Newspaper of Evening Star, November 7, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 7, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR U?IE MIU.MGHT REVIEW. IriON TBI At dMd of night the drummer From out his grave awakes. And with his dum wrudinj, Hi* wonted round he takea. Hn arm* all hare and fleahlesa, in eddying circle* flow. And beat the roll with rigor. The 'l*nm and tat-too. O stranre and load resounded That drum amidst the gloom; The warriora that slumbered Awaken in the tomb: And they who sleep congealing 'Mid northern ice and snow, And they who lie in Ita'y Where acorceiaz summers glow; And they whom the Nile sltir.e cover*, And Arabv's glowing sand, From out their graves arising. All take their arms ?n hand. The trumpeter. at midnight. ._WU't* too his gr*ve t? olow His blast. so ?hrnl and piercing. And rideth to aud Iru. There, coming on spectral chargers, T he ghastly de vo behold! The bioovl at uaed ancient a^aadrona, With weapous manifold The grinning skulls so ghaatly Beneath their helmets peer ; In their bony hands uplifted Their gleaming swords appear. At midnight's ghostly hoar The chieftain <?uts his grave. Advances, slowly ridin* Amid his chosen brave. No plume his helm adorneth. Mi* garb no re^ai pride, And email is the polished sabre That's girded to his side. The moon shines bright, illuming ' The plain with silverrays; That ouiel with tne piameuss helmet Hie warrior host aurveya. Their ranks, their arms preaentiag, They shouiuer arms auew. And eass with music's clangor Before him iu review. ? The Genera! and Marshals Ron?d in * nr?*t? stand : The chieftain whispers softly To one at his right hand. From rank to rank resounding. It neeth o'er the plain: " L* Frauoe"?this is the watohward; The password. ".?>!. helene!" Thus in the midmght hour, In the Elysiau plain. The drad and mighty conqueror Review, i. is warno t m.. SivatTLAR Ob-<tri'ct.on of Telkoraph Com mvxica ri?N ?The F.lmira iNtw York) Gazette telle of the obstruction of telegraph communica tion near that place. as follows An Immediate search w is instituted f<?r the obstruction, which was fount at a plve where the main and auxil iary line ran parallel for a few rods and a distance of about sig inches a part At this spot the spi ders bad woven their webs from one wire to the other, and the constant dropping of the water from the dew# and the fogs throu^ri the different threads ?f the wel?.s to ti e line below formed a complete circuit for the electricity, rendering the etfortt of the operator to comrnnnira'e powerless The tin / threads of the spiders were removed, and the line spread further apart, since which time the operations of the line hive been unin terrupted Pataili is Hill?a teu-uoiia> oill on one *he recently-suspended Tennessee banks "pay able iu hell,' was offered to several brokers, bat rtfusea ?t *iiy price, abuough other bills on the ?yne benk were being taken at a small discount Tne probable filling in had probably been acci dentally omitted at the time of issue, and the blank supplied an indirat#ti above by some waz f he refusal of the b-okers to take the bill was because of the impossibility of collecting It. At Ust the holder, in despair, asproached a group of three mone>-shavers, who L.?d their heads together over some speculation, and exclaimed, r... . nestness, "Gentlemen, this bl 1. oayabl-in Hell, truly; but if you cannot collect it, the devil only knows who can " V O Trm* Delta uSu^"?,BToA hAZT -Wl>y ?? the Kaitern Mall like Breakfast at seven o'clock ? Because It la In-tolerablyearly. . 117" Theodore Hook, in describing a badlv sf? ,het "?r^hin? Oo^an rJli!2??i llsbX*w!' tbTp^ bT Wm,^ upon the charge of tamperl?g with negro-? Mr. James Hovey, an old and hifhlv re ir* rCi1Zen of Cincinnati, was found dead on . ly At a railroad festival at Cleveland Mr a meift^^Our^VT rA* fol|;,wir>* eg^ulia'e seiit: ment Our Mos.iers?The only fait'aful ten who never mi?p:^ced a twitrk " Mr Harare Caw, ofAiit. im, N H., Was by *>me ardent nreriD tmu/r??uhiUl,hboro"zh bridz? into tni f,re*?, downed h0ne "d c*rr,??*. "d ,k!r7r,0n' "f tb* n^eltlee of late is a clrcula- to the ladies of ?? np^er-tendom," New York ir - form:ng them, confidentially, wu re tbej'c. n Pledge tneir jewelry and valuable* ira the present Lard times, if they should wint to raise the need Death fr.<m Bra.xdt?a?id Water ?Tin 11T'" ,n*n were fou"d in a ctate of r\? rarl> ^bmerg^l, n?r W / w Flrld, H9boken,N J. *uey bad brandy and fishing, and tLe raft ?vcred th^m w 'nU^ltL' ti00d tlde had n,f:,riV covered them when discovered. One of the s S^'h.died the same even lnK' out the rest were restored DlVnr KsoW ?KJfors in Iowa are often con,n""?'? ? State and county fairs To what extent they carry their examinations may br supposed by- tbe following, wh'?h iscon Ihe*^avennor?*' ?f * Ute U" ^ ,Ll' ?" '"or of w^lVen^LT n,OCrat He??va: "The best Il^Tbe^, V^0'n2>y* Udy Muscatine; a0d shirt.'? nrP^"'?lrw*"i r,,'idingn?irI,(|anon Ohio ? L . nin,f m*' from Cincinnati a fewdavs ago. tonI.d a man n the road senseless and bl?-? d J ^'"irway, of Salem county, N !Jf cnfrh acolt running .rs '"r*1-8 sprinslnif aw. -f , i < V hat' ,,pon l^colt nearly cnt ofl * \m' on''0fhistbumbs was terminated hi. life Saiidav ' *,,d ?* man n?med Wil liam Williams, in Anne Arundel connfv Mrf was entered on Thursdav n i. , i Jy' ' Who informed the family what tbe ^isH*^11' for, and said they woukl bTow o. ^e W..^'"r ?"t -ho .hiuid ."r^iS;; ?P .Ulr. ,?d ??7k rTbZ om UDd<;r th,f an old Chest yjrt gold, .live, ,?d no(?, to th?^afnourH ?W ? ?ld ,n" L"> ?d 1-V ARRIVALS AT THE HOTBUS T'J Va pwoil; a ^U[,er' do< J 11 Keenwer, d (it i , ei>s, do, A Kennedy and ladv Md ?"d?^,"T '&irv^.vv"'&** B IV>^ .nd f.mHr, V. T S.w?7;?6 Sc:,i w %l JL? aterhohse. iy \v j iiaVer sr r> ui! ' .NT, M Jacob-. O, j Kineb^' ^ C Moor W11.LARDS' HOTEL _R Edward, n i , Jame. \l?a,f.w. J T Suiter and |?dv NY- 2^ Trumbull, 111; L J Carson. \ a; H lolaud? A C Harris. O, A Hill, Allen Hill La it Clingman. NT; Hon E U Hart. H?'? DE Sick lei' A H Allen and lady. Miss E L Holmes H HLbw' DcSPXZ'L '? V U"7- * V=BS- "reSr Robertaon, LSA: Purser Gilesson NV J?W Inthrop. S<;; G H Striker, N Yk; B I Mas. O W Hebnon, Ya; S R Swann USN ' KIRK V\OOD HOUSE ? W H Murdoch R R Hatfield, |?a, j ,.e,b, Va. J D WhltfuSSf H HaV Sr^lS V^'5 v A Mr Bar': reu. t?c, 8 McElroy. \a; Coi J R Johnston O ui p %2\Md; ? P Bryan, do; J >nXra?^ Me E Manse)|, Va: J Bernekall do R pAv fb?? a-daco jF\V'iaL Pt W H Rich Andiews Ai," t w"u M' Sli** Mamlbrd, Va; J C^R1 rs;r.- Z?' VUG McVeigh M,? s\v\u mtF bey, .Md; Vl'm Hudson 't \f \i !' ??. ? ^?" ?o?VwT;JB % K K,n* Morsmsyrs ofo7ean steamerT F?OM T? (JlilTRB StATta Sttmwurt. Ltmrt, for n_. Baltic New York...Liverpool Vo*?/ 7 N-W York...ljSK::5lIiI Ar*?o ..New ioxk.. Havre Novl4 vi Faojg F.nopg, nT. ji* Liverpool. ..New York.. Oct 31 g'1^? Glasgow.... New Y?'k.. .Ort 31 York...Nov 1 Ailing ..Liverpool... New York... Nov 4 VandiihiV. i-' v?rpool ..New York... Novl 1 ; H,tt* New York...Novl4 The California mall steamers laawa New York ea tke Sth and Wtk trfeackWau pftOrOSALS FOR INDIAN GOODS. Draitxiit Of IiTTMiom. t Orrira Indian Avvaib*, October 14, ington citv. until in o'cloc*. a. m-. o? j Uth day of November next, for furDi.h?n* ?