Newspaper of Evening Star, November 11, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 11, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON OITY: WEDNESDAY HIT. Sl'IKITOt THH MO UN I NO PtiliSS The Int*lli*mcrr, declaring that it i* aot wadded to the idea of a national bank a* the onij panacea for tha existing condition of mon etary affairs, commends to the attention of the public the scheme of a Mr E. Littell, of Bos ton, pablished originally in the Transcript of that eity The Union arfnea, at considerable length, against the enactment of a new bankrupt law. Decidedly one of tbe best of the family is Arthur * Home Magazine, of which we have just received the December number. The iIoi*u.M Frkpakisg r?a KaaaLLios*? A correspondent of a Western paper, In speaking of the Mormons, say* : "I have information from a source wbich will not admit of a doubt, that the Mormon* who hare recently left California, took with them e'Rht tun* of powder and lead, also a tun of revolver*, all of which had been purchased from time to time in that State, and taken quietly over to Carson Valley, during the past si* months Tan Kkmvckv Sa.vAroasaiF.~The contest for the office of United States Senator in Kentucky, to be filed at the next session of the Legisla ture. in which the Democrats have a majority on joint ballot, appears to lie between the Hon J Guthrie, late Secretary of Treasury, and Hon Lynn Boyd, formerly speaker of the House The discission of the respective merit of these two candidates is getting quite animated in different parts of the State. iTT'SomeaUoiitivnists in, Mass ,the other day discovered at one of the hotels Mr Sweet and wife, who were accompanied by a slave girl named Bettie. The so-called philan thropists forthwith sued out a writ of habeas cor pus in behalf of Bettie. The case was brought in court in Boston .Monday, when the owners of girl stated that they would cheerfully permit her to decide the matter. The Judge and the girl conferred together, and the upshot was that the girl was allowed to remain in Massachusetts or return to Tenneseec Bettie made her choice wisely and without hesit atlon. and left the court room apparently contented. In company with her master. The abolitionist* retirod not a little cha grined at their repulse ID-The Richmond papers ha7e~discovered rob that the young man Cowlan,lately convicted of bin? the I nited States postofflce at Portsmouth, lrjjinia, where he was employed as clerk, i? an o.d hand at the bellows, and has been in the pe n itentiary under another name. The prisoaer was stated to be only 19 years of age, and an a youth. 44 the darling of a fond and doting mother." Uc derthe head ot " Affecting Scene in Court," his confession of guilt ai:d plea for mitigation of pun ishment were Inserted In the Norfolk papers and copied extensively from them. It was stated that the jury and people of Portsmouth, at the time of the trial, were so much affected in a symp athetic way, that they immediately got up a pe tition praying Pre-,dent Buchanan to release him from any pains and penalties, by reason of hislif tle act of moral delinquency. personal. .... Hon J C Allen,of 111.,Is at Kirkwood.'. n?l" P.rentice?of *he Louisville Jour nai, it in town, and is Hopping at Browns'. a.---- Ben Pfr.ley Poore arrived in town, looking as genial and rosy as ever eomDUT*u''t?v H\yne- wi,h an **eellent n mpnny, U traveling in the interior of Califor .n<i'jRiTrwDr -McJj,ton Md , Cants. T. Kelly g ^ "rrmZ'j::.9 N-> and James Robb, Esq., 8 C., are at Willards'. ? W 'lit??- \ntUl *i,hoP. wbo hM* ^en for a r^TfrJ ?tJ Australia, was, nt last accounts, to " ,be"PrlnK> "nding ?wVth..Tl,'k."!?I? for? d? Wildhonf. (,i? Wlttera) having left th* lyric stage, in cn,?e 2?? . of her husband's turning out a million aire, Is now set down as "fudge." *?iuion h'iilte *am?e. who lately made a debut Mosle ms cfTJV* ^Philadelphia Academy of Music, 1* City-Itemircd us haviitj/ had 'our oflVr* tfmsrrwge since she made her entree ^ t he Fn^J!Ravei ,trouPe kavedlsbaaded. pS rci return to ??E,?.2fW par?r 11 Ni bio's; and io t*NewoVl?rs remainder of the troupe Lary Escott, Sims Reeves and wife ftrcJSrevr- w,f' "?j ?na Mr. Drayton a Philadelphia!) cuVrer^?J,>.RitrVe\.0f the ???l"?>Bd En .l0,*h ,hl* last w.-ek, on his Isln^il^ -North, where he has been rural wUh l?.?C??*iq'"'n^0f * painf"' he met SaJSrfr S' WL1rh romP''' him still to * cnitrh He was ac<-omr>ar.ied bv his ac complished Wife, Mis. Alowatt Ritchie^ -rlTv Co*7e,ta*t" at ti?k Cbwib Cpscmm. ZSTpLTm Tr,b"B*of Messrs Paulsen and PaU Morphy, the leading contestants at the In* JwhllSW* 'haf Mr pa,,u"?- in play felted Vt Jf Karnes simultaneously. has ef manh7 **fore was attempted by any h? ^ attained .iri?f li"U"t^d h* "?r stj^esThst ? r i hn,,t nf Powers He ???> .< Ju7'tt "B?tV^TWe u ^ If were to di*P?,it'on-and lncap L ^^erwlw than he thinks: and as hi. former a,ser,i?n, wirh r? , foM' esn ah^TT n 2 th" ,f*,t and Proved correc t We ISh'itflL^ rhe:'?"?*?nPYthS Sflliuerl^ 1 Wh"D hr u?d??akes it he ^n,irr,>"> in the Congrer.s is state<? the/r hi!i '**9ra'",ar<'** i? the W est, have better bllndfo'd'tKl ?',a^'*en P'av* much "v. , u'lnarold than over the board fi> ?. <? l'in?1t1.f' ^Dd lale,y ?P"^sed the subiert r* . Mr. Murphy's opinion on one^air^ L l"^11 Purpose he would plaT latter^ve'r tl IT i "f^^ry. with h .n; the that surf ? # ?! "ot be supposed ~f.*l>c.h. a in blindfold rhess has been TlLTc hiarl"*-, Mo: "nZg J - d he P'a>ed three games at a time Ste!- *Uft'd ?0 the New York Chess -- i'k 'S nc": *verv elem-'ni s M>1 ' how^ver. combine, " S^or"1 > iz""r ?? -? "mmsmumcn ot h,ni as ik, - ' tK keapt ? * tkt ft' rH*d en eeS"Rairr^S'f*rlrl P?n ,h" ?'^on A Wor employees to tbe ex^St of in?i fb* of tt,f made within aVw i " , i ^ T"'; has at work upon the track iiaWe i"?1 * hands discharged^ k Lave brenor ?oon The ronductnrs and driver* nt ??._ .... ? Horse Railed have ,^7thelr wi 4 factories ?nC tha?1ba^^to^d'work' The iron and steel works, Howe Pin KnT^v' 2?TVBad R N H?ssetr'i7i!.' sr\? V el y r,ow'<1 The Shelton Csxpa "Tjtacks, Sbel'on A Osljourne's ManiijUcturini; woclt turu,n?. ?nd the Hawkins M?n* i anj if co,"P3nr *re run^Bg, but With fewer uKJ i va01]* llm" Tbi- U?'own twoor three hundred men out of enjoyment lI-rid''n (Cona ) CVonlcle says that their iSTt^?";' UV' lM,r Laud? alCvofJ, sstsssi sr? s,,f" -d emplof i, t r ? ?n<i , vy ^d,ed m'n are seeking winter lor their a d "8 W?rk throu^^l, {J~Jm The Ph ladelphia Musii-al Fund Hall was about as fiiiI as it could w?