>ai loads, which I now oiler to the trade at red need prices for cash. This Coal is of a superior quality, and of larse size. ( an be seen at my Depot, at the cornor of 12th and H .trvet aouUi. JONAS P. LEVY. ool2 lm Grocery and Provision Store. A "I STILL LIVE," N'D will not be outdone by any in the Painting Line. Having secured the service* of an expe rienced r*ign and Ornamental Painter, I ain prepared to do SIGNS. BANNERS, TRANSPAREN CIES, Ac., tn the latest styles. Also, eontinue to do HOUSE PAINTING, (?LAZING, and (i RAINING inasuperior manner, at No. 53 Louisiana aveuue, between 6th and 7th "^eV-e'otl M. T. PARKER. SF1SHMAN. ? ? PKAT.KR lit DRY GOODS AND MILLINERY , informs his friends and t he public l.^a t he has just op?<nHl a n^w nlore of all k'n<ls of |)RY GOODtS MI LLINER V, Ac., assuring the public every artt cle to be an represented, and to sell witha verv small advance. Come and examine iny stock, and judge for yourself. .... S'ore?No. VI 7th St., between H and I, next door to Mr. Tyson's hardware store. oc2-eolin*^ A PIANO for one for S-T; ono for S75; aid two for ?inn; besides twenty-two new ones, ranging in price from $I VI to 8f7<W. ^All for rent or salt upon easy terms, at our Wareroonis 306, between'Jth and loth streets. ? OC 2H ?J ( ) ll % F. rilililS. | jotiSLKLEPERS. ATTENTION ! J list received. a new supply of the improved cele brated SUNRISE AIRTIGHT FLAT TOP COOKING STOVES, lour sizes. For sale only at C. Woodward's Metropolitan Stove and Grate Fac tory, Not. 3 8 and 322 Pennsylvania avenue, between 10th and IIth streets. _ ^ oc7-eo4w C. WOODWARD. ew family grocery stored On 7tii St.. bet. G and I its., Navy Yard. The undersigned respectfully inform the cit zens of the Navy ^ ard and vicinity, that the*, have opened a hnc assortment of Frosli GROCERIES, to which th?y invite their attention, and solicit a share of p&trr.naze feeling confident that all who favor thein with a call will go away perfectly satisfied with the purchases Their hssortinent ofTEAS, SI'tiAR, COFFER, and, in fact, every article kept in a well regulated Grocery Store, cannot lw surpassed hi the District ol Columbia, and which will be sold on the most reatoiiatHeUniis, forUKLLW10 t c?. oc29 eofit (States.) INK C I! A M B E R FUR N 1 T U R E. Solid O ik and Walnut CIIA MBER SETS. Painted CHAMBER SETS.all of superior^ sty le and finish, . ,,u Fine Mahoeanv and Walnut III REALS, t . - WARDROBES, aud BEDSTEADS, and 8 I'M AS" S A T SSES, IIAIR MAT TR ESSES, liest quality. A large assortment of the same artioles at lower *fOnr stock of HOUSE-FURNISHING GOO DS. is vtry large, and as to variety, quality and prices, will eompare with any other in the city. Please call and examine before purchasing elso where. McGREoOR A CO. oc 29-eo3w No. 53"7th street. New grocery, variety, and pro vision STORE, Ix Tiik Noetkkes Likxrtik*. The sul^seriber lias just opened a Store of the above description. No. 5-U north M street,t near 9tli, and respectfully solicits the p.itronage of his friends and the public. I hi articles are fresh, and will be sold as low as at any other store ir. the City His stock oonsistsof such articles as are usually kept in a Grooery ?toro. Also. Combs. Brushes, Toilet Powder, I ins, Need les Sewing Silk and Cotton, i h'ead, Suspenders, Pens. Ink. Paper Cakes, Candies, Ac. Fog Rkxt.?A Brick Stable, with hay loft and room fir carriage and two horses. ..... .k-12 eolm* TIIOS. N. ADAMS. ATTKNTION, TOWWlMBNT. Just out, snd for sale only at C. Woodward s Me tropolitan Stove and Grate Factory, the PARLOR COMPANION FURNACE, made . heavr and strong of cast iron. The improvement i? the letting in of the ooid air through the bottom of the Furnace and throwing it against the hot fire-chainber and heat iiik it, and throwing the hot air from it to the P*r,0r,,, C. WOODWAR D. Pa. av., between loth and 11th streets, oc 7 eo4V No?. 31? and w> % AUCTION flAT.? IV mniruTPc. BARNARD. Auctioneers. ^pRLSTEE S SALE OF THE CONTENTS if* v ??*.T4PRAjrr AT Acctios.?On SATUR v? *' k ?i L"1"*''Et 12 ?,0,ock? we will Dell at the St. Nicholas Restaurant, on 7th street, under the Avenue House, the entire Fixtures. Wines, Li quors, Co"nteT? with cooking apparatus Marble-top Oyster Counter, with oyster bo* Castors, plated Forks and Spoons, Knives, Tum We s. Wines and Champagnes Gas h ixtures, Drop Lights. Ac. Cook in* Store, Iron and Tin Ware * Also, the stock of Wines and Liouors, some of wkioh are very fine, and in kegs and demijohns. Also, the leese of the Establishment for three

