Newspaper of Evening Star, December 9, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 9, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. MY LOVE HE IB A SAILEI'R. Oh. my lov? heis a Mtiiaur, aogal-U-ent and bold; ofi^1 flag-atafl; only nineteen ye&ra For to crnue the wide o-ahi-en he'a left bit own n?er, And iuj neart is a baat-i-en because ha ia'athore. *bey bounded him, all for to ba a oar penier, 5-Jl! ? aaa-fariag Ufa ha did rarr raueh prefer? t'ld'Pim *U aid beroe ta ba For ^JanEm?* ^ ? earpenter, only nineteen ?^^a^BO"* fa i'k* the raging for a*#c",hi-ana don't still pint to ma; K?L<^j!Vr . n ,#t in ??oh >?rt-1 *m told. ?.? peotai.y for a young man ouiy nineteen yaara old. HjVSff hu*"b< "??d ha haver will bo. oh t hl 00,5I ??,rP0? ?"? ?he bottom of the sea. , i ? 1.5 *?f * widow, so frightful to behold, old"** my BRll*ur boy.only nineteen years And it'e oh for my loveyer I grieve and repine. \V.rtI**r t^attbia young man will never be mine; (?A ^aalth of the In-m-es, in hI*mtukI *?>id. i a give for my aai!eur bo>, ooly nineteen > ears old. R jmaih or ox* or Gm Wmpiii'i Dacgh **a? ?The following has lif*n communicated to the Poonah (India) Observer: By recent letters received from Brigadier Havelork's force, it ap pear* that on rtie arrival of the detachment of th? ?>th Highlander* at thai place of skulls. Cawn pore. after il.e uussH/ re of our countrymen, wo men and children, they by some means or other found th? remains of one of General Wheeler's daughter* The sight was horrible, and aroused them to the pitch, that, gathering around, they removed the hair from off the poor girl's head a Portion of which was care/ally aelected and sent ome to her surviving friend*. The remainder thc\ equally divided among themselves, and on each miQ re^eivm* LUi arefully ?erved-out por tioii, they all quietly and very patiently applied heunsclves to the tedious task of counting ont the number of hairs contained In each Individu al s an<^ wben thia task was accomplished, they one and all swore most solemnly by Heaven and the Qod that made tbem, that for as many hairs as thev held In their tinkers, so many of the cruel and treacherous mutineers should die bv their hsnds?an oath that they will, no doubt, moat religiously keep. f ILr The i nventor of Piano* Is said to beSchrre der, or Hoh-nstein. in Saxony. He w.ts born In the year 1780. ? S^Jh* Prinr,P*l?fthe School Fund of Texas * 5?\rL, ""u There are scholars to the number or 87,too. IT/" rhe Norwalk Saving Company, at Nor walk, Ohio, has " gone up." It was the worst kind of a swindling concern. .. 1^7" An old lady residing on William street, forfo k, attempted to bang herself, in a kitchen loft, oa Friday evening, but the rope broke, giv ing bar a terrible fall. ^ ' 8 CD* A Toung man, named Charlea Whitehead, ii Ln bead on Monday night, in Pt.ila delphia, by another young uian named Karle. They had previously quarreled about visiting a young lady. Carle was arrested. X,.^T ?n Friday last, the whitened bones of v< etaherby,tbe artiet, were found in the ruins all f 3l^1 flre at Chlr*g?>- Tfcey were ideuti by being found near the Iron of a trunk and a painter's pallette. 4-^1 T v T?""' of * k**>tting establishment k?/;< .avoided suspension by working ??_ n r ?*' ?nd Purrbasing in the afternoon the mornil'S? labor, and peddling them through the city and vicinity. rPlfi? English paper Maya: "Mr. Justice Lreaswell, the judge in ordinary of the new di vorce court. Is a bachelor ? \<> should think ne would immediately grant a divorce to all ap pi loan is, without trial. A \ ank?? of the name of Boutwell, noto rious for telling jokes at his own expense, fell *tk ?tLer day' lu,d Wtt* uk*"n for R n*xt morning, hewevsr, h? was run ning Boutlet 11 as usual. B"fdl? Co"rt*raays thestreotaof that eltr are ail a-jlugla with aleigh t>ells Everr body and his wife are out, muffled to the cbih f?d. U Tor dnr ? they feared that six "?OW WOuld not ijut u,or? 'ban five uinatM, ?tntA??.^? Bowenand Mattingly on V. o ? positions as mail agents, to run ?-V? Poto,uac route during the day. and Messrs Chiatnan, Howard St Blakey are transferred from Frrdir^V CerlDal roadt' to tu? Richmond, r redericksburg and Potomac roeds. FreU Rtt ID" Suicides, says the Hartford, Ct . Time* Se?.^h'nin;f aJarmini{,v prevalent among u*' i^Ve rornin|tt?d on account of the persoa- beiDg thrown out of employment, with not a living sight ' for the support of a family daring the winter. y C.harlIM B^her. son of Dr. Lyman iB,t*,,ed over tlje Congrega tional church in Georgetown. Mass The ser Calv1^i*^F" brother-in-law. Prof, nov , c V*' Lu?bilnd the anti-slavery novenst. from the words??? Christ i? all ? |,, the examination, Mr Belcher d:sclosed no rovcI SITS? ly tl,:olo?>'- ?cept on tba ori ? ? m. which he refer* back to a pre-ex:stent ?Ufe arcordlng t? the idea of Dr Edward Bel cher, in his elaborate -1 Conflict of Ages " up-Attention to a few general rales would t>re .T2L2 Kfeat many 'nomalous appearances; for tnsrance. a woman should never be dressed too i lir.1,15 l?? niuch?nor should a woman \r*ikm fl?SirlL*' Rt ?artfe Patt,,rn?- a kT K ? 75rnor ? *Lort 1,1 ro*1 f*rry fathers nor high shoulders a shawl From the highest Sh'Sfem 'i416" u not a *lyie of with rain?tra^bat '? up?n th-,>e*1 the vi?fMr w T" ^bomehest, and compose a mMe ?? coquettish young lady I i lis, , Z Vmurwm* and ,he ?i"m!.re one t?u.fh ?f coquetry?it mikes the bloom m?wre ffe!h and tLr pale one more " ting?it makes tne plain woman look at iih.Ve,,U' * lldy> *nd th^ lady more lady-like The editor of the Green B?iy Advocate |??.^ a tramP the other day after a lost and in the course of his rambles came across the hon.e ?f Kbeoeaer W Ul;ams, the >Ua?phin of Franca.' Th? house sits upon the bank ..f a river whb h * ' *r? 2!JlLe hlt{L- and commands a flne pros "Pa"'d "tream In front is a row of wTtZr I . * ",ope ?*ntlv down the He rMmf f " 1 Kra"*>' meadow, n favor ite resoit for horses and cattle. It is, perhaps J , ??nTrdi"X a vet murUo^m KTh?^! 1 rnOD^2S of a rbi#f ,n fact tena. I b 1 neglected field, and westward ex thrTnl i* ,nar,,ljy Pr*lrl# fore visions of reg* ?P,^??d.?r beset him. heieliv.,1 , .LLVJ vMuf,K?t/:iMWf Williams, the Ind an kirr?r ,? y 1 a wrmi,h of q<?iet WSK forsa ken for the poor tinsel of m day's uotorlety ! ARRIVAL AT PR LXCIPA L UO TK LS Mra'V rVT k'* ~Jln K'-K-hnry, NV; I lord P. \l w s ; R W l,rath' C"'i J '' lalo, d. Fa, M M ArmstroniTs Tenn ? T Fririitt ?I H Blanrhird, Kv; R Holloway, Mo; Wm A 71' V1 Vr HaM Va' W J Xlii Wliri' ' K Kaker,tia; B Harrison, J c Miteball and lady; en's u f, ?irV,"'M ,di J C ^ol,,n'on-d?. ?' Hob: fts, ir, O, H M Matthews, and lady Va \t??? A Mattuews do; W C Parson. O j Mil* liar P. ? ,,ai " Oardinor, ,\Jd K Hall ?? m T* "'"hPr ; P KSmatr>a; J M Mc! I) C^win \i J ? V"' " C Vancey. lia, U S V b's W WCrabboand W (vatU NJ bprj^u,f' ^,d. ? xv Hewitt. NY; l>nw???, HC, Mr and .Mr. t ontee Md j'r ii V ,'!? R'? r ?' ftiw r sfiV w illiaaa. Mich Dr Morris Md F T v. i'.n kno-u.nj," ? AaViZdys* ejs. HI, K Livingston. N York: T Tiornan pa I' * *???? tol jf,- H|<|>?TP1' (l', ? ? )?T B Thrua P F vUn I J.V ,,,n; Mr? E RU1,NC: \L\ i'. . ? M Coyle, J W Hunt; F ^ .^a*h aud ladr. Miss N Armistead, J R Black ^'^V,K "rent. Va; W Thomas. p/"hTC ?|T?i1r " .<>ti,u"- NH J T Oram fsmilv Phillips and ?? J T H a,HC?^lr?- Ms..; K C M- Guffle, ; v, v r C oa; *' .u' "????vRnt .,?i T Coyle! Va M??UKW' *?> ? ? Whitaker, jHJj JSiZtT* A Harris. Md; T au; p'riLi.piJi; ?rod!*,rv; *tn, 4mj T H V\ iii?,M 'dw. D T Wiiir??%o. *** OfgMAIt a TEA M EMS B ajli NO DA J\S Fao* THI L uitid SrsTaa Kt'ssnri. f tart, yar ? ?^.r* V?rb...M*frpoo|,..of u **?**""> New York...L.verl^o,;.:;^ h ulton..,,, New York...Havre.... iu. in ' 'w ^ ?*k New ^ ork. ..Glasgow..., |u-r m j.JJ1'; '1 Hostoa I.iverpool...ivy. ^ -dinburg .New York.. Glasgow.... l)^ jn . . _ Fa.,* Ft Bora. Af^Io Saxon l.lverpoo!...Portland .....