Newspaper of Evening Star, December 2, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 2, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR !? rub US UK/y EVE Li Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT Tnr. STAR tflllLOiKM, C-jrntr of Pm. mvtnu* and Eleventh street, By W. D. WALLACH. papers serred in by carrier* at 91 a year, or 37 oent* per month. To mail subscribers the sub scription r'?* is #3_i>a year, t? aJvamci; #2 for u Bixith*; $1 for three month*; and for than thr^* months ?t the mts of 12 cents a week. Single i??e Ctfiif; in wrap pore, two cent*. A!.vm/:.k*?iiNM iof ei?hr hue* to the square) iumImI three times for $1; every other day or kdiii< *<*"> } ? & per ?eut. advance; oucu a week, 50 per aHHit. advanoa. (Sbcntna VOL. X. WASHINGTON, i). C., WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1857. NO. 1.519. THE WEEKLY STAR. Tht* axceisnt Family and Nm joarnal anti tainina a ireater rariaty of tntareeteaf ? thug Uh out be foand la any other-u pnUiahad oa Matartar !? o"?y. *er at* tbbk*. ti ? rec oopies - .I,. ., . I ? rweaty oopiee U M Caik, w?*n*Wi w ?ie*wi. Br avheonbtnc in Ciebe raised among aeutbora virhoui ike intervention of a maU ateat, as wtU be paroeived, ju p?r oent.of Ta? WBBllY ?**? via saved. It ir.vanaUy contains the " ?e* fifties" that has made The Rvaniao Si*? airom late so cecendly throuchoat the ooHntry. I17"^in#le copies (in wrappers> can be proca red at tne 0<>unlerlimme<haJe!j after the issae o the pa??r. Prica?TMRKE ckNTS. X.VMLE-V <;o\V\s, AND HOOFS. [Froin the Westminster K*vlew ] The mantle is. perhaps. the best idea among the fashioM of the Jay, and now and then we ?>"? *?? ?J * sensible woman, which ful fil'* *?' reasonable conditions; but the major iiy .-t*theui are so made as to partake of all the disadvantages ot the existing gown. It used t be thought. and it will be thought again that ei ery thing in the elo-ik way loses its char acter. an J therefore its tastefulness. bv bein fitted to the figure. A modern mantle which is confined at the waist and has sleeves in serte I in a tight artuhole. is certainly not a f veritable mantle, whatever elie it may be; and w..en we see it. as in this suiuuu of 1?57. cut d-wu to a mere band round the chest, extend ing no higher than the point of the shoulder and turning into a sleeved jacket below, we have uo uiore to mj toit as a respectable mem Ler of the mantle tribe Ii?t to respectability :u the eyes of t iste. it usually forfeits all pre tensiou by its parade of oruameiitation. Its fringes, and IiijIm, and braids, and gimps, and la.-e*. and buttons?its trillings, aud quillings, and puttings, and edgings, and slashings, are tncreiricioa* f?.rany garment of the cloak order; ..r t >r permanent fashion. though this article is psrh*p- the least objectionable of the whole suit now favored by the caprice of the d:iy. The madness runs riot in the gown?^to use the . ! 1-faohioued word, which is more distinct ive than the technical useof the term dress '") The ronseioaaneea of the whole public enables ns to W? brief on this head. When we enter on tbe topic ot tha gowns of 1857, every reader's ? prophetic soul" warns him what anitnadver ?ion t.> eipcct on tight waists, bare shoulders anJ arm? canorous and encroaching skirts, and au apparatus for their management which is in every way objectionable The coldness the clumsiness, the ugliness the affectation, the ?uflue.*s. the noisiness, the complete rever ??*1 of the object and attributes of dress in tbe dress. evening and morning, of the present Nshion. seems to be generally admitted: there tore we shall n.?t insist on them at any length, lb- pUin facts of the case are these: 1 he g.wn >{ 1*?7 is made of the most expeusive materials obtainable Ladies who used to dress hand somely on thirty pounds a year, now find that -urn insufficient f?r their gown? alone: aud mid uie-elaas young ladies who have hitherto ben satisfied wah twenty pounds a year, arc uow driven t> their wits end to keep up with the u -ie at all; and they have recourse to cheap showy ?Uks that will not last, or light gamy' miterials requiring a stylo of petticoat which makes the dress a costly ono alter all. Maid -ervants. who have before deposited somethin* in savings banks every quarter, now feel rnor* ally compelled to buy twice as many yards as t .rmerJy for their gowns. -It is but'ninepenoe a yard, the mistress .-ays. when a gown is n print. i.jttue gowns are not a.l prints; and it all require eight or ten breadths in the skirt tae difference at the end of tho year to a -irl whose wages are ten or twelve founds, is not srua.l hven the cheap print gowns require ??> much making, aud are so troublesome to ? ish and iron, that the custom is a tyrannous ? ?as to those on whom it weighs least. As for the most numerous order of its vic ?lbat of the mi<ldie class ladies?thi*y?ar 1^7 will be a mortifying or disastrous one in I Vf Umi1-7. history of too many households i he cust ot dress has become so disproportion ate to other items of expenditcre as to create I serious difficulty in the homes of men of busi ( M?, who have hitherto been able to provide thwir wires and daughters with whatever was i. ?dtul t-. a moderate complaceucy. The rich si.ks ?.i the day, under the various names, of wbu*h every lady now thinks one at least ab solutely necessarv, cannot be hai for a wife anu daughters, wuh tho prodigious trimmings wLrf'b are equally indispensable, under a lest j ?um t.Aau njul?i a country clerzy or half pay officer and his family The rl'!r puernali* of ribbons, Inoes. fringes and I n>wers is more expensive than the gown I ot ten years ago It is not our purpose, as we I nave notified, to go into the serious moral eon s?deration of tho case, or we might disclose a Jecline ot respectability in this class, as well u- in ranks above and below, whioh would m .fce other hearts as heavy as our own Our readers imagine, if they do not know, the pro-** ot decadence?exhausted credit, debt M-ret gambling in one shijnj ?r another, nnd' ???? en titel:, in the f.?rm of a great spread of : q .it.mg_ and the purchase of stolen gvods '? tne-e things we might say much but our rTiu'V toe fashion. The t , ' "!?a tUn Cn^ h" house and g^r leu too small rue dinoer table will not ao>,muriate the i number, and if a leat is inserted, the wait g maid ean bardly get romid-a process the 1-Jl u!t: from tbe number of breadth, in be ?"t ?r,u th? ext jut of stiff cord iu her i-et-i.-oat fbeiuo^t delicate flowers in the gar ."I0111 <5** thm 18 they walk t'r k iltll# green-house is no place r such tragedy queens; they cannot move ? ...out KiKjckingdoan half a dozen pots. J! the children are >oung, the parent dares .ornuiit m .re than one at u tivie to the , r'ar-i* U * nu' ? I for a neigbUr s child w f actually .wept into the w .tertrom a brid-e 4;: "hKh went flaunting by, tS ? earerbeiug uneenecious of the mischief. If I w.uh *lf?? he has to be on bis Ifl?'r t u tim9 blows he is eiterei by her superflaity of garment; and if ' ' i:a*- ur> umorella c.