Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. IT IS MORE BLESSED.! aa the mourn mi that flowi out of Heaven; Give: u th* wavea when rneir channel is riven; Give! aa the free air aud sunshine are given-, Umhl;, utterly. carelessly give. Nat Ik* waste drops of thy nop overflowing. Net the hint * parka of Mi* heart ever slowing, Nat a pale bud troin the /una -loso'a blowing ; Give aa Ha gave thee, who gave thee toTlvo. Po?r oat thy love like the ruah of a river. * aatin* ita vatrre for ever and aver Through the burnt aanda that reward not the uvea buact or aonglW.Uiou neareat the aaa, ' ??*"?J..thy L|fV* th* *",uu,er ahower'a pouring ! w?J r DO}*Td through tHe pearl rain la soaring' if no blossom look* upward adoring' Look ro the life that wae lavished for tha*. Give.thoug thy heart may be wasted and wearr Laid on an altar all a.hen and dreary 7 Though from itayulaea a faint miserere Beats in thy soul, the aad pa..ace of fate ? ?J? un,f|rir.king devotion, ' "*r?i ?ifi , k1* 'r* r**Uaaa emotion; r"'5* f*? hymn of eternity'a ocean: Hear aud in ailano* th" futura awair. i/?r.V^oT^iL*!^ *traw* ita perfumed oaresaes; *nd the doeort it, mi"er the wave thai ita soft pinion presage; Wk v?ft oeaseth to whisker mid sing, wk . l> fh# h,u'^ heart give thorn* for tfly roses.' v* hat if un rooks thy tired boaom reposes.' sw#"t*et la muaiu with uiiuorke)ed clog?a. 1- aireat the vmea that on ruin will oluig. Almost itoo day of thy giving la over; fere Irom tbe <'iu? die# the bee hunted clover rnoa Wilt have vam?hed from tnenda and from lover: What ahail thy lon^m* avail in the grave? Give aa the heart givea whoae lottor. are breakin: Lite, love, and hope, ill thy Ore*me and ihv wa kin* Td"I!?Vr'Ver fly aoul fever a hiking Thou ahait know ood and the gift that U gavo. CET One hundred, million. of void annually cross the I.lhuius of Panama in^7r.T^rfLar# two bundr^ and fifty vessel. ly ing Idle in tbe port of Boston. hundred barrela of sperm oil Lave)?een ?old In New Bedford at t>? cent. l?T The Legislature of Mississippi has adoDt ed reaolutiona .-enaurlng Gov Walker Th* malls from the Weat come filled with news of wrecks and loss of life on the Lakes Ch^aw NaMon^0^ " h*~tmhh*b?* "? the JSisssKflj.Tjar'4 ????*?' ?" ?-<i t^lT Vrt!^^ De?0or??. published by ' id, Esq , has ceased to eiist. ' Two fine shad were taken off Tarrvtown in the Hudson river, on Monday last A rare capture for the month of December. a ^Tdlvs^uK,Ulh ?ill,on*)r" W!?? Cincinnati a lew daysago. seeking opportunities to lnveat Laif a million of dollar* In property there -iJ??nT|.hieam?',,nt "P?,ul"d ?'V American trav "i'y n KuroP? ls ??tiinated at *lu,u*>.uu, aiinu . H",1lhe iJOT;r"or of India has offered ^reward, off^.OOu, for the arreat of N'JS ,eST?tav' "rT ^"ife Pitiful la the southern and ^tL??f ** are found dead in Kreat numbers ' *' ' ey Regiment, ronsi?tinK ffrSSSSUSJiS?rdM ed tD 1?d:? b>' lDi{ rapidly into Episcopacy ? quu^f WMtm^ri 1U?? -,n En*l?*?d ia the Mar *?*.,? of ,lJ, bo> "'Jot" who '-".aXSEsar ^??ss'&sar * *.?od upon aj.l Mt?n up by a l?or. pJSt Jicerd"!!! fl,urtw-a ?noanlain Vh-C ,r , h^'2ht Mount Washing ton Tbie.r range of altitude is from6,3H to soa?e6.801 toE|A,1mnfCli^ denti#t iB X"w Yo* Propose, Tf 7 T "rt ?J d'?t"trT ft i, .aid fe^7 * nefct d??t'?ta in Europe are "v"*' "*>?'?? t?,i W'!h "" ?d'u" ?"P'P?, Co^^onadi"v,t^d?al iU Madi^.n Houae. / (*...* ?y-.wlth her hu?band and thirt* fiaYi iSren '?inc? tt'B?tLe 'ndustrloua mation bad tdd-d another one to the number ,ll<ll,on of&hAi,m<?u?,n,peak*in the UnJt"1 w?i!Vw i Misalasippi, are to l?e found in wm!.k 4aJ wuere ther^ are fourteen r>?ak-i which exceed, in altitude. .Mount VV'aabinat^j in ia?K^,d I^7oXl\[rTJ^lobililp TT P Ton "ind ..ivvJ.,. , Hear, ' "Potato iop, ma Dome Gap are not oarticuiarlv ?u?r. gest^ve of sublimity and grandeur. ^ 1 liaiii liowitt has a vfrv miimiV,1* ? ., in the London Times ,bout thi n?.^' "'J7 ./ British thorougbfares are repaired. Loose atones are thrown upon them wli rh carri;>2e wLc?i< El! >fIS7V'P' 'ueklng a road lor Lor??, eri(, dr,truc?ve ()nr fuT trr, . Jlmi'lv li ar" k"pt 1" flue or.W TL?-v almplj draw a beavy roller .?vn the roadmit* al, soon 9% it ]<? .aid down infii fl a n.i ? ir? i KJ-y.';i!d "-1 utu ri i'r ! I reeoinnieiids the linti.l, tu jBli: ?^ "la/vf Police and aave their horaesand trjfp r'k'T ,'01,""'?!?i""?'a of the N?w York Ten ?r,: ir^r1 a | . y? and I tie biwrLeat teceived I A^Od LorporatU band, who er'onto, ,Ty .Un po?d be waa Working at tbe rat * ?r *l \ i P oaly mMe M cent, in />e d,yV ur I fr?Ln l^. Ir^t d"irU*J,t'UH ,M;r *,a>' M- left the i'a.k in ft*?a mauyotbera have done, ei.d now thecouMuiasion^ra have a r?od -t of hand., ARM I A LS AT ritlXCIPAL 1IOTLT s VeKRKEfL-J .nd M,? V. ^^'s- m ^aterinaii and lndv J Ilor*f in&n. M, n \\ Lowf OL '?? 11 !?* it * .O. ? p m!i': u'S b "S;BS: i'/ 'l'.""' NVi w L?i?ri*n, i svh !: Adams. ,\: ? Com G Minor <\'v ri-i? .u aud lad v Wir i !? u ' .-'F?c ' ?mith " ,u"? ?* * ?, J C U arurr arid la?lv Mass- \v H Orcen, Va; L \i Dav Tji <? i \i .*' ... \j w va-,ii. ' ? l-a- J M liwlun. \ld iil.aiii* aud ladv NV* If u n ?? ' ?iBdo"V?NiVv" I. Mil# W f \ /? a as* . .. ' Alljfi, ?r ? otuivi. uu j i Sykas, Miss. J J lloiikiris and lady. Va ; J B Cary. do ; \V Worthing ton. Md : E G W Hall, do ; M Armet rong, Tenii ; Harris aud lady. N y- H F Hourk. O, G W Elrick. Va; J D Sia.' KIKKWOOl) HOl'SK ?P L D.tbjev. P*. J ft Wheat, Va. I> I' Biasheor, <i'>. J B P?ndl?ton, t'ai; \V L Sliipfa'd. Va; W 1> Miller, Tea; Jno Bau< or k, P?; J McKenna, do; J Adaiua, I'SN: W Clark Md; J W Brown; CO Piitt, Pa. J li Sbaw. Md; M C J*mitb. Term. A Carrer, 111; T Mat' hett, Maaa, C B North. Pa; A M Wood, NV; J Cooper, do, J R P Campbell, 1* J Hedtan, Md. W tl ??inia Mm*. J* Newell and lady, Pa; A G Gullett, Md. U W Millroaa, Misa; L V iiiving. Pa L ? HOTEL, (L <>. Smith s )?H Dufrlne. N Y, A Butts and ladv. Va, A E Burr, Ct; W H Oreen. do; TT Chandler and lady, Va; Col U 11 Waddle, do; H J*barkrlford do; C W Helm, do; O B Horner, do, Ji.a B Pugh, M: C \V Omar,Md; A ts<yu?oi 4o. M Stuart, U; S Bruin, England; J Evana. do; J F Simpson, Lublin,Mra and Maa ter Hungrrfoid, NV WASHINGTON Hol.SK ? Ezra Evans, WI; Hon B B Chapruan, Neb Terr y. W K M Aniov, Kansae. 1. Clark. Bal': Capt \\ A Newman, N I; W A Weal, Pa OCX AX STEAMERS' $ AI LI AG I) A V* From tub U*ITBI> Statbs. Summt'S. Lion. for Diyl Fulton New York...Havre I>( ia New York ? ????? N York..?Glasgow.. ..liee irt America Boeton Liverpool... (>??<? |? Fdinburo New Yerk.. Glasgow.... l>-? .Ki Fao* Etbopb. Europa Liverpool.. .New York...NoWs North SUr So'a mpton..New York...Doe 2 Canada Liverpool... Boston I)e< 5 Feiaia Liverpool... New York... Dec 1*2 Araj/o Itoatham'a..New York...Doe l?i City Baltimore. Liverpool...New York...Dee Hi The California mall steamers l<nve New York on Uie )th ajud '.arte, of i?ch aioutk Ttiarance, fco. G o l i> AND SILVER PURCHASED AT THE BEST RATES. FOREIGN BILLS oTEirHANOE SOLD, ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPE, IN SUMS TO SUIT. EOLD CURRENCY, AND TIEOINIA MO NEY ACCOUNTS, WILL EE OPENED FOR D KPOSITO RS, PAYABLE IN SAME FUNDS, OR IN GOLD, CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.