Newspaper of Evening Star, November 18, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 18, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Washington city: WrD\E5D.iy . - November 1\ ISJT, srimrot the morning punas The Union congratulates the country on the solution of the Kansas embroglio embraced in the final nation of the Convention to form a State Constitution for Kansas Territory, say ing : "We lay Wore our readers this morning the sc Unliiif of the new constitution prepared by the convention at Lecompton. The schedule is that part of the constitution which provides for the transition from the ?y*tem which now is to tha' .Wh^,7t0 be1aBd, P^^bes in what manner It shall Iwonie bmding as the fundamental law of the land In the despatches received a day or two sin,- ., this temporary machinery, with which all nevr constitutions must be preceded, is called a provisional gor'rnm'Ht, ana some iie.~vous per sons perhaps were alarmed at the revolutionary sound of the words, it is the mere scaffolding to be u*ed by the people while they are putting up the permanent fabric of thHr rights, and then It will be Qifd no more In the meantime all the territorial laws remain in full force until the constitution takes their place, except in so far as this schedule is used for carrying on the elec ?k'.ThlV*r!,rlu,e the constitution to the white inhabitants of Kansas : acknowledges the people of the new state to be the only t-ib inal tha. can rightfully determine what its domestic institutions shall be; and gives full practical and fair effect to the great principle of popular sovereignty. Unthe2lstdav of becemWneit the electo-s may meet at th-ir proper plac-s of voting and express their opinions V ballot on ?T,Do ?lawy- If a major 1 . I?' of alavenr. then the prowls ii. inakes Kansas a slave State will r* JSVLVE --"'"Ion, ,?d in .bT.ta^'Ti will be laid before Congress. But if the greater number of ballots be cast the other wa? tha provision shall be stricken out, and then'everv ^"fr^VxceS'lhi7 h'*rTafrf'r to *? ,Lere- nh;3 ue*> *ow""" ???? tb "f*'-'"} details of the provisions for taking 5?mTtfui? ,prwpl<'- far " w" J1"'?*' of trwTd for ,i dl!,,anc* sw" ?'? ?'* admirably con trived for tLe pu.po^e. If it shall not r**ult in a th.V P/**^"w,n Cf the popular wi-hes, it will I*, he fault t f the people themselves But we have comi L? d w tnat ,b"??*??on will be fairly conducted, or that the defeated party, whichever the'niajor11y"'' cb",fnllv "ublnit to the w,11 of ^ e are without space to-day, in which to publish a synopsis of the leading features of the constitution to be submitted to the votes of the people on the 21st of December, proximo. To-morrow we will spread it before the Stars readers The IvttUtgencfr comments on and deplores the escape of the filibuster, Walker, and calls on the Government to institute rigid inquiries to ascertain whether any of its officers charged with the duty of arresting his unlawful pro ceedings have been derileot in its discharge ; if ?o, to punish them properly and promptly. The latent advices from Yucatan state that the revolutionists still hold Cauipeachy. LIT Accoidiag to the New York papers, there is scarcely a n'ght passes In that city without the robbery and maltreatment of some citizen or strange: in the streets. CD" The United States steamer Mississippi ar rived at St. Helena October 3d from New York ?ia Madeira. All well She would proceed to Capetown on the 6th of the same month. T P""AL ?A private letter from a reliable source, received at New York, intimates that General Walker. If intercepted at Nicara gua. will next be heard of at Hayti. c?m0L,7,TCAK ~Th/ Lanw,er> P* . American committee have adopted an address in favor of Americanism and a protective tariff a resolu tion was adopted approving of the course of May or Swana the recent Baltimore election L??*TC?-Tbe railroad bill, which has been before the Legislature for several dava, and a bill for the payment of inter ?t on State bonds, passed tha Senate on Saturday night. ' Movents or ma F.libustkr. -General W alkers "emigrants" sailed from Mobile on Sat urday tor Greytown. The steamer Fashion hea y frei5hted, obtained clearance as a Grevtown packet ' DtsrarcTtva Cowlags atios ?A fire which prevailed a? Lockport, N. Y., on Monday night destroyed Draper s grist mill atd the Spalding mill, owned by N H Wolfe, together with sev era. warehouses acd dwellings. Tue loss was flOO.OOu, ol which ?oO,UJO falls upon New York Insurance tfflces Mr Wolfe was insured for W.M As the ea*'ern stage wa>? approaching CLarrvlield, Me., a few days stnee, several pas sengers got out to -'foot it" up the hill, when a lad, who ran on in advance, ?aw a yonn<? bear backing down a tree by the side of the road. He ran and told a fellow passenger, who retu ned to th* spot and captured another cnb. theonefl-st aeen having escaped. The youthful bruin was ??taken !n * as a fellow passenger and carried to Cherry field iTT J Shiiiington, Odeon Building, who Is ?pt to have the earliest possible supplies of lite rary wa-es, sends us the December numbers of Orahan. a. Oodey s. and Peterson s Maiazi s Dickens Household Words, and the New York Journal TLe magazines for Derem!?er all come out strong In the artistic and Lterary line to make a favorable Impression in view of the coming vol ume. Call on Sblllln-ton, and take a look at l&em Toe Richmond Dispatch notices a case of aingular drpavlty, In which a white woman named Susan Percy, attempted to run off with a nr;ro man named John, belonging to Mrs. I.oey ' ?f Mecklenburg county, with whom Su san had l*en living, and where a criminal lntl navy Lad sprung up between her and John, and they agreed to make their escape to a free State? ahe to Lide her shame, and he to secure his free ze?. He was to pass a* her strvant. Thev were arrested in Richti.ond ,,n *"?