*n oiver them both If ;.e weather ^ settled fine, the la ly s train ? ? -- acloud ol dust, and sweeps the pith of ? >>?9 fiith as they gi,. H th?*y enter the } "*? taeste d nin of her puitieoat cut3 his **? ?? 'oey s<|>ie?te through the narrow gate *B b,?h r,,a'1- there " much pr- j? jility that the wl,.?|e aj>paratu? may be me inverted by a sudden gust catching the U.I n t morellas get turned wrong-ide out; ax. 1 tae existing skirt is much more easy to iu ??" It it is u* be a drive, and not a walk -e man runs the risk of being dismissed a hau/Iity actre^ dismissed an old friend I **hJ|?eut prohibitive ge.ture she drove - :a bach from the carriage-step, with " Pnr J-i. in. ?I and my dresj occupy the carriage f *ho in their youth marvelled at s. a very to fashion which induced their gran I uothers to kneel iu the carriage for a drive ot to save their lofty bead uow b^ni.-h husband or father to the u i ,.r compel them te xvalk. to make rwm for Un ac.'omm - lation of flounces or?teel si.rin 's in Joy is changed. 1 he childreu cannot go'to Church, baa use mamma leaves no room for , -ein and papa has to stand aside in the face a tae congregation, while his lady is effecting -is difficult enterprise of entering her i?ew Are the iadies aware that the dulness of church * is relieved to bacbjlorguntlemen by tbe amuse iLvnt of watching, and afterwards discussing .. tnc comparative skill of the ladies in passing their p?w doors. We are concerned to fin-l that a new nietho l of getting up prayer books and bibtes for chureh use enables the ladies to find their own amusement while apparently engaged in wor ?r. p It ttcuii V> be really the fact that the ladies prayer books have a small mirror bound with the cover?probably of about the same '?ie a; that in the bat-crowns of dandies, which i:.i? e ?nsult while devoutly covering faoes ou Waring their j?ews Iu ibe pre-ent traveling sen sou. the trip is f aiii a pursuit of pleasure uodor ditlicultic*. uuies- the Llioi will retrench their garments Ills i> >w s common thing to t >ke more places everywhere than the nuiaber?f individuals rc 4string theic; an l on cross roads, where p f'bw an 1 posting the only means of con *??) the gentlemen have no chance of room etl< s* the ladies take more placc* than they ?^nt Oa the Sootch, English and Irish lakes, the 4ecks cf the small steamers are unsafe for llfcfiildreu au<i other unwary passengers amidst ' ' he sweep of hoops and hidden clothes-lines. It is out of the 4uestion for the ladies to trust th-mSelve- t<> * pony for a mountain ride, ?bile carrying a billoon about their waists; ?ud they cannot climb to the ridges in a dress ?? heavy a- them?elTd?; and longer than their own heels If they venture on foreign travel. the prevailing fashion compels a kind and xrxrr-*"- ??*?hhighiy distMte fulto any family man. And where is the re compense of all this > If it is troublesome at home that no wardrobe or closet will hold the <#U?Dr" i1 '3 no 00U1 Pulsation to wit nes^ the effect of those dresses in company An admiring father. wLo till lately delighted in bis daughter s grace and lightness of move ment. and her elegant figure, now sees her de formed and trammelled, whether at the piano, in the dance. or simply sitting on the sofa. In tue hrst case. she can perform only at arm's length; in the second, she steers about like a great steamer on the river, which all boats get out of the way of with all speed ; and in the third case, the spectator is reminded of nothing so much a.? the old way of bathing at Bath' when the ladies waded about in ponds, finely dressed to the shoulders, while hoops and the waters concealed all below the waist. A girl at a party now looks like a romp half H I in a haycock, or the aconite pushing up its bloM, u, between two leaves ; we fear we must , ,hunchback, nil rutiled and trilled as hunchback, are wont to bo. There is an aneo dete told by one of our travelers in the I'nited . .alet. of a dressmaker in a New England vil age who. on being reproached about the fit ?d* the gowns she had made. replied that she did not see how she could do more than sbe had done, she had obtained the proportions of the \ enus de .Medici, and if the ladies were not satisfied with what would tit her. why. then their taste was not to be admired. What would the \ enus de Medici and her devoted dress maker say to the spectacle of a pretty slim girl so smothered in apparel that, as .die sits. >he seems like a person up to the armpits in a leather bed. As to the hidden apparatus requisite for the management of such a mass of clothing, it is really too well known to require much descrip tion. ?? hen a man has gained ? 10,004) by such an invention as a lady's petticoat, his commod ity besom es an object of study ut once ; and no doubt tho gentlemen have contemplated the petticoats in the shop wiudows?crinoline, cutta perc.ia, and steel, with as much interest a.1* the lady customers within Tbegutta perch* tubing 'to be inflated by arsons who despise their an cestor? f..r stuf!ing their nether garments with "ran) seems not to ansxver very well, judein" by the proposals made to buy w up for tran" atlanti.; Mcgraph purples. Not only may the steel bird-cage which scelns the mo.,t eligible, oc s->cn iu the shop windows, but, in the ai irt ment above, an occasional experiment, or a course of practicc. may be seen by dr.iwir- up the hoops by a suing over the left shoulde?, to enable tha wearer to bit down M?.re harmless were the hoops of tho Mrandison days, when, as Il irriet Byron shows us, the ladies made r-.rn for the gentlemen in carriages, and for their own circumference in sedan chairs, by slipping the hoop upon the left shoulder. | A Bank th vt Ncves Breaks?Mr a merchant, now residing in Philadelphia, who formerlyJived 111 rather an extravagant atple. was in the habit, every Monday mornin?, of giving his wife a certaiu sum of moiiev for the table and household expenditures of the week ? j he never mentioned his business to his wife, and sue. deeming him sufficiently capable ofatteud lng to his own art.iirs. never inquired into them About bye years after marriage, through some Siight mismanagement, and the rascality of his confidential clerk. Mr. suddenly broke. and his fill was mentioned ?' sympathizing!?'' on change, and. like all such matters, there all sympathy ended Tha merchant kept the affair n seeret, and t1"1 mtimation his lady had of it waaa para graph in the newspaper. Shortly after dinner was over, on tho discovery of the startling fact. " r8" requested her husbund to. remain in