Newspaper of Evening Star, December 3, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 3, 1857 Page 3
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local irrgtlicgyct. liLwwinATio* o? tii* N?^ Hor?* Hall.? The writer of tUi ?u one of a rather numerous party who, per Invitation, werr present laat night to witness the trst lighting up of the new Hall of Representative*. The light was put on at 8 o'clock, and previous to that there vm some funny phllaiinering alone the dimly, tallow candle lighted pn**age* by benighted parties, who Mgi'ntrrrd their way with considerable solicitude, lest they should '? slnmp through'' a sky-light or something of that sort. Imagine the porty fairly a-te tabled in the ball, the ehill gloom of which put an efltrtual stopper on all efforts at the cheerful, ar conversational The flickering light shed down from a single torrh or two in the hands of the operators high ?ip in tne ceiling, served to obscurely outline the r*?t proportion* of the hall, and to bring out In ?ague relief the groups of spectators who stood silent and motionless in patient, half avre-strnck, ex re *tat ion Tt>?n. while all was grim, forbidding. PI uton Ic. at a signal, as if a higher power had said, ??let therr be light," the hall was suddenly tilled with a flood of the richest golden rays; every tongue waa loosed, and the walls of the great room la irly rang with shouts of delight At another *ign*l every light was extinguished, and the hall, by contrast, seemed darker than ever. And again the torch was applied, and by the singular process now for the ilr?t time introduced, the flre was seen leaping along the jets eddying in a thousand graceful <inuositiea until in the mar vellously short space of twenty seconds the en tire round was ignited And now for a few matter of fact details. The squares in the ceiling. 45 in number, are disposed in Ave rows, containing nine in each. Fach square (three feet in dimension) contains ?> burner*. or 1,360 burners in all. But In addi tion to this magnificent fund, the curved carrier* which lead the light to the squares are provided with jets to the immense number of 45.0UU. by which the light furnished by the square* can be almost indefinitely augmented. The carriers are ? obstructed of brass, and are not liable to cor rode. This novel and most successful mode of lighting is an idea of Capt Meigs The carriers and squares are each supplied with a t-inch mailt aud stop-cock To ensure a uniform flow two lengths of 4-inch inaius are curried round the entire sky-light, and froin tl?c*e run I '{?inch pipes connecting with and supplying the carrier and sqnares. Provision has been made for the expansions and contraction!! caused by the intense heat gen erated. The allowance made is aimut 4 inches on each line The whole I* suspended from the iron rafter* In such a inauner that a change of temperature cannot affect it. The length of the skylight is H., feet by lo feet wide. The gla*? (not yet in) will shield and ?dd greatly to the "beauty of the light. It being enamelled, and the centre piece* containing the roats-of-arms of each Slate, richly stained. The disagreeable glare consequent iipbn the use of exposed chande lier-btirners will thus t>e obviated, and the ettect at the same time much liner than by any other method. The lighting apparatus was manufactured by Cornel in* & Baker, of Philadelphia, from plans and tracings prepared under the direction of Capt. Meigs^and the difficult work of fluting this exten*ive apparatus through the entire build ing has been executed by the firm of J. \V Thompson, of this city, who have succeeded most satisfactorily, as all must admit who were present last night. The party present availed themselves of the opportunity to examine the details of the new Hall, though the time afforded was necessarily too short to enable them to obtain anything more tnan a cursory survey. Young America, who wa? represented there, is an imitative animal. He seated himself in the Speaker'* chair, threw his leg over the table, and squirted tobacco juice upon the delicately polished marbles with ail the easy ?elf-poosession of an old legislator. Tbcstiks <?r Prune Schools?The monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of Public Schools was held in the Aldermen's room. City Hall, yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Present: The President, Col. Randolph; Rnli't Ricketts, Secretary, and Me*srs. Ilarbaugb, Walsh, Chapin, ll.soa, Willett, Price, Van Santwood, Bacon. Young, Brandt, and Ironside The Chair read a letter from Aliss Kate San derson requesting to tie examined as teacher in the Public Schotd-i, referred to committee on ex aminations Reports lor the last month from most of the Public Schools were received; and, on motion, were read, and afte. ward ordertd to be placed on file Mr. Price offered the application of MiM Cath arine Morphv as teacher in the Public Schools; referred to the committee on teachers. Bills of expense* of the First School District were presented and approved, and the Treasurer was authorized to causr them to be |?aid. Bills from the ."*ec >nd District were also read, approved, and ordered to l>e paid. Mr Price presented the bill of the Washington Branch Railroad for transportation of furniture for Primary S hool No. I in the Third District; accepted. Expense Mils from the other School Districts were presented bythe Treasurer; and after being read, were ordered to be paid. Mr Ironside called the attention of the Board to bills of expense for keeping some ot the school house* in orner He *ugge*ted the fixing by the Board of a definite priM for such work, in vleyr of a disposition manifested by some of those em ployed to raise the price f,.r cleaning, and build ing fires, each succeeding bill being larger than the preceding one It was stated that there was an appropriation for each school, and that the charges made could not exceed the amount ap propriated A bill of Jacob KMber's for service* rendered as messenger of the Board was ordered to be paid. Mr. Wilson reported that Primary School No. 1 had l?een removed in consequence of a demand for higher rent from the own*-r. It was moved to go into the election of an as sistant teacher In Primary No. 1 in the Fourth Di*trict; carried. Mia. Mary Ague* Skidmore was nominated and unanimously confirmed. Mr. Ironside moved that the hour of meeting of the Board I* changed from 4 to 5 o'clock, p. in. Vote was taken upon the question, and there wa* a tie vote. The Chair suggested a compromise, and proposed half-past four; carried. And then the Board adjourned. The Coxc rat of the \Ye?ley Chapel Choir, la?t night, was successful, both In a musical and iu a pecuniary point of view The only fault to be f uind was in the length of the performance Twenty-four piece* i? rather a long programme, e?pe?ially when the performance of many of them ha* to be repeated, as was the case last night We suppose that the object was to give the audience the worth of th-ir money, and they certainly got it. | Among the liest of the performances by the | concert** r> wa* a l*eautiful duett by Miss'.