Newspaper of Evening Star, November 20, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 20, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED SVSRT AFTBINOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT TBI ITAR ICILOIMM, Corner of P*. mv*nu4 mnd ElovontA strotty By W. D. WALLACH. Pepen aerrad in peck??ee by camera at #4 a year, ?r 57 o?nt? par Month. To mail aobaoribera tile auk> aoription prioa ia #S-V a year, ?? ?ivmnct; #2 Tor u eavntha; fl for thraa montfea; and for ?u than threa month* at th? rata of IS oenta a weak. Singla w> on* o?nt; in wrappers, two oanta. Adtibtibrmicjts (of eicht iinea to tha square* inserted three timaa for #1; every other day wr aetni-weekly. T> per aent. advance; onaa a weak, SO per eent. adnuioe. VOL. X. WASHINGTON, I). C., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1857. NO. 1,510. I THE WEEKLY STAR. Cmsk. im?riSIS fit mm'.' l?te eo ?"* ?*?*??? tH ir?a?"?n>afbo?t Ueooaatry. "S~L*TiC*-1aK uim * **? a5??S2!?Vrn?Z**- M?ta will be allowed ATTEMPT TO LAI XCH THE GREAT EASTERN. [Prom the London Newt, 1th lpst ] We regret to announce that the first attempt to launch this great Leviathan has been a fail ure. To understand what has been done, it is necessary first to describe the preparations which were msde to insure suoua&s. These preparations may be divided into two classes? the means to restrain her motion in case her movement into the water was too rapid, and the apparatus used to start her off or to accele rate her descent if found too tardy. All the props or stays which supported the'great ship while she was building being removed, she rest ed on two huge cradles, placed about 150 feet apart, and at equal distances from her centre. These cradles were faced at the bottom with iron plates; these iron plates rested freely on iron rails placed parallel to each other, at a distance of about a foot and a half, and firmly bolted to two platforms of wood, each forming a slope or inclined plane of about one inch iu twelve. The cradles maybe regarded as two iron-shod sledges, which were intended to slide down the surface of the rails of the two slopes called ways, bearing with them the ship into deep water. Toe groat novelty of this arrangement did not consist in intending to launch the ship side ways. for this has been done again and again in India and America with groat success. The unified part was the one ot two iron surfaces in contact while sliding the ship into the water. Hitherto, greased wood has been used for this purpose, sufficient amount of grease being ap plied to prevent the weight of the ship squeez ing it out so as to brinz the surfaces of the naked wood together, in point of fact, the friction down the slope Is usually that of a greased surface in contact with grease. Now the retardation produced by this id well known. It it a matter of experience that if the slope l>? made t in 24 the ship will not more: if 1 in 12 it will?a lirti* too last, perhtps, but this over speed can readily l?c herkea by mechanical appliar-?s The "beb*-Hbrof the iron slodge in contact with iron waj unknown, and therefore there were no data for the inclination of the slope, when these two metals were in contact. Tuff same sloie was used which waa known to be suoceasful for greased surfacesof wood. Any diflerence in the friction of the two was sought to be compensated for by giving the rails a good coating of black lead, thia substance being u?od frequently as au anti-friciioual medium. Dealing, therefore, with conditions altogether untried in ship launching, it w.ia necessary to make ample preparations for two contingencies ?over speed or too little. The f >rmer was evideutly anticipated. Two huzo drums, like tha windlass of a ship used for nauling in the anchor, were firtuly attached to strong founda tions tixed on piles driven into the earth. Ovor eaoh of these, iron cablej, of the same strength as those intended to bold the monster ship at anchor, were wound round till each drum sup ported sixty tons of cable. One extremity of tha cable passed round each drum was firmly fastened to the cradle, in front of the centre of which it was placed, and the other was fast moored to tho earth. As the ship should move down tha slope, the cables would wind off the drums, and this motion could be instantly checked by afriction band of iron passed round the circumference of two wheels at either ex tremity of the drum. These friction banls could be brought into instant play by means of powerful levers, acting on them so as to bring the r surface into contact with those of the sur faces ot the wheel? attached to the drums. Sufficient mechanical and manual force manned these four levers, to counteract the whole weight of the ship, so as to hold her still mid way during her descent, if necessary, provided only the oables refuted the tension brought to bear oa them. We must notice in passing, that these friction drums and wheels had winches, eog-wheels, and other machinery at tached to one extremity, which had been u3ed to wind the heavy cables round them. Such were the powerful and well devised means to check any undue speed. To start the cradles in motion, powerful hy draulic apparatus was used, which waa capa ble of acting so aa to push them about three feet forwards. If more force than this were necessary, it waa provided for by three means. A strong cable was parsed round the extremity of the shaft of the Archimedean screw at the afterpart of the ship, carried out into the midst of the river, passed round a block in a lighter, firmly moored, and brought back again to the shore, where a small stationary steam engine waa placed to haul it in, and bring any reasonable amount of pressure to bear upon it. Another steam engine and similar apparatus was u??i fer a cable firmly fixed to the bow of the ship. Lastly, cables were fastened to the middle of the ship, and carried out to four lighters moored in mid river, with mechanical apparatus on board tbeaa, weil-mauned. to drag ts? centre of the ship forward if necessary. Having now uude our readers acquainted with the mechanical appliance* used, we shall proceed to narrate the history of the davs pro ceedings. The river was crowded with "craft of every description, weighed to the water's edge with living freight Every available spot on both aides of the river, where a glimpse of the ship eould be caujht was filled with expectant spectators. About lo clock the excitement of all was raised to the highest piteh. The busy group of industrious laborers, who had been ?Q bleekleading the rails of tha ways with brushes and paint pots, began to dimin ish A few were left, scattering masses of powdered blackiead, like s.ind At length these retired- All seemed ready; but two men remained, one on eaoh way, standing near a rope ladder, by means of which they might e?:ape into the ship as soon as the cradle should reach the water A young gentleman took his place go a Ligh platform, erected near the after pa. tof the ship, with his theodolite duly placed, to mark the motion of the ship. The tide is rashina ic. but it has yet only covered half the slope or the ways. The shout is heard 4-she moves!