Newspaper of Evening Star, November 25, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 25, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY.. Xorembfr *23, 1MT, sruuror the MottrtiMG phess The Vmton announces officially the prasent atioa to the President, yesterday, of Senor Don Napoleon E.valante and Senor Don L.uis Moli na, Envoys Extraordinary and Minister* Plen ipotentiary from tie Republic of Costa Rica to the Government of the Unrttd State#. The Union also compliment* the New York Tribunt upon the boldness with which it states its positions, and use* it to brush away the cobwebs of quibbles against the action of the late Kansas Convention, which a few disaffect ed Democratic journals hare woven, saying, with convincing force: Some of our Democratic cotemporaries seem to har* k?rome befogged in trying to And out why the late Kansas convention failed to submit their entire work to the judgment of the people of Kansas. The Tribune clears away the fog, and given a conclusive answer. It ?aya: "The men wbo got up this bogus constitution knew perfectly well that the people of Kansas scouted their pretence of antbority to frame a constitution for them, and would vo<e down that which they have made, if allowed to do so; so they .will not let them vote on it at all! Does any man believe that they would have shackled the people in this way if tbev had not absolutely known that the peop!e'would reject their constitution if they were allowed a chance to do so?" Here we have the whole sukv told and the whole mysery explained. "The men who got up this bogus constitution," Ac.?that is to say, the Tribune regards the late convention as an il legal and unauthorized body of men, who had no right to make any sort of constitution Hence it denounces the constitution as a bogus affair, and so it would have denounced any constitution that the convention might have nmd? but the Tri bune proceeds to add that the members of the convention knew that the people of Kansas (mean ing thereby the advocates nf the Topeka consti tution) mouted their pretence of authority to frame a constitution for them, and that the mem bers of the convention kn walso that the Topeka altolitkMiists would vote down the constitution made. If the convention knew these things, it would have been woise than a farce to submit th*-constitution for the mere purpose of having it voted down?u??t vo^ed down, In- it observed, because its provision* w<e not good. but be cause it Wa?, in their estimation, a Ihvjus aflair, gotter np by ni-*n unauthorized to make any con stitution The convention knew that they were acting in pursuance of the legal authority of the Territory, and that it wa? their duty to inake a constitution : but if they knew, too, th;it there was a factious opposition to the convention which would cause the rejection of their work, however well done, they were excusable for refusing to yieid to that factions spirit. They did enough when they agreed to submit the only part of their work about which the popular mind was agitated and divided. We think., tineiefo e, the Tribune fur nish*;* a conclusive answer to the objection that the convention failed to submit anv other than the slavery clause cf the constitution to the sacri fice of the Topeka factionfsts The InMhgenrtr also Jiscusscs the action of the Kansas convention, insisting that the failure to submit the whole constitution to the people of the Territory, was wrong undor any combination or complication of circumstances whatever. That journal olao quotes various Northern Democratic journals against that ac tion, half of which have admitted, in articles published subsequent to those quoted to-day by our respected friends, have changed their positions on the subject, the later information received by them having opened their eyes to the fact that their original views in the premi ses were based on tbe usual bogus intelligence from Kansas furnished by Republican party writers fl r The Canadian ministry have all resigned, and the Hon. John McDonald is charged with the duty of forming a new one. fi~^ From J. tihilllngton, Odeoa Building, We have Frank Leslie's New Family Magazine, for December* with its usual variety of illustra ted matter. The steamboat ha?-.ds on the levee iu New Orleans are d? lnaading eii"a m^nth for lu*?;r la bor. Employers art-paring 25 cents a hour for loading and unlading freights the e IJ~F" The New Yo k Evening Posi regards the Inane !al news fiotn England as ;sUitiing.'' It predicts tue suspension of the Bank of England, under the wild ??terror*'" that now prevail among the people there. The straits of Murkinv are blocked up With ice. aad navigation i* about closing The ?chooser Seaman is supposed to have been lost In tbe recent storm oo Lake Superior, with all ou board. ? ^ UjT The ??lacal" of the Chicago Times heads a case of distress, ".Life a Burden without Bread." Apparently, It is aburden not long to be borne, under the circumstance* Fso* St. Dojcix-io.--Advice* from St. Do wilago, received at New York, state that the par ttzans of Biezare still holding Samaria, and we.* well provisioned and prepared for a long siege An additional force was about to be dispatehcd against tbem. JET From J Sbillington we have No. 2 of the Atlantic Monthly, mak'.ng a beautiful typograph ical appearance, and containing some capital reading?say, for Instance Holme*' "Autocrat of tbe Break fast-table" continued?but Is disfigured by another of Parke Uodwin's crazy ebullitions upon slavery. ft r Advices front East Ha. bo., Turks Islands, to the list ult.j sty If vessels do not arrive soon with prov.*iou? we shall see a famine, as there is not more than two weeks* provision on the is land. There Is but little water to be obtained There is more salt now at this harbor thaa has been known for several seasons. F~f The people of Richmond a.e greatly in terested in the landing and removal to Capitol Square of Crawford's eque*t;ian statue of Wash ington It wits proposed to d ag it through the afreets by citizen-power, but tbe commissioners of tbe monument have d'tided I oat it is safer to use horses. The :ttd or Fehuary next Is to be the "inauguialion day.'' senator Huntar bos beeu appointed Orator, and Hon. Win. C. Rives al ternate. Messrs. J. Baon Hope, and John R. Thompson are to prepare the initial and terminal odes, the arrangwuieuts tube determined between themselves. Th* Cheat Railboad CklkbratU'X or 1357, which was tbe subject of the series of original descriptive letters published In the Star in the course of last June, it appears, has b?