Newspaper of Evening Star, November 4, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 4, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. WASHINGTON, 1). C., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1857. NO. 1.496. 4 THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (8U>DAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUIL0I.18S, Cornw of Pa avcnu* and Elever-tk strut, By W. D. WALLACES. Papers served in packages by farriers at #4 a year, or 37 oeots per month. To ma;l subscribers the ?ab sorption pr.oe is |3Mt year, is advance; 92 Tor aix months; 9> for three months; aad Tor ess tfcaa three months st the rate of 12 oents a week. Siafle copies, one cent; in wrappers, two cents. Advkbtiskmbmts (of euht lines to the s<<uare) inserted three times for 91 ; every other day or seini-woekly. 25 per cent. advance ; once a week. 30 p?r cont. advance. IXCIOE1TS or HPKRM WHALING. fProm the Boston Traveler.] The good barbae Ku?b as? lying becalms] off tin? >\ mt en?l ot ( elebw, with a large iperm whale alongside, ready to be cut in. The sea was smooth as a pond, and the sun as hot as biases. " In board there shouted the mate, who Was on a stage over the side '? in board there, ahoy! ' ' ** Sir,'* was the response " Whose hook on is it "Mine, responded a voice frjrn the half , k- and up bounded Tom. a smart young boatsteerer. with nothing on but a pair of draw ers In a couple of winks he ma le a dash at the open gangway overboard, for he was a good swimmer, but unluckily his foot slipped and indeed of jumping outside of the whale, which was evidently his intention, the back of his head struck the ridge of the whale, and he went down with bis hands extended Over his head. All who saw him supposed he was go ing down a fathom or two to cool off, and ex pected him up again in a few scoonds, but not appearing soon. tbe Li'?n along the gangway and the mates upon the stages roared out? '? He s gone ! save him, boy? ! ' and in a second hve ot our best swimmers plunged after him. and a boat was lowered at tbe same time. But it was at! in vain; poor Tom ruse no more : eveu the men who plunged after him only saw a shoal of sharks descending in the direction they supposed he was siuking No doubt he w*s devoured in less than live minntes after he jumped overboard. Shoals of sharks general ly keep company with whalers, especially when they Lave whales alongside, aud dash at every thing that is thrown overboard. They would eat a whale s blubber in a night, if not kept off by spades aud lances These sharp instru ments are appreciated by them?they seem to kn >w that their touch is death, and instinctive ly keep a respectable distance, until the car cass i< surrendered to them in due form ; then they have a blow out. and a free fight without interference fan salt beef surgeons. Poor Tom had taken his last dive. The boat, after pulling astern, following tbo set of the cur rent a reasonable time, returned and was hoist el up in silence. The men were too oppressed withgrief to sing the ujual song, and walked f >rward without exchanging a word. The cap tain had walked the quarter deck full fivo min utes, apparently lost in thonght. when the man at the mast-head sung out, ?? There she blows? tbero again?there's two of them." "Where away?*' demanded the captain J springing into the main rigging. ?'Right astern, sir; large whales! There gw? rfukes. headed across the ship's wake to port There ?ho blows; there again." contin ued the lookout, and soon the captain and males were up ale g ide of him. -Clear away the boats !" shouted the cap tain,'aud getready toloweraway ; down from alott Ship-keej-er away aloft and keep a good look-out. ? All hands were on the move. full of life and animation. Poor Tun was forgotten in the ex citement of tfe moment It was not until the captain s boat had dropped astern that be re called to mind the fate of his boatsteerer by his absence from the bow of the boat; but seeing the cabin-boy looking over the taffrail. he sun - out : ? ? Jump everboard. Bill, and 1 11 pick you up. I want you to pull the after oar.1 ^ ith?<ut a moment a hesitation. Bill was over board. a fathom deep, but rose to the surfate like a cork, and was dragged aboard. Now. said the captain, who was a jovial young fellow, and delighted to identify himself with the humors of tbe crew, ' you, Parson, pull the harpooner oar ; I II give "you a chance t.. fasten, if we have the good luck to get upon the whale ; but mind, if you miss, I'll drive a lance through you." The young man whom he addressed as Par son had obtained the title by trying to teach a couple ol New Zelanders to read the Bible All the man had by names, such as Long Boy. Broadsword. Jack Ketch, Livercomplaint UhWMtiNi, Lajarus, Ac., and these names were more used than those on the " Articles." This was the Parsons first voyage whaling j aini the voyage was yet young, as there were only 30V barrels of oil on board, and the ship I c ?uld Stow l.SdO barrels. The death of Tom had given him a lilt, which of right belonged to some eiperienced spjutcr, of whom there were seve ral among the crew, and ho felt determined to ?how himself worthy of the place the captain had assigned him. ?? Pull my boys?spring to your oars?bend your backs said the captain, grinding his teeth and pushing at the after oar with all his might. i all and head the mate?that's you, auother stroke like that, my hearties ; there she goes ; ihf flits, hurrah ! the mate drops?now we I#ad?c4F the goes!" " Th? whale s up, sir,* said the Parson, In terrupting the captain, on tbe larboard bow.? io he is, and it s our chance. Peak your oars, boys, and take to tbe paddles. " I he order was promptly obeved. and we were seated along the gunwales pad lling like Malays The whale was about half a mile off going at the rate of three knots an hour aud blowing as lei surely as a blacksmith's bellows Don t make a not-e. my lads,' whispered the Cr-Ptta,.n; ?P Jour P3(lfJlej clear of the *ides of th* L^at. \V hat a hoble fellow he is?gray* headed, a regular patriarch. Now. Parson if you m:s.? him, I'll kill yon?mind be'sgoodfor *5 barrels, yes. 90 ; perhaps 100. aud to miss bim deserves death?two deaths?eh. boys*? Hush ' take your paddle* ont of the water?he swells oakum?no he doe^n t; paddle away!' We were following in his wake, and as the sun was shining on his starboard side, the captaiu concluded the glare would half blind him, and enable u< to appr.