Newspaper of Evening Star, December 5, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 5, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL 1NTELLI8EKCB. Tut Rithid Cop* ?The follmringare a ?bort rea*oat why the Revised Code should In adopts! : 1 It establishes a large and liberal fund for th? support of tbe Public School* of tbe District io the proceeds of all fine* .md forfeited reco^ni asnce?f under the eri mina I law* of the f ,,de i-** r"Kr Wof the Code. So frw of wbicb have been realized up to this time, for waul of some such provisiou. 2. It flies ihe responsibility of officers, and provide* summary remedies against them f,ii neflect of duty or a b??*e of office. 3 It reduccs the f-cs of officer*, and cheanen* tb* a<1mini?fration of justice I. It provide# that the office* of Clerk of il.? Circuit Court. rierk of llic Crimiul Coart and Ater&susrz Mssjss: argsssr* "?* t -mop". "" p,op'r or?*"i,?"? uL".p::; as XL.?TnTi'?r ,h< aniount of biM work! world' I*!!? l? c,,n"'en^. ?? ?wln*t the whole Id. a lien upon the material consigned foi any ad van cm made in good faith ^ pa^'n? 6 It abolishes fhe usury an/p?nii!? r'Y? r.fnra!?rT ,0 any "f in,'*rt*, wrltin.r Uw ?f U.IW II. It p.event* parties from defrauding th? u?Z'rn? "'p4" ??. rb"k< ?* "?*?>>?? "si^Sl^T-a"*4 oi l,w ?'mp?n, 15 It allows fo a person the value of the lm provemeats p?i by him in ^ood upon nro^ JJ^JJ^d by him, if he la aubsequently dis abashes all fictions in pleading. and slm plifles and shortens the form* u?ed in Ihe same to pig* a? * proP,rl'rSuar,,f<1 attachment law *?Jir?ir ?* ""i"1""" <"??"?. s~ fv ;A ?"*'<'?"?. 23 iwi /-/<TW * b*rH,flcial "titration law. He, M ItTT?^ imCar,lal Jnrlea. Seepa.^.-^, ? w/c?S,^vhandtrees^,CUlOU^ .^^ulrrT:~,,?'0pe' I-""1"'""'' for rMniZ'Tnl:'' ??<> *'"? ?? th. tRtelH^Tt m> vo,?"f, '? expressed that every e"'?eut man can uagrrstand It for himself Thk Pa a obi Coxckrt last night was wonder fully well attended, Indeed, considering'that il followed so close upou a succession of like Urst ilaaa musical entertainments. Arnonj; tbe notabilities were Mis, Nan^ier ?laVf,?uH asb'ni{t0n TOC"n??- >"d Lord rapier and famUr. one of the vounir ladies oi Z?h? tZ<WZnrh]nF n"r- hat which ha. lately come out in England, and which wk nr# ouTwSb/^!-1^ hfvin lb" rt&rtZMop! like the saucy neat hitle head c^Ve\im^wo'n'lby ^^r" Hasbro,w ^'?'rr0rrMpOn,1<'n'- Mrs L>dla hePra^n^r*arnJly.R^,ed She maintains all old ?f " >;,e' an<1 M,oniahes, as of whi if a anU h> V" ar'? with iTJhtl ..J. ,^.K* OT" tLr intervals. >he .liliSlw. fsr,^ ft %S!S .?.T?r*eConl,.' Ia,noro,,* encore, elicited fiom her tJbl^ri^ la|'i:in '' in wh,chs^i" believed e i? K?'n "P?n hi- audi mu^ra effel-V C * r0ndl,?:ui',,f,on fo ??ber musical effects, he gave ?ome harmonic note, so a,re""a^d. yet marvellously cl^aT piwdfrom'h^ ^1"' a,Mf in than to t i'" 'B*lr,,nrieiit. He performed the It,fni ?Li W? u fanUHia ?n tbe fourth, or (J Ake^eTe^iYou?' ,0*'ah<,W airM v.^,n%^H * ^We<*1 "na ?dmiraUy man " Wjblv favorable im ? a* ai<1 Mr Pernnjr. who pos^^w^ fa ?^'a ,enor Toic or much richnewH and f" !,r? . vr, en<"or,, P^tfoimance of ?.()n tho twnks of Allanwater.* and his r?h .kl ^ of merry Kn-land how dutiful are thry we^ amonjj therms of the evening. arriue>' Wer* eve^r;; isr;^?? ofRV*r;?,ee,?;ii?^;tb iv yir^n/i^p iv^rr"^ Tb' BauJI Lament r. a Ltcida* a nice youn?< man, a? 1 ?e heard say. walked out npon the river aide Tn ^ ** b* n,?d" lLr 11 ,nd- ^ *?* !ndt " hN hand "* With sad tbat m . ' "r,0n affectionate embrace, iX^-tiTE' sb;;r r ,T"h" to? ean it be that wr are 1 b - a"J there no -Gilead s'^ b^lT i??n!,00n l? P?rt? to pour ?pon this aching beaST"^ bea^'i',': Mnart? And thus the nic? vo??n? ?1Ln uf ' srzrzL'r.T'* did soar a-ton .-n" ,n h:iraan vision they the wind that bkw w^b ^ai"M mmm U?,.^wrrk' ~ ? pu"k ?i~. f *p?. ci.'SK ?-* ?s ,0^*. wbicb it a fearful siKia ' "W*' ?Pf>c,r*1 ^.TZJlZtLrt ,hn, did and could JS,rj[i!rtro.^ dr"ad necessity tbe Kveninjr Star if RK?.k \ * wt,e,T w?>'ild be reported every day';^'t' W*' n,,t X? ?" 4rid "Court."' Biunct, ? 'Atock^,1' T B [co*Str3IIC4TED Xr, 'jr?'. ???" "??<?? wiuH, p^*al Heretofore Imtdela have not been t?f 3SJS ^ a"d why five fa, ?ifiL l"" <liOW waut of pereei' r,r Hrf s;; Jb.;.?1rfsr&jrhTBSSi1?' ,wb"; ??? ne?sludeny fh, roiifrolm i !? 1 t?"se >" who declares hlm J-l? ^, ^ >l!il! ?" ? come by rbaoce ? . , I1, ,b'ni" bave by an oath, the hlnweif the nottff ?r r* 7* y "[ which in mainly io existence he denies" 'FH*(^vTJlV"''LWhoM ?=f whatever^ von,'!|,T ,n r"igion. to the truth and itZ r V* ??om?d to Wlt?es? eye? ,o enr/rce u Bu 'whe^ 'l Ufw ir jt' '?*j-"' il'?TITIA. ' "rciT CortT - After our repoit , Jowd y? terday the case of Elizabeth, There^e Ebz, Josephine and Frances Johnson r, Job,. P Sha." ^Vierut^jtMMH Brernoo, wasco.rinn.d and on rM,Mj were taking exceptio?i* oSJk 1 * pr*y*rn of Instruction up ? :s !*k P "?-? *ud then the Court I ?? w? stiii in bearing wbeu this report clostd f Roaaaai -l^?t night, the store of ??. Bar,*, 4 o .corner of f*?veiMh street and Pi n nay Ivan a a?en?, was enters i,y robben. Tbe th.rves ^k'!iK * 1'K'k tron> Seventh - U.p door l^iS4^ Tb^^Vi^SJ upon the small than** tlJ.?.?? ^ ni -?s wi'SP-' ..w r ixas M arl'r* R^"' n0t1riB? ,L,lt the P?'il,de!pbian. are, r<kh1 4^, u,^uled ,n ,loMr|| mTa""' ?f ,h7li'r0,rrry bT ,Lr P?1!^ of a hoc*,. meat sausage factory i?f?l| blast lathst. ity , valid ^^Knl.^|h/l,i,!r W" dn'V" "f in rver Otae 1 , ^,l,r^d "" the comm?.us, and when CllTK Ma ?This morning, the market wa* crowded throughout. and a l?etter*upply ha* seldom been exhibited within the market *pare. The scale-booae wan *urround>-d by wagon* con taining country pork, u( tine quality, Which wax selling rapidly at 9? jOa 97 75 per rwt The ponltry dealers wt*r? ail in market, with a very large ctippl?* the stand* for thesale of wild duck* wit all supplied, and dealer* say that, although wild duck* are not plentiful in the Potomac, a constant supply may be obtained from the bay during the won. The hay stand* were occu pied. and the prices asked varied from 25 cents to ?l ij p?*r ewt The shower* last night ranted an rrrer-supply of mud In the spare, and made walking under the sheds disagreeable. The prices are a* follows : n ? - Beef, fresh, pr lb. ItfelS Pork IS Mutton 12 Lamb.prqr 75a1 Mi 8auMge, pr lb.... 12 Lard 15 Veal 12al5 Beef tongue* 75a*l Calves he.ds,each 85 Baron 15alS Shoulder* 12a 14 Breast piece* .... 16 Dried beef 16 Chickens, pr pair 50?75 Corned salmon... 