*' and *o she does?the aft part faster, however, than the fore Her speed is instantly eheckel, and she is still. Xow, each anxious spectator oongratulates his neighbor. She glides beautifully dowa? the is under control; surely all is well, and the attempt will be a triumphant success. Alas, soon toe rumor is pasaed along that the motion w? premature?that it has been ohecked by a aad accident. As the ? in or two of tho cable rcuad the drum, placcd to check the motion of the after cradle gave to the movement of the ship, the winch-handles, attached to its gear, revolved with frightful velocity, hurling five unfortunate men into the air, and nattering broken cog-wlteo4a among the crowd Three of jbsse unfortunate men, we regret to hear, were severely ir.iered. Thts i? a sal damper; nevertheless Mr Bru nei aud other officials are seen examining the ways The fore-cradle is found to have ad vanced three feet forward, the aft one about four feet six inches All era still sanguine We wait but for high wafer. An hour's anx iou* watching, aud the tula covers the ways and rearbaa nearly to the keel of the ship. The laborers are all eugaged ia the four lighten tutored opposite tha iai Ml a of tha ship, tau tening the cables attached to them. Their work is either fruitless or considered ao, and a steam tug removes all the lightms out of the expected way of the ship Signals are made, the fixed steam engines draw in the eablea attaeWl to the foe and aft of the ship. The eablea tauten, but the hnge monster stirs ,not. A suan, followed by a whirl and burr is beard, and the <*abieattached to the forepart of the ship is broken simultaneously with the*>g wbeab of the steam engine working ic It be eemos too evident now that all hope of moving the sMp is over for the day. The spaeia'ors who had stood in the rain, whieh had been falling heavily for the la*t hour, moodily disperse to Inquire into and speculate upon the causes af failure ><e Wave <wr own crude notions on the si b jeot. When lirst the ship moved, the ways ware well sovtred wito blackiead When she re fused to siir. in spite of all the forea made to urge her passage down the slopes, the tide had washed most of the lubricating materials from the iron rails. Far more powerful apparatus was used to check her motion than to urge it. The latter was inadequate to remove the fric tion of the surface of the two cradles on those of the rails of the way*- The friction of iron on iron is ver7 great flow great was well proved by that exerted by the bite of the iron rings on the surfaces of the wheels of the drums for checking the descent of the vesul. AX IGNORANT NONSTABLE. An interior paper is following up a Justice of the Peace in its vicinity with a great deal of pertinacity. Whenever Anything unusual oc curs in bis court, the editor reports it at full length. The other day a jury trial wu to take place before him. and eleven jurors had been empaneled, when the constable ot the eourt pushed forward the twelfth, a long legged slab sided specimen of humanity, who was addressed by his honor with all the familiarity of an old acquaintance. "Get up thar, Aleck, and let's conclude this oaso." Aleck hesitated and looked steadily at the Justice. 44 Come, come ! ' continued the latter impa tiently. "It's no use; you can't get off; I don twa red on excuse ; so up with you !" Aleck, seeing it was little use to talk hung his head and made a step toward the vacant ftmong Jar7. muttering as he tnored, ?? The court might let a feller play his handout, anyhow .'" "The court might do what ?" shouted the Justice fiercely. " W hy. all 1 have to say is," promptly re turned Aleck, " that it's rather hard to make a filler lay his baud down to set on a jury." Then, as a "clincher," he inquired with great feeing, "flow would your Honor like it?7, Tue Justice looked serious Calling the con s able to him. and asking a few questions in a low tone, he addressed himself dircctly to Aleck: Aleck, I jest digkiver that when the con stable served the summons 'pon you. th*r was a ni??j gauio of "draw' - going on in Beck's tav ern. ' 44 A tip-top game your Honor," said Aleck, brightening up; "had as good a thing as I wanted. ' "What did you have. Aleck,'' continued the Justioe, " when you laid your hand down to serve on the jury." " A beautiful 'full,' your Honor " The Justice becamedeeply interested. Wiping ?. Pe.rsP'r*tion from his face, and looting Aleck in the face, he continued : "Does this ere court understand you to say 5^!, ? ??nstable tuck you away from a good 'full to set on a jury ?" Aleck bowed in the affirmative. 44 And you told the constable what you helt7 441 did, your Honor." ' And he jerked you away from the table, and left nobody to be on your hand ?" Again Aleck answered in the affirmative. The court took ? long breath and then re sumed its questions under greater excitement than ever. y?u deal them keards that round . heAln't aP in<!?iri?g,7 and replied that The Justice drew back, entirely overcome with the strength of Aleck s excuse. Constable." said he, elevating himself high in the chair, "this ere court is half a mind to find you for eonttmpt. By bringing this man here you have, perhaps, broke up a snug little game of 'draw,' and spiled a first-rate ull when he had the dealing of the keanls r^und the table ! It s the m^at exasperating' ?"f Then, rising to his feet with a dignified air, he shouted. "Aleck, you're Juror**'1! CocsUljIe' Sire mo another Aleck vamosed to continue his snug little game of ?? draw, while another was ushered into tbejuror'j seat without even a hearing Au interesting case