Newspaper of Evening Star, December 15, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 15, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR 1^^ At tlM annual dm*r Andrew Society, in New York. Dr. Maokav, the baiad writer, raepooded to a complimentary toast inabrief ipMob which he flanked with the following song : THE MEN OF THE NORTH. Fieroaaa it* saninht, the East m*j he proud Ot its say ?*nd? iiuee. and us skie? without oioud ; M>ld as its t*eezea. tne beautiful West May amiie like the valleys that dimple its breast; The South inaj rejoicem the Vme and the Paim. la ita emve? where the midnight is sleepy with halm. F 1*4r though they be. There's an isle i?lhe sea. The home of the brave and the Iwt of the free ! Hetr it! ye land*! let our souls echo forth ! The ford* of the world are the men of the North. 4Jold though our souoo, and dull though our skiea. There's a mignt in oar arms and a h e in our eyes; Dauntlees and ?* tient? to dare and to do? Onr watoBword is "Duty,"our maxim ia"Throuih." W.nte* mmI storm only uerve ua the more. And chill woi the u?vrt if they <ueep through the door: Strong shall we be. In our nte of the sea. The Home of the bra\ e m.U tin boast of tbe free? (i rm as ihe rood, wtieu the storm fleshes forth, V'e bland m our courage, toe men of the North. Snabcnms that ripen the oiiveand vine, Jit tne face of the slave and the o>*ird may shine; Rosea inay b.<>?aoiu ?u.-re f reedom decays, A nd wiue be a growth of the *un*s brightest rays. Scant though the harvest we reap from the ?o?l. Vet Virtue ard HfWth are the children of Toil. Proud let us be Of our isle of the sea. The home ot the tirave and tie I mast of the free. Men with true heart* let our taine echo lortn ; Oh, theee are the fruit* that we grow in the North. IpT Charles Stetson. of the Ohio Life A Trust Company says, on examination, the affairs have been so tangled np and mismanaged by their agency at N?*w York that mo satisfactory report ean yet be made of Ha condition. U7~ O'rtn C. Whitney, of Clyde, who ben fol lowed the business of canal boating fur several vears. has recently be*-n detected in the use of forced clea ranees." by which he has eluded the payment of tolls. 117* A few daya, say* the Burlington Free w.ll show <iiuou4 us a si^lit not often seen in Vermont?a rompanv of nine bu-glars, all of one town, three of them brother*, half of them bov? in age, though men in crime, taking tbeir #5y ia irons, a sullen crew, to the State Pfiaon. Mississippi Stati Trkasubt Scsp?!f??? ? Ttie Vtcksborg Whig nmkes me loiiowm- ex tract from a letter from Jackson, -'8th nit; '? I ??\? a warrant ?>u our State Treasury to-day, endorsed, - No money in the Treasury;"Nov. 25, lf*5?.' So we go; banks Ural - States ifter " i?^4'Gougeon Banking," isthe title of a work, a new edition of which baa just issued from the presa. A contemporary aptly remarks that "Banks on Gwtiging" would be an appropriate title for a work setting forth the operations of the present system.'' E7~ Tbe new railroad bridge at Skowhegan, Me., is completed, and the cars crossed for the flfst tii(v??n Thursday evening amid the boom ing of cannon and the hurrahs of the people, which were answered from the cars by a brilliant discharge of fireworks. C7~ A pair of boots marked - J" having been found in a b'linpbark whale taken off Nahant a few davs since, it is guessed by some wag that they belonged to Jonah. Preposterous! A little Biblical learaing should be beaten into such wa^s with a good stout piece of whalebone. The Missouri Legislature recently thus disposed of a somewhat delicate case: A young woman having borne to a young man a son and neir. w bich he, not refusing to father, ?till refusing lo legitimize for honorable mar riage. she prayed to change her name, which was dona, she and the child assuming tue appellation of the daddy. ' ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL ?H Wr Jackson. RI; O S Willard, do, A J Smith and family, USA ; J M Williamson and daughter, Tenn; E B Ilewcomb Ky; Dr T W Taylor, do; J L Heys and family. Miss E L Hays, do; Miss J D Hays, do; N Voorheesaad lady ; J IIJ Caughey, Md ; P II Dorsey, Md: JohnSeddon, Va; T N Mullets. P?; S Ritchey, Mo; B Ritchey. do; T !*now add la dy, NY; Miss J T Snow, do; J T Magruder, TJ SA: M C Taliaferro, Md; J Kcttlewell, do ; J D Oakford, NY, A B Frewood. Eng ; D R Black lock, Va; R H Wilkinson, Pa, T Hunter. DC; li Taliaferro, do; G H Carpenter, Md ; R N Peter son, NY, J F Chattellier, do; J V Barker. Mass; W H Taylor, Va; P A Beargs. >ld; T D Parker, Va; Col Bucbelg, NY ; S E r-mitb. Pa; J 0 d Fitxpatrick, Md; Simon Johnston, Pa ; E Pitts. Va, G VV Ha-rJa, T"tin; C Moore, do; W Pier son. Mdj T Gill, NY; W Spenoe and son, Teun; C T Murphy, Pa. WILLARD'S HOTEL.?A D Ru?-el, NY: J J Greenou-h. do; J D Alden. Ct; T O Lowe. O; Rolando, H P Brook*, H J Rogers.Md, J H Pai sons, NY; F Troijette. do. Lieut J W Robinson, USA; M ss r*ue Wale*, M .ss. J B <?rayson, Va; O.He?tec. D J and B Marennev, H Wi/gin, NY; Lieut W estrott and lady, LSN; 11 S Sanford. Ct; G W Burton aud family, Chili; Miss II Burton, Pa, J Ward, Mrs Crawford, NY; Maj H Leonard and faiuilv, L'SA; J Nelson. Md; l>r J M Green, VSN; A Green, NJ; John tUi e, Pa; C P Joh nmin, l>ei; E M Alfneiid. Va; J C Camphell, Ltab; . CoM, Ct; C R P R?dgers. NJ; G Rimar, Pa; J 3 HidgO'. do; W KuUtuff, N W heatuo, do. KIRK WOOD H<?L?*E ?H JJav and lady. Pa G X Miller, d<>: W H Travers and s'#ter, ,\ld; J Van Volnem, Belgium, H G Slay tucker, low ; J L Lyons, Md, Hon B Craige, NC; G E IL?yt. NY; C Clagettj Md; T Clagett, d<>; J it Limp kin. Pa; J 8 NY; Ans.ev, do; J J Thomp son. Va; J Robertson, NY; G W Alexander, do; G Williamson. Va, C L McCaull, Va U. H HOTEL, (L. O ?*ith s )?Col D H Waddle. S T Uilla d, T Potts. G P. Bla klo^k. R W Ha. j?er. H?h P Powell, D KHzh iuh. Va; R Colton, Md; G M Lo d, doj Col L w enc-,do; Hon Jas Landy, Pa; W A Shreve, NJ; J N Voor bees and lady. Mo, Capt E Carrington, DC; G B Emerson. Miss; J Coo|>er, Pa; R S own. Va. OLE AX STEAMERS SAILING DA YS Fboh THI t HITBD STATSS. ifttamiTi. l.ft'4. For. Da^ft. Fulton New York...Havre.......Dec 1*2 N'-w York New Vor*. ,.Gia? l>e?: 14 America Boston Liverpool... Dec 10 Edinburg N'? w York.. Glasgow.... Dec au Kbo* EttoPt. Furopa Livei pool...New York...Nov? North Star So'amp too.. New York. ..Dec 2 Canada Liverpool... Boston Dec 5 Persia Liverpool....\ew York...Dec 12 Arago ,.^outLam'B..N*w York.. .Dec 15 City BolUiiu .. . Liverpool...New York...Dec 16 The California mall ?u*ainers leave New Vork ?>*? the S?h"sn<f ?wli of ??rh CSANDI.ES. OH.. Ac. / 7i hoaes Ai'a'oantiiie CANDLES, l.iso ksi oris W sni-? e.nd >perm OIL, Ss? baskets MUD Ol! li* b> xea Brown and I etlov SOAP, ? do. CAsTr.f. ?OAP 25 Bo. FANCY SOAP, ? au do. PKARL STARCH, j,i?r pout.ds SAL. SODA, J ust received, and tor sale bv ii P-ste? I M IK KAY A ?EM.MKS. I ,000 A 4 EAK " *.,W * YEA* ?! : J iJ>sA^tAR, Profitable and Houoiabie Em ) ./<*> A \ EAR. p.oyinsot forai! I'-rwia i il.'OO A \EaR. in town or country, in search of i il^tO A YEAR, employmeut as a source of iu ? l>Qn A V EA R. ct:me, or to fill up their laisure < ,0?n A YEAR, hours, ina/ hear of such hv ?n I l,iOf A YEAR, eiosiug two stamps, to p.y post I l.OWi A YKAs. ace. to Professor JAMES T. I inouA YEAR. HORNF.. B< * No. iMl. New I IjWOAYEaR. York Post Office. Theeir.pb^ I I,?