-CHECLS MUST EE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON ALL. THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION.SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCKS SOLD 0N &0M MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS PURCHASED ATTHE HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, RITTKNIIOL'SK, FAN'T A CO., d 4 Sm Baiters. rpEN PKR CENTV INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Daver.port, Iowa, paying 10 per cent, interest by Coupon in New York. Bonds of $juU eault. The trowing city ot Davenpoit has now alaiut 2o,000 inhabitants, and is rapidly woreasing in weuith and populatiou. Its municipal debt is only 9liW.UMJ, and its railroad debt only and canuot now be increased. The statistics of thd city were published in the Intelli gencer of the 30th September. We reoomuiend these bonds, believing them to be as tafe as any State or city bonds. 006 CHUBB BFOTHER9 C A rtTAL ? safo^oo :u CHANDISE, Ac., at the usual City rates, without any oiiargo for Polioy, at their ?nice, corner of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over trie VV aahington City Saving a Bank. PllKTUU. Wm. F. Bayly, Samuel Baoon, Joseph Bryan, Janies F.llalidaft Wni. Ornna, Hudson Taylor, !? ran01s Mohan, M. W. Gait. James C. MoGUIRR, President. . Hanson. Seoretary. ap ll-ly Deuj. Beall Grafton 1> ANKlNti HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. B Deposits.?Deposits reoeived and Cheoka paid Without charge. Drains ??u the northern seaboard Oities reoeived on Deposit at par, and Exchange oa ?aid Cities furnished to depositors without charge. I.ntbhkit on Dkposits.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits at anoh rates as may be agreed upon. DBPOSITe 1 N VlBSINIA AND LNCBKBBNT MoNBY. Deposits in Virginia and other C'nourraat Money re oeived to be checked for, pay able in sajnefunda, or in specie, we charging the regular Exchange. DiacotJNTa.?Notes, Drafts, and Bills of Exchange wiu beuiaoounted.and Loans made on Stocks, Bonus, and Securities, at tke market rate. Lbttbbs o? Chbdit.? Letters nf Credit will be famished, negotiable in the didereut Cities of the IMited States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, ant interest allowed if Money is deposited, and charged if Collaterals, on each terms as may Be agreed "tbavblhm Bills or ExcHANeB.?Travelerawill be furnished with drafts in such suir.s as may be de sired negotiable in the diiferent Cities of the Union. Bills and Lbttbb* of Obbdit on Enoland, Ibb land and Europb.?Billa of Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe, furnished at the market rate fnr Exchange, in sums to suit. Bond*, Stocks, Ac.?Bonds, Stooka, and Seouri tiea pay inr from 4 to 12 pr. cent., always for sale, or bought 1a the different Cities at a oommtaaiop of a ^ pr. oent. \\ here Stocks are bought np<*i orders, we reserve the right to call far a depoeit of la pr. oent on the oost. Bonds er Stocks will be ordered by tele graph. _ , Railroad. City, and Statb BondsRailroad, City, and State Bonds can lie piaoed in ??nr nands for negotiation, either in this country or Europe. Rail road Iron purcnased for cash or with Buswla. Land Warbant*.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warrants soli by us are i*?r?s t*?d in every respect. Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly lurmshed if re ''Warraata will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sala on ooiujaibsiou te responsible parties. _ , RbaL Estatb and iNstTBANrBs.?Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances erteoted. Claims on Unitbd States, Court o? Claims, Conobkss.?Claims on the United States, beforetha Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be " """"" ydu8t?*BBo?liP.K8. Jan 77 Opposite the Treasury, U A N KIN O HOUSE CHURB BROTHER5. Depositors depositing Bank Notes wiU please mark their Checks payable in enrrenoy. Depositee of Gold will be paid in Oold. Accounts will I* opened with depositors allowing ism to deposit (Jold and Cheok fur currenoy, the them to deposit depositor beiug oreuneti wiui ire u in ere nee. ?ea-rf CHUBB IlKOTHBRS. JNTKRKST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONEY to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS, 'an 27?tf Oppobiu tk* Treasury. CJPEECHRS OF BRITISH STATESMEN. ^ from Waterloo to the passing of the Relorm Bill, 1 vol., London. 1U57. Speeches of British statesmen, from the Reform Bill to the Russian War, I vol., London, 11*57, *1.26. Report on the Hudson's Bay Company,I vol., Lon don, IKirt. 82.75. Sir John llerkohell'a Essays, I vol., London, 1.07, ?5 50. Burns'* Ornamental Drawiuz ard Arnhitootnral Design, with 2><0 illustrations, 1 vol., London, 1<i97, ? . Bergen's Spherical Tables for Great Circle Sail ing, I vol.. London 1157, Sl fi. 1 fiaron Munohausen ; a fac umils reprint of the original edition, with etigravn,KS. I vol., London, IV>7, <T7rM?B's. Marinal nf Drill* for Heavy (iuus. 1 vol.,(official,) ,N''rwic.i, f- nsland. :J7 orntK. Bourne's CateoLism of the Steam Engine; en larged edition, Loudon, IK.S7. *2.2.S. hortification, Field,and I'ermsueiit ; by Captain Lenfly. I vol., London, IW7. Button's .Mathematical Tables; Budge's Practi cal Miners' (ju de: Trubuer's Dictioiuiry of Four I ajiguajto*; Hertsiett's i'o'iiinercial and Slave Tra< e Treaties ; I'alincrstoii's (>piniona and Policy: Froude's Historv of England; Binns's Muohamnal and I-ngine?rii<K D awin^ .Meiiio>rs of the Duko o| St. Simon; .Mill'sColonial Constitutions; Cornwa 1 Lewis ori the Government ol Lependsnuius; Hur nev'at'vclopedia of Cmverail History, dlo FRANCK ?AVLOR. FRl7|T.?New Eleme FIOS; new K AISINS, in quarter, half, and whoia iN>xes; new CI R RANTS. CRANBERRIES; froah CHEHRIES, OOOSF.hERRIES. PEACHES, WHORTLE BE R RIES. TOM ATOES. at oet?>ra. For sale by KfNfi A BUKCHKLL, n It o??rner 15tli street and Vermont ave. yiBOIN.A AND ,it?lWft p;R BOOTS, 5HO ES, A ND TR UNK3. 8. P. HOOVER'S [RoAN HALL BOOT,SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. Pennsylvania bnicnn 9tk ami l^tA its. RO<?Tf I have just returned fr??m the Northm*y^ej with a sulewlid assortment lf* 'K\T?r kinds of I^uli^s. ijent emeus, Mia-"*" ?* * ^^^aes. Boy*'. Child reus', a?id Servants' BOOTS and SHOES. A so, a arje atouk of TRINKS. CARPET BA(.8, VARICES, and SATCHELS, all ol which 1 will sell for the above money. Call early, at BAM'L. P. HOOVER'S, h9i Iron llall. \I K S. HALE'S NEW COOK HOOK.ftl lv| Mr? llalrr'k Receipts fortho Million, Wlddifield's New Cook Bca.k. ^1. Miss Leslie's Lady's House Book, SI. Miss Leslie's New Co?'k?ry B< ' k. jl.25. Mrs. Chibls' Aihencnn Frugal Housewife. 2i ota. Beventy-hve Receipts fur Pastry, Cakea, and Sweetmeats. 2o eta. Miss Beecher's Domestic Receipt Buok,V>tt*. The Housekeeper's Book,3?ots. The Fami y Receipt Book for Mskmg Bread, Rolls, Ao ; 13 cts. The Household Managor, by Charles Pierce, Lou dan; KA eta. M.aa Lealie's New Receipt* for Cookery. 91. Miaa Leslie's Two Hundred Receipts for French Cookery, a* eta Dr. Kitchener'* Cook'a Oracle, tt ota. Domestio Cookery. f- eta. The French Cook,SB ota. Cookery. Carving, and Etiquette of the Table, I.on* don; IS eta. Mra. Kando'ph'a Virginia Housewife, 90 ota. l.e Cuuinier Imperial, I'aris; ?2 25 A Shillings Worth of PractioalReoeipta, London *. 37 cents. dS FRANCK TAYLOR. PULPIT ELOijI KNCK OP THK NINR teeiith Century?Being Discourses of eminent living Ministers in England rra- c?*. Amerioa. lier many, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales; one large octavo \ oluino of vi5 pnges ai.d several portraits, I8i7, price 62,75. n 27 FRANCK TAYLOR. CM!RISTM AS PRESENTS, f..r fri^ijls at a dia y tan', MET'/EROTT'S WaSHLNUTON VIEWS. For ?aleat all Bookstores. n 27 HJ. MoLAU<iHLIN t?as the Urgent stock of ? Toys and Faacy Go<?Js iu the City. No. 20 Pa. avenue, bet ween tith and tt k atreeta, opposite Centre Market. u 27 ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH. ?miia a beautiful lustre to the finger nada, at fi I ft fit's Hair Store, near 13th street. Pa. ave. a I* Sin H~ AIR. TO< ?Th7^ AIL AN D B A \ D< > LI N E BRUSHES, at C.lRflS' Hair Store, near 13th at. and l'a.av.,a?id at his Sfeea Rnom, under \\ il lards' hotel. ? * P O R M O UNT V K R N O N . The Stearnt-^t THOMAS COI.LVER. having l>eeii thoroiighiy repaired, will make la regu ar trips ly Mount Vernon, leav ? ng her wharf, in this city, every^?"