Newspaper of Evening Star, November 9, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 9, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tai Teachers' Associarioi.?After our re port closed Saturday, it wm? Rtsolred. That a convention of th? teachers of the District be held on Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday morning, 'December l?th, IWth and 19th. That the convention organize with chairman and secretary ou Thursday night, and have a lec ture. with the leport of the committee on the city school statistic*. That on Friday there be a discussion on the condition and demands of the cause of education In this District from 7 to II o'clock a in ; at It o'clock a. m ,a lecture; to he followed by a dis cussion. That on Friday night there be a lecture, with a discussion. Tbnf on Satnrday, at 9 o'clock a. m , there be a discussion on the teacher's profession, and on the National Teachers' Association ; at II a. m., a lecture, with a discussion. This report was adopted, and the committee continued for further action. it was stated by members of the committee that arrangement* were being made with several dis tinguished gentlemen for lectures on the occasion of ttui convention. Mr. Loom is, from the proper committe, an nounced that, at the next regular meeting of the association, the president. Mr O C. Wight, would read an es*ay on ' The mutual relations, duties and the obligations of teachers and pa rents." On motion, the association adjourned to meet again ou the first Saturday of December. Rowdtisw Rahpaxt.?The services of the police are imperatively required about the wharf, at the fo<>t of Seventh street, occupied by the George Page. Not long since we had occasion to record a shooting affair there, and so soon again it is our duty to ?all the attention of the city authorities to conduct there equally repre hensible. On Friday evening last, while the Page wu at the wharf waiting for the mail and through passengers, an individual, said to be named T. Thomas, and to be the keeper of a drinking house in the vicinity, was parading in front of the boat's pier, cursing, swearing and threatening lit kill the Captain or any one else belonging to tbe boat who should dare to put foot on shore. We learned on the boat that the Canta-n had collected fare or toll fiom three indi viduals who were in company with this man. on a previous trip, in the course of the day. from Alexandria He wxs evidently intoxicated, and piepared to essay to carry out his threat had Capt Price left the boat. U is the imperative duty of the police to keep a sharp look out at that landing, more especially while the boat's last trip continues to be made after dark; for landing at an out-of-the-way point and being the last steamboat trip made from Al exandria m the course of thejday, ii now rarely happens tLat the Page fails to bring back to Wash ington at 7 p. in., more or less drunken and des perate rowdies returning from annoying our neighbors of Alexandria The Police.?Having l>een onrself a witness to the facts set forth in the following communica tion. we cheerfully add our testimony to that of the unknown writer.?Ep. Mr. Ei/itor: As the sins of omission on the part of our police have, for some time past, lieeu most wantonly paraded before the public, it be comes an agreeable duty to record an instance which, coming under our personal observation, more than satisfied us of their promptness and efficiency. We allude to the occasion of the re turns of the Baltimore election on Wednesday night last. From intimations received durini; the day. and from the conduct and liearing of some of the characters who composed the crowd assembled at and al>out the corner of the National Hotel on that night, we were lead to fear a most serious disturbance We found the police in full force, and active, vigilant and determined. The first symptoms of disorder weie at once sup pressed,?and suppressed with a promptness and decision which, doubtless, intimidated the row die* who were eager for a muss." Hence it was the night passed ?IT quietly, and the crowd dispersed without riot or serious disorder. A feeling of justice prompts me to give this testimonial, and the same feeling will, I hope, induce you to give it a place in the Star, with a request that the Charleston .Mercury should copy. Washington. Nov. 6, 1^57. K. The River.?At Harvey A Co's wharf arrived sehr J. L Rednor, Capt. Kndicott, from Phila delphia. with '24*2 tons coal. At Riley s wharf?Arrived sehr R. C. Stanard, Captain Grove*, from Wilmington, N. C., with 75.U?? feet h.mlier; sehr May, Capt Armstrong, from Alexandria, with tons cannel coal; sehr Federal Hill, Capt. Wheatley, from Havre-de Grace. with 120 tons coal. Steamer Columbia arrived from Baltimore and discharged cargo?consisting of consignments to ? Pumphrey, Parker A Co , D. M lagrahain, Murtay A Semines. Barbour and Senainea, Mid dleton A Bea!l, R Francis, C. C. Turner. Wall A Barnard. P Fegan. P Thyron. Jackson A Bro Meno l.uliay. Howell A Morsel 1. W. N H Maack, J I. Savage, W illiam McCripps B. I. Neaie. J T Stuart. J V. Thyson, C. Stott. Some 4.U#? bushels of oysters arrived at the wharves on Saturday and yesterday. At Mag ruder A Stone's wharf?Arrived sehr Jos Libby. Captain Hendricks, from Klizabetli City, with WMMMi pine shingles Tbe ship Scotia, which is being loaded at tbe Navy \ aid by Mr. Thornton, of Virginia, with ship timber for Liverpool, was hauled out into the stream ou Saturday; sue will have completed taking >n ber cargo in a few day*, when she sails diiectiy for Liverpool. Circuit Cocrt ?The case of Jones rt. Der mott still occupies the Court The examination of tbe witnesses is drawing to a close, to the great joy of all concerned. It is probable that tbe case will !* closed and ready for argument during the present week. This morning,ou opening the Court, Mr. Cbas. Lee Jones, on leave, presented the case of John A Menekeim e*. Wm Downs, a case of an old account of some Sluti for bread purchased by the defendant from ihe piaintifl", and for settlement of which action was brought. Tbe jury returned for ibe piaintit! for full amount of account. Tne c.tse of Jones r?. Dermott was then re sumed from Saturday, and was progressin" when this report closed Bkutai. Assault .?The rowdies appear to have changed their field of operations to the out skirts of the city, with tbe ex pet tat ion of com mitting their cowardly and brutal acts with im punity, out of reach of tbe officers. Yesterday afteruoon. a gang of rowdies attacked the dwell ing of a German family near Pierce's mill, throw ing stones and filing pistols into the house. One of the occupants (a German) was wounded in the leg With a bail. Officers Suit, Mcllenry and Ross, after a long run. came in sight of tbe gang, who fletf as soon a> they saw tbe offirers. They kept on the outskirts of the city, aud were pur sued ??