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Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 4, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: YKIA4Y** ? ? ??? ?????? ?? DfCfmbT 4, 1847. SPIRIT OH THE MOtiNING PRESS The IntelhgeucT is to-day devoted to new?. The Union again discusses the Kansas <yie? tion, saying, in the coarse of its remarks, with force and truth : " In the absence of any restriction In an ena bling act of Congress, the people of Kansas have as clear a ri^ht to decide whether their constitu tion should be submitted for popular ratification, la whole or in pert as tbey have to decide whether slavery shall or shall not exist They can only settle this question, however, by the t*g*l decision of the people. If the lace conven tion wm a legal body, and Its action within the ?cop* of Its Urml power, it is a clear infraction of the doctrine of non-intervention to attempt to de feat the /?fa//y-exprew?fd will of the people, apon the assumption that the whole constitution ought to have been submitted. The Kansas act declare* that the people of Kansas have a full right to decide that question. They have decided it by the action of a legal convention, and the 'administration, in recognising that action, is faithfully carrying out the spirit and letter of the .Kansas act." _ f ![/? In Boston a petition Is circulating, and largely signed, for the removal of Judge Loring. ID" The New York Journal of Commerce at length argnes in favor of the adoption of the Pa risian system of general and thorough police es pionage as the only measure calculated to restore peace and safety to the people of the city of New York. IFF On Wednesday, the Uth ult., Mr. \Vm. Pierce, of Franklin parish, La., was killed by ?wo of histwgroes at his plantation in Beauf Prairie. He attempted to flog them, whereupon they attacked and killed him. A Xkw Cattlb Disb*sk.?The Wilmington (Del.) Journal states that a disease affectsthe cat tle ia that State; the only symptom of illness, however, is an incessant lowing from the com mencement of the attack till the animal lies down to die. The UsroBTtSATi Casal ?We learn from the Cumberland Telegraph that another land alide occurred on the Chesapeakeand Ohio Canal near the Tunnel, on Saturdjy, and also one en Tuesday. About one thousand yards of rock come down by the latter slide, and it will require three months to remove It, This closes navlga gation for the season beyond all doubt. ITT The re-opening of the New York canals Will probably bring to market more than three millions of bushels of wheat. By the closing of the Weliand canal upwards of 600.000 bushels of Wheat, afloat for the port of Oswego, were de tained from reaching its destination; while for the Canadian port, there were about 300.000 in the same predicament. On the Erie Canal there were froaen in upward of 1,(00,000 bushels of wheat. on its way to tide water; while between the head of Lake Michigan and the port of Buf Wo, there was. on board vessels frozen up at the various ports, and in vessels stranded or lost in the reeent gale, upward of 1,500.000 bushels of wheat. L*t cs Pimii rot Mrsbt Christmas ? We, pertinently says the New York Express, have had a blue autumn ; let ns have a white winter. The season has been a sad one; let us do what we can to make the foture more pleasant and cheerful; and if not for the "old folks at home." then f?r the young children, to whom the Christmas Holidays are the brightest antici pations of the year. December is upon us Ho, for "a merry Christmas :? Let It be a season of liberal giving to the poor?for giving work to unemployed?for opening a new s-t of book*? beginning new enterprises, founded upon reason and common sense Men of the stores, come from your biding places. Let the public know who yon are, and what yon have. Bring out your gav colo-s, and wreathe your shops in smiles and good humor. There Is no better in vestment than a good heart, bright hopes, and a strong will in times like the present. You who are for a merry Christmas, brush away the cob webs, and make others prosperous and happy by beginning to feel so yourselves. '"Habd Tijias ' Part*?The Jackson Missis, ?ippian gives a glowing description of a " hard times party, one of the most agreeable of the sea son,' which ushered in inauguration day at the capital of the neighboring State. The ladies were required to dress in calico, and with but a few exceptions the request was com pi ed w tfa. The attire of the gentlemen was homespun, and in some instances they wore rus set brogans. The company assembled at an early hour, and soon "The brisk awakening viol" Waa heard, and the company mingled In the mer ry dance. The costumes of the ladies were, with oot exception, becoming. Among the distinguished guests present was his Excellency Gov. McRae and lady, and Hon A. G. Brown and lady. Dancing was kept up until 12 o'clock, when the company partook of a splendid collation, and then the dance was resumed, which ceased not uatii the "wee sma' hours A Mokmox Pi.ace OF Rtreat.?It is stated that the Mormons, among their other prepara tions, have not forgotten to look out a Canaan of refuge, in case the United States should disagree too severely with tbelr patriarchal institutions. The "Saints have, it appaars, an excellent open road from their southwestern valleys to a settle ment of their own on the confines of Lower Cali fornia. This colony consists of between one and two tbousaad picked settlers?brave, prudent, Industrious, and well instructed not to give of fence to their christian neighbors. The colony keeps up a steady communication with Salt Lake> six hundred miles distant; and it is scarcely to lie doubted that they have planted other stations in the pleasant and fertile vallies scattered along this route The inference is obvious, from the systematic arrangement, which opens the way to Sonora and Lower California, that the Mormons have contemplated the possibility of a retreat be yond the t"nited States jurisdiction. They aflli. late with the Indians, are strong enough to hold both Sonora and Lower California against Mexi co, and nothing but a large volunteer force and the establishment of a cordon of military settle ments can reduce the Mormons to submission. I to* Kansas?A dispatch from St. Loois state. thst a meeting was held at Lawrence on the 19th ultimo for the purpose of considering the ac tion of the late constitutional convention Reso lutions were adopted declaring the Lecompton constitution to be a gross violation of the express wishes of the people of Kansas, a fraud begotten of fraud, and solemnly pledging themselves to