*; A VKaR. ment is tilted to either sea; sta I l A YEAR, tioa in nfo immalerutl. It is an J !,?**> A YEA R. article of daily o ?nsumption,and I-J**) A YEAR, an manufactured in the i^IO A YEAK. agent's; secure by co 1 I.UO0A YEAR, pyri^ht; s.i!e as permanent as J l,??A VEAK. flour. An asent is wanted is ev ill.OOOA YEAR, ery town in the Union. ni4-)m J^HIK r? MARE TO OUdFrT" Gentleman visiting the oity can have SHIRTS M A DE TO FIT ant suit them by the i^w system of measurement. Material, fit, and sty le warranted, or no sale, at the Geauemeii's Bazaar, corner ofi>th street wd Peun. av. HOPKINS, d 5-eod/w Winter clothing of all quali V TIES. Citizens and Stn?r*srs wishin* to snpplr them selves wit* 'iecmt stji'ea of READY-MADE Ci 07Hi.NG.BMii* is superior manner, at mo<ie rate prices, are invited t<? examine our superior assortment. A.SO. an extensive variety of Gei.t.emea's Fur* ?istnnc Goods, Shaw ?. Stn. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. nrr lint I fcg Pa. av.. Ut. 'Mil and loth sts. RYE AND BARLEY MALT. for sale at the CITY MALT HOl'SE. corner of West Kalis $v ^ snu* aad RWk at.. Ra fm>ore. M<l. S '? 1 J. MaLaLGHLIN, No. * Pa. avtmu tK a I ? tween Sth aoO iltt streets, is ope. ing ta s w?*ek new (><x<ds, telacied ia?t week in iSew York, d II A NOTHER iinmejiM lot of PAPLK DOLLS. A also PAPER FTKNtTI MP., n?rts t ftnd 7. ? ust reoeivetl a* TAYl.OR A MaI RY'S Book store. Pennsylvania avenue, neer 5>th st. d il-at myOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! 1/ B. MITCHELL has now on band a rood as sortment of Oak a*id Pine Wood, and win soil on reasonable terms. Call and look at my stock, as I Would he pleased to aocommndate ail persons who fcei dispoe-d to patroniie me. Yard on llth street, between Pa. avenue and E s?reel, No ?<**. 4 lldy?v 'PHR PRESEN T C'RIS|?. or the Crisis.or the J C?n?ney,b> Bank Crash. I a<i : IScfa. 4 4 _ !?' X A 3> Cli TaVU)B. VM?1.1 >?*, FLUTKS, At'COR DEONS, if 1:SJC *e.. at Kl.LIB'S. ??>. between Vtu and l?th 0' r*?*af ? 1 Ji) I i'his's* kx r? Acrr^.aii ?um. i uihuhv I j Ha.r S'ore, near I ith St.. and at hie Sales Kooia ?i*.der Wizards'notei r 9-3in Gold ? _ an d silver PURCHASED AT THE best MATES. FOREIGN bills oj exchange sold, ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN bu rope, IN SUMS TO suit. gold CVRRKNCY. AND viroinfa MO NEY ACCOUNTS, WILL BE OPENED for depositors, payable in same FUNDS, or IN gold, CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.?c heces must BE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON~ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE union, sold IN SUMS TO scit. BONDS AND STOCES sold ON COM- j MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND sold. land warrantsturchased AT THE HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, RITTeInIHOUSE, FANT k CO., d 4 3m Bankers._ 'pEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa, paving 19 per cent, interest by Coupon in New York. Bonds of J|5i? each. The growing city ol Davenport has now about SU.WO inhabitants, and is rapidly increasing in weaitfi and population. Its municipal debt is only 8'59,<B0, and its railroad debt only #U5,0iw, and cannot now be increased. Ths statistics of the city were published in the Intelli gencer of the Suth September. We reoommend these bonds, believing them to be as safe as any SCHUBB BPOTHERS Ctmu tmjxm CHANDISE, Ac., at ibe usual Cit> rates, without any oharge for Policy, at their Omoe, corner ox Tenth Street end Pennsylvania Avenue,oyer the Washington City Savings Bank. DtRSCTORS. Wm. F. Bayly, Samuel B?wa, Joseph Bryan, James F. Hahday, Wm. Orme, Hudson TaylOTt Franois Mohan, M.W.Gatt, enj.Beall. me8 c McGUIRE, President. StAVTOH D. Hanson, Secretary. ap 11-ly Banking house of CHUBB BROTHERS. Drporits.? Deposits reoeived and Cheokspaid without oliarse. Drafts on the northern seaboard oities received on Deposit at par, and Exohipge on ?aid Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Interest os Deposits.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. Deposits i.i VtneiNtA AND IsrpiRiNT Monbt, Deposits in Virginia and other Unourrent Money re oeived to be checked #>r, payable in same funds, or in specie, we charging the regnlar hxcU&nge. Di'rornn.?Notes, Drafts,and HiiTsof Exahaare will bedisoounted.and Loans tnadeon Stocks, Bonds, and Securities, at the market rate. Lstters o? Credit.?Letters of Credit wUl be furnished, negotiable in the different Citiee of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is depositeJ, and charged if Collaterals, on suoh terms as may be agreed "Vravrlins B:lls or Exchan?*.?Trayelsrswill be furnished with drafts in snoh sums as may be de sired negotiable in thedillerent Cities^of the I nion. B'L L? A Tin L*TTEB*OrORRDtTONENeT.AND,lRR ukd aid Er*or*.-Billsof Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Enrope, furnished at the market rate for Exchang?s in sums to suit. Bonds, Stock*, 4o.-Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties pay ins from 6 to 12 pr. cent., always for sale, or taught in the different Cities at a commission of a* pr. cent. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call lor a deposit of 10 pr.oe*ton the cost. Bonds or Stooks will be ordered by tele trHAhiLkOAD, City, and Stat* Bonds.?Rairoad, City, an*? State Bonds can be placed in our han Is for negotiation, either iifthia country or Europe. K??l road Iron puronased for cash or with Bondg. Land Warrants.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warrants told by us are g? trmm tttd in every respect. Ijand Warrants located on oommission. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished if re quested. . . __ _ Warrants will be forwarded to Western Hon ?eson orders, or sent for sale on commission to reepo isible parties. _ , ? Real Estate and InscraNcrs.?Rea. Es ats bought and sold, and Ir.suranoes effeoted. Claim* o* United States, Court of Clat*?, gonoRE**.?Claims on the United States, before th? ourt of Claims or Congress,intrusted to na.willba ,rosecut*i l? ^JMrO^HERB. jan 71 Opposite the Treasury, A N KIN G HOUSE or CHUBB BROTHERS. _ , Depositors depositing Bank Notes will please mark their Check* payable in ourrenoy. Depositee of Gold will be paid in Gold. Aoconnts will lie opened with depositors allowing 'hem to deposit Gold and Check for currency, the depositor being credited wi*h the difference. tf CHUBB BROTHERS, | N I KKWT ALLOWED"ON DEPOSITEST MONEY to LOAN on STOCE SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS, an 77?tf Oppotit* tkt trtaturt. B fcj PERCHES OF BRITISH STATESMEN, ^ from Waterloo to the passing of tho Reform Bill, I vol., London. IRS7. 81.25 Spa*che? of British Statesmen, from the Reform Bin to the Russian War, I vol., London, 1357, Report on the Hudson's Bay Company ,1 vol.,Lon don, 1*57. .*2.75 Sir John Hericheli's Esuays, 1 vol., London, 1857, 45 *? Burrs's Ornamen'al Drawing and Architectural Design, with 2>v illustrations, 1 vol., Loudon, IW7, ? ' .35. Brrgen's Spherical Tables for Great Cirole Sail ing, I vol.. London 1897, 81 62. liaron Munchausen; a Tec umile reprint of the orir.nal edition, with engravings. 1 vol., London, 1857. 97cen's. Manna! of DriM? for Heavy Guns, I vol., (offioial,) Norwich, i-.nsland. 