15 Herring, per dot.. 20a3l Terrapins, each... 37 Irish potatoes, pk 3? Sweet potatoes, pk *25a37 Corn, pr bush.... Corn, ear, pr bush 10al5 bush ... S2 75aH) Oats ............. ?lUalo ^1 eal ............. Waflll Shorts 45 Shlpstnfls 45a70 Kg?*, p?sr d-'Z.... 88 Dried peaches.ot.. 0al2 do. apple*, p\.. 5?) Roll butter 25a31 Phil'a print 40 Honey, per lb.... 25 Onions, per pk... 37 Cabbage, pr head, rtaW Apple*, pk 37a73 Dried do, pr pk.. W Beets, per nunrh. 3 Carrots 2 Celery ."wC Turnips, perpk .. 311 Chestnuts, pr qt.. h Turkey, each 75a*,J jGerse. each 4 . 75a#l Rabbits, each.... 19;tSfl Dock*?Canvas... Mai lard* ......... <*. I Red Necks 75 Shufflers 50a<W Widgeons 50b6"! >uialI............ Sturgeon ruts 12a~t Hock, per bunch.. 25 Trout 25 Taylois 25 The Rirr.a ?Some 50(1 head of cattle passed over the Long Bridge yesterday on their ronte to the Raitimore market. The country people are taking advantage ot the present good weather to bring their produce to market. Some three hun dred wagons from the country came over the Bridge yesterday loaded with corn, wheat, pork, Ac., designed for the Washington markets At Riley's warerooms a crate containing crock ery ware, addressed to J. F. Ring, (or King,) re mains uncalled for. At Magrudcr A Stone's wharf?Arrived schrs Mahlon, Nortwel, from Philadelphia, with 00 tons of coal; Havilah, Meekins, from Philadel phia. with 110 tons of coal. It becomes our melancholy duty to record the I suic de of a valuable horse, iielonglng to one of the teamster* at Riley's wbarf. The animal in ' question was of a melaiw holy turn in his youth, supposed to have been caused by the fact of his having gone blind at an early |*ertod of bis his tory. Being of* family of horses denominated in sporting circle* "thorough bred," and having t?een doomed by misfortune to the menial em ployment of carting oysters from the. wharves aWut the town, bis morbid state of mind grew upon him until one day recently, being in an ec centric mood, he al**olutely and Katly refused to work No persuasion or threat could inducehim to draw. He ruantcd his hoofs tlrmly in the mud, and said, as plainly as a horse could say it, that he'd see his master siuged before he'd draw an other oyster. He was accordingly let loose upon the commons, where he roamed several days, in aristocratic idleness; but being this morning com pelled by hi* master to convey from the wnarf a cart containing 9** bushels of oysters, he was observed to look desperate, and. Anally, without giving previous notice of his intention, he walk ed deliberately to the edge of the wharf, and turning his sightless eyes in the direction of his late disgrace, he plunged Into the muddy Poto mac. A few short struggles, a characteristic switch of his tail, and all was over! Thi?is the second horse suicide we have had occasion to record within the last year. KxniaiT o? the Funds of St. John's Benevo lent Society for the year ending the 31st October, 1H57 : Erprndtd. For rent, board, Ac , of pensioner* of parish Ilfi SB Clothing, bedding. Jrc 110 "M Shoes !C 90 Groceries 450 4"J Fnel 657 01 Medicine* 6 U0 Funeral expenses 75 Work women 44 tfi Sacramental elements 44 ?*i Parish school teacher's salary lit) <*> Rent of school room KM Books, fumltore, Ac 72 21 Total expended *?l,?iW9 71 Balance on baud 2?<? 47 Total fl 17 Rett irtj. By balance from last year lt> Alms at Holy Communion AM 99 Weekly collections in church 707 Subscription* *7 50 Donations 461 70 Total The nnmber of children now in tb* Parish school is 53. The Managers report that they have relieved, during the past year, 77 families, and di-trib it- d tot trarments of different kinds. The G cart..* and Special Police have frequently of late had their attention drawn to the vicinity of the Capitol, by the reports of pistols in that neighborhood. By closely watching, they dis covered that the pistols were tired in the Capitol Grounds after the gates were clo-ed The Cap tain of the (iuards reported tbe circumstances to the proper authority, and was informed that the Capitol Police, after the gates were closed, fired the old losds from their pistols. This accounts for the reports of riots in that direction. Tin Fraxklix's Sec-oxd Ball comes off on Monday (light next, in their new Hall on D street between 12th and 13th street. We need hardly say that it is destined to be a delightful entertainment; for no other association of Wash ington young men are more proverbial forgetting up such affairs with great success Th'irs are always graced by the presence of a host of bright eyed and agreeable young ladies, who shed a radiance ovei them, most inviting indeed. FuibiAUixe the Maiirt.?Thia practice has l?een resumed again by persons huckstering in the Washington markets. This morning sev eral warrants were Issued forthearr?st of partie* for violating the market laws. Several cl'i/ens, who have uoth-ed the a< t*. have given infatua tion. and intend to do so in every instance that conies to their knowledge. Lrctvrk on Temperance ?Prof. O. 8. Fow ler, the distinguished lecturer and writer on phrenology and physiology, It is announced, wilj lecture before tbe Freeman'* Vigilant Associa tion to-morrow evening, at Tempeiance Hall Judging frouj the reputation which precedes Prof. F. ? very interesting and instructive lecture may be expected W e are desired to say by one of tbe contractor* for the building of the Armory that the fl'in of ?<F. Bird A Co ," In whose name the contract was taken, consisted of E. Bird, John Bird, J no. \\ ise and Jerome Callahan: and that the car. [?enter's work was performed bv F. A J Bird, and the brick work by Wine A Callahan. Disokderly ?The vicinity of Teulli and D *ts. was di*tur1?-d last night by a man who had a uied himself with a musket, and was matching sliout making threats of violence and swearing profanely S-veral person*, after considerable difflrnlty, succeeded in taking hirn away before tbe olllcers arrived at the neighborhood. Alexandria Musical.?This evening. M ile Parodi, H Vlenxtemps. Ml** Milner, the new Kuglish prima donna, and Mr. Perring, the new Foigiish tenor, will give a grand concert in Alex andria. They will eipect a m?