Newspaper of Evening Star, November 12, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 12, 1857 Page 1
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the evening star i* PUBLISHED EVERT AJTTElCNOOIf, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BULOI*G?, C'onwr 9f Fa. avetiu* and E'fiverUk strut, By W. D. WALLACH. Papers served in packages by earners at $4 a year, or 37 o0ota per mooth. To mail aubsanbera the aub aonptioii pnoe ia #S-Wa year. *<? advance; $2 for au months: 91 for three moutna ; and for eas than three montha at the rate of IS eenta a weak. Single eopiee. one cent: in wrappers, two oenta. Advkrti?emk*ts (of eight lines to tbe square) inserted three time* for <1; every other day or semi-weakly. 25 per oent. advance ; onee a week, 50 per eent. advw.ce. no. 1,503. the Weekly star. Thia waallnt Parity and Newt Joeraal-?m). of iater?e'ia? raadu* t**a jjjjjjj*1* ia any otAtr-n* ua Satarda, mm Mr luia ., cVRn^ZUSl9im?iiSi^rMm mSSili u r ?-%?uf ?*wmISltRffys "'??i" that 111^7 "IT?'A.a?.e? late eo ceaerai., Uro^JJ?UeEiSTr* * |nrs*!n*le oopiM I the oouater.jinm?^-./V??^ ?*44 o the ?t tie ~?ai*rJmW?re>rrft.V.?* * paper. Pnce-VhEKk c't.NT* u"* .ES?.rSB2S*"? CLOVE Ol* THE WOODMAN CASE IX NEW YORK. A Tal, ?| Remanre. Tlie wn of Mr*. Carrie Woodman, who was attempting to regain her liberty from a private lunatio asylum, by the aki of a babe a# corpus, procured by Gardner Furniss. was again before the Supreme Court of New York on Thursday. Mrs W was placed in the institution by her husband. who lives in New Orleans, because of ber being under the influence of Furniss to an extraordinary degree; and the affidavit of Mm. W. confirms this fact, by th? development of perhaps the most singular state of affairs ever made public in a court of law. The following are aotne extracts from the affidavit: I was married to Oliver 0. Woodman about ten years since. In July. lk>4, my husband took me to Kurope on account of my health. I had been suflering a long time from a disease of the nervous system. On the 2d of November he left me in Paris, under charge of a family of a mutual friend, that I might have the benefit of the most skilful medical advisers. For the first two months I was well enough to go out. Duriug this time I formed the acquaintance of Mr. Gardner Furnis*. whose mother and elder brother I had known iu America. From early in January bo July, when my husbarti returned to Paris. 1 was confined to my rooms a large part of the time by severe illness. My attend ing physicians were Dr. L'Fau, Sir J. Oliver, Dr. Dubois, and others. During April and May my life was despaired of, ana mv frien ls so wrote to Mr. Woodman. I have ofton since wished I could have died at that time. Daring my illness Mr. Furniss w*< extreme ly kind and attentive to me, and gained my perfect confidence. IIis influence over me was like a strange infatuation. I loaned hiin money freely when I h?d it. some of which he paid bsck. I have no knowledge of the amount. But about the time I returned to America, he informed me that he owed me about sixteen hundred dollars, and told me to say nothing: about it, that he expected to be rich, and would riy me back double the amount. At that time thought nothing ol it. end did not earo what ho had bad About November. Itwj. I left New York for the South, and went for a time to the house of my Mississippi While there I cor responded with said Gardner Furniss at his urgent request. By means of my letters and otherwise, ne had it thon in his power to ruin my reputation, and, as he supposed, cause me to bo discarded by my husband. In January. l^MJ. after I had returned to New Orleans and settled there for the winter, said Furnis* ar rived in New Orleans. The next day afier his arrival he a?ked m? for some morjev. I had then only which I gave him lie was not satisfied with that. The next day I obtained and gave him $150 more. He urged me to get a divorce from my husband and then marry him. Stated that he bad bad a lawyer to ex amine the laws of Louisiana, and that if I -Could obtaiu a divorce I would be entitled to ?one-half of my husband's estate in Louisiana, aad thus I could obtain by that means from fifty to seventy-five thousand dollars ; that if I did not create some difficulty and obtain a di vorce. he would expose my letters to my hus band. and that there were expressions in them that would induce iuj husband to apply for a divorce. wLich would disgrace me. He after wards called on me repeatedly for more money, and upon my refusing to give it him he threat ened to show Mr. Woodman the letters which 1 had written him. and also a portrait of me which he had He told me the letters which I had written him wouM cause Mr. Woodman te discard me. and that he. Mr Furniss. would disgrace and ruin me, unless I let him have all the mjney I could get I had, duriug that period, an allowance, from my husband, of $100 per month, all of wbieh I gave Mr. Furniss; with that b? got along until the Utter part of April. About the 2oth of April he called on me for money to pay his board bill, which, he said, was about $2S0. I had no money, and told him so; upon which be not only threat ened me. but actually beat me with violence? br^ke open my wardrobe, and took away my jewelry and some valuable laces, Sotueof which ne dropped iu the entry as he was carrying them away, and again threatened to disgrace me and to send my letters to Mr. Woodman. At one time, while in New York, he took from me a valuable diamond erott, worth $o00 or $6oo and u>lu me he had lost it. He put an advertisement in the Herald for it; this he afterwards returned. During the samj autumn. 135rt. at the New York Hotel. I had $->3. which I had laid apart to pay a bill of Mrs. Dieden. dressmaker, for $o2 This money was in a trunk which waa standing open No one was iu the room but Mr. Furniss and myself. When my girl Jane came in directly, I told ber to take the money and go and pay Mrs Dieden s bill. She looked for the money but it was g >no. and could not be found. I- urnisa afterwards acknowleged to in* that be took of it. and laughed. About the same time Mr. Woodman gave me the money to pay for same small articles of furniture which I had oidered. Furniss took away most of this money?all but ?and I was obliged to make some exeuse for not tak ing the articles to the people from whom I had bought them. Last wiuter aaid Furniss went to New Or leans again. A few days after his arrival ho came to me and asked me to givo him $100. which I did. and afterwards I gave him all my allowance, say $100 u uionth. Duriug that winter he persecuted me constantly with threats and exactions. When I was going to a ball in the evening, he would c >ros into the room and take my jewelry and put it into h.s pocket, and refused to let me have it to wear unless I gave him money, telling me that if I went without it Mr. Wo-*dmau would insist upon knowing ^rfcere it was gone?so I would raise every ef fort to raise money for him?and sell every iking in my power?my dresses, rich embroide r ???one pieee ol embroidery wbioh I Md to Mtsa c?