Newspaper of Evening Star, November 25, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 25, 1857 Page 1
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FUBUSHKD EVKRT APT HK NOON, taUNI>AV KXCKPTED.) AT THE ITAR HDILDilM. C#?T??r of Pa av+nut and Elfvmtk itw4, By Vt. V. WALLACE. Tapers served m ^ekuu by earners at #4 a year, or 7? oents p*r nonth. T?> mail ?uUorib^ra the snb eonptioa pnoe la )3J t year, is ?Jvmnre; 92 for aui months; $1 fur three m<>attia ; and for ess than Uiroe Months at the rate of 13 oenta a week. Sin^ie u, oim* oeut; in wrapper*. two oenta. (of aught lines to the sqnare) uuort*i tares bmes lor 91; every other day er scuu-woekiy. 2i per eeiit, aJvaiiee; once a week, So par oeut. a*J v.vice. VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1857. THE WEEKLY fS'FAK. T%ta Aaeitaat FftUu!? and News fomrnmi a? tailing ft creatai variety oi latereetiog raadtag than oar. ?<e found is aay oUiar-u pub^shed oa Satardar noftriag. - - fftatta. Five e"p;es ?? ?- ?? TMaofsee * " Twaaty eoptee .?--- ?? m CaiA, tarsrtdlf ?? sitsac*. By sabemh:n? ia Claba raised amuac aaiittxwe wmmt tlie intervention ejf a wsu.l a?e?it,aa will t* >oroeiv*d, |i< aer owl oi T?? U aaattiAraa mtM baaareJT It mvariaMy apr.tains the " *a?*iniks Mstej" 1 hat hM made Tub Kvamfie *ts* oTrtM .Me ao general.y throughout the Ooantry. J^jTiMtnle ooBiea m* ? NO. 1.514. irrwoTi1"""",u " ** *"? 1??ad?ateiyPafti>t<rn *** 'roo*r*^ paper. IVice-YuKtKrLS^T * l***# 0 tt9 irr foet master, .k..:"1*' THE TEST OFDLOOD. [COSCLCnED.l S "?a afterwards. Luke missel his clasp-knife with whi.'h he ha 1 been eartng his supper. but. at tor a flight so.trch. thought no moro ot' tho mntter. hts very soul glowing with renewed de light at the thought of seeing hid loved one on the morrow ? that their differences should be made up. and ail again sunsbiuo. About an l.^ur alter, as he was preparing to retire for the night, it suddeuly occurred to him that he wnnfdlike td take a'walk towards Kathleen's cottage?perchanco be should see her shadow uu tho curtain?bo mi^ht hear her sweet roioe?no matter, tognze up.?n the home that contained her would at least be something; to off he started in that direction. a happy loel pervading his every sense. Arrived within sigtit of her abode, he fancied he heard a stifled groan, but his thoughts, steeped in joy, dwelt not on it In a moment after, a distinct and tearful scream, as of one in agony, burst on the atillues* ..f the night It eauie from tho direc tum of Kathleen s cottage Inspired with a horrible fear, ha ran wildly forward?another, and another terrible stream followed; there was uo longer doub*? it was the voice of hi* Kath lean With wad de?p?*ration. he reaohad the platfc ju?t in ti ne to see the figuro of a man. who. in the doubtful light, ho could not recog nize. rush from the door and disappear in dark ness In br?arhloss horror Luke entered, rtroat Heaven' what a sight met his eyes. His beloved Katbloen lay on the blood-dabbled floor, iu the last agony of departing natare. her ^eating heart pierced with mauy wounds; sue si?w and evidently recognized Luke, for mid the desjierate throes of ebbiug life, iho olulched his hand fn hers, essayiug, but In vein, to articulate?she could but sinile; her ore giezed over?her band relaxed its grasp? and with bor gentle-head routing on his breast, her spirit passed away. All this was so sudden and fearfully uncx ].ected to Luke, that he scarcely knew 'twas reality, until several of the surrounding neigh bors. who had been alarmed by the rmtery, entne hastily in. ?4 See y eried one.44 'Tis as I thought; mur der has been doue."' '?Aud here is the fatal instrument with whieh it has been effected, said another, as Le picked np a ^ory knife from the floor. It caught the eye ot Luke. ?? That knife is mine." said he in themoa?ured tone of ono strickon down by terrible calamity. ?? Tours' they allcxclaimcdatonco. "Then you murdered her ?" Luke oaly smilod?a ghastly, soul-erushed smile, most awtul to look upon at such a time; his heart was too full for words Reason, whieh had boon dethroned by this unexpected blow, had scarcely yet returned to its seat, for all uuaousoioualy bo still held the lifeless form f.gbtly clasped in his arms, gazing with a sort Ot slouy expression upon the l'aoe of hor who had been to biui tho world. ft was not until they approached to seize him fur killing her that he seemed to b? thor oogbW aware of b>* position "What would yon do. trie nds7'' said ho, mournfully, as they endeavored to force him away " Would jou deny mo tho sad oomlort of dying hor presence ? "Haveyon not murdered her, wretch ?" cried on# M the bystanders. ?. , y l*1 murder her?God in heaven for bid. he exclaimed ** " I? noj thio jour knife ?" " !t Is*" And how came it hero?if not u*ed by you ?in this unknown manner ?'' " J1 ,tw,.0.u f?n bJ that areh-demon, Mark L?ermot, said Luke, shuddering to the ?cry heart, as he mentioned that name Ibat has got to be proved,' cried ona of th? crowd, who happened to be a friend of Mark'*. ? w? can t take your bare word for it. Let him ?>e secured Hut Luke needed no securing. Listlesilyho s iflensd them u> fnmon his arm* ; and in the same rovin with the previous casket v. bich once contaiued bis heart s treasure, be abided the remaiudur ot the night, in a state of mental torture witeriy incapable ct' beinjr rendered into w-.rd#. w fSo morning after thiaawful occurrence a ?oronor s jury was summoned. and the identity ot the knife haviug boon proved. ad led to his owu admission, and tue fact of hisliaving had n quarrel wait her the day before being te^ti fiel to. every circumstance tended to tix the guilt nj-m htm ; a verdict was delivered ae ai*<l Luke Bryunt iUkx! rbarged with the murder ot one for whom he would v lllingly have shod his la*t drop .?t blood With a'l-greeofetfronfry.-ouionHnt with hia jf-neral character, black Mark made his ap I caraws amongst the ablators who attended li t tm-niry. aud was I. udest in denunciation ?vtins'. the supposed criminal It only re mained now for the accused, who had boon re moved during the inquest, to b? brought into tie chamber of deatii. previously to tho war t mt i?mg drawn out for hi? final committal, to bo tried at tho ensuing garter se*ki.,us Uo was conducted into the room ; with a listless. *p:.ttestie kaze he looked around him iueuhan i*"*rT3T. TJr be dared t??t now what fate might do bim whei; luddeidy fjis cyei rest?l ?>n Mark i>^-rmoi. 1 i?? ?ua*:iiuin?s of everythiik; that h?4 taken place itemed all to Hash throuj<li bis try* at ouco. Murderer'" ho eriwl "Can it bo that ileaven s lightning slambcrs ' Friends!?b? b ! 1 that iiend. who, not content with the lifo'f now comosto triuraplj In a d ub!e murdor!v. iT ? What means the fool?