Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. CmcriT Cocit ?After our report closed yes terday, th?? Court took up the babes* corpus case of Eugene O'Connor rs. Margaret O'Connor, his wife, to take from her his thiee children, Mari anna, Eugene and James D. O'Connor. The re spondent answered, claiming her right to the inildren on account of U?e brutality of her hus band There was a laf^e number of witnesses who gave testimony showing the petitioners bad temper. language and depot tinent, and that on bis own confession of wrong, former differences Lad been settled ; and on bTs wishing for a rec onciliation on the last occasion she had refused to be icconciied ; so be now claimed the chil dim On the other side, the petitioner had many Witnesses to prove bis good character The ma jority of the court held that the children should be left with their mother for the present, and the cs?e should be held over for advisement until the next term. It was so ordered. The arguments in motion for a new trial of the rase of Hewett *.?. the Browns, in which the de fendant* bad been mulcted for the amount of a trunk lost, as was alleged, through the careless ness of the defendants' porter, were not conclud ed ve*terday when the Court adjourned. To-day, the Couit took up the case of officer A K. L. Keese. the rule, to show cause why he should not be dismissed from office, on accouut 4/t alleged malfeasance Chilton for the prosecu tion, l ailisle and Maury for defence Previous to taking up the above case the Court announced that they bad considered the case of Kobert Cunt*, now in jail under sentence of tbe Criminal Court and saw no reason why be should not be remanded to punishment as per sentence of bis Honor. Judge Crawford It will be recollected that Cross was sentenced to eight years imprisonment In the penitentiary tor Assaulting ana shooting Officer Robln?on. of tbe Sixth Police District, while in tbe discharge of his duty In attempting to arrest bim (Cross) tor an alleged connection with certain election <lots in the Seventh Ward on tbe tiist June laat. Cross will, accordingly, go to tbe penitentiary two da\a after tbe adjoinnment of the present tena of (be Circuit Court. i'KiMi*AL CoSiT ?Yesterday, the jury In the case of John Tbompson, iudicted for giand lar ceny.. brought in a verdict of guilty. Tbe case of tbe United States t.< Oeorge Jen kins, for larceny of a pair of harness reins from Win Marshall, was then taken up. and tbe jury returned a verdict of guilty as Indicted. Matthew Butler was then brought up 011 a charge of stealing one banjo of the value of 310 from Win H. Baum on tbe Ifttli day of Angust last; found guilty. Tbe Court then took up the case of Bill Mon key. alias Wm Williams, wuereiii tbe defend ant, a colored boy, stood charged with larceny of a silver watch valued at Sk?, tbe property of Kobert Bates, also colored Tbe proofs of the theft were abundant; and the jury returned a ver dict of guilty. A lad. under fourteen years of age, named Wm Henry Harrison Butterbaugh, was then brought up ori a charge of stealing a bat. valued at Hi. fion Thomas H. Haveaoer. His extreme youth and the ingenuousness of his countenance wou for bim the compassion of all beholders, and Mr. Maury charitably appeared as bis counsel. The lad* given in evidence did not amount to proof, except an admission made to the officer who nr rrsted bim,wherein the boy confessed tuat another l?oy stole tbe hat, and that he (the prisoner} sold It to a third boy on Capitol Hill. The jury re turned a verdict of not guilty, and the boy was accordingly discharged. This case closed the trials for the day; and the prisoners who bad been convicted were drawn up in liue and lectured appropriately by his Honor, and then sentenced as follows: John Thompson, to one year's imprisonment in tbe peuitentiary George Jenkins, to si* months in tbe County Jail, and a fine of *1 Matthew Butler, to one year's confinement in tbe Penitentiary; and Bill Monkey, aiias Wil liams. to si* months in the County Jail, and a fine of ?1. Ciixisii Cocit.?This morning, Mr. Brad ley, Jr., appeared for the United Mates, incon sequence of tbe continued sickness of tbe District Attorney. P. B Key. Esq. The case of J . Fog was taken up, wherein tbe defendant, a colored boy of some 10 years of age, was charged with arson On motion of the U. 3. Attorney, a prpj.wa* entered in tbe case, the Conrt stipulating that tbe defendant should be removed from the District of Columbia?the plea in bis behalf being bia extreme youth Tbe above case was determined as our report closed. A Presentation-?The meeting at Magenenu Encampment No 4, 1 O. O. P., Navy Yard, last night, was attended by a "goodlie companie,*' not only of its own membership, but by repre sentations from the other Encampments of the District?all attracted thither by tbe anticipation that something out of the commou order was on baud, from the fact that a certain official had been ?ununoatd to appear. At the appointed time P. G P Frederick D Stuart, was notified by tbe presiding officer (G. P. John Thaw) that he had Wen deputed by Ma ^eneuu Encampment to present bim withaslgnet ring, which they Lad caused to be prepared for huu In token of the many valuable services be bad performed for them and the Order at large. Tbefrieuds of Mr. Stuart appear to have caught bim unawares in this presentation, and in making J4IS acknowledgments he said he was so much Taken by surprise that he could say nothing more tha."1 that be thanked them, and that the memento shoii'u tver nerve him to tbe peiformance of his every duty. The ring (??f heavy gold) bear* on the seal the Initials ??F D S.' aiid on tbe iuner side the words '* Magenenu Encampment. Oeith <>r a \Vs9MiSftTojriA?.?Information ?jratatil this city yesterday afternoon of the death -at Jfc.ksonville. Florida, on "the. 5t,b tnstant, of -yellow fever, of Mr James Wimer, recently the foreman of Gideon'* printing office The de ceased was long and favorably known in this 4 itv, and tbe ne* ? of ble demise will cause pain to a wide circle of friends. Mr. W. left Wash ington about the 1st September for Jacksonville, ^vnitl^r he went for the benefit of hi* health, and also with the design of settling in business at lb at point. L' 11 fortunately he ventured there too early in the season. His family were attacked with the pestilence, one member of it died, bia bright-eyed boy was seized by it also, and the fatigue and aniietv incurred in watching day and night over the sick child doubtless tendered the father an easy victim \ esieiday morning a letter was re. eived 111 this city from Mr Wimer, in which he *poke with anxiety of tbe condition of Lis boy ; seven hours later came the letter an nouncing the death of the father ' SrPHKMK Cot'? T?Yesterday, Hon. John H Reagan. of Texas, W. P. Ballinger. Esq., of Texas. Arthur W. Machen, Esq , of Maryland, and rt S Morris. Esq , of New Jersey, were ad mitted attorneys and counsellors of this Court. No 47. Daniel Carroll * devisee*, plaint ill in error, rs. Alfred R Dowson's heirs The motion to dismiss tbi* cause was aigued by Messr*. C Jones aud Bradley in support thereof, and by Messrs Kedin and Coxe in oppositien thereto .No. II. Kobert Taylor's administrators, plain tiffs in Nathan T Carryl, who survived Wm. J Ward. