Newspaper of Evening Star, November 11, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 11, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. WHEN THE PURSE IN FELL. ?h ! happy ar? the hours when the purse is fall: ime passes over flowers when the purse is fall; Wasre'er our fancy ?-erdt. We are sor? to meet w rh friends, And there's nothing that ejfss'O?when the purse is la ;1. But weary are the hoars when the purse is low. ?ad few and for the Hovers when Ins pars* is low ; Where'er our footsteps range Comes the ohUUna br?aih ot change. Am tu best of friend* look ttrant* wasn tho purse it low. Mora euraeth with adanoe wtien the purse it foil; There ie mnsie in her gianoewhen the purse is lull; tile then ie something worth.? here ie pleasure upon earth,? rfeare ie beauty, song and mirth?when the purse is fall. 1 am* and trieudiess, and f Said the be&gar b y. as tne tear-drop i Down his thin chetk, blanched with * "Oh ! give me a cro*i from your b ?ar THE RICH >1\N AND THE BEGGAR. A bMgar boy itiw! at * rjch m*n's j,K>r- , I huuiei6i< aitd frit*udie*jt, and f*int And poor. i- -1 1 p rolled want and cold. .? your b?ard to-day, T? help the begsar liey on his way ! * '"Not a crnst, not a crumb, ' the rich man said, "Be off, and work for yoar daily breaJ !" The rich man srect to the parish church? Hi* face grew gtave as tie trod the porch ? And tne thronging poor, the un'au<nt mass, Deew haok lo let me neh man pans The serrios bNU, the choral n> mn A*ose<iud swelled through thelor g aisles dim: i Den the rich man kite I and the words he said W kcre. "Give as this day our duly bread r* Wiitis ov tnr Prog b em or Womam's Riobt* ?That woman should have equal chance With men mall honorable arts and professions, and In all dfetit and proper pursuits for the galalng of a livelihood?shut off Tom nothing except hy her own sense of propriety, or by dls Iaalfflcatlon of physical form?bas long l>eenthe topian ideal of the champions of the sex. But vaMous coincident circumstances seem, at the prfftnt moment, to indicate tbe spontaneous comlag about of this desirable era. We refer to lat. Tb?* triumphant claim to mnsculinity of gealus made by R.?a llonheur in painting. and by Harriet Hosmer in sculpture. " * The universality of female equestrianism as a feature of our agricultural fairs?; precursory to female assumption of the lighter labors of agri culture, we presume ) 3 Tbe regular education now afforded to the Female Physician, and the increasing numbers of that sex in the profession of medicine 4. The stand recently taken by tbe I?ondon Times, against the degrading employment of men In avocations better suited to women, such aa selling goods h-hir.d counter*, and tbe prac tice of in-diior trade* which do not require strength, such as tvpe-sett!ug, book-binding.etc. 5 Tne Bloomer movement, for tbe better adap tation of drees to masculine pursuits. 6 The sewing-machine, by which the one kind of labor whicb has hitherto constituted the chief subordinateness of woman?omslle work?Is es sentially removed from h?*r doaiestic destiny ? Home Journal Stbaxoblt Sim-Lab ?Mr. John Davis, of Slaughter Neck. Del , has iwia daughters, five year* old, that cannot be told apart b?- strangers, aad the nearest neighbo s, who see ihem daily, are not able to di?tingu|sh one froin tbe other. Even their own father, m-etingone of th-m alone can scarcely tell whether it is Sarali or Mary, without asking th- child its name; A gentle man recently had tbe children brought before him, placed side by side, whfn he scanned everv feature, determined, if possible, to show the friends present that they could be distinguished. Tbev were thea removed from the room for a short time only, and <? their return ho was com pletely foiled, and could only guess. A lady rel ative of the family, a near neighbor and frequent visitor, declared tbat she could not learn to tell one from another, thouj/h sh<j laboiod constantly to do so 1 he only method of d'terniiriio? with certainty whieh i-? which, is he,- a small mark on tfcaaarof one of them, that is only visile on ?iose iaspection Extiaoidisut Prkiebvatiox ? little >oy , hat ween four and live vears old. a son of Mr WJ1 kias, residing near H Award's Lick, in I ouisi; na strayed from home. Search was a.sde tor it im mediately, and for tive days the search wasaontin ued over a rougb and mountainous country with out any tidings of tbe missing one, although over a hundred persons wers engaged in seeking for it Whether it had been devoured by tbe wild beasts, of which a number are in the mountains, or rjfPii carried off by *om? mai icioti* person, warned destined to remnin a mvstery The Mtchi was. however, still continued, and on the sixth dav tbe little wandere. was found, about Ave miles from his bom*, and well and hearty having subsisted on g-apes and berri?s. ?*!?T**CED ? Pe'er C-utebt>ld. indu-ted for the murder of bis wife, on Oregon llill. some la months ago, was tried for the second time, be fore tha Henrieo Circuit Comt. this week, and again adjudged guilty. Toe jury ll*ed his pun iahment at five years Imprisonment in the i>e. 1 tentiary R?**trr fob Bbcscm'Tt? ?Take hor.ey in the comb, sq ieezs it out and dilute with alittfewater and wet tue Tips a^d mouth occasionally with it It has never been known to fail, in cases where children had throat* so ?wolen as to he unable to swallow It is certainly a simple remedy and may be a very efflracfou* one Cortrs'T Opft the aipri r es ?Two boys were tghting on Baltimore .-Ueet a few days ago. Vhen a gentleman see?ug tue larger one puiiimel taff the other rather severely, seii?d biin and pulled him in his store. The bov in a blubber, lng tone said. ?? look, be h-.s given me a Mack eve, 'and started to re-aliack bim "Stop,'- said the gentleman, detaining him, " don't vou know we arc commanded >?v tbe 3cr pfure?, wli?n smitten on one cheek to'tu -n the oth?*rT" v< \replied the boy, still blabbering, ?< tbat would ? d?! of * note; then I d have tw> bisrk eyes *?Bait. Cltpptr. A PrasyajiTtAL FIditoh ? *.fr. H >im< s. editor oft tie Marip.jsa (Cal.. (ia/^tte. fell th-ougb a hatehway or some other so t of a hole, i n the store of Mr. Losee, in Stockton, and falling a disiance ?f eleven feer. a!ioht?-d with tue most ?'ib.stan*:al P*1 upon a cast 1 o i pia,- half an lach thick and two feet squars. ?be plate bavmz peen lnrendnd for s .:r.- ot a tiddie, and lng pierce.l with a nuinU'r of holes abou- half an loch in diam-ter. The sa d - person'' of Mr Hoiaiea, tho.ith it t.K>k a very elegant imp':esl Blon of the pla-e and its o-iflc^s, was not materi ally dam iged. but th? iron was?,, the f.,ur pieces into which it was broken by the shock testified Maetnq I*cpxd!art AiiUTiitM ?On Tues. day last In Prince William conatr, Va , John I nderw?od was found guilty of ??utterin / and maintaining that owners have no rights of prop, erty lr^ their slaves.'' and liiied >=31^ 50 Tue Brentsville Journal ?av^ ; "A motion was made f >r a new trial on the ground that tbe evidence did not Justify such a verdict. Overrr^d b> th" Court, 'i'be defendant then moved to arrest judgment on the verdict upon the ground that tbe statute Upon which the Pnr,C^C"?,,0?,. l" - void and unconsti: tutiorial act, yrhfch motion wis Ilk-wise over. *?Yi8 of. e*c*i*ion* tendered to the rallag cf the court." ARRIVALU AT THE HOTELS BHOU NP' HOTEL.?J A U'arsham, Va: C B??tb, Md, Geo Omne. Iowa; W B 1'arden Cf R Homestead J) B Armistead, H S Gunner T B Rush, C 8 WhiPtn. SCr J II SullivVn.