-l 1 hold, on Saturday even tag The attraction was Lola Montei as a lecturer. On .Monday. '^1 instan', Henry G Cook, a white man. Indieted fur stealing a hog. was ? oo virted. senteund to thirty days imprisonment, and thirty lashes tn rtro at the Haidy county court, Va vrr At the meeting of the Slate Agricnlturr.l Society of North Carolina, last werk, Hon A W Venable stated In the course of a speech that the Chinese sugar cane was a preventive of typhoid fever. fT~T Prof Bnsb. of New York, Is preparing a Coauneotaryon the Bor<k of Numbers, to be pub lished neit May. He published Commentaries on Genesis, Kxodus, Leviticus, Joshua, and J jd^ea, some years a^o?before he becaaw; a S?Wf f?bor|laa, ? WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Sec*JFTAn* Marcy jutd rut iftliklllli'1 tiox or G?w Phrce.?In tbe oourse of the rccent Massachusetts State canvas?. Gen Caleb Gushing delivered not only tbe great speech in Faneail liall, on which we took ocoasioa to comment some time ago, but a subsequent speech, at Newburyport, replete with interest, a s all he utters on public affairs is In the course of that address he wa?. aa before, untner-( cifully hard on that prince of polititti charla tan?, N. P Banks. Jr. tha? whom no other man ever made, in this country, so extended a reputation on so little real capital. It seems that Mr Banks had alleged that Mr Marcy differed from his chief with reference to the Kansas policy of the latter, and added that had Wt (Mf. $faroy s) policy and advioe been adopted, all the Kansas trouble would have been avoided/' General Cusbing, in the speech to which we refer, pricks that bubble, and in so doing sheds a flood of light on the administrative affairs of | the I nitod States. We therefore republish his remarks in this connection, by way of adding to the Star's readers fund of useful informa tion : 'rl.e"d"> Mr- Marcy was my daily mw ciate, offlcially and personally. for the space of fo?r y?r>, and hi, memory i, dear to me He ^hert,\!i^.t,,aC rt,";wnd name should ^ comber of the Common wealth. I cannot, in your presence, allow tbe n , T Bault" to without notice one ThTLi'i V??,h* ,s ? delicate one. The advice which a member of the Cabinet I f Pr^id??nt, either separately or in the of,hls colleague., 1. confidential It is a privileged communication bylaw: that lithe Supreme Court have d^cidtd, in the case of Mar. burj rs Madison, that a member of the Cabinet cannot be required to disclose such things in n court of justice. Nay, it has come, and in* IJ to be a point of honor, tlinc no member of ttie Cabi net, nor even the President himself, is to disclose what occurs in consultation with, or advice to the President. Matter, of this nature beconS public only when they reach the stage of an ott J cml act of the Government. '-Thus, it is not proper for me to state of my own I knowledge what advice Mr. Marcy gave pfts" I dent Pierce. I can say nothing except that which IS of public notoriety, or whVh eX. i/su^ thl'f8 I" -? )f> c*,Pahle of P'ibiic notoriety. And tbe fact. in this ca*c are so far notorious, that the ?V\hv.?W Mr Banks- or an>' body el? pos sessed of the same means, should fall into the errors of fact, or tbe errors of inference from ?nrt 'UCt*' w,.llch he has committed regarding he respective re atlou of Mr. Marcy and of Pres* I ident Pierce to the question of Kansas Y Jhe Constitution the executive form of the I nited State, is vested In the President. But he I cannot of himself do all the supreme executive | business of the Government. Hence the Con I that he has Min . era" Heads of Departments, to advise him. to act tor Go?rnm?nt!nH,er' ' Lim' thc atrain' of ,he r;;^J^,f?l,1da,i0n of tLe Govemment, the<e Ministers were four, the Secretary of SUte. the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secre I tai) of War, and the Attorney General Tlieu constituted the Cabinet of Washingtoti A fifth* the Secretary of the Navy, was adiTed in the timV of John Adams. The PostmasterGeneral was taken,nto the Cabinet by Jackson And a sev enth Department, that of the Interior, with Us * :r?taiy>. wa" bv a law which went into And so t bingo '? Of these dcpaitmcnts of the Executive Gov. erurnent, the duties art- partly defined by 'aw and dent, for be is the Executive; ai:d they are his .Ministers or Secretaries. y At first, what is now the Department of Stife i ri" c"n*d rhe Apartment of Foreign Affair. After ,t came to (>e called -be Depigment of State, it wa. made the depository of much of the miscellaneous business of the Government Thus at the accession of President Pierce the Secre' | Ury of State conducted the corrwpond^ fn , *<"***" d?3irs; superintended the appointment of foreign M inlster..nd Consul.; kept the slat ,te roll. ; kept the great seal, and afflxel it W offlc, d paper. ; superintended the administration of the annlieail^n' !"Perlnt*nd<'d "ie investigation of !?P ! J>r P*rdon; superintended the an. pointment. of a legal nature, a. judges attor ney. and mar.hai. j and, in addition to^il t&L cJi'iinV other Ministers, conducted any mis cellaneous correspondence or other business that might be.p?l.l^requIred of blm by Pre." .."J1"" ?"<??, ""?? tbo ordinary on r. enutne rated, are, as you perceive, of a very miacella neous and a very ouerou* nature. Foreivn affairs | a e quite enough duty for one SvcreUry Mr i uitTHiL?W WL<f" hl e,,tered on the duties of his otbee, and p o?-eeded to consult the Attorney he s^uh ect rh advi^of ^e Government, on ,i , ?y ?Kr^d to counsel the Presl f 1 ?Dsfer' f:n,n the office of the Secretary of State to that of the Attorney General 7h^ peat branched of the public b,,Ue??Ipa,don7 legal appointments, and ?uch legal correspond' ence of any of the Departments a. it, head K't *e*flt Thus if the President, or the Sec7et,rv oi State, or the Postmaster General choose to otf^r any matter of legal correspondence Tntn" in their Departments, to the Attorney General il wa, part of hi. duty fo take chargJof T An thus it happen, d that in questions of foreign re ations, stK-n as the Enlistment question the Neut.alit> question, and others, the correspond er*^ ?Ut 01 lhe ?mce wf th? Attorney ^",1 erai that occurring, not as manv pe;sou? sup wwed. and a. on more than one'occasion diiC n,nferrt,d a"d Injuriously Generaf't ut w ,1 ^ ',ct of ,Le Attorn^ wiiierai. ijui uy the sper-ial reoiifsi in f,no,,ay h. Jm.njj.'S oirdi XTm'Z'A V" "I" 1 -?-or pardons ?nd le^al appointments, the duties of the .