Newspaper of Evening Star, December 9, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 9, 1857 Page 3
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locaj^intellisbncb. Tmx Nzw Pobio Bill.?Monday evening, la tfce Common Council. Mr Clark reported the bil 'rom the Aldermen * To organize a police systemi for the City of Washington," with several amend ment*. . The 1st section of the bill divide* the cify Into rrrn policedistrici*, the First. Fifth, and ?ixth ,Vird? nrhidhlrkt; th? remaining four Ward* two districts each. Thi* wa* amended *o a* to i on*r'tnte one district In the Serrnth Ward rection '2authorise* the appointment, annually, ?n the Ith .Monday ?? Jane, of four police officers f.?r es. h of th? JJst and ei^hl, one of whoui, for tL- r ifh'li, ?hsll he stationed ?l the railronU de. ?>{. and twr> police officers for ea< h of the re ii. ? ii.iug districts. This wa? amended by striking out e! 4b! h and Inserting tenth for the appoint tn-'i of four officers, and striking out "one of whom" wb-n it occurs relative to the railroad depo*. and insert, "and an additional police of fl. er" for the eighth district, who shall tie *ta t wed at the railroad depot; and providing that ii.. police . fficer shall be a member of any fire, fc.>M . or hook and ladder company. f ion 3 provides tfiat the salary of each offi rer ?h*ll lie $m?i per annum, except jfie ..flier at tr>- railroad, whose salary shall lw Before gcinijnn duty to make oath to support the Con .riii-fi'"! and perform the duties of his office ; to lx>n?I in two sureties, approved by the >laror. to pay promptly all the moneys coining I ? hands as fees, fines, forfeiture*. Ac., and n<? citlrer to receive any fee, reward,emolument, pr?empcnsatlon for the execution of anv duty le - Mv icqnired, except rewards publicly off-red I , other municipal authorities, or State, or au thorities of the I'nited states. Section 1 provides for the appointment annn ?'!T ofa Police Magistrate for each of the Dis trict*. to be a resident of the Ward or District for y?h:< . anpoint#d, and keep hi* office at a conve ned point, approver! t.y the Mayor, the Ahigis t ,it?-s to l?c J iistice* of the Peace, each to assist the other when required, but no member of the Council t ? 1* appointed This action was amended by authorizing one iv for the Second. Fourth and Sixth District*, :r!the magistrate to be, vrhen appointed. .ii..l < out]uue a resident cf the Ward or District a-id requiring each to keep his office at a central point. illative to population. ?*e 'ion % establishes the salaries of the magU fr-:!es at per .minim, except those appointed for the J*econd. Fourth and Sixth Districts, who arr to receive #^0; and the one selected to at tend at the Central board House daily, who re ce.v-s <15T additional. The magistrates to give *? uid. with two approved securities, in the sum < f *"J I* 0 for the faithful performance of his du ties. !*et?ion ? authorizes the appointment of n chief o' police to h?ve a general supervision over the rdh'f officers in the enforcement of the penal law* ol t he Corporation ; to give l?ond in *1 ,tnm for the faithful discharge of h|* duties. St. tion 7 prescribe* additional dutie* for the chief cf police relative to settlement of the ac counts of the polif-e officers, recording reports and tetunw. he., and fixes hi* salary at Sl.tNi). T;iema\or to cause the amcunt* received from poii< ? magistrates and officers to In* published in tbf newspaper publishing the law* vf the Corporation. >??? tion s transfer* the police power* to the magistrates, police i'itrr? and chief of police, ,ip;. iiitt-d under this act. and relates to the issue of Corporation wariauis by the police magis trates. .-ertion 9 makes the Corporation responsible f ii.ct ssary expense incurred by officer* in the d> barge of duty in conveying person* to the wo-khouae. r?c'ion 10 authorize* the mayor to require the p?l;cr officers to act as nigh., watch in their dii? Irirti when nece?sarv. Section II (in.-erted by the committee) require* the police e Ulcers to wear a uniform, consisting ?f a blue frock coat with standing collar, blue pints with white stupe down the side*, a cloth cap with the distinguishing riumljerot the officer in f.ont. and a metallic badge, inscribed "city |K?l:t*?t " After the adoption of the eleventh section, the coii*ide.ation ??l the bill was postponed till Mon day neat. I hk I'attxt Ft*** At I p m to-day, experi ments were tried at the Arsenal in this city with ?iomez A Mills' patent f.ise, under the auspice* of competent army officer*. It Is a newly-ln verted engine of destruction, which 1* just now i.'tr. < ?ing no little attention in Rnrope and at tl.e North I" e can. perhaps, l>esf give the Star's inili'ary readers at a di*tance an lde;t of it by 1.1- as follows concerning it from a late New \ ot k city papei: A rnrt YalumKb /ac*'?M ?The Vela ' ''9 Eitrtricitti E'jmal"1.? An extraoidinary ? \\t .merit was exhibited a ft w days since with ? ? mez A Mills's new patented safety fuse. Tue > Xfieriment consisted of a length of five l.uid'ed yards of the fuse, with cannon at'aehed t - either end: one of them was fired, and the although at Much a distance, exploded w.thont any ap|?arent diflT-rence in time. 1'be inventor* state that thn great velr^'.ty of i^n:':ou, either when pa*?ni|r through air or wa fer. render it a cheap substitute f?r the oalvauii i Tfe'y f.rr m :nv purposes The latter i* applied t ? ??.;? h as expi<-din^ niin'-s, rock*i, A-*. They fuither state it possesses two great artvan?a< e*; r. ?t. i* leave* uo fire l>ebind. and cannot comuiu i.tc4fe it;mtion to any substance of less combus t t*le quality than cunpowder, second, the fu*e is i>< t .l-totiating. consequently cannot t?e exploited by ?: blow, which wa* proved by striking it with -? .'. inliner ou .11. anvil ''* l.mnit last, ni^ht wa* ?ipon '?s<-lf-culture and children, or good heads and lx-die?, and l?oM- toImp'ove them." Without nndertaking to debate the question u '??"'her or r. >t all that is claimed for phrenology >>? lwlievfrs has been established, we may say ? what was advanced upon the .?uhjec: l.?sf ? ?ht, was strikitii; and lntcicstIngj and tbephi *i* ?l |M?rtton of the lecture so abounded In valuable facts and suggestion*, that we could I ave wished every citizen of \\ a?bington. esp? c oiy every iiareiit, could have Wen present. Mr. O. t Fowler istlie elder of the well known other* Fowler *' He let* hi* hair grow, has a : itriarchal look, and ?oiih what reminds ?>ne of 111 Cnllen Bryant in api>earance. His style of *p'.:k ;ig i* blunt, slnewd. homely, and eml> nently practical. Upon the conr lusion of hi* lec ture i.e rx.tinine?l lii- head** of .several persons nominated by the audience, and whether gaided bv :: ?? principles of a fixed science, or whether Ii- merely made singularly shrewd iruegse*. he ? , rtaiiily succeeded in every instance in giving wh-t the acquaintances ot the sulijects under manipulation acknowledged to ?