Newspaper of Evening Star, December 10, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 10, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Pt*r Powtta's lecture on ? Matrimony, *iut ?.ght naturally drew a good maoy male and ? good many fenmle auditors?two Hanti of h? m m? MXMwhst concerned upon this subject ?,'u / . TT no*1cr<* ???* pooling therent npon some fair Tips. and (hat a preternatural sclemnity f.Tln.rtr.1aomr ?"Tu,,n? Perhaps the'v lelthit He poured but .Lot into the Blimber hot house. forcing system of fdardion. 4" Mrs Par tiiigton ' wm more than lialf right when she advised ? Ike" ?? Rpyar to take a wife from * cemetery (seminary) ? |n the opinion of the lecturer, .electing a wife a modem ^mina .ywas about equivalent to taking one from a cemetery .No woman was a at candidate for mat.luionv. who was unhealthy, and the lUMiori tv of American girl. are likely to bfTnh? ibJ u,n,[UrjJJ<Mbrr edpc*t*?"?l *y"tein for them is \n\ The marriage of cousin* was strongly depre cated ? Ukely U-enluil deplorable . 0nJautw-tn upon theottspriugol such unions. He adv ocated a r. sort to phrenology as a guide in selecting* harmonious partner. This was sometimes s?e$r e ,-w KVrn,,"?"? ?>y the blimps " and It wa. ^erohjer ed that by it the philosopKof ,tu** toJ il" poetry; hot he argued that philosophy wm the real basis of u,e * try of love, and that the latter ran hove no pera?2. nrncy an less founded upon the former. A solemn warning wa. ntr-ied against matrimony be? eutcftd upon without regard bein- paid to the the children Consumptive people should never marry consumptive people, but persons having, l *[a>'"ho,l,d wi,*? ?hose having tare law tbIiTchTw T*1 ""K"' M it UI a heredf ifii f ,k children take on the strongest q.isl of their parents. Excitable peop.e should nor marry table people, and toon* A* did l,ola Montez, in her late lecture he raised a note of warni.ig to Inattentive husbands hom'hV Meaedict* in California to write home by every steamer at least. Woman's love UT??V?th?Jn,,!,t Uav*an obJ?-t for that love. fJ1^^ v?,n''nc'1U?hti,-alUboi,nh^ cursed fash.ous . No man or woman conserve two iuas- \ hnltliHt F t drtM "he cannot love her hu^tand. Further, no woman who scolds hiui K w!T h!! Ti' a?d no man loves hi. wife who finds fanlt with her. for love and la nit finding are antipodal !"? wiiiination of heads closed the lecture, and ?.r,L f ??nnom*'d lha* to-night the subject of treated* * would be further H e have, of course, been able to give only a rrere outline of some of the interesting pothta mad- by the speaker. t'TRcriT Cobrt ?After our report closed yes terday the jury, in the case of Robert Strong, une of Thos. J Fisher, cj. the Ktna Insurance "com pany fonml a verdict for the plaintitt, and aa zs$%zt?zs? *'**' ":,h im""' i,Zhr ?."\rl t?rn ltrk "pthe ?*** ?r ??s:h do*. K r.*C. Adams and l.ouisa Adams, Ad ",chard Ragan; an action of trea pass to recover damages for a fence destroyed aa alleged The jury biought in a verdict for the ' !i, *nd I he at 910. l iif Court h'-reiravr notice that the trial doc k e? was g**ne through with, and that orders for to dTkTtT (">"da-v, would ,,r 'hr law and chancery The Conrt tlienPadjourned. I'ne Court thi< morning to-:k up the law and tn^nrerv dork^t. an per order The C,^ of Robert 3. Patterson ts Samuel Devaughncame up first on motion for a new trial ou p;ea that the jury in the former trial who hod ?. 'V r?* pi??i,>tifrand assessed damages at snad made a mistake as to the nmler standingof the evidence. Mr fitone, for plain. J ff addressed the Court on his motion for a new trial at some length, stating the law points in. \olved, but the Court finally overruled the mo lien Tho Court then t?>ok up the case of the United TV J,>!" Ph Bryan, suit by the I nited States against Josepj, Bryan. a? one of the sureties of J ^">2. late Purveyor General of California, to recover the sum of *12,100 alleged to have been found due the Government on the final settlement ^V Th? District Attorney ^ * 1 n,trd Carlisle and for (t^fpnre. ,?r,h* ?:f*r'* *t't"d b> Mr Bradley in demurrer to the declaration was, that theofijcial bond of ? ,w:u al,d binding upou his ?uretirs I Le o.jection to the bond wn^that the condition w? noi Mch as the art of Congress of tl,e rth of May. i~~. Statutes at l^argr) Voium?- page <i??r. requires That a. t provide* that Surveyors ben :?U^Lgir'J?nd> Wifh "urr,i^ i? ?? - penalty .conditional for th- faithful disburse iiientof all publie moneys that shall come into .hi a ,;a,'d^ n"dt for ?he faithful perfo man.e ?f the duties of their otters. The bond in this case d?*s. not ?ontain the part of this presented con dition which relates to the disbursement of pub lic money, but only the portion of it which re ?piT performance of duties The case was |>ending when this report closed Ihb Rivir ?At the Bridge yesterday the passnge of a good uutnlier of heavy teams < v?, thr northern draw diselosesl some dangar ou^ places in the underpinning, and accordingly ,vcr.!iraVTl Wh" """P"'*1'd fttr ?? and an in vestigation had of the condition of things An e*;.m|?a|lon brought to ligh' the fa t that some r,J werr Trr>' murh decayed, and d began to settle clown. Workmen were im ni'diately dispatched to ,e|?ir the daugcrcu< P ace. which was done: but the opinion of the d?n ,La'- h? another Fall, a new Qfuw will be ti*re?*ary At Magruder A Stone s wbarf-Schooner S S J;k(-IO,t. 1Med"l.,,n-.? Bryan. ? days from ^,Tn o c^signmeMta for Barliour A ^ George S U.deon, rhompMou. Hamilton A Co.. Warder A Kill men George and Thoma, l*ark,r A Co K i Vyrr' J*kson. Bro A Co , JoLn H Butbmann. Ch .s' MeGuire B. Jost. c F.nckman, C Kloman A Hroy AXIRa"dolP4h> " Perry, J \V Thompson r .?e V I \i , Houghten. D C. I* n oiier?Gaorgetowri consignments to Jas, || Croker, M A Thomas. 1 am Cipt Bowen. of the st*>am tng Jas tiuv. We "nre information of the arrival at Vlexandrla J^ of the schr. Sylvester Allen, Boston general ??rgo for the District e,nrw|UVq,,e.f,Ar?ce Hral arrived at the West f ',"i^. a '?a> l*,t wi,h a cargo of granite a ?J'U? r wark< During the ia.,t eighty -five hVk m ?i'Ve han Inade> f*n triPs from . U ,", d l*orgetown, including one tup to Baltimore. This is considered the fastest sail ing on record. Several vessels ssiled frr m the p, rt of Alexan dria yesterday for Northern po u laden with Hour, corn, coal, etc. The Washington and Alexandria Rallr??ad is to b~ opened oil neXt Mor day under the cor.duc. of thep !i pt / Cor.on, formerly coinmauder of the steamer George \\ ?mugiau. This road P^ !