<?d*v evening, the bread bakers of Philadelphia held an edjourned meeting to form an organization In opposition to the " Mammoth Ste?oi Hakery A committee rcporteda Consti tution ard By-laws in which the Society is to be known by the name B|yie. and title of the'Bread Bakers Association" It al*o contemplates the formation of a Protective Committee," whose duty It ahall be to reply to the attacks made in the newspapers upon the bakers relative to the s,ze of the loaves, the ingredients used. Ac., Ar. TLe names of persons who a-* indebted to the bsker. ,r.d who refuse to pay, are writ.en in a black book," and no baker Is to serve them till brethren are paid all arrea-?g^. l*fo?TA,7rRoM KAJTiAS -Kansas advices re celvedat st Louis state that the constitution adopted by the Constitutional Convention wj, y a vote of alx>ut ?i In favor of It to about a dozen aga.n.t it. The whole number cf delegate, to he Coii vention are sixty, consequently the tunon was adopted by a miocrity of the conven tion The ??Jor ty and minoritr report, of the LTr-"'??' ...?1 sch dule It prov.des f.r an election on the 21?t Of Dumber, ratify or reject the const tu,,^ the voting to be by ballot, and the voles endorsed ?Co1?t:tutt0i, with slavery" and ..Con Stitution without slavers ' t , b. LHd o,> cm Nu a. " .u i .. ^ 1,1 January next for the election of State a?d Co.gress.onal t,.^ The Lawrence corre,,^^ of (be s?.rt, that no free State ma. wi? Tot,oll the^^ of December. 1M II /" A letter fiom Shell,vvillc r... that there will l^ f?tte?l for ni;.'ket f,?m j'o^" to 2U>MA) hoKs, within an area of flfty miles ea? h way from that point * h Mr An immense meeting of the people of p.t. tersofi. N.J, was held oil Wednenday evenim' to protest against the recent advance of fares to Jersey City on the Erie Railroad. LT The sum total of raring prizes for the pn^t T^r' '?n . ^ ...^a* calculated, in "Bell's a ii ' * r?n< ^,"^'o,, and fortv-severi thousand it 'Z I highest, reaching ?7b.*** Goodwood, ?77,575; S?2 WO; th; J'ti'Stf STJ1"?"? tOWl.WO The recHpta SMtefi theDouca*Ur races amount WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. ~ Tee New Code for tbe District or Co Lcvtia.?We are informed by reliable author ity that the Revisod Code for tbe D strict is now ready for distribution It consists of one volumo of seven hundred pages, substantially bound. The law appointing tha commission to prepare this work, required that " the said Code be reported to CoAgreis on or befora the first Monday in December, 1857.'" This ia a mere directory clause, and even if not com plied with, would in no manner impair the power of Congress to adopt the Code as a whole, or any part of it. It is totally immaterial whether the rote of the people is taken upon it before or after the 1st of December. The tunc when that vote is to be taken is entirely imma terial. It would be competent for Congress, if it saw fit, to ndopt the Code, even though it might be rejected by the people. Besides, the before quoted provision of the law can be liter ally complied with by having the Code reported to Congress on the first Monday of December next, reserving a vote by the people on some future day, to be selected by the President. We learn that the Code has been in the hand* of the printer since early in September, and that greater delay has taken place in its printing than was anticipated The whole control over the matter resides in Congress, and it is entirely competent for them to adopt or reject it, no matter when the vote of the people it taken. The force and efficacy of the law do not depend, as has been errone ously supposed, upon tbe proviso before quoted, but upon the action of the people and Congress, no matter when that action takes place. The time, as before stated, is entirely immaterial. We presume the President will fix upon some time after tho distribution of the Code, when tbe sense of the people will be taken upon its adoption From what we have seen of tbe Code we are persuaded that It shows the most decided evi dence of great labor and study upon the part of its framers. We shall rccur frequently to this subject in our columns between this and the time which may be selected by the Presi dent for a vote upon it. It is a.mcasure of vast moment to the people of this District, and we dcubt not that sufficient time will be given for a due consideration of all tho subjects treated of, in the Code We commend it to the serious, caudid and enlightened judgment of our people. We doubt not they will find much in it to in terest and iustruct them. We are glad that the eodifiers have not done the thing by halves. In the entire repeal of all British and Mary land statutes, and the incorporation in the Cole of such as are proper and needful, they have furnished to almost every one the means of easily finding out what is the law, if the re sult of their labors be approved. The JoiixpcN-Cor.vTr Ketcrss Qcestiox. The following letter is from the pen of a gentle man who accompanied Gcvcrnor Walker to Ox ford county on the trip he is alleged to have made to ascertain whether the alleged returns from the Oxford precinct were or were not fraudulent. We publish his communication us being likely to shed light upon that affair, which appear3 likely to become a sulject of no little interest beiore Congress : W ashisoto* , Nov. 17,1S57. Editor of the Sfar : I we. in your issue of the 14tb, a letter copied from a Mobile paper, to which you refer a* denying that frauds were practiced at tbe recent election, in Johnson coun ty. Kansas. A* my name appear* in the letter, and as 1 am cognizant of the facta, permit me to conect some of the statements Let me tir?t say that Governor Walker does not charge fauds in Johnson county, except at the Oxford precinct, from which place there was sent iu a paper (not a return) declaring that sixteen hundred votes h?d been cast in that precinct; nearly twioe as m iny a? could possiblv have been taken, by tbe riii rore system. In the time al lowed by law. which is two days-nine hours each day Governor Walker and Secretary Stanton went from Lecoinp'oii by way of Lawrence, it b^ing the main sta^e route to Johnson county They staid in Lawrence just long enough to 'have the carriage mules driven to tb**~ liver for water; they met Kat>cockand otherseight miles beyond Law rence, returning from Johnson county, where they had gone to gather evidence?Habcock hav ing been a Republican candidate for Councilman. Tb?-se men told what they had seen and heard, bu? none of them were taken as guides I'pon the arrival of the Governor and Secretary at Oxford, the roll was sp ead out for th?* inspec tion of the people, and beyond the tlrst JvfU no one could find a name which belonged to any resident of tb?