^? lor the Indian department for {u'*l',0Fr"? . J-r i,ij,an tiona with various Indian tribes. and for other lnaian purposes, as follows s Mackinac 3.UU0 pair. 3-^int whu. M^^^nketa^o mea *,000 Jura* I* point white Maokinac Lajakata, to ^i/ur? 54 Sy ? mebea, and weign 6 pound IJ00 paira J poiiU white Maokinao blankets, toni( l ,sou peir^ 5? inohea, and weigh 5* pounds i (.in naira IK-point white Maokinac blankets, to 1>J0 ^ne*jure 38 by 50 inehes, and weigh 4* pounds i joo naira 1-point white Maokinac blanketa. tonut aura 3* by 46 lncbea, and weigh 33* pounda 300 pairs 3-point scarlet Mackinac blank eta, to measure 60 by 73 inches, and weigh 8 pounda *10 paira 2S-point acarlet Mackinac blanket*, to measure 51 bv 66 inohes. and weigh 6 pounda 3no paira 3){-point green Mackinno blankets, to measure B8 by S4 inchea. and weigh 10 pounda 400 paira 3-point green Mack nine blankets, to mea sure 6o by 72 inchea.and weigh 8 pounda 400 paira 2%-point green Mackinac Inankpts, to measure 54 by 66 inchea, and wei? h 6 ptouuds ano paira dS-point indigo blue Mackinac blankets. to measure 66 by 84 inches, and weigh in pound 200 pairs 3-point indigo blue Mackinao blankets, to measure 60 by inohes, and weigh 8 pounds *? pairs 2K-point indigo blue Mackinac blankets, to measure54 by 6-inches.and weigh6 pounda 380 pairs 3)?-point Oentinella blue Mack inao blank - measure 66 by 84 inoh*s,and weigh lojba. flOO pain 3 point U?ntinellablu0 MyckiuM blankets to measure 60 by 72 inohes and weigh 8 pounds 3fl0 pairs2H-point Oentinellablue Mackinao blank measure 64 bv 66 inches.and weigh 6 lbs. 3 500 yards fancy list blue oloth 2,ono " " black olotta Alio " " green cloth 4.500 " grey list blue oloth 3^500 ** saved " blue oloth 3,000 44 44 44 aoarlet oloth l,oon 44 44 44 green oloth 1,000 pounds worsted yarn, 3 folds 1<4 dozen ootton flag handkerchiefs 100 44 Madras " 250 44 fadoy ootton 50 44 blue silk , 50 44 8 4 ootton shawls 100 44 6 4 44 100 " 4 4 50 44 8 4 woollen shawls 1 ,ono pounds linen thresa 75 44 sewing silk 5(ni pieoos nhaadt 150 gross worsted gartering 75 pieces silk handkerchiefs S5,ono ysrds calioo 25,noo 44 Merimao calico 15,noo 44 blue dulling 15,ooo 44 white 44 5,ooii 44 Georgia stnpea 3,000 44 blue denins 3,000 44 cottonade 15.oo.t 44 bed ticking 2 ooo *4 Kentuoky jeans 3,500 " satinets Itf.ono 44 plaid linaey 5,o<? 44 bleached shirting 44 domestic shirting, (unbleaohed) 20.i*? 44 44 sheeting, 44 10,'KM 44 cheoks, stripes and plaida 2?i0 dozen woollen socks 2,000 yards flannels,assorted 1,000 pounds ootton thread 6iin dozen spool ootton ano pounds best Chinese vermillioa 50f 44 44 American 44 1,500 44 brown giiling twine, No. 3> 1A? 44 ootton maitre 2,400 flannel shirts 2,400 cal.oo 44 10 dozen Canadian belts. Class No. 2. Rtady-Mad* Clothtng. 200 frock ooats, indigo blue broad olotta 200 pant loons, 44 44 200 ve*ts, 44 44 100 frock ooafs. 44 heavy twill# 1 100 pantaloons, 44 44 100 vests, 44 44 100 Maokinao indigo blue blanket capotes 100 blaca satinet everooats, (no. 1) 100 sheeps gray oloth overcoats 100 coats 100 44 44 44 pantaloonej loo black satinet eoats 100 44 pantaloons 100 44 vests 200 blue satinet ooats 200 44 pantaloons 44 Vests 200 cadet mixed satinet ooats ?2no 44 44 pantaloons 2U) 44 44 Teats. Cla?s No. 3. Hardware, Agricultural Implemtnti, and Axtt. 6,000 pounds brass kettles 1,000 tin kettles, (5 sixes,) 200 nests Japanned Kettles, 8 in a neat 5<> dozen 10-quart tin pans 75 44 ? 44 4* 75 44 4 44 44 100 44 ? 44 44 3oo 44 bntcher knives aoo 44 scalping 44 25 M gun flints 5" gross gun worms 150 44 squaw awls 125 44 hah hooks, assorted 300 dozen fish lines 3*0 gross needles 150 dozen coarse tooth combs 15* 44 fine 1*0 44 soissors 15 44 bush scythes 15 44 grass 44 15 44 grain 4 in " adzes 80 44 grubbing hoea 80 44 weeding 44 M0 paira liames 2"0 44 trace chains ion log chains 800 drawing knives, 10 and 12 inches in lentth 250 augers, lu oqual propomous of 1H, 1, X. and >j inch hand saws 3j cross-cut saws, 7 feat in length Sj g ? M HO dozen hard-saw files 10 44 cross-cut saw tiles 10 44 w od rasps 251 quarters socke chisels, X. 1, and 2 inch 70 p! ines, fore and jack 25 dozen shovels 25 44 spades 6iw camp kitties, (3 sizos) MB short-handed frying pans US' dozen basting spoons 2nr 44 iron table spoona 200 44 tin cups 15 44 soy the snaths 25 '4 axes, to w*i?h from 4 H to 5>? pounds 100 44 ha:f axes, to weigh 3^i poundj 70 hatchets. to weigh IjJ pounds 15 44 broad axes,ordinary size 44 zinc mirrors 75 44 fire steels Class No. 4. Noriktrtst Gwits. 1,000 northwest runs, li?nt lock 200 44 44 percussion lock. Proposals will be received for the dulivery of said good 4 at Boston. New York. Philadelphia. Haiti more, New Orleans. St. Louis, Memphis, or Cin cinnati; but 111 considering the bids, the cost of the transportation of the same to their resuec'itre des tinations from the p'aces proposed to fx? delivered Wj-I form an t-|einent in deciding upon the proposals. The right will be reserved to a greater or lens quantity of any of the articles named than that specified in the above schedule; aud also any others or a dinerent description that may be needed, at the lowest market prices. tioods of American manufacture, of the required styles and quality, will no preferred; but as th* ram pies ol blankets and cloths are foreign fabrics, it will l>e necescary, in proposing a domestic article of either of tnose kinds, thit a sample thereof shall ao company the tad. Toe articles to bo furnished must, in all respects conform to and be equal with the samples rooontl ? selected, which may be soen at this ottioa. They wili be rigidly inepecteu and eomparm with those samples Sr an agent or agents appointed for that purpose, ueli as may be unequal thereto Ln any particular will r?e rejected; in which case the contractor will !>e bound to furnish ottaersofthereqaired kind orquali ty within three days; or, if t bat Ho eot done.they will be purchased at his expense, i'aynient will be made for the goods reoeived on invotoea thereof, oertified by the M<)nt or agents appointed to inspeot them. It w ll be understood tnAt al! bid? for furnishing the goods above specified may be rej ected at the op tw>n of the Department.particularly if madeby oue who is not known as & manufacturer of, or regular dealer in, the article proposed to be furnished: whioh faot, or the reverse, must be dia tinctly stated in the bids oflered; aud that the bids ?>f all persons who may have failed to oompiy with t4ie conditions of any contracts they may have previously entered into with the Lnited States shall, at ^ie option of the Department. I?e rejected, lu aocorJanoe with the letter and spirit of a joint leaolution of Congress relative to bid* for provisions, clothing, &o., tor the us?? of the Navy, approved 27th March. 1HM Bonds will be required in the amo mt of the lad for the fMthful performance of the oontraot, with two or more surei ies. whose sufficiency mast be cer tifij>d by a I'nited States Judge or District Attorney. The proposals must embrace the article* with the quantities th-reot, as they are arranged in the fore going schedule, with the prices annexed to each, in dollarsan 1 cents, at whieh they will be furnished, end the amounts must be carried nut and t?>oted up for each class. They should be aubmitted witn the following heading: ^ (or wel hereby propose to furnish for the ser vice of the Indian department, and accordinr to the terms of its advertisement therefor, dated (Jotober 15th. if.77.the following articles, at the prices thereto affixed, (here insert the list aooordfhg to the claaaor ?!aa es proposed forj delivi-rabla in the city of I Boston, New V'ork. Philadelphia. Baltimore. New Orleans, St t.oui?, Memphis, or Cincinnati, as the case may bej by the fir?t day of Apnl next, or at **? ?