-secretary of State so far forth diminished leaving to the latter, in substance, foreign ?ffi r7 the custody of tbe great seal and the laws ami the administration of the territories ' te,'tbe ??!: It-ttor. ; he oddro,wd ofiici.l letter, to them- nnd it was a part of his particular duty to keen^n Lis mlud the current of affairs in that Territory and when asked, or without being a,k d o Jfv'e ? vice thereon to the President In a wo^d wV Marcy conducted. <.fflcial| v. ,nd by"n^t/uction, and acts issued from his office, and SaTni ?^? signature, the relations of lhe L'nited States with Kansa., just a. tally, and in the same waVa^ h< Brul^S. ?f tLe United Sta,e* wli'Great "The hypothesis of Mr. Banks as.ume. in the fl^st p.ate, that Mr. Marcy is to have the credit of the negotiation wi( Li tireat Bri.ain to tbe com iMXC.",!,!!>n.0 tLe l*re*?dent, and that the 1 resident to have the blame of the conduct of the affairs in Kaii^sa., to tbe complete exclusion of Mr Marcy. That hypothesis i? altot'et'ier gratuitous, not warranted by anv facts and ',n rary to reason. Either the IVesiVleS diicf. and IS re ponsible for praise or blame in both bran. h es of business, or ne doe. not direct, and praise or blame attaches to Mr Jkfarcy. There is il l cap. f.out that diieuitiui, ? .'Ke?Sl pr"um7: non^Ir\vi,in.k*e?I,,radlrU thi? KenTsl presuinp aa,,lor>'y ha. he for the centradif y r !!. A ^"OW ? Uune But lliB hypothesis then I .V," y^*s",,nie' la thp *ecoud place, that the We,r nnwonducted, to the de- I face's Pah!.'T % *. tLe 'roubles which Mr. nation * wft* S d"V0" .-d of bi.b^p.ut?Jj,ib';r^r:,,hS'{,u buslne.. continued to thns miwondaated ? Did he ,tav in the Cabinet while hi. adv^ wt, permanently duregarded ? Did he, fro** day f)l day? *JK" aii<1 of instructions lctt?-r. for the government of Kansas which were in his judgment, prejudicial to the puVi'c ioterett* en tailing troubles on the country and dishonor on ? Administration ? 1 say no "entlemen ? t>,- i "" ,"Kl,,a on hu tnen,* boDW'? npiight and co i c tu,ns man, he could not have remained , n U?Wnet. a mere mecha.v ! . hstfument like acopviug cleik, .igninif an i i.s..,?g order., execnting measure. ca?ry ihS o" t a puUcy wuu-h his conscience disapproved*.^ | whi.h wan Imposed on him by the mere wil*" f not be^'iV'n ' :ay, ,.hU ,H '"'possible, and cat. - m^nceot'lo?^; ? d .ty and honor on th^ par of " i Comve ?Members of Congress hare cct a menced to drop in upon us, under eircumsti u? , ees?house-hunting?premonitory of tba o|-eii> j ing of Uie session It is already apparent a inuo# larger number of them than ever be Tore design keeping house here this winter, ? hich will add not a little to the refined and desLr&hlo comforts and enjoyments of the stranger"* ?o journ in the Federal Metropolis in theoonrse o( the session. Such persons, from their positi<?? before the "dear people," when housekeeping, especially, seek to render themselves as agree ?b . to aucmy po?.tU?, .nd th.rofoy. I i.e. wiii door, iwlktokod, for Uw (O, ingrw ot anj and all well-behaved strangers We are also to have among u this wiwter, living afler the same fashion, a larger number of per sons from a distance, of wealth, taste and lib erality, than ever before. So oar city cannot fail to etfibrace a great iocrease of desirable at tractions for strangers- Business is therefore destined soon to be very brisk here, when all will wear the Railing faces incident to tho Con tentment of current prosperity. Miss Mat 8 Concert.?We have rarely teen the fashionable and musical circles of Waah ington so excited over a coming event $$ coi? cerning the debut, to-morrow evening, iw \f0t native city, of Miss Juliana May, who returns to this oountry after years of arduous applica tion to the science of music in the best schools of Birope, with a much greater reputation than was ever before achieved by an American can ta trice. There is a commendable spirit of nationality in the interest which the debutante's countrymen and women everywhere evince in her professienal career that is opening with so much promise. That interest is apparent here in the rush that has taken place to-day to secure tickets for to-morrow night, when she is destined to be welcomed with such a greeting as has rarely been accorded to a candidate for the admiration of the music-loving public. Well Done.?Mr. Henry P. Brooks, the op ponent of Mr Henry Winter Davis for Con gress in the late election in Maryland, has given notice of his intention to contest that gentleman's right to the seat awarded to him as the result of that contest. The ground of contest is the alleged fact that the supporters of the contestants were prevented from voting for him by violence, while by fraud the nomi nal vote of Mr. Davis was greatly increased. This is a step in the right direction. Its re sult will be to spread before the world evidence concerning this Baltimore election, the publi cation ot which, and the action of the House on it, will, together, work a radical cure, wo trust, of the great moral disease that has de stroyed the reputation of the capital of Mary land. Tns Chkrokeb Neutral Gaoc.vo.?The authorities of the Cherokee Nation have peti tioned the Government at this j*>int to dispos sess, by military force, the whites who have intruded upon a tract of the reservation of that Nation that juts up into Kansas, called "The Neutral Ground," which contains about 800,000 acres. The Government, we apprehend, is bound by treaty to comply with their request, under existing circumstances. So it is to bo pre sumed that directions to that-end will soon be issued from the War Department on the recom mendation of the Interior Department. Promoted axd Appoixtep.?Wm. B. Tay lor, Esq., baleen promoted to be an Examiner in the Patent Office, (compensation ?2,500 per annum.) Mr. Hobert D. Clark, of Wisconsin, has been appointed to be an Assistant Examiner in the same office, vice Taylor promoted. Mr. Henry D. Smith, of Connecticut, Las been appointed to a second class clerkship in the same office, (compensation $1,400 per an num.) The Naval Courts op Ixqpie v.?Before Court No. 1, where the trial of ex-Lieut. S. C. Barney is in progress, sundry papers (docu mentary testimony) were submitted on the part of the Government, and Mr. Wm. DeKrafft was examined on the same side. Before Court No. 2, to-day, where the caso of Com r Ringgold is still on trial, Surgeon Gil christ was examined on the applicant's behalf. The Weathe* ?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: Novkmbkr 11, 1657. New \ ork, N. Y.........?clear, cool. 