Newspaper of Evening Star, November 27, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 27, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY |JT The steamer Arabia sailed for Liverpool, from New York, on Wrdnewliy, with upward of Sl.sflO.OOU tn specie. P?i*st Dctsio to Death ?Father McCabe, Catholic priest at Malone, N Y., was burned to death in bed. the clothes taking lire. His body was found by another priest who had been sleep lag in the adjoining room. The Cask or Dosskllt, tuiMtrannt**. -Ap plication liu been made to the chancellor of New Jersey for a writ of error to carry Donnelly's case before the Court of Errors and Appeals. The ap plication was granted and a decision will be ren dered in a few days. ID** The Transatlantic Telegraph Company have placed the entire supervision of the enter prise in the bands of Cyrus \V. Firld, and have appointed as Its engineer the engineer of the Ni agara. John Bull seems to be of the opinion that Amsrican enterprise and ingenuity are of some value in such undertakings. 11 r The New York Journal of Commerce says that the day-tune prayer meetings held intbelec" ture rooms of the Dutch Refoimed Church, at the corner of William and Ann streeets, have been so well attended lately?the audience l?eing several hu- d ed daily?that it was found necessa ry to open additional rooms. 1CT The Second Unlverbalist Church in Phil adelpL'.a observed Thanksgiving Day by distrib uting l.oO" loaves of bread among those who ap ply at the church. The Good Samaritan Section, Cadets of Temperance, distributed in the same way 4<i0 loaves of oiead to the poor of Thirteenth and FomSeeuth Wards. lU" The Virginia Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, now in'ses sion, have elected the following delegates to the General ( onferenc*?, Wuicli meets in Nashville. Tenn., n? xt May : David S. Do-getr, D D., Wm. A Smith, D D , Leroy M Lee, D D.. Key. Leo. Ro*ser, Rev George Carter, Rev. George W. I.angtiorne, Kev. "Wiu. W. Bennett, Rev Jos. II Drvis, and Rev. Mr. Michaels. 117" A sad accident o? cur-ed ut-ar Broad Tree tunnel on Wednesday afternoon, about 4 o'clock, by which .Mr. Walter Storey supervisor of loco motives on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, was Instantly killed Mr. S. was engaged in having a heavy engine raised to the track, when a block flew np and struck him. He is said to have been a very excellent officer, and resided at Camden, near Wheeling. ILT The steamship Tennessee, which arrived at New Orleans o;i Tuesday last, b:ought from Mexico twenty-three |>oli Ileal eiiles, and among these are Ex-President Silas Jose Washington, Colonel Romero and William Morgan, editor of the Extraordinaire, who was imprisoned for publications against the Governor oi Zacatecaa. Commonfort s fall was considered certain, and It was thought doubtful whether his life would be spared if he remained in the couutry. ILT Apples are scarce and dear in New York. The Journal of Commerce says Newtown pipins. which were in such high favor last year for ex port, are almost an entire failure, so that the num ber shipped this season will be insignificant. The market price Is quoted at 37 and Sw per bar rel, packed for shipment, and #5 and SC per bar rel as they run. The crop in Western New York U fair, bat In other portions of the State, and through the country generally beth quality and quantity are inferior. The Victims by the Btk^iiNs ok the Rai\ ,ow~The following additional names of those lost on the steamer Rainbow have been ascer tained; Mr. Galfin, of Kentucky; three children ?f Mrs. W hi taker. of Yicksburg; Mrs. Wheatley and child, California; one lady in the cabin,and three ladies,deck passengers, nam*-* unknown; Mr. Leake, Arkansas; .Mr. Inyraham, New Or leans , Miss larnick and Mr Rehears, of West Point. Also, two stewards, two cooks, three deck hands, and three colored beys. HT" The ceremonies attendant upon the remo val of the remains of General Worth to the tomb prepared for thetn, under tlie monument In course of the erection to his memory, at the junction of Broadwav and Fifth avenue, Madison Square, took place in New York on Wednesday. The military, masonic, and civic display was most Imposing, and was witnessed by thousands of persons, who congregated along the line of the procession, notwithstanding the severity of cold Tne funeral seivices at the monument were per formed by Rev Dr. Viutou, of Trinity Church; an interesting masonic ceremony followed, and Mayor Wood delivered an address. It was some time after dark before the ceremonies were con cluded Ghh Waliii i* tmk Soitii.?The Apalach: eola (Fla ) Advertiser of the lSth instant, nays : " We doubt very much the correctness of the statement thst W alker's :iff-iiis are in a flourish ing 'oiid;(ion At first we Mt disposed to hid him G?d-*reed. but the belief is now lart Ircoiii l"g general that the ' man of destiuv' has had his day. and that he will not again be allowed an opportunity to trifie away tne livtsand fortunes of his fellow-citizens With all the advantages in bis favor, his present position and that of Nic aragua fully attest that he was not the man for the crisis. W e trust the Administration will en force our neutrality laws to the letter The Austin (Texas) Journal the fol lowing advertisement: ??Ho. rox Adtexti'se'?Fortv-nine men are Wanted, to join an expedition to leave this place between the 1st and 15th of March next The re sult is ex[**ete?i to be very profitable to all Inter ested. None t?ut those of k.'iown veracity and bravery need apply ^u? b m?n ran learn full particullars by applying to W. Tatj-om. Jr." PERSONAL .... Hon J. Gisucy Jones, of Pa , i? at Ki.k> Wood*". .... Hons. T Davis, lowi. J IIill, Ga . and C. J. Faulkner, Va , are at Browns.' .... Forrest, the ttagedian, is drawing it li me use audience* at St. Louis. .... F.X P es dent Pierce and wife are In Phil adelphia. ou their way to Norfolk. to embark for Madclia. .... Gen Ifcnnin^sen Is at present In New York If Wslfier succeeds in obtaining a new foothold in Nicaragua, the General will be very likely to join him Gov Jarkson. R. J , Hon. G. N. Fitch, Ind , Hon J T. Hatch, N Y., Hon W Bitfler, Pa., Major Dea?, l' S A , Capt Nicholas, V S. ft?., Major Buell and lady. L\ 8 A , Capt. Van Vliet, C S- A , Jacob A. Westerveit, Esq., N. Y ., are at Willards'. James G Birney, long identified with the Abolition party, died at his residence in Eagles wood, near Perth Amboy. N. J , ?n Tuesday evening In 1H44 he was the Presidential candi date of the 44 Liberty party," since which time bis