\|et cher and Mr Daw*on ; solo (bas*ol by Mr Daw ?oa, one of Mozart'a sweetest Song*, called "Who """l" 'he path of duty" It was rendered by Mr. D in a style equal to almost any perform a ace of the kind we ever heard "The Mesarn-.i ger Bird.'' duett, by the |Mi**es Daniel, was ej rellent, of course. They always sing well, pto Pecatis. basso, by Prof. Croncb, was warmly ap plauded ; as was "Fve'a l.ament. - by Mrs But ter A song not on the programme, by Mr J. Tahler. of B-I'iinore. was loudly eucort-d . The Solo wMch w** ex|?e? fr?l from the accom plished Miss Melcher?the Ijeautiful 11 Kcho Son*,: of Bishops?wa*. to the universal regret 1 of all. not performed, on account of the ab*enee of Prof fltlullsr, who was expected to accom pany It on the flute A trio from -Lucia' wa* | ?ui>?titntrd in lis place, wbh h was yery well re reived. us not forget the very creditalile performance of ?? Angela ever bright and fair, ' ey MIm Pugh, a pupil of Prof Crouch's The young lady was rewad<*d at It* close with a bo qnet from *on?e one In the audience The cho ru?Hi all went off with good effect. The tirand Piano used, a very fine one of Mal let. Davis A Co * mak'-. was very generwtisly loaned br Mr John F Fill* F*om rut Com mitt ec or Teachri* who ara engaged in taking a cen?u* of all the children In the several districts subject to school tuition and not provided for in any of the public or private schools, as well ax the uuuiler vow lo regular .I'tr-ndaoce in the several school*, we have an ap- I proximate cen*u*. so far as taken, embraciag about one-half Of the territory of the rity Be tween the age% of 5 and I? year* there are 3.7?5 ' child.e?. of whom j?*t SU ner cent are out of ? hool The cause* of this fact a*e staled to t>*? first, that tuition In the private schools Is too high in price lo enable (wrent* tosend their chil dren to them; and second, that there are no a> ? eomrncdations in the public *, hools. Of th? ' r en*u* fak? n, so far as relate* ?o ihose lecelvlag the lenellts of schools, si pel cent are in the public s? boot* and ft per cent la attendance at private schools ? ? ? Bt-Ess l'>! w*al a rush there was for Ntw \ <jik pa|>ers last night. at Shiiliuyton * and the other periodical stores The fact that the eaor- j ?musnundles <if Heralds. Til banes, and Time* rneeiend at the Mote* aiMt In the newsmen, wers sold wliilin Ave mi if ito. of their being opened, simply from rbeir giving particulars of a nrui- 1 nlei pal eUetloii. aerves to sbow the Immense le verage exerted by that same city of New York upon the country at large. Col ET or Claims ? Yesterday, lion A Hock well opened the argument ou ? rehearing for the claimants In tbeenoe of Arthur Kdwardn ? al e? The Tailed Statee Mr R a tr 11 tTe replied on the part of the Catted States .Mr Rockwell commenced the closing argument for the claim ant. and continued until the conrt adjourned ftraaroB Dovma* reached Ibis cily tnsitv efi lag by the 7 o'clock train, and tii* arrival wa? announced hy a salute fired Irsai the hill near his residence, by the Metropolitan Hood and I .adder ? ompany. and other* in that neighborhood We learn that be N to be further romp I i mettled by a serenade to-night. ?At Ike ?mHi n?ed, yesterday, a large fleet of what the draw keeper* term "caaal revenue cutters," in the shape of loaf boats IOm with wood, umI, co? i, ^tc. Some yoong sportsmen, who tuft our,city for a three months* shooting trip In North Carolina, sent up to the Washington market, yesterday' *<?me 230 pair.* of ducks of various kind*, sorb an blue wing, white backs, widgeon mallard, Ac IIbev are represented an being very Urge, noni* of them so fat that In dressing they woulti burst open At Gait 4 Younji * what/, arrived scbr. Mary Patterson. Capt \ an iter man, from Philadelphia with jus ton* of coal. ' M^MR^neriL8,0n,"^T.b*rf >rrW^ schooner Matt Bedell. Seaman, 7 day* from New York, w- TKT^nmfrnNn,nih'' following persons ? J )?? iT ^FSnn' C French, D D Castro, J. J fi E 8 Thompson. Miller u * A ? Bacon Ac Co . \V M""d*v * * ol*> J H Buthman, Hamilton ft Leach, Hon A Trumbull, 0 F Gulick, H. A li '? t\m ?J""' Murray * Semn.M, 9 ' !L5' Own, Wm. Rutherford, James Cramer. Thompson, Hamilton & Co . Campbell * Coyle, Arny A Spence, A. J Mastro, S Lewis, c Gaotier, J. Van ?antwoo<L Jackson A Bro , M L.Meigs, J B Wilson, J. R McGregor. Georgetown consignments? W Darby, Miss M A I nomas. Miss M A Tayor, J. Thos Davis The Washington and Alexandria Railroad is nearly completed, and it is expected that the cars will be p?n upon the track and regular trains run ning t*etween the I*ong-brldge terminus and Alexandria in about one week We understand that no pains bave been spared bvCol French to hare this road put in thorough condition. LfXTBi At \ EkKr ?This morning the standi were nntisnally crowded in every department! and the supply was pf excellent quality. The supply of eountry pork at the scale-house was large, and a considerable quantity was ottered at wagons that could not get into'market space. The price* were s*7af7 50 per 100 lb<. Ttoe sup ply in the hay market was also very large ; the prices ranging from !Wr. to *1 I* per cwt The prices in sheds were about as follows : B-*f, fresh, pr lb. 10al2 Dried peaches,qt.. 9a 12 Pork 12 do. apples, pk.. .50 Mutton 12 Roll butter 25a1l Lamb,prqr 75al.?i Phil-a print 40 S.i'isage, pr !b.... 12* Honey, per lb .... 25 " Onions, per pk... 37 Cablwge, pr nead. fiaio Apples, pk 37a30 Dried do, pr pk., 50 Beets, per ounch. 3 Carrots 2 Celery 5 a6 Turnips, per pk .. -JO Chestnuts, pr qt.. 12 Turkey, each 75a, Geese, each 75a$l Rabbits, each.... lsa2-> Ducks?Canvas... sv? Mallards 7.-, Red Necks 73 Shufflers 50af?2 Widgeons 50aC2 Small :j7 Sturgeoncnts.... 12a.">0 Rock, per bunch.. 25 Trout 25 Taylors 35 Lard 15 Veal 12*15 Beef tongues 75afl Calves heads,each 25 Bacon 15alb Shoulders IrSal 4 Breast pieces .... 16 Dried l>eef Iff Chickens, pr pair. 50a?5 Corned salmon... 