*;?, iy to the heights of Georgetown, but succeeded in eluding their pursuers. The Meanest Specifies or RrrriAXisn tet. Yesterday, as a funeral procession was passing on Massachusetts avenue, In the Northern Lilierties, to bury the bedy of an Irish infant, the line was attacked and broken by a gang of rowdies, and tbe persoits obliged to i)y for safety. Information was sent to the officers as soon as possible; but before they arrived at tbe place the rulfiaiis had dispersed, aud no one could identify the par ties engagid in the cowardly attack. Several gentlemen have endeavored to assist the offi cer* In ascertaining who tbe scoundrels weie, but ?o far without success Gone to Jail ?James Simms, alias Charles, a sailor, who was arrested and sent to the work house abcut two we<-ks a?o for disorderly con duct, wa> arrested last night by officer Lloyd for two cases of assault and battery, one of which was the attack, with a knife and pistol, on young Ferrell, who was so badly wounded on tbe first of June When he was on his way to jail offi cer Sanderson arrived at the Guard house with another warrant against him for a similar attack on a Gentian named Sauna. He was committed to jail in each case. St. Nathiw'i Cicich- At this church, yes terday morning, the services were of a peculiar and Interesting character, it being the occasion of tbe first ap|iearance of Rev. Father Charles White, the new pastor. The Rev. Father preached to the large congregation present an ex cellent sermon uf*?n the duties of the pastor to his congregation, and the obligations of the church toward the paNtor. At ibis church, yesterday, was performed a beautiful mass, composed by Prof. Benkert, the conductor of tbe choir. Monet Matties is Washimoto*.?Our bro kers were buying Virginia money at 7 per cent, discount on Saturday, and exchanging Washing ton City currency for gold at 3 per cent ., and ma ing small exchanges of Virginia money for Wash ington money ut 4 per cent , all of which shows a healthier state of feeiiug. Virginia money was In great demand, almost )>?yoiid the supply Arrested ?On Saturday night, John E. Mo ran wis arrested in the First Ward, by Watch man Griffin, on the charge of being concerned in tbe riot at the Northern Market in which Watch man Klopfer was shot. He was taken to the Cen tral Guard-house, and committed by Justioe Donn for a further bearii^. Beats* ?Yesterday,a man named Ward, who Is employed at the Capitol extension, was at tacked by three persons near Thirteenth street and tbe Avenue, and badly beaten?for what, we are not Inform^ Tbe persons are said to be known to tbe officers, and means have been taken for their arrtst. A Virginias Victimized.?On Saturday, a gentleman from Virginia met with a young mm of pleasing address, and an acquaintance havintj somehow sprung up between tbein, they took a walk together to the Capitol grounds. While there a well dressed person approached them and exhibited a curiously constructed box. and in short proceeded to try on the old trick a/ the " box game." The Virginian gentleman's companion Inti mated to him. in a whisper, that he knew the secret of the box, and proceeded to offer a bet to the owner that he could open It. He offered a draft of S3U0 as a stake.. This draft the l>ox holder declined accepting as a stake, and moved off Tbe Virginian's friend then urged him to loan him S*.}0 to bet, 4?Mt bein*^ a dead-sure thing,' and be would repay him at the hotel. The ?20 was forthcoming, 'staked and (of course) lost. The sharper walked off, the friend, in a great (pretended) rage, walked after him?and that is the last this fine old Virginia gentleman has seen of the twain. Polick.?jBefore Justice Clarkc.?George Butler was brought np for assault with an axe, on Wm. 'Veen ; held to bail for court. Wm. Delany, drunk and disorderly; costs and security. Sarah Coates, profanity In the streets ; fined *4 and costs, and committed to the workhouse for 60 days. Mary Heisler, for selling liquor without li cense ; fl ned 9siu and S1,4H costs Pat Maloy, vagrant; workhouse for recommit ment to the poor house. Mi*s Jcliana Mat.?We have frequently seen among us the musical celebrities of the Old World?from snowy Sweden on the north to sun ny Italy on the south?but Miss May is, we be lieve, the first American woman who has attained the highest ranks of the lyric art. After an ab sence of six years from her native home Miss May will make her first appearance at Carusi a Saloon on Thursday evening, and we doubt not a very warm greeting awaits her. Beep ?At tbe great cattle markets of the coun try, the price of beef has declined l^a2c per lb., during the past week, but " beef eaters" have reaped no benefit thereby. They are paying about a* much uow as they did last summer. W* Call Attention to the fine concert of vocal music announced for the lienefit of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. Watoh Returns.?Nov. 7?Joe Johnson, cnl ored, Va., unlawful assembly; 44. William Richardson, D. C., do.; ten stripes. Adam Ze*n litski, Poland, vagrant; workhouse 90 days. Jas. Riggs, colored, Va , unlawful assembly; fine and costs. Sf> 44. Sarah Black. Va.. larceny; jail for court. Sandy Jones, colored. D. C., disorderly; workhouse SO days. John E. Moran. D. C., riot ; jail for a hearing. Andrew Hume. D. C., drunk and disorderly; 83.44. Neilson Brown, D C., disorderly; fine and costs. ?<} 44. John Brooks, Va., do.; do Francis Gerard. N. Y., do.; do. Joseph Smith, colored. Va., drunk and disor derly ; fine and costs, S? 44. Henry Mills, Va , drunk and disorderly; fine and costs".*! 41. Wiu. Biddleman, D. C , firing a pistol; $3 14. Lewis Hitrgin*. DC, do.; do. Nov. 8?Wm. Henry Taylor, colored, D C . gambling; ^6.44. James Simmes, D. C , disor derly and two cases of assault and battery; jail for court. Richard Cole, colored, do., unlawful assembly ; workhouse 'JOdays. James Williams, do. do : do. Matthews, do. do.; fine and costs ?6.44. John Anderson, colored, Va., do ; workhouse !?> da vs. Lodgers?fifteen ; one from the District. Correction.?The John Tippctt mentions 1 iu watch report of last Wednesday's Star, is not Jolin N. Tippett, stair builder, of tins city. It Tiik Five Little Pi?a.?Shilling ton, Odeon Building, corner 4>? street ami Pa.avenue, has ro ceived another supply of this publication. All in want of it should call early and purchase. n9-tl Editor Star: Please insert the two following state incut r, and obligo James Washington, Nov.9,1H67. A Card.?I, the undersigned, state to the puMic in general. that the charge made against James Mc Grann l?elore Justice Walter by me,as published in a report in the Star of the fith November instant, is merely tmsed on a mistake made by myself; I there fore feel it my duty to make this known, as it is not ui> wish to injure any body without a just cause. his John X Wirtenberukr, mark. The above statement was made before me, Chas. Walter, J. P. Tins will certify that in the matter of obtaining my land warrant. I was introduced to Mr. ffeGmau as a person who would aid me, as I w is a stranger m the city, and cam*- here without friends or funds. Mr. McGiaiui kindly did so, having brought me to the magistrate's to prepare mi papers, and to the Pension Office. where 1 was itifoimed that I could obtain my warrant in person, or have it forwarded by leaving my address. When I sold the warrant 1 sent .Mr. Mctirann $|e,out of which be paid .