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Hood for the plaintid's in error, aad continued by Mr Everts for the de fendant m error. Adjourned. Mas PoctlRtitl. the German woman who was so bad<y burnt by an explosion of burning Quid on Thursday uigbt, died at uoon, yesterday, after some hours of intense sobering She was about years of age and had an infant nine months old. In the inidst of her sufferings she found occasion to express her thanks to the offi cer*. one of whom, at great risk to his own life, (J B Conway, of the special police,) went to her rescue. Or Butt was tier attending physician. The burning material through which she lost her life, was sold as "unexplosive fluid," but wheth er it wa? tbe genuine patented article of that name or a counterfeit we know not. Cm-Ben or tu* ErirtiAST. ?Tbe improve, merits which have been made in this church hav ing reached so near completion as to afford ample accommodation for the convenience of the con Krejfation, we learn it will Im* opened for Diviue Service ou to-iuorrow morniug, at II o'clock This church Is situated on G street, >>etween Tklltonift and f ourteenth, and the Rev ('has llatl is the Rector As the improvements made on it Lave increased the number of pews, we are requested to state that uotice will be giveu to tbo?e who may wish to buy or rent oue Corn or Claims, Yktirpk ?John W Crooks, Esq . of Springfield. Massachusetts, was appointed commissioner of tbe court. Hon Kcverdy Johnson resumed and concluded the t argument for the claimant in the case < f Riebaid \Y . Meade, administrator, es. The United .a*lates ; and the case was submitted. The Court then adjourned until Monday next, at 1-j o'clock m. Dismissed.?Yesterday. J no. Maitis wu arrest ed by ollUer Gill, of tbe Seventh District for an *is>ault and batterv on his father, lie was taken before Justice Donn, but the witness failing to appear he waa dismissed Johu Martis stands Hi rused. at the present time, of the assault and battery on officer J M l.loyd. by which that of ?cer was for a loug time unfit for service. Rosiest ?Thursday night the boatbouse of Mr. Barges*, situated on tbe Eastern Branch, vra* entered by a thief, and a dticker * outfit, con of ? skiff, gun. paddles, gum boot*, cap, Ac . was >toleu This is a vexatious loss for one In (hat line of businaas. Cl*? market this mo-ninT :ar?pll-d ? th>e couDtry dM,#r' app?*rinK , *Und' M U8U*t bflw?n 1st of December a?o^d7hP'^!JahKf mnmb*T* The Pavement., nork wm!!. h?,,,e were covered with flne lwt reSrt "0t chan^ "WlerUlly .Inc. our Beef, fresh, pr lb. 6*1? {/'** ??????..... u Mutton 12 Lamb.prqr 75*1 Mi Sausage, pr lb.... 18* *???????????? 15 Veal 12nj5 Beef tongue* ?5atl Calves heads,each 95 Bacon 15aJ6 Shoulders ltall Breast pieces .... ]g Dried beef )0 ftp? " sl?^ ^potatoes. pk 37 Rabbits. each. '?.? Dried peaches at.. ffci2 do. apples, pV. ? Roll butter ^,31 Phira print 40 Honey, per lb.... 25 Onions, per nk... 37 Cabbage, pr nead. 6aH) Apples, pk 37ar3 Beets, per bunch. 3 Carrots g ?elerX 5aC Turnips, per pk .. a, Chestnuts, pr qt.. 12 Rabbits, each.... 18atB Ducks?Canvas... ??> Mallards 75 Ked Necks 75 RJr.prtu,,?i gg Y, . 40a4.j Small Sweet potatoes, pk 25a3T Corn, pr bush.... 76a-J Corn, ear,pr bush. 4Ua4S Beans, pr bush.... ^ Meal ?7a9tl Shorts 20 Sbipftufls 45a?5 per do*.... ?5 - 37 Sturgeon cuts IthSO Rock, per bunch.. ?5 ??"? 25 Taylors 25 Skmator HimiR.of Virginia, was serenaded last night by a number of his personal friends connected with the Capitol, who rejoiced at bis ia-tlection The excellent music of Wither*'* a, brought the honorable Senator to the door, when he thanked his friends for their at tcution in asho.t hut feeling and eloquent speech 1 ^/.?^pany were inv,,cd iu,? ???? b?use *<*1 hospitably ente rtained RrH.h.'r?1adfrVl.ien f,roc^dpd to Governor Bright s, where their reception was also of the most pleasant kind As the parly lelur.led Dirk* ? Ilil1 tbev con,P'?mented Air. Brown o^?\n ,fy ? UB"1 Governor Mississipp, by tUe performance of some flne piece* by the Band BreakdowhYesterday morning, as two or [ tmekej of the press were going their rounds in quest of "Items,"* a wheel of the ca?rb ?e In which they weie riding came ctt, and one of ?J""?,' in Kt'HIng out, sprained his foot ; the other ! remained in until the horse was stopped. We hope that our injured ronfrtrt will soon be re rhif?.u f"J ot hia ,lu,b' ,lMf crippled-V*^,r"T"*'rk'/ 'aU? tem',orari'> A be in.' The Riot *T Sprixomax's-Yesterday. Capt Klopfer.and OtMcer Mclleory arrested Richard 11 Wheeler of Virginia, and a Baltimorean. who for want of a letter name was called John Doe. \\ heeler for resisting the otticers was held to ball for C ourt in ftotMi. and John Doe, for the same of ience, wi'li an attempt to rescue a prisoner in ad dition, was sent to jail by Justice Murphy It grew out of the riot at Sprfiigman's restaurant. Fiaiso Gi'jis.?While the firemen were at the fire in the First Ward, last night, a number of rowdies, probably with a view to create a riot tired several volleys in the central part of the city. Unfortunately they disp*>:*-d befoie the guards got to their vicinity. Although the May or s armory is well supplied with dangerous weapons, there is room for more and also use for the tines that follow the confiscation. Kirk ?Between 1 and 2 o'clock this morning, several Miiuil houses, known as "the Round Tops, ? near Georgetown, belonging to Mr. Mur ray. w-lio is now absent from the city, were de stroyed by Are It is supposed the Are was the act of an incendiary, and was started in the cel lar of one of the houses. The property, It is ?aid, wiu iiuurt4. 71 Th* River?The only business that appears to be worth looking after to-day is the oyster trade, which just at the present time is on the increase A large num?*r of pungies arrive daily at the wharves, and thi? prices are low enough to place them within the reach of all. There were no arrivals at the wharves yesterday of any im portance. ' ' BrsT or Gov Wisr. ?The bust of Gov- Wise, executed by K. V. Valentine, will b* exhibited In the Library of the Capitol In this city, for two .eaXs! Monday and Tuesday next, the' 14th and 15th instaut, previously to its going to the Exhi bition of the Washington Art Association, in Washington city, ou Wednesday morning next Richmond D1 spateh. Fowl** had another large and inter ested audience at Temperance Ball last night. To-night Prof F gives one of the most inter esting lectures of his series, that upon distin guished U?eu. To-morrow evening, free lecture on man s moral nature. See advertisement Mt?tkriotts ?Tuesday night, three persons were shot near the Navy Yard?one In the thigh, one in the ankle, and with the other tbe ball only entered his clothing The Navy Vaiders cannot account for IC don t know who did it. or why it was done. They heard but one report, and all were shot at that tune. The name of one of the injured is C Drnry. R11.lkvid ?It will be remembered that about a year ago Officer Keese was struck on the head by an axe by a man named Dunagan, who was convicted arid sentenced to prison for the act The wound continuing to give the ofiWr uneasi ness be yesterday applied to Dr. Hellen, who ex amined it and removed a piece of the bone, al?oiit half an inch in length, which wag loose, and oc casioned the pain. Wa^ch Returns ?Thos. McSwivgan, Pa., disorderly conduct; costs $144 Patrick Todd, Ireland, do; do. Twenty-seven lodgers; all njn-resldentn. 