^^**1 Tl E-DAV Mid FRIDAY MOR NINO, at 0 o'olk. Iluring the intervening time she VrlU run regular trips to Alexandria, as usual. ooa^f THOMAS BAKER,Captain. IJIANOS FOR HIKE, very ELLIS'.** between bih and 10th ska. Bio TrfcYelftrt' Directory. ^yA'JKlNUTON BKANCU RAILROAD. TRAINS RUNAS FOLLOWS. From WASHINGTON at 6 k m., oonoeoting at Relay with trauw for the Win, and at Baltimore wiih those for Philadelphia and Now York; at 8Jl a. in., for Annapolis, Br..timora, Philadelphia, and New York ; at 8j. m. for Baltimore aad Norfolk a*,d. ? B EX/flE&S at, 4JO ?. m. at &*iay for tha Waat, and for Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, aad New York. On Sunday at ?J0 ?. m. From Baltimore for Washington at 4.16 and 9.15 a. m., 3 and 5.16 p. m. On Sunday at 4.15 a. m. J? 18-tf T^H. PARSONS.Agent. QRANGEAND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE _Twioe Daily, (Sunday nighta excepted.) between WASHINGTON cm* and the SOUTH, via NIO^D GORDONSVILLEand RICH Leaves Washington at 6 o'clock a. m. ** Washington at 7 o'clook p in. For LYNCHBURG amT the SOUTHWEST. Leave Washington at 6 o'clock a.'in., arrive to LVNt'HBL R(i next morning at 4 a. in., connortint with the train* on the Virginia and Tennessee Rail Road for MEMPHIS. Mail Stages from Char ottosville to Lynchburg a distance of 6u miles. Fare from Washington iu Lyuohburg, $7.75. The steamer GEORGE PAGE, foot of Seventh ?treet, being owned bv the Railroad Company. runa in connection with the trams. Ticket* for Lynohburg proenred on the Boat. Wnnibusesaud WaggaxQ Wsiom will beat the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to oonvey paa Jengers and baggage to the Steamboat, for Alexan ria, a diatanoe of aix imles, allowing ample time for meals. JAMES A. EVANS, Agent. Alexandria, Jaly,l?57. ii 8-tf |^HW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The reoent extension and improvement of its lead ing oonneotmg hues at the West has required an on t ire revisian of the running arrangementat^iihi* road bf whioh highly important advantages totbe trav eler are seourcd. On and alter MONDAY, June 15, I8J7. THREE DAILY TRAINS will be ran in both directions for through passengerer? Firat-The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN starts from Camden Station, 7 A.M..(except Sunday,) stops at waj stations and arrives at Cum berlanu at 4 P. M. Seoond?The MAIL TRAIN starts (Sunday ex oepted) at 8 30 A. M.. and arrives at Wheeling at 4 i5 A. M.. oonneoting at Benwood with Central Ohio trains for Coiumbus, Cinoiunali. Indianapolis, Lou isville, Chicago, St. Louis, Ao., and at same place with trains fcir Cleveland, Toledo. Detroit, Ao., by Cleveland Road, and also at Parkersbsrg with Ma rietta Road. Third?The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EX PRESS TRAIN leaves daily at 5.">6 P. M., con neotinc at Renwuod at 9 A. M. with express trains from Hellaire to Cinoi.inati, (teitkoui thanxe ?/ Cars at Columbus,) and reaching there in but 25 hours from Baltimore and 28 hours from \\ ashing ton. It also connects directly, in Uith directions, at Grafton with oars by Parkersburg and Marietta roads for Chillipothe. Cincinnati, etc. These trams oonneot at Xenia lor Indianapolis, Chicago and St, S.ouis, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio and lisstssippi Express for Louisville, Cairo and St. .oms through to St. Louts iu less than 42 hoursfrom laltimore. tij this train the tint to all the central and southern p.aoes in the West is much less, while the distant? is fr?>m 4<i t* inn miles shorter than by the shortest of oth?r routes. From the West these onsneoMonsare equally close and satisfactory, ar riving at Baltimore at 8.3) A. M. fL/" Baggage checkcd through to at! points. THROUGH TICKETS sold at lowest rates at Camden Station and at Washington. D. C.' Passengers from Baltimore ?ir Washington mat trime tk? tnlire roti by daylitnt, by taking morn ing trams, and lying over at Cumberland or Oak land, and renuining aext morning by Wheeling Ao oommodation train, leaving Cumberland at 8 and Oakland at, FOR WAY r J SSENG F r. 3. The Cumberland Accommodation Train at 7 A.M., will stop at all Stations east of Cuniberland, and the Wheeling Aoooinmodation at all Stations beyond Cumberland gouig West. Kostwar?lijr, the Mail Train leaves Wheeling at 8JO A. M.,and Acooinmo dation leaves Cumberland at 9, reaching Hultiuiurf at 5 9h P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRANCH, between Graftitn and Parkersl>nr*, ?af passengers will take the Express westwardly and the Mail eastwardly. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M-, stopDing st way stations. Leaves Frederick at'J.15 A.M., arriving at Baltimore ft noon. The ELLICOTT'S M1LL TR AIN leaves nt 5.45 A.M., and 5.15 P. M. I.eaves Ellioutt's Mills at7 A. M. and 7 P. M., except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leeva Baltimore for Washington at 4.15 and fr.Ifr V. ".'A?"ii4-1 * ! '*. On Sundays at 4.15 A. M.. and 5.15 P. M-?n'y Leave \N ash in*ton for Baltimore nt 6 and ?J0 A. M.and 3and 4JO P.M. OnSuudajsat 7 A.M., and 4 2" P. M. only. The first and fourth trains from Baltimore, and the seeond and fourth trains from Washington, will U* express mail trains, stopping only at W&slni.itoi Jnnotion and Annapolis Junction. She 9.1 H and .S.1A trains from Baltimore and the B.3i 4 iti Wains from Washington connect with thf trains from Annapolis. For tickets, information, fare, A o., apply to J.T. ENGLAND, Agent, at the Tick?t offic?, Camder Station. WM. S. WOODS1DE, Jf 13-1f Matter of Traot^ortation. Baltimore. TdE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANY. One of the Steamships of this Compon1 the ttute<l States Ma/s fur ACAPULu, CALIFORNIA, and OR EGON, leave*< Panama twiae oaoh i(u>nth, ?>n the arri-' val ol the United States Mail S. S. Com pan) 's steam ers, which leave IVew Urleers and Now S ork regu li-.rly oil 5th and aoth of eauii month with the mAtls. Passo?gers oonneoting via PANAMA RAIL K()A !)r. Thnne steamships have ber inspected and ap proyed liy the Navy Department, and guaranty iptiri and safety. The Panama Ri;lroad (47 miles long) is now eoin f>leted from ocean to ocaan, and is crossed in 3 or 4 tours. The baggage of pa^seiiKers is checked in New ^ ork thronrh to San !? ranciseo, arid passenger* are einliftrkrdat Panama by sto.unwr ai tbe eompany's exprnsf. The money paid in New V<*k covers all expenses of the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port in Panama and San Francisco to prsven* detention in oase of aeci dent, so tiiat th? route m entirely rtliaklt?ao fail ure having oonurred in eight years. Passengers leave Panama tin* same day they ar rivo at Aspinwall. Conductors go through by each steamer, and take ohargeof women and children without other proteo tors. For throueh tickets at the lowest rates apply at the agency, 177 W?>st street, N?-w York, to I. W. RAYMOND.-or to ARMSTRONG. HARRIS A CO., .New < hlwans,- or Jy 24 tf C. L. BARTLRTT. Bostou. THE NKW YORK AND LIVERPOOL 1 UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. Tki Ski^tomposiHt tUs III* AT!'AJlr,c ..Capt. Oliver Eldndga. 