^d , 7M J V 2 ^ r ri[?W'J'mnL S R H"ar ?r,<1 'v, ? L.M V.^ C - Va;|E Petzer, Ind; P Mc Miu F??2m ?nU^ do; A ?'?nd "rVndld",r Jo i Tbos Wlnslow. Pa ; J Va; W Sheldon and t^t U- U ? akeinan, do ; B P Hrown Sf'cr M " Mo/r'4?n' J as J A Trotten, ^,StX*.',cT' a '? ?" (I1 lihX" S??SLil: ?*??" ftfi Vrn/J - Gibbon-. N J; T S Peinor, Pa; Oeo T f Green. fV*a? Capf T Ke#ly L'H\- Inn Commlncs, p,; J \Iclvrum,t. Md; i'\V Martin, D8 H.'f Si.rr?>'11'*,d' E xv N V; ? i L hj * Deavo/ and son. Mo; W B T J tJfli F Au,ialK Hnd l ld*- Bossies,N J'i?T ' ^.r*7"-C1, P T Ho??r. Mass; H Sandeisor. N S oik, J Robb and lady, Miss M KIRKWOOD HOl'SE? R A Wood Kv D ? civllss' \M- c f,vri"loW' V*' PC Ru>t> <3?1; W.KI ? Y . BrfrWei, do. J Webb, do' C B^X?d vv NY; Mr Md; W A Wft'i! !l?r *?'"?/C Dr MeJIIton, Md ' J Levy-d?J ?*v lag. >1 BrIteLviLA r Fii'1"'4 >-J P Wheel J? Powell, R F (;r^* Md'?u 11>dnUdY' NV; ,E N Browning. Mm N u?Lk K W C?;W J 8 Dowel I. JM p?n, v^,n^ ?nd Capt lady. OTC Th???,, H W ,{ i.T'i e'nan *"1 "?"? M-i C?. r. C o c wm fS* wards, P t* Berlin and ladv Mr. V Vm,V<* Levin, Pa y' Mr' Le*?a, Mies MOTE VESTS OF OCX AJf~n Tg AM E JuT F?om TUB Uiitbd ?Ttrtt Sltmmurt. Ltmr-$. ^cr- ' j|t) Persia New York... 1.1 vtrpool Novu N?w Y ork... Havre ..NovU P??<* Eraoev. Amwa. Liverpool...New York...O?i ai Clascow tilasffnw Vew York...Oct 31 Hamburg...Mew York...Nov 1 CJtyt\a*h toa .Liverpool...N?wYork...Nov 4 Atlantic Liverpool.. .New York...Novll aaderbllt Havre New York...NarM . The CalLforaia nalJ steamers leave New York "k"lfc?' " Booth * 1 pftOPOBALS FOfc INDIAN GOODS. __ Dipaktkzxt of tmIxtmio*. _ t _ Otfic* I Jim an ArrAiaa. October 15, ISTM -Sealed Proposals, endorsed " Proposals for Indian Goods," [class i. *, S. or 4, as th? may bej will bo rooeived at tba Olfiea of Indian Affars, Wash tneton Citr, until 10 o'olock, a. m . on Saturday, the Uth day of November next, for furnishing goods lor the Indian department for fulfilling treaty atipul . ttona with rarioua Indian tribes, and for other Indian purpoaes. aa follow" : Class No. 1. Mnckmar Blankets, Cloths, and Dry Goods. 3.000 paira 3-point white Maokinao blankets, to mea sure frj by 72 inchea, and weigh 8 pounds 3,000 pairs 2S point white Mackiuae blankets, to meaaure 54 by 66 inchea, and waiga C pound# 1,500 pairat-point white Mackinao bianketa, to mea anre 42 by Sf inchea, and weigh 6* pounds 1,900 pairs IX point white hiaokinao blankets, to meaaure X by So inchea. and weigh <k pounda 1,500 paira I-point white Alaakmac blank eta. to mn aureJKhy 46 inohea.aud weigh 3* pounda SX) paira 3-point aoarlet Mackisac blankets, to meaaure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh 8 pounda 400 pairs point aoarlet Mackinao blankets, to measure 54 b? 66 inches, and weish 6 pounds ?*> pairs 3H-point *re-n Mackinao blankets. to measure 66 by 84 inchea. and weigh lo pounds 400 pairs3 point green Mack into blanketa, to men sure 6i? by 72 inchea.and weighs pounda 400 pairs 2}%-point greon .Mackinac blankets, to meaaure 34 by 66 i?ches, and weigh 6 pounds 200 pairs point indigo t>lue Mackinac blankets, to measured) by 84 inchea, and weigh lo pound 200 paira 3-point indigo blue Mackinac blankets, to measure ? try 7.' inches, and weigh 8 pounds 8.10 pairs iS-point indigo blue Mackinac blankets, to measure54 by 6 ?inches,and woighS pounda a?> paira iHi-point lieutineiia blue Mackinac ufctuk measure 66 fry 84 inclies,and weigh Wlba. 3>*)pairs3 point tientinellablue Mackinac blankets to measure60 by 72 mches.and weigh 8 pounds 33? paira 2^-point Oantinella blue Mackinac blank measure 54 b? 66 inohaa.and weigh6 Iba. 3 5"> yards fanoy hat blue oloth ?.??? " " biack oloth ttO " " green oloth 4.500 ?' grey list flue cloth 3^*? ?' saved" blue oloth 3,000 aoarlet cloth 1,000 ?? " " green oloth 1,000 pounds worsted yarn, 3 folds loo dozen cotton tiag handkerchiefs 100 ?? Madras 230 " fadcy cotton " 6?> " blue silk " 50 " 8 4 cotton shawls 100 " 6 4 ** 100 ?? 44 ?? 5" ?* 8 4 woollen shawls l,i*io pounds linen thr?v*n 73 ?? sewing silk 500 pieces ribanit 1?? gross worste<l gartering 75 pieces silk handkerchiefs 35.000 yards calioo ?? Merimao calico I3,ooo " blue di illmg 15,onrt " white " 5,ii00 " Georgia stripes 3,000 ?? liluedenins 3,000 " ootton.ade 13.0i>i ?? bed ticking 2 oon ?? Kentucky jeans 3.50" " satinets lo,floo ?* pl.-tiil iinsey 5,ono " Bleached shirting an'.UJ ? domestic shirting, (anbtsaahadj 20.(100 ?? sheeting, "MJ?1 , " ehecke, stripes and plaids 2n" dozen woollen socks ? 2,' 00 yards flannels, assorted 1,im> pounds ootton thread 6"0 dozen spool ootton 3"o pounds best Chinese vermillion , ' Araerifean " ,, brown gillin* twine, No. 30 ootton maitre 2,4oo flannel shirts 2,400 on l. oo lo dozen Canadian belts. Clasj. No. 2. . Ready-Made Clothing. 200 frock coats, indigo blue broad oloth 2<fl pant loons, *? ?? 200 ve*ta, ** ?? 100 frock ooats. ?? heavy twills I 100 pantaloona, " ? loo vesta, ?? ?? tSX 'ndigo blue blanket capotoa 2 blaca satinet overooats. (i\o. 11 100 sheeps gray oloth overcoats ,wft *? " er.ata " " pantaloons^ loo Llaok satinet coats im ? pantaloon. 2oo bine satinet ooats *? " pantaloona ?5 , ! v?sf8 aoi? cadet mixed satinet ooafs '52 ? ? pantaloona ai? vests. wr_ . . Class No. 3. t'TlcuStural and Axts. ,*i? Pounds brass kettles ? 2! ketUes, (3 sizee, i Japanned settles, 8 in a neat 5" dozen lo-quart tin pans 75 ? 0 " ? 75 " 4 ?? ?? 100 '* 2 ?? " *2 II butoher knives "J!.. soaiping " 25 M gun flints 5o gross gun worms io? !. squaw awls ?jJj fish hooks, assorted dozen hsh tines 3y> cross needles l?Jd'.'.Een?oar?? owba 150 'fine ?? " acissors 15 bush scythes 5 ? *rass ?? }5 u ?rr"m 1" " adzes 2" grohbing hoes ?> weeding ?? loo paira hames chaina !.0? chains kD,T??/l??nd 12 inches lolMiith men"' 644144 proportions of 1)?, 1, amU>i f)0 hand saws ? crosscut saws, 7 fee?in length ? ' * c ** ?? 50dozen han l-eaw hlr>s R ?? ??.fjssi ssr" w dozen ahovelt 25 ** spades VnJi j? -rt ^nnle<1 fry'nif Pane loo dozen l?.tm* spbo?.P " a?i ?? ?ro,i ta,',e spoone . ? tin onps 15 (( scythe snaths Mo " hiV;?.W?Uh fr?rn4* to5H rounds 70 " ? *iKh3l4 P?un<** i? ?? ^P"?ods ;; zinenrnrrora "" 75 fire steels v OtASS No. 4. r, percussion lock. gr^d?ar?{osT!!i6VP<M'ire'J f"r ?'"? delivery of sn l Le! vwo^evVr"- I'hi'aUeJphia. Haiti cionati: Imt is<vm.n!> L??uis. >lemphi?. or Cia transportation,4 tf)4J gin^'i,* til t'H* ?' Mt 'mar,ons frot? ih/D?!.' th Ir, r'*?l'?'<,tivo d^s will form an Hem*. ? . !? P^?Pos? d to 1^* .leliverwd The right W11H*? r#I?