Newspaper of Evening Star, November 21, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 21, 1857 Page 4
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TO MY HOD. BT DtSSH HOC1KAJI. Coma here, old friend. 'lit ftabfcaih aea. Am we sre hoth in need of reat; This runs pus of Iwioks we'll Int? I o che.*r lh? hearts thai love us beat. Tboui r> ?mail thy oomrade's room a mar bt. rt*dm*l*ttfaila good old hod; The oiwidren's heart, will leap wit a glee. Ami .Mary a tbenas aaceod to Uud. The palace with the marble front VV aa raised, they say, by "o dfish fiV' This sunburnt baak. wun Ulsters on't, AttMt th* Ot&imi of you ?iui I. Weoi imbed the ladder. strait bt and high. ?? bto inmmfr ? teething sourohiog kui want out h:s duath-asarks Ironi tha sky. Yet quailed not till tha work waa dona. * l"ia wall for thee, my friend auioera. 1 bat thou bast neither aoul uor heart. To hear the rich lord's vulgar aneer At th> poor comrade'e lowly art? Bat dare he do what you mm I, In sweat aad rags, on soanty fare. Hare done.wnen theae roughs hands would fry, le save from want my little oare? Yon mansion's master pines away On Lied of down, long, aleepl?;ss eights; Pome railroad bubble bursts to-day? m>me broken sank his soul affrights. Contented with what Heaven sends, No nightmare haunts the houman s reat. No Wall street shaver* are h>a fiends. No day dream a rack hie hones' breast. We'll rise at toil of Bridget's bell. Our heart-pray'r at Hia shrine to pour. And thou wi.t stand, as seritii.el, Bebmd thy oomrade's six flight door. On, prioe.ess health ! the poor man's friend. Beat earthly bemson from Mod, Do trmu remain, srxl he will aend Both iiieat ai.d drink, mv g >ou old Hod. trr Hicks'* official majority far Governor of Marvland ia 8,460. l?y Mr. Coolldge's church, in Boaton, baa dU narked the choir to save money l?T Rumor sava that Kossuth will p.y tha United State* another visit before long. LJ~ Thf Boaton Bee morn'ng newspaper has changed to an evening edition exclusively. liJ~ Alexander Hill has obtained 5^,000 of the P ovidence and Worcester Railroad, fo Injuries received. ITT A man named Zebedee Hawkins has been arrested in Trov, charged with stealing a revol ver of MIm Judith Hornbeck, of Batestown. MJ~ Good openings are said to exist in r?xa?. fo: the establishment of the book and periodical business C7" The Banks of Ohio, It Is said, will be pre pared to resume specie payments*. soon as those af the East. CT The Philadelphia soup societies are mak icg preparations to d *p*n*c soup to tha poor, grartj, during the winter. CT" ? P* ker a merchant cf Wilkes oountv, N C , c mmltted suicde last week, by takinu laudanum b ITT Tha day police of Newark, a few days since. subscribed enough f_uda to purchase barreis of flour for the poor. C^" There are eleven douring mills in Knox ?ounty, I ad , capable of turning out nina hundred and eighty barrels of flojr a day. C7" There were heavy frosts in Columbus, Ga , ?n?i Montgomery, Ala , on the nightaof the tfth and 10th inst. i?T The insurance offlces will not be ealled npon for a sin^i- dollar for anv loss occasioned by the Newborvport mackerel tieet this season. C7" The C!ty Council, of Cincinnati, O.. has * resolution reducing the salaries of the flrema.i, and also greatly diminishing their num. CT" According to the report of the Croton Aqueduct Department the--are but t38 miles of ?ewers to nearly aoumilee of paved streets in New Tark tity! ITT It is reckoned that there Is one lio.or shop tor every eighteen fam;Iir? in New York city and for some neighborhoods in the city one atoa shop for every ten families! s _ Tl*e Toronto Colonist says the m?n from California, who arrived so appropo* to identify ?!_!?,ttrdrier Tow"?n*. " AlcHanry, of Mrr ri.tviile, a few weeks since, have proved to bs impostors. JET At Brownsvillo, Texas. the bones and heart of Isaac Aisbach. were /ound in the ruins era recant d.sastrous fire. His brother had lust arrived from 6?rm*ny, only in season to laarn Bit iia rate. CT" On Tueeday afternoon, tha polio* of New Tork eity seised two large boxes of obscene biwks and prinu, at an estabTlshment !n Greenwich street The'proprietor was held to bail in five hundred dollars for examination. ITT" A large company of poor working girls smarted for the W est, from New York, day before yesterday, under the charge of C. C T-acy All meat"*1 S? ?at th#rf ln "**rCh ?f "?m? e"?P,0y IL/"Nearly all the St. Lawrenoa river steamers have gone Into winter quarters, both Canadian and American This is muck earlier than usual and is probably caused by the monetary pres . .B*rn*T Dave, of Kenochee, Michigan, at tempted to descend into a well aixty feet deep, | e dajra alnce, and when about half way down lh# imPur'> ?ir. *"d fell to the bottom; nis body w?, .hortly after recovered by grappl.ngs, but was terribly mutilated and die ag u r ea. Po?T Msith Tbiccs ? In Wheeling. Va? to JrW7r \TOUB- m'n- tor W. *?l'?d a neighbor H ? his sweetheart by dress,n< asa ghoet. and advising her In a sepulchral tone?such as is ft gho?ts?to marry him - t*ome of the faxt bovs caught the bogus L-bost aad belabored him until be called for quarter in a mann?r resembling a human being. C7~ J^*0i(,r,? mani onl7 19 years oM, named r fr'J. rest'd '? Cincinnati, o? Friday night, for robbing the house of Mr T Simpson, in that city, a short time since, of a la ge amount of moner. watch, silve.wa-e 4c by administ-rin- chloroform to Mr. and Mra ? ' wh..e they were asleep. On his person w -re' Mr 8 ',Wch' ? A Losixs Bcsi.vxss -A report of Prince Na pci^.n on tne ^re^t industrial exhibition at Parj? i," hAU J"? *ppsared. The total number of visuers was five mii.lon one hundred and sixtr K UMiDdi tl,e rfceiPts w?fe two million JS a ** Mnd thousand francs and the expenses we e nea-iy three timee *?s 5blQ.n dSua*;"'* 1U**' tk*I9tore' over one 417" Aieisnder Hsmllton's friend, Meade r*?' M ? f,,endiy Jet:" : Hamlitojis no? be.n ' sufflcientlv acq .^tinted with hU son, reminds o?; wm of the ^k 9 10 "UUUer, wboee father elass, and the boy, wanting a new ?mt. v?ry " v JS. v otber to 5nt'r^de for him Why don t you ask your father.Vourseif ?1V, Tdon t V 'bn m him b..? was "he rep'l^ eri0?gh acquaintad with him," A *'^71 carriage made 1H? appearance In the kfreets of Manchester, near Pittsburg it ran <rver the struts like a thing of life, turning r?" m % and: dodging nits The driver ot an ?mni innovation lu this experiment put whip to hi. ho ses and tried to outrun ? steC ?ar,;.g.. ?ut the l.rtag left hi. coach so f,'^! t'i ?'I*'. driver was laughed at by the spectator. Tha steam carriage s>nt at ti ? pou'^Tb!s I*" M, b0,'^, W;th * C'e,l?ur? a< pound. Th. inventor is John ?. Ih^i, ?f ManJ ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS W1LLARD*' HOTEL J T si?-r -n<1 i.^. Kr^ijJ in" V*'|W ,tr,ko*h ?nd ladr, MZ& a.d^in' Buchsn.n U WilklnrNf, J Uft pi' A i^beil1 N V A*&Ser d' U ^ C8, j , , " VT.T* ' B P *?d D Ravenel 9 Ca - n R ^aS:totals Nv^iW-iSd9yi wr CfJ Bammofi., NV; \r McCain L's N*7' I. Morgan, NY, C P Ga^e and SdTL " BMOWNS' HOTKL-J K Coulter P. j^n McCroom and lady T H Johnson. Dr J A II m" ter. Mrs tikinn, H .>1 Matthews, Miss V A Mat thews, Va; J A Cle k and lady. Pa; Tho bin M' Va. W W Lowand Udv, Ct ; J H and, do; ? I! Ambrose Oregon : Jas VV Wnag and lady, NY, J T Carp^nt?r ?'nA lady > V i A James, do, r p Boott. Md: G Dickinson NV1 aVjo"^' W" ' ** ' C Moofe' 3 *, A r Jo! ?<on, P.. rLp ?r ^OTrKLv(,w ?; S*'TH ? H 8 Uulgly Sh uTv Jm,? \ McCliatock, H L Harrington V rm J .* ^ 8 Johnson, Jamaica; O JK Cailston, t,a; Hpanford. Pa. T J Mot,cure, M ? ... o'^, ?nd ,?dv- 1>avid Walton. James liner, Pa; Hon K BO'ds, Ohio PsK?l^rK P.? D Braln' NY! N F 1i V J L.t?dy, do; T tfteer. do; J P ^i;V5;,?i^nWwnbi11' M old kl'J V K M k .SI a yf oca an htm amahs ,u" T*? Uritid Statu. Hfimiri. Lear*. for /)-?, $iz\Zi-- ? f'werP001 ? ? ? ^o^i Arabia... >ew York...Liverpool..