** contemptuously n iauA?d Mirk. ?? Doos ho suppose tnat roa s-.Mng men will cred,t his ravings or help him . t'< shut his load si crime upon another a shoul ders ?"* " As I \m a living man?as there iaa just '? ?'! who knows the secrets of all boarts. there siands tho murderer, Mark Deruuit "r aolomnly replied Luke. - It is not for myoelf I care, for lieavon knows that I would rather die than Uar about this load of misery; but that ho fti ju. J hr.iVe the aagcls with akhameleaa brow, be a [j <?c Uanda aro erimaonod with her precions blo-id?it is too much '?too much !" Then. Luke Bryant, said the coroner, '? y ?u deny having committed thiscrimo On mj knees?before tho throne ot merey?? 1 do '*' I trust, then, that you may cause a jury of your country men to believe So ; but for mo. I f. ivo only one duty to perform, and circum s.ances clearly bear me out iu my assumption. I must aend you to trial!'' ' At this juncture, one <A tho jurymen, who thought he could perceive a laoamugin Mark's I" *uliar dl-concealed^ianooufsavagodelight, UgMd to Im; hear 1. Keopiug his eye steadily Lxej oa Mark a tuce. be said! with aolemnity : heo the jud^meut of man is iu perplexity a? t?? the authority of crimes like these, the ai I jf lioavea may w?H be sulusited, that it niijrbl U? mereitnlly pleuse-1 to give some indi eatiwn by which the iuoxeut might bo pre vented Irom sutiering for the guilty We have an old tradition here, that if the accused lays bis right hand upoii the broaat uf the corpse, ?wearing upon the Holv Gospel that ho had no net or part in tbe deed, spooking truly, uo re au!u will tollow ; but if he swears falaely, the d<;ad itself will usufy against him ; for tho ei'??#d wound n will re -open their blwody tuoulbs ??'id. to the (-obtusion of tho guilty one, tho atreom ot life will flow onec more for a short apace 11 ?<*e?? to tne that this is a case n which /?#/ of Mnn.l might be applied not vainly." ?? Willingly I?most willingly win I ahide the teet," exclaimed Lu'fO ?And you'" said the juror, with a pono tratiug glanee at Mark. * "1! said Uie lauer, with an attempt at reeklossness, '? what is it to me '?why should 1 '>e ?ubjcct to such mummery?who aocuses me ' ' I do' ' thundered Luke, *' and I now insist upon his going through the trial?myself will p--:nt oat the way " So saying he approached be body, and sinking on his anees, laid his right hand reverently on tbe heart, saying: *J| blessed ungtfl: if thy spurit lingers near, thou knowest that this hand would rather let my forth, than offer thee the aha uow of an injury ! was quiet; mean time. Mark persuading him?olf that it was but * i''?' a"f, trembling to tho very Oore. ad vanced A.I eyes wero upon him; he paused? cast a glance around, and grinding his teeth savagely, cried out: V ^ h? .do -v,ou aH fi* -Vour Knz? or> me' I'm not afraid to do this piece of folly." He advauoed another step?again he hesi *, ' beartlMS-bruuI?though bo was, tho *1*" ?>' a was ou his donl His tiu'e grow livid; tLo blood started from his lips; largo round drup^ burst from his fort head and rolled down his ashy cheeks At la?t with a tremendous effort, he knelt and attempt ed to stretch forth his hand; it aaeuwd glued it-rly ^ittrli?g to his feet ugaiu ho cried ** I will not do it; why should I ? "You oannot! you dare not!" solemnly emulated Lnk. ? If you aro guiltier, why should you fear V* " *'oar ?" "creamed the other, '? I foar neith er man nor devil-dead nor liriug," suddeuly placing his hand upon tiie bre.uit of the dead ! ?J>ee?see cried Luke, wildly, "tho blood mounts up?-it overflows !'* ?? It s a lie'" madly exclaimed Mark at it was no lio; tho rnddy stream swcllod upward through those gnping wounds, flowing onen more adown her snowy broast. A muruiur ??f awe and surpriso broke from the assembled group; whilst, shivering to the very heart. tho torror* of discovered guilt and despair seiaod upon Mark. I ' Curse ye all! ' he roared; "you would juji i gle icy life away; but you shall hud I will not part with it so readily." Hastily drawing a pistol, it was instantly wroste<l fr*m him. Scr eral of the bystanders Hung themselves upon him, but the desperate resistance which he made, added to the frightful agony which ho had just endured, caused him to break a blood | vessel; and in raving delirium the hardened smner s soul wended to its last aooount in the I presence of those whom, in his reckless villany l | ae bad expected *o destroy. Wonder sue.-eeded wonder: and the mystery was soon discovered to be no mystery at all, but the natural iustrumont in the hands of i rovi-^enco to confound the guiltv. As. relaps ing into his former listlessness. Luke was in tently gating on the body of his beloved, sud don.v his heart gave one tremendous throb f "Hush' he exclaimed, with anxious, trcm-1 bling voice; -4 For Heaven's love, bo silent for aa instant! I thought I heard a sound like? ha. there it u again; a g?u?p?a gentle Bob and scarcely audible, but as distinct as thunder within my aoul?there s warmth about her brcaat her eyelids tremble. The Nod of Mer cy be thanked! she lives?she lives'" and Luke sunk ufKn his knees; a copious flood of tear* the first he had ever shed. relieved his over charged fee lings. It waj true?she did live; from lo^e of blood ? only uad she had tainted, and excessive weak- } ness bud thue tar prolonged the insensibility; ' none ot the stabs had reached a vital part, and it was the first effort of nature to resume its suspended functions which had caused tho Wood once more to circulate, just at tho.inatant which so signally established the sruilt of toe intended murderer It only remains for me to say that XLark L>er mott s pre vious bad character prevent ed much sympathy being felt for a fate so weir?de3crvcd. in procesu ot time Luke s devoted* love was well rewarded. Kathleen recovered from the c?e?ts of her wounds, gave bin her hi in.I. and. profiting by the terrible ieesrm which she had rocaived. made an estimable, virtuous and af fectionate wife. I'ecay of rak Asiath.Km-ss.?'? be Friend 1 r.11' y '^e ablest of tho papers in India, some months since had a vury able and eie.^ucnt examination of tho hitherto dominant races throughout the whole of Asia. It showed that all were sinking away from in herent and circumstantial reasons Since then tbe Benpl mutiny, which must e-nd' in givin?? British India completely into thu ha nds of its conquerors. serve* to confirm the iollo win? eon- i elusions of the article referred to: All history shows that indigenous Asiatic races require the direction of a domii.i int rl,us JOdustilous, hardy, and with many of" the qual ities essential iu the development ofoivij illation V"*y !,?