- neighborhood or elsewhere. The people of the towu hooted at the idea of such a vote hav ing been cast, and said that not one-fourth that number of men had been on the town site since its location. After leaving Oxford the_Oovcrnor and ?ecre ta'y "-peat the night at Siiawnee. the county scat, and tne next day visited two other towns in the ci unty, and talked fieelv with me people, most of wiioin a^e pro-slavery men; and all agreed that it was a most outrageous fraud, and that it wsiinpiv ridiculous entertain for a moment tne idea that one-fourth that number of votes we'f cast. L'u ing this trip they crossed the countv twice, by d.3>-ient route*, and there were fiequent stretches of several miles over the prairie with out a At?at' in ?ijj'tf It is true that there a.e eigat towns in the county, but. like many ?' Kar. san towns," they do not average mm- than a d? x^n houses each, and ea? h one of these which is an election precinct, except Oxf >rd. gave a rea sonable vote in arcoidance with the appaient population, (f om 50 to iiist votes ) >ir.oe that time I have spent three weeks In the Territory, traveling from pla< e to place, talked freely with tvery pro-slavery man 1 met. and I have yet to hear the first man say that lie believed that 'here were half of l.OUO v^ies cant at Oxford I reclnct Men have said to me that the return should have been received on legal grounds, while at the \nmc time they said there fas no doubt that it ?rax a fraud. Of cotme, I am not qualified to discuss tbe legal question; but the public know that Mr. Walker is ?eldom wrong on points of law. In view of the facts above re cited, is It strange that Mr Stanton would rather lose his right aim xather than use it to sauction such enormity There is no exci'ement In Kaunas ngninst Gov ernor Walker and Secretary Mati'on On the contrary, Jieiuocn'tic meetings are being holdeu endorsing their course, iu which pio-slavery men take the lead; and the only persons who oppose them are those who were engaged In the fraud, or who were to l#neflt by it, and their im mediate friends. The indignation meeting of twentv-five could n;it get their proceedings pub lished by any pa|>er in the Territory, and they Wi-re first p inted at the office of "The 5'tar of Km pi re,'' published at Weatport. Missouri, of whtch ant of tie judge* of election at Oxford is assi stunt editor. The rumor which also appears in your paper, " tbat Governor Walker, in conjunction with George N. Sanders, had purchased several hun dred acres of the Fort Leavenworth military resei vation at a nominal figure,'1 is wholly with out foundation, and was contradicted in Leaven worth the day after it started Mr Walker does not own an interest iu a dollars' worth of real e? tate in Kansas. E. A C. List or Patents ?The following is the list of PatenU issued from the United States Patent Office, for the week ending Nov 17, lb57?each bearing that date: James K. Baird. of Vincinnes. lnd ?For ap paratus for ringlug bells. Jesse Ball, of Barnesville, O ?For improve ment in straw cutte s. David I$ede||, of Seneca Falls, N Y ?For Im proved device for husking corn. F.dward Clay, of Boston, Mass.?For improved device in telegraphic fi e alarm apparatus \\ 111 tain N Clark, of Chester. Conn.?For elas tic door guard John C Cox and Reuben Newton, of Green ville. N C ?For improved harvesting machine. John B. Collen, of I'fciladelphia, Pa ?For im proved brick machine. F lancis Col ton, of New York, N. Y ?For im provement in India ruM?er springs for upholstery purposes. Stephen Culver, of Newark, N. Y.?For i in - p.<iv< d car j>et-fastener. l^-wis H Ctishirian, of Monmouth, Me ?For improved clothes clamp. Alexander Di< kson, of Hillsboro', N . CFor improved washing machine. J. Durell Greene, of Cambridge, Mass?For improvement in breech-loading fire-arms Powell Griscoin and Charles S lienn, of Balti more, .Md ?For improvement in lime kilus. Henry Gross, of Tiffin. Ohio?For improve ment in extension tables. W W H irner, of Cincinnati, Ohio ?For im provement in flour distributing bolt for grinding Joi n I. Hardeman, of Arrow Rock, Mo ?For improved hemp cutter *'? N. W. Harrington, of Jamestown, N Y For Improvement in sewing machine*. Richard M Hoe, of New Yo:k, N Y -For improved mode of operating fly-frames of print ing presses: ^ . , _Uor.lci<*f Lincoln, Me., assignor to himself and G. T Sargent, of Ilangor, Me -For improved mechanism for operating pilots bells on steamers. * ' Abraham nuffer, of Hagerstown, MJ.?For im proved washing machine. W. G. Hyndman, of Cincinnati. Ohio ?For improvement in portable forge. Charles N. Lewis, of Seneca Falls. N Y ?For iim>roved corn husker. Edward Mingav, of Boston. Mass?For im provement in pitcherafor molasses. Ac. Alexander S. Newton, of Brandon, Vt ?For improved machine for turning wooden boxes George R. Peckhain,of Worcester, Mass ?For improved cake cutter. Thomas J. Pitt, of New York. N. Y.?For im proved gas-meter indicator. Isaac L. Smith, of Burlington. Vt., and Chan. C. Colburn, of Massena, N. Y.?For improved butter worker. i Lewis Smith, of Buffalo. N . Y ?For improved fastening for machine belting. Jacob Vaughan, of Exchangeville, Fa ?For improved metbod of adjusting oand-saw* to cir cular storks. William Wakeley, of Homer, N. Y.?For Im provement in st lf-feeding drills. H. Nichols Wadswortb, of Washington, D. C. For Improvement in tooth brushes. Thomas K Webster, of Lawrencc, Mass ?For improved key for door locks. John F. Wotton, of Philadelphia, Pa ?Far improvement in steam p-essure gauges. Oeorge Young, Jr , of Saratoga Spiings, N. Y. For improved machine for facilitating the husk ing of corn Geo. F.S Zimmerman and Armstrong Beattie, of St. Joseph, Mo.?For improvement In hemp brakes. r Herman A. Doster, of Bethlehem, Pa , assignor to himself and Smith A Skinner, of Lowell, Mass ?For improved corn husker. Jas L. f ountaln, of Rockford, 111., assignor to himself, L. J Clark, Biadford McKinney and C. M. Fountawi, of same place.?For Improved cut ting Bpparatus for harvesters. Charles N Lewis, of Seneca Falls N Y as *lgnor to himself and (I.C. King, of same place tor improved ventilating attachment to be ap plied to puinps W illfo d 11 Nettleton, Charles Raymond and Anson Hatch, of Bristol, Conn., assignors to W. II. Nettleton, of Bistol, aforesai<L?For im proved machine for turning pillars for clock movements. Smith A. Skinner, of Lawrence, Mass , assign or to himself and Herman A Doster, of Bethle hem, Pa ?lor improved corn husker. T. M Richardson, of Searsport, Me., assignor to himsell and J W. Havner, of the same place. For improvement in steering apparatus. D.ivid Shaituck, of Boston, .Mass., assignor to himself, John S Shaltuck, Jacob Morrill, and \\ iltian: P Marshall, of Boston aforesaid. For improvement in street sweeping machines. VVm If. Akins.of Berkshire, N. Y , and Jos. liurritt, ot Ithica, N. Y . assignors