\e"*2ft p 1" ? iv?rpool.. >??w York...\ovvi5 ? "J7?V,, I.:verp?mi...New \ w. k... \ov> j ''[', ,wti ,!liP'^- N?w Yoik...L>ee 2 ,v d 'a.-poai... Roefoi* Dec S 1 * Liwerpo New York . foe vj | * *' ??.. *v *, ..rk ... I).. ? h. ?. ..o r. .l...;\*vr Yoik...J>er, !'? I ? r ? nta'i steamers :e?#*rc V?-'k ?? ti-e yih a ad itnh cf each meat*. W^m!BpW?IW?6 Capital.?^ CHANDISE, the nsaaTCltyiaUa,without ?ty ofcarge for Policy, U tnetr wl*i corner of enlh Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Back. Duacttu. EMU' ?&. p?ToW fiffe'0" b-H B#fu' JaMES 0. MoQUIRE, President. tumii P. Hansom. gwntw, i? ll-ly DANK1NB flOUSS OF D _CHUBB BROTHERS. Dironn.-Otioiiti reoeived and Cheoka paid without charge. Draft? on the northern ??aboard cities reoeived on Deposit at par, and Exchange on ?ud Cities furniabed to depositors without ohnrge. INTKKKST ON DKPoeiTa.?Interest Will lie allowed on Deposit* at snoh rates as may be agreed upon. Dk^OSITS IN VlRtfiJIIA AND tNCr*shnt MoNlT. Deposits in Virginia and other Unourrent Money re oeived to be oheoked for. payable id same fund*, or in specie, we charging the regular Exchange. Dist oitnts.?Notes, Drafts, and Bill* of Exchange will bedisoouuted.and Loans madeonStooke, Bonds, and Securities, at the market rate. I.KiTERa or Ckkdit.?Letters of Credit will be film.shed, negotiable in the different Cities of the United Stales, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interact allowed if Money is deposiml, and charged if Couaterals.onauch term* as may be agreed upon. Tmavsltn* Bills or Exchanou.?Travelers will be furnished with drafts in such sums as may be de sired negotiable in the dilferent Cities of the Union. Bills and LiTTiasor Cukuiton En?land, Ire land and Ecaoru.?Bills of Exotenge and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe, furnished at the market rate for Exohaiige, in samn to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ac.?Bouds, Stocks, and Securi ties paying from 6 to 12 pr. oeut., always for sale, or bought In the dilfereut Cities at a commission of aJtf pr. cent. Where Stooks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a deposit of 10 pr. cent on the cost. Bonds or Stock* will be ordered by tele graph. Railkoad. City, and Stat* Bones.?Railroad, City, arut State Bonds aan be placed in oar hands fur negotiation, either in this oountry or Europe. Rail road Iron psronased for oash or with Bonds. Land VV auxants.?1 And Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warrants told by ua are g?area fssrf m every respect. Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warrautenotations regularly furnished If re quested. Warrants will he forwarded to Western Hoaseson orders, or aent for sale on oomnuasion to responsible parties. Rial Eatat* and Irsvuancus.?Real Estate bought and sold, ami Insurances efTeoted. Claims on Cnitkd Status, Cocrt or Claims, Conghkss.?Claims on the United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be proseosted by prompt and able attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 57 Opposite the Treasury. RANKING HOUSE CHUFF B BOTHERS. Depositors depositing Bank Notes wlM please mark their Cheek* payable in currency. Depo*itos of Gold will be paid in Gold. Accounts will be opened -with depositors allowing them to deposit Gold and Cheek for currenoy, the depositor being credited with the difference. se 2H-tf CHUBB BROTHERS. |INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MOKE J to LOAN onSTOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANS ERS. an 71?tf Oppo*u* tho Triasury. Medicines. T HE ?RtvATE8T 1 THE ABE. ' v? ?//\ a 7 m M k D 1 CAL DISCO TMAJ OF 1 Mr. Kuiinudt, of Roxburv, has discovered loose of our oommon pasture weeds a remedy that cures BVKKY KIND OW HOMOS, from 7*4< ??fi? Strofuia down to a common Pimplt. He has tried it in over eleven hundred oases, and never failed except la two cases, both Thunder Hu mor. He has now in his possessiqn over one hundred oertifioatea of ilsvalus.all within twenty of Boston. Two bottles are warranted to oure a nurs-ng Sore Mouth. One to three bottles will oare the worst kind of Pimples on the Faoe. Two or three hottlea will dear the system of Biles. Two bottles are warranted to oure the worst Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to oure the worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two bottles are warranted to oure all Hu mor in the Eyes. Two bottles are warranted to curs Running of the Ears and Blotohes among the Hair. Four to six bottles are warranted to cure oorrupt and running Ulcers. One Uitt.e will cure Soaly Eruptions of the Hkin. Two or three bottles are warranted to cure the wor?t kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottles are warranted to oare the n?j>"?t most de?pemle onse of B heuinntisin. Tnree to four bottles are warranted to oure Salt rheum. Five to eight bottles will ours the worst case of Scrofula. A benefit is always experienced from the first bot tle. and a perfect cure is warranted when the abore (Ufntity i? tAA?u. Nothing looks ? j improbable to those who have In vain triw all the wonderful medicines of the day, a* that a common weed growing on tne pastures, and alone old si one waits, should curs over* manor in the system ; yet it i* a fixed fact. If you have a humor, it ha* to start. There are no IFS nor AN l)S, hums nor ha't ainjut it suiting some caw*, butinot yours. I oedd>d over a thousand bott'es ofit in tnu vicinity of Boston. I know the effects of it iu every case. It has already done some of the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. 1 gave it to ohildren a yenr cid, to oid peopte of sixty. 1 have seen poor, puny. Wormy -loosing children, whose flesh was soft and flabby, restored to a perfect stats of health by on a bottle. To those who are subjeot to a aiok headache, one bottiB will alwaya oure it. It givea treat relief in oatarrh and dizziness. Some who have ?sk?:i it had been ooative for years, and have been regulate*! by it. Where the body is sound it works quite e?*y, bat where there ia any derangement of tho functions of nature, it will cause very aingulnr feelings, hot you must not be alarmed; theV aiways disappear in rrom four days to a week. There is never a wH re sult from it; on the contrary, when that failing is gone. you*wi". feel yourself like a new person. I heard some of the most extravagant enouminmi of it that ever man listened to. In mt own practioe I always kept it strictly for hu mors?but its introduction as a general familv yiedioine, griat and wonderful Virtues have been found in it that 1 never suspected. Several oases of epileptic fits?a disease whioU was always considered incurable, have been oured by a few bottles. O, what a merer if it will prove effec tual in ali oases of that awful malsdy? ifiere are but few who have seen mora of it than I have. I know of several casus of Dropsy, all of them aged Teople oured l>y it. for the various diseases of ths .iver. Sick Headaohe, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Acne, Pain in tne Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys, Ac., the disoovery has done more good than any medioine ever known. No chants of diet ever nsoessary?sat the beat yon can get and enough of it. Dtrrrttont fur Ui?.?Adulta one table-spoonful per day?ohildreii ever ten years dessert-spoonful? children from five to eight years, tea-spoonful. As no directions can be applicable to ali constitutions, lake suffiotent to operate on the bowels twise a day. Ma NPractprkdit DONALD KENNEDY. No. 120 Warrtn Strut. Roxbury, Masstckuiitlt. Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott It Co., Z. Oilman, Kwlweil A I.awrenoe, J. B. Gardner, B?rr? A. Co., b. Walsh A Co., F. rf. V\'aish, J. P.Stone, Martin King, Nairn A Palmer, Schwsrtr A Co., O Bos well, Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Milhurn. I?nijf*r L)?s?n, Ford A Bro. Agents for tteortstown.?R. S. Cissell, o M Lent ham, J. L. Kulwsll. my Wj PHI VATK MEDfCAL THEATISK ON THK PHISIOLOU1CAL TIEW OF MAKRIAOE, By M. B. La CROIX. M. D., AlUuiy. N. Y. pages and L? fine Plein and Colored Lithographs and Plates. im'KICK ONLY36CENTS.^]l ILrStntfr?$ of poitmt to mil parts nftki Union. Dr. M. B. La Croix's Physiqlngioal View of Mar riage. A now and revised edition of ^60 pages and l(W plates. Pnoe oents a oopy. A popular and coin prehsnaive treatise on the duties sod casualties of single and married life?haupy arid fruitful allianoes, n;>de of seen ring thsm?infslioitona and infertile onea? their obviation and removal?nervosa debility, ita oauaea and oure, by a process at ouoeao simple, safe, and etf'eotual, that failure ia iinpoasible?rules for daily manacement?an essay wn Sper matorThiea, with practical observationsonaaaferand more auootssful mode of treatment?prsoautioaary uints oa the evil results from empinoal practice ; to which is added oommentaries on the diseases or fe males?from infhncy to old a?e?each case graphioal ly Mustr&ted by !>eautiful plates. It'points out the for those self-innicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so snli>rtunately prevalent in the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those contemplating marriage. Ita perusal is partic ularly recommended to persona entertaining aeoret doubts of their phy sioel oondition. and who are oon soious of fiaviu* liazaided u.e heaith, happiness and privileges to whieh every human fieing is entitled to. Prioe 25 cents per oopy, or hve^pies for Si. mail ed from of postage to any part of the United States, ^ addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid,) Albany, New Yo'k. enclosing 26 oents. N. B. Tnose wuo prater may oonsult Doctor |LA CROIX upon any of the diaeaaes upon which his book treata, either peraonally or by mail. Hia medi OLuea oAen cure in the abort apace of six daya, and completely and eutirely eradioate all tracea of thoae disorders wuich oopaiva and c?l>ebs have ao long been thought an antidote, to the rain of the health of the patient. Hia " Frenoh Seoret" is the great oon tinental remedy for that olass of disorders which un fortunately, physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion. and which all the aarsaparilla in the world can not oure. Offioe No. n Maiden Lane, Albany, N. T. poK MOUNT VERNON. The THOMAS COLLYER. having been thoroughl) repaired, Will make aBT-* Ik reguUr tripe to Mourt Verr.on, leav .ng her wharf, in this city, ?verj^^^*?"^"* TI ESDAYsnd FRIDAY MORNING, at 9 o'cik. During the intervening lime she ?|U run regular trip* to Alexandria, i* usual. nrK tf THOMAS BAKER,Captain. PIANOS FOR HIRE, ve* BLLI?',M between Whaad loth a is. a !? " ? ? 1 ' ?1 ' ThyiIih' Diriilwy> yy A*HlNQTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAIN9 RUN AS FOLLOWS: From WASHINGTON ttli. m.. oonneoting at Relay with train* forth* West, and at Baltimore with those for Philadelphia and New York; at 83 a.ia..k>r Annapolis, Baltimore. Philadelphia, and New York i at ? p. m. for Baltimore aad Norfolk Frederiek ttjun. ^ at 4JD ?. m. at Relay for the West, polia, itaitur.ure, Philadelphia, aad h'roia BALTLMcTrk' for WA8HIN8TON M ,.15 and 9.14 a. m., 3 and 5.16 p. m. fafy'" " d"- -T. H. PA&ftONS. Afcnt. QRAN6E AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD VJtEAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE Twioe Daily. (Bandar nights exoepted,) betweei WASHhNOTbN CITY and the *OUTH. via ALEXANDRIA, UORDONSVILLE AND RICH Leaves Washington at H o'olook a. m. " Waehington at 7 o'olook p in. For LYNCH HIIRO and the SOUTHWEST. Leave Washington at 6 o'olock a. 'ni., arrive il I.YNCHKI'KU next morning at 4 a. m., ooiuiecticg with the train* <*n the Virginia and Teuaeasee Rail for MEMPHIS. Mail Jalage* from Char otiesvillf to Lynoiibuig a dtatauc* of tiO milea. Fare from Washington t<5 1.) nub burg, .*7.76. The steamer GEORGE PAGE, foot ofSeventh street, being owned t>* the Railroad Company, runa in oonneotion with the traina. Tick'-ts for l<) uoiiMir* procured on the Boat. . iO-' Wiiiiit^uaesand U&rgage Wagons will beatthe Depot of the Washington Railroad, to oonvey pas sengers him! bagn&ge to the Steamboat, for Alexan dria. a dutanoo ul mx miles, alio win ample time for maais. JAMES A. EVANS. Agent. Alexandria, July. 1867. if 8-ti N EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS"OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The reoent extension and improvement of ita lead ing connect hi* Hnea at the Weat tiaa required an en tire revision of the running arrangements of this road by which highly unportaHt advantages to tha trav eler nre secured. On and afler MONDAY, Jane IS. 1 ftW. THREE DAILY TRAINS will be ran III both direction* p?r through pM-???iirers. Firat?The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN starts from Camden Station, Baltimore, at 7 A..u.,<exoept Sundaj.) stun* at wa> stations and arrives at Cum berland at 4 P. M. Seooad?The MAIL TRAIN atarta (Sunday ex oepted) at 8an A. M., and arrivea at Wheeling at 4 26 A. M., connecting at Benwood with Central Ohio traiua for Coiuinbua, Cincinnati. Indianapolis, Lou isville, Chicago, St. Louis. A c., and at same place with trains k>r Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit, Ac., by Cleveland Road,and also at P&jkerahurg with Mh rietta Road. Third?The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EX PRESS TRAIN leaves daily at i.i>5 P. M., con necting at Benwood at 9 A. M.with expresa trains from Bellaire to Cincinnati, iietlhoul -vim- at Cars nt Cilttmbus.) and reaching there in hut 25 hours (rem Baltimore and 26 hours from Washing ton. It also connects direotly, in both directions, at Grafton with eara b* Parkersburg end Marietta roada for Cliillioothe, Cinoinnati, etc. These traina oonnect at Xenia for Indianapolis. Chicago and St, Louis, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio and Mississippi Expreaa for Louisville Cairo aud St. l?ouis through to St. Louis in less than 42 hours from Baltimore. By tins train the time to all the oentrai and southern places in the Weat ia much less, while the di.nn.Htr ia from 4^ to ion nnies shorter than by the shortest of other routes. Froin the West these connections ere equally oioae and satisfactory, ar riving at Baltimore at 8.!*? A. M. (1j" Bagg-tgo checked through to all points. THROUGH TICKETS sold at loweai ratea at Camden Station and at Washington, I). C. Passengers from Baltimore or \\ aahington iraj vi'tr th? entire ron<l by daylight, by taking min ing trair.a, and Ijmg over at Cumberland or Oak land, and resuming aest morning by Wheeiint Ac oommodation train, leaving Cumberland at 3 and Oakland at M>.50. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. The Cumberland Aoeommodation Tram at 7 A.M.. will atop at ail Stations east of Cumberland, aad the Wheeling Accommodation at all Stations beyond Cumberland going West. East war J It, the Mail Train leaves Wheeling A. M..and Accommo dation leaves Cumberland at !?. reaching Baltimore at S SO P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA HII INCH. beta*eeu Orafup and Parksrsburg, way passenger* wi!! 'ake tii* Express westwardiy and the Mail Mtstwnrdiy. The FREDERICK TRAIN atarta at 4 P. atopaing at way atutioi.s. Leaves Frederick a A/M.. arriving at Baltimore fa noon. fti The ELI.IC^iTT'S MILLTKAIN "eavea at V4A A. M., and 5.15 P. M. Leaves Eilioott'a Mills at 7 A. M. and 7 P. M., OAOept Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Haiti more for WnshiiK'on at 4.!^and4.14 A. M.. 3 and 5.IS 1'. M. On Sun-laja at 4.15 A. M., and 5.15 P. M.only. Loave W K*hinKton for Baltimore at tt and B.3n A. M.and 3*n?l tjn P.M. On Sunday a at 7 A.M., and 42" I'. M. only. Thehrstand fourth trains from Baltimore,and the ?e?