<Mn *',8ck ""O'1*1 force. India wis in th*> days Of Aiirungxebc whatjsbe wu- in the days of 1'ara- Ctrtna ft now What she was ath ousand years ag.. Tbe Greek rayahs of Turkey are the Greek peasant was in the days.ofCao lacuzce Their number* do not materially change 'J hey do uot advance, and n?ed I he di recting force of a progressive race. It rei mains tut to speculate oil the races to whom (hit hi rh Junction must I,e assigned They must be.Euro peans, lor .Europeans alone have acouiro- I the necessary superiority in arms. Of Enror. eans the hnglish and Kusjiaus alone display Rapa city for '.he permanent administration of sub ject p copies. Jt ls to I heir hands that we be Jioe Asm is to be entrusted. The advene* of Kasria wiil bechceked by m? humanity and few scruples. That of Kugland may, but the obey.* the irresistible impulse the more therouglly fur hjr occasional recoil. Year by year the two D jwert close in towards each other ; and if the future may bo predicted from the experience-of the past, another century will see this quarter ofthegkbe governed from London. Washington aud ht. 1'otereburg. .i^^.Tbore U a *riB1 an<l ,nou'' nful truth in the following, though we grieve to say it. Very early marriages are not by any moans invaria tly happy ones, though truth Compels us to ad mit that we have knowu some brilliant exuos tions: ^ Kari.v Marri ickk?She stood boside the a.tar when she was but sixteen. She was in love , her destiny rested on a creature as deli cate, and who had kuown as little of the world as herself She looked lovely as she pronounced the vow fhink of a vow from auburn hair, eyes and pouting lips and only sixteen years old ? 'SI? J?y wash tub when her twen ty-fifth birthday arrived. The hair, tbe lips, the eyes were notcalculatod to excite tho heart. l-ivo cross young ?ncs were about the house crying?some breaking thing- and one urnn* the immediate supply of the laoteaj secretion. In despair, she steppedand sat down, and tears treakled down her once plump and ruddy cheek. "Alas' Nancy, early marriages a/-e not tho dodge Better enjoy youth at home, and hold lovers at a prober distance until you have muscle, limb and heart enough to faco a frown ing world and family. If a chap really cares for you be can wait two or three years, mako presents, take you to concerts and so on, until the time comes Karly marriages and early cabbages are tender productions. ' I* Ga.sliout InjiuioLs ?There is a pre judice against gasligh t as being the u?o*t injuri ous form of artificial illumination. As aruunst the proper and well regulated use oif gas this prejudice is esitirely groundless L*t tbeivj can be little doubt that from its ubu** and bad management it is really doing -(,re uiit chief than any other kind of light; its vcrv exee Iten are turned to bad aceuunt, its exU vne cheapness, compared with other mairoe * ot illumination, naturally lend* toils use inei ?es sj *e qua lit i ties, floods of light an> puuredft >rth s > that persons may read aud sew for hour.? U. getber in the remotest corners of the room. The air is boated by the excessive combustion, .anl poisoned by largo quantities of carbonic at dd, which there are no means of removing. Q'he eye is unprotected fpim tbe g!are by screen or shade; extraneous light is freely admitted, which obscures the impression, end strains the nerve of vision, and, in proportion ae the sen sibility of tho eye is impaired, stronger ligh t is used, which gives temporary relief, bat with danger of ultimate and permanent Injury to the sight. On the othor hand, good, well puvi fie i gas. jadiciously controlled in accordance with the hints we have given, is f?erfectly harqt ' I?* ?^slert/lyf^ Amiuicuu. For Rent and Sale. CA^i).?RARE CHANCK.?Twelve large and hiui'lsoine Room*, with Bathrooms, A c.,Ao. Tor rent, fnrmshcd or unfurnished, suitable l'or chambers uii omcws. Will 1,9 rented supeni toiy or ad together. 1 arms reasonable. Those apartments are over our establishment, Pa. avenue, between 9tii and loth street*. WALL, STEPHENS A CU. w 18 1m (Stales) LMJR RK\r<)R LK ASK.?A large and ooiuino * dious duu!>'o ilOl'SK, with Wntur, gas. and lath ro'iin, each huuie., hmi ornamental garden. The house is elegantly fnr;.i? the most central r.nddcsirable location. The riuUM wi.l be leased, with the furniture, lora term ofyoars to a good tenant,. very reasonably. For particulars J to ^ M. ^ A 1.1., of \\ al?, Stephens A Co., U22 I a. avenue, between ath and loth atreeta. n 10-lin ^ 'I t'N new three atory Unck House M. with back building. with bath room, xas, and all the modern conveniences, intuited on E street, be lvwi?ai,d *'h,rtJ streets. Inquire ol J. W. AOUnU.t. tlre?l,lit)twiteii i'hird and Fourand sJ^iL ocN t(_ I^OR K FiNT? A landsomely Furnish*) HOI'SF, ? I No. 44o, northeast corner of || nnd inth streets! containing thirteen rooms, with uas fixtures, mUlim* room, A o. t- or particulars apply on the piemisjs.or address Bon 5H. <Vy Post Office. u tf |/(>R i: ENT.-Prof. 11. ?v. MUNDXR having 1 lit toil up his Haii iti an elegant mannor, which renders it one o| the pimtiest rooms in tins city, will be rental upon moderate terms for Soirees.Suppers, Dinner.?. or Promenade Concerts. Apply at the Halloa I ucsfKy, Wednesday, ami Thursday even ines lr<>m 7J* until o'clock. His School ii now open for tiie reception of rmpila on 1 ttesday and Thursday afternoon and evening, oc 2i tf Pianos, Ac. IVCNNS A CLARKE'S 1 1 find ?r,?-iUIJ:TTIl I>AV|5A CO.-S^f^ CEI.kR RAT b. H PI A NO fOUTES, Constantly receiving and for sale only by JOHN P. F.I.I.IS, ? , , JV'- '>otween<?th and loth an. 1 urn.lasers u 1I1 find it to thair inter**? to examine for themselves the superior qualities of the above llanos. S:.?o!s, Covers, Me!odeoi.g, Ac., Ac., also on lm"d- ; ? ifl-lr f^OLD MRDAL premium U WILLIAM K.N?a'uV"? T0HT"' (Satiior partner tn the late firin of Knabk. Gabhi.k A Co., Continues the manufacture and sale of erand and 8?U\Ve ^ ? FORTES, underMie name _ -rwr?, of vN Knal>e A Co.. at the old stand, Nos. I, 3, 5 and 7 North H:taw street op- nTTn posite the Eutaw House. Baltimore. *? 5.22r?R.v*a*110 j"8t "pecod a new Salea Room at No 2i?7 Baltimore street, between Charles sad Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry Mol.aJTrry aa a mnaio store, where tiiey wil keep constantly on Land ? l*r*e assortment piaic and hiHlily hniahftd Krand and square Fiano Fcrtea also. .Me.odeous, from the Lest makers, from 4 to 6 octave, some with double Key boards, doable reeds, and stops to suit small ohdrchee. Hem* extensively enitaiceJ in the rmanufnotare o rianoe, we will aeli wiiolea&le&nd retail, on the tnoa liberal terms. Our i'lanos were awarded the highest premium (fo.d medal) at th? F aira ol the Maryland Institute tw> successive years-October, 1456, and 1856?