Newspaper of Evening Star, November 5, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 5, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THIMDAY - JItTfmbfr 3, 1847, SPIRIT Of THB MOKNING PKbSS The Inte/fiwmetr republishes from that able and well-balanced journal. the Richmond nmuur,A recent article upon the present phase of the Kansas embrogHo, wherein it is held, with remarkable force o( argument, that the cause of the South has nothing to gain by the perpetuation of frauds in ita name, and Lake* occasion to sa* In the course of its remarks up<?n that article. '?Upon tbe*e lists of national controrersy the Federal Governor of the Territory has l>een railed to act somewhat the part of juds/e and arbiter. Hi* conduct and bis decision* In tt*e discharge of hi* delicate task have therefor* Wen canned w:tfc the utmost narrowness by toe clansmen of the contending factions; and these, in the pros pect of confusion a id overthrow, have severally sought to transfer the blame froin the weakness of their own cause or of its adherents to the shoulders of the Federal I mpire, which latter have seemed broad enough, in the rase of Goeer tror Walker, t.> bear every variety of crimination, however adverse. I'nder these circumstance*, evea If his conduct had not. in the main, seemed to us clearly defensible in the light of the positive farts by which It Was explained, the very contra riety of the strictures to which he has been sub jected by the prejudiced partisans of both sides in this miserable squabble would be no insignifl cant testimony to the general impartiality with which he has sought to discharge his difficult and thankless office.'* The Union eonoludes that the Baltimore election was a mere mockery, being peaceably conducted only where and when the Democrats refrained from risking their lives in attempting to avail themselves of their nominal right of eitiaensnip. The Union in this connection quotes the Republican's account of some of the outrages said to hare been committed. From the Union's quotation we quote as follows, for the information of the Star's readers : '* Outrage, vioienre and fraud are the order of the day. The law and th" constitution are a;:ain being trampled under foot, and peaceable citi xen* depriv?d?f their rights by rr ffian bands. At the Eighteenth Ward the band of Little Fel lows came to the polls about as soon as they were opened, and commenced to knn- k down and tire upon the Democratic voters, driving them from tbe pulls and following them with a volley of shot*. No arrests node or attempted. At the Fifteenth Ward the si me out ajjes were openly perperrated in the sight of the police. '? Captain Joel Vickers went up to vote In com pany with a naturalized citix-n. who was met at the outskirts of the crowd and a Know Nothing ticket th-iist at him. which declining to take, he was immediately knock-d down and kicked in an inhuman manner; and upon Ciptain Vickers calling upon a police officer to protect the man and procure him a chance to vote, he was rough ly told to no home and take his fiiend with him, or they w<>uld both be taken to the station-house. Captain Vickers immediately left a:id went to the .Mayo.-'* oiL e ;0 make complaint to that officer. The Mayo r wis not to be found, and thus the out rage wa? unredressed, and a good and peaceable citixen deprived of his vote." At 4 p. m we received a dispatch saying that the rotes of foreign born citizens were very gen erally deluded by such outrages as tho?e ex plained above. 1H7* The Pennsylvania Railroad Company have resolved that it is not advisable to declare their usual dividend Fire at Blades?bihg.?The storehouse of Mr Henry T. Scott, and its contents, in the village of Bladensburg, Aid., were consumed by lire on .Monday night last. Mr. Scott had no Insurance on his property. The houses in the vicinity nar Towly escaped destruction. Rairoae Depot Bcist ?The depot cf the Illi nois Cential Railroad, at Cairo, was destroyed by lire oa Sunday night, with four freight cars and the engine bouse. Loss jrJOO.OUO. Packages con taining ?3.000, belonging to the Express compa nies, were destroyed. Tbk Bank PiTTseiRG.?A meeting of the stockholders of the suspended banks of Pittsburg was held on Monday, and it was resolved to ac cept tbe provisions of the relief bill. The stock holders of the .Merchants and Manufacturers' Bank have appointed a commit tee to investigate the affairs of the bank, and pnblish the same. The Foreigx Markets.?Letters dated Octo ber 24th, received at Halifax, by the steamer Can ada, represent cottenas closing dull at decline during the week. The receipts were very mode rate and the stocks greatly reduced, but holders nevertheless c fl?red supplies freely at the dt-cliue above noted. Middling Orleans was 9 1-W# Flour had declined 6d., chiefly in medium grades. Wheat was dull and prices favored buyers, but the quotation was nominal. Indian corn in fair request, and choice lots saleable at previous prices Sugars weie exceedingly hea vy. and to move them to any considerable extent a large decline would have to be submitted to. The letters represent money as easily obtained at the current rates, and parties outside of banks were offering to loan on consols at 0 ^ per cent. There was no excitement in the market, nor any failures of moment American stocks were with out marked variation and transactions libsral. The New York Election.?The New York Pun says : "The result in this city i? a sweeping Democratic victory. For the first time in many years, if not for the first tiinesince New York has been a city, the Democrats have carried every Ward ; all the State Senators, and apparently all the members of Assembly. It is decidedly "a rlean" triumph in this city, and the result in Brooklyn, where the fusion opposition were more confident <1 sum see, is similar." The Journal of Commerce says - Their majori ty in the city at large, on Secretary of State, is 'J3.5S8 over the Republican candidate, '2?,1*24 over the American candidate, and 15,514 over both of them. The following are the county and judicial offi cers just chosen for this city : Supreme Conrt, D P Injrraham, Democrat, long term, Josiah Sutherland. Democrat, short; Superior Court, Joseph S Cos worth and Edward P.e-pont. Demociat* ; Common Pleas, Uenrv S. H:1 ton, Democrat; Marine Court, Florence Mc Carthy. Democrat; Surrogate. Edward C. West, DemocrRt; District Attorney, Peter B Sweeney, Lrmot -at tte^o-der. Georjje G Barnard, Demo crat ; Register, Win Miner, Democrat