for damages, has just been tried in the District Court, at Pittsburgh, wherein a young lady. Miss Lucy Morgan, was plaintiff and James Gosling, the well known dry goods merchant, of Market street, defend ant I t appeared that the young lady, who was in the habit of dealing at the store, took away a pair of corsets, with the understanding that if trie article did not suit, it should be sent back A short time after, Mr. Gosling saw Miss Mor gan in an omnibus, on her way to the Eastern ears, and supping, not knowing her. that she intended to defraud him, used very insulting language, and accused her of stealing. Miss Morgan told him that the corset did not suit apd was even then on its way back from he^ father s house to his store. But this did not satisfy the defendant, and he continued to in sult the lady. A friend of the young lady re monstrated and offered to pay the merchant the pr?oe demanded When Gosling reached the store, he found two little girls there, sisters of the young lady, wbo had been sent back with the eorsets. After the ladj returned from her vijit. ihe brought suit to recover damages ?as* tained by her reputation for honesty being as sailed in the public street. The jury found a ?ordiet in her favor of $1306. Puaxr Sc?w? IK Bosto*.?A military or ganisation ooaposed of colored residents, com manded by Louis Gaul, and entitled the "Lib erty Guard," made their first public appear ance yesterday with 29 musketa. and Bond's Cornet Band. They had no uniform, but their civic dress was tidy and becoming. They have never received a charter, and it was under stood they were allowed to appear in our streets with firearms by a special permit from the proper municipal authorities. When they marebed up 8tate street at 3* o'clock yester afternoon, there had assembled an immense number of persons?crowding the thoroughfare to an unusual extent It was with much diffi culty, and only by the aid of the police, that they made their way through the street, the orowd pressing hard, and exhibiting much dis satisfaction at the spectacle, by hissing, hoot ing and yelling. They weathered the storm however, and oontinued their march through the principal avenues of the city. There were several disagreeable occurrences however, and when in the vicinity of Charlos street, the crowd became very turbulent. Lieutenant Williams received * severe blow from a heavy missile, whereupon the company rallied and drove their assailants upon the Common ? B jitou PoU, 1 Ith. tJT One of the unposted up guests at the Girard, the other day, having taken possession of his room?Iocked it up to go out into the city, and leaving the key at the bar, told Chadwick with grwat simplicity 44 not to wait dinner for him." And we believe that 44 Chad" didn't?least ways " it s so reported." That same character once stopped at the Aster House, where they put him up, of course, under the roof, and two 1 iu a room. During the night his room-mate f-It cold, and proix>??d routing out a servant fir blankets. 44 Hush," quoth Green, 41 hush' I in afraid you'll wake p-?or old Mr. Astor, ?f you go to hollerin roand this time o'night " In the morning, being highly pleased with his ; breakfast, be informed the waiter in a tone meant to he very gratifying to the latter that he thought old Mrs Astor a very good 000k? I 44 s-ie fried them buckwheat eakes first rate"? and ooueluded by asking "if they bought thair ! own milk?but sposed as they used such a lot , on*i they nsebbe kept a cow:" And when we lived at the La Pierre there was one customer who always called Mr. Sykes Lapper-ee." Graham ? MaJitxine. I fI7" drpMrurieats of the Loir tt Cher and 1 th* Rant Ktv.n In France are at present afflicted with a fo-mldable se.ourg*; In the former of the departments the rats are swarming, and dr Vrtur'all th?? po?ato<?*. roots, carrots, turnip-, ?ad rvn? turn anions. They are seen moving *?mot in nnm<neraMe heads. Ia the Haiit Uhin '?(be mine wfafeh are committing all these rav. afcee. ? ? is ??. ? . . For Rent and Sale. POR ?^NT OR LhASh.?A large and oommo I dioua doable HOLSE. with water, gas, and a?tb room, ooach house, atabling, and ornamental tardea. The house is elegantly furnished, and in h e mo?t central and deairabie location. The house ml be leased. with the furniture, for a term of years ? ^1 '? For particulars tppU to WM. ALL, of Wall, Stephens & Co., ta Pa. avenue, between 9th iind livth streets. n IQ-lm rii .k^MTiT Vi1*1 Dew lhre* Mtorr Brick House with hack beilding, with bath room, gas. and all tie modern conveniences, situated on K street, be \nd Third streets. Inquire of J. W. P OLD,C streat,between J'hird and FoHr-and hn,r- oo M-tf FT KR 1 HOUSE on F street, between ?l lxtfi ana 13tn? ??g>-tf w. F. PHILLIPS. RVJ- R&N T~41 *ndsomel? Furnished HOUSE, I ( No. ?6, northeast oorner of H and 10th streets) lontainmg thirteen rooms, with gas fixtures, bathing oom. fto For particulars apply on the premises,or iddrosa Box 513. City Post (iffios. >e 28 tf FOR RENT.-One large PA KLOR, with B^f roomt Attached, nuitnhle for a family or gentle nan and lady, with or without Hoard. Also, several n'lVk'b1 vV?i?? ubir fr,*?*'"APP'y P J.Y . NOIS S Hotel, Pa. avenue, between 17th ind 18f fc sts. 00 22 FOR RENT -Prof. H. W. M UNDER having fitted up his Hall man elegant manner, whion ?enders it one of th? prettiest rooms in this city, will >e rented upon moderate terms for Soirees, Suppors. ;"}1n6rsx,or Promenade Conoerts- Apply at the Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday even ngs from 7K until 9H o'clock. His School is now open for the reception of pupils >n ruesday and Thursday afternoon and evening. oo*2-tf Pianos, Ac. NUNNS ft CLARKE'S and WAI.LETT. DAVIS ft CO.'S* - - CELEBRATED PI4XO FOKTES, Lonstantly receiving and for sale only i>jr JOHN F. ELLIS, _ . **.;?? *.v- between !tth and iwh sts. Purchasers wilI find it to their intere&i to examine Pi*no?m,e superior qualities of the above Stools, Covers, Melodeons. 4o., Ac., also on n 16-tr f^OLD MEDAL PREMIUM U _ WILLIAM KN (Senior partner in the late firm of Knabx. Gaxhlb ft Co., Continues the manutaotnre and sale of grand and PIANO FORTES, nnder Mie name?jbu ?f \V illiam Knabe ft Co.. at the old stand. |B|B Noa. 1. 