- -PP'e P'e order, and will *o d ubt do a brisk business so soon as the fact of )t? being in of>eratioii liecomes generally known I.rvt CorRT ? Momtklj, Mteettmg ?U.i Monday the Levy Court met. All the members present, and the Secretary Mr If. Callan . Vu kVarl^rry rfP?rlrd ??>at he had an interview with >lr B'wo like, in relation to the map of the ? ounty prepared by him, and that Mr B had a^:? ed to take ?-_il0for the same. ^ cof1reT??K ? piece of ground to the I nlted States for a connty road to connect with ?he broad road was read, accepted and oidered to lie reeeivrd. Mr Cl>*ndrnm's account for grading and grav eling the ? Viiietery roa.t was presented and laid over tor further examination 1 h<-pension heretofore j-ud to Charles Mur phy. was continued, and the payment hereafter ordered to be made to Sayien Bowen. Em. The several amounts of the Orphan's Court Were ordered to b* paid *PP/T"alioii made hMt year for repairing the i ? i>od Hope rond. and made payable to Jacob II 'f.tinun, and unexpended, was made payable to V\ m Sauders4.ii. The Collector Was ordered to refund to Knoch ?ik ker the immitt of taxes overcharged in his Uceoont. The application of N Burrows for pension was leb-rred to Mr Pierce Fif Court then .tdjoui ned W i^Tict. to Ms^p * Sra?;? m ?An old soldier, aa innate of the Soldiers' Uouw, who has l.een a quie? and attentive li#ener in theGallery of the House, siiue th? commence Mien t of the session. ??e? ime highly excited yenterday during the de liberations of mat ImmI V, and insisted on his right fo add rem* the av^inlilfd wUd??m of the kmi. on 'he subject ,?f the House printing, to the man ifest delight of the crowd iii the gallery, but to the disapprobation of the ? HI. iais thereabout ?>'?d the old sfildier. who was evidently a little heavy m the top story, was hustled down to the guard - room by the attendant police, where he had a short time to< ooi oil ||? was 1 lieII, at his own request, eaeorted by ttie police outside of the 1 apitoi ground*, on his promise to return uo more The last that was seen of him. he was making tra< as for the retreat which has been pro vided by I *cle Ham for t be broken-down defend ers of the country PitxroexETs A Roc t ?On Monday evening, a gentleman, who had been walking in therfowdrd ' >iil of im of the principal hotels, discovered taat he had lost onoof his coat-pockets, and with ?t a pocket-book containing ??? Caution |? re quisite abo'it these times as it |s known that many of the " crtrk l.oy*" are in town P.-r^ons * ?? are obliged to visit public places where pro n.rscnoas ?iowds frequentiv assemble would do well to leave Iteir j ?* krt-at liotue To-right the fwetical readings of Mrs. Frank K. Wnghl at Carual's Saloon ClT*t*AL Cf?r?r ? JmJfl case of the t ?M(IW J?tob W Powell for assault and battery on John W HHIer^f Oee^wtown. en the stoi day of Fekrwry Lt iSpfflflVlS n ln' ncc"P'ed ,he Court up to tie 2 ? C,OC* * ? ? ?* ,^n given to Iv^Bkuv-1 '""r5 arP??^d wcoewel for Jsmes V? "?**?? With assault and batter v the^Lie tnVh* -\i,n Bur^" Bogan, and submitted ?f nf^? l^rt. After hearing the evidence ft. for the proMcntloo, and several witne*?es for the defence, who testified as to the Jtood character of the accused (I sssjp . TJ1* ??W J,"7 seven presentment* to the ( onrt during the day The jury In the caw of the Inlted States *, Powers not having returned a verdict, an order $&??* i^arsjf- ? j?, in sr.""u" % r ??|irs^ ja"?o,rlie <ie,Pnd8nt by the a JIwSSfti|f?ri,Ui" defencJP' lu#de a motion for LCrVu WhU h wa???'e?ded to, and the jurr ?eloek If "nT" rt,*Ur*'d ont'1 ?? morrow, at 10 J..TXS^kT"* waiMnS lof'om the Grand Jurj when this report closed. In* \\ iat her.?Range of the thermometer trrnn Thursday noon, Dec 3, to this morning: Th?r.H,? Morning. Noon. NlKht Jr^^y - A"? Friday afij 4? J.. K.tori., ? "und.'r 45 <5 4(1 I ? ? T&xtr s ? >? ?? - | n mm m00n H>di??c. 16, between 5 and GtouoKTow.t, D. C , Dec 10, 1857. Fkkk Lxhibitiok. We advise our friends of either sex, who have a disposition to gratify their taste for the novel, useful, and beautiful, to drop in at Coombs" Hall, on south side of Pennsyl vania avenue between Ninth and Tenth streets ?v fnff"1 C J1"*" lNpIay cf orn?mental and n } ! * ?.nd war"- advertised for pub i??n?iLVy w*"r" Wal1 * Bif,,ard? commencing ?in, ^ ? ?"mw rrOW morning, and to be con tinued at , ? clock, p. m. Free admittance, a fine for ,h<? ladies, a gallant and talkative auctioneer, and a magnificent dis P ay of rich will certainiv draw acrowdet) house, both morning and night, at Coomb* Hall Mb. Sprskkr Orr was treated to a serenade last night, (a* we stated was purposed by hi* friends.) at his lodging* at Browns' Hotel, and In acknowledging the compliment felicitated his fi lends and fellow ciliiens upon the auspicious fact of the speedv and harmonious orjyanization of the House of Representatives as contrasted with the tedious and embittered contest tWj ycar* aK?- A remaik from him endorsing the President's Message was very heartily applauded by the auditory. *r The One music of Withers' Hand drew out a Urge assemblage, and which would have been still larger but for the rain. Policr Reports.?Theiollowng return of cases growing out of violations of the city ordinance* tiiring the week ending on Saturday last, ha* been made to Capt. Klopfer, by the officers under his supervision : First District, no report ; Second District, one oBeer, 3< cases j 1 bird District, two officer* ; h ourth District, three cllli ers, III cases; Fifth District, two officers, II cases ; Sixth District, two officers, Teases; Seventh Ward, one Total t>5. Officer Lloyd, of the Seventh District, wonnd ed In tne discharge of duty, notable to report. Forufey Cask is Alexandria ?Mwh excite ment, we learn, prevails iu Alexandria, conse quent upon the discovery that forgeries have |?een committed by Mr I.. Prilehaitt, proprietor of the Marshall the extent of *ome *12.(BI0. Pritehaitt has absconded Among the n.uncs forged we hear that of Mr K Han^ster. ?<heriir of Alexandria county, A S Origsby, of Fairfax county,and Mr. Alf.rd Morse, Cleik of Fairfax County Court. ; Sr^T TO THE Imkirm \kv ?l.ast evening, a woman n*m(<1 Teresa A. Ki( h^'d>on was hiken to the central guard-house, from the railroad de pot. She having been hurt on the road the Cap tain directed the officer to lake her to the Jn flrmary. The officer got permission to take h,-r there, where *he will remain at the of the Railroad Company. She is a poor woman a house servant, and her injury, though not very j/reaf, will prevent her from resuming her work for some time. Acauimv of Mrsic.?We are pleased to an nounce that Mr. Crouch, the principal of this growing institution, resumes his Thursday even ing lectures on ? The History and Progress of Musi#,'' commencing to-night. Amongst the novelties iu the programme are a series of stir ient madrigals of rhe lineenth century, sun-' by the Glee Club, and a chorus froin an air by"*Haii del. by the girls class of St. Patrick's Church A'l the illustrations are sung by pupil.