Moses S Beach, of the New York Sun, is also elected to the Assembly, from Brooklyn, on the anti monopoly ferry ticket. Dr B<andretb. the '-pill doctor " ia chosen a fcenator The post and the Tribune seem to concede that the Democrat* knve carried the State The election was for State officers (except Gov ernor.) memiters of the Legislature a^d local of ficers The telegraph furnishes tbe very latest return*. fcP" The Baltimore Sun says of the election in that city yesterday: " Violent demonstrations were made in several instances by parties rallying under tbe fl.v?h names of tb* clubs Voters were frequently l^eaten and driven from the polls, and the com plaint was almost universal that naturalized citi zens were either excluded from voting or ex fieri em ed the utmost difficulty in depositing their votes In several instances members of tbe spe cial police went to tbe Mayor's office and resigned their commissions; others simply removed their badges and retired, with a mortifying sense of their inefficient y eeveral complaints were made to the Mayor, and applications for additional force at d:ff?ient wards, but there was no appa rent improvement in any case la fact, as the day wore on, several of the wards were in the posses sion of men who seemed pretty much tocont ol the proceedings.. Such is an abstraet of detailed reports \\ batever there may lie exceptionable In the <l?in^?? of the day remains to be officially Invest gated and disposed of, If at all. We have seeu and beard enough to know that no practical remedy for existing evils is likely to t>e einployed at present. Where it is to c ome from, and in wt?at extremity, the future can alone determine? conjecture is utterly at fault." ITT" We hare on band a singular pleee of In formation respecting a peculiar system of Infer nal machines with which the Mormons contem plate defending their valleys against the advance of the United Stales troops If we understand it aright, it is a kind of land torpedo; but we re frain from particulars until we csa investigate the affair mire tbo'oughly. Whatever the facts may be of this extr?e dinary Mormon scheme, we sfcail nave t; m our power to lav It before oar readers in a day or two in an authentic form ? Erekamg* Do l<_v tbe authentic torpedo before the public. Bfttvm Post. C7" The Kichruond National American has been d srontinued KJ~ One bur.dred persons professed conversion at a meeting in Monroe county. Va , a few days alnce. ' washing ton news and gossip Thi Prospect A?ead.?The New York Herald of a late date ?b?w? (Ml the banks af that citj increased their amtvfit of fptcie on hand, throughout the month of Octobir, about eight and a half millions of dollnn, inotu ding certificates of deposit received by the Persia to the amount of ortra million which are a.? good as specie in all business transactions, and more convenient in form. The total amount of specie sent out of the country in the conrse of the month is not more than two or three hundred thousand dollars. At the very lowest calculation we may safely set down the net increase of the specie in the New York ci^ banks, in the month, at seven and a half mil lions of dollars. The amount of prodacb that found it* way to that city, in tho month, must also have increased the available resources of the banks to more than a million of dollars. From the last mentioned source the increase in November is destined to be much greater than in October, daring most of whioh month tho basiness of forwarding produce from the Great West was entirely suspended under the influ ence of the panic. By the 1st of December we presume that the New York banks will be at least fifteen millions stronger than on the 1st of Oetobcr. Nevertheless, we perceive no movement among them looking to the resumption of spe cie payments. Bank? are afflicted with chronic disinclination to do that thing?to pay specie? in such times. The existing legal provisions in that State secure New York bank noteholders in realising par, past peradventure. Their enactment wns the result of disinclination pre viously manifested to pay specie. The expe rience of current times will doubtless have the effect of inducing such a movement on the part of the people at large, of the State as will ead in legal provisions making every bank stockholder as liable for all the transactions of the bank in which he is part proprietor, as he would be for the obligations of any commercial concern in which he might be a partner with out limit as to capital invested. That's the antidote for the disease?and that only. Cotto* is Kiwo '?The force and truth of this a<l?g? is most effectively set forth in a brief extract from an autfcoritatife quarter, which will be found below. It is not a little remarkable that the capital ists of the North should persist in warring on the interests and progress of the cotton States hs they do, by encouraging the fell spirit of Abolitionism among the prejudiced and ignorant in their midst. \\ bile cotton continues to hold its present position in the world of commerce, and it continues to be found impossible to ob .ain the increased supply of the raw material that commerce requires, elsewhere than in the Southern States, domestic and foreign combi nations against their interests will "all prove abortive. Thus, while elsewhere in this coun try at this moment commercial and individual embarrassment rules the hour, throughout the whole South bankruptcy of corporations or in dividuals is absolutely unknown, there never having been a time before when everybody and every thing throughout the South was so clear of debt, and held so much substantial and en t:rely-paid-for wealth. This condition of things Southern is not alone that of tho owners of the means of producing cotton?the slave holders. But of every one in the South rngngrd in any and all callings whatever JIow forcibly does the fact refute the arguments of those who are harping upon the falsehood that the existence of slavery mil itates against the interest of free labor in its midst! Tin: Cottom CJpestiok ? It is extremely inter esting?!!!; i?**. indeed, a term expressivebf some deeper euiotion should he employed?to remark t fie views and proceeding* of the manufacturing world at this moment with regard to the cotton supply. This plant is now- considt red, and with |*erfctt reason, a* one of the chief elements in the vnral?h of nations The mutinies in India ?e? the Fiem h journals speculating the other dav on the effect* producible in th" cotton ina ket by the interrupt .on of i vafion in Hahar?'he Ameri cans a e *eriou-ly apprehensive of being overta ken by the fxeesMve demands of Europe, and onr own manufacturers have formed associations aad established correspondents for the purpose I of seeking out tM? p-eHons material m All parts o the w?