15 Herring, per dot.. 20a.'H Terrapins, each... 37 Irish potatoes, pk 37 Sweet potatoes. pk 25a37. Corn, pr bush ^laJtti Corn, ear, pr bush. 4Ual5 Beans, pr bush.... #2 Rye, prbuiih 75a?0 Oats 1t)a45 Meal H7a90 Shorts 25 Shlpstuffs 45a 70 PT dox.... 26 Circuit Cockt?When our report closed yes terday the Court was engaged upon the case of John Doe upon the demise of J W M&ssey vs. Elizabeth C and W. H Deltz, an action to re cover possession of certain real estate, sold under a deed of trust; for want of evidence a juror was withdrawn, and the case was continued over to next term The Court therMook up the case of George JUe Naughtea ts. James C. McCarthy, an action to m over the amount of u note. The jury gave a vetdict for plaintiff'for full amount or note, with interest from 0? t. 1st, IsVi. The next case taken up was that of George McN a tighten r*. Jas C McCarthy, an action lo recover the amount of an account for goods sold and delivered Verdict for plaintitt ; damage?, assessed at *150. The case of Eliza Thomas, Josephine and Frances Johnson rt John F. Sharretts. executor of Samnel Brereton, was then taken up. This was an action upon a petition for freedom. Fen dail, Davidge and Ingle for piaintitts } Messrs Bradley and Bradley for d< fence. This case was not concluded when the Court adjourned. This mornixgthe above case was resumed, and was pending when this report closed. Tar Gparm add Sprcial Polick.?The spe cial police and the auxiliary guards have been found to act so well In concert that the authori ties have determined to distribute them regul uly upon the various beats of the city during the time the former remain in service. By tins ar rangement a concert of action will be had, and the arrests will be reported to the Captain, and l?v him to the Mayor with the regular report* of the guard. During the approaching season k Is prol?able that a force like that now on duty will be required. ? The W rather.?Range of the thermometer tram Thursday noon, Nov 2ti, to this morning : Morning Noon Night Thursday ? ??' ?>-> Friday 22? 35 30 Saturday 24 Jli 32 Sunday ?>? 44 40 Monday 3t> 39 4e Tuesday 47 50 41 Wednesday 32 40 45 Thursday ... 44 ? ? Last quarter moon Wednesday, Dec 11, a little after 7 a.m. B Grobortowm, D C.. Dec 3, 1657. The River Wharves at Gr-intsnows pre sented this morning an unusually lively and business-like appearance. The following vessel* have arrived since yesterday : Packet schooners Marietta Burr, Nickerson, Boston, to Hartley A Brother; Ringdove, Donoho, Philadelphia, to Hyde A Davidson; schnr* M J. Fardy, Hooper Salisbury, lumiter to Lihbey A Son Ashland, Mitchell, Richmond, to D. S. Shoemaker; Anna Smith, A. R. Whitman, Bogart. and William S Teasdale, Hawkins, from New York, with cemenr to Capt Meigs, for the Washington Aqueduct; also, quite a fleet of river and L?ar craft, with wood, oysters, grain, Ac Tttr Co*crrt To-morrow F.vrjiiio.?Who will not le glad to hear the queenly Parodl, again ' And Vieuxtemps too, whose Thalberg. Ilk- perfection of instrumentation never wearies his audience f F.veryt?ody Is ready to wel? otne some wholesome Anglo.Snxon music, sin-h as we may anticipate from the English singers, Miss Milner and Mr. Perrlng. The programme con tains some choice musical gems, as will be seen by the advertisement. Tickets can be obtained at tb* music stores of Metzerott and Davis. By thf AT>TFRTt?R*RS(T In another column it will be seen that Markriter, keeping step to the march of Improvement, has removed his paper hanglng establishment to more spacious quar ters. Markritsr i? a capital good Mlow, under stands his business to a nicety, deals fairly, keep* a good stock of articles in his line, and abund antly deserves the success he has met with. Axothrr ?? Marblk Pala< r " WBDDtXC Mr. K M. Powers and Miss Bella Frazier, both of Virginia, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at Brown's Hotel yesterday, by Uev. G. W. Sampson. Messrs. E. Bird A Co. were the contractors for the Armory buJMiug, and M??mi WiseJc Callahan sub-coutraciors for the hriek-work. The *awr Ji?hn Renshsw, in the 5th District Police report* yoteiday, should have been John Ketshaw. ? Tiir CoRXRR-STOstt of the new Alm?hoNse is to be laid this afternoon, at four o'clock. AN atch Retibxs ?Charles Minor, colored, D C , throwing stones; fine and costs, *f-J 91 Wm James, do., do . drunk aad disorderly; *H? security and costs. Harry Williams, England, drunk and disorderly, disminsed John Moriar ty. Ireland, do; do. James Si in psoo. Vs., do do. Rebecca Nicholson Md . drunk; dismissed to leave the city. Nineteen lodgers; all non-res. 1 dents To th? Editor op thr Star As the friarnt ol the tats Doorkeeper of Ik* Hoase of Repreienta tivcs. W. McKnew. C??., I ask off on the favor te republish the following article from lb* Waeli 1 ric ton I ruon. ol Feb. ?, IdAt. It speaks tor it sell. Respectfully yours, H. Wsshinifton, Deo. 2,1R?T7. The Doora erpxi or tur H<>v?e ?The follow 1 ft* partioujars of the oMeinonf of t presaataiionof shrautitul ?ntio? deak. on the pan of tae pages e?upio?ed by the House ol RsprssebUtiee*. on Snturnaj last, to 7.. W MoKnew. the popular and ethoient ikK>rkeeper;ol Uat l??djr, will he rteul with pleasure. Mr. McKnew has uuuis a most favorauie impreaaton upon all who have bad anj in tercourse w 1 tb him ibUm diaoliarce of his oBoial duties, aad the expressions ?f aosetiooate kind ness, on the part #f the hut the enhoes of the feehnc gsnerslly entertained for Mr. MoKnew mths pooulnr i rnucbof Congress. His own reply is ooasidsrats and Irank, aad is eharaoteristio of (Id man. The pages waited upon Mr. MoKaew taa bofly at UmoAo*. fhs daek was preaaoted to him b> K<(wm And?r?oa. of Penasi lvanA,aad Haarji C. Bradiord or KeatuckJ,a?d theaddreaa was del ver*d by Mi cbael ?UttU, of Smw\ ork, as &>Uows: Ma. McK vrw . AtUiw us Is prsssrt to yea this wri'inc-daskaa atestiuKHiialof our bi?h estesmanU iMSM f t you as our eaperMW oiser, la praesat >o( this <U?k. mho* as to say, that wherever we may be, <?e whatever oilioe ww may hold, we anil ever try to attend te year wants aad e?>elioas K> taa beet of ssrskbtM. The kitdoesa yea keve ever shown to ?? eaaaot ha IbraetWi, tM|t shall be aver ohenshed mora proper for as to prtNiit to vou at the expiration oftMa MMi; but owing to oar over flowing regard for yon, we are compelled nnder t heae circumstances to greseat it to you at t lim early pe nod of llr Maion. In odooIwkw, wrewni?(? our xinoere thanks, and hope that the atar ef happiness will always ahiae eiear apoa /our path, tM the wreath of wmltk orown yoa aau yoata. Michael FimH, Edwin Andersoa, William F.Peabody. Henry C. bradl?