6 ' Mr. Editor.- Sir: I am uot in the habit of writ ing for any gentlemen, but I must, from certain 00 ular Uenioustrations, conies* my own conviction. I ain an ale Junker, nnj I wish to inform ihv fallow citizens, that, hiuee Jos. Davidson has secured the ser vices of Mr. Hauf, ftb ins hrttwer, he can compete with any brewer in the United States. JVlr. Haul"is one of the most accomplished brewers hi this conn try, *i,?t tie onir SKka the citizens to in?iul*e Mr. Jws. U&vidson until ho oanexhibit his samples. ,l* . New York. A Recantation.?The undersigned deems it duo to I'liiist: I, as well as to his friends, to stnta that hn was induced, by falsa representations, to liecoine a m-mber of a Know Nothing Irxfgerthat he wns there once, and once ouly, because he disapproved of the organization ; that he had been for thirt* years a Democrat, and desires1 again to act with that glorious old party ; the parly of the Constitution and Colon, lie therefore makes this public recantation of the only political error of his life. 11 Geo. W. Chkhklimni. Tf? TIIK CiTl/K.NS OR WaSHIKOTON? Wn/fg'g Schiiilmm Arnmntif Srhnappi.?The proprietor begi leave to call the attention of strangers ai.d tho citizens of \\ a yery superior article of Holland Gin, which he introduce.) to the American public under ihe name of Wolfe's Scheidain Aro matic >cDiiapps. ^i".V k"i*1 '?u<i.n"c 1 urb) the proprietor exclu ii\ely at hat Outiller? 10 Seine Jam, HoI.aLJ. It 14 Made from the bcit Barley that can Ini procured in Korope, at any cost, and flavored and medicated, not by the common haish heny, but b> the most choice btdant^af variety of the Aromatic Italian Ju mper Herry, whose more various extr.twl is distill ed and rectified with its spintuous solvent, and thus becomes a concentrated Uucture of exuuiairg fia vors and aroma, altogsther trauscnding in its Cor dial and Medicinal propertiosany alcoholic beverage heretofore known. " The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole Medical I-acuity of the United States, mid fei?..r*e5l1r l?"flwer* f,u,u *tH?ut four thousand t hysicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their teriiTVlfsbcV * m?*1 Ue"u'ttt'le Edition to the Ala Persons who purchase should l?e oareful to get the genuine article, as the wholecountry is tfooded with counterfeits and imitations. ^ ^^'''MUsriaiHi pint Utttles, ,n cases of one i)ogei.'?Nch. and for sale b? all the respectable Drug gists and Grocers in the Cm ted States. I'milpuo|Wol??, Solo importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. 22 Beaver street. New York. Wolfe's Schiedam Aromatii Sciiiapm, is presoril>ed with great suueess by the Medical Eac uity in Gravel, Gout, Chroiuu Rheumatism, Drop ? *. Dyspepsia, Sluggish Circulation of the Blood, luadetieate Assimilation of Eood, and exhausted v itai fcnergy; and as a beverage it has uo superior lu the world. ' Put up in quart an-1 pmt bottles, and for sale by all Ihe Druggists and Grocers in Washington. u I I CUOI.PHO WoLRE, v ia IMl^ Manufacturer, os. Id, M, aud IA, Beaver street. New York. W oLFB s SclfKIDAM AROMATIC ScHXAPP*. The proprietor particularly recommends the above Soiinapps to persons traveMing oraliout to settle iu the South or West on scoount of its Mediemal pro perties in oonectiug the disagreeable and often dan gerous effects produced by a chvnge of water?a visitation to which all travelers South ami West are particularly liable. Strangers should be careful in Purchasing the Schnapps, as the whole country is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. The genuine has the proprietor's name on the bottle, coik aud label. For sale by all Druggists aud Uro oers. Um)1.pho Wo Li'it, d li-3m Depot III Beaver s rcet. New York. Professor Fowler's Ekitore.?iutellect,iuem ory, their culture, and the education of children, is the subject of Prof. F.'s lecture at Temperance Hall this ( Fridsy ) evening; To-morrow (Saturday i evening, the exhibitions of hi* drawing* of distin ?. wished 1 udivideals, and tha Phrenologies of distin guished men of the past aud present. Sunday even ing, tree lecture ou man's moral nature. dll2t* GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. C?rr*tpond*nrt ?/ TK* Stmr. Gxoioktowi*, Dec 11,1^87. The following business wu transacted by our City Councils last night: In the Council a communication was received from the Clerk, covering the certificate of the judges of election appointed to receive the votes of the citizens upon the making of a subscription to the Alexandria, Loudon and Hampshire Rail road; referred. Also, one in relation to unexpended appropri ations; referred. Mr. Thomas presented the accounts of Bladen Forrest; referred. Also, the report of the Guardians of the George town Schools; referred. The report of the Guardians shows the whole number of the pupils In the school to be 29H. as follows: Senior department male school, 81; Ju nior department, 68. Senior department female school, 81; Junior department, 66. Teachers' salaries, 82,025 per annum, as follows : Teacher of senior department male school, 8800 ; Junior department, 8150 Teacher senior department female school, ?450 ; Junior department. 8:125. Sum total of contingent expenses, repairing house furniture, Ac., from 1st January to 1st September 1-457, 8:150 Mr White reported, from streets committee, a resolution providing for a tiag footway across Ro-id street, on the West side of Washington; passtd both Hoards. tMr. Thomas, from claims committee, reported resolutions appropriating s<4 for the benefit of Jos W Hunt, use of P O. Donoghue, SH) 30 for the benefit of John McDaniel, Skii 50 for the ben efit of J J Mcquillan, 821 for the benefit ot Bladen Forrest, and 819 for the benefit of W. T. Itiivoll; passed both Boards Mr. Croplcy presented the account of R. Quid, Esq . amountlug to $745, for legal services; re ferred . Mr White reported, from streets committee, a resolution, which passed both Boards, appoint ing Messrs. White, CrOplev and Pearson, of the Council, and Messrs u P. Dodge and G. W. Beall, of the Aldermen, a joint committee to ex amine and adopt a plan for a bridge over the canal west of tlie market-house The Aldermen passed a resolution appointing H.Addison, Esq., an additional nicmlier of the committee to attend to the interests of tin- Corpo ration liefoie Congress, in relation to budges acios* the Potomac. In