Newspaper of Evening Star, November 12, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 12, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL 1 INTELLIGENCE. Tin Richmond Cl'?to*-H<iC*e Robbkbt.? The Richmond Whig of yesterday ?"?V* : rh* rnmmtiioii ol William Somerville, c\xo-z ?& with burglariously entering tbecuMom hou*e, arid *te?iing money then from. was com before the Hu?lin^ Court yesterday An e*ltao?dinary episode occurred during the p-n-'res* of the investigation. Officer Bos.*, of \\ i?hiii?t?ii. In bin testimony, explanatory of the confession ?f Somerville. stated that he ap nro4< bed the prisoner. nearthe Powhatan IIouse, wtiil** he w:ii in e?i*tndy of Hffl'"*' Morni, and iu*tead of Ixtinji repulsed with a frown, a# he expected, he was greeted with a ?mile of recog n'non by the prisoner. They shook hands, wuked lo -.he Courl-IIouse steps, and witness remarked that they (the officer*) had mcf with tfuod lurk that Ptilling had shown where the money had ?>een serreted. and that some tlfteen thousand dollars had heen recovered Somer ville then voluntarily Mid that he had t*een led Into the ?rrape by Pulling?that it was hi* tlrst oflence, Ac.. Ac. The questiou was a^ked by Judge Crnmp. prisoner's roamrl: ? Did you not say to Somerville in effect, after apprizing him of the recovery of the money, that you knew all. and he Lad Iwter make a clean breast of it*' Officer Hos* emphalically and positively denied having made such a remark, or anything approaching to it ?? Officer Morris, of the Richmond police, wa> then examined lie deposed that after the r? cog nition between Hoss and Sou.erville, and the re mark about the finding of the money. Boss con tinued the conversation by saving to Somerville that Pilling H<i l imformtd h>m that this was the tirst robbery in which he?Soinerville?had been engaged, that bis ($.'*) wife was sick at Charles ton", etc , and if it was all true. he. Boss, was was very sorry for hiin The witness was then proceeding to detail a further confession ntade bv Somerville at the jail, when he was checked by Judge Crump, who objected to the evidence a* inadmissible, on the ground that Boss had employed ?' solicitations'' to influence the pris oner. and induce a confession from him He ad diessed the Court for some time in support of this proposition, and incidentally discharged an unparalleled vollev of invective against officer Boss , at least, it b** uever been our fortune to a more scathing and merciless excoriation. He charged him with wilful. deliberate.false hood, in stating that Somerville had himself dis ? losed facts, which were communicated by r,> Somrmll' .(if Officer Morris is to lie believed ) as information received by Boss from Pulling. The C ourt overruled the motion to exclude the further testimony of Officer Morris, and he then completed his deposition, stating nothing in ad dition to the facts already in possession of our leaders The Couit then adjourned until 10 o clock, a. in , to day. The N iw IIorsE Hall?An extra force of hands are now employed in the new House Hall. ;n constructing the Speaker's seat, and the desks of the clerks and reporter*, which are being made of Italian and Tennessee marble, and are of the ni*>st exquisite and elaborate workmanship. The hall fi?*?r is being car|>eted by J. Thompson, up holsterer. The carpet is of American manufac ture, and comes from Boston: it is of appropriate pattern and color*, conforming to the general c haracter of the room. The gallery seats are being grained, in imitation of mahogany Spe cimens of the beautiful bronze railing for the side stairways have just armed at the receiver's office from Messrs Cornelius A Baker, of Philadelphia; they are placed in the new agricultural commit tee room The Speaker's retiring room is to be th* great feature <>f the new south wing; it is to be finished of iron entirely. The pier* of the eastern porticoes are com menced. and considerable progress has been n.ade in their construction. The connecting cor r dors advance upward with due speed If i? in tended to have the south corridor completed for the use of the member*, in passing from the old Capitol to this wing, during the coming session The heavy iron plates composing the exterior eoruice of the new Dome liegin to arrive; the iron work for this part of tb<- dome is done by Messr*. Brl>ee A Co., of New York, and is executed in their usual style of excellence. Fi*s o> Capitol II ill ?A tire broke out yes terday afternoon, ah "lit 2 o'clock, in an alley leading from B street, Capitol Hill, iu two brick stable*, belonging to Mr J . I'nderwoodand Col. Butler, which were filled with coals in the base ment and hav in the loft* They were consumed to the walls tcefor* the Columbia Kire Company, which, a* usual, was on the spot with great promptness could arrive. They proceeded, how ever, to sxtinguish the tlames, thereby preventing the fire from communicating to any of the sur rounding buildings The origin of the fire is not known.out it is supposed to be the work of an incendiary. Suspicion attaches to a black cart driver, who Is employed by some contractor for street grading, and ha* use of the stables for sometime past. After the fire had Wen extin gii*hed. the meinliers of the Company were in vited by Capt. Dunninv'ton to his house, where they partook of such hospitalities a* the sudden ness of the occasion would admit of The Com pany then adjourned to the east Capitol grounds, where some time was spent by them in testing the forcing capacities of their neat little auction. CtBt rii Cocki ?During yesterday the Court w.i* engaged as u?nal in the case of Jones against Ixrmott The instructions prayed for by Mr. Brent, counsel for defence, having oeen granted, a* stated in yesterday's issue, the argument was gone into, ou the part of the plaintiff, by M r Maury. who spoke m the case al>out an hour and a half, and was followed by Mr. Brent for de fence. who addressed the Court for one hour ?inor to their adjournment, but did not conclude l?:? argument. This morning the Court met at the usual hour, aud Mr. Bicnt took up the subject where it had l?en dropped. He was rugaged in addresaiug the Couit when this report closed. It is understood that, when Mr. Brent'* argu ment closes, lie will I* followed by Mr. Carlisle /or idaintitT. who will close the case. It is not likely, however, that it will get to the jury be i .re some time to-morrow \o doubt the closing up of the matter, which has been so long pro tracted. will be a great relief to all concerned. The assignment* for to-morrow are the follow ing case, 1,753. 111. 415. 1,567, lttt. 132, 133. 1,*C, J*il. 17- 1UII, 134. 31.33, 31, II, 13. ?