3, ft and 7 North Eutaw street op- Mill) l>ostte the Eutaw House. Baltimore, w ai,? jU8t ?P?Bed a new Sales Room at No arr Baltimore atreot, between Clwrlea and Licht itreets. on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MoCaflery as a musio store, where they will Iwp constantly on hand a large assortment of plain indhiehly-finishwl grand and square Piano Fortes tiso, Melrxteons. from the best makers, from 4 to5 >ct*ve. some with double key-boards, double reeds, md stops to sait small churohos. Being extensively ongaged in the manufacture o Pianos we will sell wholoaaleand retail, on the moi ii>erni terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium gold medal)at tho Fairs of tbe Maryland Institute .wo successive ycars-Oetober, 1&W, and 1846-in ap V fourteei: and eighteen pianos from some )f the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal ?Lmo.r#i .? warded the first he Industrial Exhibition held iu Richmond. Vir nma, 1855 and IR5K. They have also been awarded ? he highest premium (silver medal) at tbe Metro politan Mechanic*' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo uals from the m>>st distinguished professors and trnateurs in the oountry, which oan be seen at our rarerooms. speaking for themselves and others of .he nigh appreciation in which oar instruments are rvery where held. All instrummts are guaranteed for five yean, and i privilege of exohangeTs granted within tbe first ^ix nonths from the day of sale if the instruments do not five entire satisfaction. wholesale duelers will find it to thair ad vat t age Jo give us a call before purchasing. Pianos exohanged. hired, and tuned. WM. KNABE ft CO. PIANO, almost new. for i t f **eat ^u,l? Pn _j|i W. O. METZEROTT.nWN T?*'* oorrer of 11th street and Pa. av. (JKCOND HAM) PIANOS fer sale hel<>w their real va.ue, to make the 1' ? Depot of W. O. METZERoTT. fofllJ A large assortment of Flutes and Violins'11 \T1 Inst nrnwd. r,t 4 wri.e foT ?ne for 5r75. and il. two for besides twenty two n-w ones, ranging in pnoe from liiao to f700. All for rent or ?ale upon easy terms, at our Piano Wardrooms *6. l>?tween Sth and 10th streets. . JOHN F PLUS. T'i.viVb ASSORTMENT OF PIA N 1 <?!? OR rhS is to be found at the Music L?e. pot of [oo 13) W.G. METZEROTT. Stoves, Ac. ft! ~ C. WOOD WARD' 8 i?I ETROPOLITAN STOVE AND GRATE ? FACTO RV. Tkt Greatest Cooking stov?s in tK? United , . . A States. I have Jnst reoeived from Philadelphia a few of the new Rising Stab, or doable Oven Cooking ? 27? on th# Morning i . * ' h<Ml 'h^wtot up in Philadel phia this last summer, exclusively f.?? this market. I hey are very heavy and strong, an t mat of the rv^ir, i-r*nn?J,,Vh,:,a IroD- AI1 ?b.? Looking ttensils are nmde extra heavy. F. H. Lhurch, Esq., manufacturer. I have alio, Th* Libkrtt Star, made by Messrs. Abbott ft I jvurenoeof the same place. The Lioht Stbrbt Docbl* Ovbn Cook, made by Mt^sra. Haivan Bartlett ft Co., Baltimore,togetLar wuh the very l>est Aia Ti?ht Flat-Top Cookins Stovbs that can t?e found in thie or any other market, some of whiohi are the celebrated SrwBTm, Ivprovbd Li.obb, Fi.oba Coob, Noblk Coot aso the Bllb Riuob Aia-TtoiiT Coob. If an* man oan pro<luoe a tetter Cooking Steve, to exoel the above Stoves, for roasting, haking, Ac., I will give him j.V)oneaoh one. Pleaee call Bnd examine them, it will eost yon nothing, ana you will see all kinds and sorts of Stoves, fto. For sale at m . , . UC- WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove and (irate Factory, No. Sit and322 Pe.ave., bet. lOu.anrt llth sts. Baloonr in Front full of Stoves, N. B. Ae to the Sb^. Shblu ?lat top Cooxtn? Stovx. I have examined it thoroughly, and think it has a very appropriate name? Shbll. Yes, shells will burnout in a few fires. It is a good name for them?good for the makers. And as to the old Morn ing Star I sold them last Ml, but will not sell them teain. 1 hey are as thin as pasteboard. 1 oan prove that the maker s agent urged me, for almost a day, last summer in my counting room to sell them this rail; saying that if I would take twenty-five of them he would give me theexolusiveagenoy ofihem for five years. I told him I would not have them at any pnoe, they are so thinly made. They are hand billed over town by one th"t said last fell that they w.r.notworth having. All the above ! oan prove. IMPROVE YOUR EYES-STRENGTHEN the PARIS OPTICIAN ?A Woolsow who. lkZjr J1!it *rr}v?d rr<ini Europe, with his own manufactu rer, a n<] also of a good many other Opticians' Iate?t >mproved SPECTACLES and EYE-GLASSES, which are the PLRISCQPIC CONCAvV and CONVEX BRAZIL! A NCR Y8T AI. DOUB ? F FOCUS end POLISHED, which are warrwtad to PaTarai'T K ?HhW EAKKnTnG CTPr *oin* toJj' *'*n SHflRTSIGITT KUN KSS. AI persons that wear or those which to ***1* l*?"! w'1.1 ^ at first sight. Thi^e wonderful double-poiishad Glasses \vTi'h i rva" p'TT or/^,Tnm?ndafioe at the WRLDB Fair in PARIS, through their pro set olearing to the Bight the best knowa till Pvivn'nrTJiVLL0^RRA? 9P?nH MAONI F\ INO GLASSES, Compasses, and Microscopes are for sale at hia store, oorner of Eighth street and Penneylvania avenue, or 4?l Eighth street Prices very reaeonable, the same ae lie had in his establish ment in Paris. n q.ff FR ENCH ROOKS. ~ " Sonbe? HistoneUes et Proverhee, an oenta. I* rooientin?i'n Ele Dane le H?hara: 30 cts. Karr? Promaaadaa bora de Mon Jardin: ?ota. Damae Fils?Le Dame AaxCamelias; ?) ota. . h oval?Le Tuer de Tigres; 3n cts. Rey band?Jerome Paturot: snota. Sonveatre-Scenea de la Via Intime; 30 ota. Souvestre?Dana la Prairie; ?i cts. Rousseau-Les Ccnfoasion.2 vola, illustrated; 75 oenti. Rousseau?I*a Nouvell# Ileloua,2 volumes, illus trated ; 75 oenta. Voltaire-Diet lonnai re Philoaophiqne, 5 vola., i.laa trated ; f 1.75. Da la Legialation MineraleSoaa L'Anoienne Mon arohia, Par E. I.. Pleury; /91.75. Da la RepnWique des Etats Unis, par M. De La Gfaaerie; '>'> ots. EtU-Blonneva"1^75lr' P*r ^ V'oon1t* Henry Hiatoire du Consulat et de L'Emptra, par M. A . Thiers, volume 16; #1.25. Imported bp ">4 -T FRANCK TATf.OR. I ADIES MACHINE SEWING ROOMS. No. 141 Pa. act., btt. 17(A and ItUk st*. Vvhpre rna* be f.?uikl I?adiea' Un<1er <Ja?m?*nte 1 st ,B(' "*t*?t atyle. artd of the best m^tenala, always on hand. All Garments for Indies wear rnmle to order at the shortest poaaiuin uotiae, A -U;u earnestly souo^d. , a ~Su ?aa">?yaa?a?j on I Jidiei Sewiag, MRtl- ?? >- hinton, B'Vol,n 1? Pa avenne. ROWLAND'S MaOX^SAB OIL,at Gl BBS'S Hair Store, near 19th atraat. ? lf-an, Georgetown Advertisements. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF FALL m w GOODS, At titry Low fritu to Cask Cuttomert. M ,,?qjoh5! uTsmoot, Wo. 119 South Sidx or Bftiixig Stxxxt, . . Georgetown, 1). C., has rec.ived and now offering at very low prioea to oiuii and prompt cuatomera. a large assortment of