>e accurate de. 1 iie.tiuns Of ibeir mental, moral, and physical k an*l Idioayneraeles r of. V". lectures to-night ujk>ji the Interesting subject of "matiiuiony." ' oshctios.? The decision of the Ci'cnlt Conrt at the present term, in relation to tax sal s has been incorrectly reported in the city j-apers ^eKe.-jiiiy. We have taken the pains to asce.tain ue precise ma'ter. as the subject is interesting to the community. Tne plaint : B ?ued to recover the possession of a ha!f lot of ground and improvem-nis. which had ?>e^u soid for taxes, and which the defendant he.d under that title. After the plniniil! bad , proved a clear title, the d?i>ridant went on to I ' his tax title. | n the course of doiiiig so. it necessary for him to prove that the taxe* bad '-?n in fact asses.-d upon thi* partb ular prop. ? *>' Hat. upon producing the books of the Cer I " ?' on, it appeared that the half I.* was not dr ? ' ie-d as east half, or \ve?t half, or noith half, or south half, but simply a* " half of lot IV In "i ia*' and that as?*sstd in the name of a I ? rson having noclslm whstevcr irnon It As the -aw does not req.nre th? naine of t^e tru^ oM'ner to le Upon the bo.lis or to be advertised. U would ??? l?e?t least requirabie tha? the ? '" 'f should be descrioeil in the as^e<sn,eut With i-.:s.,rr,t.:e certainty: and accordingly the Court ? < :d*d, in sniisfaixe. that there was no certainty v* i.oli vrr in their assessment Im; EOVRXK5T* O^ THI IlLAID -SOUtb N ?' , 1 the improvement of which a bill wa* lately >>????? d in the t'iiy Councils, is beiiijg graded from 1 o . and a-half street to tne Navy Yard The ? 'I.j ?> vemei.t was very inucb nerded, insomuch ' s th * i? tl.i* only f ho roog It fa re lor all that |H?r ? ?n of tfie |s|;;n<t sooth of F ?tM*t to the Navy \ ard i'fce woi k islieing proseeoteit with much ??s> ,j ?v by \|r t'oiiim ssloner F.sp?-\ . who in fo'u.s ;i, mat that part ??f thest/eet which crosses i!.e n.och talked ahout J::lues's Cieefc is belno fl-!?d op to tr.e requisite level ihe ea tli wbii h ?s taken fr >m tne cut in the rising Ui.d a ?hort distance t>evor:d Thi* cut is ? tl.e f|?\. n (,fi deep, and w.H turnish sufficient dirt t.?complete tilios up the part nece*saiy to >- UUrd iu wlthotit going out of the way for it. Tb:?s, one part of t'?? Improvement is made lo eonirihute io the other, and much expense is tborebv saved to the C?-rp<?ration in the item of ? ?'Min;; earth ? >ui neighbors on Four-and-a-half street, who at? eugt^ed In thr mercantile Itneiness, are d Ing ?? <r.le.-.l t,i fixing up for the coming Christ mas holidays. ??? Tii It :vk? ?Arrived at Harvey A Co.'* what/, s'hr J D Stille, Capt Carson, from Phlla delpfiia. 'Hi tons of coal. Also, sloop Kllie, 1 'pt Warthman, from same pod, with W tons of . oal At ti^lt A Young's wharf arrived schr. J. W. Hale, Capt Friend, from Blue llill. Me., with I-*- tons of granite. Tii- f.y which prevailed on the river this mo i nin? kept the Alex slid, ia steamers at their wharves, none of tbera bavim': arr.ved at onr w.iar ve* ,in to 9 c'clock a. m. business' amui^ the coal dealers wan quite i.veiy. with an increasing tendency. I Win A.'l.rtz, the young man who was - f 1 i M? Coigau's restaurant on Monday night. ?I '.I ?? tfie lsflrnwrj at alwut ?>< o'clock p m >v?*?rrday ?P.. v- e. reoMMWiiCATM 1 traman nature Thin disposition te Mhnii Ln n"f?r<,,na^V, not COnfltlfd to thOM^ho^re SSdT^^T1^ nnd ?d??w?? ?Si'1'K*i a" f JwrtWfdnah who >rr frienT 7. i ^ artd bonornble people. A new < <Jt? i r**d, a|>pr?vingly, the proponed ?orn?^ k* V a'f 'h'ongh. and then found o..7i 1,8 Wbw** h* deemed objectionable, and, on that account. hM determined to role against #.?.? * a r^nr^ b"1 pnrsued generally thin code, or any other which the wisdom or ingenui ty of niHh ran devise. will of course be refected If CongreRa, instead of ordering 2r5<X) coplea of !l!i .T fZ h*Pr,nted b?d ordered 9,300 dffiVrent codes o be prepared, not one of Ibem? IflS. n ne i pursued, would command the i.n qua.ified approval of a single Toter. much less tbe approval of a majo:|ty of theni Pven if It were possible to prepare a v,rf.ct rode It w?,,M "Pf" Prt~"irKTW rrj?lS. f; people trying to evade, and practically to And T:,hr ,h? J^-fow ./the C^e ofr? ?Uu^ inV detail ^ talons ?o PU.-U,: iS'LMi'1?f ,h'm ieued To W.!10" i?f ,he ""Mrv Uw* ^ hf'J Ot> '**??*? M I* that aach abroga h1 s n ,?p ,.?fb''Bihl* w?I hont disciissfng S. ??i ?! I,,,,r7< a'readv thoroughly dh? ?nd understood by intelligent business Wat to *a>' th?? tbf abrogation re Ihan um Mn?7?,r' ,n ?PP?*itioB to the Bible m??T ^ doctrine of Galileo that tie earth *0? ""1 Th* ?W?w-Biinded ness that sought to defend the Bible, which ?k?i k' *'%? *Sr*i?^* the disroveries of philosophy, seeks to defend the Bible against u . "715"""* hostility of the laws of trade ,b10l,t.L'?Jn7 f,,rtiier ?n?o the merits of the new Cede. I would suggeat that the gentlemen mSiEtffi"? V invited to answer, in one or more public lecture* snch objection# as may ap pear most plausible. * * ,f.T* ,,nadvisedly reject this Code, which Is contained in one volume, plainly written and i1'?1 eT">; n,a'1 ra? find ?"* "?d understand his rights, and subject as It is to fu ture amendment bv Congress, we will have to suff-r the inconveniences of our present cumber some system nntilPon-ress can be induced to provide another, which may Ik equally unssti,. factory. ?, Thf Kffort of thi Hrcrrtart or thf Iv trfior has, as usual, much matter of District interest. A permanent bridge across the Potomac, is rec ommended as a necessity. It i* urged that it would be an act of justice to provide ? seat on the floor of the House of Ilen resen?atives for .delegate to be cl.osen by the people of the District of Columbia. In ropect to opening and keeping in repair streets, avenues, lane., alleys, drains, and sew ers. etc., etc., it i.s deemed eminently proper that these improvements should be made, in pur suanre of thr- provision* of the charter, under the direction of th* city authorities; and hence no estimates have Wn submitted therefor bv this Department. 1 To re-imbnrse the Corporation a just proportion of thf expense incurred in opening and Improv ing streets passing through and alonp public squares, an estimate ba.s been submit'ed for an appropriation out of the National Treasury, as the r?-sources out of money arising fr<?m the sale of fiovernment cltv lots have now failed Liberal appropriations are re-ommended (when ever the condition of tne Treasury will admit) for continuation of the improvements upon the Gov ment reser\*ations. It is recommended that appointments to the auxiliary guard should, before they take effort ?e repoited to a-.d approved by some officer of the t.oveiunient, either the Comnils ionei of Pub li. Buildings or the Marshal of the District of ( olumWia, and to give such officer the power of ff^T'Kii rflir" wh'nevt-r- In his opinion, the public good may render it necessary tiik Mkssior.?On live or six of the city routes of the star we were unable to get the Message in the hand* of our carriers last night in time to Wave them served until th's mo'iiintj This was more provoking to ns than to our sub scritiers thus disappointed According to a necessary custom, the document ,e ?f? "-iiverv to Congress is confided to a single printing offi. eoniy - that of the Union \s it was ouened atter 1 p. ,n , and we were coin pell^l to go to press at 2 p m . no time was :tf forde-i us i<> get it In type in the ?4'ar office f,?r deli very yesterday. A\ e wereconsequentlv conri pellrd either to disappoint all our MiVscritiers for the day. or purchase lt f.,r them in the only form in which we could obtain it?in the *h?pe of an extra In ion?ami t>? receive it only ar. that ottic-* could furnish it We served four-Jifths of our citv subscribers with it Indue time yesterday and really r.