name has been rarely before the public Du ring the last twelve years he has suffered from several attacks of paralysis. More recently, his symptoms have l?een aggravated by heart disease and other ailments. ....The greatest actor of Scotland died the other djy at 71 years of age, in Edinburgh Mr. Ma< kay was famous for bis impetsoualiou of the tkotcb characters in the Waverley Novels, par tkeulaily of iiaillie Nicol Jarvie in Rob Roy, whom lie personal* d to the entire satisfaction of fir Waiter Scott, wbosaid that kiit was the living Ntcoi Jarvie; conceited, pi ag luat ii-ai, cautious, generous. Dioud of his connection with R<>b Roy, frightened for him at the same time, and yet ex tremely desirous to interfere with him as au ad viser V The Messrs Harper accuse the New York Tribune of appropriating the chapters of Thack eray's " % irginian-,' fur early proof sheets of which tbey pay the author and also of reprinting upon them, under the same clrcnm* stances Dickens's story of '-Little Dorrit," for which the Harper s paid ??.wsj The Tnbune replies tartly, and as jnst.Bi at ion for Ita shabby act, asserts that the Harper's have lm-n in the habit of crushing weaker rivals, and that they r?. printed upon a young publisher in that city Dickens's " Hard Times." which he had pur chased for ?1.5UU, and from whi< h blow, say* the Tribune, he has never reeove.ed. This J-istifi<:a tioii |? a specimen of what Mr. Amlnidab Sleek would call "high morality." try N Noble, a cigar peddlar, hung himself ?t Tarrittvllle on Sunday Cause unknown. He belonged to Soutbwlck, Mass [TIT The steam cottsii-mill in Providence has atopped, throwing about three bundled persona oat of employment The mill has been tunning Pyanra WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP The Pcblic Printing ?In the Now York News, of the day before yesterday, there was published a correspondence between the Hon. John Kelly and Mr. A. G. Seaman, the Super intendent of the Public Printing, niottappiopos to the current charged of frand.colluiion and cor ruption in connection with the Public Printing. Our first impulse was to comment on it, aa illus trating the length to which those desirous of defeating the re-election of the present Hou?e Printer had gone. But, on reflection, wo prefer to lay it before the Star a roaders with few commenta of our own. It has been charged?indirectly though it may be?for, however anxious parties may be to clutch what they regard as the " plunder" of the Public Printer, they have never dared to make any such palpable charge for which they were responsible?that the Superintendent of the Public Printing has been engaged in buy ing and selling in the discharge of his trust. Ilia letter, which will be found below, will satisfy any man, not only that the charge that the Public Printer haa been the recipient of enormous patronage?to the extent of nearly a million of dollars is sweepingly unfounded; but that if it be true that there is collusion and corruption in connection with the contracts for the public printing and engraving, as alleged, the guilt lays at the door, not of the Supefm* tendent, but equally at those of the Vice Presi dent, the Speaker, the Senate and House com mittees on Printing an 1 Engraving, and the officers of the Treasury Department; and that the parties with whom they have made the alleged corrupt contracts number fifty or sixty, perhaps?business firms scat tered all over the country?who*e integrity was never questioned until that course was found necessary in the current work of persons some of whom having black-mailed the present Prin ter past endurance, now seek to defeat him by fanning combinations with all lav-rous alter " plunder." and dinging into the public ear un founded charges concerning Lis di>char^o of the duties of his oilice. Tue Printing of Conskk*s. New York, Nov SI, 1557. My Dkae S:r : I semi you. as a Democratic editor of a Democratic journal, a correspondence deemed by me of some importance a* eliciting information upon a subject which has been a fruitful tiit-ine for newspaper comment for some time past, viz : the printing of Congre-s. The facts elicited will be of use to those who feel an interest in the matter, and bv giving it an early insertion, and calling the attention of the prej>? to it, you will oblige, youis very truly, JOHN KkLLY. W. D Parson*, Esq., Editor and Proprietor of the Diiily News New York, Nov. 15, H57. Sir : So many stories have been circulated for months past in regaid to the enoimou* amount paid for the printing of Congress?so tiiativ gross misrepresentations, (whether intended or'other wise 1 will not undertake to determine.) have l>een current in regard to "corrupt combina tions,"' ?? public plunder," "lavish expendi ture," ic., &.c?that 1 deem it proper, injustice to myself a* a member of Congress, upon which these misstatements in a great degree reflect, to seek through an official channel the means of re futing them. I have, therefore, to ask that you ?will be pleased to answer the following inquiries, if possible 6 ^ ' First. What Is the entire amount paid,or to be {>aid to the Public Printer, for printing executed or the two sessions of the Thirty-fourth Con gress. and to what parties T Second What is the entire amount paid, or to be paid, to the public binders, for binding extra documents for dist.ibution for the Thirty-fourth Congress ? To whom paid, and how are the binders selected ? Third. What is the entire amount paid, or to l?e paid, for paper used for printing for the Thir ty-fourth Congress ' To whom paid, and how is the pa;>er obtain* d ? Fourth. What is the entire amount paid, or to l>e paid, for engraving and printing engravings Illustrating documents ordcied by the Thirty fourth Congress ' To whom paid, and how is such engraving and printing obtained ' An sarly answer to these queries will much oblige. Your ob# dient servant. (Signed) John Kcllt. New York T? A (i S?caman, Esq . Superintendent Public Printing, Washington. Omen ^cperintkndknt Public Printing.) Washington, November IS), lrt57. | II?n Jolt* keliy. M C., .VrW York i'lty Dear Sir : 1 have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 15th instant, pro pounding inquiries relative to the cost of the p inting. binding. pap?r and engraving for the Thirty-fourth Congress, which T shall p.oceed to answer as fallows : 41 1st. What is the entire amount paid, or to be paid to the Public Printers, tor printing executed for the two sessions of the Thirty-fourth Con gress. and to what parties ?