Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. WASHINGTON. D. C., MONDAY, DECEMBER U, 1857. NO. 1,529. THE EVENING STAR I ? rVbUSilED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THK STAK UVILDHOS, C<r~nrr af Pa. avenue and Eleventh rtrtat, By W. D. WALLACH. Paper* served in paekace* hy carriers at $4 a year, or 97 oenta per month. To mail auhsoribera the au b sonpuon prioe is a year, ta adraacs; ?2 for ?s months: SI for thr?e month* : and for ?eaa than three montha at the rate of Uoenlaaweek. Sinfle cop,as. one cent; in wrappers, two cents. Advb*ti?bki*ts (of eiaht lines to the square) inserted three rimes for $: every other day or seiui weekly. K per oeut. advance; onoe a week, SO per oent. advanc*. [From '? Life Illustrated " HOW TO ECONOMIZE. It s all very easy to talk about economizing but where is one to begin ' You are not at all extravagant neither um I I'm <ure there's no waj*.-valve from whitrh our little income can leak out. and yet it is impossible to lav a*i le any m>ney 1 can't amount tor it at all' Thus spoke Charles Walters, a young lawyer, who resides in a cosy little hou*e somewhere Utwcen Third and Thirtieth streets, in New \otk He had a uiee little practice, a pretty httle wife and a bright eyed little baby What do you say. old bachelor? ' ought not he to bo supremely happy with all these possessions ' A nd yet such was very far from being the case ihe truth was. that Charlie Walters felt' hard time* ai acutely as any of us- -be began to look oautionaly after the stray pcnuics. and to realize the fact that he must retrench some whore Wall, it Joes seem rather singular where *11 our money can have gone," returned his wife, with haft' a smile and half a sigh 44 As you say. we don t commit any very great ex travagance. and yet it is equally certain that we must begin to l>e less pro!use in our expendi ture*."' Charlie was silent. " It seems tome, resumed his wife, " that I cau account for some of those missing dollars I coaxed you to buy, at two dollars the yard, when a plain ta|?stry at one half the price would have been just as good " "A ridiculous piece of folly.said Walters, pettishly. 4* You didn t say so at the time. And have you forgotten, she added maliciously, ?? that rosewood hook-case. in the back parlor, that usurped the place of the old mahogany shelves? Whose folly was that * And the big Chinese easy chair to smoke in ? and tho new ivory chcssmeu ? ' "5top. stop Mary."' said Charlie, laughing and reddening. 44 we have l?oth been a little to blame in the matter But I have a good idea in mv brain It is quite certain that we shall buy no more roeewuod secretaries and velvet carpet3 at present, so that we need not fear large extravagance*, and I propose that we bc z;n to exterminate the small ones?the iuvisi T>1<; expenses that lie in wait for u.- from hour to hour, and walk off with our funds in pcuny driblet* We'll commence this very day, and retort success in the evening What do you * * aay : "Agreed.' said Mary and Charlio kissed her made a faeo at the baby, and walked off to his down-town office. Mary still sat at the table thinking, when Biddy the nurse came up to take the baby out f jT his morning airing. Mrs. Walters looked first at the rubiaund daughter of Erin, and then at the baby, nestling in his cradle, like a half blown rosebud. Couldn t .-he take care of her own baby ' Why. of course she could ! And in half an h >ur Biddy went off with tears in her eyes, and half a pound of tea under her ragged red shawl! Mrs \\ alters went up to her room to prepare fir going out. There lay her little velvet Don nex in its box The day before she had laid a-?ide two dollar* and a halffor the purchase of new scarlet roses and ribbons for its decoration; but now she looked thoughtfully at the old pur pi" violets, remembered her agreement with Charlie, and concluded the bonnet would do very well as it waa this winter Was not she a wise little housewife ' In the morning's marketing she adhered firmly t? her g-xnl resolutions, turning away from all the expensive little rarities in which she had been wont to indulge, and stopped at the china store to countermand her yesterday s order for a beautiful little gilt pitcher Ihe man stared, and inquired the reason of her sudden change of miu J. but she smiled, and re plied simply that she bnd determined to use the old ones a little longer. Once. ou her wayhoine. ?'he paused at a *hop wtndow. and hesitated for a moment between economy and an exquisite bit of embroidery for a baby s dress The French pattern was beau tiful. and her purse lay provokingly close U> her finger* But wisdom triumphed, the bands wem left in the show-cise, and the three dol lars were safely carried home " Let me seo. said she, as she sat in the twi light. locking her baby's cradle, ai d waiting lor her husband s return. 44 Biddys six dollars a month is about thirty cents a day; my (lowers aud ribbons, two dollars and a bait those late peaches and the fiab that I resisted buying are another dollar, and that beautiful embroidery that would have made baby *u<4h a lovely dress ? and here she drew a litlle regretful sigh; was three dollars Well . 1 may safely consider that 1 Lave economized six dollars and eighty cents to day. in small sum- 1 wonder what Charlie has to report'" '? A good, economical little wife you are !" t?id Charlie, a few minutes afterward. when he beard hir simple recital *4 And now for uiy account V? hen I got dowu to the olLoe Tom. my factotum, announced his intention of going to California. and desired me to look out for a iucetnor I told Tom to go ahead, which he did. but 1 didn t think proper to look out for any other boy. judging that I might just as well takedown my own shutters, and kindle my own little office tire, as to pay dollar and a halt a week t?? any Tetn in existence." ?? Just what I saved by Biddy'*'cried Mary, clapning her hands " Well, go on.