*t over two hundred dollars; most of the articles I sold to ladies of my acquaint ance . made excuses about my health?about gjiug back to Paris. Ac. I sold moat of my very handsome handkerchiefs; some of them e ?sting o* apiece?my velvet mantilla? ruy lace flounces?a great deal of expensive lace, some two yards wide, some three yards ? two very pretty lace borne is which I brought f'om Paris. In short. I could not keep jew elry or any thing valuable in my room I gave my jewelry box to Mr. Woodman, and re quested him to place the same in bank, pre tending to him that I was afraid it might be stolen, but in faot, to keep it from Mr. Furuisa, to wbom I told that Mr Woodman had taken my jewelry from me. AM the most valuable jewelry that I have left, still remains iu bauk at New Orleans Ou SitarUy, lath of August, I arrived in New York fr<>m Boston by the Fall Kiverbnat, w;th my nephew, a no or Mrs Hazard a; the boat having run iuto a propeller, we arrived very late I waa greatly fatigued, nervoua and exc>tcd Mr. Pike give me a room i>iiy and I t->ok breakfast in the room ; Mr. Furow-called, but soon left. I sent my nephew down to Mr Merrick, to see if he had any news <?f Mr Woodman, as I had not heard from him for aorne tim?. aud I did not know that be bad arrived in New York I had been expecting him to come North for several weeks, and was very desirous to know where he we*. It after Wards appeared that Mr. Woodman had ar >***d at New York on Thursday evening pre vious. and sent my brother to Bostou for mo. t>ul be iniased me Mr. Woodman baring dis covered, jaat bef ire leaving New Orleans, some thing of my affsir with Mr. Furniss, had re trained from writing to mo. After 0'ly had gone aome one knocked at the door I had partly undressed ?thought it waa OUy eorne back ; found it waa Mr Furniss ; he pushed in; gAjj bow he wanted to have an un derat?o4injj Wi;h j*iJ that I must give him $2.o00 ; that li 1 would do eo, and woald toatradict whatever Mr Haiurd might say, "?5t WOuKI leTaverae ?'<>ne. and never trouble h j ? rawe- I toW him I could not; that I hud bo mean* of getting it. Then be began to hn J6 TT'u 1?? acros* the rwD>; said m ike me Ij w?8 I choked me so hard as to Ed 1.3 blsck.m the f*?e; threw ,ne on the bed and up against the wall so violently as al most to make me senseless, and so that he him wa* aJarmed, and threw a pitcher of water on rue to bring me to. Then he pulled off bis clothes and I screamed, and just then some one knocked at the door. I went to the door, end found it was Mr Woodman, who bad come up During the above interview Furniss urzed me to get the money by making out false bills, and getting the money from Mr. Woodman, or b> taking jewelry. Also, he insisted that he knew my father had given me $2.i00 to buy diamonds or silver, and he was determined to have it. Yi hen be found he could not jret the money he used violence as I have stated, lie ?ajd, '? 1 our husband and you brother are com ing here; there II be a fuss; and I mean to JUi? fir8?-and putyou in the gutter, where I shall be. I hate you. and I hate all your should ' 8<J ^?U WuU * hehave to >uo at< you Mrs. W., in horstatcmcnt. relates many other similar aoeues between Kumiss and herself, and says he attempted to make her forge her hus band a name to drafts. A number of notes which passed between the parties, are publish ed, and among them this one from Furnis- to Mrs. W.: Madam : Mr. G. h is not only sent a bill, ?ut a request to bo paid, otherwise I should not have disturbed your ladyship's slumbers. ? I now renounce all acquaintance with you. and insist upon a return of everything. 1 knew ail along that your selfishness and fondness for dress more than counterbalanced any feelings for me, but I did not know that any one could, navo wng 10 ev?n l?ke another, to act as you . ' 1>aifn curse you?may you ucver be tbinJinh*J,P7? '>?nJ "?? ?*y things?every thing, or I will come and make you open your j^/ room door. I tave depended upon you for what you promised, and unless you send it to me or allow ice to obtain it immediately, now that I mu< have it. and have no time torn, and " 3"JU ?* j"'? to jo t v l ? * # W1 11168,91 >'ou 11 well enough w.ik """> "le' yuu aie WeU enough to OUt fir f K 7 tW? t0 bCeP fl l,rcmi3?- took out tor 1 hate you, and ain foaming with ra 'e Szransrr !viu,e,Hato,Jr- ?r i win kick your bedtt om dojr down if you do not me?t me (I OUt* y The foIlow?*;g is her reply to the above : ? M,y <,od forgive you. I cannot My heart , k i tever may have beon my ulL. 1 have loved you most devotedly; it is T t0 PIcatc J??- 1 have made every effort submitted to the most shameful abu.e meroly to bo with you ; for I well knew w-th vou T*n?? VC wubuut th* hope of bein^ with you But never until last night could 2 think it possible lor you to attempt to disgrace !?? ? iIave yoU no feeling ? Cannot you pity Y?? \ "T*n .v?h ' 1 Jom,t to die lou rail have the rIea.suro of teoling that I have suffered as n.uch as you could wish. The small portrait you have destroyed?the other l^afa!Jiever Mj prtija wil1 now tak? cate ol me. " 1 cannot se<? you ; I hope yon are contented; you have succeeded in making me very sick. I>o as you think best; but you must believe in jour heart that I have always loved you. If I could sit up I would like to see you Grant me one favor?keep something I have given you This is the answer sent by Furniss to that note : i :teni P?rtra't?you may then go to the devil. 