*d, George VV. Smith, Sanauat Themes, fc. 8. Davali, Rentier M. Page, Wia. P. Bell, Daniel i^eich,;r, Wm. VV. Reynolds, C. Clark. Robert Moore, .lamea McM alien. Mr. McKnew reaponded to the address of hia young frienda as follow#: \ ni ao OniLUUK: The presentation of thim beautiful deak, aa a teatimonial of your regard eatecm for me, ia indeed unexpected. I ahall there fore. the more highly prize it, and I aaaure you it afford a me sincere pleaaure to know that I am held in *ach estimation by you. If, at any time, in the discharge of my official dutiea, 1 have, ia > our opinion, spoken harshly, or have seemed to be un kind, it wan the result of an earreat deaire to pro mote vour ?fficiency, usefulne*s. aod popularity he lore the House. I feel a deep intareat in your suc cess, your prosperity, and your happiuexa ; and if there ia any one thing more than another whieh I delight to admire in the world, it is the yoath of our country emnloua for distinction, cherishing, at the aame lime, ihe principles oI strict morality, religion, virtue, and patriotiam. ?och a course, let tne, aa your sincere friend, urge upon you. In the further disharge of our publio dutiea, let us endeiivor to cultivate the same kuidljr feeling" of regard and esteem for each other, and labor to give entire satisfaction to the members of the House, whoae pr vilege it is to command our services. I accept with great pleasure, r>nd thank you for this desk and ita oontenta. 1 will keep it as long aa life ahall last, in remembrance of those who have pre sented it. d 3 It Dysfkpsia AXnJUi-v?i>r. Tracy Delorme, great carer of Consumption, was for several year a so bad ly.ariliotrd l?y dy*pep*ia that for a part of the time he was confined to his bed. He was eventually oured hy a prescription furnished him by a young clairvoy - ant cirl. 'fhm prescription, given by a liter* child while in a state of trance, liaa cured every body who haa taken it, never Imving failed once. It ia equally ax aure in caaea of fit* aa of dyapepsia. The ingre dient a ma* be found mauydrug store. I will send tlii* valuable prescription to any person who will aupply me with the nrniea (and residencea) of ten,or more, individual* suffering with diseases of the cheat, lunga, or throat, an a knowledge of suolt iuya Iids and the war to roaoh tlieui. is an aid to my regu lar business Address Dr. Tracy Deioruie, New York Post Office. Dr. Pope. Homeopathic P?ysirian and SuiKton, DeMenou or Chain Buildings. No. 776 H street, north aide, between I3th and Ittli ats. d l-e<>3in ?? Woodland Cr?*m," for the hair; Balm or Thousand FLowF.aa.for cleansing the teeth and beautifying the complexion. The genuine article to Ite had at Jos. Shillixoto*'* Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner 4>4 afreet anil Pa. avenue, n 19 tf ' sr 11 ? * ? f SrnctAL Noticr.?P<?r Perfumed Breath. White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, tiae " Balm of |.imn Flower* " For dressing Ladiea' hair tiae " Woodland Cream." a new pomade : it onmei gen tlemen's hair to carl beautifully. Price .V? cents each. VV P. Fbtridgk A Co., Proprietor*, New York. Wholesale and Retail Agent* for Washington. Taylor A M acrt, Booksellers, between !Hh and 10th at.. Pa avenue. n 17 8k DIED. On the 2d instant, Mr. DYSON MOHAN, in the 86th year of hia are. His funeral wml take place on To-morrow (Fri day ) Afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence on D. between ISth and 13)1 streets, at which time his friends and acquaintances are invited to attend. GEORGETOWN ADVEBTISEMT8. J^MSH: FISH!! FISH!!! We are now receiving per schooner Marietta Burr.1V> bbls. of No. 1 St. John'a A LEW IVES, all of which will be warranted to merchants, anu sold low. Also, now landing, 50 bbls. of prima Eastern HERRING. HARTLEYA BROTHER, d 2-1 w 101 Water street, Georgetown, D. C. TAXES.?Person* paying their Taxes or or be fore January 'at, IH.tH.wiII aaveint?reat and ex pense*. otherwiae interest will charged dating hack to the tirst Monday in Ootot>er last. C. F. SHEKEL!., d 1-lm* Collector. f^OR BOSTON- The superior fast sailing clip per schooner Marietta Burr. Nickeraon, r^j master, ha* arrived, and will commence dis charging on Wednesday , weather permittins. For freight or pas-*are apply to HARTLEY A BRO., 101 Water street,Georgetown, D. C. d l-lw The mkmiikrsofthe vigilant fir e Company of Georgetown, l>eg leave to announce to their numerous friend*, that the* will give their Ninth Annual Ball, <>n MON DAY EVENING. Deo. ^st. Particular* iu a future advertisement. By oider of n fr* Iw THK CQMMITTEF. POTATOES-LW bushels prime white IMF.R CKR POTATOES in store and for sale in lota to suit purchasers. PETER BERRY, nS 8.? Water street. Georgetown. (MAYOR'S OFFICE. 1' I (>Ki.R<.xrowN, I). C.. Nov. 77th, 1M7. The nndersigued hei sbv invite* a* si>on aa prae ticnble, plan* and proposal* for building a ?iif>*fant ml Wood?n Bridre over the Canal,west of the Market, on Market Space, in Georgetown. n 21-1 w _ R R. ?JR A VV FOR L>. Mayor._ i\] M RUPPEL 1 aORTII side of Market Space, No. 37. between Budge and Canal street*, Georgetown, aneounces to his patrons that at hi?(L , KESTAl'R ANT tuay l>e found at all^.%' tune* the ehoiceat and most excellent assortment of LlOl'OKS, the freshest OYSTERS, and all kind* ofliAME in season. Meals served at all hours and at the usual prices. n27-eo1w TWO LARGE PROJECTING STORK WIN DOW Sand four good SHOW CASES for sale at a Inrgain by E. K. LUNDY, ii 11 *w No. 12# Bridge street, Georgetown. P L R 8 ! FIRS!! FURS!!! Sevmocr, in neor?etown announces to hi* cus foinera that his assortment of Ladifs Fa*c\ Fvr*, i? n?>w completed, in all quaiitiea and styles. Mtnck Sable, Stone Marten, French do. Fitch do. Fur* in this establi*hment are fresh and elegant hi their manufacture. Every article warranted aa rep resented. Having I "ought the preaent stock for cash at very low ratea, we will sell very low. Ladies, to get rreat bargain*, should call early at n 18 d3w VV. F. SEYMOUR'S. Georgetown. Millinery, &c. B ON NKT8 ! BONNETS !? HONNKTS!! ?iif? iin $> mine her d 2 4t oiler the MRS. I.CI.ARK will o?#n on Frolay. the 4th in*t., at No. .TK8 D atreet, between 7th and 3th, VVaahington, one of the handaomeat assortments ot Bonnet* and other f'iwhioni-. I?le Winter Millinery ever offered to the la-^ dies of the District " The I ndi's generally will do well to examine her ?took before purchasing ela where. d 2 4t M. ? NEW MILLINERY. 