*' ??When I weut to get a cigar, my b?x was empty I hesitated some tim-> whether to refill it or not Twenty-live cents a day for cigarsis not much, but still I reflected that it was some thing. ho prudence triumphed " ??Right. laughed Mary, 44 but go on with your report.'' ?? Brown and Mercer came to the office forme to ride out to High Mridge with them A fast bor*e. an oyster supper, and all other expenses, would cost me about three dollars It was a lovely day. and I ilui'Si wavered, but I thought U yon. dear, and tol l them I couldn t go. The next thing was a very tritie?you 11 laugh at me. little wife. when 1 tell it." ?? W hat was it. Charlie ' I'm dyinz of curi ??sity ?? Weil, I sated just two cent# per diem, by cutting off one of my daily papers, as one will content all the news What do vou think of that r% ?? Why. I think even two cents i? worth sav ing. Cbarl e " ?? Coaiiug up bom* I stopped at Hay s book store. and there 1 met with a powerful tempta tion in the shaft* * Sne edition of Beaumont and Fletcher \ou know my pemUuat for rare book*, and Hay was so rure ot a customer that he had laid a-idc the volume for me. Three dollar* seemed at first a nierc trifle tor the edi tion. but I remembered our contract, and de clined purchasing. Here ends my tale, with the except o i th'it I w.ilke 1 to and from the of fice to-day thereby gaining a deal of good ex ercise. and saving ten cents in car fare. Very well, -aid Mary, laughing, 'we will give you credit for economizing in the sum of seven dollars and eigbty-se\en cent* Add that to my *ix dollar* and eighty rents, and we have fourteen dollar* and sixty-seven cents! Oh! I Charlie who would have supposed we could j epend so much as that for superfluities iu one day " I do not think we should, tre, jr day. said Walters. 4 but still it shows the manner in which our money get* away. I like the plan. Mary dear; I like the idea that we are laying by something for that r*?sy lello* in the cradle, by a little judicious self-denial. In short. I believe we are really learning 'how to econo mise ' " A Vamiik Invaaios AxTtripATKD ? A Gene va journal f??r? thai wnen th?* "Grand Orient al : s? it rails the Leviathan ?tearner. shall com mence it* trips, regular eirumion train* will l?e run Iwtwreen Havre, fails,* and Geneva, and tbal Castle LblUwu wilt he invaded by a L >*t ?{ whittling ^ ankces MWIP?nr? niaiive chap among wrboni may fake it Into his he d to pur- ! rhase ih? Bo*qjet de Julie,4,run np' a museum, ' and startle tbc native* with a baby-sbow or mine of her practice! exhibition on the Ameri can plan " Hex ax Strbnoth.?When we say that any one i? strong, we mean that he is capable of enduring physical exertion and fatigue longer than the average run of men. Many experi menters have endeavorod to find an average on which to base observations as to the strength ot uaen; but many allowances have to be made lor climate, temperature, food, age, and other incidental interferences, it has. however, been determined that the best method of arriving at a true idea of the strength of men, is to ob serve the average effect produced by a laborer who continues his exertions several successive days. What id called a "dynamic unit" is then fixed upon as a standard by which to com pare results, and this is 1,000 lbs. avoirdupois carried one foot in one minute. According to M Coulomb, a man traveling on a level road may walk 30 miles ]>cr day, or 2>4 feet per minute, and continue his exertion for ten hours a day Taking the man's weight at 1^0 lbs , he has expended 23,ftJ0 dynamic units, or, in other words, has used the amount ot strength that would have been required to transport 2o.760.1)00 pounds one loot in a min ute. If, instead of walking on a level road, he a*c?nds a staircase, the velocity is roduced to 26 4 per minute, and he cau work eight hours per day. In this case he hod expended ouly 1901 dynamic units. A person carrying a weight ot 90 pounds, along a level road, travels at a rate of a mile and a half an hour, or 132 foot per minuto. and continues his exertion seveu beurs per day. The useful effect, besides carrying his own weight, is consequently l'JS!? dynamic units. The force which a man exerts in dragging a load has been variously estimated. Schulze says that a man can exert a pressure of 107 lbs. for a short time, and that a man may walk at the rate of from 4] to 6] miles per hour. The moat advantageous method of employing humr.n strength is in rowing a boat. Of course there are numerous exceptions to these rules of strength we have given, as they can but be an approximation to the average, but in inves tigations of this kind we must bo content with such result*?Scientific A nit rt can. Effkcts okIllkoiulk Wkiting.?A carious case was heard in the city of London Sheriff* Court on the 11th ult . which shows how necessa ry it isfor professional men to write legibly A person named English applied, ia October, 1K50, to be admitted a member of a certain benefit society, entitled 41 The Coufident Fire and Life Assurance Company and Loan Office but as the medical officer. Dr. Jones, pronounced the applicant unhealthy, his proposal was rejected. A week or so afterwards, English made second application, and was then admitted, although at this time he was suffering from a serious affec tion of the lungs. lie aftorwnrds contributed 17s. 0d. to the society, then declared u|>on the funds, and was allowed to draw about ? 14. An inquiry, however, took place, and was discov ered that he had boon admitted through a curi ous blunder, for which the doctor was responsi ble. The medical certificate described English as not fit for membership, but the important little word was written so indistiuctly that it got corrupted into now. The managers of the society grew impatient at the mistake and its burden, and refused to continue Mr. English's allows nee. whereupon he brought an action against them. The J udge said that Dr. Jones's writing was so indistinct that it would justify either reading; but as the plaintiff had signed a declaration that he had -not suffered any ill ness for three and a halfyears.'' a verdict for de fendant was given, and the Judge naively re marked "that if doctors would write legibly, a world of trouble would be saved Nr.w Highway DiSGtiSK ?On SaturJay evening, states the Boston Journal, as a gen tleman. in company with a lady, was crossing Cambridge bridge, his attentiou was attracted to a person in female nttire, who was reeling against the railing and moaning bitterly The gentleman had passed the.Granger, when, leav ing his companion, be returned at her request and addressed the " female,' who appeared to be in deep distress Receiving no response to his inquiries concerning thecauso of her atllic tion. he approached and laid his hand on the shoulder of the individual, which was bo sooner dono than the stranger wheeled about and made a pass at the gentleman with a slung shot The blow fell short ot the mark, just grazing the head ?