the Council, Mr. Oyster called for the yeas and nays upon the pa??age of the resolution; which resulted as follows: Yeas?Messrs. Cropley, Seymour, Pickrell and Thomas?1. Nays?Messrs. English, Jones,Oyster,Fearson and White?S. So the resolution was lost. Mr. Knglish moved a reconsideration of the vote upon the foregoing resolution; which was carried; and then oll'ercd the following substitute, which passed the Council only, the Aldermen having adjourned: Rrsolvft, That H. Addison,Esq , be appointed h committeeman to attend to the interests of the Coiporation before Congress, in relation to bridges across tlie Potomac. And, on motion, the Council adjourned until Friday night next, at 7% o'clock. We have been requested to say that the Rev. Dr Balch. of Baltimore, will preach In the St. John's (Episcopal) church to morrow morning at 11 o'clock, and again in the afternoon. The sixth and last of a lot of scows built by the Messrs. Si mines, for the use of the Washing ton Aquigluct, was launched yesterday. These ??OW? are line specimens of workmanship; un surpassed doubtless by any thing of the kind ever built In the District. Business upon the canal, at this time is com fiaratively light, and confined entirely to the ower portions of the line. The quantity of flour and grain coming down continues limited, but of wood theie has been an unusually large quan tity. Another serious accident from etherial oil oc curred on Bridge street on Wednesday night, at the house of Mr. Xally. A little daughter of Mr N had in her hand a lamn filled with the tluld and lighted,which sbe accidentally dropped, and in attempting to put out the fiauie. it caught to her clothing and burned her very seriously. The offerings of beef cattle at Drover's Rest and Fosset's yards, yesterday, amounted to 300 bead; 250 of which were sold to District butchers at $2 50a8o.62 on the hoof, equal to S5a?7 "25 nett. The remaining 50 head were left over. No sheep sold. Hogs 50 per 100 lbs. The conviction of young Powers liefore the Criminal Court of the grave charge of'* assault and battery, with intent to kill," is very gener ally regretted by those of our citizens who are acquainted with him There Is no material change in the flour or grain markets. Small sales of the former ate making at 85 for standard brands; extra would doubtless command a trifle more Wheat 81a 81 10 for good qualities of red and white. Old corn GOc. for white and yellow ; new, shelled, 50 a55c ; in the ear, 82 25a82 50 per bbl S. GEORGETOWN ADVEBT1SEMT3. piSH! FISH!! FISH!!! ISObbla. No. 1 St. John's A LEWI YES. loubbis. No. 1 Eastern HERRING. Now lauding, par schooner Sylvauus Alien, from Boston, and lor salo by HARTLEY A BRO? d 12-lw 101 Water street. Georgetown. 1). C. FOR BOSTON.?The superior fast sailing clip per schooner, Svlvanus Allen, Capt. ry* Sears, has arrived, and will have quick patoh f?>rth>* aiHive port. 1-or freight or passage apply to HARTLEYi E K O., 101 Water street, Georgetown, D. C. (1 12-Iw FOR SA LE.?A fine, young, HAY MARE, four years old. very stylish and gentle, and a rr\ perf-ct family horse. Also, one spring Wagon and second hand Rockaw&y. For terms apply to J. ROBERTSON, Agent.No GO Prospect stieet, Georgetown. 1). C. it* TAXES.?Persons paying their Taxes o? oi t>e fore Januaiy ist, IHMj, will save interest and ex penses.otherwise interest will charged dating liaok to the tirat Monday in October last. C. F. SHKKELL, d 1 lm* Collector. l)OTA'I'i ?ES ? I,Mm bushels prune white MEK I CEK POTATOES in store and lor sale in lots to suit purchasers. PETER BERRY, n 23 ft*i Water street, Georgetown. Millinery, &c. Madam Pribram a daughter, on pa. avenue, bet ween loth and llth streets, south ?ide. No. 277, respectfully inform the Indies that they have the newest stvle of^ BONNETS, suitable for out metropolitan season, and also HEAD DR F.SSES, suita ble for soiree*, levees, A c. WaxtKb.?Two first rate Milliner Hands. d * m/KADAM BONN El., m DRESS MAKER, Fkok Pa bis, No. 333 lBth street west, between 1 ;uul K streets, Washington oity, has the honor to inform the ladies of Washington and vioimty. that she has fitted up a Dress Making Establishment, where she is rendy to make every kind of work, as Dresses. Mantillas, Basques, See., and in the best and very latest style of Paris, receiving every month the French Journal De l.a Mode, direct from Paris. n ll-2m* BOARDING. B OA R l?l NG.?Mrs. RL'FF has taken the large 1 and commodious house, No. 39U D street, near 7th, where she intends to rent her Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives, with Board. Transient Hoarders by the day or week. Meals sent out at all hours of the day. ulG-lni* w 17M- F. BAYLY, * W holesale and Retail Dealer in FANCY AND STAPLE stationery, No. 27a Pn. ut t/iwc. Offers to the publm. at reduued prices, a lull and complete assortment of? Writing and Letter l'apers. English a?d American Note Papers French Enamelled and Bristol Board Writing Cardg Wedding and Business Envelopes Extra fine Knives. Scissors, and Razors. Fancy and Plain Playing Cards. lleaks ar:d W'ork-boxea. Backgammon Boards. Chess Men, Checkers, Gaines. Gold Pens, Pencils, Card Cases, A c., Ac. d 4 tf 1 Intel.eoflt) hV)R SALE.?One pair of Iron Gray HORSES. Works well in harness, sixteen hands tr\ high, five and six years old; warianted sound. FLEMMING A FOY'S^C" d lo 3t* Stables, Jackson Hall Alley. rpRl NKS, TRI NKS.-We have every variety 1 of quality Trunks, ladies' Pre ssmtittTl; and Packing Trunks, Hat Boxes. Valises Kit Carpet- Bh<s, Satchels, Ac. which we wdi^?-^?^* sell at the lowest prices. W ALL, STEPHENS A Co.. d 10 3t 322 Pa. av., I>etween 9th and lotli sts. A G G A G E EXPRESS OFFICK. ?1M li Stkkkt, JifjuinuiK Th* PrmMng Ojfirr. The subscriber. Baggage Agent for Baltimore and Ohio and Washington Brtnoh Railroad, has opened an ?dice, at the above place, for the accom modation of the public, wnere orders can be left lor the use of Wagons to convey Baggage or Packages to and from Railroad Depot, Steainlmats, Ac., or lor removal to any point in this City or Georgetown. Olfioe open trom 7 o'clock a. m. to 10 o'clock p. m., dady, except Sunday,7 to lOo'ciocka. m.,2o'clock to 10 p. ui. v JOHN M. MoCLINTOCK. Baggage Agent Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. N. B ?Persons coming to Washiugion or going to Baltimore, not haviuc made up their minds where they will stop, by giving up their oheoks to my agents on the cars, will! have their baggage taken cure ot at this office, or at Baltimore office, No. 11 Sharp street, and noextra charge. d 10 REMOVAL. RS. M. A. EATON respectfully informs the l*adies of Washington and vicinity that she has Removed her 1)R P.SS-M AKIN?? ESTABLISH MENT to No. 4&t lutn street, where she is prepared to oarry on the Dress making business in all its branches. Six Young Ladiee Wanted at the above business. Mrs. M A. Eaton is agent for S. T. Taylor's DreM-Catting Rule. d 10-St* B auctioi MARSHAL'S sale.?In virtae of ? writ of fieri facias issued from the Clerk's Office or Che Sirotiit Court of the District of Columbia for tbe of Washington. and to me directed,! shn!t expose to public sale. fur Cash, at Rilet's Wharf, on THURSDAY,the t4th day of Deoeraber. 1M7, at lu o'clock a. m.. the following desonbed property, to wit: One schooner called Wave, her Tackle and Furniture, seized and levied upon a* the property uf Robert Walter.and will be mold to satisfy judi cial No. 99, to January term >8?, Peter Prioo. ad ministrator of Nathaniel Todd, ra. Robert Walter, Kellehim Lambell.and Thomas W. H :!ej. J. |>. HOOVF R.