reeisttothe last all attempts to thrust it upon them; repudiating the election proposed to be held on the ?lst of December; and suggesting that if the executive of the Territory does not im mediately call a special session of the Legisla ture of the Territory, that Governor Robinson should call a special session of the State Legisla ture at the earliest moment. A resolution was adopted recommending the appointment of a vigrlauce committee, and a de termination to sustain the action of that commtt> tee E B Whitman presided, and speeches Were made by Robinson, Lane and others. Sev traJ of the pro-slavery papers of the Territory have already taken strong grounds against the constitution. [The above is of course an Abolition dis patch ?Kb ] inr The Manchester American states that the Pi lilt V\oi ks Ml that citv have resumed the man ufacture of calicoes on full time. IET The New Brunswick banks It seems have beg in to follow the Hank of Knisland A despatch says the Central Bauk at Fredericton ? s, er.d.-d specie payment ou the morning of ILr" The several companies, mostly en"aued in ibe manufacture of tools, who occupy the Junction Shop at Worcester, commence work to day on full time Work was suspended through out the entire shop about four weeks ago. C7" Loid Clarendou has determined to send the African explorer, to Lisbou. wiia -*>e strongest r?t onjiftendatlOBs. both to the King and govt-runwnf of Portugal, wbe.e also he would receive the hearty support of the English Minister at that Court. In his efforts to secure f.eedom of navigation of the Zambese, and the tor commercial Intercourse with the interior of Africa. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Thb Iktertibw.?It is understood that Sen ator Douglas spent some time yesterday in con-' saltation with the President npon the subject of the Kansas imbroglio. Of aourse the eH v is full of a multitude of rumors with, reference to their conversation and ite result, few of which deserve confidence. Many of them, originating with the Opposition, ate designed for no other purpose than to embarrass and sow the seeds of distrust in the Democratic ranks, by creating the belief that Democratic harmony this winter is a matter of impossibility. Senator Douglas is among the most tried statesmen of the party, though so young in ago. In the coarse of his long public service he has never been found wanting whenever the inter ests of Democratic principles were in jeopardy. His enlarged experience and proverbial devo tion to the good cause, through good and evil report, must, of couse. assure all that he will not be found, as many of these reports allege* taking ground whieh may throw him in opposi tion to the position of those with whom he has so long acted; and more especially upon fhe in sufficient information concerning the present shape of the Kansas imbroglio as yet before the members of Congress here assembled; which information is not, in itself, sufficient to justify any fixed plan of action with reference to de tails. We feel very sure, from what we learn, that Senator Douglas is as earnestly anxious as any one can be for the prompt and entire settle ment of this vexations question by those only who have really a right to interfere in it?the peoplo of the Territory. Knowing, as we do, that that, and that only, is the aim of the Pres ident's policy on the subject, we feci very sard that Stephen A. Douglas will, when he comes to speak for himself, be found standing, on all really essential point?, shoulder to shoul der and heart to heart with those who have so long leaned apon him as oiy of their chosen leaders. The New Theatre.?The work of the con version of Carusi's Saloon into an elegant me tropolitan theatre is to be commenced on Wed nesday next, with a large force of experienced mechanics. It is anticipated that it will be ready for the opening of the season by Monday night, the 28ih inst. The scenery, wardrobe, and properties will be shipped from New York in ample time to be all in place by the date mentioned above. The bouse will be opened by one of the best light-comedj companies ever performing in this country. Quite a number of members of the different foreign legations in Washington, leading citizens and public men. hare already secured stalls for the sehfon, which we advise all to do who desire to see the enterprise goon with proper spirit and eclat. At present, there is every promise that the sea son will be eminently a brilliant and successful one. We need hardly add, that the enterprise has our very best wishes. The front of tho house is to be so arranged as that there are to bo one hundred orchestra stall seats, separate seats for seven hundred in the parquet, raising up each receding row sufficiently above the other; and the boxes (dress circle) are to seat four hundred, all with extreme oomfort. In capacity, both of stage and auditorum, the house will be about as large as Wallack's theatre in New York, on the Style of which establishment the arrange ments are to be modelled. Thb Eighth CEysrs.?The time for taking the next Census is approaohing rapidly. It is a work of prime national importance. It is well known that many imperfections in the method and mode by which the work is done in this country exist. They are only to be obvi ated by a much earlier and. more thorough preparation than has been customary up to this time. We do not feel competent to suggest the remedies, though realising that remedies are necessary to cure the defects in our census taking arrangement* and system. To the end of directing the attention of our Congressional readers to the subject, we insert in the Star a late communication upon it, ad dressed to the head of the Interior Department by some writer unknown tons, who is evidently competent to offer valuable advice in the prem ises : The Eighth Cxnsc*. Washinotos, Dec. 1,1?57. I To tkt Honorable Jacob Thompson, Secretary of tht Interior. Pin: The decadal period is fast approaching | when, in accordance with the Constitution, ait I enumeration of the inhabitants of the United states must be made in order to ascertain the ratio of representation in their House of Repre j sentatives. Independent of the fundamental law, and the reason thereof, it has been of late years customary for Congress to direct to be taken and appended to this numbering of the people a reliable mass of statistics bearing upon ttieir interests. This appendix is so obviously a concomitant of popu lation tables that the only surpiise is that it was 1 not previously adopted. But if history be phil osophy teaching by example the history of the Seventh Census instructs us a