<( the astonished philanthropist lie de manded an explanation of the strange conduct, thereupon the "female disclosed a revolver, whi.-h until now had been secreted in a lur muff. The gentleman did not stop to make further inquiries of a person who at first up peared to be an injured female, but whose sub sequent conduct convinced him wa^ a man dis guised Stage ATr.\rnr.i? by Wolvbs ?The bears having monopolized much attention lutelv. the wolves claim notice. Ob Wednesday night last, as Mr Mitchel was driving a mail mud wagon on the back Calais route l>oui Beddington to thencxt stopping place, twenty inilet- from this city, beiu^ without passengers, his team was beset by a park of wolves. They were about a dozen in number and eamo on fierce ami noisy. Mitchell, however, drove up smart, which he had no difficulty doing, as the horses were quite as much frightened as himself. As they pressed hard upon nim and glarod their eye bulls and gnashed their teeth about him, he let go the con tents of a ride, which laid out one of the hun gry crew and for the time checked their pur suit This was providentially near the stop ping placc. upon arriving at which the driver is said to have boou pretty well overcome with ex citement and frigut. Wolves and bears are* very plenty on the back route, and very auda cious.?llant'or Union, i//z. Thk Wisk Mm T a it km In.?The French Academy of Sciences has just closed its annual session A correspondent gives the to]lowing 11 was the last day of the session, when a eavan presented himself, and asked to be heard. The request granted, he stepped forward, and. open ing a ponderous volume, read its title aloud? "Treatise on Humidity.*' All ears were erect and in sooth the preliminary remarks were phil osophical, forcible, and to the point. It lay at the bottom, also, of rheumatism, a thousand bodily ills, Ac , Ac. It should be avoided. Cuout chouc had been used, but without much success The author, however, had invented an article which met the case exactly?was destined t take the place of all other inventions, " for keeping the water out.'' He would describe it The hammer of the President, who began to smell the rat. here fell llut it was too late The advertisement had been read, and stauds recorded en the journal of the Academy of Sciences VnvVoi an Author?l)r. Mackav be^un hi* correspondence with the London Itliint? at*-d New*, of which lie la one of the editor* He gives th?- popular view of our O'liiuieiclal crisi*, that it w:t* the ic-oilt of over-expanded credit ami ha*te to he rich II attribute* our impressibility to our atmoaphere and says our ld?-a? are an large ?s our political liberty According lo bis judgment we are bet trr trader* than wo kers? -xeelling all the rest of the woi Id in the fo mer capacity, lie remark in parenlhe*!* th<l our ladie*' crinoline* "are at |ea*t double the c;r-aniferenc* of Hie crinoline* of l.ondon ar.d I'.ui*. ' and add*, wl'hout any pareuthvniH, |'hat they cost frriin lin to'JItflptr cent beyond what they ought to be got for With cwli. fo n* Bear* ?Whalemen have opportunities to become acquainted with the habit* of the*e singular animals that other* do n?rt Captain Walker, of the South America, relate* a fact to us which |*erbap* i* worth repeating He found two polar bear*, a female anil her cub, *wiinming in the Arctic Ocean, forty miles from land And Captain Murdoek, of tlieNa**au, slate* that he ?hot one ninety in ilea from land During theae long iMissaye* across sea* and bay*, which must take them several day*, they live on their own hair and the grease attached to it, u the hair ta found In roll* in their stomach*, when killed Captain Walker took a barrel of oil from the cub he killed _ try Letter* from Con?tantinople announce the I death of Mn. Hamlia, missionary at Balbeck. Pianos, 4c. A BARGAIN IN A PIANO.?One of Hallet, Davis A Co.'s best PI A NllS, rnspwooil. case, seven octaves, iron trame. s<>;J by us] for $350 but a short time ago, is now lot' sale at our store for cash, or a note at short date bearing interest, with good end irser, theewner lieing compelled fiotu private circun.stT.ucet> to force said Piano off. I am prepared to warrant and guar antec s<tid Piano a* firmly and strongly as any Piauo 1 ever sold. Tins is a bargain in reality . Also, a large stock of new Pianos. Pianos for rent by evening, month, quarter, or year. JOHN F. ELLIS, Feun. avenue, n 27 U near 10th street. ANOS! PIANOS!! PIANOS!!! P' New and second hand Pianos, from the factories of Siemway A Sons, New York; Win.. Knal.eA Co., Baltimore. nnd of my Boa sl faotorjr. Philadelphia, always on hand, at' moderate terms. for sale and to rent, at No. 4H311th street, eight doors above Pa. avenue. n 18 eolni FR. C. R EICHENBACH. JJMVE MORE OF RAVEN. BACON A CO.'S superior Pf ~ m firnomK n( W. G. METZEROTT. superior PI A NOS, just arrived at thei Waieiooins of vTTrv Seoond hand Pianos tor sale oheap. n20-lf Nl-NNS.C!.ASKK-S IIA LLETT, DAVIS A UVS' ' ? * ?' CELEB KATEl> PI A \() K) II Th S, Constantly receiving and for sale only by JOHN F. KM.IS, art Pa. av., between 9th and lnth stu. Purchasers will find it to their interest to examine for themselves the superior qualities of the al>ove Pianos. Stools, Covers, Meiodeoiis, Ac., Ac., also oil hand. ii 16- tr Gold medal premium PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNAKK, (Senior partner in the late firm of Knabk. G a mi i. k A Co., Continues the mauulecture and sale of grand and seu&re PIANO FORTES, underWie name, of William Knabe A Co., at the old stand,] Nos. I, 3, 5 aud 7 North Kutaw street op-' posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. Th?y have also just opened a new Sales Room at No 2"7 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MoCalfery as a musio store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of piair and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes* also, Melodeons, from the best makers, from 4 to5 ootave. some with double key-tioards, double reeds, and stops to suit small ohurohes, Betng exteusively engaged in the manufacture o Pianos, we will sell wholesaleand retail, on the mua literal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal) at the Fairs of the Alary land Institute two successive years?Ootolier, ln.55, and 1856?