>rld. There Is no delusion or ni <nia uh>ut all this. What bread is to life cotton is to - oiuuierce for raiment comes next in necessity to food. \\ ool was once the great staple of this conntrv, but wool now nives place to the pro oner of the cotu ri plant On this produce de l>end our manufacture, and upon onr rares dep< i.d our inexhaustible re>ou c >? and our national power. As a matter of fact, it must I* presumed that this adjust nun: up to a certain period had actu .il.y' taken place; indeed, it is but just now that a positive dearth of cotton is appiehended. About 'tie time taut our own cotton manufacturers made I ?a.h 'lio-mous strides, the tutted States of1 . America entered specially upon the work of sup i"*;',' . fiV1*' bV tl"?r energy, devotion, capital, and ?kill, they soon monopolized, and for years together consumption on this side the Atlantic an.I prod uction on the other proceeded at a rate of acceleration tolerably unifoiin. Even now a jrood crop and a good harvest at the Southern shTlTw^n .J?101,' W?U,d Provid? ??>* Lanca shire mills with almost as much provender as tbey require. , u"wever. the supply has threatened to rail in keeping pace with the prodigiou, develop ment of the demand, and a variety of circum stance* appear likely to increase the dispropor tion thus Mist created. Th- Americans them selves a.e woi king up a poition of their raw ma terial, and the manufacturers of the Continent now come into the cotton maiket with more con siderable demand than in times pa>t These weights tb.own into the wale tend, of ecu se, to the further d-pression of the balance, and the Manchester people ask what is to be done if b?'d,y fcUPP'y her custom ers and is likely enough to have more' The ao preh??.si?n is frit in America itself, where ln any jealousy, the Southern the ?eiH / ?? .^P^diency of eularging , , and *?"ie countries to he a.d of ttie Americans in their work of pro ?Vur^nKK ,Le Wo,ldv, Accordingly^ur manufac turers have organized associations for this pur pose and have cast about in all directions for tiTil? /*?-?/ t 8 tb? mark't n?ore satisfac torily . ? Lo*<1oa Tismi, Oct. Lith Last Night, large crowds assembled around the telegraph offices in the National Hotel building and at Browns' Hotel, evidently called thither by interest in the Baltimore election. At one period nearly a thousand persons seemed to be in that vicinity, all apparently deeply engaged in discussing the numerous flying re ports from the Monumental City, said to have been brought to Washington by passengers on the last Baltimore train, and, subsequently, by telegraph It was at one time believed by the excited multitude that half the eity well-nigh was in aahes, and at another that hundreds ,'! 1" kiM?d in riots commencing at the polls. The truth concerning the alleged almost entire forcible denial of their political rights to the opponent, of the party that now controls Baltimore through their organized ruffian figh' mg clubs, was probhbly bad enough in all eot science, though not a tithe as bad as the raw head and bloody bones rumors aforesaid A New Wkiski.e ?Travelers North by the line leaving this city at half-past fonr p m are usually Tictinnof the unoomfortablenes* of the arrangements for making the connection be tween the Baltimore depot io Philadelphia and the New York depot in the same eity. The train reaches Philadelphia at perhaps half-past ten p m.. and the passengers are harried six miles in omnibasses. it will be remembered, to W kept for from one to two hours kicking their shins m a dreary car bouse, awaiting the dej?ar turcof the ears, wherein neither lore nor money will suffice u, get either eatable.or drinkables Some friends who travel the route often, tell us that on reaching the Baltimore depot in PhlL delphia they now take the iiirArd Hou*e ooaeh. f Jo that establishment, replenish with a capital snpper. and then go orer to the New 1 ork depot?always with time to spare-in the Qirard Hous* ooach. Having fifty times been ? martyr to (fee incompleteness of the railroad oNbpaaie*' Mrangeigknt* referred to above, we tftadly thus niflte kaown, for the public's sake, bow their (MOftremeecei may be obviated. Th? McQbk OorMTY Election.?We pub lish below the eecond proclamation of Governor Walker relfttiag to the alleged fraudulent voting in the recent Kansas election, which came to hand yesterday. It will be perceived that Governor W. bases his action in this case on the fnct of the entire and glaring invalidity (illegality) of the returns in question made to him. expressly disclaiming any pretanoe what ever of right to go behind returns made to him in compliance with the Territorial law. This p iper (his proclamation) forms an interesting chapter of currer^ political history : Govkksor Walks a'* Skcoxd Proclamation TO THE PKOPLK O* kansas. LrCowpton, Oct. 22, 1857. Since our proclamation of the 19th instant, re jecting the so-called election returns from the Oxford precinct in Johnson county, another very similar has been presented for our official art ion. It is that of pretended returns from three precincts of Mr.Gee county, In this Territory, con taining an aggregate of inore than twelve hun dred vote*. The county is located in tke extreme southeastern portion of Kansas, is constituted from the lands of the Cherokee Indians, which ae not yet open to pre-emption of settlement, and is consequently one of the most sparsely popu lated counties of the Territory, containing less than one hundred qualified voters, and giving last J nne hut fourteen votes for delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Indeed, all persons actually conversant with the numlier of the nopulation'of this county,treat with derision the large vote pretended to have b^en given there. Our information also excludes the idea that there was any incursion of voters from the neighboring State of Mi?souri, whose people do not seem to have interfered with the recent election. It is, then, quite evident that no such vote as is presented in these pretended re turns was given at the late election in this county. It is not, however, on the grounds above stated that we reject these pretended returns, butfeeling confident that no such