Newspaper of Evening Star, November 17, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 17, 1857 Page 4
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DOMJkfcXK BLISS. a I am "A married lad/ ?( P^d. ^ Every evening I see in tnsir heus A " (utr > doaen' oi curly heads. y.rerj momin* mr slumbers creet The patter. pstter. patter, of twenty-six feet: I hirteen ItttM hearts aro always ?" ? flatter. Till ihirteen little raouliis are tilled with bread m but,er- i I. I ? Thirteen little tMuuss are busy aJl day long, And thirteen little hands, with something wron*. iiU I fain am to do, W?th an energy. too. As -lid the old wo iwvn that lived in a snoa. And when try poor husband eomes bum a from his work. Tired and hungry. and fierce as a Tnrk, W hat do y?u th nk i* the picture r.e sees ? A legion of babies* all in a oreaxe? Johnny a crying. And Luoy a s>f(h>ng, An1 worn out mamma, wuli her hair all a flying; Strmi* and angry William, beating little Nelly; 1'l^r.ey in the p*niry, eating currant lelfy; eichaid atruttiog round in papa's Sunday ooat; arty at the glass, with a razor at his tr??*t; Kobert jets nis fingers ornshed when Susy shots the door, Mitigates their aching with a forty-pound rear ; Baby at the coal-hod nurne* to begin. Throwing in his mits tothe universal dm. Alas! mr lord an-i roaster, being rather weak of irerve. he Begins to lose h*s patience in tfce stunnir g topsy And tnen*the frightened httls ones all fly to me for a bolter; And 'he drama oloses 'mil a general helter skelter, I'll give juu my name, lest you think me a myth, Youri, very respectfully. Mm. John Smith. .117- 1 .lent Maury communicatee the discovery of another comet, too small, however, to be seen by the astronomer without his "specs." ID" A note for S6.WX) azainst the city of Bos ton was protested last week, because the holdar demanded specie, which was refused. U7" The water-works to supply the town of New Biitain. CI., with water, nave been com pleted, and water was let in on Monday. \"~T~ Graham, the lmr^lar recently sent to tho M is* State Prison for life, came near making his escape on Friday night last, by otf the iron grating to his cell. f " Boy. what's l*rnm? of the hole I ?aw in your pants t'he other day (Young America carefully examining his un mentionables) "Oh, sir, it's wore out." (l.r Numerous incandiary attempts have re cently been made at Norwich, Conn. It U sup posed the obWf of the incendiaries is to plunder the homing buildings H7" A man. trimed Henry Richer, committed siilrHte at St. Louis, Mo., a f-w days since. oh *"couut of the uiifrithfiilness ami desertion of bis wife. The Bo?ton Jonrnal has seen a specimen rf wrapping pn;x?r from the fibre of the Chinese sugarcane, in Newton. Mass |r ?aysthe speci men proves conclusively that pa;?er ta:i be madt* from that plant. \ZT The wife of Mr Pec's, proprietor of lbs Ptifrnix llotH. Lan*ingburg, N. Y., which was dentioyed by fire the other day. had effected ail insuiance of fifteen hundred dollars on bis p'op erty, w.tb her pin money, unknown to him. Lr Tbe Finca?tle Valley \Vhi?t says that Sam uel ila ri?tnii, of Pittsylvania county, is the rich est man in Virginia lie owns 1700 slave.-., and fhev increase at t],e rate of lit) * year. He is said to be worth #5,GUU,(IU0. IC7~ Tbre* incendiary attempt* were made in New Biitain, Ct.. on Saturday night In two of the cases damage was done to the amount of sev eral dollars, before the fires were extin guished. 117- "John," *a?d a master to his head ap prentice as he was about starting on a ?hort Jour ney, " you must occupy my place while 1 am ab ?ent M " Thank vou, sir," demurely replied John, " but i d rather sleep with the boys.** LJ~ Mr Keashan. employed in a paper mill at Troy, was. on Wednesday, canght in the ma chinery and had a hole knocked entirely through his head, and one of his eves was foreed from the socket and fell upon the floor. ITT A number of staves at Petersburg, Va , were arrested, a few days since, and sent to pris on. it being supposed bv thetr masters that tbev bad made arrangements to take tbe onderLrround railroad for the free States. ILr A gentleman of Raleigh county, Va , ha a fine la-ge calf which has no eves or any appear ance of any. yet can go through a ga'e, a gap in the fence, or any entrance, without difficulty, and knows a* well as a person when it is getting near a tree, stump or fence. ID" Grandpa, did you know thai the United states cave Wen iu tbe habit of eucouiaging and acknowledging tories?" '-Certainly not: what kind of tone* . "Terri-torie* " Now give me some peanuts, or I 11 catch the measles and make you pay for 'em." C^The Hon. Daniel P. Dickinson, in a recent spe?cU, said : "The American party cannot be thought other J1*? VmP?rary ?,rganixatlon, somewhat like tfeur v\ '? p\ir: 44 When it lived, it lived in clover; And when it died, it died all over." U-J" ^ ?fo?d looking crazy woman got on b) ird a .ran of car. :n Detroit, on Thursday, went into the ladies' -aloon. stripped off every ,Mtch of clothing she bad on. and then started to look for a scut A brakemaii seized her, and made her resume her clotL.n- An old bachelor was so shoek? d that he too had to be necked and locked up to keep him from committing suicide. M kits to of New Yobk Membibs or Co* OBE.s-rhe New Yoik Daily New. sav? tLat ?Tr memhert elect to the next (35tb) Congress are to dine together, on invita tion of the lion J B ilaskin. *t LMmonteo's, in I'?" ""xt Th<> ohitct the entertainment is supposed to have reference to the various esiididate, fr,r Speaker. Clerk. Door keeper, Ac., of tbe* House of Representatives. ikSTJ". '""?"TP " California, lying In Sier.a Nevada, at certa'n hours of the dav it I* *een in gaugi or herd*, like wi id caltle upon a Spar Kb ranch, re pairing to the *rnali ?trea,n which flows through the 'alley, for tl.n purpose of alaking their thirst. I he yalley la very di?n?it of acces. being In a hy L,gh- ,teepand very C7* Incidents of the recent Oreenbush, N. Y emu con case are: Hnsland susfiects wife of imnropnety; SayS he is goin- away for two days, wire cries and says no; h.isi?and i? determined, "? a corner. ttnd retnrns to the wocd^Bhed of his dwelling; shortly after, strange hlT.L .'i'eiT ' ""l1 e?"? ""?> her bedroom; ^ ?f .0w*'a *,r?n?e man under ir.e bed, hauls him out and castigates him; then follows a suit for #10 UWJ. * ? rs A Put Osk ?A remark made by Judge Rog s in the Justice*' Court on Saturday forenoon. savs a New York paper, is rtecid- dlv too good to be lost. J. H. Butler, Esq , one ot our young lawyers, was making a statement to tbe Court in reference to a certain name in a writ that Mr. Hutler hsd made out, that looked like John, but which Mr Butler contended was Joseph. When the ?j?ee?sarv explanation had been made. Tiis Honor, who. by the way, is well posted in Scrip tare, as an observer would infer from his appear ance, very leisurely remarked, whether to him self or those present is uncertain, that line in the dayscf yore. The chief Butler remembered not Joseph" ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS BHOWNH' IIOTKI. ? H M Mur ay. Pa, H Newhall. Mass. C 1' Wenuler and lsdv, Va; E Philip and family, La; Mi?* I) M Phillips, do: Miss Sue Genninvs. 4o; John Cnflli, N\ ; CIs r1??a Cotfin do; Mr Plnmmer and ladie?, Md: B F Turtor. do; K Brawner. do; N Kaeelaute, SC; SALeirari. d<? ; F H Wnotton. Iowa; Dr I. A Ptorr?iw. I>c"; T A Git?s, Va. A C Mon?on. Csl; John Ce't?tn. Va. J J Schieilinger NY: J Bou'n Md; J C Wilson, do S U aller, Pa, 11 Anthon. NY: C P Warnuier. tin; llm A Brluiont, NY, J K Dtxij:* and lsdv, NT; F.lbert Cla-jett. Ran ; C F Ilenseil, Pa. J A Osb*>u?n. K M Burgess. Md; M T I,e?