Newspaper of Evening Star, November 10, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 10, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING- STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY H?rffWr 1?, 1*47. SPIHITOF THE MOUSING PKDJsS The Jntefli^mnr rejoice* in the belief that, the Richmond Enquirtr coincides with its an cient positions upon sectional imraes. and also that the latter journal to bo doing ii understood to reflect the sentiments of, the ExecnUre of Virginia. The Union to-day discourse* of the position of the President with reference to the current banking system of the ftnited States. a I?7" Dolts from Rio de Janeiro, to the 26tfc of September hare been received at New York, and ?how that coffer and flour are unchanged. fC/" The hatters arid dry goods dealer* In Jer sey City have agreed to close their place* of busi ness at 8 o'clock in the evening until the Irst of April. ' * TmAjtxsoi vixo ix Vermont.?The Governor of ferment has issued bis proclamation, setting apart Thursday, the 3d of December next, as a day of thanksgiv In* fry l,ate ad vires from Yucatan state that the war of races and of parties continues there with out any decided success on either side, though It would appear th.-.t the advance of the revolu tionists had been arrested. fT~y The Philadelphia bread bakers seem to be alarmed at the fac t that a large steam bakery is about to jo into operation in that city, and on Saturday evening they hulda meeting on the sub ject. They came to no definite conclusion how ever. ICy The Cordher's Jury in the case of the murder of Pearce at a house of ill-fame, in Balti more, agreed upon the following verdict: That the deceased came to his death from wounds in his head. from a gnn in the hands of some person or persons unknown to the jury, and tbatthejnry further believe tbat Kate Shriver, Mary Miller and Elizabeth Brown are accessories before the fact. Gsxebal Walls*?The New York Evening Post states that General Walker sails this week from New Orleans with 1,5M) troops for Nicara gua in a fine steamer, with plenty provisions and amuaition. Col. Duncan, of the United States anny, rommanih hisartillery We think we see them off But pac this in your pipe and smoke Jt. reader The Steam Bakery Company In Philadel' phia intends to district the ertfire city and have one man for each section, and if the persons who take bread neglect to pay for it they are not to be served by the carrier of any other section. The eompany also propones to supply the small bake ries with bread at a If*s price than they can man ufacture it themselves. 11 /* The Dutch Government lias determined upon the emancipation of the slaves in its West Indian colonies, paving a full equivalent to the owners o.' slave* for the property that is to be ta ken from them, and providing tbat the emanci pated shall contribute to the formation of a fund destined eventually to reimburse the State the expenses of their liberal.on. The number of per sons to I* set free cannot be very large ?1 JTfci ? ? \rr The " Hunger Movement" at New York seems to be threatening seiious mischief The telegraph states that an application has been made to the President for United States troops to pro tect the Custom House and A sn*v office. The de monstrators had also turned their indignation against Mayor Wood, and threatened to brag him from his office. A squad of police were stationed at the City Hall to protect the Mayor from his re cent admirers. A TrxsBL to Fbahce ?The Siecle states that the possibility of uniting England and France by means of a submarine tunnel has been practically and scientifically considered by a skillful engi neer, M. A Thome de Gamond. This gentle man has submitted his project la the first place to the Emperor, who was greatlv struck with it. Aftewards the Minister of Public Work*, in ac cord with the Minister of Marine, named a spe cial commission, composed of the most scientific notabilities. The com mission has decided tbat M Thome de Gamond was no mere dreamer The English Government have also named, on their side, a commission, and it is probnble that in the coming spring French and English engi neers will apply themselves to the work of Wge* ously examining the practicability of the pro ject.' Tax Pxxssvltasia Baxx?The stockholders of the Pensylvania Bank held a meeting at Phila delphia yesterday, when Col. Patterson, the president, and the board of directors resigned their posts. Resolutions were passed appointing a committee to investigate the frauds and select new directors. Col. Patterson said that no re ports could be made under the present circum stances. tart it was possible that by careful nurs ing the debts of the bank could lie paid, and per haps the bank resuscitated Many of the speakers denounced President Allibonein the most severe terms. John 31. Duuon defended his character, and declared (bat he would return, and no one would dare then repeat the slander. Great con fusion followid, and a storm oflns?es and groans Internpted the speaker. A resolution to accept the act legalizing the suspension was adopted, when the meeting adjourned. ? Clbbotmas Gabbotso?On Wednesday evening last, as tbe Key Mr Lord. Pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church at Harlem, was passing through the Second avenue, near ll!