vote was given, or even one-tenth part of it, we are induced by such con siderations to give these alleged returns the most rigid scrutiny, in order to ascertain whether they aie genuine, legal, and valid. From intrinsic evidence on the face of the pa pers, we are convinced they are not gennine, but simulated and fictitious. Besides, they present no evidence that the oath required by'our stat utes was administered to the clerks or judges of the election, to secure from each and all of them the -impartial discharge oi their duties accord ing to law." but in addition to these grounds of decision against the legality and validity of these pre tended returns, there is yet a more conclusive wh5ch constrains us not to count tbein hue the names of the voters, and of the candi dates all apiiear to be entered on the lists, not one of the office* is mentioned for which the can didates respectively were intended to be desig iiated. We cannot determine, therefore, front the face of those papers, for what office anv one of the candidates was supj>orted The uniform ity in this particular of these pretended returns from three separate arid distinct precincts, espe cially as the forms are not made up in the same hand writing,nor?with certain exceptions, which only add force to the argument?on the same kin.1 of paper, renders, with other circumstances c onclusive to our minds the conviction that thev nre, as above .stated, fictitious and simulated It is most extraordinary, also, that not a single vote appears to have been given for any county officers In rejecting these papers we do not go behind the returns, because no legal or valid returns are made. Neither in the former instance nor in this have we claimed the power to judge of the qualifications of voters, and to exciud- votes ?teemed to be illegal. What constitutes a retu n is defined by the Territorial statutes; and to re ject a paper as spurious or fictitious, or because in points of vital importance, it deviates from the requisitions of the law, and therefore is not a le iuiii in legal parlance, is not L'oing behind the return, as we have been unjustly charged with If these papers, like those from the Oxford pre cinct, would increase bv n-arly twelve hundred the apparent votes for the candidates of our party although the officers are not named; our obliga tion is none the less paramount to rejei t them an we now do. as spurious and Illegal. An election . secured through our sanction, by frauds .o mon Mr. us, would be more fatal to our party than anv tlrfeet, howeverdisast ous. We deem it our dutV to state that according to our information, some. If not all the candidates, who it was supposed might claim their election by these frauds have refold to accept any advantage under them I hese disreputable attempts to destroy the elective f.ancbise, and all popular government which is Iws-d upon it. and to subject us to the responsibility of rejecting such papers, or len denng ourselves accomplices in the fraud, by L'lving it our endorsement and sanction will meet, we doubt not, the serious reprehension of honest men Of all parties in this Territory and throughout the Lmon. The intense and danger ous excitement produced in this Territory bv these enormous frauds has rendered it imperative cp<>n us, in this puWie, official minner. to make known our decision in regard to them, believing tint a just and impartial course of action on ou* w! serve to restore peace and harmony to ?hi agitated and distracted jKfopln. If instead of relying upon these papers them setves, as enthentic returns, it is sought to deny the results are spurious and simulated we adrnU U,0",! . 'J"? Congress, upon the question of admitting the delegaie, would, bv an appropriate committee of one or both houses despatched to ieinr V fy' , c,otlied wi,b authority to send for persons and papers. Inquire fuily into these transactions, in order that the perpetrators of such enormities, and all their accomplices and confederates, rnay be exposed and punished Iu the mean time, we shall cause to be published at " ?rlv day. a complete list of the names of then* pretended voters, that the people of this Terri tory. and especially of the localities in which those frauds were perpetiated, may visit them with appropriate condemnation. As these pre ceded voters are alleged to have come in large bodies from Missouri, nnderclaim of settlements r?i. erf E?.'\,,KleS*r.7alto?S' aud as we ascer" tained that this allegation is unfounded in fact, we deem it a duty to the people of Missouri, in ul ,t\ ,0rp,:v;em UTu PreJ,l<*ice against them In this ferritory and throughout th- Union, wi fe all its evil consequences, to give them the means by publishing these lists of fictitious rumen to exonerate themselves from mch unfounded accr etions. R. J. Wai.xer, P..n p ? Governor of Kansas Territory. r bed P Stanto.x, Secretary. Pacific Coast India.* Affairs.?The Com missioner of Indian Affairs received this morn ing full reports from most of the U S. Indian Agencies west of the Rocky Mountains, all of which represent the Government's all airs with the different tribes as being, in the main, in a satisfactory condition. The Agent at Olympia. Waahington Terri tory, transmits an interesting account of the murder of Col. J. N. Ebey, a wealthy and influ ential citizen, at hia residence, on the 12th Au gust, by a predatory band of Northern (British) Indians, whom he represent* as being remark ably warlike, vigorous, sagacious, and well aruied, and as possesiing largo canoes, to carry 100 men, in which they move on such incur sions with great celerity. He suggests the pro priety of stationing one or two small ste m ers in that quarter as a defence against them. From the Utah Buperiutendency, the Com missioner has advices that the Piede Indians arc easily induced to labor, and he advises strenuously that their requests for ploughs and other agricultural and mcchanical instruments be acceded to. He evidently thinks that their disposition to improve their condition by in dustry and civilization should be promptly en couraged by the Government. He complains that the Indians of the Cache Valley are a sore tax on travelers, and dange ous to life and property passing in their way. He recommends immediate attention to their requirements as most important for the future of the emigration. Tub Nebraska Waoon Road?The lute rior Department hav* late advices from the su perintendent of this work. Ita location is com pleted. Ten bridges have been framed and