-en made also the subject of a very Interesting work, of much of which our friend W in Piestcott Smith, Esq . is the author, and of the rest the compiler. Besides bt-ing fam'fus as a practical railroad au per inter.dent, Mr Smith i* an astronomer and historiographer, and, withal, a gentleman of highly cnltivated literary tastes. So we expect a book of great Interest, indeed, from under his hand. Tbe Baltimore Patriot says of hi* enterprise : RaIlioad Cjllkbbatioss ?Messrs. Apple ton. of New Yoik. luve in press, and will issue very shortly, a new ai d interesting volume, contain ing some 4i*> pages, with sundry illustrations, entitled ? ? The |liM,k of the fjr? at Railway Cele bratious of 1^57;" embracing histories ami de. at rip?ion? of the several toads between Baltimore and Si Louis It will also contain a full list of the name* of the guests invited by the Ohio and Mis*iss;ppi, Baltimore and Ohio, Ma.ietta and Cincinnati, aad other roads, with a gieat variety of inatteis i f ^ei.eial interest, fb-imng a work of peculiar value to the great railroad community of the country, and of inu< h interest to af) readers We lea: n tint, in order to d* f'ay the cost of pub lication a Inn ttd Bunilierof copies w,ll i,e la*u> d for gene/al disposal, after supplying the o.ders j of the i ail road our- '.:?*s Pne pi ice of the work ' will uc: exceed e "??? per copy, wi ll bound, and the pi.loi'- his in lUe churactc: ? f its chief con.- j filler (i.rd "sto^.d'o be Mr. \\ Prescott Riiiitb, he ene ^?-t;? ? **:?tanf in a? Icr of transportation uf the Baltimore .:;.d Ohio Railioad) a guarantee that it is no catch-peanf, huiworihyot public I favor. We are further :ufu. iued that the form com lug wo k will contain lull ai.d oiginsl ac counts of the various banq uets given oo the In teresting eccasiooa referred to. In which are em braced complete repo.ts of many of the best apeecb??s delivered by some ?if the most dlstln-7 guisbed men of tbe country, togetbei with mwt^ other Highly Instructive and Interesting matter, Which cannot fall to uiakc it ou? of the most ret.d ?hie works of the season WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Governor Walker.?We learn that Gov ernor Robert J. Walker ia looked for positively to reach this city by the train from the Weat to arrive this afternoon. * * -- Tuanksgiving Dat ?TtHnorro# being the day set apart by our Municipal Councils for a general Thank sgivjog, to enable our little army of assistants and eflifuoyeee to participate in its i religious services and sobsequont festivities, the issue of the Star will be suspended for the day. ? The various Government offices in this city, we learn, will also remain closed throughout the day. according to eustom. Tns District Code .?We have heard it al. leged in various quarters thnt the Revised Coda revives imprisonment for debt. This is simply sheer nonsense. The report has been gotten up to humbug and bambooxle such per sons as have not read the provisions of the Code. In this respect the Codo speaks for itself, and we invite the unprejudiced judg ment of onr readers to an examination of the subject. After a careful reading of the pro visions relating to this subjeot, we Cnd the whole matter to be as follows : In no case is any person held to bail before judgment. Even if a debt be fraudulently con tracted, the party making it cannot be held to bail. In this respect the Code is far more len ient than nineteen-twentieths of the laws 4t the various State* of the Union. We think we are safe in stating that a very largo majority of the States allow a party to be held to bail (and of courso imprisoned for want of bail) in cases of fraud, even before judgment. This the Code does not do. It requires in every case that a party should establish the justice of his claim by prosecuting it to judg ment. No arrest of any kind, and no holding to bail before judgment, is allowed in any case. When, however, a judgment is obtained, an execution against the property of the judgment debtor is allowed to be issued. If upon this execution, a return of no goods be made, ihe judgment creditor is not even then allowed to issue an execution against the body of the debtor. If, however, the facts of the case support him, he is allowed to file an affidavit, charging the debter with '?fraudulently concealing, remov ing. conveying, or transferring his property subject to execution, with intent to defraud and delay the plaintiff, or charging that tho debtor has money, rights, credits or effects, with which the judgment, or some part thereof, might be paid, and which he fraudulently withholds or conceals, with a vittr to delay or defraud the creditor." If this oath is taken wantonly, or is cot eupported ly probable cause, it is perjury, and therefore will not be apt to be taken except for good reason. But this affidavit even, will not imprison the debtor The Clerk is required by the provisions of the Lu lo to - issue a notice requiring the debtor to appear at the vert term of tf,t eottrt and show why execution should not issue against him. When the debtor appears, or even if he does not appear, the matters charged in the aCidavit are tried before a jury, and the ques tion Is submitted to that jury whether the party has committed the fraud charged in the affi davit. In other words, a jury is to determine whe ther the debtor has fraudulently concealed, rsmoved. Ao . his property vtth intent to de fraud the creditor. If tho jury find that the debtor has fraudulently concealed, removed. Ac his property, with intent to defraud the creator, even then there is no imprisonment if the debtor will deliver up the property which the jury has found he has fraudulently con cjaled, removed. Ac. If be will not deliver it up hi is then )>unished for the fraud by im prisonment. And so he ought to be. If twelve men. whom he has the privilege of challenging, say he has committed a fraud, and which fraud he has the power to rectify, if he refuses to rec tify it. every honest mind will say he ought to be punished. The jury is required by the pro visions of the Code to find even something than that the debtor has committed a fraud. They are obliged to j-etnrn in their verdict tlu particular and specific property which the debtor has ooncoaJed, itmoved. Ac., fraudulently 'ihat is required in order to ? n.'iblo the deb lor to dischargo himsolf by de livering it up. W e have thus gone over the eutire law relat ing to this matter. \\ e have duno to with great particularity. Any person who has a copy of the C?