*' Answer?IS** 73. The printers are elect ed by the two Houses of Congress, respectively, at the commencement of each Congress, to ex ecute the minting of that Congress. The prices to be paid for the various kind* of work are fixed by the act of itftti August, lb55i Their ar counts are liiNt examined by the Superintendent and cei tilled ; they are theii re-examined at the Treasury, and. if found correct, me paid there. The printers of the Senate for the Thirty-fonrtli Congress were Beverley Tucker, Esq . (for a sin-.ll portion of the First Session,) and the Hon. A O P Nicholson for the residue of the Con gress Cornelius Wendell, Esq ,)? the printer for the House of Representatives. '?Sd What is the entire amount pnid, or to be paid, to the Public Binde.s, for binding extia documents for distribution for the Thirty-fourth Congress? To whom paid, and how* are the binders selected ? ' Answer 30 The binders are elat ed by the Committees on Printing of the two Houses of Congress, respectively, at the com mencement of each Congress. The maximum price to be paid for binding is fixed by law. Their accounts are examined and certified by this otlice, and a e transmitted to the Secretary of the Senate or Clerk of the House, as the case may be; they are then examined bv the Commit tee ,,m Accounts of such House, and if found cor rect. are paid by the S?cre'ary or Clerk Trie b nd rs for the Thirty-fourth Congress a e J.mi ?? ? MfGuire. E-q . of W.-?'ton, lor the Sen ate, and Jos K Williams, Esq , of Toledo. Ohio, for the Honseof Representatives. ???M \\ hat i? the entire amount paid, or to be paid, foi pajier used f?r the Thirty-fourth Con gress ? To whom paid, and how is the paper obtained?" 11 Answer?*513,&P> 61 The paper Is obtained by public adveitisement asking for "pioposals," in the manner requi ed by the act of-Jtith August, lo5ci These proposals are opened in the presence of the Vice President of the United States, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Superintendent of the Public Printing, and the contracts awaided tothe lowest and best bidders. The accounts of the contractors are examined and certified by this oilice, and transmitted to the Treasury, where they are re-examined, and. if found correct, are paid. The contractors for the year lt?5fi were as follows: Class 1?S. I. Megargr-e, Philadelphia, Pa. S?H V. Butler Jc Co , New York, N Y. 3?Camnell, Hall k Co . New York. NY. I?H \ Butler k Co., Paterson, N . J . 5?J Kingsland At Son. Belleville. N . J . 0?J M Hollingsworth, tirotoa, Mass. 7?Charles Mairarge.Sc Co., Philadelphia h?Campbell, Hall Ac Co., New York. ?? Jessup k Moore, Philadelphia. Pa. The contractors for the year 1*57 are as follows: Class I?S I Megaigee. Philadelphia, Pa 4?H V Butler Ac Co., New Yoik, N Y. 3?Keeney. Wood k Co.. Manchester,Ct. 4?H V Butler k Co , New York, NY. 5?J k R Kingsland, Belleville, N. J. 8?E. P. Tileston. Dorchester, Mass. 7?George H Levis. Philadelphia. Pa. J M Hollingsworth. Groton, Mass "4th What is the entire amount paid, or to l*j paid, for engraving and printing engravings illustrating document* ordered by the Thirty fourth Congress ? tofwhom |.,.id, and how is such engraving and printing obtained Answer?&M3.359 "JO. The engraving, and the Crlntlng and coloring of engraving, are obtained y advertisement inviting ?? Preposals " These proposals, when received, are opened by the re spective committees of the two Houses of Cou gress having charge of these niattem. who award contracts for the same to the lowest and best re sponsible bidders The accounts for the *an e are examined and ceitified l?y this oilice, and are transmitted to the Secretary of the Senate or the Cleik of the House of Representatives, a* the case may l>e. They are then examined by the Committee on Accounts of such House, and. If found correct, are approved and paid by the Ser. retaryor Clerk The contractors for this descilp tlon of work dur the Thirty-fourth Cougre. s are as follows: ('opfierplatt Emgruetr* ami Printers Wm. H Dougal, Georgetown. D C ; Selmar flejbert, Washington, D. CJ. 11. Richard, Washington, Lukogrmpktrt? James Ackerman. Harony. Ma jor & Knapp, Julius Bien, Bowne ft Hasbroock, New \ ork City; P. J4 Duval k Son. John Cassln, Tho? Sinclair k Co , Wayner* MeOulgnn, L. M. Rosenthal!, Philadelphia, pa.; A Hoen * Co , Baltimore, Md ; C B Graham, Washington Enzrav*r* on Wood?Wm Roberts. K Bell man, 8. J Pinc kney, Chas Kdmond*. K Hoole. L^ing &. Darritt, J. M Manoog, Whitney 4 Jocelvu. K. Baldwin, N Orr & Co., New York , Van Ingcn & Snyder. D. Scattrnjood. Louder bark L Hoffman, Sturdivant k. Mas#, D C Bax ter. N J W?miner, Philadelphia, Pa ; Richard Major, Washington City. EUctrntypt rs?Lovejoy k Whreler, New York City ; L. Johnson Jk Co., Philadelphia. l/raftsman?M. C Gritzner, Washington City. It is projwr to remark, that I do not profess to give the r.ract amount that has been paid, or I* to be paid, under your several inquiries, two of the documents ordered to be printed at the IIrat ses sion (the report from the Secretary of State on Commercial Relations, and Major Emory's Mex ican Boundary Report,) being at the time unfin ished ; but these documents have been fairly esti mated for in my several answers, with the excep tion cf tlie illustrations for the latter report, which were procured, in great part, by the De pal Intent of the Interior, and of the cost of which I have no knowledge. Detailed statements of the cost of the printing, be., for the Thirty-fourth Congress will be found in the Annual Report of this ofllce, com municated to both Houses of Congress on the Utli of January last, and that which will be communicated tn December next, to which I in vite your attention. I am. sir, very respectfully, your obedient ser vant, A. G. Szaman, Superintendent. Toe Derbt.?We mentioned a day or two since that the contest for the Doorkenpership of the House of Representatives was likely to be a very " Derby" in its way. Since then we have had a flight of ?uch of the nags (competi tors) as are under training here or within striking distance of Washington city. They are as follows: Z. W. McKnew. District of Columbia. Peter Gorman, Maryland. B II. Dorsey, Maryland. Col. Wilson, Texas. Robinson, District of Columbia. V m. P. Phillips, ex-Sixth Auditor, Virginia Jas F. Devine, Virginia. R. B. ilaekuey, Virginia. Merritt Jordan. Virginia. J. P. Santamcyer, Ohio. Samuel J. Johnson, Indiana. Geo. IJ. Wooldridge, New York. Byron Gordon Daniels. Joseph Berrctt. Massachusetts. Carroll, Mississippi. C. B. Whitney. California. Lawlcr, New Jersey. There are others not yet named to the pub