/ t,rT"'" during the \ ear 1858 as may lie ordered by the j"ommissiouer of Indian Aff-iira; and I lor w?J will also furnish, ag the same prices, suoh additional qusntiu s of the enme kinds end qualities of goods, and at the lowest market pnoea, such articles of a ditforeut aescript>on as may be re quire] for the sarvice of the Indian department dur ing the year IR58 deliveraf>l? as above stated; and if thj* eroposal be accepted, (here insert the words, 4in whote or in part.' if more than one oliua be proposed for.] I tor wel will, within twenty days thereafter, execnte a eontraet accordingly and give seonnty, satistac4orr to the c ommissiouer of Indian Affairs for the fmthful performana* of the same." I Here insert whether the party proposing is or isnotaman ufactureror regular dealer in the article proposed to be furnished.) Kaoh proposal must alao fie aooompanied by a guarantee, in the following form, to be signed bv two or more responsible persons, whose sufficiency must be eertified by one or more persons personally or of ficiary known to the Department: 4-| (or wel hereby gaaran'ee that thaabevabidder, (or Ixdders.J if acontrao* ahslJ be awarded to him, or them.J according to his [or theirl foregoing bid or proposal, will exeente a contract, and give aeon rityforthe perfonnanee thereof, aa prescribed m the advertisement for ProposaJa for Indian Goods, dated Ootober 15. 185*7; and I lor wel agree t? J?ay any and ail damages or loaiea whien tne ''nited States or the Indians 'oar suffer bw reason of failure so to do on the part of the said bidder for bidders."} !Mo proposal will be eonaidered that doea not atrictly conform to the terms and direetiona of toia advertisement. By order of Ua Secretary^of the Intanor: _ oc 20-d* A3UwtliNoT AatingCoiiuxilMionir. Miscellaneous. By THE PRESI&INtNjF. THE UNITED 8TATB8: In pursuanee of law, I, J amis Btchanax, Fresi- j deot ef the United Stale* of America, do hereby <1e olare and make known that public sales will he held at the undermentioned land ofioes ui the State of California, at the periods hereinalter designated, to wit: At the land of!)re at Los Anqkios, commenciug on Monday, the tenth day of May next, for the dia posal of the public lands witiiin the followui^-uam.'d townships, vii : South of the base line and vest of tke Sun Ber nardino tntridian. Seotions one to twelve, inclusive; the north half of section thirteen: the north half and the southwest quarter of seotion fourteen: section* fifteen to twen ty-one, inclusive: the north half of section twenty two: the nort h west quarter of section twenty -three: eeotion twenty five: the south half of section twen ty -eix; the southeast quarter of section twenty aeven: sections twenty-nine to thirty-two, inclu sive; the south half of section thirty-three: ttie northern quarter and the south naif of section thir ty-four; and section thirty-five, of township three; sections three to nine, inclusive;the north half and the southwest quarter of section tuiy the southeast quarteraiul the northwest qunrterofsection eleven; the northeast quarter and the south half of section twelve; section thirteen; the east half of section fourteen; sections seventeen to twenty-four, inclu sive; the north half of section twenty five; and auc tion* twenty-six to thirty-five, inclusive, of town ship four, of range three. Township three, of range four. Sections one te twenty-lour, inclusive: the north half of section tweiity-hve: and sections twenty-s'X to thirty, inclusive, of township our; and sections on* to twenty-seven, inolusive, of toxcnship thret, of range five. . . Section* one. two, and tfree; the east half of sec tion four; the east half and the southwest quarter of section line-sections lento fifteen,inclusive; the southeast quarter of section twenty; sections twen ty-one to twenty eight, inclusive; the east half and the southwest quarter of section twenty sine; the south halfof section thirty: sections thirty-one to thirty-four, inclusive; and the northwest quarter of section thirti-five, of township one, of range sir. North of tkt base line and west of tkt San Ber nardino meridian. Sections one to seventeen, inclusive; the north half of section eighteen; the south half of section nineteen; sections twenty to twenty three, inclu sive; the northwest quarter of section twenty -four; the northwest quarter of aeoiion twenty-six; sec tions twenty-seven to thirty, inclusive; the cast half of section thirty-two; the north hslf of the northeast quarter and the northwest quarter of sec tion tniity three, of township three, townships four,and five; sections one to eight, lncluMve; the north half of scction nine; sections ten to thirteen, inclusive; the east halfof section fourteen; the west half of section seventeen; sections eighteen And nineteen; the west halfof*ecfiontweuty;thesouth east quarter of seotion twenty en?; and sections twen.y-two to thirty-five, inclusive, of township sir, and townsh ip seven, of range four. Sections one to fifteen, inclusive; tiie cast halfof section seventeen; the east half of seel ion twentv; sections twenty-one to twenty-seven, inclusive;! he north half of section twenty-cirtlt; the northeast quaiter of section twenty nine; the northeast quar ter of section thirty-l'?ur; and the northwest quar ter of section thirty-five, of township three, and townships fosfY.five, sir,and of range fire. Sections one and two; the north half of section three; the north half of section four: the northeast quarter of seotion five; the west halfof section six; the north half, the southeast quarter, and the north half of the southwest quarter of section seven; the west halfof the northwest quarterani thesouth half of seotion eipht; the northeast quarter of sec tion eleven; seel ion twelve; the uorthenst quarter and the ??ast half of the southeast quarter of section seventeen; the east half of the northeast quarter and the southeast quarter of sectien twenty; the west halfof tho northwest quarter and the south west quarter of section twenty-one: the southwest quarter of section twenty-six; and the northeast quarter of section thirty-five, of tnwnshrp thrtt and townships four an/1 five, of range six. Sections one to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of section nineteen; sections twenty to twenty-five, inclusive: the northeast quarter or section twenty six; the northwest quarter of section twenty-seven; and the northeast quarter of section twenty-eight, of tow n? h ip four and township fire,of ran re seven. Sections oue to six. inclu*ive;thc northwest quar ter of section seven; the northeast quarter of section nine; the north half of section ten; sections eleven, twelve, and thirteen; the northeast quarter of sec tion fourteen: and the northeast quarter of section twenty-three, of township four, and township five. of range eight. The northwest quarter of section three; sections four. five, aud six; the north half of section seven; sections eight and nine; and the northeast quarter of section seventeen, of towmhipfour; and townships fire and six, of range nine. Section* one aud two: the northeast quarter of section throe; the west half of section eleven: the northeast quarter of section twelve; section four teen: and the southeast quarter of section fifteen, of township four; sections one to Twenty-eight, inclu sive: the northeast quarter of section twenty-nine: the northeast quarter of section thirty-three; anu sections thirty-four and thirty-five, of township Ave; and township six, of range