to Wait T Huntington and Hervev Platts, of Ithica N Y For improvement in calendar clocks. Rrttsue ? Horatio N. Gambril and Singleton F. Burgee, of Woodbury Mills, Md ?For im provement In carding machines. Patent dated rebruary 27, 1S55. Ante-datrd Aug 22, 1854 Deugn ?FMnha W aters, of Troy, N. Y ?For design for match boxes. Another Letter krom Governor Wise ? The Richmond lUiiyiitrfr of yesterday contains an elaborate and able letter from Governor Wise, in which he formally declines being re garded aa a candidate for the United States Senate in opposition to the Hon. II. M. T. Hun ter. and construes the letter of tho latter to the Hon. Sheltou F Leake, just as we did on its appearance That is, as manifesting no disposition whatever to take ground in opposi tion to tho present National Administration The JZnqutrer accompanies the Governor's let ter with a formal abandonment of its late po sition of hostility to the re election of Mr. Hun ter. Naval Courts op Inquiry.? In Court No. 1. to-day, Dr. Sharp was examined in behalf of Government in the case of E*-Pas9ed Midship man West, and the case was closed. Before Court No. 2. in the case of Lt. Doin inick Lynch (furlonghed) Master W. Brady was examined for defence In Court No. 3, the oaso of Ex-C apt. Levy was continued, and Commodores Perry and Stringham were examined in behalf of Govern ment Hon. B. F Butler. P. Phillips, and T M Blount appear as counscl for Levy. Elected?The Hon Bcnj Rush Floyd, of Wythe, has been clected to fill the vuc.incy in the \ lrginia State Senate caused by the resig nation of Dr. Tate, lately appointed to be the Sixth Auditor of the Treasury. Mr. Floyd is a gentleman of high character and fine abilities, and has long been a leading Democrat of West ern Virginia. He walked over the course with out op(>ositioo, such is his personal popularity at home; tho result of the intimate knowledge which the people of the district have of him Col. J. K. Dincan.?We learn that thit gentleman, who ip represented by tho tele graph as having gone off with Walker as the Colonel of the latter's artillery, has done noth ing of the sort; but remains at New Orleans in the discharge of hi< duties in connection with the construction of tho new custom bouse there We are glad to hoar the fact, as he is repre sented to be an exceedingly efficient and faith ful public officer. Miss May's Second Concert.?The seats ?or t..e concert of to-morrow night are being rapidly taken up, as. indeed, was to be antici pated in consideration of the great number who wore unable to obtain even standing room at the first concert given by Miss May. Ap parently, Carusi's Saloon will be filled again to its utmost to-morrow night. The Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution The time of observation ia about 7 o'clock a. m.: November 18, it,67. ^e^sr \ ork, N? V"? clear, cool. Philadelphia. Fa clear, cool Baltimore, Md clear, cool. W ashington, D C clear,cool. Rii.tmond, Va clear, cool Petersburg, Va clear, cool. Wilmington, N. C cl.-ar, cool Columbia, S. C clear, cool. Charleston clear, cool Augusta, Gi.l>>a ...clear, cool. Savannah, Ga clear, cool Mi< on. Ga clear, cool Columbus. Ga clear, cool. Montgomery, Ala clear, cool. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...clear, cool Mobile, Ala clear, cool. Gainesville, Mis* clear, cool New Orleans, La clear, cool Barometer at Washington ?5C ITT In New York city on Saturday night offi cer Lewis Campbell took a man named McQuaid in custody for suspicious and disorderly conduct and shortly afterwards he felt what he consid ered a scratching at his knuckles; presently he felt something like water In his hand, and dis covered that his hand Lad been cut In some half do7en places by a sharp instrument. At thesame time the p.isouer was sticking the otltcer in va rious places about the body, but so sharp was the knife that he did not feel the elJects of the stabs. On discovering his wounds he heat Mc Quaid, who was trying to get away, with bis rattle until it was broken, and then used his bil ly, until he sunk to the ground from the loss of blood McQuaid then made his escape. The officer was picked up shortly by a fellow officer and conveycd to the Station House, where an ex amination of his person was made. His throat was cut in the right side until the windpipe was exposed, and his hand wounded in such a man ner that his fingers had to lie supported by a board The wounds of Mr. Campbell are of such a nature that death will probably ensue. McQuaid, who was known to the officers, was arresb-d a short time afterwards at his residence, while in bed. Tiik Hard Times anu the 1I<>hsjc Market ? The hard times have very sensibly atTected the horse market; and those who a few months' since bought on a speculation, Mod themselves unable to sell without a ruinous discount from original cost, If at ail; while to keep them is no less ruin ous than to sell. At the semi-weekly horse auc tion held In Crosby street yesterday, horses which in ordinary times would lie held at ?1(I0 or <5100 each, were struck down atff>Uor*50; and one animal, capable of much service on a farm or before a dray, was struck otT at S3 ?Sew York Trilvm. PERSONAL. Lola Montez Is going to lecture in this city 011 " Woman." Gen. Jo. Lane, of Oregon, has arrived in New York. Judge Thompson was elected Mayor cf Galveston the 1st Inst. His competitor vu Mr. o-dam j .... "Sol Smith"' is about to resume the sock and buskin, commencing with a star engage ment at Mobile. .... John H. Allen, the tragedian, has bad a charge of assault ana battery preferied again?t him by his wife, he having taken her away by fore* fray an assignation house ....A crim con. case, of unusual character, came up in New York on Monday morning. be fore the Supreme Court (Special Term,) one Ho ratio tjiinms, a lawyer, suing one Marcus H March for the seduction of bis wife, laying his damages at S 10 OIK) Sitnrns's affidavit relating the progress of the seduction, atrd the means he reported to to fix the crime upon the guilty par ties, is equal to anything of the sort that ban yet appeared in conjugal litigations on this side of the water. .... Among the long list of suicides of late is that in Philadelphia of Mr. Charles Zeuner. a German by birth, a tinely educated man, and te garded by musicians as one of the l>est organists in America. He resided for some years in Ho*, ton, where he published a collection of original Voluntaries for the Organ, a Hook of Psalmody, and