>th street, a desperate ruffian suddenly sprang upon him, and struck him a violent blow upon the neck, follow ing up the atra> k by another blow in the face.? Mr. l.ord kpwig very athletic, and the highway MM finding tbat his blows had not produced any effect, ran off at great speed. He was, however, followed by Mr. L , who, after chasing him two or three blocks, finally secured him in a grocery ?tore, into which be bad run with a view of es caping. The reverend gentleman collared ?he ruffian, and bauded him over to the police, who locked him up. This is Mr Lord's second In troduction to a garroter A few weeks siuce. be eras parsing through Brooklyn, when a high wayman attacked and struck him two blows be fore be had an opportunity of defending himself He recovered himself In a moment, and gave the ruffian a powerful blow, which sent him reeling into the gutter, where Mr. Lord left him lying insensible, and weut on bis way ?X Y Trtb. fx TBI Pehitbhtiabt?Charles Cow'ai, tfce deputy post master lately convicted in Norfolk of pu.loiniug letters from the po*t office, aid iu-nteiM ed to teu jears imprisonment in the State Penitentiary, arrived beie in the Glen Cove last Saturday eveniBg, under the charge of Col. Wi lev, and llmry Myers, and wa* Immediately taken to his prison home, where be Is now con fined. So deeply mortified was the prisoner at the sad fate which be bad brought upon himself, tbat be attempted to destroy his own life, last Friday Bight, by cutting two severe gashes in one e* bis arms. but bis Intentions were discov ered in time to frustrate them We understand that the members of the Grand Jury and a large number of citizen* of Norfolk, have signed a pe tition to the President for his reprieve ?Riik. Dttpat'k Thb A?BBie*n HoBses is Exolaxo Dtatk ?f (?? Hurt* lis Cambridge skire Stake* ? A few weeks ago Lecompte. one of the American horses Imported into thin coun try, died of co1*0, and we have now to announce the deatb of Pryor, an animal tbat came to Eng land with a high reputation. At Tattersalr*, yesterday, the inclement wea tner prevented subscriber* from mustering In large du in be; sat the corner. There wasa marked sbM*-a*e of hackers of horses, and the little busi ness Transacted on the Cambridgeshire cannot be icga.'drd as indicative of the true tone of the market The only animal that appea-ed to be reallv in demand wt* the American mare Priqr ess, about which NU to H was taken Londtn Tinut, Otl. 13 \ZT A colored woman died In New Orleans, a few da)? since,at the advanced age of one hun dred years |[T Dr Thompson, of Fair Haven, Connect? cnt. has now In his garden fln? strawberries of tha second crop. They are of the British C^aeen variety. ICy A korae af the Re* Dr (Mark, of Water biirv Connecticut, was killed in his stable on Monday, .by a shot from a rlfie fired by wirm boys. |pr Mr D. R. Bvter, of Morfautow.., Pa , h*a found waiiiutne last two weeks, along the shores of the "onr'tuga creek, flfty-six pea.l*, many of tiiem ai (U? fii?-?t klvti I- ' i l A man nttned William Daily, o# Drtfolt, filieh.. cu.-^id with robbery, was. on Saturday night last, on board a train Of cars on the Great W eatern Railroad, aad seeing two officers pass Into tha ear where he was, while the train W?alQ motion, jumped from the car and was laetahfly >11 Jed. ?* ? ASHING TON NE WS AND GOSSIP AitTiciyAT*? Riot To-Dat i* New York.?The telegrtpkii despatch rweifed in ^Mhinjton lut eTtniy^^u th^Lu ap- , plication bad been inaJe t# the (TorwnaieJt here by Assistant Treasurer fibco anf Jiarltin] Rynders, for U. S. military Mans <* profcpct iog the pablic property in tftst cn|| it should be in danger id the course of ariotlfcat wns looked for to oc;i* to-day, ia probably cor-1 rect. I Certain it Lj that Adjutant General Cooper, and Colonel Harris of the Marino Corps?the latter being in attendance on the Naval Court* in this eity as a witaen?were yesterday dis patched to New York by the afternoon train IHj understood that thwjmt chsrj^d with the duty of having everything in readiness to protect the property of the United States there of every description, including, of course, the specie in the Sub-Treasury. They are discreet, experienced and efficient officers, and will, we know, be careful In all the arrangements they may feel called on to make to meet any possi ble emergency. Thb PrBLic Printing.?The New York Htrald "pats in'' its "oar" upon this subject, arguing that there is likely to be a very gene ral muss with reference to it, and concluding with an appeal for the establishment of a Gov ernment Printing Office. We see no good end to be attained by anything of the sort. An United States government printing establish ment can hardly Tail to become the grandest eleemosynary institution the world ever saw ; costing the National Treasury millions on mil lions more than the cost of the public printing at the present time, which is much loss than the public aie being led to believe by persons who, considering it - plunder,"' are endeavor ing to clutch it after the fashion of highway- 1 men. The prices paid at this time are some thirty per centum less than when it was done ty the venerable Thomas Ritchie, while the wages paid by the public printer are full six teen per centum higher. But with reference to the scheme for making a public printing bureau, we have to say from our own experience here, that it wiU turn out to be neither more nor lew than a sort of huge hospital in which to keep, at the expense of the national treasury, all the used up and broken down printer* in the Union who elaim to have rendered political services to individual mem bers of Congress of all parties?cross roads and ram-shop ? strikers," and inditers of personal 1 partisan appeals in their behalf in country weeklies. The beneficiaries of such an estab lishment will take due care that the wages alio ted to them shall be fat salaries?not print ers' wage*, according to the rules of the trade. As for the Herald1* idea that the outride pressure to change the destination of the pub- 1 iic printing is to be very great, it is evidently true Every hungry individual-fur plunder?in the land, appears to have set bis heart on get ting his spoun into the dish , those known noto riously a* constitutional plunderers being loud est in their denunciation of the present system, while most eager to fasten themselves npon the public printing by the means uf black mailing or frightening the present printer into buying them off. II rumor be true, he is daily beset by such propositions. Our advice to him is to keep his hands clear of any cahood ling with any parties who proclaim that they regard the public printing under the present system as being plunder. We regard him as being a candidate upon his individual merit as an experienced and previously well-tried mechanic, and as a consistent and reliable Democrat who has given dollars in aid of the Democratic party cause, where those who re gard the public printing as plunder and are seeking to obtain it as such, have given pennies to the same cause. We are heartiJy sick and tired of the efforts being made to mislead the public and Congress on this subject, and