ten. Sections one toeiqhteen, inclusive; the northwest quarter of section nineteen; the northeast quarter of section twenty -one: the northwest quarter of sec tion twenty-two; and the northeast quarter of sec tion twenty-four, of township five; and township six, of range eleven. Seotion* one, two.and three; the northeast quar ter of section fen; sections eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen; the southeast quarter of section fif teen; the southwest quarter of soction ewhteon; section nineteen; the southwest quarter of section twenty; the east half of seotion twenty-two; the nurtliwest quarter of seotion twenty-three: section* twenty-seven to thirty throe, inclusive: and the north half of section thirty-four, of township five; and townships six and seven, of range, twelve. Section one; the northeast quarter of section two; the southeast quarter ol seetiou ten: the south half of seotion eleven; section t weive; tiie east halfof section thirteen: the northwest quarter of section fourteen: and the north half of section hfte?n,of township four; ti e southwest quarter of section seven; the south half of section eight; tiie southwest quarter of section nine- the west half of section fif teen; the north half of section seventeen; section eighteen; the northeast quarter of soction twenty tweu and sections twenty-three, twenty-four, twen ty-five. twenty-six. and thirty-five, of township five: sections one to seventeen, inclusive; the north half of section eighteen: the riorth:ast quarter of section twenty; sections twenty-one to twenty-five, inclusive: the northeast Quarter of section tw?nty six, of township six; and township seven, of range thirteen. Section thirteen; the southeast quarter of section fourteen; the southeast qututer of section twenty two; the east half and the southwest quarter of sec tion twenty-three: the northwest quarter of seotion iwenty-fi-ur; the north half of seotion twenty-six; and the east half of section twenty-seven, of town ship five; seotion* one, two, and three; the north east quarter and the north half of the northwest quarter of section four; the northeast quarter of section eleven; seotion twelve; and the north half of section thirteen, of township six: sections one to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of section nine teen; tiie north halfof section twenty; sections twenty one to twenty -eight, .inclusive; the south half of section twenty-nine; the southeast quarter of section tiiiriy; the north half of the northeast quarter of section thirty one; the northeast quarter and the north half of the northwest quarter 01 sec tion thirty two: and sections thirty three, thirty four, and thirty-five, of township seven, of range fourteen. At the land office at Sax Fraxcisco,commencing on Monday, the third day of fthiy next, for the disposal of the public lands within the following named township*, viz: Morth of the base line and east e/ the Mount Diablo meridian. Fractional township three, of range one. North of the base line and west of the Mount fiablo meridian. Fractional townships four nn<l fire, of range one. South of the base line and east of the Mount Diablo meridian. Sections one to eighteen, and twenty-two to twenty-five, inolusive. of township ten. of range nine. Township ten; and sections one to six. inclusive; eight to fifteen, inclusive; and twenty-two to twen ty-six, inclusive, of township eleven, of range, ten. Townships ten and eleven; sections one to six, inclusive: eight te fifteen, inclusive: twenty-one to twenty-eight, inclusive; aud thirty four and thirty five. of township twelve; sections one, two, three, and nine to fifteen, inclusive; and twentv-two to twenty seven, mclusivo, of township thirteen, of range eleven. Fractional township ten ; townships eleven, twelve, anil thirteen; scot ions wnn to five, inclusive; eight to seventeen, inclusive: twenty to twenty nine, inolusive; and thirty-thiee, thirty-four, acd thirty-five, of townskip fourteen; sections one to four, inoiusive; ten to thirteen, inclusive; aud twen ty-four and twenty five, of township fifteen, of range twelve. Fraction*! township eleven; townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and township fifteen, except section thirty-one; and seotions one. two, and twelve, of township sixteen, of range thirteen. Townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fif teen: sections one to seventeen, inclusive; twenty ? one to twenty-seven, inolusive: and thirty-four and thirty five, of township sixteen, of range fourteen. Townships thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and six teen; the south half of section four; the south half of section five; sections seven, eight, and nine; the west half of seetion ten: and sections thirteen to thirty-five,iuolusive, of township twenty, of range fifteen. Fractional township sixteen; and township twen ty, of range sixteen. Fractional township sixteen; and townships sev enteen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, of range seventeen. Fractional townships seventeen and rig A frit, and townships ninetem and twenty, of range eighteen. Kriotional townships eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, of range nineteen. At the land office at Mabysvili.r, commencing on Monday, the seventeenth day of May next, for the disposal of the public lands within the following named townships, viz: Nortk of tke base line and east of tke Mount Diablo meridian. Fractional township four; township five; frac tional townships twelve, thirteen, and f?nrteen; and townsfiips seventeen nncI eighteen,of range one. Fractional townships twelve, thirteen, and four teen; and townships seventeen, eighteen, and tune teen, of range two. North of the base line and west of the Mount Diablo meridian. Townships eleven and twelve, and fractional township thirteen of range one. Townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fif teen, of range two. Townships fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen; frac tional townships serrnteen,eighteen,Knd nine ten; and t twnships twentyand twenty-one.nlnine? three Sections one, tw?, three, and ten to fourteea. in olusive; the east half of section fifteen: the eaat half of section twenty-two; section* twenty-three lo twenth-six. inclusive; and seotion thirty-five, of township fourteen; sections one. two, and three; the east half of section four; the east half of seetion nine: sections ten to fifteen, inclusive; the eaat half of section twenty-one; seotions twenty-two to twenty-seven, inclusive; the northeast quarter of seotion twenty-eiehr; and seotions thirty four and thirty -ft ve, of township fifteen: seotiens one to four, inclusive; nine to fifteen, inclusive; twenty-one to twenty-eight, inclusive; and thirty-throe, tbirty lour, und thirty-five, of towuship sixteen; seotious one to seven, inolusive; the north hslf and the south west quarter of section eight: sections nine to 4f toen. inclusive; the tut half of section seventeen;