* of Mr Crouch. Arrival of tuk Remains of Acer.?tos Lctx. This young man. who was shot on Monday even ing last in Washington city, died on Tuesday evening fiom (lie etl?cl of the injuries received His relation* ju*l arrivid in that citv a ft-w min utes before hi* death Ills bodv wa* brougM to his home on Thame*s?rPer. near Bond, last even ing, whence it will be buried this after noon.? Ballimrrt American Sm-rrmr Cocbt.?Yesterday. Wm. Hender son. Esq , of Indiana, Chas. J. M. Gwinn, and Robert M McLane, Ksqs., of Maryland, were admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Court. No. 5. Adolphus Duraut. appellant. t > Samuel Lawrence et al The argument of this( au*e was continued by Messrs. Merwin and Loring for the appellee*. Adjourned. Centre Market.?The supply and demand were both less than usual in the Centre Market is morning. The cause wa* probably be;ause recent rains made the roads unfavorable for travel of country dealers, and expecting a slim supply purchaser* were not anxious to attend A lot of pork was offered at S7 per lO) !?? at the scale-bouse. Hay was selling at 95c. to on the stand. The New Hall of Representatives was iit up again last night to afford members of the Cabinet an opportunity for inspecting the arrangements. The glass for the ceiling has arrived and been set iu place since the previous lighting up The light i? softened by the inte< position of the glass, with out being mateiially reduced, and the effect, as was anticipated, is more pleasing We call Ihe attention of Members of Congress to the advertisement of the House, No. 415 Fif teenth street, which Is beautifully located, near the President's Square. Wk?let Chapri. Fair continues to prosper at Odd Fellows' Hall, as it ought, with richly loaded tables, and the famed pretty girls of Wes ley Chapel as saleswomen. The Fair for the benefit of St Matthew's Sun day itchool has been removed to Carusi's Saloon, lower floor, where it will lie continued with un abated interest. Drop in. Rkliuiov* ? Dr Teasdale, it is announced, will preach and baptise in his church on Thir teenth street, to-night. Watch Krti'kn* ?John iohuson, Ireland, vagrant; workhouse Ml day. lieorge K Benner, Pa., do : do Rich'd Richardson, Ohio, do.; do John Seiiime*, Va .disorderly; do Thos Doiia han, Ireland, drunk and disorderly; do. John Bannister. D. C., do; fln?? and costs, U. Charles Dyer, D C., do : do John Twomey, D C., do.; do John Rielv, Ireland, do.; work house 9H days. Nineteen lodgeis; all non-resi deuts. CoraTsmp a.iu Marriauk is the s?lqeet of Prof. Fowler's lecture at Temperance Hsll this evening. All Interested will ef ooarse attend. IMire iioIokkmJ exauiiuatioiis iivtu dail> at the Avenue House. It' A COERRCTIO.V.?-To TUE KbiTbR OF TilK S r A P . lumr Sir: The account ^uMisIhnI in your paper of tlie",tli inst. of aualleged riot on Saturday mrlit last, iu Ihe St. Charles Uotel Restaurant, n incorrect in jwtost evert pattioular; and wm trust you will do u* justice by publishing this, a true statensent of the ?Hair. The faotsare as f??ilows : Thr? e Kentleioi n were takniK some cjsiers at the box. whin three individ uals came in for the ?auie purpose; tliey were told tkey eould not be attendod to jnst then, but must wait tRe?r turn, la a tew moiu-n' a, one of the three (?uilerut a kaviag srvtisficd his appeutn,turne?i to one ofrhe new-comers sixl ol??<rvt<l twbim that ho eould then Im? attouiled to. The reply he reoeived was very issuitutf. beina to the purport that n'ltbiop was ii.m; anil.sttlic same time, a strong ilfiioustraii'Ki was made to commit an assault. One ol itw propnetors thsn tuteilere*!, awl was iwiuedi *ie > a?.*<1. he extricated himself, b> the assist ??????>< his psiiuei, aud tau t-> the street, cJIintr to ? iwi wstalM his is the uieuUune, had Iwsa hred atr t be ball passu g within six inches ol hie h??t. Al this period the watoii srrived and arrested the man UiM ftrW; but, while une of the proprietors T Hie door, M they went rmt. lie re h?2 ?dL*?T ?*?? ??"" '????? ??>* ?f f*!*, ,?, m M n io n?. whi 7h oompletelv prostrated hiro. and from Jhe effects of which he has not jet #ef*"T' tef? **? *??#? wbethetfcie w-tej Cb"'" "",,UT % - , ? To *** Ptbuc.-T)i? anonymous article in the Ptar of Mh ioHt., efititled MA Phase in Washington Life," tad purporting to emanate from the brain of o?f Jess?* Wai.?A, (but generally believed to be 'lilwrth* Nlaaiary ?Miiiiatiaa of mm q/iri0#? "r>md or th+ prod nr 11 on of~a paid tcrifr.t / pro nounce a ti*i?, ?f mnilfH lHt falsehoods. intend ed to reflect on my Akuao'ar, and bold me up ta Kolie soorn and ridicule, aa one who, having always en fed upon Government pep, now tint ha m do priverl of it, affects In contemn bis former nnrtar?. ami doride those now M upon it. The reputed mt' L1 HrlJ " ' *hna attempt* to shield himaelf twhind an awonrmona iimlur#, from th?t responsi . .I*"" ?,? rather than fkun in their pcblicntions, I brand a '-otrartf'y limr. Thattbe put lie in general may know the mmmix of AimiKlPtii sin*f, I would rati aft*ntinn to #?ijf rard in the "States'* ..f October nth. in reference to my dismissal from toe situation of Anriceoii'a stew ard in the \A sshincton Nary Yard. In that I made an exposition of the lase means need by Com. La valette fo have an excuse for having me removed, ar.d the fact of Walsh really holding feo ii'Im ??#?