>5, 75. ?1, ?7. VU. 111. V7. The Kiveh ?There were no arrival* at the wharves this morning, and business is confined print pally to the unlading of various coal and lumber vessels which have arrived within tbe last few davs. Oyster punga* al*ound also, and tiundreds of bushels of oysters remain unsold, in consequence of the prevailing warm weather. Tha ow ner* of the principal wharves are en gaged in making active arrangements to have their wharves and do. ks put in apple-pie order ?luring the idle season, in o.der to be ready for resumption of business next spring. Along the margin of the water a heavy frost prevailed this morning, so thick that the boys were scrapiug it up into quite respectable snow balls, v* ith which they weie pelting each other in fine style. We understand thnt, notwithstanding the prev ale nee ol a dense fog oil lb* liver last night, th? mall steamei Baltimore arrived up at the wharf dl tbe usual hoift this morning . <?? IIr??i Roc* the Ckaul*, Liddy !"? It be come* our painful duty to announce (hat a Is.uneing Nnby ha* actually l>een born, in due ? ouise of time, unto Dr. and Mr liasbrouck. The former will lie rememliered as the Star's lair. br"*M-eyed and piquant little correspon dent. wTi-? us* d to peiauitiulate Pennsylvania avenue, wearing tbe Bloomer bre?? lies, and lo lecture on Ike lights of women aud the wioubs of men so eloquently in Temperance Hall, on k street Who tuat drank in her words of wisdom (without peeping Into her devil-may-care woman ;sb I oimtenaiM e for a" that) would fiave imagined ttiat the Lkm-i or could have a< tually conde*<-end? d lo have a baby, and that, too, "square up lo time/' as tbej say iu spirting ? ircb**. D??;tor ! |><jctor ' Doctor ' 1 we blush to record the fart, (bat your entrancing philosophy failed to prove si Br lent to save you from going the?way of ?>ther fle?h feminine Jr\k.siLE I'lco IfoLtss ?A lopcctable per s?>n write* us as follow* Editor of th' Star .'?Please i all the attention of tbe police to a gang of l*oys who usually a* se 1*1 hie near Seventeenth street. Iwtween I and K every afternoon, to play bandy and to impose on Letplei* colored persons ; no age is spared. Not Ion/ since a |*>or old colored mvn was l>eat by these hoy?, and it i* usually for these younir Plug I ^lics to ainuse themselves?after their games ? on their way home, by running down lielplcs* colored children and iieating Ihem A few eve ning* since a body of these young rowdies com ing up I street to the corner of Kighteentb street, and seeing a colored >H?y standiug not far from Li* father's residence took after him and liefore he could get Inside the gate he was beat down with their handy clubs The cries of this poor boy might h? hea:d for a considerable distance mm* l.tli est ? night.Tboinas Richards, col ored, was arrested for stealing a pair of boot*, tbe property of Mr. Hriel, and was locked up in the guard-house until this morning, when he w is sent to jail for court by Justice Donn The ls<ut( were made for a gentleman with a short leg, the heel of one boot being much higher than the other. ? 1 s*i*Lyix Lii>v.?Last night, a young man named Jauies M Johnson was arrested by Capt. VIills for following and insulting a lady near Krowns' Hotel. The lady railed upon the Cap tain for protection, arid went out upon tbe street and pointed out Johnson as the person Johnson was sent t? the workhouse for W day* by Justice Dona Cents* Mabktt ?This morning, there was a full attendance of country and other dealer*'; but the demand was not very brisk. A lot of country l*rk *'? oflVied at the scale house at f8 per cwt Pork is not brought to the market in very la'ge quantities yet. it l?eiitg too ear'y in the season *t the hay stand the supply >*'as fcood, and the Crice* ranged from SI cents to #1 tii per cwt- f. r ay; fi'2 to bO cents for stiaw The prices at the stands have not mate, ially alter* d since Tuesday. Good order was preserved throughout market hours. Beef, fresh pr lb. l^Shlpetutt.. 45r70 Pork 12 Mutton ? ??? 12 Lamb.prqr .75al 00 Sausage, pr lb.... 12* I.ard 16 Veal J 2s 15 Beef tongues 75a?l Calves heads ,each 25 Bacon..... 16al8 Shoulders 14al5 Breast pieces .... Ifi Dried beef Is Chickens, pr pair. 5<ia?5 Corm d salmon... 15 Herring, per doz.. '20a: 11 Terrapins, each... 37 Irish potatoes, pk. 37 Sweet potatoes, pk '25 Corn, pr bush.... ^0a90 Corn, ear, pr bush. 10a45 pr bush.... S' Rye, pr bush 75a-<0 Oats 40a4.'> Meal S7a5*J Shorts 25 F.ggs, per dot.... 1?a20 Roll butter 25a.11 Phil'a print 40 Honey, per lb.... S5 Kg? plants 3a4 Onions, per pk... 3 Cabbage, prLead. G Apples, pk 25a5" llcets, per bunch. 3 Carrots 2 Turnips, per pk .. 2tl Chestnuts, pr qt.. 10 Turkey, each 97aSl Geese, each 75a$l Rabbits, each.... bi?2a Ducks?Canvas... SI.50 Mallards 75 Red Necks 75 Shufflers 50aC'2 Widgeons 50a62 Small 37 Sturgeon cuts .... 12a50 Rock, per bunch.. 25 Trout 25 Taylors 25 'I n* W eather?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon, Nov. 5, to this morning : Morning. Noou. Night. Thursday ? 505 02? Friday 5SP 62 6tt Saturday 5"* tJ9 6b Sunday tki 71 70 Monday .................. C9 73 70 Tuesday 51 51 4(i Wednesday 39 4H 42 Thursday................. 3f? ? ? Average heat of each day from Nov. 5th to 11th, Inclusive: Nov. 5th, 52?; Cth, ?>2J 01; 7th, 05?; bth. I>9 ; 9th, 7?>W; 10th. 493 01 ; 11th. 43'. KrmarL*?Nov. 5th?cloudy with showers, milder at end; 5th? cloudy with showers, calm, much milder; 7th?heavy fog. calm, got out hue, milder with lightning at NW. at night; Hh? lightly cloudy, calm, warm and pleasant, show ers alter sunset with lightning, mildei; 9th? cloudy, warm and air damp; loth?cloudy after blustering and showery night, got out tine and clear with a cold N W wind; 11th?sharp rime frost, clear, calm and cool; 12th?sharp rime frost and heavy fog, colder. First quarter moon Tuesday, Nov. 21, between 12 and lam. B. Glop^ctou k. D. C , Nov. I}, is.57. Brutal Attack ani> Roubkrv ?Mr. William Smith, of the firm of J . G. Smith ic Bro., wood and lumber merchants, wa> passing up Pennsyl vania avenue, last night, between teu and eleven o'clock, and stepped into a groggery kept by a man named Birch. lictween Second and Third streets, for the purpose of collecting an account A crowd of some twenty persons of a notorious character were present, and oue of the party called biiu out of the house He went out, and the crowd followed him, and as soon as he got out of the door he was struck over the head with a billy in the hands of one of the party. The blow stunned litin for a moment, and as he was staggering and atraut to fall, he was seized from behind bv some one, who clasped him aroui.d the at ins and held him up while a uuiiil>er of the parly beat hirn with billies, and cutoff his .right ear with a knife While in this condition he was lobbed of his pocket book, containing ?Hf>. That i.lor!pi?, time-houored, and every where respected military company the Wash ington Light Infantry, give their twenty-llrst annual ball at Carust s Saloon on Monday even ing. Nov 23. To the accustomed Washington ball-goers we need not say a word more, but to sfanj'ers ai.d to those just coining upon the scene of action we will just drop the hint that the In fantry annual ball is invariably looked forwad to. and remembered afterward, as tk' ball of the year ' Prior to the opening of the tall, the Com pany will go through various regular and fancy maneuvers and the manual of arms. Not a few of our leaders will remember what an inteiest i:ig feature of the Infantry's last annual ball was this drill. Withers' lull band has l>??en engaged for the occasion. For oth?