'hilndelphia. Pa clear, cool. Baltimore. ? ?clesr, cool. Washington. D. C clear, cool Richmond, Va clear, cool. Petersburg, Va clear, cool Wilmington, N. C clear, cool. Columbia, S. C. clear, cool. Charleston. 8. C..........clear, cool. Augusta, Ga...m.#,mm##m#Jear, cool. . avannah, Ga......#..#<#.<'lear, cool. Macon. Ga..... ...........clear, cool. Columbus, Ga clear, cool. Montgomery, Ala clear, eo..l J.ower Peach Tree, Ala...Hear, cool. .Mobile, Ala clear, cool. /ainesville, Ala.... clear, cool. New Orleans clear, cool 1 lie barometer at Washington, this morning, was 30 60 inches, and Is still rising. The Manger Demonstration in New York. New York city seerm to have been in a fever *h condition on Monday, in consequence of the rumors in circulation of riotous demonstrations to be made by unemployed "workmen, but fortu nately the day paused oir without any particular disturbance. 1 he New York Post of last evening says: A crowd gatnered about the City Hall again this forenoon, composed of the same turbulent ements which. were assembled there yesterday. Mayor W ood not feeling secure, a police force i.f ear 500 men was on the ground, prepared for anv ^mcrgency. The front'gates weie closed and locked, eicept the centre one,and none were per mitted to pass this but those having business in - ide About a thousand people gathered unon Tomp ?ns Square this ir.orning; and at 11 o'clock Mr. ^mifh announced to them that the Central Park appropriation of ft iJO.OOO had passed the Com m-Jii Council and received the Mayor's signature which was received with applause. A resolution was adopted, dec laring that the thanks of the meeting were due the Common Council and the Mayor for their act ion in the matter. A letter was read from There*a G. Kunk an nouncing that she wax readv, 44 like the Ni 'htln ale whe went to the Crimea." to take hold, and e.p the working men out of their trouble, and Y - that she was at that moment prewnt waiting to be r?-eWed bya deputation of work tug men " The secretary, Mctiulre, afler read, g it, said: " Victory has crowned us; the ladies grlng to present themselves through this ladv present." 1 Madame Kunk then mounted a chair, without nvltation, and *ald : ??I have come here to offer ou my services 1 intend to give a series of concerts for mei; and women out of employment. I have plans v bleb are very j;reat. ?nd if l can sell the shares in the enterprise. I will give vou half the money. [Applause.] | come to aid and cousel von ml) In my power. (We'll stand by you J 1 do not come with a revolutionary spirit ?everything rrn:st lie done in a proper manner. 1 here is forty thousand soldiers readv to shoot you down like dogs, and then vou would leave vour wives and children In a destitute condition I here is a certain process to go through with to g*t help. In the Urst place we must get the editors to favor us, and I know that they all do* and I ask you for three cheers for the editors! [Three cheers.] In order to live, a person must eat; and vou must live this winter, and you shall live. [Thiee cheers and a tiger.] If you onlv have confidence in me, you will believe what! say Do vou accept of my offer, to be the man agers of these concerts? [Yes ma m! Hurra'1 I thank vou ; and now I am satisfied Reraein ber the Scripture: "Ask. and it shall be given you ; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and It shall be opened unto you." [Three cheers and a tiger 1 I irst, you must ask the government for 82.000,000 to be paid for in work; and I will pledge mv word to the government that the goods made up for this money will be sold. [Three cheers ] 44 Then you must apply to ail the Governor* of all the btates. and let them hold a meeting to ap ply to the Government In your behalf. 44 Next, yon must apply to the b.inkers. [No ? no' and some hisses ] Yes, you must apply to the bankers; they, I know, will help you. And then you must apply to the millionaire*: thev will all do som*-tiling 44 Then there must bo provision made for feed ing you. There must be Immense dinners served up In the Crystal Palace, where you can go and eat every day j and the Corporation mnst pay for it [Immense applause ] Vou must nut starve : and now, fare-tnee-well." Madame Sunk retired amidst loud and pro longed applause ; and a German monntiag the "hair, pronounced a glowing euloy ium upon her FUMdorriand#tWl ^ 'uto tbc language of ascended the chair, ?nd, with a frightful gesture, declared that he nrIT??m,ILrf"',rV* lh<> "P**? " " Fellow-citliens of Tompkins square," said be, "we are here to prtserve the paca. Noo, tell m*. yes or no, d,d y'or 7T co_n* ***? preserve the pace ? [Three and a tiger 1 The radical press this morning au tacked ou* lUjor, who Is like the great star la the firmanent nv alt mayor* " He proceeded to defend that functionary. and closed by aajrtna; ?*^fe ntrerwlll sate wiitle there's a man in the land that nades employment. An' noo, let us, with a ?if reea voice, give three chare* for th? Mayor that staid in the Board of Councilmen to sign the bill ." Other speeches were made in English, Irish, and German, and the meeting adjourned to four o'clock. Secretary were ba*y taktag down ttaa Mines of a;l Wantlag work. if ?Y A force, consisting of fiO Halted States soldiers and 65 marl?**, is stationed in the base meat of ?thc OBftom House, aimed aateqajfiped. lreatad Iness to repel anjr attack, and defend tlitaub treaJBTV The soldiers consist ?C the liPwfm? n nWart)'' (Co Ml.) froftf Governor's Inland, rommanded by Capt. Johns, of the 3d Infantry. t1The other officers are Lieut. Banlger. of the '.id Artillery, Lieut. Offley, of the 1st Infantry, and Orderly Sergeant McDonald, of the "Permanent Party " The marines consist of fourteen men from the Receiving Ship North Carolina, fourteen men front the sloop-of-wnf Vlncennes, and the rest from the Marine Barracks at the Brooklyn Navy Yard The names of their officers ws did not learn. The marines came over last night, and marched to the residence of Gen. Scott, who ordered them back to their quarters. This morning, hovever, they were ordered back again, together with the force from Governor's island, which came over at 8 o'clock. The soldier's have their arms stacked in the basement, and guarded by two sentries; the rest of tbem are lounging about their damp quarters amusing themselves as best they can. Tney supposed when ordered out this morning, that they should find the whole city in tumult, and were to have