* in the Navy Yard, the. one (the elerksktp to ^ftr./Mf.Wf, at $2.w Prr day) is nomtnmlly held by hit son, thirteen years old. To this he said h* intended ta mnk e a reply, and also make me *e tenet my assertions. The hrst be eon Id not do. the seeond he dare not attempt. He stands ron rirltd before the pulilic of all the charges I made against him. It is a n nt or i on i fart and one ?rorthy the atten tion of ofire-steker:s, that he holds tiro situations. ea? ot elerk to the civil engineer. the. other <?r Sur Koon a steward, and can oftener be found in the oil ice or the civil engineer attending to the duties l>e lour ing to his son a nominal office than hi the Dispen sary performing his own. H*rtn* the e'erkshtt? in his son s name, is a mere sham ta erode the law, against one inan holding tiro situations under Uov ernment, and ihoulil he attended to. J. D. O'Dommkll, Druggist, ... . . _ No. 5W?. 8th street, Mavj Yard. ^ aslnngton, D. C.. l>ec. 9th, 1837. It* D?s. Hotkr <5t Williams, Physirian.? for Diseases of Throat and Lunat, Si North Charles street, Baltimore. Dr. Hunter or Williams will visit Washington on tha 12th and 29th of each month. Tlia next visit will be on PituriJay, the 12tli in?t. Office J?i Pennsylvania avenue, over Mra. V.iss's Jewelry ?tore. d 9 gt I am is rossEaaioii of some valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its efficacy in relieving bronchial disease attended with severe 0011 eli. The Sj run is pleasant and safe, and 1a composed of rofits and herbs procured from the Blue Ridge; it is no common article. They are nioely enveloped in my oucuiars, where my place of residence is seen. Tl>e extract of a flowrrcalled the Alpha Ointment for the Piles, oin, with the Syrup, bj fonnd at Mr. C. Stott's; the Syrup is at several other places on Pennsylvania avenue. a? well as Georgetown at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at Lcdbetter'*. In Baltimore, at Hance's, 10ft Ba.ti more street. Notice.?All those who have found relief from the use of tins Syrup would confer a favor on M. A. Mount by forwarding them their certificates ;?s ?ar|y as posmUe. d7-tf It will pay to look in at Fraxcis. on Seventh street. He has all the new and useful articles for housekeeping, and a large stock of Bnskets, Calas, "rushes. Combs. Pocket Knives, Razors, Scissors, Ac. lie is selling low. d VI w "Woodlami Gkka.m," for the hair; Bai.m op rHoirsAKD Flowkrh, for cleansing the teeth and beautifying the complexion. The genuuiearttcle to be had at Joa. Shii.i.isgtoh's Bookstoro, Odeou Building, corner 4>i street and Pa. avenne. n 19 tf Dr. Pope, Hameopnthie Ptysirian and Snrieon, DaMenou or Cham Buildings, No. 376 H street, north aide, between 13th and Mth sts. d l-e<>3m DvspprsiA AST) Fits.? Dr. Tracy Delorme, great curer of Consumption, was for several veara so uad ly afllicted by dy pepsia that for a part of the time he was oonhned to ins lied. He was evenfua'lv cured bv a prescript ion furnished tiim by-a young clairvo? - ant girl. Tins prescription, given by a mer? cb'ld while in a state of trance, lias cured ?verv body who ha* taken it, never having failed once. It is equally as sure in cases of fits as of dyspepsia. The itiEr* dieuts mar be found in any drug store I will send this valuable prescription to any person who will supply ine with the nrmes (and residences) of ten.or more, individuals suffering with diseasos of the chest, lutigs. or throat, as a knowledge of snch inva lids and the way to reach them, ih *n sid to my regu lar business. Address Dr. Tracy Dclonne, New York Post Office. Spkciai. Notice.?For Perfumed Breath. White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm of l.nno Flowers" For dressing I-amies' hair n<e " Woodland Cream," a new pomade : it ciusea gen tlemen's hair to curl f?eautifnl!y. Price 5" cents each. XV P. Fk rk 1 rxj k A l'o? Proprietors, New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington, Taylor A Matrt, l!ooknellers, between 9t)i siuf loth at.. Pa av?uue. n 17 KIAKRICU. On the 8th instant, bv the Rev. f)r. Doggett. Mr, JAMKS H. SlfKhVK. Jr.. of this city, to Miss CAR R III K. RAY, ??f \Yashingtori county, D. C.* DIED. In Baltimore city, on 7th instant, after along and pmnful suffering of canoer, SALI.IK. the fieloven wife of John B. Carroll, and daughter of the iate Cap*. John Ross, of Alexandria. Va. GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEM'TS. pMRSr GRaND BALI. OF THK SKASON. GRAND F1RKMF.NS' A \ D CITIZKNS' BALL. The VIGILANT FIRK COMPANY,'fGeorge town. D. C., beg leava to annouiice to thair Ol friends and the bufilic generally, that they will give tneir Nintn Annual BhII at Forrest Hali./^w on MONDAY KVF.NING, Dec.2'at. 18,7. L-A'. The Company pledge ttiemselves to make tins one of ttie best Balls of the season. No hats or caps will be allowed 111 the room, ex-( eept t!:ose worn t?y Firemen. n?o intoxicated persous will be admitted in the Ball Room. A ationg Police force will be in attendance to pre serve strict, order. Supper and R efreshmenta will b? furnished by an expciiencad catcrer. Scott's Celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a Gentleman and I adies. Mmng ment on th< Part of th< Citizrni. Hon. R. R. Crawford, A. L. Yearby, Ksq.. Hon. Henry Addison, H W. Blunt, Ksq . Rob. Ould, F.sq., Ja?. A. Magruder. fcsc.. Hugh Capcrton. F.sq., Gil. Vand?<iwerken, Ksq., Bladen Forrest, Ksq. Mantlet men t on the Part of th? Company. H011. C Addison, John Vcott, Juo. Shackelford. Lem'l. Brown, Henry O. Rwaver, Geo. Collins, J no T. Fiodly, John W Gr< ss. S KiMints. John J. McQuillan, Jno. Thecker, Joseph Koouts. _d 10-^ Alargk and wellSKLFCTKDSTOCK of TOYS and FANCY A RTICLFS can be foundat MRS. M B. COLLIN'S, d h 31* No.^l Bridge street. Georgetown. TA X KS.? Persons paying their Taxes on or be fore January 1st, |86?, will save interest and ex penses.otherwise interest will charged dating liack to the fiist Monday 111 October labt. C. F. SHKKKLt., d I -1 m * _ _ Collector POTATOES.?t,j"ft bushels prime white MER CER POTATOES in store and for sale 111 lots to suit purchasers. PETER BERRY, n 2* 85 Water street, Georgetown. pi R S ! FURS'! FURS!!! j Seymouk, 111 Georgetown announces to his ens [ tomers that his assortment of Ladiks Famt Fiks, is now oomplnted, in ail qualities and styles. Minck Satile, Stone Marten, French do. Fitch do. Furs in this establishment are fresh and elegant in their manufacture. Every article warranted as rep resented. Having liought the present stock for cash I at very low rates, we will sell very low. ! Ladies, to get great Isirgains. should call early at n IR-dilw W. F. SE\ MOl'R'S. Georgetown. Millinery, ftp. Madam Pribram a daughter, on pa. avenue, l?etween M>th and 11th streets, | couth ? ide. No. 277, respect fully inform the t.juiiesthat the? have the newest style ofi BONNETS, suitable for our inetropolitanf season, and also HEAD DRKS<ES. suita bfe for soirees, levees, Ac. Waxtht>.?1Two hrst rate Milliner Hands, d ? 2wJ MADATvI BONN EL, DRKSS MAKER. From Paris, Nn. Stt 18th street west. I>ei.w?