*2 to the magistrate, fur ray hoarding, and the bal ance he returned to mvself. Mr. McGrarm acted as a friend, and not as an attorney. Joun Wirtknbkrgkr. Witness?Jclivs Facth. Washington,, Nov 9th. 1M7. It* Worth Reading.?Why is it that so many sutler and drag out a miserable existence, unfitted for the enjoyments and even ordinary pursuits of life, when relief by a treatment at once pleasant, safe, and per manent in its character may be obtained, and health and viKor restored.-' Those who ina> have suffered long with disease, or consequence* attending inefficient if not in'urious treatment will be convinced by consulting the iiu dersigned I nat there is space and material for a tho rough renovation in the most desperate case?, and that sufferers can avail themselves of those means upon terms entirely satisfactory. All letters must enclose the usual consulting lee, Si. and for which prescriptions with full directions to suit case will lie sent per man or express to any address, and to any part of the city or country. Patients visited at their hotel or resilience. Piles, Asthma, Kueuinatisui,Scndu.a, Ac.,diseases com mon and distressing, are treated with success. Address K. B. Harris, M. D., nS Iw Poet Office, Washington, D. C. DIED, In Georgetown, on the 8th instant, JOHN WILLS, iu the 5'st year of his a*e, after a short and painful illness. Ha leaves a wife and six children to mourn his loss. His funeral will take place on To-m*rrow. at 3 o'clock, from his late residence on 1st street. No. 33. The family and acquaintances are respcctftilly in ted to attend Ins fuueral * On the7th instant, AUGUSTINE H. HILL.aged 22 ? ears and 4 inon' lis. His funeral will take place from the residence of his mother. <"Lilianne Hill. on.r?th, lietween G and H streets, on To morrow (Tuesday) Kvening. at 3 o'< locr. His friends and acquaintances are ie*pect fully invited to attend. On the 7th mutant, of lung fever, M iss F L OR A L. LANCASTER. in the 19th year of her age. AtSt.L-uis Missouri, on Friday, Octolier 30th, STKPH K\ KKANK, aged G3 years, for a long pe rini a resident of this city. yyASIIINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. The Sunday Trains leaving Washington at 7 a. in. and Baltimore a to.1., p. in., wi.l lie discontinued after the 8th lust., upon which day they will inako their last trip. The daily trainfrom Baltimore, now leaving at 9'4 a. m., will, on and after, Monday next, 9th inst., start at 9,'4. By order: THOMAS H. PARSONS, n 6-8t (Intel..I nionAStates.) Agent. JAW BOOKS. j Selwyn's Prius. new edition, 2 vols., 8vo. Bennett it Heard's Leading Criminal Cases, 2 Vols , 8vo. Addison on Contracts, new edition, 1 vol. Chitty on the of Carriers, new edition, 1 vol. Wharton's Precedents of Indictments, new edition, 1 vol. Wharton's American Criminal Law, new edition, 1 vo1. Hill on Trustees, new edition, 1 vol. Williams on Keal Propeity. new cdition.l vol. Sedgwick on Statutory and Constitutional vol. Oleoti's Admiralty Reports, New York, 1 vol. Maryland Digest, 2d vol. n < FRANCK TAYLOR. |^RV GOODS AT KhDUCKD PRICKS. We have now in store the largest and much the liest assorted stock of FANCY and HTaPGK DRY GOODS, for general family use, that w- have ever offered at any former season, and many of them have been purchased during this great money panic at" very great sacrifice*. and we intend pki.lino a small advanca, for cash o.xly. We name a few articles in the lot Rich Pane* Dress Silk nnd French Mousaelin*, Frenon and Kngiish Plaid and Plain Merinos, in all oolors, Hsndsoine ValDncina, Plaid and Striped Pontics. t*u p?rior Plain Lilsck. St ripetl and Fig'd Dress Silks, An immense stock of Rich Sliawls and Scarfs. A so, a general assortment of Static Goods?such as shirting and Sheeting I.mens ami Cottons, Nap kins, Toweling, Taole Diapers. Fine and low price B?*d B>aiikets, Flannels Hi all grades, soino KM wale; Indies' and Children's Hosiery. In short, everything that is to l?o found in a well-assorted stock; to which we ask the special attention of all cash buy era particularly. COLLEY ft KKARH, oo?7-eo2w No..*237th St.,Sdoors north I'a.av. IJN EX PLOSIVE KTHhRKAL OIL. The undersigned has ETHEREAL Oil, UN EXPLOt*l in its character, and which gires a superior light, burns longer, and suiokes less than the Ethereal Oil usually sold in this city. The right to aell this Oil in the liistrict of Columbia is guar tate*d to the undersigned, and ia sold only at the Depot, No. 4SI, northwest c?rner of E and 11 th atreeta. where ita superiority will bo ahown at any time. The prioe is the saina as the explosive. Or der* will be punctually filled by leaving them at the DST?r eoSm FR. STUTZ. Gmoer. 1\IEW AND PRETTY STYLES OK WOOL LY en Goods, Chin* Ornaments. Papier Mache, 4^4fc'i"L5??GHIJV8, No 20 Pa.*v"nue r % betwtcn ?U tud Mk ?;re?u, GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. C errtrp^ndtnct ?/ Tkt Si nr. OlOKeBTuwN, Nov 9, 13S7. The eighteenth annual meeting of (be Female Union Benevolent Society, was held In Bridge street Presbyterian Church, yesterday afternoon. The annual report of the Society was read by the Rev. H. Suter The report is one of considerable Interest not only to the Society, but the commu nity at large. The author, Miss Hellen L. Stew art, seems to be perfectly familiar with all the past operations of the Society, and to be fully alive to the many difficulties to be encountered In their labors of love, in the future. She dis cusser in a masterly style, and in our opinion completely refutes all the objection* wbicn have beretofore'been put forth against the operations of the Society, by those Individuals who are al ways ready to croak, and urge all sorts of flimsy and ridiculous objections whenever an appeal, no matter how touching, is made to them in behalf of the poor. Tiie report states that the Society diily realizes the necessity of a House of Refuge, especially for boys, and a honu' of employment for friendless young females, when out of employment, and particularly for the aged, helpless, and totally destitute, and widows and orphans. The state of their treasury has, however, never permitted them even to think of procuring such desirable asylums, having never been sufficient to enable them to do more than meet the many and press ing wants of those who are mainly dependent upon them for sustenance during the more in clement seasons of the year. It also states that the Trustees of the Poor could aid the Society greatly by removing the dissipated and intem perate to the work or alms house. This portion of the report closes With the following language: "The Society, though meeting with difficulties at every step, and apprehending from the pres sure of the times an increase of their beneficiaries the coming winter, have resolutely determined not to relinquish their united action, remember ing that 'in union there is strength,' and prompted by the animating inotto 'never give up the ship,' they have again launched their little bark, newly freighted with kind feelings, once more upon the waters of life, christened