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from soins of the I test makers from New York, Boston .tnd Bal timore. We were also awarded the first premium at tke Industrial Exhibition- held in Kioninond, Vir ginia, l|!V> .tn.l l/?h. 'i'liey have niso tieen awarde< th? tnguest premi'im (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nuiia from the moat diauiiguisl.ed profosaora and amateura in the oountry, which can t?p ?oen at our warerooms. speaking for themselvea and other*of tno iiixh appreciation in wlnoii ou/ iiuitruiutfitj &ri e?erj wiiere heW. All inatruinen's are cuaran'.eed for five year*, vid a privilege of exohange is grunted within the first six in >nths from the day of sale if the instrument! do not give euXire satisfiaUon. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advaaUsa to siva us a call before puroliaaing. Piano* oxuiiauged, hired, and tuned, ?narl6-ly W.M. KNABK A CO. Stoves, &c. MC . W O O D XV A R I) ? S ETROPOLIT A N STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. TKt (jTKittit Cooking .^/orej is the United ' Sja$et. I have just received from Plulailelphiaa few of the new Itimsa Star, or double Oven C.mkmg Stove; n dt?? id-d 11:1 provetnent on the old Morning Star; pateuiod i?57. I lu?d turrngot up in Philadel phia thu last summer, exclusively foi this market I hey are very heavy and strong, and cast of the verv best Pennsylvania Malleable Iron. All the Cooking I'tensils are made extra heavy. F. H. I'hurch. Esq., manufanturer. , i have afao. Titk I.imkkty Stab, made by Messrs. A!?c>ott St InuryiKV'ol the Mime pUce. TMk Light STKKhT DouaLK Ovk.n Cook, uiaile by Messrs. Ilnivnn Rartlott A i o.. tn^^tlier with f h? vary I.HKt Aim Tiiiiir Fi at Top Cooking Stoves that can be found in tills or iiuv other market. Home "J which are the celebrated Sixhis*, Impkovhii IJi.obk, Fi.oba Cook, Nobi k Cook. ana the Kii>uk Air T om r Coon. II nny man cun priMltioe a better C-ouking Stove, to excel the aliova Stoves, for roaating. baking, Ac., I will give him {.Vioti each one. Picas*, an.! and examine tliein. it will coat yon nothing, ana vou will see all kinds and sorts of Stoves, Ac. forsaieat C. WOODWARD'S, Mctiopolitan Stove and Ciafe Factory, No.aiaandJV^ Pa.ave., bet. Kui, nn<l llthsta. Balcony in Front full of Stoves. N. 11. As to the Ska Sihj.i. Top Cihikinb Stovk. I have exnmined it thoronghly. and think it lias a very approprmte uame?Siikll. Yes. siielis will burnout ina few fires. It is a good name for I Hem?t<?od for the makers. And as to the old Morn ing Star, 1 sold them last fall, but will not soil them again. They are as thin us pastelH.ard. lotmprove tlint the maPT's a*enl ur*eri ine. for almost a day, Ust siiiiuner in my counting to soil thwiu this Fall: saying thnt if-l would talr? twenty five of thrm he would giveiuo tl.oexulusivea^nucy olthem b.r livM yenu. I told him I would not have tliein at any ?nce, tUey are ao thinly made. They arc liand billt-d ovei town by one th"t said liiat fall tliey were nof worth having. All the above I can prove. ae 11-tf poR M O V N f V K R NON. The1 Steai^Wt THOMAS COLLYER, having Men th' ?ouglil> rep.ured, will make regular trips to Mount Vernon, leav in this eity. every******* rrESDAY and FRIDAY MO R NINO, at 9o'elk. During Ui? intervoning time alio will run regular ti *ipa to Alexandria, aa uaual. ro,tf THOMAS RAKKR.naotaia. \ T1RU1NIA AND DI8TRICT MONEY TAKEN AT PAR BOOTS. 8HGES,\nD TRUNKS, ?. P, HOOVER'S IRON HAI.L BOOT. SHOE AND THINK EST A U LI S1IM E N I', Pitt??yf'?aia arrant, beticttn 9th anJ lui* stt. ?h'1,1 1 h,tve juat returned from the North?at^> Wf II with a splendid assortment of a'lgtHW f I gl kinds of l.iulic-i. Ueut.Minona, Mis ^5*IT 11 ...'*P?aes, Boys', Childrens', aud Servants' KOijT'S and J#HOFS. A>?o, a large stock of TR l'NKS, CARPET BAOS, VALICES ami SA"fl'H f/^, all of which 1 will sell for the above uionsev. Cr.l! early, at 8AM'L. P. HOOVER'S, _???? Iron Hall. / A RETIRED PHYSICIAN, ..... 7* \*ar* af Ate, M WmiiO ?hunu 01 life liave nearly run c?ut, dinoov m while in the East Indies, a certain cure for I ?4?J"umpticin, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cougta, I Colds, and Genoral Debility. The remedy was s discovered by him when his only child, a dsuih .ter, was ki\ en up to die. Ho had heard much of the wonderful restorative and healint qunhtiea ofprea ? rationa made from the East India Hemp, and the thought occurred to hi in that lie might make a ram edy for hia ohi'd. Ha atudied hard and auoceeded in realizing Ina wiahea. Hia child waa cured, and la now alive and well. He has since administered the wonderful remedy to thousands of sufferers in all parts ol the world, and he has never failed in mak ing them completely healthy and happy. Wishing to do as much good as possible, he will send to such of his afflicted fellow bein*s a* request it. this re cipe Willi lull and explicit directions for luakiug It i.p and successfully using it. He requires each ap plicant to enclose him oueshilling?three cents to ? be returned as postage on tno recipe, and (he r muiuder to be applied to the payment of this a vertiscment. Address Dr. H. JAM ES, No. 1 It Grand street. n 14-1m A YE4R !! - I . ? ? , tl.W> A YEAR JI l.usi A V EAR. I rohtaLie aud Houoiable Ein 1,000 A ? EAR. ploy mailt for all ti^es. Paraous 1,000 A YEAR, in town or oountry, in aearch of ^1,1*10 A YEAR, employment as a source of in Al.nOn A YEAR, eome, or to fill up their leisure ?l.onOA YEAH. h'>:tr>, may hear of suoh l?y an 1 ,"oo a YEAH, eloatng tae stamps, to p\r post l.1**1 A VKAR. age. to Professor JAMES T. I non A \ EAR. HORNE, Box No. 4.MI, New .l.'oi A \ KAll. \*ork Pi^t Ofhoe. Tab employ yj5AS' mtnt ia fitted to either aex; st% J r.AR. tion in frfe immaterial. It is an 81.hi A J, J"; A R. artiole of daily consumption,and gl.nno A J EAR. oan Im? ntisnufaatured in the f nu ? vL')&' agent's dweliiug; secure by eti 2 ' i i i! 5' tyight: sa'.e as permanent as S .iwoAi EAR. flour. Anageut ia wanted ia ev Sll.DUO A > EAR, ary town iu the I'nion. nl4-lm A MAGNIFICENT CHURCH ORGAN, I stops, 7 octave the warerooma of 1 W. li. VTKT7.KROTT. UOK AT ELLlS'tt STOCK' OF PIANOS i before purohaaiug elaowUere, a 10 Georgetown Advertnementi, AI.AKUK AS8CRTMENT OF FALL GOODS. At vtry Lore Prittt tJ> (ask Customers. JOHN hTsMOOT, No. 119 South Hip* or Unman Strskt, Georgetown, i). C.. baa received and now offering At very low pncea t(i Oii?}i and prompt oustemers, a iaree assortment of h ALl. AM) WINTER GOODS, purchased in Philadelphia and Mew "Sort at the large raaoul Auotion Suit-?. and from the importei *, at very low prices, whioli will enable him to oilor to purohn.seis, many desirnMe Goods oonsulerald* below their value. In Ibe astortuienl will U> louiid? , Rich Silk Robes and Hayidere Silks Best make of Biack Silke Buyadere Valentias and Valcntia Robea Rich Printed, all wool, Detunes and Robes Sain h plain #oh>i?, ail wm?l, a very aupe rior goods, double width, at 75c. Lcepiu's ana other leaMh French Merinos, of all the lit vat desirable oolors, including U hit? aud Buick Plain Delaine. biaok. white and colored,