*eb without being seen, and eteerod the boat accordingly. It really grand to see tbs noble fellow ploughing alon-so gently, the wat-r curling over his back as if"he were bathing for the benefit of his health, aud enjoying the pleasure. Stand up. I ar*?u said the captain, firmly, though in a whi'per, hii eyes -laring as if thej would leap from their sockets. lue boat's boat was square with the whale's bump nol more than eight feet off; the Parson hold the iron .harj^ou) by the middle careless ly in hts left hand ; the men still paddled, just keeping wa\ with the whale, while the captain was gradually edging the boat, head ou aud stern off. ? Dart." whispered the captain; but the Parsou whispered back " Lay on " ?? Dart. I tell you. jou re near enough !" " Lay on !" was *tiil the response of the P?rs->u - There, blast you, there's lay on and have your boa I knocked off ' giving the boat a weep on with the steering oar This time there wa* uo order to dart, nor was it neocasa ry ; for the Parson, in order to give inert a ed Telocity to the harp>>u. sprang into the box ef the boat and sent one iron after the other s-x'ket-up into the whale, just abaft the fin; then juiupiug down into his proper place, he ?eised a lance, but before he could bring it to hear, the whale iairiy >praug out of water at least six feet and came down with a splash that shrouded the boat in form as if she had been immersed in the ruins of a water spout. "Mem bard." shouted the captain? stern for your live*.' and the men bent to tbeir oars ainid the whirlpool created by the motion of the whale. Bui the Parson, true to his origi nal purpose. reg?rdle*s of the consequences, while the b?at lay almost against tbe whale's huiiip. sent tbo lance into his vitals aud churn ed it round and round; the eap'.aiu swearing like a maniac (or biia to sit down to his oar and lend a hand to back the boat clear of tbe wfcele. " lis snouts thick blood." said tbe Parson. Mispiasaly, as he exchanged places with the etgtam ; " I did not miss him.'f The whale then went down about fifty fath oms, but was too much used up to remain Ion* below, and when be oarne to blow, lay motion less lor a minute "Lay on." said tbe cap tain. ?and I'll kill him dead ' The order bad uot to be repeated, tbe Parson sent tbe stem of tbe boat square against tbe wbalt iid?j "P1*10 WttS *bout picking out a 90ft rand Ini", *"Ce' Wb*" tb? whale milled short U irntllon corner of.bis fluke, laid orfr u/.i **>?*? gunwale, and tipped hor hlJ hand inPh M * ,ad^ would ,urn fl!Ih a u i'n* adleu" But quickly aa a !t^r ?r f1ew 10 th*other -,,,e cot *n" mate's^ I?11 m tW0, 1Dd broke th? thirJ mate a log. Hero was a pretty mess: twelve smners overboard in bloody wafer, surrounded by sharks, and at tbe same time liable to be stu&nhed in piece* by the whale s flukes; but L??Ve?Crail u Pa!r,nrch ?rP?rently satisfied with what ho had done. left us to the care of the UatVii Pa,ldleJ aw"?y with two irons and a To right our boat was tbe work of a few min utes and in half an hour she wa? an ark of V J1 U w' * ?n b<"lrd Th? wh?'? made towards the ship, ran round and round a and then turned up fin out and head sunwards Ho made S?5 barrels of oil. Tb.-rt.Md second mate, unable to capture the other whale, returned to the ship; but that sain* afternoon the parson .aw him. or another fellow like him, and had the pleaauro of fasten ing hun also, ihc three whales made 270 bar rels of oil. * In si* weeks the Parson saw and struck four large and twelvo school whale#, and never missed one. This uniform success induced tbe captain to give him ohargoof the third mate's boat, in which he killed some half dozen whales when be had three of his ribs stove in, and was sent ashore at Guam, to procure medical at \puDiCe' aU remained there six months, w haling is not unliko war?every loworing is i in which all are liable to lose their lives. Hut the whaler re?juiresmorc skill and courage than the soldier or man-of-war's man. He rnu'st think ainl act at the same time?there are no given rules by which bo can govern himself, for every whale he attacks is apt to show some new caper, against which be must provide on the instant. Our whalemen, with a little martial training, would make the most formidable *a:l '.If. ? world. a* they are certainly tbe nust intelligent and daring. ?? ? t ^ | LP*Old Hiram is with us. You don't know iliram and can not understand the mischief he makes by ev erlastinzlv putting in his word when somebody would be better pleased if the half-drunk, balt-witted fellow would keep his mouth shut. 1 I>wk Runnels was running for Congress, Though a lineal descendant from an old and noted tory family. Pick is great at ? and all the more because he has nothing to brag of in that line. Une day, in the height ?'?tioncering appeal, he demands? \\ hose br.-ws were bWkened hv the powder smoke on Bunker Hill ' Whose breasts braved the hailstorm 'here?" ?None of your folks, you blamed old tory you roared out Old Hiram, and the laugh thkt I broke in broke down the orator, and he retired after a tew more incoherent observations. But he was to speak again in a few days and taking old Hiram into bis confidence and treating him liberally to brandy and water, he made a bar gain with Hiram not to interrupt him again, promising him as much brandy as he could drink at the close of the meeting if he kept quiet. I Runnels went on swimmingly. His patriotism ! rose with the tide of hia eloquence, and at length he exclaimed. ?? We cherish tbe useless musket and rusted sabre of our forefathers as holy things. Runnels, R unncis f" ah011 ted old Hiram ; *T can t hold in I 11 pay for the brandy mys;lf but I can t hold in. I^'hem muskets and sabres is too much for old Hiram !" and the maddened roar of merriment that went up drowned old Hiram and Runnels together. 'Is Ga me to Prepare to Sboitt.''?The Menon (Ala) Commonwealth relates the follow ing story : For some time back the negroes of this place religious revival going on in the Methodist Curch, and which, we learn, has re sulted in ?ome good. The other night u ladle cruus incident took place, which for tbe Ume threatened to mar the enjoyment of the darkies hl1? ev?r7 thmg seemed to be going on to the en?Ufie of the leaders of the meeting, a tall, black looking son of Africa deliberate!? rose in the congregation andoommenced pullinlr his coat off. as if preparing either to thrash some other darkey or give the devil, if he were pre sent, tho best fight he could. preparatory to closing the meeting. All eyes were turned upon the comical attitude of the darkey, and some of the more timid began to fear that a melee was about to take place 111 the church. This, how ever. was not the case; for our African convort. seeing the stir that was being made, and the apparent agitation of the whole assembly, hal looed out at the lop of his voice ? 