*le, can, by refertnoe to pages ? 91 and 39U, see whether wc havo quotod the law correctly or not. i'or tho benefit of such as do not have f oopy of ihe Code, we quote all the law relating to that subjcct, as follows: S?-c. S2 Before any execution J>ball he issued upon any judgment against the hod v of the exe rtion debtor, the plaintiff shall file witb the cl*:|i an affidavit,charnirig the debtor with fraud ulently concealing, removing, conveying,or trans ferring his propeity subject to execution, witb intent to defiaud and delay theplaintitt,or charm ing that tbe debtor has money, right*, credits,or eflVcts. with which tbe judgment, or some part ihereof, might be paid, and which be fraudu lently withholds, or conceals, with a view to de lay or defraud the creditor. Sec. 53. The affidavit need not designate ape cltically any property, moneys, or ettects, fraud uiently removed, traunferrwl, concealed, convey* ed, or withheld by the debtor, but the fury or cou"t, in determining the matters in 1s?ue be tween the parties, If the finding ?e for the cred itor, sball designate, in the finding, the moneys effects, propeity, debt or things in action subject to ?xecutioii, which have been thus removed, concealed, transferred, conveyed, or withheld! and th?* value thereof Sec 51. I'pon the filing of the affidavit, the clerk shall I??ue a notice m;u|iipg the debtor to appear at the next term of tLe and "Imyr cause why such execution should nwt |MU? .igainst him After ten days' notice, or after the return of two notices of "net found," the court shall hear and determine the matters and things contained in the affidavit Sec 55 It the debtor sball fail to appear and show cause, the court may hear and determine 'be same in the absence of the debtor or a iiiry for that purpose may be einpanueled," if desired by 'he creditor. Sec 56 If the debtor appear, and plead to the affidavit any sufficient matter to bar the issuing of tbe execution, and an Issue he taken thereon the sams may l>c tried by the court, or a jury, as in other cases. Sec. 57. 11 the issue ho determined against the debtor. the court, unlet* good cause he shown, *hall forthwith order an execution agaiust hi* body, subject to the rules and restrictions of the two next succeeding sections Sec & If the debtor shall surrender such mo neys. effect*, piupi'ily or things in action, to (be u>e and for ihe lame/ft of the creditor, or pay tbc vj|>ic thereof, ns found by the court or jury, no hlt'uidv" "lla11 ^ lhdt Cnilh? ^ .s^.^J.f,tL??I'bU,r fail t0 surrender or pay, | rovidcd in the preceding section, upon the si ill. xi ,l"ay "l""1 ""jodfnwnt. (H) rne eifcuttuii a"iiln*t the Iwmv ?htl! be ?'rved bv arresting the defeSJanf, -S'alK! discharged bj due course of law,committing him ^CJlL-.Wo 'T*1* ?h*11 ^ Imprisoned upon an execntion against the body. F There are corresponding provisions with ref erence to actions before Justices of the Peace Now, in all candor and honesty we ask. la there aay man who intends to do right, whether he 1>? rich or poor, with means or without means, who can object to this? If there be such ?t '>ne, then he intends to protect fraud, to give immunity to cheating, to license rascality, and uphold wrong. Ilow do these provisions in. diet any wrong, iu any possible case, upon any poor man without means? It is only a pro ceeding to gut at property fraudulently cow cealcd or removed or conveyed^ It a P>SP has u-j property, a jury ^ certainly not going to find that he has fraudulently concealed or re moved bis property. These provisions are in tended to roach, and ought to reaeh. fraud Olent individuals who prey upon honest men who "clothe themselvea in purple and fine linen, and fare sumptuously every day," and yet pay nobody?not even the honest trades man or laborer whose little ones may be suffer ing near hia doo*. There are such, and,we are afraid, a good aaany such, in every community |We wish even thai the law was sterner ura? them than it ia We look upon it as a self-evident proposition, that if a man baa the means to pay his debti, he ought to be mado to pay them. The Code does nothing more (ban this. The imprison ment of a man who aannot pay his debts, is utterly abhorrent to us. Thero is nothing in tha Code which allows this. So far from it, it i? exceedingly liberal, nay. almost generous. For proof of this, we refer such of our readers aj have a copy of the Code to pages 269 and 270 for the personal property exemption, and to pages 26T and 268 for the real estate exemp tion. Those exemptions are, perhaps. lib eral as those of any State or Territory in this I nion. The property, real and personal, in cluded in these exemptions, cannot be taken under execution in any possible or conceivable cases. It goes even beyond our present law, for that does not exempt any real estate from execution. W e have been thus foil in our oommenta upon this matter, bee a use we have no taste for the manner in which certain opponents of the Code are oombatting it. We like fair, open, manly oriteiaia. We do not mean to say that every minor provision in the Code is such as it ought to be. It would be miraculous almost if every provision in it would meet the approval of any ono man. l'or h ips no Code that was ever issued was so for tunate. The matter is to he viewed in a prac tical sense. Is not this Code immeasurably in advance of the system of luws we now have? Of that we have no doubt, and wo believe the great mass of our people so think. CitiME.?An cpidemic of crime is sweeping over the cities of the Atlantic coast, nffocting them all, from Boston to Washington, (iod knows we have had enough of it here. We really see little hope for a change for the better in this section, so long aa men claiming to be respectable citizens in our midst, think of rowdy ruffians as partizans?