lic. For instance, the honorable member from the Brooklyn district of New York is said to have an unnamed candidate, who is to start off backed by the votes of the New York Demo cratic members ; Wisconsin is expected to send us at least one, if not two competitors, and Michigan and Iowa at loast one a piece. In such a handicap contest, it is of course impos sible to predict who may win. Our judgment at this stage of the game is, that in betting upon the race it will be safe to take 'the fiold" against any named ?? nag.'' Republic ah Paktyism i* ? The few nominal Doinocratic'joumals at the North that are still trying to woaken the Democracy upon the Kansas question?undertaking to dispute the right of the Kansas Constitution Convention to dispose of their work as they hare done?arc already mouthing over the old exploded anti-Nebraska-bill pleas of the New York Tribune. They are evidently " sold to the Dutch..body and breeches. It seems strange to find such arguments in thoir columns as those to which they are compelled to resort in their present work of disorganization. The Pevu fylvanian of Saturday last exposed their tergiversation with a master pen, saying We invite especial attention to an ahle article from the Washington Union, which will I* found on our first page. It disposes of all the objections urged against the so-railed provisional government of Kansas, and shows that the elec tion provisions which :ippear in the Kansas con stitution are identical with those in the constitu tions of Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, and every Mate constitution whiah has been adopted since 1^02. It is, therefore, apparent that the Kansas convention followed safe and sure precedents for the rule of action they raw fit to ;.dopt There seems to be :t settled co:iviction that the action of ' the constitutional convention of Kansas has the full endorsement of the National Administration. If so. it ttttoids another evidence of a determina tion on the jt.irt of the President to carry out In good faith aud to the Very letter the great prin ciples of the Kansas-Nebraska bill, which r? reived such au emphatic endorsement In his election. The Whole matter is now in the hands of the people of Kntisas, where every true Democrat will agree to leave it The polls are open to all, and provisions made to secure a fair and impar tial election Kadi one ran vote as kis judgment dictates. If for slavery, h?t ran deposit his bal lot in favor of that Institution; if opposed to slavery, an opportunity Is extended for hltn to testify in a legal, constitutional manner, his op position to its continuance in the State. Is this not Democratic, fair and just.' Does not the Kau s:tM-.Nebraska bill provide for just such an exer rise of power by >he people of the territories, and in precisely the same manner ? It undoubtedly does, and yet we hear those who were loudest in praise of the Kansas-Nebraska bill, now echoing the arguments and Invectives of the New Voik Tribune against the Democratic party of Kansas, and urging the Democrac y of old Pennsylvania?the home of James Buchanan, who was elerted by a united party?united upon the very pi iacipl* which underlie* the action of the Kansas Constitutional Convention, to join forces with the Black Republican party In the Noith, repudiate the principle of non-interven tion, trample upon all those pledges which they nave given tp the Nation, and join in an unholy war upon tneir political brethren in Kansas, who are engaged in a death struggle for the triumph of Democratic principles lu that Territory, which is soon to ltecome a State. Greeley does not like the doing* of the Democratic party In Kansas, and because of that fart Democrats in the old Kevstone are te cry down the action of their own party. If this Is to bo the course pursued the National Administration will soon fall under the ban of these new-fashioned Democrats, for It is not piobable th ' sound D-moriatlc ideas of our dis tlanguished President will please the editor of the Tribune or his new found disciples more than dues the action of the Constitutional Convention of Kansas. But the Democracy of Pennsylvania have not sunk so low as to deseit either their principle-, or those who are contending for them in other sections of the (Jniou, at the bidding of the New York Tribune or its so-called Demo cratic co-laborers in the Black Republican cause. Pennsylvania is true to the principles of the Kansas-Nebraska bill, and her firm and gallant Democracy will uever dtsert those who are con tending for them, whether in Kansas or else where, to fraternize with traitors alike to the Constitution and the Union. The Postmastermhip of the House op Representatives.?The followiug is a list of the. bo far. avowed candidates for this position. Vix: J. M. Johnson, Esq., of Virginia. Michael Cluskey. Esq., District of Columbia. Hunter, Esq.. of Kentucky. Johnson, Esq., New Jersey. Hancock. Esq., Pennsylvania. Vi ru. II. Topping. Esq.. District of Columbia. Goverxok Waleer, of Kansas, duly reached Washington on the evening before last. Yes terday, according to the common understand ing on the Avenue, he had a long interview with the Pre&ident. A hundred rumors pur porting te embrace the substance and result of their conference are floating around us. almost all of which differ in essential points. Placing no confidence in any of them, wo give none of them a place in the Star's columns. The President and Governor Walker are natives of the same State, and were long associated with each other as political and personal friends in the discharge of publie trusts. Our hope has been, with our knowledge of the earnei^nefs with which the Presideuthas Sought throughout the whole of the Kansas imbroglio under his administration simply to conserve the principle of the Kansas Nebraska act, that in the end no serious obstacles would be found to that harmony of sentiment between them on the subject, so likely to strengthen the prospect for the future unity and ascendancy of the Demo cratic party, which the President aims to se cure, and for which all sound and unselftah Demoorats hope. ?, v Believing that twenty-four boar* spent in the Federal Metropolis at tbrs time will prove suf ficient to convince Governor Walker where hia path of duty to his country and the unity of the Dcciocratio organization lays?if he did not know before, which wo have so far had no rea son to surmise?we have rested content in th? belief that all ia destined to go on happily In thia connection, Governor W. giving the Presi dent all the aid in