37 cents. B' urne's Cateci ism of the Steam Engine; en larged eoi'ion, London, :>57, 82 25. Fortification. Field,and Permanent; by Captain 1 en?ly, I vol.. I.oraon, i857 82.62. Hut?on'? Mathematical Tables; Budge's Praoti ca Miners' Gil de: Trubuer's Dictionary of Four ; an*nine*; Herts'ett'* t'ommercial and Slave Tra h Treat cs ; I almerston's Opinions and Policy; Froude's History of England; Minus's Mechamod ai d ? ngin^er'ng D awing; Memo rs of the l)uk" of St. Sinnni Milt'o Colonia' Constitutions; Cornwa 1 Lewis on the G?ven- merit of Dependencies; Bur nev'sCyclopedia oi Universal History, d 10 FRANCE TAYLOR. t?KUIT.-.\ew Kleme FIGS; new RAlStNS, r io quarter, half, and whole boxes; new CUR RANTS CRANRKRRIK*; fresh CIIERRIKS, <?0<?SKBKR RIKS, PEACHES. WHORTLE BKRMIKS, TOM ATC?KS,et cet*ra. For ?ale by KING A BI'RCHKLL, n U oorner 15th street and V ermont ave. VIRGINIA AND DISTRICT MONEY TAKEN AT PAR roa BOOTS, SHOES, AND TRUNES, 8. P. HOOVKR'S IROAN HALL BOOT.SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT, pomntylvamia avenue, btnettn tik and wlk hi. I have just returned from the Northegwv-^ with a splendid assortment of allSrtsn kinds of Indies. Oentiemen?. Mie-^ti-*u ses, Boys'. Childrens', Rod Servants' BOOTS and SflOKS. Aiso, a large stock of Till NKS, CARPET BAGS. VALICES, and S \TCH ELS. all of which I Will sell (or the above money. Call early, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S, s*90 Iron Hall._ \I A P OF INDIA, I .ordon, IRS7. <0 cents, lvl stam'ord's Special Map of the Revolted Dis trict ollidia. with tlie I ne? of railway and military stitions. London, IJW7, 91.25. Stainfo*d's Map of Delhi and its enviroue, oon struoted from ths ordnance plan and otiier original inat??rialstransmitted from India, 1837. London, 5U cents Wilson's History of British India, 1005 to 1135, 3 vols., London. Political and Mi'i'ary F.vents id British India, 17V) to by Major Hough, Bengal army,2 vols., ij><ndon. . , .. . Meinoirsand Correspondence o| the Marquis of W?i|, siey. governor-general and aaptain-general of India. 3 vols.. I ondon. Stooquelwr's M ilitary Life of the Duke ol Wel lington^ vols.. London. Srocqneler's India 1 vol.. London, IM7. History of the Bengal Artillerv ; bv Captain Buc kle. assistant edjntaut general I vol. Londoe. Captain Rafter's Military History of the British Empire in the East, I vol.. London. Aub*r's History of the British power in India, Z vol*.. I .ofulon. . Knighton's Life of the Kinc of Oude, 1 vol., Lon don. Japan, lndo-Clone. Ojrlon, Ac : par M. Janoigay, aid <1<* wrnp du Kqsd'Oude, 1 vol.. Pane. Mon'goinery Martin's Statiatioe of the British Empire. I vol.. London. Hirlau's India and Afghanistan, Caboll; by Lieut Cot. Bums. ai*d other works on the same subjee'. ,18 FRANCK TAYLOR. C^HRISTM AS PRESENTS, for friends at adis y wnt, M ET7 F. R OTT'S WASHINGTON VIEWS. For *aleat all Bookstores. n J7 H J. MCLAUGHLIN has the largest stock of . Toys and Faney Go?ds in the City. No. JO Pa. avenue, between 8th end 9th streets, opposite Centre Market. ?*> ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH.Iivm. a heaotifnl lustre to the finger nails, at GIBBS S Hair Store, near 13th street. Pa. ave. n 10 HAI*R "toilTHr^AlL AN P BANDOLINE BRUSHES, at GIBBS' Hair Store. ?ear 18th st. and Pa. av., arid at his Sales Room, nnder Wu tords'hotel. o pOR MOUNT V *. R N O N . The Stoamtx>at THOMAS COLLYER, haying t>een tfc.irouclny repaired, will make rcgnhtr trips to Mount Vernon, leav oy her wharf, in this ciry, ?ver? - TUE>*j)AY?nd FRIDAY MOR V| NO, at ? o'elk. During the intervening time sfce will run regDWr tripst?? Alexandria. s? useal. ??o8 tf THOMAS BAKER,Captahi. 1>I A NOS FOR HIRE, very low, at ELLIS'.#* J. Iiet ween 9tn and 10th ats. n 16 XiieeUaneotu. J^KTTINGS OF MAU^ CONTRACTS. Proposals for oonvimng the mails of tb? United Siates from the la of July, I8.V" to the lit ol July lii*SV,h#fon5winftroui.e? lBth* #ta,e of CAL WM: will be received at the Contraot Office of this De partment until 9 a m. of theltthday of March neat, to be deoided by the 22i1 of the same month. CALIFORNIA. KM From 9aa Francisco. by fienioia end Georgi ana, to Sacramento City. 15u and Lack, . six times a week, in steamboats. Leave Sau Franoisoo daily, exoept Sunday, at 4pm; Arrive at Saeramento City next day by 5 a m; Leave Sacramento City daily, exoept Sunday, at 2 p in; Arrive at San Franeiieo same day by 11 p m. Iw4 From San Franeisoo, by Martinez, to Stock ton. ISO miles and uaok, six times a week, in steamljoats. Leave San Franoisoo daily, except Sunday, at 4 pm; t rrive at Stockton next day by 5 a m; eave Stockton daily,exoept Sunday,at 4 p m; Arrive at San Fraucisno next day by ^a m. 12506 From San f-rancteoo, by Belmont, Kedwood city, Mayfceid. Mountain View, and Santa Ctara, to 8m Jose, 54 miles and baok, six times a week. Leave S?n Francisco daily, exeept Sunday, at a a m; Arrive at San Joee by 6 p m; Leave San Jose daily, exept Sunday,at? am; A rnve at Sin Francisco by 5 p m. 18506 F r<>m San Fraecisooto Petaluma, 50 miles and back, three times a week, in stearn!>oets. Leav* San Franoisoo Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Ham: A rrive *t Petaluma by 5 p m: Leave Petaluma Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday at 10 a m; Arrive at San Franoisco by 5 pm. 12507 From Sun Franoisoo, < by sea,) via Santa Bar bara and San Pedro, to San Diego. 45 ? miles anil back, twice a month, in steaml>oats. Leave San Francisco on the 3d and 17th of each month; Arrive at San Diego by the 5th and 20th of nme month: Leave San Diego on the 6th and Slst of each month; Arrive at San Franeisoo by the 9th and 24th of same month. 12508 From San Francisco to Oakland, 9 miles and oack. six times a week, by water. Laave Sin Francisco daily, exoept Sunday, at 8 am; Arnveat Oakland by 9 a m; Leave Oakland daily, exoept Sunday,at 3pm Arrive at San Franeisoo by 4 p m. 18809 From Oakland, by Brooklyn. S?i Leandro, San Lorenzo, Alv?rado. Mission San Jose, Centrevilie, and Milpitas, to San Joee, 45 miles and liack. three times a week. L-ave Oakland Monday, Wednesday and Fri day at 8 a m; Arrive at Sin Joge by 5 p m: Leave San Joan 1 ucsday, Thursday and Sat nrday at fia m; Arrive at Oak and by 3 p m. 12510 From Oakland, by San Pablo, to Martinet 15 miles and iwrk. once a week. I.eave Oakland Monday at 9 am; Ai rive at .Martinez by 4 pm; Leave Martinez Tuesday at fi a m; Arrive at Oakland by 1 p m. 12511 From Petaluma, by ' Bloomfield, to Temalles, 20 miles and t<aok, onoe a week. Leave Petalinn*Tuesday at Bam; Arrive at Teinaileaby 4 pm; Leave Temalles Wednesday at 8 a m; Arrive at Pe'aluma by 4 pm. 12512 From Petaluma, by Bodega, to Smith's Branch, 27 miles and baok, once a week. Leave Petaluma Thursday at 8 am; Arrive at Smith's Branch bv 5 pm; Leave Sm-th's Branch Friday at 8 a m: Arrive at Petslnm ? by 5 p in. 12513 From Petaluma, by Santa Rosa, to Russian R lver. 33 miies and hack, twice a week. Leave Petaluma Tuesdavand Thursday at 8 a m: Arrive at Rnssisn River by 5 p m; Leave Russian River Wednesday and Friday at 8 a m; A rnve at Petaluma by 5 o no. B d? to extend via Oak Valley, Anderson V*1 ley, anil Albion Mills, to Big River, 75 miles ir. all. are invited. 