Newspaper of Evening Star, November 16, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 16, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tm R?rn.MM?n> CrsTost-Hotrs* Robbery ? Robert Wheeler. alia'* Pulling, and Wllllain J. Somervilla, have been fiamiard before the Hust- j lng'* Court. at Richmond, and fully committed < frtr trial at the Superior Court. Tbe Richmond Whig says that tbeeTamina. tion wj? attended "with Home remarkable inci dent* The deunciatlon of one of the witnesses br Jud?e Crump, counsel for the accused, we haye already referred to, and ahall now endeavor to give a report of the sequel. On Thursday tbe examination of Pullin^ was ie>;imed Among the witnesses was olflcer'Wm A Rom, of Washington, whose evidence in tbe esse of Someiviile evoked Judge Crump's anlm advenloo He stated that he arrested Pulling at the Petersburg depot, oa the morning the money ws? recovered, just as he was about stepping on tbe train. Tald htm "that wasn't right; f would have to take him Into custody.'* Witness then conducted him to a back, and prisoner remarked " yon fellow* have treated me mighty nice: get me a knife and 1 will cut my throat." Tbe hack then proceeded to the "cage" with witness and prisoner, where the latter was transferred to tbe custody of tbe captain of tbe nivbt watch. On tbe wav hither. Pulling surrendered tbe money (about a his possesion, which witness deposited with the clerk of the American Hotel. Question?Was there not a previous under standing that this man (Pulling) was to be '? let go" by Allen, and to be retaken by von ? Answer?So. 1 la answer to further interrogatories witness u.d that Mr. Allen told tbe Secretary ofth" ..7??!rV!:al W,in? bati o*"** K> up ?15-W ?f he-Allen-would let him go Mr toW) remarked that be wanted to convict the pa ty; money was the secondary object On board the beat, coming hllber. Pulling inquired cf witness " Do you know how the thing Is to be m niaged ' W.tness replied "Certainly ;?? Mf. (iilmer. associate counsel of Pulling, asked wane** if he did actually kcow how the -thin/ to bo managed.' Witness replied that h* did not,, a*d after some further remarks ad mitted, rexpensively, that he would tell |ve hun dred lies a day to a thief if it was necessary to do "?"> , r 'oat the public might be benefitted. Mr. Oilmer said?"Then vou consider it a Dart of your business to left lies>" wanes* replied?" Yes. and yours too !?? Mr Gilmer arose and addressed the Court with some warmth, declaring that be had submitted long enough to this impudence, and be conceived that tbe dignity of the Court, if not bis pe.sonai rights had l*rn invaded by this witness. Mr Moss asked leave to say a f-iw words. He stated that he had been an officer for eight years and Lad never offered an insult to any tribunal before which he appeared as a witness, as all the Judges and MagStrates iu tbe District of Co lumbia could testify He had come to this city a stranger, to aid In bringing au offender to jus tice. and b s character has been assailed bvcoun sel. and his feelings outraged. He claimed the protection of the Court while he stood before them Outside of the .Court he knew how to protect himself. The remarks elicited a decided demonstration or applause from the spectators, which, of course the Sergeant and his deputy, endeavored to sup press immediate!v. by commanding "silence " Mr. Oilmersaid that he did not fear th? threats of tbe witness He had endeavored to conduct the examination with propriety, and wanted to know in what ntauner he had outraged the feel ings of the witness. Mr. Boss ?Vou have tried to m;ike it appear that I have got the balance of these ill-gotten K" **' 'bat I have; and do you not tbiuk beneath the notice of the Court aid I fail to resent thrie assaults here ? I*he Recorder, Jno. I. Tate, Kso.,said that the who.e manner of proceeding had Wen irregular, and it. wm the opinion of the Conrt that the wlt S5 iL *7" trCT<?? by the counsel; that th" wit! ess had acted improperly toward the counsel. and that tbe Court reprobated th? applause, and if any man engaged in the demon "htd0*0 be pointed out he would be pun CitrctT Cor it.?Ob Set n'day, after our re port cloned, the Court, iu the two cases of Mi. t hai O Brien r* the Corporation of Washington. affirmed one of the judgments of the magistrate and reversed tbeaiher ??feisiraie The case of Charlr-s H Brown ?. Andrew Schwartze, was then taken up This was a case r^oevrerVLPle*y V brou*bt bv th* plaintiff to Jt that the parties traded 411 jWartxeconsidered hi rnself cheated in tbe swap, and went to Brown's stable and re-ex changed horses, and when the plaintiff went fe.'lv" ThW him UP: the flows JUry W1 ,n8tfncteU b>' Court as ?fcsll ^tf. "P?n evidence aforesaid the jurv shall believe there was an exchange of personal PrsP*r?!y OD- bul 1,0 delivery in pursuance of such exchange and in fulfilment of such agree . r at tf,r,n*?f ??id exchange were not fully complied wttb by the plaintiff or that defendant o pr*ct,,*Td *DT frau?i upon the said nof ei UH l i ,a * ***? the Plaintiff is not entitled to recover; the fraud, or aon-com Pnl "** , being the bargain S ,* hU*r,V to ,evok' th#1 me^t tner^f in Pur?"ance and fulfll wei, sent oat, and the Court ad ^*rn''ndJ^ Covt met, and tha jury in KJS it*>"" ?* d^uu,. ? citiaea of , Uo, Y . to recover a laige sum of iimnev placed in the h.inds of Mann by the said Hrm i ^fiaee mlkrn!frl,ur^'w", defendant de moc^vTt i 'eiUr"9- (af"r l'avi?K "^<1 the plv^ds as an excuse f,>r such refusal Lv i ttak,?,'7 '? *??? nai.ds was issued where ^ f D"'tr,' t ol Columbia, UskTsi^ kL ^; ,Lo"8r?M? do not recognise v. rfc 1*? P'e:,d" that the laws of\cw thtt dtote TM4e ei,ruLlt,?? "f bmcIi utouev in inat ??te This case was being argued bv Mr re^rt cloJed UUir,r6>r Pui,,ti0" wb?*n this Thk R'vkr ?The Long.bridge folks are bav og a biisk time at the eastern draw, in conae L^edwf.h wo^'V'o'l0/ boaU itnH >*oo<i, coal boats from the Cumber forfn.r '. a lun'ber schooners with cargoes for our canal merchants. P?HLX7?Z? H#JfV?*y:" wljarf. scimoner L P. A^Uah I v'' fU"U *hi*> with MdLr a. h ) " k"'i " wharf. ?*"booners Someiset, P al,"',!'' I1!*?*" Onm. from . . with mouldiiiv vand fur th** \mw iXk Bfd fr"/r'' 'u' aeboonor w7 ' At \i,^, i ?Ifom Pui,a?^lphia, with coal. ii, u mi ti Munea wharf, sctiooner Favor w r'h r *olt from .New York, i^n s i- . P ^ heelan, W . H Ho,>e, Camp *1! A Coyle, J. C. M? Juire. Dr s? D *?tuart J Mt A lister, i) Hotl-es. Win Hupn X Acker \%a^bi?li,brnf ti C Uyer> l,aniilton*A; Leaeh' ashingUui c House siu *iri,U";r C:*iu,,,',ia?1 roni ?'imore, arri ved it <iiey ? wharf, with ludze lo C White Mid M Vf *''* ^ Murrav A simme" i l l;rK ,*o Xy,i"rX '? A T Parker A Co.. V \ ' Wo*t, CarlH.ur A Semmes H I Ax l?ci?tM rut (ittvoii.?AbeutS o'clock on Saturday evening. uie iieiyhbo.houd of Twelfth and K streets was tbe scene of a -ad spectacle, 'Le actor in which was a well-dressed vounv man O r* It,%t e fUr' 'be streets under tn? iea?ltj| nifi.M-iM e ol deliiiuiii tremens, and with his painful crie, brought tbe people all bMbeir d.