many other miscellaneous compositions. From Boston he went to Philadelphia He hsd property and lived comfortably. He was a ?plr itualist. and to that cause possibly may lie traced his untimely end. Late from Neilrs. By the latest accounts from the city of Mexico (being to the 5tti Inst .) we learn that the political guarantees of the new Constitution of that Re public have been suspended, and that President Comonfort Is again clothed with dictatorial Kwers, but on what precise terms, and for what igth of time, was not known at the date men tioned. The ti'st vote, which was taken on the 30th in secret iwsaion, was on the general propo sition. and stood '2 to 31. The terms of the dle tatorthip were to come up for consideration the next day, the 31st, when an attempt was made to have the discussion public, but this was voted down. It was not known, therefore, whether the demands of the Executive were granted in whole or In part, though from a dispatch re ceived at Vera Crux it would seem that nothing had t>een settled. A '?pronunciamento" broke out at Queretaronn the'2d inst.. and a desperate fire continued for eleven hours Finally the Government troops were overpowered, and the city taken by the rev

olutionist*. The latest express from the South brought the startling intelligence that the Government forces, which fo recently entered Cu?*rnavaca in triumph, had been completely routed near that place, and the revolutionists left in complete possession Rumors of another Santa Anna expedition on the coast were again in circulation, but nothing seem* to have been knc.wn It was believed, al so, that the old chieftain was at the bottom of the revolution in Yucatan. The Mexican Extraordinary says : " The position of the Government at this mo ment 1? truly critical. No one can gainsay this. We have always said that a legislative form of government was not the thing. " Where the sum of general Ignorance is so great the Government must be powerful and silent, and the critical position in which the ??<>verninent finds itself i? entireiy owing to the delay and inaction always consequent upon a discussion." Tiik Reported Massacre or Kxoi.nn a>d American* at Xixoro?How thk Mistakk Orioisated.?We find the following somewhat startling paragraph in our California exchanges, received by the St. Louis: " The Alexander left Manilla on the 16th Au gust. a few days prior to which date a brig had arriv< d, af'er a Ave days ptissage, from Ainoy. A priva'e lr-tter by her was received from Manilla, giving an account of the horrible massacre, by tue Chinese, of all the American and English residents of Ningjio. one of the five open ports lying between Amoy and Shanghai. Our infor mant cnuld furnish us with no further details, but assured us that the news is beyond all ques tion relia'oie. The number of Americans and English at that port was estimated at forty, all of whom the Captain believes to have been mur dered " This is altogether incorrect and without foun dation. The mistake probably arose from the fact that in the month of June last, a naval battle was longht off Ningpo between the Cantonese and Portuguese pirates, and that the latter were driven ashore and indiscriminately massacred. inr Our readers will recollect that some time ago the Kev. T J Simpson, of Pittsburg, while on his way to a meeting of the presbytery of his c hu'ch, ruined a young girl who had been placed under his protection as a traveling companion. He was tried and dismissed Tom his charge, his guilt having been made apparent beyond a doubt We now learn from the Louisville Cou rier that this reverend seducer is making strenu ous exertion* to be reinstated. Last week the Allegheny presbytery of the Cumberland Pres byterian Church'met, when three petitions were presented, asking that he might a^ain be ad mltted to the functions of the ministry. One was from the Missionary Society ; and the second from the I.udus' Sfiring Socitty attached to his former congregation ; the third was signed by about thirty members of the church. The pres bytery unanimously declined to oblige the ?? Mis sionary and Sewing Societies'' by teinstating him. ry-Tf^THK ANNUAL ELECTION for officers L of the Union Building Association trill he li?'id at th? Council Chnrnl>er TO-MOK It O W A F TEK NOON, at 4 o'clock. Tlie polls will he closed at 6 o'clock. The fourth annual meeting of tne Association will he held at the same place at 7 o'clock p. in., when a detailed report of the operations o?" 'he Association to the present tun" wil, l>e presented. r, i8-?t_____ TIKIS. JEWETT. Secretary. CIIUKCH DEDICATION.?'I h* recently \_3 erected Lutheran Church, (Germsn lan *uage)on the corner of Fourth and E streets, will. Providence permitting, he dedicated to Almighty God on Sun?fay next, 22-J mst. Ruv. K. W. Kt>l, ofSt. Pauls Church, Baltimore will rthciate in the mornins, at lf}-? o'clock: Rev W. Summer in the sfteri.oon, at ofci o'clock ; and Rev. Mr. Gross, of Richmond, in the evening at 7 o'o'ock. T'-e Pastorand Congregation of this church cor d ally invite their friends to unite with them in ren dering praise to the Lord. n 18 eo3t. rrf?M()RMONlSM EXP"SKD.-By request iL_7 Mr. Jno Hule, Jr..lateMormon Klder author ofMornionissi, its leaders and designs Ac , recently ironi Salt Lake Citv, will lecture at the K street Baptist Church, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Nov. Iftth at 7Ho'clock. Subject?"Brigham Your.g and L'tai ." Mr H.will give much valuable and interesting informal on concerning this singular people, whom, it in bared, are successfully opposing the advance of the armjr now cn route for Utah. Lecture free. nt7-2t Y 3--* F AIK.?The Ladies of Capitol Hil! intend L < opening a Kair at Columbia Hall, Capitol HiTf.on MONDAY EVENING, Nov. I?th, for the purpote of laismg funds for the erection of a Monu ment to the memory of B. C. Grenup, who was killed in the discharge of his duty as a fireman. Prof. Wither*'* Band has l>een engaged. Season tickets 50 cents ; single tickets 12 centa. n l4-?t" FOR SALE.?Three or four fine Milch COW'S will he offered a? the Market Yard, on Saturday, if c ear. if not, on Tuesday Morninr. n LEWIS BAILEY. CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON Stock for sale in sum* to suit. J AS. C. .UcGL IRE, n 16 3t Auctioneer. AI, ARGE COLLECTION Of Minerals, Shells. , and Fossils for sale for 35U0: half cash, half | s x inon'h credit. A. BOSCH KE, n In 1'. S. Coast Survey Office. NOd! PIANOS!! PIANOS!!! piA H New and second-hand Pianos, from the factories of Steiuway A Sons, New York ; Wm g Knal e& Co , Baltimore, and of my Son's! factory, Philadelphia, always on hand, at" moderate terms, lor sale ana to rent, at No. 4113 11th street, eipht doois above Pa. avenue. n la eolm FR. C. REICH EN RACH. T. S. VERDI, M. D.. OVCEOPATHIC PHYSICIANk SURGEON 4*215; A street, corner of New York avenue. Office hours from >1% to 10^ a. m,; 2 to 3 and 7 to 3 p.m Rkfkkenc es : Col. W. W. Scat on, Hon. Wm. Thos. Carroll, Francis Markoe. Etq.. Washington. Drs. J. F. Grey, J. C. Peters, E. Bayard, New York. Dr. A. H. Okie. Providencc, R. I. Prof, llenipel, M. D., Philadelphia. n IH dJtJccoGt* T _ HE GIRLS' DELIGHT?PA PER DOLLS. 