three ereoted. By the time the working season over, temporary bridge* will h*ve been j orected on the northern end, and the road will be passable, generally. This work has been managed so far moat satisfactorily. The New Yoek Electioh.?The New York Lvmms: Pout of yesterday says that the Dem ocrats have carried the State?a consummation hardly to be hoped for, it even yet strike* us. It attributes the defeat of the Republicans? with their 80,tM>0 plurality last je?r-to the fact that that party waa organized only on Na tional issue* and were at sixes and sevens among themselves on all other questions, and to the state of financial matMH. If tb? laat men tioned apology means aught, it means that, ex cept in times when speculation and peculation r?ie the rooe< Refikltoa* pertyiab it power* l?ss?a poot compliment, indeed, to its om ralitj. The/W concludes that (he Deaocraey hare earned the Senate and their State ticket, aod the Republican party the lower House of the Legislature. Natal Coirts or Ihqcibt.?Before Court No. 1, to-day, in the ease of Mr. Byrens, the Rev. Mr. Pyne, P. B. Key, Esq.. Joseph C. Berrett, Esq . and Lt. Lcrce, were examined on behalf of Mr. B., and Drs. Tinsler. Lansdale. and Drayton, of the Navy, on behalf oi the Gov ernment. Before Court No, 2, to-day, in the case of Capt. Ringgold, Commander John Rodgerswas examined on the Government's behalf. Before Court No. 3, to-day, the case of Lt. M. E. Hunt (furloughed) was taken up?the Hon. Reverdy Johnson acting as his counsel? and Surgeon G. Maulsby and Lts. W. Smith and J. L. Davis were examined on the Govern ment's behalf. Clerical Promotions ano Appointments. The following promotions and appointments have reoently been made in the Pension Bureau. Vii : R. W. Hamilton promoted to a permanent second class clerkship ($1,400 per annum.) John Calvert promoted to a third class ($1,600 per annum) clerkship. John A. Hunnieutt appointed to a third class temporary clerkship. A. V. Hofer appointed to a second class per manent clerkship. Governor R. J. Walker having obtained a brief leave of absence from his post in Kansas, is expected by his family, we bear, to reach his homo in this city on Saturday next. Great public interest is, of course, manifested in his so soon expected arrival at the seat of Govern ment, as well as such interest among his host of personal friends here as naturally arises from the prominent part be has borne in the late stirring affairs of the Territory.

From the U. 8. Ships Independence ano Joiin Adams.?The Navy Department to-day received advices from these ships The Independence arrived at the navy-yard at Mare Island on the 4th October ult.. in 5'Ji days from Panama. She was to have remained there until the 20th ult. Her officers and crew are well. The John Adams was at Panama Oct. 17th ult , preparing to return to the United States. Everything ou the Isthmus was quiet. New tip. an aua?Advices have been received here that the new Granodian Legislature have increased the tax on the profits of commercial houses over $300, to 40 per rent, from 8 per ct., which has caused much excitement at Panama, where tho merchants are nearly all foreigners. Appointed.?Mr. Samuel M Rutherford, of Ark., has been appointed Agent for the Semi nole Indians, West. Resigned.?We hear that Purser Jackson, (a new appointment.) U. S. N., has resigned. The Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7o'clock a. m.: November 5. 1857. New York, N. V clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa clear, root. Baltimore. Md cloudy. Washington, D. C cloudy. Richmond. Va cloudy, pleasant. Petersburg, Va cloudy, warm. Wilmington, N . C cloudv, pleasant Col.imbia, S. C cloudy, foggy Charleston, S. C clear, pleasant Augusta, Ga..... cloudv, cool. Savannah, Ga cloudy, warm. Macon, (in cloudy, pleasant Columbus, Ga clondy. Montgomery. Ala cloudy. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...clear. Mobile, Ala ..clear. Gainesville, Mi** cl**ar, pleasant New Orleans clear. PERSONAL .... Hon W A. Lake and family,of Miss.,are at Kirk woods'. .... Capt. Hleecker. I*. S. N.,and ladv; Hon. J. A. Westervelt, N Y , and Capt. M. T. Carr, I'. S. A .. are at Willards'. The Richmond Whig say* that it i* prob able that another letter from Senator Hunter, ad dressed to the Democrats of Rockingham, will appear in the Harrisonburg (tapers of to-day * .... Edward G. Asay, a young lawyer at Chi eapo, has been convicted of a misdemeanor in attempting to bribe an important witness in the Bray man case to leave the State ....The new novel of lever's, "Davenport Dunn," now publishing in numbers, i* founded upon the history of the great Irish defaulter, John !*adlier, who committed suicide. The same per sonage figure* as "Mr. Merdle" in Dickens's " Little Dorrit." .... Henry A. Chadwick, Esq., one of the pro prietor* of the Girard House, Philadelphia, Is at Browns'. The many Washingtonians who make the Girard their home when in Philadelphia will be glad to see the obliging -*Chad'' In the me tropolis .... The following letter written by the cele brated Eastern traveler, Mr. Lavaia. to a per sonal friend, is published in the English papers: No. 190, Piccadilly, Oct. 17, 16??. My Dear Mac-ray: 1 am oH' for India next week. My object?to visit the seat of the rebel lion, to form my own views upon its cau*e and result*. I have been too long idle, and want again work, and try to be useful. 1 trust that my jour ney may enable me to do some good. I wish 1 bad some pleasant, intelligent man like yourself as a companion. 1 hope to be bark bv the end of May or early in June. Six mouths' haid work will enable me to see and do much. If any cou stitueucy will do me the honor of returning ine dtiiing mv absence, I shall be happy to serve them Yours sincerely, A. W. Layard As the Times remarks, this letter " shows the stuff Mr. Layard is made of." FURTHER FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. By the Canada at Halifax, we have the follow ing additional intelligence: England -"-Financial matters are the most prominent topic in the London papers. On Wednesday the fund* closed with undi minished firmness and a slight advance on Tues day's rates. Money U In good supply at 5# per cent, dis count. The advance of the bank's rates greatly checked the flow of gold to New York, large intended shipments beiug countermanded. The quantity of goods forwarded is also small. The Bank of England has thrown out some hills supposed to be connected with intended shipments of specie to America. The fund* continued buovant on Friday, and no gold was withdrawn from the bank. The Carrada takes out tenders for 92,000,000 woith of a percent Michigan Central Rail.oad bords for the extinction of the floating debt The rates for money at the Stock Exchange re main at 5 per cent., and the demand for money at the Bank of England on Friday was heavy. The American horse Pryor Is dead. France.?It Is stated that the governor of the Bank of France had asked for a decree giving a forced currency to bank-notes Bullion in the Bank of France has decreased U.r>.