->rs under the impreaalon that a inurder . !K roa*?il,?* The unfortunate victim Miahed ajuag. uttering st reams, threats and pro "nd w?'?-ver was in his path either ned on bis approach, or stood to be attacked by iu passing the i.evr eifl.* of tbe " L nion ' uewsjwjier s. me men were standing la the offlre 1 i' ""??? rushed jm ross the I; ""PPW*^ enemies, who wisely stepped back Into the offl. e and closed the door^ "n* a',d f?r ibt d'?ta??C' "f half a it ,le bis fearful taviugs could l>e heard with distinctness by Itios*- s bu were following wuh a v .ew to saving him f. om the commission of some fearful crime?pe, haps self-murder. Whether he was overtaken aud secured, or not, we could not ICtfl. .. A Tc*t ?* ~ur Law ?On Saturday night. t Larles Hurdle. [). C., was arrested by ^ aU hman LooneJly for carrying dan"erous weapous * double-barrel pistol, of rather sin gular uiase. was found In his po*s?ssion. Both M.IM Va::rl: ?"?*! ready for use A >'!!> that looked as if it had seen some ser vice, was also given un l,y Hurdle at the Central ?. .aid Louse ^ caterday morning, when the case Was Uied, Jusiice Doan Hned Hurdle SJU and cost,, upon which llu die -pealed to the Clr cu.t touit. Many persons doubt the authority or the Corporation to enfoice any such law The detisloMo/ th- Court will settle that (J?e?tion; eufoiI!ed* ,"e*",iui<'ttiP 1:1 w routinus to lie *T Aj.?x*sdiia?A fl-e occurred on e street, Alexand ia, on !<aturday. The building destroyed belonged to Mr. John T Hill and was valued at ftl,?uo?insuit d for 96iV 'J'here was also an insurance of *at?ion the Mxtures 4c estim?t.-d as wo.tb fl.iSnu Among the artn leB destroyed were *Mt worth of Calvert's Bee pal 'n,Prov,*d apparatus for building steeples ,,ie Uhj1?? "'Hue of them very valu' >i a' . .7,1, the journeymen, lost ? ii * worth of tools, and f?eibaps others are aUo sua..ers Mr w J Hi?d<>u occupied part low ?r?f'*r ?tonr as a paint shop, aad sustains a four huad ed dollars Mr W H wi ta b:V? V*"1' "boP?"the same story, in Web Mr. UiU materials worth f 150 I Mrs* JrtiAKA Mat.? "Editor nf the Slur: It was with do small interest tbat I attended Miss Mays Concert, last evening, and I experienced gr?t pleasure in Witnessing tho worm and hearty inception met by the fair young can tat rice in her native city. ' regret, however,that Miss Mar. at aa Amer ican vocalist, should so completely confine her programme to th? elaborate music of the Italian school I would suggest. In all kindness and good feeling to Him May, that she Introduce in her concert, at least one or two of those familiar ballads in ber native language, which won id strike home to the hearts of her auditors and gam her a position and popularity as a vocalUt which otherwise will be difficult to attain ' Those who have heard Jenny Lind sfng "Home, sweet Home/' "Coming th.ough th* Rje, and, above all, ? Auld Robin Gray," will rot soon forget thebreatblea, Interest with which they were listened to. and how mtvh more these songs contributed to her great reputation in Eng land and America, than even the elaborate Opc KSTft W| ? Je"ny Llnd was a'?ovecMt IWs' JiU^ ^o^'^liar with Miss Catherine Hs>es will recollect that, though that lady en ?iiTlTill ?Ti?'(ilir h'*h reputation both V- ? h K,,Kla"d> her true fame and popu h Jii e5 ed i.,pon h" ^ntlful and poetll ren dering of such exquisite ballads as ?^The Ham that once thro' lara's Hall,'' "The Minstrel Boy, and "The Last Rose of Summer." I appeal to those who were present last evening, that when Miss May. in answer to the encore of , r LU* *?n?' fam?> forw?rd and gave the simple sir "Home, sweet Home," she excited nio.e in terest In the audience, and gained more position as a vocalist than even in her creditable render Ingof tbat very difficult scena from "Ernanl " The operatic music, and particularly that of Verdi, taken from its position In the Opera, dl vested of its dramatic accessories, and sang in the Concert room, is comparatively uninteresting to the majority of Concert attendants I feel convinced tbat if Miss May, with her full .COrrei^8rtlculation> Was t0 direct her attention to and Introduce in her programme some of the standard ballads of Kngland. Scot land and Ireland, she would speedily acquiie a first-class position and popularity, which certain ly would be more creditable to her as an Ameri can vocalist, than being a second-rate Italian one; for the many first-class Italian Prima Donnas at present in America, with whom, a* an Italian singer, she must eventually be compared, will preclude her from ranking any higher These remarks, which may possibly be object ed to by many, 1 offer in perfect kindnes*, and from a considerable professional eiperience in CiUrope and America. I re ceive, speak of Miss Mayas the only American who has gained a musical reputation In Europe As this completely ig nores the position of two most ineritoriousartistes now enjoy,ng a first-class reputation in London. feel it my duty to correct them. An American lady, named Miss LucyEscott, made her first ar> " !talir ?Pera at ,he ?r?ry I-ane Thtatrc. in London, some two years ago, and rrHlrZ ? hef. c,lina? b^ore the most critical audience in the world, to be con sidered a first-class Prima Donna. Since her first appearance, Miss Escott has sustained the leading parts in both Italian and English Opera throughout the principal cities of EnghAd. and "owle<1?fd to t'?e most graceful and intelligent operatic artiste on the British stage The other artiste I allude to is Mr. Henri Dayton, a gentleman well known in Washing ton a few yeais ago a? a Clerk in one of the De partments. This gentleman resigned his offi. e H?e."?Kt0?',,.r,>.pe to P'?rsue hi* musical studies Me was th? 11 st American who became a pupil of the Conservatoire at Paris. After finishing bis ? 37"' Mr Dayton went to London, where he has for some years back maintained a highly respectable position as H Baritone singer, in Opera and the C oncert room. I am, sir, yours, most respectfully, WASM.3.GT05, \oy. 13, 1657. A MU"ClA" Saved! Saved :?Mr. J. L Edwards having received Information from a colored woma 1 in bis service, tbat a beautiful and Interesting fe male child some *ix years of age. was In posses sion of a family of doubtful reputation living In 1 rather s alley, between Fourth and Fifth streets, nm , iv".11 w' hr' on S*??rdav. applied to Officer Watson who immediately went to the house and took the child lo the office of Justice Uonn ?