-r particulars we refer the reader to the advertisement in another columu. J a k RJiT t s Mammoth Railroad Excursion to-morrow night to Baltimore (and Burton) bids drain the city of its population, for It is beyond human nature to resist the opportunity to make the round trip to Baltimore for ?l 50. es pecially when it includes an opportunity to see such an actor as Burton in four of his l>est char acters. He will appear as ??Toodle*;"' ' Megrim" in "Blue Devils;*' and as "Joe Baggs'' and "Madame Vander pints" in ''Wanted One Thou sand Milliners." Henry C. Jarrett, the manager and originator of this novel trip, must certainly l>e voted a public benefactor. For information as to the details of the trip, we refer our readers to the advertisement in auother column. Accident from Gunpowder?Sunday night several little l?oy* in the Fifth Ward were amus ing themselves by tiring a toy cannon, and burn ing miniature trains of gunjiowder. Two of them, sons of Mr Hooj?er, were burned by the unexpected explosion of the powder while they were standing over it. Their clothing, hair, faces and caps were bu- ned?a warning to the n ami others not to meddle with such dangerous articles The powder was obtained by a lad, who, thoughtlessly, gave it to the little fellows to use. Caught Ar. vis.?Jim Clagett. a darkie well known to the Police and Guards for his mischie vous pranks and diso'derly liehavior. and who has managed to escape from the workhouse three times within a few months, was caught again night by the Special Police, under the Cap tain of the Auxiliary Guard, and this morning was sent back to his old quarters, to serve out his old turns, with an addition ofOodaysfor his dis orderly behavior last night. Jim took things easy, expecting, probably, an opportunity for a speedy escape The Concert To-.nigiA\?The town topic of conversation to day, and which completely dis places for the time being the exciting subjects 0/ ' Kansas, ' "Nicaragua," and "the banks," is the debu? of Miss Juliana May. The indications are that the audience will comprise more persons of note than were ever liefore gathered in a Wash ington conceit room. A **n narn?-d Cook has l?eeii found guilty in th?* Alexandria Court of assault with intent to kill John Carter, a circus man He was sen tenced to imprisonment in the county jail for 30 davs and to pay a tine of S30. Sale ?-r Srocs.?Ten "hares, preferred sbek. Orange ami Alexandria Railroad Company, were sold yesterday, at auction, for ?-'34 pei share; par value 050 -fiazttt-. Watch Returns ?Hast lock up- Lewis Cul ver, N. V , vagrant; workhouse :W* days. Owen McGce, Ireland, drunk ; dismissed John Fitz gerald. Ireland, drunk and disorderly ; tine and costs, *3 94 Alloc White, Ireland, do.; dis missed Central guard-house?Thus Kachards, Md .colored, steillng; jail for Court. Conrad Yost, Germany, drunk and disorderly ; tine and costs, ?3 II F.dward Hall, colored. Md.. disor derly and profanity; workhouse 90 day*. Aquilia Barton, colored. D C , disorderly; workhouse90 days Jame< ,\| Johnson. Ireland, disorderly; workhouse !<? days. Jas. P Clagett. colored, Md . unlawful assembly and fugitive; workhouse '.Si days Jos. Burgess, do , do.. do ; do. Win. Moody, colored, D C . do ; do. Thomas Kin^', colored. D C , drunk and disorderly; tine and costs, #1 44. Philip McMann*, Ireland, vagrant ; 90 days John McAlliston, Ireland, do . do. Kight lodgers, with a single exception all fioni abroad. Pl??os*L.?Thratr cai,.?Several young ten lleiuen mid Ladies are wanted to join a resident Company. To those desirous of en term* the Dramatic Profession an excellent oppor turutj i? now sdorded to do so. Address Mana ger M erRoeoi.iTan Theatkk, Post Odice. Box 14H, Waahliitfton, 1). C. n Ift 3t" DIED, In Georgetown, on the nth instant. MARY A LICK, daughter of C. F.and Mar* K. Phillips, a*ed tl uioutlis sic! IO(Ja>a. Our Al)'s gone, and now in heaven, She sine* his pra se wlio died for her ; For in her Itand a harp is kivoii. And she's s heavenly worshipper. On :he Iltli instant, after a short, Imt painful ill ness. which she ts?ro w ith christam lortitude, M rs. CAiHaKINK KING. in the 7o?h year of her age. Siiedied 111 lull hope of a htisslul immortality. The friend* ant) relstix esof the family are respect fnll) invited to attend her funeral To-morrow Kve rung, at 3 o'clock, from her late re*idence. 011 M street, hetwdc-n l?tli aiid JS th streets, witiiout further ttotioi* Dearest Mothe*. thou hast lrft us. Here th* loss w* deeply feel. But 'tis God that ha'h l??reft us. He cmail our s >rrow heal. SCISSORS, MIRRORS. POWDKR BOXKS. Ac., at GIHMS'S Hair Store, near 13th street. Pa. ave., and at his Salesroom, under Willards'. nln 3m OOK l\ AT Mcl-AUGHLIN'JS. No. Jn, bet ween ? J H'h and 9th 111* l?rg? ttuck of new Goods now opoiufli. 1" I | G E O R G H T O W N AFFAIRS? CmiifMiiati of TktSlar. Gkokoitcw*, Nov. 1-2. 1957. The Sabbath School Convention, held in the Dumbarton street M. E. Church yesterday. was tolerably well attended-there bfino about fifty eat" ' Th). n ,,P*r,'ntendents. and delegates pres of tlJmf! ,JoL" Lan.ihan, Presiding tlder \Va?ih (Potomac) presided, and Mr. school. ik ***craUnr. The reports froin the school* throughout the District showed quite an ?.in Kate 0f ,h,"K"- A ""m^r Jf li.ter esMng spee.-h** upon the subject of Sabbath i .r . V W're, dfIlver<-d on the occasion; and. af* . i . harmonious and interesting session of s?ve tf. .1 \v' !he c?nv,"n?'0'> adjourned, to meet the \\ esley Ch;ipei. Washington, on Friday evening next. We barn that one of the main object* of the Convention is to secure, If possi ble, afternoon sessions of the schools. We regret to say that, for some time past, we have discovered a reckless and lawless spirit raaiufestiiitf itself anion;; many of the young men, youths and boys, of our town. It Is far from !*? m^an uncommon thing to see manyof this class, during the early hours of the night, prowling about the streets?either wholly or party intoxi cated?rendering night hideous with their vul garity and disgusting yells. The practice ../car rying deadly weapons is also becoming too com mon, we I hi uk, for the good of society; and the sooner our Corporate authorities take the mutter in hand and enact a stringent law for the sup pression of these serious and growing vices, the better it will be for the community Against selling intoxicating drinks to iiMiiors. we believe there has for many years been stand ing on the records of the Corporation a pretty stringent law; but we incline to the belief that it has become a dead letter, from the fact that not withstanding it is repeatedly violated, we have yet to hear of the lirst instance in which the law has been enforced. Those who sell deadly weapons to either youths or boys, we regard as being more culpable and guilty of a more serious offence against society than the violators of the law before mentioned, and ought to lie held to a rigid accountability by every parent and good citizen in the community. Cases have come to our knowledge during the last day or two where the venders of dangetous and deadly weapons i^e disposed of them to boys ten or twelve years