-en I and K streets, Washington oity, has the honor to inform the ladies of Washington and vicinity, that stie has fitted up a Dress Making Establishment, where she is ready to make every Bind of work, as Dresses. Mantillas, Bisques, Ac., and in the t>est and very latest stylo of Paris, receiving every month the French Journal De La Mode, direct from Fans. n II 2m* BOARDING. BO A R Dl NO.?A few persons can be accommo dated with BOaRD by the week or month. Residence No.510 Mass. avenue, between ?h Mid 5tli streets. Gas in all the rooms. d^-Ht* MKMBKRS OF CONGRESS nan U nmoom modated "with eomfort?hie RtlOMS aud BOAR list Mrs. MANNING'S,No.4Ali!Wh street belweeii_E and F^ _d7 e 3?* SOAR DING.?Mrs. RUFF has takee the large and commodious house, No. 396 D ctr^pt, near , where she intends to rent her Rooms, (irrnished or unfurnished, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives, witb Board. Transient Boarders by the day or week. Meals sent oat at all hours of tneday. nl<-lin# SOMETHING N E W . The attention of families entertaining is called to a new articfe for the table?OLIVES FARCIES? Olives stuffed with Anch<wne?. Every raretiBd de siiabi* luxury always on band. . ^ SAM'L T. DRURY, <l9 2t^ corner Pa. ave. and Hih Mtreet. HOLIDA Y PRESENTS, scitaliie for ail a?ei and at low prices, at d ?-at LAMMOND'S. AJTD8AXE. ^ . rVtSIHHKt) ROOM I*. * *. Tli* first otass Hunan >o. 115 lUk itiM, it Arranged with Bedroom* nnd Parlors on Mch flw>r. I^OH RENT.?A Parlor aid Cb unber.on ths first r floor, both ecmfortaWy fqrnnhed, situated at N". *|| Pa. avenue, opposite Wtllards* Hotel. d 9-3tm __ ? TO RENT.?'Two fane Room, furnished. Parlor

and ChmoliOT, heated with fiirwuoe and lighted Ij ?M, on D at root, between ldi?l 3d, in the rear of Trinity Church. Possession ftivM koiinertiata4v. Applt at the Drug Store of LEWIS M. SMI fit, 371 Pa. avenue, opposite Natmaal Ifc>tel. d 9-4t 1MVO VERY DESIRABLE FUR NISHBD IMid.MS (or re id. One a tare* I root room. in one of tfcarnoat pleasant location* in the c ty. In quire of Mrs. HPNT.47 Louisianaavenue, between BiimadTtii stroots. _ d 9-tf QNk LARGE I'ARI.dK ami large CHAMBF.R attach; d. <>a the ftrat floor, handsomely fur nialiM. and ha vim gas, for rent. Also a Parlor ?nd Chambers, two large and two good sixed single ones hi suite, or nepnrute. Meaia furnished ?f desired. Terms reasonable. nnd location central. Apply at 4R8 10th atreat, between I)and E. dS-lw AH ELKGANT TWO-HORSE CARRIAGE for sale. A pply at J&l C atreet. d 8-3t* F^OR RENT.?A newiy papered and painted HRICK HOUSE, three storie*. with out con veniences, good yard and cellars, a few doors from the Avenue, on 18th atreet north. Terms reasona ble. Apply upon the premise*. ?t8-3t" _ L. B. TRI E. F^OR R? NT.?Several handtornely Furnished ROOMS, or the entire House, if desired, lo cation directly opposite the National Hotel, No.367. d 7-tf _ FOR RENT.-Two BKDROOMS and PAR LOR adjoining, on the second floor, in a verv desirable location. 4?2 F street, i?ne d??or from 7tii street. d l-?t* FOR R E N T.?Three PARi.OKS and five CHAMBERS, handsomely furnished, in F street north, l>etween 13th and 14th, No.256. no 16-eotf CU'RNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.-Adesi I rable and handsomely Furnished Ilmise, con veniently located, in a pleasant part of the citv. m ill be rented for six months, or by the year. Please refer for information to J. G. CLARKE, Em., office uf Rigga A Co. n 25 tf FOR RENT.?Either ftirnished or nnturnished, an excellent, three-story, new Brick Huuso, with basement, NT?>. 438 New Jersey avenue, five minutes' walk from the Capitol, with three-stall stable and coach house, with immediate posression. Inquire at SAM'!.. WALKER'S Portrait Gallery, Odeon Butldina, corner 4H street and Pa. aucnue. dI9 tf CI A R O.-RA RE CH A NCE.?Twelve Iwga and / handsome Rooms, with Bath-rooms, Ac., Ac. for rent, furnished or uufurnished. suitable for chamliers or offices. Will be rented seperatelv or all together. Terms reasonable. Those apartments are over our establishment, Pa. avenue. between 'Jth and 10th streets. WALL, STEPHENS A CO. n 18-1 m ( States) FOR RENT.-ProfT H. vv7 MUNDER havmg fitted up lua Hall in an elegant manner, which render* it one of the prettiest rooms in this city, will he rented upon mvderate terms for Soirees, Suppers, Dinners, or Promenade Conoerts- Apply at the Hall on Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday even ings froin until 9>s o'clock. Ills School is now open for the reception of pupils on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and eveiung. oo /2-tf m i i Black, colored, and superior white Feath ers at STfcVKNS'S New Fancy Store, 333, between 9th and lotti sts. n12-entf I^R I IT.? New _ Eleme FIGS; new RAISINS. ii 12 ~ corner 1.5th street and Vermont ave. I CHIN'S EXTRACTS, all odors, at Gl BBS'S j Hair Store, near 13th St.,and at his S'lles Room nnder Willard*' hotel. nH-.1m KRISS KRINGLE'sT HEADQUARTERS for TOYS is again established at ?It 3t LAM vtON D'S.7>h s?reet. l\l A P OF INDIA, London, 18.77. 50 oents. 1*1 Stamford's Special Map of the Revolted Dis trict ol India, with the l>ci<? of railway and military stations, London, 1857, $I.2S. Stamford's Map of Delhi and its environs, con strueted from the ordnance plan and other original materials transmitted from India, HOT. London, in cents NViisou'a History ol Brituh India, 1B?U5 to lsa'), 3 vols., London. Political and Mill ary Events hi British India, 17MUo HI49; by Ma^or Hough, Bencal army,2 vols., tjOadon. Memoirs and Correspondence ol the Marquis of Weliesley, governor-general and oaptain-general of India, 3 vols.. London. Stocqueler's Military Late of the Duke of Wei ll ukton, 2 vols.. London. Stocqueler's India. 1 vol.. London, 1857. History of the Bengal Artillery ; bjr Captain Buc kle, assistant adjutant genersl 1 vol. London. Captain Rafter's Military History of the British Empire in the East, 1 vol., tendon. Aulwr's History of the British power in India, 2 vols.. I.ondon. Knighton's Lueol the k.0? ol'Oude, 1 vol., Lor 4ob. Japan. Indn-Chme, Ceylon, Ac : par \L Janoigay, aid de camp du Hoi d'Oude, 1 vol., Paris. Montgomery Mm tin's Statistics of the British Empire. I vol., London. Harlan's India and Afghanistan, Cabnll;l>y Lieut Col. Burns, and other works on the name subject. d 8 FRANCK TAYLOR. PLATT MILLS BUCKWHEAT. Just received another large supply of that su perior Boekwhcat. put up in one eisUt packages expressly for family use. Sold only by JAMES II. SHEKELL. d 8 3t Family Grocer. i79 F st. cor. of 13th. piSH! FfSlIS FISH!!! annMs. No.l St. John's HF.RRING. 2uibls. No. 1 St John's ALE WIVES. The above are a verv superior lot of Fish jnst re ceived, and for sale low, by M. ELDRIDGE. _dJMw Union Wharf. Alexandria. \ a. J UST RECEIVED FROM PARIS. A. A J. GU1LLOT. from Paris, 1*0 Pa. avetjne, between 17th and Iftth streets, north side,?