>be said she had been brought from Phil adelphia by her aunt and placed at the house where she was found. The woman Dade, the keeper of the house, be ing examined, stated that the girl was bro ight to her by a good looking woman dressed In black who represented herself as the aunt of the child and asked ber to take charge of it until she could m<ike other arrangements for its care PiT. Vtry Pr?P*rly decided not to re tarn the child to the charge of the woman Dade but placed her in care of Mrs. Mcpherson a Di! rectress of the Protestant Orphan JKE5 until girls "istorU eouid be made as to the little Several persons, who w*re touched by the for lorn position of the interesting little girl, offered !?.PI^Vr ^ "* for b,*r' but "he will be re tained for the present in good hands until some thing further can lie ascertained as to ber parent age and history. CoCJITERIElT AXD AUTEKKD Ba.TK NoTKS ? Who Is there in business who has not, at some time in his experience f-lt the chagrin and dls sppointment accompanying the discovery of a bad note in his money drawer, taken Derhans through that too prevalent practice oftelyimJ nl*ri?r? description given ... Hank Note Re? porters We opine there are but few in business who have not .xperienced these unpleasant sen : A8* wet bod of real worth and unfail ing principles, we would re,-on,mend tf) ,Le at. tent ion of the public, Mr J 5 Corbln's system for detecting altered anil counterfeit notes lie has recommendations from eminent bankers and the fV-1 JU of ail testifying to i f \Li?' ,lf his system. Mr. C will sp, nd a few da>s in our city, calling generally upon busl JV "S "" 11 when it is pr?sunied they will consult ,~r ,Tn '"'efestbyavailing th^ms-lves <.f his useitil lessons. \\ e t>espcak for Mr. C. a liberal patronage, as his is certainly a worthy object de serving of success. Mischievous Hoys?Yesterday afternoon a large crowd of boys were congregated in the Smithsonian grounds playing noisy games, using profane and Indecent language, climbing the voung trees, &c. The watchman placed there by l^he Government could not get rid of them unaided, and be applied to the officer?n duty at guard house, wi.n went to the grounds a id dis persed them These little fallows should know that they aie violating the laws, and when they are caught, the tine and costs come out of the pockets of their |>arents. Rrr. Josian Vabdeji _Yesterday, this elo quent atul successful minister of the gospel preached to a very large congregation at the Methodist Protestant Church, on^inth street i0,1C.!LJ l*. '"horlntbe miuistry has enfeebled him physically, he has lost none of the and mental vigor of his early days The reverend gentleman selected as his text the 7-.M Psalin. part of the 16th verse: "There shall be*a handful of com in the eaMh upon the top r,f the mountain; the fruit whereof shall shake like Lebanon ' Sbcomo Snow or tii* Season ?Tl.ere was a smart little finrry of inowexperienced hereabout on Saturday afternoon, and another this morn ing. bill not enough in either rase to whiten the face of old mother Earth They are swfh, i,-?t warnings, however, to housekeepers to "kiver up their gardeu ?a>s." Police Rkposts -The police officer* returned to the Chief of Police 110 cases during the week the 14th inst. In every return a portion of the cases are those falling to the officers on duty at the central guard house, the arrests being made by the guards and special police. Football i\ tiik SxHEETs -On Saturday, a couple of juveniles who were amusing them selves by a game of football on the street, were arrested and taken before Justice Smith, who, in consideration of their tender years and Ignorance of the laws, let them off with a kindly lecture. Oct New York exchange papers are turning up missing with a vengeance. There is a screw loose somewhere along the line. The Cotillo* Pasty of the Good Intent As sociation takes place on Thursday next, Instead ^'t^jdueaday, as we inadvertently stated on Watch Retcr*. _j. Dunn, Ireland, drunk: flue and costs,U5. John Boyce, Ireland, drunk and disorderly; tine and costs, ?> 44. Babel Sey tn ?ur, col V a ;do ; ft 44. Wm Henry Doug lass, col , D C do : r.? 41 Cbas Hurdle, D (f, carrying unlawful weapons-a dul,ble-??,',el pi^ tol, English make, with flint lock.conatnieted to flre one or lM>tb barrels with the ?an,e trtgeer" and marked with the letter " IF' on a silveJ pUte; also a "billy." well worn; the weapons were taken and Hurdle flned 920 and costs Jna Reeder, D C , drunk and profanity: workhouse 00 days Jeremiah Harriett, EngUnd. drunk and disorderly ; fine and costs. ?l 4 T Patrick Itadv D. C , do., do. John \V illiams, Md ,do ; work house !)0 days. Jnu Mitchell. Fa.; firing a pis tol in the street; tine aud costs, l|>5.5^?pistol a new double-barrel, and taken from him. John Warner, col , D. C., disturbing a religious meet ing : wotkbouse HO days. Pat'k Riley, Ireland, suspicion of intent to assault; dismissed. This report is for Saturday and Sunday nlgbts. There were eleven lodgers on Saturday night sud ten on Sunday?all uou-resideuts MAMHlku, In Baltimore, nt the Ponntain Hotel, on the 4th of AuEU.t.iaA,?ti th? Rev. Mr. D.<ian, Mr. FR A.\CIS M-'" GEORGETOWN AFFAJKB Ctrmpondsnft ?/ Tkw 8tmr. G*c*OKin>a,Nov. 16,1917. ? Froot uru which we have gathered from re aper trble white persons, ,we incline to the opin ion that those persons who have been led, by re ceut circumstance*, to suspect the membership of the colored African Metfeodiat Church of any disposition to violate or even connive at any vio lation of the police regulations of our city, has done them some Injustice. Thin church la un der the guardianship of three of the most re spectable gentlemen in our city, and we are sat isfied. Irom onr knowledge of their character that they would not tolerate for one moment anything upon the part of the membership of this church that bore the slightest semblance of a departure from the rules (Corporation) prescribed for their government. Moreover, the official portion of the membership of tbis church is composed of some of the most worthy and upright among the colored portion of the people of (?eorgietown. Men who have thus far never bore th*??lightest taint of anything like an unruly disposition. We are also assured that the Individual by the name, of Fuller, (colored,) from the North, who Breached on one or two ociaelons, was, from the rut, regarded by the more respectable of the con gregation as an impostor; that they availed them selves of the very first opportunity to rid them selves of any more of bis Intrusions among them. We learn that an individual was employed to inter the body of an individual who died on Water street, yesterday; but instead of discharg ing the duty, for which he was paid, he look the corpse to the old Methodist burying ground and left it setting up against the fence Saturday night, yesterday, and last night, our city was decidedly more orderly and quiet than we have seen it for several months past. We sincerely hope that It Is an indication of a sus pension of tne disorders of which we have sev eral times of late been compelled to complain? of an intention upon the part of evil doers to inend their ways before the spirit of determina tion now at work among the orde--lovlng portion of the community shall exhibit itself in some practical demonstrations that might not be very agreeable to the peculiar notions entertained by them (tbe evil doeis.) The only arrivals since our last are the schr. Htitteriiy, llubbard. from Port Deposit, with lum l>er to Llbbey A ?on, and the schr Millboy with flour, he , to Peter Berry. SpkctatoB. GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMTS. ?RANBERR1ES. RAISINS, to. .V) boxes new bunch R AI SINS. 20 do Li Pine FIGS. 2 barrels C R AN B K R III KS. SBl>oxes New York CHEESE. boxes CI TRON. CI RRANTS, ALMONLS, FILBERTS,and PALM NUTS. With a general assortment of Groceries, Wines, and Liqcors. Hank notes and Corporation notes taken at par, and change Riven when one dollar's worth is bought. W. H. TENNEY, n 13-3t | Amcrican.3r.