12514 Fr in Petatnrna, by Novate, to San Rafael, 20 tni!"s and back. once a week. Leave Petaiuma Tue* lay At 8am; Arrive at San Rafael by 2 p m; Leave San Rafael Wednesday at 8 a m; Arnveat Petaluma by 2 pm. 1Wi5 From Napa Ci?r. by Selta&topol, Oskville, St. Helena. ITot Springs. Cayote Valley, and Lower L*ke. to Lpp?r clear Lake, 75 miles aiid back, onoe a week. Leave Naj>a City Monday at 7 a m: Arrive a^t l'pp?r Clear Lake next day by 7 p m; Leave I'peer Clear Lake Wednesday at 7 a re; Arrive at Napa City next day by 7 p m. 1S615a F;oin City, r?y White Sulphur Springs, K-light's Raiioh.and Alexander's Ranch, to Santa Rona, and tiack. onoe a week. Bid ders to state d st*iio? and sohedule of arri vals and departure*. 1W!I Froin lit nioia. by Cornelia, Barton'* Store, Vaeavi'le. Buck Rye, Cache Creek, and Yolo, to Orafton. 75 imies and baok, onoe a week. I.cave Benoia Tuesdav at (la m: Arrive at Grafton next day bv 5 p m Leave Grafton Thursday ul 6 a in; Arrive at Benic.anoxt day by 5 p m. 12517 From Beni??ia. by Val|ejo,NapiiCity,and Santa Roev to Sonoma, 35! iniles atd hack. three times a wsek. Leave Ben.oia Tuesday, Thursday,and Satur day at a m; Arri ve at Sonoma by 4 p m: Leave Sonoma Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day at 6 a m; Arrive at Henicia by 4 pm. 12318 From Martinez by Almoard fan Ramon, to Mission San Jose, 40 miles and baok, once a week. Leave Martinez Tuesday at 6 a m; Arrive at Mission San Jose by 7 p m; Leavit Mission San Jose Wednesday at 6 a m; Arrive at Martinez by 7 p in. 12519 From San Juan, by Watsonvilleand Santa Cruz, JU miles and l?ck, three tunes a week. Leave San Juan Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat ur<iay at 12 m: Arrive at Santa Cruz by 7 p in: Leave Smta Cruz Monday, Wednesday, aud F riday at 5 a in: Arrive at San Ju?n by 12 hi. 12520 From San Jose, by Gtiroy, San Juan, Nativi dad. and Mon erey, 75 miles and back, three time* a week. Leave S"?n lose Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat urday "t 5 a m; Ari iveat Monterey by 8 p m; Leave Monterey Monday, Wednesday, and P riday at 5 a m; Arrive at San Jose by 8 p m. U'S1 From Monterey to San i.uis Ob spo, 120 miles and back, twice a month. Leave Monterey on the lat and 15th of each month at 6 a in; Arrive at San l.uis Obispo in four dars; Leave San I uis Obispo on the 5th and 20th of each m<>nth at6 a m; Arrive at Monterey in four days. Bids to extend to ^anta Barbara are invited; also bid* to run weekly. 12522 From l^>s Annates, by Tejon. Sebastian Res ervation, and Kevsville. to Visalia. miles and back. twio*s month. Leave l.os Angeles on the 1st and 15th of eaoh month at la m; Arrive at Visalia in eight days; Leave Visauaonthe Istand l5thofeaeh month at 8 a m; Arnve at l.os Angeles m eight days. 1*520 r rom Los Angeiet-, by San Gabriel and Monte, to Sin Bernardino, 6<i miles and back, onoe a week. V eave I.o? Angeles Monday at 8 a m; trrive at San Bernardino next day by 12m; eave !*an Bernardino Wednesday atliam; Arrive at Los Anseiea next day by 12 in. 12924 From l.os Angeles to San Fedro, 28 mile* and t>aok, two or three times a month, in connex ion the coast mail-steamers Bidders to state schedule of arrivals and de _ partures. 12M5 From San Diego, bv Santa Isabel, to Fert Yu mi. 220 mi es and back, twioe a month. Leave San Diego on the 5th and ?th of eaeh month. Ai rive at Fort Yuraaby the 13th and 2Sth of satne month; Leave Fort Yuma on the 15tband 29th of eaoh month; Arrive at San Diego in one week. Bids to extend by tha way of Arizona, Tucson, and Mesilla, to El Psso, by a schedule to be ?tated by the bidder,are invited. 125fc> From Sonora, by Jacksonville, Big Oak Flat, Oarr? te, Maxwell's Creek. Split Rock, ana Bondville. to Mariposa, 6ft miles and back, twice a week. Leave Sonora Mondays and Thursdays at C a m; Arrr a at M^ripoca next daya by 12 m; I.oeve Ma'ipoka Tuosdaya and Fridays at 2 p in; A rrive at Sonora next davs by 6 p m; 12527 From Ouartzhurg. I?t Indian Gulch, Gwin. keach ? Store. Millerton. Kinit's River, ana cotts1 urg, to ViK?Jiaf 12() miles and bark, onoe a week. Leave Ouartzhurg Monday at Ham; Arnveat Visalia next Wednesday by p m; Leave Visalia 'I hursday at 6a m; Arrive at Quartzburg next Saturday by (I p m. 12W! From Columbia, by Angel's Camp, Fourth Crossing, and San Andreas, to Mokalumne Hill, H miles aid back, three times a week. Leave Commbia Tu. aday, Thursday, and Sat urday at 7 a m. Arrive at Mokalumne llill by 4 p m: Leave Mokalumne Hill Monday, Wedn'eday. ?nd Fnday at 7 a m; Arrivo at Columbia by 4 pm. F?om Stockton, by Knight's Ferry, Green Springs, Montezuma, Jamestown, Sonora. and Shaw'a Klsr, fo Colombia, 7<i miles ana baok. s'x time* a week from the 1st of M*v Slst of December, and three times ? week e re?idoe of the year. I.eave Ptoekton daitv, except Sunday, at flam; f rrive at ?'oluuibia by h p in; eave Columbia daily, except Sunday, at la m; _ A rr ve at Stockton by 3 pm. 12f>? From Stockton, by Foreman's Raneh. Half Way H ou?e, and Double Springs, te Moke lumns Hid. 43 miles and baok, six times a week Leave Stockton daily, exoeet Sunday, at flam; Arrive at Mokelumne IIill by 6 p m; Leave Hill daily, exoept Sunday, at 6 a m; A rrive at Stoekton by t p m. 12M1 From Strakion, by Loving's F#mr. Horr'l Ranch. Snelling'a Raneh, Merced ta'Is.Hor aitas, Qu?rtghurg, Mount Ophir. and Agua Fria, to Mariposa, 94 mi es aad baok, twioe a week. Leave Stockton Tueidaya and Friday* at7? A'nveat Mariposa next days by 2 pm; Leave Maripo?a Tuesdays and Fndaya at 7 a Arrive nt Stockton next daya by > p m. Bios for three trips a week are invited. * )Wt From DouM? North Hranoh, Sea Ai-drea*. Fourth Crossing. Angel's Came, >???? Arrive at Mnrpby'a by 7 p mi ' - LMn Marpby's TlMdi urday ktiinti ... Arrive at Doc We Spruucs by H m. 11*33 frvm Dry town, by Kiddletown. CodarriUe, Brownsville, to I Diggings,30 miles ?ad Ntok, onoe a vstk. Leave Dri town Tuesday At 6 a n; Arrive at Indian l)t||in|i by 5 p. m. Leave Indian Dtgginca Thursday at I ft. ta i Arrive at i)r j town bv 5 p a>. Bi<i* to run (rem Sacramento City, iaataad of Dry town, during the MM, are invited. 18984 Fruin bacrameato City, by BlUota Ranch. F.Ik Grove, Staple a Ranch. Fugitt, ana Wool* Ferry, to Stookton, 90 milee, and baok. three times a week. Leave Sacramento City Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 a m ; Arrive at Stockton by I p m; Leave Stockton Monday, Wednesday, and F nday at 7 a m; Arrive at Sacramento Ci'y br I p m. 11606 From Sacramento City, by (.ouaumne, Michi gan May, Drytown, Sutter v r?-k, and Jack son, to ttiokelumuH Hill, 55 nulee. six week and beck froti let of Ms* to let of De cembor, and tbree timea awaek the residue of the year. Leave Saoramento City daily, except Sunday, at 6 a m : Arrive at Mokelarnne HiU by 7 p m i Leave M"kelumne Hill daily, axaept Saaday, at 4a m: Arjive at Sacramento City hr 5 p m. 12596 From Saoraineuto City, by Fo.sora City, Rus vilie. Mormon Island, Salmon Fall*, Pilot Hill, and Greeuw>>od. to Georgetown, 62 mi'ea and back, aix time* a week. Leave Paor&m?uto City daily, exoept Sunday, at 6 a m;