4^? y - -Capt- Joseph Comstock Tne ADRIATIC,, ^....^.^-Capt. James West. These ships having been built by oontraot expressly for the Government service,every onr? has been taken ui their construction, as also ui their engines. t? in sure strength and speed, and their accommodations for paeeengers are unoquolled for elegance and ooin fort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, ii nrst oaiin, S Ui; in sso?jud do., ^75; exuiusive use of extra sit* su:e r(H>ms, f32!>. From Liverpool to New \ ork, ?? aud guineas. Au expenenoa<i Sur geon aitaohed toejioh chip. No berths oan be secured until paid for. Tho ships of thie line liave nuprcv?# water-tight bulk heads. PROPOSED DATES OF BAILINC, . 'I0* IJKW YOKE. FltOM LI VKkt'OOL. ' Saturday, June 20 IC57 Wednesday, Juno 24 13S7 Saturday, July 4.?>.1857 Wednesday, July 8.. ,lti57 Saturday, July 13 1.ttf7 Wednesday, July 22 l&W Saturday, Aug. I._?li?7 Wodnoaday, Aug. 5. .1K57 Saturday, Aug. 15 Is57 Wednesday, Aug. I3.1w?7 Saturday, Sept. 12 .. 14571 Wednesday , Sept. 2 la^I Saturday , Hept. % 1457 Wednesday, Sef t. Saturday, Oct. 19 iaS7( Wedne*da? , Oot. 14 .1?9? Saturday, Oot. 24 13571 Wednesday. Oot. 28 Company, oarryin* , y ? ? 1 ? ? vun?7Duri| I * 'Ol. If. . 1011 , ? Oot.24 ia57; Wednesday, Oot. 28..1857 Saturday, Nov. 7 1M7; Wednesday, Nov. ll .18W) Saturday, Nov. 21 11157; Wednesday, Nov. 25.18.rii Saturday, Deo.5.1?7| Wednesday, Deo. 9 \vn I Wedsesday, Deo. SB.l&j* For freight or passage, apoly to EDWARD K. COLLINS, No. 56, Wall atreat, NSroWn.BHJPLEY a CO., IJverpooI. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., 37. Aaitif 1 B%"'. V??ul5VvRIGHT A CO., Paria. The ownere of these ships will not be aooountable for gold, eilvsr, bullion, specie, jswelry, preoioue ?tones or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor and the value thereof expressed therein. Je 15 IJNITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE AND WITHOUT FAILURE FOR K1CIIT TSARS, Vol CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Regular Sailing Dayt.itk #20tk of tack month. Caution.?So manr frauds and tmposi tions of various kinds liave been lately perpetrated on travellere bound to C A Ll-? FOR.Nl A. that the eubsorit>er. the only authorised Agent for paesage bv the U. S. Mail Line, via Pana ma, in the city of New York, feels it hie duty to oaution all persons eeekieg passage to California, that, to avoid imposition, they must be oarsful to find the true office of the Steamships of the U. 8. Mail Linn, via Panama Railroad, as no other offioe le New York is authorised to en?ge passage. The Compamns have onljr one office in New York, whiah is at 177 West street, oorner of Warren street, fronting on the North River, at the head of the Com pany's Wharf. 1L7" Observe my sign over the door. I. W. RAY MO N ^Agent^ i? is SBSV? f.' PRicl'/dSkk Mye-d XedioinM. AVER'S Cathartic Pills, iSUGAK COATED.) The following remedies ire of fered to the publicas the best, most - a ? . whlch medioaJ science oan afford. AYK&S CATHaRTIC FILLS have been prepared with the utmost skill whioh (1m medi cal profession of this ace possesses, and their etfects show they have virtues whieh surpass anjr ooraLu nation of medioinea hitherto known. Other prepa rations do more or less good ; but this cares suuh dangerous complaints, so quick and so sorely, aa to prove an etneaoy and a power to uproot disease be yond any thine which men have known before. My removing the obstructions ol the internai orsansand stimulating them into healthy action, they renovate the fountains of lite and vigor,?health oourses anew through the body, and the sick man is well again. rhey are adapted to disease, and disease only , for when taken by one in health they produce but little effect. This is the perfection of medicine. It is antagonistic to disease, and no more. Tender children may take them with nupunity. If they are sick they will cure them, if thev are well they will do tncui no harm. Give them to some patient who has been pros trated with bilious complaint; see his bent-up. tot tering form straighten with strength again ; tee his long-lost appetite roturn: see his ciammy features iiloMSoifi into health, (jive them to some sulfcrcr whose foul blood has burst out in scrolula till ins skin is covered with sorts; who stands, or sits, or lies in anguish. He has been drenched inside and out With every potion which ingenuity could sug gest. Give him these Pills, and nrirk the effect ; sen the scabs 1 ill from his body ; see the new. fair skin that has grown under theui; seethe late leper that is clean. (Jive them to him whose an?iv humors have n anted rheumatism in Ins joints and bones; move him. and he screeches w thpnius: he too has been soaked through every muscle ol his body With liniments and snlves; give h?m these 1 ii.t.1 to purify his blood ; thev may not oure turn lor. a as . there are oases which no mortal power canreich; but mark, ho wa.ks with erutches now. and now he walks alone; they have cured him. "'ve them to the lean, lour, haggard dyspeptic, whose gnawing stomach has long ago eaten even siiuie Irorn his face and every muscle from his bodv See his appetite return, and with it his hea;th; se ll..* new man. See her that was radiant with health ami loveliness b a?!ed and too eaily withering awnv ? want of exercise or mental anguish, or some lurk it.* disease, has deranged the interim! organs of di. es tion, assimilation or secretion.till thev do the.r otfiee il . Her blorof is vitiated, her heaith'is pone. Giv e her theso Hii i s to stimulate the vital prim-ipe into renewed vigor, to oast out the obstructions, and m fUM?a new vitality into the blood. Now look aua.n ? the roses blo*Boin on her eheek. and where lat*l? sor.ow burst* from everv feature. {*t.* the sweet mlant wasted with worms. Its win. sicklv futures tell you without disguise, and painfully rfis tmot, that they are eating its life awn> . [is pir.oh-d iipriose snd ears, and restless sleeping. t.?ll the

dreadlul truth in language which every mother knows (live it the Pills in large doses to sweep these vile parSMtee from the body. Now turn again and see the ruddy bloom of childhood. Is it nothing to do these things? Nay. are thev not the marvel of 'lav1 y8t tfiey "r? <1on? *rou"d you every ffavc you the less serions symptoms of 'hose dis UV?> *re 'heeasier cured. Jaundioe. Co? JIftlw,achie, Sideaohe. Heartburn. Fou! Stomach,, Nausea, Pain in the Jlow.tls, Flatnlenev I.OHsof Appetite. King's Evil. Neu aieia. Gotit.and kind red com p ai nt s all ?trise from the derangements which these Pills rapidly cure. Tako them pers., veringly, ai d under the ooiinae.1 of a rood Pnysioian if >oti can; 11 not, tik*t thnn juflioiouitly hr ?uc!i ail vice as we sire jou, and the disi-essing, d tnger ous d,s.ases they oure. whioh afHict so many mil Hons or the human tace. are east out like the dovns ot old-they must burrow in the brutes and in the '<*? ? rice 2S cents p#?r Ih?x?.*> tw.xes for SI. m. ^Iv'-'AN, Washington; and by H. COOK " in\ Alexandria, and ail dealers in Medioiue everywhere. __ d 9-4in Thk GREATEST M KD ICA L DISCO T M M T OF THK AGE. Mr. KMinor, of Roghurv, has discovered to one of our ooiumou pasture weeds a remedy that cares B7KKT gIND OT UtMOR, from Scrofula doien to a common Pimvlt. bLItV ^rli 111 over eleven hundred cases, anil never failed except in two oases, both Thunder Hu iir ??.w ,n1b|" possession over one hundred BosUm its value, all withiu twenty milos of Mouth '*'t,!ea ara w,UTant?d to cure a nursing Sore p,m,s^o"".r."Kisr *,u *?'