Newspaper of Evening Star, November 27, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 27, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR !? rVBLiSliKD EVRKT AFTHRNOON, l*l!*DAY KXCbPTKD.) AT THE STAR BI'lLPTNOSt CVr*<* of Pit mnPfK-uf and Elev*t*th strut, By W. D. WALLACH. Papers MmJ tn paokn<e* oarriers at 94 a year, or Tt cents par Koafci. To mail subscribers :ne sub sariptioE pno* !? $3.5^ a jroar, i* alvanct; $2 for ? lz months; 5i fur three months; and fur -est than three months at the rate of 12 oenta a week. Single eep:4s, one cant; in wrappers, two oenta. Adtbktiskm&xt* |of eirfht lines to the square) mse.ted three tunes for jl: every other day or aemi weekly. 25 per aeut. advanoe; oaoe a week, SO per o?at. advance. VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1857. NO. 1,515. THE WEEKLY STAR. Tkk w?UMt Family tmi New* j Uinirt a greater variety of IaMtmUac ? be fo?n4 In an? mu. jle orpr.^auoi iva oopiea. ?o<*>piaa_ . u ?uiva|OOil \ fr^Sina.e oopiee ip wrapv-- -' ?? ^ i?. ^ rrr- Post masters who aot aa areata ?nil be ai4?wa4 a commission of ? t' a METHODISM. The LonJon Athenessum has a verylongand able review of a work entitled " America, and American Methodism. By the Rev. Frederick J Jooson. With a Pre factory Letter by the . T John Hannah, D.D. Illustrated from Ori ginal Sketches by the author." We oopy the Allowing portion of the article : Methodism. at a strange historical fact, has n?d sufficient biographers and expounders a life written only as Sou they could write, combiuing sweetness of style with an or thodox illibcrality of sentiment, has presented us with the portrait of the founder?a man of keen eye. flowing hair, quick and peremptory speeon, aud austere yet communicative piety Tae substance. the form, and general exores *on of Methodism has found an able, if not a complete, analyst iu Mr. Isaae Taylor; while I^vmgton has jeored at tho pretonsions and travestied the grotesqueness of the system in a manoor which is winy aud malicious, if it be neither commendable nor jus . The human, every-day as poo tot Methodism, and that which gives it force an i popularity,its inartis'icgarb in commonness of speech, its uncomeliness of ?a.t and action, its loud out-door importnnity its in-door uncrinusneas.?that which makes its tones so mtellible to the poor, though but an ignorant jargon to the rich.?the soul of good ness th*t pervades all its evil.?its loug uncom plaining search for what is blankest, saddest, an 1 dreariest in the life of cities, its intercom nianion with crime, and disease, and rank and flashed obscenity,?its descent iuto mines, its vigil* in prisons, its day and night rovings,? trie ijj.'rum of humanity which goads it over rivers or swamps, across the Atlautlc and into tue trvpioa,?all this hru found neither a worthy delineator nor a sufficient exponent. A > under tho horso-hoof of Atilla, so thegraas rev*r grew under the tread of John Weliey. If M jthodism. iu the person of its founder, roll ing onward at the rate of 4.500 miles per au burn. was not calculated, in a land of turnpikes an i excise. to ?:-*ther much pccuniarv moss, it did not. as aiore stable institatious h ive done, promote social damp or nestle ecclesiastical drones Matutinal discourses at five o'oiock a. ra ?-the finest exercise in the world,''accord ing to the preacher.?were a somewhat crucial ex erimeut of the Methodist faith and ardor at a t ?mperatore of 30 Fahrenheit; bnt in thecold wi itry dusk. groups of dim lanterns, for the m st part spinsterly. might be seen struggling th ocgh the lanes and thoroughfares of London in time for the early exposition. Bv foundries and faetones, by docks, by markets, and wherever laboring men had their homes, gusts ot lusty and sedulous disoord, mixed with every variety of howl, and groan, and shrik.and sob. a haae of unanuffed candles and a steam of un de5t,ad breath and perspirated cloths*, with f 7j L ?uppl'catory monologues at intervals, told the unconverted world when thero was a band-meeting or a watch-night in conflict with ,* P0*?" of evil. Bishops might inhabit, philosophers smile, and magistrates arrest, but ? es.ey ism had too much stuff in it to be laughed or trampled down. For porters, servants, and men and women of all work it had special fasci Mtioas;?from pitmen and colliers, aud men of the Peter Bell stamp, it wrung big honest tears. It did not fear to soil it hands with taking taeirs, or to hob and Bob with them at the pit mouth or to gather them together on the bleak aii.-side, where it had not to beat the bash for similes l neon verted could scarcely disan prore of a system that effectually quieted shrewish tongues; and neuralgio and lone Mrs .ummidges were partial to what made them uloreihan 4 " pretty eomforta b.e To an afflicted soul even a distant pros pwt of the preacher was wonderfully medicinal. Could you see Mr. W hitfield ? was the ques tion put a sealous old Hetbdist. ?? iio ' but I seed a bit of his wig. aud it did a bleaaed deal U1 good. Methodism grew and took shape, and without -and even agaiust-tho will of power became Itself a power. It was unlicensed; it had no ti , ** "Doendowments scarcely a certain duell ing place, its parochial limits were coauuensur ate with poverty, mischance, misery?and they y ?!l. tti# Worid <>*?* It had no fixed preach ers whom congregations must hear through a li.e-aiue of monotony.?every three weeks brought a release from a dullard; the servioes 1"k W?[e Pr,,llx' in Lesley s original ?r-heme limited u* an h >nr; and the music and a no'elM>,cal. certainly were social fn mmrit .. ?T Ur *r'<->r.ou9 apathy exceeds , BWlt ?*?*lhowlmg, subtle doctors of the For Mother Church in Eng ifii .T 7" tOQ ?ocial An affiliation claim wms made, but the parent, without repu fi10 hhri7 l? ?Wn her 0ff9P'?O* Tho ehi.d was premature, freakish, far from re putable, and the mother debated and pondered ?o long what to do, that long before a judgment the d.urhter grew up. and attained the age of cLsere Jon ?n?n Methodism was in its prime, shod an j gin and anointed, ready for the raee of the world-wh.n it had its circuits, its lav preachers, its elass-meeting. ita leaders, its I" LumUr." tens of thousande-when its tribute-money, paid 'p We"k'7, l*nrm- ?qo*Hed. if not sur t ' Kpieeopal revenues-when it assumed Mpiseopal factions, and itself ordained and officers to represent and advocate its claim? in, I re land, in Holland, in the West ( I I k *J1 ,n America?then Mother ir-L 1*Ti.r)? 'J^oc??thing at ajilammediately ww? i To*n?