Arrive nt ?eorg etown by 7 p m ; Leave Georgetowa daily, exoet>t Sunday, at S a m, Arrive at Saorainento City by 4 p m ; 12537 From Soer-mento City, by Weston, Cl*rk* ville, C'dora House, Lldorado. Diamond Sprints. Plauervil'e, and Cold Springs. to Coioin t, miles ai d back, daily from Is) of April t<> 1st of December, and tri-weekiy the residue oi the year, Leave Sacramento City daily, except Sunday, at 6 a m Arrive at Coloma by ? p m; Leave Coiorra daily, except Sunday, at 2 a m; Arrive at Saemnn nto City by 4 p m. 12338 From Sacramento City, by Fremont. Grafton, Prune. Antelope, Grand Island. Coiust, Princeton, Mouroovillv, and Meore s Ranch, to Tehama, U7 miles and back, once a week. Leave Sacram"ntoCity Monday attam; Arrive at Te'.ama n-xt VV ednesday by 6 p m , Leave Tehama Thursday at 6 a m ; Arrive at Sacramento City next Saturday bv fl p m ? Bu1> embracing tri-werk'y eervtoe in steam boats on the part to Caiusi are invited, 12339 From Sicrainento City, by Coon Creek. John sou's Ranoliv Round Tent, Rough and Ready and Grass \ alley, to .Nevada Cry, 65 miles and hack, six times a week from 1st of April to lat of ilecemt?*r, three times a week the residue of th? year. Leave Saersmeuto City daily, except Sunday, at 6 a in: Arrive ar Nevada City by 8 p m: Leave N.v.-ada City daily, exoept Sunday, at 2 a m ; Arrive at Saoramento City by 4 p m. 1254" From Sacramento City, by Nicolas, to Marya ville, 45 miles and hack, six times a week, in steamers and ooaches. Leave Sacramento City daily, exoept Sunday, ?t?am; firrive at Maryaville by 2 pm; ,e?ve Marysville daily, except Sunday, at f a m ; Arrive at Sacramento City by 2 p m ; 12541 From Auburn, by Neilaburg, Lisbon, Illinois town, and Mountain Springs, to Dutch Flat, 34 miles and heck, twice a we< k. I.eave Auburn Tuesday and Friday at 8 a re ; Arrive at Dutch Flat by 6 p m ; Leave Dutch Flat Wednesday and Saturday at fi a m; Arrive at Auburn by 3p m. 12542 From Marysville, by Honcucut. Hanaonville. Forbestown, Mrawberry Valley, hangor. Wood ville, Rabbittown. and St. Louis, to Gibeonville, 75 miles and back, twioe a week, from let of April to the 1st of November, once a week the remainder of the year. Leave .Marysville Mondays and i-ridays at 6 a m. Arrive at Gibsonville next days by 5 p m ; Leave Gibson ville Wednesdays ana Sundays at 6 a m : Arrive at Marysville next days by 5 p m. 12543 F rotn Marvsville, bv Charley's Ranch. Oro ville, Hamilton. Rio Seoo, Chico, Lassen's, Tehama,Red Blull*,Cottonwood,and Ameri can Ranch, to Shasta, 1S4 mite*and back, six times a week from 1st of April to let of De cember, tn-weekly the resiaueof the tear. Leave Marysville daily .exoept Sunday ,at 3pm A rrive at Snaata next uay by 5 p m; Leave Shasta daily, except Sunday, arp a m Arrive at Maryaville next day by 12 in. 12544 From Marjsviile, br Johnson's Ranch, Cox a Raucn, Virginia. Oro City,(>oid Hill, and Auburn,38 miles and back,twioe a wo'k. I.eave .Marysville Tuesdarand Friday at 6 a re tirrive at Auburn by A p rn; <eave Auburn Wednesday and Saturday at 6 a m: Arrive at Marysville hy 5 pm. Frr 12545 F rt in Maryaville, oy Oreton House, Green ville. Foster's bar. Camptonville.aDd Good year a Har, to Downiev.l!e,70 miles and baok, three times a week. Leave Maryaville Tuesday,Thursday .andSat urday at 5 a m; Arrive at Downieville hy It p m: Leave Downieville Monday, Wednesday, and Frida> at 5 a in; Arrive at Marysville liy I p m. 12.546 From Maryaville, by Dry Creek, Park'e Bar. Owsley's Bar, Empire Ranch, Rough and Ready, and Grass Valley, to Nevada City,*5 miles snd !nck, six tunes a week from lat or April to 1st December, three times a week thu residue of the year. Leavo Marysville dauy, except Sunday, at 6 a m; Arru u at Nevada CitT by 5 p m: Leave Nevada City daily. exoept Sunday,at 7 a m: Arrive at Marysville by 5 p m. 12547 From Diamond Springs, by Newtown asd Henry's Diggings, tofinzzly Plat, 34 miles and back, oncc a week. Leave Diamond Springs Tuesday at 6 a m; Arrive at (irizzly Flat tiv 4 p in; Leave Grizzly F'at Wednesday at 6 a m; Arrive at D tm<>i?d Sprues by 4 pm. 12548 From Plaoerville, by Kelsey's and Spanish Flat, to Georgetown, la miles and back, twice a week. I.eave Plaoerville Tuesday and Friday at 7am; Arrive at Georgetown by z p m; Leave <jeorgetowii Wednesday and Saturday at 6 a m; Arrive at I'lacerville by 2 p m. 12510 From llacerville to Carsou Valley. Utah Ter rttory.75 miles and Iwtck, once a week from 1st of May to 1st of November, aud ouce a month the residue of the year. Leave Plaoerville Monday at 4 a m; Arrive at Carson Valley next Wednesday by 12 m: Leave Carson Valley Thursday at H a m: Arrive at PUearville next Saturday by 12 m. Proposals to run by a schedule giving the rest tim?at t'arson Valley will beoousidurod. 12S60 From Plaoerville, by Newtown,to Indian Dig gings, and back, onoe a week. Bidders to ?tat* schedule and distance. Bids for more frequent scrvioe will lie considered. 12J41 From NevadaCityjby Hoyt'sCrossing,>weet land,S< bnstopoljSa.ii Juanin Ne^ndacounty, and Truman s irossing, to Camptouville, onoe a woek and back. Bidders to state distance and schedule of arri vals and departures. 12538 From Nevada City, by Patterson, F.mory's Crossings. Plum vall? y, and Forrest City, to ville. 4-> miles and back, three timesa weak from 1st of April to 1st of January, and onoe a week the rotidue of the year. Leave Nevada City Monday, Wednesday, and Fridnv at 8 a m: (Lrriveat Downieville by 8 p m; ,cav? Downieville Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 a in: Artive at Nevnda City by 8 p m. 11583 From Oroville, by Bidweli s Bar. Pea Vine, Brush Creek,and Meadow Va!|ev,to Quin oy, fiii miles and heek, onee a week. Leave Ortiville Tu'-fdav at 7 am; Arrivnat Quiiict next day by 4 p in; I.eave tjnincy Thurad-ty at 7 a m; Arrive at Oroville next day by 4 p m. 12554 From Shasta, by Whiskev Creek and I<?wia ton to Weaverville, 4? miles and baok. three times a week. Leave Shasta Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur day at fi a m: rrive at Weavervtlle by 8 p m; eave Weaverville Monday, Wetlneaday, and Friday at 6 a in: Arrive at Shasta bv 8 p re. 12S&5 From Shasta, by French Gulch. Mineraville, Tr.nity Centre, and Ottitiewa, to Vreka, 100 milos and tuck, twice a week. Leave Snasta .Mnnd.iT and Thursday at'? m; Arriveat Tr?ka next Wednesday and Satur day hy 6 p re; Leave Vreka Monday an*d Thursday at 6 a'm; . Arriveat Shasta next Wednesday aud Satur day by 12 m. Bids for more frequent trips are invited. lWi From Unioetown. by Cox's Ranch, and Big Bar, to W eaverville, so miles and lack, once a week. Leave ITniontown Monday at 6 a m; Arriveat Weavervtlle next Wednesday by 3a m: Leave Weaverville Thursday at fi a m; Arrive at ITniontown next Saterday In 8 a rn 12697 From Trinidad, hy Orleans Bar and Forkacf ' Salmon, to Kestvilie.9fi miles and hack.onoe a week from 1st of May to let of November, and onee a month the residue of the year. I.eave Trinidad Mondav at fi a m; Arriveat Reaivtue next Wednesday by 6 p re; Leave Restville Thursdav at fi a m; Arrive at Trii id?d next Saturday by 6 p in. 12V8 From fre?eent City, by \\ aid ?, Kirbyville and Cloverville, to Jacksonville, Oregon, 90 miles and baok. onoe a week. Leave Crescent City Monday at 6 a m; firrive at Jacksonville Wednesday by 6p m; .eave Jacksonville Thnrsday at Cam; Arrive at Crasoent City Saturday by 6 p m. L? ' OREGON. 