some hard fighting be fore night. Gen. Scott called upon the Collector at his office this forenoon, but the reeait of their con ference has not transpired. The New York Express has this : "The Yrrt Latest fiom the Pari, 4 p.m. Order and peace prevailed in the Park. Some twenty or twenty-five thousand people are there, looking on. as observers. The "Force" people are as qniet as lambs. The troops are just entering the gates In a great body, with music and banners. They number about 1.500?hut look, in the street, as If they were thousands. There is no likelihood of any further disturb ance to-day The City Hall gates are blocked up, all entrance refused, except for geod reasons. The Police on hand are in excellent order and trim. Thu military demonstration is having a happy effect upon the crowd." The New York Courier of yesterday morning says : '"Both Boards of the Common Council. It will be seen by the proceeding* In another column, have acted on the Mayor's Message in reference to the unemployed poor. Tne Aldermen resolved not to adopt tne suggestions contained In the Message, relative to the issue of stock to procure large supplies of food, to be furnished at the cost Erice to the laborers on the public works. They, owever, passed, resolution.*, havin^for their object the employment of the poor. The Coun cilmen reported also that they nad not the power

to provide the relief necessary, in the direct man ner pointed out by the Mayor. They, however, passed resolutions, urging on the different Boards having charge of the Public Works, to employ laborers, and also recommend the Governors of the Alms House to purchase and store provisions In anticipation of destitution among the laboring classes." Rock Island for Sale by Auction.?We arc 8ratified in being able to state that the island of oek Island will be offered for sale at public auction, at an early day. Th# Government will give timelv notice, so' that any persons in this region wishing to secure a slice can have the op portunity. Suits will be instituted against those persons who have been despoiling it of its tim ber. as well as against the squatters who refuse to vacate the premises ?Rock lslan-1 Argu<. Qttcx Won*.?At a late fire in Cincinnati, O , an individual who happened to )>e at the door ot the steam-llie engine house, thus describes the effect: '? The firemen, who were sitting by the stove, sprang instantly to their different posts One applied a igbted 1 match to the prepared fuel underneath the boiler; another lit the lamp*: oth ers got the excited and impatient horses ready, who started from theibstalls at the first peal of the bell; and in precisely one minute and twenty six seconds thesteain-fire engine started from the house Into the street " }P*? Capt. McKlbbon, of Mobile, the oldest pilot on the upper bar at that place, met his death on board the steamer Col Clav, in a singular and fearful manner, on the 'J?th ult. The steamboat was going down the i>ay with the nas*enger* and mails for theQuaker City. Capt McKibbonwas sleeping in a berth, from which he rose and w??nt on the upper deck, and by some accident fell over the spot where the crank was in full play. In a moment his head was severed from his body, and at the uext revolution of the shaft one arm was cut oft', and the entire form ripped and emptied of all Its parts. Horrors or War.?A British clergyman, in a recent discourse, mentioned, as Illustrations of the extent of the bereavements caused by the In dian mutiny, that a gentleman of his acquaint ance had lost twenty-two relatives In India within six weeks: and that, out of thirteen of a family party which met last year at St. Andrews, only one Is now living?twelve having gone out to India and fallen victims to the mutiny. Worth* of Imitation?Hon Samuel Walk er and Hon. Henry Willis, Representatives elect from Roxbury, Ma*s.. when called upon by their friends on the night of the fid, thanked them for their votes, and Informed them that instead of pioviding an entertainment they would serd 8100 each to the City Missionary for charitable purposes. fTT" Lieut. Beale's party of exploration has been heard from at the (ireat Colorado, all well. He met an Indian In the desert, and hastily des patched by him a few lines to his family, to be mailed at panta Fe, where it was deliveied, and safely reached its dentination a few days ago, in advance of all other Intelligence. <y5=? I WAS ARRESTED THE OTHEK IJJ? evening by a drunken loafer, that I turned out of my ri.oin in Yi'ginia for gambling, and taken before a bloated drunkard, for a mook trial, to b.* robbed, because I am not a Democrat. It* PKTKR CROW. NOTICE.?Prof. CROUCH, finding it im possible to couplet* his arraugemeta for his Concert, published to come off on the 11th inat.,ar the Methodist Episcopal Church under tt e necessity of announcing to the public that it is post poned until next THURSDAY week, the 19th inst.. at winch tune it will certainly take place. Arrangements are in prosecution to make this Co: cert one of the most intero?ting musical enter tainments ever Button up in this city. It fY"5r? ATTENTION PR 1:81 DENT'S MOUNT '17 kd Guard!?^ ou are hereby notitied to at tend a monthly meeting of the Corps TO-MOR ROW EVENING, at 7 o'clock, as business of the greatest importance will l>e laid Itefore thu Compa ny. Every member is requested to be prompt in his attendance. By order: JOSEPH PECK, Captam. A. l.i'TZ. Secretary. n 11-2t ry-T=? FAIR.-The Ijidies Mite Society of Gorsuch ' L < Chapel will open a Fair at ialand Hail, oorner .Tfith street and Virginia avenuo. on MONDAY EVENING, Nov. Kit It. Sanson tickets may be had at Shillmaton'a Bookstore. Siugle admission 12 cents. Season tickets50oents. n9-lw* SUPERIOR NEEDLES. SCISSORS, French Working Cotton, Thread Floss, Ac. at nll-at LAMMOND'S. rOYS.?At LAMMOND'S can lie found the largest stock in the city. n ll-<t IRISH WHISKEY. 