*bad been flung off from the ;'h; ,bV "f'y*!,j ?.Tr>ted in the parental path, an, .ored to tarn upon an Episcopal pivot. r -Methodism sailed tiie World. It first 44 prospected" amnng the nrgroes of Georgia. Down East Penn aul the 1 dgrim Fathers hsd taken out a license, and another religious store was not ne^.^d just there and tLen Weslev soon re turned home.-whether with his bo,;ks is not known?he had carUmly posted a uotioe in the square of Savannah desiring th? borrowers to return them Whitefield. Uund lor America was waiting for a fair wind as Wesley s vessel f anch:r ?h? I hames Sortilegfous John 1 ?+,*. into bis Bible kr " a lot." " him re turn. was the message which the Lord direct f , uV:U'n- , * b;t?fleld took a lot too. and ? >u::.l Wvoicy to be a false prophet. The Cal vin;*t was apparently more to the trans-At lantic taste than the Artniniau. The first was rwugj?r, readier: if his Jogio was not so exact * r'^.ar wa3 he was the inventor of the ?'*rUing appeals with which Mr Spurgeon is So succWui. Commonsensical Franklin liked Lis wit. ? I went to bear him," said the great printer. ?determined to give nothing I had ^ la my pocket: as he i d9t?rni,n?d to give the copper, then the silver, then the gold, and at laaT 1 empue^i my pocket into the plate " Weil did Methodism CgBt its way in the It had no rutn?<s or lawn that it cared l* soil, no love-locks that it feared to disorder no I tickles it was loth to tarnish. It lodged rvuibly. and it fared scantily It tramped op mudJy ri'tges. it swam or forded riiers with tue w-ttor up to its slept on leaves or raw leer-skua, or pillowed its head on saddle tf-' 11 bivouacked among wolves or Indians; now it suffered from ticks or uioequito*.?it was attacked by dogs. it wa^ hooUd, aud it was petted; the hurricane blew down trees athwart its path,?it lost its way in the woods, it was stnckeu by fevar. aud wasted by pesfilenoe; ? L 111111 ^^treated. and impria-med;? Wut it throve Through the maple woods of Keutaeky. taking long windings to avoid the .wamps -skulking out ? f sightof Indians, fol lowmg by the dim light A some backw,^ uian s blaxe. drifting along great silent rivers shirt'.T,ITr I*1" ' ? K,v'ig even the Mrtiff its back.?worn, wear) . rain drenched, yet pursuing its noble mi~. >n, snd making foot patha fer love and fondness ?Methodism went on till ,t had eroeeed the frontier of the States. Ita bishops had a kind of use arid human ade quacy Their ouly distinction was one of bodilv U>U or personal iaU?. They traverse,! < m?iei iu a y?ar tbrougii a eountry that had no urns n., r>*ds.?where they and their horses. sbelte l W8ri alik# |UfV?<1 *n<i If they wanted a dinner they had to hunt it, and then cook it by a fire that would not blase, and the rain and the wind often put out. A layer of pinn-needles and a sprinkling of leaves Served them for a bed, and the proximity of wolves alternating with serpents gave an un pleasant variation to their dreams. It wad a feast-day when they dined off rsocoon or bear steak4. and jolted on a road full of ruts in a forty-dollar chaise Their names are singular ly suggestive and ucepiscopal: Freeborn Gar rettson. Bishop What?oat, Nathan Rings Perhaps even Methodism would notdjill tore call tho history of some of these early pioneers. Methodism is now a power in the .States. Its loyalty is no longer oalleu in question as vttho time of the Declaration of Independence. West and South it is paramount. It is the creed of a!mo?t all Negrodom, ai>d has its woolly muez xinFfrom .Baltimore to Boston, from Kentucky t<> Indiana. It is great in Missouri, in Kansas, among tho Germans of Ohio and Pennsylvania, along the Upper Mississippi, along the Fox River and beyond the Falls. It has its col leges, its universities, its conferences; it num bers among its adherents judges and gov ernors. senators and members of Congress: it has its 6.000 ordained ministers, its million and a half of full members; and through its di visions and subdivisions is said to influence a sixth of the whole population of the States. TYPES AXD GRAPHS. Although the ancient phrase* "Telegraphic." '? Local Items," '? Marine Intelligence," Ac., Ao., were "very pretly fellows in their day," like those other ancients spoken of by the man in the play, mill they havo become deplorably common, and wo think strongly of establishing something more pointed and expressive by way ol heads for the different departments of tho Bulletin. We propose Something in this wise : Timminsookai-iio.?By a special Ticirninso type received at this office, we learn that a foul chimney was burned out at 11:40i a. m , is tho 25th Ward. i P. S. Mr. Timmina is the gentleman who 1 climbs the poles of the local telegraph when tho wires are Jorangcd, and we give his name to the institution as au act of justice and pro priety. FiTt'HAsnrrLTONO<iBAFn. ?Tho steamboat John Smith arrivod at this port, this morning, in six and a half minutes from Smith's Island. Nothing new from that popular watering place. [We make no invidious distinctions between the claims of Messrs. Fitch and Fulton, to the merits of having invented the steamboat.] BrLLOORAi'Uic.?lteadlngshares wont up 1| to-day. Staran!)3illthm.s.?Policeman No. this uiorniug ?/rested a newsboy for shouting out" Ere s the latest Morseographic news, only one cent!" The urchin was discharged upon exhibiting the sheet he was vending. Vacxottpe.?Mayor Vaux has issut 1 a proclamation inviting " the people of this city to unite with those o? the Commonwealth"' in keepiugThanksgivingdav. We hearofseveral persons who contemplate leaving Philadelphia on the festive occasion for the purpose of spend ing the day in Pennsylvania. Br*KOL,?jGlral.?A stable '"out the Ridse" was set on fire lust iHght. The Howdy Hose was early on tfce ground. Dimkoorapiiic?Money was easier t?