the parlor for a lew moments, as she had some -iing to ?ay to him She left the room. hurried up the stairs, and shortly afrcr returned with u splendidly bound Bible in her hand. Handing it to her husband she said ? "George, tha day of our marriage Ton give me this precious book a token of your lovoand a rich fountain to look to in the day of trouble Its pages have been precious to me; and. as your brow looks sad to-day. I now return it to you that you may glean from it some consola ,u tiic ^ur "I gloom ' Shu then left the room. Ihe men-hant opened the book carelessly and a bank bill f*|| out. He picked it up and glanced ut its fun??it was a $10 bill He opened the book again, and another note of the same amount was Wore him Ho openod it at the first page, and continued to find an X be tween every two loaves, till ha arrived at the commencement of Revelations He was saved iio rari? the bell?a sarvaijtuppearod. ' Request your mistresa to come to me im mediately.' said the merchant 1 ho lady obeyed. entering the room with something between a tear and a smile money4^'" K*'W wliero procure all this ? This is the weekly saving of our household expenses for the five years, was the modest iCV.'J w?wk 1 put ten of the twenty dollars whlehyoa gave ine, into our Hible bank, that when a day of trouble come upon us. we should have something to save us from the wolf. ; But why put it in the Bible. Kate?" ?? Because it is u good bank, one which will not Middeutly t?reuk." replied tho lady ' You are angel, Kite, ' cried tho doiighted husband, oiasping her to his heart. And so she is I>0. s any one doubt it?? Ivntr.nn in and Kvane'hst. A ' rH?*;-Lovt ' Dkvkloi'Uhm.?The ef forts of the "passional attraction ' sophistry are remarkably exhibited in the ease of Mrs Lewis, one cf the Free-Lovers whose colony at Berlin near Sandusky, Ohio, was broken up a fortnight since by the police. Dr Harlow Lewis, the husband of the woman, has sued for a divorce, on a charge of adultery with one lyler. Ihe history of the case is given by the Sandusky Register : " L?r llarlow Lewu, the hutband of Mm Lewis, was put upon the stand, and testified to the intimacy between his wife and Tyler. He ?titei that lyler had made his (Lewis*) house his home ?iue? lust spring; that he had been SICK there, and had received from Mrs. Lewis attenti >ut that no woman could, with propriety render to any maubut her husband; that Tyler had gradually gained more and more ascen dancy over bar; that they (Tyler and Mrs. l<ewu) had traveled abroad together; came to gether to Berlin to atteud the ? Frc# Lover's Convention.' iu September last; returned horn* toSkaneateles together, informed hiui (Lewi*) that they had purchased the Davis House' at Berlin, for the purpose of converting it into a water-cure, and a.?ked him to raise a )>orli<>u of the mean, to pay f.,r it; told him it would be a very profitable business, and the best invest ment that he could make; that he vid.led to their importunities, aud furnished three hun dred dollars, that with this mon< v his wife and Tyler camo to Berlin, he promising to dispose of tin remaining property, and follow Iheui with more means for investment; that he did come i> Berlin in a few weeks afterwards, audfoun 1 the property he had hoped to purchase a Free Lovo ilo'cl,' iustead of a water-cure, and also saw things which induced him to suspect his wif* to be living in an adulterous manner with Tyler; that he wished her to return and live with him. which she refused to do. et? , etc. Lewis was elosely cross-examined by counsel, and mui-ii confused, so that he made contr.idic lr,ry statements on minor points, the main thread of his narrative, however, remaining unbroken by contradiction, lie looks, acts and talk* like a man upon whom a heavy burden has fallen; is absent-mindod, forgettiug things around him, hesitating before replying to ques tions, giving the same answer to dlffereut ques tions ?t?." H/~ A woman, by the name of Mra Mulberry, pre*ei?t??d th?* AI trillion*#* at Albany, on Thank? t?lving day, IW7, with triplet*?two girls and a IN Pianos, &o. UNNS 4 CLARKE'S >1.1 d IIA I, LETT, DAVIS Sc. CO.'S* CELEB RATED PlAt\0 V ? U H w *? M ** u . 144* V J* (J R T E ?S , Constantly receiving and for sale only by JOHN F. ELLIS, 3H3 I'a. av., between 9th and loth sts. Purchasers will find it to their interest to examine for themselv es the superior qualities of the above Pianos. S'ools, Covera, Melodeoria, 4o., Sec., also on Land. n 16-tr / 1OLt? MEDAL PREMIUM PIASO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior tartner in the late tirin of Knaus. Gakhlk Sc. Co.. Continues the manufacture and sale of grand and aeuare PIANO FORTES, underWie of William A Co., at the old stand. Nos. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North nutaw street op ?" *'1 posite tho Eutnw House, Baltimore. Tli?y have also just opened a new Salea Room at No *J7 Baltimore street, betweon Charles and Lighf streets, on the premises par11y oocupied by Mr Henry MoCaflory as a music store, where they will keep constantly on hand a li'j-ge assortment of plait) and highly finished grand and square Piano Fortes* also, Melodeons, from the l-est makers, from 4 to 5 octave, some w ith double key boards, double reads, and stops to suit small churches. Being extensively engaged in the manufacture o Pianos, we will sell wholcsaie&ud retail, oil the moa lilmral terms. Our Pianos wero awarded the highest premium (cold medal > at ti.j Fairs of the Maryland Institute two successive y oars?October, I8.i5, and 1856?lti op position to fourteen and eighteen piano* f rom some of the best makers f rom New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first premiumat tae Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir fiina, and la.*. They have also been awarded h? highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1837. In addition to tins we are in possession of teatimo niais from the most distinguished professors and smtt<;ur? in the country, which can he seen at our w-irerooms, speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are ever* where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the hrst six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not (l e entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call before purohneing. Piano* axohanged. hired, and tuned. mar 16-lr WM. KNABE Sc. CO. Deatiitry, &c. OR. VILLARD, DENTIST, LATE OP CHf rago. would rerpeetfnily inform thecit liens of the District and vicintty, that ' OT*^T~<T in? located Inmself in Waslnucton, he is^1* ,JJ now piepsred to perform a) operations in his proles si??n. in th? most approved sty.e. Office, No. iV, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier'a isn 20 I? r|MIE IMPROVED SETS OF TEE TU. M. LOOMI?, M. D . the inventor and patentee of "/,#flr/in' Altnrrul plat* Tt'ik," having, successfully introduced his improvement nJ various nines, has nov7 permanently estah lieiied himself m Washington. Tiiis improvement for Sets of I'ee'h consists oh.ef It in making a s?t of hut one pie?