'Brederimr and sisters, don't be frightened, I s only gwine to prepare to shout, and he gave one of those ? nearthly yells which vibrated though the ehurch. and shook the windows as if the hous? were falling The darkey had to make tracks ?r, to use the language of another darkey, was tumbled head foremost right out ofthe door- by Some of the brcthern. SorTHCRS Crookerv. ?The discovery of ?' Caolin,' the fine clay of which china and granite w.irc is m tde, in &outb Carolina and Georgia, has introduced among ua another branch .,f industry, likely to prove of great commercial value to us. As crockery is un ar ticle ot almost universal consumption, we may expect it to become an article of extensive ex portation. The '? Southern Porcelain Manufacturing Company ' have a capital of $50 0<M), and own * *"*1 2o acres of the clay, which is pro nounced to be e'jttal to the* foreign. Their works are abour six miles from Bath, near the couth Caroliua railroad. They have dug down some 24 feet withonr reaching its bottom, and regard the supply as ample for years to come. The company gives employment to some forty persons, ami now turn off some 'oar hundred d .liars worth of ware per week, which will be iocreaped to soiue eight hundred dollars a week as soon a# another kiln is prepared At present their operations are confined to the manufacture of pit<*hers mugs and spit toons, but they will make table ware in a short time. T V years ago 1 was riding from Lan sing to Jackson in Michigan, in a stage-coach, aud before me was a pleasant looking young lady with a volume of poems, which I found to be Ossian s, in her band. The only other pas senger wus a stupid fellow at my side. who was not disposed to talk ; and as tho ride was long and dull. I borrowed the book, and. on the lady's suggestion, read aloud The swellin" sentences rolled as the coach rolled, and 2 read ? * ' As roll a thousand waves to a rock so Swar ran's host came on ; as meets a rock a thousand waves, so Innisfail met Swarran. Death raises all his voices around, aud mixes with the sound of shields Tbe field of echoes? ' Here the gawky at my side, who had already yawned several times, gave a decided groan. I immediately o^ased, aud asked him if uiy read ing disturbed him. expressing my willingness to close the book if it did "Oh, no,' said he?''.Oh, no, go on. lean stan it to set all day aud hear about the ole Revolution ' | .T The present dangerous illness of the kin* of Prussia had it* origau. says * Paris letter, in a too strong dose of tobacco smoke. This was administered to him by the emperor of Russia aud the princes of the royal family in the ears going fr^m Potmlam to Berlin. Thecaarsnd the princes, to pass the time, commenced to smoke s>m* very strouz Russian tobacco and soon filled the ear. The king was observed tvfall a*lo?p. tad was allowed to reuiain in this con dition till they arrived at Berlin. When they a tempted to arouse him they found it impossible to bring him to ? state of eoujplete consciousness ; bis physician was seat for. he was carried to the Claee. and remained .till somnolent at tbe Mt dstes He i. thought tu be atBi<-t?i with softening of the brain. For Bent and Sale. RKNT.?Th?t new three a?ory Brick House 1 with back (wilding, with I with room, {im, and .Vi the modem conveniences, situafod on fc street, be tween Second arid Third streets. Inquire of J.W. A H N OLD. C strait,betweeu third &ud Four-aud a-half. oc 14-tf LMJK K KNT.-My HOUSE on F street. between r 12th and 13tU. "J-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. L'OK BKNT.-A threo story Frame House and a Furniture, No. ilt, iiorth side Massachusetts avenue. Iwiweflu 4tii and Mb streets, containing twelve r oms with passage, aide niiey and back al ley. and a large (lower rarden. The house is neatly furnished ard in the neighborhood of the Northern Liberties Market and convenient to several church cs For particular* aoply at the premises before 8 (/olock a in. or af ter So'clock p. m. oc25-tf_ FOR RFNT?A 1 and8omelf Furnished HOUSE, ( No. 4-W. northeast corner of H and 10th streets) oontaining thirteen rooms, with ga* fixtures, Isithisg room, Ac For particulars apply on the premises.or address Box AI3, Ci?y Post office. se 22 tf L^OK R ENT.-Oua Urge PARI.OR. with Bed" JT roouts attached, suitable for a fatuily or gentle man and lady, wirh or without Board. Also, several otner Kooin*. suitable for single gentlemen. Apply at D'lVKRNOIS'S Hotel, Pa.avenue,between l"U? and !R?h sfs. oo 22 ARNVt* CONFECTIONERY FOR SALE. This well knovrn and popular establishment u? iiow offered for Sale, thus presenting * rare oppoitu mty for a good Coi'fcotioncr to enter into a safe and profitable business. Possession c~:i i>c had 1st No veiril>er. Th3 three story Brick House, now occu pied as above, is offered at private sale, or will bo rented or i eased as may ho desired. For particulars inquire on the premises. No. ?4 Bridge street. Georgetown, D. C.. or to \VM. BRIDGES, 313 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, au 27-tf LVIR RKNT-Prof. H. \V. MINDER having a fitted up his Hall in an elegant manner, which renders it one of the prettiest rooms 1:1 this city, will be rented upon moderate terms for Soirees,Suppers, Dinners, or Promenade Concerts. Apply at the . Hall on Tuesday. Wednesday,and Thursday even ings fromuntil 9>? o'clock. II is School is now open for the reception of pupils on Ttnsday and Thursday aftcrnoou and evening, oc <2-tf Stoves. &c. MC . W O O I) W A R l>' S KTROPOLITAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. The Greatest Cooking btoves in (As United State.*. [ have just received from Philadelphia a few of the new Rising Stab, or double Oven C?M>kiug Stove; a decided improvement on the old Morning Star ; patented 1857. I hid them got up in Philadel phia this last summer, exclusively for this market. Tiiey are very heavy and strong, an?l cast of the very l?est Pennsylvania Malleable Irdu. All the Cooking Utensils are made extra heavy. F. H. Church. Esq., manufacturer. I luive also, Fuk Lihkrty Star, made by Messrs. Abltotf A Lr.urenceof the vaiue place. Thk Light Stkkkt Double Ovtcn Cook, made by Messrs. Iltivan Bnrtlett A Co.. Baltimore,together with the very best Air Tight Flat-Top Stoves ttiat can l?e found in this or any other market, some of which are the celebrated Sunrise, Improved lii.oBK, Flora Cook. Nohi.e Cook.