1 detest liars and you are the greatest one 1 ever knew. It is unnecessary for you to tell me again that you cannot forgive me. I o not intend you shall see me again, or care whether you forvive mo or not. I wish nothing that will remind me of one so false The rec ollection of your deceit will be quite sufficient Do not bother me any more ; send my portrait, or I will write to Mr. W. for it I do not care for it. but hate on* that is so deceitful, un truthful. to be in possession of it Thank y m for nothing." J I"be case was settled in conrt by a compro mise. in which it was agreed that Mrs. Woxi man shall be released from the Asylum. aud return with her brother to her parents in Mis sissippi. The Tribune says : overJ?y^d to him. and grow k nervous excitement incident to t!w reunion she wis quite unwell, but was enabled to 2T ? ,h?cty during ihr afiernom, of W?dne> Yi . m. ? lady 1ulte l*tiUs inform, with a dark, brilliant eye, and dark brown hair, and b is ha^vldLTi ' ?rd!,iar>' i?>'?HiKence. Sl.e has evidently been a woman of gieat beauty, but ow njf to continued sickness, ?he has lost much or her attractiveness. She has always exhibited ifr? at taste in dress, and at the watering places, Saratoga and Newport, has been noted for the number and richness of her robes. At Saratoga when last there, she was known as the lady wTth seventy-five d.esse*. Her aye is about twenty el/iit; i?lir ha* wen iiiarri?<i nearly ten yearn. After the close of the proceedings yesterday af ter noon, .Mr Thomas went to a hotel in Jersey City wl.ere Mrs. Woodman had been conveyed and at 5 o'clock they took the train for Phlladel ptiid Mr. Furniss. it is nid. left the rity early yes ?Srd*2[1u,?r"l,,S' having learned of tne arrival of Mr. lhoma*. The case is one occurring in what ia callcd high life, Mr M oodinso being a merchant <A high .-landing in New t Cleans, and Furniss the son of au honorable merchant of New York. What a - high lite" that must be from which but n flimsy veil is torn to reveal sccncs at which the humblest cottager must shudder. Paris Gossir.?A curious discovery has been made, while repairing the house formerly oc cupied by the Jacobin Club during the great re volution. and now known as the Hotel dc Lon dres, in the Hue St. Hyacinthe, St. Honore. fheelub which guided the destinies of the re volution during some few years had often boasted ofailowing the ambition of Robespierre and other leaders to progress so far, and no farther; and the member.* by vote had passed* law which entitled the majority to exclude from any particular MMMrr. any particular member whose interests might lead him to sway the opinion^ of the club. Ko!>espicrre, whose am bition bad rendered hiui an object of suspicion, had often been voted out by the assembly; and it baa been matter of surprise to the historians of the time, that he eouldso long have maintained his intlueuce iu spite of the violence of the op pjsition thus permitted. The ?*ocret is now re vealed :?A small room,?a hiding place in the thickness of the wall, has just been discovered, opening by a trap door iuto the very hall where the deliberations were being carried on, and whence he could listen to the measures to be tikeu again-t lain, ami, thus forearmed, havo rx.wer to defeat them. It ja evident that this hiding-{dace must often have been occupied by Robespierre; and when tlrat entered by the workmen, the traces ol his presence were still visible in the journal which lay upon the table and the writing paper, from which had torn a small porliou. as if for the purpuee of making a memorandum. The only book which1 was found in (tie place was a volume of Florian. open at the second chapter of Claudine. It was 0>vjred with suuff, which had evidently been an a ken from the reader's shirt trill, and bore tes timony to the truth of history which roeords the simplicity of the literary tastes of Robespierre. His prweenoe seemed Mill to hang about that ?mall spice as though he had quitted it bat the moment beforehand, singular, enough, the marks of hi? feet, ae though be had reeantly trodden tluvugfc the mud, were still visible of the tiles wiUi whieh the ieortng ia eaapoaed. I LIT* Typhoid fever and the Influenza prevail I to a great extent In Halifax county, Va. For Rent and Sale. TO RKNT.?'That new three story Brick Honae with be ok building, with bath ruom.nai.Md nil the modern convenience#, aituated m G street, be tween Second and Third streets. Inquire of J. \V. A K NOLI). C street, between Third and Four and - a- half.- i oo U-tf f^OK RKNT.-My HOUSE on F street, between 12th and 13th. ""20-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. F^OR RKNT?A i andsomelj Furnished HOl'SE. ( No. 44S. nortaeast corner of H and 10th streets) oontaininc thirteen rooms, with gaa fixtures,bathing room. Ac For particulars apply on the premises.or address Box 513. City Post Office. ae 22 tf ? FOUR ENT.-One large ImTr LOR, with Bed - rooms attached, suitable for a family or gentle man and lady, with or without Hoard. Also, aeveral other Room*, suitable for single gentlemen. Apply nt D'l VERNOIS'S Hotel, Pa.avenue, between 17th and I8'h ata. _ oc22_ F-?OR RENT-Prof. H. W. MUNDER having fitted up his Hall in an elegant manner, which renders it one of the prettiest rooms iu this city, will be rented upon moderate terms lor Soirees, Suppers, Dinners, or Promenade Concerts Apply at the Hall on Tue*day, Wednesday, and Thursday even ings from 7>a until !)>, o'clock. His School is now open for the reoeption of pupils on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon aad evening. oc*2-tf Stoves, &c. \I C . WOODWARD'S i*I ETROPOLIT.W STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. TKe Greatest Cooking .stores t?a the United States. I have just received from Philadelphia a few of the new Risinu Stak, or doable Oven Cooking Stove; a decided improvement on the old Murums Star; patented 1*57. I had them got up in Philadel phia this last summer, exclusively for this market. They are very heavy and strong, and cast of the v*r> best Pennsylvania Malleable Iron. All the C?M?king UtesiHilH are mads extra Iwavy. F. H. Church, Esq., manufacturer. I have also. The Liberty Stab, made by Messrs. Abbott A Laurence of the same place. Tiie Light Street Ducklk Oven Cook, made by Messrs. Haivan Bartlett A Co.. Baltimore, together with the very best Aik Tight Flat-Top Cooking Stoves that can i?e found in this or an* other market, some of which are the celebrated Sunrise. Improvku 'ii "BH, F i ' i r a Cook. Noble Cook, anil the Bi.ce Ridgb Air Tight Cook. If any man can produce a better Cooking Stove, to excel the above Stoves, for roasting, bak'ng, Ac., I will zive him $5none.aoh one. P^ase uail and examine t hem. it will cost you nothing, and son will see all kinds and torts of Stoves, Ac. For sale at C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory, No- 318 andSU Pa. ave., bet. ioti. and 11th sts. Baloouv in Front full of Stovca. N. B. Ab to tha Ska Shkll plat Tor Coogi*? Stove. I have examined it thoroughly, and think it hi? a very appropriate name?Shkll. Yes, shells will burnout in a lew tires. It is a good naina for tliein ?good for the makers. And a? to the old Morn lug Star. 1 sold them last fill, but will not sell them avrain. They are as thin as pastelioard. I can prose that the maker's agent urged me, for almost a day. last summer in my counting room to sell tliein this Fail; saying that if I would take twenty-five of th?m he would rive me thenxclusiveagency ofthem for hve years. 