hia power to effeet an har monious and final settlement of the imbroglio aa speedily aa possible. Naval Courts or Isqciry.?To day. in the case of Lieut. Mathew L. Maury, before Court No. 1, Commodores Aulick anil Smith were examined on the applicants behalf, and Mr. J. P. Smith, of the Pension Bureau, on behalf of the Government. Before Court No. 2, to-day, in the case of Lt. Boyle, Commodore Voorheea and Commanders Whittle and Nicholas were examined in his be half. The case was then postponed, and the Hon. Mr. Conrad?that gentleman's counsel? read the defence in the case of Commander Ringgold. Before Court No. 3, Lt. Maffit and Dr. Wm. P. Jones, of Washington city, were examined in the case of ex-Capt. Levy, on his behalf. The Sloop-of-War James tow v.?The fol lowing is a list of the officers ordered to this sloop-of-war, now being prepared to join the Home squadron, at the Philadelphia navy yard. Via : Commander, C. II. A. II. Kennedy; Lieuten ants, Geo. B. Batch, Samuel Edwards. J. W Bennett, S. B. Luce, and E. K. Owen; Acting Master, John S. Barnes; Surgeon, Marius Duvall; Assistant Surgeon, Thos. J. Charlton;

Purser, Ezekiel W. Cullen; Gunner, Benjamin Bunker; Carpenter, II. M. Lowry; Sailmaker, Lewis Rogers. The Clerkship.?The following nre the candidates fur the Clerkship of the House of Representatives ?o far known to the publie of Washington. Viz: H<*n. J. C. Allen, of Iilinoi*. Hon. J. L. Robinson, of Indiana. (jet). Narr, of New Jersey. A. D. Banks, Esq., of Virgiuia. Richard Connolly, of New York. As it is understood that tho Democratic mem bers from New York have determined to sup port Mr. Allen, we presume that Mr. Conuollj'a claims will hardly be pressed. James P. Donnelly.?A petition is beitg oirculatcd in this city and Georgetown ad dressed to the Governor of New Jersey, to have the death sentence rocently parsed on Jae. P. Donnelly oommuted to imprisoment for life. It has already been signed by a largo number of our most respectable and influential citizens, who judging from their past knowledge of the unfortunate young man, do not believe that he could have committed the crimo of which he has been convicted. Tbe U. S. War Brio Perry.?We appro hend that tbe order directing this vessel to be at once prepared for sea, has been temporarily countermanded. - T?* Wbatheji ?The following report of tt? weather for this morning is made from tbe Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: November 27, 1S57. Niw York, N Y clear. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Baltimore, Md clear, cool. Washington, L> C cle?r, mo!. Richmond, Va clear, cold. Petersburg, Va clear, cold. Norfolk, Va foggy, cold; wind 8. Wilmington, N. C clear, cold. Columbia, S. C .....clear, cold. Charleston.. clear, cold. Augusta, Gn clear, cool Savannah, (ia cloudy,cold. Macon, (ia........... clear, cold. Columbiut. Ga...? clear, cool. Montgomery, Ala cloudy. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...cloudy. Mobile, Ala cloudy. , Gainesville, Miss clear, pleasant. New Or lean*, I.a clear. Barometer at Wellington 'JO bod. and rising. The Statue of Washington safely landed on Capitol Square?A Labor of Love?Popular Enthusiasm. [From the Kichmond Enquirer, 25th inst ] About 1 p. m. yesterday we were astonished to tee the monster b<>x, containing the bronze eques trian statu** of Washington, moving briskly up the heavy gradeof Ninth stieet, ?>n Mr J R An derson's solid bro:id-iron-wheel wagon, drawn l?V tbe hands and hearts of more than a thousand of our citizen^, tn< lading a!I ages 'l'he box, weighing nineteen tons, wax coh\-yed from the bead of the dock along Seventeenth Kt. to Main, and there, the horses showing a want of power, the pcojilr. took bodily possession of the immense case, and, amitfst ioyous shouting, carri.d it up Main to Ninth, along Ninth to Bioad. along Broad to Tenth, and thence thiough an oi?*uing in the iron railing into its proper place infiout of the Monument. It was a grand and delightful spectacle, a* the mountain-box, drawn by hundred* of the citi zen*, with agent M.-Cloy and Capt Sam Free mau and Corporal Kritchman, of the Blues. with their flag, on the wagon in front, overcame all obstacles, and was safely landed, amidst enthu siastic cheerings. O'lly a f*w moments sufficed for the crowd to tear up the iron railing and cutb stones and contiguous trees, to make a passage Into the Square. The Mayer of the city raised to the top of the 1h?x, and after a neat speech, urgpd the people to call the Governor out. Gov Wl?e could not resist the hearty en treaties of the besieging crowd, (who guarded all tli? exits of the Capitol,) and, escorted by tne Mayor, wa< welcomed by the crowd, wtio, by the ai t of a rope and their own shoulders, elevated him on the box. Just then the salutes were fired by detachments of Blues and Young Guard anil patriotic airs pe: formed by the Armory Band. The Governor stood betu-ath the '? stars and stripes," held up by a number of citizens, and addressed the im mense audience with eloquence and powerful effect. After a few pertinent remarks from Capt. Diiiiitiock, captain of the Public Guard, and Mr. Mayo, the crowd dispersed, leaving the box safely iu its place. We have never seen a mote picturesque and animating spectacle?the more so as it was entirely unexpected by everybody. Wast or Labor is tiii Wist ?The St. Louis Democrat of the 16th instant, has the following statements respecting the want of mechanics and laborers in Kansas : We have received Information from several re liable gentlemen, just arrived from Kansas, that a large number of mechanics and laboreis are ncW wanted in that Territory. In several of the towns they have not sufficient mechanics to do half the work which is required, and for which they would receive from 1W.5U to 13 per day. One gentleman tells us that there la not a single shoemaker, tailor, blacksmith or tin i smith in the town of Osawattamie, nor In Paoli, in l.ykens county. In fact, theie is deficiency in all the mechanical branches throughout the Ter ritory. Two or three builders monopolize all the work in a town, and they are so busily engaged in erecting dwellings on their own account, that they refuse to do so, and are unable to attend to outside work. Laborers are wanted all over the Territory at better prices than can be obtained in any other fiart of the country. We are assured that there s no exaggeration iu this statement, and if we entertained^ the slightest doubt of its correctness we should not publish lt for the purpose of de ceiving those to whom such Information