-day. Philadelphia Bulletin. Showino thk Whitk Featukr.?Roynold's Newspaper BHys: The correspondcnts'of the Times and the Daily News distinctly asserted that, at the battle of Alma. rhe Duke of Cam bridge ordered hia division to fall back, when Sir Colin Campbell rode up. and, indignantly countermanding the fatal order, shoated out, '? The Highlaudurs never retreat f Forward !" . This promptitude on the part of Sir Colin proba bly saved the fortuues ol' the day; for, bad the Duke's division fallen back, the Russians would i have pressed forward in overwhelming num bers, and a panic on our side ensued. The same authorities allege that, wheu the Duke , applied to Lord Kttglan f"*r orJerj at Baluklava. ; h:s lordship told him to seek then, at th* hands of Sir Colin Campbell?his subordinate. We do not, oi our own knowledge, vouch for tbe accuracy of these statements, but they have been given on the highest authorities. They first appeared in the daily papers, were copied into the Kiinburg Review, aud have been cir culated over the wide world. No contradiction has ever l?eon ^iven to thsm by the Duke. It i is generally supposed that military officers are peculiarly sensitive of thoir professional repu tations; and it. therefore, does appear strange that, if able to do so. the Duke of Cambridge has not refuted statements apparently preju dicial to his martial fame. Artifh :%i i.v-Rhahkk Fish ?Alan exhibi tion in the Cnamns Elysees. Paris, were about three thousand S?h from the Artificial Piscicul tural Establishment formed at Thuringcn by the French government. They cousioted of ?.?l mon from tbe Danube, trout from the lakes of Switzerland, and grayliug from tbe Lake of Constance. The last named have only been hatobed the last SpritJi. There are two salmon three years old, one o. which is nearly nineteen i oches long by thirteen inches in circumference. These fiih were couveyed in cylindrical reser voirs made of tin, the water being renewed fre quently. If instead of breeding and rearing these fishes, they had been permitted to return to the ocean, or toremain in thoir native stream, they would havo exhibited very different re sults. A young salmon offourincbes in length and as many ounces in weight, when permitted to proceed to the ocean, returns to the rivers in about six weeks, from five to eight pmnds weight. Left to nature, the salmon will grow to about twenty-five pounds in throe years; reared and fod at the piscicuftural establish ment at Thuringcn. be will not in the same time roach a weight of five pounds. Bo that, after all, Dame >?uture has tho J*:st of us, and will continuo to Jo so in this particular, as it would seem, from all evidence, that we cannot adopt any but the natural method of producing living beings, and the artificially-reared fish will prove like machine-hatched hens-but weak and ?ickly substitutes far the natural ones. Hoops?The editor of the Cosmopolitan Art Journal brings a rouud und sweeping accusa tion against a distinguished performer on the New fork boards. We leave tho decision of the question to those who are inside of her hoope : Among the last "exhibitions'' may bo men tioned Mad. Freztolini, who is now starring upon our o|?eratic boards. In "Soinnambula, she appeared as the sleep-walker, properly dressed in night-clothes, but wearing most enormous hoops ' (Jut ry?did thesoinuambu list go to bed in sueh a modern costume ' In " Lucretia Borgia," we are also introduced to tbe Roman maid, hooped a la mode. So in ' Lucia Lammeiinoor.'' hoops are mado to play a prominent part. What an outrage upon all sense of fitness and propriety is such catering to the taste of fashion ' We may next expect to see " the noblest Roman of them all" parade the stage in one of Reebe's best beavers, patent leather boots, raglan, and cigar in moutn. We are happy to say that Madame Lagrange ex ervise* a better judgment, aud leaves her hoops " behind the scenes." "Scnhat Cor*."? An American infidel, b-?asting in a published letter that he has raised two acres of " Sunday corn," which be intended to devote to the purchase of infidel books, adds, " All the work done on It was done on Sunday and it will yield some seventy bushes to the arre. so i don't see but that Nature or Provi dence has *miled uj*>n my Sunday work, how ever the priests or the Bible may say that work done on that day never pruepers. M v corn tells another story To tlus tho editor of an agri cultural paper roplies, " If the author of this shallow nonsense had read the Bible half as much as he has the works of its opponents, he would have known that the great Ruler of the uuiveroe do?s not always square up his ac e >unta with mankind In tbe month of Octo ber." For Eent and Sale. CARD.?RARE CHANCE.?Twelv# large and handsome Room*, with Bath-rooms,Ac., fta.. far rent, farniahtd or unfurnished, auitsble for chambers or oflio?s. Will be renud soperately or ail teguth'-r. Terms reasonable. Those apartm?ii'a are over our establishment, Pa. avenue, bet ween 9th and 10th atreeta. WALL, STEPHF.NS ft CO. n 13-1 m ^Statea) 1<M)R RKNTOR LBASK.-A large and oommo diou* double HOUSE, with water, gas, and bath Torm, coach house, and ornamental ga-den. The bouse is elegantly furnmhed, and io the most central mid desirable looation. The house wi.I be leased, with the furniture, for a term of} ears to a good tenant, very reasonably. For particular* applv to WM. WALL.of Wall, Stephens A Co., Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth atreeta. n m-lm KKNT.?'That new three atory Brick House I with txick building. with luith room, gas, and ail the modern convenience*, situated on K street, be tween Second and Third atreeta. Inquire of J. W. A R.\OLD. C street .between lhird and Four-and a-tiaif. oo U-tf l^OR RKNT-A i andeomel? Furnished HOUSE. 1 ( No. 44H, northeast corner of H and 10th streets) oontainin* thirteen room*, with gas fixtures, bathing room. Ac For particulars apply on tha premisas.or address Box 513. City Post < iffioe. se Zl lt, l/OR RENT?Prof. II. W. MUNDKR bavinz 1 fatted up his flail in rui elegant manner, which renders it one of the pret'fest rooms in this <*ty, will be rented upon moderate terma (or Soirees,Suppera, lhnnera, or Promenade Concerts apply at tha Hai: on Tuesday, Wednesday,and Thursday even ings from 7>? until r<>? o'clock. His School is now opon for the reception of pupila on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening, oc i?-tf Pianos, &c. jyUNNS ft CLARKE'3 H.' Jga HALLPTT. DAvYs A CO.'S^ Wff1 CELEB RATED PIANO FORTES, Constantly recaivins and for anle only by JOHN P. ELLIS, Pa. nr., between 9th and loth eta. Pnrohnaers will find it to their interest to examiue for themsulvo* the superior qualities of tha above Prir.oi. S'oola, Covers, Melodeona, fto., ftp., also on hand. n lf>-tr C^OLD MEDAL PREMIUM ? PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABK, tBenior aartner in the late firm of KjfABE, GaRKLE ft Co., Continues the manutaoture and aale of grand and etuare PIANO FORTES. undernfta nome_ _ of Wtlhain Kiu-lx- ft Co., at the old atand.KSB Noa. 1, S, 5 and 7 North Rutnw atreot op- ??1 ' po*ite the Eotaw House, Baltimore. Tha> have alao just opened a new Sales Room a' No 2M Baltimore street, between Charles aad Lirht ?treets. on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry McCafTery as a nusio store, where they will k.?ep oonatantly on hand a large assortment of plain and htehly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes* also, Melodeona, from the beat makora, from 4 toS octave. some with double Irey-boarda, double reeda, and stora to auit small ohurchea. Being