years. ?f7?": JH? V* : orer that amount, a credit.for 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfhctorily en dorsed, bearing interest. ?? o. WATERS. Truster, oc3n-3t WALE A BARNARD. Auets. CITY STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILL. Economy and Convkmiiiici. yJJir?.J?w-/aad' to deliver WOOD J* A W ED and SPLIT at 20 per cent, tees than the nsnaJ rates, and better prepared than it enn lie by hand. Knots and wood of inoonveuient siz? not sent. . All orders for less than half aoord will be delivered in orates to any paitoftlie house at no further ex pense to the purchaser. Pine wood in crates 35oents. Oak wood do. 40 cents. In this part of our business we will open no ac counts, as we have oome to the conclusion to make it exclusively a oash business. ivVwilion I'Wifi .,nr^??RY' OAK, Mi PINE W OOD and COAL of ell kinds, which will be dis posed of on the usual accommodating terms. Now on the way ? One oargo White Ash Broken Coal for furnace. One cargo White Ash Egg Coal ibr radiators. Coal 2,240 lbs. to the ton. All under tover. Orders promptly filled. T. J. A W. M.GALT. northwest corner of 12th and C sts.. No. 547, oc 7-tf one square south of Penn. avenue. EW GALLERY OF ART. No. 3W Pennsylvania Avenue, (orrr Darn's Piano Store.) The Subscriber, induccd by his success in Phila delphia, and the numerous orders he receives from this section of the country, has opened a first -class gallery 111 this city for the production of AMBRO TYl'Es, DAGUERREOTYPES, and PHOTO GRAPHS, affording the citizens of Washington and the public an opportunity of procuring as hue a woik as is made 111 i*ew York 01 Pans. Portraits in Oil, from Life or Daguerreotypes; and Photographs finished 111 India Ink, Crayon, and Natural Colois, by a distinguished Parisian artist, engaged expressly for this establishment. Persons res-iding at a distance wishing to have Daguerreotypes enlarged and painted can send thein (with description of person) and have them accu rately copied, and returned by express. All Likenesses are guaranteed, and an examina tion of specimens is solicited. J. E. MoCLEKS. Photographer, 3"Tfl Peansyrvsum avenue, oc 23 lw fij6 Chestnut street, Piiiladelphia. pOR MOV n T_V fc R N O N . The Steaml>oat THOMAS COLLYER, having been thoroughly repaired, will make regular trips to Mount Vernon, leav .ng her wharf, in this city, ?very"?"???* TUESDAYand FRIDAY MORNING,at9o'oik. During the intervening tune she will run regular trips to Alexandria, as usual. THOMAS MAKER. Captain. " TO FAMILIES. WOl LD most respectfully call the attention of families that wish to keep thomselves com fortable tins winter with very little fuel to Neer's Patent Parlor Grate or PARLOR FUR \ ACL, as hi* wisnes it railed. It js setl in parlors as any other parlor grate; sot hol low bohind.itnd the cold air brought in from without and heated, and thrown into the parlors. It lan fce set to heat above, as to- Parlor Companion or not. it is all made of cast iron, and will not born out or need repairing for many years. It is an open crate, verv hand some, and will not burn more than half the coal that a common parlor rrate will burn. It is manufactured in a verv cold climate, in the State <?f Massachusetts, and for sale on v at C. Woodward's Metropolitan Stovoand Gtate Factory. ?c*i tit C WOODWARD. {"JIN AND LOCKSMITH. The undersigned lias opened a shop at No. tifl lith street, Iwtweon Land F, for the purpose of carrvine on the GUN and LOCKSM ITH business 111 all its branches. A share of the public patronage is soli cited, as he will give strict attention to his business and assures that his work will be well done, oc 2R-eo4t * 1IENRY EASGNABA?. IMMENSE REDUCTION IN THK PRICES OF READY-MADE CLOTHING. Having on hand an unusually large stiick of RKADV