-aa Democrats and American party men. So long they pay a pre tnium on just such conduct aa disgraced the Federal Motropolia on Saturday last. All ahould set their faces againat euoh murderous villains, on both sides, as broke the peace of our city on that day and night, joining to aid in bringing them to condign punishment, with out the slightest regard to their political pre tensions. 1o fay that this community chafes beyond description under the exTstence of such ruffians among us, docs not properly explain the condition of public opinion horo with refer ence to their presence in the Federal Metropo lis We aro no bclievor in the impossibility of promptly ridding Washington of them, or facing them, if remainiug here, where they can only lay violent hands on themselves. With reference to the particular riots and murder of Saturday afternoon and night last, we have to express the Washington publics thanks to the Auxiliary Guard aud Police, from the Magistrates down, for the efficient and effective manner in which they have so far discharged their duty of ferreting out the dia tfrbers of the pea?o and holding them to a just responsibility, as far aa our deficient laws will permit at this time. The idea of the police magistrates being fearful of infringing on the rights of innocent parties in securing persons susjtected of identi fication with the rioters* if indulged in, ia one which will make them practically aiders and abettors in the erimes, after their commission. Byway of showing that we of Waahington aro not the only aufferera under the infliction of the presence of such murderous scoundrels, we quote as follows from the New York Ex press of Saturday last: Aisnstrwo hmtciiop C*tm*.??? Horrorson horrors head accumulate'1 Muiders and assas sinations, of tLc most dia)?olical cliiiactrr. so crowd upon u* day after dav now. that we begin to rear that noljodv i* safe. We grieve to sayTt because ft will be trumpeted to all quartersof tlje country, but it I* true nevertheless? that hitman iifc was neveT held at so Hiftp a rate as it is at this moment in the city of New York. We art getting u? be a* had as Venke in the days of the ltavo* ' The most appalling feature of the rase Is?that the UNstiinn appear to he orcranii-d datl lay their plans so well, that they manage t?? make g?x>d their escape, before our handful of inexperienced |?oUra can get on their track. 1 his was the < ?* regards the murder of Vmce ,t. In W illlam street. There were arrests the day after the prime, to he sure?hot only on ''*u*pu ion." Though four wretche* were un doubtedly implicated, not one of the four wa* <t |>luird until time enough been giveu him to destroy whatever evidences of guilt mar have l*en cliugiitg to bis person ; aud thus for the Want of any positive against them, the door is t vwJsn . ?,,en for ,hrm to K0, ultimately, uiipun I1DW. " ? Then ?as regard* the crnel and wanton mur der In \V ater street on Wednesday morning,?the rafllins weie there in a "gang,"" and vet thou,/!, mix ii noWe was made in the butchering of one person and the stabbing of two others (who will probably die of their wound*) we do not hear of aaoliury policeman corning to the rescue at all Indeed, thon?h that part of Water street is noto rloukijr one of the worst districts in the whole city, there would *eem to have been ou this occa sion, no patrol ?t all In the nclgnborbood of the deu where the tragedy took place The muider er* of course, got oft, and,?at this writing,-are slil! at Urge among us, reeking with the blood of their uucflending victims. This is dreadful to thiuk of. But "tbiakinj?" only will do no good Let us have action Gen tlemen of the Police Commission !?we implore yon to proceed at once to fill up the var-ancle* )? he Hepartineiit Place able-Wodi-d. picked men in office, and l?t them go to work and rid the cltv of thece desneradoes. At present it isuusafe to beAQt, after dark, anywhere in such districts aa t he Fourth \\ ard .No man or woman in *afe until the streets and avenues are guarded l>v sermrtbing more than eight or nine hundred pollceutsn A not her marked feature of the more recent ** paginations (William and Water street*) la the certainty, almost, that the murderers are Span iards or Italians Italian sailors, there is reason to believe, perpetrated the Waterstreet butchery. List or Patb*ts?The following ia the list of Patent* issued from the United States Patent Office, for the week ending Nov. 24,1857?each bearing that date : J?fhn Allison, of Parl*h of St. Martin, La ?For lmprovemvnt iu machines for covering sugar Nathan Atherton. of Philadelphia, Pa ?Her >"?,!?r?vei|ient in slide valve* for steam engines Luther L Smith, of New Vork, Si. V Por Un provement in the preparation ox engraved metal plates for printing. ? Barnabas H. Bar to 1, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in screwing tubes In vacuum pans. ('L. Barton and A. E. Iloberts, of Albany, forks ' ,mJ'rovrtweHt ,n h!ty "nd manure Lewis W. Beecher, of Avon, N . Y.?Por im proved churn. Win. Olaud Bourne, of New York, N. Y.-wFor improved ore separator. Stephen P. Brooks, of Boston, Mass.-For im provement in piano fortes. John Bryan, of Coviagton, Ky-For applica tion of hot Water to journals of rolUnir mills Patented in England Sept. 4, 1857. O. L. Castie, of Upper Alton, 111 ?For lm proved arithmometer, for adding. ?K- B. Carpenter, of Brattleborough, Yt., and L N Merriam, of East Poultney, Vt ? For im provement in couplings for melodeons, Ac John B. Cornell, of New Vork, N. Y ?For improvement in metallic rooting for subterranean Villi its. Samuel Colt, of Hartford, Conn.?For improve ment in many chambered rotating breech fire arms * Llisba K. Collins, of Cambridge, Mass ?For unproved machine for cuttlug shingles from the p^l^00ik?!5',r,,'ll"':1'1,N J -For p?F?' of ^"mbua, Miss.? For improvement In plow*. Joseph C. Day, of Wy City, N J -For lm Cr^ZX, ,UranS ,t0pplng aud atartlng Jacob Erdle. of West Bloomfleld, N. Y ?For Improved machine for filing saws. Stockton H. Evans and Ludwig Gentsch.of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in skates Kllas T. Ford, of Hon ton, N. Y ? For improve ment in harvester rake. Jacob Gass, of Trevorton, Pa , assignor to him self and Geo. Mowton, of *ame place ?for im provement t* machines for elating coaL . v Ottver C. fJrwkwof