1SS THOMPSON is uow prepared to oiler the I^tdiea of Washington and vicinity a very elegant assortment or WINTER HA'I S, comprising all the new and deairaltle styles. ol the season. * Also,constantly on hand, a line assortment' of FLOWERS. PLUME*. RUSOHES, RIB' BONS, BLONDS. IIF.AI) I>R ESSF.S, Ac., to all which we invite attention. HUTCHINSON A MLNRO, d I fit 310 Pa. av.. between iitli and luth *ts. Madam bonnkl, DRKSS MAKER, Fbom pAitta, No. SB 18th street weit. between I and K streets, Washington city, has the honor to inform the ladiea of Washington and vicinity, that aha has fatted up a Dress Making Establishment, where she is ready to make every kind of work, aa Dresses. Mantiliaa, Basques. Ac., and in the liest and very latest style of Paria, receiving every month the French Journal l)e La Mode, direct from Pans. rfll 2m* JR. B. 8 C H W A R 7. E , ? ?inttilL PtALKR PACKER AND P1CKLEK OF OYSTERS, Corner of 12th and K street*. ll jr Anylaidy in want of Oysters aliould call ?t this place. n .VIin |^E~EP WARM AND HAVE SPORT. I have ju*t received from the manufactories ia Bostonauother supplr of William F. Shaw'* Pa tent flas Heating STOVES, for heating parlors, chamber*, din rig room*, dressing-rooms, tmth liousea,4o. Also, the finest assortment of English aod Gar man SKATES, for Ladies, Misses, Gentlemen,and Boys. . Together with Miasas' and Boys* SLEIGHS. All of the b*st quality, very handsome, and latest stiles, and for *afe st c. Woodward's Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory, Nog. 31(1 and 322 Penu. avenue. Slov#*, Grates, Parlor Companions, Cooking Ranges, Furnace*, Ac., in rrPat variety, did C. VVOobwARD. RAISINS, FIGS. PRUNES, Ac 75 whole, half anil quarter lioxe* Raiaina, S1! drum* Smyrna !? iga, 3 caaea Prunes, in jars and fancy lioxes, 5 boxes Fresh Citron. lfi d"Zen assorted Jellies, I case Sardines, , _ IS tioxes assorted Pickles, 5 barrels do,

Alioon hand Cranberries. Currant* Ac., n130 MWTh batwe? Brooms, bitckets, 4o. 85 doxen Brooms, 10 do small Hearth Brooms w do Backets, IS do Whists. 40 nest* Baskets, various kinds, V boxes Clothes Pine, _ " 23 dogen Shoe Brushes, dUTerent patterns, 9a do Serwb do. S2 3 bales Nn. 1 Ali Mats ' ' A doge* Jnte Mate, different sixes, lin cases Shanghai and other Matches, Just received and fh? wfle nST-MWI ?s Bhanghai and other Marcnes, ?ired ami fh? nafeby ' 1 THOMPSON, HAMILTON A Co, rThASlw No. an >*. n 16 |9, between #tl| and Ht h st *. f?r A. GREEN, AumiuaML UOUSHHOLB AND K1TCH8W PURKI II Ti ll at Acrrion.?On MONDAY. theTthtn I ?iiaUeeii^U i? ^ tfe re*1' *i?eof Maryland avenueTNo. W^SnM 0H and fitrf sire-us, on the Island, an exoellent umrtmeni O! Furniture. viz . . '. <?? Mahogany Sofia. Parlor and Rooking Cnairs, do Bureaus and Tables, Cherry and inaple wardrobes and \\ aaliatanda. Painted and Venitian Vlibds, Cane and other Chairs, Carpets, Staves, Redst'ade, Ac. Wi'h a good lot of Kitchen Requia.Ua. Terras cash, in current funds. d 3 3t A. GRKEN. Auot. By J. O. McGLlRK, Auctioneer. Extensive sale of handsome car iugi'.-Oi THURSDAY MOdNlNtl.W itoh, at l! o'clock, in front of the Auction Mooas, | shall aeil Uia following deserilted Canutes: fi iiipf' i<>r and handsomely finished single ami doa ble Rockawsys. . " ?" * nui'L.. ? ? ? J&fcfS HW>? 1 oval window Chariotee, do. _ v,?. wunni I glass door do. I shifting-top Bnggr, 1 no top do. 1 Carryall, 5 six passenger Carnages of various patters* ar.d finish. 1 second hand French Coupee, I set Double Harness. The above are of superior make and fionth, and will be iruarantied for an addition ot five per cent. Terms cash. dS d J. fi. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. FOB BEHT ACT SALE. FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED Room* for rent, with or without Board, pleasantly siln a'ed. Inquire at Mrs. STEELE'S, No. 50 Mir sour avenue. between *}j and 3d streets dS-?n*' SAWMILL FOR SALE.?Tiro Circular Saws. Belting, Stand. Ac , perfectly new. Can he used hy steam or horse-power for sawing wood. Will lie sold low. Apply at the Coal and Wood Yard oorner 9th and H street a. d 3htl I7TRNISHEI) ROOMS FOR RENT.?A unit? of Rooms in the immediate vicinity of the principnl Hotels. Breakfast, and Tea furnished il required. Inniiire a? 4<?i D street,between fith and 7tli, near the States Ottice, or at UGti, under Browns' Hotel, Pa. avenue. d3-lw | Union* States 1 FURNISHED ROOMS to rent on 13th Street, No.451. between E and F streets, d 2??oSt* F V R NISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.-A hand somely furnished three-story brick HOUSE; j very convenient. comfortable, and pleasantly loca ted, and lighted with gas. To adeairnMe tenant the rent will be moderate. A superior Piano will be in cluded. _ Apply to WALL A STEVENS. Penn. avenue, or at 17Q ivtli street. between F and fi. d23t*_ 17*011 RENT.?Several very pleasant ROOMS, in one of the most desirable locations in the citv, being in the immediate vicinity of the National and Browns'Hotel. No. 4fi Louisiana avenue. d 2-7? 1,V>R KKNT.-A three-story BRICK HOI SB, (No. St') on II street, between 12th and 1:1th. containing nine rooms, with kitchen Included. For particulars inquire of J. D. ELLIOTT, next door. d 2-3t F'URNISHED ROOMSTO RENT?On the 1st and 2d floors, lighted with gae, at No. 420 D street, between 6'h and 7th. Aleo, a few Table Boarders oau lie aooommodated ou reasonabe term*. d 1-1 w* FOR RENT.?Two BEDROOMS and PAR LOR adjoinuig. on the second floor, inaverv desirable location. 402 F street, one door from 7th street. dl-*t* POR RKNT.-A new BRICK HOUSE.situate on 13th street, between B and C, Island. No.JW, containing six rooms, very conveniently and neatly finished, with a large lot of ground attached, and a pump of exoellent water in front. Apply to Mrs. SHEA, on the premises. d 1-St* F^OR REN T.?Three PARLORS and five CHAMBERS, handsomely furnished, in F atreet north, between 13th and 14th, No.256. no Ifi-eotf PLEASANT ROOMS WITH BOARD, at No. 2R4 G street, convenient to the Departments. One suite wi?h Southern exposure. Table Board ers also accommodated. n 2R-eo3t * L^OR RENT.?Square 446 7th and O streets, r formerly known as Rothwell'a Garden. It has a comfortable Frame House on it, and ia?ndera high state of ciltivarion. The present tenant'a time mm not nut till the 1st January next, but immediate possession can be had of the premises. Apply at the Banking House of Rigirs & Co , to A. H YDE. n 28-eo3t [Intel. | f^UR NISHED ROl SE FOR R ENT.-A hand somelv furnished and comfortable HOUSE, sit uated in the First Ward, will be rented for six months, or longer, if deaired. To a careful tenant the rent will be moderate. Apply at No. 13hG street n rth side. dl-e<i3t" Furnished rooms to r ENT toa gentle man and his wife, or two sngle gentlemen, with or without Imard. in a private lariulv No children or l?oarders in ttie f.imily. Please to apply at No.517 I street. Iietween fith an?f 7th sts d 1-tt* tHMRISIIFD HOUSE FOR RENT-Very eligi Itly "itUHle?l on one of tbe most pleasant streets intheoity. It la lighted with gas. supplied with a k.mkI liath ioom. and is well furnished throughout, Willi handsome furniture, nearlv new. Appl?st47^ H street, ttetwren Uii ar>?i Kith, one square Irom the Patent Othce n 3?