d 12-ta Marshal for the District oi Columbia. FOR RKJTT AJTD SALE. F^OR rent.?One large ROOM, newly fur nished, in a desirable looality. Would suit a member of Congress. Apply at No. 334 O street, between 12th ami 13th. d 12-3t* Furnished rooms for rent.?a large PARLOR and CHAMBER, on the second floor, with (m fixtures, for rent. No. 3U7 E street, between 13th and ISfci streeta, fronting Pa. avenue. d l?-3t _ _ ? ."?OR R ENT?Two Rooms, suitable for office* or r an office and chamber, immediately opposite the Citr Hall, and over the office of C. 8. Waflach. J 11-11 Apply to RICHARD WALLACH. FOR RK.NT.-A FURNISHKD HOUSE, verr desirably situated, on the corner l?th ami H streets, i?. the immediate neighborhood of Franklin Row. The bousw has been uewly paiuted, papeed and furbished within the last six months. Inquire at the Drug Store corner of 12th and I streeta. d t'-2t? |?OK RENT-A large convenient HOI SE, r newly furnished, supplied with gas throughout, heated by furnace, and with force pump in kitchen. Also, a very convenient and handsomely furnished HOUSE, which will be rented unfurnished or fur nished, if deair?d. Apply at oorner 22d and G sts. dll-3t* FJHJR SALE?On reasonable terms, a comm. dioua and substantially built BRICK DWELLlNti IIOI SE, With back building attach-d. m Franklin Row, which ta one of the most beautiful and desira b e locati >ns in Washington. The house contains 12 rooms and two cellars. bath room, hot tuid wM water, khs, A t., and has a stable for threo horses, carriage house, with servants' looms atiove; cow bouse, wood? house, and chince Iruit trees. The house will be sold with or without the two valuable building lots adj"tnin?. Apply at No. 512 <2d story) 7th street, to POL LARD WEDB, Agent. d 11 eo Ham>somely furnished ROOMS.? The first class Honso No. 415 15th sfre?f,is arranged with Bedrooms and Parlors on each floor. Persons desirous oi obtaining Rooms may call mi? mediately. Mwils can be furnished from \\ or alley's Club House. d 10 lit* rI^O RENT.?Two fine Rooms, furnished. Parlor ft and Clj*i*l?er, heated with furnace and lighted lyr gas, on 0 street, between 2d and 3d, in the rear of Trinity Church. Possession riveu immediately. Apply at the Drugstore of LEWIS M. SMITH, 371 Pa. av^mie. opposite National Hotel. d 9-4t mwo VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED 1 ROOMS lor rent. One a large front room, in one of the most pleasant locations in the city, in quire of Mrs. HUNT,47 Louisiana avenue, between fcth and 7th streets. d V-tf ONK LARGE PARLOR and large CHAM HI II attached, on the first ttoor, handsomely fur nished, and having gas, for rent. Also a Parlor and Chambers, two large and two good sized single ones in suite, or separate. Meals furnished if desired. Terms reasonable, and location central. Applvat 468 10th street, between Daud E. d'l-lw P^OR RH"NT.?Several handtomelv Furnished ROOMS, or the entire House, if desired. Lo cation directly opposite the National Hotel, No. 3U7. d 7-tf f,1 O R KKN T.?Three PARLORS and five CHAMBERS, handsomely furnished, iu F street north, between 13th and 14th, No.25b. no lf*>eotf I BURNISHED HOUSE FOR R EN'T.-A dest table and handsomely Furnished House, con veniently located, iu a pleasant part of the city, will be reuted for six months, or by the year. Please refer for information to J. G. CLARKE, Esm., office of Rntgj*A Co. n25tf L'UR RENT.?Either furnished or unfurnished, I an excellent, three-story, new Brick House, with lmseinent. No. <*>4 JSew Jersey avenue, live minutes' walk from the Capitol, with three-stall stable and coach house, with united late possession. Inquire atSAM'L. WALKER'S Portrait tiallery, Odeon Buildina, oorner 4% street and Pa. auenue. n 19-tf C'ARD? RARE CHANCE.?Twelve large and > handsome Rooms, with Bath-rooms. Ac., Ac., for rent, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for chamtierg or o%oes. Will be rented seperatelv or all together. Terms reasonable. Those apartments are over our establishment. Pa. avenue, between yth and 10th streets. WALL, STEPHENS A CO. n IB-lm (StatesJ^ pOK RENT.?Prof. H. W. MUNDER having ft fitted up his Hall in an eiegant manner, which renders it one of the prettiest rooms in this city .will be rented upon moderate terms for Soirees.Suppers, Dinners, or Promenade Concerts. Apply at the Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday eveu ings from until 9^ o'clook. His School is now open for the reoeption of pupils on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening, oo 22-tf B O O K S ! BOOKS GIFTS r-GIFTS "?GIFTS .'!! ..PHILBRICK'S THIRD ANNUAL SALE now open at No. 47C Pennsylvania ave/iut. first door tj Unittd stat'i Hotel. Our STOCK OF BOOKS consists of several thousand volumes, einbraciiig the choicest European and American Literature, which will be s-tld at the publisher's lowest prices, and many of them for less, and a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT will be made (immediately after the sale) to each purchaser of a Book for which we receive Si and upwards. Our PRESENTS consist in part ol ? Gold and Silver Watches, Goid Lockets. Brace lets, Armlets.Cliiuris, Cameo, Gold-stone and Mo saic Pins and Drops, Studs and Sleeve Buttons, lioid Watch Keys, Cuff 1'ins, Pens, Pencils, Rings, Ac. $75' worth of Presents will be given away with each thousand Books sold. Catalogues of Books can I>o obtained at the store. UHM and gentlemen are invited to call and ex amine our stock of Books and Presents. Sales Day and Evening. d 11-tf J. PHI LB RICK. A gent. DRESS SHIRTS, in great variety and of all sizes, can lie found on our shelves ; prices \ary tn< from $18 per dozen up, to suit purchasers. Orders for Shirts taken, and (XMSha with skill and dispatch, (rood matensls, workmanship, and ht guaranteed. Call at liKO. H. B. WHITE A CO.'S, 332 Pennsylvania avenue, next door west of Taylor A Maury's Bookstore. d H>-ateo ? I STHK HOLIDAYS ARE NKAR AT HAND a\ it will be well for ladies and gentlemen desiring to find suitable articles for presents, to examine our beautiful assortment ol Gent's Dressing Robesein pracing styles from ;? 3JB to .53". No article of wear will be more appreciated by a gentleman when re ceived as a present Irom a friend Call at GEO. 11. B. WHITE A CO.'S, 232 Pa. av..