-gret lhat we could not obtain < oplcs rast enough to supply th? balance until this morning. Ix^rKsT.?This morning an Inquest was held at the InUrm tiy, l?y Cor<?uer Woodward, overth" txidy ol l.dwaid A I.ults. who was shot .Monday night last The evidence of Messrs. Jno. Adam son and James M'-t'olgau, was sfiveu in the ?<'ar of yesterday In additwn. John J l.utts, broth er of deceased. and Edward C. McAluse. who were present, were examim d. The jury returned th?' following verdict: " rhat from the < ?|| nre a?ldnced it appe ars lhat the derrast-d, on~Jon?lav. at a>e>nt || P ni . was in the tavern of J un<*s McColgan, on renn sylvania avenue, when he was shot by a urin named James Powers, of the . ity of Baltimore, wilb a pistol. Who tired at him three thn*s, one ball taking eitect In his alidomen, thereby caus ing his death, which to?>k place at the Infirmary on 1 uesday, the tub liisiant, at ti% p aiu| tlie jury find deceased left no property/' ..After the testimony had t?een heard Justice J"" ordered John Adamson into the custody of offi :er McHeary. and required of him bail in'the ?uin of for his appearanae at Court as a witness. W e ark glad to siE that the gardeners in the Smithsonian grounds are taking the precaution to swathe the laurels and young holly 's in s'raw coverings, preparatory for winter. Some of the finest specimens of these shrubs winter-killed last season for want of some such profeciion Bv tne way, we notice that many of tUe yonn- pin trees. which promised in a few year's to make clumps of much start-lines* and beauty, are dyin^ doubtless through not having l?eeti properlycared tor through the summer, the earth loosened about tnejr roots. ,Vc. In fact the Smithsonian grounds planted with so much care with fine shrubs and trees, (many of them exotics.) by the lamented llowuiiig, have been sadly neglected, we pre sume through lack of a sufficient appropriation. It is to be hoped that Congress will remedy the evil ere it i.s too late. Costrvrt to F.ti^itrttk ?EdwardGarrison, a colored gentleman, went to a tiall last night, given by some of his friends, dressed in military uniform, and his appearance there in such go;ge ous at ray created such envious heart-burnings amongst his less brilliant compatriots, that it was d*em*d advisable to remove him ftoni the room. He was taken to the guard house and k?q>t until this morning, when he was dismissed with some wholesome advice upon the necessity of observing dress-etiquette in his future attend ance at fashionable evening patties. [rovurvirA t r d. IfuRMko* Testimonial ?The New Vork pa j,e s speak ol the small ?utn collected In that city for the widow's fund, arid our fnlr fiiends In Bh'hmonrt. Virginia, are about organizing to r*i-e funds for this m ?st praist wo.thy object. What are our fair Metropolitan Mends doing? ^eud around y< nr ?ul?eciiption papers, la<lie?, :?ud the t all wdi b<' respond?d lo ??y many of the women of the District who have not been called \Ve?t End lVreinbef * |R"j7 f'rrRFVR Corrt ?Trntrtay ? Charles T Rn? ??eH, Esq.. of husetts, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this court. No I White, Stephens Ar Co , plaintiffs in error, n Pa-rhnl Rose's administrator. The < ause was argued l?y Mr Benjamin for the plain tltis in ?rror No. 5 Adolphns Dnrant, appellant, r* Samuel l,awren< e et a I The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr IJillet for the appellant. Adjourned Mh Fr'\kH Wrioht, who, In addition to tiej melodious and admirably trained voice, has the reputation of being one of the most beautiful women of the day. will give ?ome choice poetical readings at Carusi'n Saloon to-morrow night, In <Iudieg, amongst other things, an offset to the '??e?autifiil vromen" of l.ola Monte*, in the shape of ''beautiful men." All the good-looking males will, of rourse, be sure to attend. We sii%ll be there ? Thr L'by Teach km* of St. Matthew's Sunday School, are having an admirably conducted Fair for paying the expense which has beea incurred by enlarging the school rooin attached to that church. <io, one and all, and contribote a few shillings for so laudable an object, and listen to the fine m.uic ol Fisher's Band. Cm. Orr, the newly-elected Spoaker, la to be eouipllmeuted by a serenade to-night, at hisquar ters at liiowris' Hotel. Withers's Band Is to Mfl.-'nfe, and we hazard the guess that among the p,e< ??? iNtiformed will lie some such public favor ite^ as the Lan%iy-hiid Waltz, Sleigh-bell Polka, Com iti Zisgari and I.a Afar>tillair*. Oiriman ? East night nn old gentleman iiaiiod Thoiuas Conner, while walking along the H a-hlngton Canal last night,la a top-heavy con dit'ou, tumbled overboard. He was re* ued and t .ken lo the guard bouse, dried and dismissed Criminal CorafJudge Crawford. ? The Court met at id o'clock thi? morning, and took up the case of the United State* r?. Jacob W Powers, an action in which the defendant ia charged with an assault and battery on John W. Hillery, in Georgetown, with intent to kill him, on the 21at day of February, 1857. Morgan, Hen d*M?n and Martin for defence. Tbe facta testified to in the cane wefe a* fol lows r Tne defendant was at the restaurant of Mr Rupple when a man named Crouse, with Hillery and several others, came in, and Crouae Iteyan to say that be coald whip the man that cnt John Bftlrtier. He staggered np against a man named Walker, who was in the room, and said be could whip him. Walker stepped bach, and Pow ersraugbt Crouse and held him. Powerssaid to Crouse that lie must not flybt because he had no chance. Reffre that Crouse had no weapon but a penknife. He now weat toward Hillery. and had a large Bowie knife In his band. He tionrisbed the knife in his hand, and said to Walker, who stood near by. "come on, you son of ab?h.'