very salutary les son The act of Congress prescribing the in trims operandi was approved only on the?3d <>f Mav. 1*50 An anterior law was passed (3d March, 1849,) but Its provisions, as well as the inchoate I action under it, were virtually ignored by the posterior act, which ordained that the enumera tion and the general statistics should tie taken on the first of the following June?a week after' This, of course, was but a fiction of law. The great task of preparing, printing, and I transmitting nine hundred folio volume* of I schedules. of eight hundred pages each, to the wide-scattered marshals, extending over a space I of nearly three millions of square miles, and then those officials proceeding to enumerate the I almost infinite, and, In some cases, useless de tails of population, agricultural, Industrial med I ieal, social, and other facts, in any reasonable space of time, would have Iteen almost superhu man it is true that the Registrar-General of I Great Britain has the census of that realm taken I in one day ; and that, too, with far more elabo I ration than ours was ever taken; but be occupies I years In preparation; and our Union lies in Slate* and Territories of an area three times lar I ger than the whole of that Kingdom, France, Austria. Prussia, Spain, Belgium, Holland and Denmaik combined?larger than the Roman Em pire in its palmiest days' These are facts to make us proud; but, at the same time, discreet. I If Rome was not built in a day so cannot our census be taken. At least so was not the sev I enth. Importune, incomplete, and in a high de I gree erroneous ; derogatory to the fair character I of our country, after more than four years of painful and most expensive parturition, the re turns were brought forth, "scarce half made up," in the shape of an enigmatical quarto, which lived in public estimation hardly long enough to erjr! By this remark I have no intention of casting reflections upon Us Superintendents. They la bored long and hard to realize the wishes of Con gress; but the incongruous nature of the mate, rials and the tardy hour at which they arrived, forbid that more expeditious and accurate state of the Union which it is the privilege of its citi zen* to possess But the propitious time is now at hand for the initiation of a Census Bureau, which would avoid the Scylla and Charibdys of former at tempts A small but energetic and experienced clerical corps to be;;in the task at once would prevent all future difficulty. Fortunately, sir, the act of May'23, IS.V),confers upon you the' rtower to make the preliminary ar rangements, it a subsequent Congress does not reconsider that law. Now it must be apparent to a gentleman of your practical views that there it wisdom in the words which Lord Chief Jus tice Hale considered worthy of having engraved upon the head of his cane?feitina lente.' With inconceivably less of time, trouble, and money, the Eighth Census inay be taken in a satisfactory manner, published at a proper time and in a pop. ular form. Abstract tables, vague proph<cle , learned speculations, and pedantic tbeoiies a<"e foreign to the feelings and desires of our people. We want the adaptation of practical facts to pr?c tical men. Under your supervision I dout t not but that such a volume will be produced, and made a welcome vi?iter at every nouiesUad In the land Nor need It be r.oinpo-ed of m-re fa^t*. ^Something may be said of our v.i?t agricultural resources, enviable cotiip<irison> made and a laud able ambition excited. And, although nothing is truer than the axiom of the illustrious Sully? * Pasturage and tillage are the two noises of the State/' yit that is equally ti ue wlitch was said by a scarcely less distinguished statesman? ?' Coamterce >? the hfe-blooti of nation*." B >tl? subjects are. however, of eurh great importance that It would be idle to dwell upon them wlthiu the meagre bounds of a letter. The social, religious, and industrial statistics enter largely into our political economy. They give us a deep Insight into oar Institutions; ana by diffusing knowledge they banish ignorance a d it* attendant*, prejudice and sectionalism. The great body of the people are sound, and, like Aj*x, want bat light! From the resntrtive States of the Union wilL roine to such a Bureau the decennial and lemto decennial returns of the census they order for tbelr own puspoe** They abound in interesting de tail* of much consequence to the General Govern ment, and should be on hand prepared for the in spection, at anytime, of it* officers. Thev will aid, also, very materially, in preparing and col lating the national schedules. The products of industry of the last census, taken with great pains and cost, lie buried in ob livion. The delay in receiving them and the time occupied in the rest of the work has ren dered the manufacturing and mining statistics comparatively useless Still, much might be ? leaned fropi them of value; and they should not ^ suffered to remain unarranued and unbound. Their preservation as well as that of all the man uscripts of the seven last cenmw returns demand such care as a Bureuu alone can give. As you have thoseat your call accustomed to the task, no more data need be suggested. That an early preparation and great circum spection are requisite for the very responsible work of the F.iguth Census is manifest. To be gin early Is to begin well?Ctat U premiere pax qvi eoutt! The future must borrow from past experience; and to meet the expectations of the people will require no ordinary ability and dili gence. The National Legislature will listen ear nestly to your recommendations, and will doubt less promptly accede to thein. The Union has confidence in your foresight and judgment and will implicitly rely upon your performance of the duty. Pardon, sir, the liberty I take in thus address ing you ; but the subject is of paramount consid eration, and the right of petition is sacred to the American citlzsn?especially when its object is Pro Bono Ptblico. Central America.?The filibuster council stationed here are doubtless laboring with might and main to induce the appointment of members of their own coterie, or, if not, gen tlemen known to be ardent sympathisers in their views of the law and propriety, to the Xicaraguan and Guatemalian missions, now vacant. We have no idea that they can possi bly succeed in inducing the appointment to those now most important positions of any per sons who may not be known to have always held opinions on the subject of filibustering identical with those of the Government of the United States. It does not always happen that public functionaries escape being