-??e. W (' Pukehart, R C ArniM ong, J W Boudurant. R H Harris. J A R'lct.amn, J B Hlcha*d*oo. W II M'.liikin J R Kelao. W A Carrpls U, Va. Wll,LARDS' HOTEL ?C T Ilenseil. Pa; F G Martii.'Z do; F Oetli and brwt'aer, do, R Mc Coy; do. J B Baker, do; O M Laoman. do: T U Crane. W II Belcber and lady, J B 9 he (held. J Gill. R Stewart, J M Maroni and iadv. W K Brooks, R W llcath. R N Snowden. NYk; Capt NVholas, rsN'aw, A Ulai^dell. A Sullivan. Mr Swift, Mu>; Rev Pierce Butler.; S F Hart man. NYk. S Parkhurst, Me: Miss Morruw and sister, do; Com J DeCatnp, UrtN, Dr A N Bell,N Y;t.M Shoemaker. KIRK WOOL) HOUSE ?Mrs J N L'nderwcod. Ill, M P J? ues. L'^N; B B Ranken. Nehat Dr Miller, M<?; Jnd"e Almond. Kan; F M D^nning lon. Va, G W Morgan, do; Simonds, Md: J L Brown. NY. Com Voorbe- s I SN; A H Leoa a'd, NY: J W Smith, do; J Faruitosb, Ky, E Jamison, Va, M A'oodhouse, Md. IZ. ^ HOTEL., (L O Sxith ? )?T Caldwell. Miss; J G Oolti. N a: N Y Hudson, P Y Brooks, Rd Rankin, NY: W G Brawner, Jas Fancoast, J H White. G W Moore. J L Cochran, J Mcll hauy, Va; Hon H A Purviance. Pa: W B Tarr, Md; C C Weeks, I.a t'apt E C Carrington, C T Mcfflt, Chss Sleigh and lady, NY. UOV KMF.STS OF OCKAN STEAMERS. FlOS THI I'.IITSD STSTBS. Strmmttt. I.tit*. For D*yt Arago New \'ork...Havre NovU Km* b*ao?B. A raids Liverpool.. .New Y ork.. .Oct 31 Glasgow Gla?j/uw... .New York.. .Oct 31 Hsmirioois......!! unhu'g... New York...Nov I CHy Wasb'lon..Liverpool...New York...Nov 4 Atlantic Liverpool...New York...Novll Vandeibiit Havre New Yofk...Nov 14 Tbe California mall steamers leave New York oh the fltb and *lth of e?cb montb. t fcT HitotUan^om. ?l | fcTTlNOS OF WAIL CONTRACTS# ,'/ _Propoaata for oonveying tke Mil* <4 th? tilted States from the 1st of July. 1***. tn the 1C ot July ? ? m.uuy.1,1 inn.snu I'r.'l IIIU.IIVI/, ill be received at the Contract Oftci of ctaia i>e Crtmeut until 9 n. m. of th* lAih day of March next, be dooided by the 22d of the tame month. CALIFORNIA. ItJl* From San Frmncuoo. by Ben;era and GeoTKi ana, to Sacramento City. 12n inilea and back, ?ix times a week, m steamboats. Leave Baa Franciaoo daily, except Sunday, at 4 pm; A/rive at Saernmento City next day by 5 a m; Leave Saorameuto City daily, exoept Sunday, at 2 p m; Arrive at San Fr*n?isoa same day by 12 p m. 12irv| From San Franoisco, by Martinez, to stock ton, i&> miles end task, aix times a woek, in etoamboata. L*ve8aa Franoisoodaily, except Sunday, at 4 pm; * ri Stockton next day by 5 a m; Leave Stockton daily,except Sunday, at4 p m; ?rrlv*at ^an ^raco???o next day by 5 a m. I??v5 r rom San Francisco, (>y Belmont, Redwood city, Mayfieid. .Mountain View, and Santa Clara, to San Joae, 54 milee andbaok.aix times a week. Leave San Franoiaco dailr, exeept Sunday, at Ram; Arrive at San Jogs by 5 p m; Leave San Joae daily, exept Sunday, at (J am; Arrive at Sin Franciaoo by 5 p m. 1JS03 From San Franciaoo to Peialuma, 50 milee and Uack, three tnnea a week, in steamboats. Leave San Franciaoo Monday, Wednesday and Friday at o a m: A rnve at Petaluma by 5 p in: Leave Potaluma Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday at lu a. m; Arrive at San Francisco by 5 p m. 115G7 From S.'n Francisco, (by sea.) via Santa Bar bara and San Pedro, to San Diego, 451 mile* and bank, twice a month, in steamboats. Leave San Francisco on the 2d and 17th of each month; Arrive at Sun Diego by the 5th and 2nth of asmo mouth: Leave San Diego on theCth and 21 at of each month; Arrive at Sau Franeisoo by the 9th and 24th of same month. 12308 From 5nn Francisco to Oakland, B mil;* and hack, aix times a woek, by water. Letavo Sin Francisco daily, exoept Sunday,at Sam; Arrive at Oakland by P a m; Loaye Oakland daily, except Sunday,at 3pm Arrive at San Fraueisoo by 4 p m. tlW9 Frr.m"Oakland, by Brooklyn. San Leandro, Sin Lorenzo, Alvwrado, Mission San Joae. Centrevilie, and Milpiiaa, to San Joae, 45 miles and Iiack. three times a week. Leave Oakland Monday, Wednesday and Fri day at R a m; Arrive at San Jose by 5 p m; Leave **an Jose Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday at * a in; A rnve at Onk and J'? 3 p in. 123'.0 FromOakhnd. by San Pablo, to Martinez 25 mileu and tv?< k. oneo a woek. Leave i ?aki%nd Monday M Dam; A< rive at Martin-z by 4 p u?: Leave Marticm Tuesday at6am; Arrive at Oakland by I p m. 12511 From Petaimna, by Bluomficld, to Temalles, 2" itii:*>>* hnck. onc? a week. Leave Petainm w Tuesday nt 8 a m; Arrive at Temalles by 4 pm; Leave Tew?l|.'? Wednesday at 3 a in: Arrive a_ Pealumabv 4 p in. . by Bail __ Brandt, 21 milrs and bank, once a week. 12512 From Peta'unia. by Bodega, to Smith's Leave Pe'alnma Thnrsflay at ? a m; A rrive ar Smith's Branch by 5 p m; Leave Smth's Branch Friday at 8 a in: Arrive at Pet*!um ? br ^p in. 1251S From Peta'uma. br Santa Rosa, to Russian R iver. miiuH n>.<i (tack, twice a week. l.cav? Pdtaluma Tuesday anu Thuraday at 8 a roj i Anive at Russian River by 5 p m; Leave Russian River Wednesday and Friday at 8am: Arrive at Petnluma by 5 ? m. B els to extend via Onk Valley, Anderson V*l ley. and Albion Mills, to U<s River, 7-? inilea in all. are invited. 12514 From Pitainrna. by Nova to, to San Rafael, bacl*. once a week. Leave Pe'aluma Tuesday at Bam; A rnve at San Bal*?i by 2 p in; Leave Sin Knfael Wednesday at 8 a m; Arrives! Peialuma br 2 p m. 12515 From Napa City, by Selwstopol. Oakville, St. Helena. Hot Springs. Cayote Valley, and Lower Like to I ppnr l lear Lake, 75 inilea a'id linck.ouoea w^ck. Leave Nana Citr Monday at 7 a m: Arrive r.t (pper Clear Lake next day by 7 p m; Leave I pe?r Clear Lake We-jnenday at 7 a in; A rnve ar Nana City next d ay by 7 p m, ;aa<Si F?om Xapa City, l.y White Sulphur Springs, Knuut's Ranch, and Alexander's Ranch to Santa Rosn, am! lack, once a wees. Bid d"'n to state d stmoe and schedule of arri val# and departure*. 12516 From Uemcia, by Cornelia, Barton'a St ?re, Vaeavi'le, Buck Kae, Cache Creek, and \ "lo, to Grafton. 75 uiiloa and back, on hs a wees. Leave Benicia Tuesday nt fi a m: Arrive at Grafton next day b? 5 p m Leave Orafton Thursday ?t 6 a m; Arrive at Bdmeianext day by 5p m. 11517 From Baiueia. by Vail?jo. Napa City, and Sa ita Rosa, to Sonoma. 3a miles and hack, th'ea times a week. L^ave Benicia Tuesday, Thursday,and Sat ir ?lay at 6 a in; trrive at Sonoma 1>y l p m: <-ava Sonoma Monday, Wednssday, and Pri day at 6 a m: Arrive at Bcniei* by I p m. 119H From Martine*. by Almonnd San Ramon, to M 1.1*1011 r*an Jose, *) miles and baok, once a week. I.Alive Tuesday at fi a m; frrivear Vlission San Jos? by 7 p m; envo M ission **aii Josu \\??>lii(-s>iay at 6 a ir; Arrive at Martinez by 7 p m. Ii519 From Snn Juan, by Watsonvi.'lcand Sunt* Cruz, 'SJ miles and lark, three times a we?k. L^ave San Juan Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat unlay at 12 m: Arrive at Santa Cruz by 7 p m; Leave Mn.ta Cruz Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5a m: Arrive at San Ju*n by 12 m. 12*?) From Sin Jose, try Gilroy. San Juan. Nativi dad. and Salui*s, to Mon erey. 7* milea and l>ack, three times a week. Leave S*n Jose Tuesday, Thuraday, and Sat urday at 5 a np; Ar<iveat Monterey hy 8 pm; L^a.e Monterey Monday, Wednesday, and Fndav at 5 a m; Arrive at Sin Jose by 8 p m. 12521 From Mouterey to San Luis Ob spo, Ijn miles and back, twice a month. Lrave Monterey on the 1st and 15th of each month at 6 a m; Arnvo at San Lui* (ibigpo in four days; Leave Sau 1 uia Obispo on the 5th and ?th of each month at fi a rn; Arrive at Monterey in four day a. Bids to extend to Santa Bariiira are invited; also bids to run weekly. 