MADE CLOTHING and FURNISH I NG GOODS of the latest and most approved sty lee we have determined to reduce it by ca?h sales, re gardless of sacrifice. With tiiis object in view, we h*ve marked eur prices to meet tlio wants of all in search of good artic'es. NOAH WALKER A Co. Marble Hall Clothing Store, No.SiR Pa. a v., oc 17-2w Browns' Hotel Building. CKJMK AND SEE!?Just received fsom Pbda / delphia another large supply of the very ^ popular and the l?est COOKING STOVES in this country or any other land. jhrV The Rising Star, or Doublo-oven Cooking^^^^ Stoves, with single and double ovens, made very heavy and stroug for this market. It is my Stove? as such I stand by it For sale only at C. Woodward's Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory, No. Slb&nd 322 Pennsyl vania avenue. oc 27-6; C. WOODWAR D. BH. STINEMET'/., Hatter a\i> furrier, 23-1 Pa. av., near tiie corner of 13th street, has received his assortment of Ladies' and Chil dren's FANCY FURS, in all their variety, to which he invites aiten tion. Having selected them himself from the importing houses 111 New York, aud taken advantage of the titn?-8 by purchasing for cash, and selling lor cash, he will>l?e able to sell I at more moderate prices lhan any heretofore ottered 111 this city. ?"""" Fur Trimmings, Misses' Beaver Flats, and Chil dren's Fancy Hats now on hand. Fur Cuffs as low as 75 cents, aitd Victorinei SS.'si and $4 50. HATS, DATS-CAPS. CAPS. Black Dress Hats #3 50, $3, aud $2.50, ol superior quality for the money. Also, Felt Hats and Caps for men's and boys' wear. Terms exclusively cash?thereby l>eing enabled to buy for cash and sell for cash at a small profit,meet ing with no losses by liail debts. oc?JB-tf'_ VIRGINIA AND DISTRICT MONEY TAKEN AT PAR FOR BOOTS, SHOES, D TRU\KS. S. P.-HOOVER'S IRO*N HALL BOOT. SHOE Tand TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. P*nntylania artnue, between StA an>t Utfa sts. I have just returned from the North with a splendid assortment of aitfijr*Lis kinds of l^adies. Gentlemens. r(I: I , ^ * v^^ses. Boys', Child reus', and Servants' BOO I S and SHOES. Also, a large stock of TRUNKS. CARPET BAGS, VALICES. and SATCHELS, all of which 1 will sell for the above money. Call early, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S, se 30 Iron Hall. | A DIES, PLEASE READ. Instead of selling the remnant of my stock of FANCY GOODS at auctiou, I have m<?ved it into my new Store, 33i> Pa. avenue, between 9th and !??th streets, where I intend giving my customers and the public generally, a chance to get great liargainsat auction priccs. Call before you buv, and examine for yourselves. V?ry respectfully. R. C. STEVENS. Dealer iu French Milluiery and Fancy Goods. 0024 Ski Pa. ave., I?el. M and 10th sts. |)RY GOODS AT REDUCED PRICES. Wo have now in store the largest and much the best assorted stock of FANCY anil STAPLE DRY GOODS, for general family use, that we have ever offered at any former season, and many of thorn have been purchased during this great money panic at* very great sacrifices, and we iiitcud sellixg okf, at a small advance, for cash only. We name a few articles 111 tiie lot ? Rich Fane* Dress Silk and French Mousselins, French and English Plaid and Plain Merinos, in all colors, Hsndsoirie, Plaid and Striped Poplins. Superior Plain Black. Striped and Fig'd Dress Silks, An immense stock of Rich Shawls and Scarfs. Also, a general assortment of Staple G?xh1s?such as Shirting and Sheeting Linens aud Cottous, Nap kins. Toweling, Table Diapers. Fine and low price Bed Blankets, Flannels in all grades, some lo-4 wide; Ladies' and Children's Hosiery. In short, everything tliat is to Ihj found iu a weli-assorted stock; to which we ask the special attention of all cash buyers particularly. COLLEY A SEARS, 00 27-eo2w No. 5237th st..3doors north Pa.av. (1KEAT CHANCE.?Virginia and other money * taken. Cireat Iwtrganis in good*. Having pur chased a very superior stock of VELVETS, CLOTHS, and CASSIM ER ES at a great sacrifice, and twenty five per oent. less than prices two months ago, we will, and can offer Imreains not to be got in tins city; also, a fine and splendid stock