-6P ONE LARGE PARLOR and large CHAMBER attached, on the first tloor, handsomely fin nishrd. and having gas, for reut. Aiso. a Urge Pat i lor anil Chamber, 'second story.) ai.d two sinrle Rooim, in suite orsepaiatf. Terms reasonable and Board if desired. Location central. 4ort 10th atreet, between D and E. n30-1w t!? Q H REN T?Two comfortable Furmshe.l ROOMS,tone ol them a front r?w?m,>in a pleas- 1 ant part of the city, and near the hotels Inquire of .Mrs. HUNT. No. 47 Louisiana avenue, between Rth and 7th streets. n2d lw Furnished house for rent.?a desi table and handsomely Furnished House, cop venientlr located, in a pleasant part of the city, will be rented for six months, or by the year. P.ease refer for information to J. G. CLARKE. E?a., oftiee of Rtgg* .V Co. n 2S tf | L'iiK RENT.?Either Airmailed or untarnished, r an exoellent. three-story, new Bruk House, with tiasement, N'o. 4'W New Jerses avenue, hve minutes' walk from the Capitol, with three-stall stable and coach house, with immediate possession. InquireatSAM'L. WALKER'S portrait Gallery, Odeon Bmldina. oorner 4H street and Pa.auenue. nl?-tf FurnishF.i) house for saleob rent. The House contains thirteen rooms. The Fur niture la handsome, of the lies* quality, and new. Will l>e sold or reuted separately or together. Apply on the premises. No. 24 Missouri avenue, between 4)6 ajid ftth atreeta. >l'ln CARD-RARE CHANCE.?Twelve large and handsome Rooms, with Bath rooms, A c.. A c? for rent, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for chambers or offices. Will l?e reuted seperately or all together. Terms reasonable. Those apartments are over our establishment. Pa. avenue, between '?th and inth streets. _ WALL. STEPHENS A CO. n!8 Im iStatesi f^OR RENT OR LEASE.?A farce and oomrwv dious double HOUSE, with water. ga?, anil hath room. c?*?h house, atabling, ami ornamenta garden. The house is elegantly funuafeed, and in the moft oentral aud desirable location. The house will be leased, with the furniture, for a term of years to a good tenant, very reasonably. For particulars applv to WM. WALL, of Wall, Stephens A Co., 382 Pa. avenue, between Mh and loth streets. n M?-!m H "? ? ed up his Hall in an elegant manner, VV. MUNDER having ", which . ? -r ??? "" llll?ll?iwr, wi renders it one of the prettiest rooms tn this city, will bn rented upon moderate terms for Soirees, Suppers. Dinners, or Promenade Concerts Apply at the Hall on Tuesdjty .Wednesday, and Thursday even ings from 7X until 9*i o'oloek. His School is now open for the reoeption of pn pi Is 011 ? ???day and Thursday afternoon and evening, oc 22-tf JUST RECEIVED? 70 bags Java, Maracaibo, and Rio Coffee, 3> pookets Old Government Java do. 7>U>xee Ground do. 4$ liaJf-chests Imperial, Gunpowder, and \ oung Hyson Teas. as half oliests Black Teas, some very fine flavor, 2u pnokapas Crushed and Powdered Sugar, 4i boxes StrMtiiii Pearl Starch, 1.1 ?lo SpeW? Candles, 25 do Adamantine (handles, twelves, auitable for liotels and hoard ug houses, 30 do Adamantine Candles, sixes, SA do Mould do. Ml doxen Bahint's Yeast Powder, 20 do Preston A M urnl's do, 26 L >x?a Soap Powder, 2n do Ohl Castile Soap, 2a do Chemioal ?b>. Id do Fancy do. 7>dozen Mustard, 5 do French do. injars. ,? j*>cans do. 1.1 dozen Walnut and Tomato Cataup, 25 pails prune Family i^ard. For aale be THOMPSON, hamilton A CO., n 3i MWThASlw NoSHS Pa.av. WINTER clothing OF ALL QUALI TIES. Citizeniaad Strangers wishing to supplv them selves with rlegsnt styles of READY-MADE Ci.O THING, made in superior manner, at mode rale eriees, are invited to axamine our auperior assortment. Also,an extensive variety of Gentlemen's Far nishinft Good*. Shawls, ko. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. UTt llnt.l fct Pa. av., I?l. <Hh and latti sta. ?T NOTICE. ~~ 1 HE nnderaiinied begs leave to inform his friends and the pnblio generally, aa he ta determined. ... j., ?-i- ?.1 >?: ? ?est manner and at lower ph other establishment in the City, -ST* ?uma wiu VI Please give him a ?ll, and ? 14 1m* Merchant Tailor termmed make to^H *1 Gin the ||m than asy W aoath side. P R o 8 T K G Its. SHOPPING ?18 e?l( telegraphic NEWS FIRTHS* FOREIGN ISTEIJJ.esT^ Br the America. ?? Halifax. jjayjasftaasgte oX'Jfki '??*?' ?' ""' l~? ?' ?'? Co,,,D" ?t*aaner Baltic arrived out at 10 ?? %k' nu>rninK "f I6fh to pJa*?n from Nrw Vorlr> baiind H|h.?h,,rt o?ril PUt "? "? <be 1ihe lit of tailuito was seriously ex leaded JE^tr-1?' K S1,-vekin^ A Son iT ?^3hv'F '? rU*n i a . ?f Merlin*. Oof. ?mf a ?? ? ' l>",fra' merchants (in con Ti*"r* of American difficulties > wkh iMktn tie? of about trim!**! -. .. ?' W|W| ""wll itSmv"'"'! liabilities ' XilTO^^-Bd tie?X44i,Ou< Uw,s<!l?. corn importer*. llablli ?Jm?X?4a wrT* ?rrn thronghowt the dav w?*?m!?Ll*b' ,be Tlm~ ?f-''?** SL 7id? ????*' ?n all special ** j3k^ ss&rs?-. ^u,/' f. ^ 3 ^'^ration of the diw5.r, wiU li wlth^Th* lbp ,'rm promptly to coinplv were m?de?n 'K ,,Ddt"r ?d^SSU dlJSjlffid"l,r^n?rf~Imey #t ,b' Bank Wa* ?n ?.^?te^ o} n?3r.t~.<5^??7"' TC< '? "? ^Hamburg the rate of discount had receded in^riVTh lVter* from P"??i?er|be a better feel. The American houses were beelnnimr in eet rem.ttances, and the aituation of ?ne Bank of r ranee was Improving ?V*r conUBe"ul ?ities there are likewise ofVo.flde,KePPr0aCLlDX tcndCB^ "> ">e revival heM11^fnd V'r? meeting had been held In Glasgow for the p irpoae of exnr^sincr confidence In the Scotch bankTlt was raaal^f currency ?f <he "u"Pend?*d banks as ofttr ^LpmPnt,of;ilver 10 th? F**t by the mail ox 'he 20th is only j?3IH,<nni The stoppage of the Wolverhampton Bank jrnlTna"1^ UrW the ,ron d>?trfct?, rcpre senting, in the aggregate, a large ' P ^?w * Co ? of Queeiistown, bavesus xissi.Sxw'!?*1'"""* *" ?'">?> At Hamburg M?,r, lllburg A Cramer en gagyi in the Swedish trade. hfve ?a?Sd'pay. S?uS'??JS """"m " "*????????? In the Daily News' city article It it said that the negotiation of hill? on the Continent w? at tended with great difficulty. eveK tbe D>ily NrW"' ci,y "rtfcleof Friday The fundi afler obtaining a rise of *d r?r fi^^ percent higheAhan^te^v^pon fo feeing in the money market was to-day calmer and more satisfactory. The ne-'o weight a ' attordlng assistance to a great a"nd I ^ j y American bouse, with liabilities e*ti mated at more than two millions were satisfactorily conc luded. The temporary emtmr assments of the firm in question were solelv occasioned by the impossibility of procuring mittances from some of the first house* in .\7ne - ica I rovided that no fresh important casen (?f wl^visr1?1 ?rrur> 'bere is a disposition to hone that alf^ir^ will become more cheerful ' artu \i "r'^' i RanL RttHr**??The Times' city .L i rofrrr,n? ? 