18"S22 Prom L?i Anre!? s, by Trjon. Set?atinn Rea ervntiou.and Kersviile. to Visalia,S30 nulea and fsack. fwicea month Lcavtt 1.0a Angclsa on the let and 15th of eaoh moatb at Sam; Arrive at Visalii in eiftht days; Leave Visa'ia on the 1st and 15th of eaoh month at 8 a m; Arrive at Los Angeles in eirht days. U3 From Los Angeles, by San Gabriel and Monte, to S n Bernardino, 6'> miles and back, once a we#k. I eave Los Anireles Monday at 8 a m; A'riveat San Bernardino next day by l?m; l.ear<? San Bernardino Wednesday at 3a'm; Arrive at Los An?e!es next day by 12 m. 1^81 Froin l.o* Angeies to Sun I'cdro. at miles and beck, two or three tunes a month, in oonnex 100 w th the coast mail-steamers Biddrrs to siate schedule of arrivals and de partures. 1?? Fn m San Die?o, b* Sar.fn Isabel, to Fort Yu in a. 220 mi ea and back, twice a month. Leave Snn Diego on the 5th and 20th of each mouth. A rive at Fort Vun.a by the 15th and 28th of same month; Leave For; Yuma on the 15th and X?th of each h; A'riveat San Diego in one week. Bid* to extend by the way of Arizona. Tuoaon, and Mcsrla, to LI Pa?o, by a schedule to be stated t?y the b.dder.are invited. 12526 From Sonoia, liy Jacksonville. Big Oak Flat, Garr- te. Msxsel, a Creek. Split Rock, and Komlvi'ic. to Mariposa, 05 inilea and baok, twice a week. Leave Sonera Mondaysand Thuraday a at 6 a m; Arn v* nt Mariposa n??xt daya by 12 m; Leave Maripo*a Tueadayt and Fridays at 2 p I? Arrive at Sonora next days by 6 p m; 12527 From (,>u<irt*|.urg. by Indian Guloh, Gwm, Leafh ? Store, Millertou. King's Kiver. and Scottn1 urg, to Viralin, 120 milea and back, ooce a wetk. Leave'^uartztiurg Monday at B a m; Arrive at Viaalnnext \Vednesday by p m; Leave Visnlia ' hnraday at ?a m; Arrive at Qu&rtzi>urg next Saturday by fl p m. 12328 From Colombia, by Anzel's Camp, Fourth Crossing, and Sin Auorc^is, to Aiokaliiinne H1.1, Si unlets aid been, three times a week. I.eive Co iim'ua T11 adfy, Thuraday, and Sat urday at 7 a n*. Arrive at Mokalunme Hill by 4 pm; Leave Mokalumnn Hill Monday, Wednraitay, and Friday at 7 a in; ,.Arrive at Columbia by 4 pm. lion Fioin Stockton, by Kmsht'a Ferry, Green rprinRs. Mo'rezurra. Jamestown. Sonora, and Shaw s i-lat, to Columbia, 7ii inilon and . 1 I " i '"i?" R w"'k from liio 1st of May to 1st or I?* o?r:it>er. and three times a week the ra*id?ii of the vcr.r. a'TT.T," t"" ? ex'",P, Suuday, at 6 a m; Arrive nt ? olumbra by l: p rn; Leave Columbia dui y, except Sunday, at 1 a * Arr ve at Stockton !?> 3 p m 12i?i From Stockton, by Foicman'a Ranch. Half \A ay House, and Dou' le S[. ings. to Moke lumne Hill, 45 miles and back, mx timea a week Leave Stockton daily,exccpt Survlay,al6am Arrive at Moseiumne Hill l<y 5p m; ' Leave Mokelumue Hill da ly, excopt Sunday, at 5 a in; Arrive at S'oekton by J p in. 12581 From SMok'on, ly LnvuVa Ferry, Horr's Raueh, S.ielling'a Ra:ich, Merced h a'ls.lfor ni?a?, On rtzbuig. Mount Ophir. and Axua Fria, to Mar.po^a, M mi.ea and (?ack,twioe a weex. Leave Stoekfoa Tueadaya and Fridaya?t7a m; A'1 ivo at Mnripo?a next daya by 2 p tn; Leave Manpo%a Tuesdays and Frid.iya at 7 a m; Arr ve at Stockton next day? by 2 pm. i*-!! "'da for three trips a w? k sre'i. vited. I r ??n l?ou!)l- Sprincs. by North itranoh. San Andrea>. K<ni>th Crossing. Angri'a Camp, and \ admit*, to Murphy's,51 mnes and lack, ih-ee ti'nes a week. Arrive at Murphy "a l?y 7 p ui; LS5w&?fS s AmveatDouMe Springs by i?m. 1H . l-fls From Dry tnwa by Fiddletown. Codarville, IX! &???? ****** L?w Dntovn Toeidny ttIt m; Arrive at Indian Ducrinxs by 5 p. m. Leave Indian ihggtnts Thursday at S a. m ; Arrive at Dry town bv 5 p m. Bull to run from Sacramento City, instead of ?Dryt<2rn? during the season, are invited. 1?4 From Sacramento City, by Klliots Rarwh, ???He'e R a noli, Fngitt, and ^ uod s Ferry, to Stoakion, 50 nnies. and book, three times a week. Leave Sacramento City Tuesday, Thursday and Sntarday at 7 a m ; Arrive at Stockton by 8 p m; Leave Stoekton Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 am: Arrive at J*ac amento Ci'y by 1pm. 12?> From Sacramento City, by Consumne, Michi gan Hay, Dry town, Sutter Creek, and Jaek sen,to .tiokelumne Hill, 56 miles. Ax tin a week and back from let of May lo lat of oe o?mher. and three times a week the residua of the year. Leave S loramento City daily, except Sunday, At 6 ? m : Arrive at Mokelumne Hill by 7 p m : Leave Mokelumne Hill daily, exoept Sunday, at 4 a m; Arrive at Sacramento City by 5 p m. 1?38 Frorn Sacramento City, by Foleom City, Rns yilie, Mormon Island, Salmon Falls, Pilot Hill, and Greenwood, to Georgetown, <8 miiea and haok, aix timea a week. Leave teorAmento City daily, oxoept Sunday, at 6 a m ; Arrive at Georgetown by 7 p m ; Leave Georgetown daily, oxoept Sunday, al S A 10 Q Arrive at Sacramento City by 4 p m ; 13537 From Socr mento Cily, by Weaton, Clarks villa, Eldora House, Kldorado, Diamond Springs. t'laoerville, and Cold Springs, to Colomn, 63 miles nnd liack. daily from lat of April t-? lat of December, and tri-weekly the residue o: the year, Leare Sacramento City daily, except Sunday, at 6 a in A rrive at Coloma by 8 p m; Leare Coloma daily, exsept Sunday, at 2 a m; Arrive at Sacrum nto City by 4 p m. 1S53R From Saoromento City, by Fremont. Grafton, Prairie, Antelope, <>rsnd Island. Colusi, I riiiooton, Monroevillv, and Moore's Hanuh, to i'ehama, 1*7 miles and back, once a week. Leave Saeram-nto City Monda\ at? a m ; Arrive at Tehama n- xt \v ednu'kday by 6 p m , Leave Tehama Thursday at 6 a m ; Arrive at Sacramento City next Saturday bv 6 p m ? Bida embracing tri-wefkly service in ateain lioats on Ibe part to Caluai are invited. 12VS) From Sacramento City, by Coon Creek. John ai>n'a Hancht Round Tent, Roughand Ready and Grass \ alley, to Nevada 4;i'y, 66 miles and l>ack, six Mines a woek from 1st of April to lat of December, three timaa a week the residue of the Leave Sacramento City daily, except Sunday, at 6 a in : Arrive at Nevada City by ilpm; Leave Navadn City daily, exo*pt Sunday, at 5 a in ; Sacramento City by 4 p m. 12540 From Sacramento City, by Nic >laa, to Marys vilie. 15 nines nnd t??ck, six tunes a week, in steamers and coaches. L?ave Sacramento City doily, axoept Sunday, at ii a m; Arrive at Maryavilla by 2 p m ; Leave .Marysville daily, exoapt Sunday, at f a m; Arrive at Sacramento City by 2 p in ; 1T34I From Auburn, by Neilsburg, Lisbon. Illinois town, and Mountain J'pnncs, to Dutch Flat, St mill's and tack. t wice a wet k. Leave Auburn I 'uesdny and Fndar at 8 a m ; Arrive at Dutch Flat by 6pm; Leave Dutch h lat Wednesday and ?aturdar at Ham; Arrive at Auburn by 3 pm. 125C From Marysville, by floncucut. HansonviMe, Forbesiown, rt raw-berry Valley, Hangor. XVoodville, Rahbittown. and Sf. Louis, to Gibsouv ill?