*t brilliant re ception. ?? A ?at> Accidfxt ?We regret to learn that Mr Francis Stone lost his life, on the 4th in*t., by a blist nearculvert No 4 of the Washington A.jue dliCt. The particular* of this sad event have not leached u? Ruiit.iT?l.a*t night, anold gentleman named Hutchlnswa* attacked by thieve* on Ninth*!, near the Patent Offlce, and knocked down and robbed of about %iuu. I'nfortanately. Mr. 11 roil hi not identify the parties Watch Reti rx* ?William Johnson. Wales, drunk; rosts, 01 rents Patrick Macarty, Irel'd, vagrant; workhouse 60 day*. John Carter, col , ?afe keeping for bis mother; whipped and sent home John Collin*, Ireland, disorderly; dis missed. Riebard Monday, do , do. Nineteen Lidgers, one re*ldent of the District. It will rti to look in at .Faancis, on Seventh street. Ho has all the new and useful articles lor housekeeping, and a large stock of Baskets, Calms, 'trusites, Coinhe, PocketHmves, Razors, Scissors, L a. lie is selling low. dViw Da. Pom. Hbmtvpatkit P?ynnan and Surgeon, Do Mcncu or Cham HujkIiuks, No. J7b II street, aorlii ?ide, between iSlti and 14th sta. J t-0o9m '? wmiolaan tJnBA^i." U* the hair; Ralv or Tm??v*sSI> Flow ess. for aleaiiainc tlie teetli and 0e?.ut,fji?? the coinpiexion. The aenuine article to t be ba4 at Joe. SHiLLisortta'e Bookstore, <>deon I Baudmrvovrner 4>* atroot and Pa. avonue. nit tf I A PiAittff Wtiimrmi Life.? ?S9i Piifarlic he 4 t Who ImteU raised ifii. # | ' i"?1? n* '??""?iKmi# town's enntn. By ettoctaat a inaas. A Rentle swnin who did oomp'ain, ?. f nerance dire ar d great. May here behold his picture plain, In hopes it's do! too late. This doughty wuhi, with logic lore, Gnve forth about x<xne "pap," Concealing that abundmt store Hn lot l*th been to tap. At birth. hi* parent* both were fed From Uncle Sam's wide crib, A u.l n?ver since could he be led To try aught other nib. For twenty yars, or longer span. This luscious pap he suuk'd. This nurture?liaby, U>y. and man, (lis nlis have under tuck'd; There's not a tissue iu his fiatne Hut froiu this pap's express'd; Vet, like the dirty bird of fame, He doth defile his nest. Rut blame him not, the pampered pet. Of Uncle ream's sweet sops. For having sh-.wn what's flaily met. The want of sense in fops. With swaggering Kn({ flaunting air. He tried to cut a swell. Hut, having failed, in trim despair, He csve n dying yell. It _ A*MOD*rs. OTsrKrsta a*p Fits.?Dr. Tracy Delorme, grea curer of Consumption, was for several years so bed |v afflicted by dy? pepsia that for a part of the tnn? he was confined to his l>ed lie was eventually cure* br a prescription furnished him by a young clairvoy ant sirl. This prescription, given by a mere ohm while in a state of trance, has cured every body win has taken it. never having failed once. It is equall) as sure in canes of fits as of dyspepsia. The ingre dients mar l>e found in any drug store ( will sem thin valuable prescription to any person who wil supply me with the nrmeii iand residences)of ten.o more, individuals suffering with diseases of thi chest, lungs, or throat, as a knowledge of auoh inva lids and the way to reach them, is an aid to my regu lar business. Aadress Dr. Tracy Delorme, Net York Post Office. Sprciai. None*.?For Perftimed Breath. Whiti Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm o l.issi Flowers " For dressing l.ndies' hair ns< '? Woodland Cream." a new pomade ; it onuses gen tlemen's hair to ourl l<eautifully. Pnoe 50 oenti each. W P. Frtbidor & Co., Proprietors, New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington Tatlor A Matrt, Booksellers, between 9th ?n< loth St., Pa avenue. n 17 MARRIED. On Thursday mornme. Deo. 3d. by the Rev. Geo W. Sameson. WILLIAM H. FE.VI ON, of Bur iington. \. J ., to COH DKt.l A. second daughter o the late John Walker, of Washington, D. C. (Burlington papers please oopy.) * DIED. On the 4th instant, at 1 o'clock ?. m., SARAH ELLEN POOR E, aged 18 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family ar< respectfully invited to atte d the funeral fiom tin residence of her mother. No. 174 ZZd street, on Suu day next, at 2 o'clock p. m. The deceased deaer* es more than a passing notice Her amiable engaging manners se cured a largo circle of friends wiio will long mourr her departure. She had a countenance singularlj sweet, the reflex <>fa pure and generous soul. In nocent herself, she thought no evil of was trustful and confiding. The religious element predominated in her character, and altera painfu illness home resignation, she departed tins lift in the corWideu?o of a blissful immortality. "Ala) she rest in peace." *? With as much zeal, devotion, piety. She always lived as other saints do die : Still with her son! severe account she kept. Weeping all debts out ere she slept. Then down in peace and innocei.ce she lay. Unsullied with the journey of the day." W. C. On the 4th instant, about 8 o'clock p. m , after i protracted illness which he liore with great patience calmly trusting in the merits of his Redeemer GEORGE H. JON KS, late Secretary fortheSign in* "i I -and Patents, in the snth hear of hia age. The funeral services will take plaeeathis lat< residence. No. 334 New York avenue, between ml, and loth street*. To morrow (Snnday i Afternoon, al 4 o'clock. His friend* n>? respectfully invited to U present witho it further notice. I Richmond and Petersburg papers please copv I. In Georgetown, D. C*? on the 4th infant, .Mrs M A R V JANK SH A W , a?ed t ears. Her funeral will ink*; place To-morrow (Sunday Afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of hei father. Mr. George Harrison, on Congress street near Br dge atreet. * FOR RENT AND SALE. f^OR RKNT?'Two large furnished front Rooms, lighted with gas, with use of bath room, in a pri vate family, convenient to the Capitol. Apptv *as1 aide 3d street hrst house above E. d Mt 17OR RKNT-A PA R LOR snd CHA MBER I on the second floor, well furnished, and liuh'H with gas. InquireatMJ H street, between fit' and 7th. d f. 2t I BURNISHED HOUSE FOR R ENT.?A hand soinely furnished three story brick Ht'l'SE; very oonvement, comfortable, and pleasantly looa ted. and lighted wifh ras. To a desirable tenant the rent will lie moderate. A superior Piano will be in eluded. Apply to WAI<(, A STEVENS. Pern, avenue, oral 4T0 12th street. fwtween F and G. d ?? It* I.MIR RENT.?A oomlortuble UWELI.LNG.sit uated on the corner of 12th and M streets Lorth, For term* inquire on the premises, or of L. ED WARD'S, Grocer,corner 9th and C streets. d 4 3t * J7?OR SALE OR LEASE?A small, elegantly tiu ished BRICK HOUSE, in a pleasant and gen teel locifiou. Wi'l be sold or leased withorwith out furniture. Inquire l?etween 8 ami 12 o'clock, at No.3M I street. Franklin Place. between l.lfh and I4lli streets. d4-3t* F^OR REM'- A convenient, little BRICK tlolTAGE, containing hve rooms, on 4th street, l?elwe?n N and O streets north. AppU to JOH N II. <> I BRS. 242 Pa. aver u? d t It" L'l R> ISHKD ROOMS FOR RENT -A suite I of in the immediate vicinity of ?he principal Hotels. Breakfast and Tea furnished it required. Inquire a? 4'?