Motions eighteen and murlMii: the nortliweat <insr ter of seetion twenty; sections twenty one to twenty-eight, inolusive; theweet hairof seotion thirty; and Motions thirty-three, thirty-far, and thirty-ire, of townefiip ums(?s, sections one tn nineteen. l??Iusivs; the wast half of section the eait kali of section twenty-one; sections twen (?-two to twenty -sewn, inolusive: the east half of wation twenty -eight; the weat half of section twen ty-nine; eectione thirty and thirty-one; the weat half of aaotion thirty-two; the east half of section thirty-three; and sections thirty.four and thirty hve. of township etgkte*a; aud townships nine hen, tweutr.aud twenty-one. of range/oar. Section* one, two. three, and ten to fifteen, mclu ai ve. the nortbeai-t quarter of section twenty two; aectioua twenty three to twenty six, inclusive; fhe aontheaat quarter of section thirty-four; and sec tion thirty-feva, of townahip teventem; sections one, two, and three; the southeast quarter of aeo tion nine; aeotiona tan to ftfteen, inclusive: tha northeast quarter of aaetion twenty-one; aeotion* twenty-two to twenty-eeven, inclusive; and aeotiona thirty-four and thirty-five, of townahip aeationa one, two, and three; tha northeaat quarter of aeotion four; aectiona ten to fifteen, inclusive; aeetiona twenty-two to twenty-aeven. inclusive; and aectiona tlnrty-four and thirty-five, of townahip nineteen; and townahipa twenty and tte*nty-o?t,of ran ft five. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schoo.s, military, and other purpoaea. together with those "swamp and overflowed landa, made therein unlit for cultivation," if any. granted to the Stats t>y the act entitled "An act to enabl* the State ol Arkansas nnd other States to reclaim the swamp lands within their li nut a," approved September JJ, 185o, will be excluded from tlie aa.ea. Sa"ininrral fan'/*" or tracts containing mineral deposits rre to be offered at the public talcs. such tmferal land* being expressly rxe'pt'd and ex cluded from <ale or other disposal by the require menta of the act of Congress approved 3d ftiareh, I HAS. entitled "An act to provide for the aurvey of the publio lands in California, the granting of pre emption rights therein, and for oth*r purpoaea.' The offering of the above lands will l>e commenced on tna d-iy s appointed, and will proceed in the order in which they are advertised, until the whole shall have been ottered, and the sales thus closed; but no saleah"ll be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry ef any of the lands will l>e admitted until after the expiration of the two weeka. Given under my the city of Washington, this sixteenth day of Septemt>er, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Thos. A. Hendfici*. Commissioner ol the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townahipa and parta of townships above enumerated larequired toostab liah the same to the satisiaction of the Register and Receiver of the proper land olfiue. aad make, pay ment therefor a* soon at prartiraile of er teeing this notice, tind In fore the day appointed for the commencement of the punlic sale of the lands em bracing the tract claimed: otherwise such claim will be forfaited. THOS. A. HENDRICKS. Commissioner of tha General Land Offioe. se 18-law3in _____ PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING THE PA PER FOR THE PUBLIC PRINTING. Ornct SCPKKlNTKXDKNT OF PrBLlC P?IMTI50,f Washijkitos. 1st, 1857 \ In pursuance or the provision* of the'.Aot to pro vide for executing the public printing." Ac , CP proved August 2fi, 1852, sealed proposals will be received at this offioe. in the Capitol, until the first Monday (7th day) id" l)eceinb?r next, at 12 o'clock in., for furnishing the paper that may be required fot the pulilio printing for the year ending on the 1st day ofDecember, 1358. The *uh,oined liat nearly as can be as certained. the quantit) , quality, and description ol each kind of paper that will be required. Class I. 10,0(0 reams fine printing paper, unealendered,tt measure 24 liy 3H inches, aud to weigh forty-fivi pounds to the ream of 48 sheets. Class II. 4.000 reams fine printing paper, calendered, t* measure 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh fifty-su pounds to the ream ot 480 sheets. Class III. reams superfine sized and calendered printini raper, to measure *4 by 38 inches, and to weigh toft) wo pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Class IV. 300 reams superfine hard-sized and ca'.endera printing paper, to measure 24 by 32 inches, and t< weigh forty-eight pounds to the ream ol 4C0 sheets. Class V. l.ron reams supeifine sized and oalendered map pa per, of such sizes aa may be required, oorre?pondin? in weight with paper measuring 19 hy 24 niches, and weighing twenty pounds per ream of 48" sheets. Class Vl. 200 reams superfine plate paper. < calendered or un calendered, ns may lie required. > .9 hy 24 inohes, <ui( of such weight per ream as may 'c required. The fibre of ttie paper of each of the alniva clas ses to i.e of linen a n't cotton, fr<e from all adultera tion with mmetaior other substsnot-s.ofa fair white' iiess, and put up in uuirea of (weuty-four sheeti each, and in bundles of two reams eacn, each rean to contain 430 perfect sheets. L'niforir:iiy :n oolor thickness and weight will be required; and no bun die(exoiusive of wrappers) varying over C nndei five per cent, from tho standard weivht w l! ha re oeived, and the grors weight will, in all cases, be re quired. Mixing of various thicknessea in the saint bundle to make up the weight will t>e considered t violation of the contract. Class VII. Ne 1?>.Vio reams iiuarto post writing paper; No.2?2,"0? reams tlatcap writing paper; No. 3? reams deini writing paper ; No. 4? 2,r?w raains folio post writing paper; son re ms medium writing paper; No. 8? So reams royal writing paper ; No. 7? 6" reams super-royal writing paper; No. 8? 5o reams imperial writing paper ; No. if? lt?> reams oolored medium ; assorted. I Cla*? VIII. No. 1?5/W reams writing paper, 19tiy X inches, tc weigh twenty-eight pounds per team. No. S?l,5?iu reams writing paper. 19 by 26 inches, tc weigh twenty-tree pounds perreain. No. 3.?3,luo reams writing paper, 18 by 25 inches to weigh twenty-six pounds perreain. No. 4.?100 reams writing paper. Is by 22 inches, tc weigh twenty-four pounds per ream. No. 5.?5Mu reams writing paper, 18 by 18 inches, tc weigh twenty-two pounds per ream. No. 6?400 r?ains writing paper, 12 by IS inches, tc weigh twelve pounds per ream. All the paper designated in classes 7and 8 are to be of the best materials, free from adullemtion, and finished in the best manner. The papers in class 1 arc to be white or blue, of the regular standard size* of the respective kinds, and of such weights as may Lc r?"<juir?-d bj this office; those in class K are to be white, and ot the sizes aud weight specified tu the schedule. The right is reserved cf ordering a greater or less quantity of each and every kind contiacted for at such times and in such quantities as the public ser vice may require. k.ach <;ia?s will be considered separately, and l?e subject to a separate oontiaot; but bidders may offer for one or more ol the classes in the same proposal; and the privilege is leserved of requiring a bidder who ma) have inoie than one class assigned him to take ull such classes, or forfeit his right to any class Samples (not less than ore quire) of each kir.d o( paper bid for. and hut one sample in eaekitwj, must accompany e*eh bid ; and. in classes 7 and 8, be numbered to correspond with the numl>er of the pa per proposed for in ihat schedule; nnd, in the first six classes, to be properly designated on the sample, or it will not be considered. All proposals ai.d sam ples must be transmitted to this office free of post age or other expense. Eaoli proposal-must be signed by the individual or firm making it, and inuat specify the price p*r pound (and but one price for each) of every kind of pa per contained in the class proposed for. All the