\ 75 mile* and back, twice a week, from lat of April to the 1st of November, once a week the remainder of the yrar. Lrave .Marysville Mondays and Fridays at 6 a m: Arrive at GiMVmvilto next days by 5pm; Leave Gibsonville Wednesdays ana Sundays at 6 a m : Arrive at Marysville n#xt days by 5 p m. 12V43 From Mar\sville. bv Cliarlev's Ranch, Oro vine, Hamilton, R 10 Seco, Chioo. t<asa*n's, Teha.iua.Red Miutla.Cottonw<>od,and Amen can Ranch, to Snasta, 134 miles and back, a?x times a week from lat of April to lat o| De oemiier. tn-weekly the residue of the rear. Leave M ary svil In uaily,except Sunda?,at 3pm Am rear Snasta next uav by 6 p in; I.rave Sha?ta dailjr. except Sunday, at^i a in Arrive at M.iryaville next day by U m. 15*MI From Marvsville, l>* Johnson's Ranch, Cox s Ranen, Virmnta, (>ro Citr, ?iold Hill, and Opliir\ die,to A uhurn.SK miles ami l<ack,twioo a wook. Leave Marysville Tuesday and Friday at ? a m ftrnve at Auburu by 6 p m; . ,eave Auburn Weunosday and Saturday at 6 a in: Arrive at Marysville by 5 pm. 1254ft Fr? in Marysville, by Oregon House, Green viiie. Foster's Bar, Camptoiiville.anu Good year'* liar, lo Downioviile,70 mileband back, threo times a week. Leave Marykville Tuesday .Thursday 3ndSat urday at 5 a in; Arrive al Downieviiio by 8 pm; Lea\n Dowmoville .NIonday, VVwIneadav, and I 'rhN* al a a m; Arrive al Marysville by R p m, L5U$ From Muryaviile, by Dry Creek, P?'V'a Car. Owsley's liar, Linpire, Kouth aurt Ready, and Grass Valley, to NeVada City, 45 mile* and back, aix tunos a week fiom 1st of April to 1st December, throo times a week the residue of the year. Leave Marysvillc daily, except Sunday, at 6 a m; Aruvoat Nevada City by 5 pm: Leare Nevada City daily, except Sunday,at 7 a in: A rrive at Mary svill# by 5 pm. 12547 From Diamond Springs, by Newtown and Henry's Diggings, to Grizzly Flat, 34 miles acdl^ick, onoe a wook. Lenvo Diamond Springs Tuesday it B a m; Arrive at Hriazly Flatl t 4 p m; Lwivo Urizaly Wwdneiday at 6 a m; Arrive at Diamond Springs t.y 4 p in. 1^48 From P'acerville, by Kelsey's and Spanish I- at, to OeornctvWn, la in lies anu back, twice a week. Leave Placarville Tuesdat and Friday at 7am; Arrive at Georgetown by 2 p rn; Leave Georgetown \Vedne?day and Saturday at 6 a in; Arrive at Plaecrvillo by 2 p m 115?9 From I'lsoorville to Carson Valley. Utah Ter ritory.7* iniles and Iwtck.onoea week Irom let of May to 1st of Novomber, and onoe a month the residue of the toar. Leave Piaoerville Monday "at?; a in: A rrive at Carson Vailey next Wednesday by 12 in; Leave Carson Y*all?y Thursday at a a m: Arrive at I'lacorville next Saturday by 12 m. Proposals to run by a schedule giving the rest < arson Valley will be considered. 28*) r rom Placorville, by Newtuwn, to Indian Dif tin>:s, and hack, once a week. Biddors to state ?ch?xlu!e and distanco. Bids ^'"r ,,'or,, fre?inent service will be considered. 1*51 From Hoyt'sCrnssing,>weet land, Se|?MtoB<>|, San Juan in Nevada county, and Truman's Crossing, to Camptonville, onoe a wfcek and beek. Biddcra to state distanco and schedule of arri vals and departures. 12W2 Fnun Neva?la City, bv Patterson, Fmory's Crossings. Plum valley, and Forrest City, to Downieville. 4'i mi!e^ and back, three timesa week from 1st of April to 1st of January , and onoe n week th? residue of the year. Leave Nevada City Monday, Wodnesday,nnd r riday at R a m: Arrive nt Downieville by 8 p m; Leave Downieville Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at fi.a m: Aril re at Nevada City by 8 p m. IIVW From Oroville, by Bidwell s Har, Pea Vine. Brush Creek, and Meadow Valley, to Quin cy, fif? miles and back, onco a wesk. Leave Orovllle Tnesdav al 7 a m; Arriveaf Quiur* next dar by 4 p m; Leave CDnnry Thursdsr at 7 am; Arrive at Ornville next day by 4 pm. 12N54 From Snasta, by Whisker Creek and Lewis ton to \\ eaverville, 41 miles and back, three times a week. I?eave Shasta Tuesday, Tuursday, and Satur day al? a m; Arrive at W?averville by 8 p m: Leave \Veaverville Monday, Wo<lncsday, and r riday at?? a m: Arrive at Shasta by 8 pm. IA54 From Shsata, by Frenoh Guloh. Minersville, I rmity t.entre, and Ottitiowa, lo Vrcka, Km miles und liaok, twioe a week. Loave Si,n?ta Monday and Thursday nt ?2 in; Arrive at Yreka next W*tdn?.da? and ttatur d y by fi p m; Li-avo ^ r?J>a Mow|a> ami Thursday at ? a m; Arrive at Shasta next Wednesday and tNitur <Ui by 12 m. 1 ' *.C ,"orrt frff<l??nt trips are invited. 12\V5 r rom I ni.mtown. bj Cox's Rauch and Big Lar. to \\ eaverville, ?i mile* and back.ocee ^ W Hf. K . Leave Fniontewn Monday at 6 a m; Arrive at Weavorvillo nt-xt Wednesday by 8 a in: Leave WeaverviMe Thursday at 6 a m; l"1?-;1 U?i"ntown next Saturday bv ft a m 125.W h 10m Trinidad, by Orleans Bar and Forks rf Salmon, to Kesiville, !W nnles and t?ick once a wor k from 1st of May to 1st of November, and one* a month t he residue of 1 he y ear. Lrava Trinidad Monday at 6 a m; Arrive at Res. vi ??? next Wednesday by 6 p m; Leave Restville Thursday at 6 am:' wd ^.rr"* JS.' ^ri ,lf xt Saturday by 6 pm. 12E? From Crescent City, by Waldo, Kirbyvilla. and Cloverville, to Jacssonvilla, Oregon, 90 in lesand liaok, once a week. Leave Cr? scent Citi Monday at ? a m; Arr veal Janksouviile Wednesday by 6pm; Leave Jacksonville Thursday at 6am; Arnvs at Crescent City Saturday by 6 p in. OREGON. 12701 From Astoria, by Ca'hlamet, Wash. Tar .Oak Point,, Oregon, St. Helen. Lake JVver\? WL anoi'Uvsr, Sonvie's Island, Ur* Milwaukie, ar.d Oswego! *,jer., to Oregon City, Or , 144 miles and Imok, iwic-j a week, in steemUtata. Leave Astoria Tuesday ann Saturday at 9a m; Arrive at Oregon Cur next days ?>t 3 pm; 'tVw- *?n Monday and Thursday at Arrive'at Astoria next days by ?a m. B,?J? to run bjr n difereut schtnlule will be eon ?lderctf. 11702 F'?m Portland, by Oeeola, Ilillsboro, Tosla tin. and \\ apatoo. to 1a Fayette, ? miles and baok, once a week. Leave Portland Monday at 7 a m; A rrive at l a Fayette next day by 0a in: i.eave I .a Fayette Tueaday at 2 p m: 19-mi P~"o' Portlaiid uext day br 4 p rr.. tT.n From I Teson City, b, y?m ilul. Rutevil'e, t hnmpo*g |.airfield, Salem, Dola. Ind* penler.M, MI??r?mington, LiUrtv.erwl Allniiy to i.orvallis, x* inilae and hnck. I wicea w-ejj' L?ave Oragon City Monday and Thursday at Arrivn at Coryallis next days be ft sin: Leave Corvallis Tuesday and Frid .* at 7? m Arrive at Oregon City next day. b, ? p m. ' 12*4 From Cnrvalllg, by Jttarr's Point, Fr*nk?in lAm Tom, Siusckaw, and Yonealla, to Oak lend. 8U mica and t*ok.oeoe a t??k. Leave t orvslhs Wednesday at 6 a in. A rrive at Oakland next day V 6 am; Leave Oakland W edoevday at 6 a in;

Arrive at Corvallia neat day by 6 p m. l*Itt From Corvallia. t?y Kinney's. Mnrray'a, F.a ?eoo City, Cottage Grove, and Coast P<wk of W u.amette, to Oakland, luu iiules and back, once a week. Leave Corvallia Wednesday* at 7 a m; Arrive at Oikland Friday? by 4 p m; Loave Oakland Pridaveet 7 am; Arrive at Corvallia Mondays by 4 p m. Bida to eod at W inches tsr are ibvited. WJN5 From Corvaliia, by Soap Creek, Lawkprrute, Bridgeport, Dallas. Ktna, Plum Valley, and Dayton, to La Fayetta, 46 mile* and back, once a week. ? i 1 eave Corvallia Monday a at 6 a m; Arrive at I * h ayotte next day a by It m; Leave 1a Fayette Tuesdays at 1 p m; Arrive at Corvallia next day* by 6 pin. 12707 From Saltiu, by ikiafc's Ferry aud Mount Hood, to La Fayette, 45mi!ee and baok.ouoe a week. Leave Salem Monday* at 8 a m: Arrive at La Fayette by 8 p m; Leave La Fayetto Tuesday? at 6 a m; _ Arrive at Salem by 8 p m l?7fl6 From Snlem, toy Santiam City,Central, Wash ington, Hntte. Calapoova, I nion Point. Piue, W i'lamette Forka, MeKeaaie. and Hugere City, to Pleaaant Hilt, 80 nulea and back, onee a week. Leave Salem Tuesda? a at IS m: ? Arrive at Pleaaant Hill Fndaya by 6 p m; Leave Pleasant H? It Saturdays at 6 a ih Arrive at Salem Tuesdays bv 10 a m. 127<W Froia North Canyonville.hy ualesville.Leland, Gold River, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Ashland Mills, Tlamath, Cel., and Henley. toYreka, Cat., 14^ nulea milea and back, onoe a week. Leave North ('unyonvilie .Monday at 7 a in; A rnve at \ reka next Thursday by 6 p m; Leave