Newspaper of Evening Star, December 3, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 3, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR HI ILOl*??, Corner ?/ Pa. avenu* and Eleventh ?trMt, By W. D. WAILACH. P^per* ?erred in paokagea hy camera at #4 a year, or ?7 oeola par month. Toiwul aubaaribera Ue s?K ?oopUon pnoe ia #3J0* year. ?? adrauct; for nut montha; $1 for three montha; and for )?aa thaa tnree atnntfta at the rata ot 12 oanta a weak. Sine la coptea. one cent; in wrap pen. two oanta. ADvaBTi?is**,fT4 <of ei*ht linea to the aqoare) inserted three timea for j|I: er?ry other day or ? emiweekly. 25 per oent. advance; onoe a weak.5o par oent. advance. VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1857. NO. 1,520. S?* J EScp"*?"v~ at^^itarriJLilL!2y?SFA>-? ?? Koaar^ chanter. Price? irrpoat "piaa (ui wrapper.) oax taana o U>a Ten wku> i .11 a._ _ >? A DAY 151 PETTICOATS. ?T A VODB.4T MAS. '? I couldn't think of mob thing '* ' But you muxt. My happiness depends on it. Here, pnt on the thingumbobs. and the what's his name." And iny friend Bob Style* held up before my h?--itant gaze a suit of female apparel. Hi* idea wm that I should personate his lady lore for one day, to prevent any one from sus pecting tho truth?namely, that ihe bad joined hi? in a runaway marriage party?until it should be too late for interference: that is. until the minister should have tied a knot between 'hem, that nothing but a special graut of the Legislature could untie. This schema was not actually no absurd as it appeared at first iight. Maggie Lee wa* a tall, queenly woman, with an almost masculine air, and at that time I had a very slight form, al most effeminate, that in fact there was reallv but little difference in that point. Then I hill light hair, tolerably long, and a fair complex ion Tart my hair in the middle, and put a bonnet on my head, and few persons would have suspected but f was really one of the softer sex. These accessories also gave mo quite a decided reeerablance to Maggie Lee, especially when, as in this case, the disguise was her own. Then, the day chosen for the match was an auspicious one. Maggie s lather was to drive her to 1) , a small village near which she lived, and there she was to join a sailing party d?wn D river to the grove, three miles be low. from which the party was to return in the wemng in carriages. Our plan was, that I should be in waiting in the village, and should go on the boat with the sailing party, while Maggie aftor leaving her father. should slip off with Bob Styles across the couutrv. At last, I got dressed, and presented myself before Maggie Lee. blushing a great deal ? I believe, feeling very much pinched about the waist, and with an uncomfortable consciousness that my?my?shirt sleeves were too short, or wanting altogether. Everything finished in the way of toilet Bob Styles took me into his light wagon?drne me over to I) . by a secluded route and left me at the betel, where the sailing party w.?s to assemble. Several of the picnicers were al ready there, aud they greeted my cavalier cor dially. (everybody knew Bob Styles,) asking it he was going with them, Ac. lie told them he was sot. Pressing business engagement", you know, and all that sort of thing. i>euced soiry. I can t go though. I bad just time to brin^ Miss Lee over, and now 1 m off. Mr. Bimby this is Mi<* Lee Mi.-s Witbergall. Miss Lee." and be rattled off a long string of brief introduc tions. which convinced me that but few of the company were acquainted with the young lady whom 1 was personating?a very foriunate thing for the preservation of my d'isguse. Mr. Bimby. a tall, legal-looking man. with a ho<.k nose, an I eye-glass and puffy hair, seemed to be prepossessed with my p rut utile, and I overheard bim whisper to Bob Styles, as he went out : ?? > ice looking girl, that Miss Lee " " ^ e?. answered Bob, with a mischievous glanee at me " she is a nice girl, though a lit tle go-abead sometime* Keep a little look out on her. will you ?then, lowering bis voice?'? not a bad match tor you. old fellow : she is rich." '? Is ah?s aaii Mr. Bimby. his interest deep ening ?' On ray honor." replied B.?b '? Forty thou sand dollars in her owu right Day day and he was gone. Maggie L?o. artful creature that she was. had told her father that the sailing p:irtp wa? to assemble at another hotel, and'thither be had ;nkru her. Having business in D be left her there merely saying that he would send the carriage fur her at 11 o'clock. Hho, like a dutilul daughter. kis?* t him. bid him g.?*i bye. and before ho hid gone a hundred rods, took a seat in Bob Style* light wagon, whi<*b bad driven up to the back door as old Lee s e<irrii?ge drove away from the front, and the oi l story ot head strong love and prejudiced age was enacted again. As for us. of the pie-nic excursion, we h*d a delightful sail down the grove, but somehow, I C'-uid not en jo v it as much as I ought to have done. When I walked on board the boat 1 felt awkward as if everybody was looking at ine 1 found Mr Bimby. a* I had suspected, a young and rising la-ryer, mighty in Blacksto'ne. in hi? opinion iie insisted on paying for my ticket the boat was a regular excursion pack et and purchasing enough oranges, pears and eandies. to set up a street stand. Four or five time* I was on the point of swearing at his im pudent othciousnesi, but bit my tongue juit in time to prevent the exposure But it was not with him that I found my role the hardest to play. So ; the young ladies were the difficult ones to deceive. Fw instance, there was one among t^em a beautiful girl of seventeen, just re turned from boarding school, who bad not seen Maggs# Lee for tbruc ywrs. Of courie *be was J?lighted to see me. when she found out that I was Maggie whioh. by the way, did not occur until alter we had started She threw herself in'o my arms, pulled my veil aside, and kissed me half a doieu times, iu a manner that made my finger ends tingle for on hour. It **ry nice, but if 1 had been in yropiin person*. I would have liked it better As it *?*. I felt as if I was " obtaining goods under false pretences. and that lawyer Bimby might issue a warrant fo/my arrest, on that ground, at any m<>ment. A whole knot of crinoline then surrounded me, on the upper deck of the boat, to the utter exclusion and consequent disgunt of Mr. Bimby and the other gentlemen. 