> D street .between fit h and 7th. near the rvatea Office, or at 366, under Browns' Hotel, Pa. avenue. dS-lw lUnion&Stateal I7URNISHED ROOMS to rent on I3th atreet, r No. 4i2, betw?en E and F streets. d2-eo3t* FM)R R ENT.?Several very pleasant ROOMS. in one of the most desirable U-cationa in the citv. being in the jmmodiate vicinity ofthe National and Browna' Hotel. No. Louiaiana avenue. d2-7t F*OR RENT.?Two BEDROOMS and PAR LOR adjoining, on the second floor, in a very desirable location. 402 F atreet, one door from 7th atroet. d '-M* IT I RNISHED ROOMS TO RENT-On the !st r and 2d floora, lighted with gas, at No. 42o D street, between 4'h and 7th. Also, a few Tal?le Boarders can lie accommodated on reaaorabe terms. d l^4w* F^URNISHKD ROOMS TO RENT toa gentle innnand his wife, or two angle gentlemen, with or without board, in a private family No children or Imertfera in the family. Pleaae to apply at No.Sl7 I ?treet. Iietween Wth and 7th stu d I-fit * 17 O R REN T.-Three PARLORS and hve r CHAMBERS, handsomely furniah<*d, in F atreet north, between 10th and 14th, No.256. no )6-eotf FURNISHED ROI'SB FOR RENT.?A hand aomely furniahed and comfortable HOUSE, sit uated m the Firat Ward, will be rented for six months, or longer, if deaired. To a careful tenant the rent will tie moderate. Apply at No. I9BG street n Ttb aide. dl-eo3t* fBURNISHED AND l'N Ft RMSIIED R<m^*? for rent, with or without Board,pleasantly situ ated Inquireat Mrs. STEELE'S,No.So Misaout avenue, tietween *}j ami 3<1 streets d S eott* 1,'URISHKD HOUSE FOR RKNT?Very eligi r bly situated on one of the most pleasant stree's in the city. It la lighted with gaa. supplied with a good l?ath loom, and is wed furnished through' ut, with handsome furniture, nearly new. Apply at 47A H street, between 9th and loth, oue square from the Patent Oftioe. n 30-lit* ONE LARGE PARLOR and largeCHAMBKR attached, on the first floor, handsomely fur nished, and having gaa, for rent. Aiao. a large Par lor arid Chamber, 'second story,) and two single Rooms, in suite or scpaiate. Terms reasonable and Board if desired. Location central. 4t>3 10th street, between Daiid E. n3Q>w FURNISHED HOUSE FOR R ENT.?A desi rable and hindaomely Furnished House, con vementlr located, in a pleasant part of the citr, will l?e rented for six months, or by the year. Please refer for information to J. O. CLARKE,, ottice of RiggsA Co. _ n 25 tf t7UR RENT.?Either furniahed or unfurnished, an exoellent, three atory, new Brick House, with basement. No. 4^1 New Jersey avenue, five minutes' walk from the Capitol, with three-atnll stable and coach bouse, with immediate possession. Inquire at SA M'L. W A I KER'S Portrait Gallery, Odeon Buildina, corner 4* street and Pa. auenue. nlft-tf PARD -RARE CHANCE.?Twelve large and V handsome Rooms, with Bath rooms, Ac., ft 0 . for rent, furnished or unfurnished, suitable fhr chambers or offices. Will be rented aeperately or all to/ether. Terms reasonable. 'I hose apartmrn*a are over our establishment, Pa. avenue, between Wh and 10th atreeta. WALL, STEPHENS A CO. W lMin (States) I^OR RENT OR LEASE.?A large and ootiuno is dioua double HOl'SE, with water, gas, and lath room, outch house, stabling, ami ornamental garden. The house is elegantly furuished. and iu the ino?t ceutral and desirable location. The house wi.l lie leased, with the furniture, for a term of )eara to a good tenant, very reasonaUy. For particular! apply to WM. WALL.o( Wall, Stephens ft Co,, 322 Pa. avenue, lietween *th and leth atreeta. n lo-1 m |70R RENT.?Prof. H. W. MI NDER having r fitted up hia Hall in au elegant manner, winch renders it one of the prettiest rooms in this eity, will be rented upon moderate terma for Soirees, Suppers, Dtnnera, o? Promenade Conoerta. Apply at the Halt on Tueaday. Wednesday, and Thursday even ings from until 9H o'olock. His School is now open for the reoeption of pupils on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening, oc 22-tf WH<> WOULD IN ii I DGE COAL 011. IS the nhespest Ottlt burnhtg ie the lamps w? have attl^ie ' J f Rlf cent per hour. Call aod see. No. 3*? V f , ,K"t hWv'ki.i. It M0SSI?l.l.. . D. C? December V U< ^ruemi tobe inserted in the Evbnim 3t*?, it jRXvsx rs ? stsjssr LADIB#' LIW. Mr.fl P Clart Mr* ? - Ml?a J n* Murr*y, Mrs rf p Tarner. Mr* R Me.amry Cith'ne Tbtwp* n, Mr* R B ManMar Mr* R Tailor, Hlii R 'lnr Ma-io*. ?ln CAM Wast, Mr. R A Miller, Mr* Ana A Webb. Mr* p.i.lei? O'Onnrer, I'taua Wrl, ht, Mr* M-ty J Page, Madame Wood. M ?? 8?ra E I I ill Mix* Maiy W rd. Mtsa Mir* Par.naa, J R Wa.htoa, Mr* Del* Paupbrya MiaeJJ A WlillaMa. Mr* Mary . ?. PrUrMtt, Mr* B Wcr taulltr Mr* K Plnoab.Mre Ana P Ring. Mr* R o Wlm.bary. Mi* K ?"7 "? "7 * '?? R'yuol.l*, Mr* K P Wktlw.Mri M*r4t "? L Wheeler. Mr. J H Oreeeon, Mis* M A K*a?l- k, Mr* Wb?Ur, M>r* 8 a Har *,Ml*? Paniiy Rntr Iff*. Mlaa I. WlIMt. Ml*. LHly Ha* any Mr* M J Hlia-, Mr. Jail* I Watktns. Ml** A "?* 2' "I?" K'''? SptUla, Mi.i Mary Wiiiey, Ml.* K 8 nlT *?.'* S ? *?ltk, Mra Wal are, Amanda Jo?t?e?s. UU* T B Mill*, Ml*. Ma * ortl.H gton.Mt** A . ?rDl1' "? E Willi#, Mill Abbi* Miall, Mir* I.oul-a fmlrt, Mia Jan* Ttqolerdo, Ml** M ? IMTUMI'I LIST beri ft, Mr* M 0 Mr* Ellsa Kredy, Mia. J p Hr wuii)it, Mra i>r Oo< k*. %l r* C A Clay, Mr* V c Cha !:?. Mis* V Dll?a, Mr* Jo.eph itovl*, Bltmabttk Donovan, Ml** C Pro*t. Mra M W A riB.trnrpCVmWM Du'l. A J Arny, H P M l>?ir*ey. Wm Al'an, Wm fcv.i*, 8 A- der*on. Jpr> 8 Billot:, K K Atkt ?on, K*> J M P Rveraoa, M An.tin, Jaa O 7 A (well, Jam** atkl a, Hlra-a Actnn, Meoige A!*x*ader. U W An<l* ami, ()*n t Kt.ii*, Jno Rly, A W Elllca. Haml Prl*a<l, W P Pnater, ft C Poarler, O 8 Anders n, Jmlge A Parraly, M C A*li* A H Armstrong, Al>?l Mrailley, Juuathan Broa of, JrfTei ion Bow *y, Jno M Baru*. W Ba!!*y, W T Bncknrr, W A Hrail.liaw, 8 A Hlyr. Saadford Harlow, HLM Bntt*rwoi Mi, 8 P Hnnntoa, KlrfiarJ Rrln.mada, P A, Mr Hnclia> an, McKean flay, O Barnard, P 8 ttrlrt'ey. Pra; k Prenclt, J 8 I Preach, J B Playd, Oeo B C Frlch, Alpliea* Pluary, Walter Flanagan, J a mug Kurd, Wm J <1 d*o?>, Wm (irahani, W 0 Oolilan, Patrick Uatdluer, P j Uraham. M.J J 8 Ullm*r, Jno A Gallok J P Gawtry, H Brown, Lewis Hab on, Jno Bnrn< tt. Jara Uraaitar, U P Brown, N MCI Barry, Geo "n l*r. Gao Black.tock Geo Itakar, Oao W Becktr, Oao L Uurlrleh B L Genau, U G>e- ae, A D G-ltln. M m V Humphrey*, Win Boil. T Harding, P W Hopf, 8 Hardy. R B Hairphrey*, Owe* Hedyar. Mr Hoafrhtabn, T?r K Berk With, Capt K G Hall, J.mta Hnrker, RAJ ?Urk, K Brown, Jna B ?.tli, D K B *n.n, Uev O C Bal'ufT, Cha* Baldaln, B P Barma, A D Fnrroe a, A 8 Rai boar A M Marae* Jo* D n-ini J. o H Oocn.r, Th<i* Oaekaroa, W H Cud ipp W B Oath*- ^oloB L Cli?*e, 8 l? Clark. Ui'l>*rt Hopkla., Jno Hiu*. Juo Ha < eutinrRh, J R Ha haway, J Hratvn, J D Hill, Jn* H Mrrnlloaitb, Cal B M. (Jhan, P MrWilliava, Dr Mrl>"Bald. Jam*. MrKeona. Jno MrVan. M MrD. na!d, M MrWlllla, Maj Mr|,e<n Tho* A, Tho* Ka*l*. Wm J MUnn. W B 3 forni.Dt, B T N. *oa. N H Nk-h.laa, J W Nl a*. H Oakry, M Pitt aau C I Jno B P?!iuer,rrp (IIIti-i I Pereitt, Lnljrt P wall, J Tyler P* iy C a* Po'ter, J B P> multx, A y'le-n, J B A Kllay, Pa or