^N'oViS (jiuruw. ..... N?-w \ ork.. .tiiasgow Nov4^ City V\ash'tMi..New York.. Liverpool ' No?m n2^?--?~KS::.nS5 Mayam Boston Liverpool iw >i Tsnde but New Yo. k... Hevre\7... i A *i wi11# ???s?eeiNifw \ urd.. ? Liverp#oi ?, #Occ | Fbom Eriort. A Li verpool... New York... Novl 1 vanderbtlt Havre New York... NovM Afr Ira.......... Liverpool... New York... Nov 14 Kangaroo. 1.1 verfxol...New York.. .Nov 9 f***' *#r* UUsilow....\ew Vork,..NovlB 11 uIUmi -mpu-o..Ne?y York...Novl? Live/pool...Boefon Novil A agio fcaoa....l.lverpee<,Portland.... Not? The Califprui. asdl steamers leave New York ?A tha KUaadWU of ??aH Month - MUorilaii+otti. By THE PREil^KNT^ip THE UNITED STATICS. P*r?uaoo* of tne provisions af the M of thei aot entitled "A* aot tn authorise th* Preeideat or the I ni ted State* te ?ut? to be survey ed Hie Sraot ol iand in th* Territory of belonging S? im ha,f breeds or mixed-blood soft he Dneoian or iaux nation of Indians, end for uther purposes," appro* ?d J uiy 17. 1K3?. 1. JAMES BUCHANAN, President ef the United States of Am*riaa. do here by deelar* and make known that public sale* will be hold at the undermentioned lend olticea in the Ter ritory of Minuesota, at the peri ode hereinafter de signated. to wit: At tha land office at H*sdb*?ow. eommeneing on the eighth day of March next, ft?r the diapoaal of the vacant public lands aituated within tha following naineU townships and fractional townahipa in the late reaerre for the half-breed* or mixed-Mood* el Lb a IJaootaii or Sioux nation of Indians, vis : Xorth <? tk? bast lint and ? *ut of th* fifth prim rtpa! miridian. The anlomted tracta ta fraotioaal townahip one hundred and eieven. ol ten. I he unlocated tracta in fractional townahip one hundred and eleven, of range eleven. The un located tracta in fractional townahipa ene hundred ami eleven and ene hundred %nd twelve of range twelve. * ^ Jj'? un'?ja'ed tracta in township one hundred and *- i 'ra?llo5*l townahipa one hundred and twelve and one huudred and thirteen, ef range thir K99ue ?itrmct* lri townahip one hundred and fw?i??' \ i"r P*rtof township one hundred and yF, ?* ?nt' fraotwnal township one hundred and tnirteen, within tha above-mentioned reserve, ol nuige fourteen. ""located tracts in that part of townahipa one hundred and eleven and one hundred and twelve, if VI Li 'Joy-mwtiuiKj reserve, of range fifteen tk? ?/J?au?o??t t-aaiBACLT. oommenoinf on , ,KI I wf Mar?to next, for the diapoaal of the public lands aituated within the folio wing-named townahipa and fractional townahips in the late re serve for the haif-breed* er mixed bloods ef the lie ootah or Sioux nation of Indians, yi* : North of tht bast lint ana tot it of tKt fifth prin , , cipal mtridian. Thi iimoo?tid traota in that part of fractional township oue hnndred and ten, within the above meutiotiml reserve, ol raiig* nine. I he nnioeated tracta iu that part of townahipa one hundred and eight, one hundred >tnd nine, and frao tional township one hundred and ten, within the above-mentioned reserve, of range ten; The tiulocated traots inthat part oftownahip one hundred and eight, within the above-mentioned re serve. and in townships one hundred and nine and on^ hundred and ten, of range eleven. The un located traota in that part of townships one hundred and eight and one hundred and nine, within the above-mentioned reserve, and in township one hundred and ten. of range twelve. The unlocate-t tracts in that part of townahip* one hundred and nine and one hundred and ten, within the above-mentioned reaerre, ef range thirteen. I he unlooatad traots in that part of township one hundred and ten, within the above-mentioned re serve, of range fourteen. The unlocated tracts in that part oftownahip ene hnndred and ten, within the above-mentioned re serve. or range hfteen. i* niieoofdanoewith the provisions eftheaot of July '?J herein - before refered to, pre-emption claims will not be allowed te any of the above-mentiond ;ands until after they have been offered at publio sale and beoorae aubjeot to private entry. The offering of the alove lands will he commenced on the days appointed, and will proceed m the order m which th-* aro advertised ui.tii the wh< le shall have r?en offered, ar.d the aaies thus cloned; l?ut no sa.e shad be kept epen longer tlian two weeks, and n > private entry of any of the lands will he ad mitted until) after the expiration of the two weeks Oiven under mv hand, at the city of Washington, thit sixteenth day of September. Mao Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. bj ??. JAMts <""oaANAN. I Hoa. A. Hr.NDRrvgs, Commtsmoner of th* Oeaerai l,and Office, se 19dawom WMWHlr OrPICK SrFBRlJtTBJtDBNT o? Pcblic, I w ashisotos. October 1st, 1857. J 1* pursuanoe of the provisions oi me * Aot to pro vile for executing the pul.'ie priritimr," Ao., ap pro\ ed Augnat 2H, 1351, sealed proposals will be i ,n th? Capitol, until the first .Monday (?tn day)of December next, at It o'olock m.. lor furnishing the paper that mav be required for lh-DuU;e printing for th* year ending on the 1st day of D 'Oembur. 1WW. * The ?ub,oined list nearly aa can be as oertaifie.1. the quantitj, quality, and deeerlotion ol each xuid of paper thr t will be required. Class I. fine printing paper, anoalendared. to measure 14 by 38 inches, and te weigh forty-five pounds to (he ream of 48 ahseta, . . Clasb II. 4.ono reams fine printing paper, oaleodered, te measure i.4 by 31 inehes, and te weigh fiAy-six pounds ?? the ream ol 4:<0 sheet*. lnM Clam HI. '??? ?uperfine siaed and calendered printict p\per, to .neaaure 24 by SB inches, and to weiMh fifty two pouada to the ream of 4W) sheet*. Cla** IV. perfire hard-swed and aalcndered prtating paper, to measure ?4 by 3* inches, and to weign forty-eight po* "Is to the ream ef 480 sheets. 1 . AOSV. reeras superfine ..xed hud calendered map pa - " may b" corre- ponding weT.afn, t-l?,paper TL'?* < 19 b/ 24 ???'???. ?ad weigkia* twenty pounds d. . earn of400 sheet*. ^ . Clam Vj. naLUn^r^ " ?**?''(*l?d*red or un oalendcred, as may be re . jirod.) 10 by 24 inohes, and fiiW*U? F,r ,n*J l?? required. J, .^rt-? the pVar of "*ch of th? ?^?ove olM ?. - of ,B; fr*? from *" adultera tion with miueralor othersrli.tanees.ofa (air white ness, and put up in quires of twenty-four sheets each, ar<d in bund ea of two reams eaoL, each ream to contain 4*i perfect alieeta. L-nifor-mtj in " thickues. and weight wili be required ; and no bun dle iexalusi\e of wrappers) vaijing over or under five p**r cent, from the standard weight will be re ??iv ,, ?"i1 lt>? weight wiU, iu ail oa?en, be re 3Uirfr' .''fixing of various thicknesses in the same bundle to make up the weight will be considered a TTOiatioii of tiie oouiraot. ^ ^ Clam VII. J!? i'?reams uiMu-to post writing paper; No.2?2.'?> reams ftatoap writing paper: 5<wi ream* demi writing paper; 5S"* r,,an?e folio pout writing paper; J? re :TnM medium wntinc pAp?r; y0, 50 reamj n?*ai writuiK piper ; 2?* rwi? Muper-royai writing p*per; K?- rea.n? imperial writing paper; P*o.?? 100 reams oolorod medium (M*orted.) ^ Cla** VIII. i?ream, writing paper, l? by 38 lachM. to weigh twenty-eight pound* per ream. l^Krf52B. ?rrit,"8 19 by W inches, to weuh tlreotj -^ree pour?iis per re^m. So. 3.-3.100 reams writing paper, 18 by 25;nefeM. to weigh twenty-aix pour.d* peer earn. >o. 4.?JO reams writing paper, Ih bv attache*, to weigh twenty-four pounds per ream. wr.tin* paper. 