<HJl>.Oiio franes since the monthly returns. The three per rents closed at flflf. tfflc. The Banks of Belgium and Denmark have ad vanced their rates to ft per cent. There is a lull in the Austrian financial pres sure. but It I* feared only a temporary one. Thi Latest Liverpool. Saturday noon.?Breadstufi* are quiet with a declining tendency Provision* a e steady. I.nrd is quiet and quotations nominal. Cotton is quiet with but little ioqulry and prices Weak. Pluur in dull, slow of sale, bit prices un altered from Tuesday Wheat Is dull and 'id lower. Red 7sa?s lud ; white Ma lOdaDi M ; choice ?*. Corn is steady. l,o*Dn5, Saturday.?Turkey persists Id claim. Ing the Island of Pealn,aud refuses to pay an U ? demnity. It is rumored that the British cabinet baa ar ranged for the recall of the Governor-Ueneial of India. I The London New* says that the East India Company have commenced making large remit tances of silver to India which will have a ten dency to aggravate the preaent financial evils. There has been a serious conflict at Frankfoit betweeu the garrison and Austrian and Bavarian regiments. Many were wounded on both sides i" ? H# |]J~ Mr. J Tree has been appointed telegraphic operator at Norfolk. Baltiho?i CitT Aukction .?Mow we give the return* ffcam yi??di. oomptgte and Incomplete, rfcelted that far: J& i Fourffc wild -HiCk? i,*2: Oroor* 17* ft-'ty ,T*!S^Hie,l, ^ ome **'Harrl* ? ?? - w? ?_ Slxtfcwar?._Hlck? l^?;Gm>e2Sl; Harris Seve*lb wmrd ?Hidka l.W: Oiooroe 227; Har ris I.??. Wkyte 223 T . . Eighth ward?WtaMe ticket counted?Hick' 1G5; Groome 2,135. Ninth ward ?Hick* 3*?; Groome W?c; Davis 33fi; B rooks 907. Tenth ward, in part ? Hick* 537; Groome JW Eleventh ward ?Hick* 36 majority. Twelfth ward.?Hick*?25; Groome 510 Tbirternth ward ?Hicks fiiH; Groome 196. Fifteenth Ward ?IIirk*674; Groom** 247 Sixteenth ward?Hicks WM, Groome 1U5; Davis CMi Brooks 194. Seventeenth ward ? Hick* 1.024; Groom* 96; Davia 1,021; Brooks W. Eighteenth ward.?Hick* 1.670; Groome 470 Nineteenth wa:d.? Hick* 991; Groome 251. From the first ward we have a partial return.? For H)r>ks 760; Groome 123 Second ward partial ?Hick* 427; Groome 216 From the Third ward we have a majority for Hick* of 833 The above returns 1n whole and part of eighteen wards sum up a total of Hicks 13,511, Groome <,121?majority for IHek* i.QflO (Yr5?ATTENTION. WASHINGTON HIGH I.L5 LANDERS.?Yon are hereby notified to attend a meeting at yoer Armory, on THURSDAY KV ENIS < i. the 5tii inst.,at 7H o'clock. Ful! at tendance is requested. By order of n 4 2t* Capt. JOHN WATT. ?? ? tJlIAWLS!?SH AWLS!!?SHAWLS!!! We have just recei ved a Jarre lot of Gent le men'i ?H AWLS, from fSJOand upwards. WAI.U STEPHENS A CO.. n5-3w 3i2 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th sta. VVASHINGTON SE\vING ROt)M8.9th street. " SHIRTS for ?Ui. of rood materials, war ranted to fit veil, and neatly made. Purchasers are invited to examine, by doing which arrest saving iiiij he made. The proprietor is now making targe nunbers of those Shirts, which give enure aatisfac ti??n n 5 3t* R LIGHT FOR ALL. EINTZEL'S NON-EXPLOSIVE BURN ING Ff.l'l D.?This Fluid is equal, if not *uperior, tosny Fluid now in u*e. as it gives a batter lig t, burns longer, smokes less, and is certainly non-ex plosive, Price 75 cents per gallon. M. GREEN. n>lw Grocery eorner of ?3th and C sta. Tr. b. schwa r~ze~. ? FVKRAT ntALKB PACKER AND PICKLER OF OYSTERS, Corner of 12t?i and E streets. (T7"Anybody in want of Oysters should call at this place. n &-3t* ;>n nan p*2*chtrees, ?VJ^UUU At %i* per Hrirmn. Forsaleat my Nurser?, near Washington. The aliove Tr cs are ? ! of hne growth, and of the?M? best s*|i ct fruit. AIto, a general assortment of ORNAMEN 'RkV'S *HADE, *?* FRUI n5-1 in JOSHITA PEIRCF.. I AW BOOKS I j SeJwvn'* Prins, new edition. 2 vo's.. flvo Bennett A Heard's Leading Criminai Cases, 2 vols , Iro. Addison on Contracts, new eiition, 1 vol. CmttT on the Laws of Carrier*, new edition, 1 vol. Wharton's Precedents of Indictments, new edition, I vol. Wharton's American Criminal Law. new edition, 1 vol. Hiil <?u Trustees, new edition. 1 vol. Williams on Real Property, new edition. 1 vol. Sed?wi<k on Statutory aud Constitut.onai Law.l vol Olootr's Admiralty Reports, New York, 1 vol. Maryland Digest, 2d vol. n 5 FRANCK TAYLOR. W ATERCOLOR DRAWINGS. TAYLOR tc MAURY l>eg to announce, in ac cordance with the wishes of rumeroji persons in terested in tlie fine ?rts, that they intend raffling a portion of the exquisite water-color drawings cow in their possession. Subject*. Value. "Airtsey's Cove, near Torquay, Devonshire. Coast, England." 75110 "An English Farm." $n 00 " Vorth Coast of Cornwall" 45 00 " Dismantled Ships" an 00 " Wol? Isle, from the Isle ol Arran" 25 On Total ?3;5 on Five prizes?sixty-three chance*, at $5 each Changes to be paid for wneu taken The pictures on view at Ta\lor A Mnurv'a Bookstore, and Messrs. Gait A Brother's Jewelry Establish ment. iW The Raffle to take plaoe in a few days. n>3t POST OFFICES* IN THE UNITED STATES. List of Post Ofhcos 111 the United States, with the names of Postmasters on the 13 h of July, 18Y7. Also, the Regu'atton* and Laws of ths Post Office Departments. Free by ma'l on receipt of fifty cents in stamp*. TAVLOR 4. MAUR V. n 4 3t Booksellers, near 9th street. T A N D I N G O RDERS. Private families wishing to be served, on certain days, with ^ /?v DRUKY'S COVE OYSTERS, fmA *h u d call and register their names on^Lj|UI' a book kept lor that purpose, thereby ^||V saving the inoorrvenience of sending every day. and insuring better attention to their orders. Corner 14th street and Pa. avenue, n 4 2t* T1 A CARD. 0 THE CITIZENS OF THE DISTRICT. In entering our new building, which we have just taken possession of. and we return our sincere thanks to the peop'e of Washingt-'n and George town for their liberal patronage, and we. in part, as a return, have eree'ed a spacious building, wnica wol be .in ornament to th? city, with a large and airy sa loon, with all the convem-Hio- and comfort ofonr customers, and in the estai>lishtnentare all the nee essary arrangements for manufacturing and enooar aKiiiK hom? industry, and by a strict attention to jnslioe au4 integrity, we hose to rire satisfaction to ?II. WALL. STEPHENS * CO.. oc 31 4w No.3?2 Pa. ave.. bet. 9th and 10th ats, API A NO for one for #.f; one for ?75; and two for 9!