Yreka Saturday at 7 a m; Arriveat North Unyonvilie next Tuesday by 6 pm. 12710 From North Canfonville, by Myrtle Creek. Konad Prairie, Alder IJrook, Roseburgh.and Winchester, to Oakland,47 milea ana l*ak, onoe a week. Leeve North Canyonville Thursday at 5 a m; Arrive at Oakland by a p m; Leave Oakland Saturday ate a m: Arrive at North Canyonville by 8 pm; 1*711 From Oakland by Keilorg's, fclkton. Sootts burg, and tiavdiner City, to I'rapqaa City, ** miles and l4ick. once a week. Leave Oakland Salitnlav at IX in: Arrive at Cmpqua City Monday by f p m; Leave tJmpqua City Wednesday at Cam; * rrive at Oakland next day by 8 p m. 12712 From Albany, hy Bnrlireton and ilarrisburc. to Willamette Forka, AO milea and liac^once a week. Leave Albany Thursday at 6 a m: Arrive at W lilamette Fnrtrs real day bv 12 m; ? Leave Willamette Forka Friday at 2 pm; Arrive at Albany next day by 8 r in. 1271S From P?rt Ortord, by Randolph and Coos Hay, lo Gardiner City, 85 milea and back, once a week. Leere Port <>rf<>rd Mondnv at 7am: Arrive at Gardr er City Wednesday at 8 p m; Leave Gardiner City Thursday at 7 a m: Arriveat Port Orford Satu'day b> H p m. Proposals to run, nft er p?s-ini; Oos Buy, via Mouth of I 'oqnrtlle, end at I 'ir.pqii* City, about tlie hsiiio dutance as advertised,a'e invited. 1*711 Froin P<?rt Orford-by Randolph and Kmpiro City, fo Wi- choster ?nd baok. onee a week. Bidders to state schedule and distance. a WASHINGTON L72P From Rfiinier, ('r.. I y Menticello, Wash.Ter., Castle Rock Cowlitz, HuhlSYid. Newan cain, Grand Mound, ft no Snuer Creek, to Steiiaoooin City, ilO miles and bick.onoea week. Leave Rainier Wednesday at 6 a m: Arrive .-it Steilac?*iin City next Friday at 2 p m; Lrave Steifaco^m City SatunlaT at fi a m; Arrive at Rainier next Mondav by 2 p in. Bid* to rxtt n?l to ?^attle,S3uule* further, will bo oon?idered. 1?>31 Fj^m Vancouver, by Wascopum, Orozou, a> miles and t?ck, once in i?u Wt-ek*. Leave Vanoouvur every other Wednesday at |0am; Arriveat Wascopum n?xt Friday at l?m; Wasoopuin every otner MoncUi) at 6 a m; Arr ve at Vancouver next Wednesday by 8 a rn Bids for more frcqiirnt trips will be considered. 127? From ('owiitg to Boise Fort Prairie, 15 mile* aud ba^s.onc" a week. Leave Cowiti Tluirwlay at la in; Arrivo at Boisn Fort Prairie iit 2 p in; Leave |ln^e F?>rt Prairie Friday at 9 a in: A rnve at (Jowliti, l?y 2 p in. 1?738 Ftorn Oak Point. l>y Boise Fort Prtme, to Uiand Mound, 50 miioaaud l*?ok. ouco iu two Wn?ka. Leave (ink Point every other Friday at 6 a m; Arriveat liiand Mound nent dav trv 'rt p in: Leave lirai.d Mound every other Wednesday at 8 a in; A rrive ai OaJt I'omt next day by ? p m. 1^54 From Olympi?, by Kat<>n's nnd N>'iii Prairie, lo Fort Montgomery,4'J milts and back, once in two weeks. I-enve Oij myiia every other Mon>ayat7a rn; Arrive at Fort Monttoni*ry by a ? m; Leave Fort Montgomery every other Tuesday at 7 a rn: A rrive at Olympia by 8 p m. 127% From Olviepia. by Brnoep;?rt, Oyaterrille, Ckettoos, and Pieifn- Ctty . to Astoria. (Ir? *on, one in two weeks and l?ck toCheu<M>k, a> <1 ?>neo a wees the retain*. BidOe^* to state d'stance aud sohedule of arri valsand depuriure?. Profosais to r?n Ihe entiro route onee a ae?-k __ are invited. 17756 From Oljnipta. by Arocdia, to Oakland, and l>eck. once a week. B (biers to ? ute distance and sonedulo of arri vals and departures. ? . UTAH. l&ol From Sell l?ake City, hy Lehi(h City, Ameri can Fork. Pruvo City. SpriuKVilie.' Pnyson, Snnta<|uin. Salt Crck. Filinioro City, Faro wau, 1- ort Johnson.CedarCity.llriiiehurat's, N. Mex., Santa Clara, California, 5an Ber nardino, Montu. San Gabriel and Los An geies. to San Fedro, 917 miles and back, otce a mouth. I.?*\ e Sait Lake City on the 5th of each month; Arrive a; bait 1'edro by the 1st ol the iebowuu month; Leave San Pedro on the 5th ef each tnon'h; Arrivn at Salt l.iko City by the hrst of Uiu fol io wins month. Bids to run twieea month wiil be considered: also, bids for the sepr.rate parts fosnd fwynnil Cedar City. (2T,o mileo from >alt LakoC'itv.i 128M Fioiii-Salt Lake City, by >efl"a Milis, Anil Creek, Mormon, ami il<>liad?\ 's Settlement, to Alpine City, 40 rnilos aud luck, once a wiek. Leave ??alt I ake City Thursday at fi a m; Arrive at Alpine City next day by 10 a m; I.eave Alpine Citv Thursday at S p in: Arriveat Salt l.akeCitv next day liv 7p m. 128f? Froin Salt l ake City, by Union, liraper. I.e hitli City, (Gardner s Mills, Aineriein Foik, Pleasant (irove, Provo City, Spnnsville, Spanish Fork. Pay?ori.S?ntiM|uin,Salt l.'reek. and Kpbraiin, to Manti, 14" nulea and Iwrk. once a wiwk. Leave ?a,t Lake City Thursdsy at 6 a in Arrive at Mauti Saturday by 8 p m; Leave ,Vnnti Monday a*. 6 a m: Arrivo at Salt l.aknCity W.vlnesday bv 8 p in. 12?M From Salt Lake Cay, by Stok.-r, Centrsville, r armintten, Knr.iville. and Ocden Cit\, to Br;clism City, 05 miles and beck, twice a w?Vk. Leave Salt I ake City Monday and Thursday at <5 a m ; Arrive at BruhMn City next days by 12 m ; Leave Biignam City Tuesday and FndaT at 2 P rn: A rrive at Salt Lake City next days by C p m. 12S05 From Salt Lake City, by T?x>ele City, to Grantaville. Mmi es and l>ark. once a week . Leave Salt Like City Thursday at b a iu ; Arrive at Grnnlsvill* next ds? at 12 m; Leave (Jrantsnlle Friday at 2 p in ; Arrive at Salt i.ake City nextdsv by 6 ? m. 129f< Fr?m Sail Lake City, by Tay lors\i.le, .Mount Pleasant, \\ est Jordan. Foit Herriinan.'snd Gatdner's Mil's, to i e<lar Valiev. <Si>uth F ort,) V miie-j ard berk, onoe a week. Leave Salt Lake <'itv 1'luiraday at 6 a m ; Arrive at Cedar Vadey next day hv 12 m ; Leave Cedar Valley Friday at j p m ; Arriveat Salt I ake City nextilav by Kpm. 1W7 From Cedar City, by Harmony and Pine Val ley. to Santa Clare, 70 miles and l*ek, once in two weeks. Leave Cedar City every other Thursday at ? a in; Arrive at Santa Ca'ra next Saturday by 3 p m ; Leave Santa Clara every other Monday at 8 a in; Airive at Cedar City next Wednesday by 3 p in. NEW MEXICO 12HM From Sar.ta Fe. by Alameda, Albuquerque, Aixodonoa, Socorro, Fort Crair, Las Crucos Mernani'ht. t.os Lunas, Fort Fillmore, and Frontoro, Texas, t0 K| pBIo, Tex:?s, miles and lark, t* icea month. Leave S'nita Feonthe loth and 25th of cach month ; Arrive at FI Paso in eight da?s; Leave Kl Paso on the 7ih arid 26d of ench month; Arrive at Santa Fe in eieht dnya ; Bids lor weekly trips will he eonaid 'red ; also, for aeparatn parts to and beyond Aibu querc^iie. 1** From >iuita Fe. by 1a?s Luctros. to Fernando I)e 1 aoe.70 mil^s and hack.onec a week. I,eave Santa Fe Monday at 3 a m: Arrive at Fernando Be Taos Wednesday by 10 a m: Leave Fernando Be T?os Thursday at 8 a m Arriveat Santa Fe Snturda* by 10a m. 7 I2JW1 t roin Las Crimes, by Mesilla, to Tuoson. stid t>ank, once a week. Bidders to state the distance, and schednle of arrivals and departures by they pro pose to run. r 11854 From Tucson, by Arixona aud Colorado City 1 baok. twiod a mouth." Hulders to state diataneeand schedule. I roposaU to extend, by o- miiifucing at Kl ? *xas. will be considered. I2R55 From / Visalia,( Won.1 n7ilie , 1 ,ni'?,"a"d heck.onoea month. ]>lilders to state schedulo, which is toconueot elosely with route 12R5I. rmcosals for more frequent trip?will be con sidered. INSTRUCTIONS, Containing condition* to h* in^orpomtti/i in the rontrartt to the txttnl the department woy ittem proptr, L Seven minutes are allowed at ea-*h intermedia e "iwm*i[i U?l ot,,*rwi*? ?P?ofied, for asioriing ?"f1 oompanies are required to take the mail from, and deliver it into, the so.t omc -sst the eommenoemen. an I end c?f their routes, and to and from all offices not more than eighty ro-ls ??,U,' a tV, .'L'n wr J*"'1"'*. Proposals may ?? sub mitted tor the per for man oe of all the side service? Itndi'"k ov*r eighty rods from a station or _?i f'" tit*5.f,tr trips not performed; ^ of such omissions not satisfaetorily ex pee times the pay of the tnpinay be de ducted. For arrivals so fkr behind time as to break eonnexien with depending mails,ami not snffieiently f; exraaed. (Joe-fourth of the compensation fhr the trip ia aahjeot to forfeitnv. Deuuetion will alao he ordered fur a grade of performance inferior to UK specified in the contract,. For repeated delinquen cies of ths kind hwin ifeit+d, ?tt'arxed penalties, preportioaed to the nature thereof urf the import ance of tlie mail, may ba Made. 4. For leaving beb.nd or throwing of" the mail*.or any portion of thorn, (or the admission of paasencera, or for being oouoerncd u> aett{ag up or ruumng an ?t press conveying intctligenoe in advance of the mad, a quarter's pav mar be dednctM. 