of Clothing which must f>e sold for cash. WALL A STEPHENS, No. 322 Perm, avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, and under Brown's Hotel, No. oc !6-fuy?d 232. between 6th and 7th streets. jyjONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!! The undersigned would respectfully request all persons indebted to him prior to the 1st of August, to come forward and settle, if they desire to save ex pense and trouUe, xs well as inconvenience to my self, as I intend to plac* all open accounts into the hands of au officer for collection, by the tenth of next month. oc 29-eo6t H. H. VOSS. '1M1IS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the sub J scriber hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal estate of John Sis, late of Washington County, deceased. All persons having claims against the said de cased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with Hie vouchers thereof, to the aubscrilter, on or before the ?oth day of October next; they mav otherwise by law lie excluded from all benefit of said estat . Given under my hand this20lh day ofOcto!?er, 18?7. ELIZABETH W. SIS, oean-TSw* Administratrix. R CITY MALT HOUSE, oorner of W?at Falls av ouue and Blooket.. Baltimore. Md. YE AND BARLEY MALT, for sale at the J.u my H-ly HAMMACK'S RESTAURANT, No. 21)6 Pa. av., under Willards' hotel. ^ The proprietor is now fully w prepared to supply the pub-^^^^^ j lie with evary thing that the^^S^, various markets will afford, '] 1? and for constant su pplies house shall he second to none. By giving it his un divided attention, he hopes to merit the patronag* of th? pubiio pt large, 00 6 lm* . .. AUCTION SALES. TO- DAY fr TO-MORROW MORNJXG By JAMES C. McGI IKE. Auctioneer. SUPERIOR M ATCnKD GRKY CaR RI AGE PHMTOS. AND tlA.ft*KAs,4e. On SATURDAY MO^MNO, Oc4oUer^?? 11 o'c ock, la front of the nudum rooms, lahall mU the following valuable personal property WtouM io the wtatK of the late Major Oeo.r. Ludi?|,li>it?d States Army, via: ? Pair of superior MttanMl Grey Carriage Horifi One handsome open Phaeton . _ Ona very sepertor shifting Jop dout^-^ted Bo? gy. built to order in New ^orfc, and entirely ?aw One French Coupee Two sets Double Harness One Military Saddle Two elegant Carriage Robes Horse Covers. Carnage Jack, Buckets. fte. Ac. Terms: F i fty dollars and under, cash: over that sum. a credit of sixty and uinety days. for satisfac torily endorsed notes, bearing interest, oc 23-d J/ft*. C. McG II RE, Auctioneer. JgrrUKH DAYS. E By A. (j R hKN. Auctioneer. XCKLLfcNT HOL^KHOLD A: KITCHKN ?rv-. Fcrsitcre at AccTiox.-On MONDAY, tha 2,1 Z*J wf >oy*'???rr' 1 ,h*" "?"?'? O'olooka. m., at No. 5f? New Jersey avenue, between D and K streets north, near the Railroad Depot, an excellent assortment of Furniture, via : Walnut, Marble-top, Centre, Pier, and otbar Tables I Walnut Sofa. Tcte-a-tetcs. Caator, Arm and Parlor Chairs Mahogany Rocking Chairs, Dressing and other Ba teau 8 Mahogany, Bedsteads, and Washstands Brocatelie and Moushn Window Curtains and Shades China. Glass, and Crockery Ware, Girandoles and Vases Maple Bedsteads, Wardrobe* and Cane seat Chairs Feather lied*, Ha rand Shuck Mattresses Brussels and ??ther Carpets. Oilcloth ami Stair Rods Clock, Hat-tree, Cooking and other Stoves Picklcsand Preserves. Tin Safe Kitchen Kequis'tes. Ac.. Ac. Terms: All sums of $25, cash ; over $2T> a credit of ,mand Wdavs, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. A. GRKFN, Auct. P. S.?The (Touts is also for rent. A nearly new three story brick. A line opportunity for pers? tis wishing to rent. oc 27-d pt'BLlC SALE OF A VALUABLE KARM 1- IM Oranhi Cotrsn. V*.? Having more land than I can cultivate. | will offer for sale, at public auction, on TFESDA V. the 17th day of November, 1H57. " Birchland." lying in the Countv of Orange, on Mountain Run, adjoining the lands of Hon. Jere miah Morton and others, and containing three hun dred and seventy eight acres, about two hundred acres cleared and now in Clover, and the remainder in original growth?well gutted to growing a hue quality of Tolweco. The Buildings have been erected within the last year, and suitable for tanning purposes. I invite purchasers to examine for them selves. Having determined to sell, 1 am disposed to sell a great lorgaiu. For further particulars address J. J. Halsey, Mitchell's Station. Culpeper County, or the under signed at Oiange Court House. oc28-ts GEORGE A^SLEET. By A. GR EEN. Auctioneer. '11RU8TEES' SAEE OF VALUABLE I'ROP I kp.ty.