1 kept very quiet. ? nly speaking mouosyllables in a falsetto voice; but the others?Lord bless you ! how they gab bled ! I nder a strict promise of seoresy, the little boarding-school maiden, who bad kissed me so affectionately, revealed all her love af fairs. aud also became unpleasantly confiden tial about other matter*?innocent enough in themselves, but not customarily talked of be tween ladies and gentlemen 1 was terribly embarrassed, but it would rod do to give it np then As soon as my trick ?bould become known. Bob Styles1 trick would also ome out; and as news of that kind travels tast in the country, he and his lady love would be telegraphed and followed before they eould reaeb Philadelphia, where the Styles family lived, and where the knot was to be tied The river breexe wan very fresh where we sat. and 1 noticed that several of the ladies were glancing uneasily at mc. I couldn't di vine the reason, until Jenuie. my little friend from boarding-*-bool. laid her face dangerously cbse to mine, and whisjiered *4 My dear Mag gie. your drr** is blowing up terribly high? your ancle* will lie town talk with all the gen tlemen *" Nor was I conscious of having a very small foot for a wan. and had donned a pair of open work storking* which came nearly up to my waist, with a pair of garters borrowed from a servant girl in all of whi>*b toggery my "'run ning gear" looked qaite respectable , but the idea of the gentlemen talking about my ancles, and ot being eautioned thus by a young girl wbo would have been frightened to if I bad told her the same thutg yesterday was too much for me 1 buret in a sort of strangulated laugh, which 1 could only <-heck by swallowing Lair of my little filagree I arc edged handker chief The young ladiee all looked at me in apparent astonishment at such a voice, and I wanted to laugh all the more. Fortunately. Mr Bimby came to my rescue nt the moment, And edged himself m among the crinoline *' May I tit here he asked, pointing t? a low stool near me ?' Certainly," I simpered in my high fal?<Mto. '' Ah. thank yon.*' said Bimby?with a la?k aoiuical air wbteb nauseated me. as uoming from one man to another?" you are as kind as you are fascinating !M *? Yon flatter an "s ?' I ' No, indeed ; praise of you canndt *?e fisrtery, Miss Lee " "Oh, air, really, you are a very naughty man. I said, in the moat feminine tone I could command. Ho cast a languishing glance at me through hi* black lace veil, and 1 fairlv begun to fear for his '-feelings." We -toon arrived at the grove and found our b*nd?engaged beforehand?awaiting us. Of course, dancing wm the first amusement, and .lawyer Bimby led ine out for a Schottisohe. It wa? hard at first for 0?e to take the lady's part in my dance, but I soon got accustomed to it. When a waltz was proposed. I resolved to have a little amusement at the expense of the un fortunate Biuiby. 1 had first made him purposely jealous, by dancing with two other young fellows, ono of whom 1 knew, in my own charactcr, but who never suspectcd me a* Maggie Lee. This young man, who wa* a great woman killer?a sort of eaay, deril may care rascal,' who made the ladies run after him, by his alternate wrath of action coolness of protestation?I selected to play off against my legal admirer. I allowed him to hol<l me very closely and occasionally looked at hiiu with a half fascinating expres sion. When we stopped dancing, he led lue to my seat, keeping his arm around my waist, and I permitted it. Having thus stirred Bimby up to feats of wrathful valor. I asked one of the gentlemen to direct the musicians to play a walti. Bim by came immediately. " Ahem?a Miss Lee. shall I?a. have the honor of?a?trying a waltz with you ?" I smiled a graceful acquiescence and we commenced. [TO BR contixped J THE CR ADDOi-K MI KUKK. It will be remembered, says the Cincinnati Commercial, of Thursday, that, on the 2?>lh ot August. ISjit. Paschal D. Craddock. who re sided six miles from Louisville, on the Bards town road, w;?> found dead, a short distance from hid residence. The body had threeathots in the thigh, one of the ball!" pissing through. None of these wounds could have caused death. The neck was broken, and the face and bead mutilated by bogs, the ears having been eaten off. Craddock wa3 on horseback when he was shot, and it was supposed that, after ho was shot, he fell off his horse and broke his neck. The horse was found standing by the body. Two pieces of rope. having blood on them, wero found near by. The verdict of a jury was that ' Craddock came to his death by violence." There had been three indictments pending against Craddock on chargcs of felony, but he had succeeded in continuing the trials on three differeut terms of court He was much feared in the neighborhood, as it was alleged that he was connected wifha gsngofcounterfeiters and horse thieves. He had been a wealthy man A short time previous, a meeting was held in Jefferson county, which was attended by the in.j^t respectable citizens, at which resolutions were passed demanding that Craddock and two others leave Kentucky within six months The time had just expired when he was killed A negro was arrested on the charge of killing him. An opinion was prevalent that some of Crad dock s gang. (those who had beeu associated with hiui.) had slain hiin, fearing that when hi* trials took place they might become in voh ed Others wore under the impression that the friends of those who had acted with Crad dock. and were sent to the penitentiary mainly on Craddock'* evidence, had committed the deed The mystery is solved as follows : John Miller, of Bullitt county. Ky., whose character is re|K>rted disreputable, in Louis ville, yesterday gave himself up to the author ities. ownicSsiiig that certain parties offered three thousand dollars to anyone who would nut Craddock through;'" that he and eight others accepted the bribe, when the plot was in^de to take Crnddork's life. Five of the pur<y lay iu ambush?a cough being the signal lo fire at Craddock as he passed by. Miller says he tired in the air Warrants Were issued for all parties, several of whom were arrested, including Col Alleu and brother. Austin Hub bard. ami Joe Wright, of Bullitt county; Ste phen Baird, of Shelby county, and Fred Kikes, of Jefferson county. Others are also impli cated Miller's story is nut fully credited. Owmbchrs or Londo.v?There are upwards of Mini omnibuses in London, and of this num ber 595 are the property ot a single and most foreign, proprietary?the London General Om nibus Company. The .