FALL AND WINTER GOODS, purcbaaed in Philadelphia and New York at the ??**? receut Auotion Salea, and from the importer*, at very low pricee, which will enable him to offer to purchaeera, many desirable Gooda considerably below U1*^ ^a;?e: Ju the assortment will be found? Rioh Silk Kobe# and Bayadere Silks Beat make of Blaok Silks Valentia* and Valentia Robes 5.'? Printed,all wool, Delainea and Robes Satin r anoonies, plain eolora, ail wool, a very supe rior Kooda. doable width, at 75c. Leepin a and other makea French Merinos. of all the most desirable oolora, including White and B Aok Plain Detains, black, white and colored. 8-4 black French Merino*, for Shawla Rich I mon Plaid Merinos, at 31 i* eta. Do. all \\ ool do. yi eta. Printed Mcualin Delaines, good styles, at 18V and 25 cents SM) pieces, best styles, English Prints atl2X ets. Rioh st) le Bonnet and Stun Ribbons Plain colors do., very cheap Y8',T#t Ribbonaand Fringe Trimmings Stella, Riocha Shawla, in great variety Super double Brooha do. Chenille and Cashmere Scarfs B'ijou'h Kid Glovea.all oolora and Nos. Sack Flannels, all 0"lors White Amerioan, Welch, and Saxony do. B!\ck Bombazines and 6 4 Delainea Oolora ar.d Muck Coburg Merino* Black Crape Veils and Eniclisli Crape* Meat alack and brown and white English Prints Long and square Blaok Thibet and Bay State Shawls Ladieii and Children's plaid woolon Shawls, mall styles and prices Hosiery of every description J*die* Saxony and Merino Vests With a full *upp!y of housekeeping and domestio Goods, of the be?t maker*. 009 JOHN H. SMOOT. |VT O T I C E .? Having l>een informed that cer ta,n are in the l.abit of colloctm* at,d gnlherin* together the Bottle* wh:oh contain or have contained our beverages, and putting therein an arti cle made by others than our*elve*, and then dispos ing of such article on the faith and credit ofonr name staniped on said Bottles, ail persons are hereby notified that such Bottles are our own property, and not sulueot to eale. and that they aredelivered to onr customers only to be retnrned. and that it is our firm intention to prosecute to the ntmost extent of the law, any uifringment of our rights os the premises. it o ARNYASHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 97 Green street. ?? '' Georgetown, D. C. DU FONT'S GUNPOWDER. " I am all tunes supplied with all the variom kirvls of DU PONTS L'N POWDE R, and am prepared to supply the same many quantity topartill wan tun, on the most favorable terms. , W. AT.BERT king, Ageut for the District of Columbia. ...? .. . , No. 35 High street, " 'f f I ntel .A State* ft*nr(?tnvn. l). n. Dentistry, fto. Dr. V1LLARD, DENTIST, LATE OF CHI CAGO, would respectfully inform the cit ltens of the District and vicinity, hav-| ing located himself in Washington, he is ? now prepared to perform all operations in his profes sion, in the most approved style. Omoe. No. 290, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier's jac 20 1 j ^HE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOMIS, M. D.. the inventor and patentee ol Loomu' Mm*ral p\au Ttetk," having^r*** successfully Introduced his improvement in43B5d 7a?,0i,s cities, has now permanently estab- 111 ^ llshed himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets ofTeeth consists ohief Iv in making a set of hot one pieoe of materia', and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used id their construetion. and thej are therefore free from g?lvamn Motion and metalio taste. There are uo joints to beoome filled with moisture or particles of food, henoe they are pure and tlean. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable. anJ natural in their apperiranoe. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produoe a Similar work ef art to equal mine in parity, beauty, urability, arti st le exoeflenoe or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 878 Psnna. avenue, between llth and L2th streets aplS-Li Dentistry. DR. STEPHEN BAILY, W**C? NO. ,9fl FlNflSTLTAjUa Avvmi, lkft doors from I4U Strut. D*. BAILY bera leave to inform the puhliothat be oan be seen Mali hours, at his oifioe. Io.-a:e?l a*aU>ve. He feela aasurod that an experienoeof fifteen years' practiee, with the large number of patients.ana great variety of difficult oases that he has treated success fully, will enaM* hun to surmount anv difficulty, aoientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. Ilia own experience confirming the opinion of many men eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. P&nnly, has led him, long since, t<>dis card all mercnnal preparations for filling Teeth,also all Enamels, Uutla Pereha, India Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction of Continuous Gum I eeth, and that Porcelian, mounted ou Gold Plate, ic the only reliable substanoe that oan be worn in tfie month, as was most conclusively shown b? the last American Dental Convention. Although he flattera himself from his long resi dence and praotie* in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends and patrons, he beet leave to rafer them to the following TESTIMONIALS! From Uia lata Rector of the Churob of Epiphany of this city. Dr. 8ti>*8? Bailv : Der.r Sir? I desire to ex press my esteem lor you personally, and my confidence in yon as a supenor dentist. The operationa executed for me have been highly satiafketory. I hope that you "Kl "? W ashing ton, Anc.36, \ue?Unjffl?Fl[k NOB. From ona of the oldaat firms m Baltimore, Meaara. ? , , Eoggs, Cotman A Co. Having employed l>r. Stephen B&ily. Surgeon Den tist, of Washington oity, to execute lor me an im portant and difnoait pieoe of work, which he did to my eutire satisfaction, aud in view of the fact that one of the most distinguished members or the Dental College of Baltimore, fiuled, after repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives me sreat pleasure to express my entire confidence and htfli estimation of his erofeenioaal skill. Baltimore,Jan. 12,1867. HARMANN BOGGS. Extraot from a note the ^t* Hon. Jobs . .w ? 8* S?*AT?. A?f. ?, 1836. Tbe teeth vou made for me work admirably ; notk tsg oonld be better. Very gratefully, _/OHN U. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of tbe taeth, I onu ohoorfuUy reoommsnd Dr. S. Uaily as a auperior Dentist: he made a aet of porcelian teeth for one or sir lkmilv.and plugged scveml teeth for myself, ana the work has ail s'o??d well for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, " of the Va. Conf, of the M. E. Chnrch South. Aunl 19.1&58. We. thennderaignMi.navinc bod ocoaaion to avail ourselves of thu profossiona) skill of Dr. 8. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having been oognu ant of his operations on our families ot friends, take pieasnrs iu expressing our admiration of his artistic skill, as well aa of the nniformlv satisfactory manner in which he performs the moat ileUaite and diffioult operationa in Dental Surgery, and we respeotrulfy r? oommend him to the oonndenoe and patronage of the public, of which we consider him eminently worthy. Thomas U. WaLtrx. Arohitect U. S. Capitol. SnoMAS Miller, M. D..of Washington, I>. C. . S. Hohbuu, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. . S. Li?tcol!?, M. 1).. of Washington. D. C. Jos. H. Bxadlkt, of Washington. D. C. Gapnea Waxton.Kx-Governor of Flerida, waltx* I.xvox, Ex-Mayor of Waahingtoa* Hxnrt Baluwi.i, V* ?? Patent Olfioe, O. C. Wioht. Prinoipal Rittenhouse Aaademv. fObso if OOK IN ATMeLAUGHLIN'S.No.20,between j Bth and 9th atreeta, at hia large atock of new Goods now opening. n 10 I ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH,givina a bMiitiful luatre to the finger nail*, at GlBBS'S Hair Store, near 13th atreet. Pa. ave. n 10 9m V|OLL>S,FLUTKS,ACCORDEONS. MUSIC. Ae., at ELLIS'S, 3<6, between 9th and lOtfe s reets a id C2CIBSORS, MIRRORS. POWDER BO\ES k Ao.,at GlBBS'S Hair Store, near 13th street, Pa avew, and at his Salesroom, under Wiitards'. nit am R. C. A L'i'-JP.fURfpy1* indebtku to ?4 a. S rEVENS are most respertfnlly reqnesre*! to ? <11 and pay their aeoounta at onee, aa no addition will be made when the old account stands unpaid. _n 12-eotf ' , >'? |^*Rl^5N, G INO E R-?EEN GINORR^~ fr ?a n 'fir mfagj ivfc pOALIil COALI1I CQALII S To arrive, in the course of a frrw dare, two car goes of eap?j*?rred and white ash GOAL <efg and ?tove) which we will ami at a redaotion if delivered from the vesicle. r *n. - b.p?r<sj;^.^sk,^i.7OOD- ?? nf.'liT!r.?n?n*?iVl'r' " bT 711 on Seventh CSAI*'^ A BRO. No. 425 Seventh *t. ? ? n-ertt# T between G ami H. L??AAT ELLIsy STOCK OF FlANOt beroroptreteaiBc etoawbere. , v . Watches, Jewelry, Ac. r* 11 >*?. ? ? yyATCHK8, JE>yjI,<RY. AND FANCY AK vvAhTcJi?;^nvT^'5iS'v!,uK?;!' sr1 a? CLKSnA*!n,l# 'ieoe"* FAN*V AR'ri Call and examine, at ????m J-ROBINSON'S. e^JO-Zm ?? Pa. ay.^oppo^ Kmwns' Hotel. WASHINGTON, AND VIR Si?p SSJisr o^ro"/?w f CHAIN** 'it i' VISV?i!s? Vo' S G(x!rflreJki>?hrf?*,Te<i * fine assortment of new pnoba.' *? 'r#P*re<1 to Mil at very low 9pPr&* K^ieV 338 Fenn' avan?*. ?C? of the large _"? H. O. HOOD. LOCKS!?OLOC K S!!?C LOCK S!!! A rood BA^S p?'?irKlVOC^i4!:7C,'OCKS!;! ClocK?! ?. liolflkgoN's"' *'? "-" "f oiuW"'.'?!,'' ?,"b" B?"? ^'exalmiM? at***0 at wholMale moet. Call omwi*. ' J ROBINSON'S. Browne' Wo tel. Vocal and Instrumental Music. M c'la'^sFk I1*^ l'^lKK> Pl A NOFORTK *? * are daily addiiig new members Per ?one deeiroue of availint themselves of Mr Pai m sissse^^ 10 ?brou tbe,r ? Tnie Class system ia more advsntareoua for the Ijwtructioii* ? C m>*an' oth?r ?) etem of 'l J" advantageous for the perfeotuw of the naoet bnlUant performeia. ? ? Tebms m Advakci. ?i?mff7 C,8f" *5 Per Advanoe Classes A f \t PR }? *? made to Mr. \V. H. VViaMM.?' ^ F Classes meet every Monday and Thursday at lv o cloek, at Miss Harrover'a lieorge town Female Seminary. ee 31 tf VORMAL MUSIC SCHOOL. . ^will open a Mnaic School for la fliea and Gentlemen. at Temperance Hall, on t \'oev?n t ' *fen. ?th.Vd I0th'OD Monday afternoon. ftovenit>er 2d, at 4 o clock. thlf.S?ho01 ? to. ro,,lte ladies and jtentletnen thoroughly acqxairted with Music from the fcleiueoiary principles to CoinpotUion and Har mony. will be formed for the afternoon and even o"elock and 7aj U ednesdaya, and Friday e. at 4 'l he Georgetown Claaa Mna Harrover'a ?seminary on the afternoonsof Tuesdavs aad Thurs aa*?, at 4 o'clock. Terma-Per quarter, ajesaone. ia olass. f5; pri vate instruction?Vocal, Piano, or Organ. {22. ""w* ** miid* to Mr. InriKe at the .Vrthn'.h'.k WS Elba's Music Store, or though the Poat Office. oo24 tf IVfo ??.?? JttJ^CAl' CARD. to hH' i r A P TH *****1WIV*to "nnounoe to fcw friends of \\ ashington, Georgetown. and A l***ndria,thnt '? nHW Prepared tf J furniah MUSIC for Malls. Private t'arnea, amlVsi* .uroi3? or e loany number of Muaiciana to oe hatl at the ?horte*t notice. -Order* can be left at the Muaical Depots of John Jw'-l ^.wr Metaerott, or at his residence, oorner 6th and G atreeta. Navy Yard. oe *>-3m* The secret infirmities OF YOUTH AND MATURlTt, Just Published. Gratir, tkt 2Stk Thousand. A few worries of the Kational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Local Weakness, ftfoctnrna1 Kmisslona, ^#/#/A Genital, and Nervoes Debility, Pr? mature Deoay of me System, Iinpo-Q|LjL.V Irncy, and Impedimenta to Mairiage^^^^^^ generally, b> 11. DE LANEY. M. D. .The important fact that the many alarming oom p aints. originating in the imprudence and solitude of youth, mar he eaeil* removed without Medicine, ia in this email tract, dearly demonstrated ; ?nd the entirely new and hiithlj successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, b* means ?>f whieli ever? one ia enabled to cure Himaelf perfectly and at the feast possible <y?st. thereby avoiding all the adverti?ed rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and poat free, in a sea.od envelope, by remiUmiMw^.^osta^e stampe se2?-d& wtf 17 LMpenard street. New York. ITIRGINIA AND OTHER PAPER MONEY > TAKEN AT PAR! CLO Till AG ?CL O Til ISG-CI O Till If O ! CHEAP FOR Cash. MONEY SAVED AND FAIR DEALING, At S?2 PiXNSYtVANiA Anxri, betu-etnDtk aud lOih sts.,mt the " jail Hous p/oVu^TdV.a,l(lTi,"tock ?f READY MADE I.O I H I IN b. at the following low prices : W e can offer greater hargains iu Clothing than can be ot tained elsewhere in this city, owing to our bonding, we did not lay in our stock as others did. and we liought at great sacrifices, owing to the state of the ma'aet. Heavy Winter Overcoats 94 iWito fin 1# - SSOto w?