extensively engaged in the nuvnufaotnre o Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the moa lil>arai t-rma. Our Pianoa were awarded the highest premium (gold medal i at tha Fmra of the Maryland Institute two auooeaaive yeara?Ootober, 1856, and Iflflfi? in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianoa from some of the Ixtat makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We wore alsot.warded the first premium at tl?e Industrial Exhibition held in Rtohinood, Vir fima, 1 -V> and 1H36. Tuey have alao been awarded he hignest premium (ailver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession ofteetimo niais from the most distinguished profesaora and amateurs in the oountry, which can be seen at our W'.rcrooms, speaking for themselves ami others of the high appreciation in wfiioh our instruments are ever< where held. A14 instruments are guaranteed for five year*, nrd a privilege of exchange ta granted within the firat six miiilis from the uay of aale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. W holesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call before puroliarfing. Pianos exchanged, hired, ard tared. mar Ifc-ly WM. KNAHK ft CO. Stoves, Ac. MC . WOODWARD'S ETROPOL1TAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. The Greatest Cooking M?v? ??? the United & tales. 1 have just recoived from Philadelphia a few of the new fl'RiNo StaR, or double Oven Cooking Stov?'^ n deoi'^-d improvement on the old Morning Star ; |>!itetited 1K57. I had them )jot up in Philadel phia tt;is last summer, exclusivoiy foi this market. Phey ure very heavy and strong, and caat of the very beat Pennsylvania Malleaola frou. All the Cooking Trenails are made extra haavy. F. II. Church, Esq., iimriufarturer. I haveaiso, Th* Litskty Star, made by Messrs. Abbott 6c Laureaoeof the tame piaoe. The LioHr SriiKKT Doc BLR Ovem Cook, iiui 1? by Messrs. Haivrm Itartlettft Co.. Baltimore, to/ether with the very best A'k Tight Flat-Top Cooking Stovrs tfiat c >n be found in thia or any other market, *ome of which are the oolebrated Scnrisk, Imi kovbii (ii.obk, Flora Cimik, Nomls Cook, anu the Riogk AiH-TioMr Cool. If any man oan prciluoe a fitter Cook;ng Stove, to excel the aU>v* Moves, for roasting, bnkmg, Ac., I will give him fVoneach one. f^ ease cail and examine them, it will eoat you nothing, and vou will see all kinda and sorta of Stoves, Ac. For eale at C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Store and Grata Factory, No. 318audSi' Pa.ave., b?t. iOU.and 11th sts. Baloony 111 Front full of Stoves. N. R. As to the Spa Shplt. flat top Coogiwe Stovk I have examined it thorrmghly, and thick it has a very appropriate name?Sukll. ^ es. shells will l>ur:i >>ut in a few fires. It is a good name for them?good for the makers. And as to the old Morn ing Star, I *uiJ them last fall, but will not sell them again. Th?\ are as thm as pa*tel*?ard. i can prove that the maker's agent urged me, for almost a day, Inst summer in my tounting room to aell them this Fall: saving that if I would tako twenty-five of them he would give me ttieexolusiveagenuy oftlwm for five ye*jp. I told him I would not have them at any pnoe, tBey are so thiaiy nuxde. Thar ara band billed over toxn by one th^t said last fall that they were not wortn having. All the above 1 oan prove. ?e 17-tf PROGRESS IN THK FINE ARTS. Paintin* and Photography Combimrd. P 11 OTOG RAP jITC PORTHAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniature or Size or Lirs. 8. WALKER'S PORTRAIT ANO PICTURE GALLE RY, Odoou Huli,oomer4>s at.and Pennsylvaaiaavenue. 9. WALKER has fitted up the above apaoioua a;i.tments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendornit; h.a establiahment one of the most com plete and handsome in the whole couutry. He has a largo Gallery for/ree exhibition of upward of SCO fine Oil Paintings, by aomu of the best ancient and modern masters, to whieh he intends to add freak importations. 3. Walk k* tuis also fitted up a oom plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments for ladies, and purohnsed the finest possible instrO ments, and engaged a first clasa operative artist io assist.him in the department lor taking all kinds of PHi >1'OG R A pHIcT A M B R ? )TY PE AND D A - GIF.RREOTYPE PORTRAITS, from the tmallrtt miniature to tize of life. S. Walsrh. i?y oombining the Photojcniphio Pro oesa with the art of Painting, of whioh he has had 25 years' experience and wnoae spec:mons of life jyze portraits may be seen in some of the first fami lies of the city, aa well as those exhibited in hia Gallery, he will be able, by the combination of the two, to produce portraits that have never been ex celled for the;r fidelity and life-likeexpression. Can vas and boards prepared by himself expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por tra.ta. Miniature or life-sue, from aiuall pioturee of dfCraitd fritnd*. Photograph* taken from oorpsea, or eiclr persona taken at their own reeidenoea. on immediate notioe. Committees and abuses taken in any number in groups, and anv quantity of oopies from the aatne Bold at reasonable oltargoe. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb gtonea. Valoabie Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, oarelully book lined and reatored to their original freahnosa. l.a<liea and gentlemen are reapeotfully aolioited 'o call at the Gallery, over Shilunglon'a (took store ? entmnee 4W street, two doors from Pennsvlvani* .vnniis, i? 11 -Ubi p o R M O U N T V fe. R N O N. The sitsainboat THOM AS COLLYER. having l>eeo thoroughly repaired, will make regulnr trips to Mount Vernon, leav iiig her wharf, in this sit*. > veri^^*-^*1* TUESDAY and FRIDAY MORNING,at 9o?clk. During the intervening lime she will run regular trips to Alexandria, as usual. oe ?_f r THOMAS RA KFR. C\pt?tf. V IRGINIA AND DI3TR1CT MONEY TAKEN AT PAR ror HOOTS, SHOES, AND TRUNKS. 9. P. HOOVF.R'S IRoV HALL BOOT,SHOK AND TRUNK KSTABUSH.VfKNT, P?ss.<|f/rasn avenue, Irtwten 9tk and 10(i sts. have just returnod from the North?TYTD nth a splendid assortment of allHlell inaa of Ladies. Gentiemens, Mia-^"?' ' M^aea, Boys', Childrena', and Servants ROt>TS and SHOES. Aiao. a large stook of TRUNKS. CARPET BAGS. VALICES, and SATCHELH, all of wfcioli I will sell lor above money. Call early, at BAM'L. P. HOOVER S, s?|a . Iron Hall. Look at ellis'b stock* ?f pianos before purehMiag sisswbar*. a l? Georgetown Advertiiement?. Al a k g e assortment of fall GOUiM, At very Lew Pricn to Cask Customers. JOHN hTbMOOT, No. 118 South Sims or Bridgk Street, Georgetown, D. C., has received end now offering at very low prices to ousn and prompt cuitomen, a larne assortment uf FALL AND WINTER GOODS, purchased 111 Philadelphia and New York at the lirf e recent Auction Sales, and from ihe importers, at very low prioes. which wiU enable him to oiler to purobusers, many desirableG<>odaoonaiderably rteiow their value. la the assortment will L>? louud?