'bese acta point# oat that while we have been increasing our promiaei to I p?y Jn gold, the stock of gold on wuS. T?o? fssrzrz-ir* hr '^n lahlng All will see that this Invert proce* must have certaiu limits, and that if those limit* bed national suspension would be the reaiitt happily, as yet, checked by the partial tendency to t be revi va I of confldence rhe Daily News'city article deacribes the re The"r!Ink.lrrlrrrm*_r,kabl* ever published. I t?,! J m [r,DK,d ,,1C art lo the extent ,5- T , ? 1 ' 11 to a 'onaiderable extent this lnfnngement is more seeming than real Of the two millions of new note* created against government securities deposited in the issut de. partment XI,I4H.IH5 in notes, and X 1(4,501 in coin making a total reserve of 11, remaiu wLUt \hi ^ cons'*4,,*'ntly the extent u> ^ mm u the |iiiblu- Lave actually?? r 7HK ''ATE'T BY T?L???*pm Pr^T' ' ??V 21 "The Times' citv article of "aJv " The funds have be, n very steady to-day. and have closen at an advance of a quarter per cent. It confirms the statement that the advance required upon ample securities l,y an imro-tant American house, would t.e grante/ A further improvement in foielgn exchanges and the prospect of about hair a million of AusI trail an gold l^eing forthwith taken to the Bank and also of a consideraUe arrival by the Persia from New ^ ork. are assisting to impart flrmaes* li. foreign exchange. The rat^s for Amsterdam \* e;e rather higher, but Paris ww altout the same as at last p?*t About ftS.INiO pounds of gold and coin was sold to the Bank to-day. Thejate of discount at Hamburg has again ad vanced fioiu h\ to 9^ per cent. Commercial l.tTRiu.iocxrr Litrrpi.ol Cotton Mari't.?The Broker*' Cir cular reports the sales of the week at *>,UUU bales iiK'ludiiig on speculation,and 5<iufor export' 1 he advan. iag tendew. ? of the early partofthe *"* ,OKt OB r???rfay. and sul>seqiiently the market '^r-aiue inactive and heavy, closing verv dull on Monday, with a declining tendency, at rates irregular and nominally at J^'aLd lower than those of the previous week. ' The sales of T-K?V 41100 ba,,^, incl, 5<*/ for export ? Wi-F.?re ,b; ?u,bori*ed q.Nation, \i ? n J1-"' I"* , ' ni,rtrt"nK Orleans, ??jd : fair r?i 7' Mobiles. fi>,d.; fiir I pi a nds, B\a.d.; middling L'pland*, G\d. The ?lock ini port was e.stimate<l at ajti.ouo bales: of which 15^,Mio were American. Liverpool lirra<htvff i Mark *t ?Breadstnfls were all slightly lower Messrs RTcTarSso^ }* pence t id quote tloar very dull, and declined li^-M *y- Ubea/ 4all? a,,d "'fclined "i ?rm<* 4;,Cd Cor'? ^rv dull, ?u?d declined la. \\ eatern Canal Flour ?.'?.vJU. ?d. Philadelphia and Baltimore i5a-Jfts. Ohio ftd White ?s .VI a WhUe4<u an yeMow Corn 3b 6d.a3a At.\rt7?Al Pr^isitm Marl,t??Mwra Bigland, Mrnpnlrv^nii B'cbardson, Spence A Co.. James McHenrvand others, report I>eef heavy and sllght lati'?Tfr , kIdui1,.DO "aiM Bacon duU, and lather eaaier. Lard heavy, and nominal. Tal iow?sales unimportant; quotations nominal Ltfrpool Product Market ?[Brokers' Areo lar J?Ashes dull; pots XisOa^o; pearls 37a3rM. ^ugar openrd at a nligbt idvanrt*. but closed quiet. Coffee dull. Rice heavy Tea opened biiovant, out closed with little inquiry and pri,** weak^ KoMinduIl; common Isal'id BnltWe bark fisjia.s; Philadelphia Pslkl. Kiah oila dull sperm fTeHy offered at f75a79; Unseed oil dull! j Spirits turpentine dull at Reception of Ex.Prestdeot Pierce at Norfolk. No?r?rx, Dec. 2 ?Kx-Prealdent Pierce eiaited the navy-yard and the ships of war to-dny aad was entertained om board the ship Pennsylvania by ths oClcers, being previously received with national salutes He was treated to a erand ser ewdelaat night. On Friday he is to have a public reception at the city hall. -.M.w firr?* '? improving in health. The weather 1* charming. ive ilxcltemeat at Braaklyn. New Yon, Dec. 2.?There is coaaiderabie ex citement here respecting the attempt to kidnap a runaway slave, for the purpone of returning hlin to feivannah A habeas corpus was issued re turnable to-day, but in the meantime the ne<ro has been spirited away over the underground railroad. The Case o I Tackerntaa, Mall Rah her. New Have*, Dec. 2.?The tiiue for the exam ination of Tuckermau baa not yet I torn Used, and it will not, probably, take place before aext week. Mr. Bolles, Tnckerman's counsel, was here on yesterday and returned home last evening. From New Mexico. St. Loci*. D*?v 'The Santa Fe mail b*s ar rived here. The news Is nnimportaet Lieut. Wright, of Naw York, died snddenly at Albuquerque, ou the 2Ub October. Deport are af the Niagara. BotTok, Dec 2.?The Royal mail steamship Niagara sailed to-day, at nooo, with forty pa*, aeikgers tot Liverpool and five for Halifax, to ( get Iter with ?71l, 9to in specie. The Mlaalsatppt River. N?w Nav.? -The staje af water in the Mississippi, at the present tttne ia tl feet below high water wark. At the same period last yssi it we U tret H tnohea below. J . | Fatal Mailt aad Accident. ItraixdncLB, kfam ? Dec I.?*r. Geo Wll Raton. of this city, was instantly killed in the New York exprew train this evening. Bvpvalo, De?e. 1?Heavy rata* have here lot two day*, causing a aerlons ftvahet and doing great damage to the shipping ? ?Tfcr K. xWa acfe Tap^ta speaking ?br *t?ed *ab< Connna. and nHiltr tbrea ?wb' lam from Yucataa had been bMbt^M , e?Ptur?d br tbe raealatloaiata Cempoarhv atlll bold>ont, bat tb* revolution let* were body be *^h bV (ratft mini Cepeda A K r Tiiiimdii. bad kM beaTfre.Tl?e J?w" ?"<* beakewara tbe whole of the 19th al tlmo. until aBidafcht. P*T Deanorrat pabiiebaa Ihf ?b?T :rrttt,rtko* 11 ???*??- ~ af *iaverr not heretofore mMIiKnI at - ** fb' *f F.nwniN Perry, Perrv ZSjZ three other*. ' > The CM# mi DtaMlli. Trkxtox. N. J., Oer. 1 _Tbe cam af Dot. nelly wa? taken up in the Court of Appeal* to day K will occupy (be attentlofof ETJUr, frtr f \I*A Ar f )? ru*. A ^ - J a _ _ _ for t wo or three days. A dtcUlta will ba glen this term. St J<>n\?. N B . Dec. 1?Tbe Central Bank of Frederirkton ha* * impended Bai.Ti*on?, l>ee 3 ?Floar la inner; Howard street and Ohio fcj Uj?. W brat i,i irregular. good to prime reda ?l .?U .!?" white* f| leial 29. Cora U irregular, old white TOtTj. yellow TuaTS , new while 53a9". t el low STb(W Whtaky 1? dull; e)ty?^, ObloCT^e M?w York ttarketa. 3 ?9T?or ?