18 by II inohe*. to wei^Jh twenty -two pounds per ream. ?v'-1reams w - ting paper, it by 18 inch**. ?o weigh twelve pounds per ream. AU the paper deais ?.ue?1 in clasae* T?id 8 are to be of tae best marena s. f{..? from adulteration, aud homhed in the be*t manner. The pbper* in class 7 Ht* orJ'1"?, of the regular srandurd ?uea of the reapeetive kinds, and of such weight* a* may iiVrt?U.'r^ 7r^1* f.ho*? m class 8 are to be Jcr'^lule. "1B** W01<ht 'P^ciftod jn the ?f r'r<l*nng a greater or less quantity of eaoh and every kind oer.traoted fir at euch times and in aucu quantities aa th* publio ser vioe may require. ^ fc.aoh cms will be ooneidered separately, and he ? ubject to a sepira te contract: hut bidders may offer Tor-m* or m-iis oi the e'aaaes in the seme pro*o?al: and the privilege is reserved of requiring a ntdder wh->wyy have more than one c'?>? aaajrned him to take ?ll aneh e forfeit ni* right to any etas*. l,n"1 '*"5 V'*n ""? <u,r?? ?t sind of\ paper md for. hmt ene s*mpl$ tn tnrkktnd must accompany e^ch bid ; and. in e:asa*a7*nd R be nBinl^jred to c.rrespon.1 with the nun her of the pa per proposed for in ihnt sch-duie; and. in the firat six e.aaaes. to be prr.perly deaicnated on the sample, or it wi 1 not beeonaidered. All pn-possla and sam ple* must be transmitted to this office fre* of post a^e or other expeuae. r - r-Bcn propoaai must be s:gae<] bv the individual or ? rm making it. and rnuat apecify the prioe per pound (and but one priee for eaoh) of every kind of pa per contained in the oais proposed for. All the paper in the several classes mait bo deliv ered at each p.ace or pltoea as inar l>e designated in \% ?ahingtoii City, in good order, free ofalinnd eve ?7 ?*tr? oharge or expense, and subjeet to the in speetion. count, w?iant and mcMuramentof toeftu perir.tofcdeut, and be iu in all rMpeet* attufac f'irr^Lf*r ProP?MJ? will be furpiahed at tlu* ? ?moe to pereoa* apply mg for them ; and nun* will be takeo into con?ideratioii uaieas subctantiallk as roe .02 therewith. ?*??? .nH Wo?* ?ccuritiM, will be required; ?nd the supplying of aa inferior article in any of the "r 4 ftyttLr# lo ?upplythe quantity required at a?y time will ba Mnaidered a violation oftheeoa tract. 1 Kach bidder i* required tofbrni.h with hi* propoml* aati.faotory evidence of hia ability to exeeute thenr ^ 1 Pj^poMl* uonwompaoied by auoh evidenoe will "/he oroao*aJ* Will be eprBed in th* manner re Mired Ly Uw ?'on the 6r*t Ttieaday after the firat Monday in Ueeeml>er" next, Rth.iat 10 o'clock a m ?t the of the Su perint eadent. Pr>-poaala will be addres**d to the "ffnperintend JuItS. w? Py,'nU??- Capitol of the United SuppiViai Vapcrendorsed " PropoMla for ' , t A.0.8KAMAN, oe l-2awtDeciU** ?nt ,>ub!lc IJMTKD STATES PAT.ENT OFFICK, rx .. _ wa*"'*?*oii. November 7th, 1897. \lw pn?SilT?i?l?""? Cc,^H*nd.tVe>mouth. ioYm ^thi'joth i!ruVu?>uml ?.riont raent in " B<m.I Crimpa," for ieven yeT? from th* ***irt?ion of said patent, whioli tak** plac* on th? v tn day of January, iK58: pu?ce on ino It is ordered, that th* said petition he henrH nf ?k. Palent Office on Monday/ the Tit h next, at It o'clock m.; andI aft per^n, are notified to npoivtr an J show cam*, if any they have wh? Zi.d petition ought not to be (ranted. ' wu' *aiU Porsoes oppoaing Lite extension are require.) tofiLe in the Patent Office their objectiona, speoiallv forth ui wriliug. at ioa*t twenty days l>efor? the.lea of hearing ; aJ! testimony 15 ed by either party to l>e ua#?l at the Mid hearing muit be taken and tranennt ted.inBceofda,.^ with the ryle* of th* Office, which Willi* furnished on application. Th* tMtimony in the Mse will be closed on tho 1st n' January: deposition* and other pnrera railed a on as fsfimony ninst be filed in the Office on or f.h# '""fning of that .lay; th*argument*,iFany, vitbinteaday* thereafter. Order^. ajso th4t th a notice be published in the ? ??, ?'^tiona! Iutellfconeer, and Star. \Vaahing vHrk l"t"7'r,PMpirt?fphia: flaily News. New rati , illi" "? M??*-i"nd Ij'auirer, Cinci/i LTel.oi/aL'?? , r.rrk foS ^re? ?nc>e*?ve weeks. t^r!ur ?r J"DUSrv ?rert day (ff c--s-jswvaaL. WfisrsK? ftnSKi eofitairwBg tha nwtiM, ' MifoellaneoTii. By tmb pREsi^n^ip. the united ^V3'3U*9P*? l> J\**? Bvcbama*, Prmi deot ef the United States of A inerioe. do hereby do olare led a*k? known that puliiio aaiee will be held at the undermentioned land otfioes in the luu of California, at the periods hereinafter deeignaied, to At the laad offioe at Los Akoblos, oomroenoing oa Monday, the tenth day of May next, for the die posal of the public lands With hi 1M foliowm*-named townships, via: South of the base line and west of the Setn Ber nardir.o meridian. Section! one to twelve, inclusive; the north half of seotion thirteen: the north half and the sonthweBt quarter of seotten fourteen; sections fifteen to twen ty-one, inclusive; the north half of aeetioa twenty two; the northwest quarter of section twenty-three; ?action twenty five; the south half of section twen ty-six; the eoutheaat quarter of aeotiou . wenty seven; sections twenty-nine to thirty-two, inolu a ve: the aou?h half of aeotion thirty-three; the northeat quarter and the sout h half of seotion thir ty four; and aeotion thirty-hve, of lown.\htp three: aeotiona three to nine, inoluaive; the north half ana the southwest quarter of aeotion ten: the southeast quarter and the northwest quarter ofseotien eleven; the northeast quarter and the aouth half of aeotiou twelve; seoUoii thirteen; the east half of section fourteen; sections seventeen to twenty four, inclu siv-; the north ha.f of section twenty "five; and Sro tions twenty-six te thirty -five, inclusive, ef town ship four^of range three. Township three, of range four. Sections one te twenty-lour, ir.olnaive: the north halfot section twenty-five: and sections twenty-six to thirty, inclusive, of township ?si, and aectiona one to twenty-aeven, inclusive, oitowntkip three, of range five. Sections on*, two, and three; the east half of aeo tion four; the east ualf and the southwest quarter of aeotion nine: sections ten to fifteen, ineiuaive; the southeast quarter of section twenty: aectiona twen ty-one to twenty eight, inclusive; the east half and the southwest quarter of aeotiou twenty nine; the south hall of section 'hirty: sections thirty-one to thirty-&>ur. inclusive; and the northwest quarter of section tfeirt*-five, of township one. of range six. Aerth of the base line and west of the ban Ber nardino meridian. Sections one to seventeen, inclusive; the north half of section eighteen; the south half of aection nineteen; section* twenty to twenty three, inclu sive; th? northwest quarter of aeotion twenty-four; the northwest quarter of t-co ion twenty-six; sec tions tweuty-seven to thirty, luclusive; the east half of section thirty-two; the north h If of the i.ortheast quarter and the northwest quarter of seo tion tui.ty three, o! township three, townships four, nndfive; sections one to eight, inclu?ive; the north hail of scction nine; sections ten to thirteen, inclusive; the eest half of section fourteen; the west half of section seventeen; sections eighteen and nineteen; the west halfof*ectiontwenty;the south ?nat quarter of section twenty ene; and aeotiona twen y two to thirty-five, ino usive, of township six, and township seven,of range four. Seotion* on? to fifteen, inolusive; the east half of section seventeen; the east halt of aootion twenty; seotions twenty wno to twenty-seven, inclusive: the north half of section twenty-eight; the northeast quarter of section twenty nine; the northeast quar ter of section thirty-four; and the northwest quar ter of section thirty-five, of township three, and townships four, five, six, and se ft a. of rangefive. Sections one and two; the north naif of section three; the north half of aection four: the northeast onarter of section five: the west half of aection six; the nortii half, ttie southeast quirter. and the north haif of the aouthweat quarter of section aevon; the west half