Keatl. Jam * R?y. J B B- btnaon, J B Mai *ay H 8 Boblurtt, HC Biruarda, H K. hert . H Reddy. Oco L Bwann. Ur 8 B Scb.e'er, Carl Bhatturk. W P 8mit i. W G 8t wart, Wm Hanford, T 8ut derland, Tho* b.ewa-t. Royal Himpcra, Jno 8 3 8oi ti, Ptter Hmltb, Myott Stark, U* ry 8roti, H It Halaey, > arke'A Co Schmidt, Jac^b Hralay, ll f A Hoald, Kilw rd H.rrlnian, K4wiu Han I* n |i W Heil?r, Cli.a Harrall, Lt A 0 Hen.on, And *w HrnnlaK**n, Geul Inge, M W 4 Join aim, Math w John'on, Juo K Coo.ldge, D K cli'd Jolin.on, H C Ochraa Patrick Jo a*. ? W Co! um. P W A 8on Katie, Theodora C nrney. Mlrliael Key? ottil, Thoa Can* er, M C Cummin*, Jno P Crawf. rd, J P K Corr.doa. Jno Clark, Jno A Cirtar, Juo B I ( bl.liolm, C ok*. Lt Ja* W Campbell, Jno B C e.t.r, J IT niitniplun, Jno B C?u**y. Jno M Clark, Jno Ca par ion, Maj Jno O-meron, Jno C thl>*rl, J K <~nrti, Kdward C o*w II. K-lwla C.rter, U >1 Carroll, Diif Cro*a. Cha- II Cr ig, Cha. B Crlpp*, A I. Dickson, It 8 Cha**, 8 ti Day. T C 2 D>t*. Tlici R Di'iutil, TLo? O'cj*. 8 J U . lion, K T D* Charm, Ret Jt D^yle, Richard Daagharty, (i H Hu? ii, J Drc'iard. L P l?u*al, L 9 Hoiiri** I. (i i Durham, J J I Pael., Jno Diiinii ,l.m*. Uow.lcll, J K Downing, J ?V' Dirk, Jno Dnt-lap Jno Hr (?r. 1? ?lil Da.ley, D^uiinlc llw & Kay, Marlrta Ke I , Martin Kluga*. u y, Jaa A Kelly. Jno Kilgcur, PaTid K ddrr, B A, Wm I. <M*II, Tho* L?tch*r, Bot.rt 1^1 Roche. Peter P Lowe, Pet-r B Ii on., Michael Ixirnman, 8 Lai *1 ey, J J I-a'ebnre, Jno P Llnctufelter, J l> Ludincton, Capt J La*. Mr tieo W l.ueber, P I.yen, K I. Leonard, D lea) *ria*n.Cu'DM L??. C Labili, A D L-aaa, Jno M Lumta A Lnklua Morrl*. Or w H Mont:, >o ary, W 3 MKl*r, Rohurt Mni|il.y, U P Morris P?-tar Ml ler. J, Jn? B Mormiiey. J a rnaa M"raan. Dr J lax Mapea, ftip! Oeo T Madl*on, Prank Mitrbetl, D M.*oa, C 11 Mori la, C V ? mi tiu, A W M urray. A >? Muran. A 1 MrCral.b. A P McCiaLb, A Morvlne, C..IB Win J AS. O. 8 rivarl, Juo 8nl Ire, j<>( Smith. Jn. 8inl>b, Ja* O Btrahla y, J*? L 8 rwlir, He uy Strni'nr, Mi r?t'o Si. wya-, Capt H B 81m w, K C hacamiba, D A Snowden, Col 8eel?-y, Chaa W Sand, Capt f'mith, Brlckbam 8<inltz. Arnold St ore, A Synini', A O NktnH*', A P Sinclair, A G ? m'tti, Capt A J Th< ma*. Wiliman Tnr| la. W O Tnt u, Tltoa Thomaa, 8 W Taylcr. O T T<iwalay, J*m?* Th< m( son. Cat t Jaa T' mm.*, Jamea Tlce, Iiaar P Thotniiaon. J 8 V?. la, Capt M 2 B Vi.rbeaa, (\.m P P Vaimn, Ibo. Tia|r n*. Bicliard Wo d. Wa*lii'!gtoa Wm |U ngto*. W C WIM am*. M., T Ward, L P W.ifcer, <Japt J U, J \A at Witt kar. J W.rlng, J P Wallace, J?? Wl'lla. J. *la?i Wel.h. Ji bnaon William*. J, * R 2 W right. Col J H W pr. f J: * Wl. itney. Re* J Wm tog: ua, H W Ward, H Woodrldge, G*o B WIMian.*, Ueai A Wal kin*, ti M Winter*, tieo Wheat u, I.AP H k Wa iter, Y Wl |. C M Wlfglna, U BKRRRT. P M QEOEOETOWy ADVERT I8EM TS. t'OK SAIaK LOW.?A r?*k1 Nurth.rn huilt * VVAJioN, nearly new, MARK mkJ /7v H A R N Ki*S, amtnhle for a trailer or Uiter. J_ . They will be .old aepsmteor nil together. Also, ?ine very fine y?nin* iron erey MARK. f>ur years old. worka ?nd ridea well. For terms app>A to J. ROHKRTSON, Agent. No.til Protect street, (?eorgetown. (\ s-jjt * LMSH fish :: fish U e are now receivtnp per schooner M?rirtta Bnrr. 15.1 lihls. of Mo. I St. John's Al.KW IVKS, nil or which will b? warranted to merchants, aim ?old low. HFr'^LNG landin'?? *' of P1-"118 HARTLKV" k BROTHER, ? 2-1 w _ lf?1 Water street Georgetown. D. C. TAXK?.-Peraona paying their Taxes o? orl>? fore January 1st, IK.*!, will sav? mtereat and ex penses. otherwise interest will charged dating back to the first Monday in October last. ... _ C. P. SHEKEL!., * Ml* Ct?llectori_ fj^OR BOSTON?The aup?rior Cm! aatluic clip per aohooner Marietta Burr, Niekerson. < ? W 7 ajAW-'WAH* Mil ; tyiDtqiBtni.^ master, has arrived, and will commence dia ^5^ charging on Wednesday, weather permitting. ?F?r freiget t,r passage apply to HARTLEY 6l BRO., 101 Water street,Georgetown, I). C, d 1-tw The members of the vigi lant fire Company of Georgetown, l>eg leave to ~ announce t?> their numerous friends, that they wii1 %ive thejr N1 ntIi An.iusl Ball, on MON DAY EVENING, ueo. 2'at Particulars in a future advertisement. By order of n 'w THF. COMMITTEE. Pnl^n/vSdl'^S bnahela prime white '.M FR 1- CER. POT ATOESin store and for sale in lots to suit purchasers. PETER BERRY, 1 ** B Water street. Georgetown. a U R 8 FURS FURS!!! Skymocr, in Georgetown announces to his cus tomers that his assortment of La in bs Fancy F PBs, is now completed, in all qua'ities .nnd styles. Mincit Sable, Stone Marten, French do. Fitch do. Fdra in this establishment are fresh and elegant in their manufacture. Every article warranted as rep resented. Having bought the present stock for ca*h at very low ratea, we will aell very low. Ladies, to get great bargains, should call early at n 18-d3w W. F.SES MOl' R'S, Georgetown. BOARDING. MR. GORDON has opened the House No. 32R Pa. avenue, south aide, between 6th and 7th atreeta, nearly opposite Browns' Hotel, for the ao oommodation of permanent and tranment Boarders. His edorts will be to alford the oomfurts of home to those who may fsvor him with their patronage, d Vat * Booids to rent with or without Board. MRS. M. A. fKNIGHT has taken the"~weTl known and oommodious house, 447 Pa. avenue, between 3tl a. d 4S streets, south aide, nearly oppo site the Washington House, which has lieen com stely renovated and fitted up with new and e'esant rur''jtur?. suited lor a hrat claaa BOARDING-! HOLSE. Mrs. Knight havirg had conaidervhls expenenoe in the ume business in Baltimore, feels oonfiden e in oflering inducements to gent <emen and ther wives, and members of Congress, (being oon tiguouk to the Cspitol,) to call and examine her ac commodations Before locating themselves for the winter ___ _ n3Mw* BOAHDING.