1 a renin no Article of Stewart's IRISH WHIS KEY for tale at DitlTRVS, It* aorner 14th street and Pa. ave. J^OAL!!! COAL!!! COAL!!! To arrive, in the course of a few days, two car goes of superior red and white ash CO A L (egg and stove) which we will seil at a reduotion if delivered from the vessels. Pine, Oak, and Hickory WOOD, constantly on hand. Orders promptly filled For rant a Store Room, 18 by 70 fret, on Seventh street, l>etween G and H. CHAP1N A BRO. No. 422Seventh st. n ll-eo2w between G and H. ADAM BONN EL. DRESS MAKER, Fan* Paris, No. S32 18th atreot west, beiween I and K streets, Washington city, has the honor to inform the ladies of Washington and vicinity, that she has fitted up a Dress Making Establishment, where she ia ready to make every kind oi work, as Dresses. Mantillas, Basques, A c., and in the I vest and very latest style of Pari", receiving every month the French Journal De I .a Mode, direct from Pans. n 11-3m* p A R I SMIL LJ^N E R Y. MADAME PERRF.RO, No. 5 Great Jones ^^TVstreet, New York, respectfully inform*n ft* M Q^Jihe Indies mi Washington that she wilMslftj re-oncn, on the iftth of November. axflEV branch of her establishment at 248 Pennsylvania av enue. Washington. Ladies will there find a handsome Assortment of? pall and winter bonnets DM ESS r A PS. HEAD DRESSES FLOWERS. FEATHERS. FANCY PINS,and nll-eotl8 is. at moderate prioes. LJAMMACK'S RESTAURANT, aTL Xo anfi Pn. ar., under Wiltard's hotel. This establishment having been thoroughly reno ^ _ vated and enlarged, the pro ^ v prietor would stats to theffl^Vt f \ 10^ public that he is now fblly1S^\lA^/ I\ prepared to furnish them with vmMff ""^*^^everything usually kept in a first c ass Restaurant. Gentlenua will alwaya find his house quiet and waiters attentive. By civnu it his undivided attention, he hopes to merit the pat ronage of the public. - iiL#* elhammac*. snd all eorts of COMBS, at " Wth st., and at *ie STATEMENT OF THK RRCKIPT9 AND lUKXUva* of tfte Ljttted H?Hi far the quar ter ?Dair.g September 3>\ 189?, exclusive of tnift fond* and tituury note* funded. EEf KITTS. From eustoms. If 2,068.449 ? r**41 W F. _ Fro ?on saleeofiuWio lands........ innteW andv mi?c?IUnoou? Eh*. #? .<<> 817 II laferr. ' ??** fcterioi (nnikL. M|) I A)......... i.7? I* >.?* ?# 7^5* .960 W S.MMM ? # ...... _ In l842 23t.S*8f do >M6 ?3? ? d<> 1847 4? s jo 00 ? do lM.ttl.M88 Redemption of Tuu ladem nity stock >,800 CO Payment to creditors of Texas, psr set of 9th September, dam.,... 3s,mo m Redemption of bounty-laud ?took 96 00 Piewnum on stoe? redeemed *5.1* Of Interest on public debt,includ ing trsarury notes .v... 4( JW8 72 1 J*1,7tt K t*3 714.3? 37 THiltIT DlPA*T**5T, Register's Office,Nov. 9,1WT. It F. BIGGER, Register. yyASHlNGTON RAILROAD. FRONT 9TR EFT THEATRE. BALTIMORE. A NTGHT WITH BURTON' extraordinary EXCURSION: StEAM A XD THE DHAMA' One of the mrisl pleasant and novel Excursions ever offered to the CITIZEN** OF washington will take place on FRIDAY EVENING, November 13th, 1857. To enalle the residents of this city to witness (without loss oftitoeard rest?the world-renowned personations, and at tea d the Kir*g?tTof tbo Greatest Living Comedian, MR. BURTON! irr A Special F.xprcs* Train of Fir?t <*Lus Passenger Cars m-ill leave the Depot at a quarter tie fore six o'cioek p. m .fbr Ba'timore, mikin* but one stoppage en the way. Arrivin* thereat 7 o'clock, the excursion ists will proccod direc?'v to the Faotsr St. Thiatfk, Where, upon their arriva', the perlormaace will commence. Ma. Birtox. on this oecision. appearing in Fovr of Hi* Mr>*: Popular (' karrirtr1 r*. The performance will conclude at a quarter Itefore 11 o'clock, when the excursionists *-ill proceed to the depot and take a speoi il train in waiting, and start for Washington, arriving there aaout mid ni<kt. .... . ... . Thirtv minutes from the f?il of the curtain will be allowed for tnc passengers to reach the depot oa the retnrn trip. .. Ticket* for the round trip, entitlinf the holder to Passafr from ir?.4m{J(m?sd Hftum. And a secured seat iu the Parquetle or Dresa Circle, Oxi.v ? ne Dollar a>d Fiftv Cbats. A Lauies' Car. for 'ha especial accommodation of l,adi*s hcoompanied by Gentlemen, will be ailaohed to the t'ain. \Vj" No Baggage carri"d on this trip. The train w li l>e run under clarse of well known and experienced officers of the Baltimore and Ohio Company. . .. Tickets can l>e had at the Kukwood House, Browns' Hotel, and at the Depot. The entire arrangement* under the immediate supervision of HENRY C. JARRETT, n I1-3t* General Manager. WOOI.EN GOOD* cheaper at McLAlTGH I.IN*'* than any other placg. n 10 ROWLAND'S MACASSAR GIBBS'S P between 9th and H'th sts. I Hair Store, near 11th street. n 10 3m IANOSFOR HIRE, very ELLIS*. >?, n 10 OOK AT ELMS'? STOCK j Itefo-e purchasing elsewhere. < ?F PIANOS n in 1 fashionable PKK- I MERIES, from the b?st houses, at GIBBS'S, near the corner of 13th street, Pa. ave. n b'-3m RIENTAl, NAIL POLISH, givinc a beautiful lustre to the finger nails, at GIBBS'S Hair Store, near '3th street. Pa ave. nj"3?>i_ VIOLINS, flutks.accordeons Ml sic, Ac., at ELLIS'S, 3-?, between 9th and mth streets ? >0 SCI8S iRS. MIRRORS. POWDER BOXF*. Ac.,at GIUHS'S Hair Store, near 13th street. Pa. ave., and at His Salesroom, under Wlilards'. nlo 3m _ _ OOK IN ATMeLATGHLIN'S, No.SO.between 8th and 9th streets, at his large stook of new Goods now opening. _ nJ?_ ivew"styites. new fashions, new IN 'joods, Coml>s, Brushes, Toys, China. A c., at n io Mclaughlins. Count o: movi e tiiristo. * vols.; 91 Diary of a Medical Student, by Warren: 50 oents. Pickwick Abroad, by Reynolds; 5Ccents. George or the Planter of the Isle of France, by Reynolds; 5ecents. The Gipsy Chief, b? Reynolds; 50 oents. Brian O'Liun.or Tuck is evorythioc, by Maxwell; W? cents Robert Bruce, or the Hero King ofScrtland, by Reynolds M oents. Wallace, tho Hero of Scotland, by Reynolds; 30 cents. Sons of Malta Exposed ; 13 cents, nio FRANCK TAYLOR. A CARD. THE CITIZENS OF THE DISTRICT. In entering our new building, which we have just taken possession of, and we return our sincere thanks to the people ol Washingtru and George town f?rtln-irlil?e:a! patroease.aid part.asa return, ha- e ereced ? xpaciousbonding, whicn wi 1 be au ornam-nt to ttie citv. with a Isrge and airy sa loon, with all the convenience and comfort of our customers, and i.i the eatablishiiient are ai> the nee esvirj arrangements for manufacturing and encour aging home industry, and bra strict attention to justiae an?< integrity, we hore to give satisfaction to all. WALL. STEPHENS A OO., oc 3 v 4w No 3?2 Pa. ave.. bet. 9th and 10th sts. I>-|NDLl\G WOOD. IV Scpkrcedcbz or Chaecoal. We arc now ready to furnish the best rosin PI N E WOOD split and s?w.d in al>ort pieces expressly for kindling, which forec?nomy,clmnliness,and con venience has no t-qu&l. Sto\ e wood sawed and split 4o per oent oheaper than the usual rates. COAL?COAL?COAL. Schooner Ohanceford, now ?? ll??at with While Ash kuk Coal, 3.oontons. best Schuylkill and Laceawana Coal, t?