of the northwest quarter Rnd the south haif of section eij{htj the northeast quarter of smc tion elevan; section twelve; the nf<riheast quarter and the east l.alf of the southeast quarter nf section seventeen; the east half of the northeast quarter and the southeast quarter of section twenty; the west half of the northwest quarter and the south west quarter of aeotion twenty-one; the southwest quarter of section twenty-six; and the northeaat quarter of section thirtv-five, of totrnship thne and totrnship* four and fire, nf range stx. Section* one to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of section nineteen; seotions twenty to tweuty five, molu.ive: the northeast quarter of sention twenty uix. t he northwest quarter of section twenty-aeven; and the northeast quarter of aection twenty-eight, of townghtT four rind township five, of range seven. Sectiona one to six,inelneive:the northwest quar ter of section seven; the northeast quarter of section nin?; the north half of section ten; sections eleven, ; twelve, ar.d thirteen; the northeast quarter ofseo tioa fourteen: and the northeast quarter ef section twenty -thre?, of township four,&nd township five, of range eight. Tub northwest quarter of section three; aectiona four, fivo. and aix; the worth half of section aeven: sections ei^ht and nine; and the northeast quarter of aection seventeen, of towns h iyfour; and townships i Ave r.nd six, of range nine. Sections one and two; the northeast quarter of aection three; the weat half of auction eleven: the northeast quarter of section twelve; section fiur teon; and the southeast quarter of section fifteen, of township four; aeotions one to twenty-eight, inclu sive; the northeast quarter of section twenty-nine: tho northeast quarter of aeotion thirtv-three; and aeotiona thirty-four and thirty-five, of township Are; and township six, of range ten. Sections one to eighteen, inclusive; the northwest quarter of aeotiou nineteen; the northeast quarter of seotion twenty-one: the nortnweot quarter of sec tion twenty-two; and the northeaat quarter of sec tion twenty-four, of township five; and township 1 Six, of range eleven. Seot.ons one, two.end three; the northeast quar ter of seotion tm; aectiona eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen: the aoutheast quarter of section fif teen; the southwest quarter of section eiihteen; seotion nineteen: the southwest quartsr of section twenty; the east half of section twenty-two; the northwest quarter of seotion twenty-Uiree: sections twenty-seven to thirty three, inclusive: and the north half of aection thirty-four, of township fivo; and townships str and seven, of rang* twelve. Seotion one: the northeast quarter of section two; the southeast quarter of aoetiou ten: the south hail of seotion eleven; section twelve; the east haif of aectiou thirteen: the northwest quarter of section fourteen; and the north half of scction fifteen, of township four; the southwest quartsr of section seven; the south haif of seotion eight; the southwest quarter of section nine ths west half of section fif teen; the north half of sectiou seventeen; seotion eighteen; the northeast quarter of section twenty two; and seotione twenty-three, twenty-four, twen ty-five. twenty-six. and thirty five, of totrnship ftrs; sections one to seventeen, inclusive; the north half of section eighteen: the northeast quarter of section twenty; sections twenty-one to t wont*-five, molufive; the northeast Quarter of seotion twonty six. of totensh ip six, and township seven, *f ra?tf? thirteen. Section thirteen; the aoutheast quarter of aection fourteen; tho southeast quarter of section twenty two; the east haif and the southwest quarter of foo tion tweuty-three: the northwest quarter of section twenty-fonr: the nortx l>;tjf of section twenty-six; and the east half of section twenty-seven, of town ihip fiv; sections one, two, and three; the north east quarter and the north half of the northwest quarter of section four; the northeast qua ter of ?e<5fioi! eleven; section twelve; and the north half of secrjon thirteen, of township six. sections one to eighteen, inclusive; the north haif of section nine teen; the north half of section twenty ; sections twenty one to twcnty-ei^ht. inclusive; the sonth ha;f of seotmn twsnty-iiine: (lie southeast quarter of section tiurty; the north half of the northeast quarter of section thirty-one: the northeast quarter and the north half of the northwest quarter 01 seo tion thirty-two; and aeotiona thirty three, thirty four, and tuirty-five, of touimhip seven, of range fourteen. At the land office ?.t San Fbancksco,commencing on Monday, the third day of May ntxi. for the disposal of the public lajia* within the foLewinc anm?'i townenips. via: Xorlh of the base line and eatt of tht Mount ' Diablo meridian. Fraetiona! townahip three, of range one, Xorth of the base lino and west of tho Mount < I'iablo meridian, F raetiona! townships four and five, of range ono. South of the base line and east of tho Moumt Diablo meridian. Seotiona one to eighteen, and twenty-two to twenty five, inoiuaive. of township ten, of range aisi. Townahip ten,- and aeetions one te aix, ineiuaive; eirht to fifteen, inclusive; and twenty-two to twen tj_nx. inolusive. of township eleven, of range ten. Townships ten and eltven; sections one to six, luciusive: eight to fifteen, inclusive: twenty-one to twenty-eight, inclusive; and thirty four and thirty nve. ef township twelve; sections one, two, throe, and nine to fifteen, inolusive; and twenty-two lo twonty seven, iMlusive, of township thiruon, of range eleven. Fractional township ten; townships eleven, twjve.nnd thirteen; ?notionione to five, inoluajvoj ?uht to seventeen, inclusive: twenty to twenty nine, inclusive; and thirty-thiee, thirty-four, atd thirty five, of torossohip fourteen; aeetions one to four, inoiusivo; ten to thirteen, inolusive; and twen ty-four aaii twenty ire, of township fifutn, of range twelve. Fractional townahip eleven; townahipa twelve, thi'teen, fourteen, and townahip fifteen, except section thirty-one; and aeotiona one. two, and twelve, of township sixteen, of range thirteen. Townahipa twelve, thirteen, fourteen, nod fif teen; aeotion* oaa to aeveutecn, mcluaiva; twenty one to twenty-aeven, ineiuaive; and thirty-four and thirty hve, of townahip sixteen, of range fourteen. Townahipa thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and ??z teen; tha Booth half of seotion four; the south half of seotion fiv?; aeotiona aaven, eight, and lime; the weat ha'fof aeotion ter>;and aectiona thirteen to thirty-five, ineiuaive, of townahip twenty, of range Afteen. Fractional townahip sixteen; and townahip ty. of range sixteen. Fractional townahip sixteen; and townahipa sev enteen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, of range seventeen. Fractional townahipa seventeen aod eighteen,uid townahipa nineteen snd twenty, of range eighteen. Fractional townships eighteen, nineteen, and twenty,of range nineteen. Atthe land office at M ARV?m.r.K,nontmenoing oa Monday, the seventeenth dny of May next, fortne dmposal of the public lands withiu the following namrd townships, via ; North of the base line, and east of the Mount Diablo meridian. Fraotional township four; township five; frao tional townships twelve, thirteen, and fourteen; ai*f townships seventeen and t ighteen, of range one, f- ractionaf townships twelve, th irteeri, and four teen; and townships seventeen, eighteen, and nine t?'en, of range. two. A'orth of the base line and west of the Mount Diablo meridian. Township* eleven and twelve, and fraotional townihip thirteen of range one. Townships twt/re, thirteen, fourteen, and fif- ? teen, of range two. Townships fourteen, fifteen, and fi/rteen; frno tiopal townships seventeen,eighteen,mmd ntnele n; and townships twentyand twenty one. of ojnge three Sections one, two, three, and ten to fourteen, in clusive; the east haif of seotion fifteen: the east half of seotion twonty-twot aeetions twenty-three to twenth-six, inclusive; and seotion thirty-five, of township> fourteen; seetiooa one, two. and three: the east half of section four; the east Ifklf of seotion nine; se-tiens ten to fifteen.inclusive; the east half of section twenty-one; aaetiena twojttji-twe to twenty-Beven, inefneive; the northeast oaarter of eestion twenty eieht; and seotiona ehirty-#owf and ? hirty fiv?. offowsship/Ztr^a; sectiens oMtof^ur inclusive; nine to fiftesn, inc!tii?ive; tweS^-One'To twenty-eirht, inclusive; and thirty-three, thirty