imposed on in making appointments. In this case, how ever, the selections to be made involve so se rious consequences to the success of the polisy of the Government upon one of the three great difficulties now encompassing it, as that they wiil surely be made only after earnest and careful investigation of the antecedents, as well as the qualifications, of all the aspirant!. Enterprising.?Omaha City, the capital of Nebraska Territory, contains a population of 3,500. But three years ago the town site was the favorite camping ground of the Omaha In dians. A number of three-story brick business blocks, costly and handsome private residences, steepled churchcs and school-houses, evidence the energy and enterprise of the citizens, and presage a bright future for the young metropo lis. The capitol, towards the building of which $50,000 was appropriated by Congress, has been enclosed and partially completed by the city authorities. The corporation of Omaha issued $50,000 in scrip for this object?the scrip passes as currency throughout the Territory, and an swers all purposes for a home exchange. Should Congress fail to make an appropriation to in demnify the city for this large expenditure, the public squares and parks will be sold to re deem the Bcrip, within one year from the date of its issuance. The Territorial legislature met on the day before yesterday in the new capitol. The Concert To-Night.?Of coarse the conccrt to be given at Carusi's Saloon this evening by Parodi and Vieuxtemps. assisted by Miss Milner and Mr. Perring of England, (distinguished artists, who make their first ap pearance before a Washington audience on this occasion,) will be thronged with a musical and fashionable audience. Parodi and Vieuxtemps, of themselves, never fail to draw great and tasteful houses here. The latter is certainly the most accomplished violinist in America, while the former has no superior here as a prima donua. The pieccs selected arc as admirable as popu lar with all lovers of fine music. If we have any among us who have not yet heard Parodi and Vieuxtemps they should be sure to attend, for such another opportunity of listening to their rich and mellow notes may never again be within their reach. Baker's and Jarvis' Islands.?It tarns out that Captain Davis, of the United States sloop-of-war St. Mary's has reported to the Navy Department, not that he could find no guano there, but there were large quantities of a portable substance, which he did not con sider guano. Now, it happens that a number of eminent chemists who have analyzed it, and many eminent agriculturalists who have used it on their crops pronounce itphosphatic guanoof great value indeed, to the future of our coun try's agriculture. The question, therefore, is, simply, whose judgment, with reference to the character of the dejmeit, is most reliable?that of Captain Davis, U. 8. N.??or that of the ex perts in guano who differ with him ?. Naval Courts op Inquiry.?Before Court No. 1, the case of Passed Midshipman Geo. A. Stevens (dropped) was taken up to-day ; T. M. Blount, Esq.. appeared for Stevens. Dr. Lynah was being examined on Government behalf. Before Court No. 2, the case of Lieut. J. A. Doyle was up. and Dr. S. D. Addison. Lieuts. J. C Carter, Van R. Morgan and M C. Marin testified for defence. Before Court No. 3, documentary evidence was being read in the case of ex-Capt. Levy. Well Done fob Nebraska ?But three of the eight chartered banks of Nebraska have failed to redeem their issues during the revul sion which has swept the country from one end to the other. The outstanding circulation of the banks wheu the general crash commenced, ranged variously at from one to three hundred thousand dollars. This is doing well for a Ter ritory but three years old. Pbohoteo.?J. G. Long, of 111., has been promoted to R third class ($1,600) clerkship in the Pension Office, vice D. McCook, resigned. Marcus Pillow, of Tenn., has been promoted from a temporary first class clerkship to a sec ond class ($1,400) olerkship, viee Long, pro moted. The Wbatbbb?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. Th? time of observation ia about 7 o'clock a. m.: December 4, 1857. New York, N. Y cloudy, cool. Philadelphia,Pa ... cloudy, cool. Baltimore, Md clear, pleasant. Washington. D. C clear, pleasant. Richmond, Va clear, pleasant. Petersburg, Va cloudy, cool x Portsmouth, Va cool, wind south. Raleigh, N C clear, cool. Wilmington, N. C clear, cool Columbia, 8. C clear, pleasant. Charleston, 8. C clear, pleasant. Augusta,Oa .?????.???.?..cloudy, cool. Savannah, Ga.????????????clear, cool, Macon. Oa..???????????*..clear, cool. Columbus, Ga clear, cool. Montgomery, Ala foggv, cool. Lower Peach Tree, Ala.. .cloudy. Mobile. Ala I cloudy. Gainesville cloudy New Orleans, La clear. Barometer at Washington 30 324, and rising. A Lvcet Vaxske ?The Greenfield (Mass.) Gazette says that Charles H Goodwin, formerly an engineer in A K Hpoooer 4c Co.'s blind fac tory in that place, goes to England In the next steamer to look after an estate ot ?56(1,(100 left to himself- his father and hia aunt, by a brother of his father lately deceased at London. PHKHONAL. Charles Mackay, the poet, It coming 8outh to lecture. ? ....Gerrltt Smith baa sufficiently recovered from bin late illnesa to travel. ..... Tenayson, the poet, is.said to he a hope victim to the use of opium. > 3* Col. John C. Fremont, with Wn family, wa^e at the Revere Honae, Boston, on Tuesday. .... Hons James I>andy, Pa.. A. 0. Wttkia* and A. Johnson, Tenn.t are at the United State* Hotel r .... Hons Wm. Montgomery snd E Joy Mor ris and iadv, Pa., and C. B. Tompkins, Ohio, arc at the Washington House. Billy Birch, the showman, distributed 1,0UU loaves of bread among the poor of Cincin nati on Thursday morning. .... At a great Irish meeting held in Montreal on Manday last, Mr. D'Arey McGae was unani mously chosen as their candidate for a seat in Parliament at the coming election. Lola Mont?x, in a late visit to Lancaster, Pa., turned up her pert note at her chamber ac commodations at Michael's Hotel, which so dit 14u*ted the Laneasterians, that she was obliged to lecture to empty benches. .... Hons. W. Lawrence, Ohio.H. M. Shaw, N. C., M. L. Bonham and L. M. Keitt, 8. C., G Read Riddle, Del., Wm. Barhadale, Miss , | Chas. L. Scott and lady, Cal , Cbas. Read and family. Tenn , and Com. Stewart, U. S. N., are at> Browns'. .... lions. John R. Edle and Wm. Millward, Pa., Aaron Shaw, III., A Hale, Iowa, W. G. Whiteley. Del , J. G. Davis, Ind., J. S. Caskie, I Vm . J. A. ({ultman and family, Miss., are at Kirkwoods'. .... Samuel Bran nan, the notorious Mormon of