-Mrs. RUFF has tsken the larga and eoinmodions house, No. 3k> D street, sear 7th, where she intends to rent her Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives, with Board. Transient Hoarders by the day or week. Maals s?nt out at all hours of the day. n!6 1m" JUST REOEIVED 70 hags Java, Maracaiho, and Rio CoiTee, Si pockets Old Government Java do. 7iboxes Ground do. 45 half-cheats Imperial, Gunpowder, and Young Hjvon Teas. if> haM chests Black Teas, some very fine flavor, 2" packages Cruahed and Powdered Sugar, 4'iUixes Stratton Pearl Starch, 15 do Sperm Candles, J5 do Adamantine Candles, twelves, suitabl* for hotels and hoard ng houses, .9) do Adamantine Caiitlles, sixea, Ji do Mould do. SBdoken Bstiliit's Yeast Powde*. 3u do Preston A Murnl'sdo. 35 boxes Soap Powder, 20 do Old Castile Soap, A do Chemical do. IS do Fancy do. 7idozen Mustard, 5 do French do. in jars. .V) cans do. J5 dosen Walnut and Tomato Catsup, 2ft pails pnrno Family Lard, Poraal*hy I.H.PWJ'S01*. HAMILTON k CO., No 8M Pa. av. n 3fi MWThASIw T?? ^ . NOTIClf. .?? Nsrb leave to inform liia friends ana the public generally, as he is determined a. to do only rash busmesa, he will make to**M ord e r G E N T L E M E N'? c 1 ^ i I HIN U i n Ui e jl\ i* ''?w*r pri'.ws than any ?? r aataWislkiimiit mtht t ity. ?? Pltase jive him a call, and ruisure yourself of the a* . . F. BCHALK, . M?rohaat T?ik>r, No, 363 Pa. svenue. n m lm south side. AOCTIOB 8ALB8. Bf WALL & BARNARD, Auctioneer*. UALE OF FURS.^BAWLS, CLOAKS. D*>*s r* Gootw. F*T*rr ?root??, and hkrrniT ?On TUESDAY MORNING, 8th inst., at to o'clock. at o?r auction room, corner of .<nh street and Pei n?yl vatna avenue. we will sell a large assortment of Purs, Dry Good*, 4 e., ?? Sets ?f Fur% Cuff, and Maffs Silk and other (Jrni Goods ^ilk and Cloth Cloak*, MaatiNas, and Scaifs Laraa Stock ol Fanny Goods. Also, a *t<>ck of Perfumer*. with a"great variety hot here mentioned. Term* otsb. I.adies especially invited to attend. dA-? . walla barvard. auct?. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of three wnl? 1*1 of Fieri Faciie, issued from the Clerk'* Ofhce of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia fur the County of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose U> public sale for cash. in froot of the Court-house door of *aid oounty. oa THC RSDA\ . the 10th of December, at 12 o'clock m., Ike following described property to wit: all drfdndaat's rig lit, ti tle, claim, ana interest in and to that pert of Lot No. 17, in Square No. 374, commencing Zi feet ? utoh-s from the northeast corner ofaaid lot. fronting Hi feel 8 luetics on I street north t>etween^ih and iwth sts. w?*i, and renning Lack that width the whole drpth ofthe lot.togetfcer with all and singular the improve ments thereon, seixed and levied upon as the prop art v of William D. A ok en, and will be sold to satis fv Judicial* N<?*. 3hl. d7x. and 379, to October tern-, 1*5(7 in favor ??i Charles K<i?n?i. use of Parker P. Clark. Peter J. Steer,and Fielder M. Macrud*r,e*. William l>. Aeken. J. D. Ho()VER. d 5-dtds Marshal for the Pis, of Colnmtwa. Br WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneer*. Corner of Peaajpiraaiaarr a?? and'itk street. S ALB OV ELEOANT CHIN A.GLASS. TER RA Com, AND Pl.ATfD WaRI, BlSOI KT FIG URES AXD Fa*CY Loons, JlCWRIRN , A c.?On F RI DAY MORN I Nti, the 4th inataat, at 1? o'clock, at Comb's Hall.No.ZCl Pennsylvania uv eiiiie, south sid-, nsar the corner of loth street, we will sell one of the largest and moat eieirant asfort inent ol (ilass and China Ware. Ac., ever offered in thia city; we name but in part? Cut Bohemian Decanters. Goblets, Wine*, Tuni biers, and Article* for tba Toilet, Hich Cut-glass Ware of every variety. Beautiful Cut glass and Bohemian Vase*. Shade*. and Mantel Ornament*, Elegant Terr* Cota Vases. Ornament*, Figurea,' nd Baskets, Fine and heavily plated Castor*. Liquor Stands. Waiter*, Mugs, Oobleta, Ac., Parian Vases. Figures, and Ornaments, Beautiful French Chiua Teaar.d Coffee Sets.Tete a tete Sets, Fine French China Cups and Saucers, Beautiful p >inied Chun Vases, Figure*, and Man tei Ornaments. A large lot of Fancy Goods, Perfumery. Ao., Also a limited amount of hrst-class Jewelrv. These goods have been selected with srest cares* t> style and quality, and will lie otfered by the piece, pair or sot, and every article warranted as represented Sale continued on Friday and Saturday nighta. and Saturday morning. Ladies are invited to attend morning and evening. Terms cash in bankable fundr. d 2 ills WALL A BARNARD. Aacts. ir/-THF. ABOVE S VI K IS UNAVOIDABLY Po?ipon?*d (owing to the good* not arriviug in timet until FRIDAY, December II, same hour, d 5-'d WALL A BARNARD. Aucts. IXt-UAY \ ti O W M()KJ\li\Lr By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE.?By virtue ol a deed of trust ex ecuted to me and recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. iSJ. folios 257, 2-K. ?oft. Still, and ?*!. one of the land records of \\ achington ounnty. District of Co lumbia, I shali. on SATl'RDA Y. the 5th of Decem ber next, at 4 o'c.ock p. m.. in front of the premises, oiler for sal* at public auction, to the highast bidder th-refor. the eastern half of Lot No 6, in Sqnara No. 9i7. in aubdivieioa of John Wilson and Nicholas Callau, as the same is recorded in the ortio* ?.f 'he record of said city of Washington. District of Co lainbia Terms cash. The property to be resold at the riok and expense ofthe purchaser unless the terms of sale are complied with within three days from the day of sale. EDW. C. CARRINGTON, Trustee. n 13-1awA d* A. <?K EEN. A net. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen furni tv*k at Auction.?On !MON DAY. tbe.7th in rtant. I shall sell, at 10 o'olook a. m.. at the resi dence of a lad> declining housekeeping, on the north ?nie of Maryland avenue, N<?. 4"?. between 4S and 6th street*.on the Island. an excellent assortment ot Furniture, viz :? Mahogany Sofas. Parlor and Rocking Cnairs, do Bureaus and Table*. ?'herry and maple Wardrottes and Wasbstftnds Painted and Venitian Blii-ds, cane and other Chairs, * Carpets, Stoves. Be<lst? ads. Ac, With a good lot of Kitchen Requisites. Terms cash, in current fuuds. d 3-3t A. GREEN. Auct. FUTURE DAYS. By MADKN A LOWNDS, Anctioeeers. rXTKNSIVK SALE OF HOUSEHOLD Vj PrRNtrrite.?Wtll he sold, at the house of a gentleman declining housekeeping. ??n 11th street, between B and C streers. Iala> d. (the Bar wnl des ignate the house)on FRIDAY, the 4th instant, at in a. m.. a large assortment of Household and Kitch en Furniture, consisting in part of? Handsome rosewood Pianos. Beds Bedsteads and Bedding, Brocatel and other ChMrs. Dt\-ans, Sofas. Curtains, Ac., Stoves, Cutlery. A e.. Carpets, Dinner and Tea Sets, Together with a general assortment of House keeping (roods. Terms: All sums of and under l|3n. cash : the !