* ,,p?n t'"?Proposals, less quail tit* ?f anv of ";e1,,,re a greater or specified m th<-al?.t^ f hB artlc,e8 /larnnd than that "f aifereVl .Wr,? ?ch?duU>; and also any others lowest markpr?oe?. ,hal may he at lho atittri#nd q^!u"'Z" fixture of the re4uiro I p!?s of Wankeri ?? Preferred; but aath^sam Will>ner", "'Vo "r" for*"n Aeries, " either ot tliose kiiidi thai* * ldo,"M,,?;'article of oornpai.y the hid. sample thereof snail ao ?? -ii by an acpiit or a^eiil **W'lth those samples Suel. asmay b* un?Miual fhJSrmt f?r ,hat P?rP ?* '+ rejected; in H in any particular Will rejecte<l- ,n ?k? iL Hi wijf partic boun./tof,,rnisho?te\?rf"?,?,<r con,,r"ot<'r ?'U ^ ty within thr^rtm.rr" 'r.u r'1u""ed kind orquali ? ?e purohas-,1 *r '. >? not done, they will thdy ill be made '*e Purohaaed at hW 'exVen^ V^yrnent by the"ZTnt?rZ7nd ?n 1"' "ST ynr:T1tf; lvnctthe,n IX* &???' ?S'??|3? who may have fnil^l t? 1,11 ??r" of aujt eontract^ th?? m thtj cutidition^ into^, t\? United'W*^? en,errtd the Department, he reieoterf i. ? ? "Ption of fKssa; roinrsch-duPe w,IV,I hey are a' i" the foro 'ii.'.;0?;;, ?ss or eV;e,,^ntVr'1 c?:r,"d ??? ??"Hoo^J up v.cioffr^U'tr',,,y,prop,,*e to O rnish forths ser 2r^. i according to toe Vh lKi7 th^ r m/w" 'h-rel sr, dated October athxed I i.Vr! mil'JTVL" a,rt,.cle?- M '*? prices thereto o?s es' ernnoJiST r .* J"f a<:c,>r<' the elass <?r IH^strVvfw V rleliverahl ? in the oitv of Or' 81 P?'a - lialtiroor.. New caas^;^Ul1teuihVV'^u.oMmaaipnati, as the sur-h Mine , , . 1 dVuof *?"' "eit log the year IKA8 del.vernl.le a^'hC ^T^ed^an,"'"f Kr.i iiUf?5i Wiii.wji'flKs; execute a oon'mcf acoordinrly anslT.M * ?atisfise*or? to the rommistioner <d a ir *' lor the faithful performsnce of the aMve"' ftlmr* insert whether the party propoein, is or?.nnf a'"s n "?,k" ?* ??o Kach proposal must also l?e acco npaaisJ h* a guarantee, in the following form, to bo a<gn?d }>? two ha clrtTh*!^r,0,,<- whosesu lioi?t>ey most hr.-i .f>"? or more persons p?ir soaady <>r of hcial y known to the Department: ' fnrVwM W8lIh?r*1>y guarantee that theallOT?bi({1,tr, ?r pr .p^r^i| '* l#rth<,*rl fo'oxoing bii rity f.^th?"mJI cwi'raot, and ?ives?g u 'hereof, a? j>ree?ri?Md ai ndiiui 4>o ^i, thea,l?i,?" P*rf"r,'?anoe thereof, as p dated r?f ^ropowM. fm U a*y and a?! .'ii? ,u47; "V,d "or wel aareo to ps ? Htaie* orth? wr wbich the I'niW I ?o to do on tlieDsrtnf'iV ?nfler hv reeaoo of Aiilwo 1 No proposal will Li * ?'?'* ^>??ldl?r lor bidders."'I at/lW,ro,mJv,rraTo,b^^;iMMrr^ ?hat doe. n*l advertisement. torine and diroociona of this BT ?"!? or th* *.?.?, ?f II,. Int.rior: Kisoen&neoai. By THE PRKSlK^ip the unitbd Id Hrininwor Jaw. 1. J air's Much* if ax. Prcti a* ^ut*? of Amtritti. do hereby de oUre and m?kt> known that pnbtio sales will be held ?t UM undermentioned land office* in the State of WU ? periods hereinafter designated, to '*ad office at lx?s A warms, commencing on MornUy, the tenthday of Alay n*rt, for the dis poaaj of the public lands wuhtn the following-named townships, viz: S?utk of the hast lime and west of tkt Sam Btr? nardtno meridian. Sections one to twelve, inclusive; the north half of section thirteen; the north hajf and the southwest quarter of section fou rteou ; sections fffteen to twen ty-one, inclusive; the north half of section twenty two; the northwest quarter of seotion twenty three; section twenty bre; the south half of section twen ty -six; the southeast quarter of seotion twenty seven; sections twenty-nine to thirty-two, inclu sive; the south half of section thirty-three; tnc northeat quarter and the south naif of section thir , ty four; and section thirty-five, of township three; I sections three to nine, inclusive; the north half nod i the southwest ol seotion tee; th? southeast quarter and the northwest quarter of seotion eluven the northeast quarter and tae south half of sec?io.i twelve; section thirteen; the east half of section fourteen; sections seventeen to twenty four, inclu siv-; the north hall ef section twenty five; and sec tions twenty-six to thirty-five, inclusive, of town ship. four, of range three. Township three, of range four. Sections one t? twenty-lour, u,elusive: the north hall of seotion twenty-five: and sections twenty-six to thirty, inclusive, of township one; and sections one to twenty -seven, inclusive, of township three. of range five. Sections one. two, and three; the east half of sec tion (our; the east half and the southwest quarter of sectu?u Line sections tun to fifteen, inclusive- the southeast quarter of seotion twenty; sections twen ty-one to twenty eight, inclusive; the east hair and the southwest quarter of ssction twenty-nine- the south half of .section thirty: sections thirty-one to thirty four, inclusive; and tlie northwest quarter of section thirty-five, of township one, of range six. North of the base line and west of the San Ber nardino t/itridtan. Sections one to seventeen, inclusive; the north half of section eighteen; the south half of section nineteen; sections twenty to twenty three, inclu sive; the northwest quarter of section twenty-four the northwest quarter of seotion twenty-six-sec tions twenty-seven to thirty, inclusive; the'east half of section tbirtv-two; tha north h .If of tho northeast quarter and the northwest quarter of sec tion thirty three, of township three, townships fonr, am!fire; sections one to eight, inclusive; the north half of section ? me; sections ten to thirteen, inolusive: the east. hall of section fourteen; the west half of section seventeen; sections eighteen and nineteen; tho west haIfof.sectiontwenty;fhe south east quarter of suction twenty ?ne; and sections twen y two to thirty-five, mo ustvc, of township fir, and township seven, of range four. Sections oneto fifteen, inclusive; the east halfor section seventeen; the e?st half of section twenty; sections twenty-one to twenty seven, inclusive; the north half of section twenty-eight; the northeast quarter of section twenty-nine; the northeast qunr ter of section tnirty-four; and the northwest quar ter of section thirty-five, of township three, and townships four,fire, sir, and seven, of range five. Sections one and two; the north half of section three; the north halt of section four: the northeast ouarter of section five; the west halfof seotion six; the northi half, the sontheast quarter, and the north liaif or the southwest quarter of section seven; the wpm halfof the northwest quarter and the south half or section eij;ht; the northeast quarter of sec tion eleven: sect ion twelve; the northeast quarter and the east half of the southeast quarter of section seventeen; the ? ?st half of the northeast quarter and the southeast quarter of section twenty; the west halfof the uorthvvest quarter and the south west quarter ol section twenty-one: the southwest quarter of auction twenty-six; and the northeast quarter or section thirty-live, of township tkrie and townships four and five, of range six. Sections