u?ur. inirttof tom?4hip ?i rt$$n? nactiom on* to sev?n, n-ciusive; the north half and tne south wept auar^er of aeotion euhti sections nine to fif foen . Inclusive; the west half of seot.ob Seventeen; M4ttoni siditssn siul uinstssw tii a nortii weat soar KMSSSSS nineteen, isetucur*; the ??i? half of Motion twenty; the 6Ut half of Motion twenty-no*; Motions twen ty-twote twenty-seven, inclusive: tM eaat half of section twenty-eight; th? west half of section twen ty -ni*e; section* thirty and thirty-one: the west hail of section thirty-two; the eaet hair of MqCkm thirty-three; and Motions thirty four and thirty five, of township eighteen; and townshipsnineteen, twenty, and twenty-one. of ranae/ear. Seotions one, two, three, and tea to fifteen, inclu sive; the northeast quarter of aeotioa twenty two: Motion* twenty three to twenty-atx, meineive; the southeast quarter of aeeUon thirty -lour; and aeo tion thirty live, of townabip teventt*n; seotieas one, two, and three; the aoutbaaat qearter of aeo tioa nine; eeotiona tea te fifteen. inclusive; the northeaat quarter of BMtion twenty-one; eeotiona twenty-twe to twenty -seven, um> usi ve;and eeotiona thirty-four and thirty-fire, of townahip stfAlsca; aeetionaoae. two, and three; the northeast quarter ei eeotion four; eeotiona tea to fiftMn, inoiusive; aeetiona twenty-two to twenty-aeren, metusive; and aeotiona thirty-foar and thirty-fire, of townabip nineteen; and township* netafyaad twenty one,o{ rang* five. Land* appropriated by law for the nae ef Softool*, military, and other purpoMa, together with those "swamp end overflowed lamia, made therein unfit for cultivation," if any. (ranted to tho State by the aot entitled "An aot to enable the Stare ol Arkansaa and other States to reolaimthe iwamp lamia within their limita," approved September 2k, 185B, will l>* excluded from the aa.ea. No"mii??ra/ or tractsoontaining mineral deposit* are to be offered at the public sales, such mineral land.? being expressly excepted ae>d ex cluded from sale or other disposal by the require ments of the aot of Con*rest approved 3d Aiaroh, 1858, entitled "An act to provide for the aurrey of the public iauda in California, the granting of pre emption rights therein, and for other purposes. The offering of the above land* will be commenoad on the d.vj a appointed, aiul will proooed in the order in which tliev are advertiaed, until the whole ahall have bean oflered, and the aalea thus closed; but no sale sh*II be kept open longer than two weeka, ar.d no private entry of any of the landa will tie admitted until after the expiration of the two weeka. Given under my hand, at the oity of Washington, this sixtcsnth day of September, anno Domini one thoueand eight hundred and fifty-seven. JAM Ik B BUCHANAN. By the Preeident: Tuoe. a. HiKMiaxs, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-empt on to any of the lands within the townships snd parts ol townships above enumerated is required toestab iish the 6itine to the sat inaction of the Register and Receiver of the proper land office, and make pay ment therefor at soon as praeticable of er seeing this notice, and before the ?:ay appointed for the coinnitncment of the pui'lie aale or the lands em bracing the tract claimed: o herwise such elaim will be forfeited. TH/iS. A. HENUR1CKS. Commissioner of the General Land Office. *c 18-law3m By THE PR ESI />KNT*"Af THE UNITED STATESt In pursuance of law, I. J AMES BUCHANAN Preaident of the United Slates of America, do here!>y d?c!ar'? and make known that pu>>lic salet wili bo held at the ii"dermentioned land offices in tne State of Missouri, ai tne periods hereinafter desig nated. to wit: At the land office at Platsbcro, oommeneing on Monday, the at day of March n?xt. for the disposal of the public lands within the following-named township*, vii: North of the bast lint and leett of the the Aftk principal meridian. Fractional totenshipt aisty seven, of rangM twenty-four to forty-three, inclusive. At the land offiee at Milan. oommencinr on Mon day, the 8' h day of March next, for the disposal of the public lands within the following -named town ahipft, viz: North of the bate line and vest of the fifth principal meridian. Fractional toicnships sixty-seven, of ranges eighteen to twenty-three, incnt-ive. At the land office at Palmyra, oommeneing on Mondar.the fir*t day of March next, lor the diapo sal of the puhlio land* within the foliowiug-named townslnpa. viz: North of the base tin* and veit of the fifth yris eipal meridian. F raetional township sixty seven, of rang* ten. The islands in the M itsihsippi riv* r, numhfrftd one, two. and three, in fractional townsip sixry fonr. *f rsnee five. The island in th* Des Moines river. in sections foni and nine, of frsclioi al township sixty-Tour, of rn ime r jive. The is and in the Dea M?tne* river, in aeetiona nine, ten. eleven, and fifteen, of fraouonal township sixiy five. of rang* six. At the land ? ffioe at St. Lout*, oommeneing on Monday, the first day of March u*xt, (?.r thediaposal of the public lands within the following-named townships, via: North of tht ba*t lint and east tf tht fifth prin _ , . tipal meridian, Praotional township thirty-*ight, of rang* nine, exocpt the portions Oovsrcd by private elaims. -At the land offic* ot Jacksox, oommeneing on Monday, th? Rth dar of March next, for the disposal of the puhlio lauus within th* folio* log-named townships, via: North of tht bate line mnd east of the fifth prin eipal meridian. fractional township twenty-one, and township twenty-two, of range one. Fractional townsbi* twenty-one, of rar^e tsee. Townahip twenty-seve*. of range seven. Fractional fow*ship sixteen, and township twen ty-eight,of range nine. Township twenty-nine, of range ten. Fractional township sixteen, of ra* jo thirteen. Township twenty four, of range sixteen. North of the base tin* and trest of the fifth prin cipal meridian. ? raetional township twenty-one, of ranges one to eight, inolusive. Fractional township twenty one, and townships twenty -five and twenty-six, ?f range nine. At 'he land oftoe at ftrRijiortKD, oommeneing Monday, the fifteenth day of March next, for the disposal of the public lands within the following named townships, via: North of the base line and west of the fifth prin eipa! meridian. Township thirtv, of range tventy-nine. Tow uships thiVtv. thirty -one, thirty-two, thirty three, and thirty foar.? f ratine thirty. I^ands appropriated by law for the use of aohoola, military, and oth< r purposes, together with those '* swamp and overflowed lamia, made thereby uiifit for cultivation," if any, granted to the State by the act entitled *? An aet to enable the State of Arkansas and other States to reclaim the'swamp lands' within their limits." approved September 2B, laflo, will he excluded from the sales. > - The offering of the above lands will be commenced on the days appointed, and wiii proceed in tlw order in which the* ar?