Dublin, Ind.?For niMit in the measuring apparatus of s*ed driHs j?eph ?ray^jsf Raffeond, Miss?For I*j' prMp<1 leveliniflftstruineat for ditching, Ac. PHilip M. <#padla< h. ef Belleville, ill ?For iuyjrovrwegt ieeeed drill*. Samuel^. Ifrtnt-zalman. of Newport Barrarka, ? For Improvement in method of floating borees. Ac , across river*. Thomas Hill, of Walthara, Mass ?For im proved arithmometer. Anthony B Hitehings. of New York, N Y For Improvement in boilers for heating build ing* . -. ? # > > Reuben Jan^. of Otego, N. Y.?Fof improve ment in attar hing paddle-wheels to canal boats r Jofcn O. Jenkins. of Jacksonville, 111--For improved washine machine. David Kahnweiler. of W ilmineton, N C ?For improvement in ventilating rocking chairs. Joshua Recham and John Waterman, of Or angeport, N. Y.?For improvemeut in bean har vesters. Joel Lee, of Galeeburg, III.?For improvement in gang plows. James McCormick, of New York, N. Y., and George Crossingham, of Croton Falls, N Y ? For improved painter's striping instrument. John VV. Morton, of Brunswick. O.?For im provement in corn shelters. Robert Norrie and Frederick Feters, of New York, N. Y ?For improved pendulum quad rant Jeremiah H. Phillips, of Colebrook, Ohio ? For improvement in ahelving for caring aod storing cheese. Joseuh R. Payson, of Covington, Ky.?For im proved arrangement iu sash balance Wm. Pratt, of Baltimore, Md.?For improve ment in safety lamps. Washburn Race, of .Seneca Falls, N. Y ? For

improvement in pump packing. tleruich Reimanu, ol Hartford, Ct ? For ma chine for making cigar lighters. John B Read, of Tuscaloosa, Ala ?For im proved projectile for Are arms J W Riggs, of Plaiufleld, N J ?For Improve ment in trusses. William E Roberts, of Orange, Conn ?For improvement in scissors sharpener. hlias .Schneider and A. Holinan, of New Trip oli. Pa ?For improvement in coffee roaster. James D. Smith, of Brantingham, N. Y.?For improved machine for multiplying numbers Aaron Smitburst, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For ar rangement uf cylinders and their connections for Locomotive engines. O. W. Stow and Angnstus Barnes, of South ington, Conn.?For improvement in caudle snuf fers. Joseph Summers, of Raleigh, Va?For im piovement in cultivators Alfred F. Toulmin, of Ellicott's Mills, Md ? For improvement in railroad brakes I ? ^ ard, of Marathon, N. Y.?For improve ment In seed planters. Caleb B. Winder, of North Lewisburg. O ? For improvement in seed planters. John S Barden, of New Haven, Conn , assign or to himself and Aaron W. Rt* kwood, of Bos ton, Mass.?For improvement iu steam-pumping engines. Deiter II. Chamberlain, of West Roxbury, Mass .assignortohlmself and John Borrowscale, of Bokton, Mass.?For improvement in vapor burning lamps. Thomas A. Dugdale, of Richmond, Ind . as signor to himself and George Taylor, of same place ?For improved washing machine. David Elliot, of Pembroke. N. 11 , assignor to himself >-nd l?a;ic White, of Merrimack county N II ?For improved wa-biim machine. Jordan L. Mott, of Mott Haven. N. Y., and William Tai>eie, of New York, NY, assignors to the J. I. Mott Iron Works, of Mott Haven. N \ ?For Improvement in rotary chairs. John Hecker and Wm Hotine, of New York, .V Y., assignors to John Hecker, aforesaid ?For machine for feediug the flour, mixing the mate rials and kneading dough. Obadiah Rich, of Cambridge, Mass , assignor to Peter Cooper, of New York?For improve ment in preparing glue stock. Ktis<ut ?George P. Reed, of Waitbam, Mass For improvement in watches. Patented April 1|,1S57. Xaval Courts of Inquiry^?Before Court No. I, today, the case of Lieut. Ma the w C. Maury (retired on full leave pay) was tnk^n up. aoid proceedings preliminary to the exaiu ioatioa of the witnesses in it took place. Before Court No. 2. to-day. in the oase of Lieut. Junius J. Boyle, Corn. Perry and Sur geon Lynch were examined on the Govern ment'? behalf. , The defence of Capt. Kirggofd is to be read before tkieeourt at noon on Friday next. Before Court No. 3, to-day. Lt. Lanier. Dr. Cohen, (a citizen.) Capt. McCluney and Lieut. Maffit were examined on the part of the ap plicant iu Ex-Capt. Levy's case. I he Courts will be closed to-morrow on ac count of Thanksgiving. I- alsi Charge* ?Some t me since we 1o:>k occasion to explode the story saying that Gov ernor Walker had been engaged in land specu lations connected with the Fort Leavenworth reserve. The Union seta all such slanders at rest by making the following authoritative declarations : '?We Lave the best authority for saying that the rumors in cliculatioii about the speculation of Goveiiioi Walker in public lands is false in the maiu and iu ail its parts; and for these rea sons : 44 First. Governor Walker has bought no lands in Kansas. Second. Governor Walker has bought no lands an\ where; and Third. No part of the reservation at Fort Leav es worth has Wen sold.*' The Late Commodore Ne?*tox.?The re mains of this gallant and distinguished oflicer and geutleman who died here a few months ago, while in the discharge of his duties as the President of one of the Naval Courts of Inquiry, wore to-day removed, by his children and relatives, from their temporary resting phice in the Congressional Cemetery, to the cemetery near Alexandria, Ya., where the re mains of many of his ancestors and relatives have been interred, some of tham for perhaps a oentury. Commodore N.'s remains now lie appropriately by the side of those of his imme diate parents. The U. S. Sloop-of-War Saratoga.?We refrained from republishing yesterday, the ru mor which was Sent from this city per tele graph, that the V. S. sloop-of-war Saratoga had arrived in Hampton roads from Aspinwall, on the day before, because we had no confi dence in its truth It turns out that no con firmation of the story has reached the Navy Department up to noon to-day, nor do the Nor folk papers of yesterday say a word to confirm it Protests.?We hear, on authority in which we place confidence, that both the English and French Governments huvc taken occasion to protest, through their Ministers here, to this Government, against Walker, the filibuster's, second expedition to Central America. These protests were probably sent to the State De partment syrae time since?before Walker suo oocdod in eluding the vigilance of the federal authorities at New Orleans and Mobile. e "? 