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some of the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first premium at tita Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir finia, 1866 and 1856. They have also been awarded he highest premium (silvv medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the country, which can be seen at our warerooms, speaking for thqrxselves and others of the high appreciation in whioh our instruments are every where held. Ail instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the first jix months Irom the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a oail Itefore purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and toned. nwlft-ly WM. KNABK A CO. S IMPROVE YOIJR EYES. T K E N G T HKi\ and assist them, by the Paris Optician, D. WOOLFSON, who ^ .i, has arrived from Europe with his V -k own, as well as the manufacture of a good many others of the latest improved SPKCTaCLES and EYE-G LASSES: among which are the PERISCOPIC CONCAVE and CONVEX, The DOI'Bl.F. FOCUS and DOUBLE POLISHED BRAZILIAN PEBBLES. CRYSTALS, He., which are warranted to improve any EYE aflected wKh weakness, cataract or tending to it: also SHORT S1GHTKDNESS. Persons who are compelled to those now usiug them, will be suited at first sight. Those wonderful DO U B LE PO LI S H E D V EN EZ U E1.1A N CRYSTAL ROCK have received the highest recommendations at the World's Pair. at Paris, through their producing a clearness abd easiness of vision heretofore unknown in any other improvements. Also, all sty les <i? OPLR A, SPY. and MA'tNI FYING G LASSES, Compasses, and Microscopes are for sale at his :;tore, oorner of Eighth street and Pennsylvania avenue, or Eighth street No. 4^1, be tween I) street and Pa. avenue. |H7" Do nut mis aire tkf turner Of H'k strrel. Prices very reasonable, the same *s at his estali F.u hu.ent in F.uiooe. n^-tf j A RETIRED PHYSICIAN. r l\ IS 1'rSrl i'i n*r, t M Ikipp nards of life have nearly run <-ut, dineov f ered while in the Kast indies, a certain cure for / Consiitnption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, I Colds,and weneral Debility. Ttie remedy was ' discovered by h?n when his only chiid, a uaugh ter, was given up to die. He had h?erd initoh of the Wonderl ui restorative and li? ali:-g qualities of pr>'D stations mode from the Fast India Hemp, and the thought occurred to him that tie might make a rein ed) for his ciiiM. He studied hard and succeeded in realizing his wither. His child whj cured, and is now alive and well. He lias since administered the wondnrlul remedy to thousands of snilereis hi all parts of the world, and lie lias never failed in mak ing them completely health* and happy. Wishing to do as niiieh good as possiiile, he will send to Mich of his afflicted fallow beings as request it, this re cipe with full an?Tex|?lioit directions for making it up and successfully using it. He requires ea< h ap plicant to enclose him one shilling- tlir?*e eoiilst* " he returned as postage on tne recipe, and I1 ? ~ mainder to t> vcrtiseuieiit. %* I re- I ) HfiP OF INDIA* Lot lion, US7. 5* cents. i*I Staintord's Special Mup of the Revolted 1>is trict ol India, with the I i,es of railway and military stations, London, 1R77, ?*?'.25. Stamford's Map of llelln aud its environs, con structed from the ordnance plan and other original materials transmitted from India, IK57. London. 50 cents Wilson's History of British India, 1H(V5 to l;?35, 3 vols.. London. political and Military Events in Britigli India, I7fci to 1H19; by Major Hough, Bengal army,2 vols., London. , Memoirs and Corresponilence of the .Marquis of Wellestey, governor-general and captain general of India, 3 vols.. I ondon. . ... , Stocqueler's Military Lilc ol the Duke of Wel lington..' vols.. London. Stocqueler's India. I vol., London, lii-r>7. History of the Bengal Artillery ; by Captain Buc kle, assistant adjutant general t vol. Londo". Captain Hatter's Military History ol the British Empire in t he East, I vol.. London. A ubcr's History of the British power in India, . vole.. London. Knighton's Lileolthe King of Oude, 1 vol., l.on ( Japan. Indo-Chine, Ceylon, Ac: par ,\!. Jancigny, aid de camp du Koid'Oude, 1 vol., Paris. Montgomery Martin's Statistics of the British Empire. I vol.. London. Harlan's India and Afghanistan. Cals>il;by Lieut Col. Hums and other works on thewaino (f8 r K \ N C. K I A i I .< t K . ^ < LOT 111 NG OF FINK QI A LITIES. 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A few worde of the Kational Treatinei.t. without M ediciue. of Spermatorrhea ur Looal - rafmtm Weaknees, Nocturnal Emissions, Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pre mature Deaay of t|i? System, lmpo yKcJkiv B.UELASF.V. M. B. Tie nnp<irtant fact that the many alarming ooni pliunts. originating m the imprudence and solitude of youth, iu vv ??? easily removed without Medicine, is in this small tract, clearly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and Inghlv suooesslui treatment, as adopted by the author, ful y explained, hv means ..1 which everyone ia enabled tooure Himsell perfectly and at the feast possible cost, thereby aveiding a.I the adverti?ed rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by ey?*' 1"lea dAwtf 17 Lispenard street. New York. j^HIRTS MARE TOjORDKR. Gentlem?n visiting the city can liave SHIRTS MADE TO FIT and suit them hytho new system of measurement. 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Biack Bombazines and 6 4 Delaines t'olorsaid black Coliur^ Merinos Black Crape Veils and Fngiish Crapes Pest black and brown and white English Print# Long and square Black Thibet and Bay State Shawls Ladicv and Children's plaid woolen Shawl*, mail styles and prices Hosiery of every description ladies Saxony and Merino Vests With a full supply of housekeeping and domestic Goods, of the l>est makers, oc9 JOHN H. SfifOOT. NO T 1 C E .? HavuiK been informed that cer tain persons are in the habit <>f collecting and gathering together the Bottles which oon^aiaor have contained our leverages, and putting the rem an arti ole made by others than ourselves, and Then dispos ing of such article on the faith and oreditofour name stamped on said Bottles, ail persons are hereliy notified that such Bottles are our nwn property. and not biiliject to rale.xnil that they nre delivered toour customers onlv to la: returned, aud tiiat it is our hrrn intention to prosecute to