paper iu the several classes must be deliv ered at such place or plnoes as mav be designated iu Washington City, in good order, free ef alland eve ry extra charge or expense, and subject to the in spection, oouiit, weight and moa^uremeut of the Su perinteadtuit, and be in in all respects aatisfao torr. Blank forms fer proposals will be furoishedat this office to persons appl) mg for them ; aud none will l>e taken into consideration unless substantially agree ing therewith. Bonds, with approved securities, will be required; and the supply iiik ef an inferior article in any nf the oiasses, or a failure to supply the quantity required at any time will be considered a violation of the con tract. Each bidder is required tofurnish with his proposals satisfaetory evidvuce of his anility to execute them; and proposals unaucompanied by such evidenoe will he r? jected. The proposals will he opened in themanccr re quired by law "on the first Tuesday alter the first Mouday in December" next, Alii.) at lOo'olocka. m. at the office of the Superintendent. Proposals will be addressed to the "Superintend ent of the Publio Printing, Capitol of tne rnited State?, Washington," and endorsed " Proposals for Supplying Paper." A. G. SEAMAN, Superintendent of Publio Printing. oo 1-gawtDeol pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Wa? Dfpartxent. / Washington. October 2lst. 1*57.< Proposals Will be reoeiveu at tins Department until l2o'olock on Thursday, the l?tii day of Novem ber next, for supplying tho Stationery described in the schedules beiow. The Stationery must be of the best quality. Samples must acoornpany bids. The successful bidifer will be required to rive bond, with approved sureties, for the faithful fulfil ment of his oontract, and the Department w.ll re serve the right to ordor the articles at such tunes and in suoh quantities as it may deem proper, and to increase or diminish the quantities t efow stated. PAP r BS M AT)K OF LINK STOCK. 2 roams folio post, ruled, machine made, weigh ing 17 pounds, per ream. 30 reams singleoap,ruled.maohine-made,weigh ing 12 pounds, per ream. 140 reams quarto post, ruled, machine-trade, weighing ftV pounds,per ream. 20 reams note paper, per ream. 5 " oop) itig paper, per ream. ft " blotting paper, per ream, in " envelope paper, buff or yellow, roy al.per ream. % dozen cards Perry'a pens, per doxen cards 100 ?? aards other metallic pens, per doxenoards 2,000 auills, No. M. per 1,000. flo dozen Contee'sor Faber's lead pencils, per dozen. 2 dozen ivory folders, plsin. per dozen. 3 " erasers, ivoiv handles, do. 1 " ivory wafer stamps, do. 1 " cocoa sand boxes, do. 8 " 4 blajed knives, Rodger a & Sons', per dozen. 3 dozen inkstands, two-'nch cut class, per dozen lo dozen Cooper A Philips's, Prince's, or other black incfe, in quarts, per dozen. 15 dozen French carmine ink, in ounce vials, per dozen. 1 dozen copying ink, per dozen. 200 wafers, large, for Department seal, per 1.000. Jo pounds waters, oommon size, per pound. #>'? " sealing wax. scarlet, <Jo. lo " I Adia-rubber, prepared, in pieoes, per pound. 10 ounces pounce, per ounce. 2 pecks Itlaeh ?ana, per peck. 10 dozen taste, assorted, per dozen. 100 *? red tape, assorted siaes. per dozen. 20,080 envelopes, <7u weighing one pound) per 1,000, oo 2?-'aw4v TH F. TR A DJi . ' ~ Jnst reoeived, London Brown Stout and Soofcoh ALE, of various brands, at #1.75 per dezso by the casks ef 8 and 10 dogen. ? .JONAS p. LEVY, C?B#r of 12th and B streets stout h, OC 13-lm Grocery and Wine ?tor?, Insurance, 4o. wA8H'Noc'aN?vmturssBiiat ? riprr>T. ? saoe/we;?? This Company is now prepared to reaeive ars. _ tions for INSURANCE ONBUIl.DINGti.MEl CHANDISE, Ac., at the usual City rates, without any charge for Policy, at their Office, corner rri Teuth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue,over the Washington City Saving* Bank. OlUCTOU. Win. F. Bayly, 8wmI Bm?, Joseph Bryan, James *. Haliday, Orme, Hudson Taylor, Francis Mobun. M. W. GaiL Banj. Baal I. J AMES C. MoGUIRE, President. GRarron D. Hanson. Secretary. ap ll-ly B*N D?o?iti.- Deposits received and Checks paid without charts. Drafts on the northern aa*t?*rd oities received on Dep<?sit at pur, and Exchange on said Ctties furnished to depositors without cliarge. Ixtkkihtos Deposits.?luterest will be allowed on Deposits at auch rates aa may lie agreed upon. DEPOSITS in VIRGINIA AND LNCVRRKNT SlonBT. Depoaita in Virginia tuid other I'nourrent Money re oeived to be oheoked for, paytlde in same fuuda, or in speoie, w? charging the regular Excbanse. Discocnts.?Notea. Drafts,and Billaof Exchange will be discounted,and l^oans madeon Stock a, Bonds, and Securities, at the market rate. Letters or Crrdit.?Letters of Credit will ha tarnished, negotiable in the different Citiea of tha United State*. on Deposit of Money or Collateral*, and intareat allowed if Money ta deposited, and oharged if Collaterals, en suoh tarmsaa may be agreed Bp on. Traveling Bills or ExcHanc*.?Travelers will be furuiahed with draBs in such suins aa may be da aired negotiable in the different Cities of the Union. Hills and Letter* or Cued;Ton England. Ire lahd and Europe.?BiUa of Exchange and Lettera of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe, furuiahed at the market rata for Exchange, in luma to suit. Bonos, Stoces, Ac.?Bonds, Stocks, and Secnri tiea paying from 6 to IS pr. oent.. always for msU. or bougtit in tha different Citiea at a commission of a)( pr. oant. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, wa reacrve the right to oall for a deposit of lo pr. cent on the coat. Bonda or Stooks will be ordered by tele gmah. Railroad. Ciaw. Ann Stat* Bonds.?Railroad. City, and State Bt>nda can be plaoed in our Land a for negotiation, either tn thia country or Europe. Rail road Iron purcnaaed for cash or with Bonda. Land W arra NTs.-I.and Warrauta bought at tha market rates. All Warrants sold by us are $uaran Utd in every respeot. Land Warranta looated on commission, Land Warrantquotations regularly furnished if re quested. Warianta will be forwarded to Western Horses on orders, or aent for nle ou oommiaaion to responsible parties. Real Estate Ann In?ttr ances. ? Heal Estate bought and aold, and Inauranoes efieoted. Claims on United States, Codrt or Claims, ConoREss.?Claims on the United States, before the Court ot Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by prompt and aoie attomeya. CHUBB BROTHERS, lan 27 Opposite the Treasury. Banking house" or rifUDP BROTHERS. Depositor a deposit ine Bank Notes will please mark their Checks payable in currency. Depositee of <??ild will l?e paid in l?old. Aoc."lints will lie opwned with depositors allow ng them to deposit Gold and Check for currency, the depositor being credited woh the difference. an 2H-tf CHUBB BROTHERS. |NTKKKST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONEY to LO AS on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS. BANKERS. fan 27?tf Oppont* ikt Twmtnr. KING HOUSE OP CHUBB BROTHERS. Medicines. T HE GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOVERT OP THE AGE. Mr. Kennedy, of Roxburv, hat discovered is oca of our oomraon ptsture weetla a remedy that ouree EVERT RIND OR HUMOR, from Tki worst Scrofula down to a common Pimplt. He has tried it hi over eleven hundred cat.-*, and never failed exoept in two casus, both Thui>ltr Hu mor. He has now m his possession over one hundred certificates of ita value, all within twenty miles of Boaton. . Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing Sore Month. One to three bottles will cure the worst kind of Pimpies on tue Face. Twoor throe bottles will clear the system of Biler Two bottles are warranted to cure the wor#t Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two ktotties are wairanted to cure all Hu mor in the Eyes. Two bottles are warranted to cure Running of the Ears and Blotches among the Hair. Four to six bottles are warranted to cure oorrupt and running Ulcers. One bottle will cure Seal* Eruptions of the Skin. Twoor three tattles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Ringworm. Two or three liottles are warranted to oere the most most desperate case of K heumatimn. Three to four bottles are warranted to eure SaJt rheum. Five to eight bottles will cure the worst case of Scrofula. A benefit is always experienced from the firet bot tle, and a perfect oure is warranted when the above quantity is taken. Nothiaz looks so improbable to those who have in vain trioa all the wonderful medicines of the day, as that a common weed growi:ig on the pastures and along old stone walls, should cure even manor in the system : yet it is a fixed fact. 11 you Lave a humor, it haa to start. There are no IFS nor AN'DS. hums nor ha's about it suiting sume cast s, butlnot yours. I eeudlcd over a thousand bottles of it in the vicinity of Boaton. 1 know the effects of it m every case. It haa already done some of the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. 1 gave it to ohildren a year oid, to oid peo^ie of sixty. 1 have seen poor, puny, wormy -looging children, whose flesh was soft and tlabl >, restore*! to a perfect state of health by one botti) To those who are sutjcot to a siok headache, one battie will nlwa> a cure it. It gives great relief in oaiarrh nr.d dizz.ncss. Some who have taken it had tn^en costive for years,and have be?fc regulated by it. Where the Ix dy is sound it works quite easy, but where there is anv derangement of the functions of nature, it will oause very singular feelings, but you must not t>e slarined; they always disappear in Troni four days to a week. 'I hero is never a fc?i<! re suit from it; on the contrary, when that feeling is gone, you will feel yourself like a new person. I heard tomt of the moat extravagant enoou.iuins of it that ever listened to. In mv own practice I always ke?t it strictly for hu mors-but sines its introduction as a general family mcdiRiiie, great aid wouderful virtues have Ue>en found in it that I never suspected. Several cases of epileptic fits?a disease which was always considered incurable, have been cured by a few liottles. O, what a mercy if it wiil prove effec tuai in ail case* of that awful malady -there are but few who have aeen mote of it than I have. I know of several cases of Drops*, all of them aged Ljople cured bv it. For the various diseases of the iver. Sick ITeadnche, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side, Disease* ?,f the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys. Ac., the discovery has done more good than any medicine ever known. No change of diet ever neoessary?eat the best you oau get ana enough of it. Directions for Use.?Adults one table-spoonful per day?children over ten years dessert-spoonful? ohildren from five to eight yeart, tea ?p.M.?,ful. As no directions oan tie applicable to all constitution*, take auftoient to operate on the N.wcla twioe a day. MANrrACTCRED BY DONALD KENNEDY. No. 1? Warrin Strict, Roxlury, Massmckustttt. Af enta for Washington.?Chaa. Srott A Co., Z. Gilrnan, Kidwell A lAwrence, J. B. Gardner, Jurry A Co., D. Walsh A Co.. F. S. Walah, J. P. Stone. Martin Kinr. Nairn A Palmer, SchwiL-tx A Co., O Boswell, Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Milhuro, Dunl*r yaon, PorJ A Bro. Ace: is for Georgetown? R. S. Cisaell, O M Leutiiam, J. L. K^lweil. mv VIt PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE on THE PHIS 10LOGICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE, By M. f. La CROIX, M. D., Albany. N. Y. *X) pages anJ 130 fine Plain and Colored Lithographs and Plates. IfT'PRICE ONLY 35CENT8.^UI IE^Smt/rtt of ponagt to all parts of lit Union. Dr. M. B. La Croix's Physiological View of Mar riage. J. new and ravised edition of SS> nad 180 plates. Price ZS oents a oopy. A popular and ooin prehenai?re treatise on the duties and casualties ol single and married life?happy and fruitful allianoea, mo<le of aeon ring them?infelicitous and infertile ones?their ohviation and removal?nervous debility, its oauaea and oure, by a procesa at once so aimple, aafe, and effectual, that failure ta impoaailile?rules for daily management?an esnay on Sper matorrhtea, with praotioal obaervationaonaaaferand j more successful mode of treatment?preaautionary hints on the evil reaulta front emptrianl practice ; to ' Which la added commentaries on tha diaeaaea of fe males? fnun infancy to old ate?each case graphical ly illustrated by beautiful piatea. It'points *ut the j remedies for those self inflicted miseries and di?aa pointed hopes so unfwrtunately prevalent in the ; young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, aru) i those contemplating marriage. Ita peruaal la partie- | ulariy recommended to persona entertaining aecret doubts of their physical condition, and who are con- { soious of having hazarded the health, happiness and privileges to whieh every human lining is entitlad to. | Price 25 cents per oopy, or hve copies for SI. mail- ! ed free of poatage to any part of the United States, bv addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid,) Albauj, I New York, enclosing 25 cents. N. B. Those wuo prefer may oonsult Doctor ILA CROIX upon any of the diseases npon which his i book treats, either personally or by mail. Hisn.eoi cines ofteu cui. m the short spaoe oi six days, and I oompletely and entirely eradicate all traoes of thoae | disorders which oonaiva and culmba have so long tteen thought an ^utidote. to the ruin ol the keaith of the patient. His 44 French Secret" is the gr?at eon tuieutal remedy for that olaaa of disorders which un fortunately, Physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion. and which ail the snrsaaarilla in the world can not cure. fe?I?2?o" No. SI Maiden Lan*. Albany. N. Y. Ml**?*,** 8<H>TS AND SHOES feeing * '?'?rest in this oity at this^^? Mine, and having Iwen purchaae<l before theSHJ nse in leather, can be aold at about 15 to Koent. lass than goods purchased at this* ?. tisuasd examine for yourselves, at , ? . ft. P. HOOVER'S. t* 11 Iwwi Wall. Ps. sm k?t. muI ask |\IKW BUCKWHEAT MKAL. _ , o? U C<*. Vef"K>*t ave. and l?th at. XriTelert' Dirootory. QRANGK AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD V kK AT SO UTHE K X MAIL LIKE Twif* IHlJj, <Sut?dn? Rlfhtl exeeptart.l WfMI WAWINttTONCItV' mm) the S?M TH, v?a jW.EXANDRI A, GORDON&V ILLE aNfi RIC B ? Leaves Washington at 6 o'clock a. u?. ** Washington at 7 o'oiwok p m. For LYNCHBURG tod tha SOUTH* EST. . Lqnve Waahington at 6 e'ciook arme in Li NCHBURg Dextmormof it It. m..connecting with the trama ua the Virginia tU 1 enr.eaaee Ku. Road for M KM PHIS. Mail Siages from Chai ottMnik to Lynonburg a distance <>f?> m.iM Far# from \\ as hi rig ton to Ly r.ojibnrg. #"7.7i. The ?t?iw"r GEORGE PAGE. f^ot ofSeverft atreet. 1?imk owned l.? the Railroad Compact. riina in connection villi the trsias. Ticket* for l.yuci.niug p root red w the Boat. 117"' HnniOUK-aami Hmjuii VN iinbi vi>. Mat tha D*P"t >'l ti e Washmgtoc Railroad. to c- nvey P** seucers and hagsare to the r Alexan dria. a distance of six mies. allowing amp!