*>95 omnibuses ran, in the week euding October 31, not less than 222 779 miles, or nearly ten times the circum ference of the globe, and they carried not lew than Wfl.000 passengers. The vehicles arc worked by 6.22s horses, more than the whole of the British cavalry cn ?;agcd at Waterloo. A week's allowance of ood for the horses oonsistsof 430,2ft< pounds of chopped hay, clover and straw, equal to 242 loads, and 623.253 pounds of oats, barley and bouns, or 2.300 quarters, and 175 loadsof straw arc required for the bedding of the horses. Lach horse runs on an average twelve miles Cr day. The daily cost of the rations of each rse is rather more than 2s. Id., or for the horses of eaoh omnibus, ten in number, ?1 Is ; the othur expenses, such as horsckeepers, veterinary service, shoeing and others, brine up the total expenses for the horses of each omnibus to ?1 ft?, per week The number of men constantly employed as drivers, conduc torsltnd horscaeepers, is not less than 2.300. of whom the drivers receive from 5s. to 0s., the conductors 4?. and the horsekevpers 3s. per day. The *' wear and tear'' of each omnibus amounts to I7s. ftd per week, and of the harness Ci. per week. The average weekly receipt from the whole of the omnibuses is 111.500. hut the state of the weather materially affect* the receipts?thu< a very wet day reduces the amount received by frotn ?300 to ?100 per day On the 22d Octo ber. owing to the continuous rain, the receipt? fell short wf the usual amount by ?3*0 Tmr Locatiom or a Lovkk s Hkart?The position of the heart is supposed to be tolerably well understood, aud yet there is a difference of opinion about the matter The tragic actor who. as he rolls the " r" with the rattle of n horse-fiddle, exclaims??? This hea r-r-r-rt! ' and simultaneously claps his right hand ou tiis 1 eft breast, is understood to hare hit it. But perhaps he is mistaken We saw an actor the other evening who. in ' suiting the action to the word,'' indicated an entirely different locality tor that important organ The scene was some thing like this:?Aetor iromantically)?"The angel! I have her picture here ?I always wear it next my heartAnd here he produced the precious daguerreotype?not from his hocom but fn>m a po<-ket in the t?il of his coat' There craa s?>medele laughter about that time among thejollier sort of spectators; while the senti mental and romantic were visibly shocked by this unspected turn of" stage business/' and hid their blushes In their hsnkcrchief ?/{niton P mt Tbr Tk* T*at>r ?Drci.iw* ?sr Purer* ?A cor mponiti'nt of the lloston Journal, writing Mew York, about the tea trade, mvc Oolong and Ning Yon^ ten drinkers wtkl re joice at the pre?pert of these favorite heib* being greatly reduced In prices The shipments from China ports to the Uaited State*. during the ruoatbo of June, July, aud Angu*t, iachulve, appear to have been double that of last year, dur ing the name time. Vary respectable black and green tea* have recently l?een *old in N*w York by the < he?t, at auction at a reduction of ?1 ca'n a poand Uom the price* obtained a short time * Kxtrnsivk Amockt or Hrici*?At tltrtinie t be injunction was served on the Han few d Usnir, Maine, says the Bnngor Whig, they had safely stowed aw.ty In their vaults, In specie, the enor in Ht-i suut of /ilk' 4uUaisanit ttrrnttm unit! tf v' lb* help of the cashier, the hank commis tinn er* vr? e afile to count It accurately In le*? than three hours. We understand that short piae. peu< e? aud fiMirpeocea constituted the bulk of the ca?b on h ind It I* thought, however, that the property ih the pocae?*l?Hi of the receivers will ne**ly ?r quite protect the bill-holders. Pianos, Ac. A BARGAIN IN A PIAN<>.-One of Hallet, Davis ft Co.'s beat PI A NOS, rosewood? omk, seven octaves, iron frame, told ity iis|E?^mpl for hut * short time ago, ia now for"""" sale at our store for #S5?i nuh.or a note at short date bearing interest, with good endorser, tbe t.wner l>eing compelled from priVAte circumstAncea to force said Piano off, I am prepared to warrant and guar antee said Piano as hrinl) mid strongly as any Piano I ever sold. Ttiis ia a bargain in reality, Alao, ft large stock of new Pianos. Pinnos for rent hjr evening, mouth Quarter, or3ear. JOHN K. KI1LI8, 306 Penn.avenue, n2?-tf near 10th street. pi A NOS! PIANOS!! PIANOS!!! New and second hand Pianos, from the factories of Steinway A Sons, New York; Wm.g Kim1 e ft Co, Baltimore. and of my Son'?l faotorir. Philadelphia, always on hand, at' inoJerate terms, for sale and to rent, at No. 433 11th street, eight doors al<ove Pa. avenue. n 18 eolm FR. C. R KITH F.N BACH. Abf.aIjtifuu rosrwood-TTask IRON frame Pianoforte, used one year in a careful family, of Hallet. Davis A Co., Boston, renowned manufacturers, will sold at a great tinrgain, for oasn ororedit, at our great Piano Emporium. JOHN f. ELLIS. oc 22 yw Pa. ave . bet. Wh ?nd 'ftth sts. FIVK MORK OF RAVFN. BATON A CO.'S superior PlANOS, just arrived at tlie^^? 'wb Warerooms of n '? p?| W. G. MF.TZPROTT. ? ? ? ? 1 Second hand Pinnos for sale cheap. n 2)-tl tfCNNS ft CLA R K E'S and if.l.KTT. DAVIS* ni.'S HAI.I.KTT. DA VIM ft CO.' CKLF.RKATElf PI A ,V? fO H Th S, Conxtanfly receiving oml for sale only by JOHN F. F.I.I.IS, .H*i Pa. av., between 9th and luth ate. Purchasers will find it to ttien interest to examine for themselves tlie superior qualities i.f the Above Pianos. S'ools, Covers, .Milo.ieons, Ao., Ac., ait>t? on hniid. n M-tr dOLD MEDAL PREMIUM *S PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNAUK, (Senior partner in the late firm of KNABI. ItAKHI K ft Co., Continues the manufacture and sale of grand ano square Pi A NO FORTES, under Mie natue of William Kjiahe ft Co., at the old s'and.pBaBQa Nui. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North Kutaw street op ??' * ? ' posite the Entaw House. Baltimore, Til')' Uaveulao just opened a new Sales Hoomai No 2f7 Baltimore street, lietween Charlea and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied hy Mr Henry MoCaffery as a mumo store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plait and hirhly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes* also, Melodeon*. from tbe West makers, from 4 to 6 oc'ave. some With double key-boards, double reeds, and stops to suit small churohea. We*?g extensively engaged m the manufaofnre o Pianos, we will aell whol?sa!eand retail, on tbe inos li!>qpii terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highaet sremium (gold me<kil>at thv Fairs of the Marjland Institute two successive years?October, 18.V4, and 1M6?111 op position to fonrteer. and eirhteen piano* from seme ol the l?eat makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awv.ided the brat premium al tfce Industrial F.xhibition held in Riobinond, Vir ginia. IH66 And 18S6. They have alao i*een awarded tha higheat premium (ailver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 18.77. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo mala from the most distinguished professors and amateurs 111 the country, winch oan t>e seen at out warerooms, speaking for themselves and others ol the high appreciation in whioh our instruments are ?very where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a privilege of excliange is granted within the first .?ix m nths from the day of gale 11 the matrumentsdo not five entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call liefore purchnsing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. marlft-lr WM. KNABF. ft CO. Vocal and Instrumental Music, i 1 W EBKR'8 v'FLFBR ATKD COTILLON BAND take pleasure m announcing to the public that they are prepared to furnish first class PARTIES and BALLS with MUSIC for the conung^^s season. The latest and most fashionable Otiadril!<>*, Waltzes, Polkas, Scliottishes. Gallops. M.'i/urkas, and Itedowaa have l>een rehearsed, ami also the original l.ouver'a (Quadrilles, which are performed by thu Band only, with greal aueoess. Orders left at tfie music store of Mr. Metzerott, or Alr. I iau tier's Confectionery, also at L. Welter's resulenee. No. 5 * G street, ( Navy Y ard,)\*ili meet dl-Sw " LOITS WEBER. Leader. nth prompt attention. ' 1-2* \f R.W. HF.NRY PALMER'S PIANOFORTE i?l CI.ASSESare daily Adding new members Per sons desirous of availing themaelvea of Air. Pai.m KK'a services are requested to enroll their i.ames as early as poaaible. Tina Class ayatein is more advantageous for the advancement of Children, than any other system of inatructioR. 11 is equally advantageous for the perfecting of the most brilliant performers. Tkkms 1 jt AnvAitfK. Primary Class If S per quarter. Advance Classes ?lfl. All applioations to lie made to Mr. W. H. his residence. 26<t F street, between Thirteenth arid Fourteenth. irr Georgetown Clasaes meet every Monday and Thursday at |v o'clock, at Miss Harrover's George town Female Seminary. se 'M ff M MIMICAL CAR D~ R. GEORGE M. ARTH l>egs leave to annotujoe to his friends of Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria, that he is now prepared t< J furnish MI'SIC for Balla, Private Partiea, and. Soirees. From one tosny number of Musicians to t>* had at the shorteat notioe. Orders can h<? left at the Musical Depots of John F. Ellis or W.G. Metzerott, or at bis residence, oorner tith and G atreeta. Navy Y ard. oc* RETIRED PHYSICIAN. / rv 75 Year 1 of Ate, J\\ hose aanda of life have nearly run out, dinoov fered while in the Eaat Indies, a certain cure for 1 Consumption, Aatbina. Bronchitis. Coughs, y Colds, and General Debility. The remedy was discovered lir him when his only child, a daugh ter. was given up to die. He bad heard muoh of the OTinderful restorative and healing qualities of pres srations made from the Eaat India Hemp, and tne thought occurred to hun that he might make a rem edy for hia chi.'fl. He atudied hard snd ancoecded in realizing hia wishes. His child was 011 red, and ia now alive and well. He haa aince administered the wonderful remedy to thousands of sufferers in ell parts of the worlu. and JUe has never foiled in mak ing them completely hffllthv and happy. Wiahina to do as much good aa possible, he will send to such of his afflicted fellow-beinys as request it, this re oipe with full and explicit directiona for making it uy and sucoeaafully using it. lie requires each ap plicant to enolo?e him one shillinr?three cunts to ~ oe returned as postage on tne recipe, and tho re maindur to he applied to tbe payment of this ad vertisement. Aodress Dr. H. JA.VIF.8, No. 119 Grand street, Jersey City, N. J. n tt-lm F" a" w~b O O K s. i Angell on liighwnt a. .Maryland Ihgeat. vol 2. Selwyn's Nisi Prius. t vols . new e littoi. United States Digest, vol. 16. I8i6. Bennett A Heard's I-trading CruNinai Cases,2 vols. Story's Equity Pleading, new edition Ard miny others at the lowest prices, u U F R ANCH TAYLOR I A DIES' BRAIDS. PLAITS, C I'R LS, HA LP ^ WIGS and PUFFS. At GIBBS^S Hair Stor?, near corner of 1.1th at. And Pa. av. n 9 3m Pulpit eloquence of the nine t^enth Centurj?Being Discourses of eminent In ing Mimiters in Englan<l Fraece. America. Ger many, Scotland, Ireland, end Waiew; one large ootavo volume of 815 pages aud several portrait*, inn. price #2,75. nj7 FRANCK TAYI.OR. IRJSCT FROM FRANCE-Wa nave just ? eca.ved ? SAK DINES. 'IK II h ap 1 to I re I J I) p^tiVk" VN? POISE Also, afresh supply of Asparagns, Green Corn, Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce. Peachea/Salmon, Lob sters, A e., all in nana, and for sale KING ft MURCIIELL, n r4 corner Vermont avenue and lath t.treat. VIRGINIA AND DISTRICT MONEY V TAKEN AT PAR BOOTS, SHOKS*ASD TRUNKS. . 9-p Ptnmylrania avenue, btnretn 9th and IfarJk ?tr. * have just returned from tfte Northerrrxo HI With a splendid assortment of allEft4fl fll kinds of Ladies. Gentiemens, Mis ? * H^.ses, Roy a', Childrens', and Servants' OOT'S aad SHOES. Aiso. a large atook of RUNKS. CARPET BAG*. VALICES. and SATCHELS,all of which I will sell for the a4>ove money. Call SAil'L. P. HOOVER^9,^ C?H RISTM AS PR ESENTS, for frwruls at a die". tani, ffKTXKROTTft WASHINGTON VIEWS. For rale at all Bookstores. n 71 HJ.MoLAITGHLIN has the Isrgest stock of ? Toys And Fsncy Good? In the City. No.# Pa. nve>>ne, lietween Mh and l*h streets, oppoeita r. ntre Market. _ _ n 27 ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH, fiviug a heautifol Instre to the fiater nnils, at GIBBS'S Hair Store, near 13th atreefLPa. are. n flni mM. at. and Pa. av., and at his Sales RtM>m, under Wil larda' hotel, n 9 1m Georgetown Advertiiement^ ^LARGE AS.VnjTMKNT OF FAIL At vtry Lom, Prices to Cask Customers. ... _ JOHN H. SMOOT. No. 119 South Sidi or Bkidhk Strkit. Jmm ^ owu, D. C., oast!a^' no* ?*ering at very low prices to " ?"<? Prompt ou??omer?, a Urge assortment of . ?? ALL, AIMp WINTER GOODS*, purchased in I tuladelphia and New York at th?> Iwrge recent Auction Sa es. and from the importer*. lt,w Prw?, which will enable mm to otter to Purchasers, many desirable GimhIsconsiderably below mS* ""theassortment will be lound Hich Silk Robes and Bayadere Silks Bern make yf Klack Silks Bnya<tere Valentia* and Valentia Robes &}, vr,nt *a" woo,? Delaines and Roties J*atin r anoonies,plain eolor*. all wool, a very aupe nor goods, double width, at 75c. I.eepin Band other make* French Merinos. of all the bImV colors, includniK White and Plain Detains. hlnok, white and oolorod. *o* Nack French Merinos, for Shawls Rich In ion Plaid Merinos, at 31,* cts. Op. fill Wool ^ do, 5" els. Printed Mouslin Delaines, good styles.M 18V and 25