old. Such conduct we regard as perfect outrage ous, and unless they desist in the future, we i?u hfsitatingly say that their names should be given to the public. The public should take.sueh steps as would compel I hem to desist from such con duct in the future, or else scout them from the community hi which they are sowing the seeds for so luaiiv serious evils. We sincerely hope that our corporate authori ties^ I take the matter in band, and put a stop o it, by enacting some such law as they now have in force in our sister city, and also one im posuig a heavy penalty upon the venders of tire arms and other daiigeious weapons, for seiliii" 'hem to minors I'uless something of the kind IS speedily done, our town will, we fear, soon be, oiue the battle-ground for other rowdy spi.its than thiise we already have among as: and Cod knows wc are tormented with too many, by far, a -eady 1 heJaws now in force in Washington will deter sik h spirits from their villany in cit\. and we have reason to fear that our streets will besought as the place, by contending or rival parties, to settle their piques and animosi ties and they may soon become disgraced by such scenes as have frequently of late been en Actea in that city and in other quarters We have been requested to call the attention of our city authorities to the fact that in one or two places the water flows over the road leading to the Little F alls Biidge, and miles* some provi sion is made to remedy the matter before cold weather sets in, ice may form at these points suf ficient to cause kuiiu serious accident, and involve our Corporation in heavy damages "b00""" Einbark Dor,olio, Philadelphia, to Hyde & Davidson, Alott Bedell. .V w \ oik. to I eter Berry; schooner Southerner. I* fevie. Baltimore, lumber to Libby A. Son i\'fhaiMt", or *lai" ?>*'ktts since our 1 ?in( Kut little of either arriving. s GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEM'TS. ffOR SALE.-A pair *>f hne young MULES, only hve > ear* old next spring. Tlier^. are perfectly gentle, and work freely in an\ lfk kiml of harness. >old because the owner R94 ha? no puiplot iiiout lor thiiu. luauireof Tw iPsih I T,-V^A'N' "c*r Trimly^*** hurciii, (?rtor<etown. q l^-^w p I K K I M s l' K A M C E. I'srties u^iiinj; Insurance on Property in the District of ( olumhis. - without the limits of Wash inston and Georgetown.! ?in be accommodated in a Ilu MH r",n,,,!,ie Mutual of Montgomery county, Md.,1 upon application to um * . ?,)v'lALBERTKIXOi " l?'ht Agent, 35 Huh street, Georgetow n. I HE FIRST GRANDANNTAL BALL OF Loffan Tribe, No. 8, I. 0 H. M., ? . or Georgetown, \> i ! take place at h orrest Hall, on TUESDAY .... November 17th, 1HV7. * ii. . PJ Arrans'-rnents, and membersof Ilia 1 rilie. pledge themselves to spare no ef- r<X loits upon iltHir part to make tins one of the SaM ? Most interesting ami agreeable entertainments or Mi? season. LjiKk The Order are fraternally invited to participate with us ujh.ii this leatal ..i mhcii. To our friends we extend the warm hand of welcome, and cordially with us ,ei" l? " f8 th? ,,lea,,nre,, of Die evening Tickets can lie procured from the Comnutteeor any member of the Tribe; als-., at the door. Excellent Cotillon Music In* been engaged. ii f l it , . ^7oor Managers. 1.0.1. Hugh Latham. p. g. S. I. T. Bradley, James Dunavan. i? < t n ArraHgtmentS. nMiJt U"lg' J,>l,nScotti Win. Donaldson. VIISS CHRISTIE JOHNSON, i ? , TEACHER OK riLOCI'TION, Is desirous of forming CUsses in Elocution in the ,n ^ ashing ton, and will give instruction to pmate pupils m that city and in Georgetown. .Miss Johnson wi'l give lessons to youths and pro feshional gentlemen. ' i Harrover's(formerly Miss Eng ' I ?? l-einsle Seminary, corner Washington and I .... : ?? aaiiinjjUMJ ttUU tiHj tjeorxet<?wii. For further information and circulars apdIt at Blanchard fc Mohuu's R.iokstore. ?? ... .. ? Rkfrkencks. Mrs. \\ illiarn F. Kitclue. Richmond, Va. .He\: i'. ii1 ? Washington, D. C. D^fton Tyler, M. D., Georgetowft, D. C. <?c.j I -1fn FOE RENT AND 8ALE. For other" For Rent and Sale" notiees net Istpagt. "%1RS, WILLIAMS, on nth street, near Ph. ave i*? ''"?'.hVi.- on ,.tJe ,ee"n<l A?or. a large and small KOOM, both well turnished. communicating, and lighted with gas. which she will let, \? ith or without lioard.on reasonable terms. n ll-3t* BRICK STABLE FOR RENI'.-a Carriage House anil Stable for t wo horses, centrally ioca teu, can lie had on applicatmn at this office, n ll-3t* LfOR SALE.-Tli? STOCK and PIXTUKKS*/ ?? retail Grocery Store, now doing a good busi ness, will lie sod on accommodating terms, the present proprietor intending to change his business. Apply, for fur her information, at ?il F street, n 11-Iw* 1^'"^ R EN I. A CO I I'AGE HOI*SE, contain* ? jng seven roHiris, with flower garden attached, on Vw \ ork avenue, near New Jersey avenue.and in tin- vicinity of Senator Pouglat' property at ?l?.5n per month. Apply to WM, POWELL."lfib \< w Y oik avenu v. ni(?3t* tfOR RE\ TOR LEASE.?A large and com m<> 1 dious doulne HOLSE, with water, gas. and latii room, wiaeli house, stabling, ami oriiamenta' garden. I he house is elegantly furnished, and in I lie most central ami desirable location. The house wi.l l.e leased, with the furniture, for a term of years to a good tenant, very reasonably. Kor particulars spplv to \\ M. \\ ALL, of \\ all. Stephens A Co., lU: I a. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. ii in I hi ^J.^DEl) HOUSE For SALEok rent. a I he House eontains thirteen rooms. The Fur "* ''""'some, of the best quality, and new. W ill ba sold or rented xeprirately or together. Apply on the prtmiises. No. Missouri avenue, in;tween and i.ih streets. Ii4-lm* |/0|{ R ENT.?A mislern built ID?l SK, contain ? nig elevttiii rooms. The house is on Cth street, tiel ween Dand E streets, in the best location hi the < I'y. heateil l>v furnace and lighted with sas Ad PU IoTHOVTaS PARKER. n t 2W 1/ 1NDLING WOOD. SrPKRiEM'us of Charcoal. , W^lr? n??w ready to furnish the best rosin PINE >voojj split and 8*w<d in short pieces expressly lor kin'l.inj.wlii' h forcconomy,cleanliness,and con venience has no eipial. Stove woorl sawed and split in per cent cheaper Ihan the usual rates. . , COA L?COAI.?COAL. Schooner Chanccford, now silost with White Ash Kgg C'isI.a.nwitons. Wst Schuylkill and Lackawana G'ljyL to arrive within a few weeks. i. J" Terms casii. Ail orders should be accompanied with the money or tha monevread\ when the fuel is delivered. Con! 2,^40 ILu. to the Ion. All uiutar cover. v ? . T. J. A W. M. GALT. Northwest comer of iJth aud C sts.. No. M, one square south of Penn.ave. f ii H N T (J F MUNTK CH R IST<>. 2 vols.; #T~ V' I)u?ry of a Medical Student, h> \\'arren;5n cents. Pickwick Abroad, by Reynolds; yieents. George or the Planter of tho Isle of France, by Reynolds; V> cents. Tim Gipsy Chief, la Reynolds; Vicents. Brian O'l.iiin.or Tnek is everything, by Maxwell; 61 cents. Koheit Urto e, or the Hero King of Scctland. by Reynolds y*ceuts. W allace, the Hero of Scotland, by Reynold*; 5u cunts. Sons of Malta Excosed ; 13 cents. " FRANCK TAYLOR. M R EE PI A NO^p made by Roaenkrantc of Ge? man*, for sale very low. We nccept?d_;?K^ these 1'ianos in p.irt oavment for new onesfc last week, mid are able to sell them at very "ll If' greni liargaiiis. Also, four other Pianos,?2 at $25 eacli. one at .*37, ntul one st #75. For sale or hire upmi very easy terms, at our great Piano establish ment, No. 3Ji p?. av., bciweeu ?th and lutii sts. n? JOHN F. ELLIS. """OS ch^per ? McLAL'OH L|.N '9 Mi) yi^er pits#. Q10 AUCTION" BAT.iffi By WALIi 4 BAKNARD, Auctioneers. GOOP VVORK HORSE AT AUCTiON-On SATURDAY MORNING, Uth hut., at li> o'clock, in front of the Store, wo win sell a good B.*y Horse; works and rides well; is nine > cars old, and *old fur no fan It. u!2 f WALI. A BARNARD. Aucts. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Trustees* sale of valuable prop erty.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Alex ander Tonnet and wife, dated the 27th day of August, 1855, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 1I?. fo lios 364, A c.. one of the land reoords for Washington County in the District of Columbia, the subscriber