the uteiost extent i>f the law, any lnfruigmeut of our rigirfs on the premises. ARNY A SHISn, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, sell Georgetown. I>. C. Dentistry, ?c. nR. V1LLARD, DENTIiST, LATE OF CHI caoo, would respectfully inform the cit zens of ttie District aud vioituty, that :inT iuk looated himself in Waanmgtou, he is ' ' rP now prepared to perform al operations in hia profes aion, in the most approved sty.e. Office, No. 250, Penii. avenue, adjoining Gautier's jan aa It *J*HK IMPROVED SETS OF TEETh7~ M. LOOM IS, M. D , the inventor and patentee 'Loomi*' Mineral Plat? 7'ttk," having^-aae successfully introduced h.s improvement ttij various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth oonsists ctuef It in making a set of but one pieoe of material, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used in thi'ir oonstruetion, and thej are therefore free frtan galvanic action and metalio taste. There are no Joints to l>eoomo filled with moisture or particles of food, hence they are pur* ami titan. They luhter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, hi id natural in their appearance. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine in purity, beaet y, durability,artiatio exceCenoe or any other requisite quality. Ail work responsibly warranted. 276 Perma. aveuue, between 11th and 12th street* ap 13-1* I \ENTISTR Y . I# DR. STEPHEN BAILY, OVfICK No. 198 PfcNSsyLVANlA A V EftVB, Thru doors frvm 14tk Str**t. Dr. BAlLYbers leave lo inform the public that Iff can l?i seen at all hours, at hiRotfiue, locatwl asaixtv 6 . He leels assured that an experienceo| tilteen vear^ ' practice, with the large number of patients.nuagrMM variety of difficult cases that he has treated sucoe?s> full), wiil enable him to surmount anv d.tfcoulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teetli. Hil own experience confirming the opinion of many inei eminent in the profusion, and especially Drs. Harm M.d J. aud E. Parmly, has led him, loisv since, to the oird all mercurial preprrarioni f>r fillm* Teeth.alsC a l Knanieis, Gutta Percha, India Riihtier, and Ce inotits f..r the construction td Conlimious Guiv Teeth, and tiiat Porcehan, mouuted on Gold f'iata . is it" only reliable substance thai cai. be worn in tits mouth, vtui most oericiubivel) utiown t>y the lt9?i Amerio?n Dental Convention. A Ithoueh he flatters himself from hia lung resi dent e and practioft iii*washinKUm, he is favorably known to Ins num?rouii friends aud patroius, he t>e(< leave to refer them to ttie iolhtwib* TESTIMONIALS? Fiom the late Rector of the Churuh of Epiphany of this CltT Dr. St*?he!I Bau y: Dear Sir?I detiretoexprea* my esteem for you personal't, and my oonhdenoe ir> you as a superior duntut. The opemtions executsu tor nie have been highly satisfactory. I hone that yt>U iii&) reoeive t ha patrormge from my friends and the tublio that your skill so well deserve*. Yours very truly. Washington, Auj. 2*i, I8dt. J. W. FRENCH. Frcmoneof the oldest Lrms in Baltimore, Measra. B>k<s, Cot man Co. Having t--inploye?l Dr. Stephen Ra.iy, Surreon Den tist, ot W aahiegton city, to exeoute for mo an im portant and difficult pieoe oi work, which be did to my entire satiafaction, and in view of the J?ot that one ot the most distinguished mi ml eTs oi the Dental College of Baltimore, tailed, after repeated trials, to perform the sail.a work satisfactorily, it gives me great pleasure to express m> entire confidence anj high estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12, l'i57. HA RMANN BOUGS. Extract fioinaaotereooived from the late Hod, Jobs M. Clayton. U. S. Sknatk, Aur. 19,18SS. The teeth roa made for me work admirably ; noUi uu oouid be better. Very iralefu'lj, JOHN M.CLAYTON. To those that eoek relief from the maladies of the teeth, 1 can cheerfully raoommend Dr. S. Baily as a acpenor Deutiat; he nuule u set of poroelmn toeth for one of my ft mil t, and plngged several teeth for myseif, and tha work has all stood well for mure than ten yeara. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Churoii South. April 19. l?S?. ? We, the i nderaiRned, having had ocoasion to avail ouraelveii of the professional sk'll of Dr. S. Btuiy, Surgeon Denti3t of this city, or having been cognis ant of h:a operations on our fa.-niliea of friends, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of hie artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in winch he performs the most delicate and difficult operations in Denial Surgery,and we respeotflilS re oonimeud him to the conf.dciiv'.e and patronage of the public, of whiah wc consider him eminently worthy. Thomas I '. W.m.tkr, Architect lT. S. Capitol. Thomas Miller..VI. D.,o! Washington. D.C, B. S. Bohrrr, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Washington, D. C. ios. H. Bradi by, of Washington, D. C. koruk Walton, Ex-Governor of Florida? Walter Lenox, Ex-Mayor of W'a&hingtoo, Henry Baldwin, lT. S. Patent Office, O. C. WhiHT, Prinoipal RitttiJiouse Academy. feb 20 tf PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Paintino and Photography Combined. PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniatcrz or Size or Lin. S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND PICTU RE G ALL K RY, Odeon Hall,oorner 4>? at.and Penuayivaniaavenue. S.WALKER has fitted up the above apaoioua apartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering Ins establishment one of the most ooin plete iiimi handsome in the whole country. He has a large (jallery for/ree t-rhtbition of upward of 2no hne Oil Paintings, by some of the best ancient and m?xlt?rti, to winch lis intend* to add fr^sh importations. S. Walker has also fitted up a onm plete suit of rooms, with private robing ?part incuts for ladies, and purchased the finest possible liistru merits, and engaged a first class operative artist to assist hnn in the department for t tking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC, AMBROTYPE AND DA GIIERREC)TYPE PORTRAITS, from the smallest miniature to stxe of lift. S. W alkkh, by combining the Photographio Pro oess with the art of Painting, of which ne has had 2S years' experience and whose specimens of life size portraits mav l>e se?