to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of section nineteen; sections twenty to twenty five, uiolusive; the northeast quarter of section twenty six; tho northwest quarter of section twenty-seven; and the northeast quarter of section twenty-eight. u[ township four and township five,arrange seven. Sections one to six, n.oiusi ve;the northwest quar ter ol section seven; the northeast quarter of section nine; tha north hall of section ten; seotions eleven, tweive. and thirteen; the northeast quarter of sec tion fourteen: and t lie northeast quarter of section twenty-three, of township four.nuj township five, of range eight. The northwest quarter of section three; sections four, five, ai.u six: the north half of section seven; seotion* eight and nine; and the northeast quarter of seotion seventeen, of township four; and townships nve and stx, of range nine. Seotior.s one and two; the northeast quarter of seotion three; the west half of s etion e.even; the northeast quarter of section twelve; seotion four t?eu: and the southeast quarter of section fifteen, of township four; sections one to twenty -eight, inclu sive; th? northeast quarter of section twenty-nm? ? the northeast quarter ui section thirtv-thrse; an<f sections thirty-four and thirty-five, of township nvti and township nr, of range ten. Sections one to eighteen, inclusive; the northwest quarter of section nineteen; the northeast quarter of section twenty-one; tho northwent quarter of seo tion twenty-two; and the northeast quarter of sec lion twenty-four, of township five; and township sir,ofrange eleven. Sections one. two.and three: the northeast quar ter of section ten; sections eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen; the southeast quarter of section fif teen; the southwest quarter of section euhtecn seot 1011 nineleeu; the southwest quarter of section twenty; the east half of section twenty-two; the northwest quarter of seution twen:v-three: sections twenty-sevcu to tnirty three, inclusive: and the north halfof section Murty-four, of townshipfivg and town sh i ps six and ?e ven, of range twe Ire. Seotion one; tho northeast quarter of section two* the southeast quarter of section ten: the south half of section eleven; section t welve; the east half oi section thirteen; the noithwest quarter of section fourteen; and the north half of section hfteeo.of town *nip four; the south west quarter or section seven; the south hair of taction eight: the southwest quarter of seotion inue* tfm west half of section fif teen; the north ti.i.f of section seventeen; section eighteen; the iiOrtl:-v;st quarter of section twenty two; and sections tventy-three, twenty four.twej Mr-five, twenty six. and thirty live, oT township i f/ *J?t ions one to seventeen, inclusive: the north .jair of section eighteen: the northeast quarter of seotion twenty; sections twenty-one to twenty feve inclusive: the i.on heast quarter of section twenty-' ?ix. of township stx; and township seven, of range thirteen. Section thirteen: the southeast quarter of section fourteen; the s*?uiiiea*t quarter of section twenty two; the east hall and the southwest quarter of sec tion twenty -three; the northwest quarter of seotion twenfy-four: the north htol of section twenty-sil' and the east hallo) section t wenty-seven. of town ship five; sections one, two. ;U1d three; the north east quaiter and the north nail of the northwest qu titer of section f..Ur; the northeast quaiter of section eleven; section twelve; and the north halfof ??otion thirteen, of township si r. section* one to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of section nine teen*. tt>a north half of motion twenty; sections twenty one to twenty eight, tnoiusive; the south iiuif of sectiog twenty-nine; thf southeast quarter' or sectiou tinrtjt |fie nortii half of the northeast quarter of section thirty -one; the northeast quarter and the north liaif of the northwest quarter 01 seo t;on thirty two; and sections thirty three, thirty fob.'. and thirty-hve, of township seren, of range, At th?> land office at Sax Fba xcrscj.oonimenoinc on Monday, th- third day of May next, for the disposal of the public lands within the followinr named townships, viz: i\orth oj the lasf line and east of the Mount Itinblo meridian. Fractional towuship/Arrc, of range one, North of the b-ise tine, and W'.st of the Mount 1'iablo meridian, h ractional townships Jour ntuifive, of rang' one South of the base tine and east of the Mount Diablo meridian. Sections one to eighteen, and twenty-two to twenty-h ve, inolusive. of township ten. of range nine. Township ten; and sections one to six. inclusive; eight to fifteen, inolusive; and twenty-two to twen '"elusive, of township eleven, of range ten. townships ten nnd eleven. sections one to six. inclusive: eight to fifteen, inclusive; twenty-one to twenty-eight, inclusive; and thirty-four ami tiiirty fivo. of township twelve; sections one. two, three, and nine to fifteen, inclusive; and twenty-two to twenty-seven, inclusive, of township thirteen, of range eleven. Fractional township ten ; townships eleven, twelve, and thirteen; M otions wne to five, inclusive; ei*ht to seventeen, inclusive: twenty to twenty nine, inclusive; and tnirty-tliiee. thirty-four, and thirty five, of township fourteen; soodons one to four, inclusive; ten to thirteen, inclusive; and twen ty-four and tweuty five, of township fifteen, of ranit twelve. Fraotionsl township eleven; townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen, ?rnd township fifteen, errepi sr ft %on thirty-one; iuid sootions one, two, and twelve, of township sirt'tn, of range thirteen. Townships twilce, thirteen, fourteen, and fif teen; sections one to seventeen, inclusive; twenty one to twenty-seven, inolusive: and thirty-fourand thirty five, of township sixteen, of range fourteen Townships thirtien, fourteen, fifteen, and six' teen; the south linlf of ncction four; the south half of section five; sections seven, eight, and nine; the west halfof section tei;and sections thirteen to fi/uen inclusive, of township twenty, of rangt Fractional township.?ixtten; and township twen ty . of range sixteen. Fractional township sixteen; and townships ser. enteen. eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, of ra**? teventeen. *e Fractional townships seventeen and eighteen and townships nineteen and twenty, of range eighteen Fractional townships eighteen, nineteen, twenty, of range nineteen. ' a,commencing on Monday, the mvtntetHth day of May next, forth# disposal of the public lands within the following narrud townships, viz : "?wm? North of the ba*e line and east of the Mount .. . Diablo meridian. Fractional township four; township Ave; frao ti.yal townships twelve, thirteen, nnd f.urteen; p i'T"" |P? *eventern *nt1eigh teen,of range one. 'i'l* Hpolve, thirteen, ami four r townships seventeen, eighteen, and^niee teen, of range two. 1 North of tht base line and west of the Mount ? . Diablo meridian.