propose to publish brief daguerreotype sketches of the raids of the plunder-mongers who are smelling around the public printing, upon the national treasury? Aowing up their former connection, direct and indirect, with what they evidently regard as treasury plunder ng schemes, and their jobs in prospective, which are not few in number, lhat is. if we can find time so to do. Thi? public printiag matter is one of no little im portance to the business interests of the Fed eral Metropolis, hundreds of our best mechan ics and their families deriving their bread from it; and we are no longer disposed to remain quiet on the subject while gangs of treasury plunderers by trade are setting their traps to induce the removal of the work from our midst in tbeir efforts to secure its alleged pro fits tor themselves, probably in the name of others. The only change that can possibly be made will be to let the work out to the lowest bidder, to be executed where wages paid to printers may be lowest, of course. Such must be the upshot of the labors of the plunder mongers in this connection, if they manago to effect anything beyond their own individual exposure. Fnr. Probability or a Kegekct in Pri s ma.?The eurreut disability of the Kingof Prus sia has crcated a hubbub in governmental (cabi net and diplomatic) circles of Eu rope that has ex tended even among the diplomats stationed at this distant Cabinet. The question in issue is whether Prussia is to be temporarily governed by a rcgency. The only information that we have seen on the subject, that looks like shed ding light on it, is in a late Berlin letter to the London T> met, which is ss follows Vii: . .a probabilities of a Regency beini/ institu ted appears to tor to be just now on the increase and if realised will be matter of congratulation' ^nee. both for tbetnuntry and fonLtr Prince of P.UMiia It would be a far prefcrubie state of nt^nf n ! *d"?niMiaiioB ?f lb* b'ni ness of the Government merely in tb* nam* of the King, as being more definite arid conferim* airrent er degree of 1 ibwrtv on the temporary bold ofpower eri r!?r r Pr<**'?" in the Kinu^cov . k i.T ,ron" Kr,,,,nds for the presumption rWvi? f ' prevented for a Im^neTp, aiul t?r?-^arCV ^S w'?* monarch>??l function*, ana tbe certificate or his medical attend***. wben<*,lrd on officially to pronounce JtltltbS.?iZfV *Ubjrct wou,<* fur'? tbe con stitutional beam for an assumption of the Rruencv by tbe Prince of Prussia: but, as to the wifnni/ nev?of the latter to do tbis,*<> long as his brother is sufficiently In possesion of bisfteulties toen J" ,ahn? * disinclination and oppo.i nf^,? ,lh* "longest doubt must be en . joam* down of the bulletin* in^fm^H.i * m mrdicai conviction or from ministerial management, points also to a ream. ?f ? rlfcovpry within any pe IwiiJ k of tb* conntry ran admi of & k/fiT7na w^hin^'h. fUnU"' ?f th? * wj?bin the last day or two made Kin/ TBS'SK'* BUC4e9t' ? 'aduce the o win, as soon m his strength admits of li proceed to gratify a desire he ha* ion., # ? fling tbe classic lar.d of I Jy!?SiS?wh'teh be has long envied bis own raww? 12^?^ dom to procure for tbernsHves Whether be w,U be able on that oe?uloa also to carry out t pia? he has entertained for some years, of Droc?J7?tr to Greece ami to the Heljr Load, moat, however in reasoa, be doubted' T""* fitfWeTer' Two Niciiicn Trajckit Rohtr.?A tele graphic despatch ssye that the representative from Costa Riea to this Government alleges that his ^oret'tmeat's late seirurwof tbe Nidarngua Transit route. auU blockade of the port ^y which it is commanded at an important point, wasaot a movement against the government of Xica- 1 ??,J w to be ready to gire an appropriate reeeptten when tfcej H? show thsf?lves in CentfaJ A?er|ca Bah ! If the fort in question it so strongly de fended u to require a blockade at the hands of atnominaflf^iflRMif- power, it is surely suffi okntly defeated to defy any foroe the fillibus <wsg couWl, thf^fchas iu head quarters i^ db city^in the tshu hope of controling the ??lion of UH^ioVeratnent of tho United States ?fras ftf indnoe it to wink at the abrogation or ?f<ostitution of our neutrality law.) can send Sgainst ik The truth fa, in this matter Costa Rica is but | the tool of England. which Power is nervously anxious to obtain the virtual control of the best American isthmus route to her Eastern posses sions. and a short road for her Pacific-side commerce, which is of as sdueh itaportanee to 1 her at this moment as her American cotton tracle. Very naturally. sh<5 Is not disposed that the United States shell have the entire control of all three isthmus route??of Manama, Nica ragua and Tehuantepoe. Believing that the time has come when she can secure to herself the best one, she has stepped forward to do that thing?using Costa Rica ais the monkey used the cat's paw?to draw the ohcstnnts from the fire. No scueible person can find fault with her for essaying to assuro the Nicaragaa transit route to herself. It is her plain duty to do so, if that be possible. The Dream or Last Night.?On Saturday day last, wo took occasion to publish a few sta tistics from the San Francisco Herald, the gist of which went to show that in nn hour, as it were,?measuring time by this connection, appropriate standard?by that oocupied in the rise, progress, and duration of nations,?Cali fornia has become a State of this Union of lead ing importance, both industrial and political. Her rise and progress, as wo proved by those brief statistics, has been more remarkable than that of any other State or country known to the history of any times since history began to be written. On that occasion, however, the facts we mentioned bore principally on her poli tical importance. Sinoe. we have seen a copy of a letter addressed by Mr Alexander S. Tay lor, an intelligent gentleman engaged in writing the history of that State, to the Secretary of the Interior, to the end of showing the absolute importance of settling the disputed land titles of California with as little delay as possible; which, by the by, Socrotary Thompson is caus ing to be done most satisfactorily to the people ot that State, we take it. The letter in question, however, embraces many interesting and important facts concern