>j of ma'eriaJ, and ?liat indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their oonstriiation, and they are therefore free from ealvanio action and mem lie taste. Tiiere are no joints to beoome filled with moisture or particles of food. hence they are pure nmt *l*nn. They are liahter. stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and riAtural in their appearance. I will give a reward o Ona Tliousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durability, artistia excellence or any other requiaite quality. Ail work responsibly warranted. 275 avenue, botweeu llili and 12th atreeta ap IS-lj DENTISTRY. ? V>R. STEPHEN BAILV, Ovrirx No. 198 Pennsylvania Avixii, Tkrtt doorr from 14th Strut. Dr. BAILV begs leave fc> inform the publio that ha can be seen at all hours, at his office, b-iated as above, H? feels assured that an experience<r( fifteen years' practice, with the large number of patients,anu great variety of difficult uisostliat ho has treated success fully, will ennUe him to surmount anv d;faculty, ?cientifio or otherwise, relating to the Teeth, llis own espericriee confirming the opinion o| many men cirunotit in the profession, and Cnpoiiially Urs. Harris and J. ami K. Parmly, has led h.m.long since, todis oard all mercurial ( reparations for filling Teeih.also all Enamels, Gutta Peroha, India Rublier, and Ce meins for tho yoiiatruction of Coniinuoua Gum Teeth, and that {\>, mounted on Gold Piate, is the only reliable bub?:ancc that can be worn in the mouth, tut wr?* moat conclusively shown by the laat An ?ne,&u Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from hia long reai denoe and praotiee in Waahington, he ia favorably known to his numerous friend* and patrona, he beca lenve to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: Frcni the ta'.e Rector of the CLuroh of Epiphany of this city. Dr. Stkfhkn Baii.t: DearSir?I desire to express my et teem for you peraonallr, and my Gonltdence ir. ?ou as a superior dentist. Trie opeiations excouted lor me hnve been highly satigfaotory. ! hone that you may reooive the patronaire from my frienos and the punlio that your sttiil so well deeorves. Vours very truly. Washington. Aug. 2*i, 185h. J. W. F RLNCH, From one of the oldest firms in Paltimore, Meeara. Hoaxe, Cot man A Co. Havinjr employo?l ur. Stephen Daily, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant anl diffioult piece of work, whioh he did to my entire s ?.?isfaction, and in view of the faot that one of the most distinguished rnemberaof the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives me great pleasure to expresn my?nt!re confidence and hi?t> estimation of lus professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12, ldS7. HARMANN HOGGS. Extiaot f ioiua note roceivod from tho lata Hon. Jobs M. Clayton. U.S. ShNATi, Aug. 19, \CM. The teeth yon made for me work admirably ; noth ing oouid oe tetter. Very tratafully, JOHN M.CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladiaa of the teeth, I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Daily as a ?Ppenor l>oi.t ?t, he made a sot of porcelian tooth for one of*, and plugged several teeth for myself. a-.4 tho work has all stood well for more than tenyoars. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of tho M. E. Churoh South. A pr.l 19. We, tho undersized, having had occasion to avail oursolvei; of the ^P>fes^ional skill of Dr. S. Haiiy, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or liaving been oognis aut of Ime operations ou our (amiiiea or friends, t&i(e p;?asurS in "X pressing our adu;.ration or his artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in wi.iyh he performs the most delicate and difficult opera!'or.a in Dental Surgery,and M^e respectfully re 00mpt?nd him to tho confilxnce and patronage of the puhiio. of w.'iioii we cousider him eminent!} worthy. 1'homas L'. Waltkr. Architect U.S.Capitol. Thom as Millkr, M. D.,of Washington, D. C. B. S- Boiihkb, M. p. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Washington. D. C. Jos. II. UaADLKY.of Washington, D. C. GkoRGK Walton. Ex Governor of Florida, Walter Lknox, Ex-Myorof Washington. Hknky Baldwin, U. S. Patent Olfice, O. C. WiAUT, Priuoipal Rittenhouse Aoademr, f?b?> tf P OR MOUNT VERNON. The Steamboat THOMAS COLLYER, having been thoroughly repaired, will make regular tri^s to Mount Vernon, leav I iiU t:vr wharf, in this citr, '?very* Tf'ESDAV and FRIDAY MORNING, at 9o'cik. During the intervening tune she will run regular trips to Alexandria, as usual. oeR tf THOM AS MAKER. Captain. N I.<)()(> AV,;AK *l.?? A YEAR. Si,(**? A YEAR. ?>l,u*i A YEAR. $l,ooo A YEAR !! I'rofital.i* and Honoiable Em ploy meiit for all Persons in town or country, in search of i 1,1**1 A YEAR, employ merit as a source of in l.eoo A YE \R. come, or to hll up their leisure !,1**1 A YEAR, hours, may hear of such by en $1,(00 A YEAR, closing two p iv post Sltm*iA YEAR. a?e. to Professor JAMES T. 11.IMKI A NEAR. HOHNK. lt.-x No. 4?i6l. New I,'**i A S EAR. York Poit OlSoX. The employ 1,1**1 A YEAR, inent is fitted to either sex; sta IJDM A YEAR. tioii in life liniiiitnriiil. It is mi ?!.(**> A S EAR. art lele of dsily eoimumption, and yijissi A \ EAR, can l>e uitriufncture?l in the >yl,!**i A YEAR, agfint's dwelling; secure by oo .?l.isai A S'EAR. r> rinlit; sale as porinanent as Sl,l?W A YEAR, fiour. An u;ent is wanted ih ev 91,1**1 A YEAR, ery town in the ruitiii. iiUTin k RETIRED PHYSIC!AN, V 75 Ytari of Ate, J Whose sands of life have nearly run out, disoov ert d while in the East Indies, a certain cure for Consumption, Astlinut, ftronchitis, Cougba, Colds, and General Debility. The remedv was discovered by him when hi? only child, is (laugh ter. was given up to die. He bad heard muoh of the woiide>I uI restorative and hnaling qualities ol prep sratioiM iiride from (In East India Hemp, and tfie thought occurred to linn that he might make a rem edy for his ohi'd. He stutfied hard and succeeded in rtializ'ng Ins wishes, (lis child aas cured, and is now alive anil well. He ha? since .vlmi"istered the wonderful remedy to thousands of sufferers in all parts of the world, aud h? has never failed in mak ing them completely l.ealihr and happy. Wiahuic to do as ??inch goo.1 as aossible. he will send to suoh of iiis stflioie.1 fellow-neinrs as request it, this re cipe with full and explicit directions for making it up and suoeessfullv using it. lie requires eaoh ap plimnt to enoloee mm one shilling?three eenta to I lie returned as postage on tne reeipe, and Ibe re- I mamder to l>e applied to the payment of thia al- 0 vertisement. Address M Dr. il. JAMER, No. 119 Grand atreet, / Jersey City, N. J. I n 14 1 m ' Look at rllib'8 stock ?