(??: besides twenty-two new ones, rau-iDg in prioe from fit50 to $7u0. All for rent or sale upon easy terms, at our Piano Warerooms 3C, batween 9th and loth streets. "i-B JOHN F. ELLIS. EATI1ER !?LEATHER!! ??.?? WORTH. To lie sold at Baltimore prices. 40t? Sides Spanish Sole from 20c. per pound up ion Hides Slaughter. ion Sides Skirting lou r>ide? Harness and Bridle. 75 Sides Bull Lea'her. Upoer L?atuerand Kiss. 75 <f>s*n French Calf Skins, of approved brands. 75 dozen Morocco and Goat Skins. 1 ining and Bindings. Bookbinders Leather of all description. Clotn Lasting*. Galloons and l<acings. Hides bought and sold. Purchasers please call and examine for yourselves, and >ou will find as Urge and well selected stock as was ever offered to the trade in Washington, which will be sold on the most reasonable teams to suit the times. T. G. FORD. Leather and Shoe Finding Emporium, oc 3*-1 w 430 7th st reet. near Patent Office. JjNEXPLOSIVE GAS. We woold most respectfully announce to the publicand particularly to ? hose person* who have never used the Ethenal Oil or Spirit Gas from fear of its explosive qualities, that we have the a'tiol* they hive long desired. SPIRIT UAS THAT WIl?L NOT EXPLODE. Call and see for your selves ; it's no humbug. We have alth? Breckenridge COAL OIL for illuminating, ?nd alt* for machinery. The illumina ting Oil is not explosive, givesa ligLtalmost equal to Cainphtue, and will stand the most intense 00H. It is deciuedly the eheapest (>ilof the day. We would desire the publ^cto callnnd see theatsive Oils tented at our Store, No. C street, l>etween fith and7ih. n 4-tf HOWELL A MORSELL. MI L1TARY LAWS OF THE II. STATES. Those relating to the Army, Marines, Volun teers. Militia, and to Bounty l,ands and Pensions; thira edition, by the late Capt. Hetzel, U. S Army; one oc'avn volume of 3!l pages, with the rules and a'ucles of War, and the constitution of the United States; price 91. or prepaid by mail $l.2a. For sale, a lew copies onlv remaining, by n3 FRANCK TAYLOR. A MERICAN AND EUROPEAN AGENCY. /\ Washinot??s, D. C. R**itTAi?CKS to Eutovg.?Persons wishing to make aay inents in Germany. Franee. Switaerland, and other parts of the Continent of Europe, < with out the risk of failure.) can do so upon fkvorable terms, through this agency. Collections upon drafts or powers of attorney promptly eflected, and documsmsand proofs for for eign use sropei ly drafted. Lajsd Wabrakt* for sele. ALFRED SCHUCK1NG. n 3-6t* 1H Market Spaoe. WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN. AND ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS PACKAGE, BAGGAdM, AND FR E Id HT L IK IC. JAMES OSHORNE informs the publio that he has established an EXPRESS LINE, to ply daily lielweeu the Cities named above, which will trans port for very moderate compensation, any thing that may he desired to be sent between either two of the three citiea. which will be faithfully and promptly delivered. His slate* will he found at Smith's United States Hotel, Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4K atreets; S. Bnoon A Co.'e Grocery Store, corner of Pa. avenue and 7th street, and the Star Ofhce. Any orders written upon either of them will be promptly at tended to. N, B.?Speoial attention paid to the transport# tj<>n of paokases to and from the Alexandria and Orause R li'road Depot, the freight on whieh ho will set'le per order. n3-t! D R.W. G.U.NEWMAN LF Having returned to tl*e First Ward, offers his erofessionni servioes to his friends and the puUic. 1 He may he found at his old residenoe. No. 78 K st. n 3-eolm* W108, TOUPRES?TSCALPS. Ike., made i? order at the shortest possible notioe. A seleot as sortment always on hand. *t HEARD A WATSONft, oea-lm tfajksgsi Hotetawd aik street f>KA NUTS. V CO baskets PEA NUTS for sale by ? ,JONAS P. LF.VV. I S If W IStk atreet. oorner of B AMVB1KBBTS. T. ?LrAlSL,Mff - CUM PANT respectfully Minonnee to the jf citiaeaa of Waoiunaton, that their Cotm lo* PaBTT will be onjMji .TV,'"' l Building, on 7th street next to Odd h *Uews'Hal;. onTHl ki?i<AY IrtmSfl. Nov ltth.lsSl. Ticket*. iulmittin( a Gentleman and Ltdio, Fifiy Cento. By order _ n4 k* COMMITTEE. C A R U S I'S SALOON. TWO NIGHTS MORK OF BIRCH'S MIN j*TRELS. To-morrow <Thur*dSay> Evening Grand Compli mentary Benefit to Bl LIT BIRCH. Friday Evening I Hall, Navy Yard. lentary Benefit to BILLY BIRCH. Friday Evening they tu, perform at Odd Fellows' lall, Navy \?rT. Saturday nitht. Benefit of the Ifemdon Faad.and last night of Birch's M.nstrels will take place at Carusia Hai?on. ??_ ( )Di) FELLOWS' HALL. THIRDWKRK. AND POSITIVELY THE LAST Of N A G L K 9 8 American Juvenile Comedians as they open their new Theatre in New York in a few daj a. The large and fashionable audienoea aasembted every night, have ties'owed the moat unl?>nnde?j jae upon the performances of theao talented applause children. The moat perfect order and decorum is preserved in the hall, and every attention paid to ike eomfort of the audience. Admission 25 oen's. No half price. a * W IDE AWAKK AN|) FULL OF FI N. FIRST GRAND COTILLON PARTY OP THE Wide Awake Club rill take place at MON I ISLAND HALL, on MONDAY, Nov. tth. Ittt. Prof. Win. Witbers's CeJelvVed Cotillon Band ha* lieen engaged for the occa?ion. Ticket. FIFTY CKNTM?odoiittint a too tle man ard ladiea?to be h*d of any memUr < of the Club, or at the door oaths (vewaf offc the Ball. Committer of Arranfrmfnt*. Wm. Sailer. C. Desmond, Geo. Jonee. A. L. Hutton. J. K. Tucker, oc T7.31. NovSjt.T^ ?* O! FOR THE COLUMBIA BOYS AGAIN. l ?*nd A H t :??,?.? ? ]v"v- ,0"?- '?w. J ssr Lr ?,N ? tb? '"Kht of the Part *. ^ wr 7 _ _ COMMITTEE. o ?he d WANTS. CONFECTIONER WANT R D.-Wm t d. a first rate Confectioner. None other need ((? ply. Also, one or two active Colored Boy* THOS. HAVBXNKK. It* S47 C strost. b?t. 4H a?H 6 b. FRESH MILK WANTED.?From 2?to mogsl Ion* ot pure. fresh Milk wanted every day . Cash will be paid on delivery. Inquire at the Mir Of?ue. " '-at* WANTED-Two or three CARPhNTEMK. Also, four or five Boss or Young Men of 12 to 1ft. to assist in plain Mechanical Work. Apply ai 217 New \ ofk avenue. It* SITUATIONS WANTED by two persons.?One as Chambermaid, and the other a* Seamstress, who understands cutting and nrnkmc children1* tar ments. Would have no objections to go a abort di*t*nce in the oountry. Apply at 188 Pa. avenue. ? 