^'? have the honor to inform the I.:idics of] Washington and vicinity, that thev havef re<?eive?l from Paris, a large and splendid assortment of BOOTH, GAITER!*, KID AND SATI N SHI iES, of all kindo and every description, of th* very best urnteiinl.and the newest style, dtt-'w* . A DIES' FURS! LADIES' t UKS!! The f->l!owing is a list of price* of FURS con vened me on commiss on from a Fur Compiny in Nenr York, to be sold at New York wholesale prinea: y?ets R(?ek Marten Victorines and ba!f Capes from .. #5.(10 to Sets French Sab e half nnd three quarter Cap?s 7.n', to 14 i ? S?s ,!o.. Mantiilas and Cl??aks IK CKi lo 35.'0 Se's Pi*eh V ctorin?s and Half Capes li'.ift to sli.Kl Sets Stone Marten Victorines I7.'ii to 22/ft Sets Mink Sable Victorines and lix'.f Capes 20.(0 tu 25 00 Seti Mink Sable Three fourth and Full Capes 35.00 to Sets Siltenan Squirrel Mantillas and Cloaks r,?n to Sets Huison Bay Sable Half Cape*... .65.011 to eS.OO Sets do do do Three-fourth. jiw.flo Misses Silurian Square C->pes 7 5''to 9.mi Misses Imitation Ermine Capes 25'tto (i 00 Gentlemeus'Fur Collars and Gloves... 2-Vito 5.(0 Hudson l(at Sable. Mink, Fitch French Sable, and other Mnil's, at prices Tom 3.on to 25.00 B. H. BTINRMhl 29t Pa. avenue, near I3th street, d 8 next door to Made? Delarue. r?EN PER CENT.lNVKSTMENT. t'orporation Bonds of the Citr of !>avdrport, Iowa. payin< to p?r nrnl. interest by Coupon in New York. Flonds of each. The growing city of Davenport has now about 20,0"0 inhabitants, smI is 1 rapidly increasing in wealth ai:d population. Its miinioipsl debt is only %1.Y',00?,and its railr??td debt only 9tW,ew. and canuot now lie iticrcaerd. Tl.e statistics of the city were published in thu Inteli gencer of the J??h Septeiriber. We recommend these bond*, believing them to be as sale a? any Stale or city bonds. ocfi CHUBB BROTHERS LU' K S ! F U R S !! FIJRS !!! Just received, from N?w York, the lareest and cheapest t* TonK OF FI'RSolfere?l this Beaton. Bought lor oash, and all that I ask is to call and ex an ine my larce assortment of I ndies' and Child ren's Furs. Prices very lowtosuit the times. Sign of the White Biar. corucr of ?ith strtwt and Penn. avenue. IlOPKINS. d 5 iw U7INE8, LIOL'OBS. SMi VRS, AND GRO \\ CUB IKS The subscriber respectfully informs h>? frierds and patrons.and the public, that a full and g?u- m eril assortment of Old Whiskies. Brandies, I vx ines. and Segars, of superior age and quality can l?e found at his Store, at the corner of 12th H and B streets north. All orders strictly filled and delivered. JONAS P. LEVY. d 3-1 in near the Canal. who would not savf~movk\ >> T"ESE HARD TiMES/ We would most respectfully announce to all those who are in want of a cheap liiclit, that the BR LCK I N RI DGE COA L OIL is the cheapest oil extant, onlr burning in the lamps we have, at the rate of half cent per hour. Call and see, No. 323 C street, between 6th and 7th streets. n2l-tf HOWELL A MORSELL. PD'IVKRNOIS' HOTEL, A. AVENUE, between 17th and 18th streets, \\ ashisoto.v D. C. This establishment is newly furnished and ar ranged on the inost modern and unproved principle, with private apartments. & c. J?7*The Bar is supplied with the choioest ol \\ ines and Liauorn. Game nnd other delioaciea in soason. Hot and Cold Lunch from 11 o'clock a. m. until 12 m. n 1' tt RYE AND BARLEY MALT, for sale at the CITY MALT HOUSE, onrner of Weet Kails av enue and Block at.. Baltimore. Md. mvfi IV ^HIRTS MARE TO ORDFR.7~ Gentlemen visiting the city can have SHIRTS MADE TO FITand suit them by the new s\stnn of measurement. Material, fit^aud style warranted, or no sale, at the Gentlemen's Bazaar, corner of 6th street and Penn.av. HOPKINS d 5-eod2w ABCTIO* 8AiV r trJp-MORROW MOKNllW < orasr ?/?fra?i..|r/t-?itf? an.9/. ^foarSSfc will self <>n# ..f the largest .nid mull elegant assort ment of Glass and Chin* Ware, A?., ever o(Tared ?? this ciU; *? ume Lut in part- ^ '? Ut Bohemia u Decanters. GoMetl, Wines, Tur? ? ??f*. ??*! Artiote* for the Toilet, III. ./if- * J *ra' every vans JLJ '.'!? ^V1*' a"(1 Bohemian Yaaea, Shade*, Mik t U Vi****' ?tnaiamui,Fi4urea,sn4 *?r ^ jftS Set., Tete I me French China Cup* and Niu itri "uVortlSi"'uiCbim V""' ' ??* M?u rr.p.:,iu" ???? ????? 2r s.M,1r,^U"nUed on F,nd?' ??* Saturday nights, and %Z,m'~SV??k,.L*h" - Tjr?* cash m bankable ftinds. "'ai.l a Barnard. Awot?. JET TU B ABOVE SALE is Ci\ AVOIDa ri v d5td WALL A BARJVAR D. Aaou. FUTURE DAYS. w^*l,l\K"! s * '"""?" hTTjl ~ R ii 8AI<E OF HAK DW ARK XU. IIotHKHOLli FlUMTtHK. BlILDl.Vi M A TIERI AM, COTLKRT A X D FaWC* GooDk. Sit VKK sVl? 1 bATfcD \V ark.?On SATURDAY MoK VlVr la front of our store. No. 34 Centre Mark* SW.'" between 7th and ?th streets, xt 10 o'clock, a. m ?e ^lf,i'I wnimi?noe thf *%!*? of"an rx tens' vr l??t of HiiH ware Cntlerv, Houeehold^ Furn!:ire HuSd^r Hardware. ^,iver. Silver Platod.aod Faoor Goods ? mVei ti'" Whlch T" until three uek p. in., and l>e returned at our looms at mc\ en <? clock?consisting in part of . *"?"u?oen Bedsteads, Mattresses Centre, rout and other fable* (J,Venl' Malt re Me#. Table Cutierj Chair*. Sofas 4c . l,oc<s. Screws ' t.arpeliters roo.a, Ac.. Ac. Add it tot: a to the alnvc sale respectfully aolicited. *.?!d'10 eon"*cfioii With ?he al?ove. a lot of ??/nwjttauwreai,. fort Wmea. " ' 31 BADEN A LOWNDS. At I I nets. AVER'S Cathartic Pills, {91'GAK COATED.) The following remedtea are of fored to the public as the lost, MK*t .a -J itrr ?.?#r'f?f,w"lc^ m d?<^l *oien<9" can afford. AVER'S CATH+RTJC PILL* bt'en prepared with the utiirost kktll which the mc.ii on! profession of this age pi.?M>?m ciihi-u show they have virtuoa which surpaaa an? combi nation of medicines hitherto known. Other prepa ration do more or leaa rood ; Imt thia curea such dainrercua eoinpln uita. ko quick and ko sHrelv, a? to prove nnerticacy and a power io npr.M?t di<"^?e tondatiy thing whioh men Imve kr.own before. |{y reiaoviuK the ol*tructio:ia of the uiterml orcanaard ( r'i,fn healthy action. th?> renovate . ,?? n . . k ,nJ life and yptor,?health courses Tk tk* ,7K,T' .an<l th? ?'ck man i? well again. They are adapted to diseaso, ami disuse r r,-?HreTHhfn, taV,n ln h^,th ?hey pnw^uc* iT .iint,- fh!r " ,c Pcr(rc,"?" ' f medicine. ! ,,l< .,c *? and no more Tender children ma* take them with impunity. If they are terinr form straighten with strength again; ?ee his l inK * appetite return: see his ciamm? feat?"e" ? h . r ?"to health. Give them to some mib-rer w hose Toul bloo?l has burst out in scrofula till his skin is covered with sor?