oent* i pieoes. tost style*. Fngliah Print* at 12* ots. Rich sty le Bonnet and Sasn Ribbons Plain colors do., very cheap u. i?' ?>l,f>?naand Fringe Trimmings Stella, Btocha. Shawls, in great variety Super double Brocha do. 1'hemlle and t'ashmere Scarfs B^kju ? Kid Gloves,all color* and Noi, Sa' k Hanriels, all color* ?. h,'?A"??riean. Welch, and Saxony do. Biaok Boinhaxiaea and 6 4 Delaine* Colors a?d black Cobiirg Merino* Black Crape Veils and English Crapes ''est hlack and brown and white Fnglish Prints l,on< ant square Black Thibet and Bay State shawls f,ndie" and Children's plaid woolen Shawls, in all style* and prices Hosier* of every description 'adie* Saxony and Merino Vests V\ it ha tuil supply of housekeeping and domestic (?oods, of ine tout makt-ru. no<t JOHN If. SMOOT. ]YT O T f C F Having Iteen informed that cer fj. c*'n P"rsi?na are in the habit ol collecting and gathering together the Bottles which contain or *ave? oontainedour beverages. and puttin* therein an arti oie made hy other* than ourselves, an.l then dispos ing or such article on I he fait h ami oredit ..four nam? siampe,! on said Bottles, all persons are herel? notified that such Bottle* are our own property. and not suloect fo ?nle,and that th*y aredelivered toour customers only to lie returned, and that it i* our firm intention to prosecut* to the utmost extent of tha law, any iiifruigment of onr right* on the premises. . D ... arnvashiNn. Luiou Bottling Depot, 97 C! reen st reet. ?* 11 Gefirgetown. D. C. |"|!J FONT'S GFN POWDER. !r 'hevarious fcjnda of DI I ON I S <? I \ i'OWDFR, and am prepared to suppiy the same many quantity to partien wanting, on the moat favorable terms. . W. ALBERT KING, A rent for tha District of Columbia, .. ^ . . ? No. 35 High street, nwt H-tf (lwt?Ojl>>tM Rsnrrstuvn. (). h. Dentistry, Ac. Dr. VII.LARD, DENTIST, I.ATE OF CHI* caoo, would respect hilly inli?rm the cit izens or the District and vicinity, that hav i ing located himself m Washington, he is now prepared to porlorm ai operation* iu hia profes aion, in the most approve,! sty.e. Office, No. iiftO, Fenn. av? jau 20 ly avenue, adjoining Gautier's r|^HE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. I.OOMIS, M. D.. the inventor and patentee of Loomts' Mineral Plot* Tettk," having^^^eJ suooessfully introduced his improvement in??46aa3 various oitiea. has now permanently eatab-^^^2^ Iished hiuiMelf iu Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth consists ohief *7,making a sat of but one pieo? ol materiai, and that indestruotible mineral. No metal is used it their oonstruatioQ, and they are therefore freafrom ^aivanic acUoa and metalic taste. There are no ]9tnts to become filled with moisture or particles ol Mod. henoe they are pure and tlean. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, tar more durable, and ' Wl11 f,v,, a reward o One Ihousand Dollars toanyone who will produce* similar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durability, artistic exoeilenoe or any other requisite ^ i y, All work responsibly warranted. 2M PeoM. avenue, l>etweeu llth and 12tk atreeta ip i3-iy ENTISTRV. " DR. HTKPHEN BAILY, Pmwtltaiha Avkkvi, Thru doors from M(A Strut. Dt. BAIL^ bega leave to inform the publio that he ca'i l?e seen at all hours, at Bis office, located as above. He reels assured that an experienceoV fifteen years' pracfioe, with the large number of patients.and great variety of difficult oaseathat he haa treated sucoeaa lully, will enable hun to surmount any difficulty, acientihc or otherwiae, relating to the Teeth. Hia own experience confirming the opinion of many men 'Pl- l?n? ,aa*l eapecially Dra. Darria 1? ^ ii armly, haa led him, long aince,todia oard all mercunal preparation* for filling Teeth,alao all Enamel, Gutta Percha, India Rubber, and Ce l?[, A?" OonatTuction ol Contmuoua Gum reeth, and that Porcelian. mounted on Gold Plate la the only reliable aubatanoe tliat oar, be worn in the month, as was moat oonolusively ahown by the laat American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himaelf from hia long reai aenoe and practice in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous frienda and patrons, he bega save tb refer them to tha following . TESTIMONIALS: Frem the late Reotor^of tha Churoh of Epiphany of Dr. 9t*?HW BaILT: Dear^ir? I desire to exprea* my ??teem for you personally, and my oonfidenoa id you aa a auperior dentiat. The operations executed for me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you WuhiDiloD. A a i. V. [??!""*/vJ.'piffeNCB. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. ? R ?ggs, Cotman 4 Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den list, of Washington oity, to exeoute ror me an im portent and difficult piece of work, whioh he did to my entire aatisfaetion, and m view of the fliot that rv.n21ih rn?u d,*t'nf,ulfhJ?d memberaorthe Dental College or Baltimore, failed, after repented triala, to perform the aame work aatiaflictorily, it rivea me to expreae my entire confidence and lgh estimation of hia profesaional skill. Baitimore,Jan. 12, 1857. HARMAN.N BOGG8, Extract from a note rcoeived from the late Hon. Joha M. Clayton. _ ^ , F. S. Sknat*, Ang. 1?, 1868. The teeth you made ror me work admirably ; noth ing could be (>etter. Very graterully, _X(>HN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relier from the maladies or ths teeth, I can ohoerfully reomimend Dr. S. Baily as a auperior Dcptist; he made a set or porcelian teeth for one or mTftmilv.and plugged aeveral teeth for myself,and the work haa all atood well for more than ten rears. ROBERT T. NIXON. of the Va. Conf. of the AI. E. Churuh ???ulh. Apru la. um. ? W e, the undersigned, having had occasion to avail onrselvee ol the proresaional skill of Dr. S. Baily, surgeon Dentist of this city, or having been oogmz aut of his opuiatious on our families or fnenJs, take P'^snra in expressing our admiration or hiG artistic skill, aa wcl1 as or the uniformly satisfactory mnnner in whioh he perform* the moat delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery, and ^e respect fully re eommend him to the conudenoe and t>atronage of the public, of whioh we consider him eminently worthy. Tuomas U. Walter, Architeot V. S. Capitol. Thomas Miller, M.D.,ol Washington, D.O. B? 9. {Iohrxr, Sf. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. R. Liiwolh, M. D . or Washington. D. C. Jos. H. HRADi.ET.of Washingron, D. C. bsoaex Walton. Fx-Governor of Florida. Waltkx Lksox. Ex-Ma*or of Washington. Hi^rt Baldwii, L'. S. Patent Office, . 9-L- Wi?ht, Principal Rittenhous* A cad em t. F6h2n tf pOH MOUNT VERNON. The St?amboat THOMAS COLLVP.R, having been thoroughly repaired, will make ii ?mi * regular tnp* to Mount Vernon, U-av ? g her wharf, in tin* city, rvsrr^^MBii ri>DA Y and FRIDAY MORNING,at Ho'clk, During the intervening lime she will iuu regulai trips to Alexandua. aa usual. 