* Walker bid him stand back and drew a pistol, which he tired at Crouse. He then stepped out of the door. Crouse staggered hack, and then Hillery went out. Crouse then fell, saying that he wasa dead man. Hillery was cut in toe affray very severely by Crouse. The knife with which Hillery was cut was furnished to Crouae by Powers. This case was pending when this report closed. Circuit Court ?The jury in the case of Cath arine Pearson rs Chas. Haskins, yesterday re turned a verdict for the defendant. The Court then took np the case of Jos. Lyons rs. Vincent R. Jackson, an action brought to re cover the amount of a promissory note. The ca^e was as follows : The plaintiff sold the defendant a borse. for which he received a portion of the Cay inca?h, and for the balance the defendant gave is note at 90 days A day or two subsequent to the transaction the defendant discovered that the horse which he had purchased was worthless, and a few days afterward the horse died. The defence was no consideration for the note which hnd given. The ease went to the jury, and the Court adjourned. This morning the jury in the above case brought in a sealed verdict for defendant. The Court then took np the case of Roliert Strong, use of Thos. J. Fisher, vs. the Etna in surance Company, an action to recover certain in surance money. This case was pending when thia report closed Wr understand that the memiiers of the Bar of the District of Columbia are about to present a petition to Congress asking that the Judge of the Criminal Court may be placed on the same foot ing. as to salary, as the judges of the Circuit Court. Such a'movement, we learn, bas l**en contemplated for some time; and there can tie no reason why the petition should not be granted, insomuch as the labor is equal if not greater in the Criminal Court. Court of Claims Ykstf.kd.vy.?The case of Richard W. Meade, administrator, vs. The United States, was taken up, and Mr. Blair, i.'nlted States Solicitor, commenced the argument for the I'nited States, and spoke until 3 o'clock ; and, without concluding, the court adjourned. Four-and-a-half Sthf.kt.?People who ride complain that Four-and-a-half street, between Pennsylvania and Maryland avenues, is in a shockingly bad condition, by reason of the heavy rains that Lave fallen recently. Somebody's Folks, on I street, between Sixth and Seventh, were visited by a surprise party on Monday night, and the fun was kept up until 3 o'clock the next irornlng. Naturalization.?since the present term of the Circuit Court commenced, eighty*-seven for eigners have twen naturalized, of whom a large majority are natives of Ireland. C a Rust's Cotillon Part* takes place to-night at his Saloon when, as usual, all the fashionable world will be pre>ent. Tut? is thk nioiit of the regular weekly soi ree of Munder's charming series. Watch Bktitrns.?Mary Jane Mason, col'd, Md , assault and battery; tine and costs .#.> {>1. workhouse I'M days. Ann Brown, col'd. D C.. do.: d<> I'.'iw.rd Garrison, col'd, 1). C , wearing fa icy dress at a ball; dismissed. Thos. Conner, Ireland, fell in the canal; do. Sixteen lodgers, non-residents. Matrimony asm thk Happy Family is Prof. Fowler's subicd af Temperance Hall this evening. If he ean show the married how to niarr) happily, and those already married howtolivi; happily after marriage, he will tm well worth hearing. It Drs. Hrnter A. Williams, I'/t'jsirion% for IHitaxtx of Throat and Ltrnxt, 52 North Charles street, Baltimore. Dr. Hunter or Williams will visit Washington < n ? he 12tii and 23th of each month. The next visit will he on Saturday, the 12th lust. OtTu;e^i> I'eunsyIvaniaavenue,over Mrs. Voss's Jewelry Store. d 9-3t Washington City i?*pha.n Asylum.?A publi cation was.some weeks ago. made in a newspaper (The Atuerice.n) of this ettjr, condemning the present management of the Washington City Orphan Asy lum, and a few days thereafter one. or perhaps more than one. ol the City papers contradicted th<: state merits therein oontaiued. The ladiee who had charge of this Institution for four years prior to J u ly, IH.V7. havo had imposed upon thein the necessity ??f snui'g. iii tins puoliu manner, thit they nave no knowledge either of iIiokc publication*. They no not wish to say more upon tne subject, h it Khali do jm?, sud also present son:* f'icts cat cd lor in this eorrection,ii such a step shall Oe rendered neces sary. I am in ro*sEssiON of so'iie valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its etiicaey in relieving bronchial disease attended w i;ti severe congh. T!ieS?rup is pleasant and sale,and is eompnsHit of roots anil herns procured from the Blue Ridge; it is no common article. They are nicely enveloped in my circiLlars, where my place of residence is snen. The rxtract of a flowercalled the Alpha Oil tment for the Piles, can. With the Syrup, b? found at Mr. C-Stott's: the Syrup is at seveial other places en Pennsylvania avenue, as well as Georgetown, at Mr. .Newman's on Bridge street. In AlexuKlna at Ledlietter's. In Baltimore, at Hance's, 1'H Balti more street. Notice.?All those who have found relief from the use of this Syrup would confer a iavor on M. A. Mount by forwarding them their certificates is ?arly as possible. d7-tf It will pay to look in at Francis, on Seventh street. He has all the new and useful articles lor It oil lekeepinj;, and a large stock of Baskets. Cahns, Rruslie.s. Combs, Pocket Knives, Razors, Scissors, A c. He is selling low. d5-tw "Woodland Cream," for the hair; Balm of Thousand Fi.owFR?,for cleansing the teeth and beautify ing the coinpiexiou. The genuine article to he had at Job. Shillinu ton's Bookstore, Odeon Bnilding, corner 4>? street and I'a. avenue. n IS tf Dr. Pope. tfomeopatkir ytirtau and Surmon, Dp Menou or Chain Building*. No. 376 H street, north side, between 13th and 141 a sts. d 1 -e<>3ni Dyspfpbia and Fits.?Dr. Tracy Delorme, great curerof Consumption, was (or several years so bad ly.atflicted by dy?pepsia thnt for a pari of the time he was coubned to his t>ed He was eventually cured by a prescription furnished twin by a young clairvo* ant rirl. This prescription, given by a iners child while in a state of trance, ha.s cured everylxidy who has taken it. never having failed once, it is equally as sure in enses ol tit* as of dyspepsia. The in^ie dients may he found in any drug store 1 will send this valuable prescription to any person who will supply me with the nrrues rand residences > of ten,or more, individuals sutlering with diseases of the chest, lungs, or throat, as aKnowledge of such inva lid* and the way to rer.oh them, is an aid to my rejru iar business. Audrees Dr. Tracy Deloime, New York Post Office. Special Notice.?For Perfumed Breath. White T*?th, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm of I.'<?> Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hsir use '? Woodland Cream," a new pomade : it cans** gen tlemen's hair to curl beautifully. Price ft? cents each. W P. Frtridgr tc Co., Proprietors, New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington, Tayloe A Maury, Bfioksellers, tietween 9th and 10th st.. Pa. avenue. ii 17 OIKII. On I he 9th instant, of typhoid fev#r, MARIiAK F.T Til KRESA, aged three years, youngest daughter of Augustin and Catharine Ju'lisn. Her funeral will take place To morrow, at three o'clock, from the lesidence of her parents, 13th street, which tne friends of the family are invited to attend. * GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMTS. Ala k<> f. an d w ki.l sklf.ctkd stock ol TOYS and FANCY ARTICLES can be found at MRS. M B. COLLIN'S. d H-3t* No. *9 Bridge street, Oeorgetown. 