&M-li?a^dl ; aalet of ll.UUO bbla.: State 94 Ma4 60; Ohio 96 I0a6 35. Southern 92 Ida 95 55. W beat ia inactive, and quotations aomtaal Corn ia lower; uiixed at Sir . ?rrrk? 1'WXH; prima 9lS? u7f ?? l?vrer; Chicago repacked 913* 91339. Lard ia quiet at lOallc Whlaky ia lower; GhtaSSWe. Ftaaaelal. Nnw \oit. Der 3?Stockaaredntl Chicago and Rock l*land>>^; Cumberland Cial Co tufa , HlinoisfCentral share* ?3*;do Honda*, l.a ('w* ???? ??'l 1**: M'Chilian Southern ?lk. New ^ ork Central;!Reading Um; Mil aad Aliw. 33; Va. 0'n, . ATJCTIO* 8ALXB. TO-DAY ? TO-MORROW MORNING By b K OK\ 4 LIJW.XDS, Aaetionoora. Extendive sale of u o u 9 k 11 oL d r i KMrrn -U ill be aold, at the boaaa of a renMemau declining housekeeping. en 13th it reel. I^tween B ?nd C strann, Island, t the flag will dec ignate the house ion FRIDAY, the ?ih instant, at M a. in . a large assortment of Household and Kitoti en r arm lure consisting in part of? Handsome rosewood Piaroa. Bed* Beristeada and Bedding, Brocatel and other Chairs. Divans, >ofaa. Curtains. A.O., Move*. Cutlery. Ao . Carpet6. Dinner aud Tea Seta, Tocether with a general aaaortmant of Houae keepinc Good*. T eruia: All anmi of and nnder $?. e?ah ; t??a hal - anoa at an and W deya, for note* aatiafaotonly en di>raod, bearing intereet BADEN A LOWNDS. Auota. <1 34 Market *? Bt WALL A BARNARD. Aaatic C"rmtr 9/ Ptn?*yivam+ai tnmi amdOtk strict. WALE OF ELEGA.V T CUI.VA.GLASS, TKF r* CoTIA, A>'D Platid tv are. BlMJCCT Fic raia **i> Obsa*?xt? FA*tv Gooim/)iwclit, Ac.-OnFRIDA\ MOBNi\G, theatii inataat,at 10 o clock, at Comb'a Hall, No.2n? Pennaylvaria ?v eiiue, aoath aid--, n*ar the oorner of luth atraet. we will sell one of the larceat aad moet elegant aaaort ment of Glaaa and China Ware, Ac., ever offered in thic city; are name hut 10 part Cut Bohemian Deoantera. Goblet a, Wiaea. Tum biem. and Artic.ea fr>r th? Toilet, Rich Cut-ciaaa Ware of every variety. Beautiful Cut glaee aud Bohenuan vaeaa, 8kades, and Mantel Oruameata, ^*Blak*terim Yaaefc, Oruamrnta. Fifurea, tn<i Fine and b'aavily plated Caatora. Lifoor Stand*. W altera. Mug*. <>obleta. Ac., 1 ariau \aaea. Fignrea, and OruiuoeiiU. Beautiful I* rench China Tea and Coffee Seta, Tete a tete Seta. Finn French China Cups and Saucera, Beautiful pvin'.ed China Vacec, Figurea. and Wan tei Omamenta. A large lot of Fancy Gooda, Perfumer*. Ae.. Ajao a limited amount of firat-claaa Jewelr*. Theae gtKMla have l>een aelectedwith greet aareaa ?? atyie and qm!ity. and will tie offered by the pieoe. pair or aet, and every artiole warranted a? represented. Sale oontinued on Friday and Setarday mgkte.aod Saturday morniac. La<tiea are invited to attaiei morning and eveuing. Terms cash in tianaable fundi. d2dt* WALL A BARNARD. Aaete FUTURE DAYS. By JAMES C. MoGl'IRE,Auctioneer. Frame house and lot at auction. On FRIDAY AFTER NOON, Dec. 4th. 1S9T. at 4 o clook. on the premiaoa, I a hail aeil part of l.ol No. 9, m Square 56. Iroatiiut ?faec on nortk II. I>?tween 22d and ad streeta weat, running baok ^ feet 3a inch, with the improvementa, cooaiatiag of a twostory F'ame House, containing four rooaia. Terms: f?ne third eaah ; the reaidne in 6 and II months, with uitereat, secured try dead of trnat ou the premiaea. ?11 * J. C. MeGUIRK, Am?t. By BADEN A LOUNDS. Auctioneers. BY VIRTUE OF A DEED OF TRUST Dtlv executed and reoorded. made he Wm. Morgan, to the aubacritter. I shall eeil, on MON DA Y, thelth da> 01 December, at s o'clock a. m., ca the Nary 1 ard HiIU>ppoarte the residence of Gen. Henderaoti, that handsome leasehold Property oa Lot 1,in Square WH. connating of a two-atory Frame Honae, with a back tmiiding. on a ground rent of p?T annum. Said property ia *o d subject to another deed of truat. not yet due. and the pnrchaaer will have tte benefit of the credit on aaid trust. Terms: |.S? cash : the ba.anoeoii the maturity of the deed of truet above aliaded to, which will l?e made known on theday of aaie. If the terms are not complied with within three dara from the dar <?f aa<a. tae sutweriber reeerx es the right toreeeU the same at the nak and coat of the default mg purchaser. JOHN L. SMITH.Tniaiee. BADEN k LOUNDS, ? Steota [Intel.) Auctioneer? A CAUTION. LL person* are oautioaed againet parekasi g Land \\ arraats No. S9.J94, for Ifln acrea, isaued to John l.iodsey: No. 3<C3S3, for ltJO acres, laaued to Win. McConehie; No 37 HR3, for HO acres, issued to Wm. W. Pneh- No. 22.29* ftw** arree, )s*ue<l to I sham lve>. Said wxrr-vets ha\ ing been stolen from my office, aavcats iiave l>eea entered ?? the General Lnufl Office te prevent patents isauiag oa aaid war rants, aud application will be made to the Pension Uflicc for the isauiux of dup icate warrant*. WM. J. MARTIN, a l?-w?w Attorney for Warrantees. ^ABINET FUmMTUI*K~ Beds and Mattreaaaa, Plated Gooda, China, <?lasa and Crockery, Japanned Good*. Britannia Ware. B 00k Tin Gooda. Table Cutlery, Bron??d Iron Goods Looking g'aaaes. A'nod and Willow Ware, Basket*. Bruahea. Ao. Forming an immea?e variety of Uaeful aad Fancr Article*, embracing elmoat everyth ac reqnirad to furnish the parlor, chamber, dining room and kitch en, all ?f which I will tell at very low pncea for caah, or on time for approvrd paper C. W. BOTELF.R. General Hrase (uraiahiug Store. d 1 3weod Teon|B?l!. J^EEP OUT THE COLD AIR. Tonj'a Adjustable. Double Actioa DOOR SPRING, patented September 8th. '?47 : dmdedit the beat Door Spring in use. The trade aapplied on libera! tervta . S w BPTBLER. General Hoaaelurniahin# Store. d -eolm Ir? Hall. OPENING NEW Goods at McLAtV.ll LIN'S, No.# Pa.avenue, between (tthaadinh atreeta. n t> 21 (WWI a yeah:: ' ?i.?pn A YEAR !! Tl.noo A YEAR. Prufttable and Huaorab e Em M.9I A YEAK. ploy meet for a'l ti.?.ea. Persons A YF.AR. ia town er eoaatry. ia aeare* of roe 01 ia WAVKAK. ear ploy meat U* A S E\R. come, or t?> fit1 ap tbatr lawure 1^K*> A YEAR, hue re. may bear of each by cn l.TO A Y KAR. closing two atampa, to a?j aoet ?l.fWW a YF.AR. aee to Protoae?^ JAM Lb T. ^l.OOn A YEAR. HOKNE. Bog No. 4Jbl. New YEAR. York Poet OSee. Tbeesnplot ? l.ouo A YKAR. went u itted tc wtker e?x; ata Sl.?no A YEAR, tion in life tmMateria;. It te *n 7!.(*?? A YKAB- article of daily coaaiunptioa. a?..l l,i?A YEAR, caa be aianaaiotiired ia the ^WA YEAR, agent'a dwelling; secure by ?? .IjintA YF.AR. aynght: aa'.e aa permanent aa il,naA YEAR. Boar. Aa a?ea' ia wanted ia ev h,n? A YEAR, ery towa in the Unioa. aU-Ini HARPER'S MA9AZINE, (or Deontaber. re ceived and for aale at JOS. SHlt.t INn "iS Bookstore. Od?ou Building, oorner 4^* t and Pa. aver.ue. A naw volume ooramencea ttna number : which contaiaa Mr. TLaokary'a etory. "The Virginians.** Alao. Mr. Caaries TON atreet with Reede'* new story, entitled. "J*ok of all Trades ? a matter of fact Romanoe." written as preset y for this Magagine. Subacxiptiona taken bj the year, or aingle Laiabera aaid aeparntely at tweaty-fcve Godey'a Lady Book for Daaemhar. a beaa?iful number. * G rakam'a VLagaaiae for Dao* mber. Hooaeliold Worda do rataraoa'a MtrniM to. Arthur's H"me Magasiae do. Balloa'a DnKar Mamasine 4?. .. Burton's Cyo.opedia of Wit aad Ha?or. part la. Kooaived and f?r SHM-LINGTON* n S3 Pa. ava. f|^tffflsssa?seawaPBe at hla