'f JTHf)MAS RAKF.R, Ctpfain. MFSTANG ORAY, a Romance, by the Hon Jeremiah Clemens. ?fa in China, by Rev. Wra. C. Milne, M. A. nproteoted r ^tnftlea in Norwnj. Mailtel Vaughan, by the author of "The Lamp. lighter. - r The Planter's Daughter, by Mi*a A. E. Diipny. Mrs. Hale's Reoeiptsfor the Milliou. is* Leslie's New Cookery Book. TheTwo Apprentices, with a Histo y of Uieir Lagy Tour, by Charles Dicaeus. ' Received and for sale at Jos.<;ton's Bookstore. Odeon nuildiiu. n eor. -ih street and Pa. ave. VV'ffi^iri Tu"' n*7 Mol.AUGHI.INS. Ful'hiSK'i of 1K8, from the ? poun?p, at war the norr>+r af Pa. a re. B SL*^^ui^1Rrl)RPOWDER BOXES. 4c., at GIR BS h Hair Store, near 13th street, <re., and at his Salesroom, under WHlnr***. Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER have the honor to announce to the Ladies and Gen- ei tleroenof Washington and Georgetown that he w?ll re open his Classes for l>ai; in/RB W nshington on Friday. the 9th of October. atLuBl Temperanrc Hall, E street, for Misses and Mr. steer, from 3 o'clock p. m.; for ladies and Gentlemen, from 7 o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Miu Harrover's Ladies Sem I nary, from 3 o'clock p. m. For terms ami particular? application can be marie at Mr. G.'s residents, 4"7 K street, between 9th and leth afreets. i? 12 6m I MPROVK YOUR KVES-STRENGTHEN and assist them?by the PARIS <T?*w"s ji_ i_ OPTICIAN ? A WoflHoi who, just arrived from Europe. with his own manufaatu re<l, and also of a rood many other Optician*' latest improved SPKCTaCLM and EVE-G LASSES, which are the PERISCOPIC CONCAVE an.l VKX BRAZILIAN CRYSTAL. DOtRLE F OCl J* and POLISHE 6, which are warranted to improve ANY EYE atfccied wun WEAKENING C \TA R ACT or (nine to it, also SH? tR TSIG HT El>.\ ESS. Ali persona that wear or those which j need to begin to wear them will I* nutted at first sight. Those wonderful double-polished Glasses reocived the verv highest recommendation at the WORLDS FAIR in PA K IS. through their pro ducing a clearing to the sight the best known till set. Also. *11 styles of OPF.R A. SPY. ,,,,1 MAGN1 F\ ING GLASSES, Compasses, ami Microscopes are for sale at Ins store, oorner of Eir Mb street and Pennsylvania avenue, or 4?M Eighth si reet. Priocs very reasonable, the same as he had in his estaMisli m*nt in Paris. nUtf SEVENTH STREET 514 tobTas, o p t / c r a y. Office Second Story, three doors from Oi?d Fplloyvs' Hall. Spectacles and Masses united t?< every sirht; Opera, Headline, and W?tninmk?. K_"^i GiasNns; Telescopes, .Microscopes in*-"' v S* great variety; t.'osmoramia Stereoscopes with views of superior and choice picture* on hand. See adver tisement in National Intel.igeucer. Testimonials. Norfolk, September 7.ISM. Sic: The Spectacles you marie for me suit me very well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other I have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectablcs obtained from Mr. Tobias, anri finri thein of treat assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description of their focus. 1 recommend him as .1 skillful optician. HENRY A. WISE. Pktkk?bcr6. October 21,1854. About five years ago. I obtained from Mr. Tobias, in Washington, a pair of Classes for the spectaoles which I used, and found them of great assistance to 1 my decaying visum ; and my opinion of him is, that he is skillful in the preparation ol Glasses for eyes not too far gone to be benefitted by such aid. J. F. MAY. I.T9CBBCIS, Noveml?er7, ISM. From an examination of Mr. Tobias' Glasses, and from his observations and remarks, am convinced that he is a skillful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. LrNrHBrnff, November l?. 1AM. Mr. John Tobias. having furnished me with Glas ses, by which I have bean greatly aided, (my vision hav ing suffered greatly from reading at night in my earlier life,) it affords me the highest pleasure to sav that I consider him a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who mw\ need his professional services. WM. B. R'M'ZIE, Elder of the Methodist Conference. Wilmington, N. C., June 27,1854. Mr. J. Tobias?Dear Sir : I ain happy to say that the Spectacles which I obtained from yoti last week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequality in Use visual raiip# of my e? es. I have heretofore found great difficulty in retting glasses of the proper focal dis Lances. It adords me pleasure to state, that by the aid of your optometer this dirtieultj has l>een happily obviated, so that the tilasse* yon furnished me are decidedly the l<est adapted to my eyes of any I have ever yet"used. Very respectfully yours, R. B. DRANE. Rectorof St. James' Parish. Having been induced bv a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of trying his Glasses I was furnished with a pair slightly colored lue, whioe have afforded me more relief aod gratifi cation than auy 1 have ever tried. My sight, origin all*' very good, was injured byr writing and reading at night, frequently to a very late hour: but with the aid of these glasses I can s'udy almost as late as ever, ami that too without the pain I have previous ly suffered. JOH N \\ ILSON, I Ate Commissioneer Gen'l Land Office. Dec. 11,1K.S6. 1 have used Mr. Tobias's Spectaolee for three or four months,and take great pleasure in saying that I am much pleased with them. I have l*en muck benefited by theui. GEO. P. SCAR i>l RGH. May 5th, IR%. I was recommended to Mr. John Tolnasasa skilful optician; and as I have eves of remarkable peculiari ty, I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed to comprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement, and he has fhade me a pair of Specta- 1 oles that suits ine admirably. A.P.BUTLER. J uly 11, I85t. Washington, Aug. 8.1PW. Having been for years under thtTneeessity of hav two sets of glasses?one for use in day light, and one for lamp-light? I procured one set from Mr. Tobias which answered Uith purposes. 