> pianos before pu?)hMlng elaewhere. a 10 Georgetown Advertisement*. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF FALL GOODS, At very Low Prices to Cash Customers. JOHN hTsMOOT, No. 119 South Side or Bridge Street, Georgetown, D. C.. has received ami now offering at very low pricea to ou?U and prompt customers, a large assortment of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, purchased in Philadelphia and New York at the large recent Auction Su eg, and from the importers, tit varv low prices, whioh will enable him to otter to purchasers, man) desirable Goods oonsider&biy below their value. In the assortment will be found? Rich Silk Robes and Ba>adere Silks Best make of Black Silks Day adore Valentin* and Valentia Robes Rich Printed, all wool, Delaines and Robes Satin Kancoiiics. plain eolora, all wool, a very supe rior goods, double width, at 75a. Leepui's anil other makes French Merinoa, of all the most desirable oolors, including \\ bite and Black

Plain Dclait.a, black, white and oolorcd. i!-4 bla<jk 1 rencli Merinos,for Shawls R icti I mon Plaid Merinos, at 31 i ts, Do. all Wool do. ducts. Printed Muuslin Delaines, good ?ty les, at 1-;V and 2r, cents 3 o pieces, best styles, I'ngliyi Prints at I2K cts. Knili style Bonnet and Sasii Kibbons Plain Oolors do., very clomp Velvet Riblxmsand Fringe Trimmings Stella, lliocha Shawls, in groat variety Super double Brooha do. Chenill* and Cashmere Scarfs Bhjou'4 Kid Gloves, all colors and Nos. Saok Flannels, all o?lors White Amerionn. Web-.h.and S.axony do. Bi?ck Roniliaziiiea and ti 4 Delaines Oolors ard black Coburig Merinos Black Crape Veils and English Crapes West Mack and brown and white English Prints Long and square Black Thibet and Bay State Shawls lAdi*< and Children's plaid woolen Shawls, mail styles and prices Hosiery of every description (.adieu Saxony ami Merino Vests With a full supply of housekeeping and domestic Goods, of the l>est makers. oc9 JOHN H. SMOOT. NO T i C E Having been informed that cer tain persona are in the habit of collecting and gathering together the Bottles which oontainor have contained our Itevfemfes, and putting therein an arti cle made by othera twin ourselves, and then dispos ing of such article on the faith and credilofourname stamped oil said Bottles, all peraona are hereby notified that such Bottles are our own property, and not subject to sale, and that they are delivered to our customers only to be returned, aud that it isonrfirm intention to prosecute to the utmost extent of the law, any lnfringiucnt of our rights on the premises. ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street. aell Georgetown. D. C. n|T PONT'SGUNPOWDER. I am all times supplied withall thei&rioua kinds of DU PONT'S GUNPOWDER, a;?d am piepared to supptv the same in an* quantity to parties wanting, on the most favorable i?rine. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia. No. S5 High street, ma* 12 tf rlntet.AStates Georgetown. D. C. Stoves, &c. MC . W O O D W A R D' S ETROPOL1TAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. The Greatest Cooking stoves in the Untied States. I have just reoeived from Philadelphia a few of the new Star, or double Oven Cooking Stove; a decided improvement on the old Morning Star; patented IHo7. I had thein got up in Philadel phia this last summer, exclusively foi this market. They are very heavy ai.d strong, ami cast of the very l>est Pennsylvania Malloaole Iron. All the Cooking Utensils are mads extra heavy. F. IL Church, Esq., manufacturer. I havealso, I'uk Libkrtt Stab,made by Messrs. Abbott A Laurenoeof the same plaee. Thk Light Strkp.t DorsLK Oven Cook, mad* hy Measra. Haivau Hartlett A Co.. Baltimore, together with the very l>eet Air Tight Flat-Top Cooking Stovks that cstn be found in thia orauy other market, some of which are the oelel^ratfd Sunkisk, Improved Glorm, Flora Cook, Noklk CiH>K,an<i the Blck Riu.tR Air Tight Cook, if any man o?n produce ?i bolter Cooking Stove, to excel the above Stoves, or roasting, l<ukiug, \ o., I will give him #5?ou each one. Ptee?e on11 and examine thorn, it will cost you nothing, and vou will see all kinds and sorts of Stoves,.Vo. For sale at C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove and (irate Factory, No- Sia andSfi Pa. ave., hat. lOtl. and llth ?ts. Balcony in Frout full of Stoves. N. B- As to the Spa Shell ilat top CoogiNa Stove. 1 have examined it thoroughly, and think it has a very appropriate name? Shell. Yes, shells will burnout in a lew fires. It is a good name for th?'ni? good for the tnakors. And as to the old Morn ing Star, I sola them laat Ml, but will not aell them again. They are as thai as pasteboard. I oan prove that the maker's agent urged me, for almost a day, last summer in my counting room to aell them this Fall; saying that if I would lake twenty-five of them he would give me thcaxclnsiveogency olttiem for hve yoary. i told him I would n?jt have them at any pnoe, they aro ao thinly made. They are htr.d billed over town by one th"t said last fill that they were not worth having. All the above 1 oan prove. se 17 tf IJROGRESS IN THE FINE AR'IS I Painttug and Photoghavht Combined. P H 0 T 0 G R A P hTc PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, MiNiATuas or Size or Life. 8 WALKBil*3 PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY, Odeou Hall, oorntir 4H at.anJ Pennsylvania avenue. S?. WALKER has fitted up the above spacious apartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most com plete and handsome in the whole country. He haa a largo GalU>ry for free exhibition of upward of line Oil Pa:ntings, by soine of tiio best ancient and modern masters, to which he intenda to udd frcali importations. S. W?alkkr has also fitted up *. com plete suit of rooms, with private rolling apartments tor iadieu, and purchased the finest possible instru ments, a/Id engaged a first class operative artist to assist him in the department for taking all kinda of PHOTOGRAPHIC. AMBROTYPE AND DA GUERREOTV pi: PORTRAITS, from the smallest miniature to size of life. S. V.'auku, by oembining the Photogrnphio Pro o.'ss with the art of Painting, of which he has had 25 years' cxperienoo, and w)io*e apecimons of life sue portraits may be seuu in some of the brat fami ne* of the city, aj yell as those exhibited in hia Gallery, he will l>e ab'p. by the combination of the two, to priwluce portraits that have never been ex celled for their Odelitv oi:d !ife-!;keexpresaion. Can vaa and lx>arda prepared by himself cxptessly ft>r the purP00? Particmar attentiop pan! to the prvintiaj; of ]*or traits, .Mini.