*nu the Blue Ridge Air Tight Cook. If any man oau produce a belter Cooking Stove, to excel the above Stoves, for roasting. Inking, Ac., I will give hun *SOon each on-?. Please c*.l and examine them, it will cost you nothing. ?nd you will see all kinds and torts of Stoves, Ao. For aale at C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory. No. 318 and3& Pa? ave., bet. loti. an<111th sts. Balcomr in Front full of Stoves. N. R. As to the Sea Shell slat top Cooking Simvk. I have examined it thoroughly, and think it has a very appropriate r.nnje? Snn.L. Yes, shells will burnout in a few fires. It ia a good name lor them?good for the makers. And as to the old Morn ing Star, f sold them last fall, but will not sell them a^ain. They are as thin as pasleliosrd. I can prove that the maker's agent urged me, for almost a day, last summer in my counting room to sell them this FaJ!; aying that if I would take twenty-live of them lie would rive me the exclusive agency ofthem for live years. I told hun 1 would not nnva them at anv price, they are ao thinly made. They are hand billsd over town by one th-t said last fall that they were not worth having. All the above I oau prove, se 17-tf P R O S T KINO. C. WOODWARD'S METROPOLITAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. So. SI8 Pa. nrenm*, between I0(A and se 3-eo3m lltk ?trei>t.<, PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Painting and Photography Combined. PHOTOGRAP hTC PORTRAITS. Iu Oil Color*, on Canvas, Miniature or Size or Lira. s. waITker's PORTRAIT AM) PICTURE GALLERY, . Odeon Hall, oorucr 4>? st.and Pennsylvania avenue. S.WALKER lias fitted up the above spacious apartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most ornii ptote and handsome in the whole country. He has u large (ialiery for free exhibition of upward of itti fine Oil Paintings, by koine of tho U-st ancient find modern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. Walker has also fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments lor ladies, and purchase;! the finest possible instru ments. and encaged a first class operative artist to assist hun lit the department for taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC. AMBROTYPE AND DA O UKR R EOTV PE PORTRAITS, from the smallest miniature to size of S. Walikr. by oombiuing the Photographic Pro cess with the art of Painting, of wluoh lie has had 26 year*' experience and whose specimens of life size poi trails may be soen in some of the first fami lies of the oitv, as well as those exhibited in his Gallery, lie will l>e able, by the oombumtion of the two, to produon portraits that have never been ez oclled for their fidelity and life-like expression. Can vas and boards prepared bs himself expressly for the purpose. Part.oula. attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or life-size, frofn small pictures of tie erased .friend*. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persona taken at their own residences, on immediate notioe. | Committees and taken in any number in groups, and any quantity of c<>,- ie? from the same sold at reasonable chaxgts. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb atones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, oarrtully Iiaok lined and restored to their original froshness. l<nd:es and gentlemen are respectfully solicited to oall at the Gallvry, over Shiliitigtou's K?k atoro? entrance 4)* street, two doora from Peu'isylvsnia aweuue. ? irll fin PROPOSALS rOR STATIONEUY.~ War, Department. ( Washington.Octobei 2ist. 1?57.\ Proposals will fr* reoeived at this Departiner.f cn'il 12 o'olock on 'I huisdar. the 12th day >,( Novem ber next, for supplying the Stationery described in the schedules below. The Stationery must he of the be6t quality. Samples must aoootiibanj bids. The successful bidder will bo required to kivo bond, with approved sureties, for the ftitlifnl fulfil* merit of his contract, and the Department w.ll re serve the right to order the articles at such times and in suoh quantities as it may deem proper, snd to increase or diminish the quantities t?eloW stated. rAP>RS MADE or I.tNKN STUCK. 2 reams folio post, ruled, machine made, weigh lug i7 pounds, per renin. 3^ reams single cap, rule 1, maohuie-inade, weigh ing 12 pounds, per ream. 140 reams quarto post, ruled, machine urade, weighing ft1* pounds, per ream. Jn reams note paper, per roam. s " cop> nig paper, per ream. 5 " blotting paper, per ream, lu " envelope paper, buff or yellow, royal,per ream. ?idozen cards Perry's pens, per dozen cards lis) ?? uanls other melsllio pens, per dozeuuards 2,niK) a lulls, No. SO, per 1 .'**?. ? "dozen Contee'aor Faber's lea<l pencils, par dozen. 2 dozen ivory folders, plain, per dozon. 2 ?? erasers, ivoiv handles, do. I '* ivory wafer stamps, do. 1 " ooot>a sand boxes, do. ? " 4 MaJed kmvoa, Rodgers A Sons', per dozen. S dozen inkstanda. two-inch out glaas, per dozen lo do/en C?x?p?r A Philips's. Prinoe's, or other black lock, in qusrts. per dozen. 15 d"Z *n Freach carmiue ink, iu ouuoo vials, par dozen. ? 1 doz'-n copying ink, pep dozon. wsfers. large, for ()spartmsnt seal, perl.OiW. 20 po inds wafers, oommon size, per pound, fri ** sealing w ax. scarlet, do. 10 " 1 ml ia rubber, prepared, in pieces, per pound. 10ounces pounce, perounee. 2 pecks b'aek sand, per peak. 10dozen tn?te, assorted, par dozen. list " re<l tape, assorted sixes. p#r dozen. 2n,u?i envelopes, (70 weighing one pouud) per l,ou?. oc22-'aw4w F?VENING CLASHES ara now forming at the % Central Academy, oorner of E and loth atreeta. The exeroises will ooinmeuoo Wedneaday evening, October 14th. . A comple'e svstem of Figuras is taught in a new, concise, and sunp-'e method. ? ,, oo9-1m S. MERCHANT. Principal. L O T H E T R A D_L . Just reoeived, London Brown Stout and Sootoh ALE. of various brauda,at fl.75 par dozen by the casks of 8 aud 10 dozen. ...... JONAS P. LEVY, Comer of I2th and B streets stouth, oc 13-1 m Ci rooery and Wme StofO? , Georgetown Advertisement*. A L A K G E AS8.)R-njKN'FoV F AL At very Low Prices toY'a.tA Cajfemrrj. m ? JoH N IL 8MOOT. No. 119 Sorrn Sin* or BlUPO* STKEfcT. k.. J G?or**town, D.C'? ?fvh r?7ve(1 riud now ??enur at very low prices to aud prompt customers. a larre assortment of fall AN1) winter goods. Purchased m Philadelphia and New York at the far** recent Auction Sales, aud from the importer* diirHiiunnT ,?Ce aJ* m T^'1* h,m 10 ,,tter ?? purchasers, many desirable Goods considerably below u?2L the assortment will be found K ich S?tlk Robes and Ba> adere Silks Best make of Black Silks Bayadere Valeutias and Valentia Robes 5 , i Printed, all wool. Delaines aud Robes Satin r uriconies, plain eolors, all wool, a very sum. rior goods. double width, at T.Sc. Leeptn sand other makes French Merinos, of all the Bmck ??'wr"> including White and Plain Deiams, black, white and colored. ?-? Mack French Merinos, for Shawls .!c" ,'la,d Merinos, at 3!^ cts. Do. all W ool d0. .vi cts. I rinted Mcuslin Delaines, good styles, at 18Jf and 25 C0UI n V'?JJ?t styles, English Prints at 12* cU. K ich style Bonnot and Saso Ribbons riam ociors do., very oheap