1 told him I would not have thcin at any price, they are so thinly made. They are hand bills! over town by one th?t said last fall that they were not worth having. All tha above I oaa prove. we 17-tf JP R O S T KING. C. 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QUARTERjjABfKR's OFFICE MaRI.VK CORPS,/ Washington. October in. iu.i7. f Sealed Proposals will be received at thiaoifice un *?' 3 p.m..on Frday. the 13th Novainber, 1 tT. for supply ing tiio Marine Corps witn the fol ow ing articles during the tisca. year ending 3?>th June, lase.viz: 5n.> to nno uniform caps, complete. 1.wn to 2,noo marine poinpoons. 1,0"? to 2,'tKl pat ant-feat ner stocks. St*) to 800 privates' uniform coats, complete, of navy blue cloth, indigo dye?to be chemically tested. 50 to 100 sergeants' uniform coats, (acme as above.) 50 to 100 musicians' coata.scarlet cloth,oochinea! dye?to ba ohenuoaily teated. I'" I" I"1 pairs non-oommissinned officers' epati . iettas. 5<*o to 8^0 pairs brass centre strapa. 3n to 5" red worsted aashea. I.oeti to 2,ono pairs linen overalls. 1 ,onn tti 2,'mo linen shirts. 2.VW to 3,onn pairs brngana, Noa. 5 to II, 5"" to K<?i marine blankets,(gray.) 5on to 8'<> knapsacks. 2.J00 to 3,t*i0 pairs woollen socks. 50? to marine fatigue eaps. the cloth to be navy ^ ^ , blue,indigodye.and chemically tested. 500 to mst fatigue frocks. l.Vi to 1,500 flannel alnrta 500 to l.nnn pairs woollen overalla, blue korsey. 50" to l.isxi woollen jackets, do. J-o to Sifl watch or great coata, do. 5<*i to l,?sm pairs Canion flanno! drawers. U5 to 60 musicians' jackets, scarlet cloth, oochi , neal dye?to be ch?inioally tested. 1,0?m to 2,oiv> iarils 6-4 aky -|iiu<- kersey I/Mi) tv2,QM) yards navy-blue cloth, to be chemically teatwl. 3oo jards acarlei cloth, nocliiueal dye, to b? chemi cally teated. Hample* of theabove articles may beaeenonappli oation at this ofhee, or at the office of the assistant quaiiermastor marine corps, 189Sprucastreet, Phil adelphia. It is to b? iind?ratood that the accepted bidder la to t?ke all materiel used for manufacturing coats, overalla, Ac., on hand at the tuna of entaring into contract, at the contract prices thereof. Bids will be received for the whole-or in parts for Iheartieles required.and it moat beexplicitfy under stood that a critical inspection will besiveii all arti cles lijruiMhed as to fit and quality. anfl that articles which do not come up to the sample will be rejaoted and I ii row n upon the hands of the oontraotor I he quartermaster reserve* to himHeirthe right to increase or dimmish tho quantity named above, as the exigencies or interests of the service may de mand. Proposals to be addressed to the " Quartermaster of the Marine <*orps,'' Washington, D. C., and en dorsed *" Proposals for Supplies." ?>e 12-eotl3thNov JUST RECEIVED. fwt\ barrels of the UN EX - PLOSIVE n *S. or Ethereal Oil, Which we will se.l at the same price as the other. We have also Lamps, suitable for buraing the above. HO WELL A MORSELL. n 7-tf No. frjl% C street. hwt.Kth artd 7t?? yEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT? ~ Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa, paying 10 p >r ccnt. interest by Conpon in New York. Honda of each. The growing oity of Iravenport has now aU>ut 2u,or*i luiialntanta, atd is rapidly increasing in wealth anJ population. Ita municipal debt ia only $and its railroad debt only ?I25,oon, and cannot now lie inereaaed. Tha atatiatica of the oily were published in the Intelli gencer of the Mo September.. We recommend theae hnnda, believing them to be aa safe as aoy State or oily bonds. _<]? \ C HI' B R JB ROTHER9, h a" R r"i A G E S. * ' R a RF, INDUCEMENTS. GARDNER A PL \CE have now on hand a fine and varied assortment of C A R R1 AG ES of their own manufacture, which is war ranted ih point of material and workm*n shin. to he equal to any mule in the United Ptate*, and are . .fter^d at lower prices than at any other place in thia city.?for oaah. They Imild avery descript ion of Carriages lo order, with either the ordinary Eliplic Sp'ing.oron Mar gatroyd Patent Improved Spring and Gear. Partioul*r a' 'antmn ia paid to ov*ary description of REPAIRING, which is faithfully and promptly don- at the very loweM rates. Vtd 12th street, near t'aunl. n 6 2w j; o R MOUNT V t iTn o n 7~ The Ht nam boat THOMAS COLLYER, having been thoroughly repaired, will make regular trips to Mownt Vanion, leav T U K* I) .vfrn'd F RUJA v'^fd R V f N G, at 9 o'eltT. During the intervening time she will ran regular tripa to Aiaxaadria,aa usual. TWOVAH RAKFW.n?i>ts.e Mar corn*r of 13th st, and l?a av. n 9 3ni ^SECOND-HAND PIANOS for aale halew their ?^peal value, tomaks f?*?wst the m Depot ?f W. O. H1CTZK RoTT. MQ A large asaortinont of Flutw and VMiBanTlTl juat arrived, 0< 31 A L A K U E ASSOHTMtiNT-OF F A L L 4' terV Low Prices to^dask Customers* IW? no a JOHS H* SMOOT, NO. 110 SoUT? SlDK or BRltWK STBkKT. )o. ...? . Georgetown, D. C.. i?fh f i' R DOW ?^riag at very low prices to oash andI prompt customers, a large assortment^ *ALL AND WINTER GOODS, Purchased m Philadelphia and New York at the IVv-rw'?0"1 t,on ^*le?.?nd from the importers, nnXf?.7 Lww prioe,l wh,ch wili enable him to oiler to purchasers, many desirable Goods considerably below R2k i 'he assortment will be found Rich Silk and Bayadere Silks Best make or Black Siiki " i?re.Y5le,n,JM and ValMOia Robe.