<xid and fourth trams (roin \vaahington, will t>e express maii traina. stopping only at \\ aahiiigtot J unction and Am..*ipo!ia .function. The !I.15 and 5.15 trains front Baltimore and the 8 * and 4%i Wains from NYachingtou coiiiient with the traina from ADaapuua. For ticket.i, mr?imation, fare. Ac., apply to J.T E Nli I.AN1), Axarit, at the Ticket offv:?i, Canider Station. WM. S. WOODSIIIE. j? li-tf Mnater of Tranaportntion. Baltimore. T^E PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANY. One of the S'etmslupa of th>a Company, carrying the United States Mm!s for ACA PI'I (?, f^i-t CALIFORNIA, and OREGON, leaves Panama twi?e each month, on the arri * r ?? i val ol the f'ni*e?l Stales \|ail S. S. C?mpanr's steam ers, which leave New Orleans and New York regu larly on 5tii and 2"th of each month with tks ma^a. l and cassengora via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These staam^bipa have been inspected and ap proved bj the Navy Department, and guaranty fptui nni iaf*ty. Tiie Panama Railroad (47 milea longlia now nam plowed from ooean toooaan, and ia croased in 1 or 4 lioura. The l>agga^eof p*Haen?-rs ia oheoked in \e? York througn to San Franeisoo. and pasaengera are eintsirked at Panama f?y steamer at the company's expense. The money paid in New York oovera all expenaranf the trip. Reaarve ate^mera are kept in port in Panama and Sen Francisoo. to prevent def?nto>n in case of acci dent, an that the mute is entirel* relithlt?uo fhii ure having ocourred in eight yeara. Passengers leave Panama the same day they ar rive at Aspnwall. Conductors go through by each steamer, and take charge of women and children without other protec tora. For through tioketa at the lowest ratea apply at the ageBOy.177 V\ est street, New 1. W. RAYMOND,-or to ARMSTRONG. KARRIS A CO., New Orleana.- or jy 34 tf C. L. BARTLETT. Boston. r|^HE NEW VOHK AND LIVP.KPOOL 1 ONITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. Tkt Shift 'uwifo'ta* this iiai an : The ATLANTIC ,Capt. Oliver Eidridge. I'he BAl.i TO. Caft. Jof-sph Comatock I'i.e aDKIaTIC, Capt. Jamca Weet. These ships having l aen hr.ilt N contract expressly for the Government aemce.evcrt oare haa been takeu in their con at ruction, na a>o in their enjinea, to in aure strength and apa^d.and Jhejr aocominodations for n .?saagora are nneaualled for elegance and oom fort. I'noeof pasaage ftym New York to Liverpool, lr. Bri't cabin, 519); in s?oond do., 97^; exclusive nfool extra sise state rooms, $ZA. I-roin Livorp'^ l to New York, *> and guiueaa. An cxpenenoo'l Snr genattaohed toeoohship. Nobarths nvi l osocured until paid fi r. 'I lie ships of this line have improved wator tight l>u!k heada. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILINf. /ROM I.l V K.KPOOI.. mo* NK'V VORg. Saturday, June Z?i Sal.irdaj, July 4.. Shlurdav, July 18 1'iS We<lne?day, June it l?57 W ecineaday, July n. 1&97 U ednexday, July 22..1H57 Saturday, Aug. I ia?7i We'lnesdajr, Aug. 5 JPS7 Saturday, Aug. IS 1857: Wednesday , A '? IC - If. jviturday, Sept. 12 .. iH57i Wedne^dny, Sej.t. 2. .1857 Saturday. Sept. '<6... .1857 Wednesday, Sept. Mti.laV! SeturdH) , (lot 10 R77; Weilneaday , Oct. 14. 1K57 Saturday, Oct. 2? laT7j XN'ednesflay, Dot. 2S 18.^7 Saturday , Nov. 7 IH.T7 Wednestlay, Nov. 11 Saturday, Nov. 21... 18571 Wednesday, N'ov. 'Jfi I8SJ Saturday, Deo.*.lft7, Wednesday, Dec. 9 IS?) I Wednesday, Dcc. ?.I8M For freight or paenare, ioply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, No. ?, WaU street, hew Yore. BR OWN, SHIPLEY A CO.. Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., 77. Aostin Friara, L.M^ion, B. G.\YA IN WRIGHT A CO.. Paria. The ownera of these ahipa will not beaoconntaMi for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stonea or metals, unlesa bills of lading are signed therefor aud the value thereof expressed therein, je 15 | JN1TED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE ani> without y*u.rai fok ki?iit tears, vol CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rmular Sailing Dayt.Hh fSOth of tach wiOHtk. Caution.? Ho many frauds and nnposi tiona of various kimU have been lately < perpetrated on traveLIera bouud toCA Lf ' FOR.MA, that the aubacnlmr. the only aut horixed Agent for paasaga br the U.S. Mail Line, via Pana nie, hi th' city of New Vork. feels it his duty to caution ail peia<-na seeking passage to California, that, to avoiti ill position, they must t>e careful to find the true office of the Steamships of the U. S. Mail Line, via Panama Railroad, aa no other office in New York ia ant housed to enrage paasage. Th< Companies hava only one office in New York, which ia at 177 West ?t r??*t, corner of Warren atreet, 'rontmr on the Norm River, at I Ik; head ol the Conn panj 'a iaif. |? ^ < ?!?. te.we inj sign ove* the door. I. W. RAYMOND. A rent, ?e '* New Vni*. S-TF.OB f* OFORUE PA?E. ? > r<: r H S (> ?? n ?FAHI V R k'_ Le^^- A exendna at 4>?. 7.\s. 9, l'X,ll'"M r4"??** I.nny,. \\ Mhington at e, 8. ||>4, I W. 4, &%, J, ap .11 a ELLIS L. PRICK, Caytauu By tu F THE UNITE? la rtnuui of U? provisions af the Sd motion of ?? Mt entitled "An not to authorise the President the United States to oalit# to be sarveyed ttie trnot of land in the Territory of Minseeota belonging r_ r . ? of Amiriaa, ( known that publio sales will bo *. M Atundermentioned land offices m the Tar to wi?-0"1' ** Ui* ^*riodl hereinafter da vacant publio land* situated within tha foliowing named townships and fraotional townships in the late raaarra for tha half-breeds or mixed-blocds oltna Daootah or Sioux nation of Indiana, via : North oj the bate lint and wil of tkt fiftk prin ciwnl meridian. rhe unlooated tracts in fraotiouai townahip una hundred and eleven, of rang* teu. I he unlooated tracts in fraotional township one hundred and eleven, of range elevea. rhe unlooated traota in fractional township* one hundred and Heven and oue hundred and, of rante twelve. Trie unlooated traota in township one hundred and eleven, and fractional townships one hundred and twelve and one hundred and thirteen, of range thir jw>? * Tiie unlooated tract* in township one hundred and eleven, and in that part of township one hundred and twelve, end fractional township ono hundred and thirteen, within the above-mentioned receive, ??t raiy a fourteen. 1 he unlooated traofs in that part oftownships one hundred and eleven aud one hundred and twelve, the atKiye mentioned reserve, of range fifteen At tho land office at Faribaelt, commencing en the hrst day of March next, for the disposal of the public land* situated within the folIowinK-iiamed

township* and fractional townships in the late re serve for the half-breeds or mixed Moods of ihe Da ootah or Hioux nation of Indians, vis: North of the ban lint ana *"St of the fifth prin , cipal mtridian. the unlocated tracts in that part of fraotional township use hundred and ten, within the above meat toned reserve, of rang* nine. The unlooated tract* hi that part of townships one hundred and eight, one hundred and nine, aud frac tional townahip one hundred and ten, within the abova-mentionod reserve, of range ten; 1 he unlooated tracts inthat part of township one hundred and ei<ht, within the aliove-iiieiitioned re serve, and in townships one hundred and nine and one hundred aud ton, of range eleven. rhe unlooated tract* in that part of township* one hnudr-d and eight and one hundred and nine, within the aSove-inentioned reanrve, and in township oue hundred and ten, of range twelve, In# unlocated tract* in that part oftownships one hundred and nine and one hundred and ten, within the above-mentioned reserve, of range thirteen. The nriiooated traots in that part of township one hundred and ten, within tha above-mentioned re serve, of range fourteen. The unlocatod tracts in that part of township one hundred and ten, within the sbove-ineutioned re serve, mr ranee fifteen. nacoordanoe with the provisions efthe act of July 17, 1*34, herein-hefore relered to, pre-emption claims wnl not he allowed to any of the alnive-mentiond land* until after they have been offered at publio saie and beoome subject to private entry. riia offering of the above land* will beoommenced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the older in whioh the* are advertised until the whole shml hare boon offered. and the sslea thu* closed; but no sale shall be kept open longer than twowr-ek>. and no private entry of any of the lands will U ad mitted untili after the expiration of the two week* Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, thit sixteenth day of September, anno Lronuni one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. B, ?h. P,JAMtS BUCHANAN. Fho?. A. Hp.