will sell, on MONDAY. November 16,at 4o'clock p.m., on the premises, all that piece or parcel of Ground situated in the City of \\ ashington. and known and described as part of Lot numbered two (2) in subdivision of Square numbered two hundred atd twentv-eight (228) fronting twenty-five <?5> feet on D street,runniug back sixty-five(65) feet, to gether with the appurtenances, right, privileges, and other hereditaments thereunto belonging. Terms: One-third cash; (of which ?'550 must be paid on the spot,) balance in 6 and 12 months. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Conveyancing at purchaser's expense. E. C. MORGAN, I Trustee* ALFRED SCIILCKING s ?">????? octn-lnwts a. GREEN. Auctioneer. JCTTHE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY POST poned until further notioe. E. C. MORGAN. ( Trn?tl>f>^ ii 12-lt A. SCHUCKIN'G.S JJAM8! HAMS!! HA MS!!! We have a choice lot of Family.cured HAMS, whick are unsurpassed in excellence. KING A BURCHELL, ?e24 Corner of Vermont avenue ami IWh street. j^OTlCE TO HOUSEKEEPERS. C. R. L. CROWN A CO.. having received a large and well selected stock for the Fall trade, in vitea Housekeepers and those in want oflil Fl'RNITCKK ?r CROCKRRY WARK.Vpi to examine theirstock.asthey are determined I W I to sell to suit the times. V to sell to suit tiie times. Bank paper of the District taken at par. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., ocl6-tf No. &j7. corner of fith st.and Pa. av. IRGIN1A AND DISTRICT MONEY TAKEN AT PAR FOE BOOTS, SHOES, AND TRUNKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IRoNj HAM, COOT, SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT, Ftnmylcania avtnut, betu-ttn 9th ami li'lA tts. ?fWy-a I have just returned from the North B>Q I with a splendid assortment of all f 11 kinds of Ladies, Gentlemen.;, Mis ? si's. Boys'. Child reus', and Servants' BOOT'S and SHOKS. Also, a '.irge stock ?'f TRUNKS. CARPET BAGS, V ALICES. and SATCHELS, all of which I will sell lor tiie alane money. Call early, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S, se 30 Iron Hall. C ITY STEAM FIRE-WOOl) MILL. KniSOMV AStl CoSVKSIESrK. We aro now ready to deliver WOOD SAXVED and SPLIT at 2" per cent, less than the usual rates, and better prcpar.-d than it can be by hand. Knots and wood of inconvenient sixe not sent. All orders for less than half acord will bedelivered in erstes to any part of the house at no further ex panse to the purchaser. Pine wood in urates 35 cents. Oak wood do. 40 cents. In this part of our business we wiil oprn no ac counts. as we have come to the conclusion to make it exclusively a cash business. Also, on hand, HICKORY, OAK. and PINE WOOD and COAL of *11 kinds, which will be dis posed of on the usual accommodating terms. Now on the way ? One carco White Ash Broken Coal for furnace. One cargo White Ash Egg Coal for radiators. Coal 2,24" lbs. to the ton. All under eover. Orders promptly filled. T. J. A W. M. GALT. northwest corner of 12th and C s's.. No. 5t7, oc7-tf one square south of Penn. avenue. HERBERT'S" HORSE AM) HORSEMAN IP of the Cmted States and British Provir ces. intwo large volumes, numerously illustrated, now complete; price *fl? Subscriptions received far the publishers by ii 7 FRANCK TAYLOR. B OYS' CLOTHING.? 322 Pensylvania avenue, between 9th and loth streets. Bo\ s' J (veronal s Boys' business Coats Bo?h' Frookcoats B<>ys'Sack Ci>ats Boys' Roundabouts Roys' Jackets Hoys' Pantaloons Boys' I'ndershirts Boy'Shirts Boys' Vest* Boy s' Drawers. Ac., and all otherarticles of Boys' XXTearing Apparei of every grade, suitable for win ter ?er?ioe. at low prices for cash, n7 ?t WALL. STEPHENS A CO. ? TO FAMILIES. I CALI. attention to my supplv of SPENCE'S HOI-AIR COOKING RANGES, that heat the parlor al>ove and chambers like the Parlor Companion. For sale only at C.< Ww dward's Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory, Nos 3'Xand 332 Pcnns) ivania avenue, be tween lOthand ilth streets. N. B.?Hot-Air Furnaces of the latest improve ment rut up at the shortest notice. C. WOODWARD. r^OFFEE, MOLASSES, &o. 75 ba?f white and green COF PEE l?i lihds Porto Rico MOLASSES ?i.usilhs. New York BUCKWHEAT MEAL 3<? whole and quarter l?'xes R AISINS 5u Ixtxes New Vork CHEESE 2,000 lb>. CODFISH 2,(?K1 lbs. HAKE FISII 75 boxes scaled HERRINGS Just received and for sale liy n lt>-e.o3i .MilRR AV A SEMM N I) I BAST'S E XV EATING HOUSE. The undersigned desires to inform his friends and ^ __ the public, that he has leased ami thoroughly repaired audi fjEGBk refitted the premises on the 72TJ? comer of Pa. avenue and 6th 1 street, north side, formerly occupied by XX'in. XValker. and others, and so Ion* and favorably known ns the National Restaurant. The improvements and alterations which I have made, are on the most complete andample scale, and have been tarnished at great trouble and expense, an 1 I can confidently promise to present to those who may honor me Willi their patronage, accommo dations which cannot be surpai-sed. To gentlemen who wish apartments for private parties, I would state that I have also rented and fitted up for that purpose, the large and commodious house adjoining the corner, on 6th street, wlo-re their wants will l>e promptly attended to. On Sunday iny liar will, of course, be closed, but persons who desire them, can be supplied with their meals, as on other day*,at my Eating Rooms, in the house above mentioned, on Cth street, entrance sec oi d door aitove the avenue. I deem it proper here to state, that the whole es tablishment will be uuder my immediate supervis ion and oontrol. . . To those who ma* require the services of a F roach Cook, for entertainments of any kind, I would khj that 1 can furnish such upon short notice, and on reasonable terms. In fact, 1 wish to benefit the public. as we'I as ad vance Miy own interests, and I hope that my friends will extend tome such support as will enable me effectually to do so. Due notioe Will be given of the day of opening. P. M DUB A NT. I offer for sale the good will and fixtures. wi?h lease tor three years, of my old establishment, known