?' ?< VZot,f clear the system of Biles. *""""?<< JXZJKZ"*'w""u?< ?? ??'??" h? K.';r^.r?s?r ?*. ?VllroorrW'"i?Hr? Kruptione of the Skin. ., ,f V!i fu bottles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Kingworm. I'wo or tnree bottles are warranted to cure the ti desperate case of Rheumatism. rheum ? bottles are warranted to care Sait SomfSli? Wl" onro the Wor,t ol ejperlenced from the first hot ??"?""??J ?i?? ""bo,'. Nothing looks so impniliable to thoee who have in ?>,??. ? wonderful med;c. Re? of the day as that a oommon weed growing on the pabtures.and old stone wails, should oure every humormthe ??stein ; yet it :s a fixetl fact. If vou have a humor ?t?rt. There are no I K^nor A Nhuini i * {^K,ut !t ?uititig some cabas, butfnot yours. I p?WJ,ed over a thousand bottlee of it in t^ie vicin-ty cf Boston. 1 know the etfects of it iu every u has already done aoine of the grejitetst cures ever done in Massachusetts. 1 gave ft to ohildrena y*lT oid. to oid Pv'op.oof sixty. I have seen poor, puny, i , "'5i .chlIdrenVwll(>fie ,!esJl w;i" soft ai t} flabby, restored to a perfeot state of heaJth br one (U0s I !h tho?e Tho ?ubi?ot to a tiok headache, one il', iT . .ways our? '' K'ves great relief in Catarrh Mid dizsiness. Some who have taken it had ^en ouMtive b.r years, and have l>een regulated by it. >% hero the body is sound it works uvtecasv but where there n any derangement of the functions' of nature, it will cause very singular feehnits but ?<?u must not be alarmed; ther always d.^appearm from four da?s to a week, h.ere ,s never aT*d ri suit from it; on the contrary, when that feelir.g is gone, you will feci ?..urself fike a new person? | In my own praotioo I aiw&yg kept it striotly for hu mors- nut mnoe its introduction as a general fam.iy n.iHfionie, great and wonderful virtues have Uec found in it that 1 never suspected. ?iL-vera' t pueptio fits?whioh waa i^M?0'""<itr . n,oura,,le, have l*een oured by a few tattles. O, what a me.ey if it will prove teal ui ail t\ases of that awful mainly?iflere are but lew who have seen more of it tjIRI1 | have. 1 know ofneveral oi^esof Dropsy, all of them aged People cured by it. For the various diseasesofUe l.iver, Siok Headache, Dyspepsia. Asthma Fever ai.d Ague. Pan, ,?, b.^ef uT 7ft S.f^e and particularly in Diseases of the Kidne,s.&c the ev*e?r known" IU?re |ood ttuin &n' >n?dioine ??n ?id,^t er ?.r nef??"UT-eat the best you can ijet and enough of it. \1Vt for ^' -Adults one table spoonful per day-children over ten y,R, s dessert sp?H.nful ohildroti from five to eight years, tea-tpoonful. Aa no directions oan U applicable to all o.?nstituUona taJte sufhoient to operate on the Ixiwels twice a day! MANUfACTUH*!/ ?T ar ?rr) (,NiLU K K N N K D Y. ivd, 110 Warrm Sinn, Roxbury, A\lastMckutttts. Agents for \Vashmgton.?Chas. gtott & Co. Z Gilman, Kidwell &, Lawrenoe. J. B. Gardner iti rrV A Co., b. Walsh Ac Co.. F. S. W al?11? J. ?? ?ton? Martin King, Nairn A i'aimer. Sohwart* 4 Co d fes?nell4- C1?rk' J- -1'- Milburn, DunLar ? r? mom 1. Agents for Georgetown.?R S. Cisscll, O M Lentliain, J. L. Kidwell. my &-ly PRIVATE MEDTCAL TREATISE *? O!* TH* PHISIOLOOICAL TIEW OF MARRIAGE. By M. B. La CROIX, M. D., AlL&ny, N. Y. ?J?) pages and IJJ hue Plain and Colored Lithograpba and Platen. ir?-c ,l7rFR,i'E ONLY ^CENTS.^JI ILrSisi/m q/posimtt io mil y*rtt nftlii Unim*, MaR;i? Croig'a Physiologioal View of Mar raare. A new and rev.sed oditiou of 25o pages and lfM plates. Prioe centa a copy. A popular and com prehensive treatise on the dutiea and.casualties of single and married life?hajppy and fruitful alliancea, n;->de of securing them?lnfelicitoua and infertile ones?their obviation and removal?nervous debility, its onuses and cure, l?y a process at once so simple, safe, and effectual, tunt failure is impossible?rules for daily management?an essay on Sper matorrhtr a, wit h pract toal oltservationa on a safer and hint- *uc*;Msfttl mode of treatment?preoautioaary hints on the evil results from empinoaa praotioe; to whioh is added commentaries on the diseases ?>f fe PuH?B~'ro,,lnoy 'o old a^e?each case traphimJ Ijillnitniteil by beautiful^latea. It'poinfa out the remedies for those aelf-inflicted miseries and aisap poiuted hopes ao unfortunately prevalent in the voting. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partio ularly reoomtnended to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physioal condition, and who are con 'paving hazarded the health, happiness and privileges to which every human being is entitled to. Pnoo ib cents per copy, or five rvipies for f I, mail ed free of postate to any part of the United Statea, kT-wV-*"!!"1* ir' ''a^kOIX, (poat paid,) Albany, New \ ork, enclosing 86 cents. r it i iiv *uo irul' insult Doctor |LA CROIX upon any of the diseases upon which hia treats, either personally or by mail. His metii oitvs often cure iu the short spaoe of six days, and ooinpletely and entirely eradicate all traoes of those disorders which copaiva and cuhebs have ao long been thought an aiitidote. to the ruin of the health of the patient. His !? renoh Secret" is the great con tinental reined v for that class ofdiaordera which un fortunately, physioiaua treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion, and which ail the sarsaparilla in the world oan uotqure. |^^Offioe No. SI Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. iU-1* JAW ROOKS. i Angell on Highways. Maryland Digest, vol. 2. Selwyn's Nisi Prius,2 vols., aew edition, I'nited States Digest, vol. 16. Iftifi. Bennett & Heard's I.eading Criminal Cases. 2 vols Story's Equity Ploadjng, new edition And many others at the lowest prices. _J>21 FRAVCK TAV1.QE IADIK#' BR AI DS. PLAITS, Cl'R I.S I1\LF ^ WlOSand PUFF'S at QIBBS'S Hair Sto?, near corner of 13th st.snd Pa. a v. n 9 3^,, ITMBRELLAS, CARD CASES, PORTEMO y> naies. Paper, Pens, Chess. Donnmtes. Dolle, Engravmns, at Mcf.AITGH LIN'S, no 16 J?, between 8th aad W lists. Miscellaneous By THE FKESli>bNT^^)F. T11K UNITED STATES. In puiiuinof of law. I, James Bcchisis, PihI dent of the United States of America, do hereby ds cl?re and make known that public sales will be held at the undermentioned land oflices in the State of California, at the period* hereinafter designated. to At the land oflioeat Ia>? Assblos. ooroiresmng on Monday, the tenth day af May next, for the die p >sal of the public lands Within the following-named townships, viz: , . _ _ South of the ban line and %n?t mf the Sam Ett nardino mertdtau. .. . .. Sootions one to twelve, inclusive; the north hau of section thirteen: the uorth half and the southwest quarter of seotion fourteen: seotious fifteen to twen ty -one, inclusive; the north naif of eeotion twenty - two; the northwest quarter of section twenty-three: section twenty bve; the south half ol section twen ty-six; the southeast quarter of seotion twenty seven; sections twenty-nine to thirty-two, inclu sive: the south half of seotion thirty-three; the northeat quarter and the south half of section thir ty-four; and section thirty-five.oftown*hip tlree; sections three to nine, inelusive;tlie north half and the southwest quarter of section ten; the southeast quarter and the north went quarter of trotion e.even; the northeast quarter and the south half of section twelve; section thirteen; the east hsif ef section fourteen; sections seventeen to twenty-four, inclu sive-; the north half of section twenty five; and sec tions twenty six to thirty-five, mclusive, of town ship four, t?f range three. Township three. of rang* four. Seoticiis one t?