\tikick?, Commissioner of the General J^and Office. se 19 law3m I3v THK rRESI^TjNT^F THE UNITED In pnnnanca of law. I. Ja'M KS BUCHANAN President of tha United States of Ameuca, do hereby decuare and make known that public sale* will he nei?J at (he undermentioned lend offices in the ^iate of Missouri, ai the perious hereinafter desig nated, to wit: At the land office at Pf.AT?ar*G. commenomg on Monday, the 1st day of March next, for the disp<?ril of the pnblio Innda within tha iollowing named townships, via: iNtfrtA of th$ base line and u-est of the the fifth _ principal meridian. r raetional townships sixty-seven, wf ranges t wentir-four to forty-three, iftchmive. . At/Jy?l?P<Lo*i0? ^ Milan, oornmencinr on Mon day. ttTftRth day ol Maroh next, for the disposal of the public lanus within tue following-named town ships, viz: North of the bate lint and irest 4f the fifth principal meridian, r raot1011.1I toirnihip.t sixt? woven, of r&ncei euhteen to twenty thib*. incliiHve. At the land office at Pai.mvka, commencing on Mondav, t he tint day oi .Nlaroh next, for cue dispo sal of the pubue lands within the following-named township*, vix: XortA of tk* bax* lint and imt of the fifth prim ttral meridian. Fraotional township sixty seven, of range ter. 1 .ie is.ands in the Mis*i**ippj nv<-r, numtered one, two. and three, in fractional townsip b.ak four, of range five. r ' rho in the Des .Motne* river, in *ect,ons four and nine, of fractional township sixty-lour, of r<tn/e five. The island in the Des Moinea river, in sections nine, ten, eleven, ai d fifteen, of fractional township sixty hvc.oi ranee six. At the laud ojlioe at St. J.ot'i*, commencing on .Monday, the first day of Mnroh next, for th*dwipo?,il of the public Irtids within the foilowiug-naited towiiMPipa, viz: North of the bate line and east *f the fifth prin ripal meridian, r raetional township thirty eight, of range nine, except tJiM p,,rtion< oovered by private ciniin*. At the land otfine at Jackson, commencing on Monday, theHth da\ of March next, lor thedif>p< sal of puli.ic land* within the foliowing-ii&n.ed townships, viz: North of tht bast lint and <a<t of the fifth prin cipal meridian. r raetional township twenty ona, and township twenty two. of range one. Fractional township twenty-one, of range ttro. Township twenty -seven, of range seren. r raotional towaship sixteen, and township twen ty -eight,of range nine. Township twenty-nine, of range ten. JH raetional township sixteen, of ra. ge thirteen, rownsnip twenty four, of range sixteen. North of the base line and irest of the fifth prin eipal meridian. Fractional townahip twenty-one, of ranges one to eigh' inclusive. Fraotional lownslup twenty one. and township* twenty -five and ^enty-six, ef range nine, xi V. .l"n?ft? at Hkhisofif.o, commencing Monday, the fifteenth day of March next, ior the disposal of the public landa within the folluwun named townships, viz: North of the ba.*e line and irrst of the fifth prin cipal mtridian. Township thirty, of range iicsry-stV. rowuahipa thirtv, thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty three. and thirty-four, . f rang* thirtv. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, and other purpose*, together with those swamp and overflowed .and*, made thereby unht for cultivation, if any.granted to the State bv the act entitled "An act to enable the Stateor Arkansas and other Statos to reclaim the'swanip landa'within their limits.' approved September 2R, IW. will be eincluded fr<im the sales. The off ering of the abeve land* will be c<>mmencetl on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which tliay are advertised, until th" whole shall have b?<en offered, and the sales thus closed ; but no sale shah be kept <jw?n longer thin two weeks, and no private aiitrj of any of the lands will ?*? adnntted un'il after the expiration of the two w<>ka. Given under my theoity of V.'nshington, this sixteenth day of September, anno Doiaiiu one' thousand eight hundred and filtT-srvdn. n. the Prmidaat: JAMES BUCHANAN. Thomas A. HjcNnntrts, Commissioner of the General Land Offire. .NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Kvery person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within ihe township* and parts or townships above enumerate*! 1* requirrd to e* taJ>lish the same to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the proper land othoe, and make pavment therefor as toon as rrarticabl' afur setint this notice, and before the day appointed for the commencement of the public snlc of the lands embracing the tract claimed; otherwise such claim will be forfeited. . TIIOA. A. HENDRICKS. Commissioner of the General Land Office. seI9-!aw3m yiRGINIA an l7 lilSTKItrFMON F. V T TAKEN AT PAR HOOTS, SHOE?*A HI) TRUNKS, S. P. HOOVER'S IRO*N IIAI.L BOOT, SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. Pennsylvania artnue, btitenn 9th and H>i4 I have jnst returned from the Northerer-o with a splendid assortment ofallR^4? kinds of Ladies. Gentiemens. Ml* n?ii 1 B?SrtV?,hil,ir?ns'? ?IM| Sf-rvant*' f'*i!lU-'cJSm- lA'JS.Vf SATtJIEi^nll of which I will sell for the above money. SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S. _ _____ Iron Hall. I AW BOOKS. " " i Angell on Highways. Maryland Digest, vol. 2. Selwyn'* Nisi Pnu*.2 vols., new e*Jition. I ruled States Digest, vol. 16. IR.%. Bennett A Heard's Leading Criminal Cases, 2 vols. Story s K?iuity I leaJiu?. new edition And many others at the lowes* prices. " 24 F R A NVk TA V LO H I A DIES' BRAID*. PLAITS. CURLS llAIP J WIGS and PI' GIBUS'S liai'r Sto re nw oorner of 13th st. and Pa av. ? q ' PULPIT ELOqi'ENCE OF THK NINF 1 teentli Diaooursea of eminent li. lug Ministers in England F ra"oe. America. Ger many, Scotland. Ireland, and Wale*: one Iruce pricef*?5 14 P?*" a"d portrait,, ' FRANCK TAYLOR. at a d>s "GTON n Tt CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, for friends a taut, MKTZEROTT'S WASlllN VIEWS. Forrnleatall H"ok*toree. HJ. MaLAUGHLIN ha* the largest etoek of . Tots and Fancy Oo<k1* in the City. No. 31 I'a. ave..ue, between 8th and 0th streets, opposite Centre Market. n Tt ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH, giving a oeantiful lustre t?? the finger tiai!s, at GIHBS'S Hair Store, near .Sth street. 1*1 avc. n 'ft 1m n\IR. TlI'lTH. NAM, AND BANDOLINE |{" l>'IIFS, st G f BB*'Hair Store, n'.r.r IStii si.and Pn.av.,and at his Sales Room, under Wii hirit-' ho??l. n a Sni ITMBM El.LAS. CARD CASKS, I'OR PEMO~ > nsies, Pancr, Pens, Ch<?*. Dominoes. Dolls, Kng'KVings, at Mel. A UG 111.1 N'S, 110 16 2", between 8th audDthsta, 0k!hrbs Cnlifc>rn?a, at the periods hereinafter designated. to Witt At the land oftee at Loe A*eii-oe. eo?m?wn? on Monday, the tenth day of May ?