Rioh Silk Robes and Bayadere Silks Best make of Riaok Silks Bzyadere Valeutiasand Valeutia Robes Rioh Printed, all wool, Delaines and Rotas Satin Kanoonies, plain eolora, all wool, a very supe rior good*, double width, at "75o. Leepm'saml other make* French Merinos. of all the moat desirable oolora, including White and Black Plain Delains. Mack, white and colored. 8-4 Mack hranch Merinos,for Shawls Rich I*moil Flail Merinos,at 31 V> ots, D<>. ail Wool do. 3<i eta. Printod Mouslin Delaines, good at j !es, at ItfX and 25 cent a 5 0 pieces, beat styles, English Prints at 12H eta. Rioh style Bonnet and Sasn Ribbons Plain oolora do., very cheap Velvet Ribhonaand Fringe Trimmings Stella, Kiocha Shawls, in great variety Super double Brocha do. Chenille au<1 t ashruere Scarfs Bajou's Kid Gloves,a: 1 colors and Noa. Saok Flannels, all c?lors White Amenean, Welch,.ind Saxony do. Blitck Bombazines and 3 4 Delaine* Co'.ora ai d black Coburg Merinos Black Crape VY-ila and Kngliah Crapea West black and brown and white English Prints Lonj and square Blaok Thibet arul Bay State Shaw! a L*dte> and Children's plaid woolen Shawls, in all stylea and prioes Hosiery of every description I adina Saxony and Merino Vests With a full supply of housekeeping and domeatio Goods, of the beat makers. Ofi?> JOHN H. SMOOT. NOTICE .? Having been informed that cer tain persons are in the habit of collecting and gathering together the Bottle* whioh contain or Lave contained our leverages, and putttiu therein an arti ole made l>y others than ourselves, anu then dispos ing of such article en the faith and credit of our name stamped on said Bottles, all persona are hereby notified that audi Bottles are our own property, and net aubjeot to sale, and that they are delivered to our customers onlv to he returned, and that it ib our iinn intention to prosecute to the utmost extent of the law, any infringmeut of our right a on the premiaea. ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot. 57 Green street. ??11 Georgetown. I). C. IT FONT'S GUN POW DEr7 I am all times supplied with ail the various kin 'i of Dl* FONT'S GUNI'OWDER,and am propped to supply the same in any quantity to parties wanting, on the most favorable terms. W. ALBERT KINO, Agent for the Distnot of Columbia, No. 36 High stroet, mav 12-tf t Intel.AStates ?i?or*e,rown. I>. C. Dentistry, ceo. D R. VILLARD, DENTIST, LATE OF CHI caoo, would respectfully inform the oit uent of the Distriot and vicinity, that hav ing looated himself in Washington, he is now prepared to perform al. operations in tua profes sion, in the moat approved aty.e. Once, No. 3S?>, Peon, avenue, adjoining Gautier's jan lv <HEIMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOM IS, M. D . the inventor aad patentee of "Loomis' Mineral Plate Teeth," having, suooeasfully introduced his improvement in! various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth oor.sists ohief 1* in making a set of but one pie?# of material, and that uidestructiMe mineral. No metal is used in their ooi.atruetion, and they are therefore free from galvanic action and metalio taste. There are no joints to become filled with moisture or particles of food, hence they are vure and. elean. They are lighter, stronger, leas clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearanoe. 1 will give a reward o One T kou sand Dollars to any om who will produoea similar work ef art to equal none iu purity, beauty, ^^bU^ty, artistic excellence or any other requisite All work responsibly warranted. 27? Penna. avenue, between 11th and 12th streets aylMi Dentistry. dr. STEPHEN BAILY, Or?ic* No. 198 Pennsylvania Avknvb, Tkrtt door s from 14fA Street. Dr. BAILY bers ieave ?t> inform the public that he caa be seen at all hours,at his office, located as above. He fo.'ls assured that an experienoeof fifteen vears' prac'ioe, with the large number of patients,and great variety of difficult cases that he has treated suoe*?a fully, will enable him to surmount any difficulty, scientiho or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. K11*> own experience the opiniou of man? mer eminent m the profession, ai.u especially l>rs. flams and J. n.n?1 E. Partnly, has le<l him. long, to dis card all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth,also all Enamels, Gutta Peroha, India Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction of Continuous Gurr Teeth, and that Porce'ian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance that can be worn in the mouth, as waa moat concluaiveiy shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he Ratters himxelf from his long resi detioe and practice in Washington, he ia favorably known tc his numerous friends and patrocs, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From tha late Reotor of the CLuroU of Epiphany of this city. Dr. Stephen Baily: DearSir?I desire to 6X press my esteem forjou, and my conLdenoe ll ron as a superior dentist. The operations executed or me hove been highly satisfactory. I hope that you ma* receive the patronage from my friends and the publio that your skill so well deserves. Yours very truly. Wuh.r.gton, Aug,26,1856. J.W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. Eocgs, Cotman A Co. nivine employed Dr. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant aiid difficult pieoe of work, whioh he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the faot tnat oi.n of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repented trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives ine great pleasure to px'preet! my entire confidence au>J high estimation af his professional skill. Baltimore,Jan. 1A 1^57. HARMANN BOGGS, Ex '.me t f.ora a Bote received from the lato Hun. J oho M. Clayton. U. F. St.taTX, Aug. 19, 1856. Thn tcfth you made for bib vo^admirablj ; noth CLAYTON. I A U" fcwm i uw iawur i"i ? vu could hoMUr. Very rratenilly To thoae U:at seek relief from the maladies of the tsetb, I cnr> oheerAiliy reooir.inend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist; he made a set of porcelian teeth roronoof my tinulv, and plug|-jd several toetii for myself, and the work has all stood well for more thac tenyeara. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Vt. Conf. of the M. E. Churoh South. April 19. Wdi. W ), the undoisigned, having had oooaaioa to arail ourrtofves of the profdisiouil skill of Dr. S. Bally, Surgeon Dentist of this oity, or having been ooguis anl of his operations on our families or fnen<ls, t?ke pieasuro in expressing our admiration of hia artiatio skill, as well a* of the uniformly satisfactory manner in wnioh he performs the most delioate and diffioult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respeotfliii* re oommend him to the confidence and patronage ot the ublio. of which we oonsider him eminently worthy. Thokas ll. Walter, Architect U. S. Capitol. Thomas Milhh, M. D.,of Washington, D. C. B. S. BonkKR, M. D. of Georgetown, D, C. N- S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Washington, D. C. Jos. H. BkADLir.of Washington, D. C. Georoe Walton, Ex-Governor of Florida, Walter I.rnox, Ex-Mayor of Washingtom SENRY Baldwin, y. S. Patent Office, . C. Wiaur, Principal Rittenhouse Aoadem*, fab 30 tf The secret infirmities of youth AND MATURiTi , Just Published. Gratic. the 25tk Thousand. A few words of the Rational Treatment, without Medioiue, of Spermatorrhea or Local WsZirt* Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions, Mlm!MTWA. Genital, and Nervous Debility. mature Deuay of the System, lmpo t<>noy,and lmpe?!iments to Mairiage goneniiiy, bv B. 1)L LANEY. M. D. TVo important fact that the many alarming oom piaiuts, oriKinaliOK in the imprudenoe and solitude of youth, may be easily removed without Medicine, in in this small traot. clearly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and highlv successful treatment.aa adopted by the author, fully explained, b> means of which everyone is enabled to cure Himself perfectly and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding all the adverti?ed rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratia and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remittHn^lwu^ostn^e^atampa aetf-d&wtf 17 Lispenard street. New York. rpEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Daveeport, Iowa, pav ing IU p-r oent. interest by Coupon in New York. Honda of 95CO each. The growing city of Davenport has now about ?i)J)00 inhabitants, and ia rapidly increasing in wealth and population. Its mnnioipal debt is only Q15?,<**>, and its railroad dent only )S?lie5,?'J. and uannot now lie increased. Tha statintioa of the city were published in the Intelli gencer of the *>ib September. We recommend thesa bonds, bineving them to be aa safe as any State or oity bonds. . o?6 CHUBB BROTHERS. /ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH, giving a beautiful |y lustra to the bnger naila, at OISBS'S Hair Store, near ]9th itraet, Pa. art, a Watcho?t Jewelry, &c. ver \VATCHW,JEw,jLRv.ANi, fancy ak CLK9?fto' P1?0?*- FAX?V ARVl Call and MiuniQt, a: Jfc/ ?an?m r, J. robinson*j?, ?oawfta 349 oppo. Browns' Hotel. WASHINGTON, AND V|R ?'a^k token at parlor all kinds of r ?. ? i* fashionable GOLD Jt'. \V ELR Y t.n? c i iVf ?& auV ? iir ? ? watch ks, gold "*^imatDU'ry Tol 338 Pean' iV8tue' a,*n of ,he ^?? ? H. O. HOOD. /^LOCKS'?CLOCKS!!?CLOCKS!!! . CI.OOKS,!-CLOCKS!!-^!|,OCKS" A rood BASrt CLOCK for 61. Every it,',. "?f ClooUat J. ROBINSON'S. ??*:e_oi ?*;?: o Ai'C?;-,,iob ?? K?" and examine^ at?^e &t whol,I,a!e P"ces. Call oe*i9? -,.?n J. ROBINSON'S, <^^i^2^^__3ta_Pa1av.. pppo. Browr.s' Hotel. Vocal and Instrumental Mugic. M WW ES?? L2.KR'S ,,1ANV*UH1L "4'i7?c;:.N.v*,"",ed ?? ????#"???- - I nia Class system la n.ore advantageous for th.-> Inltruot^n!11 Cm:dren- th?" otEer a) stem of nJ??t*kSfiVa''T *d*?ntageo?? for tlie perfecting of the most brilliant performeis. * Trrms is Adtakci. * it ji7 i" $5 P" quarter. Advance C iimi p ? > r ^ l 101,1 .to '* ma*e tw Mr. \V. H. Thir??Lnfk. i i." rr'"ie'lc?-F street, be'weet ?"T*"t* an" I" onrteenth. ilJT Georgetown Classes meet every Monday and iZiPMMSA!*M~u-""'"\':rrfr J^TORMAL MUSIC SCHOOL. d-es inH1 rYi?^G Wl!l yy? a Mu?'0 School for La and opntltfinpii, nt T^fnuAriirrA H *i) <>n l* No" mSilf?, V^l'^ ?? nioriT. principles to Composition and Har inr !of'Mo^.b.e fTBtd fo5 ,h" >r,?rnftfln and even o clock and 7* ' ^e0neBday?. ??<1 Fridays, at 4 f?h,wHC,arime,,tJLBt Ml" Hanover's dayi, atTo'clock ?<1D,0f Tue,da" a?d Tbur? 52 lessons, in clasa. $5; pn An-'riT.,ctio??Vocal,, or Organ. $12. HxlF?; ??L'rn "*1 he ,nv,a to Mr. IaviM at the Hall ar the timeabove named, at Ellis'a Musie Store or though tho Post Office. <x?24 t Decl to n!V of" \l: A k 1 be?? ?eav*to onnewoe ??,H a ilift of Uaehi^top, Georgetown, fii'rnr?h vrr?riV*>> D u* i* t,ww ?rep*red SjjliMUSIC for Balls, Private Parties. at ihl ? ?lft ,tn anT "umber of M usiciausto i^!?r at the ?n?rtest notice. F fc?"J,,nnuM th0 Depotaof John LrSr?hrJS i?*,Jl?.t"^,tt' ?r at hl- residence. eurner6th and G streets. Navy Vard. oo8n-3m* By THE 'RESlAgNT^F THK UNITED p/es.Pd".7tn^f?i ?J Taw: l\ Es BUCHANAN rresident of the t nited States of America, do w-luM K^rJV#*,^ kBown that pul.lic aaies Htlti ,r at at the ur'3er"ientioned land offices in the a^. to wi" &t peno<lB hereinafter WnLtT. Vt0**. ??c#at,,>LATABrEO, oommencinK on of t^? i .l,!,! i ? ?f March n^xt, for thedipposai townsh.p-. v,,: ' Wlthln lhe NortK qj the base line and vest of the the fifth r. .. , Pnnripal meridian. I- ractional t?wn*htpt sixty-seven, of ranees twenty-four to forty-tnree, inclusive. dHv ' thT\\ Milan. oonnnencinr en Mon aay, the 8tU day of March next, for the disposal of ih?pPa"v,i: WllLui lLc f"lio*uif nam*^towu iWM of the hast line and vest of the fifth .. , Principal meridian. townships aixty seven, of ranxea eighteen to twenty-three, inclusive. MoiL7 at?.^L*I,A' ?OMMMi*! on 1*7 ?* . t day of .March uext. for the diseo toirushi'pa^vix'-3 ' Wlttllu lowing-named iVcrlA of ike base line and vest of the Jifi\ prim _ ttpal meridian. Fractional township ?:XTy scveu. of rango ton. c Jl f-? Ili '.1 U,e M,Js?"'PPi riV'T, numtered one. two. and three, in fraction! townsip sixty four, of ranite five. * lurt{'e Moinea river, in aectiona ??ne, of lownahip sixcy-four, of a tnk,0 L\ 1*. nia')pb sections nine, five ol ranieaix 0' fra^tiona(townships.xty At land office at St. Loci*, oommenoir.* on fi'^r. iT iNt tay next, for the disposal tow iiMupe vlt- within the follow in*-named Xorth of the base line and eti't nf the Afth prin ? . w rival meridian. a_ ,IafVi?na t7*'usfi|P thirty-eight, of range nine, exc ept the portions covered by private claims. the laud office at Jacksok, commencing on Monday, tho 8th dav of March r.ext. A.r the dispoaal toWMhipPa ris- " Wthiii the following nan.ed Sorih of thr. base line and east of the fifth prin , eiral meridian. ?J.?,- Sr?