ing the State's present and future, which should be known to all; for thoy bear on the solution of the question whether Congress should or should not at the approaching session dwrote uiuch-tif its time to her neccssary requirements in the way of legislation. It will be remembered by our friends that the Star has steadily urged upon Congress for four years past, the vital importance of assuring California to the rest of the Union by the only course ot action through which that can be done. That is, by enacting for her such stat utes of the General Government without delay, ns would doubtless have been passed in her be half by this time, had sho been fifty, forty, thirty, orevon but twenty years a member of the Union?she being at this moment hardly sccond in industrial and political (International) im portance to her sister States, to any other sov ereign of the North American confederacy. The ill success of our efforts and those of her delega tion In Congress up to this time is no reason why they should be relaxed, for the emergency for them increases hourly. To the end explained above we therefore spread before the Star's readers so much of the admirable letter of Mr. Taylor, as serves to show how really important California is to her sister States and the business world at large : Moxtksev, Cal., July $5, 1H57. To the Hon. Jacob Thompson, Secretary of tht Interior: My DfarSib: I hope von will excuse the great liberty 1 take in addressing you ou the subject of this letter, and more particularly an my state ments may not be capable of immediate proof at Washington cxcept from perfectly disinterested parties. The subject of land claims In California is one which Is of the greatest importance to the people of our State, as well as being a matter of intense [olitical significance to the Government of the "nited States. We may start hy laying down the following basis of facts as existing in the State of California 1st It is the pioneer State government of the Pacific domain 9d It is the second State of the Union in extent of territory, having an area of one hundred mil lions of acres Td. It Is the richest State In minerals, and Is only second to the moat favored in pasture lind*. timber lauds, building material* of earth ana stone land", contains a very great extent of aiable lands equal to the thud best State of the Union 4th It is the first State for the valuable fruits of the grape, fig, olive, currant, pomegranate, orange, lime, peach, apple, pear, plumb, cherry, apricot, nectarine, ami other valuable fruits arid >roducts of the most favored portions ot Italy, -Vance, Spain, Syria, Palestine, Persia, Peru, Mexico and Chili. 1 ' 6th. It contains immense deposits of asphal tum, sulphur, plumbago, soda, salt, inarble, granite, gypsum, limestone, copperas, borax, altim and other sub-mineral substances used in commerce, the arts and science*?^Iso invaluable mines of silver, lead, chrome, antimony, copper, iron and platina?and the richest mines of gold and quicksilver in the world. 5th. It grows wit-hin its boundaries, and with a singular capacity of soil and climate, many of the productions of the Tropics, as well as'to bacco, cotton, sugar, tea. hemp, linseed, rice, and also the fin'-st wheat, corn, oats, barley and rye. 7th It has immense forests of valuable ship and housebuilding timber, immediately contig uous to the ocean sth. It baa the most commodious, spacious commanding, extensive and secure harbor'on the entire western roast of the Western Continent? made the Vtt Po<idttts of the last conquest of terrlteiy. n 9th It is onlv second to Washington Terrttoty in the value of its most prolific and abundant fisheries, $ecunda mobilte of great maritime States. loth. It has the moat salubrious, invigorating agreeable elimate of any district of similar ex tent on the face of the earth, and tinmen*nrabiv surpassre that of any other State or territory of the Republic. ' , IHh Its entire length of longitude for six hun dred miles rests ou the oceau coast of the North Pacific, and within forty days sail and fourteeu days steaming of the oldest and most densely populated nations of Che world. 12th It has dug ( ut and exported for the circu lating medium ot the world, five hundred mil lions of gold dollars during the past eight veara. 13th In lh? year 1856, it exported of the pro duce of its soil and mines, (exclusive of gold.) two millions of dollars in value?fifty millions of dollars in gold?imported nine millions of dollars in merchandise for consumption?and its chief port was only fourth in extent in tonnage inward and outward, in the Union for the same year. has an industrious, youthful population of 500.000 souls. 15th. In case of foreign war or domestic neces sities, it can at a month's warning furnish one ?flh of Its Deputation for military service, inured to camp life, and well acquainted with the use?f fire-arms, and accustomed to Imises. and Craio Fracas.?A at* dWus effort is being made by the Republican part# journals to misrepresent the late colli sion between Mr. McKibbin. the Member of Congress elect from Californln, and his brother in-law Craig, at Chambersburg, Pa. A vary disreputable partisan spirit can alone be at the bottom of saoh false publications as they per sist in making on the sutyeet. Some days ago we published on the first page of the Star Mr. MoK 'sown aeeount of tha fracas, and have sinoe been satisfactorily assured of its #atfre accuracy by parties personally oognisant of jUI the circumstances. The conductors of the l&w York Fiibuttt and Tivir* should have tnore respecL for themselves the* to indnlge in sneh unjust warfare on Mr. McKibbin, who carried more personal character in bts little finger than his detractors are endowed with in all of their bodies and sonls. Tun Iff at At. Cotots or Isqvkt.?To-day, before Cwt He i, tt* tofenoe Mr. pjfan* 3111 was read bj his counsel, Mr. Blount, and sub mitted. A The ease of Mr. Barne^as then taken up nod Commander Marehand was examined in it [r. B > Crfurt N*1*. der JlinHold. thaj?. S. Marina*. was icaJV* be w^^awaiAfcg the afpettinceot ["the Counsel Of exCaptaTB L*vyw> commence Lfcntgentleman's case as the Star went to press ; its judgment in the case of Lt. Hunt having been made up in "the course of the day: ~ ~~ Sen vara is Or?oo*^?The General Land Office is in receipt of the following' approved township plats from the Surveyor General u? Oregon Territory. Vix: Townships 34 and 36. south of range I; town ships 35, ;{8. and 44), south of range 7; and townships 3d, 39, and 40, south of range 8?all west of Willamette meridian. Township 39, south of range 1; and township 41, south of range 2?both east of the Willamette meridian. Townships 1, 2, and 3, south of range 5; and townships 7, 8, and 10, south of range ft?all wi'St of same meridian. Rogue river passes through township 3.