1 Miss Florence, with her wtrdrohe complete Miss list tie, with arc-sscs for all occasions Master Frank?our young friend appears in a varie ty of characters ? sometimes a schoolboy, some times hs a "young Kent" Nellie, a youne Indy of the "upper ten," with dress es. & iv, sufficient iu elegance for a princess of " the blood" Clara, with a wardrobe well supplied with various ari lee of attire, of the richest and most costly description. Taper Furniture for Pacer Dolls ; price 13 cents each or 75 cents the set. For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S n 18-3t Bookstore, near 9th st. TO THE PUBLIC. Parties or persons having advertised for sals an " UNEXPLOS1VE GAS." wlich is no thing but the well known "Ethenal Oil," therefore 1 dten) it necessary to caution consume!s for their safety, that the only genuine article is known m "Reintsel's non-Explosive Burning Fluid," and la prepared and sold y F. STUTZ. at his Depot, oor ner of llth and K atreets, he being the aole possess - or of the riftht for selling the same in tbe Diatriot of Columbia. FR, STUTZ. M P-Tk rr inform the La die* that she his receive, per steamer "North ??ar. a large and elegant a*,ortroert of Winter Goods, oon.isitng in part of Fin* Flowers in (Bra*! wrtstln, Bridal ksd r.vpninr Sola af tbarery i*.i?*?t ?!y'e*V? Mleenon of Dress Hats snu Caps Head Dresses of pearl, jet. aea, rtbiwn, and various other Myie?; ChautU y. Brussels, and Imita tion l.aoes, Embr?u!ared and Laoa Collars and in sets; IIandk?wo lefs, Capes. Brrth-s. kirta, and Caps; Jet ana Fane? Brao< lets, Pins, har-ririgi, Cap ami Hairpins; large Bans for tha hair in great variety; Feather* of all won; first ?'luvin ? Kid Gloves for (.adiii*and Gentle Combe. Brushes.and a rreat ? any . ,?7 articles in creat variety to be enume T2.k i"e*e coods will bsortnal on TburaLy. the i?n instant, wnen the l,*di * ate most reepeetiuM* to call. Jjfi Pannsylvaria avenue, near 13th street. nl?-St* J^JEW Fl'RNITlRF. miRK. SOFAS, 'STF.A J)s CHAIRS. TABLES, ?Bl &KAJ 8 CAR PETS, Ac* At20 1 er Ikxt l<u? Thai I-okvii Pau ki, Pnrnitnre ?nd Hon*eform*hing Goods can t? m l. t on Seventh street, rear the Nori!,. A Market. cheaper than any other part of city. Goods sent home free of charge A large lot of'Carpets just received, some as low as 25 cents. pn?aCOtU" all patterns, at anetu* ?-???? Hecrefariee, Whatnot*, Sideboards. Mattress**. ? o.i cheap, can buy llousefarnishinc Gootlaalmost at your own prices, on 7th street, No. jnt.naxt doar to Hyatt a Dry ({node Store, three Mora from tho Market, ' ts can t? ome ifi ( " . T. II. DROWN. Arent. J?AL! COAL!! COAL!!! I J"n,m OW,V*d M t,,n' ''eh"h Coa,: DOW!MH",#r Fr?ncn, J19 ton* whit* ash Egg M? ho?ner n'm. Kuark. ?!} tons white a*h Furnao* C< al. and M tona r.J ash Egg Coal. Hohoon?r /??hyr, i* tona red a*h Egg Coal, and J. tons white ash Egg Coal. Now all oat. per HrMooner I. B and F. L. 55 tons red ash En Coal. ErgC," "h S,ov* C<*?' and * ton* wRaa ub Egg iCi" *,ary Ann nnJ Caroline, 1? tons r*da*h Coal."11 ,)0at T' Cookendorf*r. H4 tona Cumberland A deduction of 25 cents per ton made on all Coal pUnjk"floora.CU,t0,ner" fr?m kept^n \\ ood delivered?cord lonrth?or eut by machine as preferred. CASTLFMAN A HRO _ ,n rt Corner of Sixth ar.d B st*. ?- - H wppositw Nation! Hotel. I'HE ART I'MO.X OF LONDON. IK*. f"r r~>r. eftdi/ig \Ur^k , receive f<r e>en %>>< ?u--et',t,:ior. a Ihrt* and important ir??; *-rtfr^ ;'.r b* J T \% man. A . R a . fnmt ta* we ksov? ""mIiI J' X| W' H. A uZi ' ' ' ",! iCi"r." t. -u- ( t.orr?, <A tt>* Ren ei: to re Ai.d in trie ctjitce r,f. u-sla inir iii? of the prize* to be r. >, tte*i in Arr.l r.-x' r?-? lu %a!,K r Lh*^,rbtt" *e 'ct f"r himaeifa \amab.e U or* of Art from or.*. tr.e I'i.M c 1^ xl.i biti?n?: f*tat'<2**???' in f'roi xe ?f h?r Maj?st* ?n ior*?linok, by T. Thnrn*yrr?ft: Statuettes in p<*.roe ??*.' 25*1* Jj'on-a. by \V. Wy.n . Ts* 2M in iron m'>dde!;ed II. O. Hs!e. f o? an an Tiqui- d-sirn in ?!.e Bntnh Muaf urn ; Medais in sil >?r commemorative of T. Ranks. R. A : Pr<>oflm proasi msofa large Mexot i ntt^ G. K. Ward, from the onjr.iiAl pictureiby A. J on ns ton, TyndaJe trans latin* the Bible in Knelisl ; Proof imp'esnons of a X ' p,se|.of Etchings .produced expressly forth* Soci-ty by the Ktnuiiz Club. A Sp<?c.m^n of the charm ng engraving, fin* ,Tftrk 4,jf Art, *nd a . eautiful and ciTectiv* repre 8. n tat ion of an intWAitin? . ii.wv h? teen at Measr-. TaVI.OR * M A FRY'S, BookseUrS. Honorary Secretaries for Washixigton. n H St * ?N it* 0\vuo^esale a nITretail, iT -*??n 17 LAMMON D'S. Nr,S' T?V,VS5i7*.?*w F,w NM'?" " l7',t T. XMMON'D'g. ^ITV MARKET! CITV MARKET!! I_^L-"2IJLn^f.h* KhTyf> rTmrk,>t-1 constant iy keep Ml kinds ol marketing, which I will **-11 as ciuapn- can Ue bought in any mark-t in Wa*hin< ad?hti ,-al char "e"e,,t ^ *"1' of U,e C,ty ? ? ... GEORGE THGS. STEWART, n corner of 12tl, and H street. ^0^ , NEVN STORE crw? A X D X EW_ GOODS. OUif The aubaeribor has just removed in'o hi* New ptore. >o. P.leventn street, (old stand.) where he respectfully solicits the patr..?** of his friend* a d tno public, atm desires to call their attention to his extensive assortment of n. ,MXiCY AND MILLINERY GOODS. Pi i.!5" f Ti Hres* Caps, from the North. Ladies F a i; ai.d Winter Hats, which will compare in strle and taste with any in the city. Straw Mi'linery in all its Branches. I rench and American Flower*, selected witk great care. ? Ribands of every stvle and price. Ruche's Bonnet Fr-mes, Crown*. Ac. English and Italian Crapes. Silk*, Satin*, Ac. Hosiery in all its Brancae*. Ladies' Drrs* Triniiiiiiigg, a!l kinds. Ctentlemen's Drawees. I'ndershirt*.Stock*.Collar*. ? * ravata, and Handkercniefs Mo 8. in and Cambria Km broidery ro,ld,V.e(i ft '1 Hemstieh llan lkerchiefs. Shetland \\ ool. \\ o. flea Cotton Varna. r.xtraets Eau de Cologne and Perfumery of every description. 