1 have used his for several months, and find them excellent. EDWAH D STI'RBS. Of Department of Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectacles you furnished me yesterday lire particularly satisfactory to me. They are very decidedly the best I possess, anri I am the owner of eight or nine pairs, carefully ?elected in different places and 'from opticians ree ommended to me 011 account of their professional standing in France, England.and the UniteJ States. I have been also pleased with your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eyes, for the pur pose of preserving and improving the sieht Respectfully yours, CHS. CALDWELL. I^Tcssor of M. C.. Louisville, Ky. Brooklyn Orthopardic Institution, April, ISM. Aftermost careful examination ol Mr. J. Tobias'* Glasses, I am enabled to testify that their hardness, oleamess. polishing, and exact optical shape render them particularly reoommendable to those whme merely optical impairment of the eyes are in want ol such auxiliaries. I consider, moreover, Mr. Tobias ftilly qualified to determine the focus of the eye.both by his optical knowledge and experience, and by menus of his optometer. In addition, I car further state that Mr. Tobus has sappHed some of my pa tients with Glasses, to th^r^od my satisfaction Physician and Sergeon, Berlin: Meml>er of the Royal College ofSurgeons, England; Mem lie r of the Medical Societv of l<ondon.and of the Pathological Society of New York; late Sur geon of tno Royal Orthopaedic Institution of Manchester, England, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. Norrole, Va., JuU 27. ISM. In the experience of even two years. I have found great difficulty in obtaining Speotacles that wjjre ex actly adapted to the weakness of mr sight. This m oonvenienoe Mr. Tobias seems to have removed for the present I* the substitution for me of letter and more suitable Glasses. They are elear. ehry stal-like and ooinfortable to my eyes. I would commend him to those who from age or other infirmity require ar tificial aid in this way. J.J. SIM KlNS, M. D. WILMI.IOTOM. N. C., June 16, I8M. To persons who have had the sight oftheireyes so impaired as to require the use oftilasses, I would recommend Mr. Julin Tobias as a suitable person ftom whom to obtain such Glasses as they may re ?iuire. as he has suited me with a pair of SpeeUoles or a far and n?-ar fight. My suht has l^en impaired very much by a service of years ii> the Post Once Department, which berth required me to l<e on duty from II o'clock at mgkt till af>er day. during Jhich time 1 used but one light. W. A. \\ AI.KLK, Departuknt of Interior. Ma> h, ihW. From nattiral defects and the unequal ranee r.f my eyes, 1 have been compelled to use g asnes for seve ral years. 1 have tried dilferent opticians without obtaininp glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes, rour months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs eapeois hr to as for n.e. which I have tnuud to serve ine perfectly. By the use of tas optometer he is enaUed to adapt g las see most m?nutei> to the e?e. I most cheerful ly reoommend Mr. Tobias to all havine <x?casion s'oisss. "" se 2ft An't Sec'y to sign I.aml Warre*ts THTsECRf.T INFIR MITI ES OF YOUTH AND MATURlTi. Just PsUis/i"'. '?'rntic. tkf 2f>cA ThouxanJ. A few worts of the Rational Treatment, withoet Mmlioine, of Spermatorrhea or Local Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions, Genital, and Nervous Debility. Pre - mature Deaay of the System, lmpo mmr tency, and Impedimenta to Marriage " U. DE LANKY. M. D. Tfee important fact that the many alariniait oom^ plaints, originating m the imprudence andjMlitRM of youth, mav l?e easily removed without Medicine, ib in this small tract, olearly dernoaetraie?l; nwl th# entirely new and highly successful tr**tinent. as adopted by the author, rtolly explained. wiiieb ewrj oue is enahled u? cure Himself and at the feast possible coat, thereto a\ <?iding all u,"^ -'1 ????? >? ? <?' """'"/.Vuf lJnk.v"" se 2fl dAwtf 17 Lispenatd -treei, New \ ork. 'T'EN PER CENT- INVESTMENT. roreoration Bonds of the City of DavecRort. Iowa raring 10 p'r cent, interest by Coup?a in New V~k' b"nds of ssok. The growini oity of t>? vanDort has now al?ut 20,"00 inhabitants, and is rtRi.r? increasing in wea'tti and p??pulation It* m?w?pal debt is .uly #??.??, aad its railroad M* onlr ?T2ft.n^I and cannot now be mcreaseil. The statisticsof tke city were published m tfce Intelli seocer of the Jith Sspiein^ar. W# recssmmend these bonds, beheving them to be as safe as any CHUBB BPOTHERE. gNOfcAVINGS. M. ?"%?,.ArsHL,N4. ( ft onmmiMion < fan cent.' Watches, Jewelry, 4fcc. n?ilALNtEY warriner. WATCHMAKER A XI) WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER. No. 34 4>fc street. three dooi ? nor IB of P| tVr S:?si or tub Show Wauiu. ??YJU A ? IW* J^EW JKWtUV^WATCHtS, MLVfcl M W. OA I.T A BRO., open this morning a wrp* assortment of the wuned got?d*. I <r*ons in search ??f an\ thing new (tod elegant iu their line will do well to mil. Ckrooometere. Dup ex. l,ever. Huriinaiai p?atiiig, and Musical Watches. M?niel i ( lock*. Jewelry and hiIverware repaired. A Article* made to order. WucMc*. j.-wr! t, Hirer. and Silver ?. pl;te?t \\ ?re f..r sale. 4? ? _ _ _ M. W. G A I.T A BRO., n -TO ,<C4 p,. Bv>i between 9th aad l?th sts. W A CARD. r? F. take thia method of informing oar patrons nn?i the puImic in general. Ilia*, inconsequence of tJia financial crisis. we have determined to tell all our Good* at a great redaction. We hare nwrkad down all our goods?each article I*in* marked in plain figure* at ?mr lowest cash priees?in order to eflVct a speedy aaie. and muke it an object for persona who arc in tne habit of purchasing tor c*?H.t* call and examine our cooda and pric*a l>efore pernfcesu.t; elsewhere. Our large assortment e?ni>racee? Fine London and Genera Watches. for Ladica and tientiemen: warrante?l time keepers. Rich Jtwelri, tuch aa Diamonds. Pearls, Corals. Camera. Mosaics. etc.. etc. Pure Silverware. Spoous, Knives, Forka, Pitcher*. Goblet*, Cup*. And a large assortment of Fane? Silverware, auita ble for wedding and holiday presents. Rsft ("ilver jiatml Ware, t*poo a. Forka. Coffea aittl Tea Sets, Baskets and Caatora. etc.. etc.. ahe^per than ever ottered before id thia market. H"t?l and hou?ek?ei?ers wlio wiah to refnri?i?h their Ttble Ware are invited to look at the Gooda. All the Rooda are warranted aa repreaeuted H. SEMKEN. No. Sjn Fa. are., bet. 9th and 10th sts. n 2Vdt Parts B A I.TIMOR E, WASHINGTON, AND VIR ginia Hank Notes taken at par for allkindaof rich and fashionable GOLD JK.WKI.RV. fine G O I. |> and 81 L V F. R WaTOI K8. GOI.D CHAINS. SKA 1.8. KEYS, LOCKETS, aad a.l other choice rood". For a few dare. I hare ja?< reoeired a fine assortment of new Goods, which 1 am prepared to aeil at very 4?>w prices. PJeaae call at 338 Peua. avecne, airn of tha large Spread Kan ie. eesn-tf H.O.HOOD. \vATCHHS.TeWKI.~RY.~AND~FANCY AR ?? TITLES. I have on hand some of the beat Gold and Silver WATCH KS. fine Gold JKW KLKV. in & aeta and single pieces. FANCY ARTl CLFS. Ac. fSl CaJi and examine, at mmJm J. ROBINSON S, ocy> 2m SO Pa.av., oppo Browns' Hotel. C*LOCKS:-CLOCKS!!