# twenty-lour, ir.ciusive: ths north halt oi seotion : went) -five; and sections twenty -six to thirty, inclusive.of t -wnskip one; and sections one to twenty-seven, inclusive, of town kip three, of range five. . , ,, . Sections one. two. and three; the east haif of sec tion four; the east half anil the southwest quarter ol section nine' sections ten to hlteen, mousive; the southeast quai te-r ofsection twenty; sections twen ty one to twenty eiffit, inclusive; the east hall and the southwest quiuter of section twenty nine; the south hall ol section thirty; sections thirty one to thirty-tour, inc.usive; and the northwest quarter of section thirty-five.of totcniHip one. ol ras? 117. Is'or tk of the bate line and weft e/ tkt Sam Ber nardino meridian. Sections one to seventeen, inclusive; the north haif of section enliven; the south hall of section nineteen; sections tweuty to twenty three, inclu sive; the northwest quarter of section twenty four; the northwest quarter of section 'weuty six; sco tions twenty-seven to th.rty. inclusive; the wast half of section thirty-two; the north hill of the rorthoast quarter and the northwest quarter of seo tion Unity three, ol township three, townships four, ami five; sections one to eight* wolusive; the north half of sootion nine; sect ions ten to thn tr?cu, inclusive; the eajt hall of ?,eoti(.u fourteen; the west hall ol section seventeen; sections eighteen and nineteen; the west half of seotion twenty; the south ?.tsl quarter of section twenty ere; and sections tweii'y two to thirty five. inclusive, of township six, and township seven, of range four. Sections one to hfteeu, luciusue; the east haif ol section seventeen: the east half of section twenty; sootion* twenty one to twenty-seven, inclusive;the north half of section twenty-eight: the northeast quarter of section twenty-nine: the northeast quar ter of sectiou thirty-four; and tns northw est quar ter of section thirty-five, of townnhip three, and townskips, * I x, and ter* a. of rang' fire. Sectioi s one and tw<j; the north half of section three; the north half of seotion four: the northeast quarter of sectiou five; the west half of section six; ths north half, the southeast quarter, and the north half of tne southwest quarter of seetion seven; the west half of the northwest quarter and the south haif of section eight; the northeast quarter of sec tion eleven: section twelve; the northee^t quarter and the east 1 aif of the southeast quarter of section seventeen; the east half of ttie northeast quarter and the southeast quarter of section twenty; the west half of the northwest quarter and the south west quarter of section twenty-one; the southwest quarter of section twenty -six; and the northeast quarter of section thirty-five, of township three and towmk ip* four and fir?,of range six. Sections one to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of section nineteen: section* twenty to twenty-five, inclusive; the northeast quarter of section twenty - six; the northwest quarter of section twenty seven; and the northeast quarter of section twenty-eight, of town:<h?/' four and townsh tpfive,nf range .orss. Sections one to six. uieiusive;the northwest quar ter of section seven, the northeast quarterof section nine; the north hail of section teu; seotious eieven, twelve, and thirteen; the northeast quarter of seo tion fourteen; and the uortheast quarter al section twenty-three, of township four,tiinl town'h 'pfirir. of range eight. The northwest quarter of seotion threa; aectior.s four. five, and six; the north half of section seven: sections eiicht and nine; and the noitheast quarter of seotion seventeen.of townshipfour; and townships tire and six, of range nine. Scoters one and two; the northeast quarter of section three; the west half of section eievety the northeast quarter of section twelve; section four teen; and tDe southeast quarter of section fifteen, of township four; sections one to twenty-eight, inclu sive: the northeast quarter of section twenty-nine: the northeast quarter of section thirty-three; and sootions thirty-four and thirty-five, of township five: and six, of range ten. Seotions one toeightcen, inclusive; the northwest quarter of aection nineteen; the northeast quarter of section twen'y-one: the northwest quarterof sec tion twruty-two; and the northeast quarter of seo tion twenty-four, of township five, and tounsMp six,of range eleven. Sections one, two.and three; tne northeast quar ter of seotion ten: sections eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen; the southeast quarter of section fif teen; the southwest qunrter of section ei?hte?u; seotion nineteen; the southwest quarter of section twenty; the east haif of section twenty-two; the northwest quarterof section twenty-three: seotions twenty-seven to th.rty three, inclusive; and the north half <1 section thirty-four, of township five; and iir and jtrew.of range twelve. Section one; the northeast quarter of section two: the southeast quarter of aestion ten: the south half of section eleven; section twelve; the east half of seotion thirteen: the northwest quarter of section fourteen; and the north haif of section fifteen, of toirnnh ip four; the southwest quarter of section S'-v?jii; th? south half of seotion eight: the southwest quarter of section nice- the west haif of seotion fif teen; the north half of sectiou seventeen; section eighteen; the northeast quarter of section twenty two: and sections twenty-three, twenty-four, twen ty-five, twenty-six. and thirty-five, of township five; sections one to seventeen, inciusivs; tne north haif of section eighteen: the northeast quarter of seotion twenty; sections twenty-one to twenty five, inoiusive; the aorthoast quarter of section twenty - six. of township six; and township seven, of range thirtun. Section thirteen; the southeast quarter of sect, n fourteen; the southeast quarter of section twenty two; tLe east hall and the southwest quarter of sec tion twenty three; taajiort.'iwest quarter of seotion twant) r ur; the iiorth half of section twenty six; and the rast hv'fof section tw enty seven, of town sh'P five; sections 0110, two, anil three; the north east quarter and tha north haif of the northwest quarter of section four; the northeast quarter of section eleven; section twelve; and thenortn half of section thirteen, of town%hip sections one to eighteen, inclusive; the north haif of section nine teen; the north haif of section twenty; sections twenty one to twenty-eight, inoiusive; the south haif of section twenty-lime: l)u? southeast quarter of section thirty; the noith half of tfie northeast quarter of section thirty mi*; the northeast quarter and t he north half of the northwest quarter 01 sec tion thirty-two; and sections thirty-three, thirty four, and llurky five, of township seven, of rasit fourteen. At the land office at S*m FkAsnsro.ooromenofng on Monday, the third day of May next, fur the disposal of the public lauds within the following nanied townships, vii : Sorth of the lose line and east of the Mount Itiablo ttir rtdtan. Fractional township three, of range one, North of the bate Ji*f and ?est of the Mount lUab'.o meridian. Fractional townships four xmlfive, of range ant. South of the base line and east of the Mount Ihablj meridian. Seotions one to eighteen, and twenty-two to twenty five, uiolusive, of township ten, of rungr nine. Township ten; and seotions one to six, inclusive; eight to fiftsen, inclusive; and twenty-two to twen ty-six, inclusive, of townsh ip eleven, of