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Alex ander Tonnet and wife, dated the/rth day of August, 1*56,and duly recorded in Liber J. A. S.. No. lie. fo lios S*V4, Ac., one of the lan<l record* for Washington Count* in the District of Columbia, the suliscrtbcr will sell, on MONDA V*. November tti. at to'clock p. in., on the premises, all ttiat piece or parcel of Ground situated in the City of Washington, ar.d known and descriN-d as part of Lot nuinliered two U'tiu sulvliviston of Square nuinliered two hondred ?i:d iwentv-etgbt (2J8) fronting twentr-five <25?" f et on D strcet.ruiiniiig I ack sixty-five<65) fe< t. to gether with the appuitenanoes. right, privileges, and other hereditaments tbereuutolicloiiEiug. Terms: One third uash;(ot which -*Vi must l*e paid on the spot,) balance m #> ami IV months. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Conveyancing at purchaser's expense. E.C.MORGAN, / ~ ALFRED SCHI'CKING.< r^stcos. (.!? in-iawta A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGL'IRE, Auctioneer. VrALl'ABLE COUNTRY SEAT AT PUBLIC Acctk n.?On MOND \Y AFTERNOON. October 2t;th, at three o'clock, on the premises, I sell sell Unutiful ocmntry residence called " Summer Hill," which is hi mated in Virginia, on the turnpike road leading from Washington city to Alexandria, three miles and a half from either city, consisting of a new au<! comfortable dwelling lie.use, cellars, and outbuildings, with 150 acres of very r>ch land, of which over 11" acres are under cultivation, the rest lieing lir rd woodland: good spring water, good fishing. g??od water power for milling or facto ry purposes. The land may be purchased in two parcels, aliout ion acres with the residence, and over 5"acres with a house, of which over 1*? acres are the beat in the neighbourhood for early gardening. Terms at sale. oc 27 d J AS. C. McGT'IRE, Auctioneer. |T/*Owing to the inclemency of tke weather ves terdav.and the present pressure in the money mar ket, Vaj. G. Toehinan his POSTPONED the pub lic sale of his residence and farm, " Summer Hill," in the County of Alexandria, Va., until MONDAY, the 4th of January next, at 10 o'clock a. m., on the premises. In the meantime, they are ottered for private >?a!e: and further information as to terms of sale, fte., may be obtained at the auction store of J. C. McGuire. J AS. C. McGl IRE, rvc 27 ?sw Apetion ami Commission Merchant. iVIARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of three writs 1*1 of Fieri Facias, issued from the Clerk s Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbitt lor the County of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to public sale for CASH, in front of the Court-nouse door of said county, ou WEDNES DAY, the 28th day of October, at 12 o'clock m. the following described property, to wit: all defendant's right, title, claim, and iuterest in and to that part of Lot No. 17. in Square No. 374, commencing 2J feet n inches from the northeast corner of said lot. front ing 1G feet 8 inches oil I street North. Iietween 9th slid 10th streets West, and running hack that width the whole depth of the lot, together with all and sin gular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as Hie properly of Wil lam D. Acken.and will l-e sold to satisfy Judicial* Noa. 361. CTa.and 379, to Ohtober term, 1Po7, in favor of Charles Koooes. use of Parker P. Clark, Peter J. Steer, and Fielder M. MW ,lhv? U ATV HOOVER. Marshal f.r the District of Columbia, oc "? dtds _ in- THF ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THI RSDA Y, the loth of November ,k. j D?0,|VKH oc28-t* Marshnl for District of Columbia. HKING, CONGRESS CLOTHING HALL, .V". 414 Pa. nr., ni>rth tide, bflwtrn 4l? 4" 6tk ?