as XX'ashington Hall Restaurant, together with the Rifle and Pistol Gallery. Its well known character renders it unnecessary to say anything upon the business advantages which it possesses, n Hi P. M. D. J A DIES, PLEASE RF:AD. Instead of selling the remnant of iny stock of FANCY GOODS at auction, I have moved it into my new Store,&ki Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, where I intend giving my customers and the public, generally, a chance to get great ba-gainsat auction prices. Call before you buy, and examine for yourselves. Very respectfully, R. C. STEVENS, Dealer in French Millinery and Fancy Goods, Ou24 3.16 Pa. ave.. bet. 9th and lOtti sts. IMPROVE YOUR EYES - STRENGTHEN I ami assist them-by the PARIS X OPTICIAN ?A Hooi.son wlio, jusf arrived from Europe, with his own manulaotu red,and also of a good iuan? other Opticians' latest improved SPECTACLES and EYK-G LASSES. Which are the PERISCOPIC CONCAVE and CONVEX BRAZILIAN CRYSTAL. DOUBLE FOCUS and POLISHED, which are warranted to improve ANY EYE effected with XVEAKENING CAT A R ACT or going to it. also SIIORTSIGHT EDNESS. Al persons that wear or those which need to be<iu to wear them will lie suited at first sight. Those wonderful double-polished Glasses received the very highest recommendation at the WORLD'S FAIR in PA R IS, through their pro ducing a olearing to the sight the best known till set. Also, all sty les of OPER A. SPX". aud MAGNI FYING G LASSES, Compasses, and Microscopes are lor sale at Ins store, corner of Eighth street and Pennsylvania avenue, or 491 Eighth street. Prices very reasonable, the same as he liad in his establish ment m Paris. n'.Mf_ SH A W LS'-SH A XV LS!!- SI! A XV LS!!! XX'e have just received a Inrge lot of Gentle men's SllAXVLS, from 3.i.50and upwards. XV A LI., STEPHENS A CO., n 5-3w 322 Pa. av.. I>?t. 9th and loth sts. JR. B. SCIIXVARZK, ? UKKKRAL. IlKALKKI PACKER AND P1CKLER OF OYSTERS, Corner of I2tti and E streets. Anylxejy in want of Oysters should ea!l at line place. n 5 Im OA niHl PEACH TREES. At tjiFlo tkr Hmrnu. For sale at my Nursery, near XX'asliington. The altove Trees are all of line growth, and of tlicja* best select fruit. Also, a general assortment of (1RNAMEN""" T\L, EVERGREEN, SHADE, and FRUIT T.tKF.S. n^-lm JOSHHA PEIWCW. \|1LITARY LAWS OF THE IJ. STATES.? i' 1 Those relstuiK to the A rmy. Marines, X'oluu teers. Militia, and to Bounty Lands and Pensions; third edition, by the late Capt. Hetzel, U. S. Army ; one octavo volume of 311 pages, with the rules aud articles of XVar, aud the constitution >>r the t inted States; price $1. or prepaid by mail $1.25. For sale, a few c?pie? only remaining, by n 3 FRANCK TAYLOR. Pea" nuts. 60bushels PEA NUTS for sale by JONAS P. LEVY, ? W4 17th street, rwirrer of B 1UBIN'S EXTRACTS,al! inlors. at GlBBS'S J Hair Store, near 13th St., aud at his Sales Room mider XVillards' hotel. n 9-3tn P1 Ii.? ^_R - G REENG1NGE* EKN li? VMHwii?nS AUCTION SALES. B* WALL 4 BARNARD, Auctioneer*. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPF.RTY AT A terms.--On TUKSU.U AFTtRNOiJN, the 17th instant, at 4>? u dock, we wfl ,eU. in front of tho pienjises, part of Lot Ji. la Square 250. fronting 16 foot oa l1'h street west. ktween U and I Mreetsnorth.aiid running bac* 96 feet to a tea feet alley. This valuable property i? improved with a good two-story frame dwelling house. back-build in n, wood sheds. & c.. awl is situated in one of the most beautiful and improving parts of the city. For an investment this tale otlersan excellent opportu nity, aa the property will command a food rent. Terms liberal and made knowr. at eale. n 11 ts WALL A BaKNaRP. Aucts. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By virtue of a dkkd of trvst to the aabacriber. bearing flate the 3d day of Sep tember, 1??l. and uul) reot.ied mthe l.anu Keeo'ds ol Washington conn y, in the District of Co umbi-i, I shall sell at public auction, on the premise*, on MONDAY, the 16th day of November, at 4 o'clock, p. m., l,ot No. S. in Square No. V4, l> nig in said Ct'v of ashington. and frontinr V? feet??inches on por'h M street, arid running hack h?i feet to an alle\ 2?f-et wide, which,by aide alleys, has an out let on $4tn and 25th streets. There is a neat two-story Frame ILmse on the Lot, which is nearly opposite the late Gen. Thomp son's residence, now owned by John K. Rceaije, ,aq. North M street is soon to be graded,and the neigh lx>rhood isimprovinr. Terms: One-third cash: halanoe in 0, 12, and 18 month", for notea hearing interest, and secured by a deed oft rust. Conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. R. R.CRAWFORD, Trustee. n 10-d A. GREEN. Auct. A Bv J AS. G. McGI IRE. Auctioneer. DMlNlSTRATORS' SAI.E OF FURN1 Tt RK **t> Household Effects,Sin ta \va.kk, &c.-On SATURDAY MORNING. Nov. Uih. at 10o'clock at tlie auciion rnomii of J. C. Mctjuire, we sha.l sell the personal estate of the late Stephen Cassin, compiling? Mahogany hair-spung Sofa, Rocker, and Parlor Cliatrs Marble top Pier Table. Looking Classes Mahogany Dining Tables, Card Tables fane and wood sent Chairs Brussels, Three ply. and other Carpets. Matting t?ilt Wi^dou Shades ar.d fixtures Silver plated (? lass and Crock err Ware About 2j" oiinuea sterling Silver Plate I'ottsge Beds, Bureaus, Washstands Festher Keds, Bolsters, Pillows, Mattresses, Ac. Together with the usual assortment of Kitchen requisites. Terms: Twenty dol'ars ar.d under, cash; over tlwt sum,a credit of three and six months, for sat isfactorily endorsed note*. Itcarinic interest. or der WM.RKDIN. WALTER S. COX. WM. P. MAULS BY, Adimnist rafor*. n !> Mid&di J \S. C. McGUlRE, Anot. I'BI.IC SALi; OF A VALUABLE FARM _ ix Oranor Cot'NTY. V a.?Having more land than I can cultivate, I will offer for snle. at public auction, on TCESDAY. the 17th day of November. 1857." Birch land." Win* m the County of Orange, on Mountain Kun, adjoining the lands of Hon. Jere miah Morton and others, nud containing three hun dred and seventy eight acres, about two hundred acres cleared and now la Clover, aud the remainder in original growth?well suited to trowing a tine qu.iliti of ToImcco. The Buildings have been erected within the last yean^aud suitable for farming purposes. I invite purchasers to examine for them selves. Having determined lo sell, I am disposed to sell a great Imrgaiii. For further particulars address J. J. Halsey, Mitt hell's Station, Culpeper County, or the under signed at Oiange Court House. oc 28-ts GEORGE A. SLEET. P VMRGIN1A AND OTHER PAPER MONEY TAKEN AT PAR ! CL0THING!-CLOTHING'-CLUTHING' CHEAP FOR CASH. MONEY SAVED AND FAIR DEALING, At 322 Pessitlvama Avem-i, bflirttit 9th ftH'iitMk its., at the ** iatl Honse." .lust opened, a larpe stock of READY MADE C L( > I'll IN G, at the following iow inces: We can otler greater Irtigairs in Clothing than can be obtained elsewhere this city. Owing to our building, we did not. lay in our stock as others did, andrwe Uiught at great s-?c.'ilioee. owing to the ?t.a?c of the ma'ket. Heavy Winter Overcoats onto ijin "0 Heavy Body C??ats 3 t?? to '0 no Black Cloth C?tU 7iUn It?? Winter-lined Cassimere Pants 2 5o to .3 (in Winter lined Cass;iuere Vesta,dou ble breasted 1 25to 2 M B">s Overcoats ... . 