Siu.o ^ Delaines and Robes Satin Pauoouies. plain eolors, all wool, a very suoe . _ r,Vr *>uW? width, at 75c. P? P?,! !JD^ther.malce," F?nch Merinos, of all the Biaok oolors, including White and Plain lMains. black, white and oolorod. I iif-1 iq rc"ch Merinos, for Shawls ' i V.1??" 1, la'<1 Merinos, at S; *4 cts. Do. all Wool do. v. cts. MU cenf?CU"'m Delaiuei' *ootI ?tJ les, at 18?K and 25 Prints at 12* ct?. Rich sty le Bonnet and Sasn Ribbons | Plain coiora do., v?t7 cheap sr.n^n'b,K,n, ?ud ,Kru'*e Trimmincs u'eiia, Riocha >hwls, m gr^ar \unety Super double Biooha do. Chenille and Cashmere Scarfs "SSVi nil colors and No?. Sack Hunnels, all c >l?>rs Rii'.!iV,,Kncan- VVeJch.and Saxony do. Blaok Bombasines and 6 4 Delaines EV'Wed Wack Coburjr Merinos K .ui rVe A1 HiK' English Crapes went black and brown and white English Print* Shawl *(<uar6 k Thibet and btate P'*,J Hosiery of every description ' ? 'e* ?**xony and Merino Vest* oJSi;.rau.l7Zir.v.*,''n*,n'1 - "**:!? JOHN If. SMOOT. I\ V.T.1Having Iwen informed that o?r 1 J tain persons are 10 the taint of collactinc and ?.ntun?5 ntf&Z 1 hc BoM,?a ^''.cb^Mtamo^.ave confined our beverages, arwl p-nting f'.-rein nn am de tnide by others than our - the!? H?apo. stHmn^ arllc.'?on the fit;111 -.nd creditor0.1 mama stamped on said ail persons ;?re hcuoliv notified that such Bottles are onr own property, ami not snltfect that tbey a- delivered :?..?ur m?t?tV,er? ?,UT to rot 11 rnr(l- *mf t,,ml 11 <* our lirm ntennontoproscrtntetuthe utmost extent of the law, any infrnifcincdC of our rights on t*? pr? mis** .1 u ^KNY * s"hiVn. Linton But fitt:j Depot, i7 Grem street. _ 11 Georgetown. 1). C. IV, PONTS GUNpmvDKR. ~ I fx. 'VPPNed with all the\arions k inda ? }'} PINT'S GUN POW DKR, sad am preyed on Vh? .? IfV inM* M a"T 1uauHty to parties wanting, on tne most favouible terms. * ? .r W-ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, may 12 tf I Intel. ^Stn.tas Geor^efown.'*).*} C. Dentistry, fto. l^K. VILLARD, DENTIST, LATE OF CIII CA00. would respeotfull) inform thecit liens of the District and vicinity, that hav-Ayfl^^S ing located hnnself in Washington, he is^"" t-" now prepnre<l to p^rlorin all operations in his profes sion, in the most approved style. jan a?' ^vaa' av?nue, adjoining Gantier?? r|^HJi IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. a1.18, M; Dn\t{18 ??Tentor and patentee of Jj??tr 'nM'*.ern.1 P\Ve Teeth," havm^ ?- - suoc?<ssful.j introduced his improvement in* now permanently eitab ll84!?d himself in Washington. 1. f? If ',*prj?en'?nt for Sets of Teeth insists chief &?!?, h a.T^ 0 one r'*oc of material, aina destructible n.ii.eraL No ni?tal is uaed in their con >tru?tion. Mid they are therefore free f-om galvanic action and pietaho taste. There are ,? joints to be<v>me filled with moisture or particles ol fe'h1/- h*??* the>, are Vure an'' They are .*? .kB?er' olumsy. /ar more durable, and rrin?,I?ei|riVp?ida ' W,U Kive h reward o One Thousand Dollars to?ny<>ne who wil produce a work ?l art to equal mine in pnnt> beauty ^UaTiiy * ^ti't'c exoellenoe or an) other re<juisife' All work responsibly warranted. ap IS-It"*' evenue, between lltti and !2th streets. DENTISTRV. DR. STEPHEN BAILY, PWfTtvaNiA AVSNC3, Tkrc? doors from l4tA Street. Db. BAILY begs Inave to inform the puM*c that he if- rJL'ff? ? !Li ??u.r,,al hi,offlce- locaied as al><?ve. lie fee.s assured that an experience of filYesn years' ? l?? KC n",,,?*erpatients,arn/sreat .anety of diff eult cases that he has treated suecoss y,tT enal*.; him to surmount any ?iiifiou!ty, ?ci<?ntihc or otucrwise, relating to tiie Teeth. His own experience oonfirmiug the opinion ol many men eminent 111 the profession, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. rtrmly, has le*l him, long stnoe, todia oor'J all preparations for fillinx Teeth.also all Enamels, Gutta Percha, India Rubber, amlCe ments lor the construction ol Continuous Gum ieetii, and that Poroelian, mounted on (iold T ate is the only reliable sul'siacce that can be worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown br the last American Dental Convention. Althourh he Hatters himself from his long resi dence and practice in Washington, he is Ikvorubly known to his num?rous friends and patrons, he bacs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the lata R sot or of the Church of Epiphany of ^ this city. Dr. Btkphbx Bailt: DearSir-I desire to express my esteem for you personally, and my oor.fidence in you as a superior dentist. The operations executed Tor mo have l>een highly satisfactory. I hope that yon may receive the patronage from my friends and the publio that your skill so well deserves. Waahin*toa, Ang. 36,1856.?"^"jTffi/FiffcNCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Meprra. ? , B ? ggs, Cotrnan A Co. Havmr employed Dr. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of W ashington city, to execute Tor me an im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in of the fact that one of the must distinguished insmbcrsof the Dental College of Baltimore, tailed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it rives me great pleasure to express my entire oonfidenoe and hich estimation of h; . professional skill. Baltimore,, 1US7. HARMANN BOG6S. Extract from a note received froai tholate Hon. John M.Clayton. _u , .. . 'r-B. Skhatb, Aug. 1M9M. Tho teeth yen msdn for me work admirably ; noth ing oould be better. Very gratefully, JOHN M.CLAYTON, To those that seek relief from the maladies of the te?th, I can choerfully ronommend f>r. S. Baily as n superior Dentist: he made a set of pjrceiian teeth for one of my family, and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood well for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. Apnl 19.1K56. We, the undersigned, having had oonesioc to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. 8. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having been oogniz ant of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing onr ndimration of his artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in which he performs the most delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respectfully re oommend him to the confidence and patronage of the put>lio. of which we oouauier him eminent,* worthy, Thomas I . Walter, Architect U. S. Capitol. Thom as, M. !