1 ? Tas Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution Thp time of observation is about 7 o'clock a.m.: Novkhbke 45. 1867. New York, N. Y*???????? ? clear, cold. Philadelphia, Pa ....clear, cold 1 Baltimore, Md clear, cold. Washington. D C cle.r, cold. Richmond, Va clear, cold. Petersburg, Va clear, cold. Norfolk, Va .....clear, cold. Wilmington, N. C clear, cold Columbia, 8. C clear, cold. Charleston clear, cold. Augusta, Ga clear, cold. Savannah, Ga.............clear,cold. Ma?en. Ga clear, cold. Colnmbus, Ga.... clear, cold. Montgomery, Ala clear, cold. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...clear, cold. Mobile, Ala clear, cold. Gainesville, Miss clear, cold. New Orleans, La clear, cold. Barometer at Washington 30 MO, and rising. ' Thermometer, minimum last night, 35*, sbel. tsred place. Kossuth.?Information has been received here of the ooofisoation, by the Austrian Gov ernment, of all the property of Louis Kossuth within its reaoh. It !a only to be wondered that the Aaetrian authorities had the patience and forbearance 4a refrain from taking the* step up to so very rcccnflyt Swamp a.hd Overflowed Laxds?The Commissioner of the General Land Office, to day. transmitted to tke Governor of Indiana a patent?No 2? of swamp and overflowed lands enuring to said btnte mnder the act of Septctn ber 28. 1350. in ttoe dii|>ict.? of land* subject to sale it Indianapolis ?4d \ inctuue?, contain ing ^1,7^2 2U-100 acre*. PERSONAL. .... The Hon. John f/: Robinson, of Indiana, a candidate for the Clerkship of the House, is at Brown's Hotel, in this city. .... Com. Armstrong. U. 8 Navy, Hon i> A. Starkweather, Ohio. Hon. D. R Porter. Penn sylvania. Hon. R. M Price, New Vork, and Connt de Nieolay. France, are at Willards'.* .... The Hon Fenner Furgerson, the Delegate elect from Nebraska Territory, has been con?Uud to hl? room at the U.S. Hotel, for several days, by severe illness, we regret to learn. Frlghtfal Catastrophe. The melancholy intelligence of the loss of the ill-fated Central America, which clothed the nation in mourning has ncarcely goue the rounds of the Press, when we are called upon to record the destruction, close to our own coast, (say* the N.O. Delta, Nov. 1it) of the New Orleans and Galveston steamer Opelousas, of the Vaaderbilt line, and the lose of eighteen of her passengers, by coming into collision with the steamer Gal veston, of the Southern .Steamship liae, near Menteau Point, about midnight on the night of the 15th instant. Among the lost we observe the name of General Hamilton, of South Carolina. XAKllATIVE or K SURVIVOR '** I was a passenger on the Opelousas, Captain Kills, bound from Berwlcks Bay to Galveston On the night of the 15th. atnjut a quarter past 1*2 o'clock. I was awaken< d in my berth by a shock, as if the vessel was struck by lightning. I rushed on deck and found it crowded with pas sengers, all in the wildest state of excitement the ladies screaming and the gentlemen turning to and fro. The first consciousness 1 had of dan ger was hearing the mate and steward calling ou the passengers to save themselves, as there were two life-pi estovers in each stateroom I hastily made for the cabia to get a life-preserver, but on reaching it found the water in it ankle deep. 1 hastily retraced uiv steps, and on reaching the deck agnin found tne steamer sunk to her gun wales The passenger* then ran to the hurricane deck, but in about three minutes she had sunk to that deck. The scene of wild confusion and dismay which then presented Itself beggars all description. The Ufe-l?oat was cot away and some fifteen or twenty jumped into her, and others jumped into one of the quarter boats, when both boats started for the Galveston, then some distance from the wreck. (At this time I did not s*e the Galveston, and was totally uncon scious of the cause of the disaster ) The lifeboat before reaching Galveston was capsiied aial several of the pa?senge?rs sunk to ri?enoraor? I held on to the stern #f the Ope lousas. and while in that position was joined by the second engineer. This officer had secured a plank, which enabled him to shove ofl from the wreck I did not do so, believing the Opelousas was aground. In a few moments, however, the Opelousas, from the weight I suppose c.f her ma chine y, broke in twoand turned bottom upward. Seeing the Galveston in the distance I struck out for her, and after swimming, I think, about a quarter of a mile, was picked up by one of the Galveston's boats Captain Ellis, who was cling ing to a pi rogue bottom, was also picked up a | thf same time The first engineer, hi* wife, a man whose name I do not recollect, two neg ^ boys and some others, I believe, clung h> 'a portion of the wreck after she turned bolt upward until daylight, wheu thev were pic *rd up. A Mexican, name not known,'who bad res cued a liltle boy, was also fonnd next inon jln? holding on to a log, and himself and the bo rare among the saved '? The mate of the steamer Jasper, McFa rlane. running to .Sabine Pass, was one of the p s?*en. gers of the Op?*lou*a?. and was rescued. He af terwards left the Galveston to endeavor to save some of the other passengers, and periohf d in the attempt. From all the information I could obta;.n, In the confused state of aflVUrs, nfter I was sav ed. it ap {?ears that both boats being under lull headway the Galveston struck the Opelousas oi i the star board side, a little forward of the w heelbousa. catting her nearly in two and smashi ng her ma chinery so that the steam from her (toilers soon tilled the cabin, rendering ft impossible to dis tinguish objects distinctly. The Ga!ve?ton stayed by the wrec fc dttrio" the night, and her officer* and men nse<l every exer tion to save those filiating in the wa ter. Gj" The "solid men" of Boston are in a f?ve of excitement concerning the reported defalca tion in that city of Mr. Samuel La wreoce. the se nior member of the Jtrm of Lawrence. Stone k Co., agents of the Bay mate Mills and other man ufacturing corporations From the accounts, It appears that Mr Lawrence was treasurer of the Bu\ State Mills, and employed the credit of the company in his private speculations to the amount of half a million dollars or thereabouts It furthermore appears that the function of trea surer and agent have in this Instance become so mingUd an to make It somewhat uncertain upon which otllce the alleged deficit should fall. It is certain, however, that the stock of the coiupanv was ( tfeied ou Saturday at lgjj per cent on the par without finding a purchaser, and that toanufK'uring storks ta Massachusetts have re ceived a blow from which they will not scon re cover 1ry Two men, named Sullivan ai.d Rielly, wt re arrested in Albany, on Thursday, for forg ing a railroad pass to Buffalo. JY"*=?THK SUBSCRIBER begs leave'o inform his customers that ?s Thursday has been sp pointed >>y the .Mavor as Thanksgiving day. his Bar will l?o closed for the day. tt ? J. BOULANOKK. rV"3^NOT 1 OK,?To-morrow, the26th November, II 7 l*ing Thanksgi vinr day, the Barroom "I IVlVr.KNOIS' llot-i will be closed. Tke tat le d'hote ami eating saloon open a? u-usi. It Yy?MiriCK.