may be important. At the present time, when so many persons are thrown out of employment, and when the ap proaching winter may bring with It great dis tress, it would be well for those who are thus situated, to look in time for the means of subsis tence and protection for themselves and families Kansas offers the best field for the unemployed and industrious mechanic and laborer of tho United States. The gentlemen who commuul rated thin information we know to be reliable they have left their names at our office, and may be written to upoa the subject. JJjT A dispatch from New York, on the 25th. says: The foreign advices are regarded as ftvoral.le, as the anxiety and sus|iense here have been re lieved thereby, and trade in England, it Is e* pected, will begin to recuperate For a long while, how#ver, the business relation* between the two countries will be narrowed down to the smallest compass, and rest generally upon a cash basis. Slocks advanced here under the news, but the Impiovemettl was not maintained to the close. Considerable speculation is nevertheless appa rent. (0* One of Mrs. Cunningham's old servants, Manr Mulligan, has recovered #4uu from Mr*. H. B Ruggles, In Cincinnati, her laat employer, for slanderous words touching her character. The Blfwi by the Yanderbilt. The steamer Vanderbllt, a cummary of whose advices, a* received from Cape Rate, we pub. lished in Wedesday'? Star, brought three day* later intelligence from Europe. A despondent condition of monetary matters on the departure of the steamer Atlantic, on the af ternoon of the 11th instant, mulled on the fol lowing day in a fearful panic throughout the en tire country. All the bank* utterly refund to dl? count to their patron*, which naturally added to the wild excitement, until the afternoon of Thurs day, when a Treasury letter appeared in London, and wa-. instantly transmitted by telegraph to all the chief cities and towns, suspending the Bank Charter Act, and authorizing the issue of note* to any amount on approved securities. The ?-tfi ct at every point was instantaneous, and the pat.ic ceased as if by magic. At Liverpool, Mancbts ter, Glasgow, and other important eities. the news was received with the most extravagant ac clamations of joy The suspension of the City Bank of Glasgow, on Wednesday, the day the Atlantic sailed, is confirmed. We select the following list of suspensions from a large number reported in the English newspapers : Sanderson, Sandmann A Co., London. Wilson, Morgan & Co., statlotiee.s, London. Fitch A Street, London Coddington A Co., iron merchants, Liverpool Mackenzie, Ramsav A Co , Dundee Draper, Pirton A Co., I^mdon Falmin, Grenel A Co., Liverpool Bjn, B rod ice A Co., London Munroe, G ant A Co , Swansea Stergman A Co , Nottingham The London Money .vlaiket was ?.te*dier Fri day. the 13th lost., and Bank Stock sold &t to >212 Exchequer bills wrre firm and the feel ins in business circles in all the principal cities and inanufactu lng towns became de. idedlv more cheerful as soon as It Itecame known that Government had authorized the Batik to extend its issues without incurring the penalty of the Bink Charter Act The Bank of France bad raised its rate of dis count on 90 days bills to 10 per cent. Consuls h.idtiuct'iated considerably, but closed with increased ?teadinrss on Friday at for money. The greatest anxiety was felt in England to hiive the lews by the Vardeibiit reach New York inrdvanceof the publicity of the advices by the Atlantic. Naval.?Tt is stated that orders have l?een re c?-iv d at the Navy Ya-d lisre to get rcadv for s< a with alt possible dispatch the sloop-uf-war Marion a*?d the brig Perry. Their desHuation is said to ?>e Nicaragua, in order to enforce, if necessary, our treaiy with that Government, a* well as to compel the fulfilment of their obliga tiotis to the United States. The steamer Louisiana b ought down tea men. yesterday, for the United State* steamer Powhatan, now getting ready to join the Last India squadron ?Sot folk Herald, Saturday ff7"It is stated that the Keatnckv Central rail road have, for the present, determined tosu?|>?Mid payment of the interest oil the fallowing liuiid<, vz: $-JuO,U)0 city of Covington, * It <0,000 Cincin nati, S*."Ai,UU0 1'eudletou county, and *5IM,?*Ki iu C >m<- bunds. The annual interest on all Iheee is 8.>5,t:0;l. The whole reason is?Inability to get money. CT*The first tube on the Victoria Bridge,over the St. Lawrence, on the Montreal hide of the river has been fixed, and attracts the admiration of thousands of curious visitor*. When the sup port* were removed, and the immense weight of iroti was left to support itself on its own bottom, a depression of about an inch and a half t<?ok place. The calculation wa* made, for 4 inches so that the work has succeeded better than w<t* anticipated. During the Winter another tube will be laid on the Longueuil side. :rr: (V>5?HAVING. soinO time since, accused Mr. I . i Salla of dishonorable ac's, and being now satisfied tl?at said aoousation* ware erroneous, I tvke this method of publicly retracting ao> and all charges made by me against said Salla'* character. It* MRS. A. FAV1ER. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY. J A iii-etint will take place THIS (Pridat) EVENING, lor lra?8!CtioB of business relating to th? ball. By order of Capt. J. Y. Da vis : It* B. F. BEERS, Sae. ?THE HEBREW CONGREGATION OF Washington, resolved, in the last month.y meeting, to buy a lot of ground, in the City of Washinrton, to build a Synagogue. The i<>t has to It* situated from I'th to 3d street* West a ? ? ns feet front. and 100 Isick. All owners hi vim to dispose of such a lot are requested to cem inunionte with Mr. LKUPOLIl OHPK.M1 KIM - EK, north side 1'a. avenue, between 9th and l?th streets. No. St*'. n t7-2w* 'ill be givrn commencing matter and order of the devotions to l>e observed, will be published and distributed on the day of commencement. ? n 25-3t * Yi=*riMi BEEF will be offered for sale by J. J ?< 11. IlAZEL at his Stall, No. Centre Varket, on Saturday morning, at the usual ptiee.? H-is ?n? in seaich of go??d Beef will do well to five bun a call. n25-2t*_ V^FAlH.-The I.adies of Car.ito! Htllarem.w 1 ? holding a Fair at Column* llsll. Capitol Hi'l.for the purpose of raising funds for the erection of h Monument to the memory of B C. Grenup, who was killed in the discharge ol his duty as a ftr? man. Prol'. Withers's Band has t?een engaged. Seison tickets So oents ; single ticket* 12 cents. ii 23 rt ? -y^=- A SIM RIT U A L R E T R E A T w i I 7 in St. Dominic's Churfth. Island, co onSCN DA Y, the 29th inst The matter ja v^ GHLIN'S. ? it sr- mkkr Mclaughlins store. No. II at ?'