anew by the tears of sympathy, the 4 Speedwell,9 and with the heart cht-ering motto 4 God bless you* Inscribed upon their banner, and her sails tilled by the breezes of cheerlulVo-operation, they fear not the ebbing or flowing of the tide of popular opinion. But with faith as her pilot, ana hope and duty her oarsmen, she will still glide onward witu the rurrent. We shall gladly welcome every little rill of love that may flow into and swell our treasury, thus enabling us to enlarge the operations of our lienevolence. reviving and enriching, as we move onward in the course of duty, many desolate and cheerless scenes in nature by dropping here and there, wherever the soil of the human heart may be found prepared for their reception, the seeds of divine truth, and thus save many of God's poor, abject and tempest-tossed little ones from sinking beneath the bitter waves of adversity and dispair. In consequence of there being no regular report of thii operations of the society made last year, its receipts and expenditures for the two years arc embraced ill this report, and are as follows : Amount of receipts from November, 1*53, to No vember, l*jfl,$<7<il "-'l; expended during the same l>eiiod, !*)>??!? "hi?leaving a balance in the treasury, to meet the demands for November and Decem ber, l?eforc the collections for the next year came in, JS6 !J. Receipts from November, 1S36, to November, lso7, 87*2149; expended, So'JI .!*?? leaving at the closcoi theyear endiug November 1, l-i57. *133.41. The foregoing does not include the Corcoran fund for wood?it lieing S3U0 annually since Feb ruary. ls.51?and which is not placed at the dis posal of the Society until December of each year. I'he report also contains the following liberal do nations, which the Society have heretofore re ceived: 1K*5, Hen Per ley Poore's lecture, $23*2.*2o; from Corporation, *150. 1*50, Mrs. l'airo, S'.!5; Mr. lientley, S3; Masonic Lodgo, ?J0; Christ Church, SIvO; St. John's, b3, Presbyterian, *34 21 IK>7, Mrs Pairo.Ml; Mrs llentley,$5; a Friend. John S. Berry, ?IH 37, Mr.Strib ling, ?10; Mrs. Cox. *10; Mrs. Col. Carter, 85; Schad.?l;Mrs H. English, S3; Mrs. Harnard, #6; Mrs Pairo's Concert, $*220, Mr Brown S.i.? Making a sum total of receipts for the two years*, including the Corcoran fund, of $l,txil Wi. After the reading of the report the Society and large congregation were eloquently addressed by the Rev. Dr Bocork A convention composed of the superintendents, the ministers actively engaged in the Sablwtli schools, and two delegates from each Methodist school in the Potomac district of the Baltimore Conference, will be held in the Dumbarton street Methodist Church on Wednesday morning next, at 10 o'clock. During the last few days the weather has l>eeu uncomfortably warm; so much so that those pes tiferous little biters, musqiiitoes. which we had hoped were used up by the late biting frosts, have returned in considerable numt>ers. Arrivals?Schr. Increase, Phillips, Philadel phia. coal to W H Godey & Co.; do. Emily Murray, Southard, Havre de Grace, coal to Bar ron it Stover; do. Advocate, Hacker, Salisbury, lumber to Libbey & Son; do Tropic, Hooper, Salisbury, lumber to same and F VV heat ley No change ha* occurred in the flour and grain market since our last report. Spectatob GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEM'TS. np i. o. K. Af. 1 HK FIRST GRAND ANNUAL BALL OF Logan Tribe, No. 8, I. 0. R. M., of Gkodoktown, Will take place at Forrest Hall, on TUESDAY, November 17th, IK57. The Committee of Arrangements. and member: of the Tribe, pledge themselves to spare no ef forts upon their part to make this one of the most interesting and agreeable entertainments j of the season. 4 dWT-n The Order are fraternally invited to participate with us upon this festal occasion. To our friend* we extend the warm Nina of wele-nne, and cordially invite them to share the pleasures of the evening with us. Tickets can be procured from the Committee or anjr member of the Tribe; also, at the door. Excellent Cotillon Music has been en?aged. Fluor Mann iters. P. G. 1. Hugh Latham, P. G. S. I. T. Bradley, Jantes Dunavan. Committer oj Arrung' ments. P. S. T. Downing, John Scott, Win. Donaldson. n tf at O QAA arrival BUSHELS POTATOES, per schooner Sarah Jane, from Salem, just arrived and for sale in lots to suit purchasers. PETER BERRV, nli 3t* 85 Water street, Georgetown. \11SS CHRISTIE JOHNSON, 1>I TEACHER OF ELOCUTION. Is desirous of forming Classes in Elocution in the Schools in Washington, and will give instruction to private pupils in that city and in Georgetown. Miss Johnson will give lessons to youths and pro fessional gentlemen. Residence, Miss Harrover's (formerly Miss Eng lish's.) Female Seminary, corner Washington and Gay ?treets, Georgetown. For further information and circulars apply at Btanchard k Mohun's Bookstore. Rkpkuencks. Mrs. William F. Ritchie, Richmond. Va. Rev. Stephen P. Hill, Washington, D. C. Grafton Tyler, M. D., George town, D. C. ocSi-lin ^or7rent~and sale. For other" For Rent ami Sale" notices see Istjragt. J BURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT.-A pleasant Parlor and Chamber, adjoining, and neatly furnished, ou the first floor, elevated live feet from the side wa'k. Also, an atticroom for servant. l.o'Mtion very desirable, being near the State and T'easury Departments. Rent $37 per month. No. 4tf) New Vork avenue, 2d door from 15th street. n7-lw* _____ Furnished house for RENT-situated on ene of the most pleasant streets in the city, supplied with gas and liath, and fitted up with all the requisites for oomfort and convenience. Apply at 47?> H street, between 9th and loth, or to J. C. Mo Guire. corner loth street and Pensy Ivaina avenue n 7-3t PM>R KENT.?Two desirable RESIDENCES. One a new. four-story Brick House, hniltand finished in modern style, and haudsoinely fitted with hum, Ac. It is on New Jersey avenue, Imtwcen D aud F. streets, in the vicnnry of the Capitol. It would be n pleasant residence for a gentleman in Congress, with withoii' a family. Inquire of Mr. WALKER, the Artist?he lives in the adjoiuiiig home?or at No. 4??4 M street. The other is a nearly new, three-story Bruk House, with a pump of good water, and stabling for carriage and horses, in the \ard. It is on M street Itetween I'^th and l3Ui nti. Inquire at the adjoining house. No, 464 M street. n7-:tt' LM)K K EN T.?Three ROOMS, ueatly furnished, r and tuitable for single iceutlomen. For further particulars apply at No. 314 Pa. avenue, between Hfh and 111 h street s, n ti-Rt FOR RENT.-A larne4-stor? IIRICH HOUSE*, with Itnseineut and back building, containing *5 rooms, with gas and all the modoru improvements, situated on Missouri avenue, between 'Id mid 4>% streets. Apply to II. S. JOHNSTON, No. :r73 Pa. averioe betwt on 4J? anil fit h streets. nti-St* FOR RENT.