San Francisco, whose Income used to l>e four thousand dollars a minute, has issned a prospec ta* of a banking institution about to be started I to be called " Samuel Brannan't Bank." ....Governor Walker arrived in this city this morning from Washington. He purposes, we understand, to spend a few davs here, and then retnrn to Washington, where his family resides. I y. Y Journal of CoMtnerce, of yesterday. ....The honors to be conferred on the Anglo I Indian Generals are officially recorded in the London Gazette. Sir John Lawrence is ap I pointed Knight Grand Cross of the Bath ; Gene ral Have lock, Knight Commander of the Bath; and Generals Wilson, Van Courtlandt and Chatn I berlaln. Companions of the Bath. I The Boston Bee says that the Rev. Isaac I S. Kalloch, the Baptist clergyman, about whose conduct so much scandal was once afloat, has re signed his pastorate of the Tremont Temple to I take effect In three months. He intends to enter I upon the practice of the law, for which profes I slon he has been fitting himself I .... Herman Melville lectured before a charity I association at Lawrence, Mass , on Monday, of I l?st week, and again at Concord the next even I ing. On the 4th instant he is to speak before I the Mercantile Library Association of Boston. I This is the first appearance of the popular author I of "Typee" on the lecturing stage.

' .... Hons. J. M. Kunkel. Md., Samuel C. Ar nold. Ct., E. B. Morgan, A. B Olin, Clark B. I Cochrane, R E. Fenton, J . W. Sherman and S G. Andrew*. N. Y., John Hickman and Galusha I A. Grow. Pa , Linus B. Comins and family, I MSts , Wm D Bravton, R I, Jacob Col lamer, Vt.. and Gen. P. F. Smith, U. S. A., are at Wtf lards'. J Rev. Dr. Bellows, in his last lecture before J the Lowell Institute, strongly nrged the necessi ty of early marriages as the only remedy for that licentiousness so prevalent among the youth of I our large cities, and soundly berated the fair sex tor their extravagant tastes and expensive habits I which, as he alleged, deter young men of small I means f<-om entering the matrimonial state, and I thus lead to illicit indulgences. Mr. Ten Broeck, who arrived from Eng land hy the Vanderbilt, propose* to pick npsome fresh horses here, with which he will again go to England in the Spring Those posted In >u^h mat/ers uncompromisingly assert that Prioress, I if she remains on the other side another year, to I that she can become perfectly acclimated, will do what she has yet failed to do?"take down" all I the British race horses. The lost of Prior, how I ever, is admitted on all hands to have been the I greatest disaster that could have occurred to Mr. I Ten Broeck's ttable. As compared with I.ecomte I and Prioress, he was incomparably their stipe I rior. Tcckebma*, the Mail Robbeb ?William 9. Tnckerman. now confined in our jail, cba-ged with robbing the United States mall, while treas urer of the Eastern railroad, appropriated of the company's funds to his private use There was a public meeting of the stockholders, at which much indignation was expressed, and the swindler confessed that he stole S*2I7,000, bat no prosecution followed. Twelve mon ht ago he was tried before the Municipal Court, on an in dictment alleging the larceny of *7,000 from the Pnriland, Saco and Portsmouth railroad He wat convreted, but his counsel took exception to the ruling of the judge, and the case wjs taken to the Supreme Court, pending the decision of which Tuckerman hat been at large until his arrest in this city last Sunday night ??V?tP Huven Jour nal and Courier. D'C 4. Riidha M Yoi'gu.?The Oxford (Me.) Demo crat tayt that Brigham Young has relatives in Oxford county, and once resided there himself with his father. He is described as having bwn in his younger days a religious enthusiast, with a peculiar " gift" In talking at religious meet ings. He would travel considerable distances to attend these gatherings, making no provision for his family, and leaving the whole care and sup port of his children at such times with bis wife He afterward fell in with some Mormon elders and embraced the faith, and in a short time his errthuslam and ambition placed him at the hea<l of the " church" and made him ruler of the col ony at Salt Lake." rrr Four hundred German emigrants arrived at tjiiincy, III., on Tuesday week. But the destruction of the grapes will not by any means prevent the manufacture of the wine. lO" "Jones, what In the world put matrimony into your head? ' " Well, the fact is, I was get ting short of shirts " \[j~ The highest tpeed over made on the ocean was by the clipper ship Flying-Scud. 100 mil* s in twenty-four hours. Hj" A swindler went through tbc cars of the Great Western Railway recently, collecting fare in advance of the conductor. C~7" The Republicans and Americans of Con ner ticut have called a Union Convention at Hart ford, January 13, to nominate State officers. JJT* The revenue derived from the tobacco monopoly In France during the first nine months of 1857 reaches the enormous sum of W7,'W3,000 francs. U7* The grape crop in Xeret, Spain, has been wholly destroyed this season. These are the grapes from which sherry wine is manufactured. Exchange nZT1 The corpte of a man, shockingly bruised, was found near a ravine, three miles from St. Joseph, Mo., some days ago. It it suppoted he had been murdered. ETA number of cotton plantert in the oentral part of Georgia, have called a meeting for the ; purpose of organizing into an association to send their cotton, by means of an agent of their own, direct to Liverpool. fnr John C Colt, while in the Tombt under eentence of death, married his mistress. It is said that Cancemi, the murderer of Eugene Anderson, the policemtn, is about to follow his example, and marry, in the course of a week or two, the woman with whom he had long lived. 