5. Pines will he imposed, unlets the delinquency be p omptly and satisfactorily explained by certifi cate* of postniaste rs. or the affidavits *4 other o. ed ible persona, for failing to arrive in ooalraat time; for ueglecimg to take tne mail trow or deiiver it into a post office; for suffering it (wwicg either to the un auitablencas cf the place or manner ol oarryia* it) to be wet, injured, destroyed, robbed, or loat: ana | l<>r refusing, after demsnd, to oonvsy the mail ae [ frequently ae Ue oontractor rens, or ts concerned llLr W',nJT * ??r, or ateamboat on a route. 6. The Postmaster (ienera. may annul the eontract lor repeated failures to run agreeably to oontract: for violating the office laws, or diaobeymg the in structions of the Impertinent; for refusing to dis charge a earner when required It the Department to do so; for aesigninr the contract without the assent of the I ostmaster Oeneral; for rwr nine an ex press as aforesaid; or for transporting persons or packages coi;vev 11 ig mailable matter out of the mail. I. The Postmaster Ge. er?J may order an ineresae of aervioe on a r?HJte hr allowing therefor a pro rata increase on the contract pay. Hdnwr change sched ules of departures end arrivals in ell rases, and par ticularly to make them conform to eonnexions with railroada, without increaae of oey. provided t he rnn mug time ba not abridged. He may al-o order an inore-snot apecd. allowiug, within ths restrictions of'he law, a rro raxa increase of pay fortheaddi tiocal stock or oarriera if an*. The oontraotor may, liowevor, in the ease of the increaae of speed relin nuiah the contract by giving prompt notioe to the department t hai he pre'era doing ao to oarrying the order into effort. The Postmaster General may abo eurtsil or disoontinus ths aervioe. in whole or in part, at pro rata <ieorea*o of par. allowing one month's extra compensation on tne amount dis pensed with, whenever, in hta opinion, the pubho interest* do not 'equire the ean?e, or tr oase he de sire* to *uperaede it bra different grade of trana portatiaa ? 8. Pay inenta will In made for the aarv:ca l>y ool sotion* from, or drafts on, postmasters, orother wiae aft.r 'he expiration of ae<vh uuartei ?*ay in February. May, Aucutt.ard November. 9 T he distar-oes are given according to the las' information ? but no inorsa?ed pav will I* allowed ahould ihey bi tree er than advertised, if the p-ur.ts to he supplied be correctly stated. Bidders must inform themstlves cn this point; an<t a ao in re ference to the weight of tbe mail, the conditio*. of roads, hills, strean.s, A e., ard ail toll br dges fr nes, or nhstrnetions ct anv kind bv which exr.ense msy ba incurred. No e aim for additional pa* tewd on such grounds can he considered : nor for alleged mistakes or misapprehension a? to I he de.ree<-f aervioe- nor for bridges .le.trojed, oi other olrstrue tin.. s lncrcasim; distance. occurring during the con tract term. Offices established after this ndvcrtise mont is i*sied. and di'ring the contract term, are to be visited with<?ut extra psy. if the distance be not increased. t?'. A bid rccoiTod after the |%at dav an<l hour named, or w>th<>u; the g,iarauton required oy law. ??r t:i??t c ?mliinea several ronton in one euui of eom*en aation, cannof be oo:i?id-.-cd in (Vim petit ion with a regular proposal rraMu.ab<c in amount. II. Bidders ehonld fir?t pr?'p">?e f()r service atrict I* according to the advertisement. aid then, it the? d taire. 4?por?t?/y for different er.rvice ; and if the nnn/fxr bid be the lowest offered for the advertised service, the other propositions mat l?e eonrnlored. IS. 'I l:ciu should be but cnc ionic bid for in a pro po-al. 13. The route, the aer; ice, the yenrly pav, thn nsiiic and residence of tbe bidder, tthsr is hia nsnal poet office nddress.) and those of f aeh mnmUr of a firm, wnere a c<>riipnny offers, should be diat-nctiy e'atotl , also themodo of conveyance, if a hisrh*r mode t!??n hora(.'l?<ck be iiit- tided. The'words "with duo c-:teiify, eei>, .md fcecuritj*" uiacrtcd to mdicnte fhe mode of convcjancc. will constitute i "jrar bid." When a "atar bid" la intended, no spe cific conveyance muat be named. U. Bidders are reqnea?e?i to use. as far aa praeti eable, the printed form of proposals furnished by the der>ariiii?mt, to v. ritc out in lull the sum of their bius. and to rotain copies of thein. Form rf Proposal. I, ?of .comity of . State of , lopofe to convey tha mails of the I nitrd State* 'torn July 1. 1RW, to June 3a. 1"?S, on route No. , from ro , arrceabU to the adver tisement of the Pos'msxter ttenernl dated Octolier ??!, 13i7, ai>d by the fo lowing mode of conveyance. viz : for the annual sum of d?>barg. '1'his propose! is msde with full knowledge ?.f the distance of the rou'e ?he weight of the mail to be carried, and all other p'Tticulars in rcf>?r?nce to ?h" route and service, and a'ao after careful examina tion of ths laws and instructions attaohed tothe ad vert'aemont. (Higiiotl.) Dated f! uiitnnf*. The undersigned, residing ?t , Stateof und*rtake that, if tne foregoing bid for carr> ins thn mail on route No. l>eaoc* pte<l by the Postmas ter fietietal. the bidder shah, prior tu the 1st day of August, I'lM. enter into the required obligation.on contract, to perform thescrvicc proposed, with good and aufiicient sureties. 1 k is tre do under'tending Ji stmr'ly tkf ohli (ttftnsj and tiabifi'r??* ?mkmtd by ttmranrors vnd'r t hi. 77;i sett ion of the net of Congress ef July 2, 18JS. ? , (Signed by two guarantors.) Dated Ctrti^raie. The nnde-s'cned. postiuaster of , State of . eertihea, mttdrr hi? oath of cfrt, that he la acquainted with th*> ai?.re Kuaran'.ora, and kurwa thcrn to lie men of property, and i ble to make go<d the Kuirautes. Dai ed . (Signed.? 15. Altere<l I'ids ahonld not l>e snlmiittcd; nor ahoiild bid* once sub:nitte<l be withdrawn. Kach bid muat be guarantied l?y two responsible persons. (ieneial guaran ees cannot beaamitted. rhebwi end raaiantce ahould bo iua?rf pla.i.if with the full fttmearfeach person. Tlie l.'cpartm at reserves the right to reject any b:d which dijj Ik> deemed extravagant, aud also the bidi of fa.lmg contractors oi d biddt-ra. Ifi The bid sfiould sealed ; ?uperaori!?ed " Mail Propo al?. Stat- or Territory of tas the case may be I ."ad raised * Second Aasirtant Poafmaa ter General." Contract t'ffise, and acnt by mail, not '*y or to an a<ent; and poatinaster* will not enclose proposals (or letiera uf any k.nd) in their quarieriy returns. 