% south of range 7, and township 3ft, south of range 6. These surveys cover about 211,000 acres, and of this amount there are npwards of 13,100 acres embracod by seventy private claims. Thb Sioop-or-War St. Louis?now in the squadron on the coast of Africa?has been or dered home. She will probably enter the United States at New York. Tan Wbath kb ?The following report of tl ? weather for this morning is made from the Morte Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation isabout7o,oloek a. m : Novembeb 10, 1857. New York, N- V. rainy. Philadelphia, Pa cloudy, cool. Baltimore, Md ..clear, cool Washington. D C clear, cool. Richmond, Va clear cool Petersburg, Va cloudy, cool. Wilmington. N. C cloudy, pleasant. Columbia, 8. G ...clear/pleasant, Charleston. S. C clear, pleasant. Augusta. Ga elear, cool. Pavannab, Ga clear, cool Macon, Ga..... clear,cool.

PERSONAL. Gerrit Smith is recovering from his ill ness A Bostonjjublisher has issued a "Womens Rights Almanac." Charles II. P. Moring, Hanoverian Consul at Boston, died on Saturday. Hon. J. A. Bayard, of Delaware, is at the Kirkwood House. The cause of the death of the celebrated Mrs. Rush, at Saratoga, was erysipelas. .... Majors Thornton. Chase, Col. T L. Kalne, and Cant. N. Lyon, U. 6. A, aud George Plitt, Esq , of Pa., are at Wi llard*'. .... The superb Vestvali's brother was per sonally damaged in a fight in New York the other day, with the tenor Maecaferii, and with a sis ter's sympathy, she weat into court to complain of Mac. Her eves flashed flre and her gesticula tion was magnificent as she made her statement! ....'?Belie Britain." writing to the Boston Transcript. alluding to the hot chase, revolver in lmnd. of Woodman, the New Orleans druggist, after Ftirni**, whom lie caught in his wife's irfim, at the New York Hotel, add* : And here ! cannot omit to mention a pun perpetrated on the occasion by "mine ho*t." Crauston, one of the wittiest and cleverest or men. "What is all this noise about Fnruiss and Mrs. Woodman!" in quiied an excited guest of the landlord. "O, nothing of any consequence," replied Cranston, scarcely moving the risible muscles of his serio comic face, '-only he was chased and she wasn't, that's all." . ? ? 'I t ? ???? 1 " A SiLtv Dkmovsvratio* ?A rather ludicrous scene occurred in thiv eity veslerday, resulting from a weak attempt to give a ferocious aspect to our present trouble, and to look as if some people were bent on having either "blood or b.eaa." The latter i*. however, the real want?the former can be readily dispensed with. A party of la borers nnmtvfitie nine or ten, and armed with old fowling plcces. appeared at Third and Chest nut streets, between ten and eleven o'clock in the iliominrr. carrying a banner upon which was In scribed the words, 44 tl'r trill prolett lite Poor " First came a fellow mounted upon a huge shaggy horse which looked a* if he had goue through all sorts ol hard service. Immediately after the horseman caine a man I** arlng the banner, (a white muslin one.) stretched upon a wooden frame. Upon thetopof the banner a large loaf cf bread was stuck Seven men. each armed with an old fowling Siece, following the banner, marching in single le. The 44Protector* of the Poor,' marched up Sixth street and along Chestnut to Third, when Sergeant Carson and a party of seven men inter cepted thepnrty and escorted them to the Central Station. The "Protectors'* turned into Walnut stieet fromThiid, where they were pounced upon, and all were captured with the exception of the solitary horseman, who succeeded in making his escape, leaving bis steed in the hand* of Sergeant Carson's party The "Protectors" were marched to the Central Station at Fifth and Chestnut streets, followed by an immense crowd. Old Woolleywa* sunt to a neighboring stable; the guns were stacked iu the turnkey's room, and the 4*Protectors" were placed In the cells t*f the lock-up. Yesterday afternoon at I o'clock the party had a hearing before Alderman Knue. They gave the names of John Douglass, John Gaharer. John McLaughlin. John Reed, Wm Dvland ana Rob ert Taylor. The prisoners stated that they l?eloii|r in the neighborh!H?d of Thirteenth and Fede al' streets. Several officers were examined and tes tified to the facts of the arrest. Douglass, who acted as spokesman for the Earty, when a*ked for the reason for thus misbe aving himself, said he was not aware be had misbehaved ; he had no Intention of doing harm. They hid made up the demonstration among themselves for pastime. He did not think there was any thing in the guns. A pugnosed member of the party said he thought there was no harm in taking a gun and through the street with it. Another of the parly had only carried the mtif ket a short distance for a man who asked hiin to do so. The Alderman read the party a lesson, and sent them back to their cells, but they were subse quently discharged ? PMla. Peitnsylvanian. The Photographed Manx Bills.?The exam ination of John W. and Henry M. Digging, on a charge of being engaged in photographing bills of the Northern Bank of Kentucky, took place befoiethe Police Court in Cincinnati on the 3d inst. Against John W. there was no evidence whatever to connect him with the charge, and he > was discharged by the Court. The principal witness against the defendants was Henry Campbell, father of Alexander Camp bell, who furnished the Information upon which the two brothers were arrested. He testified that he took a letter to the daguerrean rooms of Henrv M Diggius, from tus son, who was in jail at Louisville, urging the brothers to raise money to get him out ot the scrape ; that in the course of a