Townships elevn snd twelve, and fractional township thirteen of range one. asaal We*h""' lu,e,ee' thirteen, fourteen, and fif teen, of range two. * ..,V.?Tr?n',hlp! four,ee*> fifteen, and sixteen; frac tional townships seventeen, eighteen, and nine tern ? arwl townshipsi weutyarid twenty-one.of vunge thre'g ?i?r and ten t<? four tees, in olusive; the east half of section fifteen; the east half ??J2n ?i? twenty:two; sections twenty-three to twenth-six. inclusive; nnd section thirty-five of township /o?rrrr?( sections one. two, .ml |h|?! the east halfof section fnur; the esst halfof section' of-n??? ?" ,en to inclusive; the east half ?e"l'OB twenty-one; sections twenty two to ^?Iy.r-V-COi' lnc,"*'ve; the northeast quarter of tflmti aections thirty-four and township fifteen; sections one to four ?'KteV2J,^?- ?"5l?Mve| twenty-oee to ?W6Qty-Aifiitf inclusive; snd thirtv*thrif fhirtv fonr. and thirty five, of township JitinZ; wast'qu'arter ,b?t'nrth hj,lf ?"id th? south toen.?ndusive; thif^"*" fialV of^seotlon^evenV*^'^ ?ecttons eivhteen and ninetaen: f he N..rt hwear ?u?r' ter of section twenty; seotions tWrty; mid section* thirty-three thirt. J tktrty-ivt, of township stlen^ ^^^Z nineteen. inclusive; the veit half of section twenty; the Mat naif of Motion twenty-one; seotions ivwi ty-two to tvaity-Mvm, inolusive: the mm half of section twenty -eight; tha went half of seotion twen ty-nine; emotions thirty and thirty-one: the went half of aeotion thirty-two; tha eaat hair of aection thirty three, ami sections thirty four and thirty - five, of township eighteen; and townships nineteen, tweatfi and twenty-one. of range/ewr. Seotions una, two, three, and tea to fifteen, inclu sive; the northeast quarter of section twenty two; sections twenty three to tweuty-six, inclusive; fhe southeast quarter of aeotton thnty-fr?ur; and seo tion thirty-live, of tonraahip uventeen; acetKua one, two, aad three; the southeast quarter of aeo tion nine; seotions ten to fifteen, inclusive; the nortbeaat quarter of aection twenty-one; aeotiona twenty-two to twenty-seven, inolusive; and sections thirty-four and thirty-five, of township eighteen; aeotiona one, two, and three; tha northeast quarter of section four; aection ten to fifteen, inclusive; sections twenty-two to twenty-aeveu, inclusive; and sections thirty-lour and thirty-five, of townahip nineteen, and townahipe twenty and twenty-one,of range Ave. _ Lands appropriated by law for tha nse of schools, military, and other purpoaea, together with thoae "awsmp and overflowed lands, made therelrr unfit for cultivation." if any. granted to tho State hy the act entitled "An act to enable the State ol Arkanv.a and other states to reclaim the swaiup lauds within their limits," approved September At, 186", will he excluded from the No "mineral lands" or tracts containing mineral deposits are to he o4lere?l at the public sales. fucti mtn'ral land* being erpr*?tly excepted etnd ex cluded from tale er other disposal by tt?e require ments of the act of Congress approved 3d hiarch, : 1853, entitled "An act to provide for thesurve) of the public lands in California, the (ranting of pre emption rights therein, and for other purposes.' The offering of the above lands will be commenced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which they ara advertised, until the whole shall have been uttered, and the sales thus closed; but no sale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private eutry of any of the lands will be admitted until nfter the expiratiou of the two weeks. Given under my band, at the oity of Washington, this sixteenth day of Septomber, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Titos. A. Hixdsicks, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOT1CF. TO PRE-BMPTION CLAIMANT**. Kvery person entitled to the right oT pre-emption to any uf the lands within the townships and parts of townships altove enumerated is required toestab lisli the same to t lie satisfaction of tho Register and Receiver of the proper land office, and make pay ment therefor a* soon as prartitable tng this notice, and l?efore the day appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the lands em bracing the tract claimed; o'herwtse such claim will be forfeited. THOS. A. HKNDKICKS. Commissioner ol tha General I .and Oflioe. ?eI8-la\v3m Proposals -for furnishing thk pa PKU FOR THE PUBLIC PRINTING. OfPICZ SepKR1NTKN HSMT OF PUBLIC PlIKTlHS,! Washington, October 1st, 1857. ( In pursuance of the provisions of the "Act to pro vide for executing the public printing," Ac., ap proved A uguat 2fi, IWtf, Healed proposals will t?e received at this oliice, in the Capitol, until the first Monda> (Itn day ) of Decemlxr next, at 12 o'clock m., for furnishing the paper that may be required for the public printing lor the year ending on the 1st day of lircember, 1858. The subjoined list specifies,as nearly as can I* as certained. the quantity, quality, and deccriptiou of each kind of paper th?t w.ll be required. Clasb I. lu,fM> reams fine priotiug paper, nnealendered, to measure 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh forty-five pounds to tiie ream ol 48 sheets. Class 11. <.>'*0 re.ims fine printing paper, oaleudered, to measure 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh fifty-aix pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Class 111. 5.**> reams superfine sized and calendered printing paper, to measure 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh fifty two pounds to the ream of 4#i sheets. Class IV. ytt reams auperfine hard-sized and calendered printing paper, to measure 24 by 32 inches, and to weigh forty eight pounds to tha ream of 480aheeta. Clabs V. 1.000 reams superfine sized and calendered map pa per, of such sizes as may be required, oorre ponding in weight with paper measuring 19 hv 24 inohes, and weighing twenty pounds per ream ol 480 sheets. Class V|. 200 reams superfine plate paper, (calendered or un oalendered, as may be required.) 19 tiy 24 inches, and of such weight per ream as may be required. The fibre of the paper of each of the above clas ses to ne of linen and cotton, free from all adultera tion with mineialor other substances, of a fair white ness, and put up in uuires of iwentv-four sheets each, and in bundles or two reams each, each ream to contain 480 perfect aheets. Uniformity in oolor, thickness and weight will be required; and r.o bun dle (exclusive of wrappers) varying over or onder five p*-r cent, from the atandard weight will be re ceived, and the groaa weight will, in ail oases, be re quired. iMixing of various thicknesses lu the aame bundle to make up the weight will t>o considered a violation of the oontract. Class VII. No 1?1.500 reams quarto post writing paper; No. 2?2.0"*1 reams Hat cap writing paper: No. 3? Son reams demi writing paper ; No. 4?2,1*4) reams folio post writing paper ; No. 5? 500 medium writing paper; No. G? 50 reams royal writing paper ; No. 7? 