-s; who stands, or airs or out wi?hReveh* H?has 'trenched in?.de ji,,d ?i t <? ?*r* P'?tlon Winch ingcniiify ,iuiM su; ZZ*t\l' -?hT !hftf P'"*- *"?< '"ark ti,ee?ecf; see the tr-ah* fill from his t*>dy ; the new. fcir akin that has grown under them: seethe late leper that IS clean. Oive them to lorn whose nn?i? humors have p anted rheumatism in hn> joints ami bones; move him. and he screeches w.fh pain* ; he loo has been soaked through every muocleofbia J: to purify his blood; they ma* not cure him. for. a a? there are oases which no mortal power can re.,oh ; but irnrlr. he walks with crotchet now, nnl tow he walks aione: they have cured him ? ? ve them to the lean, sour, hascard dyspeptic, whose enawing stomach has ions ago eaien every ami e from his face and every n.tircle from hia bodv. See his appetite retnra. and with it his health: see the new man. See her thu was radiant w-ith liealth '"V',"r"s a,t,ed and too early withering a : ^ mt ..r exercise or mental anguish, or ^me li:rk;ng disease, has deranced the internal orrarrs of ,1,%7 tiou asvimiiation or secretion,till thw? dotheirofhoe il . Her b!o.*1 is vitiated, her health is cone, tiive her These f ill* to stimulate the vitvl principle renewed vigor, tri cist out the obstmcfions. and iu f'lse a new vitality into the blood. Now look again ? the rosea b'ossorn on her check, and wherv latel* sor.ow sy, j o) hursts from everv rhe sweet infant waste.! with worms. Its wan,^ sickly feat area ie! yon without disguise, awl painfull* dis tioc'. that th y are rating its life awav. Its pinchi d npno^e and ears, and restless slcepincs. tell the dreadful truth fn innrnai;e which every mo'her knows Give it the PiLt.s m ?nri:e doseg to sweep fhese-vile parasites from the U?lr. Now turn and see the ruddy b'oom of childhood. |? it nothinc to do the^e'things.' \a*. are tbev not the marvel o> i dn tney are dote nroupd too e?et) ! H;?ve yon the less serious symptoms 4,f?hesc dis- ! tempers, thct ttre the caxier cured. Jaundice. Cos- ' tiveness, lleadarlie, Sidcache. fleertbi rn Tout Stomach Nansoa, Pain in the Howols. Flwinlen *. I orsof Appetite. Kie,.',, Kvil, Neu.algiV ?>out,ai d kindreif comp atnts all arise from tne deranncments Whie'i theac I'ili-s rapidly cure. Take them p. rne veringly. and under the counsel or a good Physician II you c?p; if not. take them judtcionsl* b* sm 'i advice r.s we gire you, and the disfrcssiac. dm^r OUS diseases the* cure, which afflict so man* mil lions of the human race, are eai?t out tike the devils or o d they must burrow m the brutes and in the F*y n n/ifTv"f.'-r V*-5b, "PfcJf, r a. II. GH.MaN, U ashiucton: and bv H. GO??K A- CO. Alexandria, an-l all dnler., in M"dieioe everywhere. d9-tm f 2 O L D A N J) SILVER PURCHASED AT THE BEST RATES. FO HEW X R ILL S O F EXC HA Xfi E SOL I) ON THH FRISC1PAL PuIXTS IX EU ROPE. IX St'MS TO SUIT. GOLD CURR FXCY. AXD WJRdlXIA MO NEY ACCOUXT*, IV11.L K h OFEXFD FOR DEPOSITORS, PAYABLE IX SA ME FI'XDS, OR IN GOLD, CHARGING XMk CURRENT RATES.-U HEiKS MUSTHS t MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON ALL TH * PRIXCI PAL CITIES OF THE UXIOX.SOLU l\ SUMS Tf> SUIT. BONDS AXD STOCKS SOLD ON COM MISSION. UXCURREXT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS TVRCHASFD ATTH* highest rates. SWKISNY, R1TTKNHOISK, FANTA CO., diBankers CANDLES, OIL, Ae. 75 U>xes Adamantine CANDI.KS. l.o<?gallons Wfcaleaud Sperm OIL. 5" Iwisket* ^ALAD Oil t(? boxes Brown and Veilow SOAP. 2" do. PASTIl.t. 8(MP * 25 do. FANCY SOAP. luo do. PKARL STAKCH, 5,<<*)pounds SAL. SODA, J ust reoeived, ami for sale by d B-ftteod MI R R AY 4 SF.MMF.S |^ELP OUT THK COLD AIR. aor2f.7,? Adjustable, Donble-Aotion DOOR. Tk k'pat?"te<l September8th, 1897; de?iledly the best Door-Spring in use. The trade supplied on liberal terms. C. \V. BOTKLKR. ., , General Housefurutshinc St< re, Iron Hall. \17\M. F. BAYLY, ? ,, "n<^ Retail Dealer in FANCY AND STAPLL STATIONERY. _ Xo. 27J Pit. art nut. l?ners to the publin. at reduced prices, a full and oomplete assortment of? . Writing and l.ttter Papers. Kn^lish and American Note Papers French Knamelted and Bristol Board Writing Cards Wedding and Business Envelopes Lxtrn fine Knives. Scissors, and Razors. Fancy and Plain Playing Cards. Desks and Work-boxes Backgammon Boards. Chess Men, Checkers, Games. Gold Pens, Pencils. Card Cases, Ac., Ac. d 4 tf 11 ntel.i ofit | EW AND PRETTY STYLES OF WOOI - en (kmmIs, China Ornaiueiita, Papier Mache ?c? Ao., iimt received at ?i?pier niacne. McLAI GHU VS, No. 20 Pa.aveane. - " h between nth ami Wh mrecis. W K?)Vr! 'L V'r H KTl-'K ^ <>L R TH A NKS TO tl' _ ' "r | j '"V^ ld?ral patronage ? ' ?, ,, rfi-ri\ed, ft lid by strict at tmtion to giv.;^IA th^igarmeuu in elrsaot m>le. aud to suit *W a lar(? lot of CLOTHS,?" CASSIMkRLS, and VESTING}*, which we m f?rWlir and strangers u> call and examine. t? ?\*Jf?vea v?rJL larsa lot of ready made COATS, P^I'^TS. and V ESTs, of fine goods, which wc will sell as cheap as can l?e hougbt any where. Gents FURNISHING tfoODS ofalt kinds; all which will be solu very low for cash, i. T. MclNTOSH k CO., Merchant Tailors, 452 Penn. avenue, n 24-eotm _ near O* street. V ENGRAVING. ISITING, RECEPTION. AND WEDDING Cards Engraved and Printed at short notioe. Official atd Company Seals and Presses. D. O. HARE, Engraver, n It oolm* rG4 Pa. ave., .1 doors west of i*th st TOYH. TOYS, at;Wh??le.sle,at ?? 3t l^VM.MnND'S^7th atreet. Engravings, new styles, at ApLAUuuwn*. p4 , !)?( 9 Mathtaa.weU *** *'-' ? M ??^<t ntilc ti'>? " near v^Uk-Ti^T ,fc* **R?ven tomptkr, wis fotlnd *?odr. a^i'mirTl^f^ ^i'8* kfon* Reined tr ht. -Pjj-ed* tb, a Short time ff. ^ Tke Bar fetate Mill*. InvrwJ^iJi tte aPP?*?*ed to roi.n.^1ow ?L*!?}Z* *!**v***u MiRa. in nl'L'Stf ?E4,,f^,N>~1 #f Zw cmu^r;?f-skl . sentenord lokii vem Murvfj I Miliary, lor for* tbr n.^Tp T C?L" iu lsoS. ^awieei r. T milium I atted States fteaater ElrrtM. Rtra*osn,VA., Drr Ifi-Hon RUT h?? t-r wj? thi? morning re-el* ted to >L?r m ate by U,e VU?iaia dgialatur^ men* vote. " ""?'ijr *anant Btltiatrr Markets Baltimokr, Dw. lit ?Klotir doll; Howard " utT- *If'5 W C?rt?-^o|d white ??&; wUgs&z* yrnow ?> ? G HQ HQ h TQ W It A ft'A IKS Cirtifndtnc, ?/ j-*, 5,.r> Gioicitowr, l>ec 10. I8f? An excellent opportunity will he offered ft.* be.teroimt this evening at tbe Union Chapel, in ie b ir.t Ward, Washington, to contribute tbeir mean, toward, tbe relief of the need* and ?( tbe <*"* K* ??* '?'? worth of .11 it m,T eo,t them Tbe Vming M-n's Christian AasotiaMon bav.n- 111 charge a stabbatb School, of about on* 1 r!J* TUpiU M tU* W?