> arrive within afew weeks. \'J~ Term* cash. All orders should l>e accompanied with the money or the niouev reads when the fuel is delivered. Coal 2,240 lbs. to the ton. All under coTer. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Northwest corner of 12th and C sts.. No. 547, n 6-6t one square south of Penn. ave. R LIGHT FOR ALL. El NT/EL'S NON EXPLOSIVE BURN ING FLUID.? This Fluid is equal, il not superior, to any Fluid aovr in u?e, as it gives a better lig-1, burns longer, tmokes l??*s. and is csrtaiulv n?>n-ex plosive. Price 75 cents per gallon. M. GREEN, n 5-1 w Grocery corner of 13th and L sta. J ADIES, PLEASE READ. Instead of selling tho remnant of my it - ok of FANCY GOODS at auction, I have moved it into my new Store, 33G Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, where I intend giving my customers and the puMie generally, a change to get great Iwgaios at auction prices. Call before you buy, and examine for yourselves. Very respeotfully, R.C.STEVENS. Dealer in French Millinery arid Fancy Goods, oc 24 3Jb Pa. ave.. bet. 9th and lotb sta. IMPROVE YOUR EYES- STRENGTHEN and assist theui-by the PARIS OPTICIAN'-A Woolson who. just arrived trom Europe, with his own manufactu red, and also of a good manv other Opticians' latest improved SPECTACLES and EYE-GLASSES. wfii"h are the PERISl'OPIC CONCAVE and CONVEX BRAZILIAN CRYSTAL. DOUBLE FOCUSand POLISHE D. which are warranted to improve ANY EYE affected wi n WEAKENING CATARACT or going to it. also SIIOR TSIti HT EDNESS. Ah persons that wear or those whioh need to be<in to wear ihem will be suited at first sight. Thote womlerful double-polished Glasses received the very highest recommendation at the WORLD'S FAIR in PARIS. through their pro ducing a olearing to the sight the best knowa till "aibo. all styles of OPERA, SPY. and MAGNI FYING GLASSES, Compasses, and Mieroseopea are for sale at h is store, oomer of Eighth street find Pennsylvania avenue, or 491 Eighth street. Pries very reasonable, the same as he bad ib hia establish ment in Paris. ? 9-tf I FLORA JUST OUT! HAVE this dsy reowved a new lot of my new Air tignt Flat too COOKING STOVES. which I got up iu Philadelphia last summer ext?re?sl) for this market, made very heavy and strong ol the best Pennsylvania mallea bio iron. I have called it the Flora Air-tight Cak ing Stove, patented 1837. heavy and thick, for fsmil? use. and destined to l>e the eook'a detirht. It will bake, roast, boil, fry. atew, Uotl. Ac., superior to any oookmg stove in this lu&rltct ;aud has attached to it asumnior arraugement. For sale only at C. \\ oodward's Metropolitan Stove and Grate Faotorv. Nos. Sta and 3.*2 Pennsy l vanta avenue, betweeu 10th and llfh aireet*. n7-6t C. WOODWARD. W~ ASHlNG'roN, GEORGETOWN^ AND alexandria EXPRESS PACKAGE. RAUGAUA, AND ? FREIGHT LiN*. JAMFS OSHORNE uilorms the puMio that he has eatablisbed an EXPRESS LINE, to fly daily between the Cities named above, whioh will trans port for very modeiate compensation, any thing that may be deaire<i^o beaejit between either two of the three oitiua. which will be fluthfully and promptly delivered. ? Hia slates will be found at Smith's Uaited States Hotel, Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4K streets; S. Bacon k Co.'a Grooerv store, oorner o? Pa. avenss ud 7th street, and the Star Ofcce. Any oroera written upon either of them will he prumMlT ?t Special atlention ptid to the acicages to ai ilrosid Depot, the tre?ht per onler. Eayjs-r-**' " . ^ li 4 "" mru AMU8XMOTS, C O 1 R E K DANBANTE. 1 hofcaot H. M'Mn takes *t bobdcidc to bit friends and former patrons no i hat M will oommenoe bis week!j sulR EE# M ob rni*<wad*> evening. Nov n.^f at ? o'cock prom eel yat hta Hall, oorner of and D atreet. where Se-son Ticket* onn be p ue?r ed upon reaaouahln term?. Prof. con i e ?e?r at the Hall on Tuesday and Thursday evenings fro* g t?U t?o'otoek p m. u ^tiK OKI'S SALUUN. TUESDAY. Xowmbtr 7. "teW&ur And Mr. STRAKOSCH. Tiokota. .* ? .? ?... fi n. Secured Seala. I Mi For sale at tbe Music M<?r< aof Messrs. IV via ?r_d Metgerott. itfi ??ARU?l IS SALOON. miss julIana may, TOT RSDaY, N?vfmb?r 12tl?, Assisted by the following tnnmt artistes: to their a Sgn. ALB1TKS. m Mr. W. H. PALMER. r. U. SANDERSON, Mr. APTOMaS. Th? sal* of seats will eommmp at the stores of Maaara. Davis and Mmiw?U on Tutadiy, N?. vemlter ltth. Tickets. Secured seats. > t.?n. a? MTVTESTY FIRST ILITARY AND CIVIC ANKTAL KALI, or TH* Washington Light Infantry, CARUSi'a1SALOON, On MONDAY EVENING. Nor. ad.!M7. Tbe Infhntry take pleasure in announcing to their friend a and that tbe\ have perfected ? their arrancementa for a Bali on the abo\ a date, when ttiey Will he p.eased to meet them t at "in the days of yore." in tbe int.uh?n*ej of pleasantries whi<*h the ooeast?m will af^rd Ti?*j ara under many obligations tor the n"-?Mi e and support heretofore liberally beet owed. evinonr aa it doea. a w?rm interest in the w. Ifare of the eitizen military, and particularly TfteCorp,, and the pahliu may bo ftalh assured n>at all affnrtswtl. ?+ ma-le to tender tlua Ball equally sai'sftunoo aa tha previous ouea. Tha prelude of the Bal! will he a repetition of tbe regular and fancy maneuvers and Ui? i?nu?l of arma, ? xecu?ed l.y a detachment of the loipa, as done at the Ball of the v2d February last. Withers'a Celebrated Baud, in fu I h\s been en nril Ladies invitations wiil he istjcd by tue K\ -cut. ve Committee, to whom applications ?u In> uiadu tjrokirh the membra of the Company. Pro cipal d?pot* for tne sale of trcke'a will l>e ;tt Messrs. Todd A Co.'a. Pa. av?rae; J. Hamlin's. Capitol Hill; Jas. O. Donnell, Drucrist. Navy Yard. Tickets O >K DOLLAR, admitting s Geatlemat. and two ladies. The following gentlemen are respectfully request - ed to act. in conjunction with Coma>itteea of the Company,aa Managers: .Honorary Jlf<mlKrs of tkrCorv?. Col W W !*caton Col P Force. Col R'd France, Cap' J B Tate, CaptCsrrington, Jaa Kelly. Jno W M<sd, Hiram Riehey, Jos Shillington, Jas Booth, Jaa Bouaeau, CoHtributtmn M'mber* af tk* Corpt. Wm C Todd. U F Bsiley. Hi la* II Hill, Rioh'd Wallsch,W W Moore, J P Pepper, W H Ward, F M?hun, F JHTeraon, T J Flakier, J F Coyle. ?' WevMia, T J Gait. A J Joyce, W H TIhmiiu. DrC Force. M Callan, W J Donohito, DrSCSmoot, J Owner. T fj??Whmith, F Lamb, W H Nally, W Baldwin. W Rupp, C Weruer. it Sprinamaa. F Geicer. J F Finch, Spauidins, T K Willhms, J Staniev. R NY Dove. N Haroicond, Jaa Buaher, Exrcmtire CotitmitUf. Capt J Y Davia, Lt J O Warner, *?rg M P Fi.ber, Serg J Coleman, Co?