1"* A XKS.? Persons paying their Ta*es oa or be fore January ??t, la^H.will aaveintereat and ex penses.otherwise interest will charged dating haok to the first Monday in October last. C. F. SHEKEL!., d |-im* Collector. POTATOES.?1,51)0 bushels prime white MER CER POTATOES in store and for sale in lots to .u.t petkk BKRRY. U a ? Water street. Georgetown. P U R 8 ! FURS!! FURS!!! Srymour, in Georgetown announces to his cus tomers that his assortment of Ladies 1- a?cv r urs, is now compute*!, in all Qualities and stylea. Muick Sable, St?>ue Marten, F reneh do. Fitch do. Fnrs in this establishment are fresh aud elegant in their manufacture. Every artiolo warranted a* rep resented. Haviug bought the present stook for cash at very low rates, we will sell very low. Ladies, to get great bargains, should oall early at n 18-d3w W. F.SEYSlOUR'S.Ueorgelowii, AIJCTIOM BALES. BtBAUKN JtLOWNUS, EXTENSIVE SALE OF HARDWARE, . Holmhold FcKsnftjOb BritDtM MLatbbi am, Cctlk*y and Faxct Uoon. SIlvie axd Pl?t? War*.-On SATURDAY MOHN1NU, ftfro?t ofour store. No. Jl Centre Market Space, tween 7tli and mil ?Ueot?, at 10 o'clock, a. m.. ?? ?ball oommonee the aale of an extensive lot of Hard' ware, Cutlerr, Houaefcold Furniture, Building Hardware. Silver, Silver Plated. and Fancy Goods. I'Mtola, Knives. Ac., which will oontwue until three o'clock p. in., and lie returned at our looms at eeven o'clock?centistmg in part of Bedsteads, Mattresses Centre, rout atxl other Tables Spring < Tatenti Matt res set. Table Cutlery Chairs. Sofas, Ao , Loess. Sciews Carpenter*' Tools, Ac., A e. Additions to fhe above sale respectfully solicited. Jt BADEN A 1.QWND8. A?qtp. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE.?By virtue ol a deed of trn?t ex ecuted to me and recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 13S. folios C37, 2*8, 25C, Jflc, and i*L one of Ihe land records of Washington oouuty, District of Co iuml>ia. i shall. on Til URB DAY, the Slat of Deoem tier next, at 4 o'clock p. m., in front of the premises, otter for aale at publio auction, to the highest bidder therefor, the eastern half of Ijot No. E.m Square No. 367. in subdivision of John Wilaon and Niohotaa Callan,as the same is recorded in the office of the

record of aaid city of Washington, District of Co lumbia. _ T?rms cash. The property to he resold at the risk and expense ofthe siirofiaser unless the terms of sale are complied with within three days from the day of aale. KDW. C. CARRINGTON. Truatee. d 9 lawts A. GREEN, Auct. FO& RENT AND 8ALB~ FOR R F.NT.?Three Rooms to rent, furnished or unfurnished, with the privilege of parlor. Apply at .No. 30. 13^ street. It* IjM' R R ENT.?A Parlor ai d Chamber.o* the tint floor, both comfortably furnished, situated at No. VH Pa. avenue, opposite Wiilards' Hotel. da St* TO RENT.?Two fine Rooms, furnished. Parlor and Chamber, heated with furnace and lighted by gas, on D street, between 2d ar.d 3d. in the rear of Trinity Church. Possession given immediately. Applratthe Drug ytore of LEWIS M. SMITH, .731 Pa. avenue, opposite National Hotel. d 9-4t Invo VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOMS for rent. One a large front room, in one of the most pleasant locations in the c ty. Iii ijuire of Mr* H CNT,47 Louisiana avenue, between Cfh and 7tll streets. d 9-tf ONE LARGE PARLOR and large CHAMBER attached, on the brat floor, handsomely fur nished. and having jas, for rent. Also a Parlor and Chambers, two largo and two good sized single ones m suite, or separate. Meals furnished if desired. Terms reasonable, and location central. Apply at 4G8 loth street, between Hand E. dl Iw A~n elegant tvvo-h<7rse carriage for sale. Apply at 392 C street. d8-3t* TWO IMUTS OF FUR NISHED ROOMS to I ivnt at No. 224 F street, between l4tb and !5' li and kick ot Wil lards' Hotel. a 8-2t* - FMIR RENT.?A newly papered and painted BRICK HOUSE, three stories, with out con veniences, good yard and cellars, a few doors from the Aveuue, on ICtli street north. Terms reasona ble. Applv upon the premises, dB-3t L. R. TRUE. [pOR R y NT.?Several hand omelv Furnished ROOMS, or the entire House, if desired. Lo cation directly opposite the National Hotel, No 967. d 7-' f (^)R SAI E OR LEASE.?A two story itRICK HOUSE, on E street, between 11th and 12th streets, adjoining the Uuiori Printing Office. Also, a Colored Man to hire by the month or year. For terms, Ac ,apply to JOHN WATERS, on E street, between loth and 11th streets. General Agent and PpHector. d7-3t* I/OR RENT.?Two BEDROOMS and PAR I I.OR adjoining, on the second floor, in a very desirable location. 40V F street, one door from 7th street. d l-"f 1 BURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT.?A suite of Rooms in the immediate vicinity of ?he Hotels. Breakfast ai.d Tea furnished if j required. Inuuire at 4"6 D street .between 6th and 7th. near the >:ates Office, or at 366, under Browns' Hotel, Pa. avenue. dS Iw lUnionA States] FOR RENT.?Several very pleasant ROOMS, in one of the most desirable locations in the citv. l?eing in the immediate vicinity of the National Ai.d Browns' Hotel. No. 46 Louis'.ina avenue. d 2-7? LMIK RENT.?Three PARLORS and five F CHAMBERS, handsomely furnished, in F street north, between 13th and 14th, No.?56. no 16-flOtf |<M RMSHED HOUSE FOR RENT.-A desi 1 rshie and handsomely Furnished House, con veniently located, in a pleasant part of the citv. will be rented for six months, or by Ihe >e?r. Please refer for information to J. G. CLARKE. Esq., office of R^tzsA Co. n25 tf l^tlR RENT.?Either furnished or tinlurni&hed, P an cxoellent, three-story, nsw Brick House, with hnarment, N'o. New Jersay avenue, five minutes' walk from the Capitol, with three-stail slat le and coach house, with immediate possession. Inquire atS.XM'L. WAI.KER'S Portrait Gallery, Odoon Bui!dme, corner 4H street and Pa. auei.ue. _n l? tf (WRD.-RARE CHANCE.?Twelre hr*e and j handsome Rooms. w:th Bath-rooms, Ac., Ao.. for rent, furnished or unfurnished, suiuil,!e lor chamhers or offices. Will be rent>-<J sepernte'j or a.'l together. Terms reasonable. 'I nose i-partmenis are over our os;nblislii:ieut. Pa. avenue, between 3th and l''tii straeta, WALL, STEPHENS A CO. n IH-tm (Statcsl L'OR RENT OR LEASE.?A 'arse and oonimo " dious double llOl'SE, with water, uas, and iitth room, coach house stabling, snd omnmenta) rardeu. Tlie house is ele<iutly fn*nishe<l, ai>d in the most central and desirable location. The house wi.l be leased, wit h the furniture, for ? term of years to a good tenant., very reasonably. For particulars apply to WM. WALL,of Wall, Stephens A Co., 322 Pa. avenue, between tUh and H'th streets. n m-lin I^OR RENT-Prof. H. VV. MI NDER havTne I fitted up his llnli in an elegant manner, winch re;.tiers it one of the prettiest rooms ill tills ciO . w.ll be rented upon moderate terms for Soirees, Suppers, Pinners, o* Promenade Concerts Applv at the Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday,and Thursday even ings from 7% until o'clock. His School is now ;?pen for the reception of pupils on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening, oc V2-tf (COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, j City Hall. Noveml>er 5, li!57. Notice is hereby given to all persons who have not paid their Taxes for the present year, and to ail who are in arrears for previous years, that at the expira tion of sixty days from this date, or as soon thereaf ter as the advertisement can be prepurrd.all prop* r 'y on which the taxes may'reinain u> paid win lie ad vertised and told for the taxes, as the 'aw <*njoins. Those who do not wish to be put to the heavy ex pense attendant ou tho advertisement and sale are requested to pay in season. J AS. F. IIA LI DAY, n6-eotJan5 Collector. *pEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa, payinc 10 per cent, interest by Coupon in New York. Bonds of each. The growme city of Davenport has now about 2n,0(Si inhabitants, ai.d is rapidly increasing in wealth an4 population. Its municipal debt is only 9150,nnn, and its railroad df bt only <l25.0<v; and cannot now he increased. The statistics of the eitv were published in the Intelli rencer of the Sntn September. We recommend these bonds, believing them to be as safe as any Stateor city bonds. 