| Georgetown. tjM>R SALE.?A pair of tine young MULES, onlv five years old next spring. They ^ are perfectly gentle,and work freely in any k;ri.! i f harness. SV!<1 because the owner KS has no employ inent for Inuuireof^l 7r JOSHUA BATEMAN, near Trinity < Catholic (Church, Georgetown. n 12-2w J^MKE INSURANCE. Parties wishing Insurance on Property in tho District of Columbia, (without the limits of Wash ington and Georgetown,!onn be accommodnted in a firet Company, (the Mutual of Montgomery oouuty, Md.,1 upon application to W. ALBERT KING, n 13-ftt Agent, as High street, Georgetown. T I. O. H. M. 1 HE FIRST GRAND ANNUAL BALL OF Logan Tribe, No. 8, I. 0 R. M., or Gkokuktown, Will take plaos at Forrest Hall, on TUESDAY, November I7tli, ISj7. Thn Committee of A rntngemeuts, and membersof the Tribe, pio'fgo themselves to spare no ef- ftli forts upon their part to make this one of the 53gg most interesting and agreeable entertainments/^* of tha season. ' rv. The Order are fraternally invited to participate with us upon this featal occasion. To our friends we extend the warm hand of welcome, and cordially invite them to siiare tbe pleasures of the evening with us. Tickets can be procured from the Committee or any memlicr of the Tribe; also, at the door. Excellent Cotillon Music has been engaged. Floor Managers. P. G. 1. Hugh Latham. P. G. S. I. T. Bradley, James Dunn van. Committer of Arrangements. P. S. T. Downing, John Scott, Wm. Donaldson. n a 8t MISS CHRISTIE JOHNSON, TEACHER OF ELOCUTION. Isdeg>rous of forming Classes in Elocution in the Schools in Washington, and will give instruction to private pupils in that city aud in Georsetown. Miss Johnson will give lessons to fouths and pro fessional gentlemen. Residence, Miss Harrover's (formerly Miss Eng lish's,) Female Sent.nary, corner Washington and Gar streets, Georgetown. I-or further information and circulars apply at Blanchard k. Mohan's Bookstore. Rr.rKRENCKs. Mrs. William F. Ritchie. Kichmond. Va. Kev. Stephen P. Hill, Washington, D. C. Grafton Tyler, M. D., Georgetown, D. C. oc3l-ln BOARDING. BOARDING.?Mrs. RUFF has taken the large aud commodious house, No. ?*> D street, near ?th, where she intt-nds to reut her Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives, with Board. Trausient Hoarders tiy the day or week. Meals sent out at all hours of the day. nl6-lm* rjio THE LADIES AND GENTS. I would most respectfully beg leave to inform the I<adies and Gents of the District and sur rounding country that I_have this day re-. rlat-top __ my stock of Stoves, Grates. A c. the heaviest that is or ever has been in the District of Columbia. Coal and Wood Stoves of various sixes and of the latest improved patterns, carefully selected by my self, for parlors, stores chambers, dining-rooms, halls, bath houses, offices, churches, and steam boats. All of wmoh I shall sell at a very small advance on the original cost, as times are very hard. I would also say a word here to my friends and customers that cannot make it convenient through the day to leave their places of business to make purchases that I shall keep open every night (exoept Sunday) until y o'clock for their aocomin?>daMon. ' Nos. SIR and 322. Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory. 3 story, brown stouc front, baloony in front full of stoves. C. WOODWARD. P. S.? Just received from Boston, a supply of Shaw's "llai Heating" Stoves, for which I mn the agent 111 the District. 1114-fit an aim peach trees. At SiO PKP. IluxDRtii. Forsaleat my Nursery, near Washington. The ala?ve Tr^es are all of line growth, and of tlie< best select fruit. Also,a general assortment of ORNAMEN TAL. EVERGREEN, SHADE, and FRUIT TREKS. n 5 Im JOSHUA PE11CB. ]\11LITARY LAWS OF THK U. ST AT F.S.? 1"1 Those relating to tbe Army, Marines, Vol tin teers. Militia, and to Bounty Lands and Pen?ions ; t !ni I edition, hv the late Cspt. Hntzel, I . S Army ; oneoc'a^o volume ot 311 pagt-s, with the rules and ardoles of War, and the constitution o' the United Stales; price fcl.or prepaid by mail 81.25. For sale, a lew copies onlv remaining, l?y n3 FRAN'OK TAYLOR. C1 RKIvN G I N G K R ?TiREEN G!NREK. I GREHN GINGKR reoeived.and for sale by KING 4 BURCHELL, li V V?rntn?t???mi?*ivt 1Mb ??f?st DR W G.U.NKWMA Having returned to the First Ward, offers his professional services to his fuendsand the pul>lic. lie may bs found at his old residence. No. 70 K St. nS eolm* It BIN'S EXTRACTS, all odors, at GIUBS'S i Hair Store, near 13th St., and at his Sales Room under Willards' hotel. n9-3m W Dl BANT'* \ P.W EATING HOUSE I LL l>e op.-ned To morrow Afternoon, the Ittli inst., for the reception of visitors, be tween the hours of I and 6 p. m. \wT\ The proprietor invites his fi lends and. patrons to visit hiin on that ocoaaion, view the entirely new arrangements which he has made for their accommodation, and decide for themselves on the qualities of his Viands and Liqnors. "Come taste and try before you buy." A hearty weloome awaits you. P. M. DUBANT. n 1^ 3t Proprietor. BLACK. COLORED, and superior white Feath, ers at STkVENS'S New Fancy Store, 33d between 9th and Hth sts. n 12-eotf GREAT CHANCE.?Virginia and other money taken. Great bar|(aius in goods. Having pur chased a vew superior st?K?k of VKLVE TS, CLOTHS, aud CASS1M ER ES at a great sacrifice, and twonty-five per cent, less than prioes two monihs ago, we will, and can offer bargains not to bo got in this city; also, a fine and splendid stock of Clothing wlucA must be sold for cash. WALL A STKPHENf, No. 322 Penn. avenue, betwoen ?th and 10th stieets, and under Brown's Hotel, No. oc 1C lincod 232. Iwtween 6th and 7th streets, A DIES. WITH LONG MEM ORANDUMS, J will save themselves a great deal of trouble by calling at STEVENS* New F'aticy Stoie,as his stock is t?y far more varied than any other in the District n j j-eotf I A DIES. SHOPPING, may positively expect * prompt a>d courteous attention at H'I'F.N KNS'S New Faney S ore, betweeu Mh and loth sts. ? 