-A three-story BRICK HOUSE, with liasement, on 13ih street, between II and I, containing in all eight .ooins, witk gas all through the house, in firit-raterep?ir. Rent moaerate. Ap ply at P. White it Co.'s Grocery Store, ooruer of 13th and F streets, or a* Cobnrn's Grocery, corner of H and 13th streets, where the key will be foaud. n6 St* I BURNISHED HOUSE FOR SALE ok RENT. The House contain* thirteen rooms. TheFur niture is handsome, of the tiest quality, and new. Will he sold or rented separately or together. Apply on tiie premises, No. 24 Missouri avenue, between 4/S and 6th streets. n 4-lm* FOR RENT.-A modern-built HOI 3K, contain ing eleven rooms. The house i? on 6th street, between Hand E itreets, in the best location in the city, heated hv furnace and lighted With ?aa. Ap ply to THOMAS PARKER. n4-?w' riRKAT BARGAINS in second-hand Pianos at vF the Masio Depot, from #*5 to $160, to be sofcl on time, or reduced pnoe for cash. W. G. METZEROTT, 00 ? oorner 11 th Itreet Md Pa. avenu* AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. /CONFECTIONERY AND FANCY GOODS at Auction.?On THURSDAY MORNING, the 1.2th instant, at in o'clock a. ra., I shall se 1 in front of my store. No. 5K7tb street a good lot of? Candies, Candy Jars, Nuts, Fancy Goods, Toys China Ornaments, A o. Wit h many other artiolcs unnecessary to enumerate. Terms o&sh. n*-3t A. GREEN. A wot. By BARNARD A Bl'CKKV; Georgetown. TO BUILDERS. ? A Good Chaxce to set a Cheap Hops*.?We trill offer for sale, on the premises.011 WKDNESDAY next, the 11th mst., at 4 o'clock, p..m., the Lot on Jefferson street, with

the wails of the northernmost house.recently burnt. The hoase was three-story, and all the walls of the main building are in rood preservation; but very lit tle damage done to them by the tire; the back build ings two-stnr*. Terms: J?m in hand, and a credit of ore and two years on the heianca. The walls may be construct ed in two dwellings. We shall also soli to the highest bidder immedi ately after the altovc sale, an old Frame House on Beale street,a short distance west ol Christ Church, to be removed in 20 days. There are some ro<>d lum ber ar.d brick, suitab.e for putting up a cheap house of that kind. n9 3t BARNARD 4 Bl'CKEY, Aucti. By J AS. G. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer. ADMINISTRATORS' SALE OF Fl'RM tcki AXti Household Effectb, Silver ware. Ac.?On SATURDAY MORNIIW, Nov. 14th, at in o'clock, at the auction rooms of J. C. McGuire, we sha.l sell the personal estate of the late Stephen Cassin, comprising? Mahogany hair-apring Sofa, Rocker, and Parlor Chatrs Marble-top Fier Table, Looking Glasses Mahogany Dining Tables, Card TaMes Cane and wood-seat Chairs Brussels, Three-ply, and other Carpets, Matting Gilt Window Shades and fixtures Silver plated Glass and Crockery Ware About 330 ounces sterling Silver Plate i'ottage Beds. Bureaus, Washatands Feather Beds, Bolsters, Pillows. Mattresses, Jcc. Together with the usual assortment of Kitchen requisites. Terms: Twenty dollars and under, cash; over that sum, a credit of three and six months, lor sat isfactorily endorsed notes, betu-ing interest. By ol der WM. RE DIN, WALTER S. COX. WM. P. MAULSBY, Administrators. nO eod&ds JAS. C. MoGUIRE, Auet. V PJ A M S! HAMS!! HAMS!.'! We have a choice lot of Family-cured HAMS, which are unsurpassed in exocllenoe. KING A BURCIIKLL, a* 24 Corner of Vermont avenne and l.vh*trt*rt. jyOTICE TO HOUSEKEEPERS. C. R. L, CROWN A CO., having received a large and well selected stock for the Fall trade, in-f^ vitos Housekeepers and those m want ofYil FURNITURE ur CROCKERY W ARE. MB to examine their stock, as they arc determined J C I to sell to suit the times. * Bank paper of the District taken at par. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., ocl6-tf No. 357. corner of (it h st. and ra. av. 1RGLMA AND DISTRICT MONEY TAKEN AT PAR for BOOTS, SHOES, AND TRUNKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IRO*N HALL BOOT.SIIOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT, Pennsylvania avenue, beticitn )tk and lot* its. I have just returned from the Nortlw I with a splendid assortment of alii w kinds of Ladies. Gentlemen*. Mis ^^ses, Both'. Childrens', and Servants' Boots and SHOES. Also, a large stock of TRUNKS, CARPET BAGS, VALICES. and SATCHELS, all of which 1 will sell lor the above money. Calf early, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S. ?e 3n Iron Hall. VIRGINIA AND OTHER PAPER MONEY TAKEN AT PAR ! CLOTHING !?CLOTHING ' ?CLOTHING CHKAP FOR CASH. MONEY SAVED AND FAIR DEALING, At PEN!*** t.VAKt A AVRM'K, between'Jth anil UUk st*.,at the " Jail House." Just opened, a large stock of READY MADE C LOTH ING. at I he following low prices: We can otler greater bargains hi Clothing than can l?e obtained elsewhere in this city. Owing to our building, we did not lay in our stock ax others did, and t we Ixiught at great sacrifice*, owing to the' state of the market. Heavy Winter Overcoats...^ no to $10 on Heavy Body Coats .... 3 50 to i0 no Black Cloth Coats..... 7 Hi to 12 ??? Winter-lined Cassimere Pants 2 do to 5 00 Winter-lined Cassimere Vests,dou ble t<rea?ted 1 25 to 2 oo Btys Overcoats 2 75 to 6 <0 Boys Jackets t 50 to 3 <hi Woolen Pants 1 25 to 2 50 Having one of the largest and finest assortments of CLOTHS and CASSIM ERE?* in this city, we are prepared to make Clothing to order at the short est sotice. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., n 2 &2 Pa.ave . bet. 9th and inth st*. A BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD-CASE IRON frame Pianoforte, used one year in a careful family, of Hallet, Davis A Co., Boston, renowned manufacturers, will t?e sold at a great bargain, for oosh or credit, at our great Piano Emporium. JOHN p. ELLIS. oc 22 3Q6 Pa. ave . I>et. 9th and 'Qth sts. Books from London. Soyer's Culinary Campaizn.l vol.; 81-50. Russell's Modern Europe Epitomised, ?1. The Bivouac, by Maxwell; aoc. Captain Blake, by Maxwell: 5"c. The Vicomte BrageIoiuie,2 vols.; % 1.25. Birds, Bea-ts, and Fishes; 12c. The History of Five Little Pigs, colored platea,25 cents, plain !2oents. oe ^ FR A\TCK TAYLOR _ C?ITY STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILL. ' Economy and Convenience. We are now ready to deliver WOOD SAWED and SPLIT at 20 per cent, less than the usual rates, and better prepared thau it can be by hand. Knots and wood of inconvenient size not sent. All orders lor less than half acord will be delivered in crates to any part of the house at no further ex pense to the purchaser. Pine wood in crates 35 cents. Oak wood ?t do. 40 cents. In this part of our business we wilt open no ac counts, as we have come to the conclusion to make it exclusively a cash business. Also, on hand, HICKORY, OAK, and PINE WOOD ar.d COAL of all kinds, which will be dis posed of on the usual accommodating terms. Now on the way One cargo White Ash Broken Coal for fnrnaoe. One cargo White Ash Egg Coal for radiators. Coal 2.240 lbs. to the ton. All under "over. Orders promptly filled. T. I. A W. M.GALT. northwest corner of 12th and C sts.. No.547, oo 7-tf one square south of Penn. avenue. WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN. AND ALEXANDRIA EXP 11 ESS PACE ACE, BAGGAGE, AND FREIGHT LINK. JAMES OSBORNE informs the public that he has established an EXPRESS LINE, to ply daily between the Cities named above, which will trans port