*rt,fot the die possj of the pablto lands w.ttun the following-earned townships, rim i . , . , _ South of the ba$? li? and will tj tkt Sm Mtr mtmi mtriMm Seotions one to twelve, uMiaeire: the nerth half of seotion thirteen: the north haif and the eoathweet ?aarter of aoouonioarteen: seoUone ifteea to twen ty-one, inclusive; the north half of eeotioa twenty - two* the northweet quarter of Motion tw ent y -three; eeetion twenty -fve; the soath half of seotion twen ty-six; the southeast quarter of section twenty seven; section* twenty-nine to thirtj -two, inorn ate; the south half of aeotion thirty-three; the nortbeat quarter and the south halfol section thir ty-four; and seotion thirty-five, ol letthree; aeotions three te nine. inclusivejthe aorth ha'f and the southwest quarter of section ten: the southeast quarter and the northwest quarierofseotion eleven; the uortheast quarter and the south half of section twelve; aecrion thirteen; the eest half of section fourteen; sections seventeen to twenty -lour, inola sivr; the north hall of seotion twenty five; ami a?o tiona twenty-six to ttiirtv-bve, niolusive, of letrm ship fcur, of rante three. Township three, of range four. Sections one I# twenty lour, inclusive: the north hall ol section twenty hve: and seotions twenty-six in thirty, inclusive, or 1-nvnship one: and sections one to twenty-seven, inclusive, of I uwnship thret. of range five. Seotions one, two, and three; the eaat half of sec t ion four; the east half and the southwest quarter of section nine; sections ten to fifteen, inclusive; the southeast quarter of section twenty; sections twen tr-one to twenty eight, inclusive; the east hall and the southwest quarter of aeetion twenty nine; the south half of section thirty: sections thirty-one to thirty-four, inclusive: and the northwest quarter of aeotion thirty-five.of town?fct> ?**. of range six. Nottk of the base line and west oj the San Ber nardino meridian. Sections one to seventeen, inclusive; the north half of seotion eighteen; the south half of aeotion nineteen; sections twenty to twenty three, imoju sive; the northwest quarter of aeotion twenty-four; the northwest quarter of section twenty -six; seo tions twenty-seven to thirty, uiolusive; the east hall of eeotiou thirty-two; tlie north half of the northeast quarter and the northwest quarter of?eo tion thirty thre*. ol township three, townships four, awl five; seotions one to eight, inclusive; the north half of section nine: section* tea to thirteen, inclusive: the east half of section fourteen; the west halt' of seotion seventeen; sections eighteen and nineteen; the wc6t halfof section twenty; the south seal quarter of section twenty ene; and sections tweii'y-two to thirty -five, inclusive, of township sir, and township seren. of mure femr. Seotions one to fifteen, inclusive: the east half of section seventeen; the east half of aeetion twenty; sections twenty one to twenty-seven, ineiusiva;the north liaif of section twenty-eight; the northeast q oarter of section twenty-nine; tne nertheaat quar ter of section thirty-lour; and the northweet quar ter of section thirty-five, of tojenship three, and townships four,five, sir,and serm.of range five. Seotions one and two; the north naif of section three: the north half of seetion four: the northeast auarter of section five; the west half of section six; the north half, the southeast quarter, and the north hail 'if the southwest quarter of seetion sevno; the west half of the northwest quarter and the south half of taction eight; the northeast quarter of sec tion eleven; section twelve; the northeast quarter and the east half of Ihe southeast quarter of aeetion seventeen; the e*s? half of the northeast quarter and the southeast quarter of seotion twenty; the west half of tne cor in went quarter and the south west quarter of sect ton twentv one; the southwest quarter of section twenty six; an"! the northeast quarter of seotion thirty-five, of township thrtt and townships four and hve, of rante sir. Sections oi.e to eighteen, inclusive; the north half ol ueetton nineteen; sections twenty to twenty-five, inclusive; tlie northeast quartet of section twonty six: the northwest quarter of section twenty -sever; ar.d the northeast quarter of section 'werty -eight, of fe?e??*At??/e*rand township fite,of range seven. Sections one to six. inclusive:the northwest quar ?or of section seven: 'he northeast quarter of seotion nine; the north half of seetion ten, sec ions e!c\ec, twelve, atiJ thiifeen: the northenet quarter of emo tion fourteen; and the m?rfh??st quarter at section twenty -three,of township four,hud township five. ol range eight. The northwest quarter of section three: sections four, five, and six: the north half of aeetion seven, sections eight and nine; and the northeast quarter of ?ectior, seventeen.oftci/<*jAi>/0Kr; and township> fin and sir, of range nine. Sections one and two; the nortlifaat quarter of sejtion three; the wst h?!f of section eleven: the northeast quarter of section twelve; section four teen: and the soutneast quarter of section fifteen, of twnship four; 8?ction? one to twnty-eignf, inclu sive: the north"'*! quarter of flection tweuty-ninr: the northeast quarter of section thirty -three: and sections thirty-four and thirty five, of township Arc and to?rn?A<> ?ir, of rant* ten. Sections ons :oeighteen, inclusive: the northwest quarter of section nineteen; the northeast quarter of seo* ion twenty-ore: the northwest quarter of sec tion twenty-two; and the nort|;<?>i<t quarter of eee tion twenty-four, of township fivt; and township sir, of ritjie? el* ven. >ections one, two. and three; the northeast quar ter ?>f section ten- sections eleven.twelve, thirteen and fourteen: the ?outheeat quarter of bection fif teen; the pouthwent quarter of tectum eirhtcen: ?cction nineteen; the snut'iwest quarter of section twenty; the east half of section twenty two; the n'.rthwcrt quarter >>1 necnon ;wen:y-throe:section* twentv-seven to t! jrty three, ine nsive; and the north h* If <?l section thirty-fotir, ol tri/ n^b ipfire; and toicnships six and s-tven, ol range tirelvt. Section one; the northeast quarter of vection two; the southeast quarter of eeetion ten: the souih half of section eleven; section twelve; the e?tst lia'f ol seotion thirteeu: the northweet quarter of section fourteen: a id the north half of ?ection fift een, of township four, the aouthwect quarter of section seven; 'he south halfofaeetion eiuht: the aoutiiweot quarter of section nuje- Ihe west l.alf of section hf teen; the north h*:t of section iMrenti>sn; see'ion eighteen: tho nor!he*ht quartor ^section twenty two; and sections twenty -thr??e, twenty-four, twen ty five, twenty-six. una Vurty-five, of township five; Kectnus (.ue to seventeen, inclusive; tlie n??rth haif of scution eighteen: the no.thenst quarter of section twenty; sections twentv-one to twenty -five, inclusive: the t ortheast quarter of section twenty six. rf township nx; and township seven, of range thirte'n. See'ion thirteen: the southeast uuarter of seotion fourteen; the southeast quarter of seetion twenty two; the east haif and the southwest quarter of sec tion twenty thr?>e* tne norttiw?st quarter of section twenty-f >ur; ?he nor'h half of section twent*-six; and the east half of ?ection twenty-seven, of r<*ten ship five; sections one, two, and three; the notth ea*t quarter and the north half of the norti-.we*! quarter of section four; the norrh*s*t qua ter ol section eleven; sect ten twelve; and the jortfi hnif Pf seetion thirteen, of latcn.?