-u in some of the first fami> lies of the oity, as well aa those exhibited in hia Gallery, he will l*? able, by the combination of the two, to prinluoe portraits that have never been ex celled for their fidelity and life like expreeaion. Can vas and boarda prepared by himaelf expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or life-aize, from ainall picturea of dect astil fritnds. Photographa taken from oorpsei, or aick persona takan at thuir own residenoea, on immediate notioe. Committees and classes taken in any number m groups, and any quantity of oopies front tlie sume sold at reasonable oharges. Likenesses paiuturi on Copj^r for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintinga, and Old Family Portraits, atreftilly >>ack liued and reatoreil to tbeir original frrxv and fSntlamen are respectfully solioited to cell at ths Gallery, over Shilling ton's t>ouk atore? ant ranos 4H strest, two doors from Psnnay ivaLia avsnus, illl-tan Vocal and Initrumental Mmic. i W ? B F V ELEBR ATED COTll.LON BAM) take pleasure in announcing to th? public that the* are prepared to furnish first class PaRTIKS and BALLS with Ml'SIC for the conur season. The latest and most fashionable Qiiadrii.ea. Waltzes. Pol Into, Sehottish?*s. Gallops. Mazurka*, and Ked? wos have lieesi rehearsed. ami ai*>? the original Lancer's Ijuadrilles, which are performed by this Band only, with great suooess. Orders left at the muaic store ul Mr. Metz^rott, or Mr. Gautier's Confectionery, alao at L. Weber's residence, \o. 56m Seventh street, between G and I, < Navv Yard,* will meet with prompt attention. d I tw 1.??UIS WKBEK. I.cader. MR.W. HKNRV PALMKR'S pianoforte C LASSKS are dai ly add inn n??w metnl<ers Per aons desirous of availuic themselves of Mr. I'alji rr's servioea are requested to enroll their names at early as possible. Tin* Class system ia more advantageous for the advancement of Children, than any oth*r system of instruction. It is equally advantageous for the perfecting of the most brilliant performers. Tfkms is Apvajic*. Primary Class $*> per qnarter. Advance Classes }io. All applications to l>e made to Mr. IV. H. PAL.MKK.8t Ins residence. 2&t F street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. j[Jf~ Georgetown Classes meet every Monday and Thursday at 1? o'clock, at Miss Harrover's G?orge town"Vein*le Seminar*. se 24 tf M UMOA LC A R D. K. G FOR UK M. ARTH, leader of Arth's IIr.Iks and String Band, l>eg* leave to announoe to Ms friends of Washington, G?ur((tuwn.{ and Alexandria, that lie is now prepared to, __ furnish MUSIC for Balls. Private Parties. Paaftdes, Soirees. Ac. From one to any number of Musicians to i>e had at the ?horte*t notice. Orders can be left at the Musical D?yotsof John F. Kills or \V . (i. Metaerott. or at hw residence. oornerGth and ft streets. Navy Yard. oc2U-3m* Dancing. i> A N C I M G A C A D K M Y ft have A Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER have the honor to announce to the Indies and Gen tlemen of Wastnngton and Georgetown that he will ro open his Classes for Dancing in< Washington on Friday, the 9th of October. at| Temperance Hall, K street, for Missesaud Masters, from 3 o'clock p. m.; f?>r Ladies and Gentlemen, fromTo'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sem inary, from 3 o'clock p. m. For terms and particulars application can be made at Mr. G.'s residence, 4"7 K street, between 9th and mk streets. se 12 6m SEVENTH STREET ^ J TObTas, OPTICIAN, Office Second Story, three doors Iroiu Odd Fkllows* Hall. ^.Spectacles and Glasses suited to every sight; Opera. Reading, and Watchmaker Glasses; Telescopes. Mlorobc"l>e,i ^ great variety; Cosmotamic Stereoscopes with views of superior and choice pictures on hand. See adver tisement 10 National Intelligencer. Testimonial*. Norfolk, September7 1 854. StK: The Spectacles you made for me suit me very weli, and seem to have improved my sight "" ?'k" 1 iTrW TAZfcW KLL. I have tried a pair of Spectables obtained from Mr. Tobias, and hnd them of great assistance to my eight, and corresponding with his description of their focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful optician. _ Hr.NRy A. ? ISe.. Pktersbujs. October 21,1854. About five years ago, 1 obtained from Mr. Tobiaa, In Washington, a pair of Glasses for the spectacles which I used, and found them of great assistance to my decaying vision : and my opinion of hun is.that he is skillful in the preparation of Glasses lor eyes not too far gone to be t>enehtted by such ,, J ? ? M AY. LrxrttBrRG. November 7,1854. From an examination of Mr. Tobins' (Lasses, and from his observations and remarks, am convinced th.t " ,""Ufa"1,.TBL*CKI- OKD. M. D. Lv.NCHBt'HU, November 10. IW4. Mr. John Tot iv-. having furnished me with Ulan se?, by which I have been greatly aided, 1 my visi?>f) having suffered greKtly tr?'in reading at eight in my enrlier life,i 1! "if!or??e me tbs1 highest plenaure lo say tnat J consider turn a skillful practical optician, ami well prepared to air, lho*e professional servioes. \\ .M. p- K' H At r., Kldei ol the >. etnodist Conference. W11 MiNoToN, N - C., June 27, 1H54. Mr. J. Tobias? Ixar Sit : 1 ?yi happy to say tuat the Spectacles which 1 obtained fr?7Wi you last wef* are entirely satisfactory. From ??: mutuality in the visual mitteol my eyes. I have tieceto|/?re found * difficult} in getting glasses of the pr.jc.0r local dis tance*. It awards me pleasure to state, I MM by tne am o| y>.ur optometer it,is dilii<*k lv lias l<e^!|?appi y <>hvia!f?l, so that the Gla^yen y<?u 'urmshc? are decidedly the bi-st adapted t?> iii> e? of any J ever vet used. Very resprctluily y'>urs, P. K. DR ANK. Reciorof St. Jwnes' Parish. Having been induced by a f 1 ie:id t>< nsit theestab lialuiicnt wl Mr. Tolaas ;m tin- i ? rj.os?- <d try ing his glas'ies I was lurmshed with * jsair *|i?.fitH colored i>;ue,.whice have rulorded me in<?re reri?*{ and gratifi cation than any I have ever tried. My tight, origui alU very go<Hl. was injured l > wriDii?L and reaJmg at nigtit. frequently to a very late hour: l-uf with the ant of these glas^ec I can study ;i!Ri<>4Hs late as ?.\er, and that t .o wiUiout thepaiii I have ^^vious ly suffered. .IOH\ VN II.SON, Late Com mi pioneer Uen'l Land Oltioe. Deo. U. 1 txV>, I have use?l Mr. T<>U*?'s Speot-ifles tor three or foui montlis, and tai?e gr^st pleasure 111 Haying that I am much Dleastftl with lii'tii. 1 Imv.* Jfen much hcnetited bv 1 hem. OF.O. P.SCAKHURGH. M;iy 5th, l8.Vj. t was recommended to Mr. J'?4;n Tobiasasa skilful optician ; and as I hav-'* ?