for very moderate compensation, any thing that may be desired to be sent between either two of the three cities, which will be faithfully and promptly delivered. His slates will be found at Smith's United States Hotel, Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4}? stAe's; S. Bacon A Co.'s Grocery Store, corner ol Pa. avenue and 7th Btreet, and the Star Otfice. Any orders written upon either of them will be promptly at tended to. N. B.?Special attention p%id to the transportation of packages to and from the Alexandria and Orange Railroad Depot, the freight on which he will settle per order. n3 tl W NOTICE. IGS, TOUPEES. SCALPS, Ac., made to order at the shortest possible notice. A select as sortment always on hand, at HEARD A WATSON'S, oc5-1m National Hotel and fit h street CCHINESE SUGAR CANE SYHU P. from / Reeve's Mill, of a superior quality, is now lot sale liy J. B. WILSON, Grocer. oc 28-tf tlnt.l 127 Pennsylvania avenue. NEX PLOSIVE GAS. U Wre would most respectfully announce to the publioand particularly to ihose persons who have never used the Etherial Oil or Spirit Ga* lrom fear of its explosive qualities, that we have the article they have long desired, SPIRIT GAS THAT WILL NOT EXPLODE. Call and see for your selves ; it's no humbug. We have also the Breckenridgc COAL OIL for illuminatiug. and alse for machinery. The illumina ting Oil is not explosive, gives a ligf.Y almost equal to Camphine, and will stand the most intense cold. It is decidedly the cheapest ( Ml of the dny. We would desire the puhlicto call and see theaUive Oil* tested at our Store, No. 323 C street between 6th and 7ih. n 4-tf HOWELL A MORSEI.L_ Military laws of the u.states. Those relating to the Army, Marines, Voluti teers, Militia, and to Bouuty Lands and Pennons ; thirU edition, by the lato Capt. Hctzel, IT. S. Army ; one octavo volume of Ull pages, with the rules and aruoles of War, and the constitution of the United States; price $l.or prepaid by mail 91.25. For sale, a few copies only remaining, by n 3 FRANCK f AYLOPL American and european agency. Washixoton, D. C. Remittances to Europe.? Persons wishing to make pay ments in Germany, France, Switzerland, and other parts of the Continent of Europe, < with out the risk of failure,) caii do so upon fovorable terms, through this agency. Collections upon uralts or powers of attorney promptly effected, and documents and proofs for for eign use properly drafted. Lanu Warrants for sale. ALFRED SCHUCKING. n 3-6t* IB Market Space. TA CARD. O THE CITIZENS OF THE DISTRICT. In entering our new building, which we have just taken possession of, and we return our tinccre thanks io the people of Washington and George town for their liberal patronage, and we, in part, as a return, have erected a spacious building, wlitcu will be an ornament to the city, with a large aud airy sa loon, with all the convenience and comfort of our customers, and in the establishment are all the nee essary arrangements for manufacturing and enoour aging home industry, and by a strict attention to justice and integrity, we hope to give satisfaction to all. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., ooy*-4w No. 3? 2 Pa. ave.. bet. 9th and 10th ?ti._ A PIANO for #2*; one for #3*; one for #7.V and two for $1(*>; besides twenty-two new onee, ranging in prtoe from #190 to #7<fo. AH for rent or sale upon May terms, at oar Piano Ware rooms 386, between9thandlOikatrMta. ?,,?.? JOHN F. ELLIS, AUCTIOH 8ALK8. TO DAY fr TV-MORROW MORN1 N(i By JAMBS' C. McGl IRK. Auctioneer tl Win CORPORATION OK WASHING l*Oll/TO?t (JCAETK&LY StX Pu Cm T, oci -On MONDAY AFTKRNOON Nov.*h. nt 4 o'clock, I shail Mil, at the Auction Roomi Corporaiion of Washington IJuarterly Six Percent. Stock,in sum* to Mitt. Terms euh, in eurrent fande. n 6-d J. C. MoGl IR K, Auct. By WALL k. BARNARD. Auctioneer*. PERKMPTORY SAI.F. OF VALUABLE Bcii.oi*q I ot* o* tub Isla>pat Pvblic Arr TTOH.-On MONDAY AFTKRNOON. Norther 9, at 4S? o'clock, we will sell. 0*1 the premises. tothe hif heat bidder. Lot No. 3, in Square No. 41*. at t h? corner of Ktghth and H streets couth, fronting 91 feet 6 inches on H atreet ami runninc t?ek *9 feet 4 inches. Wiil t>e divided into foar Iota. The loca tion la beautifnl. overlooking the river, with a line ?lew of Alexandria and the surrounding com.try. Thealtove lota offer rare inducements topurefcasars. Terma : One-fourth cash ; Mlanoe in 6. 12, and 18 months. Deed given and deed of trust taken. n 6 dts WALL A H ARNAR l?. Ancta. Br SAMUEL J. McCOR.MICK ; Alexandria. IARGE 9ALKOF STOCK. AT AUCTlON. j We will offer for sale,on TU KSDAY. 10th mat., at 12 o'clock rw., in front of our office, in Alexandria, Va., for account of whom it may concern? ? W.rtio Alexandria Six Per Cent. Coupon Bonda Hi shares Six Per Cent. Preferred Stock Orange and Alexandria Rabroad Company 111 shares Manas we 'rap Railroad Company. CORSE HROTHF.RS. Kxehanie Block, n6-1 s SAM'L. J. MeCORMlCK, Auct. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of three wnta of Fieri Facias, issued from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia lor the County of Washington, and to me directed. 1 will expose to publ.o sale for CASH, in front of the Court-nouse door of aaid county, on WEDNES DAY, the28tli day of October, at 12 o'clock m, the following described property, to wit: all drfecdant's right, title, claim, ai.d interest in and to part of Lot.No. 17. in Square No. 374, commencing 22 feet 8 inches from the northeast comer of said lot, front in^ 1C feet 8 inches on I street North, between 9th and 10th streets West.arid running back that width the whole depth of the lot, together with all and sin gular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Wil lain D. Aeken, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial* Nos. 361.378vand 37V, to Obtober term, 1857, in favor of Charles Koones. use of Parker P. Clark. Peler J. Steer, and Fielder M. Magruder,vs. \\ illiaiii D. Acken. J. D. IIOOVER, Marshal for the District of Columbia. oc S dtds IfT-THK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until TUESDAY, tne lnth of November next, at the same hour and place. J. D. HOOVER, oc 2fl-ts Marshal for District of Columbia. By WALL 3c BARNARD, Auctioneers. 1^AMILY G R OC ERIE8,LIQUORS.SEG AR S, Tobacco, Ti m bi.ers, Ac., at Acctioh.?Ou TUESDAY MORNING, Nov. 10, at 9* o'clock, we will sell in front of our auction rooms, a larce assortment of Family Groceries, Liquors, Tumb lers. Se<nrs, Ac., without reserve; the effects of a person declining business?such as Imperial. Gunpowder, ami Black Teaa 5 Ivtgs Rio Conce. good article 25 Ih 1 xes f o.egate's Starch; 5 dozen Buckets in do Brown and Fancy Soap* Chocolate. Olive Oil, Mu?tard. Spices, Ac. ?5 lM>xes Mould and Adamantine Candles 211 utiartcr-ltoxes superior Chewing Tobacco in dozen Coffee Mi its, different Mies 2? 