40 reams auper-royal writing paper; No. 8? W reams imperial writing paper ; No.S- 100 reams oolored medium (assorted.) Class VIII. No. 1?5,000 reams writing paper, 19 l?y 26 inches, to weigh twenty-eight pounds per ream. No. a?1,500 reams writing paper, IU by 3? inches, to weigh twenty -tree pounds per ream. No. i-S.lui reams writing pacer, 18 by 25 inches, to weigh twenty-six pounds per ream. No. 4.?luo reams writing paper. Ik by 22 inches, to weigh twenty-lour pounds per ream. No. 5.?340 reams writing paper. 18 by 18 inches, to weigh twenty-two pouuda per ream. No. C?400 reams writing paper, 12 hy 18 inohfla, to weiph twelve pounds per nam. All the paper designated in classes 7 and 8 are to be of me t?est materials, free from adulteration, and finished in the brat manner. The papers in class 7 ai e to l>e white or biue, of the regular standard i>t the respective *mda,aiMl of suoit weights as may lie required lv this office; those in class 8 are to l?e white, and of the sizes and weight specified in the schedule. The right is reserved of ordering a greater or leas quantity of each ami every kind contracted far at such times ami in such quantities as the pubUc ser vice may require. Irach oiass will be conaidered separately, and be subject to aaeparat-contract; tut bidders niay offer for one or more of the Classes hi the same proposal; and the privilege is reserved of requiring a liHlder who may have more than one class assigned him to take all auoh classes, or forfeit Ins right to any oia?s Samples (not less than one quire) of each kind of paper bid for. and but one sample in each kind. inuat accompany each bid ; and. in claases 7 and 8, lie uumbered to oorrespoud with the number of the pa per'proposed for m that schedule; ami, in the first six classes, to be properly designated on the sample, or it will not be considered. All proposals and sain pl-s must be transmitted to thia office free of post age or other expense. Kach proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making it. and must speoify the price perp>>urd (ami but one price lor eaoh) of every kind ef pa per contained in the class proposed for. All the paper in the several classes must lie deliv ered at such place or places as mav be designated in Washington City, in good order, free of all and eve ry extra charge or expense, and suliject to the in spection, count, weight ami ineaaurement of theSu perintendent, and be in in all respeota aatisfao tory. ii lank forms for proposals will be furnished at this office to persons applying for them ; and none will l?e taken into consideration unless aubstantially agree ing therewith. Bonds, with approved securities, will he required; and the supplying of an inferior article in any of the classes, or a failure to supply the quantity required at any tune Will l?e uousidered a violation of lit* oon tract. Kach bidder is required tnfumiyh with hia proposals satisfactory evidence of his ability to execute them: and proposals uuaucompanied by such evidence will be rejected. The proposals will h? opened iu the manner re quired by law ''on the first Tuesday nfter the first Monday in Dumber" next, 8th.) at 10 o'clock a. m. at the office of the Superintendent. Proposals will be addressed to the " Superintend ent of the I'ublic Printing, Capitol of the I'nitvd States. Washington," and endorsed " l'ropoaala for Supplying Paper." A.G.SKAMAN, Superintendent of Public Punting, oc 1-2nwtPcc1 _ pROPOSALS FOR STATIONKRY. Wai I>KP\KTMK.\T. I Washington. October 21sf. 1*87 ( Proposals Will i>o received at this Department until 12 o'clock on Thursday, the 12th day of Novem ber next, for supplying the Stationery described in tho schedules beiow. The Stationery must be of tho best quality. Samples must accompany bids. The successful bidder will bo required to give bond, with approved sureties, for tho faithful fulfil ment of hia oontract, and the Department w II re serve the right to order the articlex at such times and in such quantities as it mav deem proper, and to luuiease or diminish the quantities t.elow stated. PAP* RS MA1>R OF LINKW STOCK. 2 reams folio post, ruled, machiue made, weigh nig 17 pounds, per ream. Si reams single cap,ruled, maohine-made, weigh ing 12 pounds, per ream. 140 reams qLarto post, ruled, maohine irade, weighing >V pounds, par ream. 20 reams note paper, per ream. A " oopying paper, per ream. 5 44 blotting paper, per roam. 10 " envelope paper, buff or yellow, royal,per ream. 2od<>zen cards Perry'a pens, per dozen cards inn ** can Is other metallic pens, per dozenonrda 2,oi*) quills. No. no. per l.orm. 60 dozen Contee'sor Faber's lead peneils, per ? dozen. 2 dozen ivory folders, plain, per dozen. t " erasers, ivoiv 1 " ivory wafer stamps, do. 1 " cocoa sand boxes, do. 8 " 4 hlaJed knives, Rodgera* Sons', per doien. S dozen inkstands, two-inch out glass, per dozen 10 dozen Cooper k, Pbilips's, Prinoe's, or other black inok, in quarfa. per dozen. 15 dozen French oarmine ink, m vunoe vials, per dosen. 1 dozen oopy ing ink, par dozen. >M> wafers, larg*. for Department seal, per 1,000. 20 pounds wafers. o>iumon sine, par ponnd. M " sealing wax, scarlet, do. lu " India rubber, prepared, in pieoes, par pound. 10ouncespounoe. ?er ounee. t pecks blaok sand, per paok. 10 dozen taste, asaorted. per dosaa. 100 " red tape, assorted sizes, per dozen. 20.000 envelopes, (70 weighiag one pound) per oeJ2 aw4w rj*o thk tkAUL. ' ? Juat reoaived, London Brown Stoat and Saotch JONA* p LK.VV, vomer of ltth and B streets stouth, oc 18-lm Groeery aad Wine Store. IxLtumnoe, *o. vwsswfl Capital . - t?.w w Th Motu CHa any charge for Folic;, at their Ofto?, ? ora.r o{ Tenth Street and Peunayiiania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. Diumi*. Wen. F. Bayly, Samael B*<*m. Joaepb Bryan, Jamee F. HabdW, >V n. Orme, H udsun Taylor* Franca Mouua, M. W. Gait. Banj.Bfta::. JAMES C. McGUIRE. President. tliFtow P. Hinior, Secretary. apll-ly gANKlNtt HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. DxrosiT*.?Dscoaita received and Cheoka paid Without charge. Drafts on tha northern a??at,oard o ti.a received on Deposit at par, and Exchange on said Citiaa furmabed to depositors without rtisrge. 1 NTSRKaT on Dbfosi ts.?I nteresl will I* allowed on Depoaita at kucIi rates as ma; l>? aareeti epon. DkPOMT* IN \ IR8IS1A *>'1> IXCCRItXT M?>N?T. Depoaita in Virginia and other lucurrent Mitaey re oeived to be checked for, in unit funda, or in specie, we oharfing the recalar Exchange. Discounts.?Notes, Drafts,and Bil.'a of Exohenr. will befliamunted.and I.oanamade onStocks, Bonds, aad ^eountiea. at the market rata. Lsttsrs or Ciidit.-Letters of Credit will be farms had, negotiate m tha different Cities of tha Umted Suites, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money ta deposited, ana oh.arg ed if Collaterals, on auoh terms as may beat read mpon. Traveling Bills or Exchano*.?Travelerewill ha furnished with draits in such sums as may be de aired negotiable in thediKerent Citiea of tha Uoioo. Bu.l? anii LcttkksovOkkihtom EnuLAND, lRR land and Europe.?Bills ol Exchar.g? aad 1.attars of Credit on England. Ireland and Europe,fnrnished at the market rata for F.xohvige. in auina to aait. Bonus, Stocxs, &Bonds, Stocks. and Securi ties paying from S to 12 ar. oent.. always for sale, or bougat in the ditlerent Cities at a commission of a H pr. Of lit. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, wa reserve the right to call for a deposit of 10 pr. csnton tho cost. Bonds or Stooks will be ordered by tele graph. Railroad. Citt. and Stats Bonds.?Railroad, City, and State Bbnda can he placed in oar handa for negotiation, either in thia ooniitry or Europe. Kmil rozd Iron purchased for caah or with Bonda. Land W ah rant*.?Land Warranta bought at tha market rates. All Warrants told by us are tsaraa Uid in every reepeot. Land Warrants located on eommissioc. Land Warrant ?uotationa reguiarly lumiahed If re taeated. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Ho uses on orders, or aeiit for sale on commission to responsible parties. Rbal Rptatr and Insurant*.? Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances eHected. Claims on Lnitrd Statrs, Court or Claims, gONSRKf a.?Claims on the United States, before the ourtof Claims or Congress,intrusted to ua, will be ?roaeouted by prompt and aMe attori.e*a. CHUBB BROTHERS, jan ?T Oppoaite the Tr?a* ury. RANKING HO U S E CHUB n b'kothe KS. Depoaitota depositing ltni>k Notes wifl please mark their Checks pa>able in currency. Depositee of t? old will !*? pnid in ii<?ld. Acoouiils wi :l l>* opened with depositors allowing them to deposit (Sold and Cluck r?>r currency, tne depositor being credited wrh tlif diifcret-ce. ae 2H-tf CHUBB BROTHERS. |NTERK8T~ALLOWED ON DEFOBITES. MONEY to LOAN onliTOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS. ju 27?tf Orroniu tkt 7>"??wv. Medicine* TPHE GREATEST L THE AGE. 1 MEDIC A L DISCOVEEY OF T ***** KIND or HDHol, d<nr? to . remwim Ptmrh Z&RSS-g s??r" atewrass-xsariass Muatb bo":" "* ??"""?< ?? m, . g,,, 47?o?5r.,RSrwui ?"? "? *<"? ^" Two ?hn/t^nT oiear the system of Biles c|k?m a^?ssajf. ?,o;iorf*rT.ipi.';u*" ?fnulte>' t?Mr?tk? moMn'the* Eyes*'1'** " care all H. R"?>? ?< "? worn kind of Ri^wo?"' ^ 'o our. th. mThr?e'to fiu^ '* rheum. U>U,Ci "e ?*rra,ited tu core Salt 8cr(Tu!a? ei<ht bottiM Wl11 o?re the worst ease of athou?Lgu, !;u?,m,t fthM8^1 ^owtKir^ts ,!f'!12 bo'ltle'SXT^y* oatarrh and dizziness^ wl '?"61! re''"f ?!r 'iEi*re". u*wif 2iu.?e rverV!!Snl HS'f * i?lt from ItloFtbl gone, you will fee tnomeir i'.iTJ feeling is hearil noine ?.f the nioMe*ir?v?i? ^ ne* rerson. ) that ever man listened to. 'oeomjsms of it People cured ^<For*th.1 vajri-u'*i' t,'*m Liver, Sink Hendaoha, Ih ,se.-,A'a and Ague. Pain in the Sid^ V,V^,f*var and particularly in Diseases'of th?^pme, discovery ha. done iL" the ever known. sooa than any medicine ss:^n.t? per day^fn'd^n'river Ve^^Ult* <Ln? '?'?le-spoonful ai?^?to%2htlTE!i d?"irtT2T3o " no directioni. oai, U- a pre* h'V **f)f" "'fu 1 ? As ?Uffic'ent to ?pera?e ^ m. lsn JonalWMdv elfm"yMaX^n^^^K8tou A Co.. Z. Mamn fcX.'StS, ^ Boa well, Drtine! B. Claxkj'P ArK* <* Dyaon, For J A f|fo. Aae'nU for Dun'*' mv'v?y!' ? M J1- lLtifflmowa--R Private med/caltreatisk miSIOLOOICALTIRVr OFMARRTJnr B, M. B La CROIX. M. D.^Altai NY* ?? MO. !? .^C?or IIJ-PR1CE ONLY 85 CEVtb ^-i? irrsM4/r,i awH^r1*?MStta- Vi?f m" preuensive treatise on th. duties and casualties of single and marriMl MZrjHfP' ?"1 fruitful all??ij?(s mode of securing them-SnfelioiK' fnrf Vifer,lle, on???their oliv?ation and removal-nervous debilit* ita causes and cure, by a ZZoiL L, tEftn?.?inta,<*?a'?? ?ncl etfectual, that farur. is impossible-rules for JoJirr* rnr. tSiflrasss. isyzt.5 *i those oontemplatinc marriage. Its peru^M^^^?^i,Jir><, jlariy recommended tn persons eni?ri/?T.. tW4rt,? "R^SlS.S'ii 'Zl? cjkyix >K>nSTZFuZ JS*"?Is Omm-ILA SJiVo'C'^r; jgyip." irretrievable daatruot^n t!T\hT Ji, ".?? **' to (ha No' ? Albany, If. Y MY STOCK OF BOOTS AND BHQKB hyug about the largeat in thie y^y J time, and having been parchweJ WwjeUe^^M rue in Leather, ean be .old at J* l*.*'f VL? eer oent. I#aa than lo?^ porchM^at th** toe. Cafi and examine R-g. ^11 W?n pa "* |yEwBVCflyjfc to.?taT KING A BURCHKI.L, oo li' Cm. Vsrmont ave. aad 1IU at. TrmTtUrt' Directory. QRANGK and ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD OR EAT SO CTHER Jf MAIL LINE T*r? 'St>i*e? mgM? eg'-ofe'V WASHINGTON ? i f\ *?"? ?b* *??! TH. LMVM Wathingt4N. at Ao'cloak a. HI. " Washington at ? o'eiook p m. For LYNCHUl'Rti and tbe SOUTH WFfT. V?*? WuhinitoD si ? o'clock a. *m.. arrive it N'CHUlRti uixtmoniin|tl <k n... connect,:m with the tnwut on the Virginia it? Tennessee Rl Road for MbM PHIS. Mai. Siag^s from Char ottesville to I.y nchburg a distance ??f?? m..?s. Fare lrom W&sbiugtoii to Lynchburg. JT W ThaitoiMrGKOIKtK FACR. foot ofSavan't strt-ei, Letm owned Kr ttie Ka .t.?d Company,rats U. conncctw-n with the lruns. Tickeis f??r Lynchers rr?>eared ??t IU B- at. |T7"OnuiiifUttikud t/Hiur v\ uiiu wiu Mat tha Depot of tha Washington Km.road, to oenvet pai tengerttnd l>agga*e to tha Steamboat, for A'exar dna. a distance of six milas. allowing ample *" JANKt) A. EVANS. Asset Alexandria. Jaly, 1*57. i* t-ti ^yAVHl.NGTO.N HRANCU R A I LR<-A D. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: Frost WASHINGTON at ? a. mconnecting at with trams for the Wast, aad at Haitian-? 1th those fof PhlladeloWi* ??"< * ? Sj?' " ???i *wi trams tor tha West, aad at Baltimori with those for Philadeipkia and New York; at ?Ji n. in../or Annaaoiis. Baltimore. Philadelphia. an? ! New York ; at 3 a. nu fu> Ua umore and Norf.-.k and at Relay with Frederick train. EXPRESS at 4J? a. Re.ay for tbe Wast, and for Annapolis. Baltimore, Philadelphia, as J New York. On Sundsy at 7 a. and 4 JO a. tr. I Fron, It A I.TIM OK K for WASHINGTON at 4.15 and 9.15 a. m., 3c.nd 5.15 t. in. On Sunday at 4.16 a. m and 5.15 a. m, Je 15 tf T. H. PARSONS. A teat STEAMER GEORGE PAGE. _ HOURS OFfl47ifiTP*rjUjW? Utre Alexandria at 4H, 7*, ?. ^l^eaV W askington at g, I, M, llbL IK, 4. Mi, t. ay an d ELLIS L. PRICE, Captain. J^KW AND IMPORTANT SCHfcDl LE. FOR ALL PARTS'OF THE WEST. m BALTIMORE AND OHIO RaITrOAiT The recent extension end improvement of its red - mg oonr.ectnif lines at the West has ream red aa sr. tu e revision of the run nine ar rang eme nts oft his road by which highiv nuportnst a<lmtue? to the trav eiar are scoured. On and alter MflNHAY, June 15. 1?T. TH R EE DAILY TRAINS will be ran la l?oth directions for throurh ps?s?neers. Firet-The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN starts front Camden Station, Baltimore,at T A M (except Sunday,> st'.po at way stations and arrives at Cum berland at 4 P. M. Sacoud?The MAIL TRAIN starts (Sanday ex - ceptf-J)at 810 A. M.. and arrives st Whee.iwt at 4 is A M., conrru'ii e st Bena.M-d with Central trains for <%vunthu*. Cincinnati. Indianapolis, l.<>u isville, Clii;ag..St. I?