-CLOCKS::! / CLOCKS!?CLOCK**'!?CLOCKS'' A good BASS CLOCK for #1. Lvurj style of CI ckaat J. ROBINSON'S. 1 Also. Clock Materials. auok aa Ke) a. Ba a.l Wires. Oils, Hands, Ao. C!><rks to the trade at wholesale pncaa. Call] and examine, at J. ROBINSON S. oc 3" 2m 349 Pa. ar.. oppo. Brown a' Hotel. Stoves, 6c. \1 c . WOODWARD'S Metropolitan stove and grate FACTORY. Tkt Greatest Cooki.'t stovs in tkt Vnttc4 States. I have .iuet received Irom Philadelphia a few of the new Rmi>o Sr*a. ??r doable Oren Cooking Stove; & decided improvement on the okl Monuiig Star; pateuted 1157. I liad thein cot up in Philadel phia thia taat auinmer. exc.Bairely foi thia market. They are very heavy and atrooc. and oaat of the very beat Pennaylvania Matleable Iron. All the Cooking L'tenaila are made axtra henry. F. H. Church, Ka^.. manufacturer. I harealao. Tux Libkstt SrAt.made b* Meeera. Abbott A l^aurenoeoi the aame ptaoe. Th? Lio?t Sttikkt Dorat k Ovks Coox. made br Meaara. Haivan Bartlett A Co.. Baltimore, together witk tha very beat Aia Ti?mt Flat-To* Cooxi.aa Stovxa that oan he found in thia or auv other market, aoma of whic* are the celebrated ScMxiac. lurxovi-s Globe, Floka Coog. Noble Cook, anu the BLrx R.hgk AmTioHT Coog. If any man oan produoe a l?ctter Cookinx Stove, to exoel the above Storea, for routing, baking. Ac., I will cive him fW^on each one. Please eall and examine them, it will ooet ?ou nothing, and you will aee all kioda and torta of Stovea.Ao. Foraaleat C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory, No. 318 and322 Pa.are., bat. loti. and nth ata. Baloony in Front fall of Storae. N. B Aato the Sba Smkll flat top Cooxt?ia Stovr. I have examined it thoroughly, and think it ha? a very appropriate name?Snbll. Yea, aheila will bnrn out in a few tirea. It la a good name lor them?gtK?d for the makere. And aa to the old Mora ine Star. I sold them last (till, but will not aeil them again. They are as thin aa paateboard. I oan piove that the tnaker'a agent urged me. for atmoat a di?>. laat aummer in m* counting room to aall them tins Fall; aa*iRg that if I would take twenty-five of them he would rtre me tneex?luatveacenry ofthem for hve yeaga. 1 told Uim I would not have them at any price, tney are eo thinly nuula. Ther are hand bi I led over town by one th?t said last fall that they were not worth having. All tbe above I oan prove. ae 17 tf ? ? ' ? ?>ROGRES0 IN THE FINE ARTS. 1 PAitiTtjie and Photo?xapht CoHBincc. P HO TO O HAP liTC PORTRAITS. Ia OiJ Colore, on Canvas, MiKiATrxs on Sizb of Lira. 8. WALKER'S iORTRAIT A\D P TCTU R E O ALL E RJ. on Hal!, corner 4H Bt. and Pennsylvania avenue. S.WALKER has iit*e<l up the above apamoaa lents at a rerr great outlay of capital, there 3hia eetablishmen handsome in the .. ,.?rge tinllery for fttftrhi . hne Oil P.iintinga. by aome of the boet ancient and rendering hia estah ;aliment one of the moat 00m plete and linndaome in the whole country. He haa a large G?ll*ry for f'tf exhibition of npward of 3f<i uiq engaged a arat oiaas operative artiat to ia in the department for taking all k:nds of ^GRAPHIC. AMBROTYPE and DA REOTYPE PO R TR A I T8. from tha apartments at a rerr great outlay of capital, thereby *^iahr ~ in t tf? T ao modern maatara. to wtiio* he intaada to add freali importations. S. Walbxx iabalso fitted apa com plete suit of rooma, with private robing apartmenta tor ladiee, and puret:ae?d the fineat poaeible inetru menta. and engaged a first olaaa operative artiat to assist hia 1 PHOTOG1 gi;f.rre< smallest miniature to <its of life S. WtLir.1, by oambininf tne Photographic Pro ness with the art of Painting, of whioh he has hxd as yearn' experience and whoae specimens of life aixe portrait* may be aoea is some of tbe first fami lies of the citr, as well as those exhibited in l<ia Gallerr, he will he able, by the combination of tha two. to produoe portraits that bare never been ex - oelled for their fidelity and life Ukeexpreaacm. Can vas and boards prepared l-y lumseif expfass'r for the purpoaa. Particular attention paid to tbe painting of Po? traita. Miniature or iife-aixe, from small picturet of dtteased .frtends. Photographs taken from oorpeea, or Bick persons taken at tltair own reeidenoea, on immediate muioe. Committee* a id olasses taken in an* number in groups, and any anantity of eopiea from tne aame sold at reasonable chargos. Likeneases paintod on Copper for Ttsuh Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, oarefully hack linrd and restored to tfiuir original freahnaaa. Indies and gentlemen are respeotfully solicited to uah a' the Gallery, ever Shillincton'a baok store? eutraiioesH street, two doors fr?>m Pennarlrania avenue. i? liae NVw 8B<,CK^'i?iSWR7?To?B. The subBoriher bers to inform his ft-ien?1s am) tha publia. that he haa opened a NEW sTOR E. corner ol 12th street and Louisiana avenue, where he in oonsiatiqK <?. . . . .. Olives, Raisins. Figs. Sardinee, Aaofcoviee. Otard. Niarrett A 4'/0? Pinet A Co.. and Col. Chabard'a Brand ie* in oases, demijohns, and eaaks. Old Ja iun;W Hum, Sherries. Madeira. Port of varions de scriptions, St. Jul tea Claret, Chateaux Mprgiux ia oases. Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruits, Rein?>ld'a Fdinbiirgh Ale, Annisett?. Maraschino, Cumci?, AlwyntBe.Citampagne, and a targe and varied de scription of Havana Cigars. Also. Stoughton Bitters, and FeveT and Agaa Hitters. Porter, Ale.end Cider. Families are particular!* invited to aall and exam ine the stock before purnnaaing elsewhere. Mem bers of Congress are also informed that their orders will lie promptly altebded to, and daiivared at their resiliences at tha shortest notice. A general assortment of fine Havana Cigars, im ported direct by Ute whoiaeale and re tail Caual Boats aapplied on reaeouthie terms, and proouoe taken in exohanga. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand, of IM". Country orders suusually attemlad ta. and eouu try pntduae of aJl deeariptiona nnwvedMi aonsiga meat. JONAS P. j^LVY. lea-tf No. VW Twelfth street W1 L,'f A M W^BRfc vp HO I. ST h H F R No. V? Ninth street tup stasfu? to inakuac of Carpets, haagiu* Curtaiae. apd fi tr Oilcloth*, and aii work appertain* U. I rholst* ing and Interior Deooratiaget m *e. .te prices, n 21 -2w* BLACK THA ? We a?a<a aall the aUswtur of the oommuaity to oar very eh-Me BLAC K TEA?ia quality it is rarely euualed?and whteh we offer as cheep as it can be purchased in New \ otk. KINO k Bl RrHEI.L. n >4 e^rwerof \ armont arsnse and I3<b atre?t. MM ORMONISM. IT* LEADERS a^d diT signs. by John Hyde. Jr . formerly a M<.r??.?.0 [ LOier. aad resident of Halt l<ake Citr. I w?d.. 1. i,,o.. 33? pages, illustrated with eight wood ewnvn,?a . (0 211 FRANCK TAYLOR.