1H7~ The Calaveras (Cal ) Chronicle states that I two "colored gemmen" in that place, who had I quarreled about 4,a lady," met in mortal com I bat. After an exchange of shots, the Sheriff ar I rested the partier and carried thetn to jail, when I a pistol bullet wat found flattened out und lodged I in the tcool of on* of the tombatants, who wat I quite unaware of having been touched. I }]T On the night when Hon. Mr Blackmar I committed suicide In Wayne county, N. Y., three I men whom he owed had taken up their quartert I In hit bouse, and threatened to remain until he I settled with them. For several yeara before he 1 failed, he had been buying western lands with his surplus money, trusting to the profits of hit I mercantile business to pay demands against hiin. A Te* hible Family.?James Nichols, who It taid to have wantonly killed Frank Grier in Pittsvania county, Va , is reported to have killed his own mothers few years ago. Another brother by the name of Arnold it supposed to have shot his father and killed him; and Burwell. a still older brother, killed Daniel Ashwell. Strange to sav.not one of them has been punished ? Btd I ford Ka., Democrat UjT A man named Edgar Fluker has a new re cipe for the cure of those painful excrescencet, cancers. The remedy It cheap and easy of ob ttlnlng and applying, aud cannot possibly do anv harm. It is simply to hold a toad or frog, either dead or alive, to the affected part for the space of one hour, repeating tbe application as I occasion reqnirea. W ith six frogs Mr. Fluker I tayt be cured a very painful cancer upon bit I nose, of six years'tt ana ing, and now contldert himself sonnd and well. I 1E7* Tbe Norwich (Ct.) Courier aays that tbe I worst fears in regard to tbe poisonous nature of I the water supplied to a portion of that town through a lead pipe aqueduct are confirmed hy a I chemical examination by Jaiues R. Chilton, of I New York, which shows the presence of four grains of lead to a gallon of water. The aque duct has been In operation moretbnn twenty-five yeart,and persons most familiarwlth the history of families tuppl'ed by It now remember man/ [aleatht in which the symptoms were the same as I iu thoxe which have lately been caused by thts poison Dr. Chilton pronounces the water to be remarkably pure, but Its very purity was tbe I cause of tne poison, at impure water forms a I coating of its impurity in tbe pipes, so as to neu I tralize the chemical action between the water and I tbe lead, while tbe pure water hat none of the | properties to counteract this deadly influence. Lav*ca or t*? Gbcat East*?w ?Since tbe failure of tbe fl st attempt to laonch the #rnt Eastern, It hes barn determined to keentbe day of the second trttta profound aeeret. The eon coarse of epecflMfa )a tbe ship-yard and on the river waft to great,on tbe fataier occasion, that a sxreUvKfol launch mast ba?ire?nlted In lo?? of lifer and It la, ta pad, to svtifc the recurrence of such daWer that ttrirt *ecre?| as to future plana haubcfrt re?oWrd npoa. Reports, however, have been in circulation that on a certain dav the attempt would he re. prated ; and on tl?t dav crowds of people gath e ed about the gates of the yard to be disap pointed, and excnraioa apeculatora made consld erahle sums of money by taking the curioua on to the river to witness a spectacle that they knew would not be presented The preparationa for making the next a tsmpt are now completed, and the launch waits the signal of Mr. Brunei. The event will prob ably take place soon, for tbe ways have yielded, and continue to yield ; ao that with every week that she remains in her present position, the diffi culties increase of moving her at all. 1X7" A voting man named Jacob Smith, while crosaing afield near Fairview, Allegheny county, Pa , a few days since, was attacked by a bull, and so badly gored that he died soon after. IC7~ Three years ago, a large locomotive build er in Taunton, Mass,, built a splendid house f..r #50,000, which he withdrew from his business in one year, without feeling it. To-day h* is in li - solvency. JTT An unknown woman was found dead in a house in Baker street. Philadelphia, a few davs ago, with part of her face and bodv eaten off by rata. It is supposed she fell asleep and was killed by rats. fl"7?The Chamber of Commerce of Charleston, S. C , have prepared a memorial to the l^egisla ture, asking for tbe passage of an act to prevent their banks from using the circulation of any bank within the State, beyond the limits of the State, for discount purposes JET On the arrival of a train at South Amboy, N. J ., on Tuesday evening last, one of tbe brakes men stooped down between the cars for the pur pose of uncoupling them, when another car was let down, driving tbe two forcibly together, and crushing the brakesman's head so ttuft ha died immediately. ID" Tn one of his discourses Rev John New ton has this pithv remark?4- Manv sermons, in genious of their kind, may be compared to a letter put Into the post office without a direction It is addressed to nobody, it is owned by nobody, and if a hundred people were to read it, not one of them would think himself concerned in the contents." NOTICE.?My wife. Joacn* Calaghan.and I ? inyself having eepa-ated. and are now iivia* separate, I hereby give notice that she is Dot autr.or ix?'d to contract anv d-li's on m? account, ar.d tliat I will no|be responsible for any deb a whieh she may oontiaoi after this date. HUMPHREY CALAGHAN. Waahington^Dee.^jWT d2-3f* rV"5=?THE HEBREW CONGREGATION OF Washington, resolved, in the last monthly meeting, to bar a lot of ground, in the City of Washington, to build a Synagogue. The l<>t has to be situated from I'th to 3d streets west and from <' to E streets north, to b? about 3> lest front, and inn hack. All owners having to dis pose of suchalotarerequested tocommunicatewith Str UK'H'iil.ti OMPEMIKtftlKK, north side Pa. avenue, between 9th and luh streets. No. 900. n 5t7-2w * TOY-* AT WHOLESALE AND R K.TA1L, at d 4 St I.AMWON D's. ?1MIE PRESENT <-R ISIS, or the Crisis, or the 1 Currency, by BankCrasb. Ese : 13 eta. d 4 FRAXCK TAYLOR. C^ARD PLATE ENGRAVING, AND PR1NT / INK. VISITING. INVITATION. AND BUSINESS CAR DS engraved >n ever? style. ' AK I) Pl.ATKS printed in the best manner and with dispatch. VISITING AN D INVITATION CARDS,plain and enamelled surface, lurn ?hed at the lowest prices. W. F. RAYI.V. No SfTfl Pa. are.. I?et. Uth and 12th ata. d i-tf Hctel.?o6t) VL7M. F. BAYLY. V? Wh?le*a!> and Retail Dealer ?n FANCY AND ST A PL K STATIONERY, No. 278 Pa. avenue. Offers to the publi*. at reduced prices, a lull and complete assortment of? Writing and t.etter Papers. English and American No'e Papers. Fre.nch Enamelled and Bristol Board Wr.ting Cards Wedding and ftnsu ess Envelopes Fxtra fine Knives Scisswa, and Razors, Farcy ai d Plain Playing Cards. Desks ai d Work-'fc'xes. Baekgammoa Boards. Clie^s Men, Checkers, Gaines. Gold Pens, Pencils, Card Cases, Ac., Ac. d 4 tf l'?ite|.? o<5t 1 jy|ORE NEW CLOAKS TO DAY, We opened tbis momini another beautiful 'ot of Black and Grey gr?af'y reduoed prices. Also, five pieces fine, wide black and oolored Silk Velvets, for I.adie* <*\-ak?a'd B*?qu?s. Five pieoes black ribbed and plain Cloths, for the same purpose 2>m pieces Black Velvet Ribbons, all widtha, for trimmings, the cheapest everoffe*ed We ask the special attention ot all cash purchasers to the above articles. COLLEY A SEARS. 