>.,of Washington, D.C. B. S. Bohbkr, MT. D. of Georgetown, f>. C. N. S. Lincoln, M. 1).. of Washington. I). C. Jos. II. BRAiii.KT.of Washington, D. t!. Gkorqk Walton. Ex-Governor of Florida. Waltbe Lb.nox, Ex-Mavor of WashiLgtun. Hknry Baluwim, U. S. Patent t?flice, ? I?MT? 1,"n<s,Pal RitteuLouse Aoademy. i#b 20 tf THE sec r ES J "tfa1? of YotTH Just Published. Gratie, the 25th Thousand. A few worHs of the Bational Treatment, without Medioine.of Si >-rniatorrhea or Local r? Weakness. Nocturnal Emissions, Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pre mature Decay of ihe System. Impo ZjQ? tency.and Impediments to Marriage generally, by B. DE LANEY. M. D. The important fact that the many alarming oom ptaints. originating in the imprudence and solitude or youth, may ?? easily removed without Medicine, is in this small tract, olenrly demonstrated ; and the r^,r? 5 .ne!T saooessful adopted by the author, fully explained, by menus of which everv one is enabled tooure Himself perfectly and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all the advertaed rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remitting tw? postage stamps ,, ?, OR- DE LANEY, soa-d&wtf 17 Lispepard street. New York. Traveling trunks. 322 Pa. aremur, beticr* 9th nnd IftfA s rrrtt WA LI., STEPHENS A CO.. hare iust received ? large variety of Sole Leather and p'ck"?Trunk? T'-ad'-s Dre.<sTrunks, and Hat Boxes. Ya.ices Csr* ,n T?n6t? 0? "'f maVer of unusual workmanskip A ^0^LL,CtNT ORGAN. I Vocal and Initrumental Music. M CI *>I"V,KR M'lANOFORTE ?on. ESare daily adding new member* Per sons desirous of availins themselves ?d Mr. Palm . Tnis Claaa system is more advantageous for the ufitruoti"^1 Ch,Idr*u'than ?DT sy ttem of ?d?*ntait*niB for the perfecting of the most brilliant performers. ^ T25?*" A?VAfW-*. ?in per.,u,lrter- Advance Classes PAI MKR Pfr ^ ,0,," ** made 10 Mr- W. H. Ttlic c\a*8eg meet every Monday and FORMAL MIS1C SCHOOL^ ~ d.t." kd'fi ri-jcy?"- ?? SP^t,|emene^h<Ir U"f.!iCh,>?1 t0 rAlt? "d fhe K .^uainted with Music from mony. * to Composition and Har ins'oV^l.^hL1'. fVvT'rd fo5tho aftern,>'>n and even o"c!ockand7 ' WednMdl,>?. ??"1 Fridays, at 4 The Georgetown Clara meets at Miss Uarrover's Si'.atTo^l ?00"?f TmmdM>" a"d Tliurs Tarms?Per quarter, ?2 lessons, in elass *%? nri V^D|Srlac,,un-VV-l? l\IUM>*of Organ. ?22.' '"V ,nad<:'wo at the or thonih thinp ? ??na,n?d'at ElUs's MusicStore. or thoutu the Pout Office. oo 24 tf Mb rr/>Dr^U.flCA,l: CARD? * to W?r!inJ r' \l'Ak be??i?-a:?e to announce ill i i j " ?f U n?himU)D, Gfton^town. Uf.s nd AIex^indrli, thit he ih n<,w pre im red 1<'4J9C wi* iA1l8,C for l'r,v*? f'artfes aod5@i sxjv, ?? F(>Abi"?2*w'9|left\ft.t,,e Mub,c"' Dep.** of Jotin 1 * _J"" V Metzerott, or at his residence. Qorneroth and o streets. Navy Yard. oc20 3iii* Dancing". |) A N C 1 N G ACADEMY. " ' Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER have 11 , i.?,nof v4.rn'Z"unc'> to ftr "nrt Gen- ft \ tleineuof Washington and George'own that he will re open Ins Classes for Dancing 'nfll Washington on Friday, the 9th of October. Mr. Crouoh lUll, corner <?l llth at. ard I'a r.v frVfr KhnihriJ Bo?kiitf?ret for Mis?e?*r:d Masters! fro!!! 7^ P- m i ,< r ?rnt?ei,e" the-il ?ri^ t1"*, fefW??wn-<w Wednesday, S.m aAVJ ,r.ri""*ndtP,lrtapplication can be rtvuie b*,j streets. Ce' Btr<?et, between 9th and se 12-?nj 5]^ SEVENTH STREET. 514 TOBIAS, O P T IC I A S. Office Seoond 8tory> tliree doors from Oni? i-kLLows' Hall. S;ectMjes and Glasses suited to every sizht; Ooera, Reading, and Watchmakei'x ?jlanses; lelesuopes, Microsc.pcs grett variety; Cosinoramic Stereoscopes \rith views 01 superior and olioire pictures on hnnd. Seeadver t.?cni;ui in Natiuinl Intelligeiioer. Tkstimomals. ?t? . Th. a? . 1 September 7.1854. verw mln .S^?cUo]?". made foi me suit me very well, and semi to have improved mi sight more than any other I have latel* tried I.ITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair ef Spectables obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my ?KtiUano corresponding with his description of their locus. 1 reoomineud him as a skitifu! optician. HENRY A. W ISE. .. pKTKRsBrRa, Octotier 21, laVi. .About five years a^o. I obta.ned from Mr. ToUm. in \> as.iiUftton, a pair of Gl.'tsscs for the spectacles which 1 used, ai.u found them of great assistance to t my rtecaving vision ; and my opinion of h"n is, that he is skil'tul in the preparation o< Glasses for eves not too far gone to tie benefitted by suoh aid. J. F. MAY. I.T*cn?r*G,Novemlterl.ia^. From an examination ol Mr. Tobias' Criasses,and Iroin his observations and remarks, am convinced that he is a skilifui optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. si r ^ ? L Ltschbcr?, November 10. J8M. ftlr. J?ihn Tobias, having furnished me with Glas ses, by winch I have tiecn greatly aided, (my vision having siitfered greitl? Irom reading at night in my earlier life,I it affords rr.e the highest p manure to say that i consider him a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who ma* need his proleseiouai services. \VM. B. R<?CZ1K, Elder ?>1 the Methodist C nfcfia< e. *.1 . ^ Wlf.Mi3.oTo*. N. C., June 27, la5?. .. -ToaiAg?Xj^ar Sir : I am happy tosav that the Spertactes which 1 obtnmed from >ou last week are entirely satisfact try. From ai, ineqn^'itr in the visual range of ni j e> es, I have heretofore ioiuid great dtSioulty in glasses ol the proper focai dis Uinoes. It alhisds 1110 pleasure to state, that by the aid of your optometer this difficulty Ins Itcenhn'ppu* obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished are dtM-idedlv the l>est adapted to ir.) eye*of my I have ever yet used. Very respectfully vonrs, R. It. DHANE. Rector of St. James' Parish. Having been induced by a friend to visit theestab hshment ol Mr. Tobias lor th? purpose of trying his glasses I was furnished with a pair slightly colored blue, wince have niiorded me more rrliefand gratifi cation than any I have ever tried. M? sight, origin ally very good, was injured hy writing and reading at night, frequently to a very late hour: but with the aid of these glasses I can study almost as late as ?ver. and that too without the pain I have previous ly sudered. JOHN WILSON. I^ite Commissioned Geu'l l*and office. Dec. II. 1836. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleasure in spying that I am much pleased with tnem. I have been much benefited by them. . GEO. P. SCAR Bl'RGH. May 5th. IR56. I was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skilful optician ; and hh I have eves retn%rknl>le peculiari ty, 1 was gratified to tind that Mr. Tobias seemed to comprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement and h? has made me a pair of Specta des that suits 1.10 admirably. A. P. Bl'TLER. July 11, 1856. .. . , Washing to*, Atig.ft, l?M. Having lieen lor years under the necesFity of bav t wo1 sets of glasses?one for use 111 day light, and one lor lamp-light?