-al trowr,,h,? twenty-one, and township twenty-two, of ranee one. Jh notional township twenty-one, of range tvo. township| twenty-aeren, of range seven. h raoiiojtal towB?h:p fcLXteeu.aud township twen ty eij;ht,of range nine. y rownel.ip t wenty-nine, of range ten. Fractiojml tewnahie sixteen, of ra ge thirteen. Township twenty four, of range sixteen. North of the base line and vest tuf the fifth prin tipal meridian. Fractional township twenty-one. of ranreaone to eight, inclusive. Fractional townalup tventy-ono, and tuwnahips twenty-five and twenty-six, ef range nine. \i?t,it,'a.lian<L0?cei SraixoriED. commencing Monday, the fifteeutb day of March next, fortae disposal or the public lauda within the foliovrinc named townships, viz: North of the base line and vest of the fifth prtn _ eipal meridian. Townsaip thirt?.of range tvt nry-nine. iKrJ!.Wrl*VfiS lJllrV*' thirty -one, thirty-two, thirty three, aud tlurty lour, ? f range thirty. Lands appropriated t.y law for the use of schools, military, and othrr purposes, together with those swamp and overflowed lands, made thereby unfit for cultivation." if any. granted to the State bv the act entitled " An act to enable the State of Arkansas and other States to reclaim the'swanu> lands* within their limits,' approved September ft. IsStt, will Oe excluded from tiic sales. The ottering of the abeve lands will be commenced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which the* ar?? advertised, until the whole shall have been offered, and the sales thns closed ; I Kit no sale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry ofanv of the lands will be admitted until alter the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the sit; of Washinrtur.. this sixteenth d?y of September, Domini ohe thousand eight hundred and fifty-wen. n ? , . JAMES BUCHANAN. By the Presideut: Tuomas A. Hkndkicks, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Kvar> person entitled to tho right of pre-emption to any or the lands within the townships and parts of townships above enumerated is requir?dto es tablish the same to the satislaotion ot the register and receiver of the proper laud office, und make paymmt therefor as soon as practicable after seeing this notice, and before the day appointed for the sommenceinent of the public sale of the lands ? inbraeing the tract claimed ; otherwise such eiaun will be forfeited. THOS. A.HENDRICKS, Commissioner vf the General Land Office sel9 lawSm IMPROVE YOUR EYES- STRENGTHEN I and assist them-by the PARIS r~?W\ i?-'-i OPTICIAN ?A NYootsoW who, just arrived from Eumpe. with his own mar.sfactu ."SV other Opnoians' latest impro\ed SPKCjAgLES and EVK lil.ASSKS. which CO!" FO( ^ '!77",T* ANY EYE aff'ecfed w'ith WeVkKNI>G CT?r *?,n* to't, alsoSH<?RTSIGHT j. l All persons that wear or those wiuoh need to begin to wear them will be auited at first sight. Those wonderful double-polished Glasses il*rI highest rrco-nmendation at the WORLDS FAIR in PAKIS. through their pro ductng a oleanng to the sight the best known till set. Also, all styles of OPERA, SPY. and MAGNI FYING GLASSES. Compasses, and Microscopes are for sale at h is store, ooraer of Fa? hth street and Pennsylvania avenue, or 491 Eighth street Prices very reasonable, the same as he 1^1 in his establish ment in Paris. n > tf FASHIONABLE PKK ?? U.MERIES, froirTthe r best houses, at GIBBS'S, near the oor->er ol 13th street. Pa. are. n 10-3m Scissors, mirrors, powder boxes Ac.,at GlBBS'S Hiur St<?ts. nearstreet P# ,5\2r ^ ?* ^ Salesroon, under Wulards'. ' D10 3m I/?(^'LL^N?75!0,^?AUGHLLN'S.No.JO.het - Goods sow op.u^f ^ 1"' lari' 17 JDancing. J j A N C I M W A C A D K N Y . Mr. T F. GASZVNSKI uH DVl'f.utvd ^ the honor to announce to the l^adi'es * (Til fe tinmen of \\ ashington and Georgetown jJ!, JL he will re open his Caimi for Daae.rJrn/?m V\ a*hiiurt<>?i nn F ridar, the 9th of Octol-er a"C^ Mr. Imui-h'. Hal I. onrnar of IHk Vt. mU pa*^ L nik>k it.ira for M J k< *? iuary. fro:n 3 otlot* ?. m. .? ?j!T lAr"'" ^.Hitiou itri application can be hm1? ?0 oin 514 SEVENTH STREET All ? Jgfia?, * O P T I C / A N Offoa Second Story, three d,A>rs from Odd h kllowk Hall. oS2S?*?2Ll to every I If lit; iSGSU- ?TV?"*' ' I ??'??.SiioJSl-soopes, M lc;i>tOup4'? vf * vanmy ? amio ^terei.#c4?r>#i ? nh vitvi of superior Mil c:i<>i e pictures on i>anu See stiver twement iu National Intelhrenoer. ?***Jver Tk^TIMORIALS. a,? . T(l<l Nok?ol?, *f*waturf. VA. -ill * fn sP*0,ac'?,> J'?u UAoe for mo tun me *** T * *n<' *t'e,V .to have improved ni) ai*ht inoie than any other 1 have lately tiled I ITTu'. TAZKWF.LL T. h.*?# P|ajfr.of SpectaMes ol?in?i from Mr. Li and hiiu th-m <?( great astuMuio* to m* 1 cnrr"P?'?d'n? with h?a description of their I'ous. i reoomuieuii him a* a ski Ifui optician HKNMV A. \\ ISE. .. .. r*T?*?Br?;a. < >etobei 21, IK*. About five yeare *?.o. I obtained from Mr "fc"oNas ? n \\ a.hiugion.a pa.r of <i!a?eealor tna ap*?UcieJ w.iioh I uned. au?l touml l torn of |rMt lo in? fHno#; f.nd to* <>p mon of htin i? thut he la skllilul id the preparation of OliaaVi ?'?*!* not too far gone to be benefitted by auoh a. J. J. FT MAY. . Lyxchbcbo,November 7,iw?. r rom an examination of Mr. Totwi' O lasses and rrom his o!?.ervati<ns and remarks. am eoavmoad that he la a aki^ful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. .?. D. XI T L ~ ?. LTHcwTito. Newnibii it. hm Mr. John Toi>ias, having furni?hed me with Gtae h?t*. J w JcU V***n tr??atiy aided. (in? riaim ha* in< aulfer^l ireatly from readme at nifiht m m* earlier life.l if at.ord* me the hi(he*t pleasure to ?wy that I o<>n?id<*r him a nkiliful praoixmi opticas, ir.d ???.! prepaid lo aid th<>ae ?ho ilia} i.e*-d Eia profeaaiouai aervicea. \VM. H. F??t"ZlK, K dor ot the Mctiiodiat Cenfermoa. .. Wilmijiotor, N. c., inner, Ihm .J ?? ? Tonaa--Vtat Str : l am happ, twsay that the ^peotaciee which I obtained Irom you !aat wa?k are entirely aat .afaotory. From an ineqttaJity uj the visual rancaofmy eyea, I have heretotorr foitrd treat difhoulty in eetiniR Rla?sea of the proper r oaldja tar.cea. It altord* i;(e pleasure to gtate, that t?y th? aid of your optometer thia difficulty haa beon happii* obviatod, ao that the Glaasca yo? nuniahed in* ana aecided'y the best adapted to my eyea of any I have ever y*t used. Very respeetfuiiy yonre, R. B. DFANE. Hector of St. Jamea' Parish. Havinu been induoed bjr a friend to viait theeatab Iiahmunt ut Mr. Tolnaa for the purpeao of try ina hia * astea I was furniahed with a pairaiiRhtly eolorM biue, whioe have adorded me more rohefand frat.h cation than any J have ever tried. My aicht,criaia al!y verv n? d. was injured by writing at.a readme at nuht. IroHuently to a very lata hour: but with tko aid of these ciaa?ea I oan aiudy a.moat aa lata aa aver, and that too without the pair. 1 lave Brevitui ly sullered. JOHN Vl'ILsUM, Dec. 1!. \S? CC?nU""*"' ^ f have naed Mr. Tobtaa'e Ppoqtacloa for three or four roontha. and take treat p.aaaura ia aayinc tf-r 1 am icuoh t..eased with them. I have Uool mueh. benefited by tlem. (ikll.7.ScARbUROH M*) MO. 1856. I was reoommended to Mr. John Tobias as a ski If* optician ; and as 1 have eyes of remarkable peculiari ty, I was gratified to fino that Mr. Totnu ae??T- k to oon.prehend them l.j inspection and aome s.