range ten. Townships ten and eleven: sections one to six, inclusive; eight to fifteen, inclusive: twentT-one to twenty-eight, inoiusive; and thirty four and thirty five, of township twelve; seotions oue. two, three, and nine to fifteen, inclusive; and twenty iwo to twenty seven, inclusive, of township thirteen, i<r range eleven. Fractional township ten ; townships eleven, twelve, and thirteen; bee' io us one to five, inclusive; eight to seventeen, inoiusive: twenty to twenty niue, inclusive; wed thirty tlnee. thirty four, and thirty five, of fourteen; seotions one to four, inclusive, teu to thiiteen, inoiusive; and twen ty four and twenty-fivo, of township fifteen, of range twelve. Fr&otionsl township eleven; townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and township fifteen, except section thirty-one; and seotions one. two, and twelve, of township of range thirteen. Townships twelve, thirtten, fourteen, and fif teen: seotions one to aoventeeu, inclusive; twenty one to twenty seven, inclusive- and thirty four and thirty five, of township sixteen, of range fourteen. Townships thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and Jt:t teen; the south half o! section four; the south half of sectuu; five; sections seven, eight, and uine; the west half of section ten; and sections thirteen to | thirty-five, inclusive, of township twenty, of range ! fifteen. Fractional township.<tjrr<e?. and township twen ty, of range sixteen. Fractional township sixteen: and tovnships sev enteen, eighteen, nineteeu, and twenty, of range seventeen. Fractional townships seventeen and ?<*A("?,and townships nineteen and twenty, of range eighteen. Fractional townships eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, of ran ge nineteen. At the land office at M akysvillr,commencing on Monday, the seventeenth day of May next, for the disposal of tbo puMic Uuds withiu the following named townships, vir.: North of the base line and east of the Mount Diablo meridian. Fraotional township four; township frac tional townships twelve, thirteen, and fourteen; and townships se r. ntetn nnd e ig htern,of range one. Fractional townships twefve, th irteen, and four teen; and townships sevtniet n, eighteen, and nine teen, of range two. North of the base line and west of the Mount [Hablo meridian. Townships eleven and twelve, and fractional township thirteen of ranee one. I Townships twelve, thirtten, fourteen, and fif teen, of range two. Townships fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen; frao tional townshipst?i'Ml?'s,rtiiil(is,w4 nineteen; and townships tweutyand twenty -one,of vtnge thrtt 1 Sections oue, two, three, and ten to fourteen, in clusive; the east half of section fifteen: the east half of section twenty-two; seotions twenty-three to twcuith-six. inclusive: and section thir'tv-hve, of township fourteen; sections one, two, and three; the east half of section four; the mat half of seotion nme; seotions ten to fifteen.inoiusive; the east half of section twent*-one; seotions twenty-two to twenty-seven, inclnsive; the northeast quarter of seotion twenty eight; and sections thirty-four and thirty -five, of township.rt//"M; sent ions one to four, inclusive; nine to fiiteen, inclusive; twenty-one to twenty-eight, inclusive; and thirtv-three. thirty four, anil thirty-five.of township sixteen; sections one to seven, inclusive; tl^e north half and the aourh weat quarter of seotion eight: sections nine to fif toen, inoiusive; the west hair of section seventeen; seotions eighteen and nineteen: the northweet tiwr ter of section twenty; seotioos twenty one to twenty-eight, inehuive; the west half of seetion thirty; and seotions thirty-three, thirty-four, and thirty-fire, of township iittsKis, seotions om 11/ amet eer.. mcl naive; Um wsst b*U or seotiua twenty; tk* Nit m<( of MClliia !??')-<??. ItOtlOM t??, ty two tn twenty scves. ir c.lusn ?? the east half of section twenty -eight; 'he ?mi M'i of ???hii trm - ty aixie; iiflMHii thirty and thirty-une. li.? west hail of >Mtk? thirty two; the east hx'f >>( a?ctioa thirty three. and sections thirty lour and thirty - fere, of township acd township* twenty, auJ twsutv <**.of ran*e/< a?. Sections one. two. tliree. and tar to tttcer. tials ?ive, tbe northeast quarter of^ectiori twenty twa; sections twenty thiee to twenty -an. <no?w?i*e, tl.e southeast quarter of section thirty-Ionr; aad sec tion thirty -bva. of township Motion* one, two. and three: the soMthsBsl quarter of see tion nine: sect i?iis ten to fiAeea. inclusive; the northeast quarter of section twenty one; sections twenty - two to twenty ae\ en. me nsive; ai>d sections thirty-four and thirty h\e. of township eighteen; sections one, two. and three; the northeast swatter of wottot) four, sections tan to kl)*M. iaoliiiy?; sections twenty-two to twenty seven, tno.usiv*. ajid sections thirty lour and thirty -hve, of township ntmttd'n: and townships (irtnr* and Orrnlp ear,of ramgf (?. l*an<i? appropriated l>y law for the uaa ol schools, military, and other purposes. together with those "swamp and overflowed lariats. made therrtiy ui bt for cultivation." if any. granted lotlieMi'e lit the act entitled "An act tomble the State <>| A i kansae uk! other Stales to rrciaiia Ihe sw amp aiwla w .tl.iu their limits," approv ed September X, l?5?. will t>e excluded from the No "trt?'rnl lan-l*" or tracts pon'ainmr niinarml deposits are to be offered at the puMic aalea. such ?ni?'r?( /??>/! lift mi e Tprr ?*/y r rrrpt'il tindrt rt *<!*<] frtmt ttUt Of o/a. r disjoin/ bv toe require ments of ln? act of Congress approved 3d March, liVi. entitled "Au act to provide lor tbe survey of the pulmc land* in California, the granting of era ?rriDtion rights therein, ami (or oth r purp??ers.* The ottering of the above land* will be commenced on the days appointed. and will ptiwieed in the order - in whiub they are advertised, until the whole ahail have l*>eu oflertd, ai d the aaU a o. I, but no sale shall l>e kept open longer than IW" weeks, and no pm ate entry of any of the lands will be admitted unti. after the expiation of the tvn week*. tjiven under mf hand, at the city of \\ aahingtoa, this aixteenth day of Septemtier. anno iKtmim ml thousand e.ght huudred and hftj ??? ?c, JAMLb HITHANAN. By the President. Taoa.A. IIKMf'KICK*, Coininiaauvner of the Genera! I And off>oe. nutu'l: to pri* k\Tptk?n ci.aimanth. Kver? peraon entitled to the right <?( pix-eniption toauy of the land* within the towuabipa anil paita ol t..wn?i.ipii atkive ei>uruerat?>d i* icijnir?*<1 tocafat? 1 i??li the Mine tot In* entiafaotion of the l<e(iate>t an I R#<-eu ?r of the proper l*i.<! . r! re. uk i v.a*f pav *H'*t Ihrt'for ?.* ?f?(>a ?? p'Wtirnblr of.rr ?//<?( fa?.? mohrt, and t*fore the da* appointed for the aoirime*ew???nt of the pit'ilic ea!e of the tagidn em braoinr the tract claimesl:otherwise aaoh ota m wilt I* foifeitad. THOf. A. IIKNUKK'K^. Commissioner of thetieneral I.and Ofl.,e ?e 18-law3m STPAM MACHINKKV FoR^rRKW PRi? PKL1.KK l*l.<MU'.(?F-\VAR. Natt Dfpabtmkkt. I NovemHer 19,1HJ7.S SKAt.tD PttoroBALa, ei.dornetl " Profoaala fyr J*team Machit cry for ^ciew ?'rope,!er S.oop of war." w'i'l If rifcetvod at this Department untit 1 o'clo. k. th* lath of Dt-<i ttilier next, for thrtoomplete coast ruction ol the strain machinery and append ages. and piecing it on l?