3-4 biaok I ruucti Momma.lor Shawls R ioU I nion I'lail Merir.os, at eta, l>u.:Ui Wool do. A" ola. Printed Molialill Delaine*, good sty les, at and 2r> cent* Ho pieooa, lea, KikIhui Prints at 1?H eta. K i?h stvlo Bonnet and Sasti HiMmii.s Plan; color* da., very aheap Velvet R ibla>na and Fringe Trimmings Stella. ISioeha Shawls, in grca' variety Supei double Hi oclia do. Chciiill* and Cashmere Scarfs Bajou'a K nl Gloves,all oolors and Nos. Sack Flannela, all e dors White American, Welch, and ^axony do, Ulack FlomKiBinea and 6 4 Delaines Colors and blaok Cohort Morutoa Black Crape Voiia and English Crapes beat black and brown and white English Prints Long and square Ulack Thibet ai.d Bay State Shawls Ladie* and Children's plaid wooicn Shawls, mail atyles and prices Hosiery of overy dnsnription Ladies Saxony and Meriuo Vests \\ ith a full supply of housekeeping mid domestic Goods, of the best makere. oc9 JcllV H. SMOOT. NOT 1 C E Having been informed that oer tain peraor.s are in the habit of oo!1e<-tiiig and 4Htlieriug together the Hot ties which contain or save Contained our beveiages,and putting therein an arti cle made by others than ??urselvee, and ttien dispos ing of such article en the h and credit ofour name stamped on said Bottles, all persona are hereby notified that anoh Hottles are our own property, and not subject to sale,and that they aredelivered toour customers only to He returned, and that it is our firm intention to prosecute to the utmost exteut of the law, any lnfringment of our rights on the premises. ARNY A SHINN. Unon Bottling Depot, V Green street. sell Georgetown. 1). C. ?l! |?0\rS GUNPOWDER. i am all Mines supplied withall the various kinds of Dl' PONT'S isUN POWDER, aud am prepared to supply the same inaiiy quantity to parties wanting, on the most favorable terms. W. ALBERT KINO, Agent for the District of Columbia. No. 36 11 gh atreet, mat 1J tf Mntel.A.Ktates Georgetown. I). i c. Dentistry, Ac. DR. VILLARD. DENTIST. LATE OF CHI casii, would respeotluiiy inform the cit-^TCa izena of the District and vicinity, that hay ing located himself in Washington, he ia^1' ' r" now prepared to perform &4 operations iu Kia profes sion. in the moat approved sty.e. OtLoe, No.29u, Pean. avenue, adjoining Gautier'a jan>'lv ^|>HE IMPROVED SETS OF TJbETH. M. LOOM 19, M. D., the inventor aid patentee of "/.onmiV MiHrral Plate T'ftk," baving^jK^ sacoeawfully mtroduovd his improvement ni%^i7-i La> various cities, has now permanently estal^?' ' p lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth oonsistsehief It in making a a?( of one p.eoa of inateruii, and tnat indestrnctiMe minemr. No metal is used in their oonatruetion, aud fhey are therefore free from galvanic aot?on and metalic taate. Tnere are no joints to t^oorr.e filled wifti inoiature Or pnrtiofes of f<x>d. henoe they attfttre and titan. Tiu-y are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, nnd nttural in their appearano*. I will give a rewar! o One Thoueond Dollars toanyone who will produce a aimilar work *f art to equal mine in parity, beauty. duiHinlitp, artiatia exoeueuoo or any oUiti requisite qanlity. All work reaponaib'y warranted. ?7b I'enr.a. avenue, between lith and 12th ctreeta ap 13-1 t HENTISTRY. LP DR. STEPHEN DAILY, OrFtC* No. PSNNSTLTA*'* A V Kt C I, Tkrtt doors from Htk Strut. Dr. RAILYbaga leaver inform the poMiothat he oau be seen at a!I hours, at fits office, looatedasaliove. He feel a osaured that au experience of fifteen v ears' practice, with the large nuUibcrof patients.nndgreat variety of difficult casesthat he has treated success fully, will enal>le him t*? surmount any difS?iBlty, saiuntilio or otherwise, relating to the Teeth, if is own experience confirming the opiiuooof man* inon eiiiiiieut >u the profession, and ospHoiaily Drs. Hitrris and J.."ad E. Parmly, haa led lam, long since, to dis card a! mercurial preparations for filling Teeth,also all Enamels, Gutta Percha, IriiHa R, and Ce nient6 for the construction ??( (Unitmuons (iurr. Teeth, and thM Poroeliau. mounted on <;<.ld Plate, la tho only reltabie aubstnnoe that am l?c Worn in the mouth, an w&a most oouo!uai\ely shown by thelaai American Dental Convention. Although lie tlatiori, himself from his Icnf reaj denco and practice iu Waehiiigton, he ia favorably known to his numerous fiionds and patrons, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Keotorof the Cburoii of KpiphaDy of this oily. t Dr. STKrnuN Hstlt: DearSir-I deairctOexpr?fa my esteeiu for you pe. MMttg, and i.iy eonhdenoo in you aa a superior dentist. The operatiot>s executed for mo have been highly satisfaotr.ry. I tl.Ht you mn? receive the pr.lrouage from my fhenas and the public that your skill so well deaervee. Youre verr truly, Washington, Aug, X, l&tt. J. W. F KEN OH. From one of tLooMeet fanna in Halttmoro, Measrf. H?jKga, Cotman A Co. Having employ oil Dr. Stephen Raily, Soigeon Det? tiat.of Washington fllty, to execute for me an im* portant and ditfioult piece of aork, whub he did to my entire satisfaction, aud in view of the fact that on-3 of the most distinguished membersol the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it rives ma great pleasure to express my entire oonCdenoe and hijh estimation of his profeosioaai skill. Baltimora.Jan.lJ, l?CT. HA RM AN N HOGGS, Ex'.raot fromaaotereoeived from tiiolatelioa, Joh> tf. Clayton. ' IT. 9. Skkate, Aug. 19,1856, Th? teoth yotj made for nie %ork admirably ; noth ing oould be baiter. Vary grateniliy, JOHN M.CLAYTON. To those that aa?k relief from the maladies of- tke taeth, 1 can cheerfully reooinmend Dr. S. Baily aa A superior Dentiat; he made a set of porcolian teeth for one of my familv, and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work baa all 3tood well for more than tenyeara. ROHEKT-T. Nl XON, of tho Va. Conf. ef the id. E. Cburoh Soutk. April 19.1MB. We. the undoraigneil, having had ooaoaion to avail oaraelveii of the profesaiooal akill of Dr. S. Haliy, Surgeon Dentist of this oity, or having been oognu ant of his operations on our families ot friends, take piea&ure in cxpreKsing our aduuration of hid artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in which he performs the most delicate and diMicult operation" in Dental Surgery,and we reaped fully re ooinmend him to the oonbdanoe and patronage oi tine publio. ol which wo consider him eminently worthy. TitoKAa L'. WaLtkr, Architoct V. S. Capitol. Tmomai Millkk. M. D.,ol Waalungton, D. C. B. S. HoiiKKa, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. 