12-ootf piKflT WARD MARKET STORE. The nndersign?d having taken a Store on I etreet, first door west from corner of Pa. avenue and Suih street, respectfully informs the citizens of the First Ward and the public generally, that he is now prepared to furmsh them MEAT*, VEGETA BLES, POULTRY. Ac , and, in fact, every thing usually kept in such au establishment, at the lowdst market prices. n 13 3taw2w WILLIAM CUASE. AUCTIOH SALES By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 19 FINK YOUNG WORK A*D RIDING I Ai Boesm at Acctio*.?On THURSDAY, the ISth iusiau'^1 sUaU soii. in front of ?m (Store, No. SgB 7th street, a^ 1ft o'clock a. ra.~ T*ei?e ?xee]l?Mt young Horses, from four to six rears old. . All of which work welt, and some of them fine rid ing animals, and some of them wilt nuke good mat?Ue*. Terms uasii, id Virginia money. Persons wishing to supply thenraelvee with g.yod HorseAilldo well to attend the sale. _njf>^_ A. ?> K KKN, AootionfM. __ By BARNARD A BUCKEY; Georgetown. HOL'SEUOM) and KITCHEN FURNITURE at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the l?th ilist,. wo shait sell, at No. im Bridge street. near Congress. commencing at 14 o'clock a. in., a Rood 1->t of Household Furniture, consisting of? Mahogany Sdns, Chairs. Tables, Ac. Do Marble-top 'l'al>ies. Lounges Cane and wood seat Chairs, Rockers Bedsteads, Bureaus, and \N ashstands Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Hair and Shuck Mat tresses.

Hod Hid Table Linen Carpets, Oilcloth. Stair llWi China, Glass, and Crockery-ware Stoves, Kitchen Utensils. Ac. Terms: All sums under 9^5. cash: over S25, a credit of 6Uaad Utdajs, for satisfactory notes, bear iUK interest. n lH-ts BARNARD A BUCK F.Y. Aects. By JaMES C. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer. Furniture and household ef fbcts at AvcTiex.?On THURSDAY MORN ING, November l!Hh. at ten o'clook, at the resi dence of the let* Mrs. Lenox, on E street, between 1th and llth streets, I shall sell the Furniture and Household effects, comprising? Pair Malloxany Crimson Damask covered French Sofas Plush-covered Arm ana Rocking Chairs Rush seat Reception Chairs, Rout Tables Marlife-top Centre and Sofa Tables Gilt frame Mantloand Pier Glasses Mahogany Seoretary and Bookcase Plush and Cane seat Lounges Dan.ask and Ln.ce Curtains, Window Shades Brussels and Three-ply Carpets, Rugs Bronze Hat Tree, Oilcloth, Stair-reds and Eyes Brussels and Venetiau Stair Carpets Mahogany Dining and Card Tables Marble-top Sidelioard, Cane-seat Chairs Silver-plated Tea Set, Cake Baskets China, Glass, and Crockery ware Mahogany Bedsteads. Bureaus, Washstands Superior Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows Hair Matresses, Blankets and Comforts Parlor <?rates. Franklin Stoves, Ac. Together with the usual assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms; $W and under, cash; over that sum a credit of thirty and sixty days, for satisfactorily en* dorsed notes, bearing interest. n 16-d J AS. C. McGUIRE, Anot. JJAM8! HAJ4S!! HAMS!!! We have a ohoice lot of Family.cured HAMS, whiok are unsurpassed in excellence. KING A BURCHELL, s*24 Corner of Vermont avenue and Itth street. J^OTICE TO HOUSEKEEPERS. C. R. L. CROWN A C<?., having received a large and well selected stock for the Full trade. in-/7\ vites Housekeepers and those in want ofYjl FURNITURE ?r CROCKERY WARE.M| to examine their stock, as they are determined / f I toseiitosuit the times. ? Bank paper of the District taken at par. C. R. L. CROWN ft CO., oo 16-tf No. 357. corner of6th st. and Pa. av. VIRGINIA AND DISTRICT MONEY TAKEN AT PAR FOR BOOTS, SHOES, AND TRUNKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IRON HAL!. BOOT,SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT, Pennsylvania arcane, bettrten 9th and 1 nth tts. vtibf ' havo just returned from the Nnrtl-ttrrro BBI with a splendid assortment of a:;Erri?^[ fWl kinds of l^adies. Gentlemen*. Mis V^^ees, Hots'. Child reus', and Servants' BOOT'S and SHOES. Also, a large stock ?>f TRUNKS. CARPET BAfiS, VALICES, and SATCHELS, ail of which I will sell lor the above money. Caii early,at SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S. js? Iron Hall. CITY STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILL. Economy and Cojivkniknc*. We are now ready to deliver WOOD SAWED and SPLIT at 20 per cent, less than the usual rates, and belter prepared than it can be by hand. Knots ana wood of inoonvesient size not sent. All orders for less than half a oord will be delivered in orates to any part of the house at no further ex pense to the purchaser. Pine wood in crates IS cents. Oak wood do. 40 cents. In this part of our business we will opes no ac counts. as we have come to the conclusion to make it exclusively a cash business. Also, on hand, HICKORY. OAK, and PINE WOOD and COAL of all kinds, which will be dis posed of on the usnal accommodating terms. Now on the way One cargo White Ash Broken Coal for furnace. One cargo White Ash Egg Coal for radiators. Coal 2,240 lbs. to the ton. All under oover. Orders promptly filled. T. i.ft W M. UALT. northwest oorner of 12th and C sts., No. 547, 00 7-tf onu square south of Penn. avenue. HERBERT'S HORSJ? AND HORSEMAN SHI P of the United States and Hritish Provir oes, in two large volumes, numerously illustrated, now complete; price % in. Subscriptions received for the publishers by n7 FRANCK TAYLOR. N DUB ANT'S E W EATING HOUSE. The undersigned desires to inform his friends and the public, that he has leased /jS\ and thoroughly repaired an<!\J^^ refitted the premises on tne oorner of Pa. avenue and t*h street, north side, formerly occupied by Wm. Walker, and others, and so long and favorably known as the National Restaurant. The improvements and alterations which I have made, are on the most complete andample scale, and have been furnished at great trouble and exp -nse, and I can confidently promise to present to those who may honor me w;tn their patronage, accommo dations which cannot be surpassed. To gentlemen who wish apartments f.?r private parties, I would state that I have also rented and fitted up f<>r that purpose, the large and commodious house adjoinin; the corner, on 6th street, where their wants will lie promptly attended to. Oil Sunday my bar will, of course, be closed, but persons who desire them, can l?e supplied with their meals, as on other days,at my Eating Rooms, in the house above mentioned, on 6th street, entrance sec ond door above the avenue. 