*?1 ance at m and days, for notes satisfaetorily en dorsed. bearing interest. BADEN A LOWNDS. Auots. d 2-d 34 Market J-pace. [IT THE ABOVE SVLE IS UN A VOID A B L Y Postponed until TUESDAY, the8th instant,same hour and place. d 4 BADEN A LP W.N PS. Aucts. By J. C. McGUlRK, Auctioneer. F^XTKNSIVE SAI.F. OF HANDSOME CAR 'j RtAflEs,?On THURSDAY MORNING. Dee. lath, at 11 o'clock, in front ofthe Auction Kootnt,, 1 shall sell the following described Carriages: ii s ii pa ? ior a nd handsomely finished single and doa ble Rockawxys. 2 handsome Paik Pbsetons, 1 do douMe do. 1 shde-seat Buggy. I o\-al window Chanotee, I glass door do. 1 shifting-top Buggr, t no top do. I Carryall, 5six passenger Carriages of various patterrs and finish 1 second hand French Coupee, 1 set Double Harness. The above are of superior make and finish, and will be guarantied for an addition ol five per cent. Terms tush. d3 d J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE COUNTRY SEAT at Aictio*. Owing to the inclemency of the weather ves terday, and the present pressure in the money mar ket, *?aj. G. Tochman has POS'I'PON El? the pub lic sale of his residence and farm, " Summer Hill," in the County of Alexandria, Va., until MON DAY, the 4th of January next, at 10 o'clock a. m., on the premises. In the meantime, th'y are offered for private sale: and further information as to terms of sale. Ac., may be obtained at the auction store of J. C. McGuire. J AS. C. McGUIRE, oo27-2nw Auction and Commission Merchant. By BADEN A LOUNDS. Auctioneers. BY VIRTUE OF A DEED OF TRUST DtLT executed and recorded, made by m. Morgan, to the subscriber, 1 shall sell, on MO.N DA Y the?'h day oi December, at * o'clook a. in., rn the Navy Yard HiM.opposite the residence of (jen. Henderson, that handsome leasehold Property on Lot I,in Square lOi, confuting of a two-story Frame House, with a Imck I Kidding, on a ground rent of p-r aoimm Said property l* so'd subject to another deed of tru*L. uol yet due. and the purchaser will ka\ e the benefit of the credit on said tru*t. Terms: $50 cash: the lialaooeon the maturity of the deed of trust above alluded to.whioh will be made known on the day of sale. If the terma are not complied with within three days from the dav of sa>e, the sul*scril*er reserves the right to resell the same at the risk and cost of the delaulliiig purchaser. JOHN L. SMITH.Trustee. baden a lounds. ? 28 eota (Intel.| Auctiooeer*. O FRUITS, Ac. NE hundred whole and quarter boxes, Bunoh and Layer RAISINS. CURRANTS, CITRON. FIGS, CRANBERRIES. PRUNES, and lots of Christmas Fixings. Just received, and for sale low for cash, at 3<?, 7th street, next to Odd Fellows' Hall. KENNEDY A PUGH. ti 28-StS.TAS ^y iNES, Lll(UORS. Ae. 2 quarter casks pale Shernr Wine, very superior 2 quarter oa?ks Madena Wine, do 25 baskets Heidsick A Co. Cbampague, quarts and pints. lo cases Longworth Sparkling Ca'awba 2 quarter casks tine old Pale Brandy 2 quarter casks dark do. Ill octaves medium Brandy sixteenths casks do. 2n tiarrei* old < H? Whisky, very fine 25 do familr do 6 do Bourbon Whitky jrt do Recoiled do 30 do Domestic Brandy. Also in store.a large assortment of Gin, Rum, Cordials, A c. For sale by HAMILTON A CO.. ? n??-M,W .ThAS^ Mo.jW Ps. avei ue. WINTER CLOTH I Nti OF ALL 1(UALI TIES. Citiseasaud Stranger* wishing t?? suppl* thetn ?fives with elegant styles of READ^-MADI. Ci.O TH iNG, made ib superior manner, at mode rate pric's, are invited to examine our superior assortment. ? ? . _ Alan, an extensive variety of Gentlemen * I ur malting (>oods, Sbswls, Ac. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., ? ii |Int.I J22 Pa. av.. bet. Wh and 10th sts. MaTTl facti RK1? to order. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICKS OF BOOTS AND SHOES. I offer the fol.owing good* at price* euum erated l>elow : Ladies' doable-soled Heeled Gaiter*. 92.2S. ** withoat heel*, " " black Morocco heeled Boot*. $1 "S. '* " " without heels, ?? 1.37. " Walking Shoes at 91.12: and Mi*a?s and Ctnldren'a in propoitien l:ks of m Gentlemen's douNe coled Boots at M6 a pair. ? JOHN F. CREWS', n W in** No. 4Xtth *t.. between (i and THi% ?;A?'KK 1H)LL FAMILY at *<!?-* LAMMOND'K. *k HIC NEWS t. Lortsvtu.*. TVt J ?The examination of Mil lar. whm rtvHMImi t?i rrftrd to tbe ?iurdft of Pa?c?l D CrMdock, In tbe month of August. I^W. <-*u*ed much excitement here, U now pro t;re?*ing He tell* a P'vtty wtratght >10*7. ac knowledging tbet He parttctpsted 1* the murder Public opinion, however 1* *keptlcal, and atroag corroboration will be required to substantiate his lenlimonr Locuvmi, Oer 4 ?The hearing of the par tie* in the Craddnck murder case bat l#r* cob eluded. Seven of the prisoners accused of par ticipating in th- crime were discharged. baviug proved aa mltit The district attorney moved - ?- wixhtc* vnui vtr f HM'vr the commitment of Miller on the charge of per - jnnr. but the Justice replied that be wu already brld on the charge of marder by hi* own confoa ?ion. ? Rial ob the ErU Railroad. Nkw Yoli. i>ee 6?Two hundred men em ployed at the Erie Railroad Depot, Piermont, were discharged on Thursday, having refu*??d to work at red weed wife* CM her* were hired here, but on arriving at Piermont the discharged workmen re*i*ted toe landing of the new hand*, and compelled them to retreat A police fore* wa> procured from tlie city, aod another attempt to lai<d w.i* made la*t night, but the mutineer*, nuinlierinii six hondreaT were posted on the Imdinz with cannon. and prevented di***absrk*. tion. Tbe steamer with the new banda OB board banled of. and await* further orders. The t atlas Trade. Mob<lk. Dec 4 ?Cotton?Hale* of the week IO.OUU bale*. Receipta for the nnte time, 4V.0UP. Stock on hand TO.'W, Middling 10^c. Cnaklmtom, Dec. 4 ?Middling fair Cottoa to-day is nominally IU\, At An-usta and Savannah. Cottoa declined Ic. on tbe America'* advice*. The ttaltic'a Mew*. 8r. Joi<ii, N F . Dee.. 4 ?Nothing haa yet t>*en l?e*rd of tbe CoUiaa *team*bip Baltic, uow due off Cape Race Tbe new* yacht of tbe New York Associated Pre**, and another vessel employed especially for ihe puipose in con?eai:ence of tbe preseut very f??