**., Respectfully informs his friends and customers per eent. in tho city. 1 wil! svll an eutire Winter Suit for S'>l a black Broadcloth Suit for ft 10. oc tt?2tflW . in piu IT, ORNAMENTAL TREES, Ac. The undersigned caMs the attention of p'nnters to his extensive stock ofFRlJIT TREES, wluch?** are of the finest quality. guaranteed as to accu-^P tacv, and verv cheap, viz: ? ao.iii>o Dwarf Pears, choicest variety, uative and Eu ropean. $25 to $35 per 1<?>. 15.000 Peach 'I'recs, standard kinds, $10 per 100. lo.nOO Apple Trees, best Southern variety, $18 per 100. 2,(V0 l.awton Blackberries. Apneots, Cherries, Plums, ({uinces. Grape Vines Strawberries, Raspberries. Goosclternes, Currants, Ac . an immense stoek of all the finest variety. Shade Trees, Evergreens, Roses, Rhubarb and Asparagus Roots. With all articles pertaining to the Nurserj and Seed business. JOHN SA 171.. 3W7th street, corner ii street, oc!3 eo9t Washington, D. C. A II. M AR LOW'S ' CU a'?IUIIp<,T \NU SH,)K STORE. Ao.4Ai P fMHsyl i-nnirt arm He. nri' I take this opportunity of informing my customers and the public ir^fcenera! tnat I have on sale. a lot of first rate Cull" skiu tiiuters )>t anil a French Calf-skin Patent Lentherl Gaiter at $3^0. a? eood as are usually sold at $5,and a good Calf-skin Itoot at $4.5o. Indies Gaiters at 3M-25, fine Morocco Buskins at$l,and all other Shoes, such as Boy's. Misses, and Chil drens, ohoap in proportion. Call and see for your selves. Don't forget the place. No.488 Pennsylva nia avenue. Iietween 3d and 4>6 streets. *u25-2aw3m J^OUSEKEEPERS, ATTENTION ? I have this day reonved another Fupply of the COAL f?AS BURNERS. This Stove burns the gas and smoke from the oor.l, thereby making a s av ing of one half t he fuel from the common c.>al stoves; suitable to all apart ments, Ac. For sale only at C. Wot?dward's Stove, Grate. Furnace, and C?K?king Range Factory, Nos. 3l8and 3J2 I'eunsyIvataa avenue, between mth and 11th streets. _oc7eo4w C. WOODWARD. piMPS-Pl MPS-PUMPS. The subacril>or gives notice that lie continues to manufacture hu large Iron Pumps. They are atrnng ami suhataiitial, and will raise water one hundred feet perpendicular. For information I refer you to the inhabitants who have used them.nnd two o'fthem mav l>e seen on F street, l>etweeii 12th and at the ooruer of H and )3th. one near the old Capitol in a deep well, two on V.rg inia avenue, between 2d and 4th streets, all put in operation b* order of the Mayor of Washington, lie will dig and deepen wells, build citterns fui run. *:vter put in operation Hydraulian Ratns, and repair old pumps of every description. Thoae desiring his serviees wi I be ac commodated at the shortest notice bv aalliug on the subscriber in Washmgtou. D. C., No. 463 Virginia avenue, near the Carroll Plaoe. sc2-eo2m FOSTER HENSHAW. GREAT BARGAINS in second-hand Piauosat the Music Depot, from $*.5 to $150, to be sold on time, or at reduced price for cash. W. G. MLTZFROTT, no corner Ittli street and Pa-avenue. tfOLEY'tf GOLD PENS?Rank Pen. Engrossing r Pen, Medium Pen. aud others, are just rooeiv.-d in variety from the maker of unusual workmanship t'r1 *"'?! -iryxgs^TjtTOs. piClCLES BV THE HUNDRED. A lot of selected PICKLED CUCUMBERS, in vinegar whiehwe will sell in auy quantity desired, oc 13 KING A Bl HHIKI,L. CHINESE SUGAR CANE S V K U P. from Reeve'. AIiU,4>f a supenor qtiality. ia now for M|? bjr J* "? WILSOBi.Owsw, sua If fnt.l 3/1 Pewnsylvama avenue. EA NUTS. an bushels PfiA N UTS for sale by JONAS P. LEVY. Mt-tf AM 12th street, ooruer of P TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Fr?m the A**?rlati4 Prwi l|eit. The Arftl Fl??4. Auait, Oct. 2fc ?The fiesbet is still upon as At It o'clock last Might tbr water race to its height, within two and a half fort of the grant Febrnnry f-eshet. Tbr water remained station ary WIM six hours, when it begaa to recede. uti during the last twelve hoars has fallen eighteen inches The business portion of the city is frt submerged some two or three fort. Intelligence received herefrom tbr West gives fearful tidings of tl>c storm Oa lakr Ostsrio ssverai vessel* have been foundered From Oa wego we learn that several vessels bit* bees wrecked ia their approach to the harbor No ac count from those