conversation with Henry M the latter said that the photographed bills were as good as half the inouev afloat, and as the banks were all cheating be did not think it any harm to make the bills ; that they could be made so as to pass In the banks. On his croHs-examinatioa, Campbell admitted that he had insisted upon the brothers raising to get his son out of the scrape, and that he told Henry M that unless the money was forth coming he would have him arrested upon the charge which was subsequently made against both brothers. This was the snbatance of the testimony upon which the defence attempted to show a consplr acy to extort money on the part of the Campbells None of the bills were found upon the persons or premises. The prosecution claimed that with the evidence of their principal witness, the young er Campbell, they would be able to fasten the crime upon Henry M. Digglns. -<ftoyor Thomas, acting Police Judge, therefore held him to bail in SJtiO, whkh was given, and the accused set at liberty.?Cm Gaz. Tan Chain Uaw?Ccaiots. ir Ttvi.-Ule on Saturday night a young woman, nineteen years of age, named Catharine Chambers, gave herself into the custody of an offioer of the Four teenth precinct, and was taken to the statlon boiM?. On her way thither she informed the officer that she was oneof the girts calling them selves 41 The Chain Gang." She stated tnat tfje object of the gang was to threw vitriol en obrfbx ions persons, occasionally stab a peraoa by way of amusement, end commit other outrages She told the officer that a short time since she killed seWM of hers by stuffing cotton in its hoatrlls. u The Chain Gang" held nightly meetings, and were consulted by various peraoos woo desired them to act for them She said that she lived in Caw R*V, PWre'Prtlnta. Where the gang met. An officer was dispatched te hunt the place, and as ceitaln if there were any truth In the statements of the girl. Catharine was locked up by Justice Brennaii.-?-Z!frtc Ypfk Tr'kunt. D*ow**ft tw a Sugcla* Misnl ?At Saint Johns, N. B., on Friday ninht. It being very dark, a mil named Archibald Brown, iralked a<T Ana a# ifci l > i t, . ? u tide wu oat.? ud. but Instead Urate himself be wandered rharf, where, ?d than fref. of hi* datt ? enabled to , in the Tlcln j tide roae, he _r? top of the and through a small aperture in thawl*??; suflclent to admit one of his arma, he was enabled to inform them of his situation. His position and feelingscan be imagined.wtx n j l w**rrrrT morrent rising around him. and he could not be extricated He shook hands with his friends, passed through the hole til the ? money atod valuables he bad a?*>ut 'hi? p?i?on, and Jttaf as the water was closing nter hifn. after J?'r?-ctloii^ concerning his family, he b.d nil friends godH-bfe. and thegu'rirnne Irater beneath annouMad that all was over uj, \yo^Y was recovered when the tide receded Mr Brown was highly respected. He leaves a fkmrtv and many friends. -Cosvicted.?tbe ?if#"** court of Augusta Va , last wetk. Michael Rush was convicted of violating the person of a girl 12 yearn of aire, and was sentenced to seventeen years' imprisonment in the penitentiary. liJ~ Charle* O'Nrll, of I^ansing, Mich , last week caught his wife and n mule friend occupy ing the same couch, and pinned them fast with a ?word he held bv virtue of his offlre as a militia 5?.,f?,e!- Neither of them can possibly recover O'Neil gave himself Hp. fc.\.'?C?oVOCAL M LSIC. -Pro J-/ f' CROUCH. assisted 1>t a number of "?ootnp!iahed ?inrtra, wi;| five a Concert of Voeal Music in the Methodist Epitoopai Church South on Ki<DA V KVK N 1NC?^Hh ,n.t "?7S ?ir i? P?0?0*!* ?'f tbia Concert are to^>e ap plied to the liquidation of the general expenses of the ohureh. ?;hur?h on >fh street, t*tveen H and I streets. Tickets SO cents. n a-3t* ry-|=?A MUSICAL AND LITERARY ENTER will lie given fur ths beuebt of the ???! v^T,^ J&SWJP11urch??? "*?d Chnrch, TL ESDAY EVENING. N<v inrh, 7 o'cl'k. f The pabhotrs reipecifuilf mviUd. Admit anr* 2S cents. a 9-21* fT 3"*?A,a.M,teSociety offiersecfc liVctk 11 & eo * * au Hall, corner tvpviv^ vrd >iir?irui ?^?ne. on MONOaV E evV ?' Nor^Wth. Heaso i tickets mar he had at hiJIinston ? Ho -kstore. Single admission iJ cents. Season tickets co eents? n9-lw* rr?*"XHhrN^:XT KEGtTLA R M EfcTING <?F fTrlfnY^'^^^ Art Association w;|| ^ |,eld ? o'coran s f jhranr Rinlding, H street Important business will be tnwissctsd, ?nd a stall attendance of members is respectfully solicits I. _n_? ? HORATIO STONF. Pres. WOOLEW GOODS cheaper at McLAU'GH ' 1 > * lh*n any ofh?r nl%o?. n to ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL. at GI BBS'S Hair Store, near Utii street. n IO-8m HIRE. very low, at ELLIS'. *<6, between 9tii ard loth sts. n in OOK AT ELLIS'S STOCK OF PIANOS j hf fore purchasing elsewhere. n in Fashion a h le pkrj- umerif.s, from the b?st houses, at GIBBS'S, near the corner of urn street. Pa. nvr. m io-3m ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH. Kivine a beautiful lustre to the tinger nails, at UifiBS'S Hair ft ore, wear '8th street. Pa ave. n 10 3m y in LI AS, IfLLTKS, ACCORDEONS. MUSIC. ? Ac., at ELLIS S, 3W>, between 9tb and 10th *ref" n 10 SCISSORS. M1KRORS. POWDER BflXKS Ps ,1,*'r J'lore. near 13th street) Pa arfl.. and at his Salesroom, under Wnlards'. n 10 3*n f M',lK '/AT .Vcr.Al GR LIN"S, M-J 8th aiid 9th streets, at his targe stock of new ?0<>od? now opening. n m !N lr^LiS ^VI't.J5 t,N K,XV pASIl kTns. "new a ' Goods, Combs, Lrnsiies, 1 oys, China, Ac., at ~n_* Mclaughlins. P OFF EE, MOLASSES, As. ~ 75 bass white ^nd (freen COP PEE 10 hlitis Porto Rico MOLASSES 3.W10 !bs. New York BUCKWHEAT MEAL u<> wltoic aud <|U%rter !>oxes RAISINS .*? boxes New ^ ork CHEFSR 2.?W Urn. CODFISH ^"r*' ' n ibs. HAKE FISH 75 N>xe? scaled HERRINGS Just received and for sole by n 10 e"3r _ MURRAY A SFMMES. Aft C\UTION. ? ..JKmPf?0?* ?*? ea?'wm*d against purchasing r'A U Wyrants N?. |or acrM, ls,ueii7o \t n" ^or aore>? iwued to VI m. MeConct.i No W Hrt. tor ? acres, issued to lahaVn iv? i fo*** ecres. issued to isham Ivey. Said warrants having been stolen from iny office, caveats have been entered in the General Office t? pr-venr pstents issuiag en said war rants, and apphoation will ba made to the Pension Ofhce lor the issuing of aup toa'e warrant*. A WM. J. MARTIN. _n.'Q-wgw Attorney tor Warrantees. (^OUNTOF MONTE CHRISTO.J vols.; ?1 D"*ry of a Medical Student, by Warren; 50 cc n I s ? Pickwick Abroad, by Re>n<>l(ls; 50cents. George, or the I'lai ter of the Isle of Franoe, by Reynolds: Soceats. ?"