17. The eontract* are to be executed and returned 'o the department by or be'bre the 1st of August. U5fl. but the s-rvie> must be oommaneed on the 1st J u y, or tbe mail day i.ext after that date, whether the contracts be executed or not. No prop<?sirion for transfers will be oonaidered until the oontiao'* are rxi cuted and reoeivcaat the department; ard tnop no transfer* wi I b? a'lowed unless grodand sufficient reason* ttierelor are given, to be deter mined l?j the donertinent. 18. S 'Cioii 13 o' an a ?t of Concress, approved March ?A.l'W.S, provides thai contracts lonhs trans portal ion of the mail shall f>e let ?? m ever* case to the o?est bidiler tandering suflic.icnt guarantees fr?r faithtul performance, without ? ther reference to the modes of such transportation than msj t<e neoes*a>T to provide for the due celerity, certainty. ard ?ecn rity of such transportation.* I'nder thrs lay anew description of bnl< has l*?en reoeired. They do not speoify a mo?le of c??nveyance, but engage to take tin* entire mail ouch trip with celsrity. certainty, and security, using the terma ol the law. Tneae bid* am styled, from the manner in which ihey are dcawnated on the IxKtks oi the department tfs ar b>a*, ' aid thoy will l<e construed as providing for thn conveyance of the entire mail, hwr-rr Inrte. and whatrrrr may hr thr *nrd?n'*'*;nry to m<vr? Its rtltrity, rirtmnty. nnd iemr?fy." 19. In all case* wiiere the lowest grnde of aernce is l?e'i?ved to be ?ufh<Ment. the lowest h>d wnl lw ac oepted. if duly guarautied, in preference to a "star" or apecitic aid. W hen the loweet bid ia not a atar bid and apeoihea either ns mod-?>r an inadequate mode of conver an e. r will not be accepted, but art aside for a spe o.fie bid proposing the neceasary aerv.oc. hen I he bid does not apeei?% the mode ef con vetanc ; a so. when it proposes to carry "accordir g to the ad> erfis inent, but without snoh asccific* tion it will be considered as a propsal for horat lock service. SS. A modification of a hid in any of its essential terms ia tantamount to a new bid. ami cannot be re ceived. ao aa to interfere with a recular competition alter the laat hour aet for receiving bids. J'. Post masters are to be oarefiilnot to certify the sufficiency of guarantors as sureties without know unr that tney are persons of sufficient responsibility; and all bidders, guarantors.andsnre'iesaredistinet It notified t hat, on a failure to enter mm or peiform the contracts for the service exposed fnr m the ae oepted bids, the-.r legal liabilities will be enforoed against them. ^ Present contractors, and persons known at the Department, must, equally with oth rs, procure guarant.xsaad o*rtifi?v>t?* of ihoir aufhoioncv ?ub santially <n the forma alwivc prescribed. Tbe oar tifioatea of aufBciency muat be aigned by a poatmaa ter or a judge of a court of record. AARON V. BROWN, ^ ? Poatinaatcr Oe.ieml. Post Orrtca 1>kp*rtm kit. Octohrria. KB. oo? Iawl2w ^?MINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE." R. H. M1LLEK. SON A CO.. 1MPOHTFRS, Alexandria. Vs.. fr\lfave received two matalinenta of their?=3> y lall suppitea from the English Potteries, *3, p and will continue to reoeive aooeaaiona to ? their stocktillthebuainesa aeesonaets in.*9 rf.*, Sox & Co. can xssnre their friends and customers that th-ir stock snail he of the most deairable description, and that their prieoe will com pare favorably with those of any dealers ia their line in any other market in the In it erf S'ates. R. H. Millrs, So.n i Co. hare prenared them eetvfct to on or to mtrchfintii tivory m^uoemfnt to make thoir purchases in their line. WINDOW Gl.ASS. They have just received via Antwerp and New > ork. from the great marnfaotory of "Roux." New Ri uasel!s.limts?xss French Window Glass ofsupe rior quautj nad o| ditlsreut thickitessea. which they havo imported under such circumstAnoea as to enable them to oiler a superior article at very moderate >"**? acfl-tf Bit. Si INEMETZ, ? O. HATTER AXD FURRTER, 2K Pa. av., near the corner of 13th street. haa received bis assortment of I^]le,,' an(1 nhiU drenaFANCN !? I IIS, in all their variety, to which he invites atten tion. Having soleoted them lume^lf from the importing houses in New Yoik, aud taken advautage of the tim a by purchasing for cash, and selln g for oash. he will be able tose||^| at more mixlerate prices than any^P? herotomre off ered in ? his eity. ^ j / rr"n'n",*a. Misses' Beaver Flats, and Chil dren s Fancy Hats now on hand. Far Cuffs as low as 75 oenta. and Yiotoriaee fJ.w and gt 5n. HAT*. HAT*-CAPS. CAPS. Blaek l>ress Hats #3 50, $3, and #?J*, of snperior (juaiit* for the mo- ey. Also, Fait Hats and Caps for mi*n's and boys' wear. Teima exoluaivelv cash?thereby being enabled to buy fbr oash aud s-??l for cash at a aioali profit,meet- 1 me with no !neaea by had debts oc ?S-tf KW AND PRETTY STYLES OF WlHil,. j" ejn Goods. China <)rnsmeu's, Pspier Mselie, N' Ac., Aa,jiiat reoeivod at MoLArGHM V'S. No. an Pa.avenue, n < between Hi h sod ??h atre.-ts. FOLEY'*GOLD PENS-Bank Pen. Fn.roaanng Pen, Medium Psn.and others, are Jnat received in vanetv Irom the maker of unuaual workmanahie and fiaiah, and te be sold at ex trerae low prieea FRANCK TAYLOR. Directory. QRANGK AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL Litf JC Twioe Daily, (Sonday nighta e*oepted.? Mvni WAtfmffiTOW CITY and Mm ? ??I'T H , v? tLKK ANDK lA, GORDONSVILLE and RICH - OND Lmvm Wutiiuu>D M f o'oiock a. m. " Washington at 7 v'otook p m. For LYNCHRlTRG and tbe SOUTHWEST. Lmt* Washington at t o'e.o?k ? .'?..arrive w LYNCHBURG next monuiif at 4 a. omtaeatuig with the irn.nn <.n th* Virginia urt Terueeoe* Rtu! Road for MEMPHIS. Mai. ^Uih Iron Ctet ottesviiie to Li nchhorg a distance of ?? nn.ajk. Far* from \\ tahiagton to L) c oh burg, %7 7V Tbe MMNT GEORGE PAGE. foot of *ever?fc street. nwn?d h* the Railroad Company. rano in connection with the train*. Tiokeia fof l.)??ni<ii| procured ot >M Boat. nj*OnmiWi???'?l M*ta?ae V\ axor.v wii. twattti* Drp<>t of tha Washington Railroad, to convey pa* serters and hafgage to the SteamtM*t, lor A nu dr.?. a d staaoe of six m.Ies, allowing am*;* for moaii. JAMES A. EVANS. A root. Aiaxaadria.Jaiy.lVi. u ? if yyAvHiNGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RVN AS FOLLOWS: From washington at 6 a. m.. ennneettnt at R?lay with trains for the Wool, and at Haiti mote with tbcoo fur Phitadelelwa and Now York, at I* a,, in., for Aaoafo'.io, Baltimore. I huadotpbia. and New York ; at & p. bi. f >r Ba.t ruor* aad Norfolk and at Relay with Frederiok train. ICXFRKW at 4JP o. Re ay forth# Wtit. ar.J (or Anrapoiia, Baltimore, Philadelphia, aad Nrw York. On Sunday at 4 Jn ?. m. t mm baltimore for WASHINGTON at 4.15 a wi 9.i6 a. m., 3 and p. Ok. On Suntiay at Cli a. m. Joirtf T. H. PARSONS. A coot. STEAM LR GEORGE PAGE. __ ? . HOURS OF OK* ARTVKW.m. Leave Alexandria at 4Jt.7fc,t, I,eeveWashiactoe at ?. a, ?%(. IIK, 1*. 4, ?*. T. a#? d ELLIS L. PRICK. Caption. J^F.W AND important SCHEDULE. FOR A 1.1. PARTS'OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO KAlLROAl* The recen' extensor and improvement of i?? ?ai1 - in* corweotirg lines at the West hue required aa en tiro revision of the running arrangement a of I hie rnnd bv wiuoh highly imp<>rtaat *d\a:.tAcc? to ia* ti?v Olerare e?>o?ir.d. <>u net nlt'i MONDAY, Jwno IV U57, TllliKK DAILY TRAINS U rw in h 'tii directing* f..r thronrti pa?-?enrrre. F?r?t?T?i?ACCOMMODATION TRAINetaitn froni Cantd^n i*teti?n, IUI?im<-r*.e? t A.M..?rxrw?pt t*undft?,' et'-pa el wnv etatione and arnroe otf'om l-orland at 4 P. M ? Scoond- l'r?