^t> sir: sections ore to eighteen, inclusive: the north half of section nine teen; the north half of section twenij ; sections twenty-ono to twenty -eipht, molusive; the south half of seotion twent, nine: the southeast quarter of seotion thirty; the north half of the northeast quarter of section furry-or-.e; the northeast quarter and the north half of the northwest querteroi seo tion thirty-two; and st-c'ions thirty three, thirty four. and thirty-five, of township seven, o[ range fourteen. At the land office at Sa\ Francisco.commencing on Monday, the third day of May next, lor the disposal ol the publiu lauds within the folluwing named townships, viz : Sorth of the bast imi and tast of the Mount Itiablo meridian. . township three, of rnnfs one. JN'ortA of the ba*< 'me and west of lAs Mount I'.ahlc meridian. Fraotional township* f^w and/r?, of rang' o?f. South of tht base line and earn of thg Mount Jtinhlo meridian. Sections one to eighteen, and twenty-two to twenty-five, inclusive, of townshtp ten, of range nine. Township ten; and seotions one to six. inclusive; eight to fifteen, inclusive; and twentv-two to twen ty-six. inclusive, of townsh ip eleven, of range fn. Townships fn and eleven: sections one to six, inclusive; eight to fifteen, inclusive; twenty-one to tweuty-eiRlit, inclusive; and thirty four and thirty five, of township twelve; s* cfions one. two, three, and nine to fifteen, inclua-re; snd twentv-twe to twenty -seven, inclusive, of township thirteen, o( range eleven. Fractional township ten ; townships eleven, twelve, and thirteen; sections one to Sve, inclusive; eight to seventeen, inclusive; twenty to twei tr nine, uiolusive; and thirty-thiee, thirty-four, acd thirty five, of township fourteen; sections one to four, iiiootsive; ten to thirteen, inclusive; and twen ty four and twenty five, of iotenshtp fifteen, of range twelve. Fractiou-'l lowiiEhip eleven; townslups typ,lve, thirtfn, fourteen, end township fifteen, except seetion thirty-one; and sections one. two, and twelve, of township sixteen, of rangi thirteen. Townships Hetlr*, thirteen, fourteen, and fif teen; flections one to seventeen, inclusive; twenty one to twenty r?ve*>, inclusive: and thirty-four and thirty five, ?>1 township sixteen, of range fourt, Townships tkirhen, fcurtstn, fifteen, and stx teen; the south half or section four, the south half of seotion five; feriions seven, eight, ?u?d luoe; the west half of section tcn;and sections thirteen to thirty-live, inclusive, of township twenty, of range fifteen. Fractional township sixteen; and township twen ty. of ra^ce sixteen. Fractional township sixteen: and townships sev enteen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, of range seventfen. Fractional townships n?v?nte*u and <tcAr*ea,R!td townships nineteen and twenty, of r?*rt eighteen. Kr?ctional townships eighteen, nineteen, and twenty .of ran e., nineteen. At the land olhe. at M aitTsvn.i.r.commencing on Monday, the <rventeenth day of Atay next, for the disposal of the putdie lauds witliiu the foilowmj n-'Hurd townclups, viz: Xorth of the base line and east of thg Mount Diablo meridian. Fractional township four; township fivt; frao tional townships twelve, thirteen, aud fourteen and townships seventeen snd etth teen.of range one'. Fiactional townships twelve, th irtesn, and four tien; a>id townships sevtntrtn, eighteen,gmd nine teen, of rante two. North of the base lmt and west of thg Mount Dmblo ituridian. Townships glevtn and twelve, and fractional towns).ip thirteen of range one. Townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fif teen, ol raw tiro. Townships fourteen, fiftttn. and sixteen; frao tional townships sivpnteen.tighfttn.mid nineteen; snd f 'Wnshirs twentyand twenty -one.ofasiift three Sections oue, two, three, snd tsu to fourteen, in clusive; t he ea*t half of sectiou fifteen: the east half n| section twenty-two; sections twenty-three t? twenfh-six. inclusive: and section thirty-lve, of township fourteen; aentious one, two, snd three; the eeat ha'f of section four; the eest halfol section nine; eeMions ten to fifteen,inclusive; the east half o| section twentv-one; sections twenty-two to twenty-seven, inclusive; the northeast quarter of I see*ion, twenty eight: and ??nfinn* thirty-four and ' lurry five, of townsh; p. fifteen; sections one to four, inclusive; nine to fitteen. inclusive; twenty-one to tw?-ni>-eir'it. inclusive; and thirty-three. th:r*? fonr, and thirty-five. <M'township sixteen: sections <n? tope rey, incisive; the north half and the south west ohm ter of section eirh*; seotions mue to f-f toeri iik iiimvc; the vi eat half of section seventj-^n. ?action* eichtxen hii.I mnefeeti: tli?Mrthv?H?<iS' ter of section twenty , seotions rw>nt<v or^> to twenty eicht, inclusive: the west half of seetion thirty: and aections thirty thre?, thirty fr>ur, and thirty-live, of tuwuiliip itrtaieta; sections one to oEsSSS thirty three. and septum* thirty, font aad thEtr fwS' r to}!7? ' 9UkUtm: and townships Mwhit, ' veotv. end twenty-one. of rui?/*?f. Motion* om, two, three, iWIm to fifteen, u>oJa ?ire; the northeast quarter of Metnm twenty two; Motions twenty three to twcaty six. ineiasi*e: th* southeast <uvt?t uf Motion thirty-foer; and sec tioo Ikirly ivi, of township itrtntttn; mectiomm one. two, and three; the *oatb*ast quarter of sec tion aiae; sections tan to lltm, .no naive. the northeast qaarter of seotion twenty-one; sectione twenty-two to twenty ssrsn. tn? nairs, and aectioas thirty-foar and thirty-fire, of township ??(a ba sest ion* one, two, and throe: the northeast qusrter ?fNOtun four; sections ten to fifteen, inclusive; Motion* twenty-two to twenty-sersn. inetesive; and aootiona tkirty-fonrand thirty five, of towustua ??attrtn: and townships twmt* snd ivtaly-MN.of ramttf Mre i/ands ? appropriated by taw for the aae of schno a, military, end other purp. aes. a-rether with those "awampand oveiflowed auds. made thereto unfit for eu.tivation," if any. granted to the Mate In the aot entitled "An net toen*h> the State of Arkansae and other Statea to reclaim the awamp lands witlnn their limits." approved September ?. I*S0, will ha excluded from the m m. No "n-.tmtral lnn>ls" or tracts oontaininr mineral deposits are to be offered at the public sales. snoh nnntrnl lanJs burnt r jrprnsly r Te'fttl tmtirj. tl*4r 4 from salt or otkrt 4i<pnnl 1.* the require ment* of the act of C?mrress approved .Id to area, MLV4. entitled "An net to provide for thessrve* of the pub.ic lands in California, the granting of pie oajptjii* ri(hle titerein. ar?d for other purposes. The ottering of the above luiuUvill be commenced on the da* a appointed, ami will proceed in the order inwhiobthet are advertiaed, nntil the whole ehall hare been offered. and the sales thua closed; but no aale shall tia kept npea longer than twowneks. and no privateentry of any of the lands will he admitted untii after the ex pi rat ion of ine two week*. Given under mt bard, at Ihe city of \\ ashnigto*. thia sixteenth day of September. anno Domini on* thouaand eight hundred and hfti seven. n ? . . JAMES BFCBANAN. By the Preaident: Tlioa.A. Htrpmna, Commissioner of tbo General Land Office. NOTICK TO PRK-RMPTION CLAIMANTS. Fiver* person entitled to the right of pre rmptmri to my "Mtie ipihU within II## township* nH pir^ of township* nl*?v6 6nuvn^rni cd in rf*<| u ir#*ti toeftt.ih lieh flic same to i he sali?ia"tion of the Register and Reviver of the proper Inisd oliioe. nn.i mn*t wc? trim! tkrt'for at ?n?? ?< prarttrahit afn, %,,<?g t*n RDlfre.iiml before the day appointed for tne oommencineri: of the public aale of the lands em bracing the tract claimed: otherwise such ekim will bo forfeited. THOS. A. HKNDRiTrV .. C^mmiaaionerof the General l^udOffioe. ae 18-law9m CTEAM MACHINKRV KORSCRKVV TRO ?5 PLL1.LK 8LOOP OF WAR. Nart DrrA*r**xT. # ? . November 1?, I?5T.< J*K*i.RT> | Roroaat.a, endorsed " Hropoaala for >t#iam Mwlin.cry for ?crtw ? ropeikr dT war, will ^received at thia Department nntil 3 0 oiork, tbf l?tli of ilrooir.'.^r next, for th* cr?vfipi?lo conatrurtion of th* aieani machinery and append area, and plae;n^ it on l><?ard a ?erew bropell?r atrip ? V/tV; ?? the United States navy terd at PhiledetohM. The .ffera rr:uat be for a epcrific turn for pattina the whole :n Micreaaful operation n uit uiclude all patent fe a for any arrai nement* tn?t nji? be pro poaed : atate tite ti?ne in which tiie work will be completed, and l?e accompanied l<y tt.c uauat rua? an'.ee required !?