006 CHUBB BROTHERS U R S 5 FURS!! FIRS!!! Just received, from New York, the lareest and cheapest STOCK OF Fl'KS ottered this searoe. Bought for cash, and all that 1 ask is to call and ex ?n ine iny large assortment of Ladies' and Child ron'a Furs. Prices very Mr to suit the times. Sign of the White Bear, corner of 6th street and Penn. avenue. HOPKINS, d 5 2w ?nos I VV WINES, LIQUORS. SI GARS, AND GRO >? CEMIF.S. The subecriber respectfully inform* his friends and patrons, and the public, that a full risid gen eral assortment of old Whiskies. Brandies, W nud Seg'trs, of superior age and (iuaiity, i can t?e found at his Store, at the corner of 12th I and K streets north. All orders strictly tilled and delivered. JONAS P. LEVY. d 3-1 in near the Canal. ho would not savf monf.n Tn ESE HAI1DTIMF.S.' We would most respectfully anuounne to all those who are in want of a cheap light, that the BR ECK INRIDGE COAL OIL is the cheapest oil extant, onlv burning in the lamps we have, at the rate of hair cent per hour. Call and see, No. 323 C street, liefween 6th and 7th streets. n21 tf HOWELL A MORSELL. PD'IVERNOIS' HOTEL, A. AVENUE, between 17th and 18th streets, Washington, D. C. This establishment is newly furnished and ar ranged on the most modern and improved principle, With private apartments, Ac. U/~The Bar is supplied with the choicest of VV ines and Liquors. Game and otner delicacies in season. Hot and Cold Lunch from II o'clock a. m. until 12 m. _ n 21?tf GAME. HA.MMACK A BRO., v Restaurant No. 204 and 206 Pa. avenue, under W iliards' Hotel Building, have on hand a fine assortment of the most ohoine Game, of vari ous kinds. Also, all delicacies of the season. Mem l>ers of Congress and all others who are fond of good living will bud this house to be second to no house in the country. Polite servants and attentive bar keeper. Please give us a call. P S.?The finest Ala in the country on draught. d 7-3t* D HOWELL, the well known Caterer for Epi ? cures-formerly of Philadelphia, will be most happy to reoeive and entertain lus former friends at f he Keystone Hotel, Washington City. d 7-3t* rT'RUIT.?New Eleme FIGS: new RAISINS, in quarter, half, and whole boxes; new CUR HAN TS. C R A N B E R R I ES; fresh CII F R R IES. KOOSE h E R RI ES, PEACH ES, WHORTLE DI D LML fl 'IVkVf i ' v 4 i riAvrir^. \v BI.R RIES, TOMATOES, et cetera. For -aleby KING A BIJRCHKI.L, _ h 12 corner 15th street ard Vermont ave. TO VS. TOYS, _d 8^t LAMMONP'S.tth street._ Engravings, new sty lea. at <M1? u 27 MoLAUGULlN S. ADCTIOM BALES. TU-OjUf ? TO-MOKKOW JKOJUfllW. MA R3H AL'S SALK.-Ufirtui of three writs of attachment oa warrtMN*.SR&3n,aoa JTs to January term 18*. iwoed fr.m ?fce Cierk*# Oftoe of thd Circuit Court of tfce Diitn* of Columbia for the County of WAstnmrton, And *> medireoted. I ?Mil expos* to public Mi?, for Cash, in front of the Centre Market, corner of 7th street iw?d Pa. av..on THT RSDAY.Ioth Doc ,inst., lR57.alflo'ol'k a. in . the following srttr'e* to wit: 4 aulas of Bee/.a Wx or C?? Beef, a lot ofselt Beef, a lot ot Sheep Ssms, W t calf Ski-8. I Sow and 1* Pica, seised And takes un ?ler attachment aa the property of Jofcn Cornell. an*i will be sold to satisfy attaeUm?* in favor of Lewis D. Means, Jaines F. Brown, and Stephen Prentiss. J. I). HOOVER. Marshal dM? fhr the District of ColuiotHa. By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. Ctrmer #/ Pmntylvnin areas* and 9lk ureet. PKRKM PTOR V SALE OF FR ESH FRI ITS. ? QKOCKRtm, liNtfll*. Arc., AT Pl'SMC Acotios. On THURSDAY MORNING. Deoember lu. at 1? o'clock, we will sell u> front or onr auction rooms, without reserve, a large assortment of fresh Fruits, Groceries, Ac., consisting of 3j0 whole, half sod quarter boxes fresh layer and hunch Raisins, new orop 100 drums, boxes, and frails Files in boxes fresh lemons; 10 cases Currents IS l>arre!? crushed and tirown Sugars Cotfees, Tens. Mustard, Spices, A c. 5? boxes b.own and fancy Soaps Adamantine and mould Candles SO boxes new Smoked Herring; 10 baskets Olive Oi! *? do prune Chewiug Tobacco 5harrels and l? ha.f liarrels Sugar-house Syrup 10 do Prime Molasses 2i> l*arrels and casks Brand? And Whisky 12 oases Blackberry Bmndy With man* other articles in the Grocery line?al! of v.-luch will baaold without reserve, dB-2t m ALL A BARNARD, Aucts. By JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. FHCRNITURK AND HOUSK-FUR nishing Goot)? at Ppbi.ic Sal*. ? On THl'RSDAY MOK NING, Dec. 10, at 10 o'clock, at the Furniture Siore, No. ? N'luth street, a lew doora north of Penn** Ivania avrnue. I shall sell a larfe and excel lent assortment of furniture?comprising Marble-top and plain Mahorany Bureaus Walnut Whatnots, Fancy t'hairs Rosewood and walnut marble-top Centre"ard Sofa Tallies Ma horary hair spring-seat Sofas and Parlor Chairs Cane aiid wood-seat Chairs Arm and Nurse Rocker*. Lounge* Painted Wardrobes and Waslistai.ds Cottage Bedsteads. Clocks *?iIt and Mahogany-framed Mirrors CUma,Glass,ant) Crock ry Ware Silver plated Table and Tea Spoons Husk nr 'I husk and cotton Mattresses, Bolsters And Pillows Towel Racks and Children's Chairs Breakfast and Dining Tables, Ac. Toother with many other articles in the House- ? furnishing line. Terms: .$2" and under, ce?h; over that sum A cre dit of one arid two months for satisfactorily endors ed notes beanug interest. da d J. C. McGUlRK. Acct'r. By J. C. McGUtRK, Auctioneer. Extensive sale of handsomecar *iA?a<.?On THl'RSDAY MORNING. Dee. li o'clock, in front of the Auction Rooms, 1 shall sell the following described Carriages: fl supe ior and handsomely ftnished enisle and dou ble Rmkiwys. 2 handsome Park Ph<rtons, I do doub'e do. 1 slide-scat Buggy, 1 oval window Chariotee, I glass door do. 1 sluliirif-lop Buggy, I no top do. 1 Carryall, j six passenger Carriages of various patterns and finish. 1 second-hand French Coupee, 1 set Double Harness. The above are of superior make and finish, and will be guarantied for an addition ot five per oent. Terms i>?sh. d3d J.C. McGl'IRE, Auctioneer. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of three writs of Fieri Facias, issued from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of tne District of Columbia for the County of Washineton, and to me directed, I will expose to public gale for cash. in front of the Court-House door of said county, on TH t'RSDA Y, the loth ot December, at 12 o'clock m., the following described property to wit: al! defendant's right, ti tle, china, am interest in and to that part of Lot No. 17, in Square No. 374, commencing 22 leet H inches from the rortheast coruer of said lot, fronting Hi feet * inches on I street north between !?th and loth sts. w<?st,and runnit.e hack that width the whole depth of tfio lot.tocethrr with all ami singular the improve ments thereon, seized and levied the prop erty of William D. Acken, and will be sold to satis fy Judicial* Nos. 361,37*!. and 379, to October term, 1877 in favor o| Charles Koon's, use of Parker P. Cl*rk. Peter J. Steer, and Fie der M. Magnider,?i. Wilnam D. Acken. J. D. II MOVER, d .S-dtds Marshal for the Dis. of Columbia. FUTURE DAYS. Bv WALL <V BARNAKD, Auctioneers. Corvtr cf Pf nmsylratiim nrenu* street. WALI' OF EI.EGANT CHINA.GLASS. TER O ka Cotta. axu Plat?b Wafk. Biwrer Fi<; ckk? asi? Ornaments. Fa*? t Good*. Jkvvklrt, A c ?On FRIDAY MORNING, thesth instant,at !?? o'clock, at Comb's Ilall, No.283 Pennsylvania av enue. south sid>, r.ear the corner of loth street, we will s>-ii one of the largest an<l most elegant **M>rt inent of tliass aiid China Ware. Ac., ever otfered in this ciiv; we nao'e luit in part Cut llohrmian Der-Jintrrs, G?-I.lets, Wines, Turn ings, and Articles for the Toilet, Rich Cut t'las* Ware of every variety, B<.*autiiul Cut (.'lass and Bohemian Vases, Miades, and Mantel Ornaments. Elegant Terra Cota Vases, Ornaments, Finures,! nd liask "tii, Fiue and I:-'AviIt plated Castors, Liquor Stands, Waiters, Miu?. (ioblets. Ac., Parian Vases. Kipurts, an<l Ornaments, Beautiful French China Tea acd C\-tfee Sets, Tete a tete Sets, Fine French China Cup* and Saucers, Boaiit.ful pnuied Chun Vases, Figures, and Man tel t irnaiii'-nts, A large lot of Fancy Goods, Perfumery. Ac., A Iso a limited amount of lirst-clhs* Jewelrv. These goods liave lice:. WlHtld with creat caress t> style and quality, ana viil lie offered by the piece, pur or se!, and every article warranted as represented. Sale continued on Friday and Saturday nights, and Saturday murniue. Ladies are invited to attend morning; and evening. Terms cash in bti.kable fundr. d2dts WALLA BARNARD. Auct*. 1Q-TIIE ABOVE SALE IS FNAVOIDABLY Postponott iowiii" to the goods rot arrivmx in tune) until F III DAY, Deceiriltcr 11, Kame hour. d.S-td WALLA BARNARD. Aucts. G 1 O L D AND SILVER PURCHASED AT THE BEST RATES. FOREIUX FILLS OF FXCHASOE SOLD, OXTHii PK ISC I PAL POINTS IX EU ROPE, IX SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRFXCyTaXD VIRGINIA M0 N FY ACCOUNTS, WILL BE OPEXED FO R It FPO SITo K S P A YA BI.E IX SA M E FUNDS, OM IX G OLD, C If A R(i IXG THE CURRENT RATES.-CH ECKS MUST BE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS OX ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITfES OF THE UNION. SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AXD STOCKS SOLD OX COM MfSSIOX. UNCURREXT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. I. A XD WA RRA XTS P U RC H ASF. D AT TH E HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, RITTEN HOUSE, FANT A CO., d 4 3m Bankers. I A DIES. WITH LONG MEMORANDUMS, a will save themselves a great deal of trouble hv calliug at STF.VEN'S New Fancy Sior?-,as lis stock is by far more varied than an> other in the Distriet^ n 1^ eotl A L L PERSONS INDEBTED TO R. C. STEVENS are most resps -tfully requested to c^llai.d p">> their accounts at once, as no a,ldition will be made when the old acoount stands unpaid, n 12 eotf AT STEVENS'S NEW FANCY STORE. 516. between 9th and H'th streets, ean befounathe Mosaic, I .ava. Gold Stone, and Silver, Pearl But tons. with Gold Binds. n 12-eotf Q ]|W1 REWARD will be given for the arrest <3? ? """" and conviction of th* person who set lire to and destroyed the Frame House on the corner of N street south and Union Alley, on the morning of 23d Nov. 1857. d l-eo?w CHAS. wili.E. T NOTICE. H E undersigned U'ks leave to inform his friends and the public cenerally, as he is determined to do only cash business, ho will make to" order gen'TL E M E N 'S C LOT HI N G in the best manner and at lower prices than any other establishment in the City. ' PUase give him a call, and assure vonrself of the F. SCHAl.K, Merchant Tailor, No. 263 Pa avenue. n 14 lm* south aid*. IADIES. SHOPPING, may positively expect -t prompt and courteous attention at STEVENS'S New Fancy Store, 336, lietween 9th and 10th sis. nl3-eotf imr.M. F. BAYLY, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in FANCY AND STAPLE STATIONERY, __ , A o. 278 Pa. arenue. Offers to the publio, at reduced prices, a (all and oomplete assortment of? Writiug and Letter Papers. English and American Note Papers French Enamelled and Bristol Board Writing Cards Wedding and Business Envelopes Extra fine Knives. Scissors, and Razors. Fancy and Plain Play in* Cards. Desks Awl Work-boxes. Backgammou Boards. Chess Men, Cheokers, Gaines. Gold Pens, Pencils, ('ard Cases, Ac., &o. d 4 tf (Intel.eofit) New and pretty of wool en Goods, China Ornaments, Papier Mache, &o? Ac.,ju?t received At MoLADGHLIN'S, No. 20Pa.arenue, nR between at h and ?th streets. IflCTIUI 1 YE AND BARLEY MALT. for sale At the R CITY MALT HOUSE, oorner of West Kails at ^nne and Block st.. Baltimore. Md. mt It, IN'S EXTRACTS;"HI R HAir Store, near 3th st? and At lua S^s* R.-oix under Willards' hotel. ^ TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Saddea Dtctfc, mm* Alleged M wrier. Ciscimsati, D*c. 8 ?Ob Mit>4aT eftmw*, Fran* S McClura want into tfce s|or? of Boattia A Andemon for the purpose of talking apoa husl n?>? matters with Mr. Br attic About mm bonr aftarwa'd* Mr. McCIot* was seen t<* (tail from the front itrp of the More, and when plckrd np it ?u found that lils okull vru f.actured He died from the rffM? last aight. Mr Be*ule. Iwfore tha 'J'?*''? J?ry. testified that, after |<artiag with Mf. McClure in the store, he returned To the, and then Lea*d a aciseat th* door. Ou goto| thitaer t,? found Mr. MoCfaw jyiag on tne sidewalk, and he supposed that In passing oat the door the dmvaard had cao^tit his foot la ?onu tiling which threw him out upon the sida walk, causing the Injuries that resulted fatalij. Mf. fieattie was arretted last evening on the *fl - davit of .