12701 From Astoria, by Ca'blamet, Wash. Ter .Oak Coint, Rainier. Oregon, St. Helen, f.ake iver. Wash; Vancouver, Souvic's island, Or.. Portland, Milwaukie, ard Oswego. Wash . Ter., to Oregon City, Or,, 144 miles and tiaok. twiee a week, in steamboats. Leave Astoria Tuesday and Saiordav at 9a m; Arrive at Oregon City next days by S p m; Leave Oregon City Monday and Thursday at 7 am; ?i ve at Aatoria next days by 4a m. s to run by a diferaat sebedule will be aon . sidered. BUI From Portland, by Oeeols, Hillsboro, Tu?la^ tin, and Wrapatoo, to La Fayette, 45 milea and hack, onoe a week. Leave Portland Monday at 7 a ?; Arrive at I a Fayette next day by ta m; Leave !.a Fayeite Tuesday at 2 p m; Arriveat Portland next day by 4 p m. 12.03 From Oregon City, by Vjua Hill. Hutevil'e, Chanipoeg. Fan field, Salem, Do la. Inde pendence. Bloommrton, liberty j?nd Altauiy, to Corvallis. B5 miles and hack, tn-ioes week. Leave Oregon City Monday and Thursday at 7 a mj Arnveat Corvallis next days tw S em; ,? i?aava Corvallis Toasday mH Ftm wy at 7 a ?; Arriveat Oregon City next day* by 6 p m. DM From Corvailia, by Starr's Franklin LtatTna, Si?*<naw. ftod 1 oaealW. to UU laad, ? nulea and uaek, onoe a weak. L?tvr CorvailieWe<ineeda> Arrive at Oakland next day by 6 p tb; Leave Oakland Wednesday at?? (n; urn ft gcna City, Cottage Crew, and Ceaet Fork of Willamette, to Oakland, 1? milee and baok, once a veek, Leave Corvalii* Wednesday ? at 7 a in; Arrive at Oakland Fridays by 4 ?m; Leave Oakland Fridays at 7 a in; Arrive at Corvallis Maadaye by 4 p m. Bida to and at W inchest er are levited. 1?IW From Corvallis, by Soep Creek. Laekemnte. Bridgeport, Dauaa. Etna. Plum Valley,and Dajtun, to La Fayette, 56 nulea and back, . onee a week. Leave Corvailia Mondays at 6 a m; Arrive at l,a h ay *tt# nest day a by IS in; Laava La Fayatta Tuesdays at 1 ? m; Arrive at Cvrvailia next days by t p ni. UT07 From t*tlun, li> D<*X's Kerr) and Mount Houd. tunLa Fayette, iSmiiea and baok, onoe a veek. Leava Mem Mondays itlam: Arrive at !.a Fayette l>y 1pm; Leavo La Fayette Tuesdays at 6 a m; ? Arrive at Salem by ? p ro. 17T0C From Silem, by Santiam Citv,Central, Wash ington, Batte CaUp?>oya, Union P<>iBt. Pine, Willamette Fork*. McKenne, and Uncene City, to Pleaeant Hill, a*1 miles and back, onee a week. Leave Salem fueedata at I? m: Arrive st Pleaamt Hill Fridays by 6 p m; Leave Pleaaaut H II Saturdays at Cam A rnv? at Salem Tuesdays by 10 a in. 13708 From North CauyonviIle,by Galesvi!Ie,I.eland, Gold River, Jacksonville, Phoenix. Aatoland Mills, Tiarualh. Cai., and Henley. to Yr?ka, Cal., 14* miles milea and back, once a week. Leave North ' any mvibe Monday at 7 a m; A rrive at \ reka next Thursday hyf pm Leave Yreka Saturday at 7 a in; Arnveat North Canyonville next Tuesday by 6 pm. 1271# From North Canjronville. by Myrtle Creek. Round Prairie, Alder Hrook. Rossburgh.and W inehester, to Oakland. 47 miles ana back, onoe a week. Leave North Oarionvil'.e Thursday at 5 a m: Arrive at Oak blU by k p in; Leave Oakland Saturday at 5 a m; Arrive at North Canyonville In Ipm; 12711 From Oakland by Keilocg's. ^.Ikiou. Scotts bu'?. and Hardiner r*ity, to L mpqua City. 65 nulea ami l*ok, onoe a week. Leave Oak and Saiurdav at 12 hi ? Arnve at l'mpqua City Monday by 2 p m; Leave l'mpqua City Wednesday at 6 a m; Arrive at Oakland next day by * p m. 12712 From Albany, by Burlington and Harrieborg. to WiUametteForks, 50 milee and baek.oace a week. Lenve A bany Thuradav at 0 a m; Arrive at illamette Fork* next Hay bv 12 m; Leave Willamette Forks Friday itlpm; Arrive at Albani next day by it p in. 12713 From Port Orford, by Randolrh and Coos Bay, to Gardiner City, 85 milee aad back, onoea week. Lenve Port Orford Monday at 7 a ns; Arrive at Gardu er City Wednesday at I p m; Leave Gardiner City Thursday at 7 a ra; Arrive at Port Orford Saturday by ? p m. Proposals ni run. sOer pna?ing Coo? Bay, via Mouth of Coquelle, and end at l'mpqua City, about the same distance a* advertised, a.e invited. 12714 From Port Orford. by Randolph and Empire City, to W !? cheater and laick, onee a week. Bidders to state schedule and diatanoe. WASHINGTON 12750 FromRaimef.Or.. by Mentioello, Wash. Ter., Castle Rook- Cowlitz, Hi-bland. Newau cum. Grand Mound, ani Sutter Creek, to Stoilaooom City, tie miles and back, onoe a week. Leave Rainier Wednesday at 6 a m: Arrive at Steilacoom City next Friday at 2 p m; Leave Steilaeoom Citv Saturday at 6 a m; Arrive at Rainrer eex' Monday by Sf p m. Bid* to extend to Seattle, 33 miles further, will be oon?idered. 12731 From Vanoouver, by Casoedee, to Wascopum, Orerou, ?5 miles and back, onoe in two weeka. Leave Vanoouver every other Wednesday at 10 a in; Arrive at Wasoopum next Friday at 1? m; Leave Wasoopum every other Monday at 6 a m; at Vancouver next Wednesday by 8 a m. Bids for more frequent tripa w II be considered. 12782 F rom Cowlitz to Boise Fort Prairie, 15 miles and Ir-.on. onoe a week. Leave Cow ltz Thursday at 9 a m; Arnveat Boire Fort Prairie b* 2 p m; Leave Boise Fort Prairie Friday at 9 a m; Arrive at C< wiitz, by 'J p m. 12758 From Oak Point l.y Boise Fort Prairie, to Grand Mound, 50 ruilesar.d back, onoe in two weak*. Lea^ o Oak Point every $the? Friday at 0a m; Arrive at <>rand Mound next day bf Hp m; Leave Grand Mound every other YVedueeday at 6 a in: ^rrive at Oak Point next day bv 6 p m. 12754 F rom Olympr, by Katun's and Yain Prairie, to Port Montgomery,41) milts and back, once in two weeks. Leave Olympia every other Monray at 7 a m; Arrive at Fort Montgomery by 8 p m; Leave Fort Montgomery every other Tuesday at 7 a m; Arrive at Olympia by ? p m. 12755 From Olywpia, by B'ticeport, Oyaterville. Chenoek.and PaeifioCity. to Aatoria. Ore gon, onoe in two woeka ar 1 Inck to Checook, a..d once a week the residue. Bidilera to state distanoe aud soheduleof arri vals and depiwture*. l'ro| oaa a to run the entire route onee a week are liivitod. 12756 From O'ympia. by Arcadia, to Oakland, and lack, onoe a week. B dders to > Late distance and schedule of arri vals and departure*. UTAH. From Salt Lako City, by Lehigh City, Ameri can Fork, Provo Citv, Springviba. i'uton, Santaouin, Salt Creek, Fillmore City. Paro wan, ^ ort Johi.eon.CedarCity.Bniighurat'a. IV. Max.. Santa Cera. California, San Ber nardino. Mflutu. wan <<abriel and L' s An geles. to Sen Pwdro, 917 nuiws and Uack. a month. Leave Salt Lake City on the 3th of each month; At rive at San IVJrcljy the 1st ol the fwllowini; moMtb; Leave San I'aCro on the 5th of each month; Arrive at Salt L?keCity by the farst of the fol lowing month. Bids to run ' wioe a month will be considered; also, bids f<>r the separate parts toaud bevono Ce*'.ar Ci'y, rJW mile* from s*alt Lake Citv.? 12802 F ?oin Salt l.ake City, bv N'fT'a Mi.'la, .Nful Creek. Mormon, anJ Holladny's Settlement, to Alpine City, 40 milea ana back, once a week. L? ave ""alt ' ake City Thursday at 6 a m; Arrive at Alp ne Citv next day ?>y 10 am; l.e'<ve AIpine Citv Thursday at 3 p m; Arrive at Salt I .ake City next day by 7 pm. 128U3 From Salt I ake City, Ly Union, liraper. I.e huh City, tiardnera Mills, A meriean Fork. Pheasant Grove. Provo City, SprintvilU. Spjoush Fork. Paraon.Santaq11in.SaltCre k, and Kphratu, to Manti, I4<' miles and back, onoea week. Leave Sait La^e City Thursday at 6 a m Arnveat Manti Saturday by 8pm; Leave Manti Monday at 6 a m: Arrive at Salt I ake City \\ ednesday by ? p m. 128W Fr"m Salt l.ake City, by Stoker. Centreviile. Farmingtt?n, Karsville, and Orden Citv, 10 Bncham City. 6i miiea and Mok, twioe a weex. Leave Salt Lake City Monday and Thursday at 6 a m ; irrive at Brigham Ci'y next daya by 12 m ; L.?Hve Brigham City 1 ueaday and Friday at 2 p m: Arrive at Salt lake City next daya byipm. 