^ZV weather, are oft the Cape, to endeavor to obtain the Baltic* ^ advice*. Frer/*lini and Mrakescb. Charl**ton, Dec I.?M?demol-telle Fresaolini and Mr. and Madame Strakoscli left bete to-day, ?n the Mesmer Isabella, for Havana, to fulfill their en?a>*ement with Max Maretxek. director ?f tbe Italian Opera at the Theatre Tacon. In Havana They have been very auc<"?Mrfnl ia their recent Southern tour. Departure af the Niagara frem Halifax- 4 Halifax. Dec. 4.?Tbt royal mail steam*bip Xragsra. f:otn Boston, arrived at oae, aad aailed a' 3 o'clock thi* morning for Liverpool. Weath er cloudy, with a light north wind. EmbarWatiea ?( Gea. Pierce. Norfolk, Dec. 4 ? Ex-President Pierce and lady will emSark on boird tbe Powhatan to morrow. Tbe steamer will aail for Madeira to morrow afternoon Saiclde at New Bedfard. Ntw BiproRD. Maw. Dec 3.?J a me* H Rich mond, a bra** founder of thi* city, and a highly r-apectcd citizen. committed auicide thi* after noau by abooting himself through the head The mayoralty af Bostoa. Bostosi, Dec. 4 ?A large meeting of citizens was held last evening, when Frederick W Lin coln was nominated for Mayor, and also a fall ticket for Aiderrosn. Trial af Heary L. Boston. Dec 4 ?lleary L Sutton, tried for killing John Hilton, the '-Limerick Bov," In an ?<ffrav wa* acquitted by the jnry after ? few m>nutes deliberation Baltimore Markets Biltixori. Dec. 5 ?Flour Is dull and lower, Howard *tr?*et and City Mill* super W beat i* inactive; fair to prime red* flat I 10; fair to jjood white* ?l.l?*al At Corn ia heavy; old white anp yellow G0a70c.; new white tfaSev-.; yellow 56?frlr. Whisky is unchanged; City Ohio 43c New York >1 ark eta N*w York, Dec. 1 ? Flour i* quiet; aales of ;.?? bbls.; State *4.?0al.f0; Ohio *5 3Ua3 55 ; Southern ?.'i.l5a*5 St. Wheat Is auiet ; sale* nnimportant Corn has d-?dined; sales of 7.IHI bushels ; prices are nom> inai. Pork ia quiet; mesa *17 S?a>*H; prime *15 ."*? alii. Beef Is steady ; Chicago repacked * 13a *13 50 I?ard is steady at Idallc Whisky 1* doll; Ohio 43 ye Flaaactal Niw York, Dec 5?Stocks generally are low er. Chicago and Rock l-Und 74 if; Cumberland Coal Co.O: llliuois Central l>oiid? SILa Crosse and Mil. 11; Michigan Southern 1&; New York Central 71 \\ Reading 57, Mil. and Miss. 34 w: Missouri 6 * 7* Y GEORGETOWN AFFAIKS Comsfondtutt a/ Tk* Star. Grorgrtowk. Dee J.1W The general quiet that prevail* ainoag as, our aluiost entire exemption from everything like au outbreak'ng spirit of rowdyism, firemen's and other riot*, the entire absence of everything like burglaries pocket-pickiug. or any kind of theft* or other crime* of magnitude, I* prima fart* evi dence of good government. Upon the whole, there ate very few cities in tbe land which pre sent *0 many attractive feature* aa a place for private residence as Georgetown. Tbe owner of the lot on tbe corner of First and Fayette streets, upon which the flair-pole of the Yonng Men** Buchanan and Breckinridge Club *t<H>d!having determined to build upon the same, the society .esolved. at Its meeting on Thur*day night, to take the same down. A* thi* pole has an*wered well the end of it* creation, we move that it be given to the poor for fuel, and all tbe rest of the political poles now standing about town I* disjwed of in a similar manner The prepa'ed material for the superstructure of the Little Fall* bridge i* being rapidly trans ported to the premise* by the contractors, Me**r*. Stone A t^uigley. When oncetbe s'one pier*are completed. ,tnd the wood material* on tbe ground, it will require but little time, if tbe weather con tinue* favorable for outdoor work, to raise the remaining spar*. Tbe plan of the bridge la *uch that every piece of the material ha* been p e pared ana numbered with such precision a* to l?e easily placed in its proper position, without ths iea*t difficulty or alteration. Who can explain the cause* While Pennsyl vania avenue was brilliantly lighted last night, the street* of our city were'"broud^d in almost Egyptian darkne**. It 1* the subject of consid erable talk among the Btidge street citizens tbi< morning Tbe offering* of beef cattle at Drovers' Re?t and Fosset'aNard ve*teiday, amounted t > 600 head, nearly oil of which were purchased by District butchers at fgg 75a*4 ?5 on tbe boof. equal to S5 .V?aS- 60 net ; qiulitv inferior Sheep? ISO offered and sold at 91 5?ia?3 14 per bead Ho;?*, $6 .50; pork, from wagon*. *7 ; from store*, t7 5?V Flour i* held at M r>aV5 ??>, small sales >lm e our last report at *5 14. con?iderable quantities are beginning to tie *hippetl to Northern and European maiket*. Wheat $1 U5 to Si IG for good qualities of red and white Old corn ft^a TUc ; new 4lKi*4 5<l per bbl in the ear S J^EEP WARM AND HAVE SPORT. I nave just received from the manufactories in Bu*loti another ?uppiy of \N'iliism F. Mas'i Pa tent (ia* Hest 111K STOVES, lor heating parlors, chambers, din n( rooms, dresaiiiK-rootua, bath houses. As. Also, tb? finest assortment of F.nglish and Ger man SjvA PES, for LAdiea, Misses. Geatlemeu, and Bora. 1 oitether witk Misses'and Boys'SLEIGHS. All of tbs lieat quality, very lisoHsom* snd latest atjles. and for sate at 0. Woortvard'a Metroy?' *n Stove and Grate Factory, Noa. 318 and SB Peuu. aveaue. _ Stoves, (1 rates. Parlor Companions, Cookinc Rancea. Furuaoes, Ac., in *rejw ranety. dVSt C. WOtlDWAW D. PD'IVERNOIS' Ht?TEL, A. AVENl'E. between 17th aad Ifitb atreeta. WiUHltiTO*. U. C. Tni- establishment is newly furnished and ar ranpeit on the mosf modern and improved principle, wi'h privnte apsr?iiieut*. Ae. The Rsr is supplied with tbe ehoioeat of \\ meaand Liquors. Game and other delicacies ir. season. Hot au<1 Cold Lunch from II o'eiook a. ra. nst.l 12 m. aii-tf BROtiMM. BUCKETS, Ae. rS doxen lirtNun*. !?? 1I1 amall Hearth 15rooms 4U do Buckets, 1? do Whi*ts 4" neat< Baskets, various kmls, ?l<**'lethee Pins. 2^?lozen Mhoe Brush***, different pattern*. 2 ? do Scrab do. H d<> Ziac Washtmard*, 19 do Wood do. 3 t-a'es No. 1 *!i Msts S doxen Jute Msts. different sizes. Imi cases s<bancb*i ar?t other Mslebe*. Juat reoeive<l and for asleby THOMPSON, HAMILTON A Co. n 3n-M WThASlw No WP??? I A DIES, PLEASE READ. Instead of sellia* the remnant of my at-ck of FANCY GOODS at auct:on, I have Koved it into m? new Store, 338 Pa. avenue, l?eiwesn nth snd !^th streets, where I intend riving my customers an : the puMie generally, a ehanoe to g?t greet ha gai-is nt suotiou prioea. Oal) before you buy, aad ?m-muia for >1 urs.e4vea, Very rr-*pecrfnll^. _ R. C..SJ*K Dealet w Frenefi M illinerv and Fancy < oc 24 jSfi Pa. ava.. het. !Hk and lotk st*.