m/u ll>t?>n???(l Fringe Trimmings 1 telle, Biocha Shawls, in grev.t variety Super double Brocha do. Chenille and Cashmere Scarfs S^CVi Kld Gloves, all ooiers and Nui. I Nick * l.i rucls, all colors White America',. Welch, and Saxony do. B.aO, Bowihaainesami t> 4 Delaines ??dors aid blsck Coburg Merinos kL-*j V.ftud Fngljsh Crapes 1 *>?! brown and white English Prints Luag^and^ square Black Thibet and Bay State Ladiei and Children's plaid woolen Shawls, in all styles and prices Hosiery of every description Indies Saxouy and Merino Vests I ' o.iSd.,oTSi'.,nd dM"Mlto Joll\ If. SMOOT. JVT OTIC h .? Having been informed that oer i 1 tain persons are in the habit of o?|lectins and ? J"", tn*ather the Bottles which containorl.aCe gytained^our beveragee, and therein an arti f,? "Vl1? t* ?*h?r? 'ban onroelves, an<1 then dispos ing of sOch article on the faith snd credit of our name stamped on said Bottles, ail p*s,,ns are h?c!!, notifiedthat such Bottles are our own property, and not suluect to sale, and that they are delivered toour customers only to be returned, and that it is our firm intention to prosecute to the utmost extent of the law, any mfringment of onr rights on the premisee. o ... ARNV4SHINN, .. Lnion Bottling Depot, 57 Green street. '* '' Georgetown. D. C. |\ft FONT'S GUNPOWDER^ ? 'I *'t] all times supplied withall the various kind* of DL PON fS'il/S POWDER, and am pre>pared to suppiy the same in any quantity to parties wautrnr. on the most favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia. mar 12 ?f f Infel.A SUtes ' 'fie^riMtiVii'ly^f;. JDentiitry, &c. npOOTH-ACHE! . TOOTH ACHE'! 1 TOOTH-ACHE!!! ?, MC- PATTEN, at Potentini's, opposite rtlctjiiire s, often cures th? in<>st violenf^r*:^ Tooth ache without extracting.but " the nation" in eatnicting without pain. I ooth -acti" certainly prevented by plugging aud Cleaning, it attended to in time. lr_ And Now 1* the Time! IiOffice at Potentini's. opposite McGuire's auction store. Hours?from 10 m the morning to 5 in t he evening. F- s-~"? Jjebeves he has by far the largest stook of Art 111 cut I leeflion hand in the city, and inserts tiiem m every approved and ilcsired practicable uian n"r- I States and Union, tf.) oe27-tf |\K. VII.LAKD, DKNTIST, LATE OF CHI ? w caso, would respectfully inform the cit- m 1 lxens of the Dutriot and vicinity, that hav-ftaJisaS ing locHted himself in W ashing ton, he is now prepared to perform a? operations in his profes sion, in the most approved style. Office, No- 25". Penn. avenue, adjoimnc Gantier'i j^n 2^lr rJ^UE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. IjOOMTS, ^f. D , the inventor and pntenteeof Loomi.?' Mintral plate Teeth," havings ^ sucoexsliilly introduced his improvement ml various cities, has now permanently estab lulled himseif in Washington. 1'his improvement for Sets of Teeth oonsistsohief lr 111 making a set of but one pieoc of material, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their oonstruetion, and thejr are therefore free from |ta!vanic notion and metaho taste. There nre no joints t?> become hiled with moisture or particles of food, hence they are pure and clean. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, lar more durable, and natural in their appearance. 1 will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work -f art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durability, artistic exoellenoe or any other resuisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. Penna. avenue, between lltU find litii streets. &p i^-ly HK MOST A W'FITL TO()Tll-ACHK cui"d by a moment's anplication of Dr. VAN PAT rhN S Forceps. (?!hceover Potei.tnn's,opposite McGuire s Auction Store. 00 '7 <States) Dentibtrv. I)R. STEPHEN BAILY, OfFirt No. J3H I'k^.nsvi.vania Avxnvk, Tkrit doors from 14;A Slrcil, Da. B A ILV l>egs leave to inform the pablie that he oen l?e seen at all hours, at his ottioe, located as above. Ho feel6 assured that au experience of hfteen years' practice, with the large numlierof patients.anu treat variety of difficult cases that he hastreate<l siicoess lully. will enable him to surmount any difficulty, scicntific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming the opluion ol many men eminent in the profsssiou, aud especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. Pormly, has ied lum, long since, todis onrd all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.aJso all Enamels, GatU Percha. India Rubber, and Ce meuts for the ryvistructum ?d Continuous Gum Teeth, and that INwoeltan, mounted on Gold Plate, 1* the only reliable ?ul>stanoe that can l>e worn in the mouth, aa was most conclusively shown b? tat* last Amerioan Dental Convention. Although he Hitters himself from his long resi det?ce aud practice in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends and ratrons. he begs leavoh) refer them to the following .TESTIMONIALS: From the late Reotor of the Churob of Epiphany of this city. Dr. STrrBFN Daily : Dear Sir?I desire to ei press my esteem for you personally. and my contidenoe in tou as a eupertur dentut. The operations executed for me nava l>een highly satisfactory. I hope that yon may receive the patronage from my friends and the public that youi eitiU so well deserves. . Yours very truly, Washington, Aug, 2G, l?6. J. W. FRENCH. From one of theoldcut lirms ip Baltimore, M est re. Boges, t'oti.iau 6: Co. Having employe<l Dr. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of \\ asnington city, to execute for nie an im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to ir.y entiro satisfaction, and in view of the fact that one of the ini>st distinguished members of the Dental College of Haltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the saine work satisfactorily, it gives me great pleusure to express ray oonfidttnoe and high estimation of his professioiinl skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1&67. UARMANN BOGG8. Extract from a note received from the late Hoc. Johi M. Clayton. _ . . U. S. Senati. Aug. 19,1A56. The teeth you made for me work admirably ; noth ing oould be better. Very gratefully, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, 1 can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist; he made a set of poroeiian teeth for one of iny familv,aud plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has ail stood welt for more that ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Churoh South. April 19.1856. We. the undersigned, having had oocasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having been oogmz ant of his operations on our families or friends, take Pleasure in ex pressing our admiration of his artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory mannei 111 which he performs the most delicate and diffioult operations 1a Dental Surgery,and we respectfully re oommend him to the confidence and patronage of the public, of which we consider him eminently worthy. Thomas IT. Waltii. Architect U. S. Capitol. Thomas Millbx, M. D..of Washington, D. C. B. 9. Bohrkk, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Washington, D. C. Jos. H. BRADLKY.of Washington, D. C. Gkobgk Waltojt, Ex-Governor of Florida. Walt** Lenox, Ex-Mayor of Washington. Hsnrt Baldwin, U. S. Patent Office, O.C. Wisit, Principal Ritteahoaa* Acadsmy. fab so tf ^OODS FOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTES. G j R. H. MILLER, SON A CO.. will sell all de.cnpt,,?n. of CHINA, GLASS. nnJwpMTS QPEENS WARE, GAS FIXTCRES,JK/ A0.. 