7 Fancy Toilet Soaps ij*""' Nail, arid Tooth B: lis ho* I uck, Side, Po -net. and Dressing Combs, all kinds. TOYS TOYS, TOYS. TOYS Rubber CI >th, for nursery use. Elastic Ribands and B?-lts. In fact, *v?ry thin< that <*v*ry ladr irants for the "Vr^fyr aV%"!1 " the luxuries of life tM *Lr ' an and examine for your*??!f. _nJ^-St WM. P. SHEDD. BKAITT'HX nbw PI \ E C H IN A, TOYS, \IEl>ALLD> N S. Cane*. ,;.,ai"eV,PJ'rl".^n '.ri nn,i T< 'let Articlesat _n '? V.?'' *1 GHl IN'S, bet. Stli and *rh sta. I TMBREI.LAS. CARD CASFS. PORTEMO nai**?t faper, Pon8? Ch^^s. l)??mrioeg. livings, at McLACG II LIN'S " '16 -0, between 8th and a:h sta. Bird cagks, woolr?i goods, and Notions, at Mel. AIG H LIN'S. " 1?_ 3t>, beta-<?en 8th and 9th s's. jVJUSTANG GRAY. an*w Novel, by the Hon !? ? Jeroiniali Clemens; %1. Mrs. Hu e's R?C"ipis for the Milli n, oontamme 4,54i Lervipt* ; ,aj.25. " Mrs. Hale's New Cook Book ; $1. _nJ6 FRANcK J^YLOR. rJMIE NEW TALE OF A TL B: an Adven n ,lur*i in verse, w,th illustrations. 25 cent*. Birds, F ishes, colored p.'ntee, ?5 ofats Nursery Rhyme*, with comical cnt?. IS ??ents "rF,v?L"'" Mack ay'a Poetical Work*, 1 volume illustrated, ' ? w? The Miscellaneou* Poem* of Thomas Hood, oon taining poem* never before reprinted. Si For sale at TAYLOR A Ma\t*Y*S n !6 3t Bookstore, near9th st. fJ0AL! COAL!! COAL!!! Now on the w?t . will lie nnlovling in a few day*: Se hr. 11 hanoeford-lN tons White Ash Etg Con I. Schr. W m. Kennedy?124 ton* Red Ash Egg Coal, jchr. I.yd.a Ann?lni ton* do do do do. Schr. John Alexander-77 tons White Asli Furnace ' ? 08 1 ? Cosh|Q Alexand?r-W White Ash Range Schr. John Tuckerton-47 ton* Red Ash Eg* C?*t. Dtv . o do K-3 F rirnace do. Sehr. Nebraska?2ro tons VVhi'e Ash Efc-r C??al. Do. do. IV tons Red Ash Ek* do. i'chr. LxoHsior?163tons Whits Ash E^ Coal. Do. do. 96ton* Curi ae* Coal ?r![' , e"d?r,.'r.?23b tons I'urnaoe Coal, rhe n)ove uill lie utiloadicg dunnrthe o??xn:n^ (bd-r* filled from the vessel at u*ua! deduction*. lLT A choice lot of lump Cumberland Coal on uai.d. All under oover. S.24(t lbs. to the ton. T. J. ft W M. GALT. Northwest oor.l?th and C sta.. No. 547, n 14 6t one square south of I1*, are. ^TRUNKS! TRUNKS!! TRUNK sTf! Just received. 5?ft TRUNKS, at SAMI'Kl p HOi.VKR'S HOOT SHOK.and TRUNK, qm WiVh?" '^,T' 'r''n Hail, lietweenj 9th and M'th street*. Pa. avenue. ? Also this dny received In.m New Y? rk and Gentlemen'* So'e Laatiier.lronaod \\ i?'Hl I nine rravehug TRUNKS. ROWpx BOX ES. VA USES ano CARPET BAGS NLT A* thev have l^en l?oiiglit ar least '*5 per oent. less than the usual manufactory prices. 1 am sell them ?! Per oent. less than an* establishment south of New \ ork city, for cash also. A general assortment of Indies' Gentleman'* >n ' V I11*"'an<1 Servant*' BOOTS and SHOES for fall and Winter wear. Ail in want of the above article* will plea** civ* me a call l>elore purcha?-inc p|sr>where. . ti n gAMUEL P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, Pa. ave., bet. 9th and 10th *t*. n iv*o?w p A R I S M I L L I N E R Y. ~ J MA DA MP. FERRERO, No. 5 Great Jone. ^|i\-.treet. New ^ ork. respectfully mform>*t?% ^S^ he Ladies in a?hington that she wi M reooen. on the :9th of November. aTi>J^ branch of her establishment at 2i8 Pennay I vaiTTi, hv. *n?ie, Washington. Ladies will there find a handsome Assortment of? Fall and winter bonnets onmei11 ??? DRE?S CAPS. HEAD DRESSES FLOWERS. FEATHERS. FANCY PIN* and ORNAMENTS FOR THE hair ' PERFUWI RY. GLOVES. FRENCH PA n n-S SK,KTS' ^nZ'"9rCJL ** piRSI F IJt^S! F U R S !!! lAr,ref h?*otiftilt and new *tpck of ?ir!, purchased in the ia?t live iUyit aijd will Neil thc?n much lower than the same quality usual' v sold ? n Washington. All kinds of Ladies', Misses , and Uu.dr.-ii s Furs. Ail Fur* *o,d st my establish ment wa;ranted to be genuine, of the latest stvle* and made up for this season's iale. * ?... , . HOPKINS, At tlie Corner of6th street and Pa *ve.. _ n 4 eo?nfw Sign of the White Bear. C'HINESE SUGAR CANE S Y R U P. from ' K-w\e . Mill, of a superior quality, is aow for ?al-hj , , J. B. WILSON, Grooar. . <SM-tf Mat.I h/7 Penrisrlvan^avenaa. Ladies, with long memorandums, will save themselves a great deal of trouble b? cillmg at STEVENS* New Fancy Store,** hi* ?took i* by far mora varied than any other in tha Jfetn** - a U-?ot| c ?> MnrsnreiTB. At u S SALOON. SECOND AND POSITIVELY LAST GRAND COMBINATION CONCERT. klAD'LLE FRF. 7 TOM NT. HKVKY Vl kL XTK.l S. TVALBRR". HEVHY Vllcl'XTffMn. MAD. AMAI-IK I'ATTI STRAKOSCH. And HERR Kt.tTZh R. Ths celebrated Hunrariar. Yiolonoe'ist. will sppaar jointly for the kat time in Washington. Under the direction of M. 9TRAKOSCH, On SATURDAY EVENING, Nor. 11. Tickets, fi-.?Reserved Seats, fl SB. 9?ti ou t? scoured at the Muiio Mortiof R. Davis and W G. Metierott. . i? ||UNT1NG PARK THOTTWfl COURSE. A Raoe, mile haai*. la bameee, w?U be given ui |b? Hrtirri?'?f? t?r fawn Bridle and Driving Whip, on I'll I R>DAY. the Sath inat. Hani* day, two mile heat* in harness. for a Silver Cap. Kotrae t?? close two days prenoas ro the raoe. ilHMt* < I.KAVKR A CI RSQN. Pro's. SKCOND GRAND BALL OP THK Journeymen Bakers. - Tim Journeymen Bakers. of WMhinttw, take treat p'essnre in snnoaecing to thssr friends and the rublie, that their Seotxl Grand Bail will b? given at the Assembly Rooms, or JTM Loiitxiana avenue.between 1', and *th streets.uuHk on WF.DN Kt*DA V.ZKk inst. The Comm ttee of Arrangements p edge then* ?eives to spare neither or expense la making this tbe best Ball of the season. Ksputa's Celebrated Brass and String Band has been ?nca?ed lor the >>ecasion. Supper will 1>? fu-rushed by that experienced oa terer. Jos. Scha&c.d. Tickets ONE l>OLI. A R?admitting one Gentle man and tw > I.adies? to be had of any of the miss gars, or at tae door on the night of the Bali. 7"*' Entire Ccmmiltti of Arrangemr ntt. J. W. Pox. Pree.. J. Vogt. G. I?o j'rer. Trees., J.Shafler, O. Gotkliolt, F. Myer, J. A*?'t. C. Kerler. G.U. R'.nneker, I.. Newread, A. Nelson, L. Young, See. n*'7 at* ARUSI'S SALOON. B V PARTICULAR REQUEST, JULIANA may's CONCERT Will be Repeated on THURSDAY, November 19th. The sale of retired seats will commence at the storeaofMeaers. L>av>s awl Metzerott on Wea u??i*T, Nove?r.t?er Itth. Ti ket?. f i; "wrifl seats, $1.y. n u c ?RAND ASSEMBLY. to therr na r:uL Ti< Ft?* Compatv take pleasure in aaaourtcinc to laeir fnea<ls aixi ftltow citisei s tnat rhey have c.