523 Seventh street, three coors north d 4 Ot Pa. avenue. Notice of tIie? rehIoval of the LAND office from Dt.NCAN TO MACK INAC. IN MICHIGAN. In accordance with the provisions of the act of Comress entitled ?* A?' am authorizing changes in the location of land offices," approved Much 3-t, IftVJ, it is herebr declared and ma?l? known tli?t the office for the sale ol public lands at I>csca>. in tbe S'a'e of Michitan will be removed to the Isi.Asrof Maccxac at as early a pertoii at prartirablt. Further notice a^ to the precise tim? of removal will Ik* i*sued by the register ar.d receiver for that land district. ?>iven under mv hand, at the oity of Washington, this 3d d ly of December. A. D- 18s7. By order of the President. THOS. A. HENDRICKS. C tnmissioner of the Genera! l.and Office, d 4 lawtiw CJ IMPROVE YOUR EYES. STRENGTHEN and aeaiat them, by the Paris Optician, D. WOO UK SON, who jtpa We 2L haa arrived from Europe with his Vi* own, as well as the manufacture of a good many others of the lateat impioved SPECTACLES and EYE-GLASSES: among which are the FERISCOPIC CONCAVE and CONVEX, The DOI'BI.E FOrCSaid DOI BI.E POLISHED HK A/I I.I AN PF.BBLI-S. CRYSTALS. Ftc., which are warranted to improve any EYE allected *i h weakness, cataract or tending to it; also SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS. Persons who are ompHled to use glasses, or 'Hose now using them, will l>e suited at first eight. Those wonderful DOU B LE-POI ISHE D V EN EZUE LI A N CRYSTAL R??CK h%ve received the highest recommendations at the World's Kair. at Pans, through their producing a elearnesi and easiness of vision heretofore uuknowa in any other improvements. Also, all styles of OPEK A, SPY. and MAGNI FYING GLASSES, Compasses, and Microscopes are for s.ile *t his store, oorner of Eirhth street and Pennsylvania avenue, or Eighth street No. 491, be tween Daireet and Pa. avenve. Prioes verv reasonable, the same as at his estal? hshment^in Enrope. n >-tf ) L D A N D SILVER PURCHASED AT THE BEST RATES. FO RE Hi y BILLS oT EXCHANGE SOLD, ON THU PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPE, IN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRF\CY, AND VIRGINIA MO NEY ACCOUNT-, WILL BE OPENKD FOR DEPOSITORS, PAYABLE IN SAME Ft'NDS, OR IN GitLD. CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.-CHECKS MUST BE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON~ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION, SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. * BONDS AND STOCKS SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCrKRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTSTURCHASED AT THE HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, RITTe7?IOUSE, FANT A CO., d 4 3m Bankers. Removal to more spacious prem ises. The subscriber has removed his PAPER HAN GIN G EST A B LISH M KNT to No. ven doors above the old stand, next door to Mr. A. I Jin - mono'* Fancy Store. To i hose who have favored me with their ordera I re'urn ray thanks, and solicit a ooutinuanoe of their patronage. Those indebted to ini will have their acounts rendered during the present month, and I would urge th? m to lie as prompt in settling as I have been punctual in executing their otdera. JOHN MARKR1TF.R, Seventh street, eight doors above d 2 6t Odd Fellows'Hall. p R O V I S I O N STORE. The advertieer will open, on Saturday, a Store on Pa. avenue, south side, between 19th and A)th sts., for ihe sale of all kind of MEATS. VEGETA BLES, Ae. The patronage of the publie is solicit*!. d3-*? WM. LI> KINS. (J I T Y MARKET. Just received, am dozen EGGS, tdosaa dressed CH'CKF.NS, at the Ctty Msrket, corner of 12th and H streets. Always on hand, everything in the market line. Marketing delivered without additional oost. d 3 3t * GEO. THOS. STEWART. yyiNES, LIUUO^RS^SMiAR*, AND GRO The subaBriber respeotfuily informs hie friends and patro* a,and the public, triat a fad end gen- a asaortinent of Old Whiskme, Brand tea, ? tnea. and Segars, of supenor age and quality, A can it* fo?nd at hia Store, at the corner of 12th ? and It streets north. .... All orders strictly tiled and delivered. JONAS P. LEVY, d 3-1 m n"*r the Ceil. THE PAPER DOLL FAMILY at 43* LAMMOND*S. d * 2t rtrler Company wn:d an- M tM< of V\ M+iueW. tl??t jtm nwii: take p?r? at Thorn's ?t, next U> ?dd Feliow*'yu^ rpHK KAIilh A^&EMBLV ol Urn Metropo. ui 1 Hook and l*a<1der " nounee t? the citiz? their Seooad Cotiltoa 1 Bmldu g, 7th street, next U? ' dd Fe:.o* Hall.on TUESDAY KVKMNO. Dw t. llw i^koii^dmittinf k(tctlwnuaud ladies, J IFT^ CEN PS. Floor d?4t H. Gorbctt, T. Stone. Festival and tea party ro* TRK BSRSFIT ot ST. MATHhW'a SUNDAY SCHOOL. The ladies ot St. Mathew's Sunday Pekool will kold a FMltnl ai?d Tf? P?ilj at t oosnl-e' Hull, Fa. av-nne, bet ween !?th ami l^th Btrcete.on MON DA N . TUESJAY.anJ WEDNESDAY. Dec. 7 ?.? T ? pro#?e is to d? app ied to the tiqutcat'on of she del* incurred l?y the ? n'argemei.t of tie Sohool Boom, (inod M nsic w ill l?e in attendance. Adwjs*ion I? cts. HI M' r|* WESLEY CIIAPEI. FESTIVAL. I HE l.alies of Wesley Chapel will ho d a Fes tival in Odd Fellow.' Hall. Tta week commencing MONDAY EVENING, 7?b December. The Ladies having made *uch preparation* a* to rn.der llua Festivafone of the most pleasant enter tainmrnt* that iiaa been in this eity. and a? the ?r.. reeds are to lie applied towards tbe Hjaiett ?>| Ik* debt on their new edihoe, the* appesi t?? their friend* for a moat liberal encour.- rement. Tickets for the season,5u cents; singe admit t?no? li'5< oents. d 3 IK* C ARC SI'S SALOON. FRIDAY, Deoember 4. Firat appearance thia aeaaon of M'LLE TERESA P A RO D I. Grand Concert by HENRY VIEUXTEM PS. M'LLE TERESA PARODI. MISS MILNER, the new English Prima Doai.a. MR. I'EK RING, the new Et.Klish Teaur. (Both great artiata. having l?een encased in Lon don. I'j the Director* of the Academy of Muaie. New ^ ork. expressly for the production ol Lng .sh Operas and Grand Oratorios. > Conductor?>l??NOR I'EK I GINI, M'l.t E PAHODI will sing Anaa. Lueretia Bot gja. Trovatnre, Sonrmmbela. MISS MILNER will sing "With Verdure Oad." Ana Puritaui, and duetto Linda, with Mr. PER KING. HENRY V!EI?XTEMPS will play lntm*?etion and Konno Norma Knu'iMaon ?oe string. Carnival of Vea-ce. MR. PLRRING will ami "Adelaide." from Bee rhoven.nne English Ballad and a Dnett with MISS MILNER. Admission, to all part so* the Hall. 91. Nuexlrk charge fc>r reaerved seats. Seats cache secured. I>*tiurung on Tuea^"??