**? H?ae House, have ? oncluded to jrieo a concert. by Uie cbildien the |?ror~4? of wh? b Is u. be ^.rludJ iQ re";!^ ?b^nn:lti'ude? of needy and dtMrewed peraonl they duly find while going tbcir round-Jf dntv We h?|-e to 8f?. the chapel crowded by the friend* of the Association and the needy one* rhere will also lie short addressee delivered by Rev Mr Ra?er* and A Uyde. Eaq The weather for tbe laat d*y or two ban been nnu tuilv in 1 Id for the retMn. accompanied bv coasidemlilc quantitie. of rain, wbicb baa ren sla< k ?UldkH>r bu,liut** ra,ber disagreeable and ?r VkI 'u " Sydr ?' Dran- of v?"*H>at. memlter of the House of Representatives of the Untied Slate*, is announced toorenpv tbe pulpit of the in "aeilt NtrtCt *M E Church uu mor,, 1 ^V.1Tplr^ flourcoot,?'** ?*?rbt. and labeid at Rw5 n. \\ heat, in considerable quantities l* arriving in wa^ous, and is selling at fl 12 for good qualities of red .nd while Old corn Is ,, al <>"???>'* for prime qualities of white and yd low, and uew iu the ear at .?*2 Z5 per barrel. fr?ciATo?. ptrtNITLRh \ERYcHEAP. .?7!!n.|P'?n',i Vir lnf"??ed that theirst, ? ccitfi'i. nnu third n?x?r* of our ^?udbmb^^ ;Wep I urmlure Warehouse. iill :i lo t h?? utmos. cps jit* with I w I?7 VIV" !lf H (Jl> K I RNISHINo GOODS?such as Soflis. Bureaus. Tables.Chairs lie J steady. Lounges, Wash stands H rit n* Desks, Beds. Matlressee (?arpAtH, lyookinc tilas.ea, China. OUss,iu.>d Crockers Ware. Ac. Forming a v?r? Iaw,?, and ,rork. all of Vhioh MKttrwtw toaaUat auoh pnoes a. oMin..? # Hou?,'? furnished tnrou?hout. entier Jv? ?r approved paper. piireiisses CXR""at; our "'wck before yon toake rour Heir ?'i:il er the name and piac?? M k COOMBS, . No. 969 Seventh street, 2d door from _?. m ? Onr Goods Stor?. ^rPLtl! AffLtBI APP1.KX 1?*>bMs. superior Northern APPLES. sreet Havana OR AN tiKS. l? boxes new I.KMOXS.just reemved. An mvoioe of M A LAG \ GRAPHS daily ex T. DRL RV. " ^ corncr Pa. ave. an? 14th street. R'H?,L?,y D'* M^?5ASSAR OIL, at GI BBS'S . Hair Store, near Iftth arreet. nfft-3m \i- \) YORK DAILY .\ HWSPa PfcRS (?.? /?\ u^iJO> !*H!LLI!^oVoN,? RoMkst CMeon Km <iing. currn^r 4S ^rwl nnd KtM CLUf? New York Daily HeraUl, l)o do do '? ribuoe, _ .Do do do Tunes. Receivedrecular every e\ entnr immediately aPer the arrival of the 7 o cloek train of oars, and will 'e delivered to aubsenbers soon ttiereafter. Subsenp tious received at n l. . JO^PHSHILUNGTON'S j Bookstore, Odeon Buildiug, ooriter 4>? at. ?"d Pa.n '''ANOS? 1 have now- m store 'vrKTV.- ,no't v?rie?l. ai d muet re.iable stock of Pianos ever offered in tins ottT.B^J6l eonsi<ting?>f Hull Gland, parlor iinmdj* ? f l? senu t.raud. I ou s XIV. pt,!,.. carved and p ain Pi nos. Irorn the instk acknowiedgeti i?est irtaarfac tones 10 the ! nit.d -tares. rhe adverfi.-er's ficilities h# proourinc Pisno. jalsrass hn>ing for <^sh,J his luit expenenoe in the fi'Mir"''' ij" to ' f'or P'nnos at prices i?>wer th?n aurcfheres aMtshm>>nt in this city. >. oood |.an,| uistrumeats taken in part paT*ent. r?n\* ,k'r ev, nn,?' ??*k. month or Tear. I iar.os and10. her iii?truiueuts *old i*pon iiionth.r payments. Pianos picked. tured. re^aaodTo. N, ^ P 1 j,i,in f. r.Li.Js, >o. 3fts,be:wem?Hh and loth sts.. " 4 doors from in?h at., north ?d*>. rp NOTICE. a,)^r6'Kn??3 leave to inform hia friends ardihe rtiMie ref.erai!y. as he is determ-ne,! mai ?HtrI!v 'rVt w,!l to^M order GLN FLKMHS SCLOI HING in the f\ best manner and at lower prices than iuit other establishment in the C,ty. * ?"L. 1 like (.ive bnn a citii, and asi-ure yovraelf of tii* n . . Merchant Tailor, No.^o^a'.'avenBe w 14 ,m south side. ?MIICKEKI\G A SON'S PIANOS. ?number of Pi.poa. inclBdinr ttu perb I ailor Grand, a perfect duplicate tn ?,lL the one used l/? \l. Ths i*r< m his iaatB^S^ cjnoerts in lhi? eitv. This n.sirumeut wah'Tt 11 ' invented t y the Messrs. Chick^rinc, and ts rnad^ otj'y '?> them, having a pitrnt action. The s?Tiher'e stork, in numlier, qnahtv. and K2Tlrtl Pisros fr*?m foar of thr. be-t m>stonaiid .New \ o k |seio.i?s far aUrpn.?^ auy <Kjier 111 this city. As he Mrch&iieaeaciu^iveiv tor ?.?ah, and with a lonz expui one' in the t>u?iu?.. he will fuarant* to pureh-t cr?: the l*st f>?trum?nts* per *' prices, either for cash or approved Record hand Pianos taken in part payment. A ii' of secoad hiind Pianos for rent, or f.-r sa'e at low prices. A ko?k1 assortni??nt of superior Melodeons ind of Martin s celebrated Guitars. A superior Harp by h\ard. of Pane, for tale .. .^ RICHARD DAVIS. n 5-no* Penn. n'-enne. Brooms, Bi ckK rs, 4c. i?ndox?ii BROOMS. Joo do. Painted BL'CKKTS. 50 Covered do. ?? do. * V11 low do. Kroi?a MATCHES, M'doxen Ctlw DSand LINES, 2ial??W.\Tb, Now landioit Horn picVet- from New York d Bfiteod Ml'RKAV JL SEMI1E6. 1>IRI> CAGES. WOOLEN GOODS. \ N D ? ?Notions, at McL A tGH I.IN^K. a>. Ix*t wocn nth aoditth sts. ( )'Ihf3&^ NBW *'1 K)LS at Ale L AnT|T streeta ' *? aveuue. between 8th and '"h B s rrilK. PRESENT CRISIS, or tba Crsis or tie I Carteac), tijr Bank Craeo/Eao" 13 ' f tUm _d4 FBANctf TAYLOR. VH\V STYLKS. NH\V FASH KINK, NEW _n,fi Mol.A I GHl IN'S. bet tth and <Kh ets. L^HAitK FOR ESTER'S( Hert?rf) HORSH and * Horsenaiishia of the United S atea. and Hr.t ?ah J roviuoea of North Amenoa. 2 vola. tvo.. illus trated with wood-ruts a-id steel-eocraved original I 01 trait, of Celebrated ilcraes. Sui?oristi np-u>? bi dollars. FRiXfk'TAVLOR. Agent for Waahinrlon fURD PLATE ENGRAVING, AND PR IN T V* ING. VIKITING. INVITATION. AND BUSINESS CAR DS f nrraved in ever* style. 1' A R D PLATES printed ID the brat manner ai d with dispafeh. ySI ' AND INVITATION CARDS.rl.t? and euam-lled surlaoA. furnished at the lowest pnoe"' V ?c.. \vTk. BAYI.Y. No W Pa. ave. bet. llth and l?th sts. ?l 4-tf I Intel.'nftt | 25. v. ... *. , . '*ery B?<.k,tl.2S. Mra.lkilda Amertoaa Kru*al H?>a<-ewifSs.SS ?-ta. Seventy-five Receipts for Pastry, cakes and Sweetmeats. <5 eta. Mias Hercher's Domestic Receipt Book.Sncts. The Huuarkeeper'a Bo< k. ? cts The I ami y Reoeipt Book for Makinc Bread. Rolls, Ac; 13 cts. The Household Manager, by Charles Pieroe. Lon don: SSota. Miss Lesiie'a New Receipts for Cookery. #1. Miaa I.eaUe'a Two Hundred Receipts for French ? Cookery. 2- eta. Dr. Kitehener s Cook's (Irarte.? nl.. Domestic Cookery. 2* eta. The Fr< noh Cook, 25 eta. Cookery.Cam?*. and Etiquette of tfce TaWr. I.03 don; 75ets. . .. Mr*. Randolph s Virfiiua Housewife,-90 cts. l,e Cuitinter Imperial, Paris; #2 25 A Shillings Worth of Practical Receipt*. London ; 97 cents, d 8 FRANCK TAYLOR.