4 c., at their usual regular low prioes.m^BT with a disoount of five per cent, for cash aa heretofore, and receive in payments notes of my of the Virginia Banks (exoept the Bauk of Ksaanwa) at par. Any and alt debts due them, ean he paid la the same ourrenoy, with thanks to suoh oftheir debtors as choose to avail themselves of this prop osition. Alexandria, Sept.?, lffl. eegMf [WEW BVCKWHEAT MEAL. i N A choioe lot of new Buckwheat Meel received today. KING A BURCHEI.L, 0015 Cor. Vermont ave. aud l&th st. Vocal and Instrumental Mutic. 31 cuiwrsf!!yJ'ALMKR*? PI A NOFOR TU i **A?. SKSjtre daily adding new mrmlieri |??.r kh"! availing themselves of Mr. p*i m - Srju?5JS?reqUMt^ U' ?nro11 m T nis CiaaRjr?t#m ia more advantngeoes for th? Steair*?* ci,,i'ir"'--esshs mi? bXS }?!to,'?!%?" "" ""KU primmr. ... ix Avvakck. ? ^"WhT ?sP*r??Darter. Advance C Is sees pii j- if? j& ^ ma<Je to Mr. W. II. TBur?dar^*!e?oV^i^>l?neeLa^!Z Mond?y *"d J^ORMAL MUSIC SCHOOL. d.e.' 2 wiil ?Pf" * Mu*'C School for I .a Gentlemen. at reniperance Hali, on K ss&&;n, ro!]th|^m?ne^h0f tUlSiSohwoi '* trt niake Wi?fcand ffe Ku?2J??ronSh,J "O'air.ted with Music from iiiony. ? pnoc,P1?? fo Composition ud Har inr^r*M !Lu h6 f"T,fhe ^TBOWn^Bd (TMr <"clock andl ' VNeUuewJ*>-' Frulays, at 4 ^Tn,n^?r*?iow2 Cl*s* Harrwar'i Sys.^M o'clock!1 rOWUn'?f Tue8day? **d Thur? ..J er,n?-t'er quarter, 22 lessons, in class. $i; pri vate instruction ?Vocal, I'iano, or Or ran. $22. n,V ^ nla,,,, to Mr.lmwiwM the Vi " ?'? }'""al-ove named,at KUis's Music Store, or though the Post Office. oc24 tf Hn<t a ill? } ? ' .i afhington, Georgetown. and Alexandria, that he is now prepared tr A'^e (urn.ah MU*|C for Ball.. Private FiXTUd*** kTiTri ?. A/0? OL0 ln *n'r uuntber of Musicians to he had at the shortest notice. On era ?n bo left at the Mnaiwl Depots of John r.' 5.1 X?.!'? Metxerott, or at h;a residence. ^^I^^I^J^^t^atreWF^rav-y Yard. ocao-Sm* Dancing. I) A N C I N G ACADEMY. .*U- T F. GASZYNSKpand DAUGHTER b*ve |,h*llh"n?f to announce to the f.adiea and Gen i tiemcn of \\ Jtsluiitttou and Georgetown thai W vv.Tfc' r,e 0?eu_h!,', Classes for Dan<-,ng in/*? Washington on Friday, theftth of October. ntCJv Mr. Crouch a Hall. comer of 11th at. and Pa. av Bookstore, for Misses and Masters) nP" fwr and Gentlemen, ? EL-itl^rrw v?" m* Georgetown?ou Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Mies Harrover'a Ladiea Sem inary, from 3 o'clock p. m. '^iea vem J mI t?rV'ViruLpartlc,lL'1^ application can be mada fnrh re",deao?. vrt *?' ?treet, t>etween ?th and i'iii streets. ,e i2 rim THK 9ECR5nr! mPof volTH Just Published, Gratic.the Zuk Thousand. ? t!ie Hational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or I.ocai _ur^)_ V> eakness. Nocturnal Kinisalons. /W/ffl Genual, and Nervous DebilitT, I'i l M ? nflw mature Dcoay of the System, Impo-ffltAJV tency, and Impedimenta to Marriaae^^^^^^ generally, by B. DK LAAKY. M. D. The importart faot that the many alarmine oom P.aintH,, oriKinatint m the inipru<icne?' and solitude '...??!!!' ' *Uar removed without Medicine, j? in this Rinali tract, clearly demoratiated ; and the ?,e?Va"d>*hl7 fuceessluL treatment.a? adopted by the author, fully exp!aine.l, by means of ?nf U en*W?<H?cure Hini.elf perfectly and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all the advertised roatmuia of the dny. lo "?y add"S8?. *"5" po?t free, in a seaied envelope, by remittinc two jNMta?;e "tamps o. j ? .r- _ DR. Dri l..\N, se2S-d* wtf 17 Lifpncard street. .New York. pROPOSAI.S FOR SLPPLItS. QtA*TKR>i.j?TER'f OrrtcK MarixitCorps,/ . , V asiiikgton. October 10. IB57. V Staled Proposals will lie received at this*the* un i' ''/???"<*? ?? m.,?n Fr day. the tath \.?vem(>er, 1357. for aupp.jiuji i n? Marine Corpawitn the fol ow !2L*llelM dnr,,lK the fiscal year endin* Sft.1! June, llWlt VIZ Z ft*i to 8d0 uoiWm enpa. complete. l,(iun to 2,'W m-iriiH> pompoons. 1 A'O to 2,"fl0 pateMt-lf^itlier stocks. 5<ip to ?*? privates' uniform coats, ?nmplofce, of navy b.ue doth, indico dye? tt > be che?it??ally tested. ?to 1<J0 sergeant?"? uniform ooati, fiame as above.^ 50 to 100 uiusiciam.'aoats.scarlet clotb.c<?cbinei I o. "y??to be ?chemically tested. 100 to 200 pairs non-ccKumissioned officer*' epnu letter. r j 500 to 8?>0 pairs brass centre s raps. to 50 red worsted saahes. 1,'Kii to 2/*m pairs linen overalls. 1,<**| to 2,oH) linen shirts. 2,5W to 3,"00 pairs tiroeans. Nog. 5 to 11. 500 to 8fli> marine blankets, (Kray.) 500 to t?? knapa;tcks. 2,5ii? to 3,000 pairs woollen socks. 5uo to Mi marine fa;muf eaps. the oloth to bo navy Vio to boo fatfc'fr,ISt,, ,#'WMl ?i,e,mcfcil> le?ted 1,?*? to l.ynt Hannel shirts 500 to pairs woollen overalls, biue k?ri?r 500 to 1,000 woollen jackets. do T' *2 to , ^ watch or great coats, do' jho to 1,000 pairs namofi flann-. l drawers.* to to ?> musicians jackets, .scarlet cloth, ooohi ? 1 r*iA ?. <1 mv. n^al dye?to be chemicall> tested. f? ^?'vv yanl* b 4 sky blue kersey 1,010 to.,c**i yards navy-l>lue cloth, to be chemically 3"0 jafds scarlet cloth, ooolunaal dye, to b? cheini cally teste<l. m Samples of the above articles mar l>e seen on appli cation at this office, or at the office of the a^sisti.iit ffiphlT184" ,nar",B ??rpS',89 ^Pruoe afreet, Hul to1,t^.t^}'e?I!l,,::rtr^th/t ^'e acc^ptec bidder is ovprJkU fV ??'iu factor in* coats. o\ era Ms, *c on hand at the time of euteniui luto ot.ntrnct, at the contrnct prices thereof. 