12905 From Salt I^ke City, by Tooele City, to Grantaville. 56mi es and baok, onoe a week. Leave Sait I^ike Ctly Thursday at ?> a m; Arrive at Grantaville next day at >2 m; Leave Grantsville Friday at 2 p m : Arrive at Salt l.ake Cit> oextday ny % p m. 12806 From Salt Lake City, by Taylorsvill#. Mount Pleasant, \\ est Jordan. Foit Hernman.*a'd Gardner's Mil's, to Cedar Valley, (South Fort. 15B mnes a^d liaek.onoea week. Leave Salt Lake City Thursday at 6 a m ; Arnveat Cedar Va ley next day by 12 m; Leave Cedar Vailey Friday at 2 p m ; Arnveat Salt I-ak? City next day by f> p m. 12807 From Cedar City, by Harmony and Pine Val ley. to Santa Clare, 70 miles and back, once in two weeks. Leave Cedar City every other Thursday at S a m; Arrive at Santa Caira next Saturday by 3 p m : Leave Santa Clara every other Monday at 3 a in; Arrive at Cedar City next Wednesday by 3 p in. 12801 L< NEW MEXICO 13R51 From Santa Fe. by Alameda, Albuquerque, Aigodonos, Socorro, Fort Craig. Las Cruces BernaniMo, l.os Lunas, Fort Fillmore, and Froutern, Texa?, to El Paao, Texas, 3M> mil's and back, tw loea month. Leave Santa Fe on the 10th and 25th of each month ; Arrive at F1 Paso in eight days; Leave El Paso on the 7th Jana 33d of each month; Arrive at Santa Fe in eight daTs ; Bida for weekly trips will b? considered ; aNo, for separate parts to and beTond Albu querque. 12S32 From Santa Fe. by Los Lnceroa, to Fernando De Taos,70 iniksand hack, once a week. Leave Santa F e Monday at Sam; Arrive at Fernando De Taos Wednesday by 10 a m: Leave Frnando De Taos Thursday at 8 a m; Arrive at Santfi Fe Saturday by 10 a m. 12353 I- rom I.aa Craeee. by Ueailla, t? Tuoaon, and baok, onoe a week. Bidders to state the distanoe, and schedule of arrivals and departures by which thay pro pose to run. 12854 From Tucson, by Arizona aud Colorado Citv, to San Diego, Cal., aud hack, twice a month. Piddersto state distance and schedule, roposals to extend, by 0"nuiienouig at KJ Paso, T*xaa. will be considered. 12855 From Albnquerque,by Visaliay Wood ville >Cal? IJHO milea and baek. onoea month. Bidder* to atate schedule, whion 1a to eonneot eloeely wi'h rou'e 1AM. Proposals for more frequent tripa will be eon sidsred. . . INSTRUCTIONS. Containing romdtitens to bt inrorpornttd in tkt contracts to tk? srttnt tkt department i-iay dttm proptr. 1. Seven mieutes are allowed at each intermediate office, when not otherwise apamfied, for assorting the mails. 2. Railroad and steamboat eempanies are required to rake the mail from, and deliver it iato.thepoat at the eommenoemen. sad end of their routes aad ta aad froto alt olfiees uot more than eighty ro^? from* station or landing. ^roeo<als may l e sub mitted forth* performanee or al> the side ae'Vir#? that is. for ofteea over eighty .oda from a atation or 3. No pay will be made for tripa ant performed ; and far each of saak omissions ucrt eatufkctoriiy ex plained thraa times the pay of the trip may hade duoted. Far arrivals |olkr liehiftfl time as break eounexioti with depending aiai!s, had not snneten% trip is n>m to lorbtlirt." UMMUntwill sa.tS ordered for a grade of performance inferior to I Wot spaoified in'he contract. Tor repeated delin*aee cies of the kind Imtmi Mltriad ^rntiM. proportioned to the nature thereof aad the import anca of the mail, may be made. 4. For leaving behind or threw ??fr off the i aay forttoaoftktm. f??r i!nmIitii?ii*?1 I or for be.ux oonoegBed insetting up or running an ex press oonvey ing intelligence ??> adranoa of the ntai, a Quarter's pay ma* be deducted. 5. Fines will he imposed. unless the deinqaeec-r nap omptly and satisfactorily explained lo eertit oat.s ut post mas' are. or tha atfcdavita m(other arod. Ibie persons, for hit arrive ta Contract time for neglecting to take tha mail irom or deliver it into JiTVZl .t,ftoe; '"y ???**?? ?* < owing either to the mi, ju.tai oneti of the placo or manner oi carrying hi w 7JF1, ,EJ0^- dntntrd. robbed, or hit; .J frLuaSir^*rV ?mw,< 10 ??*r*T ?? frequently a> ti e contractor rans, or it miH-^rned ' crV,il4ini5' ? or sieeu>N*r on a route, for tU* ??Dlraet forrepeaWd fat.urea to runatteaabii to contra. i. L,r r ^<hce la a*, or disobeying them Shat?,*n#L Impertinent; for refusing to d-s Wh#? the l>epnrtment I . *?*Pr yWHWgJhacor-timt without tH?easet of tha I oetmasterlseaeral; tor running aaexprres n? aforesa.d; or lor transporting persons or uarfcacce ' CtA|'r.lJ mailable matter out o| tha ma^. ?? The P"?tniiut#r f??ti era! may order an increase ol service on a route by allowing t.'ier.f .r a pr.% mm increase on the contract pay. Hemai chance ached ules of departtirea and arrivals in all nm. and par ticularly to !tw>^a them conform to connexions with railroads. without increaee of ray. provided the run nun time bs not abridged. I!e mar al?o order an "J.****?* *'??*"?*? Within the restrictions Of rne law, a pro rata increase of pay for the add: ttouai stock or asrners rf an*. The nontraetor ma, nowevar, in tlia oaaa of the increase of ape- I reue * Ei.iL* ** fiviiig prompt notice to ti e .tmerit 'hat he prefers doirts a*> to carrying tiie r UitostUot. The Postmaster t .antral Un.) a!-., curia 11 or discontinue tbe service. in whute or ,n p?rt. at pro rata <1ecr>sse of p ;y. a!!owinc oi.* mon*''i' oompenaatien on tfie nmonnt U.? penaed with, whenever, in hi* <>|Bi.i'>ii. the rut-.'io intereata do not ?eqtii'* the aaT>n. or in eaa? he de airea to auperaede it b* a di0?-reut grade of trana portalM 1 t'*>o?enta will l?a irade for the aerviee by on! leotiuaa' from, or dntfta on. poatmnatera. or other r1*.*?" sr?? * ?*Piratl"" WM^1, Huxrter- aay in o 3??ryw Auntt.urf Xotrmhfr. 9. Tn# dutaiicti ar^ iivtn HCCtirdinc tnth*l*??t inromtatiou : but no hwmifH pnv will l>e allowed ?hould they (>? > renter th?n a?)vertiae?l. il the to be aupaiied be cor recti) etatco. uu infcr*m tkemseiie* I. it point, and alaoinre ^?nce tothe weight of the n,a,|. the condition of roada, hitlt, atre?ma. &c , and a I toll hr dgea for. nee, or otmtruetmua of any kind l*? whieh exitonta f*y be incurred. No e aim for adJittonal pay hae> d on a rich croiu.da oan he conaidered ; nor |.?r ?H(ged miatakea or miaapnrehenaion aa to the d?kree,.f aervioe: nor for bridgea destroyed, or other oUtrur tiona increaaint distance occurring daring the ex tract term. Offiree eatablialied aHer thu advertiae ment ia laaued. and dnrtng the contrect term, ar? to he Tiaited without extra pay, if the tie not inorMRM. ???. A bnl received aOer the laat day and hour named, or without the gi>arantee rci|utre<l |y or that OHnt.inee a-vcra! routca m one aum of o<>nip<'n aation, oannot l?e coriaid'T'-d in competition witfc a refiH u Pj"?0**' renaoi in atiwunt. II. nhoui'l firftt j?r? po?^ f??r ly accordntg to the iMtvertiaerwont. and then, n the* deaire. srp<tr*Utf for ditl-rent aervtee; and if lit* rfgylitr r?ii, I'* the low>*Ht ot}<>red for tiie adve't ia>^i '^?iV'STl "" "ther propoailiwna mity l? c< nu lored. u. 1 here ahould be liut one route bid for in a pro A1 ? IS. The route, the aervice. the yearly pav. the naine ?wl of the hi.lder, i tha' ia h,? naual rr>stemceaddreaa.lar>d thoaeol eerh nirmler i>f a rn4? wnere a company oflcra, ahould be d.a' r.ct ? awtcd; nlao the mode of conre*erice, if a higher mrMc tban horeeUck t* intended. The worda "with due crventy, certainty, and aectirtty*" maer^ed to inuicate tne n*>4? of <x.nve? arce. will conatitnte a star bid. \\ hen a "atar l>id" ia intended, n? ape Cine conveyance meat he named. 