8. LtrtcoL.i, .M. D.,of Waahington. D. C? Joe. H. U a a ulkt, of Washington, D. C. 6goaa? Walton, Ex-Gwernor of Florida. WALTrt Lgwox, F.x-Myorof Washington* Hinrt Maldwin, U. S. Patent Ollioe, O. C. wicht. Principal Rittenhouae Aeademr, ' leb 2" tf JIM PROVE YOUR EYES-STRENGTHEN 1 and assist them?l>y the PARIS H'TICIAN' ? A \vooisos wl*>, ?C/^ just arrived from Enrope. with his own manufactu red, and alao of a good many other Opttoiana' latest improved SPECTACLES and EYE-GLASSES, which are the PERISCOPIC CONCAVE and CONVEX BRAZILIAN CRYSTAL. DOUBLE FOCUS and POLISH El), which are warranted to improve ANY EVE afleoted with WEAKENING C AT A R ACT or going to it, alao SIIORTSIG HT EDNESS. All peraona that wear or those which need to bee in to wear them will be suitetl at first sight. Those wonderful double-poliahed Glaesea received the very higheat recommendation at the WORLD'S FAIR in PARIS, through their pro ducing a clearing to the eight the beat known till Alao. all etvlea of OPERA, SPY. and MAGNI FYING GLASSES, Compasses, and Microaoopes are for sale at h ia atore, corner of Eighth street and Pennsylvania avenue, or 491 Eighth atreet. Prices very reasonable, the eame aa he had in his eetablish ment in Paris. n9-tf_ f^ASHlONARLE PERFUMERIES, from the best houses, at GIBBS'S, near the corner of 13th street. Pa. ave. n 1ft-1m C2CI8SORS. MIRRORS, POWDER BOXES, ^ Ac., at G| BBS'S Ilair Store, near IStii street, Pa ave.. and at his Salesroom, under Willards'. nl# 3ni ? L7?OK IN AT.McLAl'GHLlN'H.No.W.betweTn ?th and ?th streets, at his larga stoek of new Goods now opening. n 1# Bird cages, wool FNOptmsT and Notions, at MeLAUGHLIN S, , n 18 30, between 8th and ?Wh ete._ ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH,givinc a hjmutiful lustre to the bnger sails, at GIBBS S Heir Store, near 10th street, Pa. gvt. a !? 3tq Watche?, Jewelry, &q. yyATCHES, AM1> FANCY AR ] have on hand some of the l*??t Go! J and Sifrer WATCHES, line Gold J E <A E L K \ . in nets and single pieces, FANflv ARTI CLES. 4 o. C?ii and examine, it *? ' J. ROBINSONS. ?o?'-2m Pa. nr., oppo. Browns' He! el. Baltimore, Washington, and vm? sin in Dank Notes taken at par for a'! kind* of ricto and laihiinrnMs fi(H.P JK\VKI.K \ . fit* li U I. 1) fcii.l SI L V E It WATCH LS, GOLD CHAINS. SEALS. KKY3. LOCKETS, ami ali uthcr choice good*, f<w ft few da?s. I Imva jeu received a tino assortment of rev Goods, whioh I am prepared to sell at Very low P Pluaifl^a!! at JJ8 Peur. avenue, sir.n of the large Spread Rattle. _ ?> tf m. ci. nix > i*. C* LOCKS!-CLOCKS!!?CLOCK*!!! \y CLOCKS!?CLOCKS!! CLOCKS'.! A food IIASS CLOCK lor %>. Every style of Clocpsat J. ROBLVO.VS. A tin, Clock Materials, inch as Ka>?. Ralls. Wir?l, Oils, Hauls. A o. Clock? to i lie trndo at wholesale prices. Call and examine, at J. ROBINSON'S. oc!V> ?rr. 349 Pa. nr.. oi>p.i. Browns* Hotel. Vocal and Instrnmental Music. \|K.W. HENK V PALM KK'S PlAM>FOKl K 1*1 CLASSESaredailyaddragnow members Per sor.s desirous of availiuc themselves of Mr. PaI.m ih'? crriofp are rcquestod to enroll their name* as earlv as possible. This CUas system is more advantageous lor the advancement of Children, than nay other s>stem of instruction. It is equally advantageous for the perfecting oi the most brilliant performers. Trrxs in Advanck. Primary Class $5 per quarter. Advance Classes | A10 All applications to be made to Mr. W. II. PALMER,at his residorce. *H> F street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. Iff Georgetown Classes meet every MnndayanJ Thursday at 1* o'clock, at Miss Harrovoi's George town Female Seminary. se 24 tf OR MAL MlL'SJC SCHOOL. C. L. IRVING will open a Music School for La dies and Gentlemen, at Temperance Hall, on E ?troet. between 9ti. aud l?th, on Monday afternoon. November 2d. at 4 o'clock. The obieot of this Softool is to make ladies and gentlemea thoroughly acquainted with Musio from the Elementary principles to Composition and Har mony. Classes will he formed for the afternoon and even ing of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 4 <?'clock and 7. The Georgetown Class meet*at Mies Ilsrrover's Seminary on thwafternoonsof Tuesday a and Thurs days, at 4 o'clock. Terms?Per quarter. 71 iessons. in ciasa pri vate instruction ?Vocal, Piano, or Organ. Application may be made to Mr. Iavi\?at the Hall at the timealtovM named,at Ellis's Music Store, or though the Post Ofhoe. o?24?tDecl M MUSICAL CARD. R.GEORGE M. A KTH Kegs leave to anoounoe to hia (rieuds of Washington, Georgetown, and Alexardria, that he is new prepared Id furnish MUSIC for Bai.s, Prirate i'ar'ies. an< Soirees. From or,e to any ruml>er of Musicians to l<e had at the shortest notice. Orders ean be left at the Musical Depots of John F. Kills or W. it. Metaerott, or at his residence, evruer Ctli aud U streets. Navy Yard. oeJi-iiu* PROliRESS IN TIIK FINE ARTS. Paistin? and Protogbapuv Coxbimc. PHOTOORAP tTTC PORTRAITS, In Oil Colore, on Canvas, MtNlATCEK OR SlXX or LlfB. S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY, Odeou uall,earner Ok at. acd Feniiiyivania avenae, 9. WALKER lias fitted up the above spaoiou npartments at a r*rr great outlay of capita!, thereby landerine nis establishment one of the most com plete and tiandeome in the whole country. He has a large frallery for fr*e tThrbitioa of upward of ><0 tee Ojl Paintings, by some of the t>eet aueient and modern masters, to which he la'ends to add fresh impttftfitjone. S. WaLskr MM also fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments i<?r ladies, and purchas.--.! the finewt possible tnslru nieiits, and esgaged a brat clnss operative artist to &?Mis:.him in the tlepartment Jor tnkmz a! kirxlsof PHCTOGRAPHIC. A M BROTVPK AND PA G l! F-K RF.OTYFK PORTRAITS, from the smallfit tniniatun tj size of lift. S. Walexr. l>y oe; the Photofrtphio Pro oes? wi'U ibe a^i of Painting, of which he haa nad 25 year*' experience and whose specimens of life f\ ze portruit* may t?e seen in some of the tirht latni lieu the city, as well as thoee exhibited in his Gallery, he will be able, by the combination of the t vo, u> proiliioe poruutk that have never been ex celled for their fidelity and life-like expression. Can vas and txiards prepared U? himself expieeAl> for tiie purpose. Particular attention faid to the paiptir/r of Por traitn. Miniature or ufb-Mae, lr? ui small pictures of Jti ? (ivef/rti a<it. Ph<?t>v'aphs tak<T. from oorpaes, or tti^k persons tak"n at thnr own t^siceiioee. on iiiiiii*?Uiii? nonce. Committees and. o>.sa?