1 do assorted patterns Tumblers W one-euh'h casks Brandy 12 l*rrcls Whiskey, different brawl? leases Blackl>erry Brandy, nice article. r.,(?si Segars, different brands With many other articles in the Grooery line, all of which will l>e sold without reserve. Term* at bale. n7-2t WALL A BARNARD. Aucts. By HUGH DOW LING; Georgetown. EXTENSIVE SALE.?Will l?e sold at public .J auction, in front of the Store of Win. Dow I irir. No. 17" Bridre street, the Market.on TUKS DAV MORNING. Nov. l"th, 1857, at J o'clock, a large assortment of? \ew aii'l seoond hand Purniture Six good Cooking and other Stoves Three new leather ton Buggies One tin-, voung. Work Horse, 5 years old Two good Blacksmith's Bellows Five new Doughs One I-airtiauk's I'aleut Balance Lot Feather Bolsters. Pillow*,Ac. Also, a la rue assortment of? Hardware. Shovels, Forks. Spades Knives and Forks. Hatchets. Hummers, Ac. The whole of which will l?e sold. r"~ ?*$M. cowuse. HUGH DOW LING, Auot. Georgetown, Nov. J, 1*57. n7-2t* E FUTURE DAYS. Bv WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. VPAL|.'AIILE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT Ai ctiow.?On WEDNESDAY AFTKR NOON, llth instant,at 4,'? o'clock, we will sell, in front of the premises, part of Lot 26. in Square 250, fronting 16 feet on 13>h street west, between H and I streets north, and running back 96 feet to a ten leeta'ley. This valuable propertv is improved with a good two-story frame dwelling house, hack-build ing, wood sheds. At and is situated in one of the most U-autiful and improving parts of the city. Par an investment this sale offer* an excellent opportu nity. aa the property will command a good rent. Terms liberal and made known at sale, n6-ts WALL A BARNARD. Aucts.; sale of a VALUABLE KAKM is Orasuk Coi'NTY, Va.?Having more land than I can cultivate. I will offer for sale, at public auction, 011 TL KS1)A\ . the 17th day of November, 1857. '* Birchland," lying in the County of Orange, on Mountain Hun, adjoining the lvids of Hon. Jere miah Morton and others, arid containing three hun dred and seventy eight acres, alsiuttwo hundred acres cleared and now in CJover. and the remainder in original growth?well suited to growing a fine quality of t'olncoo. The Buildings have iteen elected within the last year, and suitable for farming purposes. I invite purchasers to examine for them selves. Having determined to sell, I aiu disposed to sell a great Iwrga :n. For further particulars address J. J. Halsey, Mitchell's Station, Culpeper County, or the under signed at O.ange Court House. oc28-ts GKORGK A. SLEET. Bv J. C. MeGUIRB. Auctioneer. [EXTENSIVE SALE OF IMPROVED AND a UstMPROVEn KkaiK'tatk !>? Washington ClT^.?On TUESDAY AFTKRNOON. H?h in stant,at 4 o'clock, at the auotion store of the sub scrilMT, will t>e sold the following described proper ty : Square 5, north half of lot 6, fronting 71 feet 5>? inches 01127th ?tre3t west, between I and K streets, is inn fuel deep, mid contains 2.746 feet. Square 16, lots 4 and *?. fronting M feet 6 inches each 011 I street north, between ?5tii *n<i 26||, ?ts. west, and containing aU<ut 11^-5' square feet. Square 29, lot 5, situated at the corner of New Hampshire avenue aud I street uortn, having two fronts of about asn feet, and contains I3,7tfl square feet. Square 70, lot 21, fronting G9 feet 8 inches on New Hampshire avenue.bctween M and N streets north, and ha* an nverage depth of about 2C:( feet, and con tains about 19.3WI square feet. Square S. I04. lots 13 and 14. sul>division, situated at tne corner of Virginia avemie and 2ist atreet west, and oontain ??.f.<2 square feet. Square 173. lots 13.14.15,16,17,18,19. 21. and part of **. fiont'ng 17th street, opposite President's grounds and north D street, between 17th and Uth streets vest. This will l>e subdivided into 25 lots, and, hem?; near the President's House aud Depart ments, must liecouie very valuable. Square 231. lots 5, 6, and 7. are fronting south C street aud Mouuuicnt grounds, at the ooruer of 15th street west, and contain 12,881 feet. Square IJI9, seventeen lots, fronting ouHth and 9th streets west, between N O streets north, and containing aliout2.358 sqrate feet each,are 111 a rap idly improving neighborhood, und must rapidly en hance in value. Square 513,lots 27, 28, 29, 46, and 47, are fronting 4th street west and N street north. Lot 47 is improved by two frame bouses. This property is very desua lile. Iteiug 011 the grade; streets graded and foot walks paved. Square .523, ten lots, contMiiiiig froin 1^!(*) to 2<tno square feet each, fronting ou 4th street and New Jersey avenue, between M aud N streets north, af fording an opportunity seldom met with for oersons wishing to build themselves a home. Square 5W, lot 24, fronting on B street south. !>e tween 3d and 4>f streets, is near Uij contemplated Capitol Exteusiou, and contains about r>,i?w square feet. Square 535, lots J and 3, unproved by eight small frame houses, and wid !><? sold each bouse separate ly ; lot 15, on south C street. I?etweeu 3d and 4>? sts., and o?>ntair.s 8,137 squ:tre feet. Square 613, lot 2. has a front of 311 feet on south V street, and extending aliout 3*' feet to channel o] Eastern branch. Square B. lots 1 and 2, improved by seven brick houses, five fronting ou4>? street.I?etween Peiitisyl vamaand Missouri avenues,and rent for $1.41*1 per year; and two fronting on Missouri avenue, near 4% si reet. and would readily command a rent of SVsi per annum each. This property is central and well improved, and its proximity tol'eiinsylviuiias\enae and tho Public grouudo inakcs it particulars desira bio. Square C, lots 2ft and 29, are 25 feet front eacli. and 100 feet deep, fronting Thud street west, near Ma ryland avenue. Square D, lot 5, improved by three new frame houses with Kick buildings, eoutaimug six rooms each, are fronting on Maryland avenue. Iietween 4)? aud Mb streets. This propeity is very desirable, worth the attention of persous desiring a profitable investment. Square 460. lot 6, subdivision, fronting 23 8-12 feet on lith street west. IxMween D and E streets south, and contains 2.rIn square feet. Also, bits 9ti, 37, and 38, flouting otitis street, and contains 2.'??> square feet each; lot is improved by a two story frame house. Plats of all the alwve propertv may be seen at the auotiou store, where persous who desire to examine them are invited to call and see them. , , . Terms : One-fourth cash, 111 biokable funds ; the balance in 6. 12, lit and 74 months, with interest, to !>e secured t?y notes and deed of trust. All oonvey ancing at oost of purchasers. - u3 d JAS.C. MeGUIRE, Auetioneer. JpiCKLES BY THE HUNDRED. A lot of selected PICKLED CUCUMBERS, ia .U..U .. ..11 JH. B. 8 C H W A R Z E. , gimral pkalkr* PACKER AND P1CKLER OF OYSTERS, Corner of 12th aud E streets. IGTAnybody in want of Oystors should call at this plac??. n 5-lm EA NUTS. _ ^ St' bushels PEA N UTS for Mi* bv JONASP.lEVY. m ltth itHMit. snrwor i<f B FAMILY BIBLKS?Large quarto sise, u> fail leather binding. 91. Family Bibles, fun bound in embosied maroon leather, f 1^5, WH KRANCK TAYLOR. TELEGRAPHICNEWs rr*" *** iffai. asss j^SsSaca ShH.,ni,#,i *?? uiviTto t2! 1.atel> arrw,,*? ?? robbing the mail* *? Toronto, c^irm) with and Toronto *? ^wrea MoatranJ d found KU,i^ >e*'rrtUr ?'?** for the crinw New O.Lr^v-" ???"