ootslde, Imt foarfal appousa sionsare entertained. At Syracuse the freshet was unprecedented The southern portions of the city were inundated and families had to escape from their dwelling* in the bast manner they could, some wading through the wster three feet deep For the last thirty \ear? such a terrible freshet has aot been witnessed ia the Onondaga cresk At Utica the Mohawk overflowed '.ts banks and covered the whole t on ntry to maay nuke*; and. indeed, all along the Mohawk flats, down to the junction of the Hudson. tbe >whole valley pre sents a Held of water scarcely ever seen before The standing crops of corn, potatoes, buckwheat, and hundreds cf tons of hay in the aUok have been swept away with the tremendous current Roust's PotWT, N Y . Oct. ? ?There is a great freshet in nortb?rA New York The d-nsburg railroad trac k was swept away la acve ral places and no tratna have passed since Mon day. Numerous dams, mills, dwellings, and bridge* have also been destroyed The damage in Chamberlain village is about t?0,0M Monetary Affair*, *cM at New Orleans. New Orlbaxs, Oct. 'The money market here continue* without any relief, and the crista is worse than at any former period of the city's history. The banks are all urged to suspend, as it is believed the effect would be salutary. Tfcey will prolKibly be compelled to do so ere long, in self-defence. The propositions brought f<?rwaM on Monday a combination of the foctors not to sell cotton uuder fifteen cents, were ind^nantly rejected by a portion of the trade, but it is neveitheiess be lieved that another effort will be made to pass tli*m. The exports of cotton to Great Britain during the past week reached 2S.QN? bales, an increase of bales as compared with the same week in 1-56. At Mobil* there were no exports to any foreign port during the week The Mississippi is now 12 feet 4 inches below high water mar* At the same time laat year it stood at II feet. The weather is quite stormy. Last night a gang of masked men attacked tbe inhabitants of St Thomas street, (tbe most of wh?>m are Irish.) indiscriminately killing one person and badly wounding a dozen others. No clue has yet been had to tbe assassins or their ob ject. Additional by the fctcamer Persia. N*w Yobk, October 30 ?The Herald of this morning states that tb? Persia brought over Sl, (kp.i.umu in certifli ates of deposit in the Bank of Knglarid, the Liverpool Bank and other institu tions, payable at si^ht, for the purpose of baying cotton and breadst nils. The Daily Times was wronjr. yesterday, in stating that Sir George Ouseley had been sent on a special mission to the United States. He goes as minister to Central America. The Cotton Trade. Savannah. Oct. 29?Four hnndred bale* of cotton were sold here to-day at Pic for middling. The de mand has improved since yesterday. CiiA&LtsToji. Oct 29 ?Sales of cotton to-day &kl bales; sales for the week 2.400, Tbe market closed Arm at unchanged prices. Augusta, Oct 20?Sales to-day of 300 bales at's quotations. Improvement in Money Matters. New York, Oct. 20 ?Money matters here are improv:ng considerably. Tbe Persia's specie has generally gone Into tbe banks Three nun dred and seventy thousand came on Canadian account. The usual weekly publication of the list of failures in the independent has Iteen suspended, on the ground that it postpones the restoration of confidence and increases tbe panic. Stocks closed heavy this aflttnoon Mn'der of a Family of Foar Persona. Boston, Oct. ifc ?Mr. Gunnison, express mes senger for steamer Admiral, reports tbe murder of a family, consisting of four persoos?a man, his wife and two children?on Monday night, near St John, N. B. The murderer's "purpose was robbery. Pursuit was being made for three men, who were suspected of perpetrating tbo crime No name* are given. Steam Boiler Explosion.