>iup eted their arraugetneuts so % c?ju-%e ol Aaaemb.:ea during tbci r ."i nr rit.^r. Item T>efc'*t wilf take place at their Hall, on MON DAY. Dec. 7.1RS7. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?to be had at any of the Iloteis and at the door on tne evening of the Bail. Committee of Arrfntrmmti. E. F Alexander, \V. (lfitt, W. H. Panning, J. W. White. W. J. Unt'on, no iC-rotd |l| TWENTY-FIRST Military and civic annual ball OP TH* Washington Light Infantry, carusi'stsaloos. On MONDAY EVENING. Nov. 2Sd. 1857. The Inftr.try take pleasure in announcing to therr friendsand th^ public, that the* have perfected their arrangements for a Ball oo tne abov* oate, when they will be p.eased to meet thenii as "in the day s of Tore." in the int~rili*n?rel of p ervsantrie* which the ocaasion will atiord. Tli^y nr.' under mar.y olligariocs lor the patronage aiid r up port htretolorc lilieraliy l?estowed, evincing as it does, a warm interest in the welfare of the citizcn military, and particu'arty the Corps, and the public may tie fully assured that all etiorts Will Uf made to render this Ball equally satistactorj as tiia previous ones. The prelud* of the Ball will be a repetition of the regiuar and fancy maneuvers and the manusl of arms, executed by a detachment of the corps, as done at the I>vl of the ?2<! Felwuary last. Withers'* Celebrated Band, in fail, haa been en {keel Ladies invitations will be issued try the Executive Committee, to whom applications will be through the members of the Company. The well known and experienoed citer. Reynolds of the Eldorado House, Will have oharge of the auib per. Principal depots for the tale of tickets will be at Messrs. Todd A Co.'s. Pa. avenue; J. Hamlin's, Capitol Hill; Jas. O.Donnell, Druggist, Navy Yard. Tickets O > 11 DOLLAR, admitting a Gent.euian and t?o I adies. The following gentleme? are res?ectfa!ly request ed to act. in conjunction with Committees o| the Company, as Managers: Honornry M- tnhert of tkf Corp*. Col \Y W ?*earon Col P Force. Col R'd France, Capt J B Tate, Capt Carr:n<ton, Jas K* lv. J no W Mead, Hiram Richey, Joa Shilliagtou, Jas Booth, Jas Bouseau, Contributing M'mb rt of tk* CC?T?. \Vm B Todd, W F Bsiley, S,!a* H Hill, R ich'd W'alia oh, W \V Moore. J P P-pr?r. W H Ward, F Mohun, F Jetferaoc, T J Fisher, J F Coyle, f Stevens, T J Gait. A J Joyce, \V H Tnoinas, DrC Force. M Callan. \V J Donohoo, DrSCSmoot, J Owner. T Goldsmith, F Lamb, W H Nally, \V liaidwm. \V Rupp. C Werner. G Sprinsmau. F Geieer. J F Fineh, vv spauiding, T E Wiiliaiut, J Stanley. R W D? ve. Jas BuUiar, FrtcHtivf Commttrr. WAFTS. t IT A N TK D? By a respectable WO.V A N. a site v* ation as Child's N ursc. (one who can comew?*.| recommended.)ora!so to work fora rmt I f>*nity. Hioase to apply at No. 33S?6th street, l>etweee H and I. It* \\7ANTED.?An unfurnished HOUSK. with * ? from six to eleven rm>nn. in the netsliborhood of the National Hotel. Apply at the Clu.< House, ."U Louisiana avenue. n 3'* WANTF.D.?* tirst rate Dining-room Servai t,. " at Lt.OYD'S I'nion Hotel. n WANTED.?A BLACK BOY.?Inquire oor^-er ?'* and south N streats. n 1J-;t* U7ANTED.?A YOUTH. years old. to learn " tiie retail Drug and Prescription Ad dre?s Pharmacy, through Post Olfies, With real rihme and references. n l? St* WANTKD?Bv a younj MAN, s sit cat on as Waite rin a priwate family. I'rde ?.tand? his business perfectly well. Direct G. W., Star Ofl.ce. n ta-3t? 11FANTKD.?A Si nation. I?y a respectable yours M Lady. !*he on do ceneral H- ns-w? rt, Lut a good situation wouid tietr.e p'lr.cipal object at No M street, between 12th ai.d ISth streets. nl?-:t* A PLACE WANTED.?An inte ligent, active, and well behaved Lad, 12 year* old, wants a place in a Shoe Store, or any oin?r ?ueh retsiles tnblialiinent. lie will do his best to pVase whoever m*y emp oy hun. Ad?!res?s Wm. O. Fowler, at thia olfioe. It 11 AM \ I" IMMKOI K MCLY?A? Hm 't.1. Pw a. I' iveiiue.a < :.H.i.l rtrmaid and a leiiu.!>? r?M.m S rvant. Thev mu>>t ct.ine a ell reci iuni?-r.<ted. n 17 3t WANTED TO HIME. |MW,for the tern IT years s^cur^d on an improved Nrin. ??f S1*' aerca, by adee<i ol trust, situated near the ?itv In terest paid annua ly. An* one wishing to mvosi in that way. will please addft-ss J. B. S.. Mox iJ, Washington city, statute when and wher e an inter view can be haJ. lu'erest paid semiannual!? ir pre ferred. ? |7-tf LOST AND FODND. Lt?ST.?On Sunday night, the lith instai.t, l?* tween Mr. Cummin*' Church and tli?- Stat.* Department ago'd-iink HKAi'^'MIT, wi>S c is settine. A suitable rewnxil will l<e aiven if lelt at UAl.TA BRO'S Jewelry Store, Pa. a\ti.ue l.j tween 9thand imh streots. n 17 3t* *T^AKKN UP?By the ?aliaor?b? r. thia inoin n?. at J the corner ol loth and E streets. Island two HEIFKRS: one r?>d aid white the other blark and white; l??th of themJK^MM marked in the ear. The owner will C">n;e lorwenl, prove property, pay charges and take them iwat. n 17 St- KN?'CII WAR D. REWARD. ? A Cn?kS, Oontaimnr MM dtsmonds and seven pearls, chsir at tached, for m? neck; also, a rich California <?o'd Ring, in the form of a snak*. in three eoils. nas l?*eii stolen from the advertiser. The lieliel isihej were taken one month ago by a co'.o ed lM*v.ab>>ut is>aais o| age. and so'd or given away to some one of his ac quatntanoes for a small amount. Any one having received or advauced money on The ?aiuo. will iu?>et with the alxive reward by restoring thcin to the owner at 3?i3 U st . Itetween Krh and 15th. n H e. T NOTICE. 11K undorti*ned U'cs leave to inform kit friends and the public generally, as he is determined to do only eash bunnesg he will make to^M order GENTLEM EN'S CLOTHING in the best manner and at lower prioaa than any iff other establishment in the City, Please give him a call, aud assure vonrself of the _ F Si HAI.K. Merohant Tailor, No. 2B3 Pa. avenue. nl4 lm^ south side. M CES OF m ANUFACTI KEII TO ORDER . GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES OF BOOTS AND SHOES. I oflerthe fol.owing g<*ida at prices ennm erated below: Indies' double aoled Heeled (iaitera. 92 25. . without heels, Mack Morocco heeled Boots, if 1.75. " ..." ^ without h<H?IS. #1.57. ^ a.king Shoes at $1.12; aad Miaaes and Children's in proportion. (?entlemen's double aoled Boots at #5 a pair. ,. Cell at _ JOHN F.CREW8\ nll-ltn No. 424 7th St., bet ween G and 11. Wixm.-Four good Hands on Ladiea' work; ? lao, two good Binders. nH> LADIES' BRAIDS PLAITS, CURI.S. HALF WIGS and PUFFS, at Gl BBS'S Hair Store, '?ear of 13U at. aad iv av. a I an