* ? e venue, bet. nth and 9th sts. n f e li'OOI.h.N ??OODS, Toys, Hobby Horse-, ?? Cane*, Ac., Ac., at n 27 Mel.Al'G H I IN'S. C^HIilSTM AS PRESENTS. f. r at a ?1 u j tanf, METZEKHTT'S WASHINGTON VIKVV^. For tale at all Bookstores. u'St HJ. MoLA UGHLI.N f:as the largest stock of ? I'ovs and fancy Good* in the City. \o. ?> Fa av.v-ue. I?*t ween 8th and 9ih streets, opp ??ite Centre Market. nT1 Ntt i'D'E TO HOLDKKSOF DA Vi-.N fOkT BONDS. The Coupons due on the 1st proximo will I e paid on r>rc?euta*ion at our Banking House, or at Bank of North Amnries, New York, on the ? st proximo, n 27 4t (Intell.) CHI BB BROTHERS. \li.HT SCHOOL will be re-opened at the Is Washington Select School House, corner of l'*lh and o streets,ou Tues 'ay. Dee, 1st. SAMUEL KELLY. n27-eoSt* I'riretpal. |?OR SALE.?A fir?t rate family HORSK, per fectly sound ami gentle. \\ ill travel in rv it her double or *tn?le I srness. Also, a light ian>iU C VRKi AtlE. fnrom^Zi h-'rse iti.d a ?ot of single H A RN ESS. nearly new, will In so'd ch?aa either separately or together. ApplvtoT. J. FISHER,at J. C. McGu r-'? Aoe t ton ko<'tns. n 27 3t* PI LHIT F.LOQI ENCK OP THE NINF teenth Cen'ury ? Be.ns Oiseourse* of eminent living .Miiiiwtora in Kn^land Fr?i-oe. America. Ger lu'.ns. Scot'and, Ireland, and Wales; one large oetavo volume of HIS pa;cs and several portrait., 1H57, price 92,7x n -7 FRANCK TAYLOR. WINDER CLOTHING OF ALL QUALI TIES. Citizens and Singers wishing to snpplv them selves with ?legant styles of READx-MADE Cl.OTHiNG. made in superior manner, at mo<1e rtte pno^s. are mvited to examine our auperior assortment. Also,an extensive variety of Gentlemen's Fur nishing Goods, Shawls. A?? wall, stephens a co.. n 27 (In*.] 322 Pa. av.. I?et. srh and loth sts. AHAKGAIN IN a PIANO.?One of Mallet, D ivis A Co.'s ln'st PI A N < iS, ri 11 won l_ ne-. case, *eren oct.iVes, iron fiame, vo'd by n K ff**j f??r but a short time ago, i* now for"** * ' sain at our'store for cash, or a note at si ort date bearing interest, with good endorser. ih?cvm r lieing compelled f<om private circutnstanoes to force said Piano off. I am prepared to w.irrantand eusr antee said Pianoaa tirmly and strongly as any Piano 1 ever sold. Tnis is n bargain in reality. A Iso, a large stock of new Pianos. Pianos for rent by evenii.g. month, quarter, or year. JOHN F. ELLIS, SOS Pisan. avenue, n 27-tf l?th street. joun w. n:r- i A 1 > n c. LOWNIM I^EW AUCTION amdCOMMISSION STORE. Badkn A Lownds respeotfully announce to their frietidsand the public that they nnve aa?oeiated to gether in the Auction and Commission hutir<es?. at Nti. *4 Centre Maiket Space, between 7th and aih streets, wiiere they will be happy to rrc>>ive con sirnments, on which liberal advanoes will t?e made. Strict attention will be ?aid to Real Kstate and Fur niture Sales, eitiiwr at their Seles Rooms, or el e where. Prompt returns on all aales may be fully relied upon. They will hold daily and mchtly aales of sucharncles as may he consigned to them, (.arte number of building lots and dwelling hou?e*. in thts city, ai.d ?lso a Fttrm in Prince George's Countv, twelve miles from the city, containing alaiut 1C3 acres, at private sale. HADKN a lownds, at Maiket Si,ace. betweeu 7th and din streets. n ?7 3t (Nat. Intel.> WA CARD. E take this method ol luforminr our patrrns and ihe public in reneral, tl.a', inconse>|iieiice of the tinanouif crisis, we have daierinnted t?? seil all our Go. ds at a treat reduction. We have markeJ down nil our goods?encli article twin^ marked in plain beures at our lowest cwsh prions? in order to effect a speedy stle. and make it an object for pe seta* who aie tu toe taint ol purchasing lor c^m.l* oalland exanun* our goodj a:id prices before purchaeing eNewhere. Our large .iss<irtmcnt tm. races? Fine London and Geneva Watches, for Ladies and Gentloiueu; warranted tiuae k-epera. Rich Jewelry, such as Diamoud*, Pearls, Corals, C&iumm. Mosaics, etc., etc. Pure Silverware. Spoons, Kuivea, Forks, PitolMrs, Goblets, Cups. And a large assoitment of Fanoy Silverware, suita ble f >r wedding and holiday presents. Best Silver-*laieid Ware. Spoo -a. t- orks, Coflee aud Tea Seta, Baskets and Castors, eto., etc., okeeper than ever oCered before ih this market. Hotel and hou*ekeepeta who wish to relnreisk their Table Ware are invited to look at the Goods. Alllhe goods are warranted as No. abo Pa.ave? bet. 9tn and mth'sis. iUdtDeeK AMUSE* Em. ^ A R IBI'U b A LOON. L. CARUSI'S DAKCIX'G SOIREE will uka <>? t R IDAY ft. v ft.NlNG next me J7t|i ir..< His Dancjiu Atmder.iT i? still ?pen for the innol pupils. lit ttw Faloon. r .4 *? QiJi? fellows" hall ~ W Y M A N. THE WIZARD AND_VENTRI LOgi'llT. WVMAN'I LAST AFlKR\Oi?N LIX II11|I. TION take* plaae on Saturday at JoVock. MONDAY. Nor. 2S. SI I SIGHTS O S LY. MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, Til URSDAY. ft'Ri DAY. SATURDAY. ATSO, SATURDAY AFTER NOON, at S o'clock. Particulars inhrilnof the day. n'^iu iinWUMT OF SACRED Ml SIC. WESLEY CHAPEL CHOIR, Assisted bf MTeral talents rrof*s*'-rs and A ma teurs of Washington and Baltimore, w II nvc a CONCERT OF SACRED MI SIC, On WEDNESDAY, Utt.U. AT WESLEY CIIAPEL. Under the Di'eetiooof J. H. DANIEL. Tiiek*ts2S cents; can be had at Taylor A Mau ry's, Win. Haltanty nw's. J??s. Skillimfoi't, and Win. M. Sinister A Co'i. n 4 2TJi.D?cl4t Q R A N D AS S ft! M B L V. The FhaXku* Fi*t Cohpajjt take plnigrnk anriouDOinz to their friends and ft bow 01 titers t!.atth?> have oomplcted their arrangement a to give a course of Asseu.t>uee dnrnt tl. | oomtnr winter. The first wilt take place at their Hall, on DAY. Deo. 7, la*C. Arth'a celebralod Cotillon Band ha* I eon engaged f ?r t he uc<??too. Tioke'a (IN K DOLl.A R?to he had ft any of the Hotel* and at the door on the evening of the Rail. CommttlH of Arrmnttn F.. F Alexander, W. OrtiiU. W. II. Fanning. J. W. White. W. I. Hatte*. nolf-'ofc! isn?e :a % WAKT8. w w r ANTED.?At No. aw IRth ?trect, ?>etweer H and I streets, si* DRESS MAKERS. N?a* |mt h*ml* need sosl. . W.\ ,\TI' I* ? A iikkI G IRL to do k iioii'ii Work. ?iiif a ho etui no me wni '??c< ?mut?