*f)ext door d 10-eo3t west of Taylor A Maury's Bookstore I G H T VOIR HOUSES. j i We have in store and are daily receiving, G AS chandeliers and FIXTURES of every de scription and finish. They are from the factory of Cornelius A Baker's, Philadelphia, and coiupiise inany of thenewest patterns. Persons furnishing houses will find it to their ad vantage to examine. J. W. THOMPSON A BRO., 2b9 Pa. avc.,bet. loth and II tn sts . d 10-e< 2w south side. pt'RNITI'Rh VERY CHEAP. The public are respectfully informed that the first, seoond, and third floors of our* large Furniture Warehouse, are! filled to the utmost capaoity with] every description of HOUSE furnishing GOODS-suchas Sofas, Bureaus, Tables, Chairs Bedsteads. Lounges, Wasbstands Wntng Desks, B^ds, Mattresses Carpels, Looking Glasses, China, Glass,and Crockery Ware. Ac. Forming a very immense and varied st??ok, all of winch w e guarantee to sell at such prices as c tnnnt fail to pleaso. Houses furiushed throughout, either for nnsn or approved paper. Call and examine our stock before you make your purchases. Remember the name and place BUNT/, A COOMBS, No. 3R9 Seventh street.2d door lroin d 9-1in R. B. Halt's Dry Goods Store. WINTBB GLOVES! WINTER ULOVKS! Ruck, Lamb and Sealskin Gauntlets, for driving, Lined Kid, Buckskin, Cloth and Silk Gloves, Calfskin. Merino, Berlin, and Cotton do. French Cassimere. Silk-and-thread,and fur-top do. \rr Also, a fresh lot of Kid Gloves, just reoeived to day ; something superior. Those of our customers who have wanted the doutle stitched Kid Glove can get them by calling on Wt-O. H. B.WHITE A CO., 312 Pennsylvania avenue, next door, west of Taylor A Maury's Bookstore, dI 10 Steo ROW LAND'S MACASSAR OIL, at U1 BBS'S Hair Store, near 13th street. n I" 3m p U K M ! FURS!! FURS !!! Just received, from New York, the largest and chenprtMt S'l OCK OF FLiKS ottered this scasoii. Bought for oush, and all that I ask is to call and ex amine my large assortment of l adies' and Child ren's Furs. Prices very low to suit the times. Sign of the White Bear, oorner of 6th street and Penn. avenue. HOPKINS, di <lw ||MSH! FISH!! FlSll!!! Snobls. No.l St. JohiTi HERRING. 2uob!s. No.l St John's ALE WIVES. The atiove are a very superior lot of Fish just re ceived, and for sale low, by M. ELDRIDGF. _d^8-lw Union Wharf. Alexandria. Va. TO A R R I A M E S . HE Subscriber having made additions to his Factory, making it nowone of the largest in the District, wnere his facilities torgflgiggr manufacturing a I kinds of CAR~"W RIAt?ES and LIGHT WAGONS cannot be sur pnsted.and Irom his long experience in the busi ness, be hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds ol Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done,and all orders prompt If attended to. Seoond-hand Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J. JoVCk, d 10-tf oorner of 14th sad E sts. AUCTIO* RAT. Kg TO-DAT 4- TO-MORROW MO U If I NO Br WALL 4 BARNAR D. Auctioneers Corner cf Fe*m$ylvmma hmkm and 9tk nf?t. SALE OF ELEGANT J EWELRV. Watch ks.Ao., AT Puklic Atxnojr.?On MONDAY MORNING. Deeetrb* 14. met., commencing at 10 o'clock, at store room No. 383 Penn. avenue. south tide, between 4J* and 6th street, on# of tW largest and most elegant a?eortm?i.teof rn? Go?a Jewelry, Watohes. Ac . being the Block of a irwi wkott ?? a tor partner la about ret inn* from business, and intend toclfteeout their b?*vysHx* of fcoe Jewel nr. A a? among which maj beloutd Fine Moeaic Oorai l?ava Ret* *? Cam*). Elba Garnet Seta " Plain Gold and otner Set* Diamond and other Kino, a iarge aeaort meat sett Gf BU run Bracelets? Gold. I av?, Cnmeo. and other sett Gold Chains, Muds, Kevs. lockets and Eye O.asses Silver Card Caseaand Porte-monnaiea Fine Gold Watches, most celebrated makers?all in running order. All of which wil! be warranted as represented. d il it WALLA BA RN A K I), Aucts. Br BOKTZ A COOMBS, Auctioneer?. I EXTENSIVE SALF. OF NEW AND SEC J OXDH4MI KrBMTl B* AT AlCTIOX.? On MON DAY, tho I4ih inst., at o'clock, a. in., we shall sell, without reserve, at our au< tioa rrnmn. No 3Gd Seventh street, bet ween I and K streets,a larne.ex tensivc, and varied assortment of eaoellent new and seoond haud Furniture, viz: Mahogany, wsir.ut and cottage Bureaus Jenny, French, cottage, and other Bedstead* Marble-top dining and extension Tab es " V* n*h*iands. Whatnots, Secretaries* Book Cases, Writing Desks G It and Mahogany Looking Glasses Mahogany.,and wood seat Chain WaHhstandii. Chamber Tables. WorkstanJs Large lot of Crockeiy and Glass Ware. All of which will positively be sole, without re serve, to cover ea?h advances. Terms: S?*>. and under, cash; over that amount a eredit of ?> and da?s for note* satisfactorily en dorsed bearing interest. BONTZ A COOMBS, Auctioneer*, d 11 ta (Intel. > _ FUTURE DAYS. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VrALl ABLE CO!.'NT It Y SEAT at Acctio*. Owing to the inclemency of the weather yes torday.nud the present pressure in the money mm - k et, Maj. G. Tochman has POSTPt >N El? the pub lic sale of his residence and farm, " Summer Hill." in the County of Alexandria. Va., until MOKIIAY, tlie 41 li of January nrzt.MU o'clock a. m., on the premises. In the meantime, they are ntfered tor private tsale: and further informational to terms of sale. A- <v, may be obtained at tho auction store of J. C. MoGutre. J AS. C. MeGUIRE, oc 27 2aw Auction and Commission Merchant. Bv WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. Corntr cf Hrnn* ylvn *?'? art a ?? amitflk *trret. KEAl SAl.E OF FINE FI'RS IN SETS ok ? Sixcit.Y. Chkmitt Shawls, Silks, Cloaks, Stakfs awd Mantillas.?On TUESDAY MOK NING, the 15th lost., at If o'clock, v e w ill sell at our store corner of yth street and Penn ylvanjaav enue, one of the largest and finest stooka of Fnrs ever sold in this city. We name in part Fine sets of German Russian and Mink Sable, S<'ts of German and Russian Fitch, Seta of St?>ne and Rock A'artin, M ink, Sable and Martin Capes, Yictorines, Mutia, and Cutis. Siberian Squirrel, Couey and Sable Fura, for child ren's wear, 50 new style illumuated and figured Chetulle SiiawM, Silk, velvet and plush Scarfs, rich and handsome. Plush and cloth Cloaks and Dusters. Dress Silka, black .ind colored, * ith Scarfa, Mantil las. And a variety of otherarticles not here mentioned but all of vhich will be sold without reserve. Terms cash. dll-d WAT,L A BARNARD, Aucts. T^RISTLEH SALE OF VALUABLE REAL Estatk.?in pursuance of a decree pissed on the tenth day of April, in the year one thousand eight hundred and hfly-five, by the Circuit Court for Priuoe George's County, sitting as a Court of F.quity, hi a cause therein depending, wherein Al fred M. Berry, next friend of Rolert E.Thompson, and others, is complainant, and Emily Wall, and others, are defendant, the undersigned, as trustee therein appointed, w:!l expose at public sale, to the highest bidder, on the premises, on FRIDAY, the lath day of December next, at the hour of 12 o'clock, m., if fair, if not fair, at the same time and place ou the next fair day thereafter, all those tracts, parta of tracts or parcels of tar.d, situated in said ?