2 75to ?> (M Boys Jackets 1 .*><11?? 3 no Woolen Pants 1 25 to 2 30 Having one of Uie largest and tmest assortments of CLOTHS and CASSIMERE?* in this city, we are prepared to make Clothing to order at the short est notice. WALL, STEPHENS k CO.. n 2 1&.' Pa ave . her. 9th and l?th sts. A BEAUT I I'll. ROSEWOOD CASE IRON' l\ frame Pianoforte, used oue >ear in a careful fatni!),of Davis A Co.. Boston, renowned manufacturers, will be sold at aprcat t?trgain, for cash or credit, at our great Piano Lmponun,. JOHN F. ELLIS. oc 22 .Hm Pa. ave . bet. 9th and 'nth sts. Books from London. Soger's Culinar> Campaign,1 vol.; *I.Sn. Russell's Modem f- urope Fpit<>mi?ed, ^1. Tiie Bivouac, by Maxwell: inc. Captain Blake. I?y .Maxwell; inc. The Vicomte Bragelonne.2 \ola.; %l^5. Kirds. Bea-ts.a>id Fi?hea; lie. The Historv of Five Lit lie Pigs, colored plates, 2f> cents, plain 12cents. oe 2* FR WCK TAYLOR. piCKLKS BY THE III NDKED. A lot of selected PICKLED CI CUMBERS, in vinegar, which ww w.Il sell in any quantity desired. _ocI3 KING A Hl'Ri IIF.LL. C'OME A.\l> SEE!?Just received from Phi a ' delphia another supplv of the very pop ular and the best COOKING SToVLS m JTL9 this maTket or in any other. The Rising Star, or Double-oven Cooking Stove, made very heav v aiitf thirrk for this market. It is my Stove?as such 1 ?tand by it. For sale only at C. Woodward's Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory, No. S18andS22 Pennsyl vania avenue. n 7 eo6^ C WOODWARD. T NOTICE. II E Copartnership heretofore existine t.e'ween Tophaiu A Noi tf et is this day dissolved l.y niu'ual consent. All persons indebted to them arc request ed to settle their aeconnia with James S. Topham, without delay, as it is neccvaary 1 hat the liabilities of the brm tie settled immediately. JAM KS S. TOPHAM, THOS. NORFLFT. Washington, < ictober 1*, la*i7. Tiie Subscriber retuins his sincere tha'iks to the public for their libera patronage to ttiei linn, and hopes they will continue the/ same to turn at the old stand i:n 7th stree:J where he will continue to keep -ver* arti ole in the SADDLE, HARNESS, aud TRl.'NK business, i,7 e?>3t JAMES S. TOPIIAM. 'iks to the Hoiiien I ustomera ifii HK1NG, a'ONGRESS CLOTHING HALL. iVo. 414 Pa. nr., north side, br.tW'tn otA St.*., Respectfully informs his frieuds aud customers that he has just repeived a large assoitment of FALL and WINTER GOODS constat-' ing of Coats, Pauls. Vests, aud Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, which he will seil at Z5 percent, less thau any other estabiishment' in the city. I u ill s?l! an c:>.tire Winter Suit for S i.and a black Broadcloth Suit for 31". oc?3 2taw>m DR. W. U. NEWMAN Having returned to the First Ward, offers his firofe^slo^l!ll services to his friends and the public, [c ma> be found at lus old resideuce. No. 70 K ?t. n 3 eolm* /"JRKAT CHANT!',.?Virginia and other money a.1 taken. Great bargains in goods. Having pur chased a very superior stock of V El. VETS, CLOTHS, and CASSIMKRF.Sat a great sacriGoe. and twent> five per rent, less than prices two months ago, we will, ami can offer Imrgains not to be got in this city: also, n tine and splendid stock of Clothing which mii?' f?e sold for ,-a>h. WALL & STEPHENS, No. S22 Penn. avenue, between !>th and 10th streets, and under Brown's Hotel, No. oc 16 lineod 232. between <5tb and 7th streets. AH. MAR LOW'S . CHEAP BOOT AND SHOE STORE, A'o.486 P?.nn*ylrania avenvt. I take this opportunity of informing my customers and the public in general that I have on sale, a lot of first-rate Calf skin Gaiters at ?2.5n,l and a French Calf-skin Patent I.eatherl Gaiter at #S.5n, as good as are usual v sold' __ at ?5, and a good Calf-skin Boot at 1j .50. Ladies Gaiters at %l.2S, fine Morocco Buskins at?I. and all other Shoes, such as Boy'*. Misses, nnd Chil dren*, oheap in proportion. Call and see for your selves. Don't forget the place. No.4H6 Pennsylva nia avenue, between 3d and 4>? streets. an 25 - 2a w 3 m NEW GROCERY. VAR1KTY, AND PRO VISION STORE, Is Thk Northern Libektiks. The subscrdter ha* iust opened a Store of the aliove desciiption. No. A44 north M street, near SMli, and respectlully solicits theZ-jT~Z' patronage of his friend* ami Ihe public. The! articles are fresh, and will be sold as low a*J at any other store ii. the City His stock consists of such articles as are usually kept in a Grocery Store. Also, Combs. Brushe*. Toilet Powder, Pins, Need les, Sewing Silk and Cotton, Thread, Suspemlers. Pens, Ink. Paper Cakes, Candies. Ac. For Rkst.?A Brick Stable, with hay loft and room for carriage and two horses. ool2-eolin* THOS. N. ADAMS. A CkUTION. ALL persons are cautioned agan st pnrchaung Land W arrants No. Sst.JiM, for l?u acre*, issued t?? John Lindsey; No. ?1,362, for liio acre*, issued to Wm. McConohie; No 37 ?K2. lor w? acre*. is*ue<f 'o Win. W. Pugh- No. 22.2KX for Mil acres, issued to Isham Ivey. Said warrants liavm.' been *tole?i Irom my office, caveats have been entered iu the General Laud Office te prevent patents issuing ?n said war rants, and application will bs made to the INnsion Ollice for the issuing of ^'k"tIN n 10*wtjw Attorney lor \Varrnnt<??>-. A PIANO for $2S one for one for .%7.7; nud two for $!<*?; besides tweniy-tw?> new ones rausiug in price' from $15" to &'7i*i. All for ren' or upon camj torinfei our i jiuio \N Arcruoim lietweeu and 10th streets. 0<3 28 _ -tO HIV p . KI.LIS. N1 EW AND PRETTY STYLES OF Wop!. en Goods. China Ornameuts, Papier Mache, in . A o.. just received at MeLAUGHLIN'8, No. 2n Pa.avenue, n 6 between ffth and 9th streets. GRKAT BARGAINS in seeond hand Piano* at tke Music Depot. f mm $ 15 to 91*1, to be sold on time, or at reduoed price for cash. W. O. METZEROTT. oo 90 ?orotr llth atreet aod Pa, ??????. Frem the AutciatH Prru A|fil. Heavy Frrtkrt la Northern New York. h " ^ N Y \<>t 10 - G-eat^ " ,.** " lioM b*r*,1>y ? heavy f-eshet and further !?? .f. V4,,,,>' Al l^ville ?ight dams r|Vfr , v?r^r T"". VP1 *W*X lMt Di?ht- Tb* 5frt.?V th *"JI MIM rU1 K N ?? tw~n h,?J ^' W ^?'k Omraf The tr?r ^ Syracuse.have Urn washed away trains ra? p.,J(-UIMi*ted id many places, and bo Wli'rtdohti^ ' ^OT ,u - Two bad break* bavr it will Uke ?*?a 'tt*^r *r?d Neward It a ill Uke fl?, d,v, tQ r(.pau lhe ^ KI M'* A . Nov Itl Ti.? V?? v~.w T_-? r- , ??* ?-iii.-?-pT, .?Kta^TSJiSL1Ef?J;'5 nca.U ijonc. and no train* ran pass over if.^The .New \oik and Erie R.Urostd travel is wreltiv dimjJul. and all the bnd^e* Upo,, the various streams in this vicinity have bee? carried swav no that no train* ate i .inn in* In ,nT direction' 1 lie water is now slowly falling Flrea at Ciari^nti, Cix. ivnati. Nov 10?A Are broke out this morning in the lard oil factory of Henry |,ewi? on Sy. .more street, Wbi< b wi* completely ?te stroyed?loss slo.tioo, no insurance Arcarbuld ing occupied by K. B Tnwnvnd. pork packer was alio slightly damaged The feed atoreof R ll.Co'.t in Western row. was destroyed by ?re about the same time as the above This fl-e rxtndtd to the liquor store of W Grosman, wbirti *i, a!?o entirety destroyed, with all lt? contents Mr Grossmen's loss is about t^.WHJ lipou Which SI ,0W> VI UK t liSU.'i-d Affairs in New York. Nkyv\okk.Nov 11 ?The I* ni ted St atas troops have been withdrawn front Wall ?treet. no fur ther apprehension* being entertained of rtola or destruction by the unemployed workmen Cueva. who killed l>e G randval. wa? sentence J to pay a tine of ?1 mm I inan< ijl afHirs are buoyant. though the Ari bia'? news is awaited with Intense amiety There ar?