-p J Roera. Corp F race. Jno Mo\am-je, WinTueker. Jn > Valk, JnoSmoot. I.EM. D. WILLI AMS, Trasa. no9 lStatea.M.WjS.T.Th>A M | WAHT8. 1E7ANTED.?A competent Farmer and Gardener w? to take chir^e ?>f a small Farm near Wiuhini ton. Inquire 21at and Boundary atreet,?mt tins otf.oe. ?f WANTED-By a reapecUhle Younc WOMAN, a situation aa llouvekeeper or Chauitterinaid, ani make heraelf cenemlly useful. Good reference giren. Pleaae addresa B<>x No. 4. Star O>oe. If WANTED.?A ateady an I reliable MAN to cany a mormnc route ol' tbe Bal'imore Sun ind eve ning route of tne Star. Apply at thia >>ftre between tbe hours of 2 and 3 o'clock p m. n 11 MRS. Wl I. I.I A MS, on Mh afreet, aear Pa. ave ?ae, lia*. on the aOoond floor, a laree and smail [ROOM, both well furnished, 1 liahted with gas. which ahe will let, with or withoir hoard, oa reaeonable terms. nil Financial.?faoo to ?nd a hours da. y Idirotet to lwain**aa, will issnre any intelliren*. energetic eeraon 6I4W per month in a strictly lent, mate and honorable busin?sa. If you have tne fus'a and time, a<ldresa H. H. B., Post Olhoe, Wasbirg t ?w. D. Referem-ea given anifrequired. nlt-3t W?'ANTED ?Ladies, M ssea. and Children, it FREEMAN'S. No. \ii Pa. avenue. t? l?u? Rubl>ers at 65 and 75 ocLts, as sood as ean he lioatht elsewhere for %l: Misses do cents; thick so ed Morocco Boots st $1 snd $1.25; Mi-ses 75 oents; Children's d<>. at 5<< cents; $1.5i) Gaiters eeli? incat^i; *2 Gaiters at ? I J??; Boes Shoea 75 oett?, Men's Calf Gaiters $2: Ladies Button Overahi as 91 V>, usually sold at Q2Jrt. n 1<?-?t * 4 HOL SL W A \ TED for a small laimly. wgl ? 1 in ten minutes' walk of the Centre Marker Rent not to exceed ??2T" per annum: must lie in perfect repMr: or sart of Urge bouse u*famished. AddretH Q.C.. National lute.ligei.cer odn e. etat mg terms., location, Ac. n9-3t* FRKSH MILK WANTED.?From f> to Wra! lons ot pure, fiesb Milk wanted every day . Cash will be paid on delivery. Inquire at ?he *tsr Oftce^ ii Mt* W ANTKD.-Ahrit r*ie FEMALE COOK. She mu?t understand her huusots as C????k. in a gantleiunn's family, thoroughly, ai.d )?? able to oome weM reoommer.ded in all resp?ft. To ?uol> a person liberal waces will l?e given. Apply immedi atelv at the couuteroi the Star < ?ftoe. oc2^-tf LOST AKD FOUnE IOST ?Twe PROMISSORY NOTE*-One 4 d*awn try Sarah Goddard, of fS-H. at 12 month*, from Mth October. 18 >7. a'hi one k| James \Y. Stew art, for $1VQ. at 24 mouths, from *1 September, IS57; both twaring interest. This is to forewarn any per son from purchasing the above. Both drawn m loor If THERESA ANN LAFFELL. IOST.?On Mocdsjr morning, between the Sav J mes Bank and K street. Uiaud.a DEF.D Ol' CONVEYANCE to Joa. C. G. Ke-.nedy for las.u.t acres of land, ei closed in an envelope post u ark ed New York, and registered, a h;ch also ooutaiued a letter written in French. A iso, a morrooeo rirsr Case. A suitable reward will be paid on appl.iation over the Savitna Bank. It* UTRAYED OR STOLEN-Last night. fri?m the Capitol Hill, a Sorrel HOKM-:. wnh ry short util. and while aionod hi< left le?. He was attached to a new Cart a? the tini . Kt y one giving iuf< rma-inr as to the whereal>.?uts of tne Horse and Cart, will be suitably paid for lua troa*'le by leaving information st the Botanical Garden, foot of Capitol Hill. n m-sr* WM. IIAZEI.f.. C* "h R E W A R 1).? Kai.a* ay Irom the auoscrilM r on Tuea<]ay. the 3tl instant, NEGRO MAN FRANK, aped >5. He is at?"it live ^ feet ftve niches in luckt: stout and well innd>*; JTN quite b'.aok; with a round f>ioe. I have no doubt he is irnkmic his way for Wa?hin|ton<3"? city. I will five the above reward for his apprehen sion. provided hois delivered to ni?. <?r se< urod in jsil so that 1 get buu. C. C. MACm r>ER. t'pper Marlboro, Prince Ge>HKe t'nniitv. n 1? 3t Mary .and. #200," EWAR_D.? Ranawa* from the ml - ?1 - - .... . <? rrnmmmm w ?? ? S ? Vtll H>? scr:l>er,st Washington City .on Sat imtay, the Mill of October, my necro man N b U, who calls himself Edwsrd Joioe. about S3 years old, six feet lii^b. raiher dark in hi?, appearance, of mediun sue. ?n general war?? a mouatache and goatee: and. when auridenly at dressed, slainnirrt very much. It is not known what articles of clothinic he took with him. but he in general dressed n<*st and t?sty. The above re ward will be given, if taken and lodged in jail so tkst I get turn again. J*j2? efu?w- PHII.IP OTTF.RBACK. N DUB AST'S E WT EATING H O I* S E . The undersigned desires to inform his frier d< ar d ^ the pubiic. tlmt be haa leased. and thtirouchly repaired and(| refitted the premia?'a <>n the *^2^^corner of Pa. avenue and 6th 1 street, north side, formerly occupied by Wm. Walker, and others, and so Ionic and favorably known as the National Reatsurant. The improvements and alterat oua which I have made, are on tbe most complete and ample anile, and have been firniahed at treat trouble and expense, and I can confidently promiae to preaeat U> ti.os ? who may honor me witn tbeir patronage, aoeuimno dations which cannot be surpassed. To gentlemen who wiali apartments for private parties, I would state that I have also reuted am1 fitted up for that purpose, the large and commodious house adjoining the comer, on 6th street, wh< r? tboir wsnts wnl he promptly attended to. On Sunday m> bar wol.ol oojrse, f>e e?osed, Uut persons who d< sire them, nan be supplied with tb?-ii meals, as on other my Katmc Ro>>un, in the bouse aU?ve mentioned. onMh street, eatraoee a* o ond door shove the avenue. I deem it proper here to state, that the whole es - tab'.ishment will be under my immediate supcrvu ion and oontrol. To tboee who mar require the ssrvioes of a F ranch Cook, for entertainments of any kind. I would say that I can furnish such upon short notioe, and on reasonable terr? In Tact, I wish to benefit the public, aa we I as sd vane# my own interesta, and I hope that my fn?nds will extend to me such support aa will enab.e me effectually to do so. Due notioe will be given of tl* day ?f opeumc. b IHJSANTo I offer for sale the good will and fixtures, wi'k [?ana lor three years, of my old e?tablisbm*ut. kn??wn as Washington Hall Restaurant, ft??ether ?'?a and FisUrl Gallery. Its well known efiereetar renders it unnooessarv to any anything sdvantages which it poeaese^. _?'0 P. M. D. LADIES' BRAID". PI-AITS, CIRI A, HALF WIGS snd PUFF' GIBBS'S Hair Store, near ct>rnsr ofl3th st. sndj?a. av. nl 3m SECOND-HAND PIANOS for sal*heinwtheir i? taal value, to make rsomju tbe /wnsio?a^^ Dopotof W. G. IUKTZKRUTT. BM A. largeaMorUoenl of Flutes and V?lii?H' * ' ' Jus| amred, oe