'wf ar* i*que?ted to uec. aa far aa praeti cahle, the printed form of propoaala furniahed 1? the department, to write out in lull the aum of then t ida. and to retain oopiea of them. Form r>f Prppotml. I. . of ,county of , j?tate of . Prop^ae to oonvey the umila of the | mted *tate^ from Jnly I, IR5R, to Jnne ?i. la?2, r(TI route No. 7 ?'*on.1 ??- <o ? agreeably to the adver ?L !h,> f^'maater General dated October *?? 1H37, JinU by tli6 fn iowing Kiod^ of conv?k?fin'A vi?: forvhf annual mm of d*oi?arfc. I Ins proro**! ik rnado witl? fuli km<uledj:^ of th# distant of tho r^ut#. th#? w?*!irht of ma*! fo !?? carried, and all other particnlara in refereni-e to the route and aenrice. and aiao after careful examine tion ol tue !*vi ??nd inatruct|o':a ttttacbeil to the ad vertisement. tSirned i Dated f7?arflnr/-e. The underaigned. reaidirgat .Stateof itnd-rfaWo t hat. if the forepoirg hid for carry in* tha mail on route No. beaco*-pied by the !'<.?'maa ter (teneral, the biddei ahali, prior to the I at d* > o| August, IHM, ent?*r tnto t?te iquired oUikat<?? contract, to perloriit the aervice ptopoeed, miiitm d axid sufficient auretie*. Ikitirtdo umifrtuanttmf distinctly thtrilt tatiom nni hn\tHt</? n<<n)t.'ii 6v raiomnref* '.'fV* l^7'4 trrltom of lh? art ,{t (ontrr>f ?/ J Ht & 7, 1 ?v#.. < 8ign?l by two gua rail tors. > r?rt^r?fr. The unoeraign?d. poatnMiater of . Ji'ate of . ecrtjfiea. nn4* r ki? oat4 of ?y*re. Itiat he ia acquainted w ilh the guarantora. and knf>wa tiiem to be men of progeny, and able to make ?oid tne guarantee. e-i i^igasd. I li. Altered bida al ou d rot tie aubiuuted; nor should bid* once submitted be withdrawn. fcach bid muet t>e guarantied by two responsible Pcraona. t.eneial guaran eea cannot t* admitted. .V r Should t* aunt J pia.nly with the full name ?f e*c,, persou. The Uepartmrst rreer\ ea the right to reject aov ind which n ay ?k? deemed extravagant, and also tha (nut of f%i!inc eontmctor? and txddrrs. M? 1 he bid ahould be scaled : ?uperscriltod M Mai I Proposals. State or Terrttory of iaa the esse rne? . ' ~ ? ad res sad " Second Asaiatsnt I'oatma* ter t^eneral. Contract ttdice. and aput by tnail, n??t Dy or loanafeut; and postmaarera ?ni i,<.t enc.oae proposals (or Utiera of any kind) in iheir quarterly rot urns. 17 The contracts are to he execn-cd and returned !0.thf 0*??rtmeBt h> or l??rore the 1st id Aucuar. l.iaB. .<ut s-rvic- mast be ooirim?nced on the isi Jey.orthe mat I tiny xt after t list date, whether the contracts tn* execii'ed ?>r not. Nv. propositi.,n for iranskri wn lie considered until the eoi tiinte are execu'ed and reenvedat t??e department ? an"4 the*< no tranal^r-. will lie allowed nnlcas e<?r.d and suihc.ent reaaona therefor are given, to be deter iTiuie<M>r the descutmebt. M.", n'fi'i'.' 18 *n *et "f ''ongress. approve.* .uftrvh J, Ihi, prt?vidpk ?h ?t contracts for tli? tn%:?% ?or tat ion of the maii soall i? ,st " in ever, ea^e In J??.VT'* teitdcriaic aufficicn' guaranteea for tailhluI performance, without i'tl:er reference to 11 a modes or anch t ran* port at ion th??. nm lienece^ea.% to provide for the due celeri'y, twrtainty. and rity of such trsnaportation. I nder tl.ia ax a if w description of bids lias been reoeivad. They do md ?PQpiry a mode of conveyanoe, but engage to take the entire mai< a?ch trip a ith celerit*. certamt*, and security, using the terms of the law. These bids are styled. fr< m the manner in which 'he* are designated tin the laiok* o' the departm* n' ?*'*'nr otrfs, ami they wi!i be cinstrued as pro\ idmg f?r the conveyance tif theectiro mail, *??<?? r*r iargt. nuQ wkatrerr o ay 6r :k? ?????/< srrritory to tn.-vr* *'* Jr??r?t|f. r-rtamty. ar-t trmrity." IS lna:i cases where the lowest gr; de of aervice is be levedio t^ Miictert. the low. -t b d a-jll lie v oeptad,itdu.y guarantied, in prejertuce ton "ifat" or specific aid. U hen the U.west bid ia not a atar bid .and specifics ?, i T" Mi Vlr R" '""I"!*"'* m?Kle wf oonvey 2 i;?'i.. 1 "?l ,.cc<pcrd- Ut set SMde for a .pn * proposing the neces?ary scrvtk.*, -I0?""01 "P^ci-y the mode ef con \ryanc , a so, when itprop<i*ea t?i carry "aocordmr l;^c,:t'7yn?' ny {r w,th<,ut ^ ?-o,f,?K L*rl 11W"'t>C d ? propaal for torsetack B0f \ ,Ct7. ?. A modification of a bid in any of its asrential terma ia tantamount to a ne?- tiid.and cannot he re eeircd. ao as to mrerfce with a rer i-T ccii,i>eti*'on aner the last hour set for receiving h,ds. ...* JP?"??n*?t?'r'tare to he careful not to eertifv tha guarantors aa sureties without knew .n i iTT *re ?f suticient responsthilitr; ? i i! lit?/ ^"?nyi'ors. and suretiesare diatinot ly notifieti that. ?m s failure to enter into or perform i2e,^ni r15^eta for the service proposed fr>r in theae ^?tihs?. ie,[al U*tn'll'e" w,1] ^ ?afcroil cont?0lorB'*',?l persons known at the iJepsrtment, must, equally with others, procure guarantors and eemhoatea of their sufficiency su(. ? fiJUtiL form* aboT* H*?ribed. i he oer tihnates of sufnoieucy must be signed bj a posti'ias ter or a judge of a court of record. P AARON T. BROWN, ? rk Post master General, ros* Ovrtrt Difaktmiht. October ti \t91. oc36-lawl?w fTNITKD 8TATK8 PATENT OF PICK. W*sHim?iy, i>eceml>er9th. 1?W. On the petition off?i'as(? Ourgin.of nolrcke, .Ms*sachtisetts, pravinr tor ihe extension of a patei t grafted to hi m on the Mti of March. I??4 lor an ini pro ye me ut in "Machine lor Measuring and Folding Cioth. for seven years from the expiration of saiJ fa^nt. wmch takes placeon the?ih day uf Marolt. It IS ordered, that the said petition lie hea<-d at the arf??,-?! . ' lh* ,,f "r Marc, at 12 o clock, m., and all persons are uotifiinl tt?ap pear and show cause, if any they have, whr said pe u ou*^1 BO' '? ** granted. ci-T'.ryy.g*0*1!^'** .wteuaiou are required to file m the I stent Oihoe their o*?ieottons, sprcia ir set forth in writ log, at ?<*at twenty dais l?f.ire the tiav iiRMEs hied!) enher party t?> lie Qsedat the said hearing mu?t I* taken nnd tnramit WL*r?r(iV"T w,,h f,h* r'1>, of ,tie " Wl'' "? furnished on appii?s*t ,on. testimooy m the case will be closed on the )?th ol h ebruary ; depositions and other papers reLed 0pon as testiiTuiay inust be filed ia the offioe ou or Im that day ; tfie ar.uuients, if any, wtAhj,n t#n ' thereaPcr. Ordered, a'so, that this notice he published il the Lnion, luteliigencer, and Evening Star. Wiuhiug ton. I>. C.; Argus, PhttaUciplua. Penn.; Ha v ?J'*1! New y ork: Post, Hostor-: and Inquirer Cincinnati, Ohio, once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 1st of March aext. tfie day of bearing. JOSEPH HOLT. Comimaaiouer of Ta -nta. P. H. Editors of the almve papers will please oopr. and sandtheir bills to tfie Patent ?fboe.with a parer ooutainins this retioe. i! if Jawtw ]VI I No. ?\1 iJOTS?minnVapo^ &?nnKocta.v- ,n t,,k ?V In accordance with the provisions offt ad ?>f It ?s hnrrl?ilarihTi I T*' ^llu<,h ? '*?? fL ? ho??wn that tfie oftaa ^aW,? MI ia > as Wl" ^ remi vad to Ku"??t prnr.'iraMt ** tar it m period at ;i.*>f uo.t.ios as to the p-reci?e time of removal jJHJMtsuad by tha ragistei and reeeiverfortha lai .t fhtVCf hao:1 ?' ,K^c"y of Washington, t ht? Nth ?H y ?.f DsestnW, A l?. .aw. By ardor of tha Pr.stdeat: ' ' 1HO0 A. HKNllKli kK , Commissioner ofthe Geaeral Ijind Olio*, n l? law^w