* indications on all sides of renewed activity 1 n business. Reported Massacre of Troop*. Chk iGA, Nov. lo, lki;. ? Mr. Williaiuaon, ca* e*|toiideat of the St. Paul Times, writing f-ou? Payutuc on the-Jtith nit . says that a report had reached th**re that five hundred United States troops sup|M>*?-d to lie a detachment of the Utah ??? |"-dilion, had been attacked and killed bvi ltilie party of Teelowan Indians, near Missouri river. Mr Williamson believed the report Departure ot General Walker. New Ohlkans. Nov. 12?Gen Walker has escaped on the Mobile mail-ltoat with threr bun <lr? d men, and is now outside They will eir.. bak on the steamer 1 ash Ion, which has also left with another party, and the munitions and pro visions The l* ?< steamer Fulton is watching in the river, but she has been outwitted. Advance in Sterling Bill*. \rw Ori.kws. Nov. 9?There is some dispo sition shown to iuvest in sterling bills at tbe present low hi:ures. and rates have ronarqusntly advanced to !?*, or two per cent, below par. The tenden< y of the market at the tloae was toward a further improvement. The Case of Donnelly. Trenton. N J . Nov. 10?Dodnelly, for ths murder of Mooes, at the Sea View House, will, through his counsel, he heard to-morrow before the Supreme Court on the motion for a new trial A motion to have I>onnelly present during the gumcnt was denied to-d.iv Rohhery and Arson. Cincinnati, Nov 10?A party of burglars en tered the grocery store of John Hanltch. at Day ton. last night, and. after robbing tbe safe of #000 theyset fire totbe building, which, with the con tents, wasentirvly destroyed. The Democracy in Georgia. MiLl.KDOFVti.LK, Nov. 11.?Last night a large meeting of the Democracy w*s held here, Gover nor Johnson p'esidinsr Resolutions were adapt ed approving the administration of M r Buchanan. but urging the removal of Gov Walker Resignation of Gov. Izard, of Nebraska. St I.ovis, Nov. 10?Gov. I sard, of Nebraska Teriitory. arrived here yesterday m routr for bis home in Arkansas. He has forwarded bis resig nation to Washington. Seaboard Agricultural Fair. Nohkolk. Nov. 12 ?The Seaboard Agricultu ral Fair, now in operation here, has been emi nently successful. There is the greatest crowd present that has ever assembled here Death of a Ualtimorean. Acacsra. Nov 12th?Alexander N Smith a saddle and harness maker, formerly of lialtlmore. was killed on the line ot the Georgia Railroad on Tuesday' A Rank Enjoined. B.isToy. Nov 11.?The notes of the Granite Rank of Connecticut are thiovrn out here to-day. The hank commissioners applied for an Injunc tion against the institution The ( olton Market. Mobile, Nov II?Cotton?sale? of to-day I.OW bales at l*s. Receipts to-day 1,200 bales Nkw Orleans, Nov 11 ?Cotton?sales to-day 1,000 bales. Buyers and sellers were awaiting the arrival of the Arabia F.achange lias mu< b improved bills on New York and London were >otd nt I per cent, pieir.inm. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Nov 12 ?Flour is steady; How* ard stre? t and Ohio ?o 25 Good to prime ?d wheat S1.15a(l In and the ?ame grades of white ?1 ~>a? 1 35 White Corn 72 iT.V; vellow 72aT5e. Whisky 1* nnchant;ed; Ohfo22)|C. \V 7ASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. The Sunday Trams leaving Washin*t< -iat 7 4. m. and Itfllrimore atS'^p m., wnl Ite dise>.n;ii oed blior the ;;th mst., opon which day they mill uiuka iheir laM in, The.lsily trainfrom Baltimore, now lea* m* at a. in., will, on anu after. Monday next, 9th icst , starrat^S. By order: THOMAS H. PARSONS. nfi St (J[nt?l.,rnionA States. | Acenr. TO THK I.ADIKSOF WASHINGTON AND 1 GE'lRGfcTOWN. C. l.t i>Mann.late of P&nsand NevY?rk> ? """ ? i vi at has arrive?f in this oity, and solicUs the par ronnceof the I .ad i s of this vic:mt\ for the latest st\i? of* FRKNCH UKK'S MAKIMi DKKSSF.S. CLOAKS. KOBF.S DF. CHAM BIIK and MOURNING of ever? deacript u* made to order at the shortest notice. Dresses cut, and also the latest Dress Patterns on hand. MADAME C. LI DMANS. No. Wi Seventh street i up stairal few n9-lw" d<M?rs al?ove Venn, avenue I | FLORA Jt'ST OUT! I HA VK this da* reoeived a new lor of m> Air ticnt Plat top CtHlKING STOVKS. which I not up in Philadelphia last summer, ex press \ |??r tins mnrket. made very heavy, snd stronp ol the beat l'ei.ns> tvanwt inalles hie iron. I have called it the Flora Air-tu ht Cook uii Stove, patented itioT. hoavy snd thick, for fsnu * use. and destined to he the cook's <l?iicht. It Vi.i hake, rosst, boil. fry . stew, broil. Ac., superior U? any oookinz stove in this market . and has attached to it a summer arrangement. For sale ocl) at C. W?KKlward'? Metropolitan Stove and Grate Faotory. Nos. 31S Mid 3^2 Peunsyl vanis aveuue, hetween 10th and lith s?n??t?. . n7 6t C. WOODWARD. noI'SKKKICPKftl, A I TKNTItiN ! I have this da* received another supatf ol tt<? COAL G AS HUR N KRS. These Stovea . * hurn the teas a. d smoke ??( the ooal, there l>* makings saving o( one half the fuel fr<>n4i the common stoves; suitable to ail apart merits. It will n>>t burnout m ?re than ftoin a ha'f to a ton of coat durine all the ookl seaaon. Please call at m\ Metropolitan S ove and Grate Factor*, where you can see one in full operation every uay in my counting room ?nd leern to asa M. This stove is down on coal merchants. For sa.? onl* b* C. WOOD\\ ARD n 7 6t TNEXPLOS|V E_G A S. \v? weuld ii:ost respectfully announi* to 'ha public and particularly,to <hoaa person, who hava never used the Kiiierial ??il or Spirit? as from fear ?if it?ex?lo?iveeualiMes. that we have the artio?? the* hsve l?Haf SPIRIT GAS THAT wYlL NOT KXPLODK. Cad ami soe for your selves : It's MO humbug. We have also the Breckerndge COAL OIL lor illuininntini:, i<d also for machiBer*. The litumina ting Oil is not explosive, gives a bgLt almost eaual to Cainphine, and will stand tlie most intense oold. it is deemedl* toe cheapest Oil of the day. \Ve Vo?U desire the public to nail and see the aho/e Oils tested at our Store. No. 323 C street, between 6th and 7th. n 4-tf HOWELL k MOVSF.LI. I AW B<>OKS. ^ Seiw\n's Pnus. new edition. 2 vols..#vo Bennett A Heard's Leading Criminal Cases, t voia , 8*0. Addison on e ition. I vol. Chitty on the Uws of (Carriers, nrs oditian, I vo! Wharton's Precedents of ludictmeuu, naw edition, I vol. Whartou's Auiericau Criminal l^ edition. I vol. Hill <>u Trustee*, new edition. I vol. Williamson Real Property. new edition.M ol Sedswiik on Statutory and CouatuaUouas Law, I Olaoti's Admiralty Reports, New ^ ork.t vol. Maryland Digest.2d ? fRaNCK TaYI *H. HINESlf SI'GAR CAM! SYRUP. fr?.m , Raeve a Mill, of ic23-tr llat.1 *g7 Penneytvania asssss. C LADIES' TUCK, and all eorts of COMBS, ax GIBBS' Hair Srore, near IKh at., and it hit galas Room, under Wuiar^s f ~