8 re<*'Ted <"r H?e ?hole or lit parts for tii6 art iciPh remi j red, and ;t inuat beexpIicrtK under stood that a critical inspection will be rive n <<11 arti cl?!s furnished ah to ht and quality, and tha t articles which do not come up to the sample will Im : rejected ^ru.uP011 l'lc" hands of the c-outract or I he quartermaster reserves to himself t| ,e right to hJ7?8C ?r d,mim*h fhe quantity named above, as mand ?r ,n,eres?s of the serriaimay de '"I* addreaje-l to the "Ouarl ermaster of Lie> Marine Corps, \\ ashiustou, D. C?., and en dorsed 1 ropoaals for Supplies ocl2-eot!3thNov PROPOSALS for rations for UiARrtEM WEr'sOrnrK Maki<ii C? trs.* U ashingTojr. October 10. || 57. \ Sjeaied Pro..sals will lie reoeived at this office uutii 1 ue^day. the loth ol Nuveesber m xt, at So c.ock p. in.,-for furnishing lationa to the I anted the yeaMC*1*?iz''*** #t the ,olluW1B? Fallot ss, for Charfestown, Masaarhnsetta ; I ortMnouth, New Hampshire: iJr?i j ,n"i '-'K '"'and. New York; I hiladelphia, Peunsrh-ania; Gosport, nenr Norfolk, Virginia; jj urriugton, Florida ;and W aKhiu^tou, District of Coiumtu. ly>oh ration to cenai^t of one pound and a quart* ' of fresh beef, or three Quarters of a pouud of nies < pork; eighteen ounces of bread. madS of 1^ ^' perfine flour, or best superfine tlonrat the option of the ?overMnent; and at the rate of six p<:undslf Ko.h1 ooflee. 1 welve pounds of best New Orleam 1 sugar, eight quarts ol liest wliir>> l.ertns, four quarts \ of vinegar, two quarts of sal', four pounds of sood 1 har<i wove soap,and one and a t?ilf pound of good dipped tallow candles to one hundred rations The beef required Khali be delivered on the order or the commanding officer of each station, either in bulk or by the singte ration, and shall consist of tbe best and most choice pieces of the carcass ; the potk to be No. 1 prime mess pork, and the groceries to be of the best quality of kinds named. All subject to inspection. No bid * ill he entertainer) unless neoompaned by the names of two sureties known to this office, or certified to by some official person. To be endorsed " Proposals for Rations for 18.SK," and addressed to the Ouartenuaster of the Marine Corps. W ash ins ten, ft. C. D LAND, _?? 10 eotNovlO Ounrtermaster. U N1TKD STATF* MAI!,. VIRGINIA. Orricg Dxpaktmbnt, Oct. 29,1857. Proposals for earning the mans of the United States from 1st Jan. l(W< or earlier, if practieaWe. to 9ith June, l&jM.on the following route in the State of , BG.,NIA- ?''I l?c received at the contract office of this department until 3 p. mi., of the 8th day of De coml<er next, to be decided on the following day : No. 5183?From Abingdon, by Clear Branch, Buffalo Pond, Three Springs. Mill Point. Arcadia, Block House. Fstellville, Stock Creek, Pattonsvitle. Stick ley rille. Rocky Station, Jonetvill*,Csny Hollow, Beecii Spring, Rose Hill, and Walnut Hill, to Cumberland Gap. Tenn., 11^ miles and huck, three times a week, in four horse coaches. Leave Abingdon Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday. at * a m. , Arrive at Cumlierland t?ap. Thursday, Patur day, and Tuesday, by ? am; Leave Cuu?l>erland Gap Tuesday, Thursday, and S 8am, Arriv? at AttNgdon Thursday. Saturday, and Tuesday by 8 a m. For forms of proposal, gnnrantee. and certificate, also. latUuoiiuns and requircm^nta to tw endimoed . ? L.< <u>ntisida uoo aHuartisamuntd ..f I ? > 1 > 1 ar? ?atmaster General. pHINKSK Si;r.4H I'ANK x T II U P. fr.,,1 sr. oo?-tf llnt.J 327 PtuniJ Ivaaia avsnus. THE WEEKLY" 'STAR. This sxo*ll**t Family and N*ws /nm) Hh taming a greater variety of int*r*shnt reading tnsj? ou be found in nor ?th?w? ?? Satwrtiif1 morning. rw?ot| o?pia* CaiS. By ashaertNng oy sssaeriNnc m Clsh* T*?**d among wnao?t the inter* euUon id a imuI *????,S? T.?~S peroeived, jn per oent. ofTllWmil wTAS Tl. MMtM. It imrabtr ?oiUu? th* N??*" that has made The Etekiii* Siaawrca late eo geaerally throveboat the oosntry. I^Singl* (in wrapper*) ?m be pro*ar*d at tne c^cuter^mmed^te.* afjac the issue of th* Postmaster* who act aaagsnta Will h*hil?*** l?nmmi>iiUD of ?< oent. . Pianos, fco. r~*OLD MEDAL PREMIUM WILLIAM KNAhV\? (Senior partner in the late Una of Ksiare. Gaf.hle A Co.. Cnatinses the manitlnotsre aad M e of mad m4 sauare PIANO h'URTfcS, unde; Hie ?aaif_Sk. of William Knabe A Co., at the old stand, |nQEl Noe. 1. S. S *ud 7 North Kotow street op mTOTI pogite the Eutow House, Baltimore. Tney have also juet opened a new Sales Room at N<> 'JSn Baltimore street, between Chart** and Luki streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MeCaflery as a music store, where th*p will keep oouaUuitly <>? haud a arge assortment of pais ani huhly-finished trand and square Piano Fortes also, Melodeons, from the l>eet makers, fmsa 4 toh ItoK octhve. some with doable key boards, doable reads, an<! stops to suit smait churches. B?ng extensively engaged in th* ma: i V'lNel Puinos, we will sell wholesale and retail, aa the i liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the Inchest sr (cold medal) at th: Fairs n( the Maryland 1 Latitat* two successive years?<?ctober. 1*56, ai.d 18.*? in op position to fcmrteer. and eighteen pianos from some of the l>est makers Iron. New York, Boston awl Bal timore. We were also awarded the first premium at tbe industrial Exhibition held in Richmond. Vir finia, 1*56 and 1K5F. They hare aleo *xw?r awarded h? highest premium (stiver meda. i at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1897. In addition to this we are in possession of teetimo* from the most distinguished professors nod amateurs ib the country, which can be seea at our warci?M>uis, speaking for thcmse.ves and others of the tush appreciation id which our instruments are ?very where held. Ail instruments are gaaracteed for five years, aad a privilege ?f exchange is (ranted within the first six months from the day of sale if the tnstra merits do nog five entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to thoir advantage to rive us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, lured, and tared. mar 16-1* WM. KNABK A CO. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF PIAN OFORTES ?? to be found at the Mnaie He ? pot of |oc 13] W. G. MK.T'/.r.ROTT. Watches, Jewelry, &c. WATCHES, JEWELRY. AND FANCY AK W? TICLKS. I fcnve ?n hard so mo of the best Go'd and Pi'var WATCHES, fine (iold JEWELRY, in sets iihJ single p:cces, FANCY ARTI CLE*. Ac. tij Call tn*i examine, at Cm i m J. ROBINSON'S. < o jn tm Pa. aT.. oppo. Browns' Hotel. M LOCKS!?CI jt ?PKS!'?CLOCKS'!! L> C LA) CKSI?C LOCKS!!?CLOCK SI.'. A cood Bass CLOCK for SI. Every style of Clocks at J. ROBINSON S i AI*o. Clock Material*, such as Keys, Balls.I Wires, Oils. Hands, A*. ( Clocks to the trade at wholesale pnoaa. Call] and examine, at J. ROBINSON'S. 00 an 2m S*9 Pa. sr., oppo. Browns' Hotel. Baltimore. Washington, and vir ginia Hank Notes tatter at ear for all kinds of rich and fashionable <*OLD JKWKLKY. hne GOLD and SILVRR WATCHES, GOLD CHAINS. SEALS. KEYS. LOCKETS, and ail ot her choice good", for a few days. 1 have just received a fare n*k.?rtment of new Goods, which 1 am prepared to sell at very low prices. Please call at 338 Pecn. avenue, sigr of tii* largo Spread Kacle. se9?