-vrs 01 reisarkahle pei'tiiian ty, I was grritihed to tihd that Vlc.T'*t>ias seemed to Bomprehend them bj ,i.spectn>n some slight measurement, and hf? ha#" made ineui^nr of Specta cles that suits me adii.trul<K . A.I. i?LTLf. H? July U, 1?V>. Washingto*. A*u: ?. Having been lor year^ under th?* iiecessity hav 'wo sets of klasses?oik for use m d.i?lii.'hr. sn3 one lor lamp ligiit?I pri-eur?d one net Irom Air. Tiituui A'hicli answered lioth pui poses. I have use?l has lor ?oveia! mouths, and Imd them excellent. KDIVA* D SIT BBS, Of Department of State. Mr. J. ToB!/s. Sir: Tk c pair of Spectacles >ou "urnisheil me >e^terday are particularly satisfactory 0 mo. Tin > are very de<j<>edly the liest I possess, ind I am the owner of eight or nine p.isrs. carelu. > telected 111 liiffeient places and 'from >j^>t:eians iec 'iimteiided to me on aocoiint of their professional itaiiding 111 Franee, Knglaud. and the l ifted States. 1 have been aiso pleased witli y<-?r renuuks and di rections on the treatment of the eyes, fur the pur pose of preserving and unpurvinr the anctii Respectfully yours, 1 HS. CALInV KLL Professor of M. C.. J,oui?v i1j?, Ky. BROOALVN ORTUOVARD1? IXSTITtTi^K. Ai>ril, 1854. After most careful examination or .Mr. J. Tobtte'e Lasses, I am enHbled U? testify that their hardr.eju. rlenrness, polishing, and exact ?ipti wl shape reiidAi" hem particularly reo*?ii?u?i!dabie i'*? ih<?se u tn s? uerely upfi al impairne-nt of the ey erf are in *?^nt or iuoh auxiliaries. I ooOs'.der, moreover. Mr. loinss ullv qualilied to deieiaunc the foous >4 ihe eye,l?oth iv hi? optical knowledge and crper.rfjoe, and by i.eans of his optoirwter. In addition, * can further itate tliat Mr. Tobms has sapplied iom m my pa tents with Glassea. to their and mt safisfcction LEWIS bAl KK. 61. L) . Physician and Surgeon. Berlin: Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Kneland; MViiiuer of the Median! Society of London, and 1*1 the Patholoeioal S??c,ety of New York; late Sur geon ol the Royal Orthopaedic Institution ol Manchester, fciiglnnd, and Surgeon of the &. O. InatitnUon. Norfolk, V a., J uly 27,1RS4. In the experience of even two years, I have found treat difficulty 111 obtainingSpeotacles that were ex lOtiy adapted to the weakness of my sight, f 'his in convenience Mr. Tobias secins to have removed fur he present by the substitution for me of better ?nd noresuitable Glasses. They are clear, chry staJ-like md oomfortable to my eyes 1 would commend |um o those who from ago or other ljufari.-iJtv re*iuirei ar ifioial aid in this way. J.J. SIM KINS, M. D. Wilhingto*, N. C., June 16, !RM. To persona who have had the sight of their ey es so inpaired as to require the use of Glasses, 1 would ecommend Mr. John Tobias as a suitable person rom whom to obtaui such (Lasses as they may re iutre a.~ he has suited m-? wt'.h a pair >f Spt ctncles or a far and near sight. M v sight ha- t?e. n impaired re ry much by a service of years 111 the Post Office r>epartment, which berth required me to be on dut? Vom 11 o'clock at night till after day, during ynieta ;ime 1 used but one light. W. A. VVAl.KtK. Dkfartme\t of Interior. May 8, !'&'>? From natural dafects and the unequal ranee ol my syes, I have been oompeiled to use g asses lor ?al years. I have tried ditrerert opticians without ibtaming glasses perfeotly htted to my nonths since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially Tor me, which I have found to serve me By the use of his optometer he is enabled to adapt fesaxsc'i&a.'s a%Jsa?5?t. H I'.NR v' K .'n A I'. I) W * \, " ae A"'1 s<>c'* l" "IC? Lnnd Warrant a. i-^R iTnK KCIRKSTKR'St HerlierO HORSE and Horsemaashipof the United Srates, and Brit ish Provinces of North America. 2 vol.. 8vo., tllua irsnsl with wood-cuts and it?el engraved original Portraits of Celet rated Honji. !^iiTjs">??? in dollars. FRANCK I A 1 LOR. u <2, Agent for aslungton \\J OOLKN GOODS. Toy a. Hobby Horses, ** Canea.fto.,&o.,at ,.,, . n 27 Mclaughlin s. 1ADIKS' TUCK, and all serla of COMBS, a jk G'BBS* Hair Store, near ISth at., and at hia Sales Room, under Willnrda' hotel, ?9 "to THE WEEKLY STAR. Thla Faauly lad Nrwa MrMl-wa< mrin l imiir nrntf of uumMai raadiug mm mm bo foaad lata? o(kv~u f?U?M on Batnrda* NT OMIt. OfTHf WUIIT StAl W ? nhviiL It idw?Mt mutni tk? " tu/kk|l*? iV??rt" that hM KAut THM EvVftlM ?Ti I StrcV late so Uinmihott the eosntrr. 1ZT"Hingis oopiee (la aaa be pwwi *t ths nounter. mined ately aOer tM imm o UM paper. Price?THREE CENT*. ILT Pottmuwn who Mm agents will beallowed a commission of*) Mat. Watche^Jewelry, 6e. ATCHES, JKW)juv AND FANCY AM 1 have on hand #01110 of the 'b*?.t Oofd and Pi ver WATCHER, tin# Ooid JK*KLkTT !f.,,..Snd. p"0*"- fancy arVi JHk CLES. Ac CaH and examine, at J. ROBINSON**. IX* "r-5tn S4S? Pa. IT.. oppoBrvwW H*t?. VKW JRWELIV. WATCHBH. SILVER iV WARE. A o. ?M W.GALTA RRO., ok? llui mnrinm I rtry large * sortment ol the above earned goods. Persons in search of any tlung uw aad elegant .a their lib# will do well to call. M. W. GALT A BKU , n 30 ?4 Pa. av.. between 9th and 10th su. A CARD. E take thi* methna of informing oar patrons yie or 1 w I and the pahnc in general, tbe'. ui oon*e*aenoe of The cutis, we have determined to sell al: oar ftocds at a treat redaction. Wo have marked dowa all oar goods?eaoh artiole being marked in v m# figures at our lowest cash pnees-in order to efect a speedy aaie, and make it an object for person* who are in tne habit of purchasing lor c>?R.te oa!i and examine our goons and prices bef.we eUewhere Our large assortment an saaes Pine l>.ndon nwl Geneva W atchea. for Ladies and Gent emen: warranted time keepers. Rich Jfwelrv, auch aa Diamond#, Pearls, Corals. Cameos. .Mosaics. etc., etc. Pure Silverware. Spoons. Knivea, Forks, Pi toners. Goblets. Cup*. And n Inrge assortment of Fancy Silverware. suita ble tor wedding and holiday presents. lint S'vw plated Ware. Spoore, Forka, Coffee ard Tea Seta, Baskets and Caatora, eta., etc.. cheaper than ever <>flered Iwfore in this market. Hotel nn4 housekeepers who wish to refurnish their Talile KK tu>> are invited to look a' the (roods. A.1 the goods are ara'ranted aa represented. H. SEMKldN. No. 380 Pa.are., bet. 9th aad 10th ata. n y-dt Dec9S Baltimore,. Washington, and vir ginia Bank Notes taken at ear for ail kinds of rich and fashionable GOLD JEWELRY, ins GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, GOLD CHAINS. SEALS. KEYS. LOCKETS, aad all other choice good*, for a few days. I have jul< reoeived a hne assortment of new Goods, which I am prepared to aall at tory low prices. P!r-aae oall at 338 Perm, avenue, aim of tba largo Spread Eagle. ae3n-tf H.O.HOOD. CLoCKsT^foT^Stl-CLOCKSli: CLOCKS!