??. uj The Gips* Chief, bv Reynolds: 50cents. Hnan O Linn, or rn<-k is ever) tlnug, by Maxwell: .?>) oents. Robert Bruce, or the Hero King ofScct'.ard, by Reyno'ds & cents. * Wallace, the Hero ui' ScotlamL bv Reynolds: 5' ositt. Sons wf Malta Exposed; 13conts. " ,ft FRANCK TAYLOR._ NS> DUB AST'S K W E A T I N 111 HOUSE. The undersigned desires to inf.mii his firi-nds ?nd ^ - the'pnb'to. tlmt ho has leaner* MMaod (horoughiy repaired *ud(f \ J refitted tfl?* premises on the^e^kLSw siV comer of Pa. avenne and fth \SV street, north side, formerly occupied by \\ in. Walker, and others, and so long -.?1 kiM?wn as the Natioiial Rcstsiirant. I he improvements and alterations which I hare made, are on the most comp'ete and ample scale, and hive lKjen furnished at Zreat trouble and expense, ?nl 1 oan confidently promise to present to those who may honor me witn their patronage, acootntno dation* which CTnimt be surpassed. To seurleinen who wish apartments for private parties, ' WwUid st^fe (hat | hive also rented and hffed np f-r that purpose, the Hrge and commodious T'"? ":1'?ln,nf, ^ on 6th "tresi, where tlicir wants will be promptly attended to. _}''' Sunday my l?a' will, ?>f course, f?e closed, but pprapns whe d?-stre them, ej*n be supplied with their mesls, as on other riav sjet my Eating Rooms, in the house alwye mentioned, mi tit h street, enttaooe seo oi ddoor above the avenue. < I deom it proper h -re to state, that the whole es tablishment wu! be under mt immediate supervis ion and control. v To tuove w!io iiiit reqHire thessrvices of a French Cook, for entertainments of nnv kind, I would sav that I can lurntsh such upon short notice, and on reasonable termi. In faot, I wish to Iwnefit the public, ss we I as ad vnnce my own interests, and I hope that mv friends SS^2Slotdo"^.'Ueh 8U^M^U1 ?"^e ma Due notice will be given of the day of opening. . , L P. M DUBANT. th#l *?od, W,U *nd fixtnres. wuh lease io^ three years, of mv old establishment. wTTiTfh- B ?e?t*urarit, together with the Rifle anH Pistol Gallery. Its well known oharscter renders it untiece*sarr to ur anvthinr upon the business advantages it^V^.e BC - .* 10 P. M. D. LA DIES' BRAID4. PLAITS CKH I H mir WIuS and PUFF8. at GIBBS S Hair Store^ near corner of <3>h st.aod Pa av? n 9 HABR uchfs1!'! rfJu +u " "ANDOL1NE , BRUSHES, at GIRBS Hair Store, near 13th st^nd I a ?v., and at Ins Sales Room, under Wil i*rns hotel. u q 3m I /ri'liHS- Ir-CK?i.*n'1 11,1 ?orf* of COMBS. at Li GiBBS hair Store, near 13rh st., and at his ?* *. ft**0*1*, under l?\ iltanis' hotel. n 9 3m T EXTRACTS, all odors, at GIBBS'S *^!l\AorWf !3,h ,l- and At Sales Room under Wi,lards' hotel. n 1VTOTICE.?All persons are notified not to trade ii\ 1 ?T acc,^>t thrcc certain promissory n<ites given by toe undersigned to Dr. Charles H. Van Fatten, dated on the 6th of Novem!>er,lB57. for two hundred and forty three dollar, and thirty-ihree wd a third oanu eaoli. at four. fi\y,aoo aix months from tested interest, as the payment will be oon n9'^ THOS. LUMPKIN. AKiR,^L.I'?5' LITTLE PIGS.-A furthersua h*. History of Five Little Pigs," show ing the adventures of? One little Pi? who went to Market r?rR 5^22^ p,|f who ?taH' kome Of a Third Little Pig who got Roast Beef Fourth Little Pig who gut noae tu?fp"on'J "*-? *-? Pnoe lSMnri- i>enntjfolly illnstmted. - TA\ I.OR A MAURY'S .n9"* Bo??kstore, near 9th street. IMPROY E YOU R EYES- STRENGTHEN jast arrived Iroin Europe, with his own maaufao'u rs-pfef ?* s m whiih are the PERlSCOPIC rnvi'LviJ II 'cTrTn^k oyulaU w,Sd ^ "vVajk^Tng need to be. i.. l? ?-11 .IL TTf or which d^iSaS'8 ^Alll'fn*PA duaing a clearing u, the s^i tie besf know. Ull FVlf\V!lr"itTi?"^o?^RA? ?PV. and MAGNI THREE Pi AN Oii.mede by Rossnk recta of Go ******" ? for aaiS very low. We *oo?pted^^^^ issrtarai".oss.-a grsat bargains. At?o, fiwr other Piaaoe, " aach. one at AST, and one at ?A. upon vary aaay sur g ????*, Nanrt.iv., hat' c I 3 iT?. *'?fti ; XO( ? **? AWif ' THE^tSi? ? i...???????? ?????Mi**?>><*>**.*4??. ?ft ^ toured i<t? Far aale at The MtfWt? a OTOleMli. Davis and Metgerott. n I* SALOON. MtSS JULIANA MAY, THURSDAY, November mh. Aaeiated 1H the fhllowmc eminent KrtisfM : ? BITKS. Mr. W. H. PALMES, A!*DKK8(?N. M?. APTOMAA. Mr.rf.*, T1i? Ntltuf >a?ii will commence at the a tores of M?r?. Da via and Metzerott on Tneaday, Nn vemlwr Ihth. _ MTWKHTi-FJhiT 1L1TARY AND CIVIC ANNUAL BALL or r?* Washington Light Infantry, CAKUSI'S SALOON, Ob MONDAY EVENING*,Not. 3d,IK7. The Infkntnr take pleaanre in annonnoint to thetr .. r_. , nni p\ ov? !fl sm faendaand gltop?tti&that they have perfected li?,r 5H5ffn'*,,t* f"r a B uu tbe above a> "'liTtC? rf?tl Wrt,>e *!ea-'''1 to "??*? ttiow i .ilHTi. ,B?.f fnr*- in the int-rebnaeoj tbeoeanema Will AfonLH ?? e7n??f Nf the patronac* **g."Mggrt_fcrre?i>fjr^ liliera iy twatow?d. evjnnnc ^^ ? it d<>fi. k warm interest in the w-1 fare ?f the Citizen military, and part icnlarl* the twr. aa? U* public may l>e full/ aaanrrd tnat all eflorta will l*e made to render tin* Bail equally aati.Mhotory na tbo previous onea. Tire prelude of the Rail will he a repot ?*?** of the regular and fanof maneuver* an. I the manual of ar-Ha. execute*! by a de'achment of the U'T*'?? rlone at the flail or the?M Peh?n*.rv last. WiUi*ra'a Celebrated Baud, ia fail, baa beea |ant Ladiea invitations will be lasued bjr the F.xeeati va Con.mittee, to whom applications will he mAi throngh the me?hbeta of the Compear. PrucifMl d*pota for tri??iaof uofcota Will ba at Meaara. Todd A Co.'a, P?. avenue; J. Hamlin's, Capitol HiU; Jfa_0. DonnHI. D'nrcist, Navv Yard. fi, ickets O > E DoLLA K, admitting a Gentl? and two Ijidiea. The following gentlemen are respectfully reeuest ad to act, in eonjacc'ion with t oinautteea of tbe Company, a* Manarers: Nonnrary M'mhrrt of Ik' C?rff. Col W W i*eatoa Cmt P Forre. Col R'd Fi Capt J B Tate, Capt Carri'ilon. Jae Ke ljr. J no XV Mead, Hiram Richey. Joa Shillington, Jaa Booth, Jaa Hon sea u. Contributing *f? mbtrt ?f th' Corpt. Wm B Tod?l, W F Hniry, mia> H Hill, ? Rioh'd \Valtaoh,W W Moore, J P Pepper, W H Ward, F Mohun. F Jefferaon. T J Fiaher, J F Toyle. r. Stevena. T J Gait. A i Jotoe, W H Tliomwi, IhC Foroa. M Caiiaa, W J D?i?Im>, Dr S C Smoot, J Owner, T Go'dsmitK, F lamb, W H Na?r. W BaWwin. \V Rnpp. C Werner. U Sarinatnen, F <?ei*?r. J F Fmoh, vv s^aulitna. T E Williama, J etanlev. R \V Dove. N Hammosd. Jaa Hnsher, KT+rvtir-r CommtHf*. Cept J Y Dane. Lt J O Warner. ^?n M PPialitr, Sar* J Colerrwr, Corp J liner*. C??rp F ?a?e, Jn? Mc.