* advertised. unm the whole sha.l have lv*en offered, and the sales thus oios^d ; but no sale ilnil be kept open longer than two weeks, aad no privato en> ry ofanv of the landa will be admitted uf?*il after the expiration of the two w**ks. Given under my hand, at the eity of \Va?hinrtor. this sixteen' h day of September, anno Doiaiai one thousand eight hundred end fitu-s'ven. _ . ? ^ JAMES BUCHANAN. Bv the President: Tuomas A. HlKDftirg*, Commissioner of the General Laad Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Kvery person ?ntrtloo-eothe right of pre-emption toar.y or th* lauds within the townships and parts of tovnshipt above enumerated is reeuir-dto es tablish the same to the satisfaet on of tiie register and receiver of tho proper land olfioe, and make payment therefor nt toon at practicablt after teeing thit notiee, and before * heday appointed for ths eommeneement of thepublie sale or th* lands ?mbnieiag the traot elaimed ; otherwise such elaim will be forfeited* THOS. A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner ef the General [.and OAtt. M I9-law3m COUNT OF MONTE CHRISTO. 2 vols.; ?1 Diary of a Medioai Student, by Warrens 50 cents. Piekwiok Abroad,by Remolds; flhMnts. U?or> e or the Planter of tne Isle of Franoe, b> Reynolds; an cents. She Gipsy Chief, bv Reynold^: flneents. rian o L.nn.or Tu*k i* everything, by Maxwell; ?Aeeats. Robe't Bruce, or the Here King of Soot laad, by Reynold* AOeente. Wallace, the Hero of Sootlaod, br Reynold*; ? cents Sons of Malta Exposed; 13 o?nts. nl? PR ANCK TAVLOR. ^IIINA. GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE. R. H. MILLER, SON Jc COv IMFO RTfltS, SAI.RX AKDRIA, Va.. ave received two instalments oftbeir^ 11 supplies fro?n the English Potteries.^? and will oontiuue to receive accessions to T their stook till the business seaeon sets in.*? . Ii. Mills*. So?t A Co. oan assure thoir friends oustomers that thair stock ahall heorthemout desirr.ble description, and that their prioes will com pare favoiabiy with those of any dealer* in th*irTuie in any other market in the United States. R-H. Millkr, Son & Co. have prepared them, selves to offer to merohant* *very inducement to make their purohases in th*ir lm*. WINDOW GLASS. They havejnat rcoeived via Antwerp and New York, from the greet manufactory of "Roux." Now Suisse! Is, 1140 box *s Frenoh Window Glass of supe rior quality and of different thicknesses, which thoy have imported ander suoh eiroumstnaoe* aa to enable them to offer a superior article at very moderate pnoes agg tf U STINEMETZ, ' HATTER AND FURRIER, ?38 Pa. avv near the eorner of ISth street, haa reoeivod his aaMrtmant of Ladies' and Chil dren's FANCV FURS, in all their variet*. to whioh he invites atten tion. llavinK selected them hims'-lf from the importing bouse* in New York, and taken advantage of the tim ?. by purchasing for cash, and selling fur ?e?h, he will bo able to sell I at more moderate pricea than any heretofore offered in 'his *ity. ***?"" Fur Trimmings, Misses' Heaver Flats, and Chi! dren's Fancy Hats now on hand. Fiir Cuffs as low aa 73 acuta, and Viotorines 53.30 and $4.5n. HATS, HATS?CAPS, CAPS. Black I>rea? lints $3 90, $S, and 8-.30, of superior quality for the money. Also, Felt Hat* ana Capa for lean's awl boys* wear. Teriiif exoiusivelv cash?thereby being enabled to buy for cash and ??11 for onah at a small profit, meet ins with nojoeses br bad debts. ooSS tf QOODS FOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTES, " R. H MILLER. SON k CO., will fell ai! ttumcvfiM '<&A- WxWxi# Ac., at their usual regular 'ow erioes. rith a dissount of five eer cent, for o*sh as r" HP with a diasount or five eer cent, for dMh as heretofore, and rooeivein payments note* ol any ef the Virginia Bank* (exoept the Bank of Knnanwa) at par. Any and all debta due ttiem, eah he pan! jb tbe earn? enrrency, with thanka to such of their tbtor* M ohoose to avail themselves of thi* prop itiou. , _ ,_ ,. Alexandria, Sept. 91. t*ffT. *e2f>-tf p|CKLES BY THE HUNDRED, " Xlot of .eleoted PICKLED CUCUMBERS, it w """miflrafmnttflb CmTii.. ?mnesi any eh fSaji ^x WMkiwtoi Crtj 0tTH(i Bank. DlUCTOtl. 2&M52* tSMBX,. Wm. Orme, ? Huiioa T&|i?l, Fium Hohaa, M. W. Gait. BHi-BwIi JAMKff 0. MoGUIRE, PreaidawC. g?A.rTpji l>. Hanson. Beorttarr. M U-tf IjAMUNa house %ctb Dnoiiri. ? Deposits received u4 Ckeoks p*M without charge. Drafts on tha northers seaboard oitie* received on Deposit at pur, and F x Cheng e oa a*Hi Citiea furnished to depositors without otiarge. Intcrist os DaroaiTS.?Iatereet will be allowed on Deposits at auob ratea aa mar be agreed upon. DgroaiTa in Vjroinia and I itrraaaxT Mon*t. D?poaita in V irginia and other I'nourreni Money re oeived to he oheoked for. payable in aame funda, ua is specie, we charging the regvlar Excfcange. Discounts.?Notes. Draft a. and Billsof Kxcnang* will bediaoounted, ai*! Loan a made no Stocks, BooJa, mad Securities, at the market rate. Litt?rs op Chidit.? Letter* of Credit Will be Cirmahad, negotiable in the different Citiea of the nited States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interaat allowed if Money la deposited, and charged if Cotiaterala, on such termaaa may be egreed npon. Travslir* Hills op Eintmi.-Traveler* will be fbrmsbed with drafts in anch anaaa aa may be de aired negotiable in the different Citiea of the Union. BlLLS AND LlTTKBaOP (>KSDITO> EjieLAND.lRl Laiid Alio Ecaors.?Hilla of Kxchajigs end Letter* of Credit ou Engiaud, Ireland ar.d Europe,faxr .shed at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to auit. Bonds, Stock*. Ao.?Bonds. Stock?, and Seouri tiaa pay in* from 4 to 12 pr. oeiit.. alwaya for eaie. or bought in the different Citiea at a commission of ak pr. oent. Where Stocks ore bought upon ordera.w* reserve the right to aal! for a depoait of 10 jr. oenton the ooat. Bond* or Stock* will be ordered by tele graph. Railroad. Citt. and Stat* Bonne.?Railroad, City, and State Bond* can be ptaoed in our band* f^r negotiation, either in this oountry or Europe. Kttl road Iron purchased for aaah or with Bond*. Land Waeearti.-Land Warnuita bought at the market ratea. All Warrant* told by a* are (aaraa Utd in every reaped. Land Warrant* located on oommieuoa. Land Warrant * notations regularly fumlahed if re quested. Warranta will ha forwarded to Weatern Houaeeoa order*, or sent for uy? on oonumaaioa to responsible part tea. Kbal E?tatu and Insurances.? Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurance* effected. Claim* on tmm Stat**, Cocut op Claik*, 8 onarrs*.?Claims on the United State*, before the or.rt of Claima or Congress, intrusted to a*, will be pro*ecu?ed by prompt and able attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan tl Opposite the Treasury. RANKING HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. Depositor depositing Bang Note* wll pleaae mark their Ch??fc* ra*ah!e in currency. Deposiles of Gold will be paid in Gold. A counts wi ll be opened with depositors allowing them to depoait Gold and Check lor eurreney, the depositor being credited wi'h the difference. ??2*-tf CHI BB KROTHERS. |NTEKEST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES."" MONE Y to LOAN on~STOCE SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS. BANKERS. an J7?tf Oppotiu tk* TViaianr. MedioinM. T^he ?reatest MEDICAL DISCO Fill OF THE AGR, Mr. KaitNVDT, of Roxbury. ha* discovered in ooe of our ootnmoD paeture weens a remedy that ouree BVg&T gIND OF HtMOa, from T*? ttortl Rttofuln dovn I o a rem mem Prist?