1 deem it proper here to state, that the whole es tablishment will be under my immediate supervis ion and control. To th??se who mas require the services of a French Cook, for entertainments of any kind, I would say that I onn furnish such upon short notice, and on reasonable terms. In fact, I wish to benefit the public, as we I as ad vance uiy own interests, and I hopo that my friends will extend tome such support as will suable me etf'ectually to do so. Due r.otioe will be given of the dav of opening. P. M. DUBANT. I offer for sale the good will and fixtures, wHh lease lor three years, of my old establishment, known as Washington Hail Restaurant, together with the Rifle and Pistol Gallery. Its well known character renders it unnecessary to say anything upon the business advantages which it possesses, n 10 P. M. P. A DIES, PLEASE READ. Instead of selling the remnant of my stock of FANCY GOODS at auction, I have moved it into my now Store, tflfi Pa. avenue, lietween 9th and 10th streets, where I intend giving my customers and the public generally, a chance to get great ba'gaiu* at auction prices. Call before you buy, and examine for yourselves. Very respectfully, R. C. STEVENS, Dealer in French Millinery and Fancy H'hkIi, oc 24 XJK I'a. ave., bet. ?th and lOtn sts. I I MPROVE YOUR EYES-STRENGTHEN anil asmst theui- by the PARIS OPTICIAN-A Woolson who, ttZJr just arrived from Europe, with his own manufaotu red, and also of a good many other Opticiaus' latent unproved SPECTACLES* and EYrJ-GLASSES, which are the PERISCOPIC CONCAVE uid CONVEX BRAZILIAN CRYSTAL, DOUBLE FOCUS and POLISHED, which sre warranted to improve ANY EYE affected with WEAKENING CATARACT or going to it, also SHORTS1GHT ED NESS. Ah persons that wear or those which need to be*in to wear them will be suited at first sight. Those wondsrful double-polished Glasses received the verv highest recommendation at the WORLD'S FAiR in PARIS, through thsir pro ducing a clearing to the sight the best kuowa till "'aIso.sII styles of OPERA. SPY. sud MAGNI FYING GLASSES, Compasses, and Microsoopes are for sale at his store, oorner of Eighth street and Pennsylvania avenue, or 491 Eighth street. Piione very reasonable, the same as he had in his e&tablish insnt in Pans. n 9 tf O il A W LSI-SH A VV LS!!-SH A W LS!!r~ Ws have just received a large lot of Gentle men's bHAWLS, from fS.SOand upwards. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., u 5-3w &2 Pa. av., bet, 9th and 10th sts. JR. B. SCHWA RIE, ? qSXKRAl nRALXRl PACKER AND PICKLKR OF OYSTERS, Corner of 12th and E streets. in?"Anybody in want o( Oysters should call at this plwoe. nS-lm r:nU'IT.-New Eleme FIGS: new RAISINS, in quarter, half, and whole boxes; new CUR Bt; F u 12 corner 15th street and Vermont ave, Books from London. Bohn's Guide to the Kuowledge of Pottery, Parceiain, and ether objsots of Vertu, I vol.; fljft. Pope's Life and Letters, 1 vol.. illustrated ; $1.25. Tales of the Genu. I vol., illustrated ; fl.J*. Bolley A Paul's Msiiual of Technical Analysts, 1 vol ; .% 1.2a. India, by Mooqueler, 50 ets. So, en's Culinary Campaign, 1 vol., illustrated; 9> Piers Ploughman's Vision and Creed,two vols.; 9 .Ml. Whs well's History ol the Induative Sciences, two vols ; #7. Chapman's Homer's Iliad. J vols.; ?3, Frsnnis Quaries' Enchiridion, 1 vol.; IT ets. Sir Thomas OverbBrySi Works, I vol.; #1.*, Mather's Providencesin New England,! vol.: 01 JR. Drummond's Poetical Work*. 1 vol t f I.K. Carlyle's Works, 6 vols.; ?l.Sn?ervoL no 12 PRANCK TAYLOR. PIANOS FOR mRCL very low, at ELLIS', 306 betwteu ath and loth sts. u 10 AUCTION SALEg. TO DAY <V TO-MORROW MORNimi By WALL ft BARN AMU. Aueuon^ers. FAMILT G ? OCERIL9.LIU UOft^SSAB *, To?acco. Ao, at tl * MOR N | KO. Nev. M. at ??K o'ejock, we wif! sell, ? front of our Motion r?Wil, * large aaaorttnenl of FsenW Grooeries, Uij?w?. Segart, and Tataoco? such M Cr?M< and Brown Stigsrs Imperial. Gunpowder, and Black Teat Rio and Burnt Coiees an hnxei Colgate's Stareh 95 boxes Brown and Fancy Soapt Chooolate. Olive Oil. Mustard, SPiret, ke. SO boxes Mould and Adamantine Candles in quarter I?xps Chewing Tobaooo 5 casks Brandy, good <jnality 6 t??rrels U'tiiikr. in oasts Blackberry Brandy 5,r?n Segar*. different brands. With many other article* in the Grocery iine?all of which will be sold without reserve. nu-a wAi.t,* harnard, Aucu. By A. ftRKKN, AnrtioMCr. By virtue of a deed OF trust to the subscriber. Inarms (late t lie r?l day of Sep tember, IHM, and duly recorded in the Laud Keco>n of Washington <*om: y. in the District of C? uiuUa. I nhall sell at pnblio auction, on the premise*, <n MONDAY, the l?th day of November, at 4 v'uiock. p. m.. Lot No. 3, in Squire No. *'4, lying iu said Citj of Washington. aud front ma 56 leet ft inches oa Forth M street, and running back lno leal to an alia* A feet wide, whioh, by ?:Je alleys, baa an outlet on 24th and Sth atreeta. There is a neat two-stonr Frame House <?? tha Lot. which is nearly opposite the late Gen. Thomp son s residence, now owLcd by Julia L. Keesids. Eiq. North M ?treet ii ?oon to be uradad.aad the neigh borhood is improving. Terms: One-third cash; balanoe in C, 12. and II months, for notes bearing intareat, and aecured by a deed of truat. Conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. R. R. CRAWFORD, Trustee, n 10 d A. GREEN, Auct. PUBLIC 8ALE OF A VALUABLE FARM i* Orami Cov>tt, Va.?Raving mora lar.d than I oan cultivate, I will offer for aale. at public auction, on TUESDAY. the 17th day of November, 1*57. " Birchlaud," lying in the County of Orange, on Mountain Ron, adjoining the lands of Hon.Jere miali Morton and others, and containing three hun dred and seventy eight acrea, about two hundred acres oleareJ and now in Clover, and the remainder in original yowrh?well suited to growing a fine quality of Tobaooo. The Buildings have been erected within the last year, and suitable for farming purposes. I invite purchasers to examine for them aelvea. Having determined to aetl,-1 am disposed to sell a great bargain. For further particular! address J. J. Halsey, Mitchell's Station. Culpeper County, or the under signed at Oiaage Court House. oc28-ts GEORGE A. SLEET. FUTURE DAYS By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE.?By virtue of a der>d of trust ex ecuted to me and recorded in Liber J. A. S.. No. 183, folios 257, 2^1. 25?, ift?, and 261. one of the laud records of \Vashiuctofl county. District of Co lumbia. I ?hall, on SATVRDA Y, the 5th of Doceni ber next, at 4 o'clock p. m., in front of the premise*, offer for sale at nnblir auction. to the highest bidder therefor, the eastern half of Lot No.6, in Square No. 387. mi subdivision of John Wilton and Nicholas Callan, as the same is reoorded m the office of'he record of Mud city of Washington, District of Co lutubia. Terras ca*li. Th* property to lie retold at the risk and t-xpeuae ofthe purchaser unless the terms of sal'* are complied with within three days front the dav of sale. EDW. C. 6ARRINGTON, Trustee. n 13-law&ds A. GR F.EN. Auct. Bt WALL A BARNARD. Anetioneer*. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT Atctjo*.?On TI'ESDAY AFTERNOON, the nth instant, at o'clock, we will sell, in front of the premises, part of Lot 2b. in Square 250. fronting 16 fart on 13th street west, between H and I streets north, and running hack 96 feet to a ten feeta'ley. This valuable propert* ia improved with a rood two-atory frain^ dwelling bouse. back-build in*, wood sheds, A c.. and is aituated in one of the most licautifnl and improving parts of ?he wty. h or an investment this sale offer*an excellent opportu nity, as the property will command a g??od rent. Tfrina liberal arnf made known at sale. nll-ts WALLA BARNARD. Aucft. (CARRIAGES. y RARE INDUCEMENTS GARDNER A PL ACE have now <?u band a fine ard \-aried aaiortmeut of CARRIAGES of tlie;r own iiiannfacture, which is war ranted in point of material and workm^n ahip, to t>e equal to any made in the United States, and are offered at lower pricos than at any other plaoe in this city,?for cash. They bin Id every description of Carriages {o order, with either the ordianry Kiiptic SpMrg.oron Mar gatroyd Patent Improved Spring and Gear. Particular a'taction is paid to every description of REPAIRING, which ia faithfully and promptly don*- at the very lowett rates. 563 12th street, near Canal. n 6-2w FROM LONDON.?The Landfall of Columbus, by Capt. Beecher, royal navy, SSJn Struotureand Functiocs of the Eye, by Spencer Thompson, M. D.. #2K Cairnes Character and Logic of Political economy 81.25 Rifled Ordnance, 1 vol., plates fl.75 Oswold's Dictionary of S) i.oi j and Paron ymea, 50 cents Bo*well's Johnton, enlarged edit:oD,4 volt., many engravings, ?1.15 Crooke's W axed-paper process in Photography. 75 cents Life and Servioes of Palmeiston, pamphlet, 19 cents The Book of American Song*. 37 centa M ill's Constitutious ofthe British (Colonies. $3.75 Blakcy's Political Literature from the earliest times, 2 vols., $3.5U, Imported per last steamer. ' n2 FRANCK TAYLOR ONE SPLKNUID PIANO, almost new. for 9150. Call and ace it at the Mutic De pot of W. G. METZEROTT. 0010 oorrer of 11th atreet and Pa. av. A PI A NO f?.r #2*; one for $3?; one for and two for .?!<<>; besides twenty-two new ones ranging in price from 81j0 to $7?*>. All for rent or aale upon easy terms, at our Piano Warerooms 3<6, between 9th and 10th streeta. oc2n JOHN F. ELLIS. ^OAL!!! COAL!f! COAL!!! To arrive, in the course of a few days, two car goes of Mipenor red and white ash COA I. (egg and store) which we will teil at a reduction if delivered from the veswels. Pine, Oak, and Hickory WOOD, constantly on hand. Orders promptly filled For rent a Store Room, 18 by 7<) feet, on Seventh street, between G and 11 CHAPIN k BRO. No. 422 Seventh at. n 11 -oi.2w betw een G and H. P U R S! FURS! F U R S !!! Just opened my large, lieautiful, and new stock of Fur*, purchased in the last five days, and will aell them much sparer than the aame aualtty usual t sold in Washington. All kinds of Ladies', Misses' and Children's Fur*. All Furs so.d at my establi?h meiit warranted to be genuine, of the latest styles, and made up for this season's *#t!e. HOPKINS. At the oorner of 6th street and Pa. ave., n 4 eod2w Sign of the Whjte Bear._ p A R I S MI L L I N E R Y . MADAME FERRERO, No. 5 Great Jonet ^rfVMreet, New York, respectfully inform*e>fft s ^B^the l.ndics 111 Washington that she vii!fca{*?j[^ re-open, on the ? 9tli of November, sSZtie# branch of her eistabliahinent at 248 Pennsylvania av enue. Washington. Ladies wiM ?here find a handrsome assortment of? FALL and WINTER BONNETS DRESS OA PS, HEAD DRESSES FLOWERS. FEATHERS. FANCY PINS.and ornaments FOR THE HAIR PERFUMERY, GLOVES, FRENCH PA TENT SKIRTS, A a. at moderate prices, nil eotl8 CXMTNTOF MON I K. < hrisTO,2 vols.: f l j Diary ol a Medical Student, by Warron;5D oents. Pickw ick Abroad, by Reynolds; 5"cents. George, or the Planter of the Isle of France, by Reynolds: so cents. The Gipsv Chief, by Reynolds: 51'cents. Brian O'Lina.or Tuck is everything, by Maxwell; 50 cents. Robert Bruce, or the Hero King of SoctiaBd, by Reynolds 50cents. Wallace, the Hero of Scotland, by Reynolds; 53 oents Sons of Malta Exposed; 13 oents. _nJ0 FRANCK TAYLOR. A BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD CASE IRON frame Pianoforte, used one year in a ?\reful family, of Hallet, Davis A Co.. Boston, renowned manufacturers, will be sold at a great bargain, for oash or credit, at our great Piano Emporium. JOHN F. ELLIS, oc22 3nt> Pa. ave .bet.nth and '0th ate. Books from London. Sover'a Culinary Campaign, 1 vol ; $1.50. Russeii's Modern h urope Epitomised, $1. The Bivouac. I>t Maxwell; 5<?c. Captain Blake, by Maxwell; 5?o. The Vioointe Bragelonne,2 vols.; SI.25. Birds. Bea*ts.and Fishes; I2c. The History of Five Little Pigs, colored plates,25 cents, plain It cents. oqj9 FRANCK TAYLOR. piCKLES BY THE HUNDRED. A lot of selected PICKLED vinegar, which we will sell in any quantity desired. oc 13 KING A BI RCH ELL. I AW BOOKS. J Selwyn's Prius, now edition, 2 vols., Jtvo. Bennett A Heard's Leading Criminal Cases, 2 volt, 8vo. Addison on Contracts, new edition, 1 vol. Chitty on the Laws of Carriers, new edition, 1 vol. Wharton's Preoede:its of Indictments, new editioi.? 1 vol. . . .... Wharton's American Criminal Law, new edition, 1 vol. . , . Hilton Trustees, newedition. I vol. Williams on Real Property, new edition Jl vol Sedgwick on Statutory and Constitutional l^W.l vol Oloott's Admiralty Reports, New York.l vol. Mart Icni) L)It 2li VOt* n/ FRANCKTAYLOR. OWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL,at G( BBS'S Hair Store, near 13th street. n IQ-3tn LADIES' TUCK, and all sorts of COXIBS, at GIBBS' Hair Store, near 13th st., and at Iim Sales Room. und_er_ W illards' hotel. nH am A MAONIFICEfcT CHURCH ORGAN, 1 stops, 7 ootave coinpr.-?, at the warerooms CH o* n< w. g. MK/r/r R7vrr (CHINESE SUGAR CANE S Y R U P. from .> Rpeve't Mill, of a superior quality, is now for sale bjr J. B. WILSON, Grooer. oc 23 tf UtK] Sf? Petiaailvamanvenuc. TELEGRAPHIC NEW* Vrm tit Asaaclatod ff?M iiwt.*" ? 'FOl H OlYft LATER PROM BCROPf. Arrival at the Ariel. St Jbn*, Ttor K.--TU 4fiat. fttai Southampton. wlfh dates to the fitb innt., posi o*??e Rota 1m4 a?gh? *m ber war to New T? The new* boat arraiigaiu?*at of tbs a?aria' &> to ft.'wa.d, U artrawr a btW f outline 4TJi? advicB?. Tbe Ki iei brtngm MtU.QOB Sm spoete Tbe steamer N iagara arrival oat on tW tat. The Bsi??an ?????*? had re*irn*d TM be*Hb of the king of prusJla waa still im proving Thf nrrinjMnfiiU for the lansi L nf itn ilramf ?rrat EaWefn r?ror??d a failure There t? nothing later from lidia. ( UK UttllT* Cotton ?Sales nf tb? three days at amnnnlr<i to 15 V* bales Price* doW with > de< 1 iniug ti-ndeacy. Hreod*<uli -Rh bard*oa aeIrenlar quotesr duU and aUutd? Wbea? ba* derl'ned M to id Red Wheat 6s *d. a 7?.bd ? Cam closed with a downward tewltBCT. Lard ?* hearyat?<#. Rlc? la fir? The Enirllah nv?ney market waa depr< Consols at London etaard at SS\sHfl\ Manchester adrtoea were unfavorable. New \?m. N?? W ?The itniBer 9t Loals, with the California malls and af tb? 20tb uU baa a aired, but too late for ber mill* to be despatched South by the morning train. The at. l^uls belays bo me Comm do t ?ir rla. late of the United Wares' sh-p-of-war Tnde pende0C?. wiib a. porttoa of his o?t-ers and crew The ship Lotus, of New York, firrlrad at Sea Pranclaeo on the 19th She spoka, Sept. 3d, the ship Andalusia from Baltimore, bound u> Cvu*o Two ?rwr? shocks of an enrtbqoake wf re bit in San Francisco oa the evening of the lStfc P H. Burnett la appointed J satk# of tfce 9u prente Court la California in place of Judge M ar ray deceased. limine** at San Francisco via u'.usually dull; bat the receipts of.