-turo or lilb-sizc, fiora small pictures of dieeaMd ftitudt. Photographs tak?n from oorpaci, or aiok persona taksa at tiw?ir own resideuoea, on i<rjned^ite notioe. Committees and claasea taken in any number in groups, and any quantity of copies from the uarue sold at reasonable oharges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tcanb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, carefully baok lined and restored to their original freshneae. Ladies and gentlemen are recpectfully solicited to call at the Gallery, over Shillinrton's book store? entrauoe street, two doors from Pennsvlvama avnnne. I* II-On, THL SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH 1 AND MATURlTi, Just Published, tirade, the 2Stk Thousand. A few won'a of the Kntional Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Local W'eaknesrt, Nocturnal Em.ssions, Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pre-^ mature Demy of the System, linpo-^ tency.and Impediments to Marriage B. DE LANEY.M. D. TVe important foot that the many alarming ooin plamts, originating in the imprudence and solitude of youth, tuav l>e easily removed without Medicine, is in this small tract, clearly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and highly sucoeasful treatment, as adopted liy the author, fully explained, hv means of which every one is enabled to cure Himself perfectly and at the ioa*t possible cost, thereby avoiding all the advertoed rostrums of the dny. Sent to any address, gratis and poat free, in a sealed envelope, by remitting two postage stampj to DR.DKI.ANEY. ss2) d<.Vwtf ^ 17 l.ixpeiiard street. New York. rpKN PER CENT. INVESTMENT Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa, paying 10 p?r cent, interest by Coupon in New Irork. Bonds of $5i?) each. The growing city of lavenport has now alsiut jn.noo innabitanla, aud ia rapidly inoreaaiiig in wealth and population. Its municipal debt is only IJlW.i**.', and its railroad debt only $i2S,V>V. and canuot now lie increased. The st.uistioHof the citv were published m the Intelli gencer of the ?ith September. We recommend thesi f>ond?. Iieliuving them to be as sale as any Stale or city bond*. .Kit. CHUBB BP OTHERS. VIRGINIA AND DISTRICT MONEY TAKEN AT PAu FOR BOOTS, SHOE5, AND TRUNKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IROAn HALL BOOT.SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT, Pennsylvania avenue, bttween 9th and 10*4 stt. I hare just returned from th? Nortl'Mvrvo with a splendid assortment of allStf 4V( kinds of Indies. Oentiemens. Mis aes, Boy a'. Childrasa', and Serv&nta' A'*?- * turjgs* atock of TRUNKS. CARPET BA(iS, VALICES. and BATCH ELS, aR of whieh 1 will aell for the above monev. CaUearlT,at BAM'L. P. HOOVER^ 1) Danci n ?. ANC1NU ACADEMY. Mr. T F. GASZYNSKIand DAUGHTER have the honor to anueunoe to the l,aaiea and Gen- m tlemen of Waahinfton and Georgetown that jfll he will re open his Claases for Dancing Washington on F riday, the 9th of October, hi Temperance Hall, E street, for Misses and Master*, from a o'olock p. in.; lor Ladies ai.d Gentlemen, from 7 o'clock p.m. Georgetown? on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Alias Hai rover's Ladies Seni inary, from tio'oloek p. in. For terma and particular? application can be made at Mr. G.'s residence, *<7 1. atreet, between Mh and 10th streets. ae 12 6m IMPROVE VOl'R EYES ? STK ENGTHEN and aasiat them?bv the PARIS v OPTICIAN-A WovUON who, just arrived lrom F.urope. with hia own ir.anufaotu red, and also of a good many other Optic.ans' latest improved SPKCTaOLF.S and EYE-GLASSES, which are the PERISCOPIC CONCAVE and CONVEX BRAZILIAN CRYSTAL. DOUBLE F OlA S and rOI,ISH E L). which are warranted to improve A.N Y E\ E atlecied with WEAKENING CATAK ACTor going it. also Silo R TSIGIIT EDNESS. All persons that wear or those whioh nerd to bogin to woar them will he suited at hrst sUilit. Thi ne wonderful double polished Glasses received the very highest recommendrition at the WORLD'S FAIR hi I'AKIS, through their pro duciug a olearing to the sight the beat known till set. Alan, all .styleu of OPERA, SPY. nr.! MAGNI FY I.N<? li LASSES, Compasses, and Microscopes ire for sale at h is store, corner of Eighth street and Pennsylvania avenue, or 4<?l Eighth street. Prices very reasonable, the same as he had in his establish ment in Paris. n ^-tf SEVENTH STREET 514 tobTas, OPTICIAN. Office Second Story, three doors from Ol'U Fklluw?1 Hall. Spectacles and Glasses suited to every sight; Opera. Rending, and \V?tnhi.mlr?.'? ^ .? Glasses; Telescopes, .Mlcrosoopes great variety; Coainoramic Stereoscopes with views of superior and choice pictureson hand. See adver tisement in National lutelligenoer. TESTIMONIALS. Norfolk, September 7. 1654. Sir: The Spaotrtbles you made for me suit me very well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other 1 have lately tried. I.ITT. \V. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Specialties obtained from Mr. Tohiaa, and find them of great assistance to my kight. and oorrespoudmg with his description of their focus, i recommend him as a skillfuj optician. HENRY A. WISE. Petes * bu kg , October 21. la*. About hve years ago. I obtained from Mr. Tobias, in Washington, a pair of rilA?aea for tne spectaoles which I used, and found them of groat assistance to myde'-ayinz vision ; and my opinion of him is, that he is skjjlfu! in the preparation of Glasses for eyes not too far gone to be oeueLttcd by such aid. J. F. MAY. LvsrHBrBG. November 7.1*54. From an exainii.ation of Mr. Tobias' Glasses, and Troin hia obaervafiona and remarks, am convinced that ho ia a skillful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. Lvxt KBi Ri, November 1". l??l. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished me with Glas ses, hy which 1 have liesn greatly aided,!my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night in my earlier life.i it anords me the highest pleasure to say thai I consider him a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who ma* need his professional aervicoa. WM. B. ROlJZlE, Elder ot the Methodist Conference. Wil.MiJM;ton, N. C., June 27, IBM. Mr. J. Tobias? Dear Str : I am happy to say fhat the Spectacles which I obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequality in the visual ran;* of my eyes, I have hcictofore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal dis tances. It affords me pleasure to state, that hy the aid of your optometer this difficult) has lieen happily obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to iny eyes of any 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfully yours, R. B. DRANE. Rector of St. James' Pariah. Having been induced by a friend to visit the estab lishment ?f Mr. Tobias for *he purpose ol tiy in^ hia glasses I was furnished with a pair aiightly coiored blue,.whioe have afforded tne more relief and gratifi cation than any I have ever tried. My night, origin all* verv good, wa* injured by writing and rendingat night, frequently to a very laiehour: but with the ant of thcao glasses I can study almost aa late as ttvur. hii.l that too without the pain I ha\ e previous ly sullerod. JOHN WILSON, Late Comnussioneur Geu'l Land offcee. Dec. 11, 1855. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectnolea for three or four mouths.and take gi?at pleas'ure in sating that 1 am much pleased with them. 1 have been much benefited by them. GEO. P. SCARBURGH. May 5th. IB.*. I was recommended to Mr. JohnTobitsasa skilful oplieian; and as 1 nave e* es of remarkable peculiari ty, I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed to comprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement, and he has mad* me r. pair of Specta olea that suits me admirably. A. P. BUTLER. July 11, 1850. Washington, A ug. 8, i855. Having bfen lor years under the> ol hav two s?et? of glasses?one tor use in day light, and one for lamp-light? I procured one set from Mr. Tobias which nnswered l*>th purposes. I tyive used his for several months, and hnd them excellent. EDWAK I) STUBRS, Of De|>artinent of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The paiT of Spectaelcs yon furnished mo yesterday are particularly satisfactory to me. They are very decidedly the best I possess, and I am the owner of eignt or nine pairs, carefully selected m different plaoes ar.d'from opticians reo omrnQnded to me on aooount of Iheir professional standing in France, England, and the I nited States. 1 have be6naiso pleased with your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eyes, for the pur pose of preserving and improving tne sieht Respeotfully yours, CHS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C.. Louisville, Ky. Brooklyn Orthopakuic Institution, April, 1854. After most oareful esamiraiion ?d Mr. J. Tobias's Giasse*, ! am enabled to testify that their hardness, clearness, pokshjng, and exact optical shape render them paiUcuiAily reoomitiendable to those whose merely optical impairment of the eyes are in want of such auxiliaries. 1 consider, moreover, Mr. Tobiaa fully qualified to determine tue focus of the e> e.both by nis optical knowledge and experience, and by moani of his optometer. In addition, I can lurther state that Mr. Tobias suppr.ed some of my pa tients with Glasses, to their aiid civ satisfaction LEWIS BAl EK. M. D . Physician and Surgeon, Berlin: Member of the Hoyal College or8urge<u.s, England; Member of the Meihoal Society or London, and ol tt.e i'stliolo^iciil Sixuetr of New ^ ork; late Sur geon of the Royal Orthopaedic Institution of Manchester. Kn^l&nd, aad Surgotm of the B. O. Institution. Norfolk, Va., July 27. ia^4. In the exporieuoe of even two yaurs, I have found great difficulty in o'vUuniug Speetaclcs that were ex actly adapted to the weakness of my sight. Tins in convenience Mr. Tobias sefms to have removed for the present by the substitution for me of better and more suitable Glasses. They are oiear, chry stal-like and oomfortablo to my eyes. I would oommend him to those who from age or other infirmity require ar tificial aid in this way. J. J. SlMKfNS, M. D. Wilmington. N. C., June 16, 1854. To persons who have had the sight oftheireyes so impaired as to require theuae of Glasses, I would reoommend Mr. John Toluas as a suitable person from whom to obtain such Glasses as they may re quire. as he has suited me with a pair of Spectacles forafarand near sight. My si>:ht has l>ee!i impaired very much by a service of years in the Post Office Department, which berth required me to be on dutv from 11 o'clock at night till alter day, dunnr which time 1 used but one light. W. A. WALKhR. Departyiknt of Interior, May 3, IR55. From natural defects and the unequal range of iny eyes, I have I teen compelled to use glasses for seve ral y?ar6. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months sinoe Mr. Tobias made two pairs especully for ine, which I have found to serve me perfect!y. By the use of his optometer he is enabled to adapt f lasses most minutely to the eve. I most cheerful y recommend .Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to uso glasses, and bear iny testimony as to hia skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, g* jf, Aas't Sec'y to sign Land Warrasts. NEW GROCERY, WINE. AND LIQUOR STORK. The sultscnber begs to inform his friends and the ?iibiio, that he has op??ed a NEW STOR E, corner of ll<tli street and Louisiana avenuo, ? here he in tends to keep constantly on hand a iaige ami varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic WINES, 1.1 QUORS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCF.KIFS, consisting of Fine Teas, Sugar,Coffee, Flour.Soap. Olives, Raisir.s, Fijis. Sardinoa, Anclioviea, (Hard, Marrett ft Co,, Pinet A Co., and Col. Cnitmnl'i Braudiea in cases, demijohns, and casks. Old Ja maica Ruin, Sherries, Madeira. Port of various de scriptions, St. Julien Claret, Chateau j Margaux in cwses. Champagne Cider, Brandy Fruita, Reynold a Edinburgh Ale, Annisette, Maraschino, Curaooa. Absyntne,Champagne, and a large aud varied de scription of Havana Cigars. ... . . Also, Stou^hton Bitters, and I ever and Ague Bitters, Porter, Ale.ami Cider. FamiiieBare particularly invited to oao ana exam ino the stook before purchasing elsewhere. Mem bers of Congress are also informed that their orders will lie promptly attended to, and delivored at their residences at the shortest not100, A general assortment of fane Havana Cigars, im ported direct by the subscriber, at w hoieaale aud re Canal ?oppli?d on recAonabia tervps, and sn>dii06 in chMH6? ,v,'i Old Whiakey, oonatantly on hand, of 1?40. Country ontera punotuall* attended to, and ooun try produoe of all deaoriptions received onw.nsign mAiit JUIs i ? iiis V Yi In Nq.5M Twelfth street. A PIANO for for ?75. and one for ? I Oft, forsaleor hire i^pon reasonable terms. Must be taken at once from the store to make rtxim lor others. JOHN F. ELLIS, oo 28 3M P?, av#? near oorner loth it. ? <>?tninission of? oeiit. ? M niiowed Watches, Jewelry, fto. Al.TlMwKL. W AMilNUTON. AN L) VIK ginin Bank Notes taken et ear for all kinds of rich and fubionthlt GOLD JEWELRY. in* GULP ar.d SILVER WATCHES. GOLD CHAINS. SKA 1.8. KEYS. LOCKETS, aad art other choice good>, for a few days. I have jum received a Lne assortment of new Oooda, which I ain prepared to sail at very low prioe?t. Please oalt *t 338 Penn. avenue, sign of the large Spread Fa?le. aey> tf H. O HOOD. W ATCHES, JEW ELHY.AXU FANCY AK TITLES. I have <m hand some of the beat Gold and Silver WATCHES, hoe Goid J I. w ELR \ .in At fcota and singie pieces, FANCY ART! CLE9. Ac. fS J. Call and exajiune, at J. ROBINSON'!