# lima for meals. J AMES A. EVANS. A rant. Alexandria. J air. l&>7. it s tf ^Y'A . H1NGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: From WASHINGTON at 6 a. m.. connecting at Rela* traina for tne Weat. and at Baltimore with those for Ph.iadelpiMa and New York;at S.V a. in., for Anmtpolia. Bilumore. electa, and New York ; at d a. in. fur Bat. more and Norfolk and at Relay with Frederick tram. EXPRESS at 4>i a. Relr.y for the Weat, aiid C?r A;.napoiis. Baltimore. Philadelphia. aad New York. On Sur.lar a! 7 a. m ., and 4Jr? a. ni. From BALTIMORE for WASHIN6TON at 4.15 and 9.15a. m.. Sand 5.t5 p. m. On Sunday at 4.15a. in. ana S.I5 p. rrt. je IS-tf T. II. PARSONS. Agent. CTCAMER GEORGE PAGE. HOURS OF DEPART' hE., Leave Alexandria at 4*. 7*,i, 1?*." UJ4.S. <X.?*. , Captain. N EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS~OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE ASL) OHIO RAILROAD. The recent ex tension and improvement of ita .ead *?* connecting lines at the Weat aaa required mi eu i ?rth' run,,'ng *rranze?ents of this road t?? which highly important advantages to the trav J?" *2.^ MONDAY. J una ! hlit'| KKK DAIL\ TRAINS wiil Le run in noth flMrectnma for passengers. frJTmTdu* 4?CWM MOUaTIONTRaIN etarta jrorn Camden Station, Baltimore,at 7 A.M.,<exoept ?3l!!T'.?B2uJtau w*r ?t*t"'ru' and arrives at Cum *?^-Tji? MA?L TRAIN atarts (Sunday ex cepted l at 8 an A. M.. and arrivaa at W heeling at 4 25 A. M..*tag at Benwood with Onlrai Ohio trains hr(. otumbus. Cincinnati. Indiana pone, L?>u lavilie, Chicago, Si. l,?>uis. Ac., and at ?ame p aoe V ?" and. Toedo. Detroit, Ac , fcy rie'tnRo' l ' IMia'fc0,U ?**" KX pr o Ti Ji??* Knd CI NCI N N ATI H K A,jN daily at 5.t* P. M .. oon nactinc at Ben?riM>d Mt 9 A. .M.with expreaa tra.i.* irom Ke..aire to Cincinnati. Itriikomt tknntt tf f ar* at Colunit,nx,) tint reaching there in l>at H houra from Halnmore ar.d 36 hours fr?.m Washing I?1!5' if * ooanacte directly, m hotli direetiona. t Tln ??:? '?* Parkerahurg and Marietta roada lor Chiiticotlie. Cincinnati, etc. These trains oonnect at Xeria for Ind:aaapoi:a. Chicago and St. l.ou.a. and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio and Misairsippi Kxpress for IaioisviIIv Cairo and St. Louis through to St. Louis iu \em* than 42 hours from Baltimore. By this tram the n? - to all the certra: and southern r aoes m the Wast is rrnch teu,* ..lie 'he ootasfi j* trtim 40to lig) nines sSoiter lli^i, l?f the snortert of other routea. From the Weat thee* connect..m* are < qually cloae snd aatisfactory, ar nving at Haltimoreat S.3u A. M. irr Baggage checked through to all points. THROJ Gil TICKETS eoid at loweat rates at Camdert Mation and at Waahtngton. D. C. Passengers fro,n Baltimore or Washington may ft tie tht rmttrr road by dn^ntkt. Im taking nu>rn ing trains, and I^ing over at Cusnueriand or Oa* land, and resuming next morning hy Wheeling Ac OtiKd atVoJOt*m' le4Vic* Cumlierland at 8 and T1 ? MR WAY PASSENGERS. The! umberlsnd AccommiHthtn.n Train at 7 A.M.. wi.l stop at a.l Stations east ??( Cumlierland, and tha ?' heeling Acoommodation at all Stations lierond Cumberland going Weat. F^atwardly, the Mail Train leaves U heelmc a' 3.?> A. M..anJ Accmmo a?5?ili'>nMM Cumt*r^^ndat ?. reaching Baltiwora ^'"?THWKSTRR N VIRGINIA Dt\ AAtH. iM^twecn (i r^l u*n iod I'&rM^riiturc ua? Wl''J*''? tha Lxpress westvard.y and the Man eastwardlv. The FREDERICK TRAIN starta at 4 P. H.. ?topping a. aaj stat:onr. Leaves Frederics at "Oi Tk 'tiriTi'J55st l!a,tirrore 15 noon. A M arH *\1 Ll' TR, Af N at B ? a V m' i.eavea Eliioott's Mi.laat7 A. >i. anu 7 P. M., except SnrJ?y. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH A \?VSm?"isliTi^ki'r ^ ashn rtoc at 4.!?.nnd^ !S and yiM'. M'^;,: ^- 0,1 at < A- ??? wl'**y* U ahh,rfe'?n for Bal'.more at ? and 8.?j A. 4L'l P M ,,r > Sundays at 7 A. M .. and The'fan.l andV,,artt, trams f-om Ita't.more, and the 2?rr- . ? Vu. 1,,# ,rom ^ aahinc.toii, will ! ? express mail trams. >toi>p(r.K only at W a^hiiikton J unction and Annapolis Junction. ' " ?T 5i15 If""' and the 8 JO S.r Ar?.mT. ,^o:u Mk,MKtUn ??n"wt W,tk lt? F\V;r|t'akNn Ac- "rr>'y to J. T. ??.?. L' 1 rt.e Ticket Camden xt . WM.S. WOODB1DE. * "aster of Transportation. Ba.timora. fJ,JE PACIFIC ALaJ^STEAMSHIP COM ?V'f th" ean-vtrf MI IWo!?,1?1 M? *X'/.^CAPl Lt?. .ALIh '' K NIA, r.iid OREGON, IsavrtaTi!?/> fIM cacii month, on the arn val ol the I niteil States Mai I S. S. Comanny *s steam ers. which leave Near Orleans and New York regu lar* fn .sth a id 3?th of caoh month with the ma*'a ROADS n**r8 ooun?cl1"* Vl* PANAMA RAIL nr?.^t?.',,ie,lTl,lp",vhave "'Spected and ap priived by tha Navy l>epartmeiil. and guaranty int J Ra,.!rn?l<? miles long) I. noweom f",'",,>ceanto?;cw^,? a"d is crossed ;ll Sor 4 \\?L^ ?iX!'"W/aceof paasenaera ise ^i-kcl in New ?r! i J I!1 .Kl', u Francisco, and passi naers ara emliarked a* I armma l?y stt^imer at the o. inMiif'a expense. The m..i.e> paid m New York eovers ail expenses of the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port in Pa:iama an ' , rmn.?*s5?ii" P^vent detention in case of nSri'i;:;:?!'"??d" - ?brourh by aaoh steamer, and take tors women and cL.dreu without other protec For through tickets at the lowest rates a?nl? at the agency. 177 West street. New Yor?.t" PP ' 1. \\ . K AVMdN |).?or to ARMSTRONG, HARRIS* CO? if 34 tf C. L. BA RTLET r Boaton'?*11*,~ *" M?t utkbtool CNIThD STATES MAIL STEAMERS. Tk$ ykir* rotnfr.uin iki$ Lint cr# t The hT|'t!?'T,C OI,1r*r Eidridga. ?S2tfcTAVi-c?~:.f?iSsr5S2S*{S! in the.r ooutmUN, as alao ,n tkair SuE*? 1L* 1 *P'*l.and their acc^m^nt,^. forty's Rr* uuo,u*i;^1 elegance and ?>m Prioe of passage from New York to Liversool >? first cabin, fisn; iu %coonddo., #75: exslnsive^aeof ?f.w voX 'irif r*:?-#3^ V'** '""K2T2 gaoi:attached toeacli ship^N,. berttia'eatttwtSjL waiarP-tlght ^lIT heads^* ?f 'lU# lAy* lu ^'^ PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. From nkw yokk* i vrriv t twqv>?nt Satiir?la?, June . tx^r W?.ln?*d:ty. J Saturday, July 4 ...1M7 W July ? S Saturday, Ju<y ? ... IW WeduesdaJl Ju J a a? Saturday. Aug. I UtS7i\\ edncsdal Aui ^ ?i? Saturday. Aug. IS las? WeSSJ.^!?' Aul" S Saturday, Sept. 12 .. .ixvr Wedne?da% <eat" J ta2 Satardat fl? V t22 >"v- 25 ^ ~1?7 \\ ?dueada> . I??.o. # las, edaesday, Dec. 2S1857 nIwY^D K- C?^r^ No. 46. Wail atraat. RROWN,SHIPLEY A Cf) I .v.^ rK?.'^il,tKNN*?S0i ?f7?r ammb B; G. WaIN WRIGHT a CO.. Paria. for *nl'rf*'InU*-/ V"|fc* W,!l not ^ aooonstab,? '?* ?old, silver, bnl.iou, specie, iewe!ry, nrecinni ?tones or metala, unless I ;Na of lading ir* sTrnSi '?"*lh?'' U NITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE 4?D viTttocT yaiLcaa roa iisft rasas, roa CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rtrulmr Stilimr Dmvt.itk *f ??tA w.eaU. Carriotf.?So man* frauds and imposi iti?i tions of various kiads liave beea fatelr^fcxXQ^ p?rpeiraied ontravellera liound toCAl.I w*?** p()RNIA. that the sabaaritx-r. the oeiy aalhorned Agent for passage b? the t ? S. Mati Line, via Paae ma. in the city of New York, fuels it his enty to onntion all persona aeekiag pa*aa?e to Calnmn ?. that. To * vom mn??TTio*7thev mu?t hemreful i? tnd the true oftce of the Staamshipa <d tha 1' f. tail Line, via Panama Railroad, as otheii ih<e in New ^ ?rk is authorixed to engage paaMre. The Companies inve only one hC*? iu New Yort, whieh n at 1TJ \Veat aireet,eorner of Warrei street, frenting ?n tha Nortfc Kivar, at me head ol ike C?en pauy's Wharf.