>unty, formerly the property of the late Richard L. Thorn p aon, and now dcrreed to be sold for the purpose of diviswiuand partition between his widow and his children. These lands contain 111 separate and near - I* contiguous parcels upwards of Six Hundred Acres. The greater portion la open land. There is, howev er, aome exoellent Tnnlxjr Land among the tracts proposed to be sold. Some of the parcels of land have valuable improvements on them. There ia a valuable spnne of water on **iie of the tracts, and the soil of all the lands is easily worked and we!! ad apted to the raising of the staple crops of the count?. These lands are in the immediate vicinity of T B, and will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Terms of sale as prescribed ny tho decree.?F ive; huudred dollars m cash, to be paid on t he dav of sale and the residue of the purchase money to tie paid in equal instalments, hi oae.two. three, and four ye*re from day of sale ; the s;<me to bear interest from the day of rale and to be secured by the bonds of the pur chaser or purchasers, with approved co-obligors. And upon the payment of the whole purchase mon ey and all interest thereon, and n ?t belore, the un dersigned is authorized to oonvei the premises sold to the purchaser or purchaaers thereof;n lee simple, at his or her or their costs, free, clear and discharg ed froin all claims of rhe parties to this cause and of any person or persons claiming by, from or under them. The widow is a party to the proceedings in this case and has in wilting signified her assent to to take in lieu of her dower ;tn equivalent in moner, as ascertained by law, out of tho proceeds of the DANIEL C. DIGGES Trustee. Noveml>er It). 1857. n 19-lawtiuihD?c&dta I 1 ^ NOTICE. II I' undersigned l<en* leave to inform his friends ?ind the public generally, as he is determined to do only eash business, he will make to order GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING in the t?Mt manner and at Irwer prices thau any other establishment m the City. Pieu.e give him a call, and assure yourself of the F. SCHAl.K. Merchant Tailor, No. at3 Pa. avenue. n 14 1m* soiitf? side. /UHI) PLATE ENGR AVING, AND PRLNT V< INC. VISITING. IN VITATION, AND BUSINESS CA R DS engraved in svery atyle. t'ARD PLATES pruned in the btst manner ard with dispatch. VISITING AND INVITATION CARDS, plain and euam.'lled surface, furnished at th* lowest prices. W. F. BAYLY. No 27# Pa. ave.. bet. 11th and 12th 6ta. d 4-tf llniel.eoCt] AT STEVENS'S NEW FANCY STORE.? Pa. aveuue, l*etw?ren "th and 10th streets, can be found an ex ellent assortment of Opera Hoods, n 12eotf J 1ST RECEIVED FROM PARIS. A. A J. GKILt.OT. from l'ar>s, 1*0 Pa. avenue, tietween 17th and 13th streets, north m gL | have the honor to inform the l.adies ??IM hi I Washington sn l vicinity, that they htivef II received frt>m Paris, a la'ge and splendid assortment id BOOT'*. GAITERS, KID AND SATI N SHOES, of all kinds and every description, of the very best material,and the newest style. d 8-i w * ROB. U. SCH WARZE, ? No.:?? E afreet, eorne* of 12th street, WltUt.EltLE A Mi H K r AIL tlF.ALEK IX RAW, 8ULCKED. PICKLED, SPICED. AND SHELL OYSTERS. (XT' The finest Oysters the maxketaflords are put np in eana and sent to order. d 8-1 in WHO WOULD NOT SAVE MONKV THESE HARD TlMES? We would moat respectfully announce to all tlu^e who are in w-int of a cheap light, that tho liRECK IN RIDGE COAL OIL is the oiiespest oil extant, onlv burning in the lamps we have, at the rate of halt cent per hour. Call ami see. No. 3^3 C stieet, between6th and Tth streets. ' n21 -tf HOWELL A MORSELL. |> D'lV ERNois' HOTEL, I A. A VENI E. between 17th and iMth streets, Washington. D. C. This establishment is newly furnished and ar ranged on the mobt modern ana unproved principle, with private apartments, Ac. If/*The Bar is supplied with the choicest of \\ ines and Lienors. Game and other deliwioie* ;n reason. Hot and Cold Lunch from if o'clock a. m. until 12 m. n 21 -tf RYE AND BARLEY MALT, for kule at tbe CITY MALT HOUSE, <* rner of West Falla av enue and Rlook St.. Hh lonore. M.I. my 6-lV ^lUCKERLNG A SON'S PIANOS. Just received, a number of Pianos, incltsding a su perb Parlor Grand, a perfect dupli cate to . the one used by M. Thaiberg at hit laslM iySI concerts hi this city. This instrument was'iI * ? ' invented by the Messrs. Chiekerir.g, and is made only by them, having a pateut aotiou. The subscriber's stock, in numlier, quality, and variety of style, embracing Pianos from four of the best Boston and New York factories, far surpassed any other in this city. As he purchases exelusively for oash, and with a Ion: experience in the business, he will guarantv to purcba?< ra the best instrnmrnts at the lowest prices, either for cash or approved pa per. Sccond hand Pianos taken hi part payment. A number of second hand 1'iauos for rent, or for sale at l<>w prices. A good assortment of superior Melodeons and of Martin's celebrated Guitar*. A superior Harp by Evard, of Paris, for sale. RICHARD DAVIS, d 5-eo$t Penn. avenue. Brooms, buckkts. Ac. 18ii dozen BROOMS. It* do. Paintetl BL CKETS, 50 neats Covered do. fi? do. Willow do. 291 grosa M ATCHES, SO doxen COW DS and LIN ES, 8is*ies mats, Now landing from packets from New y oik. For sale by MIR KAY A SEM MES. d 8 Gteod 1 ^ ?-k^Aj:A^?dOH?. ,w SQA p. 25 A?% FEARL starch. 100 do. ViV SODA, ?duwis>i SEM M ? Hfl-fte.<d - E NGRAVLNGb, new n? Mclaughlins. TELEGRAPHIC .NEWS fr?H Uf The Geveraor aid the Baaki-RtiUBptloa ?( Specie PiraraU, kc. NiwYoil.Det 11 ?The Governor is Informed of tbe Intention of certain bank* here to resurn* specie pa\mfnt?,ind all muat follow *uit or wind np When tbe legislature meets It will And tbe bank* acting In strict coufonnlty wttb tb? Law The effect of the proceeding, U to believed wtii be favorable. Tbe Commercial of thia afternoon baa prinu advices fiom Washlagtoa, announcing a project ? r .v ? tbe Preatdeqt. tbe Secre tary of tbe Treasury and other* on tnancial mat co,inw,tio? with the Government la addition to tbe aubjert of a loan Gen Jackson a plan of a bank will be discussed. Col. Bent*, will probably exercise a considerable Influence upon the Administration la tbe matter Money la very abundant, and tbe Inftiix from tbe We*t i? exceaaive. should it continue It wlU nearly balance the heavy export. The Fniton to-morrow take* about three-char ter* of a million for Enrope. ' [ttcosn Dmrirn] Nkw Yob*, Dec 12?Another meeting of the bask* wu lttlil laat evening when It waa derided to resume to-day. Tbe resumption ia general From Kansas?Meeting ef the l>elegate Can* veatiea. St L.?cn, Dec 10 ?The Democrat received h .anas letters to-night containing tbe proceeding* of tbe delegate convention which met at l^w rence on tbe od in?t , ex Governor Char lea Rob Inann preaidiug Resolution* were tinanirooualy adopted repu diating and pledging ceaaeleas botility to th? l.eiompton Constitution, denouncing (be call for election* on tbe 21st Inst and the 1st pro* ; de daring that ikt Legislature elected on October 5ib shall not be suspended by an\ couatitution or Mate government until a fair and impartial vote be had ; endorsing tbe Topeka Constitution ; re questing tbe exira session of the Territorial Legislature to frame an election law providing lor the submission of the Topeka md I^romp ton Constitution*?the one receiving tbe majority of 1>ka1 votes to become the fundamental law of the Htate ot kauaa*. A reso'tit Ion wa? alao fussed iHurnlng thank* to Acting Governoi Stanton for catling a special eeason of tbe Legislature Speeches ware nmde by Mf?