*?5 Clot.hCoata.. 7.V>to 12 on \\inter-lined Caasimere Penta ? Mi to 5 00 Winter-lined Caasimere Vests,dou ble breasted 1 23 to im B-ys Overeats J 75 to 6 no Boya Jaeketa 1 IMto 3 00 Woolen Pants 1 25 to 2 !BJ Havint on* of the larcest and finest assortments of CLOTHS and CASSIMERE^ in this city, we are prepared to make Clothing to order at the short - cat Motioe. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. n 2 322 Pa ave . bet. 9th and 10th sts. PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. A Paintinc aitd Pboto?bapbt Co*bix?d. PHOTO O RAP iTTC PORTRAITS, Io Oil Colors, on Canvas, MmiATTBB OB Sixb at LlVB, o tiri 1 trrp ?q _fO*rRi/TAND PTCTPKR GALLERY, Odeon Hail,ooraerlK at.and Peruiayivaniaavecue, B. WALKER haa fitted np the above apaoiona apartments at a verj great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establiehment one of the moet com pleteand handsome in the whole oountry. He has * large Qallerj for fr?e exhibition of upwartiof SnO fine Oil Paintings, bv some of the beet aneiert and modern maaters. to whioh he intaada to add freah importations. S. Walkbr has also fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartmenta for ladies, and purohi&bed the finest possible instru ments, and encaged a llrat olass operative artist to Msist hum in the department for inking all kinds of PHOTOGR APHIC? AMBROTVPK AND DA GUERREOTYPE Portraits, /rom the smallest mtauuars to silt ?J lift. 8. Walker. t>v oombiniug the Photographio Pro art of Paintin*. of which he lias .. ?y ?uv S HvW^IDplllV I IU" oesa with the art of Paintinc. of which he haa had 85 years' experience, and whose spemmens of life size portraits may Ire seen in some of 1 he first fami lies of the 01 ty, aa well m tliose exmbited in hia Gallery, he will be able, by the combination of the two, to produoe portraits that have never been ex celled for their fidelity and life-like exsreaaion. Can vas and boards prepared far himself expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por tmita. Miniature or Ufe-aise, from snail piotaree of dete*s*d /rituds. Photographs taken from oorpses, or aielr persons taken at their own residences, on immediate notice. Committees and classes taken in an* number is groups, and am quantity of copies from the same sold at reasonable obarges. LikenessespaiLted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Palatines, and n'd Pamtly Portraits, carefully l?ek lined aad restored to their original freshness. Ladies and gentleaiea ere respectfully solicited to call at the Gallery, over ShilliMton'e Ux>k store? entrance 4H street, two doors from Pennsylvania ?vsniis. Ull*r STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOI-:S heinf 1*1 about the largest in this oity at this? time, and having been purohaeed before theni rise in Leather, oan be sold at about 15 to Z>? ?? per cent, less than goods purchased at thia" Nfe time. Call and examine for touts*! ves.?t S. P. HOOVER'S, \m tl Iron Hall. Pa. ?v? K?t. otfc ?iul iMk A CARD. ~ O THE CITIZENS OF THE DISTRICT In entering our new building, which we have jast taken possession of, and we return our sinoere thanks to the peop!e of Washington and George town for their liberal patronage, and we. in pert.eee return, have erected a sp&oiousbuildiatr, whten wi'I be an ornament to the wtv. with a Urge and airy ea loon, with all the coavsnieoo* a?d comfort ef our customers, and in the establishment are all rhe nee essary arrangements tor manufsetunns and enroar sglng home industry, and bv a strict attention to jnstioe and iategrlty.ww hone to gi*e?*tisfaetimj all. WALL. 6TFPH KNB t CO oc 90-4w No 5?2 Pa. ave.. b?t. 9th and l<Hh "t". r , D?KSfi MAKRR, Txom PaBIB, N0.SS2 uth sueet we?t, between I and K streets#| Washington eify. has the Honor to mform the Indies of Wash<ngton Bftif wiaity,^ she haa tried up a Dress Malting F*t*Wish meat, where she ia ready to make eveiyfend e#>?erk. ae Drews, Man til tea. Basques. A a, and is the bestand very latest style or Pans. receMfig every itioifth th? French Journal Oe l a d?r?te from Parte m U-a?* P' EA NUTS. fiObasUeia PEA NUTS for sale by ssHt eM H?t> strssl. surrsrof H DVk crrv YE AND BARLEY MALT. MAI'T j^UMj?^r#wSrtrrtl. av. ?wiemi Bloek4U( |ieit)iiiere, Md. ??# )? Dancing. I^ANCINO academy. Mr. T F. GASZYNSKl w?d DAUGHTER have toe honor to mmoddm to the and Gen- ?%. tlesneu of Washington and Georgetown that XSL he will re open hia Classes for 1 lanes ng id#'S Washington on Frtd*y. the 9th of Ootober. kiUA Mr. Crouch's Hail, aoranr of lith at. ami Pa a*., over Farnham's Bookstore. for Misses and Maatera. from 3 o'chwfc p. m.: for Ladiee ami Gentler from7ooiock p.m. Georgetown-on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at M issHarrover's Ladies Bem m*ry. from S o'olock p. m, For term* and particular! application can be made at Mr. G.'a reeidenoe, ?P7 k street, between *th mm l?th atreeta. aa 12-few SEVENTH STREET g |,| Offfoe tteoond !*to,-y, three door* fro* Onn Fellows' Hall. and Gia?aee suited to every sighfrt Opera. Reading, and . Uiaaaea; Teletoopee, Mioroeoopes ia^? grent variety; Cosmotamic Siereosoopee with viawa of auperior and choice pictures on Mm. (Sec adver tisement m National Ialeiiigenoer. TgSTlMOSlALB. Norfolk, September?. ISM. S*i?: The Speotac'es you made for m auit ma very well, and Beam to have improved my B;ght more turn any other 1 have lately tried. L1TT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair af Spectat >s obtained from Mr. Tobiaa, and fine them of great assistance to ma sight, and oorrespondint with hi* description of thetr focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful optician. HENRY A. WISE. PxTnasacae, Ootober 21.18M. About Eve years ago, 1 ot4aiaed from Mr. Toltee, in Washington, a pair of Glasses for the apectivciee which I used, and found them of greet assistance to my decay wg vision; and my opinion of him ib. that he is skillful in the preparation of Glaasea for eyee not too far gone to be benefited by auoh aid. J. F. MA i ? LTncnarne, November 7,18M. From e3 examination of Mr. Tobiaa' G leasee, sod from hia observations and remarks, am convinced that he is a akillfuJ optieian. ______ _ J. J. BLACKFOR D. M. D. LtstnarKO, November 10.1854. Mr. John Tobiaa, having furnished me with Glas ses, by which 1 have been <reatl> aided, i my rami hai ibc si.tlercd srcatlv iiom rtxuim* at night in my earlier life,I it ailords me the highrst pleasure U? say that I eonstder him a skillful practical optieian. and well prepared to aid mote who ma* need hia professional serv ices. \YM. B. Rf'LZIE, Elder of the Methodiat Cenferenee. WiMgtKCTO*. N.C., Jnne?7,185*. M*. J.Tobias? bear Sir : I am happy foaay ttoat the ?p?ctaclee winch I obtained lrom you laat week are er.'ir- !y sat .afoot ory. From aa inequality in the visual range of my eyes, I have heretofore found great dittenlty in retting glass** of the proper fo?