-CLOCKS!!?CI A good BASS CLOCK for #1. E**ery atyle of Clocks at J. R OH IN SON'S. Also, Clock Materials, such at Keya, Balls, Wire*. Oils. Hands. Ae. C ocks to the trade at wholesale pnooa. Ce. and examine, at J. ROBINSON'S, oc J) 2ni 649 Pa. av., oppo. Browns' Hotel. Orncs of Abmt Clothing akd fcQriraGB.f Philadelphia. Deoember ?, I8F7. V HEALED PROPOSALS are invited, and will be received a? this office, nntil 1? o'clock a.m. of the tth <*av of Jatiuar> neat. fr?r furnishing b* crm tiitct the following Army Bupphea and Matariaia, deliverable at the I'Mted States Clothingatd *-^ui page Depot. (Schuylkill AraetAl.) is ^uac'ities aa rc(|Uir?d. vn: fc.tOOyard* 6-4 dark blue (indigo w**?l dyedioloth for capa and landa, weigiunf about U cur oea per yard. ... . 63 000 \arda 6-4 da'k blue( indigo wool d*ad) twf.led cioth. weighing 21 ouboes per yard. ljn^ioo yards 6 4 sky blue (indigo wool dyed' twilled cloth, weighing *2 ounces per yard. 10,000 yarde ^ dark b ue (trdifO cV*d, cotton and wool flannel, weighing fcH ounces j,or yard. 210/00 yards 7^ white flannel (aotton aad woolt weigh 6J* ounoea per jard. 10.000 yarda 6-4 dark blue flannel, wooi (tadlc</ dved I lo/ioo yarda 47 inch aJpaoa (black i !<?,>?*) yards \ canton flannel, to weifh 7 ounces pM yard. 17.SU 0 yards \ untneached drilliuc, to weutfe 6S ounces per yard. 25,<m jarfs \ unbleached drilling, to wei?h 7S ounce* per yard, 0T?nflOyard? 30 inch(oottondook,to wetfh22Hoanrea per yard. 15,imi tarda ?? inch cotton duck, to weigh li?? ounces per yard. k5,K?) yarda inch ootton duck, to wotah 14H ounce* pt-r vard. yards inoli ootton duck. to wa(| h 10 ouncea per yard. 3,ui' yards ?2 inch cotton duok, to wei? h 11 ouncea per yard. 3 Smo yaida 22 inch oottondork, to weigh 9 ouncea per yard. le.OUO yar^a 24 ineh ootton duck, to wei*h li^ ounces per yard. CS^Oii yards 3ii inch cotton duck,to weigh ouncea per yard. l?,Otnaiinr Btanketa. wool, gray, (wrtk the letters I' blaok. 4 inchea in lengte, in tb? centrc ?to f-e 7 feet long, and 5 feet ? inoLea wide, each Market to Weir h 6 ponads ;.*?jdozen pant half atookwrc. 3 sizaa. prop# 1* inade. of g?^nl wound fleece wool. an?j with double and twiated yarn, to weigh IpounJs per dozen. *fl 2i?i pompona for enrineera. i.rdnance med.calI de partment. dragoons, riflea, aruliery. end ,i. faa'rr. ea^t vKHii?a. u'.??? ? ards ijized ailk. lor oovora. I4<i N. C. S7s"*ies, paira. r*m sergeaiit's do du do norporai's atid private* uaa?, pairs. 5 N. C. S. bronaed <w d" fa* aergeant a do do d . >si o?.rpor^i'aand privates' fr<ini8d do do 76,i<nri yards \ in worsted lace,/ yellow, acar.ei. airy &jm do. >? in do. do. ( blue, orange.gresa fi 7#a? do. red tiuntmg. f.^aii do. white do. 2 ??' ;io. blue Jo. 2/^'sr M* coat battona. cL.. yoet do. S.Si'ii do. rua^fjicei Luttonf, white meta i. OO. abut do. do. 45.iKsi it-lit buttoxia. Wid, amaJ. 12,i*s? tent fciipa, do do. S.ftOtent Imttoae. ?4o. .arge. l.u?> tent alias, do. do Km hospital tent polea.aets ??tarall d<.. d<>. &?) ?xmimon do. do. ? 4 <*?? gah*arifed iron wire i^-da, for teota. ]ll.(ira do. do. bt&plra, do. 3,i <?' me?,s para. iron. I imi camp kettlea. iron, three s.zea. li.'ii" tin canteens.(3 pinta, weight Us uar.cesj with atopp?-re. l.trti pick r.xes, two stzea. i.,0Krt do. handlea. 1/MAeamp hatchets. 411 trumpet cords and inaaela, orange. a?i trumpet cordh and taaaela, yelU-w. an Ho. do., green. 4" 4ri*t?.a Artillery, ?ottiplete. ?n do. , Inlantry, do. 1,1 OA do. heaca, tauter, 7(?i do. do., auare, soo do. ar>nrea, aets. 2>?i do. aticka, pair?. 2?i d<>. do., oamagea. All the above-mentioned artiolea must coafona u all re to the sealed standard partem, in thla wln-rr they c?n be examined ; ard aample pat terae will be sent by mail, with any additf.'bal iuf<-r mat.on in regard to them, which may be requeetej iiiaiiiifa^uirers or others wishing to oU?*r proa<> it is desirable that ail the artielaa t<? of inanufacture. iiw eriea t?> ooinine' ce on the 15th day of Eeb rimrv ne*t. and one-fia'f of the uuantit* o'ntraote.l i'.r tl? delivered 111 euual monthly pioportioua. by or before Me 3 :h April. ; the remainder within four iM.iitas from that date, in monthly or greater proportions, us (be contractor n.ay find it ooiive nient. ... , ? The pnviiece .? ra?eived by the LmtaJ States of increasing from ??? third to one-balf the quantity of all th* supplies atioaa ivisntioned. by giving the contractor one mouth's uotina of auoh dealred in areaae* * Payments will be made on each delivery, shouid Congress hav e made an appropriation t?> meet t(ien>, or as soon thereafter as an appropriation sna.i l? made for that purpose. Ten p?-r oei;t. of the am. um ."{ twoli deliver* will fie retained, until the oontrset fihalt be o^ipleted. which will f?e forfaited to the I'mtcd Statca in case of defalcation on the part of the contractor Ui fulfi'btig the contract. Bids will Ite rc?*n? <*f from manufacturers or regu !ar dexler^.only, in *b? artidas pr?.pj?aed to be fW ritahed * ard none will t?e rumsulered in whioii the manufacturer's mill or deaiors p.aoe of business is not specifically aet forth. CNnitiacts will be liased on aecrpted proposals. f< r the fulh'meat of watch two01 more sulhcient s?-cu rities will be required. The names, address, and the ree}x>neibtlity of trte p*i.4mis p.opored it securities, with the ackooa - ^(toneiit of naid persons that they will be such *e<?, ntjr,01 will s?-e that g?HKt and suflicient aecuntv L* fnrmafied 111 case a contract is obtained, wul t?* transmitted with the proposals. f( lit to tmt distiuctU understood l>y every p^ nbtaii.iiig a <a>i.tract, tha* *nid oontract is re.1 trails fen Me without the consent of proper authority, ai 1 that anv Mile, aeaignmeiit, ??r tiansfcr of it * ith >ur such <N?ni*^r.t h^vini l?ocu umlsf ? pr?K*?s of lata*.) will fie regarded aa an afendonment of t lie oontract. ii nd the contractor and his secnri'Ua will be held responsible for all logs or damage to the I'mted States which may arise from sai?i alaadom "'f'ropofals will f?e addressed to the undersigned, and will t? endorsed " IMoposa.s for furmsluug rainy supplies ami c WAYNE, d -^SawtJant H' A. Q. Mi. 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