* ML TRAIN etarte (t*un.lay rx eoptrtdiat *1' A. M.. a?nl arrive*, at Wbeolinx at 4 A A. M., o<?n?irctinr at HerwrM?d with Centrai <>inu tra?re for Coiuirii'oe. Cinoinnati. lrdtenepo||?,! levilltt. Cbioero. St. I^?oie, A e.. enrt at plnr?e With train* for Cleveland. T??|?jo. I>etr<?it. An., a* ClcveiyH Koad.and a'ao at i'arkerabut: witn bit riettr* Third?Tbo ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI FX !'!( KS> TRAIN !!i at 5.fto P. M-.o-.u neetinr at H^nw<io?l ?? A. M with expre** tr&4oe Irom |{?-r.Mue to Cincinnati, 'tciitemi rkttnt* o' Cars nt Co/unib*<.) orwl reioliiuc 'hf-re 'n >?*! S& hours from Haltimor* end J?. houre from Woehiitc ton. It nls<> coimecte directly, in f'Hii d.iCkn r*, at Grafton with cars i-r CarkerehiM-i; end Merielia for Chilho*t)ie. Cincinnati, eto. Tfiese tra>ao oorr.pct at \er;?. far Indinna^oiie, ChinfA end St. Lome. a; <lst Cincinuati With tl-e (irenr Ohio sod Misfueirpi Kxpro?? for i.?.inevi e Cni n and St. l<ouie tim'uxh tn St. Lottie in lee* than 4Sfaonre troin Ba:tini?>re. Ky thie'rain the orn< to oil the oor trai an^J eoutii'-rn p <,????* id the West is mieh loss, wbiia thod?*;<ier* is fr??ni 40 to iOii shoriaf then th" eti"rT?-** i I sther rot.'??s. Ft <iu trie Weet thoeo ???nneotton* err ennnliy cioae *?.<! cotisfaoU'ry, ar a* Raltimoreat 8.3m a. M, If/* llarr-?re chocked throath to all rotate. TIIROI bH TICKKTR ooM ot lowest rates at Cam 1en Station end at Weshinctont 1>. C. Paen^nx'-re from Kaltinior* <ir W'aslniitton may rtete tkt entire rwf bp daylight. t?y tektnr morn lcr train*, and lyinr over at Cotoberi^uid or (Htk lend, end rpeumi.g a^xt tnorniiit t.y \\ Ac train, leaving Cutn!>orlard at I and Oakland at IM". FOR WAY TASSENGERS. The ContneriAiid Ac?omn.<?dHtion Trein at 7 A.M., will ttop at ail Stations east of CuinSeriand. and tr s Wheeiinr Aoooinm<Mt%t;oD at all Stations l'C?- nd Cumiiariand roinr W est. Laetvar^ii, the Mail Train leaves \Yhee!mr at A. M?ar.a Acoommo dation lee<-et Cnmi^eriaui! at 9, rebohinc Daltim r# ttsrp. M. 1 ON THK NORTHWKSTFRN VIRGINIA BR ANCH, between Graf^ n ar.^ Parkerst'ur*. way ratserrce w>!l take the Fxprosa westwardiy and lie Mail ?uatwxrdiy. The FKKIIKKK'K TRAIN starta at 4 P. M . stoBD,nr et way stations, i.eeveaFrederick at9.11 A. M.. arrivint at lta!tim?-re U nwn. 1 he ELLICOTT'S MlLLTRAlN leave* at 5.46 A. M.. ?nd V15 P. M. Leaves Ellioutt'a Mitl*at7 A. M. and 7 P. M., except Sunday. FfXR WASHINGTON AND THK SOCTH. Loave Haitiiriyre for Waahincton at 4.15 and <U* A. V . 3 and S.15 P. M. On Sundaja at 4.15 A. .VI., and 5.55 P. M.on'y. Leave VVe-shirrton for Ra timoreot C and tJ* A. M.ond 3a:?d 4.*' P. M. 0:t Sundays at 7 A. M.. and 4 2 P. M. only, Tl?o 0r*-t a. a f-turlb trains from BaItimore, snd tba second aud fourth traiua fr< in \\ astunrton. will i>? expre?? mail tra.iia. st<>rpit:f t>uly at AYaainiixloB Junction and Annap<>!is Jiinctiun. The <?.!5 and *?.15 trauis from Baltimore and the 8.80 and 4?' trams from \\ashintton oonnect with the trams fr<*m Anrajxtiis. For tickets. inlo'm.Vton. fare, Ac., apply to J.T. ENGLAND, Acent.a* the Ticket ??Bice, Cataden Station. WM. S. WOODSIDL. jy !S-tf Master of Transsorta'ion. Baltimore. pacific mail steamship COM 1 PANY. One of Hie Sr?nmshtp? o| thin iVmpeny. oarmng ttie I nttedStates Mails f??r M'APl'I.O. #T^o CA1IFOR \IA.arxl OKKGon. ieave.^TCf^ PaiiMiia tsrien e.toh ntot tli. i?n the arr vat?d the I'tuted States Mail S. S.Conn>?ny'BSteem ers. which le*\e New Orleans and Netr York retn larly ??n 5'h and 3t?th of eaoti m?rth wtMt the mails, and pa?netitcrs connecting via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. Tho?>e st ^emships have been inspected and ap proved Itr the Navy Department, and ruarant) ipud ?*</ tpf'tp. The Panama Railroad (47 mites Irnr'is now oom pleted fr>m ocean tnmwas. ai d is cr'?*ee(1 ia 3 or 4 noil's. 1'hc l?eE?rcof paivsencers is checked in N**w Vork thrournioSan Fr*ncise<>. and passenr?ra are eial4irke?t at Panama i>y sieamoi at ti e o<>raran)'s exp*n?0. The money (aid in New York covcrs ail expenses of the |rip. Rrserre?te^nter6 are kept in port in Panama and San Francisoo. to prevent detent i?n in case of a^ct dent, ao tha' tie route i? entire!* n liable?no Otii ure havinc occurred ;n virht years. Pa*i.?iiicer* U*ave I' -naina the same day they ar rive at AHpinwa.'l. Condnctora |to through t>y each steamer, and take oharge of a oinxn and children without other proteo tora. For tbrooch tickets at tbe lowest rates appl* at the atencr. 177 W est st 'ret. New \ ork. to I. \V. RA \ MOND.-wr to ARMSTRONG. II ARRIS A CO., New Ot.oans,- or |t 24 tf C. I.. BARTLETT. Boaton. 'ItHK NEW YORh AND LIVERP04?|. 1 UNITED bTATES MAIL PTE AM E RS. T>? Sit>* enmron** Uii itM *f??' 7be ATLANTIC Capt. Olivor Eldndra. lie B A LTD' Cap?. Jo>cpn Com?UK* The ADRIATIC Capt. Janieo Weot. Theee ships harmcheec t>?ilthy contract expreat.y for the f errice.orery oare has heeii taken in iheir ooretramion, aa aiso in their eerines. to in sure streaglh and speed, and their aooommodationa for pahsoNgers are une?uai!ed for elegaooe aad oom ort. Prieeof pr.erace from New York to Liverpool, in trst oo^in, <S'31'; in tao?nd do , ??5; oxciusive useuf extra site state r?M.nis, From I.iverpool to Now York, 3' and rumens. An expeneuoed Sar geonattached tornch ship. No tterthioao ^oaecured anti! pmu (or. Ty ti.ips of thio line have improved water-tight bulk beaut. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. raoM kkw t<>aa. I raoy LivxarooL. Saturday, June 2".. 1857 Wednesday, June 24 1*17 Saturday, Joly 4..... 18*? Wednesday, Joly 8 OT Saturday, July 11 !857i Wednesday. Jii'y 22 IR'* Saturday, Aug. 1 18*: We?lnes<'ay, Aug. 5 I8J? Saturday. Aut.15 ia57 Wednesday, An. It 18*T Saturday, Sept. 12 .. Wedneeds>. Sept. 2 IMf Satur<;ay, Sept. 3fi. . I.v57 W ednesday, Sept. S8 18.*! Saturday, Oet 1* 18*7 Wednesday. Oct. 14 1857 Saturday, Oct. t' 1:>.V71 Wedne?dav, Oet. 28 'tSI Saturday , Nov. 7 18*7 Wedr esday, Nov. 11 18*T Satun'ay, N?>v. <1... I ^ Wednesday, Nov. 25 IW Saturday, Dao,S._^..18(r7. Wednesday, Deo. 9 jaw t Wedoeaday, Doc. S.iWT For freight or pasaate, apply to EDWARD K. COT.LTNS, No. 36, Wall itraet. Now Yore. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Ltrei>?ol. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., ?. Antn Friars, London. B.G. wainwright ACO., Pari*. The owners of the*e ahips will rot iie aoooontabla for gold, silver, barton, specie, Jewelry, precioua otoneo or raetala. unless btlla of ladtnc ar* signed therefor and the value thereof expressed therein. Jo t? JJNITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE ain wirKotrr rtimi roa ?i?bt y*ta?. rom CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rtrmlmr Soilinr Dmpi.itk fT>tk of seek mentk. Caariow.?So many frauds and impost bona of varolii kindt have t>een ate ,, Prpetra'od oo travetors l^und toCA Lf ? f^RNJA.tbat the *ut>saril>or. the m y aa' horitod Agent for paaaage by the I'. S. Mail Line, via P*oa ma, io the city el New York. ft?elo it hta duty to oaotion alt pereono aeeking pasaare to Califerais. thai, to AVott> iMroetTio*. they muot bo earefy to niid the true olfiee of the Steamships of the I ?. Mail !<ine, v?a Panama Railroad, as no o'heroft""* ia New York is autlMtriaed to ontare fassege. The Companies have oniy one offoe in New York, wI,iota ia at 177 oat street, oornor of \N arreo street, fronting qn the North River, at the head of the Coea pany's Wharf. ILr Ohoerve my eign over tbe d ?or. nriAVMONj..^