<s (".ken hi ai.t number in an? quantity id uopieslrom tlie same sold at re:iSonnble cliarjea. Liken, area painted on Copper for Tmrh S'on^s. Vslu-Uue Oii Pnintiiigs, aud ONI Family Portrnits. twiel'ully liack lined and restored to their ori?ma! Ireshuese. Ijiitioh aud gentleman are respectfully solicited i on'f at the GaMnrv, ovur SHlllnvlon's l?v>k nfore? .IMaluilf -? -1 t<? ? oapim'Kion shoos nrore? eutraaoe 4>? street, two doors ftoni Poaney ivama ?re^ue^ W 11 ?Crr L7IRG1MA AND OTHER PAPER MoNI V f TAKEN AT PAK! CI.OTH1NH ' ~CI.OTHlNti ' -CLOTHINd ! ( UKA I* FOR CASH. MONEY SAVED AM) FAIR DEALING, At X.V PlfKNSVI VAJCIA Avkwl, bftirrtH^th nndWih sts.,mt tU? *? 'Jail /f?SM.n Jtut openod. a large stock of READY MADE CI .< ITHI N?>, at the following low prines : We can olier greater l?rgnins in Llotineg than can be o!>tniu>*d elsewherii iu tius city. Owing to our buildiii^, we did not lay in our stool; ns others did. aud we bought at gieat sicrilicvs, owing to the ? tateof the market. Heavy %V inter <Kero.*ts..^. #4 Wlo $10 Heavy Body Coats. Sftii to HI tm Bl?tck Cloth Coats 7 30 to Winter liuud Ca*?imere Pan's t 50 to V< Winter linod Caaaiuicre ^'ests,dou ble breasted.T7^.. 1 2.5 l" ' IX ft 00 to ? nc a eo s no 2 flu ys Oreronats - 8 7Sto Joys Jackets 1 VI to Yoolen Pai.ts I 26 to . Having one of the largest ai.d finest assortments of CLOTHS and cahsimeref in this oity. we are prepared to make Clothing to order at the short - ost aotice. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., nl %? loth sts. The secret infirmities of youth AND M ATl'rit ?, Just Published. Gratir, tkt Hlk Thousand. A few wor-lg of the Rational Treatment, withoat Mtdioine, of Spermatorrhea or Looai mmg Tm\ Weakness. Nocturiutl Fiiiissions, jlmlal Genital, and Nervous Debility. Pre mature D. oay of the System. Impo-I, tency.and Impediments to Matrtage generally, by H. ha LANKY. M. D. Tke important fact that the many alarming o? rn plaints. originating in the imprudence and solitude of youth, tuav l>eeat,iiy removed witliout Medicine, is in this small tract, cearly demonstrated ; and the eotireiy new and bighlv successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, bv means of which everr one is enabled to cure Himself perfectly and at the least poaeible cost, thereby aveidin* all the advertited rcstruirie of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remittm^twe^ustag^e stamps ?ett-d&wtf 17 Lispenanl street. ork. rpEN PER CUNT. IN VESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa, pajiiig 19 per cent, interest by Coupon in New York. B onds of S.fio each. The growing city of I)nvenp?>rt has now aliout 20,000 inhabitants, and is rapidly increasing in wtra'th aad population. Its municipal dol?t is only $lc4),wu, and its railnnd debt only aiwl cannot now be increased. Tlie f?"?i?u?u iu me inieni gencer or the 3j?th September. We reoominend these bonds, be'ieriug thtra to bo as safe as any State or city bonds. oo? CHUBB BROTHERS. A BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD-CASE lRo\ frame Piaoolorte. used one year in a oaretiil family, of Hallet. Davis A Co.. Boston, renowntd manufacturers, wiU be sold at a great I?rgain, for oasft or credit, at our great Pym^Fm^on^ny ^ oo 22 Pa. ave . I>et. ?th and Wth sts. Herberts horse and nonsFMan ?H| p of the United S4atea and Hnti?h Provis oes, in two large roluines. numerously illustrated, now complete; price . Sulwcriptions revived for 'he pnWishers Il.y u 7 r K 4t\( K I W LOR. MPSTANG GRAY, a new the Hon* Jeremiah Clemens ; ?!. Mrs. Hale's Heoeipts for the Million, ooutatning 4.544 Rnm-i ?rss ti ?. . ? Mrs. Uale's New Cook U<M>k ;AI. n 16_ FRAVCK TAYLOR. VIOLINS,FLUTES. ACCOR DRONS MI 8IC r As., at KLL1S K, 9W. between ?tii aad let! streets una B 10 If jMHRELLAf, CARD CASKS, POKTFMti naies, Paper, Pens, Chf?s, IVtmtnoea. Dofs, Kngrarmgs.M , lleLAIJGHLIN'8, Dw , ^i between ath aud tfth tt?. aoommission of M ornt. * tx allowed Dancing. j) A N C 1 Mi A C A D k ti Y " M'- T. F. GA8ZYN?KI as<i DAI'(;n*rc*? the honor to anuounoe ta the l.adiee aaJ\TJL SLV* tiemen of W ail, ?,r(.n and (ieorg?*owr inL w . r? in" Classes f<H U??r,,?^ /& >V?,hii^,,,ll o" Frida,. the ?th ..f Oetob?. 1TM r^'^tT P'""1 : 1 ' >i u! 'lYvTaiKl *P|?iioatu?n oan I* Mj. : ? J ? M 1* Atu 514 SEVKMTH STREET flj ? TOBIAS, **1* O P T I CI A JV <>*io? Beoond Mory. three d<i?e? from a . . ""d I- ki t.owa' IIall ?r?Tt v-!;, {*'?f00?K*? Mio/..soop?. n.lCy^Cil 5r7^;:;u , lament t, Nat,..?,, IntXcJSii. ?i 'J'k*timo*iai a. ??!D ? Tin* .. Softemtiar 7 hm ? "R. I 110 SpOOUCi**# J ? ?|| IHfUil* fur rt>? ..... T.-r, well, and seem to ha*T?p7?3S LSS. ?iore than \uj other 1 have lately tn??d J.ITT. \V. TAZEWELI IIhave tried * Mir of Speetables obtained fro?, ki V }?*>??. and find them of groat aaa.stauoTT, *i*li..aiid Oorrospondina aim hi* description of the* ? 1 r??.i,,n.*ad h..n a. a .kitful .!? !? ? hW hknkv a. <vibk. ?, . , PKT*Bi*ra?. Oetohei *i , igss ik4!^u' &v? years ago. I otftamed from Mr. Totnae wh.\i i * i"0, *.P*U Ulaaaeo (or the spec taoloa u,e<*- a'"' found them of great aa*iatar>oe to ?By daoayiar Tiaioo; and mf op ni<? of him la taat h? 'J?kiIUui in the preparation of UlaJ?ii f?.Tj? ! not too far gone to be benefitted by auch aid jTp. MAV. ? Lr^rnBtsa, November 7.;r*i From an examination of Mr. Tot.-ae* Gasses/sid ??? J" observations and remarks, am oo.viLlSd ? that ue ta a *> infal optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. u . . .. Ltnctibcbo, November 10. IK*. .Mr. John Tobias, having furnished n,e with G,as hlt'.nI T,!ir^21 ? ,l!?%n ???y navin* autfered greatly from reading at niiht in iu earlier life.) it afforda me the htgheet p'eaaure ti aay that I oonaid^r him a akiHfWt praetioal oetiai&i, *i.d we.I prepared to aid tboae who may ne?d kla' profeaaiouai aervieea. WM. ?. R<?t Z!K, kider of the Methodiet Conf?ron<K. .? WiLjiisorosi, N.C.. Juner, tb&i. .VR. j.Tobiai?Urnr 5it : I am happy toaay that tha S*p?>et?el*a which 1 obtained from you laat week are entirely 8at:afNetorr. From an inequality in the \ia?ial range of my eyea, I have heretofore frond creat difficulty in getting g.aaaea of the proper f ?oa. dia taneet. It allords me pleasure to atate, that br the aid of your optometer thia diftcaltT haa l-eer haaen* ^'V'gle*1, an that the Glaaaea you iurmaiied me ate ever t* ed adapted to my e> es of any I have Very reapeetfully yonra, R. B. DRANE. Rectoref 8t. Jamaa' Parrsh. Having !?en induced Iit a friend to viait the eatak IiatiUitint of Mr.Tobiaa lor the purpeae of tryinr hit glaaaea I waa furniahe?l with a pan alightly eo>red olue,.whice have atiorded ine more relief and aratoft. oation than any I have ever tn*d. My aight. orirm ah* very go<X. waa injured by writing and reading at n'fht, frequently to a very late hour : but WiU tke aid of theae glaaxea I can etudv a.'moet aa .ate aa ever, and that too without the pai'n I have irrvuMi ly auflured. JOHN WILSON^ Dec II !h!s4? Cora,r'1M'on**r I>*nd o4ee. 1 have uaed Mr. Tobiaa'a Hpectac.ea for threo or four montha, and take great pieaa'ure in aavina ? ,?l ln??