^old dust were satlslactary Latest from kaosaa. St. Loris. Nor. II?Tbe I^erumpton corres pondent of tbe Republican sars that tbe Caaatl tutional Convention adjourned on tbe 7th Inet A provisional government. with Gea. Calhoun a? Governor, was formed, to go into operation immediately. The Convention passed a separate clause aattr Honing slavery, which, tbe correspondent aaarrt*, will be the oaly section submitted to tbe paafie " It la thought,'' be nays. " to be tbe design*" get the constitution accepted by Congress p. iarto the assembling of the Territorial Legislature.*' Gen. Walker had l?een a prettied to to convene au extia session of tbe Legislature to meet tbe emergency. The apportionment of the State provides for 45 Representatives und 15 Senators. Sentence of Oiminals. Lo*box, C. W . Nor II.?Thomas Craig, who was convicted of altering the date of a promis sory note, and passing tbe esme, ther*by de frauding the discounter, has tieen sentenced to four years' imprisonment in the penitentiary J F Manby, a station master on tbe ?afat Western Railroad, was convicted of wrongly allowing nn express train to pass, and so caualag a collision, but was lined only S30 by tbe Courf, as a petition in bis favor, largely and respectably signed, bad beta received The Adriatic. Ntw York, Nor. 14.?The steamer Adriatic has not yet returned from ber trial trip, bot the agents In this city have advices from ber dated last evening, which are highly encouraging with regard to ber performances, and It la now uS cially annouix ed that sbe -*iH be ready toCeare on her first vorage to Europe on Saturday. the '21st Inst. Sbe will go out In command of 'Cap! W f*t. The tine Is now in fine order, and will again prosecute Its trips with itsaccustomed regularity. Expleslsn of a Steam-Tag. Detroit, Nor 14 ?The boiler ot tbe steam-tug Noah P. Spntgne, of Buffalo, exploded while in the river opposite this citr this afternoon, and the boat instantly sunk. Tbe crew constated of tea persons, eight of whom were inataatly killed. The captain and first mate escaped. The Wrque Sunshine, wbicn was alongside, had ber rigging compretely riddled, but ao oao on board was injured. Burning af tbe Fart Edward Blast Furnace. Fobt F-dwabb. Nor. 14.?About six o'clock this morning the Fort Edward bias? fnraace we* discovered to be on fire and soon after tb* whole building was destrored. Through the efforts erf the firemen tbe machinery was mostly tared The loss is about $3,UKJ. Tbe buildiag WjU la st: red ?? Disaster to the Steamer Philadelphia. Arecsr*, Nor. 15.?Tbe steamer Philadelphia left Havana on the Vth, and made the poit ot Cbaileston on Satn dar, haring on tbe l6tb, off the coast of Florida, encountered a he*vy gale, and on the 13th broke her shaft and the crosa head of Lex port engine. The Missouri Legislatare. St T.ocis. Nov 13 ?A bill tosusialn tbe credit of the State was liefore the legislature vaaterdar The bill provides for a mill tax ;also, for tbe col lection of tbe two per cent, fund claimed by tba State from tbe United Stalca. Sinking of a Steamer. Chicago. Nov 13 ?Tbe steamer < pocket) Rein deer, bound from St. Louis to Altou, 1U , struck a snag at the mouth of the Missouri river, last night, and was sunk in niue feet water. The ves sel was not insured. Sentence of Murderers. St John, N. B , Nor. 14,?Bre?n and hlavia, Sr.. the murderers of the M? Kensie family, were sentenced to-dav to be hung on the 11th of De ember next Slavin, Jr., was also found guilty. Seutence on biin will be passed hereafter Gen. Walker's Recraits. Mobile, Nov 16 ?A considerable' ody of Ger. Walker'* emigrants sailed for Grertown on Sat urday. The Fashion was heavily freighted, and obtained ber clearance as a Greytown packet Death of nn Extensive Pork Packer. Baltimoke, Nov. 16?Gilbert C as sard, an ex tensive Pork packer, died suddenly this morning of apoplexy, lit the ?5th year of bis age. The t ottou Market. Mobile, Nov 16?On Saturday tbe aales of cotton amounted to 6,WKi bales, at a decline of \e. Baltimore Marketa. Ralttmobv, Nov 16 ?Flour Is steady, sales of 2.5U0 bbls.; State ? >. Ohio and Ilowaid street 96.9H. The supplr of Wheat this nr.ornlng was large; prime lots were firmer, common lots tower, good to prime red Sl.lSaft la; do white SI 'Jjafl 45. Corn Is steady; old yellow T2a?4c.,do. white 72c , and new white 55ati(lc. Whisky is firm; City 22c .Ohio 22 ^c. flew York Marketa. New Yobe, Nor. 16?Flour is firm: sales of 9.00ttbbls. State 8-1 *5a*5, Ohio S5 40*5 *5, Soutl ? em S5 IttaSS VI Wheat Is unsettled; sales 15,000 bnsheU; Vlil waukicClub SI t<> Corn has advanced; sales of ?,0ttl bushels mixed at Sic Pork Is quiet; mess 8t9.75a20. Beef Is quiet. Lard Is dull at 10a13c. Whisky has advanced; sal** of Ohio SS^C. French books. Scribe?fiistorieNei et Proverties, an oents. Fromentin?I n Ele Dans le ^tisra. 3uefs Ksrr-Pron.ena.des hora de Mon Jsnlm, J'cts. Dumas P.U? Le liame Aux Cameiias; Suets. Feval?Le Tuer de Ti*res; an cts. Reyband?Jerome Paturot: ?icts. Soorastee?Scenes de 'a Vie la'i ne; at* eta. Sou\ estia? Dans la Prairie; 9 cts. Rousseau?Les Ct niesston.X vols., illustrated ; 75 cents. Rousceau ? La \ouveile Heloise.2 volaaea, illas trated ; 75cents. _ Voltaire?Dietmnnairs rhilosophique, 5rola^ i.lua tratod; ^1-75. Da la Lecialstion .Minerals Sous I. Anoisnne Mon arjlite. par E. I.. Fleury; f 1.74. De la Kcpuhliqne des EtaU I nis, par M. De Ln tlraeerie; 75ota. Htudes Diploniatiques, par Le > lOorota Honr> da Bonneval: tf.75. Hiatoire du Consulat et de L'l-iupira, par M.A. Thiera, roiuiue 16; 91^5. Importetl by n U FRANCK TAYLOR. jpoK mount Vernon. The Steamboat THO*MAS COLLYER. havu^ been thoroughly repaired, will make regu ar trips to Mount Vernon, lear .nf her wharf, in this eity, erary^^^*^?^ Tt ESDA V and FRIDAY to'olk. During the intervening time ake will ran rexular tripa to Alaxandria. as usua . ?f THOMAS RAK'FR. C*?taui. POMB AND SF.K!?Just ree?ivod f?om PkOa V' delphia another snpult of the very pup ular and the beat COOKf NO STO\ E? in< thia tnaiket or in any other. _ . . Tl?e Riau k Siat. it I1oL.Se oven t Stove, made \ eiy heavy aoJ tkiek .foe Uu? o.artst. It is my Stove?as fcu< h I ?t"?d toy it. For aale only at C. oodwar^ s Metropotitaa Stova and Gmte Factory, No. Stand 322 Peuna? I T"f?SrW' C. wool)W A K IV_ ^OFFKE, MOUASSES, A a. 75 hoes white and green COPPKE is toads Purto Ktoo MOI.ASSES SJMHhs. N-w York BUCKWHEAT MEAL ?n whole and a narter boxes RAISINS 5ii l?*es New York CHEESE 2,iKki lb*. CODFISH 2JM lbs. HAKE FISH 75 Uixes saaled HEM RINGS Just receivod Bi-i lor sals_l^ ... ? <j alV-awK M t R R A \ 4 8EMME6,