*l dis tances. It affords me pleasure to atate, that by the aid of your optometer this difficulty has taer. bspp; y obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any 1 have everyel used. _ _ __ , w_ Very reapeotfutly voura, R. B. DRAjvE. ? Rector of St. James Parish. Having beer indnoed by a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tobias lor the purpose of try in* hia ? asses I was furnished with a pair aiightl) eotored ue, whioe have afforded me mor? relief and grntil to tnd that m r. 1 ooias aesmss i? 1 hr inspection and soma altekt 1 he has made me epair tu.Speeta > admiral.:). A. P. Bl'TLEK. ever, and that too without the pain 1 have previous ly suffered. . JOHNVI I LwO>. I.ate Comnuasioneur Gen 1 Land Ofise. Dec. 11, IKK. I have a sad Mr. Tobiaa'a Spectaoiee for three or feur months, and take great pleasure in saying that I am much pleased with them. I have been muoto benefited by them. GEO. 1'. SoARBtROtl. May 5th. 1M6. I was re a< mm ended to Mr. John Tobiaa aa a akilfut optician ; and as I have eyes of remarkable peculiari ty, 1 was gratiked to fcnd that Mr. Tobias sssrasd to oomprehend them measurement, aud eles that suits me i July 11, 1*36. __ . . 1Ma WAsatneTOR, Aug.t. iMA Having been for years under the neoessily of bar two set* of classes?one for use in daylight, and oae for lamp-light?I procured one set from Mr. loMH whiohanswered both purposes. I have used his for severa'. months, and find tbem F.DWAM DSTURBR. . Of Department of State. Mr. J. Ton:as. Sir: The pair of ?pectaoieB yon furnished me yesterday are particularly Batisfaotorr to me. Th?y arovery decidedly the best I possess, an^ 1 am the owner of eight er nine paira, carefully selected in ditlerent plaoes and from opticians ree oniinended t? me on eeeount of their professional standing in Franee. England, end the United Htales. 1 have been a so plenseB with your remarks aad di rections on the treatment of the eves, for the par puss of preserving and ??'?rovu,B the ?i?ht Respectfully yours, CHS. CALD\vELL> Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ry. Bkookltk OarHoFA*Dic li*enTrno!*, April, IK&t. After most careful examination oi Mr. J. Tobias a Glasses. I am enabled to testify that their hardness. oieHruevs, polishing, and era/rt c?tioai shape retHioc them particularly rccommendslHe to those whose merely optical impairment of tbe e>es are'in wart ?.r such auxi'ianes. 1 oonaidw. moreover. Mr. Tolaee fuiiy qua! fit-fl to determine the focusof the eye.butft by ins optioil knowledge and experiecoe, and b? means of his optometer. In aiiditioa, lean further state th?t Mr. T? bnr snppli*d some of tnf pe *,,h oi-~- ?" apsears.. Physician and Puryeon. Berlim Member of the Koyal College of Surgeons. F.rrland. Member of rhe .Medical {Society of 1/ondou. and of the Petholo^icai Society of Neer ^ era; late t?ur Vev>n of ilie Royal Oithopsedio Institution ..f fnrch'ster. England, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. Not folk, Va., Jnly W, l?M. In the experience ol even two seers, I hare mend great difficu.ty m obtaining Spectacles that wer^ sa actiy adnpled to the weakness of my sight. This in oonvenieuoe Mr. Tobias seems to iiave removed f?< the present by the substitution for me of better ai d more suitable Glasses. They are elear. chrystal-like and oomfortab'e to mj eyea. 1 woold commend hia to those who from age or "ther tihoiai aid m thia way. J.J.SIMKIWs*. *. I*. Wilmi!??toh. N. C., Jnae It, IW. | from whom to obtain such Glasses aa the; may re quire, as he has smted me with a witr of Spectaclee U a far and near eight. Mt sight W boen tnHimd very much by a servioe of years in the Post < gioe Department, which berth required me to be on dntv fVom It o'clock at night till after day. dunnt whiea time 1 used but one light. >? . A. ? A i.fc l k . DKr*aT*K?fT OF I JT?io?, May ?, m Frrm natural defects and tne unequal range of my eyes. 1 have been compelled to nee giaaaeB fnr e^ve ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining g'a*sea prrfectly fitted te my eyes. Four months sinoe Mr. Tobias made two petrs especially for me, which 1 have found to serve Rv the nse of his optometer he is enabled to adnpt ?!aaees mest minutelv to the eye. I most cheerful - Fy recommend M' ToUib to all having oocas** te use glasses, and bear ?n\v 1 \ M AwH ?&? ^ W^ik NKW e"OCEKV-WlNll^ftR ?TO?B. The subeenber begs to l nf^rm h ib friendsaod the pnhlie, that opened a NFW STORE, c? iart of 12th Btreet And Louisiana avenue. wher? he in tends to keep constantly on bond a assortment of Foreign and Ooniwatio V\ 1 > F.. II UUOR3. CIGARS, aud FINE GROCERIES, oonsisting of Fine Teas. Sufar.Coffee, Monr.Soae. iHives, Raisins, Figs. Sardines, Anchoyias, Otarfl. farrett &. Co,, Pinet k Co.. Co4. Chebard e Brandies in cases, demijohae, and casks. 0*d Ja mai.-n Rum, Sliernes, MV^eira. Port of various de sor.ptions. St. JnHej 'ciaret Cbatesax Margm.? ? cases. Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruita, ? Ediut.urgh Ale. Anmeette. Mans i. Careona. Atamthe, Champagne, and a targe gad varied ?e sonption of Havaua Cigara. iru Also. Stougbton Bittera. and Fever ai.d - r Bitters. Porter, Ale.and Cider win ne yomptiy **?1 ?orted direet by the subeerlher. at wnoieea e ane re Boats supplied on reneonnble tense, and 'TevT'sOW1 \Vh*s^y?Smstaatly ?b ^4. *f Country orders punotnally attended to. aud ooan . of in desonpt?o-? rf^ired on emiiic tryprodwee ol ail oesong JONA? P . KVV. No &S4 Twelfth street. Wigs, TOrPE&^^ALPS. *?.. made jo order et the eborte t possiMe netioe. A eele* an ? t V1TfOVI. oe VIiyt Walio??*l H?e?l and Wrh street rpEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City af muniotpal debt ia onl? The tbeaa haadq, helseein* ?h?n to M aa bm* fitO?oreity ponoa. cmTWR RROTHF ''o., .1 da hGaINJ* m seooud-h?ndPiJ _ - - >bsMT' an tuuB.ogai 4 Just _gfie i >?>? mtr*** ?s.t Pa. 'rw1P i0?% for.