-tf H. O. HOOD. ?HINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE. R. H. MILLER. SON~A CO.. FMIPO RTFFS, Alexandria. Va.. ??uryiave re<?ir^d two instalments of theirf dPs^/Call supplies from the Knrlish Potteries.' V+jfc- and will continue to receive acoes a ions to Vjv their stock till the business seaaonsets in.* hTII. Mii.lrm, Son A Co. can assnre their frienda and customers that their stock shall be of the most desirable description, and that their Drives will oom pare favorably with those of anv dealers in their lin* in anv other market in the I inted S'ates. R.H.Mn t.KB. Son A Co. have prepared them selves to otfer to merchants every inducement to make their purchases in their lin*. WINDOW GLASS. They have just received via Antwerp and New York. fr?wn the creat manufactory of "Roax." New Krub?e!U.1l40i?<ix** F rerch Window Giass of supe rior quality an1 of different thicknesses, which thef hive imported undersuohoirnumatanoeeastoenabl* them to oder a superior arucie at very moderate erices a* a -tf IVifcW GROCERY, WINE, AND LIQUOR STORK. The mibeoribar be?s to inform h? friends and th* pn!?lic. that he hasop?ned a NEW STORK, corner of 12th street and l?ouis:ana avenue, where h* in ttnds to keep constantly on hand a iaree and varied spsortment of Foreicnard Domestic WINKS, Ll I'lOKS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCERIES, sr nnstiiicof PuiC Teas. Sufar,Coffee. Flour.Soap. Ol ves, Raisinc, Figs. Sardines, Anohones. Otara, Ma, rett A Co., Pinet A Co.. and Col. Chahard'a Hssi diesin c^ses. deirijohna. and eaaka. Old Ja maica. Rum, Sherriea. Madeira. Port of various de scriptions. St. Julien Claret. Cnateaux Margaux m casaa. Chairpa^ne Cider, Brandy Frnite, Reynold's KtiidHitch Ale. Anmsette. Maraschino. Cnraooa. A'^y Cl.ampa?ne, and a large and varied d* soriutMtu of Havana Cigars. Also, Mtoiifhton Hitters, and Fever and Acs* Bitters, Porter, Ale,and Cider. Faiiiilienare particuiany invited toaalland exam ine the stodl Iw-fore purrhasing elsewhere. Mem iters of Congrcse are also informed that their orders will !>e prnaiptHr attended to. and delivered at their residences at tlie fhortest notice. A general assortaieut of fane Havana Cigars, im ported direct by the wholesale and re tail Canal B>>*ts supplied on reasonabls terms, and produce taken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, oonstant^ on hand, of 1M0. Country orders puactually attended to, and ooun try produae of all descriptions reoeivedon consign meiit. JONAS P. LMY, lefl-tf No. Twelfth street. DANKINU H O US E CHUBB MS&UTHKKS. Depositors depositing Notes wiU please luark tlieif Checks payable in ou^?enoy. Depositee of Gold will !*> paid in Gold. Acoonniswill l<e opened with depositors allowiaf them to depowt Gold and Cbesk for t urrancy. th* depositor being oraaJited wi'h the ditferenoe. seM-tf CHUBB BROTHERb* Proposals for ejzect'ing marine BAR RACKS AT PKNS A/JXJLA. FLORIDA. Navv DrrARTMKXT. Washington.Sept. a. 1ST*. Sealed Propoial*. endorsed "Propose s for build ing Marine Barracks at I'ensaeola. Florida." Will be rcoeived at tnia department until thoflthdayof November. l?o7. at 3 o clork p. in., for the ooast mo tion of the Mai ine Barracks authorized to be erected at Pensaoola. Florida, according to the plans and specifications prepared by the direction of the Navy Department, oopies of which may be seen at U>? offices of the nommandanis of the Navjr Yards at Forlsmouth, New llainpsture, Boston. New York, hiladelphia, Norfolk, and Pensaoola, and at the N'avj Department. The proposals must be for furnishing all the mate rials and completing the work in s manner aatisfao tory to the person wnomav l>e appointed by tne Navy Department to superintend the t;.me ; and the De partment reserves the right to reieot or accept any of the proposals herein invited, when it deems the in terest of the 1'i.ued States requires it. Ninety per cent, of the nmountof work done and the materials delivered will be paid for from time to timo, as the work progresses, upon estimattA made and certified to by the superintendent on the part of the l.'mted states, and ten per cent, retained sotn ' the completion of the contrac and acoeptanoe of ts* work l?v ihe said superintendent and department, and be forfeited in the event of non-fulfilment of tne , contract: provided th*t no bill shall be made fc ru I mount less tnaa five thousand dollars. Kacli protosal must !>? aooooipamed l?v a written rl arantee, signed by two responsible persons, (oer ? ?r? ed tol?? so I?y a navy aget.t. postmaster, d.striot ioc ge. or soineother offcoer of the I m'ed Stales.' ui ,l, sum of fa ve thousand dollars that the bidder will, ^h. *n required, if h.s proposal be aooeeted, enter la Zl a contract and bond with proper and auttcien! ?S _ ?y for its faithful performance. Tti d<?'rs are invited to examine the plana and _ u. fi nations at the oftoes herein-before mentioned. proposals must be sealed sod addreas*d to ., | nurrm^rt. and plainly endorsed Proposals #h,Li'^ >nrlMarine Barracks at Pensaeota.Florioa " J?'7|I{ Ider only whose offer mav l?e accepted will rho nu the oontraot will be forwarded as notf,r??' Oer as practioabla, which he will b* r* siMtn 'herea Wittiin ten days after its r*o*ist ".".T- i se named hy him. A il * work i* to tie oo*npl*t*d in all re so^.rdia * to 'J1* *n* sp*oifi oat iocs VTtf.S twelve mo atlu Uou> VAac'TOITPV ** BL'FFIN'S PRIN CIPLE8 OF PERSPEC TIVE, London: 37 ot ? , . Moore's Per^yintnt, principles and praotio*. t ?ols. London. #2.75 . , Loeock's Perspective aiv i)r*w,n* frt>m London. 91 AO , Bolton's Drawinr from Obis ', Williaina' Model Drawing. L Kriisi s Progressive Course of. nx ent,*? Drawiag, London.7So*nta Am P... Girardon ; Cour'a K ementaire "'rsp*otiw* Line;.re.2 vols.. Pans. f\.3n nrnl. Drawing Book , landscape. Pans, . I hawing Book. Bowers, Paris.eea ? Draw ins Rook, animals-, Paris. ??s e*Wv Drawing Br>oks. human hgnres. Para.tfS cents Chavreul on Cidors. Hay *n Symetnoal K ^"ty. Pan on the External Forms of Man. JopUa'a ??<> metrical Drawing. Jopling s Isoinetncaf Perspe c tive, Phillip's Lecture* on Paint i nr. MenmpsM Ov' Paint inc. Haalitt and Haydon on PamtK<g. R mdrm'r Modora Pan ters.Plnlips on Color. Cleg's Arehitec tural and Maelnae Drawing. Burn's laomet'ieal Drawing, Hill's Flower Paiatiaa. Coo's I>rawin?. Prttgresaiv* Drawing Bo<4. Pyae's Architectuial ^linpiSfcd, With others, from Ixmdoc and Paris Mit FRANCk TAYLOR,