>*rd a screw prwpellrr snip ol-war hiii.ditiK in tl<e l ulled Elates navy yard at Philadelphia. The?ff?rs inuat !e fur* t>pcrt6c sum for puttirg the wi;o|e in snccesfcf'tl operation ? must include patent te-s for any ailanpements tliat tnay tie pro posed : state the time in which the work will tw completed. ai>d aocor'pnnied hy the usual guB< an'.ae re<|uue<l l>> taw. The name of the oatahtieli meiit : u which the work is to he executed must bo stated. The details of the design ard arrargement of the machinery will be ,eft with the party who**, pro position may l>? accepted as c<on.t? the grea>est numWr of advantages, keep.i^t in view simplicity of construction, readiness of access for adiust Dient >|jieu in riperition. aud not lieing ml.joct to de rangement in ihe working parts ; it l<eing the object ol flie Department to obtain tl.e most speed and power with the m<>st etsmomcal c>nsun ptiofi <# fuel, and the greatest stowage of coal which the ? pace available for t list ptirpo-e will admit. The iKiiiers t'i Iw i-f trow, with telescopic smofce pipe. which tnnat 'e placed at the greatest Kie distance from the u ammast; trie w ith the c<innexioiiH for hoistn.j:, to tie of criniposition; the niachii.erv for hoisting, for pumps.apparatus fo' ventilating, ami appurtrr,ni.r? s of a ' kit:?ts r>ecess? ry for the perfect working of the whole to be of the most approved kindx. Ttie coal-tninkere. shaft-Paa s\ge, two ethwsrtxliips ir'in l?u kheads, a distilling apparatus for fre?h wwter from which can lie made not lese than ?<<*? gallons per day ; all the toola and duplicate pieces McaMBrjr and antikfaotor) for aa efficierit cruising stcara ahip-of-war must be in clu<ie<l id the rn-position, and a .iat of them must on furnished. The wood and carpenter work (except the boring out the dead wo?m! for the thap i necessary to ndapt the vessel for the reception of the machinery . Mb era. and appct,dages. wih Im prov id-Mlat the eapeuse of the Navy liepartnient, and it will pern it the usj of such facilities as it may have fur boialinc tbe hea vy machinery on board. For ttie accommodation of the entire steam ma chinery and the fuel there will t?esllowed in the tn?d^ of the ship the entire i.(?aoe under ttie Ixrth'deck. at 17}? leet atiaf' the main mast, and thence extending forward a distsree of W feet; ?h? Greatest lireadth inside, ci?nr ol the plank under the warns, tieing 4-S feet, and the height, froin the t<>n of the timbers to the under side of the lieam smid vhips. Ireing IS feet 9 incites. V\ ithin this space it is expected to carry c-m. for 1^ days full stearninj, the daily consumption of which the bidder will atate in hia speciflcat lone; and tMweicht of the maohinery, water in tioiiers. 'shaft. prop?',|*r, and sppendagae. with tl>? toois and spare work, must not exceed j4" tons, of 2.24<i potjM<is. Thedislsnoe frointlieaft side of the mam mast to the alt side of the forward stern post will be al<ou? inn f?et, and the distanoe between the forward and the alter stern-post wi I fie 7 te?-t ? the depth from the load water line to the top of the keel under the propeller will l?e l??i feet. !4team-eiigiue mnnufacturcrs whodesire to i*d cwn obtain a copy of the section of ttis* vessc. uioti L-.- - -1: ? ? ? - si. j - n^k king application to the depar'inent. 'he proposal mu't be aors.mi>ai icl by fWH aper f, cations and genera! ftaring the position of the centre of gravity of the in*c!iu?ery, boilers. Ac., marked on them: giving also the capacity ol tbe steam cylinders and area of foot ami delivery vh res, and of air pump and oul)>o*rd delivering valves, space for atean aUire the writ er-line in boilers, the fire and grate BMffaee; sleo the diameter. fitch, su: face, ana kind of propeller .and other piitic.jai pan t?. that comparisons r-au rendily be made, 't heieww! a so fie given the estimate of the weight ?if er.gines. IsMlers, watei, bunkers.apDentl&?ee, touis, ai.d spare W' rk. in totis of 2 2P*ponnis. Tfie terms of pnyrriont will f-e that * hen ore fourth of the maiet'ais ai.d lalatr pro\ idol for in ttie contract sluv'l tiavc l?eeu uompletsd to tbe *a!i^f?'r tion <>f the IhtMrtttrlrt. there wi 'ie mn4ea*a? m*nt of one tilth part of the whole amount of the contract : when one half the work shi- I tie in ke maimer tie cmipleten tl.eie will lie a fuither pnymeut of one Lf'ii: when three fourths of tbe work st>. h*ve l-een comp!ete?l, a further p?* nient ol ore t.flh; when the wt.oie shall lavs lie,-n < ssnlatsa and Lave tnade a satisfactory Irtai of one week, thru a further payment of one h/tli; and when the sinp shall have performed sa:isfsctoii ) at sea for a |>crto<l of throe months, then tbe remaining sum slia ll-epaid. Tlje repairs recs^ary during this period from de fective workmanship or materials will !<e at the ex - pen?e of the contractor. The propt?sals must l?e cxplicit.atd to qualihfd or ooiiditional otler w i Hate iiaidered. ISAAC TOrcF.V. na"-2awtd Secretary of th-* N'avr. LN NITED 8TATF* MAII.. VIRGINIA. Pcst Offic ii DktaKT vk\t. Nov to UT. Prop<>sa!s for carrying the mails ol the l a..e<l Slates from let FeL-uary. !?>%', to <pith June, the fol'oyvmg route m tbe State of Vuo.tyiiA, wt'l Im received at ti.e connact ?>tf.ce offlns depaitltieii* until 3 p. in., of the 4t h dav of Jauniuy n?xt, to be ifecide.l <?n the following 'lav : 536 From Charlottesviile. by North (iarden. Coves - Ville.liak IaWii. I .<iv uigtoii, Rose's Mi s. New f*litsgow- Amherst Court-house, snd Cooi W ell, to l.yncti)'Urg, Tt' miles and l>ack. six times a wnek. lb four horse coaches. Chsrloftesville daily, except Sunday . at 1V* p m: Arrive at I.j nchbttrr next ?lar bs a rv; Leave I.yuchlturg dai.y. nxcept Sunday, at * a in; Arrtvs at Charlottesville In II p m; Proposals containing a differei t schedule * if. also be considered. For forms of proposal, guarantee, and eert iHeaie. also, instructions and rnquir-itientk to he eAd.taceii in the Otcitrhc ls, see 'wivert i?<nni-nts of Jan. f 2. Frhuary 9. Itt'tf J arid Ffbuary 2, li^.?, or cither <? them, in pamphlet form, ut a i the principal post of boe?. AARON V. BROWN. ii21 -lawtw f'ostaaaatei lieneral. Nj No. Vt9. I OTICK OF TilF. KF.MOVAI, OF TUi: LAND OFFICK FR"M Dl NCAN TO MACK IN AC. IN MICHIGAN. In accordance with the provisions of tl.e act < Congress entitled " An tiei authorizing chsi g?-s !?' the location of lend offiivt," approved Msrch At, ItiVJ. it is tu'retiv ileclsteit ai-.d made known that t ?< ? oftu-e for the ?aie of punlic lanJs at I'VNcaN. in ?b Siate ol Michigui. w iii 1^;removed to the i?i Mack'Sac at 11> tatl j n ptriod a* p> 'irttcnt'.*. Further notice i, to t' a precise time of rrmov* will lie issued by the register ai d re<viver l??r tha land district. tiiven under my hand, at th* City of \\ ashtnnl.m. this 3d day of December. A. D. IKS7. liv order of ti.e President. THOS. A. IIFN'DRICk*. Commissioner of the (jeneraJ I .and Oibce. A 4 lawfiw \|ORMONISM. ITS l.F. A DF.RS \N|i Dft 1*1 signs, by John llvde. Ji .formerly a Motuion Leader,and resident of Snlt l.asc tTity.l vol..i;*n?o., 33' pages, HlBstrated with r.rbt wood eneraviiigs 41.5s. i u 21 > PBANCK TA\U>1 BLACK TEA.?Waacaa ca. the atteatM the community to out v?ry eh-ice UI.At'K TKA?in iiuality it m rarely e?|t a!t i! and w l.ich w ; ofler as cheap as it can l?e purch ice.l iu N<w \?-rk. KIN?i A HI RCHF.I.L, n 24 corner<?f Vermont avenne and 1Mb street. MLSTANts li R A \ .a new Novel, by ihe llou' Jeremiah Clemens; 51. Mrs. Hale's Receipts for the Mil i n, conta im i 4^??5 Receipts: $1.2^. Mrs. Hale's New Cook Ho'.k ; nib FJK \Nt K TA> I OR CCI890RS. MIU HoRS. I'oU DFR ItoXF.-. Ac., at 1.1 UIIS'S llair Store, m ar 13th strnet. Pa av#.,aiid at his Sn.esroom, undet Willards*. nlO 3m H AM 8! HAMS!! HAMS!!. 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