-'Io motrus- being the iter set I i apart by his Honor. ?he Mayor, as a day of Thanksgiving, my place of r>usine>>s will b? oioaed. WM. S. SIMPSON. Proprietor Simpson House, It comer IQth street and Pa.avaaua. rrplNION HALL. B ENTER'S.?The pufelie ! arc respectfully informed, that on the tfiih ?lay of tnis month, (that l?einjt Thaii iksgiving day.) t:iy Bar will be closed. My Eating Department a i l be open as usual. _ It WM. F. BFNTER. ry-y-NOTICK.-My Bar will l>e closed ihi IV '.L_3 in ?rrow. Tlia ksgivinc day. rersons wid be supp.ied with meals as usual. J. D HAMMACK, Wiliards' Hotei Building. It* No.MS Pa. avenue. Y 5-*DUB ANT begs leave to uiform the anblio I i ?hat his Restaurant will l>? oioted on'I hurs day. (Thanksgiving day,) during the entire dav and evening. His Eating Rooms, oi 6th street, will t>e open as usua.'. It rT^ASPlilTlTAr. RETREAT will be given 1^3 >n s'? Dominie's Chur?h, Island, commencing on Sl'NDA V, the &)lh inst. The matter and order of the devotions to l>e observed, will be published and distributed on the day of commencement, n as-St* ry^FINK RFEF will be offered for sale !?? J. IL? H. HAZEL at his Stall, No. Cen're Market, on Saturday morning. at the usual prioe.? Persons in search of good Beef will do well to give to mi a oall. n 2J-2t * rr~jF=? BANKING M o u SlTuF c H C B B BKOTHF.RS. Wasiiisgtos. Nov. 24.1857. Onr office will toe elo ed on THURSDAY. theMth in?t.,< Thai'ksgiviug da>.) Partite haviac business with us on that day will please attend tu ?t on Wed nesday. ?i/4 CHUBB BROTHERS rf??THK ANNUAL MEETING OF THE Indies'Union Benevolent and Employment Society will take place on WKDNESDAN next, November ?5th, at the Rev, Mr. Samsou'e Church, K street, between 6th a id ?th streets, at * o'clock. The public are respectfully invited Jo attend n 53 ry^^FAIR.?The Ladies of Cuiiui Hillarenow L < holding a Fair at Columbia Hall. Capitol HiT.for the purpose of raising funds for the erection of a Monument to the memory of B. C. Grenup, who was killod in tbe discliarge ol his duty aa a fireman. Prof. NVithers'a Hand has been engared. Season tickets Ju oeuU ; single tickets U eents, n 28 ttf T OYS. WHOLESALE AND low prioes, for cash only, at n 2fr-3t LAMMON'O'S. INCE MEAT, manufsolarsd of the best! M teriais, aud superior to an* ever odered"*lor sals, just received. JO?. W. DAVIS, It* Corner9th and E street, T~T ! A CARD. E take this method of informing onr patrrna and the public in general, that, ineon?equenoe of tbe financial crisis, we have deteimined to sell all our Goods at a great reduction. We have marked down all our goods?oach article being marked in plain figures at our loweat cash prioes?in order to ?if?ct a speedy stle. and make it an objeet for persons who are in the habit of purchasing lor casu, te oall and examine our goods and prioes !>efore purchasing elsewhere. Our large assortment emhraoee? Fine London and Geueva Watches, for Ladiee aad Gentlemen; warranted time keepers. Rich Jewelrv, sueh as Diamonds, Pearls, Corals, Cameos. Moaaios, etc.. ere. Pure Silverware. Spoons, knives, Forks, Pitohers, Gobleta, Cups. Aud a large assortment of Fancy Sdverware, suita ble for wedding and holiday presents. Best Silver flated Ware. Spoors, Forks. Coffee and Tea Sets. Baskets and Castors, etc., etc., oheaper than ever oflered before ia thia market. Hotel and housekeesers who wish ro refurnish their Table Ware are invited to look at the Goods, No. XX) Pa. ave., bet. 9th and 10th ate. ntt dtDeott I ? Aim? tm r<AR L * 1' ? S 4J? o O N . I.. CAR1SUB DA NCI K 6 WMIKK will uke pl*r? vn h KIDA i > Vr.N iNG erx^ihe fltn mat. Hi* Daoetat 4? BtiR opto* # ?* IW i??n at th^%?ooi . !*?? *? p? \ T K i TBIF 4 4 ?r >1 V b? N (j> *. 6n Thursday T^<?bwk**i\WDay? Plr| W (l? Rcu*JT'<P. Tb?atnuMrTUOMA ? CUUAU will leave the *fcth.kU>u_ wharf i 4 * ?. ni. ajiO Alexandra at 9S * n . far VwnoB.nnTHl KfD* f, \nv She will it of at Fort \Sutii(|iHi c* >at *t>4 re turuiu*. Refreshments onthe * lout. ? If7" There will be 1 o r ip 'A Mount Vernon on Frida*.. SAMUEL HAKFM, n 24 Vt Captain. QDD k HLLOW?' HALL. N A VT YA R dT A CONCERT \\ ill he civ- M, at tl>e above Hall ou THANKS*' J | V I Mi NIWHT. by th? Female l>? parti'ient of the Third l>ie*rict School.t Miss M . A. Mthick. Teacher,* a> j?r t he direction of w2t-St* Mr . F. GI.KNROV. o DO F E L I , O W S' HALL. > r??at 'A W Y M A N. TIIE W1ZA HD AND VENTRILOQUIST. T iONDAY. Nov. 2S. S/X N Hi UTS O X LY. MONDAY, TIE BDAY, WBDNF9DAT, , .? TUhUUAY, FRIDAY. ? w SATURDAY. SATX'R DAY AFTERNOON.at3o*oloek. Pwt'cu ii -a in falls W tha ikf. aX3 R_ Ql R au ,MK 18 urt MOTTO. FOURTH ANNUAL HALL Good Will" Club, TO E! HilYEX AT CAUL SI'S SALOON. On WE DNESDAY EVENING. Nov. 2*h. IKJST7 Their ?ml>ers of the 60ml WO! Clab take rraat pleasurt , ,n announcing to ta?-ir nuniKMi friends a*;d the public in *eneral. thai their P'TiT h ANM'ti Bai t, will f?e riven at thej above 1 piaee, on WEDNESDAY, V?v.| ii'h.l* v;. The Committee pledge themaelvae to spare neither pains nor to make this one ?.f the nioet plea*' jit and aereeab'.e Balls of the se^soa. J. 1 .sputa's Celebrated Braaa and String Hand hai beer. ?usaged for ttoe oocaaton. Su pperand Refreshments will be furn shed by aa expe ri?'^ caterer. 1 < siti velj bo hats or en pa will ba allowed >a tha rooi j. T1 oketaONE rOLLAR? a Gant.emaa *?<! I Jtdies?to be hnd of the membera, or at tha door on I Jie eveninr of the Hall. Commit ft e/ A. f*. Dent, U. W. IMihaat, J. \V. Henry, J. \V. Mattii?l)r, \V. D. Eiwiicid, J. \V. I'rankTiii. N. B ? Aa n<? Complimentary Tiek?