-'atntiel Mitrhell. aceuatng htm of the mu'der of McClure by striking him an the haad with an iron bar Reattie was held to baft la P4.0M) The parties were well kauwa and highly respectable. ? Maria* Disaster. \o?rot.K. I>ec. H.?The ship Eva Doratha. Got gear, from B<?men, Itound to Baltimore, is ashore near Cap* Henry. Sb? had J80 passenvera. all of whom, with the crew, were saved Tha vessel and cargo will prolahlv be lost. A slight accincnt to the L". S. atramer Powbat an occurred jestnday. five miles Iwlow Norfolk. Sh* lias been detained for repair*, hut will pro ceed to sea to-morrow. ? ? Massarhasetts Elevtlaa. ^patxanai.D. Dec. 7 ?Ansel I'belps was re e'ected mayor ottiriscity to-day. NswBxnroan, l)ec. 7?ft H. Dunbar, Re publican. was re-el?cted mayor of this city, br t? n majority over Harland, the "cltlgens"' candi date. The latter, however, railed a majority of councils. Ltwiiict, Dec. 7 ?John F . Rollins has been chosen mayor of this city. <?ea. Walker's Steamer Fa?hi*a. New Orlkaxs, Dec. 7 ?Considerable anxiety is felt among the friend* of Gen Walker, at the non-arrival here of the steamer Faahioa, which Ink out Walker's troops, and was to return im mrdla ely. A portion of the Texas regiment ar rived here yesterday and immediately proceeded to Mobile. ? .? The Cattoa Trade. Mobii.e. Dec ? ?Sales of Cotton fiOO lialaa, at + c decMne in cousei| uencc of the atcamer'a news ?Middling quoted at lUJ^c. Receipts three days f .IRK) bales. New Oatctss, Doc. P.?Sales to-day 5.3U0 i;ale?; three days lt>.U)0. notations 10^aRt\c Ceutral Ohia Kailraad. / (NrtriLLf., O , Dec f?President Jewett has paid oft the refractory* employees, and dismlased i hern from theservites of the Central Ohio road Paaseujzer and tonnage trains arc now running . rgalarly, and perfect order is reatored. Arrival of Die Ariglo-Saxca. Portland, Me. L'ec. ? ? The Canadian steam ship company's screw steamship Anglo-Saxon, from Liverpool oil tbe 25th ult., arrived at thia port at 7 o'clock this morning. Her advices have been anticipated by the Baltic at New York. C oavictioa for Murder. Baltimore, Dec 9.?John Claggett was thia morning convicted of murder m tbe second de gree, for taking tbe life of Jerome B . White, at High street hotel, six weeks ago. Large Arrival of Grata at Oawega. Oswego. X Y , Dec.7?Twelve of th" grain l.tden vevjtU which were detained bv ice in tha Welland Canal, arrived here to-day with 101,0(10 bushels of wheat and 16,000 of oorn. The Erie t'aaal. Albany, Dec. 7.?The weather here la warm and fine. A dispatch from Rochester say* that ?i Iwatsfrem Tonawanda Creek are now coming 1n The canal is nearly free from ice. Fire at Clyde. 51. I'. Clyp*. Dec P.?The large distillery owned 1 y Briggs. C< ffln A Co. was entirely consumed this uto.iilng by lire, Los* from S2l?,lWlt to 0tS,UOU. Virginia Neuaterial Elei-ttoa. Richmond. Dec 8?The Legislature has fixed Thursday, the lt?h instant, for the election of a U.S. Senator to s-icceed Mr. Hunter Political. New Yo*k, Dec *? ?President Buchanan has di>iui?sed McKcon the district attorney, for op posing tbe regular nomination. Suicide of a Murderer. St Johns. N B.. Dec. 7 ?Breen. one of 'he inn'd? '#?rs of the Markensie family, bung him self in bi? cell, in jail. he*e last evening \>W YORK DAILY NEWSPAPERS lor ?ale at JdS SHI L LI N ?, TON'S Bookstore, Od*ou Rniidinc, corner 4S street and Pennsylvania avenue. N>w Y??rk Daily 11 era. <1, jio do do *' ribune. Do do do Tunes. Received regn'ar every evening imnedistelv sf>er the arrivsl of the 7 o'clock train of oars, and will l>a delivered t?? toibsei il>~rs soon thereafter. Subeonp tions received nt JOSEPH SHILLING TON *8 Bookstore, Otleou Buildiiif. oorner 4H st. d B-3t and Pa.av. ^1 I'KRII PIANOS.?I km mow im store ttia C* larei^t. most vsrieil. and in->st re-table^an'" stock <T Piam-s ever "-tiered in thi& citf.R^f^^CT consistini; of Full Gianfl^ l"arlt?r Grai.d,' ' ? " ' >enu tlrand. Louis XIX ? style, carved and p'ain Pi.iM*. fr -in the jnst'.v acknowledged best manufao tori^s iu tlic I'nited states. The advertiser's facilities for p'oourn>c Pian?>s. (always l n> ins for cash,) itis lt>t? experience in luisin^sp, r:iat>le* laiiu to <>fler Pianos at prioes tower than any other cs ahl.shnient in this city. S 'oo'.d-hand instruments taken in part paynrent. P>anos rented f,?r eveninc. week, mouth or year. Pianos and other instruments sold apon monthly payments. Pianoa packed, tuned, repaired. Ac. JOHN F. ELLIS. No. 3r.6 Pa. av., between ?th and l?h sts.. d 7-fit 4 do??ra from loth st., north side. TO THE PUBLIC. Parti-'s or persons havinr advertised for sale ?n - IN EXPLOSIVE HAS." wt tah is no thin* but the well known "Etherih! Oil." therefor? I d-em it n?o??ssary to caution consumers for thair snf'ity, th?t the only genuine article is known as "Reintzel's n?n hij?iomv* Borninc Flut<t."aud is prepared and sold y F. STUTZ, st Ins Depot. o>* icr of 11 th and E streets, he Items the sole pos^^ss or of the right for selling the ssme in tbe District of Columbia oc 21-coSm FR.STFTZ WINTER ARRANGEMENTS at'c. GAV >> TIER'S FRENCH RhSTAFKANT. The sutiscriber, in order to aceommtidata the pub lic. gives notioe that he will furn sh meals to week ly Uinrder* at the rate of ?7 per week. HI LL OF FARE will be turnishrd every dav for the accommodation of sucli guests, an4 eve^y facil ity wi'l be given to guests to MR E A K FAST.DI N K and SI P. at such times %* will suit the oonvemenoa of every natron the Establishment. PR FAKFAST from K until 12 o'clock. DINNER from 2 ulitil 6o'clock. St'PPER from 6 until in o'clock. nJ'-eolm C. GAl'TIF. ?*U Penn. avenue. 1 A DIES MACHINE SEWING ROOMS. a A'o. IV Pa. arf.. b<tx 17th and latA stt. Where may t>e fouiMl Indies* Fnder Garments made in the bent and latest style, and of the !?e*t materials.aiwaysou hand. All Garments for wear inndc to order at the shortest possible notioe. A call is earnestly solicited. Wajctkd.?Six Seam*tr?.?aes. on Indies Sewing. Apply to MRS. 0. J. H1NTON. n 13 eolm 158 Pa avenue. \T STEVENS'S NEW FANCY STORE.? Pa. avenue, between !Hh and 10th streets, ean be f.'ind an ex elient assortmeut of Opera Hoods. n 12 eotf \IRS. II aI.E'S NEW COOK HOOK. SI. 1*1 Mrs Hale's Receipts forthe Million, 01.2&. %Viddi|ield'? New Co?>k B?>ok. #1. Miss Leslie's Lsdjr's House K<M?k, ?%!. M iss Leslie's New Cwkery Book. % 1 _^S. Mrs. Ciiilda' Amerioan Frugal H?>u?ew.fe 25 ota. Seventy-five Receipta f??r Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats. 25 cts. Miss Beach?r'a Ibtmestic Reoeipt Book, Wets. The Housekeeper's Book, Sn cts. The Family Receipt Book for Making Bread, Rolls, Ao;IScts. _ ? The Household Manager, by Charles Pierce, Lon don: ?<5 eta. ? , Miss Leslie's New Reoeipts for Cookery. #1. Miss Leslie's Two Hundred Receipts for French Cookery. 2- cts Dr. Kitcheners Cook s Orao.e,88 cts. lh?mestic Cookery. 2'- eta. The Frenoh C?M?k.25ots. Cookery. Carving, and Etiquette of tbe Table. Loa don; 73 cts. Mrs Randolph's Virginia Housewife,90 ota. Le Cui'inier Imperial. Paris : di IS A Shillings Woith of Practioal Raoeipts, London ; 37 oents. H3 FRANCK TAYLOR. \7 EN IS?>N !?VENISON !! > t ailat HAM.MACK A URO.'Sfor 6n- Veni son Stesks. d73t* Bird cages, woolen c(m?d$. and Mel.AL'GH LIN'S. n 10 y. between ath a-'dgth ???. OPENING NEW GOOfS at Mol. Al'< H* LIN'S, No. JO Pa.avenue, between athandfHh atreets. nt THE PRESENT CRISIS.?r the Crisis, or tha .Currency, by Bank Crash. Esq : 13 ets. d 4 FRANCK TAYLOR. jVEW STYLES, NEW A?>H?<?^. N h \V I> Good., Comba. Bruahea. Toy., CJ..^ Ac. at plNF.CBIN A, VJ^oilet ArtuMe.V n '""'Vf^1 1 N'S K"t and *h sts. F |>RANK FORESTER'S* Herl^rti HORSI srd _ Worsemanabipof the I'nited S ties, sr.d Itrtr ?ah Provmoea of NVirth America. 2 voi?. dvo., ii as trateil with woo<t-euta and *t*cl-<taaravej Portraits of Celabratod Horsee. Sulwcieti n 1?? dollars. ' FRANCK TAYLOR, n JB Agent fur Waahinctoa