*ais Robinson, Lane, Thatchers and others i i ? Attempted Sulf ide s( a Mercknat. JIaTU, Me., Dec 11 .?The attempted natc ide of Mi Slade, a member of an important firm in Itoaton, cauat-d inucb excitement He came here from Dostou on a viait, ft? hope* of recovering hi* health, which was much impaired by tb? financial difficulties of hia bouae. Since hi* ar rival he ha* bad several attack* of insanity, on* of which recurring yesterday when left alone In a room, he seized a razor aud attempted to cat ItU throat W hen discovered he waa very weak f om the loft* of blood. Hia life i* in great peril At eleven to-day be waa still alive, and hopes are entertained that he will recover. Marder Case*. Cincinnati. Dec II.?The examination of John Beatle, charged with the mil der of Frank Mc Cloae, ended yesterday The defendant waa held to more thin S2.000 ball to answer to the charge of manslaughter at the next term of tbe Court of Common Pleas Tbe trial of of Loffner. for the murder of hts wife and X. T liorton. la*t summer, baa been in progress for aeveral days. A ( allege Building Baraed. WiiEKLixo, Va , Dec 10 ?At one o'clock thia morning tbe college building at Bethamr, Krook county, Va., wa* entirely destroyed by Are, to gether with the furnitu e, three valuable libra ries, extensive laboratories, chemical apparatus, and valuable papers It is supposed the fire orig inated by incendiarism. Kentucky Senatorial Election. LoVia VILLI, Dec. 11 ?Tbe Kentucky Senate, by a strict vote, have tabled a resolution to elect a I'nited State* Senator in the place of Senator Tuompsoa. Tlil.? constitutionally postpone* tbe election until the meeting of the uext Legisla ture. Death of Cel. Paige. ScHE\it<-TADT, Doc 10 ?Col. John Kriet Paige an offirer of the United Slates army in tba rear lel2, clerk of tbe Supreme Court of thia State in 1-2:1. and a former mayor of Albany, died at noon to-day at bis residence in this city. Resignation of M. P. llanks. Bomtom, Dec. 10?Hon. N P Batiks his re signed bis seat in Congress, to take effect about tbe l?t of January, when be will enter upon hi* duties a* Governor of this State. Execution ef Slnvln, the Murderer. St. Jnuss, Dec II ?Slavtn, oneoftbe murder ers of tbe Macken*ie family, wa* executed here at ten o'clock tbi* morning. A Uuge coucourse of people were piesent at the time Specie In the Doaten Baaka. Buttu*. Dec U ? Upwards of S2oo,00c 10 epecie was voluntarily paid in tbe settlement of ha - ances at the cleanng-hou*e by the banks of this city the pa*t three daya The total amount of specie in tbe banka ia nearly ?5,000.000. The \ Ice Prealdemt ea route ior Washington. Atiatira, Dec l'2?Hon i.C. Breckinridge paa-ed th oujjh Montgomery ye?te day on bis w.?y to Wa*hingi<u Unless detained, he wiii arrive there about Tuesday. Sale ef an Ex-Preaideat'a Carriage. Co!*coep, Dec 11 ?Tbe carriage of ex-Preei dent Pierce wa* sold a few days since, tbe pro ceeds to be applied to tbe Ixneht of the poor The Weather at < laclaaati. CisctwsATi, Dec. 10?The weather la clear Thermometei 36 degrees River VI ft and rising Canal Navlgatiea. Schewectadv, Dec. 10?The weather here Is mild and boats are moving freely in tbe canai Alexandria Market. AlkxaSDBIa, (Va.,) Dec 12.?Market* gene ra 1*' unchiagcd. Red Wheat quoted Mr &8l 00; walte 81 5. Baltimore Markets B*ltixoke, De.c l*? - Flonr sbows no change from previous quotations Wbeat tinner aud 2a3c higher; flafl 0i fx good to pmiie red: white 81 10*81 17 for fair to geod. and 81 ttafl 'i3 for prime.81 'io being paid tor choice lots Corn?C3a65c for old white and yellow; new white45a53c , and new yellow4?a55 Whisky at2S^aS3e. New Yerk Markets. N*w" Yore. Dec. 12?Floor to-day Is heavf with a decline of 5c.; sales of 11,000 bids , Ohio 85 15*5 00; Southern $5 0>aS Jo Wheat heavy; sales >,00 busbe's; Southern white 51 25s 1 45; red. *1 20al 27 Com is Amu, mixed 75a75c ; white fllaf.Hc Pork generally has declined 4ile.; mess quoted at 815 50*16 00; prime 814.00. Lard declined, at lOnlO We. Whisky lower; Ohio22c. Flaaaelal. Nxw York Dec 12 ?Stock* generally lower Chicago and Rock Island 70; Cumberland Coal Co. Illinois Central bond* 92)^; La Crosa* and Milwaukie Michigan Southern New York Central 71 U; Pennsyivania Coal Co 60; Reading Railroad 54 fc; Virginia 6 a S7. i*r i I* U K WOULD RKTURM OUR THANKS ? .? ? ? <'Ur friend* lot the hltaral pa'ton*ke w? mm hive iec?ived. and try strict attmti .n to|,i> them garments in eiegant atyfte, ainl to suit all tastes. We have now a laree lot of CLOTHS,' CASSLMKRF.S, and N ESTINGS, which wa vite our irienc* aud atrancer* to oaJ and exan.ine. 'o" ?f roady mad* COATS, PANI^*. arid N ESTS, of bne e<?oda. vhich we will sell as cheap us can be bought an* where. Gents FURNISHING GOOD'S of ail kind.; a I which will be Bold very low for oash, J. T. MelNTOSH A CO., Merchant Tailors, Penn. av?i.u*. n24-eolm near <\ street. GAU TIER'S FRENCH RESTAUR A H I In aolieitinc your patronage f??rtheoominf sea I respectfully call your attention to m? present un surpassed facilities of business. Having mad* arransements to supply the largest Dinners, and Parties, at a lev hours notice, on the ni. *t rea? onable terms, with every thing pertaining to the m.tst fashionable eutertaiumenta. My house presents advantages that oannot be surpassed, if eguall^d. Entire L>i?nt-r* and I )e*s?it lurmahed withowt a*> (rouble to yourself or family. at a>odei?t* cliX'sea A FirsT-cLas* FKkNi N can be sent t?. y?...r house, at a small chagie..f S.\|or his serv.o^s.a .-l marketing,or such articles a* you ina> visk.ptii chased at cost. Alao, China, Glass, Silver-ware and Table Ona ments.^ C. GAI TIFK. d7 e?iCw Pa. are-*e._ c i nun A VKAR!! 9 I fi.nrvi A YEAR ' I il,l?*i A \ EAR. Prohtaltle and Hoii'>rai? e Em I 1,'W A \EaR. ploym?nt for ail Pei? .us l l,i>0ii A YEAR, in town or country, in seaiofc of J II/**) A YEAR, employment as a source of is i 1.1*" A YEaR. mini, or to kil up their l?Muiie I rl,tmo A YEAR, hours, may heer <.f such by eci ) l^Oi) A V KAH. closing two siaoips. to p.. p<?si I,0?iAYEAB. age. to Prufeaa..r JAMES T. 11.000 A YEAR. HORNE. B>j. No. 4A>1. New i A YEAR. York Post Offise. Theerrplo. ! iLhhi A Y EAR. merit is fitted to either aex; sta II.(mo A YEAR, tion in life tnttaatenal. It is an ll.i*si A YEAR, artielaof rtail* cnaurupii<> l.iMki A YEA R. aan b? mauulaciured ui the l.uunAYEAIt. agent's dwelling; ?ecu re by o-? l.isw A YEAR. r> right; *a.e as i>eim?'ienr as i.iggi A YEAH, flour, a a an?ut ?* wanted ia ev l.ou> A YEAR, ery town in th* U?uou. nU-iii OYS,TO^ S. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. . at low prioea, at dl?-a LAMMu.ND'S *th street. T