??. ?or. Davidson, and CJ*-*'*"* Eu.tis, Tav w^n*rr,"ian>l *,? ^^ted and as before?three IVmoJ^I.n W ,h er*"ft>fe stand vidson'* majority over vv ? ^ Atn*rWl1 1>a tbousand. and eU ?? ?*??! one On joint bailot of tbe l^oiJ^? ,wo tbo"*and will Lav- . major!,; DfT?J? "T 2T the Senate and twelve in the ,f<** '* Neal Cow at Hmm, *c. PotTHJTD, No*. 7?Neal Dow tbe ? r? .^ ?drr*,r.arriv^ ^ and ^^"ci'd ?o hu boL? b^ Thi ? '\rore"*ion ?nd Unds of music f vrJrr '". fdTr" from ,h' ??rie Albion Cooper ulciii r. ?n ,hw MWiwti to-day sJTd ?ar^wa^ ,KU,1iL Th" WOf"1 T?~d.v ll'j.n ar> was assigned for their trial Monetary Affairs at Bastaa. v*ryVr,VLt^and nK>?^V market clo?e* I and buoyancy cfciUT* *S* ?* *Pra,*r e*** yawa: wn-k a? will ! h ?P*cle reaerve during the ?, *" ?* ?bown by their next r?tur? N.? <lE,rha-*e ? ?w Orleana. xt ssrasraw r?? Latest from Nantn< ket. Re'1' l*l*trict'*b<> wThat^'r jlforTiswry* H ?c??^!-tt?,|'h ,S ?'T*11 rbOM*n ""'"ll *r of tb. M.. "<* "<"?' *<?,??.. ... Th* Earjery Case. ^ hoXK7.rK? ,?????? Sov 7 -Th<> of i a Baldwin, for fory^rv ,. ?ronjjht to a clow, and the jurv, after a brief al> *nce; returned a vcrdict of " giilty ? Baltimere Markrta. II 9 _F,our '? Arm: Ohio and Howard street jo.2,5. loler W f?r W L.w1t*>?*?>' Common la ; b,,t Pr'n?e quahtle* "** fu,,F sustained Good to prlQM> whitef I .**SI 13; red ?1 |- if | i\ io^-?*'l!,nf,rov,nK??,d whit* ~5a~c.; old mel low .-2a,,Sc.; new 55art.ic. ' * NN hikkjr i? bt:Uer; City Sic.; Ohio 22. ??w York >larkeu. NoV 9 -"??" ?? nnwttled; aaW of ] fmu bbl*. Mate *M M*1.?S5; Ohio ?S 2ia?5 0u Soulbtrn ?5 !0iS5 4tl ' ' Wheat Uh^avy; kaloii of 7(i.?m bnHheU; Mil y^oh n; ?'W1 ? Corn i? <lull7 ?.!? of .?..)??> kraahela mixed 75c I'ork i? Meadv; mes. f 19 75. Beefiafl m. Lard ik ?i*..dv at Whisky Mtady; Ohio Flaaaclal. New Vol* .November ??Stork* are dull rhfcajjo and Ro, k Mand 70; Hlino?? Ca.tral do^ bi*nd? 7?X; Mirbi^.n Soutbe.n lG^: New \ ork Central 74 W: Penn.ylvania Coal C*unp <.|; Virginia G'? Kt; Mi?nonri 6 ? 7i^ . llvv.vr U**'*?KCK HOtSE. ti ?ri from h loridaalarra GRBCN M R 1 I.K. it will he ?ci veu Up This no-.n ami To-Mnrrow. *r Havmc fitted up my house for the a<woin m.Hlatiom.f persona Wishing Meala. | am pre?>ared to serve them on the mo*t reaa >nn><!e terms nfi-tt J-T. Ha^LECK. nu riL corner 7th wh! G str??fS. SVv'v.^ H^ lli,',|A^('S fnr ?*'* helow their iiIZ?JLr ' ??5?a,5? ryjom. at " -- Depot of W. G. MKTZKRciTT. fcJSLi just arnv^d*0rtment ?f Flutc#,in<1 V.uluuMllf! I R 8 ! F U R t?! FURS iiT Just opened my lar*e, l?eautiftil.aod new stook of Furs, purehased in the (act five d%ys, and will aeil them much U?mer th*n the same qualit? iisurI % f. .i W ashin*?on. All kinds of I.aSies M iV?es and ment waira.nnh?t Kur" ^ mt m* < "Ullli?h *?.?. . HOPKINS, ? . .At ,h? corner of?,th street and Pa ave . D 4 ^,2w S??n of the White B^r. k>() 0(W) PEACH TR FES. For sale at my Nura?n.Vaa*'l%" hI*'"rta n5-im JOSRITA PE1RCK. SWINDLING WOOD. " * "? ??-_ Si eearanr** or Chabpoai W OOD^Snr.Srtl ?"iur",,t1 Th* rosin PI %K r pi n **W<< m short pieoea fxpretslf ?nj ???p? < k ^9OAI;-?f,A,--rOAL. >cho*>rer Ctanoefur.1, now ?fl.Mtt with White A?h ^chtn Ikia and Uekaaawl 9?4'?th # within a few weeks. I 1 urins ca^ii. Ail orders should l<e accornranicd with the mn??. "c^T'rri :^\rben ?- ^,v^monn toal .,.40 ll?a. to thrMon. All uudcr cover. Northwest corner of I it *aild C st's'* No.^it. nb'bt one square south of Penn.ave. 'OLLKCTOR'S OFFICE. pMHOTI. . v?? | . City Haix. Novenilter 5, 1k57. nh???. 'V J K'ven to all persons ? ho have i?of paid their Taxes lor the present year, snd to all who ??V!lr^rTfr^ P.revu>v* y V?rs. that at the expua tion ol gixty days from this date, or as s<*>n th-reat ter as the advertisement can tie prepared, ail proper ty on which the taxes may remain u< paid will t*fid v-ert.aed and sold lor the faxes, as th":?w eiyw "s Those who do not wi?>h to he put to the heavy ex pense attendant <m the adverU.ement and aale a e requested to psy in season. ?c~?r. c JAS. F. UALimr, n 6-er.t Jan ? Colour JJYE AND BARLklV MALT. C1TV MALT HOUSE, oomer of West^Fails av enne and B!??ck f*t., lialtimore, Md. C If LIUHT FOR A^L. K'^TZFl/S NON-fx PLOSIVE BURN 1 V*~ hl* *" u,d e??ua1' 'f ?>"? superior, to any Fluid now la it gives a better lis t. tmrns !on*er. smokes less, and is cerUualv n<>a-ex plosive. Pnoe 75 cents per gallon. M. GRKEN. n 5-i w t.r?K5en orner of 13th and L sts. I ADIES, PLEASE K KAi> Instead of selling the remnant of my stork of V ANC\ GOODS at auction, I have moved it into my new Store, 3?i Pa. avenue, Iteiween f?th and i?Hh streets, where I intend giving m* customers ai?i the public generally, a clianoe to get great lis sains at auction prices. Call before you buy, and examine for yourselves. Very respectfully. R. C. STEVENS, Dealer in French Millinery and Fancy Goods, ocV4? ^ Pa. ave., bet. ?th and lata sts. A R RUG K8~ Vmkdnkr 4 r..V-P.W5SSF5!5SRu and varied assortment ?i| CAKRlAtiKS. ol their n?n iuanut::cture, which is war-* ranted in pomt of material and worknna-J ship, to t?e e<| to any msde in the I nited states, am! are ottered at lower prices than at any other place in tins city,?for cash. They build every description of Carriages .oorder, with either the ordinary Eliptic Spring, or on Mar gatroyd Patent Improved Spring ami Gear. Particular r.'tention ix paid to every de?oription of REPAIRING, which i? faithfully and promptly don- at the very lowot rat -a. *iV3 '2th street, near Canal. nj ?w O R M O U N~T VI K N O N . The THOMAS COLLVER. hsvi.g been thoroughly repaired, wi'l make ^IP* ^ regular trips to Mount Vernon, leav ?i.g her wharf, in this ?it*. *verv^^waMBsAB TIJE^DA V end FKIDAV ?o*eik. Dumig the intervening time she Will run regular trip? to Aisxandria. a? usual. ,!cft tf THOMAS BAKER. Csptam. iM US1CAL NOTICE. T. H. SPKIR. Pi**o Ti*!?er, Rk.-.clatob. as* H Kf A IREB. h .ving a practical ex penenoe < f fourteef vear? in the e?r p! j <>l >ltssr? t St?xlart A Morris, siano iiianuiacrursrs ? New York. otTersi his aervioes to the 'cttiaeiis of W ashington and the District. Old Pianos that have Income wiry m tone and de feciive from loug uwe. can be restored t? taeu orui nai brilliancy at a very small expense. *? the Plnio Store ot Mr. Richard Davia, 9% Pa. avenue. Iietween 9th aad luth will moot with prompt attention. n T 3t' I . FLORA JEST OUT! . I H \\ t this day reoeived a new 'of of my r?w Air-tirat Flat t?ip COOKING HTOVKf. which I got up in |*hilailelphia last summer ? expressly for this market, made very hoax* and strong o| the lw?st Penus> Ivsnia mal'ea We iron. | liave called it the Flora A ir-ti, ht * ??ok ing Stove, patented 1*37. hoavj and thick, for f-mi y use. and destined to tie the took s de.trht. It will liakc, roast, U>il. fry. stew, broil. Ac., superior to any oooking stove in this market ;aud has attai hsd to it a summer arrangement. For sale only at C. Woodward s Meteepolitas Stove and Grate l-aotory. Nos.51* and 3A Penitsy 1 vania avsaue, between luth and t Ith s?r*et?. n7 ? C. WOODWARD. H A ?v LSr-SH A W l.Sr'-SH A w I .S'!! ^ We hsv* just reoe.ved a isrse lot nf??ntlt men's 8HAW1.S, from f S.^'and upwards. WALL. STKPHF.NS * ??.. ?W* HgPkiftr., Uei. tUaad loth sts,