>ims. Ae. snd at sane p ace with traias forCleveland. Toteno. Detroit, It, hy Cleveland K??d,f.ul a.soat Parkersburg with Ma rietta Road. Third?Ti.e ST LOCIS and CINCINNATI E X PR ESS TRAIN leaves daily at SJ6 P. M., con necting at BmivooI at 9 A. M with express trait.s from Hf! ure to Cincinnati, nriii*?i rk?er? of C?r* at Colmts*,) and renrhinc there in l?u? 25 hours froin Baltimore snd 2R hours from Weshirt ton. It a'io t-o.meets directly, tn both directions, at Grafton wi'h cars l<v Park?*rsl>arg and Msrietta roads for Chillioolhe. Cincinnati, eto. These oonnectat Xcria for In<i:?ns|H?!is, Chtoafo arid St. Louis. ai:d at Cincinnati with the Oreat Ohio aad Miss.?sjppi Express for l<oaisvi:le. Cairo end St. l.on!t thron;li to St. Louis iu less than 4i: hoars from Baltimore. By this traiu tne titn/ to all the centra, and southern p aces in the West is much lees, while the ifOt'in" is fr<>m 4" to |en imies shorter thas t>y the shortest of olh<T routee. Fr?-mthe We?t these connection* are e^oalU cioee and aati*fae4ory, ar riving at Baltimore at 8.?i A. M. |t /~ Baggage checked through to all points. TH ROUGH TICKETS so hi at lowest rataa at Csmden Station and st Washington, D. C. Passencers from Kaltimore or Washington *i?te tkt tmiire roaH by deylicAt, by taking morn ing trains, and lyinc over at Cumberland or Oak land, and resuming next morning by Wheelicx Ac oommodation ?nun, leaving Cuaaberiaad at I and Oakland at 10JK-. FOR WAY PASSESGER8. The Cunit>er.and Accommodation Trsinat7 A.M., ^il! stop at a!! Stations east of Cumi-er and. and the Wheeling Acoomin<>dation at al! Stations beyor.J Camtierlstid coing West. EastwaraJlr, the Wsj Train leaves Wheeling at 83* A. M..ana Ae?omni" daf ion leaves Cuint>er:and at 9, reaching Baltimore at 5 30 P.M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRANCH. betaetMi OralU?n and Parksrstmrs, wa* sassenicers will take the Express westwardly ar.J the Mai! eastwardly. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at ? P. M . stoeuing at way station^. I .eaves Frederiek al k.'.s A. M.. arriving at Kattunore U' noon. The ELLICOTT'S Ml LI. TRAIN leaves at 5 46 A. M., s??d 5.15 P. M. Leaves Ellioott's Mills st 7 A. M. and 7 P. M? except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOl'TH. Leave Hsltimore for Washington s? 4. 5and?.l5 A. M.,sandS.l5 I'. M. On Snnda* s at 4.15 A. M . and 5.15 P. M.only. I.eave Wash ins'on for Baltimore at ? and (A A. M. sud 3miJ P. M. OnSuitdaysat 7A.M..axii 4 b' P. M. ouly. The fust and fonrth trains from Haiti mora, and the see<>nd and fourth tiains lrom \V a*i<ington. Will ba expre?s mei; trains. stopp:ri|; <?nl| at "Washington Junction luid Annapo is Junction. Tim n 11. it ? -- -- miu n niiapoiis J unction. The 9.i5ai?d 5.15 trains from Baltimore and that SP and 4 2" tram* lrom Washington connect wltb tha tran s from At:nty>olis. For tickets, information, fare. Ao., apply to J. T. EN<?I.AND, Agent. a? the Ticket office. Csmd?*n Station. W M. S W OtiDSIDK, jy 13-tf Master of Transportation. BaiMinora. T'^E PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM 1 PANY. One of the Steamships of this C<vnpeny. carrriiig the I nited States Mai s for ACAPl'LO. CALIFORNI A,ejKl OREGO\. Ieave-^S?C. Panama twiee eac!i month, on the a?rt va.??l the I'nited Stater Mai! S. S.Con.pi n?>ste*m ers. which leave New Orleans and New Yvik r?-gu larly ou 5th and 2nth of each month * ih the mails. and pattst'imais connecting via PANAMA RAll. ROADS. The-a atenmships have been inspected and ap proved b the Nav> Uepar'.me.iUatidguaranty tpied and sifety. The ranama Rai road f4" mi es long I it row con. plated lr?>in ocean to o^ean. tnd is croared in 3 or 4 noura. The Iwigca^eof passencers is checked in New \ ork througn to Shu Francisco. and paasenKersAre eialiarkod al Panama hy steamer at the oompairy's expense. The inmiey paid in New York oovers a expenses of the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port ia Panama aa<t Ian Fraaoisco. to prevent detention in case of acxu cot. so Hint the route is entnel* mxatlt? no flail ure havinc nccyred in eight years. Passesgera leave Panama the same day they ar rive at Aspinwall. Conductors go throurh !><r cach steamer, and lake charge of women and ciu dren without other protsc tors. For through tickets at the lowest rates apply at theagenoy, 177 West str.?et. New York, to I. W . RAVMON D.?or to ARMSTRONG. HARRIS A CO., New Orieans.- or jy >4 tf C. L. BARTLETT. Bo?:on. THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL 1 UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM TEAMERS. Tkt Sktr* r?mr?itai t4u Ltai ats: The ATLA NTIC C*p?. ttliver F.'dndga. The BA I.TIC Oapt. Joseph ComstoM Tha ADRIAT1C? Capt. James tS est. These ships having Near l>uilt by omitraat axpres ? for the Government service.ivary oare itas been tab an in their oonstrnction. ss in their engines, to in Jure strength and sp>>ed. and their aocnmuiodations or passengers are unequalled for el en an oe and oom fort. Pnoe of passage from New York to Liverpool, in hrMt 813n; ijscent.d do., f75; axolasive aseof extra sixa *tate r....ins. tXP. Fr? in Liverpool to New York, aiid l'" fcumeas. An exKnaneed Svi geon attached toeaoh ship. No l>ertha can hesecuieJ until psid for. The ships of this line have improved water tight nulk heads. r ROPOSED DATES OF 8AIL1N9. VKuM MW TORg. | raoM LlVglKKlL. Satiirdav, June 2<1... 1 A*>"7 Wednesday, June 34.1 tSI Saturdsy. July 4 I*S7 Wednesdsy, July I.. 1W7 Saturday, J?ily 18 Ufl Wed>ie?-day . July 2 l*7? Saturda). Anc. I IHVJ Wednesday, Aug. 5 .1'" Saturday. Aug. h IIM Wednestlay. Ang. 19 18>7 balurday , Sept. 12 .. .18571 Wednesday, Sept. S la^ Saturday, Sept. 2b .. .1857, Wtninesds), Sept. 38.1AW Saturday, Oct I" I&V7. Wednesday . Oot. 14. la*7 Saturday, Oct. 2? ... 1M7 Wednesdsy , Oct. SB .'W? Saturday, Nov. 7 1*57 Wednesday, Nov. II lt,W Saturday, Nov. >1... .M57| Wednesday, Nov. V< 11W be:urday, Dec.5 ia*7 Wed: esday, Dee. 9 I1S7 IW edseedaj, Dee. ? IVn For freight or passage, apply to EDWARD K: COLLINS, No. K, Wall itrtet. New Y??r*. MOWN. SHIPLEY A CO., Liv^o*^ EPHEN KEN.NARD A CO., ?T. Aastn Fnars. Loudon. B. G. WA1NWR1GHT A CO., Paria. The owners of these ships wll! not be acooantaUe for gold, silver, bullion, specie, ieweiry, precious ttones or metals, amees Ixlla of lading are signed tberefor and the value thereof espreeesid ihareHi. je IS JJNITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE AJfD witboct paiLvma vox xieHT Ttna, rot CALIFORNIA AND OREGON ? IA PANAMA RAILROAD. lUrslar Smiling Dmpt.Stk fSMA ?/ tmtk ?Mlt, f* ? ? _? , wssy VI .^l?W rnri. ivets ?t his dirty oaalion all persons seekiug passage to t's ifiirei1*. that. To avoiti iwro?iTio"*. they must be earsfu. to nd the inaeofi^e of the Steamships of the I .P. ail Linf, via Panama Railruad. ts mo other eata New \ ork is aulhonxed to euxage passaca. The Companies have only one offes in New \ ork, hiHi it at 17T Weat street,aornar of Warjeastreet, g on tbe North River, at the head of tbe Cam