> |aw-. -fno narr><. 0f the> ea'at. lah meiit in which tae work la to be executed inuat M atafej. The detaiia of the dtoicn and arrarcement of the machinery will b? 'oft with th' par;> whoce p'.. pofition mat l e ar<ep!rd a* combining (he p'e.">tert t.umbsr of anvantaree, keepinr in view aimpticit* 01 cODatruction, rondiueaa of acoca* f?-r adioat mer.t when in operation, and not beinr etil/?ect to d? ramtenmnt in the work me parta . it l*mr the ot.iect ot the Depn.-rment to obtain the m<>at apeed and power will, the won economical consumption ?d" fuel, and Ihe srratcut Ho*are of c?iel nLicb ti e "vajiable for that pi:rp< ae wt!l admit. 1 he hoilera to be ? f iron with telearoric am^ke Pipe. wnich muat tie placed at the rreaieat prnctiea !>!?< d latanoe from th? nrainmaat ; tn? propeller, wit a t|?* connexionsi for hoiatmr. to l? of c.i. p ^iti. n; the mauliiner? for hoirtinr, for ptimpa.ariiaratna f?>r vcnti.aUim. ?nd npr uriei.? ?.| ? II kinds neceaa? ry for the perfect worhmc <?f the wh<de tn t* < fthe moht approved kinds. The cm?: Imrkors. shaft pas aare, two r.thwarlahips iron bulkhead*, a oietiilfrr appamtua for fioah water from which tan tie ma la not Iras than H?*; caiior.a per da> ; al! the t??>|s ai.d duplicate pieces nrce**an and ratista^tory for aa efficient oruiauir atc?m sh.p-of-war raaat m eluded in the rropoaition, and a list of then muat l e furniahed. 'I nc Wfmd and carpenter work (except the tx ruir out the dead wo?nl for tl-e ?/nfY i necessary to ad* pi the vessel for the recoptjon ?tf the machine'*. loii ***'.? "nd appewtajiea, wili Ik> provided at the e* pei ?.? or (be Navy l?epirtir.cnt. a?.d it will perm;: tt,r i,v( or such larilities aa it ma? have for hoisting the h??? - v? jnacninery ??n la?ard. For tne ac.>onuiio-lation of the entire atenni ma chinery and the fuel thero wil! l-?.'<;iowed in th? b-dr of tiie ship the entire ?pic? under the tierth d<v-k commeno nj at 17)4 feet the mam mast, np<f thence extendmr forward a di?l?noc of W feet: ?he rrefteat breadtb inside, cl ar o| the plank under th* t^ams. l>e!nr 42K tcet. and tiie heirtit, fiom tne top of the tnnticra to the under side of the l.< am nmid slnpa. bailie 13 feit 9 melies. Within thiaspacc il is expec/edto carry owl f..<- Hdiys f.t'l ^te?^m'nr. the daily coiianmption of which the l^dd^r wi.l state n his spet-.fienfiona: and ts.e weight of the machmer* wsteriii lanlera. shaft, propsller. and appeiHlac**. with ih? t? and spare work, muat not exceed tons. of2,24? pouiula. 1 he d lata nee from the aft ???eofihe main mast to the aft aide of th?? forward stfrn poat will tie lWfeet, and the distance t.etween the forward rwd the alter atern will t?e 7 teet; tbo ileprh ihe oM water line to the top <?f the koel under the propeller will be IP** feet. Stenm -eritine rnaiiufaotiirera who desire to bid e?a ot tain a op> of the section ot the vessel uien mnktnc appucat.on to the department. 1 must tie R'-compar.ied t^ full apenfi entions ami cencrai drawn ra. fiavinr th- p.nii.m of the centre of crnvity of the nacbin^r*. tM.ilera. A e? markiHt on them; ?.?viuk aiso the rapacity <>t t>,? ateam C) lmdera and area of foot and den* ery valves, and of air pump end outUard deliverinr vnivn*. apaoe for ateam aUive the eatcr-bne m boilera. th?? lire aud rrale ainfaoe; also the diameter, pitch, sur face. and kind of propeller j^nd other puncij^! poirt<, that comparisons ?an readii* l>a made. Iherewu! also tie riven the eat ;inate of the weicht of enc'ue*. I*>;l*rs. water, bunkers. eppendates,toola,&n(i spare work, in tona of 2 if i ponada. The terma of |.aj niont will be that when one fourtii of tne materials ai d ;ata>r provided for .n i a ontntct ?hai; have t?e??n c? rr.p'et. d 'o th? ?a'iaf:?r tiorofthe J>e'.arrr?ept therewill t^. madea|.?.? inent or one r.arr of the wbol* emount of the contract : when one halt the work slia?l Im? in iik niar.ner he comp eteo there wi ! I*a furttierpi? mer*. of one-filth: when three fourths of the work sh? I have l>een completed,a further paTment of o- e f,Ph, when the whoie ahail have heen completed,and hsv? made a ant is factor* trial of one week. thrr. a further pa*nient of fifth: and when the ah'p sha'l hav<? performed ?=ati?faet?ri t a? sea for a p-riod of three n orths, then the remaining rum sWl he paid . rhe rep-Mrs necessary flnnnt tins period fr>-m de fective worsmanahip or inaler:aU will l>e at the ex p?ii?e of the contracf4ir. The proposals must b? explicit.and no quaiifird or ot>nditional offer will tie cons derrd. , ISAAC Toocrv. n2ri-2xw<l Secretar) of the Navy. fJNITKOSTATES MAIL. VIRGINIA. Pi>?t Orrici DtptiTMin. Not W. 1R7j. Pr? p .eals (or carrying the mails of the I n.fed State. f,?m 1st f'el uary, fasp, to 3? th June, lav* on the fol l?i wing route in the Ktateof ViaoiMA. will oontmrt office of this riepnrtntenl unf!l a ?. m., of f 4th of January next, to !?? o;? the loiloinrc d.>> : ?0 P rotn Char lot lean lie. I"* North Harden. Coves rilie. Oak l?awn, Lovincton. Rose a Mi ?. New (i.a?t<.w. Amherst t onrt-house, and t. ool \\ ell, to I * nchtiurg. miles and !>ack. aix times a week. I*, four horse c<?ches. I,eave Charlottesville daily,? xoept Sur.ds?.at 'hi P m; trnve at l.ynchtnirr next da* br a m: eavo i.j ucliburg daily, except Suuda* .a' j n in: ' Arrive at Cbarl??tfesvi;ie t?y It p m: Proposals containinr a different *che?iue aill also t?e Oi>na!der?<d. For forma ot propoaal. riiarantee. and cerlifi*-*1*. alr.o instruct tona and requirements to be emtitrc?<1 in the contract", ace advertisements of Jan. u>. lev.. F ebuary !?. IK^iJaiHl Febuarj i\ IH57. ?r either, f them, in pamrhict form, ar all the pi ineinal p..?t of , AA HON V. HROVVN. nlawtw Poetmaater Itenera'. IV _ I No. "ka. 1 I . * r t*. OF T,IK kkbovai. <11 Till: !s-aJ: !.!f h'chh!a??.'Ul NCAN T" MA< K In accordance the provisiOM of the act of Congress eutitb'd "An ?c. auiLoriai:i? ehancs i?i the location of land offioea," approved March SI. ? ' " 18 "*r4,',v ?"darail and made known that iha '?ffic# tor the sale of public iands at in*' ?\ il - ^ia'e of V wi'l t>e removed to i lie 1st * m of Macxinac el at #ar/n n ptrtoti at pr?rtiratlr. r urther notieen? to the preome time of reiri"v#' wt[| a* issued by the register and receiver for that land district. Given under my hind at the cit* oj Washington, this S.I day ??f Oeoemher, A. 1). IKj7. By order of the President. TIIOS. A. HKNT>RICK?. ? inmisso.ncr of the tiencrni l.and t i<fi9e. d 4 law w \f OR MONISM. IT-? LK^PKRS AVP l'? 1*1 airna.tiy J<?hn Hyde, Jr.formerl* a \|..rmow Leader, and reaident of Salt LakeCit*. I vol..tii .... ?B - P'? ;es, lllna: rated with eisht nncraviivcs ; lUfi mVli PXA N CCTAV LOT HLACK TKA.-Wo aga n call the attention of _ the community to our ter^ ah ice (II.At'k Ft'. in qua.'ity r i? rare!*- e^ en led?nr d whictj * a ofler aa ilieap .a it can i?* nurchafed in New > ork. KlNti A Rl RrHF.LL, n 14 cornero^ Vermont avenue and 'Ath atreaf. ^irS'l'A.Mi GK AY. anew Novel, by tbe llou* i" J Jeremiah Clemena; % i. Mrs. Hale'a Reccipta for the Miili^n. (H ntaiLi'K I.HS Receip'a: #1.25. Mr*, linie'a New Cook Book : ft. ? ? FRAN K TAYI.OR. bciNtiRR, MIRlpilt, POH tit K Mit\t.S * A e.. at li I U liS'S Hair Store. ne*r tSt h atreel, .5\Tl' lu?<^ *' Pale*rm.m, under XVillard*'. nlO Sin [J A M t?! HAM S!! HA M S-'!! Wei have a choice lotTf Familyoyred H\MS. wtiich are unsurpaaaed in excelleu"e. ? KING A HFRCHFI.L. ae ,4 | orner of Vermont avenue and IVh street. D? R < CT FROM FR aNCK -'.V* r*\-; ?" ? rccaieed? SAt< iuvfs. CHAM PIGNONH. PF.TlTe. P<?!??e. ^ a fre t. stifplt <?f A?penruHr.vr C> T, I'oiiintoa*, T'?met?. j*ai.oe. r.-sci,?*?,'S<ob >?*. l. -b sicrs, Ac., all m nana, m.d b.r sile ^ K I N*> A HI KCIIF.I.L. ii ft earner Vermont aveuu* aud Ihth atre* t.