\am>e, Win Tucker, Jn^ V*'k. JnoMmoot. I.EM. D. WILLI AMP, Treaa. no* f?tntaa.M.\V.s?.T.Th>AM) T.H? B ALL OF Til K~ WASHINGTON Yagers wint^kep'aoe'wtbe awh of p\ Dec-mb^r next. I art!?alart will be mven a in fu*'ire a<lver-( tiaemcnt. nJ7 * AT u 2t O! FOR THECOLI MU1A BO\8 AGAIN. li TON "A H The S*rn*p Okand Contto* Pa*tt or ?ha? Colnmbia Club Will take place at Columl. % Hail, oa TUESDAY, N?v. Uili. JK.V7. ?* Esputa'a Celebrated Striiis Hand has beer/^B enrar^d for the occaaion. |0k Tieketa FIFTY CKNT9-adrmttina a rentleinaa and ladiea?to be lad of m) ofoitier of tba Club, or at the door on the night of the Party. nz-7t? COMMITTER. | ? WA1TT8. _ WANTKD-Bt a rea?^e?able WOM Alf,a aita atioa \? Cook or Lliantberinaid. U<??d r?fer. enreagireu. Appt*. for ibree daya, at No. AIM 11th afreet, between h and F. tt* WANTKI).?J.adi?*a, Miaaea. and Child.-en, at FRKF.MAN'8, No. b2t Pa. avenue, to buy Ru^bera at 65 and 75 oet>ts. aa rood aa can lie bone I t ?l*ewhere for 91; M'aae* do V oeau>: thick w?'ed Moroooo Boota at ?1 and Mi?aea 76 oentr; Children's d?>.at 5T- cents; ftlJA Gaitera aell ? re at #2 Gaiters a? 9' Bora *h'?aa TS eent*; Men's Calf Gaiter* *2; ladiea Button t>T?raboea 91-50, uauall? aold a' nl??-2t* WANTKD? A reapeotal le white GIRL.b?tweea 14 and 15 years of age. aa ChUd'a Narae. Nor* need apply anleaa well recon uiendei. App'y at 48) U'th st eet. ii ?->t* AHOrSE WANTED foe a small fttauly. with in tea minute.' walk of the Centre M*rlr?t. Rant not to exceed *?an per annum: rrmat tie ta perfrct repair; or part of lerice houae imfnmivhed. Addreas Q. C.. National luie.iigei.oer cflioe. stat ing t?rm?. location, Ac. n ? 9t* pRRSH MILK WANTEdT?From 2> to tneral I lona ol pure, frean Milk wanted everr d*y . Cash will be paid on delivery. Inquire at the Mar Olliee. n '-at* WANTKD.-A first-rate FEMALE COOK. She must understand her ltu*in?*s* as Cook, in a r en tinman's family, thorouahly, and l?e able lo Of>me well reooniinoiiifed in all reapeit. To such a p?r-on lif^ral wares will !>' rivea. Apply immedi ately at the counterof the Star Offoe. oc 2!Mf LOST AHD F0U?D. t, NKGRO A# about ive m well mad ; w\ I have no ^1 l'a?kis|tniiJaKe STRAYED OR STOLEN?Last mcht, from the Capitol Hill, a Sorrel HUK^K, with rv sUort tail and whili* arorind hia left leg. HeT_JJ? was attached to a new Cart a'the urn . Ary*^" one sirinc infortna'inc as to the whereat>oat? of tbe Horae and Cart, will lie sint.-ib'y paid fur Uu troa' le by leavimc infonnatioii at the Bo'amcal Garden, foot of Capitol Hill. nlo-O* WM. HAZKM RE WAR D.-Ranaway from the snhecril^r on Tueada*. the ."il ii nam, NKGRO WAN FRANK, aged ii. He u about feet live inchea :n hixht: atout and quite black; with a roun t f*?-e. . douht he is makinz bis aray for Washinrlnr. city. I will give the aU>ve reward for his af preh^it aion, provided lie is delivered to me, or, aecured m jul so that I get him. C. C. MAGRl'DER. Upper Marlboro, Pmce George ?"ounty, n 10 3t Mar\ land KKWAKl).- fsom the aul ? ??V/t I Washington City.on Sat nntay, the 24th of October, my negro man \ Ho, who cn'la himself Kdwarcl Joio?,nbout 4i years old, aix foet Inch, ra'ber dark in bia ^9 appcarance. of med.nm sun, >u general wears J ? a moustache and coatee; and. when tuddei ly ad dressed, stammer* very mneh. It is not kwu w.W articles of clothmz lie look with him. hut ha in general dressed iic?t and tssty. 'I he above re ward will be ?iven, if takei.and litdxed in jail eo that I get him again. oc 2B-eo2w? PHILIP t?TTKRBACK. OAL! COAL!! COAL!!! Daily c mm Daily ?zpected three cargoes of R KD ASH EGG and STOVE tiOAL, which will be aold from th* reaeela at a reduced price GEO L. SHERIFF, n 7 3t Yard 4^a atreet,at canal bridce. ERBF.RT*S HORSF AND HORSKMAN ?tlIP of the Cmtad Statea and Uritish Provir ces, in two larce volumes, ruinerou?ly illustrat-d. now complete; price 9in. Subscriptions received for the pub iabera by n7 FRaNCKTAYLOR BOYS' CLOTHING.?Penaylvaaia avenue. betweei 9th and 10th street*. Boy a' Overcoats lioya' business Coata Bo*a' Prookcoat* Hi??e' SaekC< ata Hoys' Roundahouta Hoya* Jackets Hoys' Pantaloon* B? ys' I nderahirta Boys' Slurta Boya' Veals Boya' Drawer*. A e., and all ??therartic>a of Bors' Weariac Apparei of ewv crade, auitable far wia ter aarvioe. at lew priooa for oaab. n7? Wall. Stephens a co. (TO FAMILIES. CALL attention to my supply of SPF.NCfc'S HOT AIR COOKING R ANGES, that heat the parlor above and chambers lite the Parlor Companion. For sale only at CflH Wo dward'e Metropolitan Stove and Grate^^^ Factory, Noa. 3'8 and 3&2 Peuusy lvaaia avenue, be twaen ?th and llth streeta. N. B.?Hot-Air Furnaces of the iateet inprnre OMnt put ap at the ahortcat notice, n 7 6t C.WOODWARD. I^OUSEKEEPERS, ATTENTION ! I have thia day received another aupplv of'iie COAL GAS BURNERS. ThiHie Stoven ,*) burn the gaa and aim?ka of the onat, there- "a bv making a aaviac of ooe half the fnol IriMojaaV tue common atovna; auitable to all ^nart-^7f^ menta. It will not burn out m ?re than iiom a half to a ton of coal dnrinc all the cold season. Pienae call at my Metropolitan S.ovw and Grate Faotor*. whnre yon can aee one in tall up?'raiitw) every aay in my counting room ttin learn to ete it. This stove i? down on coal merohnnta. For aate only by C. WOODWARD. ? 7 6t fOAL! COAL!! COAL!!! COAL!!! Tlte underauned respectfully informs the pnblte that he ia now receiving large anppliea of Cwmlm land COA L. in boat loada. which 1 now mter to the trade at reduoed prices for oaah. This Coal m of a aueenor quality, and of a larce aite. Oaa be seen at ny Depot, af the romer of lltk aad B atreot eoath. JONAS P. LEVY, oe ll-lm Groperr and Provision Stora. c. woodward. For aale only at C ' mm Penney I-1 so.