*> H?*?ed with them. I have boen muoh tko' '? ^akbTb^h. I wai! reoonimended to Mr. John Tobiaa aa a aki fill ?>pti?ian ; and aa I have e*ea of renuirkab'e peeulian ty. I waa gratified to fcnu that Mr. Tobiaa aeemed to comprehend them by tnapee'ioo and aome aUakt measurement. and he haa made me anair of 9pe^a JuIjTi "law."* 'r*,rfy' a-W-tlEE % ... - . , \Vabiii*cto?, Aug.!.. *55. Ha. inc been for yeara under the neooaait* of hav f.T/'i?f F?nefor uae in dayligtit. and oea lor lamp-light?I procured one aet from Mr. Tofcia. wnioh au*wored both putponea. 1 have uaed hia fr?r severa. inotitna, and bud theni exoel'ent. edwah dst? brs. Of l>erertment of Stale. Mr. J. Toktaa. Sir: The pair of ^peot-icloa tou lurniKiicd me > eaterda) are particularly aatialautory to me. Thny are vory decidedly the l?at I poafeea. ani, 1 ani the owner of eight or nine patre enrMfoU* aeitctcd in di!!?rent ptaoea and'from opticiaua i?c ommendwd to me on aocount Of their pr..refcsir>irf?! a landing in I- ranee. I.ngland. and the Fiiiu?d State*. 1 have been also pieaaed with your rvmotke and di rcctiona on the treatment of ttie eyea, foi 4k? p?r p<.je of preaerving aud improv ing the airkt Reapectfuily youra. CIIH. CAI.I)\VK|,| ? Profeeaor of M. C.. I.ouiaviile Kf. Brooklyn OBTiiopasixc, . ? . , . April. 1H54. A ner moat careful esaie nntion ot Mr. J. fobiaa'a t.ih??.-^ 1 mid enahted to tear.fy t?.at their haidneea. c ^arncat. poliskifig, aud esaot i.rt:cal eh ipe rot dcr tlieni patiiAulartj teooi' to ti ?>??, wuuac Merely optioa! impairment of the eyes are m wn.i ..f ?a<*nauxiliaricMi. I Hioroover, Mr.l'olnaa fuHv wuAiiuetl to deteriiiuiv Ui^ fooua <*l the eye.boUi by Ins o/.tica! knowledge and oxr>Aritm<v), and t? ine.-.n* of |. t '.ptomoter. la afldifma. I een further at that Mr. I ohiae tiaa aupplied e<?m^ t>f my pa tient* v ith (lutaae*, to their and in* aatiaf.^H i.m' 1.KWIP lUI'h'K. M. I?? Pliy?cian an.I ^orroon, BoHib: Member of tke r'A^ t.?1 ?."ISurf?*'nJH Fmtimtitii Membw or tfic Medioal Sooiely of London. :i of the Pathological Soviet* of New \ ork; ifcte S?r aoonol the Royal Ortbopaidio lualjtution M??.<-h?-*rer. Knt iii<l, and 9ur??ou of lit* u. <?. luatitutioB. , .. Noarof?, V*., Jnly rt, IS5-4. In (h? ext>erienoeof ??rf.ti two year*. I ive f. nt d great diificullt in obtaining Spectacle* that w*?i?j ri actly a?1.ipt^f to the wenKneea ofmraight. Thi?ir oonveoi?n< o Mr. I'obiaa aeetrix to kiva riicoYwl ^or the pivetml by tbe subalitution foi iue of butter and more suitable Glnsaea. They arc clear. chri stalWike and oomfortaMe to my e>ea. 1 would comment luni to thoeo what from are or other infirmity itauireai Uhoml a:?l hi thie way. J.J. SIM KIN?, M. I?. Wii Misoros. N.?:? June ??. IKfc. I o persona who have had the airht ofth*ireye? ui impaired aa t* require thei'ae ofu.'aaaea. I WoulJ reooiumend Mr. John Tobian an a suitable per?*? Ifi'in wimm to obtain ench filaanea aa rhe? may rc umrc na h^ ha# anired me with a pair of 4p??c?acle* for a far ard near sight. M v *i?ht haa been impiurod very much by a service of years in the Post Ofboe Department, which t?ertb reqnired me to lie on dut? from 11 o'clock at mcht till after day. daring whioh time I uaed but one 'lght. \V. A. W A f.KUR. IlKPARTkKM or (XTKXtoit. Maj 3, IR5A. rrom natural ilefrct* ami the unequal rnnte ol iur e? es. I have been compelled to nao (tna*ca lor seve ral yeara. I have tued dillerent optician* without obtaining giaa^c* pe^ otly fitted ta my eves. Four ?nontha eince Mr. T?ibiaa made two paira' eapecia''y fur me. which I have found to serve me perfectly By tne use of his optometer he is enabled to adapt pusses moat minutely to the eve. I mod eheerM Iy recoiniaeiwi Mr. Totuas to all hav ins rwcaaion to Uk<s giaacti, and bear m? testimony as to l is skill as an opUcian. HFNR Y K. BALDWIN. ** 3> Abs t Sea'y tosicn land \Varranii. \TEW GROCERY. WINK, AND LIOl'OR STORK. Tha subacribcr bog* to tsforiuLi* friends aud tue rutlie, that he ha*opened a NeSy STORE, oorner of I?th street and Lomaiana avorwe. wberche in tends to keep constantly t,u band n larre and varied anaortment of Foreign aiid Domestic \Y IN I < 1 I QlORS, ClflARf, aid FINE U K?Ilk 12 S. o..n*i6'..?eof Fine Teaa, Sugar. IV.flce. Floar Olives, Raisins, Figs, ttaidiiiti, Anoliovits, Otaid, Marrett & Co., Piuat 1 Co.. Uinl Col. Chabard B Brandies tn macs, deinilojir.', and oa*ka. Old Ja imuoa Hum. sliorrie*, Mlimi, I'ortof varioHa do scriptlona, St. Julien Clarut, Cbateeux >Ii.rcaux id oases, Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruits. Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Anmsette, Slsrasehmo, Curaooa, Al*ynthe, t*hainpagn<4, and a iar^e and varied de scription of HaMuA Cigsra. AI*o, Stonghton Bittern, and Fever tnd Atoa Bitters. Porter, Ale.and Cider. Families are particularly invited tooallar.d exam ine the stook l?efore purchasing elaewhere. Mens Iters of Concress are aJao inforatod that tlieir ordsrs will l>e promptly attended to. and de.iveiedat ihetr residences at the shortest notioe. A Ken^r&i &6^oritn(;Ltt of fiiiO Hivain C|ctri, in ported direct by tke subsoriber. at wholesale aud . e laij Canal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and pritouoe taken tp exohange. Levy's Old Whiskey , constant y on hanj of Idtu Country orders punctually attended to. and ooun try produoe of aj description* received oa o<.?uai?u metit. JONAS P. Fl VV French books. Scnf>o?Instonettes et Provorbcs. 90 oents Fromenttn? I'n F.le Dans le Sahara: ? eta. Karr-Prt>memdeelhors de Mon Jardm; ?ets. Dumaa F.U-U Dame A us Camaiiaa; ? ets. Feval?I^e Tner de Tigroa; *.> < ta. Reyband?Jerome Patnr??t: ? cte. B*>uvestre?Soenes de a Via laume; Suota. Souvestre?Dans ta Pramr; cts. Roassean?Les Ccnfrseiou.2 sols., illastratci; % aents. Rousseau?La Nonvella IIe)?iee,2rolcmes, iPnt tratod : 7oeents. \ astaire?Diettonnaire Philoe?'phi*Be. S vol*., kIiis trated ; ft 1.74. De la Legislation Mmerale !V>us L'Anmeniie Mon archic. par E. L. Klenry; $ 1.75. De la Repuhfiqua des Etaie t nis, par M. De L* Gracene; 7Aots. Etades Diplomatiqres, par l<e \ loorate Henry do Bonaeval: *2.7*. Histoire du Consuat et de L Empire, par M. A. Thiers, vo.uiae 11; 4L26. Imported by OJ n 14 . FRAXCg TAYLOR. A PIANO for d?7. eno for #7S, and ooe for f iwu. J\ turaaleor hire Mpon terats. Must he tak? a at oaoe from the store iw Bake rooai fur others. 70HN fTELI?|v, oea M Pa. *?*.,sear oorusr Vti. |t,