5 2t*_ WANTt-D IMMEDIATEI.Y.-Tweut, fcveor thirty Tailors end Tailorist*. WALL, STEPHEN'S * CO . n 3t 3a Pa. av-. bet. 9th and loth sts. A YOUNG FRENCHMAN, speaking Kiulisb. and knowing perfectly his business, wants a situation as NVaiter in a private family. He can brine the mo*t satisfactory references. No obi'e tions to travel. Please address Stephen l<ouis. Post Oflioe. Washington. ni ** WANTED.?A WHEELWRIGHT -None h?it a good workman need apply. Ineuire at No. Virginia avenue, bet* eeu 4*? and od streets, s 3 31* WANTED.?A MAN to superintend a small Farm alwmt sev?n in lies across the river. Sin gle man preferred. Best references required. Ad dress K. Yi.e>tar tlftee. n >->' SER VANTS.?A good plain Cook and onetodo Chamlierwork. k c.. will find readv and perma nent employment at No. F street,ongiving satis factory refeiennesor rec iuinei.d&t><>ns as to charac ter. White servants preferred- n 2 tf VV J ANTED .?A first-rete FEMALE COOK. ' She must umWstatii her tmsiucss as Cook, iu a gentlemen'* family. thorough!*. and be a We in come well reoommended in al I respect. To snob a person liberal wages will lie gives. Apply nnmedi atelv at the counter of the Star Office. ocS9 tf ~FOE reht awd sale. For otk*r ?* For Ktnt an t Sale" mottf* sr* 1st per*. IM'RNISHED HOUSE FOR SALF.oe RENT, r The House contains thirteen rooms. The Fur niture is handsome, of the best auality. ami new. Will bs aoid or rented separately or together. Applr on the premises. So. 24 \Iis?<?uri avenue, be?w> eu 4S and fitli etree's. n 4-Tm* [j^OR RENT.?A modern-built HOUSE, onntain intc eleven rm<ini. The house is on 6th street, b?twe?-n D?tid E ttreets. in the best location in the nt). keate<! ly furntoe nnd lighted with eae. Ap ply to THOMAS PARKER. n4-tw? I^OR SAI.E OK RENT IMMEDlATEL\ .?A four stnry rtKlCK DWKLLING, on Main* avenue, near 6th street west, overlooking publie grounds. Also, For Sale?Lot 14. square D. adjoining on corner; IajIs 15,17, l'.i. 21', 21. 24. ai.d 25. square h3(?. ?>n % street west, between N and M ; lAit* 22and CSsnh. square Stu. on 1st street west, between D street and Virginia aveuue; Lot ,3. squar- Hid. corn* r F aud - d streets: three Lots in suiiarc5!S, fionting 22 fert lj( ti?onG st eer north; and 4 '?n Washington sire-1 22 by l?: Lot l: .squa.e w>4. corner Msryiend avenue and 7tu street west: I ot 8. square 777. corner H at. north and 3d struct east. Termx .???) kimI title per feet. B. MILBURN. n4-3t* H street rorih. between 4fh and 5th. LOOT AST) FOUHD. I OST.?On the west grounds of the Capitol, on Tuesdsy afternoon ls??. a heaviL-worked. Hack lace VlEL. The fcud-t wiU be rrwinbrt t* leaving It at Srr ith's Ljiited States Hotel^ n 5 . ? a IA REWARD ?S;raicd from ihe subscribe-, IV on Stondiv last, three B E E ?' > TKERS. One red and white, hornsid; one' li'sok and white, t.orned, and one wlw.tej bulla!o. The above reward will p\jd tf secured so that I get them a;ain, or returned to meat the Market, No.64. _n53t^ JAS. K. JOHNS' N. A C K EWAR D? J'trey. d awny from the ?ul*?eri b*r. about two weeks a?o. a young., Black COW, alsotit four feet hii.ii. and 010 ring on her horns The above reward wi! l>e psid for her return to me oa Q street, M?r?>n 6th and 6th streets. No. 4U6. _p^-3t* JOHN MACK. CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER, on l-r.dsy, Oct. 9'. a small LI I.LOCK. whicu the, o?-ner can have by proping pr?>pcrty and I-avinc cost*. 1 ROBERT FENT<'N. n4-3t* oor.of Now Jersey aud New York ava. LOST.? On Monday. 2d instant, an endor?**| CERTIFICATKOF DEPOSITEof PanoA Nour*e to C. W. Patterson for 0 22, dnted Sept. 14. '857. and numbeied .?>4. The finder will pleme aivcitatlne flaaery of MoKEl.DEM A CO . No. 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Had. n :> 31' ? III RE WAR D.? l?ost,in Washington or A le> andria, a CAM Eo BREA9l'l'l.N, set with pearls, with the name of t! e owner engraved on the liack The finder will obtain the above reward bv lenving the Bieastpin Willi the Messrs. GALT, JewolUrs. Washington, or with Mr. WALLACE ADAM, King street, Alexandria, Ya. n?-3t" R E W ARD.? R ana war from the aub Was'iincton City ,un Sat urday, the 24th of Octolter. my negro man N EU, who calls himself Edward Joice. aU>at 35 >ears old. six feel high, nfher dark in his appearance, of medium siae, 'ngent nil wears* a moustache and goatee; ar^l. when suddei ly ad - diessed, stamircrs very much. D is net known what art loias of clothing he look with him. but be in general dressed r??l and t?sty. 'I te above re ward will be given, if takonand Nslged in jail so that I get him again. oc2>i eo2w' PHILIP OTTF.RHACK. REWARD.?Strayed from the sabseriber, a Red COW, with white face, sn<t n m iT 1 ga ??tiall red ap .t over one of her ey??s. Th?nii^ Cow is abmt five years old ?nd milks nb-ict seven quarts per day. The above reward wiM be id to any person thai will tiring the Cow to me. ur lead to the discovery of where she may be found. The subscrioer lives at No. ft ^ *treet north, be tween 1st aod 3d streets, Capitol Hill, tu-*' MICHAEL PF.LKINOTON. LMFTY IMiLLARS REWARD.-! wiHtive the I above reward to say persoa or persona wbo will give me any information that will lead <o tAearr?et of the pany who broke into my office Inst wevk aud feloniously took and earned away my peperi; or twenty-live dollar* for their return, and noqut-aiiona asked. They oonaist of va-ioua law papers, powe e of attornev, contracts, vou hers, leoeipla. uoleajio counts, msgisirates' judsments. several land war rants,and vari. us inieoellaneous papers. WILLIAM J. MARTIN, u3 5t No. 20 Ixiuisianaavenue. 1 BOABDIBQ. BOARD.?A ooeple ol gentleta*n or a lad* and 0M ??t>Uun a omnforUbU ROOM, with BOARD, in a private houne. at 4in U?h straet. between l? and H, convenient to the Treaaury De ' n 5 St * |\NK t* TWO GENTHEMEN and J fentlewen can beaeoi dated with BOARD and front ROOMS at I their ao?mmo ?? ? ; ? ? mm ? ? mm, ROOMS at 371 Pa. avenue, orpueite the National ??ote.l Aleo, asait of unfurnished Rooms, suitable for a raasily. w Millinery, 4kc. I N TE R MILLINERY MRS. M A. HILLS will open on Saturday. NoYMntterTefc, a tieaatifel aseortmeut of _ . WINTER MlLLIbhRY. The I Julie* are ressertrully mvi'ed to aitemf. Pa.avenue, l>etweeii,?ih aud loin^ streets. u4K? # ? &