-i.'1-,d. App;? at ST'fa. ivTiiue, btrtwocn l#th and lUh afrc-? ?. loi'h 1l * WANTED.?A g'H?d plain Oai4 ai.d CkMkw maid. Inth ''athobc pr-ferred. To thit* tool w^ses will Ite g; v?n. App y to THOS J. ft ISHI .R, at Jaa. C. McGuire's Auct.on Bosnia. nCTSt __ WANTED ?A Cook. Wa?her. and lr<>ner.?A German or American woman prererr d i<ood reference r>*owired 4pp'yat No.SsSF street, four do- ra veil ??f Sth s'reet. ?r-1t WANTED.?A Situation. by an vf Butler or Waiter in a arimt# family. (?ood city reterenee given. A letter aJdrcaaed t? R. N , t*t ?r Offic*. he attended to. n 25 Vt* WANTED?A kikkI SALESMAN in a rrt?tl Dry fimxli Store. To one that oan come wp'I reeommended. and is acquainted with the Diatrict trade, a good and permanent ai?nation will be otffred. Adil ean G. B.. Washinston. I). C. n i?4 .tt r A NTKD ? A small, comfortable. and Fur nished House for aix months. Firat or Sec ond Ward preferred. Addreaa lelUr to be* a?\ <'i?r |'o*f Otfic*. n CI -1 w* W ANTED Tu HI K E.-.f3.??.?. for the term of i years. aecnrt>d on an improved farm, of ??? acrea, by a dstd of trust, sitoated near thent? In terest paid annua ly. An* one wishing to mvast in th*t **a>. will please add'eas J. B. S.. B?>X >1, Washington city .atatiug wh^n and where an inter view can be had. Interest paid aemiaunual'y if pre ff rred. i, H If LOST AOT FOUKD. LOST?On Thanksgiving day. on or near Pem. avenue,a heavy linked GOl .D BR a?'E1.I.1. The tind<?r will !>? rewarded by leaving the san ?? at No. ? Mnviiri av>-r iie. It* I^OI > t)?<?n Fiteenth street. ?>n Sunday l*af. a MOI.D LOCK KT. set with hair, and eham witti cltap. It will be returned to any one i proving th? same to L>? the.r sroperty lonapplioation at the Rnt i?h Legation, and paying th? expense of'.his adver tiaement. It* LOST?In a Navy Yard Omntbu*. between th<? Capitol II11J and Navy Yard, on Thursday Nov. 2i;h. a biace i.At'K VEI<?. The hnder tie lib eraily rewarded by leaving it with the Timekeeper o' the Navy Yard hne. It FOL'N I'.?On the 27th iro>tant. on the raa' tide vl the Eastern Branch, a small BAY HORSE, with white hind feei and a white spot on hia forehead. I ne owner will call on JOHN THOMAS, at the Insane Hospital, prove property, pa> * charge*, and take the horse. n27-St* DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Cot*? or W*iHi*r,T(?N, TO WIT.?I tieieby oer mffM tily that Mnurioe Murehy.of said county, broUfcht lielora me, as a stra* ?'eMpaKsm.&aaM on his enclosures, a brown Buffalo td\V ; ea- h ear cropped, and havin? a white spot on li.^r f<>rehea>i, some ahite al>oiit her hoid tegs and belly, and a a iute spot on her left hips. 'iiven uudrtr my hand and seal this 2*lltdayol November, lt&7. ft:. J. MIDDLETON, J. P. The owner of the alwve described Cow is re?<U??t ?d to come^ f..ra\rd, prove property,'pay charges, and take her away. MAURICE MURPHY. Living on the Roa<l .radius from Noitn Capitol It* Street to Root Orri<k t'hurah. at ^ " R EWABU?Horse Stra?e?1.? Itroke <mi now tne ?iab e. corner of F. and ? ih street* CV ? on Saturday night, a BLACK HOKSI, ? jJ^I Any perron bringing the horse to me.ormch**^^ iiif'tr.i ationas I oau K*t luiii, will receive the aU>\e reward. n?*- PETER MeKENNY. FOR REFT AND SALE. For ?tk*r" For hit n: ami Salt" ncitref ?** l?t i??g?, I^URNISIIFD HOUSE FOR REN1\?A drsi ral?le and h\nds<mely I un ishe<l House, cor venientlT located, in a pleasnrit Fart of the citt .mil be rented for six moutiis, or by the venr. pu-ase refer f? r info*ma*ion to J. G. CLARKE, Em , otfti'eof RieesA Co. n 25 tl fpOR RENT.?That arge HKICK H??t>Koii tl e c> rner of'ith ar,d I- streets, laitly oeoi^ ed '?y Mrs. Spal.ling as a i? ar.ling houae It ? a'out 4:) rooms, with gas and aa'er ; also, a t*:lnng loom Mid a l*r*e dimng-iooin. The corucr ma; t><> o -cupi' d as a store o*offices, aid the Imsciiorit is well titt>?d for a restaurant. It has l**en put in g?>?d repair, and w;ll be rented low to a rood teuanr. P?? session given immediately. At plv at the l> u?e. <t to L'\ < ?NS. No. i-et inth street. i J' V F^OK RENT.?A modern-baiit HOUSI'..noiitan? ing eleven rooms. The house is on ?.ih ?treft, lietween D and E streets, in the f*??t locatuw in th* citv, heated by furitace anu lighted with ga>. Art' * to THOMAS Parker. bs^i pOR RENT. LEASE t)R SU.K - I W M. use* r ou 7:h street, uesr the Park. One ouiiiau.* a large store r<>oin, eel tar. Isikehoiibe, and l>*? attached a stable ar.d other out hoaa<*. It would make an exoeilent stand for any one wishing too >?t h ne the gioccry ai.d liuokster-iii Ixi- aias. or ! ?'* t?ker. Applv to Dr. J. E. MflRCAN.og at Mr. CHAS. s? fOTT'S Drug Store. nH-lw* (T'tIR RENT.?Either fuir.ikhed or un: r an exoallei.t. three-atory. new Briek H"?'e. with l?sement. No. 4Q?I New Jcrswv avenue, tive minutes' walk from the Capitol, with tl.ree-staii *tal>le and e<>aeh house, with immnd ate p?isses Inquye at S \ M'l.. W A I.K ER'S I'or'rsit <iai':*ry, Odeoii Uuildina. ooruer atreet ami Pa. auenue. n lfl-tf I^OK BEN r.-lhree PARLORS and h e CHAMBERS, iminUomrI* furnished, mi t ?treet north, Utwecu 13th and Uth, No.?*, no 16 rotf t^l'RNISHED HOUSE FilR^ M.I M KEN f. The II< use contAjt<? thirteen room*. The Fur niture is h?i.dsome. of the tent quality, and i.rsr. Will be sold or rented separately or logeiker. Apr * on the premises. No. 24 Missouri aretiiie, h? t <*?en 4Sand fith streets. n< lm* BOARDING, BOA RDlNG.?Pleasant rooms with l?oard ran le iiad at No.4&*> Twelith street, tietwee-i K ami t>. Also, a few table boarders can l>e accommodated. n 27 8t* BOARUl.NG.-Mra. RUFF Iia< ?aken the iarc* and e.tmiiKMlious house, No. :*H> D street, n> ar 7th, where she u tends to rent her K?Mirns, furr.islied or unfurnished, to single gentieiuen, or gentlemen and their wives, with Board. Transi. nt l?oard- M iit the May or week. Meals sent out at all h<*nrs t-f nieday, Bird CAGft:s. woolen ciwhk t\D MCLAUGHLIN'S, Bit 3n, be t * ? f i. t ii and h ?t?. A BEAUTIFUL ROSE W?K?D-CASE I ROM trair.j Pianolorte. nsei one tear in a careful family , o|' Hallet. Davis A Co.. Boston. r?n?.v.i. d manufacturers, will lie sold starrest bargain, for *sh orcrndit, at our great Piano Emporium. JOHN r. KM IS. oe22 Pa.?ve .bet.9thand 'Oth sts. L^RL'IT.?New Eleine FIGS: new RAIS'NS, r in quarter, hall, and wtxtie l? xt a, new t I R RANT?*. CRANBERRIft'.S; fre<,n CHERRII S. GO<?SEBERRIES. PEACHES. WIIOR ri.F RI.KKIES, ft.?MATt>ES,et eeteia. ForsaleL, KING A Bl RCHF.LL. h 12 oorner lvh street and Verotoct av*. ?>ll h trees. isU,ViH\l At fit rtii Hrxr?aiP. Foi sale at my Naiaery, near Waahingion. The abovo Tr^ea are nil of fane giowth, and ft U.? best select fmit. Alao,a general aasortmeni of ORNAMEN -? treVS :KlN' S,,aU^* *kLIT JOSHUA PFIR^CE^ HERBERT'S HORSK AND HORSEMAN SHI Pol the Umted States ami Britteh P"'*" oes, in two large volume*, nmueiouaiy iliBitrated, now coiuflete; price <10. Subscriptions received for the publishers by ? T FBANCK TA Vl.< ?Rj_ 1M)YS, WHOLESALE AND IvW uwom