/*. He has tried it m over sever, hundred oasea. an/1 never foiled except in two cn.?ea, hoth Thunder Hu mor. He bha now ui liif poaacaaion over one hundred oerrifioatea of itavalae,all within twenty uai.ea of Boaton. Two bottle* are warranted to oara a naraing Sore Month. One to three bottle* will cur* the worst kind of Pimple* on the Fac*. Two or three bottiee wiii olear the ayatem of Bile*. Two bottlea are warranted to care tha want Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottlea are warranted to oar* the wurat kind of Eryaipeia*. One or two bottlee are warranted to ear* all Hu mor in the Eyes. Two bottles are warranted to cure Running of the Eara and Ulotohea amoui tke Hair. Four to aiz littles are warranted to cure eerrupt and raomng Ulccra. One bottle will oure Scaly Ernptiona of the hkin. Two or three tottlea are warranted to oere tee worst kind of R mjtvorm. Two or three bottles are warranted to eara the most most desperate case of Rhenmatjam. Three to fonr bottle* are warranted to core Salt rheum. Five to eight bottle* will oare tha worat caae of Soroftila. A benefit i* always experienced from the first bot tle, and s perfect cure is warranted when the above quantity is taken. Nothinc looks ao improbable to thoae who have la vain tri<*J ail the wonderful medicine* of tbe day. as that a oimnon weed growiug on the pastures, and along old stone wails, should cure everv humor in the system : yet it is a fixed (hot. If you nave a humor, it has tc start. There are no 1FS nor ANDS, huira nor ha's about it auitinc some cares, butinot yours. I peddiad over a thousand bottles of it in the vicinity ot Boston. 1 know the eflenta of it in every oase. It Has already done some of the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. 1 gave it to children a year oid, to oia peopie of s.*ty. I have seen poor. puny, wormy-lo.-ginr children, wiiose flesh was ao(t ana fiaM>y, rcatored to a perfect state of heaitn bv one ^.ttla. To those whe ara subjeot to a sick headache, one bottls will aiwajs cure it. It gives gieat relief in oatairh and dizzmsa*. Some wno have taken it had bean costive for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the body is sound it works <4uite ^asy, but where there is any derangement of the functions of will cause very sincular feelings, hut you must not be alarmed; they always disappear in Iivn; four days to a week. There ;a never a nad re suit from it; on the contrary. wher. that feeling is gone, you wili feel jourself like a new person. I beard some of th?r most extravag&u' enromiams of it that ever man lis;enet! to. In any own practice 1 a'ways kept it atrictiy for hu ?iats?but since us introduction as a genera' rami!* M edicine, grent and wonderful virtues have heeL found in it that I rever suspected. Several oasesol epi eptic fits?adisease whicii was always oc>i.ajdere?l incurable, have been cured Wy a few littles. O, what a mercy if it will prove effec tual in aJ oases of Hint awful malady?there are but few who have seen mow of it than I iiave. I know or*evera! oases of Dropsy, *11 of them aged people oured !?> it. For the various diseases of The Liver. Stok Headachs. I'yi-copeia, Asthma, Fevei and Ague, Tain in the ?ute, Disesses of the Spice, and particularly in Diseases of tbe Kidneys. Ac., the discovery has done more good tii*e any medloine ever kaown. No change of diet evei neoesaary ?eat tbe best yoo oan ^et anil enough of it. Dtrgdiont for Vie.?Adults one table-spoonfal per day?children over ten year* dessert-spocnnil? ohildren from five to eight years, tee spoonful. A* no directions oan be applicable to all constitutions, rake sufficient to operate on tbe bowel* twioe a day. MANrrACTcasD bt DONALD KENNEDY. No. MO ITsrns Straal. Rozbury, MsuativHffi, t. vvi| n cm on a v-tin r s o? t> B>iint J, r. KOD6. dartm King, Nairn A Palmer^Schwarta A Co., O foswell, Eianiel B. Clark, J. r. Milburn, Dunlar Dyson, Fopd A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?R. <. Cissell, O M Lent ham. J. L. Kidwell. hit 5-lj PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE ON TIL* PHISIOLOGICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE. By M. B. La CROIX. M. D.. Albany, N. T. 100 page* and 19* fine Piwa and Colored Lithographs IJT'PRICE ONLYJSCENTS.^JI 11^ Stutfru of poatagf to all pmrti of tk* Union. Dr. M. B. La Croix'* Fhy*ioiogioal View of Mar na?e. A new and rev.sed edition of 290 pages and ISO plates. Prioc i5 oent* a eopy. A popular and com prehensive treatise on the duties and casualties of single and married life?happy and fruitful allianoea, mode or securing them?mfeiieitoe* and infertile onea?their obviatioa and removal?nervoua debility, ita oause* and oure, by a proceas at once so siseple. safe, and effectual. that failure is impossible?rules for dally management?as essay on ?per matorrh<r??. with praotica! ohservstionsonaaeferand more suooessfui mode of treatment?sreenutioeary hint* on tke evil resalts from emptriaeJ praetiee; to which is added commentaries oa the diseases of fe males?from infancy to old age each aaee graphical* ly illustrated by beautifbl pastee. It'points out the remedies for those ?e!f-ianioted miseries and disap pointed bo pes so unfortunately prevalent ib tee S>ung. It is a truthful editor to the married, and ose contemplating marna/a. Its perusal is parUe arly reoommended to persons entertaining secret doubt* of thair physical ennrt'tion. and who are oon ?oious of having hasarded the health, happinfsa ard privilege *?? whieh every hnmau heing is entitled to. Pnoe35 oents per oopy, or five oopies for SI, mail ed fVee of p??etage to an* r"rt 'be United Statea, brvidreasing Dr. (.A CROIX, (poet paid,) Albany, New York, enoloaing 25 oanta. N. B. Thoae wuo prefer may oocsult Doctor |LA CROIX apon any of the diseases npon which hi* hook treat*, eitlicr personally or liy mat]. His medi oines ofHin our* in the short space of *ig day*, and completely and entirely eradiaateall trace* of th<%** disorder* which oopaiva end oubeb* have so Iom been t<|oiight an antidote, to the rein of the health of t^e patient. His " French Secret" i* tk* great con tinental reined* for that class of disorders which un fortunately, eh**ioian* treat with merettrp, to tha irretrievable destruction to tbe patient'* ooneIlla tion. end which ail the aanapahlla u> the world ?a a Lane, Albany, N. Y, 1\JEW AND PRETTY STYLES OF WOOL 1^ en Good*. China Ornaments, Papier Maehe, Ao.. Aa.,iuet received at MCLAUGHLIN'S, No. ? Ps avenue. w W between Hrh and ^th str**ta. Genuine Italian macca?oni. Just importod. a supply of Italian Maeearom of theverr b*st uuai.ty. > u. ?n^V'gAfigaW * ww?'w.M ^'ASHlNGTON BR_ANCH RAILROAD mew York ; at S p. ??. f*? Raiti?e ? ud at Relay with Frederiek train. F. X P R Kh it *JK> a. Re<*y for U? WhL -md k>r Annapolis, Be.Liaore. Philadelphia, 1*4 New York. VraaBA'LTKMlf*K for WASHINGTON U 4.U and t.lft a. m., ? and t.l* p. m. On Sunday at iaAa. m. ja If tf T. H. FAMOUS. Agent. QRANGK AND ALEXANDRIA U1UOA# BR IAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE ^Tinga Daijj, (Hapdai nifhta exempted.) betws Twioe DekIt, (Honda? nights iiotitx].) h^twMB Washington cii%'ai?d tb#7oi th. ? 6V?\DAN GORDON8V1LLE a*? RICiL Leaves Waahington at ? o'clock a. a. ** Waehingtoi. at 7 o'oiook p in. For LYNCH BUR6 and the SOUTH W EST. Leave Waehiagton at I o'oiook a.'a,amvi in LYNCH BURG next morning at 4a. m.,eaamecurtg with tho train* or the Virginia and Tennessee Rati Road for MEMPHIS. Mail 9U(M from Char ettesville t<> Lynchburg a distance oft* iruee. Far* from \\ as lung ton to Lynchburg, |1.1i Th? itMumrGklORliK PA?B, foot of Seventh ?treat. ueing owned br the Railroad Company , rune ta connection with tho traino. Tickets for Lynchburg proourod oa the Boat. ILT"(ImnibuiMand VV*iom will boat the Depot of tho Waaliinften Railroad, to eeevey pae sengera and baggace to tho Stoamhoat. for Aloxan tia. a distaaoe olaiz auiaa, allowing amp.s tuna r maala. Alexandria. Jalr, 1MT. ' i' a tf J^TEW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS'OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND 0~HI0~R AIL SO AD* Tho reoent exteoaionand improve moo: of ita toad - lnc connecting ones at tho Wnl tiaa required aa ar tiro revisioaof tho running arrangements of this road I* which highly important advantages to tho trav oloraro seeaired. On and after MONDAY. Juno 15. 