-ta will he aent o at. the dillerent Claha are cordially invited. nl?j?.A2S CJRAM) ASSEMBLY. ? The Fraxkltm Fi** Compawt taka p'eaanre in arn<Hincinr to their fii(>r.da and ftIk?w citixei a #R that they have ?'.kfnpl*ted their arrantemenfa to five a oonrae ol AMembliea durinc the#^B oom ni winter. UA Tbefira? will ?alee place at their Hail,on MON DAY. Dec.?. 1R??. Tieketa ONE DOLLAR?to be had a? any of tha Hoteia aud at the door on the evemnc of tha Bail, C nm> n: itfe nf Arra*t'mmtt. E. F Alexander, \V. Offatt. \V. H. Fanning, J. W. White. W. J. Hut ton. wo t?-*md H^lTNTING rARIC TROTT1NB COURSE. A Race, nine hea'a. ui hameaa wiH ba (iven l>r the PropriAtora. tor fancy Bridle and Drivina Wfeip, on THI R^DAY. the 26th in.t. Same day. two mile hea?a in harne*a, for a Silver Cup. Entrac t<> ol?ae two data prev?>ua to thera^e. n 18-eo4t* CLEAYER k Ot'RSON IW*. SECOND GRAND BALL O# THE Journeymen Bakers. Tfce Journeymen Bakera, of Waah .ifton, taka rr*at plea*iire in aiiftooacmc to their fnenda and the pul> ic. that their Second Grand T wtU l?e civen at tha Aaaemblp Rootna. Lou<?iai.a avenuo.l<etween4l( and 6lh atre on WEDNESDAY,25ih mat. The Committee of Armnremeate p'edce them *?lvMi to apare neither pain* or axpanaa n making thi* the heat lia'l of the aeaeoa. Eaputa'a Ceiehrated Bra** and Ptrinc Bajid haa lieen cncaceil |or thp oocaaion. Supper will l?e furnnhed by that ex per icnoad ca terer. Joe. SchaAeld. Ticket* ONE IXM.LAR-admittinc one Gentle men and two Ladie*?to l? bad of any of the mana gara, or at the door on the rugfct of thr Ball. T*' Entirr Commitltt a/ Arrmngtmtntt. J. W. Fox, Prea., J. Vogt. G. T'Outeer. Treat-., J.Shafler, 0. Gotalioit, F. Myar, J. Await, C.Rericr. G. R. Runneker, I.. New read, A. Nelaou, L. Youux, Sec. n 17 ?f WAFTS. neton. taka rienda H 1 id II. onIB reeta.UJk IT^ANTED? Uy a reopectaWe Fntliah paraon.ia ' ' Protectant,* a ailuaUoa a? Nur?e and **?? ? atraea. Haa no no objection to wau on a Lady. or tu travel to any tart required. Can i>e aeen at her prea. nt emplo)ere. ^7 Indiatdi aretiae. It* %lr ANTED.? A Situation, by &<i FncliabHiait,m v? Butler or Walter in a private family. ?.rod City reioreuof aivan. A letter a<tdre&*ed i<> K. N , St*r Office, wir^be attended l<i. n*S2t* WANTED-A cood SALESMAN in a reuU Dry Good* Store. T<> one thai can coaie ? e:i fecomniendad. and 1* acquainted with the Diatnot Lra*to,aftOo0ruhjpermanent aitnahoii will t-e. tlerea.1 Ad'i'eat G. U.. U !t?hi>i?t'>u. !>? C. i_** ' ' WANTED.-A No. I CAKE HAKF.R -Noi.e O ot >?r need aaply. ? ?3t? JAMES FBASIER. WANTED-?A *niail, eointortalna. and weH Fer nished ll<>uae foi aix n ??ntua, F11 ?t?r Sec ond Ward preferred. Addreaa letter to Box its, CH) l'<mt Ulloo. ntl le* WANTED TO IflR E.-SV*'. for the term of > year*. ?ecur??d on an improved fcrm. of acre*, by a deed o( truat. a.tcated near the cit* In tereat paid annua ly. Any ??ue a lahinc to inveat la that war, will please addreaa J. B. S.. Box ias. Waahineton city,?tatniK when and where an inter view can be had. lute real paid aemtai.naa'.W if pre ferred. r. n-*i LOST ATO FOUND. It um 0? RE*I ARD?florae <;r?> ed.?Broke txit the atab'e. corner of E and ? th atreeta /~v ??? Saturday night, a hl.ACk HOKSK ?T?^ Any peraun t>rin<iu< tae horae u> ate. or *uoh^tz-i nif"Nnatior. &? \ aa.i get him, win reokiva theaWre r'n??' PETER MrKFXNV. FOR RENT AND SALE. Fo' a a?' Fe? Rewi aad Smi*" notim %ri Furnished hotbe for kf.nt.-a j*ai rable and h\ada?'niely Ftr?i i6hed H?u*e. cor vanientl* located, iu a pieaaant pari of the cit%. w II ba rei.tfcd f?-; ^IX oioiitha, ..r hy tlve vear. f -eaae refer Itr mrormntioii to J. G. CLARKE. Eag^ uftoe of H ice* k Co. n V> t? FOR RENT.?That larae BRICK~hT.U9E ?* tae corner ofian and I- atre??t*. lately occupiad to Mra. Spal'Unc a?a b< ardiitc toouac It contain* alaiut 10 room*, with gae and ?a'?;r; ala?>. a oathi'ig r?K?m and a large dimuf-room. The ooruer u?? i*e occupied aa a store w <>ffioea. and the l?*einei,t ;* wall Btted for a reatau'ant. It haa twea put im < ??l repair, and will l?e rented low to a kchmI taunt. I'?> sesaion tiven nn>i ediately. AppU at the h-?u?e. ?r lo ?'? LYON**. N... 4*4 lot h atreet. t. ^ V Jj^OK B KNT.-A modern l.uilt H<?1 ST.. ?"., ian ?nx eleven rooma. The h<>u*e 11 on Ctn ftreei. betweeu D and E ktreet*. 111 Hie i>e*t laMXMMI Ml >u<* Oitr. heated hy lurrtaoe aud u?hlrd w tth <r.?. Applv to TB?)M AS PA R KFR . n V3 tf fj*OR RENT. LEASE OK SALE-Two VsMM on 7th atreet, near the Park. <?na coi.taine h. large store r<H.m. oellar. and bakehouse, and h?<< Bttaohed a stable and other out houses. It w??u A make an excellent auuul for any one wtahmt tscoii. b ne the |tr<>cery andbuckaterins husnieaa. or ioi ?? baker. Aanla to Dr. J. E. MORGAN, or at Mr. CHA*. VrOTT'S Drag Mara. i.ttlw' [j*OR RENT.?Eittiar Amnthed or unfurpuhed an exoalleot. tarea-story, new Brtck Home With haseiuent. No. 4*1 New Jersev avenoe. mmntes* walk from the Capitol, with three-e'ai. staJde and eoach house, with immediate possession Inquire atSAM'L. WALKER'S Portrait Gallery, Odcoa Buudina, corqor 4>a street and Pa. aneaue. ? i?-tr DOOMS TO LET?At the corner of sth aitil I. IX streets, north of the Patent Ottice. Two 01 ihtee aanilemen can be accommodated with Ri^mia. On-1 of them a larae and very pieasant ooraer R ooin Handsomely furnished Fox Sai.k ? Several small Houaea and Buudn.* Lots, tow for cash. or on a loiic credit. WaXTxn.?A Grocer's ar<m, bfht and W?R mide. in excltanice for a MuiMtnc Lot. n>1-e<Jf JtMlN G. A DA MS. I^OR RENT.?Threa PARLORS aod CHAMBERS, handsome;* furnished, ib F ? treet north, batwaenlith and 14th, No.2SC. loKsoil _ r^l RNISHED HOUSE FOR SALEo> RENT. The H<>use contains thirteen rooms. The For uiture is handsome, of the auality. aad new. Will l>e sold or rautad separately or locathar. App ? on the premises. No. 24 Missouri avenue, l?t* eeo 4>ii and 0th streets. n4 lm* K BOARDIHO. OARdING.?Mrs. RI FF has tsken the lar*e - - aud ooiunmdious h.uw, No. Jtib D street. Bear 7th, whare she iiitends ta rant nar Rooms, furnished or uaf^rnishad. to aiagle ?entlemen. ??r raatlemen and their wivaa, with Board. Transient Boaro ira by the day or week. Meals seat out at ail hours af the day. bIC-1*' OKAUTIFULNEW GOOI>?jnst opeBinr D Bl? McLAL oil LIN "b.