*. ?o 30-2m irtft Pa. av? oppo. Biuwue' Hotel. ? i-Blocks?: Every ityia of A'ao, I k Matei tals, auok aa Key a. Bella, Wire*. Oda. hand*. Ao. docks to the trade at wholesale prices Call and cxhmiM, at J. ROBINSON'S. oc 30 2m 343 Pa. av.. oppo. Browne' Hotel. Vocal and Instrumental Untie. MR.W. HENRY PALMER'S PIANOFORTE CLASSF.Sare deny adding new members Per soua deairoua of availing themselves of Mr. Palm es'* aervioea are requested to enroll their na.ii.ea aa earl* aspoasible. This Class nTntem ia more advantageous for the advancement of Children, than any other eyelets of inatructioe. It ia equally advar.tageoua fur the perfecting of the moat brilliant perfonnera. Tekhs (? AMlMi Primar* Claas $5 per quarter. Advance C uiri *!f>. All applications to be made to Mr. W. H. PALMER, at hie reaidence. 2tt> F street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. I! r tieorsetown Classes meet every Monday and Thursday at 1? o'clock, at Miaa Har rover's Geoi^s town Female Seminary. se a* tif MUSICAL CAR D. R.GEORGE M. AJt T H be*s leave to annooaee to hia Iriends of Washington, Georgetown,.* and Alexandria, that he ia now prepared to furniah MUSIC for Balls, Private Parlies, and a a a??kc i eai ? ir?, MH) ' Soirees. From one to aay number of Musiciaaa to be had at the shorten notice. Orders can be left at the Musical Depots of John F. Ellis or W. G. Metierott, or at hia residence, corner 6th and G atreeta. Navy Yard. oe30-Sm* By THE PRESI&FNT^Af THE UNITED STATES* In pursuance of law,T, J AMES BUCHANAN President of the I'nited States of America, do hereby declare and make known that public selee will be httid at the ui.derinentioned land officee in the Stale of M iasouri, at the periods hereinafter desig nated, to wit: At the land offioe at PLATSBree. commencing on Monday, tlie 'at da* of March next.for thedist of the public landa within the following neiued townships, vie: Xortk of tke base Iima and vmi e/ the tke fifth principal meridian. Fractional townships sizty seven, of ranges twenty-four to forty-three, moluaive. At the land office at Milak. oommerctnr on Mob - day, the Hth day of March next, for the disposal of the publie lands the folkrwing named town* snips, viz: Xortk of the base lime and irest ef tke fiftk principal meridian. Fractional townships sixty seven, of rangee eighteen to twenty three, inoluaive. it St. Ixiris, commenting on of March next, lor t{iediatis>u within the following named ai me ianu omce ai f ai.mtba. comtneaeirK oa Monday, the firat day of March next, lor the diapo aal of tne publio lands within the following-named townahipa. viz: Xortk of the base line and trest af tkt fiflk prim eipal men dtan. Fraotional townahip sixty aeven, of range ten. The islands in the Miaaisaippi nvrr, numbered one, two, and three, in fractional townstp alxty fonr. of range five. The island in the Des Moines nver, in eecttoas four and nine, of fractional township sixty four, of range five. The is.snd in the l>ea Moines river, in sect ions nine, ten, eleven, and fifteen, of fractional townahip aixty - hve.of six. At the land ? nt Monday, tne hrat day of the publip landa townbhips, viz; XortK of the base lime and east tf the prin cipal mtr tdtaa. Fractional townahip thirty eight, of range rune, except the portions covered by private olaima. ce at Jackson, oimmencing o? i\ of March next.Tor tlie disposal da within the following-named townships, vix: Xortk of tht bass line and east of tkt fifth prin cipal meridiam. Fractional townahip twenty one, ar.d township twenty two.of ranteoMr. Fniotionnl townalup twenty-one, of range two. Township twenty-seven, of range ???**. Fmi tionnl towafhip aiztsen.and toa nshtp twen ty eight.of range nine. Townahip twentj -cine, of range t*n. Fractioimi tcwi.aliipsixteen, of range thirte Townahip twenty four, of range sixteen. Xortk of tke base line and tcfst of IkeA'tk prin cipal mertdtam. Fractional township twenty-cue. of ranges one t? eight, inclusive. Fractional township twsnty-one, and townships twenty -five and twenty-sia, of range utne. At the land office at bpbikofibd, commencing Monday, the fifteenth day of March next, for the disposal of the public landa within the following named townships, vig: Xortk a} tkt base l\t and %cest of tke fiftk petr. cipal meridian. Townahip thirty, of range tu-tmik -nins. Towuahips thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty three. and thuty four,? f rniige thirty. I Jinda appropriated l>y law for the use of schools, military, and other purposes, together with tliotrf " nuaiiip and overflowed tanda. mad.' th?-rcFy unlit for cultivation." if any, granted to the Slate by Ot<* act entitled " An k?t to enatoc the State of Arkar.?as Knd oilier St.aten to reciiciii the'awamp lanaa' within heir liinita." approved S?pteinl>er Zj, i860, Will be es?;iuded from the sales. The ottering of the al>eve landa will be oommenced on the day a appointed, and ail! in the oidor in winch the* are advertisod, urtil the whole shall have boeii offered, and the sal?a thna cl< ar.d ; but n-> sale shall be kept i>j>en longer than two weeks, end no private uitrj of any of tne lands will t>e admitted unt^l after tne expiration of the two week a. Given under my hand, at the city of Waatjtnvton. tins aixteenth dey of September, anno llwraihi one tliouaaud euht hundred and 60f Mver. JAMKS BUCHANAN. By the Preaideat: Thoma* A. UfXiiKtriu. Conimiaaioner of the (ier.eral I And Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emptioa to any of the landa within the townships and pens of townahipa above enumerated is requindto en tatlish trie aame to the satiafaotion of the register and receiver of the proper land oifioe, and make payment therefor as <cei? as practicable after seeint th is notice, and before the dav appointed tor f the . Um? tra wiil be forfeited. the commenoeineut of the public sale wl the landa embracing Uy tract claimed; otherwise such claim THOS. A. HK.NDRICKS. Commissioner of the Geweral Land OJLoe. gelQ-lawSin VIRGINIA AND OTHER PAPER MONEV T TAKEN AT PAR ! CLOTH1XG!?CLOTHIXG'?CLOTHINU! CHKAP FOR CASH. MONEY SAVED AND FAIR DEALING. At 322 Pbxxstlvaxia Avim b, b< ttrten 9tk and 10t4 sts., at tkt " Tall Hawse." Just opened, a largr stock of READY MADE CLOTHING, at the following low prioea: We can offer greater barcaina in Clothing than o*n lie obtained elaewhere 111 thia city. Owing to our building, we did i.ot lay in our atock aa *>tl era did. and wp Uiuzht at great aaurifioes, owing tu the state of the market. Heavy \Vinter Overoosta?.M to |I0 W Heavy Body Coats S St' to W> (S? Black Cloth C<*ts 7 S? to Uwi Winter-lined Cassnnere Pants..... 7 50 to son Winter-lined Cassimere Vests,dou ble brt?*Kted..., I 25 to 2 <*? 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