** the Music Stores of Messrs. Rich. Davia and Metxe rott. Poor* open at 7. Concert mwm?iiwa at B. py 7 WAJTT8. _ Y\rANTED? By a respectable German Gir'. a ?.i t* n-tion to tie general Housework in a sma'l private family. Inquire at 5"k lltk street, aear Pa. avenue. It* YV AN TED?At No. 417 H street, between Jlth *? and 12th atresia,a Colored Woman to Cock. Wash, and Irou. Recommendations required. WANTED.?A practteil Cutter, who has been in the business lor aereral years, desires a situation in a Tailoring Establishment. Good ref erenoe as to character can lie given. Address .Vw L street, between Hth and 7th at*. d 4 y* \% ANTED?By an English Womaa.a situation fl as Nu se and Seamatieas, or t haml<ermaifl. Can civeicood recommendations. Addreei Box No. 14 S ar ?'ffa<y.. It' A SITUATION WANTED aa a Chambern aid or Piaiu Sewt*r. Beat ol rt-ooniinendatioaa can be ri . en. Please call at No. 9% 8th atreet, between I. en I *1 ?tr.'.-l*. It * W ANTK.ll TO P? KCH A^E ? A HuLnE ai?l ?T LOT, between 7th atid '5th atroet*. north of Pa. avenue, at a price irom to Ad drra* Box ffio, Wtuhinxton City Poat OAoe. di-a* __ WANTED.?Two rood Sewinjr Machine Opera tore. One Wheeler A Wi.eon'a and one Sinter's. An* one having a x??od Machine for aale, o( W heeler & Wilson's patent, car> diapoae of it l>y making immediate application ?t the Waahinfton Miuthiue Shirt Fnotoi) , Pih street, 7 doors from Pa. avenue. d 2 St* SITUATION WANTED.-A BOOK-KEEPER n who i? thorough y ac?iu?inled with the husmejo, wishes a situation in some Mercantile or Bankint House in this citv. Reference* as to character and <fualifi cat ions will be fMrfii*h*d to some 'of the liest houses in Baltimore. Addre** A. B. C, Box No. 218 City Post Office, Wat In tig ton. D C. d I - eo2w * WXnTED-M TTc HAN I C S out of work to SELL and Pl'T ON Torre* 's Patent ad ust alile L>ouli!e acting DOOR-SPR IN4-. juat iutrv ducod. and t duatry. easi Apply to C nuhing Store, Iron Hail d 1 et*?t \V' A N TED TO HIR E.-?. f?.r r he term of s " years, securcd on an improved farm, of ??? acres. by adeed ol trust, situated oenr the citv. In terest paid annua ly. An* one wishing to invest in that war, will please address J. B. S.. B< x W9. Washington oity, atatmr when and where an inter view can l>e bad. Interest paid semiannually if pre ferred. n 17-tf >.e acung m")it -r?r i\ i jusi iww 1 just in teason. Men can. by a little in sily make from $1 to *4dav at it. C. W. BOTELLR, <>enera| Hou*e Fur LOST AITD FOU?D. I^OI'ND.? A POKTFMON AIK-The owner I will pi-ase call on WM. BKaDLEY, on li'th street eest. between B and t'. d 4-St* nigbt, at II u'ciook, was ioet a aCi-.LET. between Serator Irazilian Minister's. A suitable r. ward will be givrn by leavmc the same ai M W. HAL T & liKU.'s, SM Peuukjivar.ia avemc. d 4-St LOS I'.-Laat ni, ''KARL bbf Gwin's aii't the T?r fl|!' RKWAR D ?Strayed away, on Moixlaj ?st, !ro?n the of th? sjibscri:*er. -ptt ;?? i 7! trom the ?>f the sii!?scriiier,, a red *nd white spotted e OW, The above reward will t e given if returned to in* a'i my, on F street, between 1st and -d. Kng lish Bill. J WM NTGEN'T. RAN OFF.-A little Mulatto Girl named ^All \H JAN E. This Ctrl ha* Iven roaming aU>ur the cit> lor the last six weeks, telling that she i? an orphan. Ac.. Ac. Her mother i* in grest distress in consequence, and has b-en using^ ever? exertion to t-nd her. Any it f ?rmati?m left with ei'her Mr. C. II. Jani'-s. or J. M. I.iioa*. at the (And Office, will be thankfully received. I d a-2:' REWARD.?Was stolen from the r ? dence of J W. Phillips. No. S3 south F str- et. <?n the evening of the 2d m*t. a lent her port able Writing Desk containing Letters. Deeds. A<-., which were Kings. Breastpins. G?.J Neck Cham, and a Child's Miniature, on ivory, n gold c<se. It contained also, a box, in wh'.cb a sum of money was kept. Thealiove reward will be givn to a'.y one who will appreuend the thief and rest.-re tne pfnps'tf. d 3 S' * LOST?On the eventnf of the I6th ultimo, be twne-i Perkiu*' Dr? ihmmIs Stor? and corner >?' 2 st and G streets. First ard.a Fl'R Cl'FF. l ie finder will be liberally rewarded (if desired>br lea* ing it at the above-named ato'e. d # St" UOAKDiNtf. ?10 PKIVATK HOARD.?A Gentleman and Lad?. or a small fumih , can hafi plesaantR.on sni Board,in a private family, near the Post Office, for the winter. Address Private Board, Box 7, this office. It* MR. GORDON has o?ened the Houaa No. Pa.avenue, south side, between 6th aa-1 " h streets, nearly opposite Browns' Hotel, for rue ac e ?mmodation of permanent and trawsi^nt Koard*r<. His ftjorts will be to afford the con.forts of home to '-lose who may favor him with their pntronace. Furnished Rooms to rent with or without Board d 4-3t* MRS. M. a. tKNIGHT has taken the well known and commodions house. 447 Pa. avemir. I>etweeu 3d a illS streets, south side, nearly opp< site the \\ ashington House, ws ich ha* been c-m pletsly renovated andjittcd up with new and nlesant fur?.iturc, suite<l l??r a first-class Bl)ARDlNlt HOUSE. Mis. Knight havtrg had considerate experience in the same business in BaUnworn. fee ? Cunhden e in < tiering niduccmeuts to gent ^inen sod ther wive*, and members of Congress, (twing c???i ticuous to tbe Capitol,) to aall and examnte h-r ae apmmod^tious Urfore louatiug themselves for the winter n*i-!w* BOARDING.?Mrs. RUFF baa taken the larr* and commodious house. No. .?6 D street. n?ar 7th, where she intends to rent her Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and tbeir wives, with Board. Transient Boaid?r* bv the day or week. Meals sent out at all hour* of the day. nlfi-Im* HARPER'S MAGAZINE, for December, re* eeivetl and for aale at JOS. SHII.L.IN'* Tt)N'S Bi>?kstore. Od*on Building, corner iS street and Pa. avenue. A new volume oommepcc* with this numlier: which ivmtains Mr. TLacker? * new story,"The Virginians." Also. Mr. Chiles Reade's new storv, entitled. "Jack of all Trades? a matter of fact Romance." written expressly for this Magazine. Subscriptions taken by the ysar, or single Lumbers sold ?epsrately at twenty-liv# cent a eacti. Godey's I .ady Book for Deoemlier, a beautifu. number. Graham's Mafasinefor Deoember. ' Household W ords do do. Peterson's Magazine do. Arthur's Home Magazine do. Ballou's Dol'sr Magazine do. Burtou's Cyolope?lia of Wit and Humftr; part 1?. Received and Tor sa'e at JOS. SHILLING TON* Bookstore. Odeon Building. n 23 eor. 4)^ street and Pa.ave. C"*t?W SAND CALVES.?I wi I offer for ' the Market Yard, three or four exoel lent COWS and CALVES, on Saturday morning, if ?|?nr, or on Tuesday following. d 3 ?* L. BA jnoOKING WlNEBw ^ BRANDY. .,.M and ri m All grades and prioes. Aleo. Champagne. Old to* and lr?aVN bukv ; best Holland O in; ven "ep***** old B-andy and Jamaica SaigkiuCordials. *e dAMrU T Dil F^v d s->t*. eorner Pa. avenwe and 14th stre^, BL?V? betwe? Hkaodioin eu. alS^au