^ht meaenrcmont and he has made me a pair of f^peeta c.ea that aints me admirably. A. P. Bt TLER. ? UiJ 11| ibjQ( n w , Wa*ki*?to9, An|.t, 1S55. Havinc hern for years under the necessity of har - two seta of ? .aaaea~onefor use in daylight, and oao lor lan.p-liKht-l procured one aet from MrtTobias which answered both purposes. I have u?ed t ? 1Vr severa. i..oLtha, ax?d Litd ihern eioalieot. tL?WAK t? STUBBS. Of Bepartment of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of bpactac es yo? rurmshed rne jvsterday are partioukarly aatia^aotorr to me. Thiy are verj decided:* the ben I r^aseas, arwt I am the owner of eight or cine puis, oar efu.?? aelected in d'fferent placea and'from opticians roo ommended to me on account of their pnYeosiotai standinj; in Franee, Knclar d.and the United tflatea. I have been alao pleased with your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eyea, fur the Mr pose of preserving and impu>ving the eight Respeetfully y^urs, CHS. CALDTV ELI? Profeaaor of M. C.. l^>uiavi7W. Ky. Bkooiltn OaTHcraxoic Institution, a - . A aid, |ML After moat carefti! examinfiUon ot Mr. J. Tobiaa't Giaase*. I am enabled to teatity that their hardneas, c.earneka. poliahitg, and exact opuaa! ahripe render them particularly reoomn.endable to th?*e whoee n>erel> optioal impairment of the e?ea are in want cj" auoh auxiliaries. I ot.nsider, moreover, Mr. ToUaa iuiIt qualified to determine the fooue of the eyb.both t?y his cpticai knowledge and expenenoe. and t?y means ol hie optometer. In addition, I can further state that Mr. Tobias haa suppiiod some of my pa* tients with Glasses, to their and my aatis'acfion LEWIS HAl'KR.M.p Pv?sicinnar,d Piirceon, Berlin; Mrra^er of )hs Royal College of Surgeons. Fatctaiid; Member of the .>ied:oa! Sooiety of London, and of the Pathological Society of New York; late Sur *e<m of the Royal Oithopaedic Inatitution oj Manofieeter. Kngland, and Surgeon of the U. O. Institution. . _, Norfolk, Va., July Tt, lk'4. In the exreri?noe of even two jears. I hive f..ui.d great difficulty in obtaining Spectacles tV?f were ex actly adapted to the wefvknet,* of my sight. This in convenience Mr. seema ro have removed fc>r the present by the aubatitution for me of better ar d more suitable Giaaaes. They are clear, ohryatal-uke and oomfortable to my e) es. 1 wou.d oo^im*>nd him to those who from or c?thiAr infirmitjr rnquirv a; - tiEcial aid in this way. J.i.SlMKINS, M. f). Wit M-5CTON. N. c.. Junalfi, 1854. To pernona who have had the eight ofthoireyes so impaired as to require the use of Giaaaet, I Wouii reot^inmend Mr. John Tobias aa a smtal ie peraon from whom to obtain mch Glauses a? thev may re ?|Uire, as he has suited me with a pair of Spnctaole* or a far ami near sight. M? aitht haa l>e*t! impaired very much by a aervic* of%ears in the P.?sl (.iffioe Department, which l>erth required me to be on dut\ from 11 o'clock at night till after day. during which time I u?ed but one light. W. A. WALKER. Department or Interior, May *, IR1^. From liaturai defect* and th? unequ.i' ran^e of my eyes, I have I*?en conipel!?>d to use g'a????r for seve ral yoars. I have tried different optic.ars without obtainnr g!ia??*a prrfoetly htted to mv eyea. Four months sinew Mr. Toriat, made two pairs especially for roe, whioh I have foui.d to serve me perfectly. Ily the use of his optometer he is enal>U J to adapt glasses moat minutely to the ere. I moi' eheerfirt Iy recommend Mr. Tobiaa to all haviiw oor?Kion to use claases, and l*ar my tec .monv aa to hia skill aa anopticfan. HF.NRV E. BA1.11W IN, se 25 ^^Asa t Sep'y to sign laud W arrant*. New grocery, wine, and LIQUOR STORK. Th? subscriber begs to inform his friends and tho fubho. that he haa opened a NEW STOR E, ocrner of 12th street and l^ouisiara avenue, whore he in tends to keep constantly on hand a large end varied aasortment of Foreign and {)<-mettic \v I N'F.S I I QIORS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCERIES, eunarating of Fine Teas. Sajar, Coffee, Flour.Soap, Olives, Raisins. Fi?s. Anchovice, 6urd, Marrett A Co.. Pmet A Co.. and Col. Chabard's m oases, demjohns. and aaeks Old Ja maica Rum. Sherries. Mudeirv Port of v-rious de scriptions. St. Jiiiisi, Claret, Chateaux Margaax ,n oaaes, Chairpngne Cider, Brandy Fruits. Reynold s Minburgh Ale, Anmsette, Maraschino, Cnraora, Alieyatha. Champagne, and a large ai.d varied de scn ption of Havana Cigars. Also, Stoughton bitters, and Ferer and Ague Bitters, Porter, Ale,and Ciaer. Families are particularly invited to oal! ar.d ex.:n inotte stook l?efo'# purchasing e'sewhere. Mem t<ers of Congreaa are also informed that tfcejr orders will he promptly attended to, and delivcWat their residence* at the shortest wi.oe. A general assortment ol hue Havana Cigars, im - ported direct by the subset iber. at wholeaa.e and ra ^Oinal Boats supplied on reaaonahla Urns, and produce taken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, oonat/intlv on tiani*.of laee Country orders punctually attended to, and oour> try produoeof all descriptions revived ?a oonaisa ment. JONAS P. LEVT. lea tf No. wu Twelfth at reef French books. Scribe? Histoneftes et Proverbes. T cents Fromervtin?I'n file Dana le **ahara- srf et* Karr-Projnenadea hora da Mon Jardin: ?'ets. Dumas Fila?Le Dame Aax Tameliaa: ?>cta ?Feval?l.e Tuer d* Tigrea; T cts. e\ bard?Jerome Paturot: S^cts. >uvestre?Scenesd? a Via Intime; Mots g'?v''?tre? Dana !a Prairie: j.. c-i*. Rousseau-Les CunfsBaiou.2 vols., il lust rated; 1* cent i* Roueseau?La Nonvel]* He oise.t volumea, lilae traied ; 75 cents. \ oltaire-Dictionnaire Philosopkiqae. 5 vois^ i. us trated; .*'. 75. De la L?ai?Iation Minentle Sous f/AnciaaiM Mon archie, nar E. L. Fleury; ffl.75. De la Repubfiqua des Etats ( nls, par M. De La Gracene; 7Sets. Etudes Diplomat.a?ea, par Le Vieomte Haary do Boaaevai: f7V Hist, ire <*u Consuiat at de L'Empira, par M. A. Thiers, vu.iimi 1C, $1^5. , ^mjiorted by FRAKCK TAYI.OK. A PI A NO for f 37, one for f7?. and oae fur ?i?V foraaJeor hire upon raasonrble terma. Must fee takea at oaaa from the aloes to mste amn f,,r others. JOHN W. F.LLll. . OS a M Pa, aTe .aear auraar loaat^^