^ procured one set from Mr. Tobias which answered both purposes. I have used bis lor so vera, uioutiis, and iiud them excellent. EDW'AK I) ST1BRS, Of Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pur of Spectacles you furnished mn yesterday are particularly satisfactory to ina. They are very decidedly the l?ett I possess, and 1 am the owner of eight or nine pairs, carefully selected in different places and 'from opticians rec ommended to me on account of their professional standing in Frauce, England.and the L'nitod States. 1 have f>eenalso pI-MEed with your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eyes, for the pur pose of preserving and imnrovioe the ?ight Respectfully ?ours, ClIS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C.. Louisville, Ky. BtOOfLT!! UBT.tOFAELir Ikstitctior, April, 1854. After most oareful e^amiuatimi ol Mr. J. Tobias's Glasses, I aineaabied to testily that their hardness, clearness, polishing, and exact optiaal shape render them particularly recommendable to those whose merely optical impairment of the eyes are in want of such auxiliaries. 1 consider, moreover, Mr. Tobias fully qualified to determine the ioousof the e>e,l>oth by bis optical knowledge aud experience, and by means of his optometer. In addition, I oar. further state that Mr. Tolais has supplied some of my pa tient! with (ilasses- to their and my satisfaction LEWIS BAFEK. M. D.. Phvsieiati and Surgeon, Berlin- Member of ilie Hoval College of Surgeons, England; Member of The Medical Society of l<ondon, and of the Pathological Soctetr of New York; late Sur geon of the Royal Otthopaedic Institution of Manchester. England, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. Nobf<'Lit, Va., July TJ, 1X54. In the experience ol even two years, I have found great difficulty 111 obtaining Spectacles that were ex - aotly adapted to the weakness of in> sight. This in convenience Mr. Tobias seems to have removed for the present by the substitution for me of better and more suitable Glasses. They are clear, chrrstal-like and comfortable to my eyes. I would commend him to those who from age or other infirmity reuuire ar tificial aid in this way. J. J. SIMKlNS, M. D. WiLMiwc.TO*, N. C., June 16. 1?5?. To persons who have had the sight oftheireyes so impaired as to require the use ofGlassen, 1 would rneommend Mr. John Tobias as a suitable person from whom to obtaiu suoli Glasses as they may re quire as he has suited me with a pair of Spectacles for a far and near sight. M? sight lias been impaired very much by a servioe of years in the Post Offioe Department, which berth required me to be on duU from II o'clock at night till after day, during which time I used but one Tight. W. A. WALK t R. DeeAimrgxT or Ijitibiok. May 8,185&. From natural defects and the unequal range of my ey es. I have been compelled to use glasses for seve ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted te my eyes, rour mouths since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have found to serve me eerfectly. By the use of his optometer he is eiwib.ed to adapt glasses meet minutely to the eye. I most cheerful ly recommend Mr. Tobias to all liaving occasion to use elasses. and bear mr testimony a* to his skill as in H F.N R Y E. B A I. DWIN. Ass't Sec'y to sigr Land Warrants. API ANO for #37. one for #75. and one for ?i?n, for sale or hire upon reasonable terms. JUust be taken at oaoe from the store to make room for others. JOHN F. ELLIS, oe 8 Pa. ave.. wear comer loth st. Genuine Italian maccabonl o ttee""1 'beet^oalitW,PpiT ?f Italian Maocaroai o T?n ,#a 'KING ft BURCHBLL, 00 Cot. Vtrmont iti. and i5Ck ?t. Pianot, *c. COLD MEDAL PREMIUM 0 WILLIAM (Senior partner m the late fins of K> ait. (iiim i A Co.. Omtinne# the mausiaoture and sale of mad u4 9av? PIANO FORTES. ?nd?rHi# William knal* A Co.. at the old sia^.RSBU No#. 1, 3. 5 and 7 North Kutaw street op ' 1*1 posite the Kutaw House, Ha: ti more. The; have also just opened a uew Sale* Room at No JPi Ba.umore atreet, between Char es and l.uht streets, on the premises partly oooupted t>r Mr Henry McCaJtery aa a riusio store. where they wtM keep ooiutaj.tly on Land a vie assortment of p.a.a and h.rh!)-finished (rand and s?ti?re Piano Fortes aiao, Melodeons, Iron the bast makers, from 4 to ft votavs, aome with double key boards. douUe reeds, and stopa to suit small churches. B?<ng extensively engarec in the manufacture e Pianos, we wJl aell wholssalsaad retail,oa the nut Liherai terms. Our Pianot were awarded the higbeat rrrn am (gold medal 1 at th. Fairs ot the Mary land ln?ii.#ie two successive year#?Oct>*l?er, 1RM, and IU??in op position to fourteen and ei^htfen piano* from s .me of the best makera from New York. Boston and Bel titnore. We were also a warded the brat premium at the Ibdustria! Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia. IMA and 18j6. They hare alao l<een awarded th- highest prr-nnum (silver meda. > at the Metro politan MaoUnio^ Fair for 1837. In sdaition to th.* we are in p< s#e#ston of testimo nial" from the Ha*t distingu.shed professor# and an.iteurs in the sountry, which oau be seen at our warerooma. speaking for themaelvea and other# of the high appreciation in whiofa oar wiUuauDU a.-* ?very where held. All instruments are guaranteed for fi ve years, \nd a privilege of exchauae 1a granted with;* ? he hret six months iron; the day of aale il the inslrttmeulsdo not giv* entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to cive us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. marl&-lT WM. KNABK A CO._ THI. LARGEST ASSORTMENT OP PIAN OFORTES is to be found st the Mnsie De pot of |ocIi| W.O. MKTXEROTT. Watches, Jewelry, 4c. w TATCHK8, JEWKI.R V. AND FANCY AR 1 T1CLES. 1 kave on hand some of the l>eet Go'd and Silver WATCHES. tine <Jo!d JFWKLKY, n nil and single pieces, FANCV ARTI CLES, iro. Call and examine, at J. ROBINSON*!*. <o3fl-2m 3*9 Pa. ar., oppo. Browns' Hotel. LOCKS!?C LOCKS! !-C LOC K S!!! J CLOCKS!?CLOCK >*!!?CLOCKS" A goe?d BA^S CLOCK for 81. Every aty.e of Clock# at J. ROBINSON'S. Also, Ciock Matortale, auciiai Key#, Ball*. Wires, Oils. Hand*. Ac. Cocks to the ti^dcat a-fcolosi'e p'loes. Call ao<l examine, at J. ROBINSONS. oc *y> 2m 349 Pa. a v.. o^po. I {row a#' Hot a!. C Baltimore, Washington, and vir ? ginia Bank Notes taken at ear for allktndsof rich and fashionable GOLD jF.WKI.RY. fine >Lp rich G O I. D and S I L V E R WaTOH ES, GO CHAINS, SEALS, KEYS, I.OCKETS, and aU other choice c??od?,for a lew day#. 