*. Oct. 20?The steam boiler in llaywaid's works exploded this morning;, de stroying the establishment. Two hundred hands were at work. Many of tbe giils jumped out of the windows and some were injured, but none seriously. Two of the workmen v?ere severely injured The loss is estimated at |5U,VU(|, which is insured iu New York. Circulating Spnrious Notea. Ro?ton, t >ctober2* ?Three men have been ar rested here, in connection with forgeries, em bracing the circulation of some unsiciied tank notes, stolen a few months since from the New England Bank Note Company. Tbe amount thus spuriously circulated Joes not probably ex ceed ??,?U0 The parties were held to bail for trial. __ Excitement in Baltimore. HtLTiMdCK, Oct. 3(1?The Governor's procla mation and the correspondence between L iu ar.d the Mayor still excite the public attention The*milttary officers are enrolling iwen for tbe various companies, but tbe work p rug rex* s slowly. The Governor Is still in the city. Fire in Norfolk. N'citFo:.*, Oct. 3li.? Tbe main building of tbo Norfolk Rosin Oil Manufactory was destroyed l>y lire last night. The machinery was much damaged. The piobable loss is about *b.t?JU Baltimore Markets Baltimore. Oct. 30 j-Flour is firm; Howard street and Ohio $5.25 on time, and fcS 12^ for cash. City Mills $5 50on time Wheat is steady; red $1 2iv$1.25; whi'afl Itla SI 1u. Corn is generally higher; sales of white at 70aT5. and yellow at TliaTlc Whisky is unchanged; City 21a21j?; Ohio 2.a 22KC. ?? New York Markets. N*w Yobk, October 40.?Flour has advanced; sales of 16,1*10 bbls. State t4.;jn4.9t( Ohio *5 25a 96.60; Southern *5 I0a#5 ti?. Wheat isauiet; sales are unimportant; Milwau kie Club ItnalOP; Chicago Spring 81. Com is firm; sales ummpoiUut; mixed 72a73 Pork has declined: mcaa 910 75*920 Lard has declined Ic; sales at Sal2c. Whisky closed firm at JI^c. Finnncial. Nkw York, Oct. 30.?SUx ks are firmer. Chi cago and Hock Island 86'4 ; Cumberland Coal Co ti)j; Illinois Central railroad 88; do bonds 71; Michigan Southern 12; New York Central 65jg; I'enn Coal Co. 62; Heading 33, Virginia ?'? 79: Missouri6's(jt>3<. Sterling exchange dull at ft*. A Strong-Mixpkp Ya\ kkk Girt..?Miss Hna* mer, who left this country on the Yanderbiit last Saturday, and familiarly"knowu as the " Yankee Sculptortss,"' is rcmaikable for possessing a strong, independent and masculine mind Be sides the many works she has executed, her ?*Cenci:' stands'foremost; and those who are fa miliar with the fearful history of tb? tragedy upon which Sbclley has written one of his grandest poems, can see that none other than a strongly marked intellect could grasp the ex pression of agony through which the poor ^iil pissed. M isa Hoamer'a conception of tbtsg.c-'t statue is acknowledged to be true and absorb ing, while In finish the work has lieeu pro nounced exquisitely chaste and perfect. This lady was, in her youth, (she is now about i7 years of age.) remarkable for boyish predilec tions. She used to climb up trees after birds' nests drive shout the country in male attire, Ac. When Mrs KeHible was reading in Roston some years ago. W iss llosmer was accustomed to come In from Watertown in the evening alone, and walk up fr?m llj? I'Wchbnrg station unattended, but armed with a ferocious looking pistol, tn order to make the "lords of creation"' keep a civil tongue in their Leads and preserve her from unbecoming aunoyancc. A Most I'mallaxt Luitor ?There is a fair iieing held in Richmond, Va., and the Whig sa\ s: " Wo have no ld?a of provoking personal diitt culty with any of the chivalrous gentlemen woo have come hither to the Fair ; but we do say. in spite of the world, the flesh, and the devil, that I leaven, iu manufacturing most of them,, was ex ceedingly sparing of its comely materials As to the f.-inale portion, language falls us tu speak of their infinite merita?in terms at once truthful and graphic Tkt amount frmmU *omehmtu in tow at the present time u mtUrlf iWM'rtM Me and UHimimgtuablf. There are a few noticeable and even brilliant exccjrtions. however, to took upon, which la a feast to tbo eve aa?l a rapture to ttie soul. But may a kind Providence soon take the balance to Lira self, and make them jewels in his crown-for tbelr light on earth, derived from tlwir personal appearance, will new be foitfbler than that emitted by a rusty teapenay aail '* rr^ Thomas Kbler, a notorious desp^'ado, was stabbed to the heart ou the 23d, la a fracaa with a negro la Louisville, Ky