1857. THREE DAILY TRAINS will U raa in both directions for through peeaenrers. Firat?The ACCOMMODATION TRAlNetarta from Camden Station, 7 A..M.,iexoept Sunday,l stops at way stations and arrivoa at Cum I arland at 4 F. M. 8ooond?The MAIL TRAI> atarta Sunday oi OOP ted) at ISO A. M.. and arriveaat Wheeling at 4 28 A M., oonneo'ing at Renwood with Contra. Ohio traina for Columbus. Cincinnati. Indianapolis. l/a isville. Chicago, St. I^ uia, A e.. and at oamo piaee with traina for Cleveland. Toledo, Dotroit. A o . ay Cleveland Road,and alao at Parkeraburg with Ma rietta R oad. Third-The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EX PR ESS TRAIN leaves rfeily at S.fl? P. M.,*?n neotincat Ber.wood at ? A. M with express traina from Bonaire to Cincinnati, (arttk?mi thanit af Car* at Columbia.I a.- d reaching there in hat &> htura from Ha.tiinore am! SB houra from Washing - ton. It also connect a directly, in t?eih directions, at Grafton with ears bv Parkeraburg and Marietta road* for ChiMionthe. Cincinnati, eta. Theee traina oorneet at Xenia for Indianapotia. Chioaeo and St. I.ouit, and at Cineinnoti witli the Great Ohio aad Mlasiaxippi Ezpreae for l>ouiaville Cairo aad St. l/ouia throrsli to St. I.ouia in iaaa than 43 hour* frn? Ba.timore. Bt thia train tho timt to all the eertral and southern p a<*ea in the Woat is moch loaa, while tho dittnnrr ia from 4" to ian milea ohorter than by the ahorteat of ether rnotee. From the \Voat theae oonnec'iona are equa lrdoae and aatiafaatory, ar nvint at Ma nny rem IJO A. M. IlT* Kaggage cueoked ttaough to ail poiata. THROI GH TICKETS aoM at lowoot ratee at Camden Station and at \Yaainnrton. P. C. Paaaengera from Baltimore or \Ye?ttingtoa map eifir ?*? >alt'r? roai bn by taking morn - ing traina. and lying over at Cnma*rl?nd or Oak land, and returning aext morning i?y Wkae'iiw Aa eommodation train, leaviag Camberlaad at I aad Oakland at l? JB. FOR WAY PASSENOKRS. TheCumi>erland Accommodation Tram at 7 A M., wi-i at< p at all Stetiona eaat of Camierland, and the >\ heeling Acoommodation at ail Stationa bei?>aa Cumberland going West. Eaat ward!*, the Ma? Train leavea \Yheeling at8J('A. M .and Aoeommo dation leavaa Cumterlaad at 0. ;? Baltimora at 5 90 P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA B R A NCH. betwami O raftun and Parkorsborg, war paaaengera will take the Exprooa weal ward.f and tho Mail eaatward.y. The FRLDKRICK TRAIN atarU at 4 P. M . atoppinc at way atatioaa. Learoa Fredoriok at<l.if A. m.. arriving a? Baltimore If noor. The ELLICOTPS MILLTRAlTf learoa at ?.*5 A. M.. and 5.(5 P. M. I.eaveo EMieott'a Mills at 7 A. M. and 7 P. M.. except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. I.eave Baltimore for Washington at 4.lSand9.1i A. M.. 5 and A.I.s P. M. On Sandays at i.M A. M.. and A.15 P. M.only. I.eave Waahinxton for Baltimore at ? and IJ1 A, M.and Sand 4Ju r. M. On Sundapaat 7 A. M.. ?b4 4 30 P. M. only. The firat and fourth trains from Ba'timore,and t?ia aeeond and fourth traina fr??m Waahingtoa. wtll ha ex: - ? mail trains, atonptng only at Waahington Junction and AnoapoUe JaDetioa. The 9.15 and 5.15 traina from Baltimore and Ifca t.9> and 4 2" traina from \\ aaiungton eoanect wita tha from Annapous. For tickets. ir;R>rmation. fc?e, Ac., apply to J.T. ENGJ.AND. Agent, at tne~?ickot offiee.'Camden Station. WM. 9. WOODSIDK. jy i?-tf Maater of Tranaaortatioa. Baltimore. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM I ^ PANV. One ef the Steamahi^e of thia Company, oarrvln? the United Statea Mail? for ACAPL'I.O. CALIFORNIA. ai.dOREGON. leaveM Pane.n ;?tw ee aach month, on the arn ? raiof the United States klai! S.S.Compaoy'aateam era. wmch .oeve New Orieana and New York rrgu i??r!y on 5th and 2?>th o( each month with the traua. and papserigera oonnecting via PANAMA RA1L R<>A US. The?e aieamahipa bare been inapected and ap prove<l by tiie Navy l^epartinent. aad guaranty iptid ami The I'aiiama Railroad <47 mi lea long > is now ooai plet?-d from ocean to ocean, and ia croseed in Sor 4 hours. The baggage of naaaap ers is ehocke?j ia New York through to P?n f ranrtaeo. and eaaaencera are emharked at Panama t.> atoairer at the ermpany'e ex?erae. The money paid in New York oorero all exberaeaof the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port ia Panama and Sen Franciaco. to prevent detention in oaae of acci dent. ao that the ronte ia entirely ao tkui are hannr oocurred in eight yaara. P^aoengera leave Panama tao aaaae day they ar rive at Aapmwall. Copductora go throarh by each steamer, and tale charge of woir.enand ohildrfn without other proteo tora. For through ticketa at the xrwaot rales apply at ti;oa<ecoy, .77 \Yest street. New L W. RAYMOND.?or to ARMSTRONG, HARRIS A CO., New Orieaas.- or jy K tf C. L. BARTI.ETT. Buatwn. PHE NEW YORK AND ER POOL 1 OSITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. Tkt Skipi fompotiug Uit Li? ars ; .?^..Capt. Oliver Eldridga. Cap'. Joseph Comstock Capt. james West. E Theee shipe havtar b^ea b*llt by contract ezpreaaiy (or the Government eamoeweverT nare hae f*en tnk*a in their oonstnicuon, aa alao in tneir e.iginea, to in ure atrecgtii and opeed. and their acoommodatioca r puassagers are uneaualied for and coa rt. Pr:oe of paeaagefrom New York to Liverpool, in firat cabin, #1V>; inseoobd do., J75; exaiaatveaseof extra bus Mate rooms, <fSJ5. From Livorpoo< to New \ ork. ar and 20 guineas. An oxpsoeaood Sar goonattaoced toeachabip. Nonertiiaaaobeaeoared until paid for. Tiie ships of thia line hare improved water tight bulk beads. FROPOSED DATKB OF SAILING. paoM saw tokk. i no* uvaarooL. Saturdar, June JO... Ita?' Wednesday, June St Saturday, July 4. .^,.1857 Wednesday, July I.. I8ST Saturday, J uly 18 i8S7, Wedncaday, July 22 .j|9l sntuiday, Aug. 1.... Wedreaday, Aug. 5 IR57 5aturda). Aug. 15 1857 Werineaday, Aug. IB lav* 'Murday, Sept. 18 .. IOT7' \V edne>day, Sept. f 1857 Uurday.Sept. 36... IRVTi \\ ertnekday, Sept. ? 18* iturday, Oot. 10 ItT? Wednesday, Oot. 14 18.W ?a!iirday, Oct.S* IBS? \Yodneaday, Oot.* WI Aaturday , Nov. 7 ... .1857, Weduea<lay, Nov. 11 1MI Saturday, Nov. 21....|(tS7 Wedaaaday, Nov. ? Saturday, Dec.S.___ 1SST Wodresday. Dee. ? '3W 'Wedeeaday, Dec. ? m* EDWA^hDnk^5tL.rA'^! No. ?, Wan New Y ore. __ BROAN^N.SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO.. tl. A Fnars, L< ndoa. f. O. WA INWRIGHT A CO., Paria. he owneri of theee ohipe will not be aoooaatabte for gold, s?rer, liullioa, speoie, lewe.ry, prooioaa st>>nea or metais. aaleea Ulla of ladma ara aigned therefor and tha vaiee thereof ex p : eased therein. jo 15 JjMTED STATES MAIL LINK ONLY REGULAR LINE a** wiTTiorr pailcex roa bi?ht tka&s, roa CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rigulmr Sailiat Daps. 5i4 tf / i* c' i?u mealk. Catttioh.?So many fraoda aad impoai tioea of various kinds have t>eea lat ely * perpetrated on travelers bound toCALI " FORM that the suhecriber, the oaly aotbor.ged Agent for paaaeg* bv tho t'. S. Mail Late, via Pana ma. ie the eity of New York, fee la it bie doty to caution ail persona seeking paeaage to Ceilfvrate, that, to avoin iMroeiTio*. they must be oarsful to &d the true office of the Steamships of the L S. ail l.inf. via Panama Railroad, as no other offico in Now y ork is authoriaed to engage paeoege The Companies have o?ily one offee iu Now York, which le at 177 Weet atreeupnrner of WairaB aueet, fronting on the North the head of the 0? pany'sW bsrf. irr Oheerwe my *am over the door. t?aeve Aiexaodaa at 4i4, 7|g. A !?%.'