1 have ju?t reoeived a hue assortment of new Goods, which I am prepared to aell at very tow price*. Pi ease call at 338 Perji. avenue, sigi of the large Sni end Facie. *e^?-tf H. O. HOOD. PROt'RF.SS IN THE FINE A KTsT pAI.NTl.N8 AND PH0T08rarhT CoMBINKtl. P HO TO G R A P hTc PORTRAITS. In Oil Color#, on Canvas, MutiATcai oa S:z* o? Lira. 8. WALKER'S PORTRAIT ASD PICTURE GALLERY. Odeon Hall, o?raer4>? at. and Pennsylvania avenue. S.WALKER hi* fitted up the above spaomas apartment* at & v*ry g ear outlsf of oap.ta., thereby rtnderinc h % fitahlish.viMiuC one of th? rnrtt covyi p'.ete anohaiW'aoTOe in U.e erhole e ntry. He has a large Gallei ? Utt/rtt trhihttiou o; "pward ef 30u line Oil Paintug*. I>> aome of the best anciesit and modern milkier ?, to wh:oh be inteiide to add fresh importntiona. :4. Walknp l.asalao fcit?*l upa com - plete suit of roosTi*, with private rr?l>iag rfment# for lad>ea.and puronased the free* p?"Se*r>l? ustru inert a. arai wneage?l a brat cas# operative auiaf to assist hun in the ?V rartment lot takjuc all k.nds A PHOTOGRAPHIC. AMHRftTVPP AND DA Gt'EK R F.OTVpE PORTRAITS. tr>j* ttie smallest n.inialurt le ntf of <1Jr. S. Waj r r. by oembining the Photogmphio Prc cess with tne art of Painting, of which be has had 25 years' experience and wi.ose specimens of iil'e sixe port Suts mat be seen 111 some of the 6r#t fami lies of tf*?e city, as well a# those exhibited in his G-i.iery, h a will be &?. e. t/y the oombmatioa of tne two, to pr?.dnoe port raits Miat have never been ex celled for their fideht) ni.d life-likeex?re##ion. Csr vas and jM?trd# prepared If himself expressly for tne purpoie. P-.rtien i.r rttention patJ to tte painting of Por traits. Miniature or life #:xe, from small pictures of d'.rrnstii t'ri, n-ii. Plwtoenfkt tatcen from eorp#eg, or tick persons tal^en at th ?ir own resideroe#, on immediate notiee. Coti.mitr?-*es and ciasse# taken in an* number in groups, and anv quantity of 00: ie# from tne #ame sold at re.isonaale rharares. Likenesses painted on Copper for Toml> Stones. Valuable (et! Paintings, and Old Fama* Portraits cnreful'.y he ok lined and restored to their ongua*! freshness. Indies and gentlemen are respectfully so. 101 ted to oall at the Gallery, over Shilhagton's book store entrance 0>a street, two door* from Pennsylvania ?nmn*. |?ll Aw CH1N NA. GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE. W R. H. MI LLER. SON A CO., IMPORTERS. Alkxahdria, Va.. illave received two instalments of theirf fall cuppue* from the F^nglish PottenesA and will oontinue to receive accessions to their stock till the business season sets in.4 H. M iLLKR, Son ft Co. can assure their friends ard customers that thetr stock shall he of the most desirable ci^scnpti'n, end that their urines will a m ? pare lavontbly with tho?e of an) desiers in their line in ar.voth?-r market in the ( rute<l States. R. H. Millxk, Son A Co. have prepared thsn se.vcs to offer to mtrchnnt* every luduoemenl to make their purchaset in their line. WINDOW GLASS. Thev have Just reoeived via Antwerp and New York, from ti.e great inanuiactory ?d" "R?nx," New Brusselis, I Ifi !>oxes French Window Glass of supe rior quaiiU and of different thicknesses, whioh they have imported under such cireumstanoe# as to enar le them to oiler a superior artioie at very moderate U?ieee a? 21 tf EW GROCERY, WINE, AND " ~ " LIOC'R FTORF. The subscril?er tiers to inform Ins fne .saud the public, that he has opened a N EW STOKE, corner of 12!h street and Jjouitiana avenue, where he in tends to keep eonatantly on hand a large and \-aried assortment of Foreign and Domestic WIN ES. LI - QL'ors, CIGARS, and FINK GROCERIES, Ooncuting of Fine 1 cas. Sugar.Coffee, Flour. Soap, Olives, K Mains, Figs. Sardines. Auckovios, Otard, Marrett L. C<?? Piuet A Co., and Co!. Clalsnl'* llmndiesin cases, demijohns, and eaeks. Old Ja maica Rum. Sherries. Madeira, Pott of various de scriptions, St. Juliet. Curet, Chateaux Margaux in eases. Chair p;tgtie Cider, Brandy Fruits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Aninsetter Marasohino, Curaooa. Al'6vnthe, Champa#ne, snd a large and varied de sonpt.on of Havana Cigars. Also. Stoughton Bitters, snd Fever and Arte Bitters. Porter, Aie.and Cider. Families, arc particular!* invited to call and exam inethe stock t?efore purchasing elsewhere. Mem ber# of Congress are also informed that their orders will l>e promptly attended to. and delivered at their residences at the short eat notiee. A general assortment of fine Havana Cigar#, :m ^>rted direct by the subscriber, at wholesale and re Canal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and proOuoe taken in exchange. . . Levy's Oid Whiskey, oi?n#tantly on hand,of lc#n. Country order# ruuetuallx atteiwed to, and ooun try produoe of alj dc#onptions received on ooi,#na ment, JOIi An r. LP#? l ( i?g-tf No. VA Twelfth street. d^OODS FOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTES. R H 4TILLER. S<?N A CO.. will sell alt utfifSS"?v*kk! heretofore, :?>?d receive in payments notea of arsv ??f the Virginia Bank# ?exoept the Bank of Ksnanway #t per. Any and sll debts due them, can be paid la Out tame currei.ct# with tkirai to snob of liifeif debtors as ohoote to avail thtiMoives of this prop ' fexandi'a. Sept. 7* se 9 tf ?/ROM LON D< ?\'The LandlWH of Colun>bs?, 1 by Capt. B**eclnii. rn>sl navy, &S.V) Structure and Funetiou!! of the Eye, by Spencer Thompson, M. D.. ? airues Character and l.ogtc of Poltttoal ?ceenmy ?1 JS Rifled Ordi :uice, 1 vol., p ates ^1.75 OwwoM's l?iefionar> of hyn?-n> mes and Paioc yroes,50ccmts . B< mi well's John?en:, enlarged edition, 4 ro.s., manj engravings. . Crooke'# Waxed-paper prooe## in Paotofraplo. 7^cents Life and Service# ot Palmerstoa,, 1# The Rook of Ainenean Son^s^ST eents fj.;? M The Book of American ^ngs. ST cent# Bill's Constitution# ofthe flntl#h >I lake* 's Poli'ical Lite-aturo th- earn time#, 1 vols., Imported per laat st.aiAsr. ba > FRANCR TAVIOR for ONE SPLENDID PIANO. aUno#t new. #IJ0. Call aad see it at the Musie De ? W. O. MrT^RROTT.n'^W asl* aorree of 11th street sad IS. nw. AMfftKn WF.W GOODS at MrLAl'^H ?? " LIN'S, No. 3* Pe. aveaqe. between 8th and Mix Hum, t?